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Science Will RUIN THE DAY! I mean save the day dang it! (DC/SI OC)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Pinklestia, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 01: Brilliant Mind

    Pinklestia Versed in the lewd.

    Sep 23, 2015
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    Basically Mad Science Me in the Batman Brave and the Bold Cartoon, slighty AUish because I may want to include other DC stuff.


    Mad Scientists in this universe have tech that could earn they billions, cure cancer, save millions of lives... and they use either to fight superheroes and or steal money and things. And in some cases, to play being superheroes and fight villains.

    And yes that includes faster than light travel, the Star Rod that's a device that rivals power rings, several non magical ways of becoming almost immortal and an android called Amazo that can copy any power, even magic and advanced tech.

    Humanity in the DC universe has created amazing technology... they just don't share it with each other.

    I hate that, I hate to see humanity waste their potential. I hate mortals having to depend on people wearing silly costumes to save the day when they could save themselves in they just shared with each other more.

    Unfortunately ending in this universe came at the cost of my sanity, so I literally can't solve things on my own.

    Chapter 01: Brilliant Mind

    "Soo....to sum up a series of unfortunate events, after waking up on my street clothes in the middle of literal trash, it was a pile of certain sparkly vampire novels, and avoiding the police, I noticed this was not my Earth." I paused for dramatic effect and to let my listeners think about what I just said.

    "Just imagine my great surprise at finding myself in a world of superheroes and villains were I legally did not exist and could not even remember my name for some stupid reason. The only advantage I have is my mind, my brilliant and glorious mind, with so many ideas that could be incredibly dangerous if I lost control and just let the madness rule me. That's why I came to see you Doctor Magnus, because you know what's is to thread the fine line of genius and madness, because like me, you have a glorious brilliant mind that you want to use to help others instead of using it to hurt and destroy."

    Doctor Will Magnus and his Metal Men looked at me in silence, maybe I screwed up? I was a complete stranger that just showed up into their lives, and admitted to being insane. I would not be surprised if they kicked me out. Not to mention that I kind of definitely smelled bad after days of wearing the same clothes.

    "I been thinking in taking an apprentice, someone who could continue my work when I am gone."


    "Are you willing to take the job?"

    "I... you believe me? I am just a complete stranger, I could be lying I..."

    "Yours is a strange tale indeed but I feel the pasion and truth of your words, If the Doc says is okay we could use the help." Gold said, he was currently only a head due to how expensive gold was.

    Aparently the Metal Men had a battle recently and had to be rebuild. Still, a gold heart indeed, even if he was just a head right now.

    "Well, if you say so... I got over a dozen ideas about how the Doc can legally get enough money to fix up Gold..." Sadly I also had near a hundred of illegal ones. While the Doc could only give a 'soul' to his Metal Men, he was still a roboticist that rivaled Doctor Tomek Ovadya Morah. And with us together we could land a few legal uses for generic robots, that hopefully didn't go insane.

    Still some villain laughs and a big switch would probably be involved.


    Working with the Doc was interesting. It turns the main function of the Metal Men was actually not to do superhero stuff but to keep Will Magnus sane and functional. Maybe I should build a robot or two to do the same for me? I should seriously look into it. Plus, minions are good to have.

    Since there was Lexcorp and Waynetech to compete with, it explained why the Doc was broke. Unlike me he lacks the needed know how about legal ways to get resources and money. Sure he used to have money, but lack of real human contact plus focusing too much on the Metal Men means that if I had arrived a few months later he would be homeless.

    Anyway, I knew who we could sell that would not use the generic bots for evil, and combining our talents with the help of the Metal Men the work went fast.

    Tin was happy to be put in charge of the factory line, he may be the weakest of the Metal Men and have self stern issues but he is also the smartest of the Doc bots. And treating the Metal Men as humans helped the Doc to trust me even more.

    Of course just when we were about done there was an alien starfish attack. Thankfully I had stored up Calcium oxide to use up on the garden of the Doc's place, (seriously the plants were dead, disgusting!) and this version of Starro was weak to it.

    After the problem was dealt with I got to meet Batman and Tin and I tried to sell him Magnus Inc services, apparently Tin is a good businessman when he isn't moping. Better that me actually, but then I never was what you call a people person and becoming a Mad Doc has only made it worse.

    Granted, it will be almost at cost due to the contract being to improve the Watchtower defenses, but at least we will get enough materials to fully rebuild Gold out the deal.

    And I had only to be stopped on going supervillain two times this week, I call it a success!


    "So, you studied the Doc notes... and made a different process that leads to more mentally stable androids? But only you can do it?" Tin asked, probably to make sure he was hearing me right. I could have worded it better, but that's what the PR gynoid will be for.

    "I... I have a huge imagination. Before all this being stuck in another world mess, I was a writer. The method Magnus uses to give you guys souls, is based on people he knows and... different aspects of himself. Mine is based on creating a whole personality from scratch using my creativity and imagination. And I wouldn't say that makes the android more stable or sane, just... That I added a lot more safeguards that the Doc does." There, that was better, right? I honestly can't tell.

    Tin then stared at the incomplete gynoid over my work table.

    "And... why are you talking with me instead of Doc Magnus?"

    "I... I know you are not only the smarter of Doctor Magnus Metal Men but that you actually have the talent to build androids. I want you to look over my work, to make sure this is not a complete disaster. And well... unlike me or Magnus, you tend to depression instead of wanting to take over the World. I love the Doc like that cool uncle I wish I had. But I fear that if we work together on finishing Bronze she will go to try to win over the Flash heart, take over the World or something like that."

    "Not fighting Superman?"

    "She is made out of bronze not from a green rock from space. Besides, what I have programed of her personality so far means she wouldn't mess with someone who already is in a stable relationship."

    "Uh... any reason why Bronze sounds like... a boy crazy girl?"

    "Flaws make a person a person. Besides she will be programed as a teenager gynoid because she is basically gonna be my... sister."

    "Sister? Most men who build a female robot think of either bodyguard or girlfriend."

    "Family bonds can be a tad more stable than love. More so when is family you chose to have instead of genetic relatives... I think? I only have some biased sample data about that."

    "Eh, I am not saying is wrong just... you are aware I once build myself a robot girlfriend, right?"

    "Are you saying I will need to supervise you, so you don't try to make Bronze be programmed to love you?"


    "That's it, I am surrounded by man men... and a a mad woman! How good is Gold at programing?"

    "He can't even code a Hang Man game in Python."

    "Uh... But if don't add the capacity for her to feel romantic love that will mess her emotional network. Ah whatever, we will figure something out."

    AN: Yeah I honesty wouldn't build a girlfriend, I prefer family.
  2. Simonbob

    Simonbob Really? You don't say.

    Jan 3, 2014
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    A Mad Science guy, who is trying to do Good.

    Might need an actual human or two to keep you on the straight and narrow!

    Funny stuff.
  3. a guy1013

    a guy1013 Not too sore, are you?

    Jul 16, 2019
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    Pls threadmark your chapter
  4. IsaacTheAutobot1229

    IsaacTheAutobot1229 Know what you're doing yet?

    Mar 30, 2018
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    I hope we get to see how other people react to him and the Doc, that will be entertaining. Pretty good start so far and looks interesting, I hope to see more.
  5. NightmareWarden

    NightmareWarden Know what you're doing yet?

    Oct 14, 2015
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    The ability to feel romantic love doesn’t have to exist from their first moments. Why not add it in a software update later? Plus if Bronze wants such an update badly enough she could learn programming to create a rough draft or framework that the professional scientists can finalize. I wish I could say that the absence of love does not make a sapient being inhuman...but we’re talking about a powerful robot in DC, so we can imagine how well such a thing would work out in the long term.

    Looking forward to the next update!
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