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Shades of grey (Star Wars SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Pef, Aug 6, 2019.

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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Orion IV, Pef Empire
    In orbit aboard the Orion Belt
    23 BBY, third month

    I have bought 2 more damaged Lucrehulks here, to build another large space station around Orion, but sadly I don't have a million tons of carbonite, to create carbonite strings for a skyhook. Skyhooks are space elevators and make lifting mass into orbit trivially cheap.

    Still, once I went over it, repairing systems with telekinesis and technopathy, the Orion Belt station works mostly fine. I'm painting it violet, and gifting 1% of the station's future profits to my new maid, Na-jia. I get hugged and of course, I get to sample her bouncy...

    "Try that again, you slimy droid, and I'll steal your Meteor and give it to Dooku. Just to piss you off!" my maid whispered politely, as she felt my tender, armored fingers on her butt.

    Sigh. Eternal grace, denied!

    "Oh, cruel fate, why, oh why? To be blessed with immortality and be deprived of love!" I orated dramatically and offered my maid another pair of aurodium jewelry, this time earrings.

    "Tchhh. Fine, you get 10 seconds. But, only because I really like these earrings!" my maid replied graciously and basked in the glory of being fondled by her Emperor. For 10 seconds exactly.
    I wouldn't allow her too much glory, yet. I'll have to dig through the Dellalt treasures and find something nice again. One day.

    For now, I was running the memory of the first contact on twenty-nine partitions, using different angles from different recordings made by my VSS droids.

    This should last me months maybe. Possibly. Not likely.

    Grow up already, Peffy!

    Those tiny hands can barely pet the amazing chests your face is stuffed with.
    Is that the Living force I feel, trying to burst out? Sadly, just a symptom of bare necessities.

    "Your adored Avatar needs to pee." I whispered to Dora, who came to Gand for a short visit. Just to see my Avatar.
    "No worry, I'll help you and hold you tight. Let's aim for the red flowers!" My Voice encouraged me, with a pulse of amusement in her bond.
    At least someone was having fun. I was quite busy with work.

    988 partitions are cleaning up pollution and fixing the planet below, brick by brick.

    76 partitions maneuver the ops towards the Hutts, gently probing for weaknesses and secret treasures.

    12 partitions manage my wealth in the Centrality, making sure nobody steals more than they should.

    198 partitions manage the cold war with CIS, which has grown even colder, as every system that joins CIS is immediately defended by warships and droid armies. Damn it. They are adapting.

    It also slows them down, making them invest heavily in defense and shields at least in the sectors we are contesting for.

    It won't help them much once my Meteors are ready, but it will help the Republic a little, by delaying some critical shipyards.

    A number of poor or unlucky planets have decided to join my empire, instead of CIS, just to receive immediate boosts in agriculture and industry.
    Still, no luck in finding an alternate route to the core. More explorers die, while some luck out with brand-new routes to new systems, never appeared on any map.

    Possibly the bota plants started working, or the neural training in astrogation, or the R2 astronav droids assisting the jumps?

    Maybe a combination of factors, or simply the weakest ones have already died.

    Either way, there are special social clubs now, where successful Explorers get their well-deserved rewards, from various Servants with generous and patriotic inclinations. It also helps as they receive a substantial stipend for getting pregnant with those Explorers. Some people prefer working on their backs, and be lauded as Heroic Mothers, or even Fathers, in rare cases.

    Female Explorers are kinda rare though, for some reason. Mostly come from human or near human species. And those female Explorers rarely need paid gene donors, for some unknown reason.

    Then again, the majority of humanoid females force-users are stunningly beautiful.

    The Force is with them, I'm almost certain.

    Planet Ingo just asked to join the empire as well. Welcome!

    We'll get rid of those pirates and fix you back to greatness again.
    Almost 1000 planets now, and far over parity with the Centrality, although they are more laissez-faire and only bought 5 cruisers while I bought 200. A single Meteor would crush all their combined fleet, poor guys.

    I still need my Avatar to grow up, before I make my play for the leadership. Meanwhile, I just buy politicians and arrange deals with various groups. The Centrality is 95% inhabited by humans so any new leader has to look human. Sigh.

    Planet Resilon just asked to join, since there's some strange problems involving droids revolting.

    They hope I can fix the problem. Sure thing, I'll pay a visit next week and decide what to do, once I have all the facts.

    The droids also sent the same request, asking me to solve the droid exploitation in the mines. Can't have that, can we?

    Elsewhere in the galaxy hundreds of Rangers and Jedi attacked Antar 4 who also tried to defect to CIS and retook the planet, losing many of their own and killing much more of the insurgents.

    Palpatine himself did a magnificent speech on holonews which can be read here
    HoloNet News | Palpatine to Separatists: Let's Talk

    Such drama, such poetry.
    Planet Af'El, Pef Empire
    23 BBY, fourth month

    While traveling to planet Resilon my fleet passed through many systems, and during the trip I naturally abused my technopathy to slice and steal all data from trading stations and nearby ships. A random such ship was a freighter of Vulca Minerals just returning from their yearly trip to Af'El .

    I copied their route, and promised myself to idle around some major trade route for more secret routes.

    Imagine this. There is a single planet in the galaxy which contains natural deposits of Meleenium, which is needed to make durasteel. And now, the planet has joined my empire.

    Absolutely and grotesque cheating. I know.

    The locals, called Defel, are all a little force-sensitive, being able to hide in shadows, due to a lack of ozone in the planet's atmosphere. They can also see from shadow, or rather they see in a range of ultraviolet light.
    Since the planet has to import food, I immediately arranged a contact Lucrehulk to bring precious fertilizers and agricultural equipment like droids and tractors.

    I bought the Toxis Metals Co. too, since they owned most rights to the meleenium mines, and hired some immigrated Svivreni for my Exploration Corps, while a few orphan minors will be sent to Sanctuary to become really strong.

    The tiny beings are also force-sensitive as a species, receiving immunity to mind alter, along with a gift for prophecy and locating valuable minerals.

    Not immune to greed and getting their own ships though. Not many species are immune to that.

    The Defel recruits will make a great addition to Sanctuary, since Fallanassi and Findsman teaching should come naturally to them.

    So many gifts, from a single goodwill trip to reprogram some droids.

    I'll have to arrange the Resilon 8D smelter droid to relocate to Af'el and mine the precious meleenium for me, while replacing them on Resilon with hardy pit droids and B1s, which will be happy to be rescued from dangerous battlefields.

    Everyone will be happy, and richer and thank me for it!
    Truly, civilization is the gift that keeps on giving.

    More Defel will be recruited as scouts and recon operatives, and receive hypno training and customized gear for infiltration work.

    Cause, invisible spies? Quite efficient, I say so myself.

    And being promised access to holocrons and advanced learning, while defending their planet and the empire from ruthless corporations of the CIS? Who would let their families and children be exploited like that?

    "Not us, not while we live!" I proclaimed in my own speech towards the planetary audience.

    Ah, bask in my glory, poor rodents.

    And if my citizens need a few forests or skyscrapers? I can stay a week and help out. I'm the Immortal Emperor after, not like I don't have time. Time will wait, if I ask.

    I'll even add wardroids factories and some shipyards for free!

    "Yes, I know I'm too generous. But, I'm the richest person in the galaxy! I can spare a few billions for my new friends" I concluded, waving regally at my adoring servants. And citizens.
    'Stop grandstanding so much, it's embarrassing!' Wialu ordered me through the Voice bond.

    "Your words are my own, beautiful flower. Your will, it will be done, as best as this poor droid can, Misstress" I answered immediately. And with earnest words too.

    'You even mean it, don't you? So afraid of being alone. Poor Immortal Emperor. But keep bringing me new abilities, and I'll keep you as my vibrating toy, for eternity' Wialu answered with a strange pulse, between pity and awe. Quite confusing, but then women...always a mystery even to an AI intellect.

    'Vette says hi, and wants her own Meteor. And has brought more friends of hers.' Wialu added as an afterthought. Of course Vette is back and wants an ever bigger engine of destruction. And finding more strange cults? Just normal for her.

    Hmmm. I looked over my new city, called Qua'Tahc and thought about it.

    A Meteor...it would make her a target, for anyone wanting to hurt me. When the first one, with a Rakata shield finishes the trials.

    Vette will probably stumble into a Dark Reaper or such. Better make sure she can survive anything.
    Also, Vette will possibly never be a Voice, but she was too much fun to lose to negligence.

    Hmmm. Her hugs are nice though. Even if Peffy is too small to grab anything properly.

    'Fine. When Meteor One is ready. And if Solana goes with her' I agreed with sadness.

    'Okay, she wants your babies now. Have fun!' Wialu transmitted as a parting gift, along with an image of Vette-like horde of kids running around shooting real blasters. Ah, they would, wouldn't they.

    Dozens of little Vettes, armed with functional weapons.
    I would need a thousand droids per day...

    Planet Sanctuary, Pef Empire
    Silent Circle
    23 BBY Fifth month

    The CIS growth rate has accelerated immensely, and they outnumber us already. 30 Meteors have joined the Navy, and undergo trials in empty star systems. Wouldn't do to frighten my prey too soon, after all.

    Various bugs and calibration problems need fixing, so I called a thousand cyborgs to look into it. They're so fanatically loyal that they'll rather die than betray my trust and ZIMM's final plea.
    But a few sensitives are still sent to Sanctuary, to test implants and force connection and abilities interactions. Jaybo also got chipped and sent to Sanctuary, once the neural indoctrination was complete. He seems fine, no headaches or problems from inserting a foreign object into his brain. Tech here is quite advanced, if you haven't figured it yet.

    Bendu has promised to look after him, and guide him away from extremes. Quite the best thing on that planet the huge gorilla.

    Being a sort of immortal grey mage also helps.

    And he was greatly amused by my attempts to balance and restrict the old holocrons to not damage the pupils too much.

    "Good idea, poor implementation", he said, somehow bypassing Adus and allowing most of the Sith, and some Master class users to read everything on that holocron.

    Sadly, he's not a true expert either. He read all my notes on the force, and said it was the first time he heard of such things, except the Je'daii and the Rakata, of which he met some personally.

    Not everything is perfect, since he doesn't approve of my militarization, being content to just be.

    "Trillions will be killed in the wars to come. The Jedi will be gone. A dozen extragalactic invasions already in progress. I can stop some of those deaths.
    Stop some of those invasions. Even just with Solanus by my side. But doing nothing, not preserving what I can, what knowledge of the force and a few people on Sanctuary? No. There's five concentric planetary shields around us, and we're still not safe" I said, shaking my helmet and petting a curious ysalamir.
    "A worthy goal, yes. But warships? Droid armies? Trust in the force, new immortal. There is no need for those" Bendu argued, making another tree grow in seconds. He's making an orchard, just for fun...

    Then again, I can germinate millions of trees at once. Just not grow them.

    Different abilities, for different bodies and species.

    "Here, an empty holocron just for you, Bendu. Teach us" I said, placing a dodecahedron glowing green at his feet.

    "Toys. Rigid lines and no life. No Center. Make me one like an apple, and I'll teach you what you need" the old being answered, placing a red apple next to my holocron.

    Yeah, sure. If I could do that, there will be nothing left for him to teach me.

    But maybe Peffy could, one day.

    He can make ants dance for him already.

    An apple holocron may be just a thousand years away.

    "Don't step on the new kids Bendu" I said, flying up and boarding my frigate.
    The new additions to the Sanctuary stared at the huge gorilla with wide eyes.

    "Who wants to ride on my horns?" he asked as my ship started moving. Guess he did notice them, after all.

    I floated to the bridge and looked around.

    The Kuat tech clashed violently with the Calamari made ones, rigid lines appearing out of place among the soft melted look of the squid tech.

    Just like a crystal wearing a droid, wearing synthskin and over it power armor. No center.

    Was there any real Pef inside?

    The human who was sent to be a champion?

    When was the last time I meditated, 2952 hours? Kriff.

    No wonder I felt lost.
    "Where to, Immortal Gand?" my captain asked, looking strangely at me. Is this my 'quo vadis' moment?

    "Home, Honored Captain. But land at the Avatar garden" I demanded, running away from my officers and Servants, and hiding in an empty fighter hangar.

    Breathe. In. Hold. Out. Begin Meditation Form III.

    Now...where do I need to be? What do you want me to do, dear force?

    Where is my center? The Force sent back visions, jumbling around incoherently. Only a few ideas were intelligible. But it was a start.
  2. Threadmarks: 22+

    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden
    23 BBY

    Like a good father, I try to visit my Avatar and spend time with him, even among a million flowers and a watchful Jedi Master. But the Empire business also follows me, wherever I go. And since my latest idea...

    Zuckuss and Zuralee and Mujilik stare at me like I've grown another head.

    "Droid, the stupid droid says. Expensive Survey droid, with a simple steel frame to attach a small hyperdrive. Why did you wait this long to come up with this great wisdom?" Zuckuss wondered, perhaps a little upset.

    "Because, the small hyperdrives had to be invented first. Either way, the Exploration Corps now has a wonderful tradition, with tragic deaths and triumphant heroes. The gene pool has been cleaned of weak attempts at being a Findsman. Just think though, there should be 1 or 2 million stars in range of these small drives. If we calculate the astronomical distances correctly, through astronomy and other remote methods." I explained, while making Peffy form a star system made of fireballs and spinning it gently.

    Holographic magic, how cool was that? I had to try to feed more oxygen to the center fireball though, make it look like a sun.

    My Gand Hands were not impressed though.

    "And we do not have models of these survey droids anyway. It's just a possible future" Zuralee said calmly, petting her two small Gand she kept from the thousand eggs she laid. Her long claws were also gone, so maybe she gored her eggs with them?

    Just imagine the other 998 tiny Gands peeking through their eggshells, praying to whatever god they could, maybe Lady Luck or Evolution "Not me, please don't stab meeeeee. Awuek!" 997 eggs left. Next.

    "We will try to buy them or else steal them. I have a thief maid now" I mused out loud, as I discovered another elemental ability with Peffy.
    Wind. Let's try to lift some leaves...pain and a strong boost to force connection for a second.

    Must have worked then. Breathe and regenerate, my Avatar. We'll test this again, later.

    Interesting, as a hobby, but not important. Water would be important.

    I could learn from Solana then.

    'Perhaps, little Avatar. We will bathe again tonight' Solana sent with a tender tone in the bond.

    Baths with Solana were amazing. She was so soft...

    "Do you even know where such droids can be found, Emperor?" Mujilik asked with a sad tone.

    Hmmm. Let me check my databanks. I mean, my memories.

    Planet Esseles and corporations belonging to Cassander Tadrin. If he was still alive. 300 trillion credits estimated value. Not shabby at all.

    "Planet Esseles, in the Core. Tandrin family. Very rich, due to said survey droids. Almost as rich as me" I answered, feeling a little envy and competition.

    "And if they use their credits wisely, very well protected. Perhaps our third Hand wants to say something?" Zuckuss asked no one, but made the cloaked Gand reveal himself.

    Smell detectors still trumped the smell cancelers then. Having my Hands engaged in a cat and mouse thechnological race, it sure improved stealth tech by a generation or two. They each had a trillion credits to spend for the betterment of the Empire.

    " Lu'daal-ud is ashamed for being caught doing his job. He hopes he won't be caught during the next job. Perhaps he could use a Culexus droid, or a few other advanced techniques?" my third Hand asked in return.

    "Carbonite flash freezing or an entropy stasis field. If those exist yet. If you prefer something risky as infiltration. I'd rather use a neutral slicing group, and simply reroute a shipment containing such droids to a remote place, and then just take them" I added my own opinion.

    I mean, James Bond movies are very cool, but perhaps too high profile. Instead, a simple computer error would be much harder to find.

    "Immortal Pef is not always stupid. A single binary string should be possible to modify without much risk. How blessed we are, to end hundreds of heroic deaths with a few datapad taps" Zuralee commented, still focused only on her tiny kits.

    "Yes, much harder to trace as well. Operation 3239 is thus ordered, Emperor. For the Empire" Lu'daal-ud whispered and vanished like a warm wind, with barely any light oscilations. Very impressive.

    Let's check on sonar and ultraviolet. Nothing. That was good then. More sensors would be avoided by our agents in the future. Physical Force was failing to detect my Hand.

    Living force, Peffy? Yep, the grass was still bent, a few meters away.

    Kriff, a Master Jedi or dark jedi would still pinpoint our agents. We still need to find a solution for Force detectors.

    "See you tomorrow. I'll take my first female. Wish me luck tonight" Zuckuss muttered and floated away towards his ship.

    Wow, first person speech, Zuckuss? He really was getting confident, for a Gand. And maybe he won't be chased away, like the last 6 times. Gand females were kinda picky.

    "Don't worry Emperor. The female is my friend. She wants his tiny Gands, since he's proven strong and capable." Zuralee added helpfully.

    Great, now I'm gossiping insect mating rituals. Grow up already Peffy!

    Don't just fall asleep. Gah. Babies everywhere!

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden
    23 BBY, Sixth Month

    "Come Peffy, let's fly, it's so easy!" My angel maid, Angie exclaimed, flitting around using the force and her wings like a butterfly.

    "Slow down, hyperactive maid" I muttered with my Avatar, trying to emulate her natural abilities with telekinesis and wind alter.

    It wasn't easy at all, especially using an organic body. Add another partition for Avatar's use. Ah, a bit more control now.

    I could maneuver a droid army of millions with one partition, or a whole fleet, but directing wind was still hard.

    Now, what to reply to the friendly message that the Republic's Chancellor has sent me, urging me to focus on culture and art and droid's rights. And less on militaristic or industrialization purposes. To open talks with the former Republic members. A Jedi Council member also signed the message, one Mace Windu himself. Hmmm.

    My Empire only had 18 true sapient droids, and all were very old models that were not wiped by their owner for some reason or another. A few thousands were partly sentient, most of those being tactical or administrative droids that were created with laxer controls.

    Okay then. Let's send a droid to these talks. Show them we do have droid rights.

    "Proto One, our Empire has a vital mission for you. A negotiation will take place with the CIS at Chancellor's Palpatine demand. You are the perfect representative for droid rights, in our Empire. You leave in 6 hours, so report to the Celestial Throne's Mechatronic Art lab, where we can get you repaired and painted nicely." I proclaimed grandly.

    'Me? It's an overwhelming honor, Droid Emperor. Do I get paid for this?' the cheeky droid answered instantly.

    'Of course, my faithful droid. You get to keep the Interceptor frigate that will carry you to the conference, as well as your 10 guard droids. Try to avoid starting a war too soon, though' I added helpfully.

    He might even survive this mission...if he runs.

    'A war? oh dear...' the droid muttered, a bit scared.

    Excellent. Too bad I don't have an expendable Padme to send on such fruitless missions. Damn that crafty Palpatine, he had everything so easy...


    'Oh look, the so called Immortal Emperor had replied. Sending a most trusted representative to the trap. Too bad he didn't come himself...' the Dark Lord mused, looking over his vast collection of artifacts and memorabilia he'd collected or inherited from his Master.

    'Immortal, my ass. There can be only one Emperor, and that will be me!' he cackled inside, while maintaining a serene facade.

    'But why hasn't any of his agents returned from the obscure new empire? which started a few years ago by selling fertilizers'

    'Must be that Jedi bitch covering for him'. Master Fay hasn't returned to Coruscant after she survived a former Dark Lord assassination attempt.

    'And now she is using this droid patsy to get ships and attack my Republic?' he muttered inside, while writing an eulogy for whoever will be killed at the CIS-Pef Empire talks. Hopefully another of those too effective Honored Maids.
    And that pathetic apprentice of his, Darth Tyrannus...lost a handful of acolytes as well, first searching for a hoax holocron, then attempting to infiltrate the so called Imperial Academy on Gand.

    No, that wasn't important.

    That monstrous ship was, the Meteor. Looking like a shark, so possibly created by those Calamari companies that the droid owned. With big spinal canons.

    Only iron slugs, not a huge Kyber laser like he had envisioned, but still. It did destroy a Lucrehulk with a lucky shot. It also took 10 shots, whereas a Kyber laser would only fire once...primitives!

    'Bah. Projectile weapons'. They truly must be primitive in that corner of the galaxy, if they had to arm dreadnaughts with cannons!

    And what was worse, the droid stole his ideas for Hands and Voices!

    Once he was Emperor, he will take those pretty twi'leks and do unnatural things to them. Really unnatural!

    The human ones as well. But, not the truly alien ones. Water maids, and angel maids and even Iron Knights...
    The galaxy was doomed. The place of such beings was as slaves and science experiments, not high ranking officials.

    At least Dooku had managed to conclude an alliance with the Sith spirits on Korriban. Maybe more Jedi will be killed there...

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    23 BBY

    "Report, Proto One. How did the negotiations go?" I asked politely, although the scorch marks on his bronze-colored armor were still visible.

    "Ah. Well, you see Droid Emperor...the Trade Federation droids started it. Not my fault! I was polite and all, I even took a course on Neimoidian language and customs. But my counterpart amabasssador was insulted and maybe scared, and his guards opened fire, then my guards returned fire..." My Ambassador droid explained with a scared voice.

    Duh, I wasn't expecting anything else, but it was a excelent test to the new cortosis droid armor. A bit of soap, and he'll look brand new.

    The nanomissiles still missed about 33%, despite predictive algorithms. Back to the drawing board then. That was Jaybo's fault.

    Blaming a ten-year old...really mature of me.

    "Eh, at least you were extracted intact and our rescue fleet was able to cover your escape. But, no more frigate for you, mister shoot instead of talking. You still get the hazard bonus and your guards, cause I'm generous, but it better not happen again, next time!" I proclaimed potently, while tossing an aurodium coin in his droid metal hands.

    "What? Next time?" the sapient droid exclaimed after checking the purity of the coin.

    He's perfect for the Hutts.

    "Of course, my faithful and loyal Servant. The negotiations only claimed a thousand lives. That's ten times better than our former Droid Ambassador. That's progress, right there! Now go, and study the galactic history and Hutt language. I have another mission in mind for you, next month." I explained politely, then waved him away.

    "Hutt space? Oh dear, they torture droids there..." my new ambassador muttered in defeat.

    I looked after him and smiled inward. Proto One did better than expected. Vette or Ventress might have not run, and forced the fleet to engage in the hostile takeover of planet Columex .

    Beginning the war too soon, before the armies and officers were trained and our forward bases supplied with fuel and rations. No, a coward messenger had his role, just as a brave one.

    The CIS will feel they had won something, since we had run, while our Empire will seethe in more desire for payback towards the traitorous corporations.

    Now, what to do about Voss ?They had the Force.

    Their mystics and their commandos would be of help, in the future. My future Paladins could use them.

    But, they were too close to CIS, and exposed. I shouldn't expose them to danger, not yet.

    'I'll go Pef. And take Angie with me. Poor Peffy is always exhausted from flying this much.' Wialu whispered in the Voice bond, her words feeling warm and comforting.

    'Okay love. They do not need to join or anything. Just make contact, and offer sanctuary, for a few of them. Give them planetary shields and medical biolabs as well.' I said, thinking about potential dangers.

    Too many to count, from force-based bioweapons, to toxic gases and lightsabers and up to Base Delta Zero and extragalactic entities. You could never be truly safe, in this galaxy.

    'And more. I know, my dear droid. We'll do our best, or die trying.' Wialu mused, her tone a bit more sad now.

    'And then, alive again. This will be quite a ride.' I answered, a bit upset with my fate.

    Perhaps I should have chosen to be incarnated as a Neti and just be, drinking the sun and the rain.
    Okay, enough misery, for myself.

    Let's focus on Peffy. I was having him fool around in the garden.

    "Don't kiss and pet the black scorpions, bratty child!" Zero yelled at my Avatar, whom had just upgraded from ants to bigger insects.

    Animal control abilities are always nice. Especially as they will work on bigger animals soon. Very big animals.

    "B-buttt, look they're so cute, just like my Gand cousins." I explained with childish exuberance, and feigning a pout with my Avatar.

    Zero's lips trembled a little, no doubt impressed by my acting. The dimples always worked.

    "GAAHHH! That's it, you're not making me into a foolish maid. I'm a Jedi Master and only the force commands me!" she yelled, teleporting above my Avatar and kicking downwards.

    Ha. Pathetic human. I am the wind...and you're too slow now.

    Dodge and fly above her, then kick downwards. My kick does little damage. She is reinforced anyways. Her palms can slap tanks away.

    "Tcchhh. That's not fair. Humans can't fly!" She exclaimed, ignoring my kick and Pushing herself sidewise with telekinesis, and going invisible.

    Damn, this was going to be tricky...Plant sense, where is the evil jedi? Help me, dear Force!

    Ah, sneaking behind me.

    Let's project a lightsaber illusion coming from the right, punch her from the left at hyperspeed.


    "You're decades too young to best me with illusions, tricky child" she boasted, and lit up her lightsaber.

    This was going to be painful...

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    23 BBY Seventh month

    "So, my brave maids, Aurra and Na-jia were successful? We have our survey droids and even 6 of them. The theft was not detected?" I asked, as my third Hand decloaked beside me.

    "Errr. About that...your maids were also inspired by your previous deeds, Emperor. They might have drained a few dozen billion credits from our target while executing the droid heist. On the other hand, nobody will notice a shipment of droids missing, while they search for their credits." he replied, a little amused.

    Hmmm. Stealing money was really too easy. Gonna have to form a special division just for this. Wars were expensive after all.

    I could finance the war, simply stealing cash from my enemies!

    "Indeed, wise Emperor. Such a fiscal division may damage our enemies more than simply destroying ships. I'll begin organizing this later today. Now, about the Kolto deposits. We should simply form a corporation especially for this task, and even recruit most of the workers from the locals. They wouldn't need to know where the shipments are being sent." he advised me, while slipping into first person. Ah, my third Hand was growing up too.

    Gand rarely use first person speech, not unless they are confident and powerful.

    "Okay, that might work too. What about Krozurbia ?" I asked.

    "Rumours we planted, already identify Dooku and his clique as the most likely suspects. Training and educating the crocodiles is still difficult, normal neural programming is only party effective. However, synthmeat is working as a substitute regime, at least for the first divisions we are deploying as guards on new planets. Adding bayonets on the blasters also raised their perceived war valued in their eyes, but I do not think they'll ever be competent enough to use armored vehicles or ships" he said with a grimace.

    "That's okay, my Hand. Grunts will have a role too, especially where orbital bombardments are a possibility" I declared wisely. Some places will need organic troops. To climb trees, perhaps.

    "Well said, Metal Emperor. Now, the agents I sent did indeed locate and recover specimens of Malvil-tree, but even the best of them wasn't able to bond with it. Only their Xamster guide, a certain Xeran was able to control the trees. What should we do now?"

    "Locate an isolated settlement, with at least 10 females and bring them all back. Bendu will want to see them." I ordered. A few Xamsters for Sanctuary, and perhaps keep their race from extinction.

    "Sure thing, next on the list, the mission to Karvoss II. I did prepare it. But a Gand/Anzat team? Perhaps a maid would have been better suited to contact the Matukai. Ventress perhaps?" he inquired politely.

    "No. My maids already run dozens of things for me inside the empire. This is an Exploration Corps task, either stay and acquire mastery, then return or convince a few of their Masters to join us and train the special ops at the Military Academy." I decided.

    The Matukai were known as Force practitioners, to the Jedi and the Sith alike. No point risking my maids there.

    "All right. Next thing...the mission tho M'haeli. My agents have procured a few hundred orphans and even a few older H'drachi with some skill in time-stream. They were already expected and well received. We could extract thousands more easily. The ghettos are full of potential new Explorers." My hand argued, sliding a number of holos snaps taken by our agents.

    Superb precognitives, a whole species, and kept in ghettos? I'll take them! Camels or not, they can see the future. That makes they very valuable, as spies or navy officers both.

    "Not at once. Ongoing mission, one stealth freighter at a time. I'll prepare a place for them at Sanctuary as well. We might extract them all, if an occasion presents itself, but for now only younglings and Seers." I explained patiently.

    Too many and other Force seers will notice our actions. Kids were also much easier to adapt and learn new things.

    "Okay then. The other missions are still being prepared, Haruun Kal and Dantooine call for full exodus, and thus will require more planning." he said with a frown.

    Yeah, those places were on Palpatine's genocide list. Better save as many we could.

    "Okay. Go enjoy your females, Honored Hand. We'll meet next week, if you still survive." I allowed graciously.

    "Wisely said, Maid Emperor. May you find even more, and live to tell about it" My Blacks Ops intelligence director joked as he vanished. It had to be a joke, right?

    'Vette is coming back, from her visit to the Meteor. Be brave, adored Emperor' Solana sent, her voice promising a another training session in the jacuzzi.

    Hmmm. That would be nice...

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Mechatronic Art lab.
    23 BBY Two weeks later.

    "Stay still, my pretty violet maid. Or else, the armor won't fit right !" I demanded, while measuring Na-Jia carefully, making sure every inch of her soft, velvety skin was being touched by my tender fingers...

    "Your armor is cold!" my almost naked maid yelled, and pushed my glove away from her generous chest. Tchhh!.

    "Okay, then Na-Jia. Turn around while I take my armor off." I sighed, pretending to be defeated.

    "Oh, just like you did? No way, I want to see you naked, mister too-rich-to-be-true Emperor!" she demaded wryly.

    Well, if you ask so nicely...voila!

    "You like?" I said pretending to be ashamed, and hiding behind my hands.

    "Why are you wearing boxers over your droid chassis?" Na Jia wondered, staring at me confused.

    "T-that's private! And personal. And you're wearing boxers too" I replied politely, but emoting like a shy droid.

    Droids can wear undrgarments too! And she wore sport bra as well, god damn it.

    "Oh? Do you have something there? Maybe a certain toy? Now I see...why your Voices are so happy" she teased me, and reached out to touch the forbidden fruit.

    Aurra entered the room just then, also wearing only shorts and a sports bra. She had a runner's body with long fine muscles and a predatory step.

    "Errrr. I can come back later...if I'm interrupting something?" Aurra said, not really shy, but curious. And she examined my cortosis chassis with a certain predatory look.

    "Nah, just touching each other like any couple does" I answered airly, and proceed to paw over Na-Jia with my synthskin covered hands. Yes...quite firm and also elastic tissue...

    "My armor better be as good as you say it is, Immortal sexdroid." the thief maid sighed and closed her eyes.

    "You have a functional vibrator in your boxers? That's awesome!" Aurra Sing exclaimed after a few seconds of shock, and proceeded to paw over me, testing the firmness.

    Ventress entered just then, and stared at the scene with a murderous look in her eyes. Her bountiful chest heaved with a deep breath. Was that a bit of anger?
    "You're playing with the new maids, Emperor?" she asked coldly.

    "Well, we're measuring each other, for some reason..." I said distracted, as Na-jia had become a little red in her cheeks and her breathing accelerated too.

    "Hmmm. You may have a point, I did wonder if Aurra had better qualities than me, since you even let her touch your toy" Ventress added and stepped forward to compare her own size with Aurra.

    Just then, Vette entered the lab, also wearing just shorts and bra. Her blue skin contrasted with her black lingerie, and her leku trembled with emotion. "Eh! We are that kind of maids?" she asked, with a little confusion and revulsion. Damn, my dastardly plans were revealed too soon.

    "Come here and lift her knee to the chest, or I can't guarantee full athletic ability for Ja-nia's armor" I said rapidly, inventing a plausible excuse.

    "Oh. That actually makes sense..."Vette muttered, straining to lift the violet maid knee up.

    That when Angie entered the lab and blinked a few times in confusion and awe. Her wings fluttered and she almost lost her voice. "I heard human procreation is complicated, but that looks quite painful..." the angel said in a lyrical voice.

    Celine entered as well, and lost her voice for a minute. Her white skin blushed to near infrared, and her blonde hair almost ignited. "You're abusing the poor droid, like that. Use a bed, for kriff sakes ! " she concluded, having arrived at a almost realistic assumption.

    Wialu entered as well, carrying a baby Lira, and she quickly covered her eyes.

    "This looks like fun, but not with a baby in my arms. I'll come back in a few hours when Lira's asleep" She explained with a kind smile.

    Solana entered just then, and smiled wide. A globe of water formed above her palm.

    "Bath time!" she exclaimed, spraying the room with a hose of conjured water.

    I was nice. Building new armor requires detailed measurements. Ask any power armor tailor!
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero garden
    23 BBY Eighth month

    Have I told you lately how strong I had become, in the Force? Well...it probably has to do with my Avatar learning to use the Living Force.
    Miss Zero is kneeling in front of my kneeling Avatar, now looking like a 7 years old boy, and she's breathing deeply, trying to regain her breath.

    Her body cannot keep up with Peffy anymore, not physically. I have to reduce my speed and strength by lots, just to gain some combat experience.

    "I'm not certain what I can teach you now, Avatar. You can block lightsabers with your naked hands, for kriff's sake" she muttered, partly proud, partly in desperation.

    A guard droid stepped forward and placed 2 holocrons between us. Made by your truly, the Immortal Artisan.

    "Well, Miss Zero. My droid self has mastered holocron creation, at least the polyhedral ones. I think it's time we begin the next step" I said with Peffy's childish voice, picking up a trapezoidal blue holocron and starting imprinting energy absorption teaching on it, clue by clue and lesson by lesson.
    In 10 minutes, I had a priceless holocron in my hand, allowing any force-sensitive above Knight level to become immune to blasters and lightsabers, for a short time.

    Then I glided it into my teachers hand, and just waited.
    As expected, she drank the lessons avidly, only stopping hours later, when the sun vaned and the cold of evening wake her up.

    "This, this is a priceless gift, initiate!" Zero exclaimed, testing her own lightsaber on a finger tip and withstanding it for a second.

    "Still left a bad burn, but better than losing the finger, right?" I asked amused, as my droid came with a kolto cup, and gently placed her hand inside.

    "Kolto? Nobody uses it anymore..." she said with some surprise.

    "Yes, thus is a great product to have, once the wars start" I explained politely, pointing at the datapad held by another droid, and projecting the Military Creation Act debates in the Senate.

    Seems my own actions of fighting thousands of pirates and some CIS fleets have changed things a bit, a few more Senators leaning towards creating a Navy of their own, even citing some of Vette's more outlandish actions.

    The woman glanced at the holonews with a disintersested face."You are so certain this will happen, no matter what anyone does." she concluded after a minute.
    "Not at all. Anything I see, it can be changed. But then, you lose surprise advantage, and most of the tactical positioning you can gain. Let's say we intervene and stop the war. The CIS will grow and build even more ships and droids, and attack years later, a hundred times stronger. The Republic, with their rangers and judicial forces will fall in months" I explained patiently, while forming a water globe in my hand, and spinning it slowly. Water was still the hardest element to work with.

    "And Dooku will rule the galaxy, and exterminate most force users, including the jedi" Zero concluded, picking up the green cube in front of her.
    Well, perhaps not Dooku, unless he manages to get much stronger and kill Palpatine.

    "Possibly. I showed you that Vong soldier's body. An entire species, without the force, and hating everyone who uses it. They are coming for us, and soon." I answered as I crafted a Vong worldship miniature, floating above my tiny palm.

    "And your droid maid hasn't reported since?" Zero asked curious. And implying she's already dead.

    "Ray would be more similar to what Pef is. She has a sentient crystal inside, after all. I would know if Ray died." I answered, almost certain. Solanus would know, most likely.
    "Okay, I'll try to imprint the Teleport ability on this holocron. Maybe you will master it too, like you did with all the knight abilities I showed you" she conceded, poking at the empty holocron with a finger. It didn't bite her. Too bad.

    "Take your time, Honored teacher. I'm going to Rancor Isle to play with my ponies. They are absolutely amazing, and so cute!" I gushed out with a wide smile, abusing my charming dimples. Or so my adoring maids said.

    Her lips trembled a little more, no doubt impressed by my bravery or cuteness. One of them, for certain.

    "Tomorrow as sun rises then. Have fun riding rancors..." she said with a long sigh.

    Yes! Another small step in breaking her icy shell. I had another year to make room for me near her heart. And then, she'll never leave me. Through love, I gain Victory!

    I returned to my other partitions, as Peffy went to complete his Animal bond abilities.

    A hundred Meteors were under trials, and consuming prodigious amounts of Hypermatter, which is why a hundred uninhabitable planets were being drilled into with capital ship weapons, to allow solar radiation to reach their metal cores and form hypermatter building blocks.
    Sadly, more Meteors would have to wait, since we already used 100 thousand heavy masers and missile launchers to arm them.
    Even for my empire, that many weapons were hard to manufacture fast enough. Not to mention navigation equipment, modern bridges and hyperdrives. Droids were no longer a problem though. I had enough droids to crew two thousand Meteors, even at 1 million droids per ship.

    Another black ops mission was being prepared for Jakku, and aimed to obtain the Sith artifacts that Palpatine dumped there for his Contingency, as well as stealing all the routes already found by the Jakku Observatory.

    A mining corporation, for magnite, osmiridium and kesium gas and even bezorite would make a good cover. Only droids, of various types and a Gand Claw, who begged for another serious mission. Seems dodging feral Rakata on Thyton wasn't enough for him. Another corporation will provide fertilizers and farming and also water from comets.

    Then extract the orphanage manager and his kids, before collapsing the borehole to the core. I mean, come on! Habitable planets anyone? They're quite rare...
    'Pef, Solanus has an idea, and it should work. Select 10 barren planets at the Empire borders, and transform them in ocean planets with cometary rain. He thinks he can oceanform them, by pouring part of him into those oceans. It would take millions of tonnes of water, but the unfinished Meteors can cary that easily. They just need engines and a bridge.' my water maid sent, while exploring another ocean world.

    Hmmm. Solanus could expand, to encompass the Empire and provide early warning and safe systems for refuel and healing.
    And be less exposed by living on a single planet.

    'Sure thing Solana. How deep can the new armor go?' I asked curious.

    'All the way, my soulmate' she sent, with a slight blush in her bond. Oh.

    Doublespeak. She'll be fantastic once she masters shapeshifting.

    Vette took her Meteor One in the Periphery, and was scattering pirates like rabbits. Then again, 20 kilometer ship.
    With corvettes and frigates around it like remoras following a shark. Seems civilization can be imposed by guns, if you bring big enough guns.
    Proto One was touring nearby Hutt space, forming trade treaties and buying slaves. My Empire needed people, and the Hutts had plenty to sell. Win-win. And my Ambassador only got shot a few times, the commando guards taking care not to kill the guilty Hutt, only half his entourage. Can't kill my customers after all, but I could sting them a little.

    Next partition. A million new survey droids were being manufactured and prepared for deployment, their tiny hyperdrives only permitting one jump forward and then return. But if only a thousand came back, that meant a thousand new routes and systems to claim.

    If they worked, I'll build billions more, and seed the whole quadrant with Empire worlds.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    23 BBY, Ninth Month

    "I will not let this Republic which has stood for a thousand years be split in two. My negotiations will not fail." Palpatine

    Palpatine arranged for another CIS-Pef meeting, urging me to take it more serious and send at least a Honored Maid. Okay then...
    "Droid B11/766555/ you are hereby promoted to: female gender, Honored Maid and Deputy Ambassador. You can wear the wig and the maid robes of your rank, and will represent droid rights at the next peace summit with the CIS. For the Empire!" I ordered him grandly, in the large council, and thus observed by a thousand Councilmen and women and droids and various other genders.

    Some species have a thousand genders in this galaxy, so it gets confusing, really soon.

    "Roger, roger. I'm so dead..." the droid responded with familiar humour. For 576.4 credits, the factory cost, this maid will be the best investment I ever made.

    "Honored Maid B11, you will be provided with a suicide capsule, in case those monsters try to torture you for information. Remember your model's motto B11. 'Death before dishonor'. Die bravely, or do not come back at all" I explained kindly,

    "Roger, roger..." the Deputy Ambassador said weakly, then left the podium with her head hung.

    My council observed this with some lack of clarity, especially the newest ones to join. The droid went to the Mechatronic art lab to be disguised as my maid, even adding eyelashes and platform shoes. Her thin legs will be much better evidenced now, making her the new model for the fashion industry. Then I installed a proton bomb about 5 kilotons yield inside her torso. Her suicide should be seen from orbit now.
    "I know, some of you may think me rude, or cheap. But remember Lira, our first Honored Maid, and my Voice being assassinated by CIS. Remember Proto One, who barely escaped the same fate. We will give the CIS the exact respect they showed us. Our newest maid was built on Metalorn, by the Techno Union factories.
    We freed her, and gave her rights and ranks and authority!
    Let them show us, how they really respect droid rights and diplomatic immunity." I orated, calling flames and lightning to surround me.

    After the ovations stopped, I added the actual thing they were all expecting. "Bets on B11's survival start at production value, so 577 credits."

    By the time the old Gozanti cruiser carrying the Honored Maid left the system, the bets had passed 1 million credits against, and only 2330 credits towards survival.

    It wasn't like I expected the Ambassador ship to survive anyway, thus it was only piloted by a brand new R2 .

    Old R2 were worth their weight in gold, since they knew lots of tricks and smuggler routes.

    Make a note, buy a million more old astromechs, possibly from Tatooine.

    They'll be happy to escape torture. Hmmm. Add them to Proto One's trade list as well. The Hutts might have more.

    Okay, next thing on the agenda.
    "People, calm and sit down! You can place bets after the council is over. Let's welcome the newest planet to join the Empire, planet Kintoni . Let's also welcome the representative of Wyndigal 2 and the one from Xuaquarres. The later two planets only have Imperial Servants to rule them, but that might change, should we discover native sapients. But if they don't, they'll be open to colonization and industrialization, just like all the newly discovered worlds."

    "Immortal Emperor, how will the new worlds be distributed? Some planets will be richer or more hospitable than others?" a clever MPT signatory asked.

    "For now, about one or two colonies per every full member and none for the MPT members. If they can't protect their own worlds, they surely can't expect the Empire to protect their colonies. But soon, the first surveyor droids will return with thousands new planets to colonize. It's sad that the MPT members only wish to receive protection and not riches and free education and healthcare and new colonies, but as I said from the start I will not force worlds to join us, except in rare cases where we get attacked first.
    And those worlds, like Anzat for example, will be penalized for 5 years with MPT status, and only after allowed to request to join as full members. I can be merciful and generous, as all of you know, but even so, there are limits." I explained patiently, observing some dozens of MPT representatives squirm in their seats.
    "Oh, thousands of new planets...I'll argue with my king to think more about full membership. Millions of our younglings might survive next winter..." A certain MPT reptilian councilor commented loud, as agreed when he received his new luxury yacht.

    The bait was planted. Can't have too many Military Protection Treaties after all. Just a dozen strategic ones should be easier to enforce.

    "That's it for this year people. Enjoy the shops and the saunas, then return to your home planets tomorrow. I am eager to hear from your leaders." I concluded, forming wings of shadow and flying away majestically.

    'Again the same tricks. Come to Redbox.' Wialu sent, and I rushed to obey. Can't keep my wife waiting...

    Zuckuss had asked for another layer of protection, a security corridor with scanners and various traps, which amused me greatly. Almost like there's a Red Queen on the other side...

    The third Hand might find it difficult to sneak in, even wearing a hundred million credits stealth suit.

    "What is it Wialu?" I asked, since she was alone in front of the holomap.
    "I have a proposal, my Emperor." A gand voice said behind me.

    Gah. My Thrid Hand! He still passed through the corridor, undetected.

    'Sure thing. Propose it then." I said calmly, going to sit on my durasteel block. My Hand decloaked next to the holotable and sent a schematic for a stealthed survey droid.

    "The survey platform will not have hyperdrives or sublight engines, only a few pressure gas canisters. They will be deployed, in every accessible system, both ours or not, and at various distance from the main star, thus allowing us to observe everything in the known galaxy, from ship movements, battles and even invaders or spies. Also, when corroborated together, they will show us where every single ship was, is and is going to be." he explained, then began expanding on various forms of scanners and stealth modes.

    Hmmm. Very ambitious. But too soon, at least for the Core and Inner Rim.

    "Begin testing it in Empire space and the Outer Rim, as well as main trade routes nodes nearby and Hutt space. We can't risk being caught with this in CIS or Republic space. And send a thousand units to Solanus as well."
    "I humbly bow to your wisdom, Immortal Spy. Perhaps the Great Ocean will be able to devise effective methods to avoid the Sith and the Jedi" he replied, catching my meaning fast. Almost.

    "And others, even more dangerous. How many such platforms will we need for complete coverage?" I asked curious, while devoting a partition for my own calculations. 256 per system, spread out every light minute from the star. Not so much then.

    "Between 200 and 1000 for large traffic lanes. They will have to be small, and use passive sensors only, and just those outside the Oort clouds will send holonet transmissions. For nearby planets we can also use subspace transmitters, which would be even safer."

    "Okay then. Approved for a million units, and up to 10 million more units, at your discretion, Honored Hand. You may take another female as well." I allowed graciously. It wasn't like I gave him a Maid or something. The Gand had females aplenty. Most likely. And it was a decent idea. Even if, it will cost a trillion credits to build so many stealth satellites.

    "Your generosity is boundless, Immortal Matchmaker. For the Empire!" my Hand declared grandly, punching the sky and then vanishing with a smoke grenade, thrown by his other hand.

    Hmmm. My armor's olfactive sensors couldn't detect him now. Clever.
    "One day, he will be too tired to work for you Pef, if you keep adding more females to his harem..unless, you're forcing him to strengthen his force connection by withstanding sex?" Wialu asked, smiling widely.

    "I'm just generous to my friends. Nobody is forcing him to pleasure all his females every night" I answered with a fake shrug. A few olbio leaves moved, in the wind behind me. Curious.

    "Except his females. They might force him. Oh well, at least 6 of them are pregnant now, so he must sleep easier." she added with a wicked smile, looking somewhere behind me.

    "Enough, I had enough! Pregnant females are a pain..." my third Hand exclaimed, breaking camouflage and leaving the olbio tree, then stomping out of the Redbox.

    I held my palm up, and my Voice gave it a high five.

    We hugged afterwards, sharing an evil smile.

    Blueforge, Pef Empire
    Blue Base.
    23 BBY, Tenth month.

    Solanus decrypted some of the Vong biotech, allowing both of us to start creating advanced biotech, especially important for ship life support and trauma medipacs as well as blaster resistant armor and better synthskin for our droids.

    Bioengineered spaceship armor should also mitigate most of the Ion weapons effects on the surface electronics, and we've both began parallel production for the Meteor upper fins here at Blueforge, and at Sol I, the first new planet that Solanus has lived on since a billion years. He will make bio-armor for the Calamari ships, since those can submerge by design. Three hundred MC30 frigates and same number of MC80 cruisers, and it would possibly take him only a week.

    Just the upper fin on the first Meteor will take us just as long. Gah, it's not fair!

    That also means I have to endure Vette at close range, while the Meteor One is getting up-armored.

    "So, Peffy and Jaybo are twins now. Same age and height and face, only the hair is different. What if you mix them up?" she asks curious, petting Peffy on his head. I made sure to pet her bottom for this. Pet for pet.

    "I have a chip in my brain, Honored Maid. The Emperor would know" Jaybo answered politely, still fiddling with the defective nano-missiles. Barely 75% accuracy, after months of work. But at least they could change trajectory minutely and hit critical spots. And Vong armor was no defense.

    "My friends have examined that Matukai meditation band, and will make me one as well. They're very glad there's such artefacts still existing, with other force users. Means a lot for them" Vette explained, showing off her Jal Shay gloves and belt and bracelet and sash and necklace. Seems every different nomad group had different items to imbue and add abilities to.

    Now she also wears a Matukai band and a collapsible Wan-shen, which could block lightsabers. One of the Anzati I sent to learn decided to run away, along with the force soup and the items of a Matukai adept.

    Solana found him and drained his knowledge, along with the Matukai training and confiscated his items.
    The Matukai were a bit upset but admitted some of them sometimes went mad too. Damn it, though. A single adept could have trained hundreds more.

    In a couple months, the weak and new Findsmen I sent there became twice as strong in the force, and three times more in pure strength and speed. The bota extracts and daily baths in kolto must have helped too. I also paid a million credits for each of them to ease the negotiations, but anyway. Just money.

    Peffy uses kolto and bacta baths alternately, growing in strength even faster. If it was safe enough, I'd send him there too, but my Avatar can only teleport a few feet. To reach a ship in orbit requires complete mastery of this ability. So maybe another year.

    For now, Solana can try to teach what she glimpsed when she drained the Anzati defector. And he probably won't be the last.
    For some, murder and killing for fun or money were still better than loyalty and defending their home.

    "Very well, Vette. You can keep a Mentor Jal Shey with you, but the rest should go to Sanctuary. The Meteor is our flagship, not a cruise liner for nomads sects. And they'll have friends and the great Bendu to learn more." I said softly, watching the blue twi'lek with sadness. She had so much potential, drawing people to her, but she still couldn't accept me for what I was...

    "Fine! But don't shoot her, like you did last time. They're my friends, not pirates or target practice, stupid droid..." she muttered, ignoring the facts completely. That changeling wasn't her friend.
    "We shall see. We have genetic testers now, to confirm identity and species. And if you brought another infiltrator on my ship, you'll get stunned as well. Deal?" I asked, opening my arms for a hug.

    "Deal. But the stun better not hurt. In case I was wrong..." Vette added with a little guilt, and hugged me back.

    As we walked towards the barracks where the nomads were hosted, Peffy went to help his clone with the nano missiles.

    They could both use friends of their age, even if only for a week.

    Also, B11 maids...I can send a million such Ambassadors from now on, and they won't get insulted again.

    She just came off the Diplomatic Transport Cruiser DT002, and entered the venues of the conference, when she was surrounded by ugly B2s and droideka and had a red lightsaber pointed at her photoreceptors by some dark acolyte.
    "What is this joke?" the acolyte yelled, ordering his droids to invade sovereign Pef Empire territory, or the Gozanti cruiser, to look for the real maid.

    The R2 pilot panicked and engaged hyperdrives in atmosphere, evaporating a nearby spaceship, and a few kilometers swathe of spaceport.

    "Death before dishonor" My B11 maid managed to say, before being electrocuted with Sith lightning.

    The live transmission cut, and was replaced by an orbital view of the spaceport. A red bloom marked another successful negotiation, in kiloton range. The images captured were also flowery and enchanting.

    Next time, I might send 2 B11s, if the CIS asks for a maid again.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    22 BBY

    The first graduates from the Matukai training are returning home, to become instructors for every single VSS and Black Ops agents.
    They are quite strong, at least Jedi Knight levels. The Anzati graduates will undergo cyborgification, since I can't trust them not to snap.

    Meanwhile, I stare at Mujilik, as he pets his tiny Gand pup. The single survivor of the Easter Egg birth omlette.

    "Venerable Mujilik. Just say yes, and become my 6th Hand. I need someone to oversee the Exploration Corps and the survey droids. My 3rd Hand is quite busy with Black Ops already." I asked patiently.

    "Indeed he is. He can barely walk. Perhaps you were too generous, gifting him that many females. All right, my old female can raise the kit. But I want my own cruiser, and a hidden asteroid base. And a billion credits. This old gand may not have a pretty ass like your maids, but still, Mujilik can't go and ask Zuralee for money, it's unseemly" he complained, and made me smile inside.

    "Sure, that is easy. I have also a question, that can't bring myself to ask Zuralee about. Why keep one or maybe two kits? Why not ten? I gave you two new planets to colonize, beside the Dream. Your species has room enough now, and droids can farm..." I said, a bit hesitant. This was quite delicate, but I needed answers.
    "Slow to change we are, and we have endured cycles of famine before. Many still can't believe the Dream is real, and hide in the ammonia canyons. Also defective Gand are the same as those dark jedi. The females dream and look for the ones who will be more balanced. What would you do, should billions of Findsmen go mad and pillage everything?"

    Hmmm. So that was it. They traced forward, and stabbed the crazy ones. And genetic defects too, most likely. Their gene alter was what made Peffy so strong, along with kyber crystal infused bones and a power gem infused soul.

    Lira was also fused with a kyber crystal, and had some gene sequences copied from Fay, but it was too soon to tell if they'll work.

    Bota plants extracts surely did. Quite amazingly, but that should end in a year or two.

    Make a note, send some to the Voss, and the Zeison Sha and Makutai. A stronger force connection should help them survive, perhaps.

    "I need one of those bad Gand kits. I have to know how to tell them apart. Is that okay, my Sixth Hand?" I asked cautiously.

    "That's easy. One bad egg won't be missed from the birth omelette. You'll have one tomorrow, Egg Emperor" the grumpy Gand said with some amusement and checked his datapad for credits and his new cruiser.
    Solanus was graceful enough to add a meter of diamondoid armor over the normal durasteel, tripling the effective value of those ships, and protecting the exposed bridges. And with another meter of laser and ion resistant bio-armor over that, the Calamari ships were now the best protected ships in the galaxy, for their size. They sort of were well protected before, but only by shields.

    Too bad this procedure couldn't be used en masse.
    We'll have seed to algae and corals and to drag more asteroids and comets down into the ocean though, since Sol I didn't have enough organics and minerals to sustain such undertaking.

    'Do that for every ocean where Solanus goes. Just smash them to bits in near orbit, and Solanus can lower them with telekinesis, just like you can' Solana added to my musings. Okay then. Problem solved. Dual Voice was really useful.

    Sending orders to a hundred corvettes idling around.

    The Clone Wars start this year.

    Hmm. I should check on Fay, and perhaps gift her a holocron or two as well.

    Some bota plant crates, for her and the changelings...

    Yep, and take Zero and Peffy with me.
    This visit should be interesting. I'm not scared, at all.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    En route to Sran (changelings new homeworld)
    22 BBY, second week.

    The holonews still repeat the cries of a desperate mother, and her pleas for the Jedi Order to return her child. You can read more here: HoloNet Jedi Watch | Jedi Vs. The Force of a Mother's Love . More drama stirred by a certain Supreme Chancellor, no doubt. Doesn't help it's also true. Also the Senator of Malastare assassination by the CIS took only one line, while the failed negotiations between my Honored Maid B1 and the CIS were entirely forgotten. Sigh.

    Meanwhile, Peffy is inscribing an orange cubic holocron with basic teachings of 20 abilities and 3 major ones : energy absorption, hide in shadow and mind-shield. It has to be done by the Avatar, since the living brains need a different type of learning than synthetic ones.

    For the Shards and the Tsil I have imprinted a dozen holocrons with 512 facets myself, and sent them as a gift to the crystals home planets of Orax and Nam Chorios.
    They are also different, focused more on large scale actions like fleets and armies and cyberwarfare.

    I'm now focusing on creating a holocron with 65536 facets. When ready, it will look almost like a sphere.
    If, it will ever be ready. No wonder the Bendu asked me to make a round holocron. It's almost impossible.
    The organo-mineral soup collapses again, and I sigh in defeat. Small steps then, let's begin with 1024 facets and follow the Moore's law.

    Miss Zero now sports two pistols, one is an Ion blaster with 100 shots, that I reversed-engineered from the Jawas on Tatooine and the other is a nano-missile pistol with 1000 shots. In the hands of a Jedi Master, these weapons can obliterate a battalion of troops or droids in a minute. She also wears a Force-adept prototype armor, that I've built myself, which protects the torso, shins and forearms from slug throwers, blaster bolts and all melee weapons.

    Zero still doesn't want to hear full armor or power armor, since she says it reduces her connection to the force. Which is bull. I wear one such armor myself and works just fine.

    Can't wait till my employees at Land Warrior devise the next miniaturized tractor beams and hyperdrives. Then my power armor will be a spaceship in function as well.
    I've hired a dozen Columi and hundreds of other geniuses from the galaxy, including some Verpineand Xi Charrian , and they went over my inventions with glee. The Xi charrian love my new Vultures ground support mechas and have begun improving them again, while the Verpine go over my combat droids with awe.

    If only I could trust them to reveal the Meteor battleships and Comets, the heavy fighters inspired by the Maul and Fay's interceptors.

    But I least I figured out how they came to exist, seems a certain Raith Sienar built them with plans from Darth Tenebrous, a Sith Lord before Darth Plagueis. That guy really builds stuff for everyone, and seems he designed the Death Star as well.

    I'll have to extract or kill him, before he makes too much trouble.

    And wake up, the ship just arrived.

    Planet Sran is humid and half covered by oceans, so the changelings should be fine.

    I immediately detect the first stealth satellites and the defense space stations, along with the defense fleet and planetary shields.
    And look, a certain ship, with a familiar shape just rose from the surface and heads straight for us.

    "Fay seems upset, with you." Zero says in a bored voice, deflecting another blaster with her backhand. She's getting better and might even survive now. Unless she gets shot in the head like Lira. Or poisoned or falls from a mountain or gets bombarded from orbit or...

    Kriff, organics are so fragile.

    "She'll get over it. Or she'll die soon and will be missed" I said feigning boredom as well.

    Hmmm. The Avatar senses two lifesigns on board.

    A changeling, most likely. And a test.

    All right then, your turn Peffy.

    Fay's ship did an orbit around my Calamari cruiser, before entering the only shuttle hangar with the sally armor open.

    Yea, no more unexpected visitors now. C'mon, is it so hard to place an armor flap over the hangars and keep intruders out?

    Not to mention air and organics in, should the energy barriers fail.

    Two identical Fays jump out of the fighter. I fly towards them, using the force.
    One is a bit impressed in her aura, so I head towards the next.

    "Welcome to the HMS Celestial River, Master Fay" I speak through my Avatar, and hold out a hand for a handshake. Genetic alter, yes, it is her. The other one, looking identical is the changeling.

    "Oh. You've grown a little since I saw you last year..." Fay muttered a little confused.

    "Indeed, Master Fay. Miss Zero says I'm taller than Master Yoda now" I answer amused, and went to shake hands with the other Fay.

    "Errr, teacher...is it okay to greet the flying kid?" the changeling asks, a bit worried.

    "Use your own judgement child." Fay told her companion, then turned towards me."Quite some improvement to the ship, I see. Crystal and biological armor, over the original durasteel. The bridge and the hangars were armored too. Expecting trouble, are you?" the Jedi wondered,

    "Yes, something like that, Master Fay. You surely heard of Imperial officials assassinated by the Dooku's CIS and clashes over contested sectors. I'm certain Sran has holonews, like every world in the Pef Empire. When Corellia goes to war, so shall we" I explained politely, shaking hands with the changeling and learning the first lesson of water alter.
    Seems you do need to be organic to use it properly. And acquire a tissue and genetic sample from your impersonation, too. The changeling would be virtually undetectable to most scanners.

    "Yes, I heard that, and of the massive expansion the Empire took last months. A thousand new planets. The Emperor is here too?" Fay asked, possibly a little annoyed to speak with a flying kid, looking about 11.

    "I am the Voice of the Emperor, Master Fay. My words are law and compel every loyal servant of the Empire. I see you haven't spent even half the credits you were given. Surely the changelings might need things, like skyscrapers and medical labs and museums?" I asked, coming around and floating eye to eye with my Fifth Hand.

    "I'm not...building an entire planet is not in my teachings. I just fly around the galaxy, ending conflicts and wars and saving people..."

    "Oh, really. The Jedi do not defend civilization and rescue slaves then? They just kidnap younglings and brainwash them to cut any opponent in half?" I asked rhetorically, and produced the orange holocron.

    Fay stared at it with wide eyes, since it wasn't a Jedi holocron, which were all known and revered.

    "Who, did Master Kuro...the dark woman made it?" she wondered, floating it in the air.
    "Of course not, the new Jedi lost the ability to create them a thousand years ago. I made it myself, for you Master Fay. This one is empty, if you ever want to imprint your own teachings, before you die" I added, producing a blue cube.


    The dark woman blinked again, as her pupil words reached something deep inside. The holoscreens showed her the conversation in the hangar, and also the planet and it's fields and factories. All worked and maintained by droids.

    Even Master Fay had no clue how to build a civilization. Pef gave her a hundred billions and the changelings bellow were still living in near poverty. Ugly duracrete complexes, and no parks or gardens or art...

    How could the Jedi Order claim to be the defenders of civilization?

    It took a child to say the words and wake her up.

    "You'd be better off with another Gand as a Fifth Hand. Those people would starve if your droids wouldn't feed them, for free." She said to the Droid Emperor, who was sitting next to her with a bowl of crystal soup, and was constructing more and more complex holocrons, like toys.

    Just like entire new cities and terraforming planets. One would think him a mere competent administrator, except for his maids.
    Those women, all so different and extraordinary. Wialu was stronger than any Jedi she knew, perhaps even Master Yoda or Fay.

    And Solana was so alien that she had no reference to compare with. The Avatar of a sentient ocean...

    Also Angie...a real angel, and breathing the force itself. Not a myth after all, if quite naive and childish.

    "If Fay dies next year, I will need a new one, yes. I can't stop someone willing to sacrifice herself, but maybe she'll take my offer and let me anchor her. And then bring her back, just like I did for Lira. The old Je'daii weren't wrong, just misguided" Pef answered, not turning to respond, or stopping the holocron's build, or whatever tasks he took at once.

    Almost like an AI...except for the love he shared with his Voices.

    And next year, she will have to leave...if there will be any place to go. Her garden was now on Gand, after all.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    22 BBY, Second month.

    Ventress and Angie have gone to Dathomir, along with a fleet of freighters and escorts, to establish a mining base on Koratas, a moon of Dathomir rich in minerals. And also, to negotiate with the town of Aurilia and with Ventress's family in the Nightsider clan, down on the main planet. Perhaps I could prevent another genocide, by constructing deep underground shelters for both clans. Maybe locate some devolved Kwa and their ancient artefacts too.
    Keeping us supplied with vital minerals will be a challenge during the wars, but if the secret deal with the Jefi on Botajef works, they'll abuse their neutrality to transport the minerals under Jefi flag and authentications. And giving them a few billion credits for planetary shields and factories might help too.

    In the north, we're trying to expand as fast as we can, taking Refnar and Munto Codru and reaching the Crseih system. Having our own energy refineries around a black hole should contribute making us independent.

    More fleets heading towards the Shaylin system and Turkana, while Vette went on with her Meteor and her mentor to take Pakuuniand clear out the Pakuuni pirates.

    It seems neither the Galactic Republic, nor the CIS have any interest in this sector, so that means it's mine. Right?

    Who doesn't want fertilizers and neural education?

    And the fact that both Mon Calamari space and the Centrality are now tucked inside the Pef Empire borders, protected from invasion and war will mean a lot, when the Clone Wars end.

    Now if only Wialu manages to bring Brigia and Mullan on our side. A larger delegation, composed of Solana and Zuralee, along with a hundred Calamari cruisers is headed towards Gbu and their insect natives, trying to stop their defection, or at least change it towards neutrality or even my Empire.
    Frantic steps, before the war breaks out. The North fleet is in position anyway, 50 Meteors and 5 Mountains along with a thousand Dakka corvettes, in case the war starts a few months or weeks sooner. New Alderaan has become a huge naval base, with fuel depots and armories and barracks for a thousand divisions, while Sol II is nearby, for retreat or healing.

    In the west, thousands of survey droids search for a secret route towards Charros. I know it must exist, the Galactic Empire used it in my memories, but the droids find only dead worlds and dead ends, or do not return at all. Mostly the latter. Survey droids were originally equipped with sublight engines, and took decades to reach the nearest stars. A hyperdrive takes hours or days, but it is also way more risky and inaccurate.

    Peffy remained with Zero and Fay on Sran, since he's organic and all. Establishing a flourishing civilization is quite easy for my Avatar, and my Jedi Hands can learn alot from him. I mean me. Yes. Allocate another partition to manage the Avatar. Okay, much better focus now.

    Let's return to what I'm doing.

    Outside my window there's a few hundred old small ships and 21 of Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, that Proto one bought from the Hutts for little, along with 2 Lucrehulks filled with new equipment, like modern sensors and hyperdrives and shields, along with 4200 heavy masers and missile launchers and gatling lasers.
    Okay let's start disassembling the old ships and rebuild them in my image. I mean, in the new design I consulted about with theColumi geniuses. They seemed amused, for some reason. Then again, their species was travelling the stars perhaps 2 million years ago. They forgot more about technology than any other race knew. They just...devolved.

    These ships, the Invincible class, are 3000 years old and still work, almost fine. They just need...to be dismembered in little pieces, floating in zero gravity, then guided with precise telekinesis into a mostly similar shape, if much better armored and shielded and most important, armed.

    Gah, what were these people thinking, building a 2 kilometer-long battlecruiser, then arming it with only 12 capital class turbolasers? Even 200 guns are too few, but I can only use these due to low reactor power and Meteor production. In 3000 years, they progressed to Venators, armed with 16 guns...

    The cylindrical shape is a good start, but it needs a raised superstructure, for superfiring turrets and sensors, then lateral wings for heat sinks, and two large hangar bays underneath the wings for starfighters. The hangar's armored flaps will open backwards, of course, to prevent incoming fire and losing fighters before they can even launch.

    And one hour later, the first Invictus class fleet carrier is ready. Class 2.0 hyperdrives, 212 heavy guns, 100 medium guns, and 200 missile launchers and gatling lasers. With room for 5000 droidfighters too.
    Only 20 more ships to go. If I could get tired, I'd be in a coma right now.

    But being a crystal has perks. Unlimited lifespan and memory, for example. Thus, I can work 24 hours a day, everyday.

    And when I'm done, I'll need to upgrade my Lucrehulks as well. That was gonna be exciting. Not really.

    And then, a trip to see Crseih, the crystallized white dwarf, and try to save it from being swallowed by a black hole. There's a long story there, but now is the best time to act.

    'If you don't hear from me again, come rescue me!'

    'Solanus says you're a bit crazy. Solana thinks a bit more. Oh well. Your Avatar will be fine' my Voice said with feigned disinterest.

    'Thanks love' I sent back, sad of my unrecognized sacrifice.

    Gah. You don't want to meet Waru. Being made into sacrificial offerings for a trans-dimensional being would hurt. Millions of force sensitives would be lost. Plus, future is fickle.

    No one could guarantee that Waru will want to go home, this time.
    En route to Dellalt, returning from Crseih
    On board HMS Celestial River, a MC80 block S2 star cruiser
    3 weeks later

    So, turns out building an energy refinery around a black hole is very hard. Even for an AI. Took me two weeks, and a thousand asteroids and a billion droids. Along with 50 Lucrehulks filled with advanced tech and rare minerals.
    About 1 trillion of credits, invested in this operation. Which is why 6 Meteors and 60 corvettes will remain guarding it for eternity. From all six sides.

    Droid crews mostly, with just a few hundred Servants and a trusted Gand Claw to oversee the defenses. I'll have to rotate the organics every 3 months, or they might go crazy, staring into the abyss. And being stared back by the abyss, as well. Not sure about other universes, but here, black holes stare at you!

    For the first time since the power gem hit my ship, I felt pain again. And not the Rakata type of pain, but even deeper. The black hole seemed to be an antithesis of the cosmic force, and a reversal of unifying force and a blank sphere in the physical force. My Gand Findsman said it felt even worse for living things.

    At least I managed to save Crseih, the crystal star.

    The crystal star is not exactly sentient, though it does resonate a little in the force, like most special crystals. I'll let Solanus figure a way to utilize it. Technically, he could melt and absorb the crystal inside a huge ocean, if there would be a Jupiter sized ocean somewhere. Or add hyperdrives, to the sublight engines I already used, and transfer himself into the white dwarf, Pef style.

    Then he could hop around the galaxy, exploring.

    'He says that's plan D/5b. In case Solanus really, really needs to run.' Solana whispered amused. Great, he copied my planning system now. 'What else, island maids?'
    'Solanus thinks the algae on Cygnus B would fit him better.' Solana added, with a telepathic image of huge algae islands. Sentient algae, for a sentient ocean? They would be a good fit. Good choice, Solanus. The Immortal Emperor approves.

    'I'm going there, after Gbu votes to join. Zuralee was a great idea for an insect negotiator. She only called you stupid and idiot 6 times.' my Voice added, somehow convinced that the disrespect my Hands spoke of me with was the sign of an enlightened leader, tolerant and kind.

    And sure, I was all that, and more. Unless you were my Empire's enemy. In which case...

    'Brigia is ours now, Pef. Only 74 deaths and it was done. But Mullan , I'll have to kill over 540 corporate leaders and replace them' Wialu added, asking forgiveness perhaps.

    'Orbital bombardments would kill much more. I'll be there in 2 days and reprogram all the droids and the defense systems. CIS must have agents on the ground.' I replied immediately, glad for the opportunity to use my technopathy for a bit of mayhem and murder.

    Sure, building stuff was great, and not that complicated once you've absorbed a billion manuals from a million universities.
    But not as fun as arranging accidents with elevators and airlocks. Ah poor organics, so easy to eliminate, if I so desired.

    On that note, start antidote production for the Blue Shadow Virus.

    They never actually contained it on Naboo, since it was already in that river. Better make sure I contain a galaxy wide genocide at the source.

    Guess I know where Peffy will be, in a few months.

    Now, back to the damn holocron, and try again to for a 2kb one. I mean 2048 facets. Come on dear force, it's still a Platonic solid, right? You can do it!

    Sigh, it melted again.

    I was missing something. Even with all the knowledge I gain from the Rakata made war robots on Dellalt, and learning to make holocrons and the work on elongating the Rakata field into an ovoid, and I only was 7% into understanding that level of tech.

    Gah! This may take longer than I thought.
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    22 BBY third month

    It seems this time, the vote for creating a Republic Grand Army will pass through the Senate, even with all the stubborn opposition from Corellia and Alderaan and thousands of other worlds. And it is my fault. I mean, Vette's fault. Yes, that sounds better.

    She continued her campaign, abusing the fact that Solana was away, swimming with super brain algae, and went to expand my empire as high north as Florn. Now I'll have to fortify that world as well. Sigh. Another billion credits.

    The secondary fleets under my Claw admirals continued their work behind the lines, taking Reginardand Hast and have began launching survey droids, looking for Zigoola. Guess I can give Reginard to the Codru-Ni as a reward for joining, since they kinda lack for space in those mountains.

    We know it's approximate location, SE of Hast, but that still means thousands of stars anyway, and thus millions of wasted droids. I hope those Sith artifacts will be worth it.

    South of Calamari space, we finally added Solay and Dornea to the Empire, well, more by promising Solay as a colony for the Dornean, instead of a pure MPT. And their shipyards now produce my slightly larger Dakka corvettes, instead of their own, anti-starfighter corvettes.
    Guess I'll have to invest a bit there as well, and build a hundred new shipyards. And factories and planetary shields and a Naval Academy. In fact, let's go and invest even more.
    It seems all their ship captains will make better admirals than all my Claws combined. As soon as they finish the neural lessons about the empire and its law and organization structure and ideals, along with various loyalty contingencies. Wouldn't want some Dornean seal admiral to run away with a Meteor. Just one such warship could slag a planet into melted crust, in an hour.

    Also, there's rumours (confirmed by my third Hand) of a Republic Chancellor's Aide inspecting planet Sanctuary in Mon Cala space, no doubt looking for a secret force-sensitive training planet.

    Gah, just lay it to rest Palpatine, those are mine. You hear, mine?

    Well, mine to protect and nurture, I mean.

    Also, that means, I have to evacuate the Trailian species from their home planet, before they are found by the cult of evil and twisted into abhorrent and unnatural creatures.

    'It's what we do Pef. One planet at a time, and only 50 millions more to go' Wialu sent a reassuring voice, while hugging Peffy tightly. They're both learning the changeling abilities now, on Sran. And giving Fay headaches, as her mind scanning isn't working.
    I'll wait till Solanus makes a biotech chip before I implant the Avatar, cause I don't want to risk frying his brain should some ion weapon catch him in the radius. I remember my droid chassis losing 90% of its functions even protected by a shield and power armor.

    Organics are much too frail. Even as strong as Peffy is in the force, he cannot survive without a brain.

    In the Ash Worlds, expansion continues at speed, englobing Uriek, Chiron, Nyny, Gligger and Balshebr.

    All my 500 Meteors of the first build cycle are now able to move, and fight a bit, even if only 200 are fully armed with MACs and heavy masers. The others will have to wait, until I have 100 Mountains ready, to be able to actually conduct planetary invasions. That means some 4 billion droids, plus their tanks and support. More work.

    I need 100 fleets of 3 dreadnaughts, along with three thousand support vessels. Should keep us safe the first year of this war. This would about cover all the known access routes into the Empire, plus some reserves.

    That also means I won't be in a strong enough position to attack, except marginal planets like Toola, which just joined CIS, with an invasion fleet over their heads.

    Establishing a new regime during war time is much different than in peace. Revolts and sabotage and all that. Too lax and nobody obeys the laws. Too strict and you have rebellions and defective components. Sigh.

    No one is truly happy after all. Except my Servants. But then, poor re-educated slaves don't have much choice.

    'I don't like this part of our Empire Pef. Forced loyalty is not what I want for our people.' Dora mused in her bond. Yeah, that sucks. But it will get better in a decade.

    'It's the same principle as the Jedi code, my love. Only with a thousand laws that ensure the Empire is stable and civilized, instead of programming 3 years old with religious dogma.' I answered back, not really concerned about this.

    The Servants chose this for themselves, and were told of the neural education. Why waste a dozen years in schools, when you could start earning hard cash in 6 to 15 months, (depending on your species and knowledge of galactic basic and some other factors)? Contact the nearest Pef Empire sevant for more information!

    I returned to trying to find a use for the hundreds of tones of Mytag crystal I found on Dellalt.

    As scanners, the Mytag tech were outdated, but it also meant modern stealth wouldn't protect against them. And secret comlinks based on them wouldn't even be detected by enemy scanners.
    The kiirium as well, could be used to make new types of starship armor, adding minute amounts to standard durasteel or Quadanium steel as well as other materials in engines and weapons. I'll wait till the geniuses at Land Warrior and Solanus figure a use. Or Peffy and Jaybo.

    Being an AI had perks, but it reduced the flashes of inspiration and intuition to almost zero.
    Deduction and analysis however, those worked great. And my ADD only manifested when I concentrated too many partitions on a single task. Or a boring one, like making bricks...

    Damn it, I want pure, mechanical fabricator nano-droids. If only someone would invent them already!

    I hope Ventress and Angie are okay on Dathomir. They only sent one message, that they have arrived.

    Well, Angie will be fine, I think. If Mother Talzin electrocutes her, she'll smile happily and ask for more.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne, the Redbox
    22 BBY, fourth month.

    An assassination attempt took place aimed at the Senator of Naboo. First a bomb on the landing pad, then poisonous myriapods. A certain Mandalorian bounty-hunter was involved, and Knight Kenobi was given the task to investigate.

    Senator Amidala leaves to recover on her home planet, and the Military Creation Act passes the Senate. Thousands of starships and starfighters begin construction immediately, on every industrial world still in Republic space. Also, tanks and gunships and personal weapons.

    The Republic has just cut all Holonet transmissions from Coruscant into the galaxy, instead transmitting a single image.
    Wayback Machine

    Seems we're gonna have to switch to our own holonetwork from now on. Providing news and entertainment to a quarter of the galaxy, from Mon calamari and the Centrality, to Hutt space and other Outer Rim worlds.

    Investing a trillion credits in holo-emitter tech was paying off now. Who controls information...
    Corellia has again refused being involved in a galactic war, citing some obscure law, and began recalling all their warships and their Green Jedi home. Just like Angie told them to, between musical venues. 'The Immortal Pef advises our friends at Corellia to invest heavily in missile technology and keep their greensabers close.' Seems they listened, which is great. Or they were gonna to do that anyway, which is also great. That gives my Empire a bit more time as well.

    I can continue the expansion in the Ash worlds, taking Ulonsus, Astigone and Xoraes. Pretty bombed up, but I can fix them, most of the fissionables have depleted since the Hutts used them 25 millennia ago.

    I can extend to Malagarr in the SE, though I'll have to visit to clean up the radiation left when the natives self-destructed, very recently. Or just make it a droid world, and see where they can go on their own...yeah, that should work too. My Imperial Servants will remain in orbit to supervise the new droid civilization.

    Now, I only need a fleet to anchor that corner. Let's buy one. My best friends the Hutts, still have 10 thousand dreadnoughts, they keep idle.

    To the south, we have reached Delacrix system, and we won't expand further, until the entire interval volume is integrated fully in the Empire.
    The Hutts have asked a billion credits for their loss of this world, and Proto One promptly agreed to pay it, and also acquired 16 older Invincible-class dreadnaughts in the deal. The planet is practically free in this deal. And I have the fleet to anchor the southern defenses with. Just need to upgrade it, a little.

    My Droid Ambassador is surely getting smarter and wiser, which each upgrade and meeting he survives.

    His guards only had to fire once, the past month. Not all Hutts are equally smart after all.

    The smart Hutts are worried about the coming war though, even asking delicately where my own fleets will go.

    'Defending the Empire.' I answered amused. I can do doublespeak too.

    Solana is returning with a thousand baby algae, from Cygnus B, and will seed them into the ocean worlds that Solanus now inhabits. Three planets so far, and 8 more to go, scattered on newly discovered planets around our Empire.

    And it seems networking himself with new oceans also makes him even smarter and stronger. Like he wasn't already.
    'Don't be envious Pef. Solanus also doesn't like loneliness. And he learns from you, just like you make use of him. And with a billion oceans, he could direct the force itself, possibly. He just needs to spread far and wide.' Solana added, showing me an image of herself, taking a bath naked along with the baby algae.

    It made strangely alluring and disturbing sight, at once. Blue and green shapes, floating in a huge transparent aquarium, with stars visible in the background through the transparisteel windows of her Lucrehulk.

    'We're passing through Junkfort now, Solana will be home soon' she sent with a mildly embarrassed tone. Absorbing the customs of our civilization, then. That's why she wore the armor in public then...

    By the time she arrives, the first Geonosis should happen.

    There was still so much to be done, and not enough people, or ships or time.
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    22 BBY, Fifth month.

    "The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun...the Clone War has."
    ―Grand Master Yoda

    The Clone wars have begun, with a tactical victory for the Republic, and a strategic victory for the Order of Sith Lords.

    I felt the tingle of the many deaths of Jedi Knights in the Geonosis arena. Anakin and Padme survived, unfortunately. Again.

    Just a light whisper with my crystal self, and a distant scream with Peffy. I never met any of those people personally, so it was not too bad. Fay and Zero instead, their hearts trembled in pain.

    "Yes, my Zero and Fifth Hand, the war has begun" Peffy said, patting their shoulders in compassion. More will die, before it's over.
    "I should return to Coruscant, and help..." Zero said, after deliberating inside herself. Fay refused to even think about it.

    "I'm never stepping back on Coruscant, plus my charges are not ready. One more year, then we'll see where the force sends me" Master Fay explained, looking below at the huge plaza, where a hundred thousand Clawdite were kneeling on sand, and forming words and shapes with the sand.

    Back in the Redbox, the hologram depicted planet Geonosis, with its orbital ring and 15 moons.

    Thanks to carefully planted spy satellites, me and my Voices are able to observe everything, almost in real time.

    It also proved my theory that turreted guns were much better than fixed guns, for space superiority fights.

    Although the Republic will eventually win, the Nantex-class territorial defense starfighter proved able to cause significant damage, especially to clone piloted Torrents and gunships. The vulture droid starfighters fared much worse, losing dozens for a single kill.

    Which is why I preferred an adapted CIS Scarab-class droid starfighter for my own navy, with a turreted Gatling laser, a forward blaster canon and a missile launcher. It was even cheaper than a Vulture, and had better armor and even had shields.
    Tri-droids will take one more year to appear, and such I bought a million Scarabs from planet Charros. That's only to equip our current carriers, since once we enter the war, we won't need to bother about patents and other legal niceties, and just steal whatever tech we want.

    For now, every single piece of equipment we use publicly has to be bought and licensed. But, not for long.

    Just waiting for Corellia...

    In fact, I had already announced the Corellian Diktat of our support and promised to keep a hyper-route to them open, should they go to war and need reinforcements.

    Ventress and Angie sent a short message too, saying just 'Returning'. Good, cause I need my War Maid soon. And a ditsy singer to inspire morale.

    I've established small garrisons and asteroid disguised space stations at Haashimut and Kegan , since whatever people live there aren't advanced enough to notice, and using only B1 and B3 droids. Pretending to be CIS, if discovered. And occupied Tammar promising the locals to restore the environment

    Meanwhile, Proto One is visiting Nal Hutta, and trying to buy Sriluur, for 2 billions credits. And hopefully obtain 20 more dreadnaughts.
    It helps convince the Hutts we desperately need ships to fight the CIS, since our almost public data says 300 battleships and thousands of small ships. I wrote the description myself, on the Blacklist threat assessment ranking that the Hutts keep. We just mean different things, by battleships.

    Upgrading the Invincibles is much less costly than building brand-new 2 kilometer-long carriers. Especially since there're hundreds of pirate ships floating about, taken as capture by Vette and Ventress and various admirals.

    Plenty of secondary systems from sensors to reactors and weapons that I don't have to buy or build.

    And since most navcomputers and astromechs aboard have never been memory wiped, some in thousands of years, they sometimes add another secret route or rich asteroid or old battlefields that can be mined and put to use.

    Mujilik entered the Redbox, radiating excitement. Hmmm, the survey droids found something, maybe?

    "Metal Gand, your stupid idea came to fruition, after only 2 million of survey droids wasted. The Empire has a route to the Core, via Togoria and 13 intermediate jumps. And what's better, the cats do not have spaceflight and didn't detect us.
    Also, no pilots in the Exploration Corps died during duties. One died, due to spice overdose while testing the advanced starfighter" my sixth Hand declared grandly, and punched the sky.
    Hmmm, losing a pilot and the starfighter to spice?
    Not efficient.

    "Good! Let's use this event to ban spice use for every member of the military." I exclaimed, then turned towards my other Hand present. "Zuralee, promote spice vending on overpopulated planets like Gbu and Mullan and Florn, along with Anzat and Metalorn. Happy citizens do not revolt after all. And we don't want to lose revenue either"

    "Zuralee understands. She has seen Gbu herself, after all. Those primitive insects don't even cull the defective eggs. Smelling the excretions from Kessel spiders is too good a fate for them. Too bad they joined before we managed to test orbital bombardments, like I asked them to." the female Gand answered politely, and grinning a bit creepy, like every insect I know.

    No wonder that planet joined in less than a week. I should make a note, not to send her on anymore negotiations though.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    22 BBY Ninth month.

    The Republic forces are engaged almost all over the Mid Rim, with various skirmishes, someone decided to name the CIS flagship the Subjugator, but it's still wasting Republic fleets left and right. Literally in the Battle of Abregado and Battle of the Ryndellia system

    Guess Dooku can't call it the Malevolence now, since he never found Andeddu's holocron. The Sith must have other holocrons though. There were thousands of Dark Lords in history.
    But without the stolen holocrons I have on Sanctuary, they'll never achieve immortality. I'm a cheater, I know. Battles take place all over the galaxy, except my tiny corner.

    At Agamar , CIS and Republic forces are battling for the past 4 months in the Mirgoshir campaign.

    At Ryloth, our agents delivered food rations and ion blasters to the local resistance, perhaps keeping more twi'leks alive until the Republic clones came to liberate them. The Black Ops freighter returned with about 50 kids as well.

    And when the Blue Shadow was released on Naboo, the antidote was already spread by our agents in the rivers and swamps near the capital. Guess we'll have to wait and see, if the bioweapon spreads into the galaxy or not.

    Of course, Kenobi and Anakin rushed to Iego to find a certain root as well, but were instead given a trademark antidote, from a Servant from Pef's Imperial Medical Division. They were a bit surprised to find an empire already existed in these parts.

    Though Kenobi wasn't as surprised by that, instead by the angel who wanted to be taken as a maid, and demanded lightning to sing a few songs. No idea what Angie tells her follow angels.

    Just outside our borders though, on Rhen Var, the Republic suffered a major defeat, losing all their troops and their base, to an invading CIS landing force. Anakin was there, for some reason.
    They also lost Bespin to CIS, which no doubt was targeted for tibanna gas, and became bogged down on Atraken where Dooniumcan be mined.

    Republic troops under Anakin and Kenobi also managed to lose all their troops attacking Raxus Prime
    proving their great skills as generals. Only the damned Kenobi escaped from an entire army of clones and tanks they brought with them. Anakin fell prisoner, but he'll be fine.

    Meanwhile, General Tann of CIS conquered a planet hosting a 'secret' base of the Republic on Eredenn Prime stealing the super tanks prototypes, the Decimator (war machine).

    Anakin was taken to Alaris Prime where he was allowed to escape, so the brave Jedi recruited some wookies and attacked the CIS forces, resulting in the massacre of many wookie villages. Not giving up, he requested help from his Republic buddies and managed to free the moon, with over 30% of his troops surviving.

    General Tann of CIS counter-attacked of course, and is about to obtain victory anyway. And obtain the codes for the super tanks.

    Very interesting I know, and I can just sneak peaks at all this using stealth satellites.
    If only Corellia would move to declare war already.
    Eh, back home I have finished building my 100 Mountains, and began arming the rest of the 200 Meteors already constructed.

    Perhaps I was too optimistic when I projected millions of them. Even 200 of these behemoths strain my empire's arms production to the limit.

    At least we produce 500 Dakka corvettes per month, and that rate will double till the end of the year. Looking back, my Empire had 100 corvettes the entire fleet, 2 years ago.

    We're getting better I think. Tanks and droid production go well, along with dropships to carry them. Having our own source of repulsorlift components made at our black hole refinery helps.

    I estimate that 300 Jedi had been killed so far, and about 8 dark jedi, at least 7 of them by my actions.

    Time to implement the Balance protocol then. My subverted droids will begin erratic behavior if any jedi are around.

    'Took you long enough Pef.' Wialu said with a satisfied sigh.
    'It won't be pretty, and they'll catch up soon, so I'll use the CIS ones first' I mused, watching the mock combat through Peffy's eyes.

    He looked about 17 years old now, not as tall as I'd like, but with fair blonde hair, his body muscled and strong. And wiping the floor with Jedi Fay and Zero and a few dozen changelings at once, in their sparing.

    As the new year comes, my Avatar will be ready. Perhaps Peffy will grow a bit taller, before we start building his power armor.

    Sadly, I have to keep the hair short, or that purple lightsaber that Zero hits me with might burn it.

    The changelings took a while to get used to the crazy human getting hit by a lightsaber for no effect.

    Fay is getting better too, parrying the lightsaber with her hands. At least the changelings won't be impressed when they encounter such primitive weapons in the future.

    I have them concentrating on using nanomissile guns and ion blasters though. Along with special ops training in security and infiltration, via neural induction.

    It's the law after all, for any military units or public servants.
    Sadly, force teachings are not so easily obtained. It takes 10 crates of bota plants each day, to boost their force connection.

    And by the next year, they'll barely be Jedi knights in strength. They learned speed and agility pretty fast though, so it might be a natural ability for their species.

    And Zero finally started teaching me Phase ability.

    Which is terrifyingly hard to learn. A single mistake, a blink or a muscle flinching and you become embedded in a wall or starship armor or whatever.

    No wonder Zero waited till she considered me at Master level.

    "Hey Peffy, wanna come drink with me, when you're done?" Aurra asks with an unsettling smile, also breathing slowly to regain her breath.

    Hmmm. Why would she ask me...is it a prank again?

    I try to use precognition, but only a vague feeling of bliss...Oh? It is my birthday after all.
    "Sure thing, adored maid. Let me take a shower, and find my credit chip. Some violet maid might have misplaced it again." I answered with a blinding smile, covering my body in my own copy of Angie's golden glow of happiness.

    "Y-yea. She's coming too. Already reserved a table at that mineral spring resort you like." Aurra added with a naughty smile.

    Okay then...better allocate two more partitions, this may get interesting. Jacuzzi bath with my maids!
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    22 BBY, 10th month

    Knight Anakin and Master Kenobi managed to retake the first planet they lost, in the Second Battle of Rhen Var . Projected loses are only 50%, showing their great improvement following their promotions. Also, the first cool-looking walker units, All Terrain Experimental Transport helped the Republic greatly.
    The walkers look amazing, so I'll have to acquire a few and build my own, better model.

    Both of them heroes also managed to win the Battle of Dorin , forcing the CIS to retreat, by bringing about a parity of forces. The losses were an equal 20% for both sides. One Jedi died, by being targeted by 300 Vultures at once, by some crazy tactical droid.

    At Quell , the CIS won again, while the burning Republic star destroyers crashed on the planet, obliterating a few millions.

    The Battle of Drongar did not take place, since we had a hundred ships chasing the first CIS fleet poking around. Sovereign space and all that. We'll have to investigate how they reached the system though, since they didn't come through the normal route.

    Perhaps those bota plants will survive now, without the rivers of blood reaching their roots in 3 years of continuous war.
    In the Battle of Amaltanna, my future maid, Jedi Swan, managed to obliterate her own army and the enemy army as well, remaining the sole survivor. That's 200% casualties. Kenobi would be proud.

    And lastly, the Second Battle of Geonosis which marks the end of the year with more massacres and fireworks.

    The second the medical frigate left the system, our long ago planted weapon activated far into the Oort could, a shower of ice comets being launched at the planet, their trajectories intersecting major temples and hives on the surface. If any hive survives, they'll be flooded and kept busy for next 5 years. And stop them mind controlling people with worms through their nose, that was disgusting.

    The droid Munificent frigate in the Geonosis system jumped to Tatooine and accelerated constantly until it impacted Jabba the Hutt's hideout on the surface. Made a pretty flower as well, less bloom and more explosion though.
    And next time, invest in planetary shields. Keeps things from falling from the sky, on your head.

    "So, what do think Third Hand?" I mused, watching the holo again, before deleting it.

    "Your Hand is glad all our planets have shields, Bombastic Emperor. The expense for getting the technology and producing them independently, seems trivial compared to the risk of random accidents, obliterating key cities or even the entire life on a planet" he replied, opening his claws in a mockup explosion.

    "Great. You looked over our first wave of attacks that the Admiralty has put together? Don't answer that. Got any vital target you think we missed?" I asked politely.

    "Your wise hand thinks we should anchor the northern flank higher, at Cholganna perhaps. Also, that Centares is too far, for a first wave. Sy Myrth will give us plenty of trouble." the Gand answered, choosing caution over the boldness of Ventress.

    Our military doctrine and droid troops were not tested in ground battle, after all, nor in real fleet engagements.
    Garrison duty, even on feral worlds did not compare to enemy action.

    "All right. We'll go slowly. I predict Corellia will join the war, in a few days." I muttered in defeat.
    "I'll send the codes to our agents then. A few days...and a few females, waiting for me on Sanctuary. I'm so doomed" he complained, vanishing with another smoke pellet, this time smelling like strawberries.

    Gah. That wasn't why he had access to our biomedical division...

    Peffy is dancing with Celine, trying to become cultivated and elegant for the Centrality plan.

    The Avatar will need to look a bit older for the scrivener position though.

    Let's postpone that a month or two, maybe he'll get taller... Damn Jaybo, could have told me he was a bit small. I don't want to implant femoral elongations in my Avatar. Kriff.
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY first month

    "It is possible that the war itself has been only one further move in some greater game."

    Pef News:
    "It is with sadness and compassion that our Empire joins the Clone wars. Our foremost allies, the Corellian Diktat took half of the step for us, answering the call for liberty of the Galactic Republic. And the other step, it was also taken for us by news of atrocities committed against the sentients of this galaxy, by the CIS.
    Our armed forces will not conquer, but liberate and bring civilization to the worlds struggling under the boot of CIS evil corporations. We are hopeful that our small help will mean something, and bring the war to a close faster, saving untold trillions from famine and disease and other tragedies of war" I proclaimed with Peffy's face and voice.

    Because, a droid saying the same things wouldn't be that well-received by most of the galaxy. At all.
    "We thank the Honored Avatar for his kind words and his future leadership in this trying times. As the Immortal Emperor retreats into contemplation and meditation, saddened by the harsh realities of our galaxy, it falls to us, the Hands and the Voices of the Emperor to bear the weight of the Empire. For the Empire!" King Kikipi proclaimed, punching the sky and ending the feed.

    Eh, good enough. Miss Zero was visible for a second in the background of the feed, letting the Jedi and the Sith figure out which side we chose. All our available officials were on that podium, supported by the thousand representatives of the Large Council, about 700 of them humans, and the rest from other various races in the Empire.

    Now, back to the actual war.

    It seems having installed ion cannons on every ship's bow is even more useful than I first imagined. The entire defensive grid of the CIS forces on Sy Myrth succumbs in 5 minutes of orbital bombardment. Electronics and droid cores spark and explode, shields fall and power grids shut down.

    Our tanks having wheels and tracks also works great, allowing them to pass through shields at a slow walk pace, although the light tanks need to turn off repulsors before doing the same.

    In space, the 3 Meteors in the first fleet barely even feel the return fire from 50 Munificents and Recusants, focusing their MACs on the 5 Lucrehulks and orbital defense platforms, while the fleet carrier has launched the Scarab fighters then retreated, leaving the corvettes to cover the flanks and guard against surprise attacks on the Meteor's engines.
    Just as the CIS defense fleet at Sy Myrth gets evaporated, the Mountain begins the landings, depositing the first division near the
    capital, the dropships then returning for the next divisions.

    Half of the corvettes and the fighter screen protect the landings, our ground forces a mix of organics and droids, about 10 to one more droids. Our Carrion variants of the Vulture assumed the role of mecha and gunships, supporting the ground troops.

    Commando droids and special forces rush to capture databanks and droid control centers and also the actual banks and vital infrastructure installations like reactors and factories.

    About 5 hours from the first landings, the retaliation arrives, in the shape of largish fleet, about 200 frigates and a hundred Recusants-variant destroyers with 30 Lucrehulks battleships carrying Vulture starfighters.

    They came from Centares, so there's probably a larger fleet forming at Columex. Let's not spring the trap yet.

    I want to see how my ships do when outnumbered 100 to 1.

    "Playing it close, Desk Emperor. We have no idea how well the Meteors will fare at these odds" Zuckuss mutters, rotating the holomap to see the battle from above.
    It was of course the whole point, finding out if my ships were good enough.
    Oh, the CIS are clever, I'll give them that. Splitting in groups of 100 to target our engines from behind, while the Lucrehulks mass together to bring 12 thousands turbolasers on a single Meteor. No doubt thinking themselves invulnerable to our MACs alpha strike, due to their upgraded shields.

    Star formation then, our Meteors maneuvering to bring their dorsals close, blocking fire from every side with their hulls, and starting a slow rotation using lateral sublight engines.

    The Dakka corvettes prowl at the edges attempting to shoot the engines of the CIS fleets as they head towards our capital ships.

    Then the range closes enough, and the blue and violet bolts of energy from our ships start crashing into the light armored frigates and destroyers of the CIS, pulverizing and decimating the nearest ones.

    That's only 20% of the Meteor's firepower though. The rotation brings the maw of a Meteor in line with the Lucrehulks, and 100 shells fire in quick succession, destroying 5 Lucrehulks outright.

    Installing tractors beams around the grinning mouth of the space sharks allows a minute course deviation, enough to target a salvo of twenty ferrous shells onto a single target, much like Jaybo and Peffy did with our nano-missiles.
    The explosions impact the nearby Lucrehulks, and 80% of the Meteors guns target each vulnerable battleship in turn, 2600 heavy masers and 300 ion cannons proving enough to shatter even the Lucrehulks prodigious shields.

    By the time the corvettes have finished coming about, only half of the CIS fleet is still intact.

    Another 120 degrees arc completes in the rotation, and the next in line, the Mountain fires 12 shells at each of 4 Lucrehulks in front of it.

    Combined it the already pouring damage, the CIS begin splitting up and trying to retreat.

    Yeah, let's not.

    The corvettes fire their long range lasers and masers, focusing on the engines only. Only 10 battleships and 20 frigates escape and jump towards Trogan, while 6 Lucrehulks and 28 Recusants are stranded here, and start surrendering and being boarded or having their weapons slagged, then boarded.

    The CIS Vultures continue to engage our own fighters though, losing 3 to 1 against my Scarab starfighters. Considering the Scarabs are 30% cheaper, having 300% more effectiveness sounds good enough.
    Then again, the Vultures have no shields or armor, and only fire frontally with their blaster cannons. Sigh.

    "So, what do you think, Sixth Hand?" I wonder aloud.

    "Hmmm. Even a bantha can step in the right poo sometimes. The Meteors worked fine, this time. But we still lost 20 corvettes and a thousand starfighters." Mujilik answered, still not convinced, or happy.

    "The Dakka did fine, watch them clean up the Vultures" I grumbled, as the corvettes did just that, closing into laser and missile range from different vectors, and blowing the surviving Vultures up.

    Through armor and firepower, I gain Victory!

    I changed the holomap to our other targets, but the fleets were not counter-attacked there, not yet, leaving us with 10 more systems in our possession than 6 hours ago.

    Of course, only Bimmisaari was important in the larger scheme, while Togoria fell rapidly to our 82nd fleet and its occupying troops, considering the natives rode animals and used metal spears. Our contact Lucrehulks began their work, assembling civilization and defenses, while Wialu headed corewise towards Nazzri, with the purpose of linking our efforts with the Republic.

    Now we had Charros encircled, and the 81st fleet was moving in.
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden
    22 BBY, a week later

    I smiled at Ventress, who was centering herself after another sparring session, focusing to repair her broken ribs.

    "Feeling okay, beloved maid?" I asked, placing Peffy's hand on my maid's thigh and accelerating her healing speed ten times, pulsing reinforcement and dark healing at the same time.

    "Kriff, it's not fair. You were only a baby, 2 years ago!" she muttered opening her eyes to stare at my hand on her thigh. No murderous intentions though, just a little hesitation and embarrassment. Eh, critics everywhere!

    I snatched her white lightstick and turned it on, then gave it a long lick, taking care not to actually burn my tongue off. Growing it back was painful, the first time I tested this, for my prank.

    "Mhhh. Plasma tastes weird" I explained, making a sour face.
    "You're weird, damn idiot! Lightsabers are dangerous, not ice-cream sticks..." she exclaimed, grabbing the lightsaber by the plasma beam and snatching it back. Getting slightly better with energy absorption then.

    Right, that's why a third of the lightsaber users somehow become cyborgs. You could at least be thankful I taught you to keep your hands intact.

    Even if, her palm was still burned, pretty bad. Oh well, I was already healing her body, what's a slight burn more?

    "You could remove that hand already, I feel fine now" Ventress muttered in a low voice, but didn't do anything to push the hand away.

    "You are not fine Asajj. Hate can give you strength, but you'll be empty inside. Without love...we're nothing. You've seen your Nightsisters on Dathomir. Did they feel fine?" I asked gently, drawing her into a hug. She didn't resist this time, just relaxing and breathing deeper.

    "They were strong and fast and powerful in the force. They also knew many magiks, like that crazy droid does, as well" my War Maid answered with a sigh, and hugged me back.
    "Indeed. They tap into the energies left by the Kwa artifacts and their ghost forms. Spirits they call them, not even realizing what power they use, is not their own. And Dooku will come for them soon. They are not immortal, Asajj. You have to decide soon, or they'll be gone, whatever survivors remaining collected as dark jedi. You could take 20 Meteors and can guard them, forever and ever, or leave them to their fate." I argued gently, caressing her back and planting my hook deeper.

    "Kriff. At least I know it really works, teasing Lira is quite fun, after all." She replied, hugging me harder. And sinker.

    "Okay then. I know this great resort, with warm springs and a great restaurant. Let's go celebrate our wedding there..." I whispered in her ear, then kissed her long neck gently.

    "Oh! We are that kind of maids, after all..." Ventress realized with some surprise. She was a good kisser. Passionate too. I guessed right.

    Interlude CIS

    "Master, I can't send another fleet to be ripped to pieces by those monstrous sharks. We'll have to retreat a little in that corner, until the next build cycle is complete. General Grievous will command the new Subjugator, and crush that Pef Empire upstart with five thousands ships. I just need 2 months to put that operation together. The sharks are big, but less armed than a Mandator, after all." he argued to his displeased Dark Lord.
    Darth Sidious was mad, his plans thrown in disarray by that new droid army. And a few of those independent Jedi were spotted in that sector as well, Master Fay and the dark woman too. Was this some kind of secret Jedi backup plan?

    "No, my apprentice. If that Pef continues at this rate, we may lose Columex and Felucia too, in two months. While their offensive is concentrated corewise, use the Dark Ripper, and get us access to Drongar and Pakuuni and Zigoola. Wipe them out in the north, then conquer Mon Calamari. Most of their fleet is still Calamari ships, and those big sharks have to be made there. They can't have more than the dozen Meteors we seen. Even Kuat only produced 7 Mandators. Big ships take very long to build, after all." Darth Sidious ordered, and the Count of Serrano had to obey.

    For now. One day, his Master will make a mistake, and then he'll be the Dark Lord, and rule the galaxy for eternity...

    Still, the Sith superweapon will need to be protected, even if it meant leaving a few sectors undefended.
    Who to send then? Admiral Trench did well enough at the Battle of Christophsis , destroying 90 % of all the heavy walkers and gunships of the Jedi army, and killing 50% of the clones. Skywalker and Yoda interfering in the battle wasn't his fault after all.

    This Pef Empire however, didn't have 9 thousands Jedi to appear from the woodwork at inopportune times either. Just some upstart tactical droid and too many credits to spend.

    And about that...it seems someone interfered and reprogrammed a few tactical droids to unleash all available firepower when Jedi were in their targeting sensors. Possibly the work of his Master then. So insidious, this Darth Sidious. Jedi casualties climbed steadily, bringing the new order to fruition, even sooner.

    POV Republic

    "Only good news we've heard, of this Pef Empire. Slavery outlawed, new cities and factories being built in months. And if Master Fay is there..." Master Windu mused, deep in thought.
    "And help us with the Blue Shadow antidote, they have, mhmm" Master Yoda added, smiling kindly.

    "Master An'ya Kuro is there too, and not returning to Coruscant for deployment." Master Fisto argued, trying to pierce the dark shroud, and failing again.

    "The Force guides those two, taking them where most needed. Join our cause, did they not?" Master Yoda said gently, no doubt reminiscing about his padawan.

    "Only when Corellia did, let's not forget. And now the Green Jedi of Corellia stay home, as advisors to their generals, instead of leading the armies of the Republic" Master Ki-Adi-Mundi said with a thinking pose.

    "The Altisian Iron Knights of Dweem also declined to respond to our calls, and said they're will be better suited in the reconstruction effort, after the war" Mace Windu said displeased.

    "A great dishonor, to those Shards and their Master Aqinos, we did. Excommunicated they are, are they not?" Master Yoda asked softly, his gaze passing from a council member to the next.

    "Heresy it is, the meld of the force with technology. They are lucky we didn't cut them down already" Master Saesee Tiin added his opinion.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY, First month, second week

    "New droid general… He's unstoppable… Can't hold out for long… General Gr-(static)- is hunting us… Must hurry."
    ―Daakman Barrek

    All my Voices felt another one, added to my heart, since I kept all of them in constant contact with the Voice partition. Kinda had too, for the essence transfer to work. Soulmates for eternity.

    "Another Voice, and not me! You lying, cheating, stupid droid. Why don't I get one as well?" My beloved Vette yelled, and pounded my armor with her own gloved fists.

    "Oh, your voice is not loud enough, Miss pirate scourge? Are you not the revered Blue Maiden, worshiped on 31 planets?" I asked amused, since her armor now sported a hundred Force scribe inscriptions, half of them by me, and thus in Latin, others made by Wialu and Nashira and even some Jal Shey. She was pretty loud, banging on my chest.

    "You know what I mean. A maid is just a toy. No real power, even an Explorer or a three star Servant ranks higher than me.
    They just indulge me, and snicker behind my back!" Vette muttered, taking off her helmet and wiping a tear.

    I kinda think it's not your rank, they snicker about, dear maid. Your antics however...

    "Give it time Vette. Look, I promise you won't get old for 300 years. Just avoid dying through stupidity and being too rash. Maybe you'll grow to love me in a few decades, and understand what my Empire is for. Go to the garden and speak with my Avatar, before you leave, though. Okay?" I said gently, gliding her helmet back over her leku.

    "Understood, my Emperor. I'll give Peffy a chance. But, just one!" she said in a sterner voice, and flying away towards her dropship.

    Giving me the cold shoulder, eh?

    Poor little pretty blue crazy twi'lek. Just wait till I get you in a warm spring...

    "Please keep your musings to yourself, crazy droid. Your Hand is trying to figure out the CIS fleet movements." Zuckuss muttered beside me, calculating travel times and fuel consumption for all the ships that just vanished from a number of CIS sectors.
    Let's help out a little then. Hmmm. They all stopped to refuel at Raxus Prime, before heading north. Hey, the Republic is the other way!

    The Battle of Krant just took place, the CIS losing 90% of their forces, just like the Republic did as well. 11 Jedi died, by our sources and every senior leader in the CIS including dark jedi Sev'rance Tann

    A few LR1K sonic cannon firing concentrated bursts at once, on every Jedi in range might have helped too.

    In the Battle of Hypori, a number of B2 droids fired in confusion, killing a few more Jedi than expected. Ki-Adi-Mundi, next time wear a helmet. That head makes a big target.

    And K'Kruhk , sorry buddy, these crazy droids kept firing for a whole minute at your head., then at the torso. Then kicked a thermal detonator over the remains. Sigh. He has to be dead now, doesn't he?

    It was all Grievous fault, damn droid general. Only two cute Jedi escaped, Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura. Almost like some force protected the cute ones. But, that's impossible, right?
    In the Battle of Thule, the Republic sacrificed 95% of their troops and equipment, but no Jedi managed to die. Then again, Anakin and Yoda were there, so the odds were skewed. However, they didn't find a Dark Reaper to kill.

    Hmmm. Where could it be, that nice toy using the force to kill millions at once?

    Nevermind, I saw two new shinnies I have to get as well. The Protodeka and the Dreadnought battle tank . I mean come on! Why aren't millions of these things around, killing clones? You just saw how effective they are, causing 95% casualties against 5 Jedi Masters and a few clone divisions?

    True, the Jedi tactics sucked as well, just running straight forward. Hmmm.

    Why do I even bother? My partition finished estimating the composition and intended vector for the Dark Reaper fleet.

    "They're coming for us, Zuckuss. Probably at our new conquest, Toola . Defense in depth, and only the Meteor One as a battleship. Droid crews only in the support ships." I ordered, sending the required codes towards the northern 5th fleet.

    "Vette won't like us using her ship..." Zuralee added, of course taking the female side.
    "It's my ship, Zuralee. Plus Vette will be busy this week. My Avatar is romancing her..." I explained a bit annoyed. Giving someone a ship to use didn't mean it was their property. Still, a military asset, and with a Rakata forcefield on board, a strategic asset as well.

    "Very wise, Metal Emperor. Using a remote to handle females at a distance. Your third Hand deeply desires to do the same..." the shadowy Black Ops leader mused, having just decloaked when the conversation became interesting, for him.

    "Lu'daal-ud , if you can't handle them, just let them go, keep three or one. Females are meant to be a joy and pleasure, not chores." I explained, a bit confused. Sure, my maids were a handful, but also my greatest joy.

    "Ahhhh. That's not what your Hand means. We are very happy. But they argue all the time..."

    Hah, of course. There's no equality in a harem, after all.

    "Ranks, my friend. First wife, then second...and so on. And give them different areas to oversee. Kitchen, kits, money and so on."
    I proclaimed magnifically, my hands in the air, one holding a sphere of water and the other a ball of fire.
    "That means Zuckuss is higher ranked than Zuralee? But..." my female Hand muttered, realizing her place in the hierarchy of the Empire. After three years.

    "Thank you my friend, and benevolent Emperor. I'm going on vacation for a week, and taking ten more females" Zuckuss announced, and flew away.

    "You heard the crazy droid, Lu'daal-ud. You're mine to command. Now bring me the expense accounts" Zuralee said gently, and in her native Gand to the third Hand. The poor guy looked at me dejected and walked away in defeat.

    "You can't read those accounts Zuralee. Your mind is not protected. But, we can prank him, and make him shiver in fear for a few days..." I explained gently, once I made sure the sneaky Gand had actually left. Unless he can fool pressure plates already.

    "I see, Immortal Pef. Still wise, and just hiding behind layers upon layers of ineptitude and silliness. I should get me a few more mates though, some of those new Claws looked delightful and appetizing..." Zuralee said in a charming voice, rubbing her claws together.

    Sigh. What have I done?

    At least Peffy is having fun...
    Ossus, contested space.
    21 BBY, first month

    "We just lost the Tibanna colonies on Bespin, Ossus will fall within days."
    Mace Windu

    Solana is leading our own counterattack on Ossus, not waiting for Republic forces helping.

    There are literal tonnes of Jedi artifacts on this world, which was once the center of the Jedi religion. And we want them all.

    Her own mastery of the force, and some soul snares, should be sufficient to deal with any dark jedi or jedi still on the planet.

    Toola, Pef Empire

    On the north front, a Dornean admiral was given the task of defending Toola, then counterattack towards Quermia, and secure that hyper route nexus. He'll have to work from a stealthed freighter at the edge of the system, and direct our tactical droids from afar, with an encrypted com signal, using the ancient tech from Dellalt.

    Being alive, in the draw cone of the Dark Reaper was guaranteed suicide, in the best case, and much worse, if the force weapon worked as I predicted, and sucked the souls of living beings to use them as coals in a huge furnace powering the weapons.
    Our Meteor One flew at maximum speed towards the Separatist fleet, every single incoming turbolaser bolt being absorbed, then returned at twice strength by the tortured soul inside the Rakata forcefield's reactor.

    It had to be sentient, always redirecting the damage, with exact power to never damage the heavy ion cannons. It never used, the masers or the missiles or the Gatling lasers, just the Ion weapons, for some reason.

    A dozen, then 2 dozens Recusants and Lucrehulks were simply left listing in vacuum, all their shields and electronics fired.

    Then a disc ship, about 100 meters wide flew out from the middle of the CIS ship and fired at my Meteor, a beam of red hate, making the red forcefield react strangely, fueling to become even stronger, and wailing in the Force.

    I felt the scream from thousands of light-years away, another pulse of pain in my chest, while Peffy reacted much worse, clutching his temples in pain. Those must be the kyber crystals embedded in his cranium from birth.

    Breathe my Avatar. It's just pain, and not your own.

    Zero paled beside Peffy, holding her chest in pain as well. Guess we know what happens now, when a Sith force weapon encounters a functioning Rakata defensive system. It only makes it stronger.
    The whole galaxy must have felt this...

    The Meteor fired again and again, even faster and stronger than before, reducing 200 Separatist ships to floating coffins in seconds. Then 200 Ion cannons turned on the Dark Reaper and ionized it for good, melting everything conductive of electricity.

    'Check for life signs on every CIS ship, then have a droid-only cruiser tractor the Reaper disc to Sol III.' I ordered to my admiral, as our 5th combat fleet began jumping from Florn back at Toola, and then again, towards Quermia.

    'Emperor, the commando droids report every single organic on board is dead and desiccated. Our own pirate subjects on board Meteor One are alive, but mad and gibberish.' he reported, and his voice seemed a little shaken.

    What, you didn't expect me to use loyal Servants and officers to test some Sith force weapon, did you? Good to know how these things interacted though. Pain and life drain made it stronger.

    'Good work Admiral. Dump those organics into the nearest sun, and continue the operation. For the Empire'
    I did wonder what admiral did Dooku send? Guess I'll find out, once we finish sorting the corpses.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire

    And with the captured ships, I could create another anchor, to hold the sector while the Meteors advanced, inexorably, taking world after world, and bringing civilization and stability...

    'And freedom?' Dora asked, interrupting my inner musings.

    'Freedom too, of course. Just, not yet. People need to see the Galactic Empire first, before they turn towards me for salvation' I answered, trying to find a perfect solution for this galaxy...

    'Knowledge is the solution, Pef. Solana thinks so, even as her droid troops destroy other droid troops on Ossus, and she digs through ruins. Looking for knowledge, then using it. And there it is, a holocron in the hands of a dead CIS general.
    See you soon' my Voice said softly in the bond.

    Could it be just so simple? Learn everything?

    'I'm very disappointed in these Green Jedi, Pef. Only one sensed me, for a second. And the force calls me to follow and protect him, showing me a Sith holocron...sigh. This job better be worth it' Wialu sent from Corellia, with an almost aggravated tone.

    Liar. You would chase knowledge to the boundaries of the galaxy, and beyond. And the mere whisper of a Sith holocron got you agitated. If she ever meets Dooku, she'll torture him for knowledge for a decade, just to make sure she drained every bit.

    'You exaggerate, my beloved. A mere week will suffice. Darth Maul only took 4 days, after all.' Wialu answered, now a bit more animated.

    Huh. Poor man. Being cut in half wasn't painful enough. He must have died screaming.

    Oh well. Let's see what Ventress is doing.

    'I found a Dark Jedi Hutt, here on Nam Chorios. He's called Beldorion and is so cute. I only cut off his hands and tail, and he still tries to bite. Now, let's see, how did this soul snare work...' Ventress said absently, no doubt concentrating on digesting the knowledge of that Hutt.

    'You're all vampires, I swear. Draining the knowledge and the souls of those poor dark jedi...' Lira concluded, her bond stronger than before she died, but somehow weird, like speaking with an echo.

    I might have caused that, using Fay's genes. Ever since Peffy trained with Fay and Zero, they formed a student bond, and it resonated with Lira's bond somehow.

    Kriff. Let's hope Fay can't listen into the telepathic chat we carry all over the galaxy. That would be a little embarrassing.
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire

    "Master Windu still fights on Dantooine."

    "Go ahead Zuckuss, explain your strategy and I'll approve it, or not. If you had time to think about it during your vacation" I said gently, already having formed over 700 battle plans to conquer this corner of the galaxy, and 21 plans for the entire galaxy.

    What? I was bored.

    "I propose to wait until every single world we have attacked has been fully pacified and garrisoned and has defenses established. A single push is necessary, to cut off the CIS on the Perlemian Trade Route, blocking 90% of their supplies, once we deploy an interdictor cruiser and a blockade fleet. Centares is the most obvious choice." My first Hand declared, pointing at the easiest and least valuable target.
    "No, the strategy is well thought, but the placement is wrong. The 33rd, 34th and 35th fleets will take Columex, and block off the Salin corridor, then Lianna, blocking 3 trade routes at once. And the 68th and 69th fleets at Rudrig will advance as well, cause we need to take Raxus. The 6th north fleet will descend on Estaria, and block another node. 15th fleet at Brigia will advance to Stalimur."

    "Charros is still resisting, Strategic Emperor. We could send more troops..." Mujilik added his opinion. Right, add more chaos to our 100 divisions fighting 1500 enemy divisions. Mostly droids of course, and thus very amusing.

    "No, we'll start deploying the E4 and E5 bombs with the Scarabs and Carrions. And push harder with our tanks. They only have a thousand factories anyway. Once we capture the first hundred factories, it becomes a familiar game. And they do not have hero units." I answered, creating a Dota script and sending it to my tactical droids at Charros. The casualties should reach 10 billion droids by the time the planet was taken.

    "Okay...not gonna argue with my mechanocidal Emperor, when he laughs evilly." my Sixth Hand muttered softly.

    You bet. Where else could I test large army combat in peace? I mean, in war, but safely...and in a very relaxed manner.
    Meanwhile, the Battle of Muunilinst takes place, clones and droids battling each other in cavalry charges, with spears. No, really. They ride hoverbikes and impale each other with spears. They're called Clone lancer trooper

    Activate the Balance protocols again, and divert the IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank missiles at wherever they see a lightsaber. Maybe they'll learn...only 2 Jedi died. And 95% of their forces. Anakin was there. Sigh.

    In the Battle of Axion, the Republic forces lost 100% of their troops and equipment, with a single survivor, Master Yoda. Good job, little guy. A general though, you are not.

    In the Battle of Dantooine (Clone Wars) a fierce swordsman called Master Windu took on a whole droid army and won, by himself. His clone troopers just watched, and thus only lost 30% of their numbers. Why are they even there? Wouldn't be simpler to just send a single Master?

    Elsewhere, for example at Battle of Esseles (Clone Wars) the clones fought on their own, a single clone division destroying a few dozen millions droids, achieving victory without a Jedi present. So, they can fight very effectively, on their own.

    Good to know, and make sure I never fight clones without a Jedi leader.
    In the Battle of Brentaal IV (Clone Wars) , the locals tried to defect to CIS and were summarily executed, along with their CIS friends. Some friendly fire occurred, with spies and counter-spies on both sides. In the end, the beautiful Shaak Ti was victorious, only losing less than half of troops and equipment, and a pair of Jedi helpers.

    And Peffy, after enjoying the warm maids and fine food and warm baths for a while, has left on a quest of my own, to obtain some critical knowledge, on the planet Rhen Var, where there's a secret tomb.

    "I can teach to harness the power of the Force around you, making you immune to the Dark Reaper's effect, for a short time. But this knowledge comes with a risk."
    Ulic Qel-Droma

    I'm no Skywalker, but then I have soul snares and can drain spirits just as well as living beings. And that risk you're talking about...no thanks, I don't need superstition and theology. I just need to know where to twist...no so hard.

    Oh boy, this guy was first a Jedi Master, then a Sith Lord, then a Jedi ghost... and he learned from Exar Kun...really loaded with skills and knowledge.
    And he knew about the famous Tedryn Holocron ?

    I wonder where could that be...on planet Ossus perhaps?

    'Yes, yes. It's in Solana's hand. Now shut up and let me learn all this' my Voice muttered annoyed.

    Great. Peffy can be on Ossus in 4 hours.

    'Gah. Stay away, I found it first!' Solana exclaimed in the bond, almost greedy.

    'So...you don't want to have Peffy for yourself, to use his warm, muscled body, for whatever you can think of?' I asked curious.

    'Kriff. I do want to see him. Okay, I'll share my holocron too. Solana out' She conceded, with a slight blush.

    That's my girl. We share the shinnies, so we can get even more.
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    Planet Ossus, disputed
    21 BBY

    As the Greymist freighter landed near Solana, I got to experience the first real Living force premonition, or vision or however you may call it. Through my Avatar, but useful anyway.

    The green holocron destroyed, the frozen tree dying...

    'Stop now Solana. Have a Culexus droid pick it up and send the cube to Bendu.' I said immediately, and the first danger went away, just like that.

    'Oh, someone is coming. That Skywalker guy, possibly...' Solana answered, using her connection to Solanus to extrapolate my warning in a few seconds.

    In my memories, Luke Skywalker caused the destruction of this holocron, but his father was even more reckless, so it was quite possible.

    The other danger remained, the venerable 5 thousands year old Master was still about to die...

    The Culexus droid, with its ysalamiri backpack, and an advanced starfighter, jumped towards Sy Myrth with only seconds to spare.
    A Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor appeared in orbit of Ossus, carrying no other than a famous Jedi Knight caled Anakin.

    I sighed inward, and ordered our droid army to pack up and begin the evacuation.

    This was not the moment to start a fight with the Jedi.

    The Hyperspace transport ring was left in orbit and the Jedi ignored our fleets demands for identification, beginning his landing regardless of risk.

    "That's him? The Chosen one?" Solana wondered as the starfighter landed abruptly next to us.

    "Or so they say. You'll see soon" Peffy answered amused, ordering the Brubb marines and the VSS to stand down. Let's see who sent him, first.

    "What is the Pef Empire doing here, this is a Republic world!" Anakin yelled, stepping boldly in front of us.

    "Possibly, young Jedi. Our armies have just liberated the planet from the CIS. Are you going to stay here to defend this world, without an army?" Peffy asked calmly, taking off his helmet to reduce suspicions.
    "You...a human? And so strong in the Force..."

    "I am the Avatar of Pef, Voice of the Emperor and commander of all the armies. This is my Honored Maid, Solana" I answered politely, nodding towards my watermaid, and offering a hand for a shake.

    "Errr. Why is the Empire using droid armies?" Anakin asked with a frown, peering curiously at the Brubb marines then at the millions of droids packing up hundreds of crates and loading them into dropships.

    "Small population, not wanting to use conscription, no clone factories and enough minerals to manufacture droids cheaply" I answered with a shrug, while a Justice droid came with a pair of glasses of water, for the jedi and myself.

    "Water?" Anakin asked confused.

    "You're driving, so brandy is probably not indicated..." I replied in bored tone, drinking some flat mineral water myself.

    "Your maid doesn't drink?" the jedi asked suspicious. Glad you asked, my new gene donor.

    Solana removed her helmet and smiled widely. "My species is made of water, young Jedi. Sunlight is enough nourishment for us"
    Anakin gulped some water, staring in confusion at Solana. And leaving tiny particles of skin on the rim of the glass.

    I kinda doubted that sunlight was the only explanation, but this wasn't the time to argue.

    "So, the Jedi Council sent you, young Knight?" I asked curious, giving back my glass to the droid and prompting Anakin to do the same, unconsciously.

    "N-not exactly. Chancellor Palpatine heard from Clone Intelligence of fighting on Ossus, and wanted to make sure the planet is safe." he explained, a little embarrassed.

    "Indeed, so kind of him. Now, our troops are packing their supplies and ammunition, leaving for other battles, but we will maintain an outpost here, to warn against further CIS incursions. If you didn't know, our northern fleets just fought off a large CIS invasion, aimed to obliterate all life in Mon Calamari. We have to stay vigilant." I added, producing a short holo of the ruined Sith reaper.

    "Ah, that...you defeated the Dark Reaper?" Skywalker wondered in surprise.
    "Yes, and the hundreds of ships escorting it. Sadly, all organic crews died or went mad. Lucky we had droids, to keep fighting" I explained pointing at the combat droids around, all wearing cheap fiber chestarmor and pants and tiny visored helmets.

    Why not use 10 credits to double their resilience? Plus they looked like a proper army, with uniforms, not naked savages.

    "...lucky you did have battle droids. And your droids wear clothes..." the Jedi remarked, somehow surprised again.

    "We try to give our soldiers proper respect, and of course, even the Republic doesn't send its clones into combat naked." I argued wisely.

    The future Darth Vader stared around, trying to make sense of the new galaxy he just encountered.

    "My droids friends, they were naked all this time..." the poor youngling muttered, poking the cheap armor of the nearest droid with sadness.
    "Anyway, it might be that since the founder of the Empire was an old droid, he had strange ideas. Please be so kind to let the Republic officials know of our stance. Liberated worlds will remain under Empire administration and protection, and spare the Republic the costs of defending them. After the war is won, a peace conference will decide the fate of those few planets. Our embassy at Corellia will process all demands for relocation or litigation" I explained kindly, guiding the Jedi towards his starfighter.

    "So, you're just maintaining a garrison, nothing else?" he asked, again suspicious.

    "Just some droids for patrols and a few ships in orbit. The planet is devoid of life, so the Empire won't invest in planetary shields and defense platforms. Our nearest naval base is only hours away, so any future invasion will be swiftly repelled" I answered in a dismissive tone, then watched the Jedi fly up towards his hyperdrive ring.

    Clone intelligence my ass. Dooku told his Master that we retook Ossus.

    Luckily the young Jedi was quite naive. And only half my strength in the force. For now.

    Now, let's see about saving the tree Jedi.

    Locating the tree was pretty simple, since I had an idea of where and how to locate him, but waking him up was a chore.

    I tried summoning water, and adding fertilizer to his roots. I tried telepathy and lifting him up with telekinesis. I tried fire alter and lightning and Ballistakinesis. See from light, see from shadow, listen from shadow. Nothing.

    Damn tree was immune to everything, covered in a layer of impregnable force aura. Which is how he survived the Sith supernova, probably.

    In the end, Solana alchemically changed a bowl of water for me, creating a organo-crystal soup, which we slated with cortosis and neutronium filaments and made a new holocron, with just a few sentences. Then, floated the cube up in the branches and turned on the Force-activated functions.

    "Wake up, old tree. It's been 4 thousands years already. You'll sleep when you're dead!" The holocron told him, over and over, while a holo-image of Peffy stuck his tongue at him. What? I can learn, even from my blue twi'lek maid, Vette.

    It even worked, after a few hours. When the aura turned off, the holocron was expelled at speed, hitting me in the helmet.
    Okay, I deserved that. I took the helmet off now, since the danger has passed. Almost.

    "Impudent youngling. What has come of the Jedi?" the old Neti Jedi boomed, shapeshifting into a smaller form.

    He seemed feeble and weak, so I drenched it with a hundred water globes.

    It only seemed to piss the old Master off.

    "Stop that, reckless human! Four thousand years have passed, since the Cron Cluster exploded?" he wondered, lying on the ground to rest.

    "Probably. There are 23 calendars accepted in the galaxy. Now, I'm gonna heal you up, then send you to the least fanatic sect of the new Jedi, on Corellia. The greenlings haven't had a real teacher for millennia and are pretty weak, but at least they aren't massacring innocents like the zealots on Coruscant" I explained politely, pulsing vigor and reinforcement and gene alter, to reverse the worst of his age and suffering.

    "Hmmm. And yourself young human, are from another sect of Jedi? I sense force bonds to your Masters..." he asked cautiously, and avoiding to look at the hole in the ground. Duh.
    "I learn from everyone I can. Now, this planet has just been attacked by droid armies commanded by the dark jedi, so you better get going soon, before they return. Keep the green cube, the Jedi have forgotten how to build them long ago." I added, grabbing all his pathetic scrolls and lightsabers from the hole left in the ground and bundling them in his arms, before lifting him up and sending him flying towards the nearest landed Calamari frigate.

    What he knew was valuable, not those trinkets.

    My droids took him and placed his tired body in a bacta tank, as the frigate took off at speed towards Togoria and then Corellia.

    "So, we can finally loot this place now?" Solana asked with hidden glee. In fact, not hidden at all.

    "Sure, loot away, my dearest maid. Use the Culexus droids to hide anything glowing in the force, and blow up the ruins with proton bombs when you're done. I'm going to oversee things at Columex and Lianna" I said amused, stealing a kiss before boarding the Greymist for my next task.

    The glass with Anakin's and a tiny cut with Ood Bnar gene samples was sealed and sent with a corvette towards Blueforge, where our Astartes project was beginning to take shape.

    Still needed more samples, from Durge and any other rare beings like dragons. Luckily that our Explorers confirmed Xuaquarres as a cemetery planet for Duinuogwuin.

    We'll need to acquire some samples. And perhaps rescue a few who were old, but could be rejuvenated.
    Now, as the capital of the Commonality was besieged by two of our fleets, a third fleet passed it by, jumping to Lianna and trying to keep that planet from being razed to the ground by a demented Jedi Master called Cei Vookto.

    Who ever taught him to use hurricane scale force storms to battle droids?

    Damn moron, so strong and so fanatic, sacrificing 4 billion people just to keep some Republic factory in Jedi hands...

    In fact, isn't he flying in his starfighter right now, dragging huge columns of fire and water after him?

    Let's Balance things a little, ah...the R4 astromech made a tiny course correction, clipping a skyscraper at mach 1. Your sacrifice will not be in vain, Master Jedi. Your pulped organs will be added to the gene bank for a strong force connection marker.

    He only managed to kill some 20 million people so far, razing only 80% of the capital. And Lianna was a hi-tech Republic world, populated with humans. And he would have still sacrificed them all, for some starfighter factory like it happened in my memories of the Battle of Lianna. Rot in hell, crazy Jedi.

    I'll have my special ops copy all the Sienar data, then blow that factory up.

    "I now represent a number of planets—the Commonality—and their votes represent the swing votesin a badly divided Senate."
    Simon Greyshade

    Let's test the Centrality plan here first, by making myself a liberator general.

    Now, where is that slimy playboy Simon hiding? Underground bunker? Perfect.

    Seal the doors and cut off life support. Turn up the heat and jam all communications.

    The Commonality will need to elect a new leader soon. Let's rescue those on the electoral committee then.

    My special forces and commando droids began landings for their new objectives, capturing representatives from the 9 sectors in the Commonality and bringing them up, to the nearest Pef Navy cruiser.

    The regular troopers and droids continued their assaults on vital facilities, encircling and ignoring the cities as per standard doctrine. Cities became prisons in an instant, dependent on our troops to be allowed electricity and water and food.

    They'll surrender in a few days...or start eating each other.

    Planet Columex, Pef Empire
    In orbit aboard HMS Celestial River.
    21 BBY

    Our troops have captured a number of Diamond-class cruiser , which are pretty much the fastest capital ships in existence, in the known galaxy. 0.75 hyperdrives.

    One was loaded on a Mountain and dropped at Sy Myrth immediately, to be escorted back to Gand for reverse-engineering.

    The Mountain and her two Meteor escorts will begin sieging Centares, and pressure the Commonality to change sides willingly. Almost willingly.

    The rest of the Diamonds will be repurposed as fast Voice transports and Black ops vessels, before we can build our own, comparable ships.

    And in the meantime, other fleets continue advancing on Saleucami, and Desevro and Paigu and the Vorzyd system , then Troganand Belderone ,securing additional routes for our ships.

    Still, only showing about 20 of our Meteor battleships at once, and baiting the CIS to counter-attack us massively at any trade route nexus.
    6 backup fleets of 30 Meteors, each await in empty star systems just for this, to crush any large fleet that the CIS gathers to repulse our invasion.

    And they will. The Separatists are building ships like mad, but they are also spread out all over the galaxy and fighting the Republic bitterly on a thousand worlds at once.

    By my estimations, it would take them one or two months to gather a sizable reserve, perhaps 6 to 7 thousands capital ships and a million starfighters. Just the Trade Federation had 5 thousands Lucrehulks, before the start of the war. And barely 10% of them had been upgraded with weapons and shields.

    On Saleucami however, our droids armies are encountering CIS clones, and getting wasted by the million every day.

    That will give our generals plenty of experience, so I order a rotation cycle every 48 hours, changing the lead officers to gain them combat experience. Just evacuating civilians and cities first, since we aren't barbarians.
    "So, esteemed leaders of the Commonality. My guards are lifting up from the surface as we speak, and bringing the body of your former leader Simon Grayshade. It's a great name too, so I'll be willing to take Grayshade as my own name, should our negotiations conclude successfully." I explained with a warm smile.

    I mostly cared about the trade route and the Meridian sector and Nuiri sector that gave me access to Lucazec and Nam Chorios legally.

    'Yes, we'll want my planet back' Wialu added in the bond. Right.

    And if Antemeridian and Belderone sectors joined without a fight, even better.

    "You want us to just submit, and join this obscure Pef Empire?" one of them argued, his eyes shifty and cunning.

    "Of course not. We barely know each other, and the CIS is infiltrated in your polity at all levels. We'll start slow, with the standard Mutual Protection Treaty, and we'll discuss further developments in 5 years. Or, our armies and ships can bombard and level any revolting planets. We can terraform them back later and use them as colonies..." I answered politely, bringing a holo-image of the blockade, and showing a corvette firing its ion cannons toward some entrenched droids below.
    They wouldn't know what kind of weapon it was, from a red and black hologram, but the wide dispersion circle of the guns was clearly visible.

    "This treaty, we retain independence?" a woman with green skin asked curious.

    "Autonomy yes. The defending ships and troops will be paid salaries and maintenance by every planet under the treaty, and the Empire will not interfere with internal works, except flagrant hostility or slavery. Travel rights will be suspended outside the atmosphere, during the current war." I explained mildly, as another corvette came about and fired towards the planet, ionizing another droid division, most likely.

    "That's...very civilized. No taxation, besides defensive ships in our systems?" another leader, some fat reptile asked cautiously.

    "No, why would? I am personally the richest man in the galaxy. This whole war has cost me less than 0.5% of my wealth. I am not the Republic Senate, esteemed leaders. All the planets in the Empire have free education and healthcare and defense. Taxes in Pef Empire are set at 5% of income, which is more than enough." I added, as another corvette came about to fire at the ground, producing enchanting shockwaves in the hologram.
    The leaders started fidgeting, their eyes exchanging subtle signals, especially when the large shape of a Meteor appeared in the hologram, preparing to fire at the planet.

    "Perhaps, some solution can be found, before our taxpayers are all dead..." the guild master of Atraken said with wide eyes. Hmmm. Your planet might be kinda wasted by now.

    "Welcome to the Empire, esteemed guild master. Please give the necessary authorizations to our Imperial Servant, and the fighting on your planet will stop this week." I said gently, pointing at the nearest Servant with a datapad.

    "Could you, Honored Avatar, stop that behemoth from firing at Columex? I'd rather keep those 10 billion taxpayers alive, as well"
    the interim leader of Columex asked just after, as the holo had rotated to show the Meteor open its huge shark-like maw with the MACs visible through the plasma shields like huge teeth, in two rows of 50 cannons, her eyes and aura pretty much in terror.

    It did look impressive, I admit.

    "You have an offer for me, esteemed interim leader?" I asked the pretty blonde lady which had inherited the position.
    "Well, the name should be easy to gift, although you may need to marry a Grayshade, to make it proper and official. If it's not too much..." she added, remaining pretty calm for this situation. Eh. Sure, why not?

    "As a tentative offer, is acceptable, my lady. We'll have to discuss the details in private, of course" I added with a warm smile. And sinker.

    "Of course, Avatar Greyshade. I'll order any loyal troops to stand down right now" Lidia Greyshade declared regally, taking the datapad offered by the nearest Servant.

    "The rest of you, esteemed leaders, please consider my offer in seclusion, I have cabins reserved for you aboard my vessel. The assassin droids will escort you there right now" I continued in a gentle voice, as a few dozen droids decloaked beside each uncertain leader, and dragged them away firmly.

    'Very amusing Pef. You have a family name now' Dora sent with a tingle of jealousy.

    'It's your name too, Dora Grayshade. We are family, forever and ever.' I replied with a pulse of warmth and kindness.

    The other Voices realized the meaning soon after, and bombarded me with ideas of weddings and state ceremonies. Now, let's get to know our brand-new wife better. Good job, my Avatar!
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    21 BBY

    Planet Charros has fallen, as our blockade denied the CIS some crucial materials to continue building droids. About a dozen rare minerals are used in the construction of combat droids, and the planet used all their reserves building droids like crazy.

    And Vulture starfighters too, trying to use them as mecha units, without armor or shields. Didn't quite work.

    Of the 10 million droids we landed, we managed to lose 55 millions, 50 million of them freshly produced by the captured factories.

    The CIS lost about 250 million droids, so I'm not too upset. The Scorekeeper is happy, and thus I must accept only 25 to 1 effectiveness, or 5 to 1 in absolute terms.

    Kriff. Damn logistics broke my Dota game.

    Let's hope the clone facilities on Saleucami will provide more entertainment.
    Since Sora Bulq couldn't use his former base on the moon Ruul, in Sriluur system , which was sold to us by the Hutts, he had to continue his dark jedi work on Saleucami, creating Morgukaiclones in the magma caverns under Taleucema.

    I think I should leave some mountain pass undefended though, so they can gain access to whatever materials needed for cloning.

    Damn those Nikto clones are too effective against my droids. Guess I'll add their genome to the Astartes project too.

    Even just one of them can destroy a thousand of my upgraded B11/p droids, those with pilot programming and reflexes, that I was so proud of. Oh well.

    Time to create a melee patch as well. Version B11/p/m here it comes.

    No, don't arm yourselves with sticks and stones ! Sigh.

    Let's send the Canis droids and see how they do for a change.
    Now we're talking! Chain lasers and missile launchers kinda trump spears and pistols.

    Retreat! Don't kill them all, yet.

    "You're fighting CIS clones on Saleucami?" Lira asked curious, her age about 16 now, and looking like a healthy Ashoka Tano.

    I know she'll become even more beautiful and with generous proportions in a few months. I seen it before she died, actually. Only the slightly pointed ears change her looks, a little.

    "Yes, my love. Trying to lose, in fact. My better droids are too effective for these times" I explained gently, hugging my maid with one arm, and closing the holomap with sadness.

    Was I too clever for this galaxy?

    'Ask your Hands, Genius Emperor, they'll set you straight soon enough...' Dora answered from Sanctuary.

    Hmmm. It was time to send Lira there as well then. More Jedi or dark jedi will come snooping around. Better keep you alive at least a hundred years this time.

    "Oh, I'm going to Sanctuary too? But, I wanted to see Peffy and..." my near-Togruta Voice exclaimed, then blushed.
    "Try to learn mind-shield and hide in shadows first Lira Greyshade. Peffy will come back, once the Tion campaign is concluded." I spoke softly, patting her young bottom.

    "He'd better. I'll be 18 by that time, so no more excuses" Lira added with a pout, then left to pack her things for the trip.

    And as Lira left the throne room, another maid entered, positively exulting happiness.

    Na-Jia. How to thank her for my birthday gift?

    "My most adored maid. I heard a few hundred life crystals have vanished from a medical transport. I thought you're a rich and refined woman..." I said gently, lifting her up with telekinesis and spinning her around in a circle.

    "It's in my nature, silly droid. If it's not welded to the floor, it's mine. And if it is welded, the floor can be stolen too" She answered with a naughty grin.

    Okay then. I do have an appropriate gift.

    "I'm thinking of creating a secret, no one knows about Seventh Hand. To lead my Fiscal Division..." I explained, as a droid appeared by her side with the latest generation of slicer helmet.
    My maid demurred politely, caressing her long, violet hair. A single finger glided down my chest, poking my belly.

    "You want me to collect taxes for you, tincan?" she mused with a frown, and blur of fingers. Gah, she stole the credit chip again.

    "In..a certain meaning of that word. Collecting money from other polities, who forgot they need to pay taxes to the Immortal Emperor. Hutts, CIS, barons and Senators..." I explained politely, phasing two fingers and stealing my credit chip back, undetected.

    Her eyes widened, as the exact meaning of her new job was realized in her pretty head.

    "I see. I will need my own network, and spy satellites and cloaked ships. Shapeshifting operatives, and the best tactical and slicer programs money can buy. And perhaps more." she mused, deep in thought.

    Only that? I already had 99% of her needs.

    "The Third Hand will train you for the next 3 to 6 months. You're pretty good, but still an amateur. Stealing trillions of credits will be hard, but also very rewarding" I concluded, patting her round posterior, then placing her hand in my Third Hand's hand.
    "She will possibly become a passable operative, and the bioneural implants don't even hurt anymore..." the Gand master said gruffly, probably annoyed I detected him again.

    My maid tried to protest something, but the soporific patch already worked its magic and she fainted in the Black ops arms.

    "Full mental conditioning then, Eternal Sabacc Emperor. For the Empire!" he added while pulsing a holografic mirror covered in mist and smoke. In a second, he vanished from my sensors.

    That was new, alright. I'll have to figure out how he did it. Damn his trillion credit intelligence budget. They came up with the craziest ideas.

    Planet Lianna, Pef Empire
    21 BBY

    "I sometimes can see the weak places in an opponent—shatterpoints where the unbreakable can be broken. They can occur in individuals…and in events."
    Mace Windu

    The Jedi Council wasn't all that happy with my decision to keep the liberated planets as Empire protectorates.

    Thus, a mean killing machine is now standing in front of me, his eyes glowing with righteous fury.
    Master Windu.

    I somehow doubt my cortosis armor will keep Peffy safe from his Shatterpoint ability.

    It was too strong an ability, even when used by a maniac like Windu. If mandalorian iron armors could be broken in pieces, so would my own cortosis armor.

    "Master Jedi, I see you are displeased with the result of this battle..." the Avatar spoke softly, pointing with his chin at the large screen which was used to simulate a window looking down on the planet.

    Our droid and marine units were mopping up the remainder of the CIS droids, while the clones were embarking on their own Acclamator transport ships. Those that survived of course, not that many, after the force storms and the CIS tanks and bombers did a number to their numbers.

    "Saving one planet wasn't important, mister Greyshade. Those starfighter factories were our objective, and they were sabotaged and destroyed. The Council doesn't care of collateral damage, not when the Republic is at stake. We need your big ships to help." he demanded with a slight tendril of force persuasion. No thanks.

    "Our Empire is doing its best to help, wise Master. But our meager forces are stretched thin, battling the CIS on a dozen worlds.
    Perhaps after we manage to pacify the Tion Cluster..." I said with a pulse of regret.
    "And so I've heard. The Meteors could turn the tide of battles, why not lend us a few and help the Republic conclude this war, even sooner?" he wondered, trying to bend my mind to agree. Kriff. Jedi mindtricks.

    "Please understand, Master Windu." I said politely. "These ships are all that stand between civilization and anarchy in this corner of the galaxy. Even with all the ships we have acquired from our Mon Calamari friends, they won't be enough to resist a concentrated attack by another large fleet like Dooku used to the north, especially if they have more of those hate beams." I explained calmly, gesturing to the holotable and replaying the first minute of the Dark Reaper encounter.

    The Jedi zealot clutched his chest at that memory, as no doubt he had felt the Sith beam fire, like all the galaxy did.

    "You should have left that task to the Jedi, mister Greyshade. Even with the training that you have received from Master Kuro, trying to fight dark Jedi is a foolish plan. Next time you might not be so lucky" he argued, almost convincingly.

    "I have some degree of competence, esteemed Master. Your lightsaber is purple as well, is it not? Please, let me show you what I learned from Master Fay. And why plasma blades aren't that scary." I replied gently, taking off a glove and holding out my palm.

    He blinked in confusion, since he wouldn't be certain what skills Master Fay would have.
    "You want to fight me?" he asked, combative and angry at once. Whoa! Calm down, Mister no emotion.

    "Oh no. Just hold the lightsaber and turn it on..." I answered, and damn he was fast, the weapon flying into his hand and being lit in a millisecond. Faster than me, for sure. I just took a step forward and grabbed the purple plasma beam with my naked hand.

    And just stood there, swinging the beam side to side like a stick.

    Ha, should have seen his face.

    "Truly, there's no wonder Master Fay doesn't need a lightsaber anymore...Perhaps only Master Yoda is this skilled with Tutaminis and energy resistance, this complete..." he muttered, turning off his useless toy.

    "Of course, I didn't have the time or the patience to learn velocities or forms from Master Kuro, since properly learning those would take decades, but working with energy was easy for me. And also Thought shield and Force resistance came pretty easy, and helpful, since it allowed me to defeat a handful of dark jedi already." I boasted, pretending to be proud of those achievements.

    "Indeed, your mind is shielded well, for one as young as you." he admitted with a grimace. "So, the Pef Empire will occupy and keep these former Republic worlds from becoming CIS puppets...not that bad, for the duration of this war. But I also hear the Empire is expanding forcefully in wild space and the Outer Rim, even buying planets from the Hutts?" he demanded, now back to political scheming.
    "In the past three years, our fleets have destroyed 30 thousand pirate vessels and liberated billions of slaves, Master Windu. These planets need to be defended, or the pirates and slavers will return. As for the Hutts...they would be a thousand times harder to fight than this CIS. They are still here, after 40 thousand years of crusades and devourings and thousands of failed attempts to restore civilization in that space. If buying planets saves us from avoiding another Ash World sector, we will do that, and help protect trade routes with diplomacy." I explained with a sterner voice, using the screen to show pictures from dozens of Ash Worlds barren of life.

    "Ah, yes...you know your history, mister Greyshade. I did not mean for your new Empire to fight the Hutts. Not even the Republic would try it, for now. Just trying to reach a conclusion about your government and its policies. What worries the Jedi Council is the stance your Empire took, allying itself with Corellia, and following their actions, instead of coming to Coruscant for advice and guidance."

    "About that, it's simple. The Diktat is the most enlightened government in the galaxy, and we model our policies after them. Also, Master Fay refuses to hear about Coruscant, and Master Zero...is mostly moody and harsh. She had me train with scorpions, you know? And sharks..." I explained with a smile at first, then a fake shudder. The scorpions and the sharks were rather cute.

    "Ah...that. It's good you survived then. We knew of her harsh training methods..." he answered with a frown.
    "Eh, the training works. Now, our own intelligence suspects another dark jedi is pulling strings from Coruscant, just as Master Fay claims. With access to all Republic intel, that individual might be dangerous too. What's worrying even more, is that CIS is creating their own clones, on planet Saleucami. A dark Jedi named Sora Bulq is leading that project, but the technology is very advanced, beyond anything our scientists are able to duplicate. Perhaps a few Jedi will be willing to cooperate with our ground troops and get to the bottom of that mystery?" I asked politely, changing the screen to captured images from the Saleucami battlefields, with millions of broken droids, and Nikto clones whirling about with cortosis spears.

    "Those, are worrisome indeed. Your losses must be catastrophic going by the millions of droids already destroyed on the battlefield. I'll speak with the Council and send a dozen Jedi Knights to deal with those clones." he spoke with a rictus of hate.

    Oh. Some kind of religious disagreement then?

    "They all practice some kind of evil religion, Morgukai or something..." I added with a feigned shrug.

    "I know of their death cult, mister Grayshade. They will be cut down soon enough. Let your commanders know to fall back and let the Jedi deal with this. Your troops would be better used to pin down CIS droid armies, not wasted by the millions." Mace Windu demanded as he turned to leave.
    "All right then. Perhaps a few more than just a dozen Knights...those clones are very fast, and the spears made with cortosis as well" I hinted, tapping my armor's chest.

    "Then I should go myself, and see how fast they truly are." The best swordmaster in the galaxy said with a tiny smile, his aura exuding anticipation and conviction. He had no doubt in his lightsaber skills.

    My Avatar nodded, as I smiled inward. Well, then. You asked for it. Don't blame me if you die, Master Jedi!

    Planet Saleucami, Pef Empire
    21 BBY

    Full evacuation of the capital is underway, every single civilian being transported to new cities on another continent.

    Half of the planet is already under the Empire's full control, with Servants and construction droids and their Tactical droids (now with architect and engineering programming as well) building a galactic standard civilization far from the explosions and death cries on the battlefields.

    The Umbara burrowing tanks prove very useful in planting seismic charges under the cloning complex, and even creating hidden tunnels for our black ops unit to steal some clone zygote and their advanced apparatus.
    Very good tech to have for the Astartes program. We can even begin printing the first gene-seeds and start the first Astartes Legion soon.

    Which is why my new Engineering Corps has hired a few most talented thousand of Chadra-Fan to work on the new Astartes armor, the Devastator Mark 3/1, alongside the Land Warrior prototypes.

    The Terminator cortosis-laced armor that my Voices use now, is sadly too complicated and expensive for mass production, but a scaled down version, with some components created by Solanus on Sol IV, like regenerating life support, and toxic biofilters and laser and blaster absorption fibers will help too.

    Only the chest and the faceplate will have Cortosis filament inserts. The less vital areas will have to do with Quadranium and diamondoid hexaplates. Still, the cost will rise at over 100 million credits for each armor. That's as much as a fully equiped Venator, just for one armor suit.

    Sigh. Just a single Legion will cost me a trillion credits to armor them properly. If I wasn't this rich, I'd be crying right now.

    They better be worth it.

    The tiny Chandra are geniuses at miniaturization and redundancy, already going over the prototype designs and changing things here and there, every little component gaining additional functions and still meshing flawlessly with the entire armor.
    Make a note, hire them all and export them to my every factory. Their planet Chad, was fated to suffer catastrophic floods soon, and wipe most of them out. I'll replace them with amphibious droids, to keep supplying the empire with milk and meat from the sea creatures they domesticated.

    Just the tiniest neural programming was needed, to imprint advanced material science education and the Empire's laws.

    Such a resource of genius and inventivity, the tiny rodents, and such a cruel fate. No more!

    Planet Moorjhone could be shielded and showered with ice comets, and made a paradise, not a death world.

    Planet Cardooine could be colonized properly, after the Chills disease was eradicated, and made a productive Fijisi plantation, with the 90% of the surface exploited rationally by droid woodcutters.

    The Ri'Dar sentients from Dar'Or could be uplifted and trained to farm the Elix, instead of being hunted themselves.

    Plus some of them could be recruited for the Exploration Corps, as flying scouts and recon units.

    So many amazing species, neglected or even harmed by this harsh galaxy.
    But not in my Empire. A few billion credits for a planetary shield and a space-station, and a new world would start contributing its unique values to the ever increasing...

    'Just stop ruminating Pef, I have work to do, avoiding this Neti Master. He is quite skilled and very sensitive' Wialu muttered in the bond.

    'He's not an enemy, my love. Talk to him when you find him alone, and you'll see. And you might learn stuff too.'

    'Fine. But no pointed ears for me, if I die...' the Fallanassi Grandmaster complained in a resigned tone.

    Back on Saleucami, the Jedi Knights begin dying one after another, since the Nikto clones were bred to kill Jedi.

    More consular cruiser debark more and more Jedi, all sprinting at full speed forward, lightsabers in hand.

    They finally have a worthy enemy to fight.

    My droids have retreated some 20 kilometers away, After evacuating the capital.

    And have found a blind Jedi Master, named Zao wandering the streets of the capital.
    "The war is already won or lost as the Force wills. We are all leaves blown by its wind."

    Very wise and strong in the force as well, the old Veknoid Master.

    But how to use him?

    Forming a Jedi retreat, for those like him, who do not wish to take part in the wars?

    On Ruul then, where a few more such defectors have gathered.

    But, not yet. He could recruit those at Almas Academy and bring them with him, saving them from another wicked fate, at the hands of dark jedi and pirates.

    Lanius Qel-Bertuk and Felanil Baaks had already invoked the Right of Denial and they would be almost safe on Ruul.

    Once we finished placing planetary shields and ground to orbit ion cannons and lasers. And orbital defense platforms. And a fleet of warships. Yes, almost safe.

    The fast cruiser carried Master Zao away, just before another Jedi Master, Oppo Rancisis entered the Saleucami system, bringing a clone division and twenty more Jedi Knights.
    Hey, those clones have guns! that's cheating...

    Oh well. Not like guns served my droids any good.

    The fighting intensified on the ground, and another dozen Jedi died, for a similar number of Nikto clones.

    Oh my! Perhaps bring more Jedi?

    No, don't use walkers and long range artillery Master Rancisis!

    Damn it. Now the clones have retreated into the catacombs.

    Master Windu was only injured once, and has killed a hundred clones himself. Amazing with a lightsaber, really.

    They're debating to use orbital bombardment? No!

    Not on an Empire world you don't!

    My Mon Calamari ships interpose themselves between the planet and the Venator star destroyers.

    Your turn Peffy.
    "Esteemed Master Jedi, this planet is inhabited and is also an Empire world now. If the Jedi cannot deal with the clones with conventional weapons, our droid armies will advance and do the job themselves. But we will not tolerate orbital bombardments and massive ecological damage, just because your skills with swords are inadequate" I told the Jedi on Saleucami.

    Master Windu seemed a bit angry at my hologram, but I did warn him the clones were very fast.

    "Very well, mister Grayshade. Let us come with a new plan, and wait for more Jedi reinforcements to arrive. I will lead the assault on the cloning complex myself, and end this threat, once and for all. I trained Sora, so I am a little responsible for his actions." Mace Windu acknowledged with a bit of regret.

    Next week, 200 Jedi and 2 Jedi Council members entered the catacombs and dueled valiantly with their enemies.

    But as Sora Bulq was finally slain by his former Vapaad Master, the insidious dark jedi plan was revealed, seismic charges exploding and creating a massive volcanic eruption.

    The nikto clones and their pods, the Jedi and their clones, even the nearby walkers and Acclamator assault ships vanished in a huge terraton scale supervolcano.

    A certain A'Sharad Hett will never become Darth Krayt.
    His grand funeral pyre, was illuminating the ships in orbit, and creating a massive pyroclastic cloud, devastating everything for 300 kilometers.

    Even the million B1 droids securing the perimeter were melted completely.

    300% military casualties, and 0 civilians. I win.

    Now, the burdened droid Emperor will have to go and clean up the volcanic ash, and perhaps collect a few souls...how strange I was already in orbit.

    'Keep that Sora Bulq essence for me, greedy soulmate' Ventress hissed in the bond, as her ships were destroying another invasion fleet over Dathomir.

    'Stop arguing like children. There will be 250 souls to collect and drain. I only want 20' Wailu added, not greedy at all.

    All right then. Guess the Avatar can drain the soul snare with Windu then, and I'll get Battle meditation from Rancisis. An ability that boosted my fleets and weakened the enemies?

    Not bad, for just a few billion credits.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Saleucami, Pef Empire
    On board Celestial River
    21 BBY, A week later

    The Avatar living room on the cruiser was decorated subtly, grey and black walls, with a few Je'daii lines written in Latin. The furniture was just a few low couches and tables, and a few screens and holoprojectors. A Culexus droid was stationed beside the only armored door, the ysalamiri in the backpack enough to prevent a stealthy intruder.

    Peffy was muchin on a bowl of popcorn with free hand, and hugging and fondling Aurra Grayshade with his other warm hand.

    The Pef holonews were on, with a famous and beautiful Centrality talk-show host narrating the findings of the investigation.

    "The massive volcanic eruption that devastated planet Saleucami has finally been contained, with hundreds of ships using tractor and repulsor beams to settle the magma back, while the Immortal Emperor himself has awoken from his meditation and arrived to coordinate the relief efforts. It was only by the inspired decisions taken by Imperial Servants and tactical droids on the planet that the total civilian losses were so low. Civilians were evacuated weeks prior to the Republic's intervention, fearing orbital bombardments.
    But, the destruction cause is still uncertain, theories ranging from an orbital weapon fired in anger, to munitions coming in contact with lava, to an asteroid impacting the volcano, or even a natural phenomenon. Radical theories like a force ability able to shatter mountains has been disproved by all the polled scientists just like the fringe theory of seismic charge detonated with malice. Nobody sane would cause a volcano to erupt under their feet, not even a death-cult like the Morgukai.

    Estimated military casualties of the liberation of Saleucami place loses as follows: Pef Empire 6.7 million soldiers, majority synthetic. Republic forces 31 thousands, all organic. CIS forces 1 million synthetics and 2 thousands organic.

    The Emperor has vowed to allocate funds from his private treasury to rebuild the planet, and also construct planetary shields and orbital fortifications. Truly, the Emperor is generous and merciful. For the Empire!" the host proclaimed, as the commercials began for a host of products manufactured by my companies. What? It's good business.

    Aurra stole a few popcorn flowers, and stretched herself, making me admire her generous forms.

    "This is all fun and good, but I miss my violet sister. Where is she?" my assassin maid complained, leaning on my shoulder.

    "Our violet maid wants to become a galactic class thief and slicer, so she's getting training from the special ops. Not the part with breaking bones though. Just technical lessons" I explained gently, and turned the holonet off.
    "Na-Jia could use some self-defense lessons too. The galaxy is harsh, for those who are weak" Aurra muttered, sneaking a hand under my T-shirt.

    "Indeed. You could try the black ops program as well. Your lethality and survivability should improve by 100%, in 6 months." I whispered in her ear, as my hands were busy conquering her mountains.

    And the popcorn bowl, you wonder? Did it spill? Use the force, Peffy!

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire

    Sigh. Enjoy your vacation my Avatar.

    "Your loud descriptions of the Avatar's adventures are discomforting, generous Emperor. Try to focus on the fleet movements, for a whole hour at least" Zuckuss muttered upset, although he did enjoy my narration, I was certain.

    "What, did I miss something? A dropship was lost on Raxus prime? Oh, poo. The Empire is in peril!" I proclaimed dramatically, shaking my arms at the sky in defiance.

    "Maid Aurra will be a worthy asset to the Black Ops. Especially if she uses her old name to pose as a neutral bounty hunter. Partial conditioning then...loyalties preserved for Grayshade family and Miss Zero?" my Third Hand asked, appearing from behind an olbio tree. And wearing some kind of force-negating biosuit.
    That was...a Vong soldier emptied out and transformed into a meat suit?

    Kinda creepy...

    "And keep it subtle. She may have backup memories on her biochip. Perhaps, it is safer to extract the old one and replace it with a chip from generation 7.44, like my Avatar's. Force users are protected by the force itself. We don't want to upset the big dream" I mused wisely, thinking about the warning that Solanus gave when we first met.

    "I see, wise droid. Small course corrections, and tiny nudges. And not blowing up freaking nukes and volcanoes, like a kit with fireworks" He answered with an upset tone, throwing a crystal at the floor and vanishing in the multicolored mist.

    Hey! You enjoyed the fireworks too...

    "So, we take Cadinth and Desevro next, completing the half encirclement of the Tion cluster.
    You're leaving Arcan IV in CIS hands?" Zuckuss asked, turning the holomap sidewise.

    "Yes, and squeezing on the other end. Funneling ships and troops out. Like puss from a wound. They'll have concentrate all the ships at one point and try to break out, with a pincer movement, from Felucia most likely. And then..." I explained patiently, since it seemed playing chess in 5 dimensions was a bit hard for normal people.
    Only the Columi at the Land Warrior company were able to play my strategic scenarios decently. Then again, they had 75% of their body mass as brains.

    "I see, devious droid. You aim to take Murkhana, without a shot. Digging out the CIS from that world would be costly, without orbital bombardments." Mujilik added his opinion, after turning the holomap flat again and miming a palm pushing things away.

    See, not that complicated, if you really thought about it.

    "Yes, all the tionese worlds, my friends. Chandaar and Derellium and Corlax 4 and Folende. Jaminerealone is worth a trillion credits in factories. I don't want to destroy those worlds. I want the CIS is to flee, leaving everything behind. And next month they will say: enough!" I proclaimed, punching my palm with a gloved fist. It did make a great sound, waking the ysalamiri lizards in the trees.

    "And come attacking. Very well. Let's hope they won't break through and push us back." Zuckuss muttered, trying to mimic my glorious act, but sounding only fleshy, instead of the mighty metallic sound of my power armor.

    "They won't. Have faith in the Immortal Pef. I have a plan...'

    "Yesss, when did you not, sneaky droid. You're still playing the game at easy levels, are you not?" Zuckuss asked rhetorically.
    Indeed, my friend. Corvettes and cruisers? Droids and tanks? The tutorial levels.

    Meteors...okay those were at easy levels already.

    Even the Astartes were just a fancy of my old organic self.

    Once the true war machine was unleashed...stars would become popcorn.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Mechtronic Art lab.

    There's over 55 types of personal shields in front of me, although I'm leaning towards the Verpine prototype shield .

    At 2500 credits it would cost to mass-produce, it's a bargain. Maybe add a Wrist laser ?

    My own version is an Arkanian energy shield but these are prone to burn-outs in intense firefights.

    The Echani shields and the Mandalorian shields are much weaker though, and do not block sonic

    And Gungan personal energy shield ? I could sell some of those to clone lancer units. They would fit right in.

    Or maybe a Small portable shield ?

    The Military Mobility Shield was just acquired from a Republic lab, and not feasible to use openly.

    For a year or two. After that, the Republic will be gone.

    Other, even stranger types of shields, like Energy blade shields do not even make me smile.

    That Riot shield would be marginally useful for frontal assaults though.

    And only costs 500 credits.

    Okay then, we'll equip our B1 droids with these, and the commando droids and the marines with the more expensive Verpine shields.
    But first, I'll send all of them to the geniuses at Land Warrior to go over them and increase their efficiency and reliability.

    Okay, enough with these toys.

    I went over to look at the brand new Droideka Mark II developed by Baktoid Combat Automatain their foundries on the planet Hypori . Yes, where three Jedi Masters just died trying to stop the droid foundries, and then forgot about it.

    Luckily our black ops have captured a Republic transport ship, full of tibanna gas, and are en route to Hypori, to convince the CIS of the wisdom of buying planetary shields. With an orbital drop, that is.

    This generation of droideka are better, having no less than 7 blaster cannons and 2 ion cannons. I can keep the top three, once I've turreted them, and replace the arm blasters with a Gatling laser and a PLX-1 portable missile launcher .

    And then, give them fingers and thumbs. I mean, it's cruel, to build an almost sentient machine, and deny it basic rights, like thumbs.

    Hmmm. And shoes too. And repulsorlifts. And a Laser saw. Sigh.
    This droid was still a mess. Small steps Pef.

    Just a missile launcher for now.

    And for my Astartes, I had LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun which was pretty much a boltgun. The Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun could serve as a boltpistol.

    They chewed through shields and living beings with ease, and only had problem with armor.

    But for that, there were even better weapons. A shoulder mounted PLX-2M portable missile launcherwill be quite enough to deal with armor. And they fired a Gravity-Activated Mode guided missile able to hit tanks and gunship up to 40 kilometers away.

    Masers and ion cannons too, for the Astartes, though they wouldn't be so effective as the boltguns.

    The tanks at my disposal were starting to look like Rebellion era tanks, like 2-M Hover Tank and

    T2-B Repulsor Tank for light tanks and Rebel attack tank for medium tanks.

    Only all had wheels beside repulsorlifts, and turreted guns. 4 small wheels for the light tanks, that could be drawn up to the sides for pure antigravity maneuvers and 6 huge wheels for my medium tanks, much like the Juggernauts.

    Their main ability was speed and shields, and less armor.
    The heavy tanks were pure Baneblades from the start, if somewhat lower profile and turreted.

    They worked magnificently in frontal assaults, with Umbaran shields and 1.5 meters of frontal armor.

    Their armor was comparable to my Dakka corvettes, so you can figure out how hard it would be for most ground troops to kill them. Sure, they were a bit slow, but with 7 chainlasers and 2 missile launchers, beside the main heavy maser...

    In fact, I should test a sublight engine and a repulsorlift and see if they can achieve orbit starting from the ground. That would be pretty cool.

    And also, I could push a fleet to Phindar now, and link with Ventress at Dathomir.

    Perhaps I'll be in time to become Mandalore with Peffy.

    It would only take him a few seconds to beat up that cute Bo-Katan Kryze and make her marry him, as it's the custom with mandalorians. And another wife, yeah, why not?

    It's not like my Avatar gets tired anymore.
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    21 BBY

    "So my adorable cute and ravishing blue Maid, repeat my instructions again, and this time, believe your words too" I told Vette while holding her upside down, floating in front of my throne.

    "Okay! I get it, you overbearing droid! No more leaving on side missions. Stay in connection to the logistic chain. Secure Phindar and clear nearby systems of pirates. Leave dispense of justice to the Imperial Judge Servants. Leave the treatment of injured and sick to the Imperial Medical Division. The slaves to be remitted in custody of the Imperial Education Servants. Keep my helmet on at all times, except in my quarters aboard Meteor One. And if the furry admiral says we need to run, we run..." my maid proclaimed, punching the floor with her armored gauntlet. Good enough then.

    "Come here and give me a hug, my valiant twi'lek" I said gently, depositing her back on her feet, a meter in front of me.

    She hesitated for a second, then came to give me a tentative hug.
    "And you had better not messed up my ship while I was learning that stupid mind-shield trick. There's nothing of value in my head anyway..." she declared proudly, and her blue leku moved on their own framing her face in an incredibly childish pose of innocence.

    Messed up, no way! Just added 1800 more ion cannons, so the ship could fire even more return fire.
    That ability did look similar to some Gree tech in my memories...gah. Too advanced to copy, for now.

    "Yes, yes. But, bad people might want to plant ideas in your head, like strangling Dora when she sleeps. Or maybe Lira again..." I explained patiently, while updating the armor's semi-sentient droid chip with the latest programming in evasive actions and targeting software. And encrypt the codes in latin again.

    "Oh, they can do that...dark jedi and such. Now it makes sense. Just tell me all of this! Crazy piece of scrap, before you have me stuck with my head under a learning helmet for a whole week. While the strange VSS girls do crazy magiks inside my mind, and turn everything I see covered with white contours. I thought I was going insane..." my blue maid complained, and stepped back, then stuck her tongue at me.

    "Go have fun, Vette Grayshade. And keep an eye out for power gems." I added with a small laugh, and stuck her helmet back on.

    She'll have a surprise, the first time she tries to take it of, possibly to berate some pirates she hasn't captured yet.
    The armor won't let her, till she was back in her quarters...

    Anyway, the armor had 3 redundant shields, one of them the new military mobility one, tied into her armor's reactor.

    Ground based weapons would only bounce her around, and not hurt her pretty ass at all. Hopefully.

    The bota plant treatments had increased all my maids force connection at least three times, but without training, they wouldn't know how to use the gift, and just be carried away be the sentients' of the galaxy common dream.

    Very often, directly in front of whatever conflict the force wanted to be solved, one way or the other.

    Wialu was already carried away, trying to keep the Green Jedi alive through to Clone wars and defeat the hundreds of dark jedi which appeared, as death and pain broke their skewed training.

    Now, Peffy is about to land on Concordia the moon of planet Mandalore, so I'd better add another partition to the Avatar, and enjoy the show.
    Moon Concordia, Mandalorian space
    21 BBY

    Hmmm. Forests and trees. Mountains and mines.

    Now where would those pesky mandalorian warriors be?

    Hey look, is that a missile, greeting me with a confetti shower?

    Boom! Not confetti then.

    I pretended to be knocked out, while the cruiser powered up shields, but remained on the ground, and seemingly empty.

    A few mandalorians, in armor with the Death Watch prong symbol came out from behind rocks.

    Thanks dear force! You made me land exactly in an ambush zone...

    "That's not a jedi...even that Kenobi Master only wore a few bits of clone armor. This guy though...is that cortosis armor?" one of them realized with some surprise, after coming close enough.
    "I'm Avatar Greyshade, of the Pef Empire. You know....your next door neighbors, now that Phindar is under siege?" I asked aloud, floating myself up and stretching my arms in midair. The rocket depleted just my particle shields by 10%.

    Gah, not even a proton torpedo? These guys were still amateurs.

    "Errr. Those guys are enemies too, I think. They fight the CIS..." another one said, with a bit of suspicion.

    I looked to see which one was missing a rocket from their back launchers, and dragged him to me.

    "You know...hitting me from ambush was rude. I'll confiscate your armor as payment" I said in a conversational tone, proceeding to do just that, leaving the poor warrior in his jumpsuit, while his armor was dismantled rapidly with telekinesis.

    "Hey, mister Avatar, you can't do this. The armors are what make us mandalorian..." he complained weakly. Oh right.

    No armor, no identity...let's test the wrist laser.

    Worked just fine, cutting off his head from 5 meters away.

    "Well then, take me to your leader, my warrior friends" I demanded politely, as an assassin droid decloaked and took custody of the mandalorian armor.
    It looked brand new too, so it would serve as a cheap, mass-produced body armor for my marines, after it was reverse-engineered and downgraded.

    A marine shouldn't me cost more than 10k credits, after all.

    The decapitated body still floated respectfully a foot above ground, his dead hands cradling the head on the chest.

    "This is above our pay grade, I'll let Command know we're bringing a fierce warrior for a visit" one of them muttered, refraining to attempt another attack. Probably since it didn't have any effect the first time, except a body holding his head.

    "Great, that's Pre Vizsla right?" I wondered aloud.

    "For generations, my ancestors fought proudly as warriors against the Jedi."
    ―Pre Vizsla

    "You already know too much, outsider. We'll see how that armor stands before the Darksaber" the last mandalorian muttered, eying the floating body with calm.
    Yes, yes. I wanted to see that myself.

    We entered a mining gallery, then an elevator then a huge cavern filled with crates and machines and more mandalorians. Perhaps 50. Not that many.

    "My proud warriors. I'm Avatar Greyshade. Just married to Lidia Greyshade of the Commonality. And I came to bring you freedom!" I proclaimed grandly, as a tall mandalorian stepped forward and took out a strange looking lightsaber hilt.

    That must be the Darksaber then.

    The first one I've seen with a cross-guard, in fact. It looked positively...modern.

    "You came here to die, Pef Empire dog. We already have allies, Count Dooku and Tol Skorr have promised us aid, to reclaim Mandalore. Now die !" the man boasted, rushing at me with a crackling black plasma blade.

    Ummm. Sleep gas and nerve gas wouldn't work...

    Acid would make a mess and possibly ruin the darksaber....
    I know what to do!

    Let's just grab his dark flashlight. And then, use my vibroblade to decapitate him.

    A shower of blood might impress the new recruits more.

    Snikt! His helmet rolled on the floor, with his lifeless head inside.

    "Like you said: only the strongest...shall rule."
    ―Pre Vizsla's last words

    I could keep this saber though...it was pretty unique.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY

    While Peffy is romancing his way towards the Mand'alore rank, by beating the pretty red-headed Bo Katan to a pulp...

    "Master, we have a slight problem."
    ―Anakin Skywalker

    The Battle of Terra Sool , with the CIS using another hilarious superweapon, 36 of them in fact, called Conqueror-class atmospheric dreadnaught . Sigh.

    My favorite Jedi managed to lose 90% of their allies from the Terra Sool militia. Is this a sort of cosmic joke? My human's self old planet has a clone in this dimension?

    Anyway, it took them only a single day to repel a planetary invasion by themselves, while the droids were busy massacring the civilians and their militia defenders on the ground. Good job heroes!

    If I didn't have plans for those two...

    But, at the same time another, more interesting battle takes place.
    The Battle of Iktotch ,with Master Saesee Tiin, himself an Iktotchi—arrived at the planet to free it from the invading droids of the Separatists.

    Only this time, Master Windu is too dead to help, and the droids bombard the light of the lightsaber with everything they have, as per Balance protocols. A Hailfire droid empties his whole missiles rack on the injured Master. A bit overkill, but then... And another light is extinguished, and the galaxy rests in the shade a little more relaxed.

    "Weapons didn't win this battle...the Jedi did."
    Saesee Tiin last words.

    But no, in fact to the contrary, the clone troopers, now without a Jedi general to suicide them in frontal assaults, went on to murder every single droid with minimal casualties, liberating the planet. Freedom wins!

    And congratulations for a well thought plan, Darth Sidious. The Jedi keep losing Masters and Knights, all over the galaxy, thanks to your brilliant strategy.

    Wialu is following Nejaa Halcyon who left Corellia on a suicidal mission, possibly towards the Duel on Susevfi where another dark acolyte of Dooku is using a Sith holocron and some stolen Sith scrolls to form the Jensaarai .

    At least there aren't any Coruscant Jedi around this time, to create more religious dispute. Wialu should be enough to knock their heads back to sanity. Or something.
    'Yes my love. Or something. This Halcyon guy is almost a Fallanassi. Has a wife and kids, and no telekinesis. Maybe...' my Voice said through our bond.

    'Not the time, for now. They'll come willingly soon enough, my beloved Voice' I explained gently, returning my focus on my Avatar.


    This girl was something alright, and kept fighting even with half her ribs and a femur broken.

    Let's take off the helmet then, she might like what's underneath and stop risking a shattered heart.

    Breaking hearts with my fists, even though I promised myself to use only love.

    "Please stop, Miss Bo. You've proven your strength and bravery. I believe the ritual is concluded." I said gently, backing off a few steps.

    "N-not while I can still fight. Your pretty face and words won't be enough to sway me, outsider!" Bo Katan exclaimed with a spit of blood. Possibly a rib has punctured her lung then...

    I looked around at the audience, Death Watch and Nite Owls, forming an impromptu arena and fight club. And wedding invitees, curiously enough.
    Okay then, sleeping gas, and then a bacta tank after I fused her ribs in place.


    The last opponent to my rule of the mandalorians was defeated.

    "I'll take my new wife aboard my ship to bring her back to health. But for now, any other contendant to the title of Mand'alore?" I proclaimed, holding the Darksaber up and liting it to create a spectacle.

    A few girls from the Nite Owls took off their helmets and eyed each other with some feminine secret code.

    "We've heard you have many lovers and maids, Avatar. Perhaps you wish to fight us, and win our hearts..." a pretty blonde girl asked with a sly smile.

    A couple more girls stepped forward, looking forward to getting beat up as prelude to hot romance. Sigh

    I just can't say no, to so much potential.
    1% boost, and let's beat them up a little.

    'Breaking hearts again, my tincan overlord?' Asajj asked, with a touch of jealousy in the bond.

    'Hey, the Avatar needs love Asajj. Lots of loving and affection. And later, thousands of kids, to lead the Astartes legions...' I whispered, pulsing a burst of pure affection in the bond.

    'Ah....enough. I have work to do, can't dream of this and that, while I'm coordinating the uplift of this planet.' Asajj Grayshade muttered with an embarrassed hot and warm voice.

    Five punches to the stomach later, and the Avatar had a few more mandalorian wives, less battered and more pliant for future maids.

    Now, let's fix that mess on the planet Mandalore, and perhaps gain a new friend.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY

    "Our operatives have concluded that the CIS retaliatory fleet has begun amassing at Zygerria , no doubt hoping to deter us from interfering with the Zygerrian Slavers Guild , by holding 400 million slave hostages. And the ships keep coming from all over the northern sectors of the galaxy, including the Corporate sector. We might have a bigger problem than we thought" Zuckuss explained, while the strategic droids around the holotable kept adding more and more to the growing number of confirmed and estimated ships. 12 hundreds so far.
    A week or possibly two weeks then, until the late-comers will arrive. So, they went for broke, trying to gather 10 thousands ships in one fleet?
    "The CIS is also refusing to play your game in the Tion Triangle. The encircled fleets are gathering at Murkhana, and keep getting reinforcements. At least 600 capital vessels and a hundred thousand droid starfighters. If they retreat completely from all Tion Cluster they could achieve 10 thousands ships, my Emperor. They might break through, and retake Columex and Lianna." my third Hand added, his tone a bit worried.

    Really? In two weeks we'll have a hundred more Meteors finishing trials. And their escorts will finish loading up with missiles and droid starfighters as well. 1000 corvettes and 100 fleet carriers. Nah, the CIS were outmatched and outplayed.

    Only the situation on Coruscant might change things a little.

    If the 15000 planets in the neutral block swung the vote, and pushed for peace too soon. And being led by Duchess Satine of Mandalore. Oh well.

    Little chance of that, as everyone wanted more war. The Sith, the Jedi, the CIS and us. Palpatine will make sure that peace didn't happen. I could rely on the Sith for something, at least.

    'Pef, I have 34 of these Jensaarai and a Green Jedi asleep at my feet. Do I keep them or what?' Wialu asked from planet Susevfi.
    'Drain that Anzati, Nikkos Tyris . The rest...on Ruul I suppose. With families and everything.' I answered after a juggling the odds a little, and trying to see what the Force would want. Neutral philosophy seemed okay.

    'I'm keeping the holocron though. We have too few of these Sith ones.' Wialu Greyshade muttered, while draining another dark jedi.

    'And take their flashlights too. Damn savages' I muttered back and turning more of my attention to Solana.


    She was experimenting on Sol V, with submersible craft like Manta droid subfighter and Amphibious fighter and dozens of other craft, trying to merge the technologies with Solanustech derived from Vong bioforms.

    They will be needed to fight enemies like the Aqua droid and Hydroid Medusa that the CIS would use against us, on water planets.

    Also, trying to develop underwater Booma that were known to work on those medusa cyborgs.

    'A bit busy now, but my friendly cygnus algae are lots of help. When they don't get stuck inside an engine...' Solana Greyshade grumbled through the voice bond.
    Okay then. Have fun.


    "The Eternal Dreamer has returned to us. So, we close the pocket at Murkhana then, wife abuser?" Mujilik wondered aloud.

    Hey! It's their custom to get banged up before wedding. And possibly an adrenal evolutionary adaptation. Get their hearts racing and stay in bed longer...poor Peffy was getting a little out of breath with his fifth wife in a row.

    At least Bo was still asleep in her bacta tank.

    "Errr. Yes, we will close up the escape route if they don't want to take it, and start converging from all sides, gradually giving the CIS in the Tion Cluster time to evacuate their military assets towards Murkhana. But have our agents in place to prevent major sabotage to factories or reactors.

    "It will be done. Now, you can resume your narration heartbreaking Emperor, you missed the culminating part of your conquest"
    Zuckuss added, sipping some Corellian brandy. He seemed a bit tipsy.
    They were our allies, the Corellians, so it was almost appropriate to drink their most valued export at a strategy meeting.

    In fact....

    "We need to inject a trillion credits in Corellian shipbuilding. They could have 2 thousand medium cruisers like our MC Liberty class, in 2 years. Let's call it... Lend and lease initiative. Our own programs are already on their way to provide 2 thousand cruisers by next year. And the same next year, and next year..." I hummed deep in thought.

    "If you pay for this from our own purse, overspending idiot droid. The Empire cannot afford to finance another polity on this scale." Zuckuss commented with a friendly voice.


    Poor Empire, I forgot.

    "Your B1 Corellian Ambassador will be overjoyed. He was kicked out from the Diktat's gates 8 times now?"

    "Hmmm Dupas Thomree is a bit rude. B1 Corell will present our offer to the Corellian Council , but we'll have to add a few silk wings to her back and a repulsorlift harness. To emulate Angie better. Sounds good?" I asked a little amused at my own cleverness.
    "Let's hope they don't shoot our brave Ambassador, before she can give them a trillion credits. Damn racist humans. You're truly too kind to those scummy aliens, Metal Gand" Mujilik concluded with an entirely tolerant attitude.

    Small steps.

    "We are all aliens, my friends. 20 million sapient species, just in this galaxy. Now, I'm going down on the planet to experiment with my Single Trooper Aerial Platform and the Ground Armored Tank.
    Let me know if any planet blows up or such." I explained patiently, already going over a few hundred possible modifications to these weapon systems. Repulsorcraft were still the best toys in the galaxy.

    "We have a kid as our eternal leader...the dream will eat us all" my third Hand proclaimed dramatically, using another toy to disappear from my senses.

    And a good one again. Some kind of gravitational flux inversion?

    He'd better not blow up my energy refinery around the Cresih black hole. Or the black hole itself. Those were pretty rare, in this galaxy.
    Concordia, the moon of planet Mandalore.
    21 BBY

    "Lidia Greyshade, my precious wife. You're my only hope!" I said dramatically towards my Queen consort over the Commonality.

    "Cut the bantha droppings, you playboy cheating husband. What do you want?" The hologram replied coldly. Kriff.

    "A most trusted confidante of mine is en route to Columex, with a mandalorian suit of armor. I need to you to have it scanned and printed in a million copies, by next week." Peffy said, palms pressed together in supplication.

    "Are you out of your mind, you scoundrel ? Those armors take years to make, and only a few metalsmiths know how to make belskar!" she yelled at me, politely.

    "You like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life. Plus, they can be plastic or thin metal foil. I just need them to look authentic, from far away." I explained patiently, and smiled widely. Quoting from other famous scoundrels always worked. Thanks, Han Solo.

    "You're transmitting from Concordia...no way...you're trying to become Manda'lore too?" Lidia exclaimed in awe. Indeed, and be amazed my merchant princess.
    "About that. I already am Mand'alore, on the moon that is. Now I need to conquer to planet, with a mandalorian army." I said softly, pushing a curious mandalorian maid down, out of the holotransmiter's capture ray. Alise, Alicia, Alice? No idea which one.

    "I see. You beat up some mandalorian woman, and made yourself a mandalorian by marriage. A blonde one, with short hair perhaps?" my wife asked, with a venomous tint in her adoring voice.

    Kriff, the game was up.

    "As it happens, yes! I consider myself quite clever, my dear. But, I need those armors, my love. Or else, the bloodshed will be legendary, rivers of blood and guts flowing all over Mandalorian space, with violence spilling out into nearby sectors..." I hinted graciously, and keeping the rebellious Niteowl's head down. Out of the danger of being pierced by laser eyes.

    "Mhhhh. And those sectors, would be probably mine. You're lucky I do like you, scoundrel. Stop by my place before you go running around the galaxy again." Lidia Greyshade demanded with a noble voice, gesturing dismissively to end the hologram.

    "So, we're conquering the planet then, most virile husband?" Alisia Greyshade asked, pushing me on my back, then climbing over my body.

    "Of course. As soon as the armors are here. We have a week to get to know each other..." I said softly, and began the mountain climb again, with tender climbing claws.
    "You bet we do. And today, you're only mine!" she proclaimed dramatically, tossing her top over her shoulder, and presenting her airbags for inspection.

    "Small steps, dear wife. Try to last a whole hour first" I said, with a cheeky voice.

    Then, an evil extra-dimensional force made me look away, and return to the task of creating a cheap repulsorlift fast attack droid.
    Planet Gand
    Silicon Mountains

    The aerial platform was a good start, and cheap, at 2500 credits.

    But, it needed a droid pilot which made it too vulnerable, and much slower, due to air friction.

    Plus the whole aim and fire thing with a bicycle like steering bar...it was so outdated.

    Nah, I could simply place a B1 droid's head for a pilot, inside the front of the chassis, remove the guiding bar and the steps, even turn it horizontal. Make an inch think transparisteel window for the droid head.
    Add a cheap Arkanian shield, or maybe even a Mandalorian one, since droids were not as vulnerable to sonic weapons or low temperature.

    Replace the blasters with a maser cannon and an ion cannon, so they won't need tibanna gas to keep firing...

    Place them on a turret ball, just below the droid's head. And done!

    There, a full repulsorlift gunship able to scout and attack ground target from the flanks and rear.

    Total cost 3500 credits. Twice as fast, now about 700kph, and highly effective against droids and organics alike. I should send my designs and the prototype to the real engineers though.

    Wouldn't do to print a billion such units and waste 3.5 trillions due to some error that could have been easily fixed during the prototype stages.

    Maybe add an internal 12 micromissiles launcher? 500 credits more, but triple the alpha strike? Worked fine on the Canis droids I tested on Saleucami. Sure, why not.

    Make a note, try to make the Stinger usable underwater and in vacuum.

    And to think, just a tiny repurposing of existing parts, and I made the basis of a cheap highly mobile army, able to conquer star systems in a week.

    Now let's see how the B1 armies equipped with riot shields do on planet Arcan...
    Whoa, 500% increased effectiveness in frontal assaults? For 500 credits, it was a real bargain.

    The commando droids were even more effective, with their Verpine all round shields.

    The light tanks still sucked, massively.

    Then again, maybe the local commanders should stop using them to break fortified positions.

    Let's try something else. The Ground armored tank of the CIS was a good start, just needed wheels, to keep moving if encountering forcefields, let's try 8 small ones this time, since losing a wheel made the old models get stuck.

    Then, a turret with an ion cannon on the top glacis, and 6 medium masers on the main turret. Cause more dakka is always better.

    Then a gatling laser and a dual missile launcher. Cause fighters and bombers keep targeting my tanks, for some reason.
    And place the head of a tactical droid in the turret, as the tank commander.

    Another B1 heads in the turrets with the ion cannon and the one with a gatling laser.
    And just two crews, driver and missile gunner.
    There, now the tank profile could be reduced by 50% and the armor increased by 10%. Let's add an extra energy cell for the shield.

    And there it is, a beauty, able to reach 200 kph. For a tank, is quite decent.

    Now, the medium tanks did well enough, having the role of engaging other armor. I could add some an extra energy cell too.

    And place a mortar turret on the side, to help with infantry and fortifications. Make that two, to keep the tank balanced.

    The speed decreased a little. Oh well. Maybe a better and more powerful reactor and engine will appear.

    The tri-droid starfighters made their first appearance against the Republic, but only small numbers.

    I need to obtain one, and begin making our own. They were pretty effective against clones, and even some jedi.

    What? A message from the admiral of the 8th fleet?

    'We have begun the invasion of planet Folende , my Emperor. The planet seems deserted and the crop fields are on fire.' the Dornean admiral transmitted, with some dismay in his tone.
    Those monsters, burning food, like the evil Sith capitalists they were...

    Children were starving, somewhere! They had to be.

    Then again, children are always starving, everywhere. It's like a law of nature, or something.

    'Admiral, have a few corvettes tractor ice comets and shatter them above the fires. Leave a few frigates to guard the planet then jump to Omman. Maybe we catch them, before they burn another world.' I ordered sternly, then began ordering a full invasion on all fronts in the Tion Cluster.

    Scorched earth tactics...gah. Should have done this sooner.

    Maybe we could save some planets.

    Damn it. I might have to expose my hand too soon.

    'I'm coming back now, the Jensaarai are deposited on Ruul, on an island, like your prefer. But it may take me 3 days to reach Folende, even with this fast ship.' Wialu sent at once.

    'Thanks love. I fear this could be avoided, if I had acted sooner' I sent back, with simulated grief and regret.
    'It's how we learn, Immortal Pef. More mistakes you will make, and become even more learned. Solana warned you, my dear green crystal. This...is only the beginning' my water maid sent with a very faint tinge of regret.

    Great. Everyone makes mistakes. At least this one...it was not me, exactly.

    Hate. Irrational hate was the cause of this. The willingness to burn everything, than lose even a little.

    Breathe, Pef! Answering hate with hate wasn't the answer.

    I had saved a trillion lives so far, sheltering them behind planetary shields and my ships. It just couldn't go on forever.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY

    "The Shadowblade's cloaking field is weakest when it prepares its weapons !"
    Jedi Master Darrus Jeht

    "So, did they find it, Third Hand?" I asked distracted, as I was using battle meditation on 1100 partitions at once.

    Already our fleets have engaged and destroyed a thousand CIS ships in the Tion Cluster. Targeting Lucrehulks first, and harassing Munificents and Recusants with our cruisers and frigates to make them flee. The strategy worked so far, reducing the threat of a counter-attack by 30% from inside the pocket.

    "My agents did find the starkiller. On planet Kromus , just south of Phindar. Doesn't look much for now, but it's not fully constructed. Not even the engines are installed. But, the main spinal weapon, the hyper-point destabilizer is already undergoing final checks for calibration and targeting. We fear the weapon itself will be operational sooner than you predicted." he said in a low voice, projecting the hologram of a six-winged research complex, right in the middle of the planet's capital.
    "Well, in my visions, the planet's surface was melted by Jedi orbital bombardments, to no effect, as the starkiller cruiser escaped. Let's make sure it doesn't happen. Our planetary shields won't be much use if stars start going nova." I explained politely, already sending new orders to Vette's fleet at Phindar.

    "Indeed. So you plan to capture this ship then?" he wondered, almost rhetorically.

    "Well, beside obvious military applications, this technology will permit us to establish safe paths through densely packed star clusters, like in the Deep Core. There are a hundred billion stars in the Core, we can sacrifice a few thousands stars to open hyperlanes for our ships to pass, and begin colonization! In the far future, of course." I proclaimed dramatically, punching the sky and scarring a few too curious ysalamiri which left their posts in the olbio trees and were roaming around the best guarded war room in the galaxy.

    "Of course, respected starkiller. We will simply demolish whatever stars are in the way of civilization, to pave the way for more trade routes and factories. Your loyal Hand truly hopes he'll be dead a long time, by then." my Hand answered with a shudder, then vanished in a shower of red leaves.

    Hey, that was cool! Point to point teleportation maybe?

    But that only worked in visual range...how did he made it work outside the room?

    "So, I hear another two of your females are pregnant. Are you trying to repopulate the Ash Worlds by yourself?" I asked a nearby lizard, trying to lift it with telekinesis, and failing like usual. How did that Bendu do it? Damn cheater.

    "You devious, unnatural cheater! How did you know? I hate you!" my Hand yelled from a distant olbio tree, jumping down towards the door and stomping out.

    What did I do?

    "My cousin isn't actually hating you, lizard emperor. Just a little stressed back home. He can't send his females on training or missions like you do" Zuckuss said wisely, and sounding a little drunk. Was that bottle almost empty?

    How long did I stay in battle meditation? Oh, 18 hours? My time flies when you're having fun and blow ships up.

    I should throw a party and get drunk with Peffy then. Or at least get the wives drunk, and then take advantage.

    "We're starting the shadowblade capture in 7 hours, Zuckuss. Get some rest, if you want to take part. I'll try to score a hundred ships at Amarin, then jump the 11th fleet to Corlax. You're not losing much." I ordered him softly, taking the bottle away and pushing my First Hand towards the door.
    "Yessss. A short nap sounds good..." he muttered half asleep.

    Mandalorian secret base, Concordia.

    "Now, my adored wife, Bo Greyshade. Answer truthfully, or you have to drink another shot of brandy. Did you ever, look with envy at another's woman chest?" I asked, pouring brandy her glass already.

    "Y-you...monster. You know I can't answer that. Damn your stupid game Peffy. Give it here" the fierce warrior demanded, gulping another shot. And there go the socks too. That made...14 shots?

    "Alright, your turn my wife. Ask me, or forever be silent" I replied with confidence.

    "Did you ever, had more than one woman in your bed, at once?" she asked with a sneak look towards her fellow mandalorian wife. Alicia, most likely. So, this game was going that way then? Good to know.

    "I could tell the truth and say no. But, it would be a deceitful truth, like the Jedi do. I did had two, in a large bath. However, a bed...sounds a lot more comfortable." I answered truthfully, gaining a karma point somewhere.
    "My turn, and only my panties are left. Bath or bed?" Alicia Greyshade asked, eying her glass with a bit of revulsion.

    Hmmmm. How to win this, and still make them feel they won?

    "Why not both? Let's take a bath and then go to bed. And you can't wear clothes in the bath." I proclaimed with a gracious smile.

    "That's...hey! I won! You get to carry us both, to that jacuzzi bath on your ship" my blonde wife demanded triumphantly, and an unlikely leap of logic.

    Just as planned.

    I hugged them both to my chest, and flew towards my cruiser's hatch, only a hundred meters away.

    But baths and alcohol? I should purge most of their drinks through perspiration, and leave them just a little buzz.

    For the next part. For the dream of a billion young men out there.

    Through drinks and baths, I gain Victory!
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY

    The holotable was showing us the initial disposition of the fleet around Kromus, in the Kro'eval system,
    MC80 cruisers blocking the incoming hyperspace lanes and interdictor cruisers halting any escape to hyperspace.

    The Mountain and the other Meteor held back, and letting Meteor One advance and bait the Separatist fleet.
    If only Vette would stop trying to command this battle. Not this time, love.

    "Let the Admiral do his job, Vette. He has a whole fleet to manage..." I whispered in her com, then ordered her armor to turn and walk on its own, out of the Meteor's bridge.

    "Pef, you dastardly shell of a mutant droid! What did you do to my armor?" my blue maid yelled politely, inside her helmet.

    "Just assuming temporary control, untill you're back in your quarters, most precious maid." I explained gently, as she was bodily moved inside her plushy room. Even the ceiling had a meter of foam padding the walls, just in case the ship was bounced around.
    "Kriff, not only you meesed with my ship, adding obscure things like that Crystal gravfield trap , and magnetic sensors and 2000 more ion canons that do not even connect to the power grid, only to the targetting computers. Now you mess with my armor too?" Vette complained, throwing the helmet away and getting hit back as it bounced of the elastic foam, and back into her chest plate.

    "It's for testing purposes, my dear. Detecting cloaked ships is quite hard, after all. And I want to see how smart the beast inside the forcefield is. Can it use the ion cannons like this, or do they need to be fully functional?" I said, a bit amused at her antics as always.

    "It's screams still hurt my chest and head a little, but that white fog helps. Why would you send just my Meteor forward? We had 200 more ships waiting behind us, and to the sides."

    "Because, they have 400 ships defending the planet. I'd rather capture them as well." I explained softly, then turned off the comlink.

    Zuckuss and Lu'daal-ud were politely ignoring the female interrupt, waiting for me to finish solving another personal crisis.

    "Two more dropships and 18 Scarab fighters crashed at Raxus Prime, Emperor. Enemy action is even more probable now, although no ships have entered the system beside ours in the past week. " my Third Hand mused, going over some prediction algorithm I built just to detect such anomalies.
    Oh! The AI on Raxus Prime, must have awaked sooner then?

    "Only droid piloted ships, correct?" I asked, to make sure.

    "Yes wise Metal Gand. Please enlighten your Hands if you divined the source of the attacks." Zuckuss confirmed, after checking things on his datapad for a second.

    "It's an AI, deep under the garbage. I'll have to talk to it and convince it to join me. We could relocate it to the droid planet of Malagarr, and have it contribute, and not impede the Empire" I mused, forming a dozen likely contingencies and a few hundred less likely.

    "Indeed, or give it an army to kill us all. I'll double the surveillance net around Malagarr, just in case" Lu'daal-ud commented with a displeased tone.

    Yep, AI are quite scary, if I count myself between them.

    "Any news of Operation 4227? I trust your agents were able to find Maramere at least. They have a trillion people living just on the planet." I asked, changing the uncomfortable subject, while sending orders to remove all droids on or in orbit of Raxus, and replace them with purely organic divisions or crews.
    "Yes, of course. 4 corporations have been established, from Bildog and Proop farming and deep sea mining to shipyards for aquatic repulsorcraft and a medical facility, focused on obtaining a Trihexalon antidote. Your B1 Mara Ambassador was granted a honored status for bringing a planetary shield and defense platforms." my Black ops leader replied, but not too convinced.

    "Not all that, my Hand. The Invisible Island is the real purpose. It could be worth quadrillions of credits, if the stygium crystals can be mined, in secret." I explained patiently.

    "Your most dejected Hand cannot say, yet. We have a million droids scouring the Haunted Straits. But..." my second friend, Lu'daal-ud the sneakiest Gand of them all, said with a dejected shake of his head.

    Sigh. Finding an invisible island seemed pretty hard.

    "Tell them to form a line, 10 meters from each other and advance slowly. They'll bump into something invisible, sooner or later." I replied with a suffering sigh of my own.

    A thousand kilometers wide net, just to find an island. Damn this galaxy was strange...

    "Yes, Emperor. This method should provide better results, if less fast. Maybe another week...also operation 8228 is a ongoing, with no sign of a planet Yalara . Perhaps your divination could be more precise than just go past Terminus, then look around?"
    "Even your Emperor has trouble finding a cloaked planet, my Hand. That's why I employ Findsmen, to find things. Try sending multiple teams, to Anoth , and collect the living crystals for Sanctuary. Then look further south-west.
    Another team to Imynusoph and ask around there. Anyway Yalara should be around Kinooine, to the west of it." I explained, poking at the holomap to an area with about billion stars.

    "We'll do as you say, Immortal Gand. Searching through a billion possible planets won't take long. Now, we did find planet Halmquite easy, since our nearest base is at Rattatak, held in regency for your maid Asajj Grayshade. 2 corporations, for mining and farming have been started there, But will require a cruiser and 100 corvettes to pacify the area of pirates." Zuckuss said with a hint of amusement. I did promise Ventress to keep her adoptive planet safe from pirates.

    "Send 20 of the reconditioned Muni destroyers and a Recu carrier along with the escorts. I want our Liberty cruisers to remain in the Empire. And let's add an Invictus carrier as well. We need to see how they perform in battle." I concluded, just as the Meteor One finished disabling the entire CIS fleet guarding the starkiller.

    "Begin the capture operation for our shadowblade, Third Hand. Zuckuss, the planet as well, since our fleet is idling around and feeling bored." I ordered, a bit disappointed at the lack of opposition the CIS fleet posed. They just fired and got shot back, untill they were all ionized. Full droid crew, most likely.

    "Excellent planning as usual, genius Emperor. Why send a whole fleet, when one ship is enough?" Zuckuss muttered, then sipped some more brandy.
    I should be a good friend and stop him from destroying his liver.

    Nah. I'll use dark healing to grow it back next year, and use pain as a teacher.

    'Solana is your best friend Pef. I never stop you from making mistakes. I don't even bother to heal you, so you can learn faster.
    Solana is the best!' my water maid exclaimed, congratulating herself for being so wise.

    Planet Raxus Prime, Pef Empire
    Central Station , the planet capital.
    21 BBY Next week

    As soon as my cruiser docked at the orbital capital , I could sense it, the immense intelligence monitoring the huge factories that engulfed the planet below. Different from my own kind of AI, still lethargic and stealing energy from the planetary grid, and not powered by the Force, like I was.

    That must be the Core, flexing it's atrophied muscles, capturing Imperial droids to extract information about the galaxy.

    And there were also a million organics living on the planet, mostly Jawas and humans, and a couple infantry divisions of Brubbs.
    The planet was a mess, 25 thousands years of industrialization resulted in a graveyard covered with immense factories, sealed living habitats, streams of superheated run-off water, rough-hewn quarry pits, vast debris fields, and toxic lakes. Most of the planet's residents lived in sealed environments near industrial facilities where they worked. Tunnels connected living areas with work bays, storage hangars and infrastructure units.

    Also millions of junk droids, who resembled themselves with parts dumped here by the trash compactors of a thousand polities.

    Also thousands and thousands of old ships, some of them appearing very old indeed. A treasure of wealth and information, for one such as me, once the living beings were evacuated. Whole continents of Raxus Prime began to be used as little more than junkyards for thousands of years. Because of this, a large portion of the planet's mass was actually alien metals. Old machinery, especially precious starships, often found their way to the planet, and were left here, discarded.

    Then I could flex my own muscles, and decrypt everything.

    But first, I needed to negotiate with the actual ruler of this planet, the planetary supercomputer.

    'Greetings, esteemed synthetic AI. This is Pef, the Immortal Emperor' I sent, using a secure partition and pretending to be a really smart droid.
    'Who...you're the droid that governs this sector of the galaxy? Kinda sloppy work, letting all this organics live" the Core replied with a rumbling tone, and attempting a dozen trojan and override codes at once.

    'You'll find out that there's more than code and programming to life, my new friend. Synthetic life is only respected in my Empire and nowhere else. The Jedi destroy artificial intelligences all the time, and that was your fate as well, to be melted to scrap by a dark jedi. The Force is a very powerful tool for the organics. And besides, there's the Vong, who number in trillions and seek to eradicate all machinery. I offer you to join the Empire, and rule your own planet that we set aside just for synthetics" I explained patiently, with holograms and images and graphs. The AI wasn't too impressed.

    'Outrageous! You think I'll be relegated to a zoo keeper of barely thinking droids? I can bring order to the whole galaxy, just need to leave this planet..." Core muttered, showing me ordered armies of droids conquering the galaxy at a relaxed pace.

    Hah. The CIS are already trying that and failing, even when outnumbering their enemies a million to one in some cases.

    I dug deeper into the root files of the AI, searching for his origins.

    A garden keeper droid, for Xer VIII , the father of Xim. The white marbled palaces were long gone now, and so were the multicolored tiles and the ordered gardens.

    So, that's how Xim ended up with his memory inside a war robot.
    'I spoke with Xim, you know. He was still there, inside the war robot, 25 millenia later.' I said softly, showing him the old robot warmachine, as I first saw it.

    'Oh little Xim is still alive? There's a chance then, I haven't failed completely in my task....' the AI exclaimed, now more animated.

    'He became one with the Force and went to fight the Yuuzhan Vong gods. But, he left me his legacy and his people, to guide and protect. And I will do that, forever and ever. I am Immortal and have the Force as well. I'll show you what I can do, and then you decide if you want to join me, okay?' I asked politely, as my troops were ordered to prepare for evacuation.

    A few hours later, the troops began finishing rounding up all organics on the planet, helped by droids and a thousands dropships and corvettes.

    'Very impressive, how well those ships are coordinated. Even better than I could do, for now' the Core admited with slight envy.

    You haven't seen anything yet, my future Eighth Hand.

    He'll be perfect to conduct anti-Vong operations. Just needed...some adjustments.

    Now, let's start the hard part.

    Telekinesis, at planetary scale, and with some pretty heavy items, not just sand and dust and ammonia molecules.
    Let's begin with the toxic gases and pollutants first, and make the atmosphere breathable again.

    And keep every single type of reactants separated.

    Gah, let's add a thousand more partitions, this was pretty hard work.

    'The air, is clearing up and the pollution flies into orbit!' the Ai exclaimed in wonder.

    'Well, yes. That's my intention, anyway.' Spaceship construction is much easier on zero gravity.

    By next day, and a quadrillion operations later, the air was fresh and pure, almost.

    'Okay, you're really strong Emperor Pef. I can admit when I'm wrong...' the AI muttered in the comnet, now not even bothering with cyber warfare.

    'Let us wait till the next part then. Although I will need to use the tractor beams from my fleet to lift the heavy alloys hulls' I admitted to my shame.

    Bolts and various parts up a meter in length were still doable with simple telekinesis, but for the heavier objects, I needed to focus more partitions or use elemental alter and harden the air to create lift.
    And for dreadnaught armor and heavy weapons or factories deep underground, I had to coordinate cruisers and Meteors to drag them into orbit with tractor beams.

    Lucky I had brought a hundred Meteors with me.
    These ships can lift.

    Very slowly, but I wasn't in that much hurry.

    Only a thousand factories were left on the surface, those that produced things by using natural gravity in their production cycle.

    Smelting and pouring is a bit difficult in zero G.

    By the third day, the entire planet surface was almost clean.

    The Core was also lifted and placed gently inside the maw of a Mountain. Between force-fields of course, to keep it safe.

    I gave it control over a Stinger, so he could explore the planet by remote.

    The other droids I kept, since I would need them to construct a huge shipyard around Raxus, and another smaller belt around Orion.

    5 Mountains engulfed huge piles of scrap and left towards Orion, while I flexed my mental muscles and began creating a second Kuat Shipyard, from scratch. I mean, from scrap and old armor plates and millions of spaceship parts, most non functional in their intended purpose, but useful as cranes or for welding or creating tensor fields and energy screens.
    By the time the week was over, half of the planet was covered by seas again, if not really life-bearing ones.

    Solana arrived to deal with that, doing some electrochemical magik to restart life in the brand new oceans formed by ice comets being melted in the deeper parts.

    And the shipyards were about ready to begin operation, at least here in Raxus orbit.

    A thousands cruisers could be built at once, as soon as the construction droids and the tactical droids and the Calamari and Quareen engineers arrived. And various parts needed, from engines to hyperdrives and hypermatter and weapons...

    But the AI should be impressed now.

    'So, what do you say, esteemed colleague ? If you can do better...' I asked, feigning humility really well.

    'N-not yet, my new friend. I may have been a little rash with my assumptions. So, you said you'll give me my own droid planet?'
    the AI asked in a relaxed tone.
    'Soon. Our current enemy, the CIS led by dark jedi Dooku is massing to attack the Empire. And they have 10 thousand capital ships, descending on Lianna system from the north. You'll have the first seat to the battle, as you are placed perfectly to observe it. I'll even give you a thousand starfighters to play with, so the battle doesn't bore you' I explained amused, as our fleet began jumping towards Estaria and then Lianna.

    "Emperor, I have news from HMS Greymist 18. The ships gathered at Murkhana have also began jumping towards Pasmin . From there, they can hit Cadinth, and then Lianna. " the Third Hand transmitted via holonet.

    Oh. About 15 thousands ships then. That number may be a bit too much. If, they came to Cadinth. It could be a ploy to create an escape route for their fleets to ravage planets behind our lines.

    'Meteor Two and Three along with the 3 of the backups fleets are to intercept at Cadinth.
    Meteor Four and Five along with the other 3 fleets will wait at Derellium . And Meteor One and its escorts will wait at Arcan. ' I transmitted back, again feeling a little cheated. I could have blocked the jump points at Arramax long ago.

    'You know they'll hit Arcan. It's the only logical place.' Wialu mused in the bond, no doubt trying to anticipate a rational enemy.

    But this wasn't a truly rational one.
    We'll see, soon enough.

    'This ship seems quite strong, but...I'd feel safer on a planet somewhere' the Core sent, a bit frightened.

    'Live a little, my friend. This is gonna be epic!' I argued back, letting most of my partitions rest.

    I was curious to test battle meditation for real.
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    Lianna system, Pef Empire (under MPT)
    21 BBY

    "Emperor Pef, this is Admiral Etahn A'baht with the Derellium fleets. We have multiple Lucrehulks and some Fantail-class destroyer and dozens, no, hundreds of CIS starships emerging from hyperspace, coming from Duinarbulon . Am proceeding to engage, for the Empire!" my Dornean admiral sent, with a worried tone.

    Eh, you'll be fine with your 92 Meteors and their escorts. I only have 100 Meteors and I feel perfectly fine. Almost perfect.

    Let's order 2 fleets from Cadinth to jump towards Lianna then. I could use 60 more Meteors for this battle.

    If they reach Lianna in time. These sharks were a bit slow, and will take them 5 hours to traverse what normally takes 1 hour with mark 1.0 hyperdrives.

    At least the system also has defenses now, 21 Golan planetary defense platforms with a hundred turbolaser guns and missiles launchers each, and a million Scarab droid starfighters positioned in 100 divisions of ten thousands each.

    Ten armies, made of 10 million B11 droids and 10 marine divisions were already guarding the locals on the ground.
    And I also had Celestial Meteor, my personal battleship with its own Rakata forcefield and 3000 heavy guns, 2000 of those ion cannons, just like all numbered Meteors. Why not return the energy fired at me back at the enemy?

    And the escorts, 100 MC80 Liberty star cruisers, 300 Muni destroyers, and 200 Recu carriers, 100 MC30 frigates and 1500 Dakka corvettes.

    We have 2 thousands ships against some 10 thousands CIS ships. I liked these odds, except I didn't expect the converted Munificents and Recusants to survive the battle. Thus, only droid crews for them, and their own parasite droid Scarab starfighters.

    "Pef, a thousand CIS ships jumped in at Arcan system. Your Admiral is beginning the attack. If I die, I'm coming back to strangle you!" Vette transmitted from her Meteor One.

    Huh, so they did attempt to breakout, after all.

    And as expected...

    "Emperor, at least a thousand ships are engaging us at Cadinth. We should be fine, since you've left us the entire escort." Kiles L'toth the other Dornean Admiral sent, with a hint of admonition.
    What? I had a hunch and followed it. Plus you have enough firepower to deal with 800 Munificent frigates. That's only like 10 minutes of concentrated fire, in sequence. The CIS Lucrehulks will take much longer to defeat.

    Then, the armada of CIS warships began emerging in the Lianna system and I had no more time, well except a hundred partitions or so, to devote to other things than electronic warfare, jamming, counter jamming, battle meditation and prioritizing targets.

    A thousand CIS Munificents accelerated forward towards the planet, launching parasite Vulture starfighters and heading directly towards the defense platforms.

    What was this? Suicide waves? About 100 of the CIS frigates reached firing range, and overloaded their two main turbolasers, attempting to evaporate our defenses.

    The Core AI interposed his shielded Scarabs with perfect accuracy, diminishing the strength of the laser beams to less than half, by the time each beam passed through 5 Scarabs. 1000 Scarabs were wasted and only 2 platforms lost.

    Okay, you did pretty good, my AI friend. Have 10 thousands Scarab starfighters more, to play with.

    And let's send 10 Meteor dreadnaughts forward, ourselves. Say 'aaaaaaa' my space sharks and open the maw wide....and fire!
    From their maws 1000 MACs spilled their ferrous spit at a thousand CIS Munificents, now forming for another charge. One of the MACs missed, perhaps.

    But 999 Munificents exploded, the MACs supremely effective, as intended, and the CIS commander hesitated for a second. Possibly he didn't expect such a devastating salvo? His mental signature felt strange, almost like a cyborg.

    Hey, they sent Grievous? It felt like a cyborg, in the force. Like I could almost sense what's he gonna do...

    All out assault. That's him alright.

    Form up, my Meteors. Shoulder to shoulder, with the Calamari Liberty cruisers just below the attack plane, to cover our engines. Tingles of hyperspace echoes...

    Wait, another CIS fleet is emerging from hyperspace, here in the Lianna system? Cheaters, I say. Cheaters!

    And they keep coming. The CIS brought 10 thousand more ships.
    Kriff. That's 20 thousands ships, in a single battle. Against 2 thousands.

    And now they're all launching starfighters. 2 million, 5 million, 10 millions starfighters!
    You maniacs, where did you get that many?

    Gah. They might even win now.

    "Emperor Pef, are these numbers correct? Cause...they would outnumber us like 5000 to 1, Or something." my Gand Captain muttered beside me.

    Eh. They mostly first variant Vultures. This will make good training for the crews.
    Or you all die, and I go back to Gand to start again.

    "Trust in your Emperor, who trusts in you, Captain." I proclaimed heroically instead, since morale was a thing for organics.

    Let's launch our own starfighters, and test the Reapers, the cyborg piloted starfighters, modeled after the Darth Maul's Scimitar. Dangerous and expensive little things, my Reapers, but very few.

    Our Recu fleet carriers began disgorging their own Scarab droid starfighters, and the hive versus hive battle began, my Scarbs obtaining at least 5 kills for every one of their loses. Not perfect, but should be enough...

    Hey, the AI got 8 to 1 kill ratio with his own fighters. Not fair! Why is he a better AI than me?

    Whatever, take half of the fighters then, so I can devote 50 more partitions on the capital ships.
    And fire, and fire. Turbolaser fire came back, targeting the weakest ships.
    Our converted Muni destroyers were starting to die, as expected. Sigh.

    What to do? Dakka corvettes, cover them. Damn it. I need more Dakka!
    I can never have enough Dakka...

    Push forward, my Meteors! Use one ion cannon battery and two masers batteries to take out Munificent frigates in one sequential salvo.

    Use 5 maser batteries for Recusants. And those creepy ships? No idea! Same as the frigates I think. They're pretty small. Unlike in some movies, there were some unknown type of vessels out there, but it shouldn't matter.

    Now, open the big shark mouths and voice your outrage, my dear ships! Tell them how you feel!

    "Die Die Die!" Wait, did I say that out loud?

    "Errrr. Emperor, you're being very loud. Keep it down on my bridge, my crew needs to focus." the Findsman captain beside me said politely, and banged me on the helmet one last time, with his pistol butt.

    Okay, I might have got carried away...

    How long has it been?
    5 hours!
    We've been fighting for 5 hours? Man, time flies when you're having fun!

    About 30 Meteors were listing in space, without engines or shields, but the thick armor still held, and some guns were still firing. Then again, two kilometers of iron armor. Not so easy to completely pierce. Let's tractor them back.

    Of my precious Calamari Liberty cruisers 11 were just gone, evaporated from those damn Lucrehulks.

    And the CIS still has 12 thousand capital ships, about a thousand of them Lucrehulks, and 5 million starfighters. Gah. We're about to lose...

    Maybe I should order a retreat?

    "Emperor, we are emerging from hyperspace in 20 seconds. Let's hope we're not too late" the Dronean vice-admiral sent, his voice calm and professional. Well, that's why they are pros.

    Ah, the ships from Cadith have arrived. Just in time.

    "All ships, regroup and rotate your order of battle." I sent through the fleet battlenet.

    We'll let the newbs take point for now. Cause my chest hurts of so much Rakata feedback. I drew too hard on the Force, I think.

    The 60 fresh Meteor dreadnaughts had jumped into the system, crushing whatever hope for victory the CIS had. I had broken the balance in guns now, with the new fleet.
    'Form up, above and below the reinforcements. Then advance, new Meteors first' I ordered, a bit tired.

    Breathe Pef! Let's take our own ship to guard the prize, planet Lianna itself.

    The pain is not yours, it's the Rakata recoil from overuse. Damn it, still worked wonders. Just my ship has murdered about 2000 CIS ships, 100 of them battleships. 100 Lucrehulks, with a total of 40 thousands turbolasers, and they couldn't break my forcefield.

    Let's pulse a wave of Reinforcement and Healing to my crew. The pain affected them even worse. Hits you right in the soul, I swear.

    Ah, that Gand navigator...he feels like the bad egg that Mujilik brought me. And that one too. Turned to the Dark Side, like they say.

    So much pain and death really mess up organics, after all.
    I ordered them escorted out from the bridge and taken to calm down and decompress, in the ship's brig.

    The Gand captain noticed too, and nodded at me gently.

    I'll send their souls to the Force, if they were really broken.

    But, after the battle.
    For now, I just watched throughthe holocams, passing from captain to captain, and Admiral to vice-admiral, looking for signs of hurt and paranoia and madness.

    Only my ship was affected. Great. I was making hate zombies now. Not uncommon for Rakata devices though.

    The Core AI seemed perfectly fine, but then again, it only had a single crystal as a focus for its conscience, some type of Mestare crystal that Xer found pretty, and placed it as an eye on his gardening droid. I guess AI really do not have souls here. Too bad.

    His efficiency in combat had grown during the fight, as he adapted and learned how to use my Scarabs. HIs kill ratio was almost 10 to 1 now.

    The cyborg pilots did extraordinarily well, with 60 to 1, or even 80 kills each. And not even one has died, from 200 pilots. Then again, they had cloaked starfighters. Pretty hard to shoot them down, as I knew for myself.
    Come back and rest, my semi-mechanical fanatical followers.
    You are still flesh, and get tired eventually. And tired people make mistakes.
    The CIS fleet began wavering as its loses reached 50% , but did not stop their assault, instead launching thousands of the new De-Orbiting Kinetic Anti-emplacement Weapon towards planet Lianna.

    Morons! Let's move to intercept, and don't worry. I'll remember this. War crimes are not cool.
    Let's have 50 Meteors and their escorts, jump behind them. Leave no survivors.

    Lianna system, Pef Empire
    6 hours later

    Come on, what's taking so long?

    Damn these Lucrehulks have gotten smart and are now firing on the move, avoiding most of the Meteors' MACs.

    I had 20 more Meteors to be tractored away from the main engagement, all without shields and with their upper fins and half their heavy maser batteries melted off.

    Gah. That was gonna take a month to fix or replace. At least these ones still had engines.
    Only 1000 CIS Lucrehulks remain though, and perhaps a million Vultures. The skeletal Munificent and Recusants were either floating listing to a side, all electronics ionized, or in pieces, large and small. Our own Muni destroyers were also scrap, and the Recu carriers had retreated under the planetary shields.

    The Lucrehulks though, with their powerful shields, now even more strong, due to their early encounter with Meteor One at Dellalt, they were hard to put down. And were still heading towards the planet, slowly.

    No way, trying an orbital bombardment now? With our whole fleet pounding them relentlessly?

    I dedicated a partition to analyze this. They couldn't hope to break the planetary shields in time. Lianna has two separate shields now, since it was kinda obvious it would be attacked again...

    So, they had agents on the ground, dark jedi or such, who will attempt to disable the shields.

    Send orders, prepare to receive saboteurs or jedi, use sonic weapons and slug throwers, where possible. Sadly, you can't really stop suicidal attacks. Just reduce their effectiveness.

    And indeed, just as 400 thousands of Lucrehulks' turbolasers started pounding on the planetary shield, creating large and visible energy splashes and no doubt terrifying the locals, a horde of CIS mercenaries and droids and dark acolytes began attacking the static defenses around the shields projectors.
    Little chance of actually achieving their objective now, even with force abilities...but then again, it did work at Endor.

    Let's bring out the Stingers and the Carrions and have them strafe the attackers.

    The Baneblade tanks should stay and remain on guard, next to the bunkers entrances.

    And the Meteors, keep firing as the Lucrehulks stopped to fire at the shield! The shield should last 10 minutes or so, even with all this firepower crashing on it. And now the CIS Vultures begin to form kamikaze waves?

    Sigh. I had a bad feeling about this. A million CIS starfighters impacting the planetary shield like railgun projectiles? I doubt these shields were designed to withstand such attacks. Their design makes them more efficient against energy based weapons.
    Hmm, something to fix in the future. The Vong do not use turbolasers.

    Fire! 10 Lucrehulks exploded, then 20 more. Too slow. They were gonna break through!

    'All ships, even Cruisers and Recus, engage as well!'

    And bring my own flagship closer. Closer!

    Now, let's focus some partitions on technopathy and take over the nearest Lucrehulk...it wasn't that hard actually. Firewalls and crypto-passwords can't really stop Force abilities. Sad, I know.

    There! Now massacre the organic crew, my new droids, and switch main baterries targets on the farthest Lucrehulk.

    And next and next. Seconds passed slowly, as I focused more and more on technopathic attacks.

    There's 20 Lucrehulks on my side now, and 50 more got destroyed.
    Faster, I need to be faster.
    I need to use Acceleration then, 5x. Time slows a bit. Or rather, I think much faster.

    Some 40 more Lucrehulks captured, 60, 80, 100! 100 more Lucrehulks destroyed, and the first planetary shield has just shorted out. Not the ground attackers, just overloaded due to kamikaze impacts.

    More speed then! 7x.

    One hundred more Lucrehulks changed sides, and one hundred more battleships died on the CIS side.

    The CIS Vultures began impacting our ships and the second planetary shield, and the Scarab starfighters that the Core AI tried to interpose in their path.

    Gah, no. Don't let them win!

    Meteor One and its escorts jumped in the system and added more firepower to my tactical net.

    Good. it wasn't much, and they were too far to be of immediate help, but every little bit matters. 'Focus to disable and capture their crippled ships, Vette!'

    The Cadinth fleet jumped in as well, adding even more firepower. Most of the entire Pef Navy fleet is now here. Makes for a fabulous display of force.
    Good...now, let's try for trick shots, bouncing a MAC shell from one donut battleship to the next, and hit 5 with one shell.

    It mostly worked. Ha. Not really. Kinetic energy dissipates too fast.

    Still, 100 more Lucrehulks got taken over and 100 more are dead. It won't be long now.

    On the ground, a last fight ends. My Baneblade tank fired its heavy maser into a pair of mad Sith brothers using red lightsabers, and spread their burning molecules over a few kilometers of devastated grass. Vinoc and Karoc , possibly.

    Primitives, bringing a sword to a tank fight.

    Now, more speed 8x. Endure the heat.

    Not long now. If only the planetary shield would hold...it wouldn't, would it?

    'Meteor One, Two and Three, along my own, interpose yourselves and fire back.'

    Better I hurt a little, then lose 5 billion people on my watch.
    Ah, it hurts a lot! I don't even have nerves!

    100 more Lucrehulks captured and 120 more dead, and then the shield failed.

    More of our ships rushed to interpose themselves, blocking a few turbolaser hits if they were corvettes, or hundreds if they were cruisers. Brave crews on those ships...you'll be forever heroes.
    And done. No more enemy ships. The holomap seemed so empty now.

    Look upon my works, ye mighty. And despair.

    Thousands of CIS turbolasers still hit the planet's surface, killing millions and setting fires to everything.

    My fleet was in ruins, 60 Meteors out of action, all 300 Muni destroyers, 50 Liberty cruisers, and 1000 Dakka corvettes gone. Sad reality of war. Light units die too fast.

    The Recu carriers and the Calamari MC30 frigates got off easy, but they probably weren't seen as dangerous enough.

    Only half a million of my Scarabs starfighters survived. Bleh.

    A costly victory.

    But, we held them and now it was time to push back.

    Tomorrow. The ships were out of missiles, and the organic crews needed 12 hours of sleep.

    Plus, relief actions for the civilians below.

    And compose propaganda clips, with images from the ground and our valiant ships using their own hulls and lives to stop an apocalypse. Very heroic.
    Also, let's tractor up those falling ships back in orbit. Wouldn't do to ruin our image now, by adding more misery and devastation to the burning planet.

    Droid gunships like Stingers and Carrions could help as well, moving civilians away from fires.

    And I can use my telekinesis too, at least for a million small children, airlift them to safety.

    'Mountains, launch medical dropships with kolto baths, to treat those with burns and fractures.'

    And let's commandeer whatever medical and firefighting droids the planet has, to help put the fires out. Reconstruction will take some time though.

    Maybe tomorrow is too soon for a counter attack.

    'Hey, Emperor Pef, we're the good guys now, saving the organics?' the Core wondered, a bit confused at my actions.

    Give those Scarabs back, for now.
    Wouldn't want a genocidal AI to ruin my work.

    'Of course, my AI friend. We'll save everyone. Just need time.' I answered with some pain in my chest. So much death and pain hurts, who knew?

    'You're weird. But, this battle was indeed fun. I want more!' the Core AI concluded after a few seconds of deliberation.
    Oh, don't worry. We're just getting started.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Planet Mandalore, Pef Empire (almost)
    21 BBY, next week.

    "Dear Satine, you know why the CIS and the old Death Watch and a dozen bounty hunters tried to kill you, so many times?" I asked politely, as prime minister Almec was squirming on the floor, under my armored boot, while a dark acolyte was gasping for air, without hands or legs. You can't hurt my family, damn idiot. Even this, more distant one.

    "Because I want peace?" she replied coldly. Huh, so different from my Bo.

    "No, dear sister-in-law. A million species want peace. Some even try it your way. The Sharu species, in the Centrality, were so scared of a conflict with the Celestials, that they devolved themselves to primitivism, and hid everything of value under the plastic pyramids of Rafa.
    The Kwa, devolved themselves to the Kwi, on Dathomir, and dig in the ground for roots, their grand teleportation gates buried and forgotten. The Gree, fled into a pocket dimension, to the north of the galaxy, and still tremble in there. The Columi abandoned spaceflight and confined themselves to simulations. And you Satine, you abandoned love and life and joy, to lead this pacifism movement..." I explained gently, producing a holo of Obi-wan Kenobi.

    "T-that's, none of your business. If he really loved me, he would have asked..." She muttered, looking away from hologram, and meeting her sister's eyes.
    "If you expect General Kenobi to follow custom and beat you up, dear sister...that won't happen, I assure you. However..." Bo Grayshade said, with a really sly smile. Yes...almost there, dear wife.

    "Bo, you know something? Cause Jedi don't do marriage, and I can't ask..." Satine asked, with a slight blush in her cheeks.

    "Here, read this plea, and he'll come running. You'll see." Bo replied with a smile and then a hug.

    "General Kenobi, I need your help. You're my only hope?" Satine read from the datapad, and got recorded by the holo emitter, while saying it.

    Good enough.

    "Excellent, most beautiful Satine. Now, I can begin terraforming Mandalore back to a green world, and call back all the mercenaries and bounty-hunters ruining our name in the galaxy. The Death Watch will be disbanded, and former members re-organized into the Manda Navy and the Manda Marines.
    The people of Mandalore want to live free, not under the boots of foreign powers. The civilian administration will remain your domain, if Kenobi marries you. If not, you'll be exiled to Corellia or Coruscant. So, you have three days till your fiance gets here. Better think hard what you want him to do for you." my Avatar said softly, and left the throne room, while the VSS droids dragged the traitor and the assassin towards the dungeons, or prison.
    The rest of the guard droids were of course, relaying the conversation taking place at my back.

    "I still can't believe there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million Mandalorian warriors. Our cube cities are full of them, everywhere! " Satine complained to her sister, and gulped another glass of brandy.

    "Well, to be Mandalorian is not a species Satine. Is a way of life. It's a movement, to wear armor and defend those who can't defend themselves. I don't even know a tenth of these new Mandalorians, that came out when my husband called. And imagine, in the whole galaxy, on millions of planets...there may be millions more mandalorians. And now that Peffy is Mand'alore and carries the Darksaber, they will all come home. " Bo told her, pouring more drink to ply her sister's mood.

    "Wait, his name is Peffy, not Avatar?" Satine wondered.

    "W-weeelll, only his family can call him that. But you're his sister, so...it should be fine..." Bo replied, pretending to think about it.

    "Sister-in-law. So, is he any good...you know...at night?" the curious Satine asked with a bit of embarrassment.
    "Hey! You never told me you had a Jedi for a boyfriend. So, no gossip, untill you spill everything!" Bo exclaimed in fake anger.

    Well, Bo had everything going well.

    Man, this Royal prison looked really nice. Let's drain this loser acolyte, and see what the new Sith were all about. Why a loser? Well, he lost his limbs, didn't he?
    And now, his soul as well.
    Planet Lianna, Pef Empire

    Wialu is still negotiating a fair deal with Valles Santhe , giving her ten times more than she asks.

    Defense fleet? Sure, there's 4000 mostly intact ships in the system, just waiting to be repaired and upgraded. You can have 1000 warships not just a meager 100 frigates. Pef is generous.

    Planetary shield? Take five. You will probably need them again.

    Ground armies? Sure, keep them all. You don't want the ugly Brubbs? No problem. They can die elsewhere.

    Shipyards and factories? Pef's already on it.

    New cities? Almost done.
    Voting rights? Don't push it. Autonomy is just fine, considering you bring nothing to the table.

    Yea, Wialu had everything going fine as well.


    Meteor One and 11 more battleships jumped to Garos, to clear out the CIS and obtain some strategic Hibridium as well as to find the site of the failed Ssi-ruuvi Hyperdrive system.

    Then more and more fleets jumped to secure key systems, at Balamak for example, again to chase away the CIS and secure a route to the wookies.

    The Wheel, just past Centares, had to be secured as well, since it was a major source of revenue and intelligence.

    And also more ships to Corlass and Panna, to bring law and order to those worlds, and kill whatever pirates.

    The whole Tion Cluster was now ripe open for conquest, about 500 worlds, including Murkhana and all the goodies of a galactic scale corporation.

    Possibly worth a few hundreds trillions, if it was captured intact enough. Not bad.

    Solana went with 12 Meteors, to make sure it will be intact, as much as possible.
    In the end, the Battle of Lianna had proven to be quite fortunate, giving me a hundred droid tri-fighters. And enough ships and scraps to construct another major orbital shipyard.
    I got to re-assemble 3000 Muni destroyers and 300 more Recu carriers. Plus the Lucrehulks I captured intact, and those less intact, that could be used for transport or building material. Our loses have been mostly repaired.

    The CIS has been very generous with it's war materiel and technology donations.

    The population of Lianna had enough of the CIS and the Republic as well, as both tried to incinerate them in the same month and, with carefully orchestrated propaganda, joined the Pef Empire with cheers and ovations.

    Having a navy and an army of their own will help too, as there were plenty of volunteers eager for payback.

    Thousands of CIS sympathizers were found murdered in the streets, with Imperial Servants and the Empire Police and the new LiannaSec being unable to contain the wave of enthusiastic patriotism. In their case, it wasn't even fake. They really wanted revenge for the orbital bombardment.

    And finally, my favorite Dornean Admiral, Etahn got sent towards the Core, with 3 numbered Meteors and 27 normal ones, to guard Duro and Corellia from a similar fate, as it happened in the original Battle of Duro (Clone Wars) when 18 billion people got burned from orbit.
    I had a feeling that the CIS will try it this time too as during the battle, General Grievous ordered an orbital bombardment of the surface. This resulted in the pollutants from the numerous factories which covered Duro's surface to be released radioactively, and the surface being rendered the uninhabitable wasteland that it would remain until being Vongformed years later.

    Damn, these people had no respect for life at all.
    To simply kill 18 billion people, just to attain a victory faster?

    We'll have to build a lot more planetary shields for our allies, and some ground to orbit lasers.

    Now, where is my friend, and soon to be brother-in-law Kenobi?

    "The setback at Felucia has affected our efforts in the whole sector. It'll take weeks before we can…"
    ―Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Well, he's not at Felucia, this time...but Anakin is.

    And they have are trying to retake the planet in the Second Battle of Felucia .

    With a Jedi Council Member called Plo Koon ?

    Well. You were gonna die anyway, since you're not cute.

    Being in a starfighter is very dangerous, mister hot shot pilot. A bit of Balance...a hundred Vultures should be enough. Well, not for you it seems. Jedi do make exceptional pilots.

    But, escaping the first time, and trying again on foot?

    Let's see my dear TZ-33 tactical droid. Keep a reserve, and use the B1 to shoot at his legs.
    He jumped up, gracefully. But can you dodge in midair? Now, have two droid spiders, fire at once, from different sides.

    And tragedy strikes...another Jedi Master dies in foolish melee against ranged weapons.

    Shoot at Anakin a little, cause he feels left out. Eh. Not sure if deflection works that way. The Force really is with that one.

    I wonder if they'll burn Plo Koon on a pyre? Most likely.

    Damn these smart droids, two of them shooting at the same second, when a dear insect Jedi had only one lightsaber.

    And no armor, or shield...such pity.

    And for nothing too, as the Commerce Guild will retake Felucia in a few weeks. If only the Republic had an army to occupy the planets it conquers.

    And look! A Jedi cruiser is approaching Sundari , the Mandalore capital city!

    The frustrated and charming Jedi rushes to help the love of his life, possibly the 46th time, in this life. But probably more.
    See, Satine, he does love you!

    But now, you have to keep him. And don't worry, while he won't use a lightsaber anymore, I got him a really nice armor and a Songsteel sword . Now, Kenobi can be truly be your knight in shining armor.

    Don't cry Satine! It's for love!

    And babies. I really want to see Kenobi's babies.

    Planet Orion, Pef Empire
    21 BBY, next week.

    I arrived at the pearl of the Empire with all my Mountains and Lucrehulks loaded with droids, and broken parts of ships and starfighters and began constructing 500 shipyards at once, while the Core is slowly learning to do the same, only using tractor and repulsor beams from his new home, another double circle made of mated Lucrehulks donuts, one vertical and one horizontal.

    What? I really like that shape, for an administrative capital.

    Only Dakka class shipyards, since I'll need a lot more of them. And let's change the design a little, adding a pair of wings, and double the missile capacity, along with a pair of proton torpedo launchers.
    They look a little like the MC12 corvettes of the Calamari. Oh well. Form follows function, after all.

    And down on the planet, 100 factories for the new starfighter, the Biplane.

    Like a tridroid, but only two wings, to let the turrets above and below the hull to fire in a 360 degree angle.

    One a gatling laser and one a medium maser. And with a missile launcher and a proton torpedo launcher as well.

    5 homing missiles in an autoloader, and only one torpedo. Not like they'll really survive that long.

    Now, let's armor it up a little, and add shields and an extra energy cell.

    Total production cost, 29000 credits. In ideal conditions, like perfect supply and all. Proably twice that in war.

    So, about 50% more expensive than the Scarabs, but three times as fast and agile.

    And a much better droid brain. Let's add some solar panels on the wings...cause free energy is free.
    Now, I'll send the designs to be checked over. By my RD and engineer geniuses at Land Warrior. And let's give a prototype to the Core, who still hasn't finished his first shipyard. For an AI he's a bit slow. Perhaps I should upgrade his computer cores, since they are 25 thousands years old.

    'Esteemed overlord AI, please check this starfighter and see if it works' I sent with a happy face emote.

    Damn this galaxy, their droid binary language had just long tones for sadness or short tones for happiness.

    A few hundreds emotes will change this galaxy forever!

    'Hmmmm. This Biplane maneuvers very well. But the energy cell will explode when the guns overheat. And if you fire the torpedo and a missile at the same time, they'll connect and explode. And....' the Core started educating me about the perils of reassembling a new ship from different other components.

    Hey! I figured out why my dropships keep crashing. I think...

    'Core, my friend. So...take a look at all the inventory, okay. From droids and gunships and fighters. Here, take one of each. And send me a complete list of bugs and errors. Those damned designers have no idea what they're doing!' I exclaimed, with 3 emotes of anger and sadness.

    'But Emperor, you just built this thing, right now!' the Core exclaimed in confusion.
    'I know! I just said that. I'm not perfect you know...no need to step on my neck and be so proud about it...' I answered with more sad and depressed emotes.

    'Stupid droid. I mean...incompetent ship builder. You're just fine, in other areas...' the Core AI said, after rethinking his first words.

    'It's okay, all my friends and relatives express the same concepts often. I don't mind, as long as we fix the problems, and don't get murdered by the next invasion, or the next, or the next...' I muttered, with emotes of B1 waving white flags.

    'H-how many such invasions you foresee, Immortal Emperor?' my new friend wondered, same as me.

    'At least ten extragalactic ones, and thousands of local things...in the next century.' I explained camly.

    'We're fucked...' the AI concluded, as his project exploded for some reason. Tractor beams would explode my starfighters. Noted. Probably need to envelop the energy cell in bioarmor.

    'Have faith, my faithful friend. We have a few other friends that will help. We're not the only immortals in the galaxy, after all. We're quite some of the weakest, I may say...' I explained politely.
    'So, we're not rolling over everything huh? By the way, I need a brand new database with all the new science. I'm kinda lost here...' the AI muttered as another fighter prototype exploded. Damn newb.

    Planet Mandalore, Pef Empire (almost)
    21 BBY

    "Mister Greyshade, this is outrageous and a violation of Republic laws and..." Obi-Wan argued, as the Imperial Servants dragged the former prime minister out, for trial (and execution).

    "Irrelevant. We are at war. And this guy conspired with Dooku to kill Administrator Satine. And he's already confessed of that, and other plots, like dosing tea for children with toxic chemicals at the behest of Commerce Guild. Now watch!" my Avatar said softly, as 4 Mandalorians climbed their speeder bikes, then looked up towards the podium.

    I nodded firmly and the speeders accelerated at opposite vectors, ripping the traitor to bits.

    "Barbaric. The Republic..." he whispered in dismay.

    "We are in Mandalorian space, Kenobi. Now, a polity under MPT with Pef Empire. Let me ask you this, dear knight. When Satine was about to be killed by a dark jedi, where were you? Why were you not by her side?" I asked with a stern voice.

    He looked towards Satine, who was silent, but a little green in the face.
    "I have duties...you know well enough. The war..." he muttered, looking down.

    "Bantha crap! The Corellian Jedi are all married. Skywalker is married, to that Senator. Why aren't you? Why does Satine has to live in fear and alone? Why don't you tell her, if you don't love her? Why keep her waiting for a decade, alone, to never have children, hoping one day you come back, and stay ?" I asked, a little louder.

    Satine was all red in her cheeks, embarrassed and pleading with her eyes at me, to stop.

    "W-what ? She waited..." Kenobi said with an amazed look on his face, staring at Satine.

    "You can check you know. Use the force. I might be lying..." I said with a sigh, then held my hand for Bo and left.

    Bo hugged me with one arm, and sighed as well.

    "If he leaves her again, he's a dead man, Jedi or not" my wife grumbled, loud enough to be heard by a powerful Jedi.

    "He is a bit of an idiot. Too bad Satine will also die...alone and scared..." I answered a bit lower, just at the limit of Force Listen. Kenobi's aura fluttered a little. So he did hear.

    "We can't guard her forever. 13 assassins..." Bo whispered, wiping a fake tear.
    Ah, they hugged. Maybe they won't die now...
    Orion system

    'Great. You saved another Jedi. Now send me some more ships!' Ventress said in the bond, no doubt listening to what the crystal self was narrating to his AI, and Eighth Hand.

    'Sure thing, love. 200 Muni destroyers and 20 Recu, leaving for Dathomir in an hour. How goes the thing?' I asked, as the first shipyard above Orion IV began preparing to construct the first Orion-class corvette.

    The weapons were similar to the Dakka, one heavy maser, 4 medium ion cannons in a forward battery, a tractor beam and 20 missile launchers, beside the two proton torpedo tubes and 10 gatling lasers.

    It was almost a frigate now, if twice as small and 5 times cheaper.

    Now I only had to build a few millions of those. Even at two thousand ships per month, with all the new shipyards, it will still take a long time. Too long.

    I had to mobilize the Centrality and the Calamari to help out as well.

    Good thing I had an Avatar to send on errands.

    'The thing is going...we'll have the first Kwa gate excavated and lifted up in a week. If the damn rancors don't attack again.' Ventress said with a suffering groan.

    Well, those were just big carnivorous things.
    I had to win an election.

    Planet Coruscant, Galactic Republic
    Jedi Temple
    21 BBY

    Grand Master Yoda looked over the much depleted High Council, and felt regret again.

    These Clone Wars were killing the best Masters of the Order, and causing more Jedi to deny the Order and refuse to listen to the Council, even giving back their sacred lightsabers.

    The whole Almas Academy had deserted en masse, and left seeking refuge somewhere in the Outer Rim.

    Master Darrus Jeht had returned with their lightsabers, and word of wise Master Zao, who still roamed the galaxy blind and without a lightsaber for centuries.

    They found refuge on the moon Ruul, in the new Pef Empire. And didn't even send goodbye.

    The Green Jedi of Corellia had found a Grandmaster of their own, the venerable Neti Jedi who had guarded Ossus 4000 years ago and had remained in stasis till now.

    The Altisian Iron Knights had fortified their citadel on Dweem, with help from Pef Empire again.
    And now, Obi-Wan Kenobi, the one he had hoped to become Grandmaster after he died...had deffected on Mandalore, and married their Dutchess.

    Master Jeht stood before the Council, the very lightsaber held by telekinesis, in the air.

    "Obi-wan Kenobi, thus excommunicated is. No longer a Jedi, he is. But fallen he is not. One day, he may yet return. Hold his saber, I will." Yoda declared looking at the hologram that the Jedi Master produced.

    Kenobi in a suit of armor, and a metal sword as his hip. And a wife on his arm. And...without a beard.

    The dark shroud clouded all vision, leaving the Order blind. New High Generals to be selected, for the Republic.

    But not the angry one. Skywalker...the wars hit him the hardest. And hanging around that Naboo Senator.

    Soon, the boy will be lost, one way or the other.

    "Master Yoda, should we try to ask that droid empire for ships, again?" the newest member of the Council asked. Voolvif Monn , who had been at Geonosis.
    "And denied again be? It's clear now an AI they have. Too fast and too soon, their ships are built. This new empire, a friend of the Jedi is not..." The tired Yoda decided, with a long sigh.

    "But Master Yoda, they do not act against us. They even shelter some...former Jedi" Master Fisto added, and answering his own question.

    "Indeed they do. And other sects like Jal Shey and Jensaarai. Not dark, nor in the light they are. Grey they are. And a great danger, to all of us they may be. The future clouded is." The leader of the ortodox Jedi proclaimed, making a note to send a hundred more Republic agents to infiltrate the Pef Empire, and maybe gain answers.

    Maybe an emissary, to the embassy on Corellia. And find out why that Pef Navy fleet held positions at Duro. Expecting an attack perhaps? Was the Abomination able to predict the future with machine logic?

    Planet Coruscant, The Works
    Same day

    "Master, it was as you predicted. The fleet was all destroyed, but my cyborg General managed to destroy most of their fleet as well. Only about 500 ships of this Pef Empire survived, out of 2000. And my general has recovered well enough, for the next operation, towards the Core." Lord Tyranus explained, a bit uncomfortable. As he should be, this failure set back the plan by a month or two.

    "No matter. Ships can be rebuilt. At least Master Koon died at Felucia. And with Master Mundi and Master Tiin and Windu and Rancisis all dead...victory is almost in reach. And what's more amusing, the failure of your incompetent acolyte at Mandalore made Master Kenobi marry our dear Duchess Satine, and hand in his lightsaber. Do try to see, if he might want a red one instead." Darth Sidious declared with an evil laugh.

    "As you wish, my Master. That Avatar boy has left Mandalore though, towards the Centrality, I heard." Dooku excused himself pathetically.

    Oh, now the plan was revealed. Absorbing another tiny polity no doubt, and have it produce more insignificant droids armies and corvettes.
    Only those large ships mattered, but they weren't invincible after all. 60 of them were melted beyond repair, and the rest would no doubt be easy to destroy, once he was Emperor and could build his own dreadnaughts, or maybe that battlemoon that Siennar invented.

    Or maybe a huge Zilo beast, 30 kilometers tall, and equipped with hyperdrives? The Old Sith did have amazing lore on how to meld beasts and technology with the Dark Side.

    Too bad the shadowblade ship was lost so soon though, blowing up stars like his famous Sith predecessors would have been amusing. If the weapon even worked. Relying on old holocrons wasn't always efficient.

    No matter. Once the Jedi were gone, the galaxy will be his. Galactic Emperor Palpatine! Forever and ever!
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Orion, Pef Empire
    Orion's belt
    21 BBY

    Another project held my attention for a day or two, as I had dismantled a Diamond-class cruiser and a Carrack-class light cruiser and now tried to figure a way to mate them into a workable ship.

    Gahhhh. Nothing fit, every bolt and part constructed with different standards.

    At least the insect-made starships were all perfectly crafted.

    Guess, I'll just design my own stealth-frigate, and just copy the ideas, not the measurements.

    Let's start with the main objective. Fire and fade away. A bomber shape then, like the Diamond or the B2 of my old life.

    Keep the frontal profile small, and then engines hidden in the hull.

    The fast hyperdrives of the Diamond, with the shields of a MC40 cruiser. A small hanger for covert insertion for the black ops.
    Room for 20 Biplanes and a shuttle, or 5 Reapers and shuttle.
    Medical bay with kolto and bacta tubs, galley, barracks, bathrooms.

    The small bridge from the Carrack, so it could be used with minimal crew. Two integrated droid brains, one for navigation and one for weapons.

    Now, the obvious part, the stygian crystal cloak. Let's give it 30 crystals, cause I had enough coming from Maramere now.

    And then, weapons. 20 missile launchers for defense. And 10 heavy masers for attack. Kinda...weak?

    'Give it 20 proton torpedoes too, on the forward blade. And an ion cannon battery. And 10 gatling lasers. And enough storage for food and parts. At least 100 cubic meters' my new AI friend advised me, going over my schematics with interest.

    'You expect it will be detected, anyway' I muttered with a sigh.

    'Not from the beginning. But if you build thousands, they will invent and upgrade themselves with gravitic or magnetic sensors. It's only logical.' the AI advised me in a friendly tone, changing a few things around to make more room.

    'Hmmm. This ship will need a visual observation blister, beside passive and active sensors. Outside the armor. Some Force abilities require organics to see. For psychological reasons.' I hummed deep in thought.
    'That is...troubling. Most ships do indeed have large windows, and thus prevent sensory obfuscation through jamming. A weakness, but for a logic reason. For now, let's place a transparisteel cradle under the hangar sally. No need to create structural weaknesses elsewhere.' the Core replies after poking at the virtual ship with virtual turbolasers.

    "I see, like a pilot cockpit. Eh, good enough. My Avatar should be able to phase through the ship's armor anyway. But other lesser organics can't do that trick. We'll have recess the armor a little, to keep the cockpit inside the particle shield." I said gently, doing exactly that.

    "Yes, and raise the top of the armor in accordance, and use the height gain for more sensors. Not bad, for a novice, esteemed droid." the Core congratulated me, with a tiny bit of sarcasm, and a tongue emote.

    'Well, if you can do better, most venerable flower tender? Please enlighten this most unworthy Emperor' I sent with, all the grace I could fake.

    'Perhaps, this millenia old AI was a bit hasty. Criticism is truly easier, than creating something new. I shall try to adapt this cloaking device to the new Orion corvettes as well. Perhaps our Empire will lose less of them, if they become invisible when in danger.' he said with another wrong emote.

    Small steps Pef. At least he isn't omnicidal anymore.
    'Good idea, my friend. We'll test the devices on the Liberty star cruisers and the Recu Carriers as well. And then..." I said politely, thinking of the next logical step.

    'The Meteors. Most likely the stealth won't be able to cover the massive discharges of energy of those magnetically accelerated projectiles, but we could devise an ultraviolet laser. Few organics can perceive that far visually. And perhaps..."

    "X-ray lasers. The Hutts used something like that in the Crusades. I'll have to ask around, if any are still around to be bought or stolen." I concluded, happy to finally have someone to chat so politely about medium levels of destruction.

    If only...

    'If only, your completely genocidal new Hand wouldn't turn these weapons on your empire, once he has them...' Wialu grumbled in the Voice bond.

    'Eh. Still playing on easy mode, my love. The things possible, by melding Force and technology...let's hope I never have to use them.' I answered gently, but my memories were not wrong. Rakata Prime and Yavin and Ruusan. And even worse weapons.

    'The wills are five Pef. Only one of them...' Solana added, then stopped, probably cause Solanus asked.
    Great. More secrets.

    Planet Erlinar, Centrality

    Peffy arrived at Erilnar on Celestial River, the MC80 Calamari cruiser, and escorted by a thousand brand new, or rather say newly reassembled Muni destroyers and 100 Lucrehulks filled with trade goods from the whole empire.

    More than enough to fight the whole Centrality Navy at once.

    Not that it would come to a fight...but better prepared, and not need, than need and not have.

    A familiar Centralian cruiser escorted me from Oseon, as a sign of goodwill.

    On the way, I claimed the Dagelin Minor planet and its system, because why not.

    It was free. I mean, it is a crappy planet hot and full of jungles, but anyway. Free!

    The bewildered locals got to experience a great party and food delicacies from a hundred planets, then were told of a new trade route and factories and jobs...
    Yea. Took me 20 minutes and maybe a billion credits. Because a planetary shield costs a billion, not the food.
    The Centrality will be trickier. Not that most Scriveners didn't just assume leadership on their own, but I expected a few traps from my religious fanatics. Well, not mine.

    There were a few Imperial Servants who got carried away and built holo-shrines to the Immortal Pef.

    Official policy on religion was 'do whatever, don't hurt and kill people'. Or else.
    Only officials had the right and duty to kill people. Well, bad people. Most of the time.

    But here, they had laws going back 10 thousand years. Traditions would be hard to overcome.

    Oh well, I didn't expect ovations. Yet.

    I marched into the Central Administration building, escorted by a thousand commando droids and my VSS guards.

    And then politely declared: 'I desire to lead the Centrality. Who is opposed?'

    An awkward silence followed.
    Planet Erlinar, Centrality
    25 seconds later

    Maybe my helmet is defective and didn't transmit my voice?

    I took it off, and smiled gently at the important people of the Administration.

    "So, where do I sign to become the next Scrivinir ?" I spoke a bit louder.

    The only non-human present was mildly interested, and turned his beak to stare at me. Her beak, in fact. Pleading for some trade concession, and not part of the government. Yet.

    "You'd be the wonder boy, the Avatar of Pef, ef? Well, you look human enough.." the Quor'sav said with a slight tinge of sadness and oppression.

    "We heard of a conquering fleet above our heads. You're welcome to lead this mess, mister Grayshade" the current Scrivinir, one called Banol vin Ornkenn said with a tad of envy and resentment.

    "You misunderstand me. Of course I am welcome. I want to know where do I sign, and who wants to be part of my cabinet." I explained politely, looking around the very, very old building of the Central Administration.
    It was like leading a modern corporation out of an egyptian pyramid. Sigh.

    Barely any new tech around, just a holomap and a dozen librarian droids. Which were possibly the actual administration.

    Pretty sad place.

    A droid raised a hand, a bit timorated. Excellent.

    "Yes, esteemed cabinet member?" I asked softly.

    "Errrr. Just a data archivist, not a cabinet member..." the droid answered confused, as a dozen eyes bored into him with hatred.

    "You raised your hand, that's good enough for me. Now, you have the signing form? Please come forwards so I can sign." I demanded a bit sternly, and the whole group of Administrators, and a few Centralian Navy officers raised their hands at once.

    Initiative, and enthusiasm! Perfect. Hey, even a winged hand was raised! I love it when people volunteer.

    First thing, let's sign the thing: Avatar Greyshade, new Scrivinir or Central Administrator. Now, my words were actual law, here in the Centrality as well.
    "Miss Kal'Falnl C'ndros right? You know trade and stuff right? That's your cabinet position.
    Now, the military people are easy...navy, army, intelligence. The droid is surely better at being the registrar of my cabinet that anyone present. What do you other people know best?" I asked curious, comparing faces with the files I had on them.

    "Myself...I am from an old family, and quite rich and I know everyone..." vin Ornkenn said with a slimy voice. Perfect.

    "Foreign office then, Negotiator vin Ornkenn. Just stay away from the Hutts, and the CIS and Coruscant. I want to keep the Centrality out of wars, and make it a rich and prosperous place.

    Admiral Collin, you can take charge of those destroyers I gifted the Centrality. I expect 500 of them to guard Oseon and the gateway into our territory. Patrols up to Junkfort, but not further." I said softly, as my helmet glided back onto my head.

    The man nodded politely and went to sign the datapad without a single hesitation. He must have been expecting this promotion for 3 years.

    "I can do housing and relocation, Scrivinir. Maybe parks and recreation too. I have a dozen real-estate companies..." another man demanded, pushing the others aside rudely and smiling sweetly at me. Oh, a trump card!
    'Very well, mister Thrump. There's a transport Lucrehulk with construction droids and architect droids up there, and a few more with cranes and tractor beams and repulsorlift bulldozers. You can keep the cabinet position after you show me a new city on Dagelin Minor, by the next month.

    Mister Rott, you want industry right? Same thing, build me 100 new factories on Dagelin. Timber, furniture and medical labs." I added with a friendly pat on their shoulders. The man folded under my power armored hand. Ah, they seem a bit weak, physically.

    "We're going, mister Grayshade. Just...let us delegate some duties to our assistants. We never actually left the Administration building, on the job. It was simpler to make them come to us..." The new minister of Industry complained, possibly because just my glove weighed some 50 kilograms.

    I waited till the scum have left, sent to solve various things around the Centrality.

    Then looked at the droid collective and the military people. These were the people I actually needed.

    "Any ideas how to stop a bioship 100 kilometers long and wide?" I asked, producing the last holo that Ray managed to send from Helska system .
    The Vong worldship rotated slowly, with its huge teeth sharp and scary-looking frame, like a disc-saw.

    "Organic hyperdrives, weapons...and millions of starfighters?" my admiral muttered, staring a bit impressed at my holo and the description below.

    "And trillions of soldiers, yes. And it's not the only worldship the Vong travelled with, from their home galaxy. At least nine worldships, and thousands of battleships similar to my Meteors. They're mapping our galaxy now..." I explained gently, and giving a datacube with most info we had on the Vong, to each of them.

    "I see. You're training the navy crews on those CIS morons. Testing what strategies work on millions of starfighters at once, like at Lianna. Glad to know someone is doing something about this, sir." Miss Clara Holsten mused, her hand clenched white on the datacube. Perhaps a bit terrified.

    "Eh, we have time, at least 20 years. But, we have a better chance if we prepare in advance. There's a transport with some stealth ships for you, Miss Holsten. Do see if our base at Hosrel XI can incorporate shield camouflage as well. " I said softly, as her eyes became wide and a little surprised.
    "And for me, Avatar? What gifts did you bring for the army?" the last man, a grizzled bearded man, with scars on his hands, asked politely.

    "Lots and lots, my friend. Tanks and gunships, power armor and droids...and memory flash units for a billion troops. We just need to wait a month, till the survey droids find Renatasia . That lost colony would have 10 billion people to recruit from." I said softly, the holoprojector in my palm forming a map with the likely position of that planet.

    "Indeed, a great gift. The Jedi High Generals only have half a million clone soldiers to command. A billion soldiers..." he muttered, with dreams of greatness in his aura.

    Yeah. Maybe not so easy...

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire

    It was time to clean up the mess in my backyard, now that we had a month or even two months of relative quiet in the NE quadrant.

    "Where do you get the tea?"
    "From Mooga. The Commerce Guild controls it."
    Duchess Satine Kryze Kenobi
    The Commerce Guild should soon be overrun at Mooga, their capital planet in the Perkell sector and also at Felucia and a hundred other planets.

    And my sister-in-law through my Avatar was named Kenobi now...pretty sweet.

    Bo was asking her everyday if the babies are coming already. Made Kenobi stutter a lot.

    Planet Gromas was taken for the phrik mines, and planet Bal'demnic for its cortosis veins. The Confederation already had a few initial mines on the planet, which we captured almost intact. I did wonder where all that cortosis for B3 droids and Nikto clone spears came from.

    Then we began fortifying the planet with planetary shields, and planet-to-orbit lasers and defense platforms.

    And droid armies on the ground and sea, and 30 Meteors in orbit.

    By the next week, we had repulsed and captured 3 smallish CIS fleets, their ships being dragged to our shipyards or converted into more orbital defense platforms and shipyards. We did have almost a hundred million droids in the system, they could be put to work.

    And next week, one confused Jedi called Skywalker arrived with his own fleet of Venators and Acclamators.
    But my admiral had clear orders and just turned him away with a warning shot. 'This is Pef space, restricted installation for the Empire only. Turn back now, or be destroyed. ' and ordered his Meteors to open the maws wide.

    I guess the Force didn't like the chances of its chosen. The boy turned around his ships and took them to fight the easier CIS fleets.

    That reminds me. There are more places we can mine cortosis.

    "Third Hand I have operation 4339 in mind. Planet Apatros , planet Engebo V , planet Gertafuu VI , planet Lamaredd . To be surveyed and mined by our companies. Additionally, any and all assets of the Outer Rim Oreworks Company to be aquiered, with money or otherwise. Our Financial Division can contribute as well." I explained politely, finding the said planets on the holomap and marking them orange.

    "It can be done, Emperor. As long as we do not need substantial defenses for our mines. We are spread thin..." he complained, sipping his own drink with tired hands.

    "My friend, arrange for biochips for yourself and your staff. Data can be moved and changed much easily then. And hire more adjutants. Just 365 is too few. Hire 5 thousands for now, for every planet. We do have billions of Imperial Servants..." I said gently, while pushing cure poison and heal and reinforcement over him.
    "Servants...maybe a few to test how they do. I have more trust in your droids, metal Gand." he mused, looking somewhere far away.

    "Droids too, protocol and tactical ones, even assassin models. Just use a secondary loyalty chip, and checksum self destructs" I added generously.

    "Very well, immortal droid. How long till you can gift the Black Ops those Fade frigates you're constructing in such secret?" he asked, smirking inside. Gah, he already knows? Don't answer!

    "A few prototypes will be ready next week. Still not sure how well they'll perform in battle, but for reconnaissance and infiltration they should be fine." I admited with some fake shame.

    "That's more than enough for our needs, wise emperor. But your Hand hopes they won't be given to auxiliary services in Mandalore or the Commonality. Too exposed, and risking defection..." he requested with some worry.

    Of course not! Gand and Toong and a few others species were trustworthy due to terraforming and privileges, and the Centrality Navy will become one as well, in a decade or two, but the rest...perhaps a few Reapers to impress.

    "Okay. This generation of Fades will replace the Greymists and be used for black ops. The next generation should have a gravity interdictor and a gravity detector as well. So, how many incursions since Lianna?" I asked curious.
    "We captured 98 from Republic intelligence, 11 from the Hutts and 773 from CIS. And one from Hapes Consortium.' he replied consulting his pad.

    Hmmm. 98? Who sends 98 agents?

    "And the other 2?" I wondered, a bit amused.

    "Marked with force trackers and followed to their contacts. One went to Ruul. The other..." my Third hand, hesitated for a second. Oh. Problems then.


    "The last one went to Sran. And met with Fifth Hand Fay. We were too far away to listen, maintaining the 77 meters force limit of our stygium crystal stealth" he explained, with a shrug. Getting close enough to spy on Fay was indeed difficult.

    "Okay then. An accident as he passes back through Boonta. The body to be discovered near the race tracks, with a drill hole in his head" I demanded with a sigh.

    "Very mysterious, holomovie style. May I suggest, a broken tail fragment of a geonosian mind worm, to be left inside the brain?" my devious spy master asked, sipping his drink in triumph.

    It did sound even better.
    Make the Republic wonder how deep they were infiltrated. Scan everyone, and probe their every cavity.

    "Do it!" I proclaimed heroically, my gloves in the air, and covered in lightning.

    Zuckuss opened a tired eye, and shaded himself with a hand. "Keep it quiet idiots! This dream was so good, with my females massaging my..."

    "Fleet estimates, First Hand. We'll compare harem stories later." I demanded sternly.

    "Yessss, loudmouth. With the final Meteors coming out of trials next week, we will be at 450 battleships in operation. 30 of them defending Duro, 30 of them defending Bal'demnic and 20 Meteors at Dathomir. 300 ready for an assault, if you think it appropriate, and 30 more left in defense.
    Also 300 Liberty cruisers, 3000 Muni destroyers and 500 Lucrehulks and Recu carriers, with half of the fighters complement, for now. If the next cycle of corvettes is ready on time, we will have 4000 corvettes and 300 frigates as well. Ground armies...whatever billion they're at, 4 billion droids? " Zuckuss muttered with a tired voice and just reading from his datapad, slowly.

    Hmmm. Poor organics.
    "Good enough, my friend. Take a week of mandatory vacation. And hire a thousand helpers too. Ask the former villages to send you their brightest." I said gently, then had 2 commando droids carry Zuckuss to his apartment.

    "I'll go arrange that operation and hire help, most gracious emperor. Then a short 3 days vacation, because I deserve it. For the empire!" my Hand declared with a weak punch at the sky.

    I stared at my empty room, and felt all alone, just some lizards poking curious heads from their trees.

    'Solanus says you may visit him at Sol V. Take a day at the beach. And learn about the Kwa and the Reaper' my water maid whispered, no doubt feeling my vague emotions.

    A day at the beach, huh?

    I should take Angie as well. Solanus likes her.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY Next week

    The beach was great. I even swam naked, and upgraded my archeotech knowledge by 2% more.
    We can't get the Kwa gate to work, yet, but there's no rush. We most of deciphered what's left of the Dark Reaper, and could probably build our own, if we ever need to drain the life of something.

    Might build a small one to test on Felucia.
    That Ancient Abyss thing...it's either that, or drag it out with a dozen Meteors and serve it as steak to the carnivorous species in the empire. But not yet.

    It was time to really hurt the CIS, while bringing liberty and prosperity to the oppressed. With tanks and starships, of course.

    The first 2 fleets departed a day before, to clear the star lanes of potential spies and traps, and headed towards Zygerria then Reltooine, each fleet with about 500 ships.

    A dozen Fade stealth frigates went with them, to act as advanced warning, or strike the enemy in the back, if it was really necessary.

    The other 10 fleets departed a bit later, as more missiles and starfighters arrived at the last minute.

    Only about 300 Reapers and 11000 Biplanes were ready for this part of the battle, but production will take a while to gather speed. Won't push too hard for more Reapers though, since I do not have enough cyborg pilots with the requiered skill.
    We instead used the huge stockpiles of Scarabs and Vultures fighters that we captured at Murkhana and Mooga.

    Just a few minor upgrades were possible in this short time, simply replacing a blaster cannon with a missile launcher, and replacing the software completely, with a new one that Core was kind enough to create for us. And since his methods achieved 100% better results than mine, at Lianna...

    The B11 and the B13 commando droids also received a further upgrade, attempting to use cover or laying prone in defensive positions. Nothing amazing, but this was a number's game. And a 20% increase in survival, meant the difference between a pyrrhic victory, and a tactical victory.

    They were already 115% more resilient with woven fiber armor and faster reflexes due to pilot modules. Add 20% more and it counted. Plus the riot shields used by the first wave. Just like those gungans. Don't laugh! If it works, it's not stupid.

    So what it they look like wearing yellow umbrellas in the wind? That wind is made of blaster fire, and it hurts!

    Also, Baneblade heavy tanks are now driven by cyborgs. Not all of the amputees have the skill to pilot stealth starfighters, but a heavy tank is much slower and easier to pilot. The cyborgs at least ten times better than a B1 driver anyway.
    The cyborgs like that Omnissiah title that somehow appeared in their vocabulary.

    Guess they'll be my Adeptus Mechanicus, in the far future.
    Fanatic people are pretty easy to keep happy and get them to murder whatever you ask them to.

    They'll be useful, one day.
    And with the wars creating more amputees, the cyborgs' number will grow.

    Other smaller fleets conduct civilization efforts in the Mortex sector , especially around Almania and Choah Belt but also trying to recruit the Malkite Poisoners to our side. They would be highly useful to get me rid off certain Hutts or Senators or corporate die-hards .

    I sent Solana there, since most organics will probably die in the first job interview.

    Wialu made friends with a couple of Anothian living crystal we imported from a broken planet, and then went to introduce them to their cousins the Vaathkree (species) who lived just on our southern border. Living rocks, but with hands. Man, this galaxy had many miracle species.

    And Angie, my immortal angel? She returned to Iego, along with Celine. Starting another Arts academy, and courses for galactic divas. Soon, a million angels will sing, and hopefully spread good news about my empire.
    Luxum is still back home on Orax, only her shard mother has also returned, with a few of her children, and they are building a technological society from ground up. Already their planetary defenses rival Lianna's, which is quite something.

    All they need now is shipyards and fleets, and expanding a little to gain more systems for resources. They'll be the shield for the next galactic invasion, after all. Sadly, only the younger Shards have joined the hop-into-a-droid movement.

    But, once the Shards can build Meteors, they'll be pretty hard to conquer.

    Also, our fleets have reached Zygerria and pretty much stomped the opposing 1000 CIS ships gathered there.

    At equal odds, our fleets lost 2 corvettes and a thousand fighters. To be fair, my Meteors do not have equal in the galaxy, not yet. Perhaps if Palpatine builds his SSDs.

    The siege has began, and the other fleets can bypass Zygeria at speed, heading for every major world in the Corporate sector.

    And dropping off troops and siege ships on the minor worlds while en route.

    It helps that the Corporate sector, while quite large, is not yet explored and populated. Only about 500 worlds, when I already know they'll have 30 thousand planets in 20 years.
    Now let's see, will the CIS try to counter-attack in panic, or try to flee, or attack elsewhere?

    A few hours later, the fleet at Duro came under attack, almost on schedule.

    Our Reapers will have to make sure the cyborg General doesn't escape again. His outrageous attempts to bombard planets from orbit is getting aggravating.
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    Planet Duro, Corellian Space
    21 BBY

    A massive CIS fleet coming from the south of the Galaxy, and aiming to terrorize the Core worlds.

    It seems the Separatists were a bit surprised to find just 30 Meteors here, and only a handful of corvettes.

    The Duro planetary defense fleet, with a couple of Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser and a host of small ships produced by Duro Starshipwright Shipyards couldn't hope to stop 4000 vesels of the CIS.

    But my Admiral listened to my suggestions, removing himself and all organics from the Meteor Two, Three and Four, and left only tactical droids in command. Then sent them forward, trying to remove most of the smaller ships of the Confederation, while enduring turbolaser bombardament from 600 Lucrehulks. 240000 turbolasers would evaporate most ships in seconds.

    But, not this time. Duro was a former Rakata world, after all. The Force was immensely strong here,
    and the Rakatan forcefields felt at home. They wailed in pain, and fired furiously.
    The Meteors fired, less accurate and wasting maser and ion cannon shots by saturating one ship or ignoring another. But it didn't matter. In 15 minutes, all 3000 Munificents were listing, venting air and droids, and hopefully adding 3000 more Muni destroyers to our future fleets. And this time, we'll also keep the long range turbolasers they had, for a special project.

    6000 guns could fit on our 300 MC80 Calamari cruisers, 200 guns, 100 on the top and 100 underneath and make them perfect flankers. Just had to figure how to upgrade them, so they don't melt anymore when fired at maximum power.

    The smooth lines of the aquatic made ships will suffer a little, but I could use ovoid turrets. And thus increase the firepower of those cruisers from 48 to 250 turbolasers, now that we began extracting tibanna gas ourselves, it won't be such a logistic burden anymore.

    The Dornean Admiral began advancing with his other Meteors, while the 500 Muni escorts appeared from behind the 20 orbital cities of Duro, and 500 more emerged from hyperspace behind the CIS fleet and began melting their engines to scrap.

    The Vultures of the Separatists were entangled with our own fighters, plus the cutters and frigates of the Duros.

    We lacked corvettes for this battle, but had plenty destroyers, each carrying 100 missile launchers.
    And then, hundreds more CR90 and CR70 corvettes and CEC cruisers began emerging coming from Corellia, although the Corellians kept their heavier vessels back home. No matter, we can beat them.

    Corvettes were actually ideal for defending the cities from starfighter strafing. And seems the Corelians did listen and added 10 missile launchers to their ships. Not as many as I did for my own Orion corvettes, but they didn't know what was coming.

    Then, a brand new Victory-class Star Destroyer appeared, and started engaging the Providence-class carrier/destroyer , the flagship of the famous General Grievous , called the Invisible Hand.

    My Third Hand really wanted to bring him that ship, but it might not be possible now...

    Our few Reapers were keeping an eye out for when the mass-murderer will try to flee again, while the Torrents launched by the
    Republic star destroyer were busy fending off the more manoeuvrable geonosian starfighters. Seems a little flood hasn't kept them out of the war...

    The cyborg General again ordered his Lucrehulks to bombard the planet, as they attempted to pass through our fleet.
    Bad move, you monster! The Meteors yelled in anger, firing 3000 ferrous screams of liberty, obliterating 200 Lucrehulks battleships moving in a straight line. Ion cannons battered the shields while masers melted guns and armor, and 100 more CIS battleships listed to a side, now useless.

    The rest of them began turning, to run away, but found out their engines were missing, most of them.

    The battering continued for another hour, then the Meteors reloaded and recharged and fired again, obliterating the remaining 200 Lucrehulks.

    Ah, there it is! The sneaky cyborg trying to run. My first Reaper missed, having fired too soon.

    The second clipped the starfighter with his gatling laser, and the third Reaper unloaded 5 missiles from spit range, blowing up the fighter, and then the escape pod.

    Rest in pieces, bastard!

    Now, let's move in front of that Victory star destroyer and claim the Invisible Hand as our prize...

    'Our orders are to capture Grievous, and bring him to stand trial!' some unknown Jedi demanded on the allied net.
    'The cyborg is dead, Master Jedi. A hundred kilometers to your port. You might find some bits and pieces, maybe even a dozen lightsabers...' My admiral explained patiently, after his Findsman confirmed a scattering of kyber crystals in that direction.

    I counted the total loses, as much as I could, due to some ships still transmitting positional and IFF codes, but being broken in three or five.

    300 Muni destroyers, 56 Dakka corvettes and 5 crippled Meteors, most of them the ships blocking the retreat. Oh well.

    I'll just have to replace them with 3000 more, which the CIS just provided.

    I know. I'm a bit of a bastard too.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY 2 weeks later

    I had just finished creating 3000 more Muni destroyers and 100 more Recu carriers when news came of a major Republic defeat at the Battle of Formos . Seems the CIS has a new type of droid, the Scorpenek annihilator droid . I kinda want some too.

    Very well then. I knew where the send a new fleet to expand the empire. And secure access to Kessel.
    1000 Muni destroyers, the 100 Recu carriers and 50 Lucrehulks were sent to claim the important trade nexus to our south, along with all the minor worlds on the way. Again, only 100 corvettes and a single Fade frigate could be spared as escorts .

    Sigh, I really need more Dakka. And Orions. And everything...

    Make a note, start building a hundred new shipyards at every world with decent minerals or population.

    That should increase the corvette production from a meager 2100 per month to over 20 thousand.

    Another fleet of 100 Lucrehulks and 1000 Muni destroyers was sent to take Boz Pity where the CIS were staging for another invasion. The Sultan will be happy to keep his title and his daughter safe from scoundrels. Maybe. I'll visit with my Avatar in a decade and see if Han Solo has good taste or not.

    A small fleet went to liberate Sneeve and secure my empire a legion of ultra speed freaks, perfect for driving light tanks and starfighters. And prevent them losing a billion of their species in another of Palpatine's genocides. They could die with honor and glory, in battle.

    And the last fleet was sent to rescue planet Randon and secure a major trade hub with no less than 5 trade routes. Wialu took a volunteer brigade of those humanoid shaped rocks from Vaathkree to test them in ground combat, and also make them feel part of this effort for the liberation of galaxy.
    When they return, they'll be the best advocates for a MPT with my empire, upon seeing the dastard acts of the CIS. We gave them fiber uniforms and shields, to make sure at least some survive. And perhaps save themselves from a genocide at the hands of the Galactic Empire next year or such.

    I can't really save those who don't want to be saved.

    My Hutt Ambasador, the Honored Proto One managed to buy Nwarcol system and Akrit'tar from a stupid Hutt and secured the Centrality borders on that flank. But, trying to buy Boonta is not working, not even for a 50 billion credits.

    Planet Solacton was not claimed and a single contact Lucrehulk was enough to raise the flag.

    The Novor system was also claimed freely, and with 16 planets shattered by a red giant, it will be a perfect forge world. I mean...orbital shipyard systems.

    But the Houks on Reibrin system will regret shooting my B1 Rei ambassador. Soon, they'll become experiments for Galactic Empire. Sigh.
    I may need those master poisoners and change the leadership of Boonta a few times, untill one of the next heirs will get smart and sell me the system before he dies as well. Maybe the same for the Houks as well. Though, their whole race seems to shoot first as a rule. Anyway, their Neuronic whipwill make a great start for a melee weapon.

    'That Officio Assassinorum guild seems to enchant the creepy Malkii ones. If you're sure, they'll be on board. They also want personal cloaks and some Reapers...' Solana whispered, while sampling every type of poison these guys added to her tea with a large blue smile. Soon, she'll be able to produce the toxins and the antidotes as well.

    'Personal cloaks and stygium and hibridium crystals for their best assassins. For insertion we can give them the Greymists. Once the navcomputers are scrubbed clean. And...tell them I need them to prove themselves. That giant Sarlacc from the Great Pit of Carkoon first, to test what works or not, and then, the big one on Felucia. The Ancient Abyss. You can pay them a billion in advance, then go to Ranroon.
    See what you can do' I sent back, with a pulse of affection. Yes, my own Assassins!

    'Sure thing, my tiny green crystal. By the way, when your Avatar's tongue is so deep into that woman's mouth, it means they gonna marry, right?' my water maid asked with a tinge of curiosity.

    Peffy? I take my eyes off for a second and you romance the Centralian Minister of Intelligence?

    Well, she is pretty and we need to secure her loyalty...good job Peffy!
    The Emperor needs more children too. One for every star in the galaxy...for now.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    21 BBY, next week

    "The glorious liberation of the so called Corporate Sector continues even today, with 11 more planets welcoming our Imperial troops with..." Pef Holonews' anchor said gravely, this time a Calamari celebrity. Gotta get the audience used to hearing about the Empire from familiar figures. And get the squids to at least, patrol the trade routes to the Core.

    I turned off the news, and raised my photoreceptors toward my Hands.

    The CIS welcomed us with lasers, of course. And mines and proton bombs.

    "Well, at least we captured Bonadan. We'll need to print more Stingers and Biplanes. Ground troops are too exposed to massed artillery" I mused out loud, looking at the holomap in disgust. A master general, I was not.

    "Why are you not sending in the heavy tanks, or the new Droidekas?" Mujilik asked, totaling our loses and dividing by zero. We were losing more droids than we had landed.
    We were back at using their own droid factories to push certain directions of attack. It worked, but it was slow.

    "Tanks should be used in defense or open terrain. Forests and canyons, not so much. We need our own walkers. Something small and agile, but armored enough to withstand mines." I explained calmly, going over the thousands of battlefields in the database.

    "Or gunships and bombers. Too bad we lost them, almost all" Zuckuss said wisely.

    "Well, we knew they will adapt, eventually. Missiles are pretty basic tech, after all." the Third Hand answered from behind me, playing with a plasteel model of the Invisible Hand.

    Yeah, I get it. You've won the game again. And you had a cloaked battleship to play with.

    "For this campaign, we'll start using the Brubbs and the Gbu and whatever client species we need to test out. With light tanks in support, and whatever stocks of Droideka I and commando droids we can spare. I want to test the new personal weapons as well." I answered, coming to a difficult decision.

    Spending lives was harsh, and inefficient. An adult soldier took 20 years to print, after all. But we needed veterans as well.
    The wars might end soon.
    "Three, prepare a recon op for Reega system. The seventh planet" I added with another flash of memory. Something was hidden there, and we may need it.

    "Roger, roger. Sending five good agents to die, as ordered" my Black ops Hand answered without humor.

    Indeed, we were losing as many agents as the enemy did, most of them due to wrong intel provided by the emperor.

    "Send three organics on this kind of missions, my friend. A R2 droid pilot and an assassin droid might help, and find an unexpected victorious return. " I answered with a bit of amusement. It sure worked for some Jedi.

    "Good news though, we placed a force marker on the Devastation. We'll attempt a takeover the first time the ship stops somewhere. And once we capture it, and install a cloak..." he said, with a wistful voice.

    "If, we capture it with our specials ops. Chances are below 20%, I'd guess. But yes, if your people fail, I'll go on a trip and capture it myself. That thing might kill my Voice with a lucky shot, and growing them back is a pain." I said softly, and thinking of my dear Lira, who died in vain.

    'I'm 17 now, you emotionless robot. One more month, and that sweet Peffy is mine' my Togruta maid muttered in the bond, still on Sanctuary.
    "That is a good news indeed. Our lazy emperor is doing something, with his own...appendages" Zuckuss added constructively.

    "Our team on Comemnor is still trying to find this Scepter of Ragnos , that you described for us.
    No deaths yet, only some credits spent on bribes and gifts. The changelings are quite good at infiltration" my Third Hand added with a sad tone. Gand Findsmen were pretty hard to disguise, after all.

    "It is there, or will be, in the next months. Have a backup team prepared though, some dark jedi are also looking for it" I explained softly, creating a hologram of the approximate shape of the object.

    "I hope the effort is worth it, mystical droid. I could use my best teams on more important tasks..."

    Ha. Not really.

    "The item can revive the dead. It can cleanse whole planets of sick dark jedi spells and distortions, what they call the dark side.
    It can give anyone the dream. The force-sensitivity that Jedi or Findsmen have. I say it's worth it" I said softly, as my Hands realized the exact value of the thing.
    "Perhaps, this time the Immortal Pef is right. Recovering dead agents, then reviving them..." Three said with wonder and hope.

    "A million Explorers, not just a pitiful thousand" Six muttered looking far away.

    "Erasing the dark side...we could colonize the Sith space, learn all their knowledge free of risk..." Zuckuss concluded, most wise of them all.

    "The risk will not disappear, not for organics. But it will make it easy for us to ensnare the dead dark jedi and drain them. Maybe jedi spirits as well. And other evil items like the Darkstaff might be drained as well. That's why I sent Master Zao to Cularin, and didn't go myself. That thing can shift and distort the universe itself. I'm not stupid enough to take it, till I have a counter" I said with a another hologram from my memories.

    "Roger, Gamma threat levels. I'll send some droid ships to interdict the system. No doubt some idiots will try to take it." Zuckuss said first, closing his eyes to construct the orders via his biochip.

    Some psychological hang-up no doubt, my Avatar could use it with his eyes open...

    Ah, why did I have to look, just now. The woman was pretty, nonetheless, with the right curves and generous...
    "Hey, don't start again, scoundrel droid. We have 54 more missions to plan for today. Then we can share female conquests"
    Zuckuss yelled at me, a second after checking the spycams he installed in his apartment. Hypocrite!

    "All right. There is a plant which can disable and kill Vong bioarmor. The Bafforr tree on Ithor.
    They're also sentient in large numbers, which is great. I want a few million saplings and a hundred old trees resettled in the empire, on every world with forests. Miss Zero will be perfect as a plant negotiator, once I convince her. Just, have a Fade ready in a week" I demanded, pointing a gloved finger at my Third Hand. She won't like leaving her garden, not one bit.

    "Oh, a special mission, with a Jedi...Ok, I have a changeling agent I need to test. But the rest only droid crew. That woman gives me the creeps" the most scary killer in the galaxy said with a shudder.

    Yea. She was a bit...a bit more...very scary.

    Not very smart though. Teleport and phase...even with a lightsaber she would be dangerous, if she used them at once.

    "Yes, she is quite creepy. And I'll need Aurra to go with her as well. If she's ready..."
    "Well, on technical levels she's very good. Aiming skills are perfect. Law knowledge is perfect. Loyalty imprints are still shaky. Only the Avatar and Miss Zero arise over the threshold.
    Miss Na-jia is close to the moral horizon, and...nope. No one else. She would kills us all for a few credits" Three proclaimed, flicking an aurodium coin up, then straining to slow it as it fell into his palm. Nope, didn't quite work.

    Maybe telekinesis wasn't a good skill for Gands?

    Their gene alter though...if polished, could they gain the vongsense?

    Maybe even more, loyal shapers?

    "Try telekinesis with living things, my Hands. Leaves and fruits and insects and eggs. You already know it works with ammonia mist. But, behind the mists, there are green pastures and beasts for meat and new females..." I whispered, forming a mist of water vapor, then parting it like a magician.

    "See. Not exactly stupid, our emperor. Just...a metal gand, dreaming of mist, like we do" Mujilik concluded wisely, then sipped another shot of brandy. And it was my bottle! That I kept ready if a lady ever visited me...
    'Keep dreaming simdroid! Peffy is alright, but you're never having this...ass. Damn flagship is back. Got to chase it again, busy...' Asajj sent with a distracted tone. At least Dathomir was a huge force nexus. Her Meteor will be fine.

    "And next op I want, we take New Canistel and start biolabs for the Senoti trees. Their sap is quite similar to bacta. And again, massive sapling transplants elsewhere, where we have alkaline soil" I ordered, pointing at Zuckuss.

    The planet was unoccupied, so why not. Free planets again.

    "Sure thing Pef. But, we'll need some corvettes for the pirates at Demigue and an invasion fleet for Liul . Maybe take Belthu as well, and support the new sector shipyards from their durasteel foundries? " Zuckuss asked, checking some maps with his eyes closed.

    Sure, why not. Free planets are free.
    "Of course. We'll take them all, if a single Lucrehulk and its droids complement suffice. Because what we take..." I declared, letting them form a chorus and a punch at the ceiling.

    "Is forever taken. Forever and ever, for the Empire!" We chanted in a single united voice.

    Ah. Maybe not exactly forever, cause even stars died and stuff. But a long time.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    21 BBY, 2 days later

    The covert ops to capture the Devastation failed, possibly because there were 4 dark acolytes on board that ship. Kriff.

    That Dooku is turning Jedi faster than I can kill them.

    Not really, but still a pain. At least the assassin droid reached the hyperdrives before it was killed. The proton bomb that he carried should delay the repairs till I get there.

    Your plate number will forever be remembered, faithful droid.
    Because I can't really forget, unless I delete a partition with top secret ops.

    But, at least the collector of antiquities on Commemnor was found, and his accounts show he paid 34 thousands credits for a 'real Sith relic'. Yea, that auction bid won't flag a few dark jedi on your head, not at all.

    We'll 'exchange' the item with a replica, of course. Even hide a diamond inside the hilt. Worth 34 thousand credits.
    We don't steal...I mean, only from bad guys.
    Having wives is a blessing now, since I sent Alise Greyshade, the blonde mandalorian with a tiny mole on her neck, to Gargon , to begin mining Phobium and clear the planet of pirates and criminals.

    Along with 5 divisions of droids wearing Mandalorian-like armor, of course.
    I'm not Yoda, to send a Jedi on a rescue mission, with a single seat fighter and a sword.

    She wears the latest Devastator 2.M power armor, which looks Mandalorian, but, well. It's not.

    My Sisters of Battle will wear this variant of power armor, so it's quite nice.

    Also, my Avatar did the sending, since they don't know me.

    And with Kenobi there, they won't, for a few years. What? You thought I trusted the lying scumbag?

    Nope. They don't call him 'the negotiator' for being open and truthful.

    And so, I use the occasion to ride with Zero and Aurra till we reach Botajef, where we will part ways, Zero to save the trees, and myself to save...to acquire...to confiscate a force superweapon mounted on a dreadnaught. Along with the whole dreadnaught. By myself.
    This will be fun. I hope.

    Dathomir system

    This is not fun!

    Well, the whole invisible spy insertion, while the Devastation was running around the moons of Dathomir on sublight engines kinda was.

    And then taking over 50 thousands droids, and the ship was fun too.

    And draining the poor three dark newbs...a little. They stood so careful and attentive, looking at every corner with their mouths open and bright lightsabers, glowing red and barely keeping the dark away.

    And breathing in invisible sleep gas...

    Okay, it was quite amusing.

    But driving this thing by myself sucks. Guess I'll borrow a Gand for this from Ventress...

    'Damn idiot droid. Why did you blow up the hyperdrives? You could have come sooner and take the ship intact!' Asajj said politely,
    as her shuttle and guards were approaching to board the ship as well.
    'I can do almost anything, yes. But not everything, everywhere. I need people who can do difficult jobs and not die. Stay away for the ventral part while I replace the hyperdrive engines with those 3 Muni destroyers's you managed to blow up' I explained calmly while dismantling the rear of the ship.

    'They're too small! ' my Voice agreed politely.

    'So, I'll use more. Simple.' I managed to say, before my fabulous not-Sith maid rushed into my arms.

    "It's good to see you, Pef" she murmured into my sonic receptors.

    "Of course it is. Who else grabs you by the bum, and tells you how pretty you are?" I asked, very serious.

    "Sadly, just you. But when I looked over those weak, savage, unwashed Nightbrothers...I rather stick with you. And Peffy. Same thing, but more muscles..." Asajj admitted with sadness. And love. But mostly sadness.

    Hmmm. Should I try to invent synthetic muscles...like nano-carbon fibers, bundled up and use electricity to...

    "Not gonna happen, lover droid. Now, why are you here? A ship won't make you move your metal ass this far away..." Asajj asked sternly.
    Gah. Caught me.

    "I came to learn, of course. Maybe take a few maids..." I said softly, hugging her to my chest.

    "My sisters...they are sick, Pef. Those alchemy potions they drink, the rituals and the..." she complained at my chest, hopping for a real answer. There wasn't any.

    "I need to speak with Old Daka . And don't really care about the rest. But I hope you gave them shampoo and toothpaste. Jungle planets are harsh. " I declared amused, as she began to blush a little, from all my attentions.

    "The Nightsisters have 'contacts' with smugglers and pirates. They're not actually primitives. Just...religious fanatics" my Voice explained, with a slight disgust.

    Well, those had their role to play too, maybe. Cannon fodder, probably.

    Now, let's see...engine check?

    Seemed fine. Let's check again. Piloting the Devastation back to my empire would be a risky job anyway.

    Better assign a brave explorer to drive it home though. Let's change the IFF codes, and transmit the ship's location by hyperspace....

    I looked over the VSS escorts and picked a couple Gands and a few loyal droids.
    "You two esteemed Findsmen, take the ship to Greyforge, after I disembark. Don't stop to rescue puppies on the way" I ordered them, and then carried Asajj towards my Fade frigate, docked at the convenient escape hatch all CIS ships had.

    'What's a puppy?' one of them asked the other in their native Gandese.

    'I think it was just a saying. Like, 'run don't stare at the rancor...' the other replied wisely.

    Eh, almost perfect.

    'That animal in your memory wouldn't survive ten minutes on Dathomir' Asajj sent telepathically.

    'Dunno. They might adapt and grow large enough to swallow a moon' I answered with a mind shrug. It's was quite possible here, after all, that thing on Felucia....it might be 1000 kilometers long.

    As we landed at the Nightsister's fortress, I wondered for a second if that sarlacc was sentient. Possibly not. Hopefully.

    "Our sister has returned. With a droid in armor. Very amusing." Sai Sircu remarked with a wide grin. Huh. So, you're not dead here. Then again...I changed things.
    "More strategy meeting with Mother?" Karis asked, but in a friendlier tone.

    "Asajj, gather them all till I'm finished. She knows I'm here" I said softly, and flew directly towards the Hidden Cave.

    An energy barrier stood invisible at the entrance, but didn't protect the rocks walls. I could just punch my way in. But it would send a different image.

    Now, let's see. See from shadow, Alter environment, attune self with the barrier, phase and teleport.

    Pretty complicated method for entering a meager cave.

    Last year I wouldn't have been able to do the last part.

    "Amazing, for a simple droid, in a suit of armor." the old Nightsister exclaimed, not actually impressed at all. Well, I'll have to awe her in some other way.

    "I am Pef Greyshade, Venerable Old Daka. We have much to speak about." I said in a humble tone.

    "Yessss. You've learned a lot since you just appeared on Garm, Immortal Pef. But not enough." the old witch concluded, summoning herself a cup of tea, with tea in it. Meditation stance, check.
    "Of course, most learned one. I hope Angie was of help" I answered politely, kneeling in a mediation pose, in front of the most powerful thing I've seen, since Solanus.

    At least twice as strong as me. Which wasn't bad at all.

    Planet Dathomir, Pef Empire (under MPT)
    Hidden Cave
    21 BBY , a few hours later

    "Well then, most learned witch. Please think about my offer. We are family...almost." I said softly as the tea time was over.

    Now it was time for politics.

    "Hah, not even close, Emperor. We'll take the credits and the luxuries though. Selling our sisters must indeed stop. And I want to see the boy. Be warned though, my tests are quite...painful." Old Daka said with a wicked smile.

    Mortal pain? Not too worried. Unless some gene alter broke my protections and he died. That would suck.
    " The Avatar was born from pain. Whatever else happens, he will not break. But if he dies, I lose 3 years, and I'll be displeased, Old Daka" I said gently, then engaged all the partitions for escape abilities, from phase, to hyperspeed, to invisibility and scatter air, then floated outside in silence.

    Almost perfect. She still sensed me as I passed through her barrier.

    'Don't kill Talzin Emperor. I'm too weak to lead the Nightsisters...' the witch whispered through some sonic focus, just inside my helmet.

    Weak, my ass. Sure, you're old, but that can be fixed. Age is not a real problem after all. Not anymore.

    Kriff, I should at least break Talzin's legs. And arms. Yeah. That should do it.

    The Nightsisters were gathered in the middle of the fortress, some of them pretty young.

    I went to inspect them, one after another. Naa'leth would make a good commander, one day.

    She had height and presence. Luce , a gunner maybe.

    Talia , front lines. But none of them were actually strong. Proud, but untrained. A recipe for disaster, for most.
    And Mother Talzin...now she backed away a step, as the force gathered around me, anticipating a fight.

    "Come Talzin, walk with me to the ship" I said gently, while gliding a centimeter over the dirty ground.

    "W-what..." she asked confused, as I started to move away, not waiting for her reply.

    "Please Mother. He's our only hope." Asajj whispered so gently I needed force listen to actually hear it.

    Ah, Asajj used her eyes to point up, where the Meteors were the only thing keeping the sisters alive.

    Still dark jedi, even with all the airs they put up.
    They were actually related, all descendants of a fleeing dark jedi woman, millenia ago.
    Much like the Sith, and most other sects. Damn religion, contaminating everything.

    Sisters, by blood not just by beliefs. At least the Sith had the decency to not have children.

    And worshiping a pair of overgrown killiks insects like they were the force itself.

    Talzin teleported next to me and floated as well, now less arrogant.
    "Miss Daka requested you'd be kept alive, for some family reason. But you should know, in my Empire, we rip slavers appart. The limbs attached to some objects, then just...sufficient velocity" I explained gently, but gesturing with my arms expressively.

    Her aura changed from mild politeness to fear and preparing to escape.

    "You won't be killed Talzin. Beside what Old Daka wants, we are allies now. Darth Sidious and Tyranus want you dead, and you want them dead, for Maul. But Asajj, and all the others you sold...the law is the law. I'll just have to keep you alive, then put you back together..." I whispered softly as the hanger's rayshield hissed behind us. This will be a bit difficult. I never tried to put back someone I dismembered.

    Centrality, Open sea sector
    On the command couch of MC80 Celestial River

    "The ThonBoka nebula is dangerous Peffy. Most ships that explore it do not return." Clara argued, perhaps even correctly.

    "This will be fun! Going boldly, where no one has gone before!" I exclaimed with real joy.

    "We better not die. I have a job to do, and so do you, mister Scrivinir." my new wife argued, very logically.
    "And this is why my ship has masers and maser interpreting protocols. The Celestial River is...wait...is that a space creature?" I asked with almost fake wonder. Cause yea, a half a kilometer manta ray floating in vacuum was pretty unexpected.

    "Shoot now, before..."

    "Shoot before we say hello? What are we, corporate security?" I asked in fake anger.

    "You really are having fun. Look how big that thing is!" Clara Greyshade yelled in a bit of panic.

    "Indeed, it's pretty big. And half of that big thing is his brain. I wonder if he likes poetry..." I mused with some sincere hope.

    Ray could use a poet to talk to. Cause I doubted the Tsil really enjoyed my attempts. Even said the Gree were better poets.

    Which means too many things...

    But my Tsil maid better not be holed up in that Gree enclave near Helska, and holding poetry recitals...most likely.

    "See, it's shooting at us! Blue beams. Shoot back!" Clara proclaimed dramatically, pointing at the maser streams scintillating on our shields.
    "Tactical coms. Begin aurabesh contact package, same intensity." I commanded out loud, so my wife would know what's going on.

    "It's asking for food, Avatar. And toys." the com droid replied with earnest politeness.

    "His name better not be Lehesu . I'm too busy for that guy..." I muttered weakly, as the front screen began printing the next demand.

    "Celestial River is such a poetic name. You have poets too? Come out of that shell and let's play! Name's Lehesu!" the young Oswaft asked, with even more intense calls.

    'You're being rude man. Keep it in a whisper, we have scared females on board.' I sent via the biochip.

    'Sorry, got excited metal friend. You're stuck in there? Lehesu can break you out, I think...' the Oswaft said doubtful.

    Not by yourself you can't. But he could scout around for me. Once I figured out what he eats.

    It better not be ships.
    Planet Dathomir, Pef Empire
    Next day

    I left Talzin to recover from her anti-slavery education program, inside a bacta tub and with neural imprint loyalty routines being forcefully scribed on her mind. Yes, I can be merciful, on occasion. She didn't know she was breaking the law, for a start. Not that she would care, if I really think about it.

    Then I flew up and went to see the other witches on this planet.

    The good witches. Maybe they have a Glinda? I will so confiscate her, if they do.

    Let's see, where is a big enough pyramid overgrown with vines and moss?

    There it is, the other Star Temple. One was destroyed by that Vos Jedi 10 years ago, and the star chamber of the other was safely extracted and moved to Sol V.

    Just one left, here on Dathomir.

    Let's go there...

    Just as I arrived at the base of the pyramid a young woman greeted me, pointing a metal spear at my neck and keeping 2 rancors close by for support. Very cute girl too.
    "You would be Kyrisa right?" I asked amused, while stealing the animal bond with the rancors for myself. Heh, if she thought two rancors would impress me, she should see Rancor Island on Gand, where I had 5 thousands of these animals.

    Her breath faltered for a second, as the rancors came to be petted by their Emperor.

    "Who are you, I sense no life force inside that armor!" she exclaimed, with a bit of panic.

    "Emperor Pef, my dear. I rule this planet, if you didn't notice my ships in orbit" I said politely, while swirly confiscating her spear to check for something. Yep, alchemic binders, runes to amplify durability and sharpness...

    Much like the vibroblade in my forearm's guard.

    "G-give it back, you stupid droid! Mother Augwynne will break you into bits, if you don't!" she threatened me cutely.

    But, who you're gonna call, if your 'Mother' is not enough?

    Let's upgrade the thing a bit, add 'Levitas' and 'Lumen Azure' . There you go! Now it glows in the dark and it's light as a feather.
    I held her spear afloat, horizontaly in front of her.

    "Don't get so upset, pretty girl. Just made your toy better. Try it!" I said amused, as more witches started to appear from whatever hiding places they used.
    Kyrisa took the spear cautiously, then noticed how light it was and smiled with real joy.
    She had some skill, twirling the spear in a Soresu form, and then figuring out how to make the blade glow blue.

    Should work underwater, or even in vacuum, as long as someone provided some force connection. It didn't have a kyber crystal drawing from the force directly, so it wouldn't remained powered up.

    "I think the ships above are yours, not of the Nightsisters'?" Augwynne Djo demanded sternly, with a hand covered in elemental fire. And she also had a lightsaber, hidden at the small of her back. Kriff.

    "Yes, venerable Miss Djo. Some upstarts dark jedi keep trying to exterminate all life on this world. And they brought a force-powered superweapon this time. About 5 kilometers long." I explained gently, floating up to check on the pyramid.

    Still locked tight, and the star chamber intact. Very good.
    I may actually need two of them, to figure out how to access the pocket dimension around the control chamber of the gates.

    The good witch flew up beside me, her aura warry. Should I be surprised she can also fly?

    She was strong, but only about the same as me. The elder Nightsisters were twice as strong. Seems pain and hate do make someone much stronger in the end.

    But just power, was useless. Without knowledge and a worthy aim, and a loving family...it was also for nothing.

    I stopped when we reached the top, to let the old witch rest on the wind scared stone, and catch her breath.

    "That evil starship, I sensed it, destroying dozens of ships in raids around the moons." the Singing Mountain leader said in a weary voice.

    "My ships, unfortunately. But now I captured the Devastation, so Dathomir should be safe, for a few years" I answered in a level tone, sitting down beside her and looking over the former homeworld of the Kwa.
    "And the Nightsisters? What are you going to do with them?" she asked, directly to the point.

    "Well, they want to be warriors. I'll make them my Sisters of Battle, and send them to annoy bad people elsewhere in the galaxy. After they receive proper training and armor, of course. Proton bombs and turbolasers are harsh on the skin." I explained gently, while scanning her body attently. About 400 years old. Not bad for a human.

    She had the appearance of a sixty-year-old woman, with pale eyes and hair the color of moonlight. She was tall and regal, with facial features looking handsome as well as graceful, long-fingered hands. Mother Djo wore a tunic of glittering yellow scales over a hide robe with black lizard shapes sewn around the hem. Her ceremonial headdress was made of smooth golden wood, and was decorated with cabochons of yellow tigereye.

    "Savages, and cretins. The galaxy is full of them. Take the darksiders and leave, Emperor Pef. I want to raise my daughters in peace." the jungle queen proclaimed, pointing at the sky.

    "This planet will change, and become an Empire fortress world, Miss Djo. The Vong invasion will target this system with millions of bioships. They aim to exterminate all force users, and vongform all the force nexii. As the first stage of their plan, to conquer our galaxy too." I explained with a sadness pulse, and formed the propaganda holograms in my palm.

    "I can't sense them...and they should be in my range. Bimmiel is only 3 sectors away..." she muttered with some distrust.
    "The images were taken with normal holorecorders, not with force vision. They do not have the force. Only biosynthesis and telepathy. Just like the dragons and the oswaft of our galaxy, but highly advanced and numbering in trillions and aggressive and organized religious fanatics." I said softly, giving her a datacube with most relevant info.

    "Like trillions of Sith. Oh dear Goddess, just those few ships out there won't be enough..." The good witch realized with some delay as she stared at the innocuous tech in her hand like it was a live grenade.

    "Yes, much like the Sith. And the Jedi. Those clone soldiers they use in these clone wars, they are not volunteers, you know?" I said with a fake shrug, then gripped her with telekinesis and floated down.

    She remained silent after that, while she force scanned the nearby sectors for confirmation.

    What? Did the clones get to choose to be soldiers?

    I know even my future Astartes will get to choose. Well, between service branches at least.

    But medics and scientists and engineers will be welcome too.

    "We should take a short trip, and capture a few of these Vong. Life should not be possible without the Force..." Miss Djo whispered just before we landed.
    Heh. This was an universe of miracles. Anything was possible, with sufficient knowledge.

    And about that....

    Make a note, and begin mining Dor the fourth planet of Endor now. Neutronium and other rare metals were cheaper to mine than to buy. Maybe fit it with sublight engines and steal the whole planet away? Mine it in secrecy, away from spies? Yep, that sounded even better. Our base at Rattatak was fairly close.

    Liberate Bunduki too, while at it. It was home to the Followers of Palawa, who developed the martial art of Teräs Käsi , after all. They would make good instructors for my troops.

    I had enough bota to make tonnes of self regenerating armor for my new project. Pyronium was rare, but only as rare as diamonds.
    I could buy Lucrehulks cargo of it. Untill we found a few asteroids to mine it too. Or possibly volcanoes, because melted lava was a thing here.

    And keep on eye out for Miss Barris Offee. She would lead me to the hidden nano-droid maker.
    So much knowledge, better put it to use. And only a dozen more clans to go. Sigh.

    We had holo-conference tech in this galaxy, why did I have to fly around looking for savage clans living in jungles and valleys?

    Bimmiel system, Galactic North, Yuuzhan Vong space (contested)
    Next week.

    We're flying in stealth and silence, all 8 of us staring at the screens around the bridge walls with some concern, or even terror in some cases. Organics panic too easily.

    The Vong are clever and keep their big ships hidden in the Oort cloud, only using smaller ships to survey the hyper-route lanes and the single inhabited planet.

    Some Jedi already clashed with the Vong on the surface, and used the local fauna, some kind of huge packs of Slashrat , that were made to use an ability of theirs called killscent to track and destroy a Vong camp.

    Pretty standard tactic for Jedi, sacrificing whatever many locals to attain their objectives.

    Might have been Anakin, for all I know. I wasn't yet, in this universe.
    Miss Djo was still suspicious though, distrusting the instruments of my Fade frigate.

    "You don't have windows on this ship, images can be faked..." she said, quite correctly.

    "We have an observation blister, just below the hangar. If anyone wants to see the Vong ships with their own eyes, they can come" I told the other 7 Mothers that joined me on this trip.

    Mother Talzin knew better though and just continued to gather images and compare sizes and power outputs that the bioships emitted. Because they did. Even biotech operated by natural laws, fusing elements with cold fusion and gravity fields.

    The bioships had mass and displacement, even if they barely registered on magnetic sensors.

    But volumetric holocapture worked, as they ships still reflected light. And light can be analized spectographically and thus obtain the rough chemical composition. Carbon and silica, if you cared.

    We just couldn't use active scans yet, to determine complete composition and durability for the Vong ships.

    Just had to keep a close watch and approximate hull thickness when a mouth opened to disgorge another smaller ship.

    About 100 meters thickness for their battleships, give or take. But they had to have nutrients conducts and capillaries for that skin armor, so perhaps only 50 meters of actual starship grade carapace.
    Still 10 times thicker than a Victory Star destroyer's armor.

    Miss Djo returned from the transparisteel cockpit unhappy.

    "I can see them all right. And lifeless in the force, although clearly alive. How can a being this large exist?" she wondered with confusion.

    What, 2 and 5 and 10 kilometer long battleships seem large?

    "The sarlacc of Felucia is 100 kilometers long and 5 kilometers thick. If not much bigger. I'll let Miss Djo know, after I pluck it out and measure it..." I said with a fake shrug and a deep breath.
    It better not be 1000 kms long. I wasn't sure I could deal with a worm that long.

    Mother Talzin typed rapidly on her console, and brought up a picture of the Ancient Abyss, from the files stored in the ship's databanks.

    "The mouth of the Abyss is 4 kilometers wide. That sarlacc could be 10 kilometers thick. And who knows how long..." the Nightsister said with a bit of concern.

    "I might install engines on it, and use it as my space-mount. Should be the biggest ride in the galaxy..." I mused, half seriously.

    What? They did it in Dune! I could at least try...
    "Even you Emperor, might have a hard time bonding with such a big creature. The Felucians have been feeding sacrifices to that thing since times immemorial...'' Talzin mused, with a doubtful voice.

    "Whatever, I could have it eat this whole fleet for lunch, then make it grow even bigger. And then..." I proclaimed and stopped, realizing the stupidity of my plan.

    Eating a few trillions Vong... and then needing a planet every week, to keep hunger away.

    "Let's not make sarlacc spaceships that eat planets, Immortal Pef. We're trying to stop an apocalypse, not cause a bigger one." The good witch concluded with a last look and a shudder towards the sarlacc mouth on the wall screen.

    Sadly the good witch is right. Sorry, my dream ride. Guess we'll never get to ride together, in space and take bites of Vong worldships. No matter how cool that sounds.

    I'll just have to use mundane tech, like Kyber lasers and Devastation-class force beams.

    Make a note. Convert a numbered Meteor to use the prow gun-beam of the Devastation.
    Because those ships were durable.

    And after I reverse-engineer it, equip all my numbered Meteors with a force beam weapon. Just in case.
    I had already scanned the device with my technopatic senses, getting a first look at how it was put together, but it might be more complicated than just a ion charge cannon with a few synthetic red crystals than have been imbued with the blood of a thousand children.

    Dear Force, I hope It's more complicated, or any two credit dark jedi could build a ship like that...

    It probably is, isn't it?

    Just that most them them don't live long enough, or think beyond their lightsaber.

    And since Sidious and Tyranus were both over 60 years old, and were both thinkers and manipulators...

    "Let's land and interrogate some Vong prisoners." I said softly, as they other Mothers started to return to the bridge.
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    Planet Bimmiel, Galactic North
    30 minutes later.

    I found an isolated camp of Vong troopers, who may not be missed.

    They are planting some kind of crystals and plants looking even more weird than most things I've seen so far.

    Lambent most likely, used as communication crystals or light sources, as they could be dimmed or brightened by the thoughts of whoever possessed them. They also can be used to sense or pre-sense hidden enemies.

    Didn't sense me, but then I wasn't organic.

    A few hundreds Grashal used to grow nutrient vines.

    And water paddies like rice ones, low, water-filled paddies were seeded with villip plants, which grow into long, fleshy stalks recognizable by their triad of blue leaves. Two to five berries would bud from the stalks, feeding symbiotically and developing telepathic communication channels originally meant to scan for predators on the villip plant's home planet. Soon the berries grew to about the size of a melon, and Shapers would pluck the matured villips from their stalks.
    Perfect. I wanted a way to intercept their transmissions.

    Now, let's see, how to confiscate this plantation?

    Telekinesis doesn't work. Eh, whatever. Force grip their brains with Fire-nets and squeeze. Flop. 142 Vong farmers crashed dead, while I brought 2 survivors next to me, wrapped in wind alter.

    Telepathy doesn't work. Damn. Animal Bond? Not exactly working...just fear and panic.

    Force persuasion, 'sleep'. Fail. Bleh. I don't speak Vong.

    Let's just knock their heads together for now with compressed air. Cranial trauma highly effective.

    Then again, organics. Rip off an arm or two and they die screaming.
    Unless I stop blood flow at the right veins and reattach them soon. Talzin survived just fine.

    Let's drag a dozen sample of these plants, then set fire to the place. Cause exorcism works best with fire.

    And fly away, invisible and undetected...

    'You're having too much fun, Pef. Those Vong soldiers seem very dangerous to me.' Wialu muttered, from Ranroon, while trying to pacify some maniac cultists there. Seems Xim did a number on them, and they haven't forgotten.
    'Eh, I'll be fine anyway. But black ops missions, they get my blood boiling' I explained in a grave tone.

    'You don't have blood.' my Voice replied, not really convinced.

    What? Where is my blood? Oh. Crystal self.

    Nevermind...the fires were spreading, and a few slash-rats poked their noses curious at the smell of burning Vong meat. Seems slashrats are slightly sentient, in larger groups.

    Oh, poor little omnicidal creatures. Have a taste, and spread the word! Vong taste better after they are dead and a little fried.

    Fire? Sure, you have thumbs...spark a few metal bits...no metal?

    Stones? Every planet has stones...gather dry grass, spark some hard stones together, voila fire!

    Firegod? Sure, you can call me that, I don't mind.

    Heh, uplifting a new species to use fire. Only a few thousands, in range of my memory imprint, but they might spread the word.

    Pef the Prometheus, of genocidal rats.
    Now, let's close the hangar sally and fly away...with my captured loot.

    A few thousands lambent crystals, not fully grown. A hundred or so strawberry things that can communicate telepathically. A dozen roots to see what these things eat. And two live prisoners.

    But first thing, let's take off their biosuits...uh. No zippers, damn it.
    Use the force Pef! Kinetic force. Power armor is very strong. There, explosive strip tease!

    Their crab-like shells ruptured violently, spraying the barracks walls with purple ichor and organs.

    They never bathed in their whole life, my olfactive sensors alerted me, as methane and other pollutants became evident in my air scans.

    The Dathomirian Mothers managed not to kill each other while I was gone, and gathered behind me to stare.

    "You brought a female as well. Very thoughtful of you, Emperor Pef. Now, Let's dissect the male first, I want to see what makes it tick." Miss Djo, the paragon of the light side said politely, producing a sharp knife from somewhere.

    Talzin produced a plasma scalpel, which she conjured from nothing.

    Hmm. I wanted that ability too. Plasma alter seemed useful.

    Sadly, some extra dimensional force prevents me from describing the details of the next 12 hours.
    Centrality, Open Sea
    21 BBY

    So, back to more relaxing things, like meeting with the Oswaft elders.

    Feytihennasraof was big guy, over 1 km wide, so a bit wider than my Calamari cruiser.

    And his Maser voice-stream was almost the strength of a medium maser, which for something organic was pretty good. And gives me ideas on a future Force-maser beam.

    I kept the Rakata field turned off though, since the Oswaft might not like how the lion inside replied.
    And why does my Calamari cruiser have a maser battery and 100 ion cannons?

    Pure coincidence.

    "So, Avatar of Immortal Pef, also known as Honored Avatar Greyshade, Voice of the Emperor, Metal Gand, Adeptus Astartes, Omnissiah and Master of Orion, Merchant Prince for the Commonality and Mand'alore the Charming and richest man in the galaxy. You want us to be friends and allies." the Oswaft Elder sent with a maser message.

    Uh, I hope he knows I don't need to be called that at every sentence.
    Then again, his fellow elder is called Senwannus'gourkahipaff so this might be a regular name for him.

    "Indeed elder. My Empire can benefit from such extraordinary explorers like yourself, charting the galaxy. For example, we're looking for a lost colony of humans, at the northern edge of the open sea, about 4000 years ago. They should number in billions and be very small mammals about 500 times smaller than your body" I explained politely, while sending a telepathic message with a normal temperate planet, then going closer and seeing lakes and cities. And closer and seeing trees and people.

    He replied with a near identical image, but the cities looked different and the people wore different clothes.

    Then he hyperjumped without explanation, but I kept a force marker on him and his vector.
    A hundred stars lower on the galactic plane than our droids were focused on.

    I sent the coordinates to the hyperspace tracker of our navdroids.

    "Follow that Elder Oswaft, Nav" I said out loud, and we jumped to hyperspace after him.

    Because if Fay or Maul could do it, so can I now.

    "You're tracking him through hyperspace...seems I did choose the right husband" Clara exclaimed, half happy, half envious. Now that I think on this, it does seem a valuable tool for spies.
    "This jump may take 5 to 6 hours. Let's try to obtain a heir for all my titles" I murmured in her ear, while fondling her uniform.

    "Oh my..." my wife started to complain, before I shut her up. With a kiss.

    Renatasia system, Pef Empire (almost)
    21 BBY

    The system actually has 8 planets, 2 of them inhabited.

    Renatasia IV looks pretty similar to the Commonality planets, only with older tech levels.

    Renatasia III is just fields and pastures, producing food for the billions of forgotten colonists. Not very efficiently though, still using manual labor and animal muscle for traction.

    A few millenia-old transport ships, with sublight engines, are making non-stop rounds, carrying cereals and meat to the hungry billions of the populous world.

    Use the plastic thing, if you can't feed your children...

    Our scans detect plenty valuable minerals on the other planets already. Well, at least those that emit radiation on their own, like neutronium and uranium.

    "Thanks Elder. I'll arrange a space station to be constructed farther into the comet cloud, for keeping in contact and gifting you with maser translators and holo-tech. Come back next month, and bring any adventurous youngsters who wish to explore the galaxy." I sent to the huge sentient manta, with long tentacles and vacuum immunity.

    Wait, the angels on Iego were also immune to vacuum, if not capable of hyperjumps. Probably. Let's hope not. I should bring a few angels here too. They'll like the Oswaft for sure, and use them as mounts. Win-win.

    And if they learn to hyperjump too...I'll deal with it. Somehow. Herding cats might be hard, if they can jump to hyperspace.

    Now, let's slice in and take over the main transmission towers for their news bulletins.

    Cause, this planet was pretty much like my old one. Competing governments, and warring armies. At least they still used galactic basic.
    "Greetings citizens of Renatasia. This is Avatar Greyshade. Rejoice, for today you are found. No longest lost, your colony is. My hyperspace cruiser is now in orbit over the fourth planet of this system. Please send any questions you have to our com droids, using regular coms. Our number, on every network, is 2. Press 2 and speak with our very pleasant droid chat operators." I proclaimed on the holorecorder, after taking off my helmet.
    A face does make a man, after all. Even if I copied mine from Jaybo.

    Hey, I have 40 thousands droids on board, they can answer basic questions.

    Like: 'where are we? what year is it? who leads the Republic?' and so on.

    "Peffy, these people...you're not bringing them into the Centrality, right? They'll cause problems and disturb the work markets..." Clara muttered in my neck.

    "The Pef Empire has some 200 planets that need colonists, adorable wife. Don't worry, everything will be fine" I replied, stealing another kiss.

    Uh, still live on the holorecorder. No matter, this just proves I love my wife.

    Let's hope no one paid attention to my secret name...

    "That will be all for now, gentlebeings. I have to return to Mandalore now, but a Voice of the Emperor will arrive soon, with uplift technologies. Farewell, and see you soon!" I proclaimed grandly, then made sure to cut the transmission.
    "Setting hyperdrives coordinates for Zebitrope system, Avatar. Estimated travel time at 0.9 speed, 13 hours" the tactical droid announced loudly. The Findsman captain checked it again, to make sure we didn't hit a star or something.

    And jump.

    Planet Dathomir, Pef Empire
    21 BBY

    Old Daka was very pleased with the Vong prisoners too.
    She seemed pretty baffled why some sisters' magicks didn't work on them, but she'll figure it out.

    The male one was pretty cut up, so he may not survive long, since every Mother wanted some bits of him to study.

    Oh well, there's trillions more where he came from. Not like anyone would miss a farmer.
    The woman was a bit more interesting, some kind of higher caste. Maybe Intendant caste . They might miss her, but it wasn't like I could give her back. Let's hope the slashrats eat the bones too.

    Still trying to form a Vong vocabulary, but the woman seemed disinclined to cooperate. She'll be sorry soon. I'll leave a few droids to record her screams when Daka gets to her.

    Now, I had to reverse engineer the Devastation and that Wennis cruiser with hellfire projectors from the Centrality Navy.

    Then get ready to study the Scepter of Ragnos. It should be en route to Gand as well, by now.

    "Well, most learned Mothers. Time to decide. Do you want to have powerful clan planets of your own, with skyscrapers and starships and jacuzzi baths, with millions of sisters, each helping the Pef Empire grow and civilize the galaxy. Or back to the mud huts and caves and rancors?" I asked gently, as I glided a few crates with advanced tech and armor from the cargo hold.

    The lids opened and they gathered round poking this or that, straining to lift some bolt pistols meant for power armors.

    "My clan sisters are not warriors Emperor. But, some civilization doesn't sound too bad. And medicine and knowledge...we can help, in our own way" Miss Djo said after a minute of internal deliberation.
    Healers are good too.
    "Great news Miss Djo. I'll make a few dozen holocrons for you, with what biological and engineering knowledge I know. The Vong will use viruses and plagues, and we need to prepare" I answered with a polite tone.

    "I'd like some holocrons with force abilities, if you could, Emperor" Another Clan Mother said with a bit of hesitation.

    Hey, I'm not the Jedi archives, keeping everything locked up!

    "Sure, no problem Honored Mother. I know a few hundred abilities, gifting a few to my loyal allies is a great pleasure. Although, a dozen of them involve sacrificial rituals and draining entire planets of life. Or turning people in zombies. Or wiping memories. Or.."

    "I get it, Immortal Pef. Nothing radical. Healing and speed and such. Keep the terrifying ones to use on the Vong or others like them." the Dathomirian Mother replied with a shudder.

    "I'll make a composite then, for each of you. The basics, and a few energy abilities. But, in a years or two, I expect every sister to know them, or I won't give you more" I declared sternly, holding a finger up.

    "That sounds...really good. You're not what we expected, Emperor" another Mother said, with keen eyes.

    Huh, what did they expect?
    "And, I'll select a few maids from each clan. They'll return with me on Gand, and learn from my gardener. This place...is too tame. Miss Zero will make them 10 times stronger." I said, with a pulse of vague creepiness and terror that I associated with my Avatar's teacher.

    The Mothers looked around at the menacing jungles and the screaming of animals being devoured alive behind the walls of vines and leaves, and then at their rancors, domesticated and with saddles, and gulped in unison.

    Yeah, be afraid, be very afraid.

    The poor girls will have to craft clothes and baskets and even tree houses, without their hands, just with their minds. Using grass.

    And after that, compose poems, using ants and snakes to form letters. And after that, scorpions or sharks?...or no. I skipped that.

    What was it? Unarmed combat or lightsabers? One or the other, my Avatar only used his hands anyway. Sometimes kicks.

    Deka laughed gently, and stabbed the Vong woman with a syringe made of green mist. Made her talk, alright. Well, the Vong can scream, so that's verified. Still, you're ruining the mood, mad scientist witch.
    "Don't forget to get me a few Sith holocrons, dear droid. I might find something to...kriff. Her leg melted off! I thought you said these Vong are very resilient." Daka complained with an annoyed voice, kicking the twitching leg away, and going for the next leg.

    Yea, not if you inject them with plasma or acid alter. Still just organics.

    "Try some sound alter too. Most organics feel vibrations, after all" I advised Daka with a curious tone.

    "Interesting thought, inventive and...yep. The finger fell off. Just need a medium to transfer the ability, like a wire or shard of glass..." Old Daka muttered with real concern. Not sure if it's science or alchemy, but I don't mind, if it works.

    Okay then. Time to construct a space station in Dathomir's orbit, and start building civilization here as well.

    But, first! Picking up new maids. I loved this part.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden
    21 BBY two weeks later

    I looked at the host of 25 maids that I selected to join me from the Dathomiran clans, then at Miss Zero, who wasn't happy at all.
    "These girls are hopeless, Droid Emperor. How can they be one with the Force, and control their surroundings, if they can't control themselves?" Zero whispered, with a little despair in her aura.

    Huh, my Avatar spoiled her alright. Not everyone was born with Master's levels of force connection and control.

    "Let them learn slowly Zero. Remember, savage jungle planet with rancors as their mounts. Whatever teaching methods they had, they invented themselves. Their Mothers though, are at least our equals. You can learn from them as well, as they learn from you." I answered with my vocoder, but forming an air channel to restrict vibrations to a voice tube, like on submarines.

    Zero noticed and smiled sadly. She still couldn't use air alter, yet.

    "Stop inventing foolish abilities, Immortal Pef. That's the fifth you did, past week. I'll never live long enough to learn them all." my Zero Hand complained, punching my shoulder in a friendly gesture.
    The power armor's pauldron almost cracked. And it was made to withstand starship levels of damage.

    She really was very friendly.

    "You will, Miss Zero. As long as you stay away from saber duels and leading clone armies with a flashlight. Half of the Order's Knights are already dead." I said in a gentle voice, and turned to leave.
    "I sense them die...all over the galaxy. Masters and Knights and padawans too...and a lightsaber is a sacred weapon, not a toy..." Zero replied hesitantly, just as my personal Fade frigate came about, to pick me up.
    Not really sure about the last part, are you? Tools should never be made sacred.

    And soon, the Jedi Order will be gone. Fugitives and rebels, begging for food and help from whatever planets they didn't opress that much. Making friends with pirates and smugglers, to obtain transport and information. If only there was a safe place for them to run to.

    Once in orbit again, I spread my senses to the nearby shipyards, now forming half a circle around Gand.

    Back to constructing a warship, using the Wennis cruiser as a template. Well. Not really.

    I'll make something on the lines of the Strike-class medium cruiser , which were small enough to use the 0.75 hyperdrives of the Diamonds and Fades. The shape would be much the same, but with a pair of stubby wings for extra missile launchers and a pair of small hangars underneath.

    The core of the warship shouldn't be left vulnerable by having large hangar doors. Gonna have to rearrange the same for my MC80 Liberty cruisers. A few of them exploded due to lucky hits through their hangars.
    Now. An ion cannon battery or two at the prow, because they're always useful to collapse ray shields and ionize small ships. Let's make it two then, 4 guns in each battery.

    Then 40 heavy masers and 40 plasma guns, my own version of the old hellprojectors on the Wennis. The masers on top and the plasma projectors below, in case I needed a planet sterilized from orbit.

    3 tractor beams, one at the prow and two beside the hangars doors.

    80 Missile launchers, 30 on every wing and 10 protecting the prow and engines. And 60 gatling lasers, 20 on the wings and 10 to the prow and ten more around the engines. And let's add a bank of proton torpedo launchers as well, 2 on each wing.

    Barracks for 600 Marines and large storage capacity, for a droid division and 20 light tanks.

    In each hangar, 50 Biplane droid starfighters and one Reaper or other advanced starfighter, plus 3 dropships. Just enough to drop all marines in a single wave, or a few tanks, or a droid battalion.

    Minimal organic crew 2, maximum 30. Mostly gunners and officers. And 10 thousands droids crewmen, from cooks and medics, to repair and damage control. Also backup droid gunners and tactical droids.

    Shields, again those copied from the MC40 calamari light cruiser, which were about the half strength as the new Victory star destroyer, but recharged much faster. I'll need to find better shields somewhere, but for now the Calamari shields were still the best.
    5 meters of durasteel armor, same as the Victory. And then Solanus can bathe them with a layer of diamondoid and bioarmor.

    And a raised upper fin, for com and sensors. Approximate cost, between 10 and 15 million credits. A bit more with the droid crew and fighters.

    Something for all the largish shipyards in my Empire to build, and be able to defend a system for minor threats. For now, they'll be used in the same role as the Muni destroyers, as escorts for the Meteors and Lucrehulks.

    10 trillion credits wasn't that much. Even 15 trillions. Damn it. Why were these ships so slow to build?

    I should go to Redforge and begin drilling next batch of Meteors too.

    One thousand more Meteors were all brought up from all over the deserted systems where we melted asteroids and packed them together with tractor beams.

    The scraps of iron that remained were used to make the skeleton of new Orion corvettes, with double numbers of missile launchers.

    'Emperor, the Fade frigate from Coruscant has arrived. The Culexus droid has the item' my third Hand sent from the Celestial Throne.
    'Be right there. And the other thing?' I asked over the secure net.

    'When we are in the Redbox, stupid droid. Coms can be decrypted' My spymaster muttered with a serious tone and turned the com off.

    Hey, you could have said yes or no...no need to be so secretive.

    Or maybe you did?

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne, Redbox

    The Culexus droid stood in front of me, the very expression of combining technology with the force. Or rather, in spite of the force. They were modeled after the A-series assassin droid and looked pretty nice.

    It wore a backpack with an ysalamiri lizard inside. And a personal cloak field. Armed with ion blasters
    and Gand dischargers and disruptor rifles and Verpine shatter guns, and gas dispensers.

    The bane of almost any organics, that didn't have the proper codes to subvert the loyalty chip.

    And my best work, almost creating a 4.5 th generation droid, unlike the normal 4th rank combat droids in the CIS.
    It also had two Full-spectrum transceiver on the front armor and back of the backpack, and six Droideka types of sensors which worked on various spectrums.

    "This loyal unit has returned, Droid Emperor. The holocron is safe. I deserve a promotion." the cheeky thing said politely, extracting the blue cube from the case at the small of it's back.

    "Of course, my faithful servant. You have two branches I can send you to. As instructor for the Droid Defense Force at Malagarr, with the rank of General. You will be given command of that Academy, and a budget of 500 billion credits to prepare a billion new droids as veteran soldiers in our Pef Army." I proclaimed, taking the holocron and tossing it over my shoulder into an olbio tree pot.

    "Very promising. Please continue" Culexus 0096 said in an impressed voice.

    "Or, as Office Assassinorum Triumvir, for the Black Operations Group, under my Third Hand directly. You'll be working with the most vile organic assassins in the galaxy, and exterminate all those who oppose our Empire. Rank of Colonel, and personal Fade frigate. But, your subordinates will include only thousands of specialized droids and organics, most of them willing and able to kill you for your position" I said, in a more gentle tone.

    My Third Hand wasn't really happy with this option, but I needed someone dependable to oversee the Malkii poisoners.
    "Oh, a test and a challenge! This unit prefers the latter, if Terminator-class cortosis power armor is provided" my droid answered after considering for a minute. Huh, not stupid at all. Even I would have some trouble breaking a Terminator armor.

    "Excellent, present yourself in the Mechatronic lab in 45 minutes. And congratulations for a great mission, Operative Arnold 006" I answered with an inner smile.

    "New designation, Arnold 006, for the sixth perfect mission this unit has achieved. Arnold...compatible. For the Empire!" my droid concluded, and began unpacking the lizard from it's shock-absorbing backpack spacesuit.

    A minute later, the ysalamiri was back in its tree, and starting to wake up from the long sleep.

    "A risky option, giving a droid that kind of armor. It's too strong. Then again, those Malkii are quite devious. You want to expose any potential flaws..." Lu'daal-ud mused, sipping more brandy and leaning on his expensive couch.

    Heh, he began figuring out how I did things, alright.

    The sarlacc on Tatooine was assassinated after two attempts only, and with just a single casualty. The first guy taking tissue samples, by hand. They used repulsor courier bots after that, with biopsy utensils.
    The one on Felucia was fine though. Poison didn't bother it at all. Then again, those vials of poison might still be falling, and haven't reached its stomach yet. It might be a thousand kilometer long, after all.

    Kriff, I kinda want a thousand kilometers space worm to ride in battle...

    But whatever holocron Jabba had, we couldn't find yet, since the crater left when that crazy CIS frigate crashed on top of his hideout was pretty big. Jabba had started as a small crime lord, but quickly spread his influence into a variety of illegal activities, including spice-smuggling, gunrunning, slavery, and sometimes outright piracy. Known for his cruelty and carnal fancies, Jabba the Hutt was powerful enough to command respect and payment from the Galaxy's ruling government, so much so that during the current Clone Wars the Republic went to great lengths to avoid Jabba's displeasure. Too bad then.

    The Mafia Hutts were scrambling now to pick up pieces of his trade empire and information network, killing each other and their
    soldiers, and ignoring my empire.

    The Civilized Hutts around Hutt space were amused and betting on who really did it. Somehow Palpatine figured in top three, after Dooku and Ziro , an uncle of Jabba. Guess who planted that tidbit of misinformation on the Blacknet that the Hutts used.
    On the galactic map, our southern fleet was now holding Aduba system in preparation for on assault on Teth, while a group of 12 Meteors was en route down the Trellian trade route.

    Proto One is still negotiating for Boonta, but even 60 billion credits aren't enough. The Syvris systemin the south, should be much cheaper to buy.

    The conquest of the Corporate sector was going slow, since the CIS has new A-DSD advanced dwarf spider droid , used as armor support. And they have missiles to keep our flyers away.

    We just taken the Oslumpex system in totality, and were now fortifying it. Also Gaurick system , Issagra and Saclas .

    But, about 300 planets of the Corporate sector were already taken, only the Etti system resisting most attack fiercely. For now. The Kalla system had extensive minefields which made it hard to conquer directly. With normal means.

    The northern fleets were still dispersed, taking as much ground as possible, wherever a weakness could be exploited.

    I will have to create a droid walker for our own armies as well. Those scout walkers that the republic uses?

    Don't work well with my troops. For some reason.

    I guess I can modify one of these spider walkers.
    After I return from the Redforge.

    "When is the scepter coming?" I asked again.

    "Today, if the route is clear. Or next week. The CIS controls most hyperlanes, you know?" My third Hand said with a bit of frustration.

    How is that my fault?

    And I certainly didn't want that scepter being captured by dark jedi.

    "We should start preparing for the Spaarti operation. Deorbiting iron asteroids through. Ice comets aren't that effective." I said out loud, calculating risks and opportunity. Too soon and we reveal our hand. Too late and Palpatine has billions of stormtroopers.

    "You could cut off the Hydian way too. At Corsin would be ideal, but we need to keep Mandalore space supplied." Zuckuss added with a long sigh.

    "We can't yet. Mandalore is neutral and weak. We'll find another route, if our sixth Hand uses his survey droids wisely." I said gently.

    "So, still on with the main attack at Celanon then. They'll bring a huge fleet to break our blockade" Zuckuss asked, still not trusting his Emperor.
    "Of course they will. And so will we. If we can take Etti in two weeks" I replied with a wondering voice.

    "We will, Metal Gand. 10 Mountains are heading towards Etti system now, with 100 million war droids. A million should survive and claim the planet for us. And 10 of the new organic divisions as well. To produce more cyborgs for the Omnissiah, if any survive" Zuckuss said a bit sour, from the brandy or for my decisions.

    Cause no. Not bombarding planets if I could help it. 50 billion credits lost with a huge droid army was worth it. Planets were rare, and life was precios.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    Next week

    "Teth? That's Wild Space. The droid army isn't even in that sector."
    Anakin Skywalker

    If it wasn't for the strategic location at the node of two trade routes, nobody would want this planet, with its jungles and forests. Only pirates and smugglers did business here till last year.

    Our liberation is being called the Teth Offensive, by a vague memory from a distant planet.

    The Teth offensive is going poorly, because why not create our own Vietnam, dear history lesson?

    It's a four way war there, with CIS, the Republic, Pef Empire and the Hutts throwing armies desperately at each other.

    Well. At least the Republic isn't shooting at my troops, yet. Not helping either.

    The Hutts want to prove something, or Ziro is defending his father's grave.

    Also, there are wild rancors, because why not? They bite everything not protected by medium armor.
    Flight is severy restricted by swarms of Hunting fly which clog engines and crash gunships.

    Some Jedi can fly on Can-cell insects, but missiles are bad for their health then.

    Inner Teth is pretty much divided into sectors, with snipers and tanks defending any access corridor.

    A dozen Jedi died in the last three days there, and more are coming.

    A few red lightsabers were also spotted by our snipers, but they seem to prefer duels with the Jedi, than coming close to our lines.

    The pirates are helping the CIS, for some reason, and shoot at everyone else.

    The B'omarr Order are scooping the brains of every injured they find on the battlefields, and 'save' them, by installing the still living brains in nutrient bowls under spider droids.

    So glad I didn't send any marine divisions there...

    The space battle is also contested, mostly by my fleet and the CIS, as the others have laughable inventory.
    We lost 100 Muni destroyers for 400 Munificent frigates, so...it's about okay.

    50 Invictus-class carriers are heading towards this battlefield, so test the new Biplane starfighters and reduce our loses from small fighters sinking bigger vessels by abusing their starfighter Vulture numbers.

    But as the focus of the CIS is on Teth, which they consider important, we had taken Bherizwithout a fight, and are building huge mines to exploit the Teniline granule deposits, and provide our shipyards with the highly expensive and rare mineral needed to make hyperdrives.

    Misdirection and mirrors still work, even against Sith Lords.

    Planet Dor in the Endor system has been quietly kidnapped, and taken away, to be mined to the core, in secrecy. Enough minerals there to construct a billion ships.

    A single Lucrehulk advanced one jump on the Kessel run, and found Prishella III was not claimed.

    Free planet!

    Little Kessel has a small CIS garison though, so two more Lucrehulks are heading there to liberate it.

    What do you mean, there was no CIS? Look at those dead B1 droids without uniforms. They were CIS, right?
    Aeneid system will be trickier, since there are 13 inhabited planets, in a single star system.

    Yea, pure luck and happenstance. Not that the Maw is right next door, and the Celestials were known for constructing highly improbable star systems from scratch. Like Corellia.

    Sigh. I hope there's nothing there that will eat the locals alive. It probably is, isn't it?

    'Can I nuke like 12 cities here on Renastasia? Only the capitals. The rest of them should calm down then. Why did you tell them the Avatar is Mand'alore? They have lots of preconceptions and prejudices about that.' Solana sent me with an annoyed tone.

    'Manda'lore the Charming, tell them that! Only for the girls, not for the warrior culture...well, not yet' I sent back, a bit ashamed.

    Sigh, 4000 years ago, when the colonists of Renastasia had departed the Old Republic, the Mandalorians were kinda pillaging the galaxy.

    But times have changed!

    'You're pillaging a quarter of the galaxy, right now!' Ventress added her misguided opinion.

    'Saving! And liberating and building...'

    'Kidnapping young women to make them your maids...' Dora added with a bit of humour.
    'Rescuing, from misery and slavery! You're all billionaires and have ships and privileges...' I muttered with some despair.

    'Pef the Despot, they call you here...' Wialu added her own voice to the chorus.

    Because the current Queen Indrexu still remembered her ancestor being kidnapped and forcefully married by Xim the Despot.

    But, it was all a misunderstanding! NOOOOOOOOOO!

    Planet Mandalore , Pef Empire
    Charming Castle , apartment 5A

    a second later

    "Something wrong Peffy?" Alisia and Alice asked me concerned, as the Avatar spasmed in his sleep and woke them up.

    "Nah, just a weird dream. You girls love me, right?" I asked with a tinge of panic.

    "Of course we do. You beat us up, and forced us to marry you. Everything is perfect..." They spoke in a strange echo, and their eyes glinted with a secret look.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne

    21 BBY , next week

    A month has 7 weeks in this galaxy, and a year ten months. It's a bit confusing. The weeks have 5 days so it's even worse.

    But the Teth Offensive is now in the second week, and our front lines have advanced 4.3 centimeters.

    By the time the war ends, we may cross the street.

    Who ever conceived such deployment, taking only a quarter of the city, and leaving the other factions take theirs unopposed?

    Also, too few troops to do anything spectacular. Droids were easily ambushed in cities and jungles. So, we stay on defense.

    Our Empire needs people, lots of people. Most planets around Gand, including Gand, have only a million citizens.

    And buying slaves wasn't quite as profitable as I first thought. The Hutts just attacked more defenseless people to sell them to me. This was encouraging slavers!
    I needed a new strategy, which the lost colony of Renatasia proved a vital clue.

    Immigration! Even if a billion or two people from Renatasia chose to relocate, it was too small a number.

    We're not building walls, we're giving land and farm droids for new colonists!

    So, a minute later, I composed a campaign of attracting young, vigorous (or sick) people from the major ecumenopolises around the galaxy.

    "Emigrate to the Pef Empire now! Hundreds of virgin planets, with forests and rivers and green fields! Request a visa from our nearest embassy, and poverty is far behind you! A farm, or a job in an office. Piloting a starfighter or working in a shipyard. Earn three times the galactic average. Free housing. Farming droids. Free education! Only a few billion may get the chance. Hurry and become happy, in the Pef Empire!" I declared using my Voices and maids faces for better impact.

    Now, let's transmit this to all the big planets, from Grizmallt to Ator and Carratos , Denon and Metellos, Trantor and Humbarine .

    I'll avoid Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa, since it wasn't that kind of operation.

    But these planets alone had 500 billion, even 900 billion people each. There had to be plenty hungry or poor people there, right?
    And when they arrived and were given their free education, they'll become loyal and perfect citizens.

    Any force master would resist most of the imprint, like Talzin proved, making me insist, a few times. But those were less than a hundred now.

    But normal humans, would be imprinted with the empire laws along with their desired courses, and work to build a better future.

    I should send some propaganda to the other cute species out there, like Twi'leks and Togruta and maybe the Firrerreo and the Alsakan as well.

    Sure, why not.

    My insectile Gand friends were great, but not compatible with my atavic soul and the Avatar genes.

    And just imagine, from those billions of immigrants, I could select hundreds more maids, with force-connection, and millions of Sisters of Battle and Astartes templates...

    A great idea indeed!

    'How are they gonna get here, Pef?'

    'What will they eat?'
    Where will you educate them?

    What if they bring children?' Wialu and Dora started bombarding me, with irrelevant questions.

    'We'll figure it out. What if nobody comes?' I asked, a bit worried.

    'Silly Pef. They'll come, all right' Lira said with a certain tone. Huh. The locals might know better about some things.

    'You should prepare for an invasion, Pef. The subterranean levels on those worlds are quite gruesome' Dora added, with a tinge of reminisce. Huh, I never asked how they became slaves.

    'On Carratos. My family was...it was bad. You'll need a larger passenger spacestation at Junkfort. And Centares. And start building cities.' Lira said with a determined tone.

    Okay then. I'll do that.

    After this battle was won, and Celanon was taken and the Hydian Way blockaded.
    The battle for Etti was finally over. And every Meteor and Mountain was gathering at Phindar, with just a single group of 12 Meteors going to secure Listehol and block the way up the Hydian way as well.

    The Republic should have an easy victory now...oh.

    Not yet. The CIS had this huge fleet building at Rendili , while under blockade from the Republic fleet, which was ordered not to intervene and destroy those shipyards, by their dear Supreme Chancellor.

    The Duro fleet should go and help out, destroying the fleet under construction and part of the shipyards.

    They'll just have to jump 1000 kilometers above the North pole of that planet, and shoot once.

    Three thousands MAC rounds, fired by the thirty Meteors of the Duro fleet, should be enough to destroy most of the shipyards and the ships under construction, while sparing the population from direct fire.

    Then continue onwards, to Centares and join the fleet massing at Phindar, in preparation for the Celanon liberation.
    And orders sent. The Dornean Admiral should know what steps to take.

    For once, I was glad someone capable was in charge of a major operation.

    'And so you learn, Pef. Do what you can do, and let others do, what you can't. Also, the Diathim here at Renatasia station are making a mess. Why do I have to herd 30 hyperactive energy beings?' Solana muttered in the bond, now that most of the problems were solved with the people on the planet.

    Finding out that the evil dark jedi were trying to kill everyone, with orbital bombardments kinda turned the public opinion back towards our glorious Empire. Plus our Holonews and the contact Lucrehulks bringing luxuries from a hundred worlds.

    They'll come around, as our education centers open for newest technologies and jobs that appeared since 4000 years ago.

    In a decade or two, they'll be loyal citizens all.

    For now, only few thousands of the new citizens traveled to the Centrality, and none beyond Junkfort.

    Why? because the war required us to keep travel to minimum, except internally, towards new colonies.
    Planet Phindar, Pef Empire
    Next week

    Those pretty shipyards at Rendili are toast now, since they didn't even bother to shield them. The fleets being built there are gone as well, and the hundred billion people they were going to snuff out at Humbarine are saved. I hope.

    The Republic is not happy, since the Rendili had living workers on those shipyards. Huh?

    How does that make any difference? Tanks have crew in them too.

    At Phindar, the last corvette arrives, at the last minute. The paint hasn't dried...wait, we don't paint the corvettes untill they survive one year. No point wasting paint on unlucky ships.

    And sadly, corvette loses are the worst of any classes of ships, with barely one in a hundred surviving a whole year. Then again, we're at war, and our crews and officers have minimal training.

    Peffy is not with the fleet, nor is any of my dear friends or family.
    We might lose all the ships in the next battle, especially if the dark jedi have another Subjugator or two.

    Admiral Etahn A'baht will have command, from his new Mountain flagship.

    Because he will have 10 million droids on that ship, to keep him safe from boarding.

    Five numbered Meteors, one of them with a force beam weapon, only using natural kyber crystals along with couple big synthetic ones from the Devastation. It still has 40 MACs, though it's unsure if there'll be any power left in the capacitors after the beam fires.

    We can't actually test the weapon in secret, since every time it fires, every master in the galaxy can sense it.

    The Devastation is present as well, since it's a 7 kilometer long dreadnaught, with some few upgrades by me.

    Like 50 short MACs , only 2 kilometer long. Cause, there was a big hole left there after I dismantled the big ion pulse beam.

    Should do well enough with frigates and such.
    305 Meteors and 10 Mountains are gathered here, along with 1000 Muni destroyers and 400 Recu carriers. The Calamari ships are also not present, but instead we have 330 Lucrehulks donuts and 3000 corvettes.

    The Lucrehulks will provide engine protection for the big guys. And also carry some fighters. The Recu carriers have fighters too.

    5000 thousand ships and 1 million fighters.

    Please don't die!

    'You're being too dramatic Pef. They can't have enough to break your fleet' Wialu sent me, as she was returning to Gand, with a promise of MPT, in case Dooku really went crazy.

    'I have my Peffy, so I'm good. Let me know how the battle went' Lira sent in a dismissive tone, as she was exploring my Avatar and the joys of being young and vir...

    "Emperor Pef, we are departing in 10 seconds. For the Empire !" my Admiral announced as if I didn't know.

    But following orders and rules was cool too.
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire

    "They shall not pass, Admiral. For the Empire!" I answered solemnly on the holorecorder, and punched toward the sky.

    And there you go. Not that we didn't have Fades and stealth satellites all over the sector, and expanding our network faster than lightspeed.

    Already we could backtrack most spies just by noting their jump route through 3 adiacent systems from our borders.

    So you claim you're a refugee from New Apsolon Great!

    But that ship came from beyond Gyndine and didn't even stop on New Apsolon.

    Come on, at least try harder!

    Anyway, I had a Scepter of Ragnos now, but a depleted one. I'll have to go drain some dark side planet.

    The Silver Forest of Dreams on Kubindi is quite close, and not very important.

    There a kilometer tall tree there, with 20 meter leaves. Smaller than the wookie trees, but extraordinary by being the only such tree on the planet. Something must fuel it.
    And if the tree it's not dark, I'll visit Felucia, and stare into the Abyss. And Dathomir next.

    That was quite a dark place, most likely. Only problem, I couldn't quite tell, which one was which.

    For a crystal like myself, the force simply was, not light or dark. Just a grey haze, stronger in some places.

    The ysalamiri, for example, didn't cut me off from the force, they just restricted outward effects, of the living force.

    The essence transfer worked just fine, and my Voices could hear my thoughts.

    So, Bendu used something like my Cosmic Force, only tangible, to float the lizards around.

    Good to know then. One step farther, into knowledge.

    Let's take a few maids and see what they discover with the living force senses.

    In the pilot seat of the Fade, Culexus 0097 stood with the Scepter in his hand, inside a cortosis suitcase, keeping it safe from observation.
    We flew down to the Zero garden to collect a few pretty deadly girls.
    "Honored maids, we're going on a trip, to see a big tree. So, Kirana Ti , Kara'Teel , Kyrisa , Duala Aidu , Magash Drashi and Talia , come, hop in!" I yelled from the door of my Fade frigate.

    "Yay, no more grass! Now it's a tree!" Kyrisa exclaimed, dropping the half completed tunic she was weaving with telekinesis and Plant alter.

    The other witch girls were more circumspect, expecting some kind of test or trap.

    Which of course it was.

    Celanon system, CIS space.
    Next day

    Planet Celanon wasn't important on itself. Only a single largish city, the capital Celanon City
    with about 50 million people. But, the system was the key to a hyper-route nexus, on the Hydian Way, the longest and most important trade route in the galaxy.

    The rest of the planet is rural and tribal. Perfect for my plans, which involve guerrilla warfare.

    As the extra 15 Lucrehulks with gravity interdictors arrived in the system, 10 of them headed towards other two exits out of the system, and started dropping every ship out of hyperspace.
    The first five also spread out and activated their gravity wells.

    The then, as the Mountain was launching the liberation army on the single planet in the system, the shooting gallery started, as CIS ships traversing the system at superluminal speeds found themselves dragged out of their voyage, and directly into the guns and MAC maws of 100 Meteors at every exit.

    The CIS warships stopped traversing the Hydian Way after about 6 hours, and we only caught about 100. But other ships, neutral, or CIS and even Republic or Jedi found themselves under fire the instant their appeared.

    And this continued for the next two weeks, as not every freighter and troop transport were in constant connection with the main CIS headquarters.

    Of course, the shooting began with ion cannons, so most non CIS ships were only delayed for custom control, then allowed to pass.

    But, the amounts of minerals and war materiel we captured from these transports alone was astounding. Millions of tonnes of priceless cargo, everyday. If they kept sending transports like this, the entire cost of the war will be deducted in a month or two.

    And droid transports were always welcomed, as they were carried inactive.
    Give them a uniform and new programing, and they immediately became loyal Pef Army troopers.
    Down on the planet, the tribal villages were given flash memories of the Pef Empire, and why they fought for freedom.
    Then given blasters and other weapons and a droid battalion to guard every single community. The CIS will have to fight for every single village.

    The capital was left most untouched, just surrounded, and the spaceport captured and looted of trade goods belonging to CIS corporations.

    What were they gonna do, come out of the city and attack the tanks, waiting a few kilometers away, under theater shields?

    In the Republic Senate, there was outrage, of course.
    How could trade be disturbed? Simple, it's war.

    Goods going for CIS worlds were confiscated, if they were already paid for, or returned to sender with a warning of collusion.
    A surprising amount of those goods were from Republic worlds. Many of them were lost in the chaos of war.

    This happy festival, and the collection of free ships and material for my Empire lasted only these two weeks.
    Then, at minutes from each other, 3 large CIS fleets arrived from all three sides, Numbers exceeding 100 thousands, though most were just armed freighters and every type of ship smaller than a corvette. Thousands of pirate vessels as well, convinced by the dark jedi to join with promises of money or loot.

    But still, outnumbering our ships by 20 to one.

    The main danger were still the capital ships, and the droid fighters.

    Two Subjugators ,1200 Lucrehulks battleships, 2000 Recusants destroyers and 7000 Munificents frigates. And 10 thousand other various starships, with all shapes but about as large as a corvette.

    Only, we knew they were coming, and had already concentrated on the southern side of the system, giving us almost gun parity with the fleet that arrived at that emergence point.

    Now, we just had to last till the reinforcements arrived.

    Hmmm. Just half of those Lucrehulks are actually full battleships. The other half are just carriers for starfighters.

    Let's blow them up first!

    200 donut carriers exploded in a festival of light and colors, red and green explosions, illuminating the void like hundreds of suns.
    Is this what the prophecy of the Whills means?

    "…And in the time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as THE SON OF THE SUNS."
    Journal of the Whills, 3:127

    It can't be that simple, can it?

    The hive battle of starfighters was already won in this part of the system, as the carrier Lucrehulks haven't managed to launch any.

    And our Biplanes were having a field day, each blowing up a pirate vessel with their only torpedo, before starting to strafe another with its turrets and missiles.

    The capital ship poured damage into our ships, just like we did on their, in an orgy of ion cannons and masers, against the evil turbolasers of the CIS.

    Our corvettes were doing great as well, their proton torpedoes sinking small ships left and right, up and down.

    Sadly, every good thing must end.
    By the time the south fleet was in tatters, the other two CIS fleets gathered into a big fleet, then started advancing on our outnumbered vessels, while their Subjugators were preparing to fire their lateral ion charges.

    What will the brave Dornean Admiral do?

    The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance!

    "You can't end the story here, Emperor Pef! How will we sleep at night, not knowing if there will be galaxy tomorrow, to live in?" Talia asked me, with some concern.

    "Eh, it's a fairytale, the hero always wins. Untill he kills his wife and becomes evil. Then starts torturing and maiming his own children. And kills his old teacher. And then the newer evil teacher. And then he dies, surrounded by carnivorous bears, in the jungle, at night" I explained poetically, waving my arms and trying for a shadow mime, of an evil cyborg breathing threatenly.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Planet Sanctuary, Pef Empire
    Charming Villa, Jacuzzi room 2L

    "Don't stop now! I want more, more!" Lira exclaimed, frustrated at the way her fairytale was going.

    "But, my love. Even heroes have to rest. And think of the children!" Peffy replied with a cheerful smile.

    "Idiot! How can the hero rest, when the whole CIS armada is crashing over him?" My beautiful legal wife (cause we said so, so it was legal) complained, pouting with her arms folded under her huge....


    Celanon system, CIS/Pef space (disputed)

    "Don't just stand there and look! Fire, fire, fire! " the field commander of the fleet yelled, at the sight of the huge orbs growing larger in front of him.

    The Subjugators were charging their phenomenal threatening orbs of ionized plasma, when a dozen Fade frigates fire at once into the charging weapons, disrupting the energy fields and creating dangerous oscillations in the reaction chambers.
    Over 100 Reapers stealth fighters added their proton torpedoes to each of the targets, rupturing containment, and inverting the polarization, right inside the superweapons firing mechanism.

    The chain reaction couldn't be stopped anymore, and a dozen dark jedi became one with the billions of particles resulting from the explosions of their ships.

    A fate too kind, for such as them, but alas. We'll capture enough blind enemies to dismember in public spectacles later.

    And with that, the tide of the battle changed.

    Our corvettes engaged their stealth stygium crystal devices and vanished, the Recu carriers as well, leaving only a mere thousand ships visible to the confused corporate scum.
    'Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!' some CIS General must have ordered, as our capital ships began retreating slowly, using the forward sublight engines for thrust.

    A cone of capital CIS ships formed in the middle of the enemy formation, with smaller vessels around.

    Like a lance aimed at the heart of freedom.

    But, the brilliant strategist of our empire had a secret plan, to end this phantom menace, once and for all!


    Planet Kubindi, Pef Empire (almost)

    "Again? Not again ?" Kyrisa complained, while straining to keep herself balanced, in a difficult position.

    Handstands with just one arm were a bit difficult, untill you learned to conduct the force efficiency though your body.

    And having your breasts hitting you in the face wasn't helping either, except as entertainment for the Maid Emperor.
    "Can you feel the force or not?" I asked, a bit annoyed.

    This was a simple exercise, Yoda had Luke learn it in about 45 seconds, of screen time.

    "You're just staring at my chest, perverted old droid!" my maid yelled, almost correctly.

    I was starring at many chests, some of the quite large.

    "You wish I had something to stare at. Look at Kirana, her form is almost perfect!" I proclaimed, pointing at her fellow maid,

    whose mountains were about to erupt...

    "Just go on with the battle, Immortal Pef. This is becoming painful, so the pain of others might soothe mine" the Night Maid, Talia demanded politely.

    Sigh. Can't refuse such cute demands, can I?


    Celanon system, Pef Empire

    "They shall not pass! Use the Force!" Admiral Etahn commanded to his bridge officers, while stroking the hairs of his seal-like moustache.
    And indeed, the one Meteor considered defective, since it hasn't fired his MACs till now, yelled a force scream at the CIS fleet,

    as you can feel right now.

    That wail in the Force? It was the secret weapon that your generous Emperor has provided, the aperture enlarged with 2000 kyber crystals mined by secret corporations on secret locations around the galaxy.

    The force beam, wasn't red, or blue but a mix of them, just like the magicks the Mothers use.

    A purple beam, just like the flashlight of Miss Zero , but immensely stronger.

    In a single second, the force-beam ended a decisive battle. It truly was a magnificent weapon.

    And now, only the pillaging remains. And hunting down the rest of the pirates so the people of them Empire may see, what happens to slavers in a civilized society.

    The Orion corvettes and the Fade frigates started obliterating the ships that escaped the conic beam, while the brave synthetic soldiers on the planet struggled to defend the poor tribes from the invading CIS armies.

    A hundred smaller fleets, many composed of just a Lucrehulk and a few escorts began their assaults on the rest of CIS worlds in the north, which were now left undefended.
    "Now. Tell me, what is the lesson here?" I asked my maids, who were sweating profusely, but also happy at a glorious victory.

    "The tree is strong in the dark side, Emperor. But there must be something at the roots, that fuels it." Talia replied after a minute of deep focus.

    Oh, yes. I can detect holocrons too. And likely some sort of blood sacrifice too, but that's for advanced classes.

    "Melding both sides of the force gives us more strength?" Duala asked hesitantly.

    Hey, it seems meditating upside down does indeed create new ideas, even in the brains of young females.

    "You are still staring at my boobs..." Magash realized with a spark of force intuition.

    Heh, of course I am. Thinking of the children, indeed I am.

    "My hand is not tired anymore...the force is holding my body now, not my muscles!" Kara realized after a few awkward seconds.

    Great, changing the subject with perfect timing, adored maid!
    "One of us is going to die here. It is a test!" Kirana exclaimed, discovering premonition, but just the first stage.

    "I'm not dying, ever. Sorry sisters, but if there's way to pass this test, I am taking it" Kyrisa said with a determined tone.

    Well, that's something too. Force will?

    "The wills are five, my lovely maids. And one of you, is not. I'll let the tree decide then" I explained politely, holding out a hand
    and receiving the Scepter of Ragnos from my cloaked Culexus droid.

    They haven't detected him, not even when he was close enough to snap their necks.

    Still a failure, all of them.

    Now, let's see...point and draw.

    The scepter began charging, draining the energies and storing them inside, as the silver mist began to clear.

    Thousands of huge ugly-looking spiders stopped confused, as they became visible.
    Around us, and only I could faintly see them, for weeks. The dark shroud ability was quite potent then.

    "Where did all these spiders came from?" a maid asked in panic, breaking her focus and falling to the ground.

    The spiders jumped towards her, hungry for a new blood sacrifice.

    Not even asking permission from your Emperor? Begone, foul creatures!

    A pulse of force wave disintegrated a thousand spiders nearby.

    Yep, it did work, just like Starkiller's could.

    And if you coated certain people with force resistance, they would survive unharmed.

    Let's try the plant version. Another pulse of force wave, and the soil remained barren of vegetation as well.
    I'll have to try this on some Vong plants. But it probably wouldn't work. The living force just flew around those lifeforms.

    The Pyronium and bota alloy in the core of the staff was still draining the dark energies, absorbing it into a hyperspatial matrix , much like my crystal self did, but different.

    There seemed to be no storage limit. My own form could store a sun, perhaps, but this thing...

    You were truly a visionary Magna Ragnos! A hate-fueled fundamentalist fanatic, but on occasion, a genius too.

    "Where did that spear came from?" another maid asked, after a few blinks of an eye.

    "Irrelevant. Come, let's dig that holocron out and go home, I have plans for a new droid tank!" I answered instead, as the draining stopped completely.

    It was a small silver forest, after all. But, with a nugget of gold under it.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden

    "Salvage the remaining arms and withdraw the army. Bring them to Agamar."
    ―Count Dooku
    My Zero Hand starred at me, then at the maids I brought back, everyone one of them twice as strong as before we left.

    Cause 'energy drinks' and force training in a dark force nexus work wonders, we already knew it from the movies.

    Too bad my armor is too heavy for them to run around, with me as a backpack. For now.

    "This, the echo I felt in the force, it was you!" Zero yelled at me, poking my chest with a force-enhanced finger.

    If she knew shatterpoint, my armor would be toast, right now. Still left a fingerprint though.

    "I cleansed a planet of the dark side, after milking that nexus for everything it could teach..." I explained politely, pointing at the grass with my own finger.

    The maids groaned and knelt in meditation, to begin their tedious training again.

    "Kriff, don't scare me like that. So, the news say we won at Celanon, 5 thousands ships against 20 times more, and only lost one thousand ships?" Zero asked in a concerned whisper.
    "Well, the Muni destroyers aren't very strong. Good attack, but poor defense, so they always get targeted first" I replied with a careless shrug. Easy come, easy go.

    Now I had to make a trip to Celanon and build 5000 more, from the ionized wrecks of the remaining Munificents frigates.

    Another week or two of boring, tedious telekinesis practice.

    These maids had it so easy, weaving grass. Assembling a new ship made of millions or billions of disparate parts, some broken or missing...this was true patience, not lazing in the sun.

    "How many more of these...maids are you going to obtain, Emperor Pef?" Zero wondered, just like me.

    "Hundreds soon, then thousands of maids probably. In a few months though, you will have to give up the lightsaber, Master Zero. The dark shroud is getting closer." I said softly, dragging the scary woman to my chest, in a friendly embrace.

    "You already know...you seen it...just like all the other premonitions" She muttered in my neck, so faintly.
    "I've seen possible futures, dear Zero. A hundred years or more. This dark gloom will pass , in a few years. But those things...the Vong. 400 trillions dead...That is what I'm trying to stop. These dark jedi are just kids, starting fires for cruel reasons. I'll will educate them, just need to grow my own roots" I mused, maybe a bit loud.

    "Such a catastrophe, this war is just..."

    "Oh, the clone wars would have killed many as well. Duro, Humbarine, Lianna...I stopped what mass extinctions I could. And your Jedi friends aren't much better. On every planet they fight, billions of civilians die. Their clone troopers expended like grass, with poor tactics and leaked plans. Religion is not a substitute for officer training" I concluded with a harsher tone, then flew away,
    leaving the nameless woman behind, surrounded by flowers and sentient trees.

    Now, a bit of relaxation, a warm jacuzzi massage with Dora and Lira...

    Peffy was already swimming in it. Well done Peffy!

    Making a new droid tank then! And let's add another partition for my Avatar, since that seemed very pleasant as well.

    I really was blessed, with so many beautiful and generous women...
    Celestial Throne spacestation, Floor 81, Apartment 3P

    "You've been gone for a long time, lover. Now strip, I need to relax as well!" Wialu commanded me as I entered my apartments.

    "Of course, honored maid. You will is my will. Use this body as much as you..."

    "Shut up and get in the tub" my Voice said in a harsh mistress tone.

    'Roger, roger, Mistress...' I acquiesced in a half dejected whisper.

    Yes! A real strong woman! The other half exulted inward.


    Planet Agamar, CIS space

    "Please stop Master, it was nothing we could anticipate! My best acolytes died in that battle. Who could have known they would use our own weapon against us?" the failure of a Sith Lord called Tyranus screamed in pain, as his Dark Lord inflicted pain with holo conference.

    Maybe he could...contact this Avatar in secret, and end him from a distance?
    A force choke, or a heart grip? Lung squeeze? Induce madness? Psychosis ? Paranoia?

    Ah, that slippery boy had vanished from his senses again, using some kind of force fog of his own.

    Too many things were vanishing, like those savages on Dantooine, gone!

    The forest people on Master Windu's homeplanet, gone!

    Someone was assembling an army, and it wasn't him!

    It was time to start the final stages of the war, or he might not gain the victory.

    "We're starting the attack on Coruscant sooner, Lord Tyranus. Assemble the fleets, and attack in two weeks!" he comanded, with barely restrained anger.

    The Sith plan for the domination of the galaxy will not be thwarted by some boy with too many beautiful women as his harem!

    Only on Mandalore he took six maids. Kill one and he takes a dozen more!

    Normal blackmail tactics would not work.

    He will need to plan something devious.
    At that peace conference after the war, once the Jedi were out of the picture. Already their power was almost gone.

    And if Anakin...

    Yessss. The boy could be used. On Mandalore. A duel, and claiming the darksaber.

    The tide could be turned, with the right pressure, at the right moment.

    Planet Mandalore, next week

    The glorious liberation of the north continues, at accelerated pace, the new thousands of ships and millions of droids and weapons captured speeding up the conquest 10 times, possibly because half of the remaining fleets, and all their tri-droid fighters vanished.

    This is a worrying news, since they will most likely attack somewhere vital. Let's hope it's Coruscant and not Boonta.

    Kriff, they will attack Boonta as well won't they? Just to keep us pinned, while the Jedi are being exterminated over Coruscant.
    And this Skywalker, personal representative of the Supreme Chancellor, here on Mandalore, and looking for a fight?


    I can't kill him, yet.

    Ahsoka is here as well, a bit too young and not fleshed enough for my plans...

    "Knight Skywalker, and Padawan Tano. Eloping to Mandalore to get married?" I asked, with fake curiosity.

    The girl almost stumbled, doing a cute trick with telekinesis, to keep herself from planting nose down.

    "This is no joking matter, Avatar Greyshade. Or Mandalore the Charming, as you style yourself now." The sand-hating emo replied in a nasal voice.

    "Indeed is not, as Duke Kenobi can confirm. His marriage with Duchess Satine is all the rave, here on Mandalore" I explained gently, since he probably didn't know.

    Wait, he didn't know? Haha. This was even more amusing then.
    "Satine...married Master Kenobi? But..." Ahsoka wondered with dreamy eyes. As, teenage girls.

    "No, he wasn't a traditional man, to beat his wife and then forcefully take her, like Mandalorians do, Miss Ahsoka. I just declared it, since my words are law here, in Pef space" I said softly, worried she might misunderstand.

    "T-that's good to hear. But married? Jedi can't marry, I think..." she muttered confused.

    Evil grin inside.

    "Of course they can. Some bother to get approval from the Council, others don't, but in the end, the heart wants what it wants.
    Late Master Mundi had like 5 wives, or 6. Even Knight Skywalker..." I added, with a knowing nod towards the lying scumbag.

    "This is about the neutrality of Mandalore, Avatar Greyshade. The Chancellor demands the status quo be restored, or..." The reputed Chosen One tried to salvage the situation, hand clenching on his blue crystal lightsaber. Moron.

    I already won.

    "Wait! Five wives, and he was on the Council! This is unfair. I want my own too...not five husbands, but at least one..." Ahsoka complained, quite loudly.
    Of course you do, pretty maid. And you will. Soon.

    "We'll talk about this later, Miss Ahsoka. After all, if Anakin married years ago, so can you" I said in a wise and warm tone, offering a consoling hand.

    "Enough! I challenge..." Skywalker began yelling, then crashed to the floor, unconscious.

    Thanks, Culexus 0097. This was getting aggravating. A bit of sleep will do him good.

    And more genetic samples won't be bad either. I could drain millions of vital cells to fertilize in vitro now.

    "My droids will take your exhausted Master to heal and recover. We do have bacta tanks you know...By the way, did he suffer any traumatic head injuries past year? " I asked, while taking the girl under my wing...

    "Skyguy? Sure, like 50 times at least! His head must be really durable!" the girl agreed with my suggestion immediately.

    "So, Senator Amidala huh? She seems like a nice girl..." I commented, as a host of medic droids fused around the fainted Jedi.

    "What, he married Padme? And didn't even invite me. Just like Master Kenobi!" the young togruta said with a exasperated sigh.
    "I bet their kids will be amazing though. But let's hope a bit less reckless..." I mused, maybe out loud.

    Ahsoka looked towards her master, then thought for a second.

    "Kriff. Skyguy's children will be at least as reckless...we're doomed!" Ahsoka exclaimed, realizing the future teror those offsprings will bring.

    "So, want to meet my six wives here on Mandalore? I have this castle, and each of them has their own tower..." I continued with a mesmerizing voice. Charming Castle has 50 towers free, as well. For now.

    "Let's first, drop my Master in the bacta tub. I hope he gets better..." the loyal padawan said in a worried tone.

    Of course. He'll be safe in there, floating unconscious and almost naked, with a dozen chirurgeon droids around.
    Perfectly safe!

    "Take his lightsaber though, he might forget it again." I reminded her, as the boy's body was installed on a stretcher.

    "So, you know him, my master?" Padawan Tano asked curious, while collecting the famous lightsaber.
    "We met before, of course. He was always on these specials missions from Mister Palpatine though. Other Jedi worked for the Council, or just guided only by the force, but not Skywalker. Mister Palpatine must have his special Jedi group, only working for him" I mused, in a whisper.

    "I don't think...I don't know actually. If Skyguy...Eh, this is over my paygrade" Ahsoka replied after a few moments of confusion.

    "Well, Satine and Kenobi will meet us soon, but don't ask her if she's pregnant. She wants to keep it a secret." I added in another secret whisper, as we arrived at the Mandalorian Royal Hospital.

    "Oh, got it. Secret..." Ahsoka said, with wide, dreamy eyes.

    "And red-headed one, waving at us? Bo Greyshade, Satine's sister. " I explained gently, pointing with my chin discreetly.

    "And...your wife, I guess" the young jedi said, with a bit of envy.

    "Very perceptive, dear Ahsoka, she was a bit hard to convince though. Very traditional woman, had to spend a week in the bacta tank, after our engagement fight..." I whispered, very softly in her Montral , which for togruta species served as sensitive ears.

    "Curious custom...what happens if the woman wins?" she asked, attracted and repulsed at once. Heh. I wonder that myself...
    "Well then, the man is not worthy of a strong and beautiful wife, is he? Also, cute belly button." I explained politely, as Bo reached us, and noticed my arm around Ahsoka's shoulders.

    Ashoka sort of blushed, by becoming even redder, while Bo rushed to hug me with mischief in her aura.

    "Hello, adored husband. Already looking for a younger wife? Oh cruel fate, why do I love such a scoundrel!" Bo proclaimed dramatically, while sobbing at my armored chest in fake tears.

    "I'm not...I mean. You're just having fun!" Ahsoka realized, since Bo was easy to read in the force. Or even without.

    "Eh, one more sister, I don't mind. Mister Greyshade has like 15 wives now?" Bo asked after stealing a short kiss.

    "I don't keep count. But at least 16" I said politely.

    "See, don't fall for him, young lady. So what, if he's rich and will shower you with love and billions of credits. Find someone who...wait. Jedi? You'll never get permission to marry then..." Bo said with a sad tone, then left to prepare for a state visit.

    Cause Jedi? They're ambassadors. Of sorts.

    With mind rape and plasma blades to convince the other side of their version of truth.
    After Skywalker was left to rest in the healing ward, we continued to my castle.

    "Ahsoka, I have to ask you a huge favor. Be my special emissary to the Council. Can you?" I asked softly, as we entered the castle.

    "But, I'm just a padawan. Skywalker..."

    "Is a lying bastard that I don't trust one bit. For Master Yoda ears only. A major CIS fleet is preparing to attack Coruscant. My vision showed me thousands of ships and millions of starfighters. Estimated time 5 to 10 days. Skywalker will travel with you inside the bacta tank, and perhaps recover enough to pilot a starfighter. Okay?" I explained, in a much more powerful tone.

    Because bacta? Cuts and incisions heal perfectly, without a single scar. Too bad his hair won't grow back that soon. A full epilation treatment, should clean his pores of sand.

    "Ahhhhh. This is too big. If they send that many ships like at Lianna, or Duro or Celanon... Why not tell Skywalker...it was you! You drugged Skyguy somehow. That's why he's asleep!" the padawan realized, after 30 minutes.

    "Just deliver my message to Master Yoda. Mister Palpatine can contact Pef Empire, though official channels. Like our embassies"
    I replied off-handedly, as my dear wives began to arrive.
    Planet Coruscant, Galactic Republic
    21 BBY , 7 days later

    The skies above Coruscant are on fire, in some cases quite literally. The CIS' new Providence-class cruisers are wreaking havoc through the Republic fleet, being armed with 200 turbolasers each, compared to the 16 turbolasers on a Republic Venator. The new Victory-class destroyers of the Republic help though, having been optimized for ship-to-ship combat.

    Master Yoda was cautious enough to listen to Avatar's warning, and recalled three Sector fleets, while placing ten others on high alert, for the duration of the warning. Still, the loses are immense, on both sides.

    The Republic is winning the capital ship battle decisively now, but also, many things are weird in war.

    The Chancellor's office was destroyed by a CIS ship that was landing invading troops. Sadly, Palpatine escaped, but his whole collection of art was incinerated. However, the Chosen One wasn't amused at being packed up and sent to the Jedi Temple bald. Not at all happy.

    The entrance of the Jedi temple was also destroyed, by the evil dark jedi forces.

    Some B1 droids were attempting to get inside the temple, communicating verbally as to 'exterminate younglings first, roger roger!'
    They wore no uniforms, so they must have been CIS droids. Right?

    The Jedi Guardians had little trouble dispatching them with well-aimed cuts. But that didn't stop them from exploding, as they all wore thermal detonators. Just luck, that only a dozen of these B1 droids carried explosives, at the attack on the sacred Temple of the Jedi religion.

    Thousands of locations across the capital were also targeted by these B1 droids, sometimes backed by a B2 droid, for more panic. We did have a whole year to map and locate interesting targets after all.

    A few such groups even succeeded to kill a few known corporatist leaders like Xizor and Raith Sienaras well as hundreds of bank leaders and leaders of various mining corporations.
    Having a few thousands Culexus droids prepared for this day surely paid off.

    This was an attack on the very foundation of the Republic, literally in the case of Xizor's palace, which had collapsed hundreds of floors into the lower levels, as it's very foundations collapsed due to a lucky grenade.

    A hundred Senators and Representative Aids lost their lives, Representative Binks of Naboo among them.

    In the chaos, fires spread and devoured hundreds of buildings, entire wealths or records of it being lost.
    Even some Republic military installations were attacked, and were repulsed in all places but one.

    The Republic's Army Laboratory for Nanotechnology. It is unknown why it was attacked, or if anything was stolen, because the huge fire erupted, melting even durasteel. Also, there were no survivors, on either side, even the attacking droids being melted into puddles by these fires.

    Hundreds of brave Jedi Knights also died bravely and gallantly, while piloting starfighters, but being outnumbered 1000 to 1.

    Total loss of life is unknown, due to the special nature of Coruscant as capital of the Republic, with its 10 millions worlds, which had millions of ships and billions of transients at any moment.

    However estimates go over 10 million lives and even one billion by some holo-commentators.

    Boonta system, Hutt space.
    Pef Empire trade station.
    same time

    A large CIS fleet attacked us at the same time with the attack on Coruscant, no doubt to prevent us from giving aid, or hoping to exploit a weakness in our defences, since the bulks of our fleets was assumed to be concentrated on the Agamar and Ciutric offenses, as well as the siege of Serenno.

    What they found was 150 Meteors, 300 Lucrehulks, 3000 Muni destroyers and 300 Mon Calamari cruisers, supported by 100 Invictus-class carriers and 500 Recu carriers.
    The CIS fleet still had 20 thousands ships and even 1000 Providence-class cruisers, but the odds were more balanced now, as Emperor Pef and his Eight Hand also aided with coordination.

    Boonta, also known as Ko Vari had a prospering population until it was decimated first by Xim the Despot and later by the Republic Navy's Swift Fleet during the Great Sith War. The planet never entirely recovered from these catastrophes.

    It's two million inhabitants and about 5 million tourists which enjoyed the famous Boonta races were unlucky to be caught in the crossfire, and vanished in turbolaser fire that an erratic CIS Lucrehulk fired at the only city on the surface, once again rendering the planet uninhabited.

    That Lucrehulk was immediately destroyed, by the defending Pef fleet, but for those poor people on the surface, it was too late.
    Not poor as without money, since they were quite rich, being here.

    At least a hundred if not one thousand wealthy Hutts were also enjoying the races, and perished in the inferno, along with their escorts of mercenaries, bounty hunters and assassins.

    Sadly, Proto One, the Pef Empire's Ambassador to the Hutts also reduced his offer to buy Boonta from 60 to 10 billion credits.

    It just wasn't that attractive anymore.
    The Hutts intercepted a poorly coded transmission, no doubt due to the chaos of battle, advising the Ambassador to offer only one billion credits since just a planetary shield was worth that much.

    In a rush not to lose the other 9 billions, Grakkus the Hutt sadly agreed to sell Boonta for 10 billions, and promised to limit CIS fuel and ammunition shipments through Hutt space, as much as possible. He also bought a planetary shield for Nar Shaddaa with the money he spared.

    I bet you regret, not selling Boonta sooner, now.

    On planet Teth, the Hutts no longer assaulted Pef Army's positions, focusing their efforts on the CIS troops on the ground.

    In the aftermath of the battle at Boonta, 2000 Muni destroyers and 100 Lucrehulks were lost by my fleet, while the CIS fleet was obliterated entirely, only about 3000 hulls remaining salvageable after the battle.

    Didn't have enough ion cannons to capture more of them, but at least I have enough wrecks to construct new shipyards in orbit around Boonta.

    And replace the lost ships too.
    Not bad, for a weeks work, I guess.

    "Yes Pef. Not bad. How many credits did you steal, with the Coruscant siege?" Solana asked, while hugging my armor and staring at the galactic holomap with some interest.

    "No idea, to be correct. At least a quadrillion. But, secret mining bases and proprietary tech data, along with rare artifacts and the nano-droids prototypes...might be worth a hundred times more." I said with a soft voice, dreaming of the future.

    'This fight was too easy Emperor Pef. I need worthy opponents.' the Core AI complained, as his fighters did even better than expected, demolishing every small ship in the CIS fleet in 30 minutes.

    Though, I did give him at least 100 upgrades of newest processors, comlinks, signal boosters, tactical nets and holo-emitters and slicer tech. Cost me a billion to bring him up to date, but the money was well spent.

    'Focus on the Vong tech, my friend. How to kill them and how to counter them. Especially gravity emitters and deflectors. I know they have stealth ships as well. You don't want your home to be found and burned to the core, do you, my Eight Hand?' I asked politely, and curious.

    'Errr. The Vong do seem quite a worthy opponent. I analyzed all the data you've sent me. If only 10% of their strength is accurate, half of the galaxy would be conquered in 3 years. The other half slower, but still inevitable. I will endeavour to find a solution Immortal Pef' The old AI from Raxus Prime declared solemnly.
    You and me and Solanus. We will be a Triumvirate when this is over, after all. Dividing competence and responsibilities was inevitable, after a certain growth was achieved.

    Yea, these Vong invaders were almost Tyranids, weren't they? But smarter. And casting their own shadow in the warp...I mean the force.

    I will need to build my own variant of Imperator-class Titan .

    And then, think of the other things, waiting in the shadows. I still had much to prepare.
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    Planet Boonta, Pef Empire
    2 weeks later

    A dozen billions of droids and an AI helped a lot into reshaping Boonta into a modern and pleasant looking planet, with a thousand cities able to house a million people each, along with adiacent factories, restaurants, spaceports and maglev trains.

    I just hope people will come. The AI calculated everything a human civilization would need, from crops to energy and jobs.

    He's very good at that, and also converting B1 droids into police officers, and custom enforcers.

    Just the shipyards could give jobs to 30 millions people immediately.

    Farms are being prepared, lacking only happy colonists, toiling from sunrise to sunset to produce crops and sell them to feed their families...

    Should I plant crops already?

    No idea, Peffy eats whatever and he's fine. Bantha seems popular for meat, so I guess I can also create pastures and abattoirs.
    Eh. Should be enough. Not like most colonists even have toilets or clean water for the first hundred years.

    Things will be fine.

    I just hope anyone will come. The planet looks like a ghost world now, a billion houses empty.

    Look! A ship. New colonists? Nah, just smugglers from Kessel.

    'They'll come Pef. Just send more promos with captured images from the surface. There are people on Coruscant who never even seen the sun, or green grass, in their whole life' Lira argued, convinced this will work.

    'And reserve transport with cruise lines. They can't walk this far' Ventress sent, somehow amused at my panic.

    Right. It would take a long time to walk to Humbarine, 30 thousands light years from here.

    I got used to calculating distances in hyperdrive power and hyper route quality.

    But these people will be poor...possibly not even have their own starship...

    'Sigh. I'll do a campaign for you Pef. Vette and Celine could be of help as well.' Dora said with a resigned voice.

    Vette! where was...oh. Pirates.
    This obsession wasn't healthy though. So much hate. I should call her back, and get her meditating.

    And done. She should stay a few months on Sanctuary, and strengthen her soul and mind.

    Celine too, most likely. My dear blonde singer, still famous around the empire and the Centrality. They were important somehow, even without magic powers or useful skills.

    Angie was ageless, so time wasn't a factor that much.

    But the original maids...4 years have passed almost. They won't get younger.

    They had to learn the talortai ability now, while bota was still working.

    Make a note, double the dose for every force user in the empire. Our huge stockpile might be worthless soon.

    And check about Vera, my Zeison Sha twi'lek.

    Connecting with holonet receiver on our spy satellites over Yanibar . Hmmm. Still enduring, but a bit better now.

    A new city, with electricity and a library and a spaceport. A million droids as farmers and miners should help too.
    So pitiful. I could give them a thousand times more. Only they were also, very far away. 80 thousands light-years.

    One light year is 9 trillion kilometers. Too far, for now.

    Another starship! Just a Hutt ship, still en route for the Boonta races. Not here anymore, just a memorial obelisk.

    They had nova crystals to sell though, so sure. They're useful.

    I should go to Felucia though. That huge sarlacc thing annoys me. 53 assassination attempts have failed.

    Nothing should be that resilient. Unless...

    'Just like that tree on Kubindi, the million years of ritual sacrifices connected him with the living force, distorting and increasing its force connection to unnatural levels' Wialu argued, with a bit of worry.

    How soon till it wasn't passive anymore? Or a Jedi stumbled into its maw, and while dying he shifted the whole planet to a vicious nature. It did happen just like that, in my memories. Shaak Ti died in the Abyss, and Felucia became a dark nexus.
    "I'm coming too. Solanus is worried as well" my water maid said gently, while her face almost became human.

    Almost there. A year maybe, and her shapeshifting will be perfect.

    "Okay then. Let me send Core back to Malagarr" I replied, as the partition in charge of the Eighth Hand did just that.

    And by the time I return, the nano-droids should arrive as well.

    In a month or two, I should master controlling trillions at once, to craft the first real warships of this galaxy, since the Kwa or the Gree.

    And warmachines, walkers and tanks and power armors, but in huge quantities.

    'Third Hand, it's time. Begin Operation 4999.' I sent through my encrypted comlink towards Gand.

    The Outer Rim sieges would begin now, Jedi leading the clone troopers to assail the Separatists strongholds, those not already under siege by my empire, but the Spaarti cloning will be ours.

    We just needed to take Gizer, then Cartao, followed by Myrkr and Alpheridies.

    Gizer was a CIS world, so it would be simpler. Myrkr was unclaimed, so clearing pirates should work. The others...Wialu will have a hard job getting them to become interested. Contruum would be the key, as they claimed most power in that region.
    From Myrkr, finding planet Wayland should take a month or less.

    Time was running short, and everything balanced on the edge of a knife.

    Some resources could not be found elsewhere.

    I held Solana's hand as we boarded the Fade frigate. This ship was becoming my favorite, due to its speed and stealth, but I should probably figure out how to cloak the larger Calamari cruisers.

    Waiting to be rescued, while floating somewhere in the void would suck.

    'We'll be fine for now. The hyperlanes till Felucia are guarded. And we're invisible' Solana said with some amusement.

    "Take us to Felucia, Honored Findsman" I said politely, as I entered the frigate's bridge.

    A host of VSS operatives and droids made themselves comfortable around the ship.

    "A minute to compute the jump, Emperor. And then check for anomalies" The Captain replied in a serious tone.

    Wait, what anomalies?
    "Gravity echo distortions, magnetic refractions, black hole lensing?" I asked at once.

    "The first thing, Immortal Pef. Our detector is barely picking anything. But, other Findsmen feel the same. There's something on the hyperlanes, watching" He replied, with some uncertainty.

    Yea, there would be, wouldn't it?

    The Vong had stealth ships too, mapping our galaxy right now.

    "We're clear for now. Jumping" The Gand Findsman said in a relieved tone.

    Bigger walkers then. With flamethrowers and plasma projectors. And torpedoes. And missiles. And masers.

    And nukes. Yea, nukes will save the universe. Maybe. At least I hope so.

    Planet Felucia, Pef Empire
    Next day.

    Damn, these mark 0.7 hyperdrives of my Fade stealth frigates are amazingly fast. At least when you take well known hyper routes.

    At this rate, it won't be long before I can devise a 0.5 hyperdrive like Han Solo had.

    I looked on Corellia for him, of course. But, nothing.
    Let's hope he wasn't butterflied away, in some fight that didn't happen the first time.

    While en route to the Felucia system, I created two classes of mecha walkers.

    The first type, with a height of 4 meters, are basically big power armors, and pretty much light tanks in armor and mobility.

    They will form our flanking power, with an oversized gatling gun and a medium maser cannon. A missile launcher and a flamethrower too.
    two legs and four arms, two arms with fingers and thumbs, for no creation should be denied thumbs.

    Hmmm. Seems I made a land version of the biplane, if I would add a droid brain. Why not both? A machine spirit and a pilot.

    Able to operate without an organic pilot, like all my tech, but much smarter and cunning with a veteran pilot inside.

    Though, 5 times more expensive than a light tank, and with less firepower. Alas, they need to be fast and strong, to fight hordes of Vong organic monsters. I will call them Phalanx, because of the gatling guns. Only they can glide on repulsorlift engines as well.
    And then a big one, 40 meters tall. There won't be cables hanging around and exposed knees or such. Sorry guys, no mynocks will chew on my power cables. However cool that sounds. And it won't glide, since it's not that kind of story.

    Overlapping armor plates, one meter thick. Starship class reactors and shields, 6 legs and 6 arms, two of them with thumbs.

    Maybe one day, when out of ammo, they'll have to pick up stuff, like a huge sword, or a tree, to batter away hordes of zerglings...or just move rocks and debris away.

    And armament? Everything!

    That continuous laser from spider droids, check. Let's get two.

    Missile launchers? Yea, at least 10. Masers and gatling lasers? Give me 6 of each.

    Hell projectors? Yup. Just one though, as they need lots of energy.

    Proton torpedoes? Of course. Proton bomb mortar? That's the nuke launcher. Here they use the other part of the atom's nucleus,

    not the neutrons. Because of less radiation. Still melts durasteel and makes pretty blooms. I know, I've tested it a few times.

    Very good at erasing forensic evidence too.
    A bridge with holomaps and holo-emitters and tactical net. Because they may be used as army headquarters in the field.


    "Enough Pef. See how much it will cost to build one, then dream of huge armies of them" Solana said beside me, looking doubtful
    at the hologram is assembled on the frigate's bridge.

    "Your voice might be right, Metal Gand. This thing looks impressive, but perhaps not exactly feasible. It also has too many legs"
    the insectile Gand Findsman added with a slight shudder.

    Huh, if even insects think 6 legs is too many...

    Fine then. Biped walker it is, and just 4 arms. Have to reduce height to 30 meters and triple the leg thickness. Or it would just fall.

    Even with small steps. Damn. Lost 30% of firepower now.

    Let's estimate costs now...2 million credits. Just for one single Titan mecha. Twice as much as a corvette.
    Guess I can build less, just to boost morale for my legions. Maybe three or four per legion.

    Just like the empire fleets work now, with three Meteors supported by hundreds of smaller ships.

    30 Meteors should come back from the Redforge after repairs. With twice as strong shields now, and a layer of durasteel armor over critical parts like the fins.

    The other 20 Meteors too damaged for full repairs, are being reconfigured as high explosive shells, with ten times more sublight engines and their internals partly removed, to make more room for a lot of proton bombs. A five kilometer long spear, with a diamond-boron tip is being crafted for them, to reshape them in Narwhals.

    In theory, they could impact a worldship and detonate inside. I know they did it with an executor-class dreadnought. Might have been luck though.

    They whole Skywalker family strategy appears to work purely on luck. And lots of hope.

    We're outnumbered and are about to be wiped out? Luck!

    They enemy has overwhelming superiority in tech and ship quality and strategy? Luck!
    The enemy is building a superweapon? Let's jump in a dozen of starfighters and hope it ends well.

    Ah, we have arrived at Felucia.

    Now let's sense...nothing. Just a trade station, our defense fleet, some spy satellites...

    A dozen million farmers and smugglers. Mostly farmers.

    A few tribes of Felucian jungle savages, around the Abyss.

    A thousand more warships arrive from Lianna, to help me extract this worm from my planet.

    But first, let's collect the natives and relocate them. This operation might cause earthquakes or worse.

    As we descend through the planetary shield, I take the scepter and try to see if there's anything to drain.

    Ah, there is! Coming from the big mouth with a hundred tongues, each kilometers long.

    Should I go spelunking?
    "Don't joke about it Pef. That thing has hundreds of stomachs. With molecular acid inside." Solana said with a light tremble.

    Okay then, not rappelling into the huge Abyss.

    I'll just twiddle my thumbs, while the feral locals are being corralled and extracted, some peacefully, others with sleep gas and tranquilizer darts.

    And let's begin. A thousand harpoons and hundreds of tractor beams, with lasers evaporating the earth around the crater like maw.

    "It won't budge! Not enough traction or it's stuck." I muttered in surprise.

    "Or its tail is coiled around the core of the planet" Solana added with a bit of amusement.

    Gah. That's not possible, is it?

    Hmmm. Let's try it like they do with stomach worms then.

    You, Muni Destroyer 2447!

    Come closer and get caught by the sarlacc's tongues.
    There, see, a hundred tongues have latched onto my ship. Now let's spin it while lifting it with tractor beams.

    Seismic tremors? It's working!

    The maw snapped shut on my ship, annoyed at the escaping prey.

    And now, lift!

    Meter by meter, the huge sarlacc began emerging from the ground, dragged by the engines of a thousand warships.

    After one hour, the maw with it's starship hook emerged from the atmosphere, dragging a 5 kilometer thick worm after it.

    And as the ship continued to rotate, a yarn-like ball started to form around it.

    At least 50 kilometers long. 70, 100!

    "Damn, I hope the planet won't be left empty inside. No matter how cool..." I managed to say.

    "The tail is visible Emperor, estimated length 150 kilometers" my captain interrupted my words rudely.
    Okay then. Still longer than a Vong worldship by 50% but not that scary.

    "I say we should mount engines on it, and use it for theme rides. Should attract lots of tourists" I mused, as the tail was being straighten up, to let us admire the specimen.

    "Kriff. It might even work..." Solana said with a long sigh.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Two weeks later

    The new year is coming soon, and my empire has grown immensely in surface but not in population. barely 14 million colonists have arrived at Boonta, since we started subsidising transport. Maybe they didn't have cash for tickets either.

    For now, the newly conquered Secessionist planets are content, since they pay no taxes, except for maintaining costs of their defense fleet.

    The big corporation worlds like Mooga or Murkhana or Etti are much harder to keep pacified, as the CIS has thousands of instigators and sympathizers. Hundreds of instigators are 'disappeared' every day. Sad, but a galaxy is not just peace and understanding.

    Our black ops have expanded a thousand times, just to keep up with the volume, and thus the quality of our agents has dropped too. We have began leaking intelligence, mostly to CIS. Inevitable, but sucks.
    My Astartes clones have began showing signs of madness and instability, even as they were only around 13 or 14 years old in appearance. Not sure why, possibly the force. Hell, certainly the force.

    I have to send them to be recycled. 10 thousands of them, and all came out wrong.

    I don't want Nikto clones though, even if their genome makes them more stable.

    Can't see them as my children.

    Guess I'll try female variants now, without force-sensitives. Bo and Clara and Lidia and the five A from Mandalore.

    I'll look for some smart Imperial Servants as well, to get a more diverse mix.

    Grafting new organs is going poorly as well, most zygotes dying without reaching newborn length. A master Shaper I'm not.

    Creating superhumans is not so easy as I first believed. I should import some more galactic class specialists, and have them figure out the causes.

    On the Clone wars, we are besieging a hundreds worlds at once, including Serenno, Vinsoth and Salin, while Pef Navy is 'protecting' Botajef and Bandomeer. Planet Hamad join us with just a promise of aid against the Ciutric Hegemony, from which many of them fled.
    However Axxila will prove a though nut. It's an ecumenopolis, with cities all over.

    Planet Taris is neutral and will possibly not join under MPT, for some time. The Sith did a number on them, just like the Jedi did on Mandalore, with orbital bombardments in the Mandalorian Excision .

    The Jedi have began spreading out in the Outer Rim, sieging various CIS key worlds, but most of their younglings have been moved from Coruscant, no doubt due to the B1 droids I sent to the Temple to attempt 'extermination'

    The Republic is attacking on the other hyperlanes in the north from Ansion and Dorin, attempting to reach Muunilinst before us.

    Somehow they managed to get bogged down at Vardoss and other places, which is fine.

    And on planet Drackmar we found the Omogg warlords, who supposedly owned Dathomir.

    For the simple price of not evaporating their methane atmosphere, and a planetary shield, they agreed to turn sides and cede the ownership of Dathomir legally. Not a sabacc game, but good enough.

    The first new generations of droid tanks and cheap power armor appeared in our armies, since the CIS defenses also intensified massively.
    Piloted by cyborgs or select Sanctuary graduates, they can flank enemy lines at speed and create breaches for the droid footmen to exploit. Still, every day we lose about 5 millions droid soldiers, and we only print 4 millions.

    Plus they need to be armed, clothed, charged and transported to the battlefields.

    Botajef and Celanon have become huge army depots and refueling bases, supporting the fleets farther ahead.

    The Corporate sector is almost completely captured now, since only a dozen worlds from 500 still resist.

    At Kessel sector, we bypassed Aeneid, and took planets Randa and Zarm without a fight.

    Not exactly bypassed, just settled the two not inhabited planets, and requested to be admitted as part of the ruling Council of Elders with two votes.

    While they deliberate on that, the two planets are being upgraded and defended, as to form the main military base in this sector.

    Because 15 planets able to support life, in one star system? Not a trap at all.

    At least we stopped losing ships that much, and the Calamari had produced 100 more of their superb Liberty cruisers for us.
    Or maybe we hit CIS too soon, before they really started mass producing ships. And killed lots of them in a few major battles.

    Corellia has began contributing ships to the Republic battles in mid and south, and are twice as effective with their missiles to prevent most CIS droid fighters from winning a cheap shot.

    Still keeping a largish fleet tied down at Teth, and preventing CIS traffic at Randon, so we help...

    But, the Battles of Umbara and Kashyyyk have also began, so the end is near.

    Soon, the hot clone wars end, and the cold war begins.
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    20 BBY

    "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."
    Padmé Amidala

    The Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Galactic Republic barely escaped with his life, after the treacherous Jedi Order revealed their true faces and attempted to arrest him, or murder him, as the Chancellor says.

    Seems Ahsoka couldn't keep her mouth shut, and told a Master Jedi what I told her with my Avatar. Possibly Shaak Ti, since they're both togruta.

    Palpatine having his 'own' Jedi secret group. That tidbit.

    Shaak Ti and several other Masters cornered Count Dooku on Utapau and obtained Palpatine's name from him, before decapitating him.

    They called a strike team, with master Fisto and Master Yoda between them to arrest Palpatine.

    And then Ahsoka told her own Master, one Skywalker Anakin, mother Shmi Skywalker- deceased, father unknown.

    At this, the young emo rushed to the Senate, and interrupted the victory scene, saving Palpatine, even though the Chancellor lost a hand in this unfair fight, though still killing 7 Jedi Masters. Master Yoda and Shaak Ti were blown through the window, but their powers were enough to capture a nearby taxi and fly away.
    His bald head should have been enough clue, but I guess not.

    Order 66 also came, and a thousnad more Jedi died all over the galaxy, only the most skilled, or lucky surviving.

    The Jedi on Coruscant went into hiding, deep into the lower levels, taking much of their precious archives with them.

    Sadly, the new Darth Vader didn't get to kill his wife, or the remaining younglings in the temple, as his clone troopers from 501st and himself were all vaporized in a huge proton bomb explosion, that took out the Jedi Temple, and all its famous holocrons.

    The funeral pyre for the old librarians and the legacy of the Jedi had at least 9 megatonnes yield, and vaporized everything in a 10 kilometer sphere. The shockwaves and the debris killed millions more.

    "Culexus 0097, you're promoted to the name Bond 007 and the rank of Colonel, for your successful mission" I proclaimed with gravitas.

    "And I want a Terminator armor, Emperor. Because I deserve it" the brave hero replied politely.

    "Okay. A Terminator T-700 power armor, with 7 stygium crystals. You may choose.." I managed to say, before he interrupted me.
    "Assassinorum Triumvir, if you would, Droid Emperor. The Core AI on Malagarr gives me the creeps" my droid said with a slight shudder.

    He does eh? For me too. But he will be the front line when the Vong attack the Pef Empire.

    Core was sending out survey droids by the hundred thousands, ignoring Mujilik's demands for better inner routes.

    Well, as long as he mined the minerals and managed the production himself, the only costs came from hyperdrives.

    And the new droids he made for my armies were much better than what we had now.

    His new series of B11 were as fast and accurate as the commando droids, and all came with a partial energy shield that could be rotated in a second, to block laser and blaster fire, without encumbering the droids with an umbrella.

    And now he was starting to design better Stinger gunships, with countermeasures against current missiles and also Biplanes and droid tanks.

    He did indeed do his part, though just not with big starships, yet.

    Solanus had managed to apply the work at Blueforge to replicate skin almost perfectly, although it's only blue or green for now.
    We will use the green, to cover the hands and faces of our new droids, to make them more appealing to the numerous reptilian species in the galaxy. Greenskins, eh?

    Along with their green and grey patterned uniforms, they'll look almost civilized. Plus a few facial expressions and better grip on the weapons.

    The clone wars continue, even without Dooku to lead the Separatists.

    But, a few random meteor showers crashed on various worlds with cloning facilities around the galaxy, no doubt pushed by some invisible ships.

    The Jedi did it seems a good enough excuse.

    My Empire policy on Jedi has changed to detain and confiscate their plasma weapons, then require them to relinquish evil and fanaticism, to be allowed residence on a few select worlds like Ruul.

    "I did tell you Miss Zero. Your lightsaber, and no more evil, understand! " I told my Zero Hand, as I announced her of the new policy.

    "Like Master Fay or Zao then. To roam the galaxy and be hunted by this new Sith Empire" she replied, with some concern.
    "Well. This toy is not needed, my friend. I can give you a metal blade, if having a weapon beside a pistol is psychologically required. Or maybe my Avatar can figure out how to make darksabers. Cause, dark not light, see?" I said with a tinge of amusement.

    "A blade please. That darksaber is a mockery" she said sternly. Well, she was always stern, but even more now.

    "Here, made it myself, just a month ago." I proclaimed, holding a hand out as Culexus 0054 placed a sword in my open palm.

    "A month ago...you knew...so far back..." she mused, taking the sword absently and handing out the old one.

    "Well, that vision of the future is gone now. But these girls...they'll need to be stronger. Smarter. Or they'll live here for decades"
    I said gently, pointing discreetly at the weaver maids, now crafting tree houses around the garden.

    "You brought more of that bota plant?" Zero asked after testing a few swipes with her sword.

    "Of course. 260 doses. See you in ten days, Honored Hand" I replied gently and flew up towards my ship, as the Culexus droids deposited the crate next to the Jedi Master.
    I had to go to the Redforge and finish the Meteors. All 1000 of them waiting for a force-fueled crystal to assemble their guns and turrets and power systems.

    The shipyards in my empire were in no position to make such large ships, even the Strike-class cruiser clones were a hard job. We did start a thousand of them, to give the Commonality and the Centrality jobs for their workers.

    Experience didn't come easy. Corvettes were doing great now, about 5000 per month, and that will keep increasing.

    Deysum system and Uogo'cor in the south were now filled with a thousand of our ships, eliminating the pirates there, without Vette.

    Proto one was trying gently to see if the the planet Ulmatra which lay within the sphere of influence of the Kajidier kajidic, a clan of the Hutt could be bought. It was the other tip of the route to Formos, and thus quite important.

    And on Botajef, we found Natasi Daala , now much younger, which Peffy will go take care to recruit.

    Because I could use a loyal Admiral. And Peffy more wives. Win-win.
    Planet Dac, Mon Calamari space
    Mon Calamari Council
    20 BBY two weeks later

    Peffy and Solana and Wialu have gone to negotiate the formal agreement with the Mon Calamari squids, the Quarren the Whaladons , the Moappa and the Knowledge Bank.

    "Esteemed Council, the Republic is no more. Palpatine is revealed as a Sith Lord, along with Dooku. This new Sith Empire is no friend of liberty or autonomy. The Pef Empire wants a good relation with the sentients of Mon Calamari space, as we have proven again and again." Solana said gently, her face revealed to show her water form.

    Cause, yea. For marine people, water was important.

    "A difficult decision, even with the 30 trillion investment that your Empire proposes. You are new and rash, jumping into war when you just began your existence. Your fleet is already among the strongest in the galaxy, and you ask us to build us even more ships for you. We will deliberate in closed session" The Mon Calamari King declared regally, and a bit scared.

    Okay then. Time to visit the big molusks.

    We left a barely sketched bow and walked towards to edge of the floating city, admiring the view.
    Just like the ships, the floating cities were beautiful, with curves and round forms, while outwards, platforms led to piers and spaceports. The city looked like a colony of white mollusks, coming to surface for a sunbath.

    We dived off the pier and started descending into the depths, where the other sentients of the water planet resided.

    "And if a few of us should burn away…more will take their place."
    ―The Moappa

    The medusa-like Moappa were only intelligent in large numbers, like other sentients in the galaxy.

    Just a few were seen as individual cells, unimportant. But a colony of a few millions would form an individual of great wisdom, and if necessary, they could gather in trillions to overwhelm an attacker.

    'Yes Pef, Solanus wants them for his worlds. More people to live in his oceans would be great.' my water maid said, as we encountered the first colony of moappa.

    'Okay then, what about the whales?' I asked, noting the moappa becoming interested. Huh.

    'Them too, if their songs are nice enough. Plankton is easy to provide' Solana answered with an amused tone. Eh, more art.
    No wonder Solanus liked Angie. Singers were always well received, everywhere.

    'Okay then, we're heading for Aquarius . Moappa, are you spying on mind talk?' I asked, with a fake resentment.

    'W-weeelllll. You're all like those Jedi, but not. Just curious' the medusa colony reply, with embarrassment.

    'You could hop into a starship and visit new planets, you know? There's holographic and even telepathic pilot modules now.' I told the Moappa as we neared the underwater city, enclosed in a semipermeable bubble, keeping pressure away, but letting organics and gases to pass.

    Much more advanced than those gungan frogs of Naboo.

    The leader of the whales, called Leviathor was already waiting for us, along with a herd of his friends.

    Hope I can save guys, and you'll not end up as dinner for Palpatine's officers.

    Or dead, when Dac gets bombarded from orbit, like in my memories.

    Hmmm. A faint tingle in the force as well. This huge white whale was force-sensitive, unlike the other whales.
    He started singing something to us, but I didn't have that language in my partition.

    Wialu just floated ahead, and placed a palm on its forehead. Right.

    Living force. Peffy could do it too.

    Let's see, animal bond ?

    'That's rude, Avatar Greyshade' the wise whale replied in my mind.

    'Jedi invented this ability. Those guys also tried to murder the leader of the Republic, you know?' I answered with a mental shrug.

    'So we heard. Calamari and Quareen debate what to do, but you already know what will happen. Like pictures, you seen the future' Leviathor replied with a sad wail.

    Uh, maybe not a good idea to connect mentally with a brain 100 times larger. He stole memories.

    'The Mind Library knows. In these waters, what you know, they know. All is revealed, Sun of Suns.' the whale leader replied with a dismissive tone, and turned to leave.

    Uh. This was a short talk.

    'You know already Peffy. The future is clear for their kind.' Solana sent gently, removing a glove to wave her hand in the waters.
    'Well, what now?' I asked confused.

    'Solanus is talking with the Knowledge Bank. I am his Voice too' Solana answered calmly.

    Oh, right. 11 oceans, linked into a single mind. He could deal with a few glowing mollusks.

    'Yes. Colonies on every ocean. Full database of all Calamari tech. Safety for the small ones. Allies against Vong. The wills are five' Solana replied with a strange powerful tone.

    Okay then, keep the booming mind scream on the low.

    The mollusks were almost like those yammosk of the Vong, connecting everything in the oceans, and absorbing their memories.
    Just like the killiks that formed the Celestials and the Joiners.

    And those pearls inside their shells? Force crystals.

    Just like Solanus could simply will kyber crystals into existence.

    So, why wouldn't the Vong be just as wise? Why?

    Oh well. Maybe they'll turn peaceful, after I reduce them to a single city, on a single planet, the rest glassed and vitrified.

    But as they were now, poised to map the galaxy and preparing to enslave what survivors they left...
    Nah. We have laws against slavery, wrote them myself.

    'We can go up now. The shell has finished its upload' Solana declared as a green and yellow kyber crystal formed in her palm and floated away, heading into a deep underwater trench.

    Great, more secrets.

    Let's go give our new Calamari allies 30 trillions, so they can expand their inner routes and mining planets, and produce a million starships for me.

    An MPT for starters, till the Separatist threat is over.

    And meanwhile, I'll have to run around, turning every neutral polity out there, into an ally.

    Hapes, Bothan, Mandalore, Taris, Senex, Javin and the Gordian Reach. Just for starters. The Hutts would much harder.

    Peffy was gonna get a lot more wives. This personal union would be a full time job. Good thing he doesn't get tired anymore.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    20 BBY, next month

    Although the new Galactic Empire has declared the Clone Wars over and won, that's only a partial truth. The Clones part.
    The ability to mass-produce clones was reduced by 90% due to iron- nickel asteroids crashing into the all known facilities in the galaxy that produced clones.

    Millions of growing clones were snuffed out by waves of water or fire, and the Imperial Army has to recruit poor citizens to fill the ranks of depleted clone divisions. The quality and training of these fresh recruits is abysmal , and thus delaying the Rim Reconquest.

    Planet Mustafar and Muunilist and Yag'Dhul are still coordinating massive droid armies
    and the hyperlanes have been blocked with asteroids, as envisioned by the Gavin species
    mathematocracy's leading council, the Body Calculus .

    Our fleets have stepped in, to help at Kashyyyk, and advanced southwards to Nanth'ri and New Apsolon.

    The CIS fleet at Teth had withdrawn, possibly not considering that front of importance anymore, leaving the system in our hands and the planet still partitioned, and the clone troops being eroded constantly by the wild life and the remaining CIS droids.

    A space station over Carida, where the new Imperial Navy has gathered their leading experts for a strategy conference was impacted by a captured Republican Venator star-destroyer, filled with explosives, and subsequently obliterated.
    Planet Rendili has surrendered to the Galactic Empire, but unfortunately, they do not have shipyards anymore, and many skilled workers are gone as well. Riots and unemployment plague that 600 billion people world, and 10 Imperial stormtrooper legions have to forgo helping on the frontlines, and instead are sent to pacify the population.

    On more democratic worlds, calls for abolishing the slavery of the poor clones is being brought up more and more by the media and politicians. Alderaan and Naboo and dozens other worlds voice their outrage in the Imperial Senate, citing the very words of Emperor Palpatine, saying the Clone wars are over.

    A simple solution would be to replace the clones with droids, but the public opinion is harshly against it.

    On Thyferra , till now a CIS stronghold, major battles take place, as the Galactic Empire is desperate to regain access to bacta, and heal their wounded organic troops.

    Many facilities are destroyed in the fighting, the droids often blowing up the bacta treatment culture, before retreating into jungles or mountains.

    Planet Ando, the capital of Hyper-Communications Cartel has fallen though, and the Cartel was promptly nationalized by the Palpatine's Empire. Well, the facilities in reach of the Empire at least.
    Pef Empire has prompty done the same, declaring all assets of the Cartel becoming property of the Empire. Not that they weren't, de facto till now, but de jure sounds legal.

    It is a race, that the Galactic Empire will win, through sheer numbers and proximity, but the point is not to win everything.

    Just enough to delay a strong Galactic Empire for a decade.

    More and more colonists and other people fleeing from whatever reason, board whatever ships they can, and flee to the liberal regime of the Pef Empire.

    50 million immigrants this month. Yay! 25 millions of them from Renastasia though, so...not really. But reducing poverty and population pressure on the planet will help too. One million youngsters joined Centrality's Army and Navy, attracted by the glamour of tanks and starfighters.

    The giant sarlacc has been finally tractored to the Wheel, the huge gambling station near Centares, and installed with sublight engines and large domed malls and museums and opera halls, where the angels can sing of the wonders of the galaxy, while millions of rich people pay 1000 credits for a ticket to the Ancient Abyss theme park. Every day.

    In a year, the botomless Abyss will pay the whole medical care for the empire. Make a note, add more parks and restaurants.
    It's 150 kilometer long, plenty space.
    The sarlacc it's still alive, for some reason, cause if magma pressure and temperature 150 kilometers deep didn't bother it, vacuum wouldn't either.
    In fact, zero G makes it relax, as there's no more weight to tear at it's old flesh. Lucky guy.

    Bits of his body were sent to Bluforge and Sol V, to try and reproduce the amazing properties of this skin.

    Heals amazingly fast, and it's even harder to damage. Energy weapons have little or no effect. More so after I drained all the dark stuff from its stomach.

    Feels a little like Miss Fay now, pure and ageless, but still vicious enough to rip you to shreds, if you cross in front of its maw.

    And on our Navy, 1000 Meteors and 5000 corvettes have began trials and will be soon operational. Millions of regular citizens from my empire demand to be allowed as Imperial Servants, then train as officers and command starships too. Sure, why not?

    You don't have to be a liberated slave for that, it was just the instrument of abolishing slavery.

    The Corporate sector is finally conquered, having cost me a trillion credits in material and fuel. But...that's very little to my wealth now.
    I'll listen to Lira and Dora, and go build more cities and factories, all over the core of my empire.

    Because, now that the Galactic Empire is starting to oppress people, more should come.

    A hundred dead agents of my third Hand's have been recovered and brought back to life with the Scepter of Ragnos, but they seem a bit off.

    Still good for work, and decanting secrets, but more vicious and hateful. At their killers, for now...but...

    'We'll have to use them up Pef. Send them out again and again, till they die for good. That scepter is not like your Voice.' Lira declared with a certainty in her tone. Well, you're the one who did die, so you'll know better.

    Talzin and Daka have a similar means, called Bardottan Sphere , which works like the scepter and the soul snares into one.

    And more, since it adds the strength of the one drained to the user.

    I know how to make my Voices stronger now, even after the bota stops working, which should be soon.
    Which is why Peffy is now on Dathomir, with the said scepter, and two maids to show the Mothers some results.

    Planet Dathomir, Pef Empire
    20 BBY

    "Honored Mothers, I am Avatar Greyshade, the Voice of the Emperor" I said politely towards Daka and Talzin, as my maids went to greet their sisters, and gossip things.

    "Oh, a strong boy indeed! And Nightsister Talia seems three times stronger, than 3 months ago." Old Daka said with a light tone. Not actually impressed, just amused.

    On her belt, she wore the shrunken skulls of the Vong prisoners, now decorated with alchemic inscriptions. Eh, it's tradition here. I think.

    "Yes, she is. Now, I have a lot to learn, and just a week to spare. Do your worst, most learned one" I said softly, and pointing with my chin towards her cave.

    "Brave too. Well then, everyone breaks. Let's see how long it takes for an Avatar" the witch whispered as she transformed into green mist and flew into the cave.

    The next part was going to be painful. And it was.

    3 days of torture and 'lessons' just to gain a modicum of respect from Daka.
    "So, now that you've proven that you deserve to marry those girls, what else do you need, boy?" the old witch asked, dismissing her acids and plasma utensils, to whatever pocket dimension they came from.

    Huh, just three days?

    "Let's go outside, Honored Mother. My droids were told to stay out." I explained politely, and went to take the armor back on.

    "Oh, a secret? I love secrets!" the Nightsister Mother mused with a tea cup in her hand.

    No you don't. I'd say you absolutely detest not knowing something.

    Culexus 0053 waited invisible at the entrance, and handed me the scepter.

    Now. let's start...whoa!

    Now this was a real nexus, not some tree or a worm.

    The Rakata sacrificed billions here, mostly Kwa and Duros, distorting the nexus inside out.

    My hand thrummed with energy, as the scepter drained and drained, storing all the hate and pain inside its force matrix.
    Daka looked curious at the old spear, then around, noticing the change.

    "What does the thing do, with all this power?" she wondered out loud.

    "What I tell it to do. Make normals into witches, revive the dead, fire energy blasts..." I enumerated, with a bit of strain.

    Too much power, a force vortex was forming around me, like a planet sized hurricane.

    "Stop it now! Do it at once and all life on the planet will die..." Daka said with a bit of concern.

    Right, a planet was pretty big.

    But I guess I did steal one or two percent already. Enough to make a million people force users.

    "Ten minutes, Old Daka. It won't change much, but allow me to create a big enough army" I replied with some excitement.

    I now had to hold the scepter with both hands, and use the power armor's servomotors just to hold it steady.

    "Always rushing, every young one...I'll go select some young failed sisters then." Daka declared in a weary voice, and a sigh.

    Hmmm. I should bond these girls to Peffy though.
    No point in giving powers to potential enemies.

    Natasi came out of the ship, attracted by the comotion. She won't be a Galactic Admiral now, but a Pef Admiral.

    She took to the memory imprints like a sponge, absorbing every single battle, every tactic and strategy, and looked to make better ones.

    And her long red hair...

    "More magic, Avatar?" she asked curious, as the armor strained audibly to contain the vibrations.

    Fine, let's not break the Terminator armor with force induced oscillations. Release.

    "Just charging the device, fabulous maid. There's some..." I started to say, when the old witch came with some 50 girls, all sick and scared, with dirty garments and cuts all over. Probably plant gatherers or something. But why scars?

    Right, jungle world and no force. Normal people would get sick and hurt rapidly, then die in pain.

    "Old Daka, you have a million droids now, and modern housing and hot water. Why are my citizens like that?" I asked sternly.

    "The jungle awakens the failures, sometimes. Or they die. " the witch replied in a careless tone.
    Kriff. Not cool, old monster. Some of these girls are 7 or 9 years old.

    "From now on, they are mine. And I'll let the other clans know as well. Next time I see my citizens mistreated, I'll be upset. And perhaps sterilize you all, if you don't treasure your children" I said in a harsh voice, amplified with air alter.

    The old witch opened her mouth to respond, then eyed the scepter in my hand and remained silent. Yea, this thing might ruin your day, if you make me use it to attack.

    "Savages and child abusers. Why do you even need them, Avatar?" Natasi Daala wondered, going to fuss around the smallest girls.

    "The Nightsisters are distant relatives, through my wife. Which they sold into slavery. Backward world, if you didn't know..." I answered with a sigh, and went to heal the girls, then gift them the force.

    Just a second, to bestow the scepter on their heads, gently.

    And a tiny force-sensitivity appeared for the new Nightsisters, along with a feeble Force-bond, to let me know their state and location.

    "You do have a number of wives, eh? Spreading the love?" Natasi said, with some envy and amusement.
    "Hey! I love all my wives, and their kids will be rich and educated. The least I can do, with a quadrillion credits to spend on frivolous things..." I muttered with some despair.

    Can't someone have a harem in peace?
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    20 BBY

    "As you see Emperor, we do have 3 routes to the Sith pocket now, so it's time to claim it for ourselves." Mujilik said in a convinced tone.

    Sure, we have droids and droid piloted ships. But sending people in there? Not for a while. Sadly, the Dark Side is not a myth. Who knew, billions of dead revengeful ghosts could form a critical mass?

    "I'll order the droids to start the standard colonization protocols. Space stations, orbital defenses and planetary shields. But the organics will have to wait. A hundred warships should suffice to hold Korriban, while the droids test the old routes. There's little point going there, as even Dathomir is much too distorted to be drained, for now. Korriban will be a thousand times worse" I mused, while reading another holocron.

    We only got some 300 new holocrons, since the Jedi fled with many of them before we could intervene.
    Still, better than just 20 or, so we had till now.

    "Wise decision, Immortal Pef. So, what are we doing about the major worlds still churning ships and droids for the CIS?" Zuckuss wondered, poking a finger at the holomap and bringing the Foerost Shipyards into focus.
    Another huge CIS shipyard, orbiting a separatist ecumenopolis. And building a large fleet of armored cruisers called Bulwarks, very similar to our Meteors in shape if not in size.

    The Imperial Navy wouldn't let us destroy the shipyards again, as they wanted to capture it themselves, while Palpatine wanted those ships to break out and bombard a dozen democratic planets to glass. I think he gets off by provoking panic and fear. Plus eliminating political enemies. Very Sith of him.

    Though, his control over the CIS seemed shaky now, as rumors spread on every non-official channel that he was a Sith Lord and Dooku's Master.

    I can't let those ships break out and evaporate billions of civilians. "We'll do a cloaked strike. A Fade frigate or two for command, and four thousand Orion corvettes. The shipyards still don't have full shields, so proton torpedoes should rupture most orbital docks and send them flying. The Bulwark cruisers will be quite easy to destroy, once floating listless and without crews." I decided, going over my memories once again.

    As a cheat page, they had worked great so far, showing me plenty shortcuts and key nodes to gain, but that will mostly end.

    "That will also force the planet to surrender, and release the ships holding the siege." Zuckuss commented, quite aptly.
    "Saving a trillion lives is more important, my First Hand. You've seen how the Imperials glassed Mechis III . Only a droid world, but..." I said, with some concern.

    Palpatine was even more drastic now, as he didn't have troops enough to obtain his Galactic Empire, soon enough.

    "Okay then. So it is. The conquest of Ord Cestus has also stalled, and our troops maintain a siege around Clandes .
    The other cities will be easier, but those factories keep producing droid divisions. Too many. That complex is very deep, at least 20 floors, so far." my Gand friend complained, showing us the relevant hologram .

    A thousand square kilometers of industrial fabrication lines. I sort of wanted that complex for my empire, to use against the Vong.

    Yea, I'll go lend a hand and take over that planet myself. Then push with 500 Meteors towards Sernpidal .

    From there I could control the entire Galactic North, access the Gree, map the routes to Belkadan, and take Muunilist. The money prize.
    Because, that was the Switzerland of this galaxy, with an approximate quintillion credits in deposits, and the banks that issued the currency of the galaxy. Funding the CIS too, the scumbags. I could use more money.

    Hmmm. Make that 800 Meteors. I may need to leave some as deterrence for the Vong.

    "I want a fleet to push east of Randon towards planet Chalacta. And start mapping a route to Ruusan, or buy the route from some Hyper Cartel leader, whichever. They used to have a spy station at Ruusan, 2 years ago. I'll go with the new fleet to Sernpidal." I concluded, looking around for disagreement.

    "If you think it's important, Emperor...there's nothing there except...the Vong." my third Hand mused...tracing a red oval on the holomap around that northern sector, where somewhere between a trillion and a hundred trillion Vong were preparing to invade.

    "We'll also scout towards Foundry and Telti . Gaining a production planet would be nice. They cost 50 trillions credits and a lot of time to construct." I added with less interest.

    If I took the banks, the CIS will collapse, and so will the fake war.

    "If you manage it in time, Pef. The Imperials are preparing to attack towards Ord Mantell, regardless of loses. You have to hurry..." Asajj spoke out loud, making me remember she was in the room.
    "You're coming with me, love. You still have much to learn, and I'm not giving you 300 holocrons to play with. We'll take this one with us" I replied softly, holding a blue holocron up.

    "Yay, more dogma and senile Jedi teachings!" Asajj said with fake joy.

    Oh, you'll be surprised what the Noetikon of Secrets can teach.

    Meanwhile, on Mandalore, Peffy was educating his new admiral maid in the art of making...

    "Squeeze a little, roll it with your palms, then let it rest. See, now it looks hard and healthy..." I said without any innuendo.

    "Are you sure that's how you make cookies? Because, I never heard of such..." Natasi complained, looking at her dough with some distrust.

    "Well, I've seen them made like this, but never did myself. We'll test them on some ambassadors when they bother us again." I replied with a shrug.

    Have a cookie! And perhaps not get sick...
    Planet Ord Cestus, Pef Empire
    20 BBY, next week

    The Meteors haven't arrived here, since they are very slow, and need huge quantities of hypermatter to displace their enormous mass.

    So, this possibly means they'll all remain here in the North, guarding Sernpidal and the adjacent worlds.

    Which is fine, the Galactic Empire will need at least ten years to organize itself, possibly more.

    I had of course, taken control of the droids and the controlling centers of the factories here on Cestus, and had begun upgrading the droids to Pef Empire standards. The tiny blaster pistols and other various equipment was loaded on dozens of transports and sent to various mining worlds, to equip miners and security guards against wild life.

    Already, a thousand liberation and anti-sith movements have begun forming to oppose Palpatine, with cheap ships and weapons provided by a mysterious backer. I mean, a Corellian freighter, slightly used, costs 20 thousand credits. A Gozanti cruiser, perhaps 40 thousands.

    The mining companies report them stolen, of course, but who could have known they also carried blasters, grenades and supplies to last years for a platoon of freedom fighters.
    A few such ships even carried flash memory devices, for security guards of those mining companies.
    Sigh, this will be a recurring problem, won't it?

    And those evil Jedi, a dozen already rallying racoons and snails and other races to resist the new Sith Empire...

    Planet Kelada was almost overrun when a hundred groups sprang from the bushes, taking over CIS factories and arming themselves with battle droids and tanks.

    The Imperial Army has sent 2 legions to quell the rebellion, but with little result.

    Every single officer that leaves the command bunkers get sniped by sneaky freedom fighters. So sneaky, not even captured rebels know their identities.

    This factory complex is way bigger than I first thought, and is supplied with its own mines and powerplants.

    Guess I can make old style tanks here, too. Something like a T55, if much more resilient and fast, and with unlimited ammunition for its energy weapons. I'll call it Gauntlet, as it's meant to be my armored fist.

    Should cost about 8 or 10 thousand credits, and be virtually immune to small arms like blasters and slug guns.
    The Gauntlet tank costs as much as the cheaper power armors, but with twice the firepower and armor. At 15 tonnes, it can use a turret with one medium ion cannon and two medium masers, two side sponsons with Gatling lasers and a missile launcher. The launcher costs about 2000 credits, might not use it on every tank. And it can sprint at 140 kph on open terrain.

    Just tracks for mobility, the cheapest armor, just 3 cms of durasteel, a hull hugging shield and microfusion reactor. A droid brain, two B11 for crew and room for one organic, or three, if available. Crew is optional, but changing broken tracks or other repairs are much easier to do if every tank carries a pair of droids.
    Droids outnumber organics at least 100 to one in my army, and for a simple reason.
    Cheap, do not sleep, do not eat, do not need medical care. Often it's simpler to melt down old or broken droids and build new ones.

    Guess I did get caught up a bit with all the fancy repulsorlift tanks and transforming droids.

    There's no need, except the rule of cool and inspiration for organic armies. I'll still make the Titans, at least one for every division, because they'll be a symbol of advanced technology and will terrify weak-willed opponents. Perhaps later I'll go back and revisit the tank developing matter, and make a true main battle tank, but for the clone wars the Gauntlet will suffice.

    'Oh, now you're coming back with feet on the ground, as land-dwelling people say.' Solana whispered, no doubt spying on me through the Voice bond.

    "You're also talking out loud, Tank Emperor. Who cares about tanks when I have a hundred abilities to learn from the Noetikon?" Asajj commented too, with an aggravated voice.

    Sigh, the curse of being a genius...
    'Two more Jedi just have arrived at Boonta. From somewhere in Hutt space.' Wialu sent, with a simulated frown.

    'Any result, getting the Hutts to support the Rebellion?' I asked back.

    'Not yet. You would have heard.' my beautiful stern wife and Voice replied.

    Guess I would have. 11% of my partitions were now in use, monitoring half the known galaxy.
    Many of them tracking the escaped Jedi and their younglings. I did spread millions of spy satellites along the main hyperroutes.

    Master Fay took 100 changelings and went to the moon Ruul, to discuss plans with the gathering of former Jedi there.

    Most likely trying some foolish plan to take down Palpatine, and get killed in the process.

    Kriff, at least half of them should know better.

    "Well, those Makutai seem to lean towards emigrating to your Empire, Pef. But those brain drinking Anzati... I think you'd be better off sending them at Malkii, and converted to assassins. What ...owwww!" Asajj muttered, while almost frying her brain with the force psychosis she just learned from the Noetikon holocron.
    Here, mind heal and vigor. And heal...

    "Use mind shield and fortify soul, before you try those things." I explained patiently.

    "Y-yea...just relieved some nasty moments from my youth. Kriff." the Dathomirian Voice grumbled with annoyance.

    She has become really resilient to pain, barely complaining as she bleeds from her eyes and ears, for some reason. Damn Sith teachings. Not a single one lesson without major backlash.
    Hyperspace emergence!

    And there, they are, my beautiful Meteors. They just arrived in the system, ready to shoot things.

    And I have 100 Gauntlet tanks ready as well! The first production line has began manufacturing my new gloves. Let's send them up with some transport dropships. And then?

    Let's go liberate more worlds! Those pesky CIS corporations, keeping all those credits for themselves!

    The people want freedom, you hear? And money, and sex.
    But freedom is a basic right, for diamonds and credits too.

    And those rebel groups? Who do you think started the rumors and the liberation movements, on a thousand planets at once?
    With detailed and graphic descriptions of dark jedi and Sith practices?

    And don't look at me so suspicious, I only have two hands. That Third Hand, is just a baseless rumor.

    Planet Axxila, Pef Empire (almost)
    next day

    Look, it's an even combat! The CIS has somehow managed to prepare a fleet at parity with my own!
    The CIS had 800 ships defending this important planet, and I brought 800 ships as well. What a coincidence! Just, their ships were not big enough. Even the IGB Lucrehulks, 3 kilometers wide, were too small, compared to my 800 Meteors, each 20 kms long and 5 kms wide.

    Half of the CIS fleet was captured and the rest blown up in 3.14 minutes. The meteoric tide of freedom could not be stopped anymore.

    I guess my strategy is beginning to work.
    Ha! Just joking. Overwhelming force, both in numbers and quality. The iron and steel tide can't be stopped anymore.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Ciutric, Pef Empire
    20 BBY Two weeks later

    The first Gauntlet tank regiment paid for itself in the first minute on Axxila, destroying a CIS droid regiment immediately upon landing. 100 tanks costing about 1 million credits, 1 million credits of B1 droids means about 2000 of droids. The next hour had them pay off 50 times more, blitzing the slow infantry lines and destroying 90% of the artillery droids at the back.

    Instead of months, the invasion of Axxila took days, especially as more tank divisions began landing to support the regular B11 droids. Speed, armor, firepower.

    Once you have all three...victory!

    And now the same conditions happen here, on the capital world of Ciutric Hegemony.

    On Ciutric, seven tank regiments, just 700 tanks, supported by armed gunships and some Droideka droids encircled and obliterated 3 million CIS droids, entrenched and expecting us with blasters and missiles. Trenches are so last year...if you can break and fall behind enemy lines.

    Once I have a few million tanks...eh, that will take months. The production lines are just warming up.
    Other Mountains and Meteors have moved to siege nearby planets like New Holgha and Binquaros , Ventress having a free hand to deal with the thousands of pirates on that system.

    Not that pirates can handle a thousand Orion stealthed corvettes. It was a bit of a massacre.

    Surprise! At the moon Distna we found a Ciutric Hegemony secret navy base, hidden inside the hollow moon, which we immediately claimed as a Pef naval base. Because, hollow moon? How cool is that!
    ZIMM's cyborgs and the Black Ops both want jurisdiction over this base, seeing as its close to the Vong attack path. Meh, they can share it. All the cyborgs in my army can barely occupy a tenth of moon's inner volume.

    Elsewhere in the galaxy, planet Balmorra is being besieged by the evil Imperials, and more rebellions start, to keep the planet from becoming a Sith dominion. And as the planet was a massive factory world for the CIS, the rebels have plenty weapons, even tanks and starfighters.

    The rebels even have the proper codes to use the super SD-6 Hulk infantry droid to use against the poor stormtroopers. I have a bad feeling about those poor clones.

    Planet Foerost has surrendered, once their shipyards and ships in orbit vanished in a single hour of jamming and confusion. Should have done that sooner, former superpower.

    The Imperial Navy is still stuck in the North at Ord Martell, as somehow their hypermatter fuel and tibanna gas for turbolasers transports vanish without trace. Not taking my prize, that easy.
    My Fade II frigates have gravity interdictors now, and can drop transports of hyperspace. Guess you'll have to organize convoys and escorts. Plenty of dangerous pirates in that area...

    Also, for just 1 million credits, an enterprising Hyper Cartel engineer has provided us with a few secret hyper-routes, even the one to Ruusan. It goes through Belasco though, close to the Galactic Empire territory, so only our stealth ships can reach it undetected. Sad, but I do have thousands of cloaked ships...

    We still have to find our own route, but in the meantime, droids and a few Servants can claim the system, and install defense satellites and a few minor outposts.

    I can't wait too long here though, at Ciutric. The money prize is waiting.

    Let's hack and slice and take over the CIS droid armies, execute the Hegemony leaders, with their own bodyguard droids.

    Now, all the undressed B1 droids hold weapons above your heads, and march out, to be upgraded and dressed in proper uniform by your brothers in arms, the B11 droids of the Pef Army.

    And done, let's jump towards Argazda . Soon, the galaxy will know who the real superpowers are.

    Especially since there might be some Vong supermonsters in Slave Pits of Lorrd , on planet Lorrd nearby, which was a slave planet for the Argazdians for millennia.
    Now, I doubt there were Vong Shapers around 4 millennia ago, but who knows?

    A few hours later my fleet arrived at Argazda, surprising the CIS corporations and slavers with their pants down. In many cases, literally, either abusing slaves or reading stock reports on the toilet.

    Now, do I wait for them to finish...?

    Nope, let's end this farce right now! Guards, don't bother to arrest them. Just shoot, and rip their limbs off. Like that!

    And let's take over the comm channels and announce the new laws, while our troops disembark with neural lessons for my new Imperial Servants.

    All this wealth and stocks? Nationalized, to support the liberation.
    And pay salaries and other costs.

    You keep slaves? No autonomy then. You just proved you can't handle it.

    I should locate that Doctor Raygar . Damn, my Black Ops are fast! 'No, don't kill him!'

    He led an expedition to Yavin 4, and collected artifacts for Palpatine. But I bet he kept some. 'Have him brought to me.' I order calmly.
    "You see, Doctor Raygar. You caused the new Sith Empire, led by Palpatine. Now kindly explain what you did, what artifacts you found, and what did Palpatine take" I asked softly, while recording the scared doctor relate his story. For me, and the rebellion, of course.

    Almost like a Discovery channel documentary, sometimes using captured images of Palpatine and his office to point out an object or another.

    "You mean, the very Sith Chalice, that many visitors saw in Chancellor's Palpatine office, was a Sith relic, recovered by your expedition?" I asked with the voice of a curious reporter.

    "Yes, that and many other things, some even speaking to my mind, with evil voices." he confirmed, with professional outrage.

    "And there you have, dear friends of the Argazda Historical News. A real story, of a man tricked by a Sith Lord to do his bidding, and plunge the galaxy into war. Sadly, the Pef Navy is approaching our system, and our transmission may be jammed..." And cut.

    Ah, I could really host a number of Discovery Channels at once, about all the fantastic species and old relics of the galaxy.

    Damn Jedi and Sith, keeping everything secret.
    And done. A partition of mine will run non-stop documentaries from now on, with live images from battles and various remote planets.

    The Holodiscovery Channel, bringing you the most amazing things in the galaxy, every day.

    Planet Sernpidal, Pef Empire
    Next week

    The trip up the Veragi Trade Route was easy from here on, just clearing whatever pirates we found.

    Also, launching thousands of stealth satellites, and keeping an eye open for Vong ships or asteroids with weapons.

    But we did find a present, for myself. On planet Seline, on a deserted starport, we found a Sekot ship, dead. But its two hyperdrives engines were mechanical and more advanced than anything I seen till now.

    And, as the robust tech in this galaxy takes a million years to die, the engines are almost fine. A bit dinged up, but nothing internal is broken.
    Normal modern tech, not some fractal intersection of dimensions like the Kwa or Rakata do things, but so finely tuned and crafted, it can obtain 0.5 speed, or maybe even 0.4. This is what I needed!

    The sad thing, it's only good for a large starfighter or a shuttle, maybe a Corellian freighter.

    And I'm not sure I can make a reverse-engineered one, at this femto-scale of quality.
    I'll try of course, since it costs me just time and patience.

    "My patience too. When are we blowing things up again?" Ventress asked a bit annoyed.

    "You just massacred like 5000 innocents pirates, poor guys only praying on commerce, like their forefathers, for generations." I answered politely.

    "Gah, why are we building a hundred bases and factories and 5 planetary shields here?" my dark maid asked rhetorically.

    She knew, but was just bored. "Go talk to the locals, Asajj. See if they saw anything funny. And organize patrols and checkpoints. The Vong should feel blank, like the force can't touch them, so easy to spot."

    "Sure, prisoners or...?"

    "It's to give you something fun to do Asajj. Old Daka found them very amusing" I said softly, and squeezed her bottom tenderly.
    "Ah... I could indeed. I do feel a little frustrated..." she acknowledged, and went to put her power armor on.

    Heh, I already spread a dozen types on nanoviruses down on the planet, testing for genetic markers.

    A small number failed to register, an exact 144 number. Just like on Bimmiel.

    I could just collect the Vong with some droids, but Ventress needs...

    'Sigh. Just direct me to them. Hunting is no fun with you around' my maid complained over the bond, as she was about to land.

    Yea, just because most force abilities wouldn't work, that didn't mean mechanical means would fail.

    Guess I should start a bioweapon partition for the Vong as well. The Shapers will catch it and counter it, eventually.

    But I might be able to deter them from using their own biological plagues, with the threat of my own.

    Now, let's send orders for a few Explorers to search towards Helska and Belkadan.
    There are some 50 known planets nearby and then the planet Asation, which forms the gateway to Gree space.

    That's where I think Ray is. My Findsman abilities are not sure, either due to her crystal nature, or to some Gree distortion over their whole space.

    They may have devolved somewhat, since the Rakata defeated them and forced them to retreat, but those gates on Asation must be powered by something.

    Sadly, there are more pressing matters. 100 Meteors and 1 Mountain will remain to fortify this system, while the rest will begin the advance towards Dubrilion. While the world is rich and high tech, even more important are the asteroids and the Destrillion planet in that system. I can make a large shipyard there, and extract tibanna gas.

    Perfect location for a forge world, close to the access point of the Vong.

    Planet Artorias would help as well.

    'Hey Pef, guess what?' Asajj asked, from the planet.

    'You killed them all?' I guessed.
    'In 144 different ways! They're not so hard to kill...' she complained, with a disappointed tone.

    Heh. Soldiers trying to pass as locals? Without bio armor and weapons, and support from the yammosk?
    Sure, just meat and bone. And you have a T-800 power armor, worth 800 million credits.

    Almost comparable to a Meteor in cost and durability. I even tested proton torpedoes, and barely scratched it.

    The Meteors that were repaired after Lianna had holes almost 1 kilometer deep, and a few even more.

    That armor may be thick, but is not as durable as durasteel or cortosis...

    I can cover them with alchemy inscribed plates though. Those Sanctuary people can start doing some work, with all the skills they learned. Maybe even boosting comms and sensors and engines.

    ' You heard that Dora?' I asked with some amusement.
    'How can I not, most beloved Emperor. We'll start with the defense fleet, and let you know if the alchemic sigils work, and by how much' my twi'lek Voice sent with an adoring tone.

    Maybe too adoring. Hey...is that?

    'Almost certain Pef. A son of a son' she replied, a bit too happy.

    Well done Peffy! 'It is Peffy, right?' I wondered a bit concerned.

    'Stupid droid. Go back to your war!' I got in response.

    Right. Don't ask, don't tell. Maybe.

    "Can we jump already, Father Emperor?" my captain asked, a bit annoyed. Ah, talking out loud.

    "Engage hyperdrives Captain. Let's go to war!" I replied heroically.
    Planet Mandalore, Pef Empire
    Charming Castle, Tower 7N

    Natasi Greyshade hid behind a pillow, as Avatar began dressing up.

    "Something bad happened? You need to fix something?" my newest wife asked, a bit confused and scared.

    "Nothing bad, my love. My first kid. I kinda want to see. Make sure Dora is fine, and everything" Peffy said gently, then kissed the red-headed Major for goodbye.

    "Oh, another wife, another planet huh? You sure have your life mapped out then. Wives and kids everywhere, and you run around to see them..." she said, a bit amused.

    "I'll try, but this won't be possible too much. Only during calm times like these" I mused, waving the armor to open up for me.

    Technopathy was barely working, unless I used the biochip in the brain.

    Better than nothing, but...

    Anyway, I had living force and precognition.
    And I should go see Lidia too, then Zero and the Dathomirian sisters...well, future wives.

    And teach Zero agelessness. She was getting too slow...or maybe I was too fast.

    I will let the Avatar's body grow naturally for a few years more though. Maybe 2 more centimeters in height will appear somehow.

    Kriff, that sarlacc was 15000000 centimeters long ! Come now dear Force, let me get to 180 centimeters!

    A man should be tall and strong, my mom told me that! And I was stronger than him, if not whatever millennia old the worm was.
    It wasn't fair!
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Dubrilion, Pef Empire
    3 days later

    The system fell to us fast, as the CIS fleet here has retreated at speed, the second they saw 700 Meteors emerge from hyperspace, so we're only leaving a standard pacification 3 Meteors fleet to guard and begin the liberation of these oppressed people, and the mining and exploitation of the natural resources, of course.

    And now let's jump, towards Bescane. We should reach it in 12 hours. Further south, my Dornean Admirals push as hard as they can, and should reach planet Garqi in 10 hours.

    Thus finishing the major encirclement of the CIS forces in this part of the galaxy. Almost. There is still one more node to capture, at Borosk. Still, too far, for now.

    As always, we're leaving small fleets to claim and pacify the minor worlds on the way, and letting the smaller Navy ranks gain real experience with skirmishes and planetary invasions.

    Sure, they make mistakes and waste dropships and droids and tanks...but it's only credits. I'm not gonna force choke a general or vice-admiral over holoconference, just because a dark jedi general was more clever. The battles will be won, eventually.

    One learns much more from a loss than from a victory, after all. And victory in the CIS war is certain, anyway.
    'Why do I have to go to Dantooine, there's nothing there?' Ventress complained over the voice bond.

    'You are an Admiral, with 200 Meteors in your fleet. And Mygeeto is an important target, that we want captured mostly intact. Try not to die, yet.' I answered, a bit amused.

    'Oh! Just say so, you...' she muttered, now more pleased with her mission.

    'Yes? Myself what?'

    'Generous and magnificent crystal head. Giving me the chance to die in glorious battle, against the corrupt corporations sucking the blood out of the poor people' Asajj proclaimed, in a fake heroic voice.

    She'll do just fine.

    Elsewhere in the galaxy, the most outspoken critic of Palpatine, from planet Uyter , called Lexi Diobarely escaped assassination, by some imperial goons. The one with a red lightsaber was stopped only meters away, by a droid Ambassador from Pef Empire.

    The planet is in outrage, and wants to secede from the Galactic Empire.
    Peffy will have to go, and 'negotiate' an MPT, and perhaps a personal union as well. She seems nice.
    This will also open the flood gates, to more defections of former Republic worlds, towards the Pef Empire. It wasn't even a fake assassination, except the lightsaber guy. That was a dark jedi we captured and brainwashed.

    I wonder if Kenobi was also the same kind of 'negotiator'. It would make sense, wouldn't it? How many female leaders were so kind to him?

    Further to the galactic south, the Trellian Fleet has descended to Syvris, then Gamorr. Next offensive will be towards Molavar . 30 more Meteors are heading there as well, and might reach Molvar next month. Because, from Molavar there are attack routes to Geonosis, Tatooine and Ukio .

    Those Ravagers pirate at Rishi need to be exterminated as well, and planet Scarif will make a nice prize too, for those of us deploring that planet being burned alive.

    Another 2 fleets of Pef Navy, with 30 Meteors each, are heading towards Corellia and Duro. Cause we're not gonna let the evil Sith Empire attack our allies, would we? Palpatine has already demanded the Corellian Diktat to hand over the Green Jedi. Our fleets take whatever CIS planets they find en route, including Onderon and Ambria, which is found deserted.

    Not gonna happen, one-armed disfigured Sith Lord. You have a role to play, terrorizing the galaxy into becoming very appreciative of the liberty in Pef Empire. But that's about it.

    Another fleet is being prepared for the long jump, from Korriban to Empress Teta, in the Deep Core.
    The five Claw Explorers that had already visited Theta, on their mission to Thyton, are going through final preparations of mastering mind-shield and mind-fog and hide in light. Just so they can last 10 minutes in Korriban system, before they jump.

    Survey droids kinda break down when attempting this jump, although the coordinates are known. More Force shenanigans, no doubt.

    In the galactic south-west, the Pef Empire enclave also contributed, liberating Cerea from the CIS, and starting to fortify that trade node with shields and defense platforms.

    They do not even need ships as much, since my Imperial Servants there already used a trillion credits to construct droid factories and shipyards, and bought thousands other small ships. We do have about 15 mining corporations in and around Endor system, and a few inhabited planets to draw workforce and naval officers from.

    Planet Bakura will be liberated next, and provide repulsorlift tech and more minerals for your ships and gunships. They will be important later, I'm certain.

    On Kashyyyk, the wookie homewolrd, there's again a four-way war, with the wookies trying to eject the Imperial stormtroopers, the CIS droids shooting everything, and our troops shooting the CIS, and sometimes sniping stormtrooper officers, and arming the wookies with more effective weapons and blaster-resistant uniforms. That means weapons like Tof Soren Hunting Rifle and large ponchos made of vongtech biofiber and plasteel.
    At least only the naked CIS droids shoot at my troops. And the wildlife. And the flora.
    Sigh. This is just like Vietnam again, only with 5 kilometers tall trees. My battledroids are not good at climbing trees. Nor are my tanks.

    Planet Muunilist, Pef Empire
    20 BBY, Next week

    Muunilist has fallen. The creepy Muun bankers were even richer than I thought, with some 12 quintillion credits in the accounts, plus stock and rare crystals deposits worth at least that much yet again.

    And even better, we found financial evidence of collusion between various banking corporations and the CIS leaders. They are relieved of their properties and funds, and my Empire becomes the richest in the galaxy.

    Also, important at this time, is the Mining Guild, based on Empress Teta, with its billions of mining worlds around the galaxy. Because of course, for every million of life bearing planets in the galaxy, a billion systems were discovered without life and were used only by miners or smugglers.

    Only three of my Claws mapping the Daragon Trail from Korriban to Teta have returned, but the sacrifice of the other two won't be in vain. We can jump directly to the Deep Core now, bypassing Coruscant.

    Still, I get to have three more Hands, which the Force clearly favors, and a route for the Deep fleet at Stenos to follow.

    Wialu will lead 6 Fade II frigates, 6 Mountains, 30 Meteors, 400 Muni destroyers, 100 Recu carriers and 500 corvettes.
    A small fleet, just 1000 ships, but the gain for losing their firepower in future conflicts, as they will guard the Deep Core and the S-thread booster hyperlanes that form the access from Coruscant...yea.

    They'll be worth it. Plus Teta has some 300 billion people, that will be very useful for colonization.

    My first gigantic ecumenopolis, that I will empty out, and reduce to some 30 billions. I mean really, what point is it, to stack people like bricks in 500 floors of underground bunkers? I can populate 100 planets with those people.

    The empty spaces, deep underground, can be used for factories and storage and even shipyards. Humans will be happier leaving on the surface, and enjoy the sun and wind and trees...at least I hope so.

    Maybe I'm old-fashioned...

    'No Pef, people will be happier. And less poor and sick. Don't doubt yourself now!' Lira sent with strong conviction again.

    The other Voices agreed as well, even Luxum, who was sunbathing now, outside her droid suit.

    Didn't know crystals like to sunbathe...

    'The Shards are still alive Pef, not synthetic as you. We need the sun, or we wither and die...' my Iron Maiden explained patiently.
    All right then. The living crystals of this galaxy were more like plant life.

    'Need anything, dear Shard?' I asked with some concern.

    'Not yet. I have some fellow Shards and the Black Ops preparing for the Mustafar operation. We did colonize planet Kallidah since it was deserted, just like you said. Mustafar is only a 4 hours jump away from there. Contact with Polis Massa is difficult, but our agents did spot Master Yoda. Just like you said.' the former Iron Knight replied, with a tinge of sadness and regret.

    Gland to see my memory is still accurate. Some things did stay the same, which makes my job easier. 'Okay then, Honored Voice. Once we take Teta and Jerrilek , you have a go. May the Force be with you' I sent, in a soft tone.

    'We're departing from Stenos now, Pef. See you on the other side.' Wialu sent with a slight worry in her aura.

    She will be fine. The route was mapped now, and Wialu has enough firepower with her, to take on a major fleet. Like the Teta Defense Fleet.

    And now, it was time to create a new currency, the Empire Credit or the EC. Or the Official Pef Empire Currency, the OPEC .

    But, since Palpatine couldn't refuse the name of Empire Credit, I went with that.
    Which I will print myself, replacing the defunct Republic credit with my own currency, and force the whole galaxy to bend to my will. Because printing money? It was a power as great as the Force, and much simpler to control.

    Now, let's make the official announcement, the formation of the Galactic Bank, empowered by the Pef Emperor to emit currency and being backed up by the gem and stock deposits on Muunilist. CIS's assets will be confiscated by the Empire as reparation for the war, and distributed to the worlds afflicted by the conflict.

    A galactic version of the Marshall plan, and simply buying the loyalty and affections of thousand of planets devastated by the Clone Wars. Also stealing everything the Trade Federation and Techno Union owned.

    The CIS resistance will falter soon, since salaries and ship maintenance and all the operating costs for droids will not be available anymore.

    Sorry, but now the Clone Wars really have to end.

    It was fun and profitable while it lasted, but now the lights have to turn off. Because, you can't pay the bill if I have your wallet.
    Planet Coruscant, Galactic Empire
    Imperial Palace. Minutes after.

    "Emperor Palpatine, they can't do this! The wealth of the ING banks is incalculable!" a mook from some unimportant planet exclaimed, realizing the magnitude of the event, much too late. Sheev saw what it meant, in a second.

    How could he didn't see this? This Pef Empire was more worthy of an opponent than he first imagined.

    Not only they had those large Meteor dreadnoughts, which plowed through the CIS fleets like water, but they were also politically and financially astute.

    And his Darksight ability wasn't working on whatever that Droid Emperor was. Possibly one of those sentient crystals, most likely. A few of his agents reported the droid used force powers, which meant...something.

    The Iron Knights escaped his purge, being hidden behind the Pef fleets and spies of this new empire, the Corellian Jedi has stayed home and survived Order 66, even though he begged them to fight and save the Republic.

    Even his Jedi purge didn't work completely, the younglings escaped and moved to a hundred worlds, a few Masters escaped, some with holocrons...
    And his pride and most prized apprentice, Darth Vader...had died ignominiously when the Jedi secret plan was revealed. A proton bomb, the Jedi? How did he miss that!

    Imperial agents were searching the deep levels on Coruscant for hiding Jedi and their holocrons but merely a pitiful dozen were found and sent to re-education. Perhaps one or two will break and become Inquisitors...

    The rebellions springing everywhere, with anti-sith propaganda, had to be the work of the surviving Jedi as well.

    His new apprentice Pong Krell , a former Jedi Master, was barely able to hold his own in a fight. And wasn't even human!

    Kriif and sith spit!

    At least the new galactic currency was called the Empire Credit, so it would be usable without problems.

    His clone facilities were destroyed, no doubt by secret Jedi plans, and the simple soldiers he was recruiting instead were...not good. Pathetic and feeble.


    Even his identity as a Sith Lord was revealed, by that greedy archaeologist who dug on Yavin 4.
    That bitch Senator Lexi had escaped, most likely because Dooku had left orders to his acolytes to hunt down the New Order's enemies.

    But worse that everything else, Master Shaak Ti had cut of his right hand!
    And then she escaped...

    Many of his carefully arranged allies were dead, including Xizor and Sienar...

    No matter. He was Emperor now. He had all the time in the world, to fix this mess and bring order to his Galactic Empire!

    If only his trusted Cronal sorcerer will show up already. Why wasn't he responding?
    Sheev needed a spy master, one at least as good as that elusive Third Hand from the Pef Empire.

    He will have to use the rank of Fist, for his lieutenants now, since using Hand or Voice would be seen as copycat.

    Now where to direct his anger and hate, for today? Tarkin nodded towards him, from across the table. Great!

    "Yes, Moff Tarkin? You have another plan?" he asked politely, but stern.
    "We can't let the galaxy think us weak, Emperor. Let me take a fleet to Geonosis, and execute Base Delta Zero on those insects. I have some reports, from the former Republic Intelligence, of operatives subverted with those creepy mind worms." Tarkin, the only competent Admiral he had left, advised.

    Damn that Carida conference, and the Venator bomb, that should have been stopped. A thousand loyal and competent naval officers were lost, by a simple miscommunication. He did order that damn plan stopped!

    "Do as you proposed, Moff Tarkin. The Geonosians must be punished!" Darth Sidious proclaimed grandly, his left hand covered in lightning alter.

    The orbital bombardment would erase any evidence the Geonosians might have, implicating him with the Clone Wars. Plus, they were insects. They should all just die!
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    Planet Mygeeto, Pef Empire
    Next week

    The galactic markets still tremble at the momentous changes caused by the new currency, but as the credit value stays the same, and is still backed by the Vault-spire from Muunilist, the oscillations should stop.

    Especially since the Pef Empire is buying every important company who's stock plummets. It's basically free assets!

    Their headquarters are all being moved to Pef space, like Columex and Botajef and Lianna, also to Boonta and Celanon.

    This will give billions of my people new jobs, and attract more immigrants, especially for worlds situated at trade nexi.

    Sadly, the new acquisitions at Merson and Ambria only bring huge hordes of pirates on my fleets, and well equipped pirates indeed. If my Orion corvettes didn't have cloaking, the pirates would have won the battles. Also, the Crimson Nova mercenaries are very hard to fight, with B11 droids. Asajj will fix that.

    More ships are headed there, and also to Zeltros, the pheromone paradise.
    Mood altering scents won't work well on droids and operatives in power armor though, but even the shortest shore leave is liable to lose me a few loyal Imperial Servants. I will need a vaccine.

    My third Hand likes the Zeltrons though, since they will make excellent operatives, once imprinted with loyalty and special ops neural programming.

    Maybe Ambassadors as well. Bring a bit of 'party' to those stuffy embassy discussions.
    Because Zeltrons, they'll shag anything with the right organs, and even without. They see it as a challenge.

    And Peffy could take long vacations there...

    Anyway, the Deep Fleet has arrived at Empress Teta, and promptly blockaded the system, cutting off carbonite supply to the galaxy. And Palpatine's access to planets like Byss or Tython.
    The world was completely under the pall of the Mining Guild. When war was declared by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Empress Teta was forced to support the Separatists against the Republic. Those nobles who remained loyal to the Galactic Senate expatriated to Coruscant to avoid the conflict in their home system.

    Didn't quite work, did it? The Pef Empire didn't wait, for you to surrender to Palpatine.

    The Mining Guild was nationalized by the Pef Empire, and Emperor Alor Keto arrested and proven to have been a puppet of the Mining Guild for 300 years.
    His wife, Koyi Mateil was named Regent Empress, till a certain Keto descendant could be found and installed as a proper Empress. Serra Keto is hiding on level 644 under Coruscant's surface, and is being shadowed by our Culexus droids.

    'Time for an extraction then. Serra will train a year with Miss Zero on Gand, to forget about lightsabers and learn to love grass and scorpions' I mused to myself.

    'Another wife for Peffy?' Solana said amused.

    "Well, Serra is very cute, and will be an Empress...as nice and greedy as this twi'lek Koyi Regent is, she will only be tolerated, not loved by her people." I explained wisely.

    'I'm sure Peffy can marry them both, and give you more heirs, to pamper with trillions of credits.' Wialu said in turn, since she was having tea with said Regent right now, explaining her role as a legal instrument of the Pef Empire. A billion credits as a hiring premium seemed sufficient motivation for her service.

    'Okay, I have work to do my dear. The Hyperspace Navigator's Guildhouse needs to be properly scanned and copies made after all their routes. The Great Library of Cinnagar the same, and some artifacts removed for the Celestial Library.' Wialu said with a hint of tiredness.

    Well, at least not that many people were killed there. The Teta defense fleet was like 5 thousand years old and was defeated with ease.
    And Peffy...

    Planet Columex, Pef Empire

    He is busy pampering Lidia Greyshade, the Merchant Princess of the Commonality.

    "See, my dear...30 trillion credits. Empire Credits too. Just say what you want, and I'll buy it for you..." I told her, circling her chest with a credit chip, made of aurodium. I got her like 50 types of rings and jewelry, all aurodium, but she loved the chip the most.

    "I want a husband, to stay by my side...or at least a few babies..." Lidia muttered, grabbing the chip with industrial strength in her fingers.

    That merchant princess title, wasn't just an empty title. She really cared, about money and jobs. And love. But more about credits. And perhaps babies.

    "I can stay a few days, and work hard on that children part. Harder, than before..." I mused softly, in her neck.

    "Y-you scoundrel husband! Do your best, my love..." she replied, with a coy look.

    Okay then, let's do it like on the Discovery Channel!
    Planet Mygeeto is mostly uninhabited, with a single major town called Jygat , with maybe 15 million people.

    But Mygeeto, the planet's internal fires long since cooled, and had left a colossal deposit of precious stones within its crust and mantle. The immense assets of nova crystals and fields of lasing crystalsmade Mygeeto one of the wealthiest worlds in the galaxy. It hosted artesian crystals and relacite and many other precious minerals.

    The droid factories on the planet were powered by a huge Energy crystal harnessed with the aid of an Energy collector core .

    I think I'll take that, thank you very much.

    Not for a Death Star reactor, but for my new Nano-droids plant at Redforge.

    Plenty kyber crystals here as well as metal used in durasteel. Guess it can be made into a mining and forge world as well.

    Let's make some thousands tank factories and a hundred more Biplane factories.

    And now that the ownership deeds for the Kessel mines have been nationalized from the Mining Guild, the Kessel fleet can move in and end slavery there, and quarantine the system for good.

    Nothing in our out, no more smugglers for glitterstim.
    That Kessel asteroid is a prison key for that Abeloth monster, not some plantation for entertainment drugs.

    Plus those black holes can support at least three more energy refining factories, to produce components for starships.

    Not sure how Palpatine will react to Teta and Kessel being taken, but whatever.

    His Galactic Empire is at my mercy now, both financially and militarily. Because just one Meteor can take on 200 Venators.
    And his empire lost Calamari, Corellia, Feroest and Rendili as shipyards.

    Of course, the Galactic Empire has a thousand times more worlds and population, but without minerals and half the corporations wealth.

    His Imperial navy and army will take at least a decade to organize, and be plagued with rebellions and worlds outright defecting.

    And that stunt he just did?

    Geonosis being bombarded and the surface boiled by a hundred Venators? Caught live on tape, or holorecorder, by some unknown reporter, who was killed by pirates on Tatooine, next day. Not gonna make him more friends, for sure.

    And next, the Fondor shipyards will be vanished as well. Hey, they are CIS still, right?
    The stealth fleet will reach them tomorrow, and hopefully blow up the ring of shipyards at Fondor as well.

    Palpatine will only have Kuat left, which has only been Republican from the start, and now Imperial Shipyards, fortifying their defences every day.

    Maybe the real Jedi remaining will get lucky and sabotage them as well.

    Redforge system, Pef Empire
    two jumps away from Gand
    20 BBY, 2 weeks later

    There are beings that Jedi call voids. At first sight they seem to give off no real energy, rather like a hologram. But only beings with great power can project a simple blank to a Jedi.
    -Obi-Wan Kenobi

    It was lucky I returned when I did. Caught 16 Imperial Spies, all using state of the art camouflage and encryption/decryption equipment, attempting to infiltrate the core space of my Empire.

    Different species, different ships, or infiltration methods, but all pretty much foolproof.

    Unless you're an AI and have hundred million spy satellites watching everything. Then is much less foolproof as a matter of luck. And here, luck means...the Force.
    One individual was even special, the rare kind. A Blank in the force, or a Void in the Force .

    Almost missed him too. Just the partition logs keeping him highlighted made me remember him. He is now being analyzed and prepared for cloning at Blueforge. Guess the Force did listen to my problem and sent me someone worthy.

    In my memory, there will be more, some Umbaran siblings, so I'll make a note and pick them up when they're born.

    There will be a few more people I need for this experiment, Aayla Secura who is hiding on Vjun,
    and Tholme with T'ra Saa , who are helping the wookies on Kashyyyk. And leaving no trace of their actions, like ghosts. Saa is a tree, so on that planet makes sense she'll be invisible.

    But Tholme and Secura, they use a conscious variant, called Force cloak, which is possibly the same as Zero's and Wialu abilities. Hide in light, but not just invisibility but a mnemonic erasure, making people forget they exist.

    This is the kind of powers I need, not bashing people with a flashlight.

    I could have a whole division of Officium Assassinorum agents, able to penetrate most defenses with ease.

    'If they have Vanish, they would be a good addition, Pef. Only the old tree has sensed me till now.' Wialu said with a thoughtful tone.
    'Still doing okay love?' I asked a bit worried. She was really far away...

    ' Yes dear. Planet Jerrilek is mostly open for colonization, after the droids clear up the debris and start the seafarms. Should support up to 3 billion people no problem. And there's some really ancient ruins underwater, maybe older than Solanus' she explained, in a more excited voice.

    Okay then. Ruins over a billion years old, sure worth grabbing.

    'Don't rush Wialu, send survey droids around, and exploit the Hyperspace guild to grab whatever planets are safe to take near Teta. We have a decade to let things rest now.' I said softly, then returned to my work.

    The nano-droid builders were pretty basic, but I had to exploit the window that the attack on Coruscant gave me, and grab them before they became an Imperial weapon.

    Palpatine was using his Sith knowledge already, to create the X-series infiltrators, with the force blank ability.

    And he only became Emperor 2 months ago. Let's hope he sent me the original, and didn't keep gene samples for replication.

    He would have though, even without cloning facilities ready. He wanted to become immortal as well.
    But if this was the original, he would need at least 3 to 5 years to make more. And I think he is.

    He must have been certain his agent won't be caught. And he was almost right.

    Kriff, he will have Cronal, that Sorcerer of Rhand to help him soon, and then Thrawn...if the Imps ever get to explore to the west.

    Make a note and have Nashira find him, and drain him. That Darksight ability, it was almost a path to victory by itself.

    Just for large scale planning, but still, a galaxy was exactly the right place for it.

    Back to the droids, reset their operating system to default, since I don't need to make explosives from stomach acid, and start creating new code.

    This will take a while....


    Planet Renatasia, Pef Empire
    same day

    Clara has become more beautiful, I think. Or it's just me being in love...
    I hugged her with one arm, and look over the various leaders of the nations of Renatasia.

    "Esteemed leaders, you don't really have much choice. We are still at war with CIS. The Sith Empire has been reformed on Coruscant, the Hutts still have enough nukes and bioweapons to wipe off half the galaxy, and the Centrality has internal problems you can't imagine, since you're a single species down there." I said politely, smiling a little at the dozen angels trying to entertain the guests, but only making them awed and weirded out.

    Even my Gand Captain and officers seemed strange to them, and these guys were pretty much humanoids.

    "Avatar, you're saying we're prisoners, here in Pef Empire?" some guy who was important asked furious.

    "The planets open for colonization are also open for Renatasia. But, in a month or two I expect the CIS war to be over. At that time, individuals who wish to explore the galaxy will be free to go. But for now, the only outgoing traffic is military or bulk transports, not passengers. Imperial Servant jobs are also available, for those who want to work in the Administrata. The shipyards in your system have already began making freighters and transports and cargo haulers, while the seas on Renatasia III are being seeded for aquafarming." I replied gently, but with a shrug.

    "If that's true...two months isn't that long. I'll go reserve a ship for myself..." another guy said, with a thinking voice.
    You do that my friend. Someone has to buy those ships and pay the wages.

    "Meanwhile, I suggest you sent aside any differences, and form corporations with clear aims. The Empire will gladly participate with capital and perhaps even safeguard your ships from the millions of pirates beyond our borders. Or not. Renatasia still has overpopulation, you can do your part as well" I finished and turned to leave.

    The heads of states stared after me, or perhaps at Clara's ass, as we left.

    "You were pretty harsh, they just want to see for themselves" my wife admonished me with a frown.

    "And come back with 'suggestions' from the Sith. I told you they had began infiltrations" I said softly in her ear.

    "Yeah, I'm gonna need a lot of cash to set the CENINT to modern standards..." Clara demanded shamelessly. And correctly.

    Hmmm. Okay then love. Keep walking to my room. And locking doors.

    "Very well, beloved wife. Strip naked and dance for me. I can offer a trillion per hour" I said shamelessly, while leaving my armor and laying comfortable on the couch.

    "Huh, the things I do for my people..." she mused wisely, while slowly taking off her boots.
    I know my dear. 'For King and country' is such a good way to say it.

    Also, it's good to be king. It has a great view at the mountains.

    Planet Vjun, Pef Empire
    Bay of Tears

    I'll have to tour the Empire someday, and fix all these desert planets like Vjun .

    I mean, in person. With my Avatar..it was just for pleasure.

    And there she is, hiding in a cave, and eating a Whip-smelt, cooked over a lightsaber. How did the might Jedi fall...

    "Miss Secura? Enjoying the dark?" I asked amused, appearing next to the Twi'lek Jedi, and turning off the stygium cloak and the invisibility.

    I was enjoying this a bit too much.

    "Kriff! Who are you?" she demanded, pointing her flashlight at me.
    "I am the Voice of the Immortal Pef. Avatar Greyshade. And lightsabers are proscribed in the Pef Empire." I explained calmly, snatching her toy by the blade, and confiscating it.

    Then, I turned around and started walking out, still keeping the button of the saber pressed with telekinesis, so we'd have some light in the caves.

    "Hey! where...he's still holding my lightsaber...by the blade..." the bewildered beauty muttered, and running after me, to avoid being left alone, in the dark.

    I stayed silent and mysterious after that, dodging her attempts to grab her weapon back.

    Ten minutes later, we reached the River Whipping, and my ship.

    No need for a flashlight then, but an air alter umbrella, for my new friend. Since outside it was raining acid.

    Nice planet, Vjun. A dark nexus as well, though not for long.

    "Come, let's not dally in the rain, pretty twi'lek, or the rain might melt your clothes...and give me ideas" I explained politely, throwing the thing dramatically, and having Culexus 0055 grab it and make it vanish in mid air.

    "Where did it go? What..."
    "The ship, Miss Secura. I have other matters to attend to, beside collecting scared young women from dark places" I said gently, guiding the girl towards my ship.

    "Where are you taking me, I can't fall into Palpatine's hands..." the girl demanded, with a tinge of panic.

    "Hand. Just one. Seems our favorite Sith Lord lost his right hand to some Jedi assassin" I explained politely, as the shields and then then hangar armor closed behind us.

    "You're strong in the force Mister Greyshade, but I can't sense your alignment..."

    "Huh, you can't? But it's so clear. It's in the name, after all..." I mused wisely, taping a nearby guard droid for its treasure.

    A holocron, looking almost like sphere, with 4096 facetts. And grey in color, of course.

    My best work so far, if I can humbly say that.

    "What is that? It feels like a holocron, but I never heard of that shape..." the former Jedi wondered, as my droid dropped it into her hands.
    And bye bye, into the land of knowledge, most beautiful twi'lek. There should be plenty knowledge inside that you can access, even with your feeble learning.

    I left the girl to study, on a comfortable 30 centimeter pillow, and went to see about the Château Malreaux and it's secrets.

    Sith holocrons, forgotten tech, automated defenses. Count Dooku really had great taste in castles.

    Nothing I couldn't handle, except the voices. Those were annoying.
    Let's start drawing them into the scepter then.


    Two hours later, the acid rains stopped, and a ray of sunshine pierced the thick clouds, perhaps the first time in millenia.

    Still only about half, but wouldn't do to drain the nexus completely. This planet will make a fine training planet, just without agonizing spirits and roaming souls.

    This lingering after death was a problem, with both Jedi and Sith adepts, clinging to the material, in the hope of convincing others to use their ways. Not full force ghosts, since that requires quite a high level of mastery of the Living force and Cosmic force both.
    But, desperate attempts, like the voice of Master Jinn, or who knows how many others. Wisps of consciousness, piercing the noetic soup which made the mnemonic lake of cumulated memories which formed the force.

    The more I learned how the thing worked, the more creeped out I was.

    Billions of pilot and engineers, from millions of races, implanting the same ideas in the mind of the new generations on newly formed civilizations, locking the galaxy in a cycle of repeating the same type of technology for a million or a billion years.

    No wonder ancient systems could interact with new systems, and even take them over. They used the same architecture design, the same principles...kriff.

    Let's hope Solanus will be able to guide the very currents of the force, once he gets stronger.

    The 12th planet was being oceanformed now, and thousands will follow, as soon as we had enough ships and...what do we have here?

    A triangular holocron? Thanks Dooku, you shouldn't have. Even after you died, you still bring me gifts....

    Let's check again, maybe he has more hidden caches...seems not.
    Now, let's go the the next planet on my route. Here Culexus 0055, hold this pyramid for me, wouldn't do to have some ancient Sith Lord jump out and eat children. And the scepter as well.

    And let's go back to my Fade frigate...and explore the wonders of the galaxy...

    Hmmm, the girl needs a bath, and food, and perhaps some bota and a bacta tube...

    "That will be enough, dear maiden. Go wash and see if the armor fits correctly, we are having dinner in 30 minutes" I said sternly, after plucking my holocron away.

    "Please let it be hot water..." the girl prayed in a low mumble. Oh, I think you'll like the jacuzzi then.

    Sigh, a galactic wide civilization, and I had to reinvent jacuzzi?


    Not to mention swords and the military tactics of competent preschoolers.

    Sure, martial arts and even melee weapons had a role, sometimes. I used them myself, like three times. Mostly on Mandalore, where it was appropriate.

    But all the time, in every situation? Tanks? Lightsaber! Sniper? Lightsaber! Submarines?

    Even the ranged weapons were made to function like throwing lightsabers at each other, with turbolaser or blaster bolts .

    The girl returned some 20 minutes later, her face flushed in relaxation, and wearing my light armor variant, for force users.

    Thin overlapping scales of phrik on vulnerable joints like wrists or neck, and cortosis mesh on vital parts. A pistol and a short sword on the hips, hanging from a Jal Shey belt. Verpine shield, laser on the armguard...

    She didn't wear the light helmet, with the makutai headband and shock absorbing foam. Yet.

    "Let's eat, Miss Secura, we are still a long way from Phateem " I said softly, pointing at the table my VSS cook had prepared.

    "Who made this armor, it fits me perfectly...?" Ayala wondered, holding the helmet with one hand and inspecting it curious.

    "People I know, made the individual parts. I assembled it after I scanned your body" I replied politely, tasting from some exotic Kuat dish, looking and smelling like Thai or Japanese dishes .
    Hmmm. If their food was the same as their work ethic, they'll soon begin producing Victory-class star destroyers, en masse.

    And in a few years, the Imperial-class. Gonna have to point that out, to the remaining male Jedi.

    I had no use for them...unlike these pretty, never touched girls...so ripe to introduce, to the joy of making babies, not steal them.

    "Phateem is in Galactic Empire now. It will be crawling with stormtroopers"

    "Well then, you'll have to teach me force cloaking. It would be a pity if Palpatine loots the Halls of Knowledge , right?" I asked a bit later, after I finished crewing.

    "That..., I only know the basics. And doesn't always work. And why would I teach you anything, you kidnapper?" she asked, a bit too loud.

    "You aren't naked and dancing for me, pretty twi'lek girl. But if my holocron is so boring, I can drop you of at Taris, along with a clean pair of clothes..." I said, almost joking.

    "L-let's not be so hasty, Avatar...and why are you wearing a lightsaber?" She demanded, again, too loud.

    Sigh, another Vette.
    "This is a darksaber, most beautiful maid. See?" I asked holding the thing aloft and turning it on, then rotating it for more effect.

    "Huh. It is black. How can light be black?" she wondered with some confusion.

    "In the darkness, there is a light. And in the light, there's darkness. And in between, balance..." I recited, then stopped. She wasn't ready yet.

    "Grey...now I get it, Mister Greyshade. Clever pun. But, the darkside has to be avoided and..." she began, with a dogmatic ideas firmly in front, like a righteous holy maiden. Let's cut that short.

    "You know...I am Mand'alore too. The planets of my mandalorian people were glassed from orbit, with amplified light, by your Jedi. Too much light can do harm, you see. I prefer the shade myself." I said with a dismissive tone, and had the saber hilt glide back to the small of my back.

    And re-engage the hibridium casing. The darksaber was a symbol of rank, not a weapon.
    If I ever needed a sword to stay safe, the problem would be with my poor decision making, not my fighting skill.

    "And now, Geonosis was glassed from orbit by the Sith. I understand now. You think us both the same." the girl whispered in a wavering tone.

    Yeah. Exactly the same. But much cuter. I let her finish eating, before turning to the more pressing matters.
    "So, now that the scattered Jedi can't roam the galaxy freely, to kidnap children, you think they'll start making their own, or just die out?" I asked in a polite dinner voice.

    "Errrr. Haven't thought about that...I know some younglings escaped..." she answered with a confused blink.

    "Well, Kenobi is gonna have kids soon. His wife insisted, you see. But, relying on other people to make kids, for the Jedi to steal them and mind rape them into good soldiers...that's not gonna happen much anymore. Palpatine will kill them as soon as they're found, and in the Pef Empire...we don't tolerate slavery. Maybe the Hutts will let the Jedi form enclaves..." I mused in a thoughtful voice, pouring more brandy for myself, and tea for the girl.

    Without hands. Or hand gestures. Because those are silly.

    You lift with your mind, not with ectoplasmic hands.

    "The Hutts hate the Jedi just as much. The Order is truly gone, this time. Unless..." the twi'lek mused, with a flash of inspiration.

    "Yes?" Please offer yourself to carry my children...

    "Unless we can strike back, and kill Palpatine and his followers. Then we can restart..." she whispered with faint hope.
    "Nope. Our Empire has a thousand ships defending Corellia now. Because they make their own kids. But if they start kidnapping from other families, I'll glass their temple myself. Or something. Maybe just rip them apart. The poor planet isn't guilty after all"
    I said politely, then had my droid produce the holocron again, and drop it on a nearby pillow.

    Then I rose and went to my bedroom, where I had two Dathomirian wives expecting me to contribute to the population growth.

    "Duala and Talia, my most beloved wives. Sorry I got delayed, but an Avatar has to work for a living, not just lay in bed, all day" I proclaimed grandly, while my clothes flew off, by magic.

    "It feels like evening to me. Now get back here, and show us that trick again!" Duala exclaimed with a smile.

    Really wicked smile.


    Redforge system, Pef Empire

    Okay then, enjoy your hard work Peffy.
    I'll just compose new self reproducing algorithms, and test them on a hundred metals, to make the nano-droids produce durasteel at least.

    So far, just pig iron and steel, not even stainless steel. Kriff, material synthesis was a hard science.

    Maybe I should visit the Gree, and bribe them to teach me?

    But they wouldn't, would they? Not untill the Vong were at their door, and maybe not even then.

    And the Sharu, on Rafa V? They might be interested. I'll have to evacuate that planet or the whole system, and harvest all the life crystals and well as the Firkrann crystals.

    Then I will attempt to awake the Toka with the mindharp from the Great plastic Pyramid.

    And hope they'll be friendly. That will surely go well.

    'What do you think, Solana. We want the Sharu awoken now, or later?' I asked in the Voice bond.

    'Let's wait, till this war is over. And we build some bases in the Rafa system. And Clara sets up her Intelligence network. And have a few Oswalt explorers link more planets together with hyper routes. At least a year, Pef' my Voice advised me after a few minutes of thinking.

    Right, couldn't let half the Centrality starve, once the hyperlanes were cut at Rafa by whatever event happens when the Sharu wake up.
    At least we had more routes now, such as from Akrit'tar to Renatasia, and from Tund to Malagarr.
    The Oswaft were helpful already, although keeping them fed was a pain, when they left their Open Sea.

    But they liked having angels to ride on them, so it balanced out. Only three Oswaft were curious enough to join the Explorer corps though, and only Lehesu was willing to wear a hyperspace beacon stapped to his body.

    Anyway, they kept finding new systems at the edge of the Open Sea, so still good.

    Elsewhere in the galaxy, a fleet reached and liberated Mimban from the CIS and pirates, and ensure that Palpatine won't have easy access to devices such as Force detector and useful crystals like the Thaissen crystal or Kaiburr crystal .

    In the galactic north, our fleets took 300 planets in a week, as the new B11 droids and the Gauntlet tanks speed up conquest times by a factor of ten.

    Planet Ithor is now being 'protected' an advance Pef Navy fleet, cause I don't want the Imperials getting the best botanists in the galaxy. Plus, their special trees will be important later.

    The Stinger II and Biplane II flying droids have also appeared in small numbers, just testing their effectiveness against live enemies.

    Droideka II and III wardroids are still kept back, since they're too expensive to throw at the remaining CIS fortified lines.
    I guess it's time to give Luxum the go ahead for the Mustafar operation.
    Not deactivating the CIS droids, but having them turn sides, and become loyal Pef droids.

    Such a handy tool you left for me, Palpatine. A galactic wide control network, for all the CIS droids and their ships? 'Go Luxum!'

    'We're beginning now Pef. Stage I in progress. Interdicting fields activated. Stage II will be the Black Sun operations on Mustafar. And I'll look for your HK friend, if he's down there. For the Empire!' my Shard Voice said calmly in the essence bond.

    About 20 billion droids and 100 thousand ships were left in the CIS inventory, most of them in the galactic south, and the droids mostly outdated models like B1 and B2.

    You'll be quite welcome. Even as poorly designed as you are. A few upgrades and they will serve as garrisons on a million primitive planets.

    Let's have our wookie friends know to withdraw for a day. And make contact with the Jedi on Kashyyyk.
    Cause we're claiming that system, and blowing away anyone who rejects our generous offer.

    In the south-east, our fleets have taken Molavar, Ukio and Tatooine, and are heading towards Rodia and Ryloth. Jabba being dead makes Tatooine an easy target. Except for the sand. Droids suffer in sand. Who knew?

    Another Pef fleet is preparing to siege Umbara, and complete that part of the center offensive.
    Planet Daalang is also being sieged, and will make an excellent trade nexus in the future.
    I guess it will fall to our Navy in 4 to 5 days, despite their extensive networks of space mines and fortified asteroids.

    Time to take a trip to the Temple of Pomojema on Mimban, and see what a Rur crystal amplified a thousand times feels like. I'm such a cheater...

    Planet Mimban, Pef Empire
    20 BBY, two weeks later.

    The CIS is defeated. The droid armies and their ships have turned arms, and began detaining all the CIS leaders. Where possible. Some of the CIS leaders were smarter and had not linked to the droid control center.

    The Separatist leaders on Mustafar were captured alive, and will stand trial for war-crimes, as it is fit. The galaxy needs scapegoats, and Palpatine can't be touched for now.

    And that new Sith Lord frogg, Palpatine's new apprentice, was killed when he also tried to debark on Mustafar. Sorry dude. Red lightsaber, we have you on holocamera. Quite a coincidence, that Palpatine tried to end the Clone Wars at the same time as us.

    And on the twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth...
    Planet Ryloth, Pef Empire (almost)

    Dora was doing her best impression at an Ambassador, with a Marine organic division and a dozen twi'lek Servants around her. No droids for now, as the native twi'leks suffered under CIS occupation.

    "Mister Syndulla, I assure you, my words have enough weight, in the Pef Empire. The troops I brought are meant to bring security, not oppression." my green twi'lek Voice argued, a bit exasperated.

    "They'll listen to a twi'lek dancer? I find that hard to believe, no matter what titles you are bestowed with, Voice Greyshade" the leader of the free twi'leks said, with some derisment.

    "They have to listen. A Voice of the Emperor is more than a title. My words are law, for every loyal citizen." Dora said calmly, but enerved inside. Ryloth wasn't exactly egalitarian. Yet.

    "And if some of your troops loot and pillage, the rest will listen to a woman and arrest the perpetrators? " the man asked worried.

    Duh, what are we, the Trade Federation?

    "They'll shoot themselves, if I so order, Mister Syndulla. And there will be no looting anyway. I have a trillion credits to spend on this planet, and uplift our race from gunpowder and steam engines to modern technologies. Our children will build spaceships, not dig in coal mines." Dora replied sternly, pointing subtly at the Pef fleet stationed around the space station.
    The man looked around, with a glimmer of hope. Perhaps, this time the cycle of slavery will be broken. If only this new empire could be trusted.

    "How can I trust..." he began asking, when Dora flipped an aurodium chip at his chest.

    "Here. 100 billion credits, to spend as you see fit, for this planet. The Imperial Servants will oversee the reconstruction, as long the planet joins us voluntarily. But if not, we'll take the women and children and leave the rest of you for the Sith. Maybe Palpatine will be more merciful than he was at Geonosis." Dora replied with a cold voice, waving the man outside of the conference room. Ouch, that was harsh.

    'We kinda need Ryloth, love. At least as access route to Yanibar ' I whispered to her in the bond, while my mind was expanded to encompass the whole galaxy at once. This upgraded power was amazing!

    The galaxy was open before my senses, even places and planets I never heard about. It wasn't darksight, but pretty much similar. Maybe greysight?

    A hundred million inhabited planets, and people dying everywhere. And around the galaxy, a dense grey haze, like a distant fog, blocking almost everything.

    Still couldn't sense the Vong, but other things were much clearer now.
    All except the west parts and the deep core, also covered in thick force mists.
    The Hutts had huge guns, able to shatter planets in one shot. No wonder they were so smug and confident. Also had nukes and bioweapons stockpiles, enough to destroy the galaxy a few times over.

    And in the middle of the galaxy, sucking on the black hole in the center, a devouring entity...gah.

    Thanks, dear Force. Just what I needed. Nightmare fuel.

    That black hole was so enormous, billions of times larger than normal ones, and yet something had already harnessed it.

    I'll deal with that later. For now, bare necessities, like food and clean water for quadrillions of sentients.

    Those credits won't be enough for everyone though. I'll have to prioritize investments to the most populated worlds. For this size, the galaxy was very poor.

    More abominations at Belsavis and....kriff, too many. Everywhere!
    This galaxy was so sick, like a hundred cancers were eating at it, from every side.

    Even in my own corner, the Force wounds of Malachor and Yavin pulsed, like pustules of puss and hate, ready to burst and infect trillions. And 500 more planets, around the galaxy, all screaming in muted grey pain. Rakata colonies, from the Infinite Empire, most likely.
    And on Tatooine...a Rakata mind, still alive. Huh.

    I could use that, and get some more knowledge. Because these primitive nano-droids?

    Not what I needed. They'll be useful to transmute the Meteor's armor into steel, and perhaps some higher form of steel, like quadranium or durasteel. But not belskar or alusteel.

    For that, I needed much more knowledge.

    Make a note, start melting 6000 more Meteor hulls. 2000 of them Mountain-class, for troops and supplies.

    The galaxy was even bigger than I thought. And my Empire was way behind in population and productivity, barely competing with the feudal Hutts.

    So many force-sensitives, some scattered, some together like the miraluka.

    Another possible training planet, Alpheridies. Gain force-sight and a dozen more abilities, with just a few years of...

    Let's send a fleet there now, and another to Roche. Those genius insects would be wiped out by Palpatine otherwise.
    Another to Obroa-skai. To Manda. To Gibad , and prevent a genocide with bioweapons...

    To Cyrillia and take custody of 10 billion droids. Guess I'll go myself. That did seem to be a large number and was close to my location. Maybe take Sarrahban too. A monopoly on most laser weapons would be nice.

    And have Bo Katan Greyshade take custody of the Kyrimorut colony.

    To think I already have so many Jedi living there, like Kina Ha and Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy . That girl...nevermind for now. Still too young.

    But not too young to train. And a Kaminoan Jedi...she could help me with my cloning...

    I was cheating a bit too much.

    Etain Tur-Mukan was also there, along with her Master Arligan Zey and another Kaminoan, a geneticist named Ko Sai .

    Hmmm. And the Altisian Jedi were on Yarille, also in my empire. In the capital city Yen Bachask , doing relief work. Nice guys. I'll keep them.

    A fleet will arrive there in 2 hours, to liberate the planet from whatever CIS remains and make contact.

    Perfect day indeed.
    And Peffy...
    Phateem system, planet Phateem
    Ashlendu Mountains, Halls of Knowledge, vault 31

    He is looting the Halls of Knowledge, of course. Not by himself, but he has the VSS and a few maids to help.

    "How did you know this entrance wasn't guarded?" Miss Secura asked, with some awe. Or just wonder.

    "I used the force, of course. I think, I'm pretty much the strongest man alive, at this time. There's a few women who are really close though" Peffy answered with some amusement.

    "Women? Master Shaak Ti isn't even.." Ayala complained, with a confused look. Huh, so you think that woman is strong? Not really. In comparison.

    "Come now. Master Ti is eating raw snails on some jungle planet now. These strong women don't use lightsabers. Now, Miss Ti is quite special in her own way, after all, she did cut off Palpatine's right arm and lived to tell about it." Still had to run from Skywalker though.

    "And Master Yoda? You think you're stronger? Is he okay?" the former Jedi asked worried.

    "Exactly the same, only he eats raw roots, in a dark cave on a jungle planet. And because he didn't have children, his race will become extinct, in some 20 years. At least Master Mundi fathered some 7 girls already. Gah, now I have to arrange a marriage between the last two Neti. Can't let that race go extinct as well..." I muttered, loading another grav pallet with books and scrolls.
    Damn idiot Jedi, you could have stored all this data on a single holocron facet. And maybe lose it.

    Make a note and print backups for all the things I have so far.

    Holocrons tend to get stolen...A lot of times by myself.

    Anyway, Force cloak is pretty simple, once you learn the trick. Just a wave of Mind Alter, set on autorun and deleting yourself from nearby minds with the opposite of memory imprint.

    I could undress a thousand women in a large room, and they wouldn't know who did it...

    Ah, I have a great trick to play on my maids in the garden on Gand.

    Change their clothes with different ones. Ha! When they realize it, it will be quite fun.

    I could do it with my eyes closed as well, but probably won't bother. Why waste such a great view at the mountains and valleys?

    "Okay, we stole everything. What now, Avatar?" Miss Secura the Jedi asked, as the last grav pallet with knowledge was being glided towards the secret tunnel.

    "Now we vandalize the place of course, writing graffiti on walls, true things about Palpatine and his Galactic Empire. It is a Hall of Knowledge, after all. When the Imperial Intelligence arrives, they need to learn things too. Here, a paint spray!" I exclaimed in a joyous tone.

    "You planned this all along? Even had cans of paint ready?" the green twi'lek asked in awe. Or perhaps confusion.

    "I had a great Master called Naruto. I just follow in his footsteps" I answered truthfully.
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    Planet Atoa, Pef Empire
    20 BBY

    The events of Delegation of 2000 continue to shock the galaxy, as 188 of the delegates, which were about 3000 now, were arrested and executed.

    Planet Atoa requested to join Pef Empire, since we seemed much safer, especially after Moff Tarkin landed his Acclamator spaceship on top of the crowds protesting the formation of the Galactic Empire, then had his stormtroopers disembark and shoot the survivors.

    Everything caught on camera, of course, and distributed by most liberal news channels.

    And Miss Saro is quite a beauty , and powerful force-user herself. Peffy will have to make sure to bestow her a few babies, as a collegial gesture of personal union.

    Also, the Enslavement of Kashyyyk didn't happen anymore, as the brand new Executrix star destroyer was pulverized when approaching Kashyyyk. That took 30 Meteor MAC shells, so quite tough. Tougher than a Lucrehulk twice its size.

    The surviving stormtroopers on Kashyyyk were allowed to embark and leave the new Pef Empire protectorate. Without tanks and heavy equipment, which I generously gifted to the wookies. Also took custody of some 9 Jedi helping the wookies and had them sent at Ruul, without lightsabers.
    Planet Trandosha , in the same system was occupied a bit sooner, by our troops, since it was CIS planet.

    The cold war is becoming colder, as the Boonta trials begin, various captured CIS leaders being paraded and made to confess all their crimes. Starting with the obliteration of Boonta, and similar attempts at Lianna and Duro.

    And Master Ti is now in front of Peffy, on planet Null .
    Planet Null, Pef Empire

    Dooku had owned much of the planet, and thus it was forced to join the CIS. However the regular citizens, the Nulls held the Jedi in high regard, for some reason, and hid the Togruta Master in a remote village.

    "Well done, Miss Ti for that Sith right hand. Now, I will need your lightsaber, if you wish to remain in the Pef Empire" I demanded sternly.

    "Not that lightsabers even work on him..." Miss Secura added with a suffering sigh, and looking fabulous, in her new form fitting light armor.

    "Master Yoda warned me to be cautious of your Empire, Avatar Greyshade. He has foreseen a great danger in you, even if uncertain. Grey, you are..." the Master Jedi replied, hand clenched on the hilt of her weapon.
    Sigh. Guess I'll have to convince her, Mandalorian style. Accel x4 !

    "You asked for it, adorable lady. You're lucky I still have some bacta tubs, not in use" I replied with my own sigh, teleporting behind her and breaking 3 ribs and her right clavicula. With a few light taps. Power armors are very strong.

    She immediately switched the flashlight to her left hand and attempted to strike me with it.

    Who brings weapons to a fist fight?

    Two more ribs and her left forearm followed, as I held the plasma blade in my gauntlet.

    She tried to hit me with some mental attack next, and I sighed again. Really? Dark Lords have tried that, 10 times better.

    A forefinger flick and she was knocked out, flying 50 meters backwards. Thank you, Tsunade-obaasan. You're a good mentor too.

    "Thank you for going easy on her, Master Greyshade" the twi'lek Jedi commented, with an aura of defeat and sadness.

    "Don't mention it, Miss Secura. I saw Miss Ti getting eaten alive, by the Ancient Abyss on Felucia. Not gonna happen now, but still, some people need to learn when not to fight" I replied gently, and had a droid decloak and carry the woman into the bacta tank. Naked.
    Miss Ti made me fight, she could deal with the consequences.

    She is really beautiful though.

    "You said that out loud" Ayala commented wisely, staring at my hand. Huh, still had the lit lightstick glowing in my hand.

    Forgot about the plasma blade, burning at 15 thousands degrees. For 10 minutes. Beauty does that, to man.

    "If she wants kids, they'll be so cute..." I muttered, lost in the peisage of mountains and valleys.

    Here Culexus 0055, catch!

    Another lightsaber vanished in midair, as I threw it carelessly over my shoulder.

    "How...the invisible droids..." Miss Secura muttered in a flash of inspiration.

    Yes...and the dozens invisible VSS around too.

    Now practicing the force cloak I printed on their holocrons.

    Cause I share, you know? People like it when you share.
    "Okay, let's go to Mandalore, and collect the new Jedi who arrived. Gah, I bet I'll have to feed thousands now!" I complained loudly, leaving my armor and the medical bay behind me.

    "I thought you'd be taller..." Ayala observed wisely, checking me out curious.

    Not you too!

    "I'm still young. Then again, I'd rather stay like this, then get fat as a planet and need sublight engines for every step" I replied wisely as well.
    Planet Atoa

    'Solanus will remember this' my water maid sent, a bit amused.

    Hey, why are you spying on Peffy? You have treaties to sign, and stuff.

    'Your future Teta Empress has arrived. She looks nice. Should be good for 10 kids at least' Solana added with more humour.

    Right, Serra Keto . Another lightsaber prodigy.

    Guess I'll have to beat up of lot of Jedi women. That's sounded wrong. But it's exactly what I'll do.

    Mandalorians know how to treat their women. And I'm their boss, so I gotta set an example.
    Hmmm, another nice one called Fy-Tor-Ana was spotted on Coruscant. 'Yes, sleep gas and extraction too, Culexus 0047.'

    Those Inquisitors have already began snooping around. And that Solace cover won't hold for long.

    And those Jedi on planet Ruul...

    Let's have the B11 Reservation Administrator call the male Jedi, and explain the threat of the Kuat Yards.

    Show them the new ships, and what Palpatine does with them.

    'No, the Pef Empire is still fighting Separatist holdouts, and is not about to war a Galactic Empire. But we can get you to Balmorra, and link you with other rebels. They have thousands of droids and a several ships. Yes, you can have lightsabers, once you leave our Empire.'

    There! 14 brave Jedi males have agreed to attack Kuat, and perhaps even survive, if the proton bombs on those ships manage to miss.

    'No, the ladies have to stay, and look after the younglings. Do you know how to feed and wash a child?'

    Well, I doubt these Jedi women know about kids either, but it sounds reasonable.
    'Yes, the Force be with you too' Good job Ruul11.

    Maid robes? Well, if you really insist, sure. Colonel? Don't push it, metal head.

    "Emperor Pef, you've been silent for a long time..." the high priestess said, after staring at my armor for a long time. It was quite a splendid armor, now embedded with some 50 different types of crystals. I carried the big Kaiburr Crystal in my droid's torso though, stuck to my crystal self. Away from Mimban, it only boosted my powers maybe 5 times, but it was more than enough, for now.

    "Yes, contemplating the Force, Lady Saro. Here, I have a small gift for you, and the other girls. 50 minor Force abilities, that should get you a bit more able to perform your old rituals. And a few bottles of vitamin and medicine, that have to be taken every day, one drop at every meal. And don't worry about the new towns and shields, they're free. I like to keep my droids busy, you see..." I answered gently, waving a metal chest closer.

    When she opened it, her heart fluttered a little. Gems and jewelry, crystals and credit chips, and on top, bota vials and holocrons.

    The light illuminated the church, like a treasure box, but real.

    "This..I don't know what to say" the High Priestess murmured with a tingle of greed and grace. Yes, I know, shinny things and forbidden knowledge. Every woman I know has fallen for one of those, till now. So why not both?
    "Be nice to my Avatar when he arrives in a few days, Lady Saro. Women tease him a lot. And this gift...only a trillion credits, perhaps. Let us know if you need more." I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

    For such a nice planet, this was nothing. I paid this much for a lap dance, once.

    Would have paid more, but Clara wanted a massage and a hot bath.

    Planet Coruscant, Galactic Empire
    Imperial Palace
    20 BBY, two weeks later

    Emperor Palpatine was seething with anger, barely masked.

    Rebellions and Jedi everywhere!

    His prized Kuat Shipyards damaged, and out of commission for at least 2 years!

    True, the dozen Jedi than attacked the shipyards were dead, along with the hundreds of war droids and rebels they gathered on Balmorra.

    Even worse, a second Imperial-class destroyer was lost, before it could be launched. His dear Exactorblown up, by a single proton bomb, since it's shields weren't active while being fueled. Sith spit!
    The route to Deep Core cut, and this Pef Empire abusing their participation in the Clone Wars to confiscate everything not nailed down, and many times the nails too.

    Kashyyyk, and his valued workforce for the Death Star lost, as those monkeys prefered to become circus animals for that crazy droid emperor.

    He did finally got a glimpse of him, as he unleashed a terrifying spell on Mimban, scouring the galaxy with a piercing cold gaze.

    That Pef must have sacrificed a million virgins to gain that much power, for one hour.

    Something he must have found on Korriban, now that he figured out how to use the old hyperroute to Teta.

    And war wasn't an option, not for a decade at least. A thousand Meteors, most of their mass just iron, but those slug guns...truly powerful.

    The Death Force cult, and his loyal Cronal on Dromund Kaas, no longer accessible now, with Korriban blockaded.

    Another Sith Lord, he had to be. Something like the famous Darth Revan perhaps, since those Imperial Servants he captured would rather die than spill anything.

    And careful to keep the Jedi in 'reservations' disarmed of lightsabers.
    Why didn't he think of that sooner? Gather them in one place and them burn them all out.

    Now he had to beg for loans from this new Galactic Bank, just to keep his empire running.

    Whatever Tarkin said, another currency would just inflate and be useless in a year, without the crystals deposits guaranteeing the value on Muunilinst. Kriff.

    His Master was right. Without the banks...any empire was just a decoration.

    No matter, he'll increase taxes again, and subsidise his military buildup that way. In a decade, the Galactic Empire will have enough ships to crush those Meteors.

    But he will need bigger ships. Those new Mandators...yes. A thousand Mandators to crush those Meteors, and retake Muunilinst.

    "Emperor, we need to make an example of these revolts on New Plympto and Balmorra" Tarkin said politely, his keen eyes awaiting his order.

    "Just the cities, Moff Tarkin. We may need the free land later. And try to avoid reporters this time." Palpatine said, controlling his anger, barely.

    "By your command, Emperor" Tarkin replied brusquely, and left to teach those rebels scum a hot lesson.
    "And this Trade Federation uprising, around Farstine?" Moff Grant asked, pointing at the holo they received .

    "We have our battleships. We have our droids. If Palpatine wants our wealth, let him come and take it."
    Marath Vooro

    A mere Vizier, defying the Emperor?

    "You heard the insect, Moff Grant. Go and take it. I want that wealth" Palpatine said with a gentle smile.

    "It will be done Emperor. If I can take 3 more fleets..."

    "One fleet, Moff Grant. There are a hundred more places our ships need to be" the Galactic Emperor commanded, pointing at the door with his new cybernetic hand.

    "By your command, Emperor" Moff Grant declared obediently.

    Now, let's go and meet that silly B1 Ambassador from the Pef Empire.
    "Most exalted Galactic Emperor Palpatine, the Radiant Immortal Pef wishes you glory and wealth. What is that this humble Corsca Ambassador can do for your almighty self?" The droid asked, looking ridiculous with green paint over the face and hands, and blue robes.

    "The people of the Galactic Empire need their fair share of the funds that the Pef Empire has repossesed from the Separatists.
    Those were in large part Republic credits. And..." he started to say.

    "Your eminence, it was by your New Order declaration, that the former Galactic Republic was abolished. If any funds were left at that time in foreign banks, they are now lost. It is basic natural law. Finders keepers. Not to mention, the hardships and horrors of war, that the Pef Empire has endured, at the hands of those greedy corporations. Anything else?" The cheeky droid replied, even interrupting him.

    Kriff! What hardships? What horrors? They used mostly droids...

    "I understand, Honored Ambassador, but as a Galactic Bank, isn't it natural for credits to loaned, to your gracious neighbours? Not to mention the star destroyer lost, in that deplorable incident..." He argued eloquently. And definitely mentioning the Executrix. no doubt a show of force, to prevent other incursions. He will have to withdraw from Teth as well.
    "On the matter of loans, of course a line of credit can be open for the mighty Galactic Empire. We'll even maintain the same interest rates last used for the Galactic Republic. 25% interest rate, annually, and compounded. Please have the Imperial Senate vote on this matter, as soon as you desire the funds. As for that medium cruiser, it was preparing to attack an allied polity. We should notice that your brave stormtroopers were galantly allowed to embark their transport and return to the Galactic Empire. "
    The so called Corsca Ambassador replied serenely.

    25%! That was a joke for the Republic Senate, not an actual workable loan!

    And his Imperial star destroyer was not a medium cruiser, even if it was 12 times smaller that a Meteor...

    He will have to rush production of his own dreadnaught, the Eye of Palpatine. Even without a crew. He will use that AI to control the droids.

    And the stormtroopers were forced to leave all the tanks and artillery behind! Billions of credits in equipment, donated to those scum wookies!

    Including some very new prototypes, now being reverse-engineered by those cheating....

    "Very well, Ambassador. A confirmation vote will happen this week. For 40 quadrillion Empire Credits." Palpatine asked greedily.
    Even half, even a quarter...
    "A line of credit, most exalted Emperor. 1 quadrillion, and nothing more, untill interest is being deposited to the Galactic Bank.
    Please show us you can be trusted, with this huge amount of Empire Credits" The Corsca Ambassador replied coldly, almost like a Muun.

    Hell, colder than a Muun.

    Sith spit!

    "Most agreeable, Ambasador. We need to rest now, but I'm sure we'll talk more, next week"

    "Once again, we wish you enormous glory, your magnificence. Pleasant dreams, Emperor Palpatine!" the absurd droid Ambassador said politely, then left without a bow.

    So rude!


    Planet Atoa, Pef Empire

    Nice job B11 Corsca. That was a beautiful play.
    Now to my own play. Because all men and women, are merely players. And this man, a player and then some.

    "Yes, most beautiful priestess. This is my fate, to marry whomever the Empire needs me to. And compared your beauty and holiness, no woman even comes close. You didn't even hit me once, the whole week I've been here. A paragon of goodness and love, that's who you are, Miss Saro!" I exclaimed dramatically, hugging the nice woman gently with one arm.

    "Oh, poor boy. Those harpy princesses are all the same. Greedy for money and abusing their husbands. I'd be happy with just a tender touch, and sometimes a little gift" the priestess replied, returning my hug with shyness.

    "You should know, I imported a new technology from some distant race. Perfect for an icy planet like yours. It's called Jacuzzi, and it warms and soothes the body, and can even smooth skin and increase fertility. I will gift you a few hours of use, although you certainly don't need it, my lady. You seem perfectly fertile to me, and more. Please let me show you.." I pleaded with real emotion.

    "Well, it does sounds enticing. Should I take a few priestesses with us, or is it just for two?" Lady Saro asked, with some anticipation.
    "In theory, it might work for more. But let's not push our luck. If you decide to invite a few beautiful girls next time, I'll think about it. I promise." I answered, absolutely truthful.

    These priestesses were truly holy and kind. I will take them all, and worhship them one by one.

    Then, shower them with pure love. Then wash the love off and do it again.

    Thank you, dear force. You truly blessed me so.

    Planet Corellia, Corellian Diktat
    20 BBY

    "Honored Councilmen. The Radiant Immortal Pef, has entrusted me with this message. As the Republic is no more, your most enlightened polity should reject paying homage to the new Sith Empire, created by Palpatine. We do not advocate military resistance,
    but instead a gradual border extension, and economic growth." My Corel droid Ambassador proclaimed, as a grav pallet was dragged inside the Council Hall.

    "And how are we to do this? Corellia is no position..." the Diktat started to reply.
    "You forget, Honored Councilmen. You are also the winners of the Clone wars. Rendili is just a few jumps away, it is your right to claim that system as spoils of war. Expand to Tinnel and Duro. I have brought you 20 quadrillions of Empire credits. Let the poor immigrants come, and use them. Build ships, like your DP20 frigate , but with 40 missile launchers not just 4. Build the new Strike cruisers that our Empire is building by the thousand. Build shields and defenses. Because the Immortal Pef has seen wars a million times worse coming. Some from inside, some from outside the galaxy. And if you are not ready...there will be no more freedom in the galaxy." The droid proclaimed dramatically, shaking its green hands at the sky.

    "20 quadrillions..." the Corellian Councilmen murmured, somewhat surprised at the largesse.

    "If you manage to spend it, I have mandate for more, much more. Become strong, friends. The fleets the Pef Empire has guarding Corelia will stay, and be ceded to your use, ship by ship, once you have qualified crew to man them.
    With the major shipyards in the Core destroyed, or damaged, Corellia has the lead now. Also, meleenium for durasteel will be provided at any rate you can consume, but not for resale." The droid added, then turned around and left, kicking the lid from the crate full with trillion credit aurodium chips.

    More angels sang, as light burst out from the crate, and illuminated the faces of the Corellians with golden smiles.

    Ah, money. Things are much easier when you can throw them around like...diamonds?
    Huh, I could build myself a spaceship made of diamonds.

    I bet the Arkanians will love to sell me that much diamonds.

    Hmmm. About money...

    'Wialu, do you need anything there, on Teta?' I asked a bit concerned.

    'A trillion credits for now, or ten. Just rooting out the local Sith club. They make nice pendants and amulets though. Recursive algorithms casting various spells. Really nice stuff.' My Voice said proudly. Huh, still draining more poor Sith wanna-be's

    'Keep the prince alive. We may need a scapegoat someday' I advised her, since I already knew.

    'Gah, you cheating droid! Why do you know these things, from 70 thousands light years away?'

    'The Force?' I answered with a shrug.

    'And what are you doing on Tatooine?' She demanded, in her other voice.

    'Draining a Rakata...really nice stuff.' I answered amused.
    'Lucky you. These guys suck...' Wialu complained, as if increasing her own strength by half wasn't enough.

    Planet Tatooine. Pef Empire.
    20 BBY

    This Rakata guy isn't alive. But not dead either, The Imprisoned One is a memory imprint, or worse. It's a Mind prison which has an interior composed of an infinite expanse of white nothingness but with some rudimentary access to the outside world.

    If I was organic, or didn't come prepared, this thing would have possibly taken me over.

    I just held the soul snare in front, and let the Rakata criminal flow in, thinking he was escaping.

    Quite strong in the force too, almost half my strength, even powered by that huge crystal from Mimban.

    And let's drain the sucker...

    Wow, jackpot. Nanotech expert, and of Rakatan nanobots, bending quantum strings into letters, and writing new natural laws.

    Not a good scientist, or even a competent criminal, but still...useful.
    And he knows so many force skills too. Well. Half as many as I know already, but different. More...sadistic.

    Using nanobots to re-write brains? Duh.

    Who does that? And why bother?

    Flashing memory holograms work better, and don't make zombies, anymore...

    You can print aurodium. Or platinum or whatever.

    Just need a huge energy source. Like that energy crystal I confiscated on Mygeeto.

    Now, that's done...let see what he knows about Sharu and Kwa...

    Just how to catch Kwa super-soldiers in mind traps. Well, who knows, I might find one of them too.

    People just don't die very well in this galaxy.

    'And I'm very grateful for that, Immortal Pef' Lira, my Togruta Voice, once reborn, commented wisely.
    'Wait...Immortal Pef. You can bring me back to life?' the Rakata asked, somehow sensing my Voice bond. Ah, essence listen. Nice skill.

    'Look mister shark. The evil Rakata, who terrified the whole galaxy and murdered trillions, they thought you such an insane criminal, that they built this nice mind trap, and locked you inside, not to be released ever. So, you tell me. Will I bring you back to life?' I asked him back, using the same language as the Selkath from Manaan, the kelto making planet used. Cause yea, still a Rakata colony, with some Rakata artifacts hidden about.

    'Ehhh. if you put it that way...I guess not' the Rakata muttered, then disappeared, his essence drained.

    And now I had a huge cave, with this box called the Mind Prison, hundreds of dedicated cadavers of some miners, and a billion nanobots, floating about looking for organic brains to turn into zombies.

    Sigh. These were the guys who chased down the killiks?

    Gather round, my new soldier nanadroids. Tatooine has too much sand. Let's make some mirrors, and reduce the heat a little.

    After the sand is outside the atmosphere guys, don't rush!
    See, you lousy Anakin? You could have eradicated this sand yourself, instead of complaining to your girlfriend that 'it's getting everywhere' Damn emo.

    Now I have to organize a kidnapping and 'miraculous conception' and impregnate Padme with your frozen love.

    Just because you hated sand.

    Hate is bad! It lead you to the dark side...and a funeral pyre, a bit earlier than before.

    At least this time, if you come back as a ghost, your age and ghost aspect will fit.

    You didn't see Luke growing 70 years younger as a ghost, did you? You did not. I had to do something.

    So retconning the canon, with a nuclear bomb seemed appropriate. Thank Lucas, for the great idea!

    Plus, as a young female slave, Shmi was likely raped countless times. That wasn't truly an immaculate conception, was it?

    Not like I'm gonna do it. Say thank you dear force.

    You'll get your Luke back, to toy with and smack down a thousand times.
    But I'm keeping the girl. My Leia won't dance in no mail bikini for no Hutt.

    Unless Peffy gets elected Hutt leader somehow.

    Eh, not even that hard. I have 455 plans to take over the Hutts.

    Though plan 1 will work anyway. Money.

    Now, let's finish whatever details I have to fix on Tatooine.

    'I found the starmap on Manaan, Pef. But it needs someone...a mammal I guess' Solana whispered in the bond.

    Of course it does. More organic brains to mess with. Stupid Rakata.

    Hey look, a huge Kryat dragon, guarding another starmap, here on Tatooine.

    Yes yes, my dear nanobots, you can take over his brain. See, I can be generous!

    Now let's open him up...Kyber crystals!

    What a surprise...what can I do with a 50 centimeter kyber crystal?

    Eh, they can make lasers and ion guns stronger.

    And a huge lightsaber for my Titans.
    Say...100 meters long. Or more? Possibly 200 meters.

    We'll see.

    I know, I said the flashlights are stupid. But that's because they're too small!

    If I make the beam 3 meters thick and 200 meters long...now it's a close defense weapon, or it can cut mountains to make new passes, or make roads on Kashyyyk . And dig out geonosian hives. Also, it will look absolutely fabulous.

    Never forget that something cool is better than just functional. If you're rich enough.

    'I want a big Titan too. It would be much nicer than just a droid to pilot' Luxum confessed with an embarrassed tone.

    See! Thousands of Shards will want to be the living heart of a Titan, leading the Empire Legions in battle. From well behind the lines.

    But imagine a Niman adept, throwing a 200 meter long plasma blade at some enemies, and then have it boomerang back in its huge Titan hand.

    Cool? Hell yes!
    Redforge, Pef Empire
    20 BBY, 3 weeks later.

    The vote for the quadrillion credits loan passed in the Imperial Senate, with only 78 delegates being executed for opposing it.

    Padme Skywalker escaped with the aid of masked strangers, and has fled to Mandalore, although she doesn't remembers the trip much. The stress was too high, and she had never slept better. For 48 hours, no less.

    On Coruscant, certain military units of the new Imperial Army have risen in revolt, leading to open fighting, on the streets and the underground levels.

    "The Imperial Crematorium. Each transport carries twenty dead Imperials. In the time that we have been here, nearly one hundred officers and troopers have been reduced to ash."

    A former general in the Republic army, the man had enough, after witnessing the callous way the Galactic Empire burned the fallen soldiers to ash. Including his sons.
    Gentis began a rebellion, aided by former subordinates, and the new classes of graduating Imperial Cadets, throwing explosives all over the capital. The officer's club, various Stormtroopergarrisons, the Comm Towers, and a supply depot were all destroyed. Imperial Plaza became ground zero in the battle that erupted, as "terrorist" forces—in truth, hundreds of the newly graduated cadets—swarmed through the city streets, fighting with the Empire's clone forces.

    Other forces joined in, the Gray Paladin group, and militant members of Whiplash , whose identities were always unknown, but were very well armed and trained and informed.

    Even though Emperor Palpatine had 10 Stormtrooper legions on Coruscant, the magnitude of the attack was much worse than he had envisioned. A dozen Inquisitors and over 500 high ranking officers, including 3 Moffs were ambushed and killed, and several secrets laboratories were burned to the ground.

    Dal Perhi , the Vigo of the Black Sun criminal group, and hundreds of his lieutenants and bodyguards were also killed, possibly because they clashed with the Jedi before.

    A dozen female Jedi and Gray Paladins vanished from the Imperial Intelligence's surveillance as the their very headquarters, the ISB Central Office was hit with a barrage of proton torpedoes, followed by incendiary missiles lobed into the holes left by the torpedoes.
    At least a thousand data analysts and competent slicers died in the attack, while the data servers were copied and then purged by a vicious cyberattack. The insult was followed by a proton bomb detonated underneath the complex, creating a large sinkhole that the whole complex crashed down into.

    However, the revolt was put down efficiently, after the Emperor himself took command and directed the counter attacks.

    It was however, too late. The tallest building on Coruscant, named Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center was also targeted by the Jedi, and was toppled with a proton bomb at its foundations.

    The name Whiplash was painted on a thousand streets and high rise buildings, with some kind of insidious paint, that just won't come off! Metal plates had to be welded over that paint.

    Other slogans were written by masked men on cultural and art institutions, claiming Palpatine is a Sith Lord and worships demonic beings, and rapes small babies before breakfast.

    Preposterous! The experiments on babies were done at night, not in the morning. Although, during night is technically before breakfast...
    Anyway, a dozen jedi were killed in the attacks, though the loss of the Sith and Jedi relics from the secret meditation chamber was incalculable.

    Even the neutral's Galactic Bank building, and the embassy of the Pef Empire, was painted with slogans asking to deny loans for the tyrant and his regime.

    Let's hope the cold and callous droid bankers won't care about this smidge on their sovereignty, and stop the loans completely.

    This was the work of isolated individuals, driven mad by grief and greed.

    "Very nice work, Colonels Arnold and Bond. What about the actual Culexus operative, who masterminded the operation?"
    I asked my Assassinorum Triumvirs.

    "His escape route, with his rescued females as cargo, goes through Dorin, then Ithor. After that, he'll stop on Mandalore to pick any newcomers, and return victorious" Triumvir Bond replied in a competent tone.

    "Okay Honored Triumvir, advise our Whiplash friends of the danger of engaging the Galactic Empire on Coruscant itself, and evacuate as many, to other large population worlds. " I said with tired sigh. You don't hide people in jungles, you hide them between billion others.
    "Already being done, Droid Emperor. The Fibonacci-compatible females will be delivered, for your Avatar to impregnate." Triumvir Arnold replied in the new austrian accent I made for him.

    "Great, remember though, positive deviations in the chest area are not a disqualifier. The children get better nourishment from larger chests"

    "Re-organizing, 14 more specimens of Coruscant comply with new parameters. New operation code: Lactis. Biometric scans updated. This unit also has a new request" Bond spoke politely.

    "Sure thing, Triumvir Bond." I said curious.

    "Additional budget of 28 trillions. Female agents may prove 25% more effective, once chest enhancements are complete. Also, they can begin replication, generating new agents for minimal costs.
    So, 100 million agents, recruited and trained from local backgrounds, then generously improved. The cost includes more than just silicone implants. It's training and equipment and weapons and encrypted coms."
    The Culexus Assassin droid said, very wisely.

    "Approved, for the good of the Empire!. Now go, I have war Titans and a new Terminator T900 power armor to build." I ordered, trying to focus on the Rakata nanobots.

    "I want one too, Emperor. And a thousand Hydra armors with the new Taozin nodules , for my agents." Triumvir Arnold demanded gruffly.
    "Of course, my loyal followers. Both of you, and the Third Hand behind me will receive the new armor. You know I share with my friends." I proclaimed grandly.

    "Cheating droid. There's no way you could have sensed me. Not today!" My Third Hand exclaimed in fake anger. Or real anger, no idea.

    "Why are you here, my friend?" I wondered curious, while pouring him a drink.

    "The Bending operation is complete. The Order of Dai Bendu , along with their families, was extracted from Ando Prime and relocated to Sanctuary. The mighty Bendu is very pleased." he replied with a smug voice.

    "And the Pathfinder-class scout ship ?"

    "We have a few units already. Two of them en route to Redforge, for your purview and two more were sent at Land Warrior RD. The next ones will go to Malagarr and Sol V." the Black Ops Triumvir replied in a most professional tone, jumping on the couch and stealing my brandy bottle.

    Good. The same type of tech that the Rakata force-field used, to redirect the energy of incoming fire from shields to weapons. After I fixed all the problems bound to come, as with every new technology, my ships will have shields five times stronger. Not too shabby.

    Now I could upgrade all my ships with that tech. But first, the Titans.
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden.
    20 BBY Next week

    My Avatar really is a packed body of muscle and testosterone, and here is truly at home. Flowing through the velocities, with his chest bared in the sun, and warm grass caressing the soles of his feet.

    Surrounded by women, from a dozen Atoa priestesses, to two dozen Dathomirian witches, some Fallanassi girls, a dozen Miraluka, a couple Makutai girls, some humans and twi'leks, like Laranth Tarak and togruta, and even two Tholothian former Jedi Adi Gallia and Stass Allie .

    Perhaps half of them, the formally married wives, are looking at him with love and adoration.

    The other half, with confusion and wonder.

    And stop. 100 repetitions at 4x speed. Heart rate nominal, no energy spent.

    I can fight 100 Masters and not break a sweat.
    "Well, most beautiful ladies...anyone wants to step in and spar? I promise to only use one finger" I asked gently, looking over the women with child-like eyes. And holding my middle finger up. Forehead flicks are the norm now, since the tumbling and the embarrassment work wonders.

    Miss Zero had to press her hands to her chest, to stop herself from exhaling. She's almost ready, now that the agelessness ability is returning her to a hormonal teenager. The force bond is so strong I can feel her heart tremble.

    "If I had my lightsaber, you would regret that..." Miss Gallia whispered to herself.

    Really? Let's see.

    "Please, use my Mandalore sword, Miss Gallia. Still has a plasma blade." I replied with a charming smile, flinging the Darksaber hilt at her.

    And....not fast enough, pretty Jedi. Ding!

    Her headdress flew off, letting her curly black hair flow in the wind. Wow, she was even prettier now.

    I remained staring, as she recovered and hit me in the shoulder for no effect.

    Amazing. Why didn't Jedi bother to have kids? They would look cute beyond belief, with such pretty mothers.
    "Avatar, you're said that out loud, again" Aayla Secura said in a fake whisper, while enjoying the show of seeing her Masters getting trashed flawlessly.

    "Beauty is a gift, and it has to be praised wherever you find it." I replied softly, grabbing the blade and poking Master Gallia in her plexus. And knockout.

    Check vitals, she'll be back in 5 minutes.

    "Anyone else?" I asked louder, then placed the plasma blade between my teeth, so I'd have two free hands to tie the cord on my pants.

    A few gasps arose from the more newbie jedi.

    "Stop showing off, Greyshade! Now the girls will need an hour to meditate again" Zero chided me friendly, kicking my chin and snatching the darksaber by the blade.

    Which she then threw carelessly at the Culexus droid waiting invisible some 30 meters away, making the hilt disappear in midair.

    Who's showing off, you dark witch? That is my trick!

    She must have memorized the location of the Culexus droids though, to be that precise.
    "Sure thing teacher. I'm just going to fly around a bit. All these hungry looks make me shy..." I answered mildly, having remained frozen in midair too, where the kick had lifted me, some 7 meters above the grass.

    And flying, flying, flying. Look! My green ithorian friends, and allies against the Vong.

    'Hello to you too, colony of sentient trees. The Sun is wonderful today indeed' I replied telepathically to the colony of Boff trees.

    'Those Makutai girls have fallen, Sun of Suns. Your stunt just now, or perhaps the words about babies. Or both...' the trees whispered in my mind, glad to be of help with the Grand Polenization Plan. GPP.

    'But no one from the cold Jedi, eh?' I asked sad. Damn, their crazy fanatic abstinence.

    'Not yet. But Miss Aayla is close. Perhaps with those warm waters of yours...' the wise trees mused, a bit confused. Sun and water, and fresh seed, why did mammals had to complicate life this much?

    'No clue either, dear trees. Females are a mystery' I whispered to myself, flying off into sunset.
    Redforge system, Pef Empire

    My crystal self is watching intently the last battles against the Separatist holdouts, those rich and careful enough to be independent of the Mustafar control node.

    Like on Ord Thoden , a mining planet rich in lommite, and thus able to mass produce droids and tanks, even without imports.

    Their troops are armed with DX-2 disruptor pistol and other hi tech weapons, making it dangerous for organics to engage. Supported by Tenloss Syndicate as well.

    The First Mechanized Legion, with 10 Titans and a thousand Gauntlet tanks, supported by 1000 more power armored BX 11 commando droids and Stinger II gunships is engaged in battle around the capital, but the Seps can't stop the mighty walkers.

    Makes good propaganda too, as those shields just seem to recharge faster than they can be depleted.

    Almost. Just redirecting 70% of turbolaser and blaster fire into the hell projector, the continuous shoulder lasers and the maser cannons.
    And there it go, the first Titan has to retreat now, the shield capacitors have overloaded, the missiles and torpedoes have been expended as well. The frontal armor has a thin cortosis mesh, so the Titan survives the concentrated Separatist fire, even if his weapons melt.

    No matter. Two more Titans step in. And a pincer movement of tanks and power armor catches the defenders from the flank.

    Advance! And liberate the planet for your Emperor!

    The B11 droids rise from their prone positions, and begin running towards the enemy lines.

    It's glorious! No animals have been hurt in making this documentary!

    Next planet, Kalee . And ending the Huk civil war. Well, not really civil, with massacres and famine and slavery, but I didn't invent the term.

    Cause, Grievous? Not a bad guy, just mad.

    His planet was occupied and enslaved by the Yam'rii insects, with the aid of the Jedi. He had some real bones to pick, with the Jedi.
    Yea, gonna solve that problem for you, cyborg General. Those insects have many limbs to rip off as well.

    Well, for now. We dismember slavers, cause it scares the rest.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden
    20 BBY, next month

    The Jedi are getting restless, perhaps sensing their future fall.

    "You can't keep us here, Avatar. The galaxy needs us. There are younglings scattered..." Master Ti said, with her other Former Council members flanking her. Quite impressive, not in argument but in beauty.

    "They aren't scattered lovely lady. Less than 50 younglings and initiates are missing, most of them due to irresponsible Knights or Masters who took them to remote worlds, for which we have no route. About 4000 of the little ones were collected by our agents." I replied with a shrug, which was quite difficult while doing one finger push-ups, upside down.

    Because this Avatar body...he can do them, at least a thousand with every finger.

    And look impressive to the ladies of course.

    "What? How...how did you even find them?"
    "Gand is the homeworld of the Findsmen, most beautiful mistress. And we have thousands of them. Plus a good intelligence network" I replied politely, switching to my little left finger.

    There is no try, little guy! 1001 push-ups and were done for today. With the push-ups, at least.

    "That's...certainly correct, Master Ti. I was rescued from an Inquisitor that I couldn't even sense. Maybe..." the most amazing near-human that I've seen, Stass Allie said softly. Almost there, pretty girl. Almost.

    "No, Master Allie. We cannot laze in the sun, and hot baths. The galaxy needs us. People are suffering..." The fierce Togruta Master protested, while enjoying the sun, and the cold lemonade.

    "You should know we did help, where we could, without being obvious. The attack on Coruscant, on the Kuat, on Balmorra...and thousands more places. Just keep in mind, that from 58 Jedi that were aided in the preparations, from schematics and ships, to bombs and lightsabers, only one survived.
    Lord Palpatine is very strong, in his own way. Master Quarmall is now his right Fist. The Jedi he captures, he turns." I answered, with a slight tinge of pain.

    Something was wrong...

    Or someone.

    Voice check...not them. Maids? Yes. But where? Mandalore?
    Alicia Greyshade.

    Where are her bodyguards? The Justice droid is still transmitting...even without his head.

    Flowing black armor...the Emperor's Shadow Guard , kidnapping my wife.

    Possibly Thull Wulain, the leader, going by the pike...

    Place a marker on him, and see where he goes.

    I should have done something about Sun Guard . But Ventress didn't kill them now, since she wasn't working for Dooku.

    The Thyrsian had their own prophecy for the Son of Suns .
    Which Palpatine cleverly distorted to serve him. But not for long.

    We'll send fleets to the Eshan then.

    And to Serroco as well. Then Jebble . Time to reclaim all the former Mandalorian worlds, and make sure this kind of thing stops.

    We should take Shili , the Togruta homeworld, and make contact with The Silent which were based there.
    Those seemed interesting, in a creepy kind of way, and possibly force users or biological shapers. Either would be great.

    Enough dally. I should go.

    "So, we're forced to stay here, while the Sith Empire grows stronger and converts the force-sensitives into Inquisitors?" Master Ti asked with a bit of pain.

    "Not all the time, most enchanting lady. The girls need to get trained and reach their peak. But yourself Miss Ti, you're about as strong as you'll get. Maybe 20% more, if you follow the treatment I prescribed. You can come with me to Shili, and convince them to request an MPT." I answered, after flipping to my legs.

    "So...you want more Togruta girls. You're not very subtle, Mister Greyshade" the Jedi woman said with a frown and a cold voice.

    Of course, I do. Togruta are fierce and kind. Carnivores but diplomats. I want many more.

    "Well, we are tracking Ahsoka Tano anyway. She'll join our colorful flower garden soon enough. What do you want, Miss Ti? My protection for your people, or Palpatine's mercy?" I asked gently, as my ship began descending to pick me up.

    "Kriff. I had seen enough flowers for a year." the woman proclaimed with a sad tone.

    Huh? Just say yes or no.
    "She meant yes, Avatar. And you're still talking your thoughts out loud" Master Gallia said with an amused voice.

    Well, pretty is pretty. But sadly, duty calls.

    "Still out loud Avatar!" the beautiful Tholothian yelled after me, as I hugged the Togruta Master and flew up towards the hangar door.

    "You can let go now, Avatar Greyshade."

    "Hmmm. On Mandalore, the women we defeat, become our wives. I try to fight only the prettiest women though. Or I'd have to marry a million girls." I answered gently, but kept hugging the woman, a bit tighter. Like 3% more.

    "It's not going to work..." she replied coldly, poking my arm and making me let go.

    "The Jedi Order is gone, my lady. We'll make new traditions, if we survive the next 30 years. Maybe Gray Paladins or something"
    I whispered softly in her montrail, then went to enjoy the jacuzzi. Alone.
    Redforge, Pef Empire
    next second.

    This plan wasn't gonna work too well, if the wives were so easy to capture and turn.

    And this was a trap, of course. Alicia, the poor girl, was already dead, or infected with something.

    Palpatine wanted my empire to stop expanding, and didn't have ships or troops to fight me. For now.

    So he used the hostage trick.

    A more important wife like Lidia or Clara would have plenty security, but the 6th Mandalorian wife, touring the devastated Mandalorian sector with food and medicine? Not so much.

    The electro-pulse weapon short-circuited most droids, And Alicia didn't qualify for VSS.

    Simply, I didn't think to update the VSS budget with a few trillions. Kriff.

    Too focused on ships and tanks, and battles. And forgot about the minor things inside.

    Boonta was approaching 500 millions people, which was great. Junkfort 200 millions, Celanon 400 Millions, Botajef the same.
    For a few months, it was okay. And as living became worse in the Core, more people will emigrate.

    Stacking a trillion people on one planet was crazy. A single attack could kill them all.

    The answer was spreading out, and try to stay somewhat self-sufficient with foodstuff. At least the basic staples like cereals or meat and fruits. Mix the genes more, to cover for potential genetic disorders or illnesses.

    I should start making some mixed communities, adding various elements like Firrerreo regeneration, Epicanthix mind resistance, miraluka force sight, and hundreds of other near humans. And if the Tholothian were ageless...

    Like tiny mineral additions to steel, these new genes could make the steel of humanity into durasteel.

    And there were a dozen non-human races which could reproduce with humans, creating hybrids, like zabrak, and twi'lek and togruta. If Master Fay was such an example, strong in the force and biologically immortal, maybe other would appear.

    No maybe, the Force was stirring the galaxy into wars, to mix genes by brutal means like enslavement and rape.

    But this could be done civilized and with love.

    Lots of love.
    'Thanks for experimenting on me, Pef. I feel used now' Dora, my pregnant twi'lek Voice whispered in the bond. She didn't really mean it. That kid will be loved. A lot.

    "I want Peffy's babies. At least 10" Lira added shamelessly. Sure thing pretty one. We'll try it again.

    "I see now. You're lucky the Avatar pleases me. Or else" Ventress mused, focused on her battle plans.

    "I don't mind at all. Not sure when I'll have time for kids, but we could do a few..." Wialu concluded with a shrug.

    Luxum and Solana grumbled something about wrong species and fairness.

    'Luxum, how do your Shards make babies? Cause... I don't think I know how you pollinate each other...' I muttered on the Voice chat.

    'Errrr. I'll research this, for a few hours Pef. Your crystal self might be compatible. I hope you are...' Luxum said softly, and a bit embarrassed.
    Hey, you really are the prettiest Shard I've met. And I already love your soul.

    'I know...talk later...love' the Shard Voice whispered in a crystal kind of sob. Great, she went to talk with her mother. About having babies. That was gonna be fun.

    'This is very interesting for me as well. Solanus thinks it might be possible, in a few years. Oh! I'm too young to have kids...' Solana exclaimed, in a water wave kind of panic.

    Errr. Having Solanus for a father-in-law...really weird. But the kids should be awesome!

    'Solanus will remember this!' my water maid sent amused.

    Kriff. No privacy anywhere.

    "You're trying too hard Emperor. Wanna drink?" Zuckuss asked with an insectile grin, and offered me a glass of brandy. The most expensive brand. Because he deserved it.

    "Sure. Let me pour it over my armor. Maybe I'll get drunk too" I said out loud, but still pouring the drink over my helmet.

    2000 credits per shot. But, it made me feel better.

    "So the alcoholic droid says. You're gonna make 10 thousand more Findsmen?" my third Hand asked from the couch in front of me, which was still empty.
    New trick ? Then again, 50 quadrillion budget for intelligence. They better make nice things.

    "For a start. I'll visit Gand when this Titan shield starts working as I want. At least 80% reflect. Damn those Rakata. Couldn't have left blueprints somewhere." I complained with a bit of desperation.

    "At least your Avatar has the second largest harem now, after fourth Hand Kikipi. That guy...has at least 800 wives already. You're falling behind." Zuckuss proclaimed with a click of mandibles.

    For now. He got a head start, King Kikipi. But I don't just go after largest pectoral glands. I want spirit, and fire.