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Shades of grey (Star Wars SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Pef, Aug 6, 2019.

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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Gandia, the first Gand city
    20 BBY

    I can be generous, I said it many times.

    Which is why I made Gandia a dream city, with parks and waterfalls and skyscrapers. Enough room for 20 million people, when the whole Gand race is 1.7 millions.

    The tall buildings are made of quadranium steel and diamondoid windows and are plated with 10 centimeter plates of real gold.

    The most modern droid chefs and medidroids, state of the art holonet and holotheaters, repulsorlift trains and 20 million jacuzzi baths, in every home.

    10 spaceports and 10 planetary shields. 50 million droids, and two Mechanized Legions stand ready to defend my first friends.

    And now, 9000 males and 1000 female Gands, which have completed their flash memory training becoming explorers and starship captains await in the Aurodium Plaza, plated with real aurodium of course, to receive the greatest gift. The Force.

    I hope I don't have to do this individually, but I'll do it if I must. This only take a single partition anyway.
    My AI mind is working continuously on a thousand tasks, and monitoring the galaxy in real time through hyperspace emitters.

    "My loyal subjects. Your Immortal Emperor remembers his debts. When he was weak and feeble, your Findsmen found him and rescued him. When your heroic predecessors, the Hundred Explorers, gave their lives to create the Dream, I was there and I remember. When the evil corporations started the war on freedom and liberty, I was there. And many Findsmen or officers lost their lives winning the war. Now, we are victorious. But we must not forget, that other evil beings hate liberty, and will come for us, sooner or later. Will you let them take the Dream away?" I proclaimed rhetorically.

    The Gand before me clicked and hissed in denial. No lungs or vocal cords for most of them. They sort of needed the Force, and gene alter to modify themselves. A few had adapted naturally, but we could give nature a hand.

    "Indeed, fresh graduates. We will not give them our freedom. Now, who wants to live forever?" I asked grandly, holding the Ragnos scepter in front of me. Everyone? Good to know.

    Start with test subject 00001 and autorun.
    Sigh, still only individual activation.

    This will take 3 hours at least.

    Now what else is happening out there?

    Corruption and collusion on Centares? Arrest the big guy, fine the other 44 people involved. 30% of total wealth, each.

    Be more careful, next time.

    On Gibbela our droids were torn to shreds by the locals and turned into plows and pots.

    Sigh. Sent a Titan and a few Servants on flying platforms, outside the range of those claws.

    The Vong will have similar shapeshifters, so it will give my Titan a good test.

    On Nam Chorios, a native is not what he seems. The Plague became sentient and created a humanoid shape as a vector. It is a droch genetically altered by Beldorion the Hutt. His torso and fingertips are covered in razor-sharp toothed orifices. He has the same ability to leech life. And spread the infection.
    Calls himself Dzym . Kriff. If he gets of the planet, trillions will die. Or everyone.

    Test every non-lethal munitions, then increase damage, up to 50 megatones. I hope I don't have to glass the planet...

    Hey that was a Tsil focused beam! Good to know you're helping, guys.

    906 people on the spaceport are dead, 4 kilotons of proton bombs and some 300 Tsil force beams.

    It looks dead, but shoot it again my droids. Till tomorrow.

    And no more spaceports, till we cure the plague. Air drops of food. Damn it, who makes this kind of things?

    'I didn't sense anyone like that Pef, when I killed that dark hutt.' Asajj said at once, with some panic.

    'It's like the Vong love. You have to sense what should be there, but it's not.' I explained patiently, moving to the next and the next planet.

    Aha, planet Obredaan . The Imps are sniffing around, testing the waters to see if we want the cortosis deposits or not. Decloak and destroy the corvette. Let the Venator run.
    Launching V-19 fighters? Okay, blow it up, and bring me a few ionized V19. They have good engines.

    And claim the mines, of course. Cortosis is a strategic Empire mineral, to craft Baneblades and Titans and Terminator power armor, not toys.

    Planet Ord Tessebok is unclaimed, and has 3 billion people? Most of them refugees?

    Most excellent. We need engineers and miners. Start training the refugees, and keep the biometric scans active.

    Less than one in a trillion people are force-sensitives. But with refugees, the chance increased a thousand times.

    The lucky ones are usually favored by the force.

    Planet Selnesh ...nothing there, except a cool name. Mining and shipyards then.

    And yes, we claim planet Orinda . It is a great planet. Land and oceans and all.

    What else?

    Ah. My Avatar is on Shili.

    And Alicia...T&I center? Really Palpatine?
    'Triumvir Arnold. Leave no survivors on this op. Start jamming ImpSec now' I ordered over the Pefnet.

    'HK-47 wants a Terminator armor when he succeeds.' the triumvir said a bit amused.

    'If he succeeds. Assume the place is rigged to blow. And make sure it does, after.'

    'Most commendable, Droid Emperor. I estimate about 6 thousand prisoners in the cells. What do we do with them?'

    'The same thing we always do, my friend. We save them, teach them, and then send them to fight' I answered with virtual shrug.

    'I'll keep an eye out for suitable damsels, happy to be rescued. The Avatar can't have the second place in the harem race. And I do have 6 eyes as well.' the Culexus droid said smugly.

    I know you do Arnold. I made you, after all.

    'You're a good friend, Arnold. But don't give HK-47 shatter guns again. They make a mess' I said with a cringe, as another wall was sprayed with brains. Kill them softly, damn Sith droid!

    'He likes it that way. Not everyone is as subtle as you, most exalted Emperor' Arnold replied amused, snapping two necks at once.
    "I know my sociopath friend. I'm a misunderstood genius. Now tell me, does it work?'

    'Most of the times, surprisingly. Come with me if you want to live? How gullible are these organics?' My Assassinorum droid named Arnold complained, while puffing sleep gas, then cutting off heads and eviscerating guards and torturers, invisible and silent.

    Hk-47 instead... He made lots of noise and explosions of gore and guts, sometimes impaling a guard with the spine of another.

    Sigh. He really has too much fun being invisible.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    20 BBY Next day

    The Altisian cruiser school Chu'unthor has finally arrived. Took them long enough.

    And sorry, but you have to surrender the lightsabers, as you step off the ship.

    Damn it, I so want to dismantle their ship and rebuild it. Class 4.0 hyperdrives? My Meteors are 1000 times heavier and can do 5.0

    A few pretty ladies, as expected. Callista Masana for one, but Ash Jarvee is nice too. The force shines through them, like soft sunlight through flowers.
    These are the heretics? The cast outs from the Order? I want a million more.

    The men are subtly different too. A gray haze, the alignment shifted. But still, no babies on their ship, only padawans.

    "Welcome to the Celestial Throne. I am Pef" I said politely, inviting the delegation to sit at the Council table.

    A hologram of the galaxy was lit above the table, with green glows over the Pef Empire space, and red arrows for incoming invasions. The Hutts and neutral systems in blue, and the Sith in black.

    Made a scary story. We were not ready. No one was ready for the future.

    " I am Jedi Master Djinn Altis , the..." he started saying, and saying the wrong thing.

    "We know everything, Mister Altis. Your past and your future. Just yesterday, we stopped the galaxy dying once again, on Nam Chorios, this time. The plague took human shape and wanted to board a ship. What do you want, Mister Altis?" I asked politely, examining the delegation with a few Zeison Sha tricks.

    They wanted repairs, then hiding away.

    Then dying on Belsavis.
    That place gave me the creeps.

    "The droch plague...unbelievable. How did you stop it?" he muttered with dread.

    "With weapons, of course, and the Tsil crystals helped weaken it with their force powers. Our droids are still busy incinerating the remains, and the bodies of those people that died next to it. Watch" I answered softly, replaying the event captured by my droids and starport security.

    The playback lasted 7 minutes, and people could be seen dying as the droch leeched their lives to maintain itself.

    "And the crystals helped, with those beams. I never knew they could do that" Geith Eris commented, after the playback ended.

    "It's probably not dead anyway. Force plagues need different solutions than pure firepower. We may need to drop the planet into a black hole. That should cut the droch off from their power source" I mused, maybe a little loud.

    "You're not sure? How could anything survive a black hole?" Callista asked confused. Duh, the Force can do anything.

    "We make gravity altering plates and repulsorlifts and hyperdrives components from black holes. This type of technology is xenoarchaeology tech. Maybe a billion years old. Even the Celestials could play with black holes and make puzzles out of them. What about cultures a million times more advanced?" I answered with a suffering sigh.
    My crystal self might be fine in a black hole too, though I didn't want to test that. Accidents happen.

    "And the red arrows? More such things?" the last jedi asked, pointing at the red arrows on the hologram.

    "Eh, extragalactic invasions are simple enough. Ships and troops. Only plagues are dangerous." I said gently, waving the map away.

    I had 78% chance to stop them all, even now. In 10 years we'll be much safer. And in 30 years...99%

    The rest was luck.

    "Well, your Empire is certainly prepared, already heading off most routes of invasion. You used the Clone Wars to position your forces, for the future." Master Altis said after a few minutes of thought.

    Of course, I did. I wasn't gonna beg for a starfighter and hope my torpedo hits the right thing.

    And lose a quadrillion lives to wars. Stupid Jedi. And Sith. Damn it all.

    "So, tell us, Mister Altis, what do you want?" I asked again, a bit harsher.
    "I want the people on my ship to be safe. And learn...whatever I can. You likely don't even care about Palpatine..." he muttered with some doubt.

    Of course, I cared. The galaxy needed a bad guy, and Palpatine was doing great.

    "Well, our laws are simple. No flashlights, no evil ways. You kidnap a child or mind rape someone, and we'll dismember you, publicly. Miss Kuro trains some girls down on Gand, and Miss Fay is on Ruul with other jedi refugees. Kids under 13 stay with me"
    I stated calmly, turning the holomap back on, and zooming in to watch Asajj kick ass at Kalee, and having her Titans stop those insects like bugs. Billions of bugs...

    Huh. Maybe Triumvir Bond will like to help?

    'That seems such a great idea. Freedom, but with bloodshed and stomping bugs. You're the best, Immortal Pef!' my faithful droid exclaimed with glee, and started selecting his most lethal operatives, to stop the flood of enslaving bugs.

    "That battlefield...you're liberating Kalee?" Miss Callista said in wonder.

    "Eh, training troops and tactics. A few billion slaver bugs make excellent testing grounds for my generals and new vehicles" I explained politely, noticing that the tracks of my tanks became clogged with insect limbs.

    Make a note, increase tracks width by 20%. Should help with muddy terrain.
    The shoulder lasers on the Titans needed more power, to slice chitin at first pass.

    The masers worked okay. The Hellprojector...eh. Perhaps install a dial to turn it down when needed... Using it on units without heavy armor was overkill.

    Proton torpedoes worked fine, but may need to increase the autoloader. Missiles too.

    Too many things can fly in this galaxy...

    But those armies, spreading out well over the horizon. They need to be thinned out. Some artillery units maybe?

    Those proton cannons from the CIS should work. And sonic screamers, perhaps mounted on the medium tanks?

    Two sonic guns, in a twin battery, amplifying the sound waves...

    "Errrr. Mister Emperor? You're talking out loud and scaring the girls" the young Jedi Knight muttered, a bit embarrassed.

    "Huh, you're still here, eh? So, you gonna stay or what?" I asked a bit curious, raising my photoreceptors towards the heretic.
    "Well...with some reservation. Ruul seems quite far from here, and safer..." Master Altis mumbled, a bit weirded out. I know, I got a bit strange locked in here. And Ruul was indeed a reservation. Watching the Jedi in the wild...going to water themselves at sunset...but, I kinda liked Callista a lot. And Ash was nice too.

    "You girls, go see Miss Kuro first. But be careful, she's really, really weird. And scary." I told them, while floating towards the door.

    I get to see the famous Altisian cruiser! My fans on the Holodiscovery will be amazed, when I publish the documentaries next decade.

    "He said Master Kuro is scary?" Ash whispered confused.

    "What can scare this Pef? He's quite scary himself..." Callista murmured, in a low voice.
    "I know. I have a bad feeling about this..." Miss Ash said with a tinge of terror.

    Eh, you'll survive. Possibly.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    20 BBY

    "So, dear Ahsoka is hiding on Takodana as I said. We'll claim the planet as well." I mused, in a quiet voice. Any Force nexus is better kept in my hands. Just in case.

    "As you say, Emperor. Qwi Xux is hard to find. I believe she's hiding." My third Hand explained, a bit upset he was fooled by a teenager.

    "No matter, we'll take them all that we can find, and then sweep again, a week later. She's smart but hunger will drive her out" I answered with a snort.

    "This humble one bows to your wisdom, oh kidnapper Emperor. She will deduce we missed her and left for good, then come out to search for food. Or ambush our droids somehow."

    "So don't land. High altitude Stingers. Now, about the Iokath thing. Got any clue so far?" I asked, not really expecting a result this soon.

    "It should be past the Red Twins somewhere. If is very critical, I could expend some Findsmen..." he said hesitantly.

    Eh, Zakuul was around there too, so it made sense.
    "Not at all. Just wanted nice tech faster. But the Cereans, the Omwati and the Columi should be enough, for now. " I said calmly. Tech was booming all over the galaxy, especially military and intelligence types. And sadly bioweapons too. Because no evil overlord should forget bioweapons.

    "And then, Belsavis. We have 3000 ships blockading that planet now, do you think we need more?" Zuckuss asked, a bit cautious.

    "Not for now. I want us to finish liberating Sullust and Darkknell and then expand a bit. I sort of wish we had Eriadu, but they need to see evil, before they beg us to save them..."

    "It doesn't matter Emperor, we can reach Terminus via Bespin. Senex and Javin don't like Palpatine, at all. And then all the Freestanding subsectors in the south will be ours. Forever and ever." Zuckuss proclaimed grandly, punching at the sky.

    "Not until Bomis Koori IV is pacified and the gran on Kinyen agree to join in. Which they will as soon as Palpatine starts bombing their cities. But as long as the Moshaw Dark Star black hole is obtained, it is our victory." I said gently, wondering who made black holes so rare in this galaxy. They were great factories.
    "I say we arm the Sanyassan with spears and send them at those CIS droids. We could get rid of both of them. Or do you want more furry wookie things Emperor?"

    "We'll be fair, and give them slug rifles with bayonets, and fiber ponchos. And even sabotage the shields, and take out the artillery. I do need more cyborgs, especially in the south..." I answered truthfully.

    Cyborgs were quite cool. Stronger, faster, easy to control...too bad mines were so rare in the galaxy.

    Make a note to begin mass-producing land mines. Cause skull and bones signs to mark minefields were very cool. They didn't even have that here, these savages! Space mines too, while at it. I did have to interdict plenty of dangerous systems.

    "We do have a lead on planet Nirauan , Pef. It pulses strong in the force, as well. That planet Hijarnawas also easy to find. Do you want us to remake the Rakata empire?" Mujilik spoke next, having sat quiet till now.

    "Well, the numbered Meteors will be much stronger on those planets. And their force fueled ion beams as well. I'll work on a maser beam as well, for the Vong. But if the insane Sith decides to attack, we need fall back points were our fleets can regroup." I explained patiently. Having even 100 Rakata planets of my own would be perfect.
    "That's...not very probable, is it? We have a non-aggression pact, after all." Zuckuss said naively.

    Who else had non-aggression pacts and broke them at the first opportunity?

    Nah, the mad guy will surely attack, unless we did first. Just mustering forces.


    Planet Echani, Independent.
    Six Sisters Hall

    I stared at the 5 women lying unconscious before me, then turned towards the last one. Bria. Hmmm. Bria Grayshade. It did sound good.

    The youngest and prettiest of the Six Sisters of Echani Command, and possibly the fastest.

    "Now Miss Bria, we have like 20 minutes till your esteemed martial arts colleagues regain their senses. We could just kiss and make up..." I said softly, measuring intently the deviations of the Fibonacci series of her body scan. Plus 15% in the chest area. Her kids will not be hungry.

    "Take off that armor, and you'll see why Echani fighting was not only self-defense, but a form of self-expression, and a means of communication. You rely on servo motors for speed and strength, Avatar." the woman claimed, hooking herself even deeper.
    "And then we kiss and make up? You promise?" I asked after taking of the helmet and smiling wide.

    "I'll have to wipe that smile off your face, Mandalore. And make sure to kick you where it hurts. I promise" Bria said gently, and smiling back in an enchanting way.

    Good thing I came prepared, and wore only a pair of thin pants under the armor. Took me a second to jump out of my armor. Hand-to-hand works better like this.

    Those abs muscles took hard work to chisel, you know?

    "Please most graceful warrior. Let's dance" I proclaimed with another charming smile.

    Oh. Vicious kick? From the start? My wives would leave me if the little guy gets blown off.

    I let her show me all her moves, taking care not to damage her too much. A poke here and there at 2% speed.

    She was amazingly fast, for someone so cute.

    "Stay still, and let me hit you!" she exclaimed frustrated, after some 10 minutes of dancing.

    And step in and grab her soft bottom. "I'm staying, my dear Bria. But, only for a week. I do have to work, you know..." I muttered in her ear, as she pounded on my chest weakly.

    "Promise?" she asked after her breath became less composed.
    "Already did. So, you kiss me first, or we go at once?" I asked curious.
    She went first. Huh.

    Planet Thyrsus, Sun guard
    20 BBY, Next week

    The planet is now under blockade, and awaits my decision.

    Kriff. Collective punishments suck though. But no punishment at all, it's even worse.

    "Message the Sun guard to come up, Captain. Or we'll have to go down ourselves" I said with some pain.

    In movies, the heroine gets rescued in time, and all is well. Yea, this is not that kind of movie. Alicia was alive, but her mind was gone. Neural probes tend to do that.

    At least her funeral pyre could be seen from orbit.

    "Avatar, one named Kenix Jir has replied. He said the Son of Suns will come and vanish you" the comdroid replied after a few minutes.

    Sigh. That's not what it means.

    "I accept. Begin landings Admiral, and use stunners where possible." I commanded on the Pefnet, the military encrypted holochannel reserved for secure traffic.
    Bria hugged me with one arm, and with some worry.

    She has been able to read feelings and emotion through combat. To an Echani, a combat between two people said more than hours of talking. They saw a certain purity in the way techniques were used in battle. But this kind of fighting will be different.

    "At least their second regiment was destroyed at Wode . They won't pose much trouble." my new wife said, with enchanting naivitte.

    "The Sun Guard has served Palpatine for a decade. And Damask before him. And now they also have Shadow Guards, some kind of dark jedi. You'll see soon, what the son of suns means..." I mused wisely, and tapped the holomap again.

    Not that I actually needed to, even with just the Avatar. But nobody else could connect with technology like I could.

    Let's see... White armor, red armor, black uniforms...there. Black armor!

    Proton torpedoes can sink battlemoons, and these guys didn't have Terminator armor.

    One down. Some 30 more left. That's how you deal with force adepts.

    Cloaked ships and proton torpedoes. Will ruin most people's day.
    And make a pretty blooms, like suns appearing out of nothing.

    15 minutes later, the Shadow Guards, with their black armors, waiting in ambush were gone, and the commando droids wearing Hydra armor started sniping the rest of the Imperial troops, leaving only the Red armors intact.

    Okay then, my turn.

    "See you soon, most beautiful princess. I have a prophecy to deliver" I whispered to Bria, then went to enter my power armor, then jump out of the frigate, and glide down towards the first Sun Guard regiment, defending their planet.

    By the time I landed, only about 700 Red armors remained, clustered together and holding spears and blasters in all directions.

    Man, how dumb could these people be?

    Boom! I left myself fall the last hundred meters, then pushed the soot and dust away with a force push.

    "Behold, the Son of Suns has come! Fire and wrath, like the heart of the sun. But cold, and somewhat upset. Upset at you, Sun Guard!"
    I proclaimed, creating wings of fire to my sides, and amplifying my voice with sound alter 20 times.
    A brave Sun Guard took a shot at me, so I lifted him up then ripped his limbs off. I was talking here!

    "Still upset at you, Sun Guard. They call me Mand'alore the Charming, because a few girls like me. But then, one of you decides to kidnap and torture my wife. Not cool, not at all. Your lives are mine now. And pray I will spend them wisely. Now kneel!" I boomed even louder, just below organic lung failure. And pushing mind alter of course.

    These guys should be happy they had any brains left, unlike Alicia.

    As they fell to the knees, I could feel defeat and desperation, but also hope. To be alive and witness the prophecy come true.

    "I need 10 of you, who have higher rank. Come closer." I demanded in normal voice, while walking slowly towards the regiment.

    "I am in command now, Mand'alore" one of them said, trying to lift himself up.

    Nah, I didn't order that. Let's press him down with telekinesis.

    "Come on, move faster, while you still have knees to walk on!" I demanded, with a bit of cruelty.

    After a fearful look at their former comrade, now without any limbs, they did.
    "So, the Sun Guard serves a Sith Lord, and the dark side now? Have you changed your name to the Dark Guard?" I asked curious.

    "That's...just rumors" another one objected, confused.

    "And before him, before you served Darth Sidious. You served Darth Plagueis, the Muun named Hugo Damask. And aren't the Muuns those that have banked the Clone Wars, both sides at once? One regiment serves Palpatine, the other regiment Dooku, or Darth Tyranus..." I mused out loud, checking for some clues in their aura.

    They didn't know...why would they? More religious fanatics.

    "We didn't know, Mand'alore. Palpatine trained those with powers...and gave them black armor..." their leader explained...and hitting the key point. Suns are not black, are they?

    "Yes...black armor and red force pikes. Exactly as the defenders of sunlight should look" I replied, not even amused.

    An awkward silence fell as these guys meditated on their outlook.

    "Well, then. I will need this planet to request admittance to the Pef Empire, or this star system will have a new sun. You can run now..." I continued in a bored voice, and flew upwards.

    Damn idiots.
    'Clean up whatever Imperials you find, HK-47. Violence limit 5.' I sent to the genocidal droid. No nukes or bioweapons.

    'Oh, level 5, how generous of you, son of the immortal droid. By the way, you have good taste Avatar. I approve of that Jedi woman, Shaak Ti. Of all organics I know, I would kill her last..." Hk-47 replied in an approving, if disturbing tone.

    'Stick to the targets I give you, crazy Sith droid. There will be trillions of Vong to kill, soon' I replied in a more friendly voice.

    'Hey, you're not bad. This op was quite fun. And the one before. I might not kill you, as long as I'm having fun' Hk-47 proclaimed, while murdering dozens of imps per minute.

    The ships in orbit were scrap now, as well as the defense platform with the starfighters.

    They were in the way.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne

    Hmmm. Ruul11 reports a new Jedi seeking refuge. A verpine named Beyghor Sahdett .

    But, if I recall correctly...
    'Detain him with ray shields and call Miss Fay. That seems to be a Sith Fist' I answered after a short check.

    Quite a lot more Jedi escaped this time, with Yoda on Coruscant. But...the green monkey was too easy to trick.

    Avoiding learning some skills, left you open to double and triple agents.

    And even my Empire wasn't impossible to trick. Just much harder.

    And there were too many force-groups out there, just as easy to turn, just like the Sun Guards.

    "Emperor, what are we going to do with Dilonexa XXIII ? The Jedi have an Agricorps base there."
    my third Hand asked, having sat beside me for 33 seconds. But he stepped on nanobots now, and those were hard to fool.

    "Plant users eh? We'll hide them on Sanctuary, just like the Silent. What did you find at the Temple of Eedit ?" I asked, more interested at the last part.

    "Looted. Only some scrolls and tablets, which my agents couldn't read. Also, some kind of nexus, deep underground."

    "We will take Taanab as well, even if it's exposed. And Corsin too. That location will be a key point. I'll send Meteor 6 there." I said gently going over the trade route maps in my mind.
    We will lock Mandalore behind our borders, and inspect all ships passing through.

    'Solana, any chance with Manaan?' I asked in the bond, looking to the east.

    'Eh, it's going slowly. But my fleet in orbit should keep most bad things away'

    "Manaan and Corsin. Two more Rakata planets. You plan to instal gates then" Luud'al-ud concluded after a minute.

    "Still far away for that, my friend. Just setting traps for now" I mused out loud, my focus on Ruul.

    Sigh. No Fay, don't talk to the guy...

    Sonic beams and withdraw the air Ruul11. Make him show us his new talents.

    See! Glowing eyes. It's quite simple. Now freeze him in carbonite. I want to teach my Zero how to drain dark jedi.

    Fay wasn't gonna change, not in time. A paragon of light, that one. But Zero...she was close. Soon she'll be grey.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Planet Mandalore, Pef Empire
    Charming Castle
    20 BBY Two weeks later

    Once Corsin was taken, with a few bribes and promises to gain local support, there was no more need to maintain a pretense of Mandalorian neutrality. Their princess was murdered by the Galactic Empire, as rumours said, and were not denied. People were outraged and wanted safety.

    "We cannot confirm of deny allegations regarding the circumstances leading to the death of Alicia Greyshade, wife to the Mand'alore. But rest assured, our officials will punish anyone involved.

    In other news, Corsin and the Echani Six Sisters worlds have requested to be admitted as probationary members into Pef Empire, under MPT. A fleet of 30 Meteor-class battleships have already took station to protect our interest in that area.

    A minor skirmish occured when the Imperial Army were evicted from Thrysus, a planet under the Six Sisters rule."

    " This was the official statement of the Pef Empire's Fourth Hand, King Kikipi of Toong'l , and we already can guess, who our officials punished and where." The beautiful Togruta anchor commented, pretending to chafe at censure.

    The Senators and other politicians who cared about galactic matters would have guessed already, and most of the galaxy didn't care.

    It was very likely half the galaxy didn't even know, about the now ending Clone Wars.
    They would see the same face, if a bit uglier, of Palpatine on the holonews, then shrug and go drinking or watch sports.

    That Pef Empire fleets claimed Chalcedon and dismembered 30 thousand slavers, and freed 15 million slaves? It wouldn't make the news.
    Maybe an archaeologist somewhere would blink and say, Chalcedon? What that planet on the test about ancient civilizations? No, that was Corellia, I think.

    That Pef special ops raided Ventrux and looked for secret labs? Maybe a bounty-hunter somewhere will remember a deal in that sector.

    'Emperor, the labs are empty. It appears for about 2 or 3 months. We were too late' The lead officer said, with a sad tone.

    'Just making sure Major. Unit 988 found our target, on a different planet. Begin biological and nanodroid sterilization. Then nuke the labs, twice' I said with a bit of worry. Chasing biolabs was hard work.

    Jenna Zan Arbor was one of the best minds in the galaxy. And I kinda liked her, in the same way I liked Hk-47. But she needed supervision, and samples, and funds. And most of all, loyalty programming.

    Planet Simpla-12 was interdicted, and some 5000 criminals caught and tried.
    About 500 of them will survive, with mnemonic therapy and a new job. Miss Arbor included.

    And HK-47 will have a mad scientist to guard and torment.

    'She'd better be as smart as you say, boss. Or else, off with her head!' the new comedic relief droid proclaimed, with righteous tones.

    'Let's wait on that, at least till I have a million clones with her brains. Then I might put you both in a cage, and bet on her' I said with a sarcastic tone.

    "Why are you laughing Peffy? Staring at the news and eating popcorn..." Bo wondered, looking at me strangely.

    "Just weird thoughts in my mind. So, how do you like Bria?" I said, noticing a few bruises on her cheek.

    "She's okay. Fast and smart and hits like a rancor. A bit like you, but much cuter" my wife muttered in my neck.

    Let's heal those wounds, and check...Yes! Another baby!

    "Our kid must be safe Bo. I'm taking you to a sanctuary" I whispered in her ear, and caressed her belly gently.
    "Our kid...this is great! Padme is pregnant too, although I'm not sure with who..." She said with some confusion.

    "She was married with that Skywalker guy. I think the kid would be his..." I said, perfectly certain.

    "And you do have hair samples from when he fainted here, and you scanned his brain for fractures. We can check. So, when are we leaving?" Bo wondred with excitement.

    "Today, of course. We'll just say goodbye, and promote Alise to Prime Minister. You'll have some 3 year vacation on a tropical island, with jacuzzi baths and the nicest girls to keep you company. Though only Dora is pregnant, I'll have to insist a little with the others..." I mused, lost in reverie.

    "Oh, a secret island with secret wives. Scoundrel! Are they pretty?" Bo Greyshade asked coyly.

    "You want me to have ugly kids? Of course they're pretty. Just, not real warriors. My first friends in the Empire, and I love them greatly" I answered gently.

    "You softie. Wait, one of them is a blue twi'lek, the Blue Maiden?" Bo asked, remembering something.

    "Errr. Yes. But punching buttons to fire missiles is not..."
    "She's my hero! You got that freedom fighter for a wife? That's amazing! Who else?" she said excited. So, Vette is Bo's hero? When did that happen?

    "Well. Lira, the Togruta Voice..." I whispered in a secretive voice.

    "Didn't she die, like shot in the head?" Bo wondred, blinking confused. It was a scandal at the time...

    "Voices to the Emperor can't die. Well, they grow back if they manage to die..." I explained, half sorry.

    "So, like cloning, but with memories intact?" she deduced instantly. Well, not that easy, but yes, in essence.

    "Pretty much. And I'm also a Voice. So, if I get blown up, wait a few years before you remarry. Okay?"

    "But not Alicia...she won't grow back..." Bo said with a sob.

    "No. A clone of her will be fresh. Like the stormtroopers. And I hate..."

    "I know you do Peffy. It's slavery. At least those jedi did the right thing and bombed the cloning bases, before..."
    "I wish they did Bo. That was not the jedi"

    "But, who else could...you did it? she asked, with wide eyes. Huh, might have said too much...

    "Our government cannot confirm or deny..."

    "Oh, shut up! I'm proud of you Peffy. You're not just charming, are you?"

    "I don't know...let's find out" I said gently and kissed her neck, in a charming way.

    Planet Coruscant, Sith Empire

    Sarcev Quest remained straight, and just bowed his head one degree.

    "Yes Master. We are 99% this was the work of that Avatar. Jamming transmissions, killing every witness, and turning the survivors into suicidal maniacs. It was payback for the blonde wife."

    "But you're not sure, Darth Questor?" Lord Palpatine asked curious.
    " The Sun Guard terrorist left a recording saying that the son of suns is here, before his freighter exploded, and vaporized the Imperial Royal Guard Academy. The bomb is estimated at 200 megatones, salted with cesium and hafnium. That continent won't be usable for five thousands years" his new apprentice, like the 6th in one year, explained politely.

    "So, it's a warning then. There were about 800 Sun Guards on Thyrsus, before they defected"

    "I believe so, Lord Sidious. 34 Imperial Navy ships also encountered miscommunication problems, and were blown up. We lost a million soldiers, for a pretty blonde who knew nothing, except gossip. And the verpine didn't report back..." the former Agricorps Jedi said a bit impressed.

    Kriff. What had the galaxy come to? Making Sith Lords from trash who didn't even pass a padawan test?

    And the Jedi enclave at Belsavis had 3000 Pef Navy ships, just happening to rest there? It was a show of force, for certain.

    "No matter then, we'll recover our loses and strike when we're ready. The Outer Rim is of no importance after all. What about Corellia?" Palpatine inquired with some dismay.

    That region has started building ships like crazy, and taking over nearby systems, relying on the Meteors they received as war reparations. What reparations? They barely contributed at all!
    And where did they found so much credits? Those slimy droids from the Galactic Bank again!

    Funding both sides, to make huge profits from the interest rates...

    "Well...the Corellians certainly have credits and an ally in the Pef Empire. They expanded to Rendili and Columus and Tinnel, and it seems they'll take Byblos and Denon next. Trying to link with the Pef Empire no doubt. Not going the help them once the Imperial worlds start producing again, since we outnumber them 1000 to one. At least. But as the Kuat shipyards are still under repairs..."

    "I know, my apprentice. I'll ask the Senate to vote for another loan. Damn those compound interest rates..." Darth Sidious muttered in weary voice.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Gandia, The Celestial Palace.
    20 BBY Next Month

    The new Celestial Palace might cost over a trillion credits, if anyone would sell it.

    It is our version of the Imperial Senate, but it hosts the much simpler named Large Council.

    It was time for our citizens to understand the difference between civilization and those outside it.
    "My friends, and loyal subjects. It has been a slow climb till now, as our Empire began gathering resources and allies, and spread civilization to the Outer Rim, and other worlds plagued by problems. But behold! In 5 years, the Pef Empire has grown, and encopasses half the galaxy. We have fought hard, against pollution and famine, against piracy and slavery, against evil corporations and dark jedi. Even now, our troops are bringing freedom to a hundred worlds, every day.

    But that's just the beginning. We are 9000 inhabited planets, but millions more systems need our help to become free. So, as the Voice of the Emperor, I beg you all, to allow immigrants and refugees to come, and populate this vast expanse we claim our home. They will be our doctors and engineers, farmers and miners, all bringing wealth and happiness to your planets.

    You have seen Gandia, rise from tribal planet to a galactic capital. You can see the skyscrapers, the shipyards, the prosperity.
    And I promise you all. In a decade, all our worlds will be at least as great.

    Those of you, who joined our empire under a Protection Treaty, think for the future. Is slavery and oppression worth it, when you can all have this? When our people could have decent houses and food, or hot water?

    We have the technology to harness black holes. But we only use those products for war?
    I say we can do better.
    Thus, we have decided to support the expansion, with credits from the Galactic Bank, to encourage people to come and be happy. We have trees and grass and oceans, that poor people on those hive worlds in the Core have seen in pictures only.

    If a planet has a million people living on it, it is wasted and lost. We can do a thousand times better. First our commercials nodes, like Boonta or Celanon, the more and more, untill the whole galaxy is teaming with life and prosperity.

    The Emperor himself is willing to subsidize every new immigrant with ten thousand credits, and start a new life and a family here in the Pef Empire. Just imagine. 10 trillion credits, received by every planet that accepts a billion hard working people, to build and work and create civilization.

    Do you want to be rich, honored members of our Large Council?" I said grandly, letting the holo transmitters carry my voice to the huge aula.

    Perhaps 1000 of them didn't understand what a trillion is. And how taxation brings that money right into their coffers, after a while.

    The Imperial Servants agreed with patriotic fervor, but also because they were educated in finance by flash memory units.

    Make a note, imprint all the delegates with Servant one star programming. At least high school education, that is.
    Make that two stars, so they know the laws of the Empire as well. Know them perfectly, and have to break a finger when they break a law.

    Three stars Servants were imprinted to impose the laws, as ship captains or governors, so it was a bit too much.

    Other Voices spoke next, going the hardships and the achievements in details, as well as a few Hands.

    A bit like theater though, since the delegates were here not to vote, but to observe and report back home.

    Voting will be done in the small council, by people who understood the impact of their vote, not following petty interests.

    Already some delegates were trying to abscond with the aurodium handles of their armchairs.

    Sorry mister wookie delegate. The Emperor has predicted this, and transmuted a micron mesh in the interior of the armrests to Molecularly bonded armor , then covered that in cortosis mesh. I couldn't break it with my Terminator armor. But it was close.

    Our next generation of warships will have a thin layer of this material as well as the new reflector shields and thermal shields.
    Once I figured how to keep the thickness and length stable. My test starfighter crumbled into a tiny ball.

    Very heavy tiny ball.

    Could barely lift it.

    But it should work to reinforce the Titan's legs and torso and reduce weight by half. And my Terminator armors too. T-1000 is coming soon, in a galaxy next to you.

    Ah, it's my cue now. They're gonna love this.

    "One more thing, esteemed delegates.
    While our Empire recognizes force users of various sects, not all their practices are allowed. Memetic and mnemonic imprints are reserved for our special operations units. That means by our professional assassins, for those new to galactic basic.

    Plasma blades and other elemental force-constructs are restricted for rare cases of national defense, and again, only by our licensed operatives. That means, against invasion or dark jedi or death cults. Not for sport.
    Bioweapons, nano-weapons and force-created plagues are reserved for threats of extragalactic origin. And as we are the frontline for those invasions, we may have to use them, in the future, on those alien enslavers. We have our own large arsenal, so you can feel safe. If they come, they'll die screaming.

    But I'll be very clear. Do not fuck around and start tinkering for fun. Or I'll find you, and rip you to shreds. And your soul as well. This warning goes to everyone, everywhere and will not ever be rescinded. Plagues are not toys. You play with this, and I will never let you die, and torment your soul for eternity. Now, enjoy our nice town, and have fun!" I concluded the gathering, with a charming smile. Strangely, nobody smiled back. Weird.

    Planet Honoghr, Independent
    Pef POV

    Ah, making threats is fun. All those two cred doctors will think again now. Maybe. Not likely.

    But meanwhile, let explore the nice Honoghr Rakatan temple I have right next to my border.

    Technically, it's in Kessel, and we have a spacestation in orbit, but the locals wouldn't know.
    The events in my memories, with this planet getting devastated by CIS toxins didn't happen, since the hypernode to this system was guarded by my ships.

    So, there's more life and less dying natives.

    And Rakata droids. Which are super nice. No idea how the locals were supposed to control them, since everything about them is alien, except the weapons. Which are blaster cannons.

    Nevermind, technopathy is still the best power.

    The droids seem similar to spider tanks or droideka, but I'll call them Rakata temple defense droid .

    Since that's the planet. Now salute with your arm cannon!

    See, it works, even if I don't have a clue how to interface with the operating system.

    Anyway, force-fuel droids! With crappy armor and guns. And no vocoders. And no thumbs.

    Sigh. Stay here guys, I'll take a look inside.
    Altar to some fish monster. Come on! Where are the gates, the holocrons, the books with all the tech?

    I got 9 droids, which I'll have to dismantle and learn how they work...

    Hey, you can loop a force circuit like that? Well, if it works...

    I'm beginning to believe that Rakata were idiots, just using things they didn't understand.

    'Your confidence in Rakata tech is your own preconception Pef. They are gone after all.' Solana said wisely.

    'And they were just organics. Hate fueled organics. Kriff. I need an expert. A real Master. This is all hogwash tech. Jaybo can make better droids!' I complained to the ether.

    'And Jaybo is the template for your Avatar. Don't diss the kid. He'll be strong' Wialu added amused.

    I know! My first, adopted son. Who grows too slow. And is shy around girls.

    Let's go home, Rakata droids.
    want to dissect you in peace.

    Redforge, Pef Empire
    Rakatech lab.
    20 BBY , next month.

    Well the tech in the Rakata droid power core still can't be duplicated, nor is the Mind Prison or the Star Map from Tatooine.

    I can analyze it all I want, there's blackboxed components, and some structures that have more to do with art, than mechanical engineering. And possibly bits of claws and other body parts from whatever animals.

    Some components are clearly organic, like neurons and nerves, while other are materials we didn't even know they could exist.

    Some kind of tree sap, that remains cold, no matter the temperature inside the core. That's more than a superconducting fluid...

    Sigh. Much to learn, I have.

    'Solanus wants a Rakata droid too. He thinks he can use the power core for a spaceship reactor. And he wants a Rakata forcefield as well. I'll send him the Star Map from Manaan, once these fishguys stop worship it like a holy relic.'
    'It's okay, adored Voice. He can have that Star Map from Dantooine. And my old MC30 frigate has a forcefield. There's two more starmaps Kashyyyk and Korriban, so we'll get them all sooner or later.' I sent, feeling generous.

    "So, you sent your our new Hands to Teta, Belsavis and Endor? " my third Hand asked curious, sneaking around the lab, where a thousand droid parts were flying in mid air, now impossible to fit back. Oh, the three Findsmen who mapped the route to Teta.

    "Yes, with their new females, and Servants and VSS and a numbered Meteor each. Aren't I generous, my friend?" I said gently,
    then waved the swarm of rakata parts into a crate, for later work.

    "Well...they will have ten thousands ships each, and a billion droids to command. If they get turned somehow..." he said worried. Yea well, anything is possible in this galaxy, but I took precautions.

    "They will die, and we'll make new ones. Come, let's go outside and watch the new Meteors II being assembled" I requested politely, floating towards the space station's hangar door.

    A million engineers, a billion droids and a trillion nanobots were working hard to prepare my Empire for the next conflict.

    The outer armor was a bit thinner on the new Meteors, only 1.5 kilometers of steel, but of that 5 meters inside were made from quadranium steel and 10 meters outside were plated with durasteel. Just like the Imperial star destroyer armor.

    The extra space, made room for a thousand more reactors and shield emitters and gravity interdictors. The ship lost a lot of mass, and with the extra power they'll reach 3.0 hyperdrive speed, the same as the Vong ships. Can't have my battleships arrive too late for a fight, can I?

    The fins and the armored maw of the sharks were also being laced with a thin mesh of cortosis and phrik filaments, to increase thermal and beam absorption 3 times.

    Over all, the durability will increase 10 times, while doubling the cost. If only I had enough money...

    Oh wait, did have money now. A quintillion credits would buy me a lot of ships.

    There, I even added a pair of hanger under the lateral fins, for a thousand starfighters. Thin armor for the hangars and no connection to the inside of the ship though. If the shields failed, the lateral fins will get shredded anyway.

    For defense, we'll add those continuous laser turrets, that worked great on spider droids and Titans. Let's put 1000 of them.

    And for attack, 4000 heavy masers, 1000 hell projectors and 1000 ion cannons, and a large battery of long range turbolasers like the Recusants have.

    Only 10 of them, in one huge armored turret. No more being kited by long range fire. It's good that we have energy for all those weapons now.
    I finally got to have lateral eyes on the shark, two huge gravity and hyperspace interdictors, to help me hold in place a large Vong fleet.

    And perhaps a worldship too. Not sure.

    The maw was widen a bit, since we had space, and will have 100 MAC cannons and a force-ion beam projector, like the ones on the Devastation dreadnaught and Meteor 3.

    Jenna Arbor is working on a kyber laser beam, but that will take years, even with all the staff and resources I gave her.

    The back of the new Meteors will have 20 tractor beams, to hold starfighters in place while the defenses shred them, and the front will have 200. They help guide the ferrous slugs to target very accurately.

    More computer cores, more hypernet power, more slicer banks, more transmission jammers. More cargo space, for consumables and fuel. Now range increased from 10 thousand to 100 thousand light years. Nice, right?

    Hmmm. There's still room left. Especially outside, on the sides. Let's add 100 proton torpedo launchers on the sides, each with their own turret with a missile launcher on top.

    And the same for all turrets of the heavy guns.
    More missiles can't hurt. 6000 more missile launchers will help thin out those huge starfighter swarms.

    Total cost 5 billion credits, for each Meteor II. 30 trillions for this batch of 6000 Meteors II.

    If my wives all dance for me one hour, they'll cost more.

    Damn, I do have a bit too high cost wives.

    'That's because you're sweet and gullible Pef. Who pays one trillion for a lap dance? Even though Clara is very pretty...' Lira commented from Sanctuary, where she was about 11% into mastering the mind shield.

    A bit slow...Zero learned it in 2 weeks.
    Then again, she wasn't a jedi master with 100 years of meditation and training.

    'So, you like Saro and Bo?' I wondered, a bit cautious. Women, not really easy to understand.

    'Of course I do. You have great taste. Bendu says so too. Bye'

    Sure thing, Lira. We'll try that baby making again. Later.

    Cause the Avatar was insisting vigurously with Vette now.
    Planet Sanctuary, Pef Empire
    Silent Circle Island, Hobbit Villa 3V

    That's it. Right there! Oh holy. This is much better than water sex" My blue twi'lek maid exclaimed with joy.

    "We're only getting started, my sweet love. But tomorrow, we must let Lira join us. She really wants some." I said, blowing a whisper warmly in her ear.

    "Fine. Because I love her. And she deserves to feel...ah. There! Faster!"

    Redforge, Pef Empire
    -staring at the stars, and the hulls of new ships

    "Good work there, Emperor. I must try that thing too. My females should love it as well" my third Hand mused wistfully, as we stared at the Meteor shipyards, and compared harem stories.

    "Yeah, it feels really nice. But that damn Kikipi...he's got 20 more!" I complained with a groan.
    "Well, he's doing his part to repopulate Toong planet, after that comet disaster. Duty is a mountain, you said once, wise droid. We must all carry it, and do our best. I'll sacrifice myself and take a new female too. And not because Zuckuss did. It just my duty" he replied wisely.

    Yeah. We were all paragons of duty. That was a perfect reason.
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    Planet Atrisia, Atrisian Commonwealth

    There are three ways to defeat your enemy. The first, and most obvious, is to better him in a trial of force. The best way is to have him destroy himself…The middle way is to destroy your enemy from within.
    - Sayings

    Ventress was dispatched to convince the other side of the galaxy to align with my Empire, and not the Sith, and to create a stable route to Jedha. And Jedha was a major target, for 100 reasons. Being the jump point to Rakata Prime, just the first reason.

    With a string of independent worlds, converted behind her, like Phu , only the constitutional monarchy of Atrisia remained as an obstacle. Or a trampoline.

    We shall see. We definitely didn't want to conquer these people, but instead make them join willingly.

    "The Immortal Pef's offer is not a joke, Atrisian Empress. Or do you doubt that the Pef Empire is not capable of making judicious use of power?" Asajj argued pretty nicely.
    "Oh, someone has read our Sayings. But I'm afraid I do not have the negotiating power I'd wish. The Atrisian Parliament has wrestled the decision from the emperor courts domain over 500 years ago. We live in liberal times now, Lady Grayshade" Grace Tching, the Empress, a stern woman about 30, said with a tinge of sadness.

    "As a personal boon for your line, our Empire will conceive a solution to augment your decision strength. Perhaps as a Hand, for this region of the galaxy. But, if your people will prefer a Moff governor, nominated by Sith Lord Palpatine, we will find someplace else. S thread hyper routes are expensive, but so are we." my Voice argued politely. She was getting better at diplomacy and war.

    "Oh, not at all like Emperor Palpatine's Fists then. But not a Voice? Or is that something else?"

    "The Voices are more than people, and less. We are ideals and legal instruments. Our own words and deeds reflect the will of the Pef Empire, and oblige everyone to obey. We are the law, and our words are law.

    It is not a political nomination, Empress Tching. If I say for example 'this star is in my way' soon after that star will be erased, and let me pass freely. If I call a holy war, the Empire will rise. If I say, there is 30 trillion credits in that gift box..." Ventress said softly, pointing gracefully at the droid which decloaked to her right, and carried an aurodium chest.
    "Good. All three paths, and mastered flawlessly. Force, cooperation, subversion. And your fleets are already expanding in the Deep Core, ready to strike from within. Looking to encircle the galaxy, and protect the ripe core, until is ready to rejoin the wealthy crust. I shall try what I can, Lady Grayshade. Who knows, perhaps we'll be sisters, one day..." the scheming Empress concluded with a wide smile.

    She'll be perfect. A bit flat chest wise on the Fibonacci beauty index, but I could fix that.

    And not with artificial breast implants like our female agents, carrying soft satchels of liquid explosives as insurance.

    Real gene alter and hormonal rebalancing. For the kids, of course.

    'Keep saying that to yourself Pef. This woman is much like Zero. Peffy will have to tame her a long time.' Asajj whispered in the bond, before returning to her audience with the Atrisian Empress.

    "I am certain you will, Grace. You can promise your Parliament massive investments and war reparations, for your valued help in the Clone Wars. Perhaps a thousand ships, and a few Meteors. To keep those pesky pirates away, and ensure liberties for nearby worlds, so filled with slaves and poverty."
    "Oh, even Meteors? Money, ships, new planets...you'll have your answer next week, Honored Voice. Your gift is well-received, for such a long audience. Let's stop the politics and chat a little more, about that wonderful speech of Avatar Greyshade. I watched it ten times, and he seemed to believe every word." The Empress said with a tinge of worry. So, some people did pay attention.

    "Oh, our Avatar did indeed mean every word. But that's a medium future, 20 or 30 years away. Those visions contain people who are mere babies now, or still not born. By that time, we will be more than ready, dear Grace. So, the capital city is called Jar'Kai..." Asajj said calmly, taking her future sister arm, and starting to gossip.

    Her favorite form, originated here. My Voice was in heaven.


    Planet Bespin, Independent
    Cloud City

    There were a few Imperial Navy ships in the system when Peffy arrived, but they didn't stay long enough for a misunderstanding to happen. Too bad.
    Anyway, it was time to claim the gas giant for ourselves, and then increase the production a hundred times.
    The Empire will need more weapons. And Jedi willing to upload themselves into computers were pretty good weapons too.

    "So, this is where the Altisian Jedi have stayed hidden eh? In the clouds." I said gently, looking towards Mister Altis and Miss Callista.

    "Not just here. But we were ignored till now. Until Palpatine began hunting all of us." Master Altis complained, still blinded by some hogwash beliefs.

    "Well, darksight is a potent unifying force ability. Predicting and manipulating your opponents, scrying all over the galaxy, and arranging false prophecies. That the Ruusan Jedi didn't even know it existed, made them foolishly simple to exterminate" I answered with a shrug, and kept spinning the spherical holocron over my palm. The grey holocron.

    "But you do. It seems you know everything, just like Emperor Pef." Callista discovered, a bit late.

    "We share a force bond of course. All Voices do. Look, there's powerful force-user on that platform! Maybe 20 years old, works as a gas prospector." I exclaimed in fake wonder, pointing towards Streen.

    I already knew he'll be around, just kept an open mind to sense his thoughts.
    "You're still toying with us. There was no surprise in your voice" Master Altis remarked with some regret.

    "There's a trillion stars in the galaxy, esteemed refugees. I can only be in one system, so don't expect miracles. I can help in one place, or arrive late and punish someone after. Strength is useful, but skill matters more. And I have much to learn" I answered with a sad and truthful voice.

    "Huh, that's a sobering thought. You trashed everyone in the Zero garden. Even the Masters. With your pinky finger" Callista said with a bit of envy.

    "The former jedi order gave master titles too easy. Master Fay, Master Ha, Master Yoda...yea, they almost deserve it. Living for 700 hundred years and learning, even half the book, is quite remarkable. Now go and collect the others, while I speak with Mister Streen. Maybe he wants to learn more..." I said half joking.

    He should want to learn more. And control his telepathy and force visions.

    I mean, really? There was an Altisian praexum right on this planet. Darth Vader came around, looking for rebels, in the movies.

    And they all missed him? What's wrong with this picture?
    The one-eyed, leading the blind and causing disasters at every turn.

    Planet Dantooine, Pef Empire
    20 BBY, tenth month.

    " Dantooine . They're on Dantooine."
    ―Leia Organa

    More scavenging hunts, for Rakata tech and answers.

    I have another crystal now, stuck to my crystal self, along with many others.

    The Shadeshine from Ventooine, which normally drains organics of life and boosts them to sorcerers levels of force ability. Not gonna work like that on my Rur crystal, but the dozen abilities imprinted on the force matrix can do things I could barely do till now, like boost organic life to grow fast, like Bendu can. Or abuse fire and air elemental alter just like Peffy can.

    I have no ears and nerves to be enhanced, but the stone gave me electromagnetic senses, just like Shards have.

    And some kind of force sight, that Peffy is learning from his miraluka maids, much better than the blind bat mode I had if I don't use the droid's photoreceptors. More senses, yay!

    And to think Han Solo would have destroyed this wonder, for whatever reason he destroys things. He once blew up a planet just to steal some box. I'll have to make sure that doesn't happen.
    A life crystal from Rafa works on me as well, allowing me to stay at x6 speed without overheating. Not forever, as they are consumables, but for emergencies it will be great. Peffy and my Voices carry a dozen with them, just in case.

    Another crystal, the Quilan Pyradex that we located a few at Roche, can boost my computation and mathematical formulations ten times. Core and Zuralee also received one of those, since they need it the most to plan our economy or discover new mathematics.

    Whoever lived on Roche, before the planet was pulverized into asteroids must have been really smart. Possibly some kind of insects, so likely the killiks.

    And we have leads for two quinlan crystal pyramids more. One on Tatooine and another on Klatooine.

    Possibly not a coincidence, that I'm now on Dantooine.

    It has another force ability embedded inside, for complex numbers, much like Altis has that astronavigation ability.

    I think I'll give one to Na-jia and the other to Solanus, once they are recovered.
    And there it is, the Rakatan ruins (Dantooine), with the cute guardian Overseer (droid)

    I am the Overseer. The Builders programmed me to enforce discipline among the slaves while this monument to the power of the Star Forge was constructed." ― Overseer

    Yes, very cute. 'Now open the penetralia, and go wait outside.'

    'This is not fun anymore. It's slavery!' the Overseer complained wisely.

    Now, any holocrons or nice stuff? Of, course not. Not here.

    And the star map is fused to the floor, so no one can steal it. Unless they take the floor too.

    Now let's drain the dark side a bit. This grey haze is not the warm love of the Daughter.

    Too bad that beautiful green haired girl is actually something like the droch plague, a colony of insects, and not a real girl.

    I'll deal with the Adams family later.

    For now, knowledge. You, mighty Rakata salver droid, who killed all the slaves on this planet!

    Yes you. Do you know what we do, to slavers now? Here, new laws!
    Now rip off your limbs, before I do it for you.

    Nope, there no statute of limitations. The law is the law, unless I change it.

    Here, let me help you with that last spider leg. See! Now you have been punished, and your reeducation can begin.

    I may need you to open more things for me.

    Let's spread our senses, and see what else is worth 'liberating' on this planet. Look, a former Jedi academy. And a holocron named the Codex of Tython ? Thanks a lot.

    What else?

    A Jedi, and...an identical copy? Which was hidden from the force...another blank.

    Hello X2 . Guess I have your clone brother X1 on Blueforge, being examined right now.

    And landing again.

    "Falon Grey , what a surprise to meet you here. Pef Greyshade is my name. And this young one, must be your clone brother X2?" I asked them amused, after my ship took custody of the map and the paraplegic rakata droid.
    "Pef...like the Immortal Pef? The Emperor of this new Empire..." he asked confused, but a bit wary now.

    "Very good. So, telling war stories? Teaching your brother mind tricks? Kidnapping babies? What are you doing on my planet, mister Grey, former jedi, and still wearing a lightsaber illegally?" I asked amused.

    "Just helping the farmers...although the new droids do most of the work..."he admitted a bit ashamed.

    "I'm certain there's holonet here on Dantooine, I paid for it after all. And my Avatar's declaration was not conditional. You must register with the Imperial Servants and relinquish force weapons, unless you become a member of my Assassinorum Office or the Grey Paladin Office. Or you can be deported, to Coruscant. Lord Palpatine might give me a whole planet for an evil jedi..." I mused out loud, then turned away, going to inspect the fields and growing entire crops in hours. This was kinda cool too.

    Especially on an entire continent at once.

    And more food would be useful, if the droids managed to collect all. Of course, they would. I was here after all.

    'Go collect the crops, valiant farmer droids. The Empire needs this food!'
    And here they are, still awed at my magnanimity, gifting the farmers a new crop, 6 months sooner.

    "You have Grey Paladins, like the heretic order from Coruscant?" Mister Grey asked, a bit hopeful.

    "I have a few of those, but not exactly. This unit will be formed of various units, from Mandalorians, Sun Guard, Echani, and dozens more. Power armors, bolt pistols, sniper rifles and other nice weapons. Our own counter-terrorism unit. The guard panthers, protecting the baby banthas from rancors" I explained in a relaxed voice.

    I couldn't keep the Jedi locked up forever. But I could use them.

    "I see. Not like Jedi at all. Shoot first, then rescue the hostages" X2 commented, quite aptly...

    "Yes, or stopping bioweapons and whatever. My Assassinorum are more adept at revenge and retaliation. So, my grey brothers, what say you. Ready for 100 years of hard duty?" I asked curious.

    "I'm in. My lifespan might expire in 5 years..." X2 said with some fatalistic tone in his voice.
    "Nonsense. 100 years is the minimum term for a pension. Unless you get killed. But age and disease, come now, that's silly. It's like three or four abilities to learn. Takes a month, or three for a newbie like Grey the third" I answered in a derisive voice, as my ship came to glide 10 meters above the crops.

    And flying...let's lift X2 as well...

    "Kriff, I was kinda bored..." Falon Grey muttered, so he got plucked up and taken into the Fade II frigate.

    Let's send orders to Vanquo and start organizing this new branch.

    Good position, with easy access towards Hydian Way, Mandalorian space, as well as the Pentastar and Gordian Reach.

    I'll have to begin mapping and taking over that pocket as well. Yavin 4 was too much a threat and prize.

    Now what was my Peffy doing on Ukio?
    Planet Ukio, Pef Empire
    former Jedi agriworld

    "Indeed, sweet green lady. He came to Mand'alore, possibly to challenge me for my title. So, I put him to sleep and had him shaved all over. Then I sent him back to Coruscant in a bacta tub. But to think it would make him go mad and attack Master Yoda...unintended consequences" I explained over a glass of ice-tea. Who knew there's ice-tea here?

    "Don't blame yourself Avatar. The danger you can't sense is usually the most deadly. And I never believed that crap of prophecy." Miss Keelyvine Reus said sadly, but looking amazing in her green bodysuit, which let me analyze her curves to perfect accuracy. And she wore green lipstick, which was new and probably tasted nice as well.

    "You said that loud, Avatar. Mmmm. Want a taste?" the woman asked me seriously.

    How could I refuse?

    I closed my eyes and hoped for warm, moist...hard lipstick tube?

    "Hey, you tricked me, you evil green witch!" I exclaimed, half upset.
    "No way! You really expected a kiss? We met like an hour ago..." Miss Reus said with an awed and bewildered expression.

    Oh, right. Fanatic jedi women. Possibly, Reus has never been kissed in her life. No matter how beautiful her green eyes and lips were.

    "Nevermind then. Go hop on that corvette with the other plant monks, and join the boring conclave on Ruul. And to think, I thought you were cool...mmmm" I managed to say before the crazy nonconformist jedi planted a kiss on my lips.

    "That's for the trick you played on Skywalker, nothing else. But don't think if I did it once....mmmmmm" She managed to say before I returned her kiss.

    "You have much to learn, dear maid. Come with me then, to Kitel Phard. There's this city called Jar'kai, like the saber style. And..."

    And we walked into the sunset, holding hands. Sigh. Romancing a Jedi was hard.

    Next, she'll want movies and dinner.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Planet Vanquo, Pef Empire
    Grey Paladin Center
    19 BBY

    A Paladin doesn't use the Force first. He uses his brain first. Asses the situation, plan out the next ten minutes. Then execute the plan. The Force will help, guiding your shots or obscuring your presence, but it will not plan the operation for you.

    And always, expect the Force to fail you. Sure, most of times it won't happen, and everything will go as planned.
    But when the odds turn, you still have your duty, and must prevail. And you will.

    I made X2 the leader of the Grey Paladins, for a simple reason, and a dozen less simple.

    He was trained as a Null Clone, and thus much better prepared for urban warfare and small squad tactics than any Jedi 'general'.

    Plus, he was force sensitive but untrained. So I could mold him to my wish. And I did.

    In one month, while the planet was being partly terraformed to remove the pollution caused by millennia of corporate style mining

    Grey Xman became a moderate adept in with agelessness, dark healing, light healing and gene alter. And his genome was cleaned of stupid genetic mistakes that made him age rapidly.

    A few hundred other former clone troopers found their way to Mandalore along with some Jedi, and were convinced to defend their new homeland from any threats, and with pretty big guns.

    Having nice equipment and training helped.
    The former Death Watch and Sun Guard also had to join, and receive rapid mnemonic education regarding the laws and actual warfare.

    The Grey Paladins were all given the Force as well. Because force makes people lucky. And fast.

    And after one month, the Chapterhouse is ready. A cube 20 kilometer on a side, placed in a Lagrange point between the planet and its moon. Took a lot of asteroids and droids to construct, but there will be room inside for a thousand corvettes or frigates,
    along with barracks, training rooms, and a million jacuzzi baths.

    I'll have to enlarge the space inside later, but one million SWAT equivalents will do for now.

    Their families will live down on the planet, but operatives had to be ready to leave at a moments notice, and a huge grey cube was a statement anyway. We can build it, and you may resist. But, 'lower your shields, resistance is futile'.

    In fact, that a motto written over one of the hangars doors.

    Other mottoes were drawn from various other cultures that will mingle to form my paladins.

    'Paladins never die, they just go to hell, and regroup.' ' We are the shield, that guards the galaxy'
    And hundreds more, all inspiring and glorious.

    And now the first graduates are lined up in front of me, and their leader Strategos Grey Xman.

    "Proud Paladins, you were selected and trained to protect our civilization from danger. From bombs and kidnappings, to assassins and bioweapons. You wear the armor, so you can stand in front of the madmen and terrorists, and block their weapons with your armored chest. So that our children don't have to be afraid, or wear gas masks. You will go out there, and die to protect civilization.
    It is your calling, and your duty. But above all, it is your honor. Death before dishonor!" I yelled on the podium, and thousands of voices yelled back.

    Huh, this might even work. If they believed it, and the Force helped...

    'I think it will work, mostly. The Force wants what people want. And if enough people want something...' Wialu said, somewhat interested, since 20 of her people also joined the Paladins.

    'Perhaps. But a proton torpedo works pretty well to keep madmen in check' I said with an inner smile.

    "You heard the Emperor, Paladins. I know you will do your best to keep our people safe. Our families down on Vanquo look up and feel safe, knowing we are here, ever vigilant and protecting them. And if you have personal divergences, work through them.
    Half the galaxy depends on us now, to keep them safe. And everyone of you who will die, it will be while doing his duty. Make me proud, Grey Paladins! " Their Strategos proclaimed, not all that self-assured as my Voices could, but pretty good.
    I'll have to guide them carefully a few months, until they gained some experience and confidence, but unlike in a democracy, the local leaders and politicians had no say about Empire wide policies. There will be no dragging feet or legal obstacles.

    We had sufficient funds and armories to equip a billion potential Paladins. And we eventually will have them, or more.

    But for now, every organic team of 10 people will be supported by 100 commando droids, wearing similar power armor.

    Because a BX11 droid took 11 minutes to be printed, fully trained. While force-sensitive Paladins will take years to reach even Jedi Knight levels in force connection and intuition. The same as the Findsmen, who sent 1000 of their Gand new recruits to fill out the ranks.

    The Echani sent 1000 girls to balance the genders a little. Hundreds of planets sent police officers or custom inspectors.

    And now, there were 50 thousands Grey Paladins, and 500 thousands support droids all wearing the Armor, which cost about 50 thousand credits each. Plus ships and drops ships and weapons and equipment.
    But compared with the Jedi, who were now some 200 adults and 4000 children, we had 50000 force sensitives, using modern weapons and tactics. And in about 10 years, those kids will not be Jedi anymore, but Paladins as well.

    And from the Sanctuary, thousands more will come, as new generations trained to master themselves and the Force.

    Perhaps the future could be better.

    On Nam Chorios, I decided to evacuate the planet, removing every single sapient, except the Tsil. They wanted to stay. The planet became a fortress world, any traffic interdicted for a Gamma-class threat. And the droids that remain there are all variants without synthskin. It seems the droch can infect even synthetic tissues. The people there will stay in quarantine for a year, while we tested them for any kind of possible anomaly. Then the 'listeners' can be moved to Sanctuary.

    Cularin system received a thousand more ships for the same reason. Not Darth Revan's fortress, but the insane Darkstaff. Again, everyone was forcefully evacuated and the system interdicted.

    Kessel system as well, although it wasn't just the planet there. Pretty much the whole sector was considered Delta threat, and Kessel system and the Maw, Gamma-threat.
    Planet Belsavis the same. I didn't have the means to deal with that kind of threat yet. But I wasn't going to let some smuggler release World Eaters or Devourers or whatever else there was in there.

    And on Corellia, we let the Council know that Centerpoint station was also a Gamma-threat, or Galaxy ending event, and that letting squatters and smugglers live inside the station might mean their sun will die, by some kid pressing a button somewhere.
    And if destroyed, the rest of the galaxy.

    By next week, the station was evacuated and welded up, with 10 ships guarding it non-stop.

    Sigh. Better than nothing, but I will have to visit it and learn what I can.

    Anyway, the Iron Knights from Dweem will have to move, as that world will open for colonization.

    Maybe on Malagarr?

    'No way, not letting my family stay with that genocidal AI.' Luxum exclaimed at once.

    'Okay then. On Ruul. Make the Jedi doubt their beliefs' I said a bit amused.

    'They could be Paladins, Pef. It is a noble group, and my race can do electronic warfare pretty good.' my shard Voice argued, only not quite sincerely.
    'Yes, They could. I haven't received any requests, from them or from Orax.' I answered sternly.

    'I'll explain it to them. So, where do you want us to expand next?'

    'Rutan and Atravis system . If the Sith take the planet 9 billion people will die. Kill their leaders if they object, but save the rest Luxum. Plus there're hordes of pirates around Tosste. And you have a billion of droids and 10 thousand ships. Use them' I demanded with a little push.

    Come on girl. Don't expect me to do everything!

    Planet Atrisia, Pef Empire (under MPT)

    "So you're the famous Avatar. You seemed taller in holovids" Empress Grace said with an amused tone.

    "A trick of the light, most beautiful Empress. I am perfect the way I am. But your children might go hungry. If anyone dares to approach you that close" I answered with a charming smile, and made Reus and Ventress choke in surprise.
    "You, I like. Not afraid to say what you think. But I might change your mind about some things..." the woman said, trying to keep herself from blushing.

    "Perhaps, most enchanting Grace. But experience with vibrating toys is much different from the real thing. Miss Asajj here can confirm that first hand" I said with a wicked smile, and dodged the slap from the aggravated Empress.

    "Y-you rude mongrel! Get out from my palace! Didn't your mother teach you manners?" She yelled now flushed with anger.

    I just smiled calmly, and looked around with curiosity.

    A few guards were smirking. A few generals were looking at me curious. Ah.

    I was right after all. They wanted me to tame the shrew.

    "Actually no. I wasn't born like the lower class, from blood and guts. We do have high class technology, unlike primitive planets. And I was raised by a droid. It worked perfectly, as everyone can see. I am smart, and rich, and quite popular with the opposite sex" I explained politely, then turned my back and went to kiss Keelyvine and then Asajj, while the Atrisian Empress sputtered at my back.
    "Guards! Arrest him. Throw him out!" Grace yelled ungracefully.

    Sigh. I was their leader now. She just didn't get it.

    "Okay, fine. You can show me what you know, Empress. But remember, I won already" I answered amused, turning around and opening my arms for a hug, while lifting her a centimeter and gliding her in my arms with telekinesis.

    After a few seconds, Grace realized her public blunder, and pounded my shoulder with a weak hand.

    "Fine. You've won this battle Avatar. But the war will be long and bloody. And I promise I'll make you scream, when I win" she murmured in my ear.

    Oh, I think you'll scream first, dear Grace.

    Planet Denon, Corellian Diktat
    19 BBY, three months later

    "Moff Fliry Vorru , you are also Corellian, just like we are. Order your ships to stand down and surrender. This planet and their assets belong to Corellia, as part of the Clone Accords between Pef Empire and its allies. Denon is part of the Corellian Oversectorand will stay that way." The Corellian Admiral said on the holorecorder.

    Now where was the help he was promised?
    The holoconference was somehow enhanced, and another figure sliced in, breaking through the encryption like a lightsaber through steel.

    "This is Admiral Etahn A'baht with the Pef Navy's 77th fleet. Those blips on the scanners are with me" the Dornean Admiral, who was already famous for destroying 100 thousand CIS ships at Celanon, said humbly.

    And indeed, 15 thousands ships began emerging from hyperspace, 12 thousand corvettes, some 2000 cruisers and 1000 new ships, large enough to be called Dreadnoughts, at around 8 kilometers long, and with a prow made of a horizontal blade 3 kilometers wide, like a hammer-shark.

    And those ships were not lumbering hulks like his 3 Meteors.

    They accelerated greatly, almost at same rate like the Calamari MC80 Liberty cruisers escorting them. And if his computers were correct, they had 1000 heavy guns and 200 proton torpedo launchers on those ships, each.

    There won't be a battle anymore. Not even this Galactic Empire could hope to defeat such a fleet. Not for a decade.

    When did the Pef Empire had time to build a brand new fleet like this?
    These were not the 100 thousand ships that Pef Navy obtained from the CIS after the Mustafar command center was captured. Not even the upgraded variants, which transformed the Munificent frigates into destroyers.

    1000 of the cruisers were the new Strike design, that Pef Empire has also donated to Corellia, 500 were Recu carriers, no doubt loaded with droid starfighters, and 500 were Calamari made Liberty star cruisers. Block II it seemed, with 250 turbolasers each.

    When the Corel droid said "Go ahead with the Denon liberation, 77th fleet is ready to assist", they figured it will be a 30 Meteor fleet, not this...whatever this was. A show of force, most likely.

    From a weird and laughable ally, that Corellia Navy figured it will delay the CIS for a few months, to this. A juggernaut of production, of ships and droids so far.

    Not to mention the Neti Grandmaster that their avatar had saved from Ossus, and whatever else they gave the Green Jedi, who were now twice or three times stronger, and most of all, still alive.

    "You heard the man, Moff Vorru. Stand down, or some misunderstanding might happen, and your two thousand ships might evaporate in a minute or two of confusion" Admiral Rostek Horn said with a short smile.
    Only 80 of those 2000 Galactic Navy ships were star destroyers anyway, but winning without a fight was even better.

    It was good to have the upper hand. For once. And turn off the holoconference. The system was taken.

    Master Halcyon muttered something beside him, like "...not again"

    "You said something my friend? At least this time, you were not delivered back to Corellia in a kolto tub" Horn quipped with a light laugh. The Green Master will never get over that shame.

    "Hey! That woman is evil, I tell you. She put everyone to sleep, and left only the desiccated body of the Jensaarai's leader behind. Even the Grandmaster is wary of her" Halcyon complained, like a schoolboy.

    "Yesss. Very evil. She didn't even shave you, like the Avatar did to Skywalker. I say you got off easy, for going on a mission requested by Palpatine himself" Horn replied in a more serious tone.

    They took the warnings more serious after that.

    Even if that scare with the Centerpoint Station seemed blown out of proportion.

    No matter. With Denon and Rendili for they own population centers to draw from, and with the quadrillions of credits they received as war reparations, Corellia will be great again.
    "Admiral Horn, there is more to discuss" the hologram of the Dornean Admiral said, coming online on its own.

    Great, now they could control the systems on his own bridge. Then again, the Meteors were made by this Pef Empire.

    "Yes? Of course, I mean. What is it, honorable war hero" he managed to say.

    "A specialist team will arrive to examine the station, and attempt to neutralize the threat. Their frigate is already landed on your flagship, on the left wing. In exchange, Exodeen and Belassa will be added to the Accords, and possibly Ojom and nearby systems, once the examination is complete. We will leave you 10 thousand corvettes as well, since your patrolled area will double from this expansion. Let us know if there's anything else you may need" the Pef Navy admiral said in a flat tone, like this wasn't adding some 500 systems to Corellian space.

    "Alright then, I assume that frigate is cloaked?" Horn asked, to make sure.

    "It sure is. It was there for 6 hours at least. Good fortune, and green dreams. May you die with honor!" the Admiral said curtly, and saluted with a fist, before the hologram vanished.

    He looked around, then towards the bridge officers in charge of scanners.

    "They had been here for 6 hours! Come on people! You can do better..." he muttered with a long sigh.
    "I can't sense them at all. Whoever is on this team is scary good. Like that..." Halcyon whispered with wide eyes.

    "Voice Wialu is on Teta, taking Kuar, or something. It's not her, this time" Horn said with a bit of amusement at his friend's panic.

    "This is even worse then. They have more!" The Green Jedi complained, taking out a bottle and drinking a tiny sip.

    "You drink? Since when?" he asked curious.

    "Nah, this is medicine. Some plant extract." the Jedi said furtively.

    Huh? Medicine eh? Brandy was a plant extract too, after all.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Centerpoint station, Corellian space.
    19 BBY

    "The whole system? That's impossible. No one could generate an interdiction field that big."
    Leia Organa Solo

    Being inside the Killik space station is like being in a mall full of nice toys, and a whorehouse and a museum at once.

    You guessed already who was on the special team exploring the spacestation, in exchange for some 500 star systems, which we 'gave' to Corellia.

    Not like they were ours to begin with...but anyway, 2 trillion people should help Corellia grow strong, as soon as the hive cities were mostly emptied out, and distributed on inhabitable planets. Even in the Core, there were millions of planets with only a few million people. They could be used more intelligently, right?

    Sure, my Empire received some 10 billion immigrants so far, but it was just a drop. Only the really poor and desperate, and sometimes criminals, would choose to emigrate outside the Core.
    But those planets that Corellia received, were all in the Core, with some in the Deep Core and Colonies, but still viewed as high class.

    Add to that thousands more systems used only for mining, and at once they became a good ally.

    It will take them some time to build up and adjust, but it was a start.

    Now, let's see. A Null quantum field generator strong enough to blockade the entire Corellian sector. Nice work, Son and Daughter.
    What else? Tractor beams, repulsor beams, engines, hyperdrives, Teleport beams...

    Man, this was the find of the millennium.

    Now, some calculations, and adjustments, setting Corellian planets Talus and Tralus on new orbits, independent of the station. Select a few hundred asteroids from nearby systems, and form a small belt, for the Corellian shipyards.

    And select Vanquo for a destination...and jump.

    Centerpoint Station stolen successfully!

    Now let's select a few planets from Kessel to orbit Vanquo star.
    And lock them with a Hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer . And jump. Come to daddy.

    There! 3 new planets, brand new! Two of them were already Pef planets, but they were wasted in Kessel. In the Grey Paladins' system, they'll be able to support food and recruits for the whole Chapterhouse.

    Adjust the new system balance, to keep the new orbits safe, and well into the golden band of life.

    Energy reserves low, since it needed a force nexus, and I kinda depleted the energy stores. Okay then.

    Select Corsin and engage hyperdrives. We'll arrive there the slow way, like a ship.

    'Pef, you're going to steal planets from around the galaxy, and make new trade hubs?' Lira asked me in the bond, a bit flabbergasted.

    'Well. Only a few. Can't abuse this as much as I want, since it draws very strongly in the force. But I can move these 15 planets from Kessel, to a safer and richer route' I explained with an inner smile.
    'Stealing 15 quintillion credits wasn't enough eh? You're stealing spacestations and planets now...' Luxum said with a worried tone. I blame GTA! My formative years were strange...

    'Well... I asked permission first, and paid the Corellians well. Not like it was doing anything there...' I explained politely, then lost myself exploring the tech wonder of the Centerpoint.

    Still, the inside of the station was now quite hot and Glowpoint was radiating enough energy to melt all the dwellings left behind by previous occupants.

    And the controls were still the kind of hive mind interface, that my numerical ability pyramid had.

    Very likely that only a Killiks Joiner or an AI with technopathic power could use this thing as intended.

    But reverse engineering this marvel...not likely. 90% of the artifacts here were force-powered somehow, and the rest used gravity and hyperspace manipulations.

    And at Corsin, I'll look for some nice, rich asteroids to steal, and make some shipyards and spacestations, since those immigrant people will need work.
    Hmmm, at Algunnis system there was a huge asteroid field made by dozens of crushed planets.

    And planet Makeb was in Hutt Space, but uninhabited now and with its deep core made of Isotope-5 . A really great source of energy, for droids and ships.

    Yea, I could bring it to Corsin, way in the comet cloud, but close enough to be mined and exploited.

    The asteroids in Hoth system, could be stolen as well. Yea, those asteroids, where Han Solo hid inside a slug, with the mynocks.

    This really was an amazing artifact.

    I will have to install the Rakata forcefield from the Celestial River cruiser on it, and some weapons.

    Just imagine, a frozen planet somewhere. A few adjustments, and that planet will be temperate or warm.

    Rich planets far away, brought next to the shipyards and the workforce.

    I was now truly a Celestial myself.

    'Not really, Immortal Pef. Much disturbance you have caused, young one. Killed the Chosen One. We shall meet and test you, soon enough' A strong voice, reverberated from inside the Glowpoint reactor.

    Right. The Adams family Father.

    Duh, if you really believed that fake prophecy, you're not a Celestial either, overgrown insect!

    'I heard that!'

    "Still dying of old age eh. Chased away by the Rakata, with their crude weapons. You won't like what I do, when we do meet, oh Father and Husband of Abeloth. Pray it won't be soon" I spoke out loud wishing I had a mouth to eat popcorn with.

    Oh wait! Peffy had a mouth...only he was quite busy with it.

    Sigh. Diplomacy is hard work.

    Corsin system, Pef Empire.
    On board Centerpoint Station

    Installing the Rakata forcefield takes some work, since the shape and the size of the station is not at all compatible.

    Come now, semi-sentient AI, just make an oval field, 400 kilometers in length. Not so hard...

    Eh. Took almost a week, and all the knowledge I could, including using the Overseer droid to bark orders in Rakata's own language.

    That worked better than I imagined. Must be some poor slave enteched inside, brainwashed to obey certain commands.

    But the forcefield is so thin, only on former Rakata planets will be of any use. Sigh.

    Also, the Sith Empire didn't listen to our warnings, and decided to test biological weapons on Dentaal
    possibly trying to vanish the rebellious groups there. In a few days, all the population will be gone. Dead, I mean. At least 10 billion people.

    Well then, lucky I have a solution.

    Lock onto that planet, cover it into hyperwave immersion shields and bring it here.
    And let's deploy nano-viruses to analyze and counteract this Candorian plague .

    And who is wearing biosuits? You there. Let's take them off, for now. See how you like breathing your own plague mister Crix Madine and your commando troops.

    No, you can't suicide. I promised you will suffer for eternity. And thus you will.

    Now, There's about 50 thousand imperial troops and their walkers and ships on the planet and in low orbit, but unfortunately, they are in Pef space now, and thus subject to my laws.

    Let's gather them all, while I organize a few gatherings and explain to the 10 billion people what happened. Slicing through all the ongoing holovids and datapads.

    "Citizens of Dentaal, this is Emperor Pef, of the Pef Empire. You may notice the Galactic Army troops being gathered forcefully in your largest cities plazas. That is because they didn't listen. Releasing bioweapons is a capital offense for all involved, from design, production and actual usage.

    The penalty is death, and worse. Torment for all eternity. Counteragents for the Candorian plague they have released, will be administered to the Dentaal population, free of charge.

    The Imperial Army will not be given such mercy, and instead left to suffer, until they die. And those who ordered this crime will have their soul extracted and punished.

    Also, be advised that your planet was moved temporarily to the Corsin system. Please let me know if the majority desires to return your planet to the previous orbit or perhaps remain here. Good day."
    And now, let's find out, who is actually involved, what labs, what doctors, what officers.

    And make their name and locations public. And announce their fate to my media and other neutral sites.

    Huh, more and more such stormtroopers and officers begin being landed in the largest plazas, and people start gathering to stare at them.

    Mister governor Taliff and your staff, please join the nice group in the capital Calif City .

    And let's lower a few soul snares for the next part.

    Moon Jedha, Pef Empire
    Jedha City

    I am walking the streets of Najedha like a pilgrim, in my power armor. Nobody notices me, with the huge diversity around here. Then again, my Terminator armor is stealthed to the Ninth Corellian Hell and back.

    The people are one thing, as they are so diverse in species and races to almost absurd levels, but the town, with its walls and temples, reminds me of holy cities back home, in the future. Markets and bazaars, peddlers and holy men, or lizards.

    Some trinkets they sell actually glow in the force. I bought a few hundreds pendants and bracelets, doing my duty to increase commerce in the Empire. Plus recursive Force artifacts make for good studies.

    But the huge and ancient skyscraper glows the brightest. This Temple of the Kyber is a wonder of the galaxy.

    The nearby Dome of Deliverance too, but only for religious people. The Church of the Force is just hogwash Jedi worship, figured that out in 10 minutes.

    The really important ones are the Disciples of the Whills whose members wore simple red robes like Silvanie Phest .

    There must be a million pilgrims here, from all over the galaxy, from thousands of cults.

    Some of them are even death cults, like Central Isopter . I'll have to see what's so nice about them, beside the cool clothes.

    Other cults, like Church of the Contained Crescent and Clan of the Toribota or the Brotherhood of the Beatific Countenance are more benign, I guess. Their leader, The High Priest also renounced his name, and follows only the force, much like Zero and Zao.

    And here, I am myself just like him, Avatar. A rank and not a name.

    "In darkness I follow the light and find my way to the beginning again, and again, and again."
    Sajar Ohmo told me when I asked what was his quest.

    Hard to make sense, what's real or not, on his moon. I won't know for sure until I learn all they know. And there is much to learn here. My organic brain is flooded with noetic spices. The soul soup is so thick here.

    Tomorrow I will also meet the Guardians of the Whills . They use wooden sticks and bows to patrol the city, but they do not use any of the four types of Force that I know. So it is true after all.

    ".... I was trying to have the story be told by somebody else (an immortal being known as a Whill); there was somebody watching this whole story and recording it, somebody probably wiser than the mortal players in the actual events. ..." George Lucas said back in my memories, but it seems it was true.

    There is a fifth Force and it's the Whill.

    The one who actually wills things to happen, and tells stories to those who listen. Or perhaps to himself. Much like me.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Corsin system, Pef Empire
    19 BBY Two weeks later

    The rescued people from Dentaal have thought about it for a week, then decided it was safer to remain here, then have their planet return to the Galactic Empire. I wonder what took them so long.

    And while they did that, 3 more planets from Kessel and a few gigatonnes of asteroids were also moved to Corsin, and spacestations and shipyards arose, much easier than before. Since the Centerpoint was a cheat with teleport and tractor beams as well.

    And now is time to let the energy recharge, and go on the next destination. Gizer system.

    And here, first thing I need is another former Rakata planet, and I decided on Seoul 5 , that planet which Han Solo would have destroyed as an 'adventure'.

    It is deserted, but thrums strongly in the force. Much stronger than other such planets.
    Very likely because of the Crystal control room from below the capital.

    And the Key crystal inside..."the crystal is also capable of boosting any sort of energy source, even mental energy!"

    Yea, I'd like another boost please. You never know when some evil demon like Wutzek is being set free by some nice adventurers.
    Sigh. I'm beginning to lose count how many evil abominations would be committed by this Leia and Han. Including destroying this very Centerpoint Station. Maybe I'd better make sure they'll be locked up tightly.

    Right we have arrived at Gizer, and...yank! Come here, Seoul!

    First a nice Force imbued planet, to power up the station, then 3 more planets from Kessel.

    And now, more nice asteroids...

    And let's go visit the Seoul 5 city. Don't worry, we will replace the weird crystal powerplant with modern ones, so the lights will keep running, I'll just move the stockpile of crystals and all the ancient machinery which is still running some 30 thousands years after the last human on this planet was wiped out.

    Much to learn I have...

    While my fleets and droids begin arriving in strength at Gizer, to help boost defenses and production...

    Planet Jedha, Pef Empire
    Temple of the Whills

    "The future is mutable, most holy Guardian. Which is exactly why I am here. Sadly, no religion is true." I said gently, as the blind man before me murmured some prayer.
    "You stand on the holiest ground, on the holiest world in the galaxy, and claim it's a lie, Avatar?" Chirrut Îmwe asked with furrowed brows.

    "Peace is a lie. Knowledge is a lie. Power is a lie. Victory is a lie. Freedom is a lie. Only fragments of truth, misleading and causing conflict and evil. A Jedi or a dark jedi, working with half the first book of the five books, learns half of it or less, and is called a Master. And then he goes out into the galaxy, and bends planets and people to his will, thinking he is right. That he has the truth on his side." I said sadly, remembering all those 'Masters' that I defeated with a finger, or just waiting for them to suicide into CIS fire, not even lifting a finger.

    "The Prophecies of the Whills come true..." the man said, now looking young, and too wise.

    "It is exactly because of the Will of the Force. 25 millenia ago, when the Rakata had conquered the galaxy, enslaved everyone, chased away the Celestials themselves, the people under them all wanted the same thing. And that will, became manifest, and the Rakata lost their force powers, and thus the mighty Rakata force gates and force hyperdrives and force prisons and weapons...became gradually useless. No Rakata could operate them. And so they fled, and took their toys and hid, to wither away. The Infinite Empire became myth, and only a handful of mostly feral rakata remain. The slaves revolted and became free." I mused out loud, my words ringing true, more so than usual. Maybe it was this temple, all the words spoken here vibrated somehow.

    "And the Journal, you've read it now..." the man added politely, expecting more.
    "The Whills...they are the fifth book. But reading how things end, is not the truth. There is a kaminoan jedi, who had a vision, 700 years ago. A dark army of clones appearing to terrify the galaxy. And when it happened, when the Republic's clones became Imperial stormtroopers, she realized she was the one who made it happen. Master Ha stood watch 700 years, while the Sith Lords completed their plans, and saw nothing." I explained in a soft voice, and used a few telepathy images to show the man the transformation, from clone soldiers, to dark troopers and pilots, in black armor.

    "Palpatine. Why isn't the Pef Empire doing something, you could..." the guardian wondered, clenching his lightbow, which was a force weapon...and proof he has attained the 7th duan, or physical perfection. But I already knew that.

    "After the Rakata, came the Jedi. At first, doing good things and helping. But slowly, they became fanatic and fundamentalist, exterminating everyone opposing their views. Doing evil things, kidnapping children, mind raping everyone, even helping enslave entire races like the changelings or the Huk.
    Orbital bombardments of Mandalorian worlds, or Boonta and lately, began excommunicating their own members, for being different. Like the shards inside the Iron Knights, the Altisian Jedi and many others. And thus, the prophecy of the Chosen One, to bring balance in the force became manifest. The Jedi Order is scattered, their temples gone or looted, the survivors hunted. To balance the Jedi, their numbers had to dwindle, and another sect appear. Thus, Palpatine and his Inquisitors. Now, there is balance in the force. The will of the galaxy came true." I said sternly and letting my despise of the Jedi filter in my tone.

    "Ah. So are we to endure thousands of years of Sith domination now?" the man asked, with a faint smile.

    "When the people of the Galactic Empire will desire the oppression to stop, it will happen. The Sun Guard of Echani has a prophecy about the Son of Suns. The Order of the Esoteric Pulsar marks the suns in their Book of Stars. And the Journal says... " I whispered softly, since there was a ringing in my ears now.

    Someone or something was writing my words down, scribbling furiously.

    "I know what the Journal says, Avatar. "... And in the time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior. " We'll just have to wait, for the time of despair, eh? " the man asked rhetorically.

    "Well, perhaps not quite so dark. Lianna and Duro obliterations were stopped. Dentaal and Atravis extinctions were prevented. Soon it will be Caamas, or maybe Alderaan.
    We will help, here and there, till the sapients of the galaxy make up their minds.
    There are thousands of rebellions already. They just need to become millions. Or it won't be enough despair, right?" I said jokingly.

    "Very well. You have rested enough, Avatar. One more spar?" the Guardian asked smiling.

    Kriff. I forgotten how bad it felt to get your ass kicked. By a blind man.

    Boonta system, Pef Empire
    Cennterpoint Station
    19 BBY Next month

    The system at Gizer was prepared and opened for colonization, after I finished terraforming planet Seoul which the Rakata had glassed almost completely, with the exception of the magic city protcted and powered by magic crystals. 3 more planets from Kessel were also moved into orbits that guaranteed liquid water and everything. Goldilocks zone.
    And now at Boonta, I'll bring planet Alzoc III , also a Rakata planet and home to the Tlaz race.
    They have the Son of Suns as well, so it's not just for the rich minerals.

    The last 3 planets from the Kessel death trap get moved as well, and another star system becomes a clone of Corellia's Five Brothers. Hey, I learn from the best!

    And the vital access gate to the Pef Empire gets protected by a Force nexus, where the Meteors and the Silencers can use their Force-enhanced beams at best capacity.

    The 6000 Meteors at Redforge still need some 6 months to be finished, even with the immense wealth and workforce my empire can throw at them. They are just that big. And becoming a bit useless now.

    The Core AI can produce the smaller and faster Hammers battlecruisers at 10 times the speed, even though those ships only have 50 MACs, and those cannons are much shorter, like the Devastation has. Should be enough to blow up an Imperial star destroyer in one salvo, so they'll be good enough. The next 3000 Hammers are already undergoing trials and Core has an ongoing order for one million Hammers. Because this galaxy has a lot of nails. Nails and Hammers, get it?
    The shipyards at Raxus now produce Silencers, about 1000 per year, which is good enough. They are small and expensive ships, but those blue Maser-force beams are awesome. In a 'test' run around Gyndine, one Silencer cut 5 Venators in half, in one minute. The droid in command was demoted for 'forgetting' to check the IFF sensors. Too bad the Silencer cruisers need a Findsman to activate and control the beams. Force-weapons are like that. Now my Silencers patrol the North of the Galaxy, hoping to 'stumble' on Vong ships and test the beams on real targets.

    Palpatine is throwing all his money and efforts into repairing and defending Kuat Shipyards, and the smaller bays already churn out frigates and small cruisers by the hundreds.

    I'll wait till the new star destroyers are half built, then 'leak' the info to the Jedi covenant at Ruul. They'll be happy to sacrifice themselves and stop the Sith, again.

    My Corellian friends are sort of upset at the 'liberation' of the Centerpoint, but hey. It wasn't theirs for once, and it was also deserted, for some reason. Not a single person on board. It's in all the books, free salvage.

    I'll have to give them more credits to shut them up. In fact, Corel11, go ask them much much.

    And have them sign the deed. See! 10 quadrillion credits buy a lot of things.
    Now, let's jump to Sarafur, the Rakata planet near Endor. Where the evil dinosaurs will invade, in some uncertain future. And let's break the tidal lock with the parent star, Kuna's Tail, and tractor the planet a bit outside the hot zone. There! No more perpetual dark side.

    And lock on planets Telti and Foundry and bring them here, since those are production planets, which we claimed as loot from the CIS. Then, planets Eadu and Jakku. Mineral and energy.

    Somewhere farther from the sun, bring planet Dor, which I sort of 'kidnapped' from Endor.
    And now we can begin mass producing ships and droids here as well.

    And I get to loot the Jakku Observatory, and every Sith relic that Palpatine left for me here, while the planet is being terraformed, and the sand is lifted up to make mirrors and transparisteel.

    First thing though, clearing up the pirates, and setting up a factory for explorer droids. I will need a hyper route to Sanyassa, and thus to Bakura.

    This will take a month or so till I'm ready, so don't wait for me.
    Jedha system, Pef Empire.
    Planet Najedha

    The planet NaJedha that the holy moon Jedha orbits, is perhaps even more amazing than the moon itself.

    There's no plant life, but the surface is overgrown with pink crystalline structures, some a thousand meters tall, and jagged all over.

    And crystals measuring a 100 meters are the norm here. Not to mention, the air is breathable, for some reason, and the wind speaks. Or I'm having auditory hallucinations.
    Or this place connects to the World between worlds , where the Guardian of the Whills go, after they die.
    But then, these voices are not the wind, are they? The wind is not Force sensitive, is it?

    'It appears not, Avatar. Remember to take us with you, when you steal the little ones.' The wind whispered in my head. Telepathy. Memory scanners.

    I'm not even sure I want to. This position on the other side on the galaxy, is quite perfect for a lot of things.
    'The story says all 5 of the Whills will gather. Here or elsewhere. So it is written...' the wind whispered, and then the ringing in my head stopped.

    When did I get here? I was like on autopilot, for a month. Doing and saying things out of character, for me. Where is my armor? Or my ship, for that matter?

    How did I get here? Where is Pef? I feel so alone...

    The girls...where did I leave my girls?

    Planet Najedha, Pef Empire
    Centerpoint station.
    19 BBY, next month

    Whoever stole my Avatar will pay. Unless it's the Force. Then I'll just rage against the cruelest of fate, and build another.

    It's a bit of an irony, that I came to Jedha to find myself.

    Well, our ships are here, even Avatar's Fade. Asajj and the new girl, Reus ...yep, still in the holy city.
    Both half converted, Asajj to some...whatever nomadic thing, and Reus as a Disciple of the Whills.

    The Avatar's Terminator armor is empty, and lies abandoned in a closet, inside the Temple of the Kyber.

    No damage, last contact with user two months ago, user vanished, without exiting.

    So self-teleport or transubstantiation. Or ascension.

    'Peffy...where are you?' I sent in the Voice bond, using it the first time like this. No response.

    If that Father stole him, he was gonna regret it.

    'Wasn't me' the voice from the Glowpoint responded, a bit concerned.

    Spooky action at a distance, confirmed. Very spooky.

    Nevermind, I had stuff to do.

    First, let's bring planet Arbra here. Then Lothal and Ilum.

    And lastly, the planet they made Starkiller Base from, the one with a kyber crystal core.

    To repair the desert I need a bit colder climate, let's drag Najedha a bit outside...
    Huh. I can't? Energy reserves should be enough, especially with Arbra here. More than enough in fact, for a slight change of orbit for a mere planet.

    This station can teleport black holes...ten orders of magnitude stronger than what I needed.
    Oh well. Another mystery, for later.

    Time to figure out what that Grotto City on Arbra is about. Sending explorer droids.

    Droids get sucked out of energy when they enter the caverns. Not cool, whoever kills my droids.

    Let's arrange a landing party then.

    "Good climate. Lots of natural resources. The thick growth of trees will give us perfect air cover. And from the looks of it, no dangerous animals. We might have found just what we're looking for."
    ―Leia Organa

    And there's some nice rabbits around the cave.

    I wonder if they talk.
    "Of course I talk. Most civilized beings do, you know." Plif , a flufly rabbit male replied annoyed.

    Telepathic rabbits. I've seen it all now. Okay then, let's see what's so dark in those caves. Beside the dark.

    "Might I remind you, sir, that this is our home!'" ―Plif

    Yes, yes wise guy. But there's something there, a rhyme from a song. 'You wanted darker, you kill the pain'

    And the original Arbrans did exactly that, after the Rakata left. The Hoojib rabbits are just late immigrants from wherever.

    Or else the Rakata would have spitted them on a spear and served them with fries. Possibly fried and spiced sauce on the side.

    "That's horrible. So glad I didn't meet this Rakata then" Plif replied with shock.

    And then proceeded to drain the energy from a cloaked VSS droid, and his cloaking device.

    Huh. Another one like Angie, but worse.

    "Hey! I was hungry. Your droid will be fine, right?" the Hoojib leader asked, a bit concerned.
    'Stealing a thinking being's life energy is rude. Unless it's a criminal.' I explained gently.

    So, a city deep under the crust, surrounded by a self-perpetuating energy field. A library filled with tons of books.

    And this Darker guy, which was pretty much a Sith Lord, being for once of Sith species, even if green. And for the other, quite adept at Force powers. Flight, telekinesis, energy absorption, mind alter, somehow focused in purple beams of hate and fear...useless on me anyway, but cute.

    "Why are you still standing! Fear me! Tremble before the Darker!" the guy yelled, a bit miffed.

    And he can speak too. In Galactic basic. Soon it will want the right to vote!
    Weapons tests then. Pew! Maser beam ineffective. Absorbed, in fact. Lasers, too. Electricity. Tractor beams. I cycle about three dozen weapons. Sound weapons are still effective. Disruptors too.

    I'm bit disapointed. Well, Zero needs to learn flight...time to imprison...

    'You're giving him to me first, metal head. Who's your Voice?' Wialu muttered in the bond, a bit upset I forgot about her. I can't argue with her, or her logic.

    'My apologies, Mistress. Of course you have the first pick. I'll come visit Koros soon.' I replied promptly.

    Without my Avatar, I wouldn't get any dere-dere from anyone else. And she could use these flight and telekinesis abilities.
    Now let's bring up the soul snare....and snare the dark. Whoa, the whole crystal turned black.

    This thing is really full of hate and anger. And a biological body that has survived without food or water for some 25 millenia...

    Yeah, we're keeping it for 'experiments'

    And above the caves, there is this huge Great Hall (Arbra) , which would make a nice tourist attraction. Especially as it is powered by geothermal energy flowing up through power rods.

    Maybe a giant mall?

    "We're still here, remember? What about our home?" the rabbits asked, a little upset.

    Hmmmm. Telepathic rabbits, what to use them for? They could serve as translators, for wookies and other species without speaking abilities.

    Help make the galaxy a happy place, and increase communications.

    Also on Jedha, with the millions of tourists.

    'And keep an eye out for Vong, and Tof and Nagai and whatever extragalactic invaders. Freedom isn't free. It takes hard work and vigilance. Or else...roasting spits' I said, more sternly. They would have done it anyway, but in an amateur way. With a bit of neural training, they'll make excellent counter-intelligence agents. Cause...telepathy. Few things can hide from that. And when the things do hide, then it's even better. They stand out, and we get to apply 'persuasion'.

    'Ehhhh. We have to work?' a bunch of rabbits wondered, confused.

    'Or be served. With sauce. Or maybe enteched and drained of life energies...corrupted and transformed into batteries or hand radios...erased and killed because you're organic or simply alive. A dozen more crueler fates, I can't describe to children...'
    I mused telepathically.

    'Work...sounds not so bad, in comparison. Meet new people, and new races. Explore the galaxy...sign us in!' Plif requested formally.

    Yep. We do our duty.
    Now, where did my Avatar go?

    Planet Lothal, Pef Empire
    Lothal Jedi Temple

    Wherever I am, is not the Najedha planet anymore. Nor once, no more whispering winds and pink crystals the size of skyscrapers.

    Caverns, natural caverns with ornate stone pillars and adorned the walls with glyphs and paintings, and laid tile and stone artwork to form meditation halls and rooms devoted to study and contemplation.

    And somewhere below, a huge Force vergence, quickly determined to concern the nature of attachment.

    Thanks, I'm quite attached, with my work and my maids. And a few friends. A few unborn kids.

    Not as attached a Jedi is to his lightsaber. Or even a dark jedi. Miss Fay figured it out huh?

    Then again, there must have been 3 months since I wander around in this realm, wearing only thin pants, without eating or drinking.
    Not in Corsca galaxy anymore. Not in the Mortis realm...at least I don't think so. There's no Mortis monastery here, or the creepy killik family. Not the void where the Charon roam. I haven't noticed any entropy lovers around.

    If this was the Abeloth's realm, the dimension behind Kessel, I would have noticed.

    Just corridors, and halls and...Wait.

    This painting.

    I found out where I am. 100 thousands light-years away, near Mon Calamari space. This is the Lothal temple.

    Which needs two people to be able to leave.

    And I'm the Avatar. Not even a quarter, of one people.

    Kriff. I'm so getting desynchronized right now, from my host crystal.
    Poor Pef, must be worried...nah. He'll just build another Avatar. And a better one too. With Fay genes and whatever.

    Pef doesn't do worry. He just gets a bigger hammer.

    This should teach me to learn flow-walking, in the Temple of the Whills. Yeah.

    I'm so screwed.


    Planet Lothal. Pef Empire
    100 meters away, and in another dimension.

    So, if my Avatar managed to mind-walk or whatever stupid trick he learned. He should be underground, and trapped.

    If he's not dead already, of thirst and hunger.

    Nah, he'll be fine. He learned the Diathim eating trick, at least the basics.

    "Hold my hand Asajj, and think yourself as my apprentice. And step into the circle." I demanded out loud.
    "This is stupid. Never gonna work....why is the ground trembling?" my maid asked a bit curious and scared, but more annoyed.

    "That's the ritual key to summon the temple from whatever dimension its in. Nothing to worry about" I replied calmly.

    Duh, I'm always calm, bitch. No glands to get excited, except over cool machines, or Wialu inventing another...


    Let's enter this thing...hey are those things a Dreambeast ?

    So nice of you, whatever Jedi master built this. Dark side apparitions? Not heretical at all, right?

    "Hey Pef, why is that illusion showing me having a double team with your skinny droid and my dear Avatar?" Asajj asked curious.

    That's your darkest and deepest fear? Or desire? Hah.

    Possibly both.
    "I'm good as we are, so far, dear maid. But if you feel adventurous..." I muttered, faking perversiness.

    "In your dreams, model 34/C vibrator. I have the G model in my room, and still sucks. There's no passion in it. Only Peffy can...is that Peffy?" Ventress asked with joy, and rushed forward into the the maw of another beast.

    Oh well. She has to learn somehow, and this is a perfectly good place for it.

    Damn, the Terminator armor dispels the beasts as you pass through them. Must be the cortosis shortcutting whatever force ability this is. Now she won't learn...

    "Take off the armor, and your clothes Asajj. Peffy needs you, a lot" I yelled after her.

    Time to study how this spell thing works, in its intended form. And Asajj naked looks really sexy.

    Well, maybe not with those claw marks gouging her pretty skin...

    "You know...Peffy is tender and doesn't have claws. Are you into masochism Asajj?" I asked curious.
    "W-what....the hell? You tricked me, stupid Emperor! Where are my clothes, get over here you freaky thing. I'll show you pain, here, lightning and fire! How you like them apples?" Ventress yelled while torturing the poor apparition, and still naked.

    Very pretty, verry sexy and a bit cruel, my Asajj. And just perfect.

    I wish I had popcorn.

    "You too huh? What is she doing?" my Avatar asked curious, having stepped out from a picture on the wall.

    "Passing her Knight test, I guess. With flying colors, mostly fiery red. So, how did the attachment thing go?" I wondered, really curious.

    "Eh. I was mostly naked and without a lightsaber. Just walking around, speaking with the wind, getting lost in another dimension..." My Avatar muttered, a bit ashamed.

    "Yeah. So Asajj wants us to do her together. In her darkest desires..." I said, with a tinge of lewdness.

    "I do not. Just die, you freak!" Asajj yelled and blasted the dreambast one last time.

    'I don't mind. It be like Naruto, once we reconnect" My Avatar said in a dreamy tone.

    Huh, exactly like Naruto. If he had any imagination.

    'So you found him already...only took you 3 months' Wialu muttered in the voice bond.

    'I am reshaping the galaxy and stuff, can't bother to walk the valley of the shadow of death every time a Avatar is lost. He was fine anyway.' I explained politely. I really was pretty busy.

    'I can see that. But I get first dibs on the double team. Cause I been all alone here for 6 months. Just one of you won't be enough...' Wialu complained, quite reasonably.

    'Right, of course Mistress. We'll jump to Teta momentarily.' I replied promptly. That was gonna be fun.

    "So, where you been, lover boy?" Asajj asked the Avatar, while wrapping around him naked.
    "Here, there. You know. Adventuring..." the boy replied cheekily.

    "I don't care anyway. Let's get to my ship and relax a little. My head is spinning with religious dogma right now, I need to disconnect" Asajj whispered seductively, and dragged Peffy into a long, deep kiss.

    Sigh. I can't feel it anymore. I've been disconnected...disconnected...disconnected...disconnected
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Empress Teta, Pef Empire
    Centerpoint Station.

    Traveling on board a 350 kilometers long ship takes a bit of work, as many things in the star system you want to teleport into are bound to be intersected at arrival, such as ships, or asteroids or space mines.

    Also, re-establishing the Avatar bond took some work, as I had to reconnect all three kyber crystals to their partitions, and posses my Avatar with essence transfer.

    And that's with a willing receiver. If Peffy had been reluctant, he would have been able to resist me, no problem.

    Yeah, my creation is stronger than me now.

    And he can use the new type of Force, the Will.

    Not competently, but at least at 1st duan. Which is like a black belt, or something.

    Not bad actually. Just with this new ability and he can trump everyone at Knight level. The Will does, not the Avatar.
    Huh, it's confusing, but the user is not actually in control. His body just moves. Almost perfect timing, accuracy, strength...
    You set an objective, and the Will does the rest, using everything the Avatar knows or is capable of. Cheating eh?

    A mere human, and blind, can beat a Grandmaster in a duel. Well, in a spar.
    A real fight will have me bring out a wide area effect weapon, and disintegrate everything.

    But for assassins and paladins, this will be a great ability. They just need to learn the new force. In the Kyber Temple.

    Damn, I'll have to go to Vanquo and bring a force-nexus planet.

    "How do you even control this moon, my head is spinning just looking around at all these devices..." Wialu asked, leaning on my droid's chassis.

    "No idea. It's my inborn power. How do you digest food?" I asked rhetorically.

    "Whatever. So, you're gonna make some changes around here, bring new planets, move stars, or what?" My adored Voice asked with some impatience.

    "Of course my love. You start draining the Darker thing, but be careful not to kill it. Just learn half of the abilities. You can polish them yourself, but I don't want an entire race's hatred being sent to the Netherworld and influencing the Force. I'll send the snare into a sun, like I did with Andeddu. Should keep for a billion years at least."
    "Or it will collapse the sun into a black hole, and make a new factory for you" Wialu said wisely. Huh, she knew me so well already.

    "Exactly. Now, I'm thinking to bring that Endor Gate black hole around here, so the Deep Core can produce spaceships as well.
    Maybe at Symbia system or Kuar?" I asked, calculating transit times. About the same.

    "Kuar would be better. And get rid of those Combat arachnid . They broke like a million droids already." Wialu muttered in my neck. Sure, why not? I could make impact plates for paladins armor from them. Use a durable insect carapace to make carapace armor.

    "Okay, now for Teta, I'll bring Fest , then Despayre , the Odik II and lastly Prakith . Should give the system plenty resources to work with, and more room to spread. I still sense some 280 billions down on the planet." I said, a bit disappointed. Emptying a hive world was taking too long.

    "And isolate Byss, without S threads to link it to the Core. How can anyone reach it then?" My Voice asked, with her pretty brows furrowed.

    "By teleport, of course. That place is dangerous most beloved Voice. For every maid, and maybe even my Avatar. And when I'm done with it, it will be a thousand times worse. But that's for the future, if we get to see it. For now, commerce and growth. And every planet charted. I'll see about moving a few stars around and make some new hyper lanes. That blackhole from Endor is a bit small, so I can chuck a dozen stars into it, you know...for more productivity" I explained gently.
    "Only you Pef. Crushing stars to make elbow room.'" Wialu whispers with a slight chuckle.

    What? Waste not. It was only logical.

    "Well, then. Peffy is hard at work with the Teta Regent. Poor girl married the Teta Duke for money. And now she will have enough, and love too. She seems happy enough..."

    "Of course she is. You did a great job with him. And my own girls in the garden adore him too. Now, how much credits can you spare, this expansion will cost a lot." Wialu said more sternly.

    "Up to 30 quadrillions, same as Corellia. And I'll take the Krach prince. Miss Serra Kato needs to learn how to rule. And the first rule of an effective ruler. Use your people to what they can do the best...." I whispered in her ear, them petted her firm bottom last time.

    "Have Zero teach her the drain. It will seem more natural and easy to digest, than from a crazy droid who rivals the Celestials" My Voice replied in a motherly tone, then vanished along with the Darker snare.

    How...still can't sense her. Damn Witch...

    'Love you too' she sent amused, and already on her ship.
    Moon Ruul, Srilour system, Pef Empire
    Refuge resort
    18 BBY

    Fay looked over the remainder of the Order and felt...regret.

    She didn't want be a Grandmaster, for kriff sakes!

    Even if she was the oldest, and strongest and...

    Who else though? Zero was something else now. T'ra Saa had left in secret to learn from Grandmaster Ood Bnar on Corellia.

    Master Zao was...lost in the force. Not even coherent anymore. Almost like the Force itself was speaking through him, in riddles.

    And the male Jedi that remained, were preparing to finish the job at Kuat. Palpatine was spending half his Empire's budget on rebuilding and expanding those shipyards, and already making thousands of ships every month.

    Most likely, they will all die, to delay the inevitable. Brave padawans and knights, training every day with their stupid swords. Not lightsabers anymore, not unless they left the Pef Empire's refuge.
    Tholme and Lanius Qel-Bertuk were the obvious choices, and also the worst. One a militant, the other a pacifist. Master Altis wanted to become a droid, like Pef.

    If only Master Yoda...

    That slimy droid! Of course he would know where Yoda went.

    Pef was teleporting black holes to make ship factories somewhere in the Deep Core. Damn him and his Gray Paladins!

    No, the only real choice was herself or Master Shaak Ti. And that Togruta...

    She was smart, but...sigh. Still attached to a flashlight. Once the kid gave her that holocron he made, it was all too simple.

    Plasma blades? The crystal is the heart of the saber? Hogwash. She could fight them all the Jedi here, at once, and not even have to heal a burn anymore. If they had lightsabers, that is.

    Morons! All of them.

    Master Bnar had stayed in front of a supernova! And lived.
    And that Pef droid had predicted the Clone Wars and their outcome to the second. He was the winner, not Palpatine.

    He used the Sith plots to get himself rich beyond belief, and built up an army and fleet large enough to conquer the galaxy.

    And he just played at faking a Celestial, with new starsystems formed at whim, and passing decrees about interdicting bioweapons. And then enforcing them through sheer terror.

    Ripping souls and torturing them, in public. And the people loved him for it!

    And even now, he was just playing. Dozens of extragalactic invasions, as Master Altis said.

    'Eh, I'll build ships and troops and make them die screaming, no problem...'

    He kept a few jedi safe, just for...whatever reason. To snub Palpatine most likely.

    And that garden of his...it was just a harem for his kid. A hundred pretty girls, in a sea of flowers. Already a few Jedi had, gave in, to his Avatar's prowess.

    How could they not? The kid could fly, and teleport and was immune to any ability.

    Not to mention good looking and gentle and...
    "Enough! Forget about those stupid swords. Gather round" she exclaimed after amplifying her voice.

    "Master Fay, what's going on?" a kid about 16 asked curious, still holding that cortosis blade. Dozens then a hundred, then two hundred Jedi gathered in front of her, expecting some revelation.

    "We are the last Jedi! We will not disappear from history, in a suicide attack on some shipyard. We have a base here and protection. We will endure and rebuild. And that means no more swords, or lightsabers! This Pef Empire won't lift a finger to help the millions of planets that Palpatine rules.
    They are content with expanding into Outer Rim and Wild Space, and will do so for decades. It is only us who can effect change. And not with swords! We will go and start a resistance movement in this Galactic Empire. And when a million worlds joins us, the Sith will fall. Not one sabotage, but a billion! Hearts and minds, not swords.
    Now, the Masters will stay so we can plan our Rebellion. The rest of you, practice persuasion and force cloak. We will be invisible, and everywhere." Fay proclaimed, and the Force was with her.

    She could sense it. This was the right way. Make the Galactic Empire shatter from within, not conquered with droids.
    Not that Emperor Pef even considered that. 'Sorry Miss Fay, but my citizens had enough war for a decade. And with the Sith Empire having popular support, I would need a droid for every sentient in there. Not possible, without a quadrillion deaths. I prefer to save lives, not sacrifice them.' The slimy droid said, like he was some god, deciding the fate of the galaxy with his fleets and droids.

    At least she would have a base, and enough money to arm a trillion soldiers. That should be enough.
    She still had a million changelings loyal to her, and promise for a quadrillion credits, as cultural aid from the Pef Empire. Exactly the same as he gave to Palpatine, to keep things fair.

    The Iron Knights were masters at slicing and electronic warfare, the changelings at infiltration and sabotage. The Altisians could upload themselves on computer networks.

    With personal cloaking devices, and those Orion corvettes to move unseen, and enough credits to start a thousand megacorporations and shift production where ever she needed...only a fool could fail.

    And she hoped she wasn't a fool. The Jedi will win again.

    The Force was with her.
    Planet Mimban, Gand system, Pef Empire
    Temple of Pomojema

    Of course I moved the entire planet close by, I wasn't gonna jump around half the galaxy to some forgotten planet, everytime I needed a fresh scan of the galaxy.

    That would be silly. Right?

    I brought Yanibar, the Zeison Sha's planet, home as well. Those people deserved to be protected and cared for, and have their cities paved with...plasteel.

    Can't devalue gold and aurodium that much, plus plasteel is a metamaterial, returning to its shape after being stepped on.

    They already have a great mix of genes and cultures, I'll just import a dozen more species that can safely breed with humans, and about 10 million nice healthy humans, 8 millions of them women, of which 1 million are miraluka and a 1 million zeltrons, to create an adequate atmosphere.

    I may not have the skill to create super hybrids yet, but nature and the Force can do it for me.

    In 20 years, there will be a happy community here, maybe 100 millions, and half of them with force-sensitivity.
    In 40 years, they will be 1 billion, and all force-users.

    Peffy is already down on Yanibar, doing his part to spread the happiness, two or three women at a time.

    Planet Alpheridies, the miraluka homeworld, and Hijarna a former Rakata planet, make up the rest of the new Gand star system, along with hundreds of rich asteroids. One of them is Borgo Prime, an asteroid hollowed out and used by the Rakata.

    "Let me try the crystal too, oh lover of mine" Wialu demanded next to me.

    "Right away, Mistress. Go slowly though, it's a rush." I said softly, and opened my droid's chest.

    "Errr. You have a whole machine in here! Must be a hundred different crystals!" my Voice exclaimed in surprise.

    Hey, I collect stuff...and only a couple were any practical use.

    "The big sparkly one, underneath. That's the Kaiburr crystal. The rest are just...extra skills." I said, faking a shrug.

    She poked the crystal with a finger tip and began burning brightly in the Force, a thousand times stronger.

    And then I waited, and waited...
    "This thing is such a cheat. Who was stupid enough to chip bits out of it? Don't tell me...Jedi crystals. Those idiots!" Wialu exclaimed with righteous anger.

    The very temple trembled and groaned with her words. Let's not distort the force with emotions though.

    "Shhhhh. Think of love and happiness my dear. Only love matters, the rest...just decoration." I whispered in her ear, and held her gently.

    "Kriff, you're right. This was wonderful, and very illuminating, but I think I'll go check on my people. I miss them all." she replied with a pulse of adoration, so strong that flowers bloomed behind me. If I was organic, I'd be melting in a pool of liquid love right now.

    "Okay Wialu. Snap out of it. Go tire yourself with my Avatar. You seem to need it" I said sternly, then picked her hand out of my chest.

    "Right...I need more love in my life..." Wialu said dreamly, then flew away in a daze.

    Huh. Make a note, even grandmasters get overwhelmed with a thousand times more force-connection.

    Restrict use of the crystals to only grandmasters. And short exposure times.
    Kriff. I felt fine, and I'd been here for a month, making ships and terraforming planets and building shipyards and cities...

    And Wialu was reduced to a baby making machine in less than an hour.

    Oh well. Her kids will be amazing.

    And now I knew, how to 'convince' those pretty Jedi Masters to show Peffy more affection.

    We'll start with Miss Zero, tomorrow. She looked about 25 now, and was most possibly a 100 year old virgin.

    And also redirect a billion or so Teta colonists to Alpheridies. The miraluka were only about 300 million, of which one million was 'detached to new cosmetic factories' on Yanibar, while another million went to bulk up the Grey Paladins.

    Only volunteers, of course. I wasn't about to cause resentment for no reason. And the Zeison Sha on Yanibar seemed happy with the five wives rule, since their new families will all include the desperate refugees from Zeltros, who needed a warm home to make them forget the oppression...
    Whatever, those homes will be a full on party for years, with pheromones binding them together in love and happiness.

    Hmmm. I should 'rescue' more poor starving girls for the other planets in the system. They do work wonders on the population growth rate.

    With a dozen such beauties in the Zero garden, only the jedi masters were still resisting, and barely.

    Sadly, their empathy and pheromone abilities are not force-sensitivity. Only those few in the garden were found to have a tiny force-connection. The others seem to be a natural gift, like all the other near-human species beside the miraluka.

    And speaking of them.

    "Jerec, the man who murdered your father, is a great evil. He searches for the location of a sacred place, the Valley of the Jedi."
    Qu Rahn

    Well mister Jerec , Jedi Master turned evil, also known as Darth Jareth, now that Palpatine lost his 7th apprentice on a raid to root out Jedi agitators on Brentaal.
    I have a plan for you, mister Jerec, Lord of the Sith.

    It involves a little green man, with a tiny green sword. On a tiny green jungle world, named Dagobah.

    He feels lonely and forgotten, in that cave of his. Why don't you 'find' him. Maybe recover some holocrons?

    That tiny crevasse does contain a Jedi, so 'in a certain kind of way' it also is a valley of Jedi. Yeah, that will work.

    Show me who is stronger! More adept with a saber and force duels.


    And meanwhile, let's spy on little Luke and Leia, sharing a nanny droid with little Ani, Kenobi's kid.

    Not my fault, those names. Truly, it was a surprise for me as well.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden.
    18 BBY, 8 months later

    My first batch of kids are being born, a few right now...
    I got a bit used to the emotion I feel from my wives.

    A hundred wives, from 50 planets. Dhatomir and Atoa and Alpheridies make up about half of wives' origin planets, the rest are more diverse.

    But seeing my Jedi wives pregnant is amazing anyway.

    "You look radiant my love. And having babies of your own solves a big problem that the old order had." I said softly, while massaging Zero's back.

    "And what problem is that, oh wise guy?" she replied with slight pain in her voice.

    "Sending your own kid out there, unprepared and untrained, is not so easy. I am certain even a former Master will want her kid educated and trained and armored, before sending him to fight a division by himself" I explained gently, switching to light healing now.

    "I am training them, you moron. The Council said I was too harsh. That it was too much, and unnecessary. Stupid hacks. Where are they now, eh? The lucky ones got a funeral pyre..." she muttered, now relaxing herself and leaning on me.

    "Well...I have some info about Master Yoda. Seems he was ambushed by Darth Jareth on Dagobah" I said in a flat voice, as her body tensed again.

    "And..." she asked a bit nervous.
    "And they talked, and then fought, and talked some more. Then the little guy vanished in some cave, and the dark one climbed into his shuttle, and died on take off. Seems the engine exploded or something..." I related with some amusement.

    "Right...that makes what, 8 Sith apprentices you've killed?"

    "Errr. I think Master Shaak Ti killed Dooku. Too bad she didn't like your garden, dear teacher" I whispered in her ear, as I lifted her in my arms, and took her to lay in the sun.

    "Her kids would be amazing...I hear she still uses a lightsaber...she was spotted on Thyferra, buying bacta" Zero muttered in pain again, as I changed back to dark healing.

    "Well, as it happens, I do own 4 companies making bacta there. And restriction on force weapons only apply inside Pef space. We even give 10 % off the price, for humanitarian reasons." I told her truthfully.

    Jedi were kinda endangered species now. Only about 100 were left.

    Although rebellions did sprung up a lot more, and reprisals followed them swiftly. A thousand cities were bombarded from orbit.

    After the second time an entire planet, was rescued from a bioweapon, and the perpetrators punished publicly, the Sith reverted to more elegant weapons, like turbolasers, to quell uprisings.
    The Corellian Accords had expanded to include all currently known polities in the galaxy, banning the release of bioweapons, except against extragalactic invaders. The Pef Emperor had offered himself as a guarantor of these Accords, and promised to intervene as necessary to prevent plagues and punish corporations or individuals responsible.

    And with 70 thousand worlds and a billion star systems claimed, our voice had almost the same weight as the Galactic Empire or the Hutt Council . Other polities like Hapes or Senex and even Bothan agreed just for the fear they will be next.

    The Hutts required 'financial compensations for losing negotiation powers' which was fair enough.

    Bespin and Mandalore, as well as the Centrality and the Commonality were ruled by me thorough personal union or other means, so I voted for them as it was natural. Not that Satine wanted to use bioweapons anyway. I asked.

    While Calamari, Corellia and the Atrisians were also considered winners of the Clone Wars, and thus their vote came with strings for more ships.

    Which was fine. 100 Meteors I and 100 Hammers should keep them safe, while we already had 7 thousand Meteors II and 12 thousand Hammers.
    The Galactic Empire had almost recovered financially, and had begun exploiting the systems in the west frantic for more resources. Roxuli system and nearby planets began being mined furiously, almost as soon as Pef Empire reached Adumar and Esfandia .

    And Solanus got a new toy to play with, a Teezl found still alive near the Corporate sector.
    Coupled with a holonet emitter and a few amplifying crystals, now Solanus can access the spy satellite network directly, and even jamm communications or holonet frequencies we don't approve.

    And obviously, reach any holonet receiver in the galaxy. Even through nebulas and other hazards.

    Let's hope a brave adventurer won't manage to destroy the last Teezel this time.

    And sadly, Pef had to go on an adventure again, and vanquish a demon....

    Well, nothing so dramatic.
    Attahox system, Pef Empire
    same time, but bigger problems

    I followed some vague memories, and some fresh force visions, and reached the asteroid field near Attahox, where a group of nice people called the Five capture smugglers or demons and torture them for eternity.
    I brought the souls of those with bioweapons sins with me, to make a trade and a deal.

    Now, how do I enter this pocket dimension? Knock, knock...

    Maybe it's the thousands of Hammers that came with me. Nobody wants to be seen as a nail, I think.

    'Go back to the planet Admiral. The inmates only accept one ship at a time it seems. '

    Now, just one Meteor, is not so scary is it guys?

    Sigh. Probably too big to enter. Okay then. I'll take a Silencer and go through the Hellhoop again.

    And voila! Multidimensional vortex, and new dimension. Just an hollowed out asteroid. With tractor beams, to bring captured ships closer.

    'Heeelllooo, it this the Five secret hideout?' I yelled on the subspace transmitter.

    Classic Jar Jar, I know. But couldn't help myself.
    'Not so secret anymore, Emperor Pef. Please dock and show us what you have brought us.' a nice woman said in response.

    Hey, they already knew? Wait, they must be pretty skilled to capture demons and make pocket dimensions.

    Let's hope they are friendly, then!

    'Solana, can you hear me?' I asked in the bond, just to make sure. Nothing.

    It was a perfect prison, if souls couldn't escape after death.
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    Hellhoop, Pocket dimension
    Five hideout
    18 BBY, last month of the year.

    "Well, I must say your dungeons look positively feudal. All they need are rats and centipedes, and perhaps murky water dripping on the walls..." I said in a flat tone. They even had metal chains and hooks...

    "That...seems unsanitary, Immortal Pef" a nice girl, looking about 25, but being at least 500 years old commented wisely. Huh, that would be unsanitary indeed. Eh, I never had torture dungeons before.

    "So, dear Chokla . You guys worship death and chaos and pain, right?" I asked curious, trying to figure out how five cultists of different dark side religions got together and lived as a happy family.

    "W-well, yes, but that's like a side job for me. I'm here because my lover Chell is here. And I was quite bored..." she explained in a shy tone. Right, because love mixed perfectly with death-cults.

    "And you mister Chell? How come you've taken this harsh job, capturing and torturing demons?" I asked with some wonder. You had to be quite sure of yourself and your abilities to do this.

    "Hmmm. I was a young man once, when I escaped from Bedlam. But there, I saw the truth. 'The first to come forth was a hideous thing the universe had never before seen, a tentacled grotesquery with a pulpy head, like a monstrous squid from the occluded deeps, but with membranous wings that drew forth from the dripping, bloated sack that was its body. Yet it was his face that caused his mother to shudder and seek to kill it, for it held a countenance of such unwavering malevolence that to look upon it for any length would be to lose oneself in madness. Typhojem or Pomojema is the Father of Shadows, the Left Handed God'. I raised a temple in his name, and sacrificed countless, but he still wouldn't come forth. Plus the Jedi tried to kill me, so I ran away." he explained aptly, and helped me make sense of the sacrificial pit under the temple on Mimban.

    "I see. The son of Tilotny and Cold Danda Sine. Stillborn, and with a single appendage, on his left side. Let me guess, and assume all the four others came through Bedlam as well?" I asked rhetorically. It was obvious had happened to these people now.

    Contact with transdimensional entities was harsh on organics. And the minds of those incarcerated on Bedlam weren't really stable anyway.

    "Indeed, most powerful droid. We did sense you at the temple, scouring the galaxy with your cold gaze." Their leader, a portly older looking man said gravely.

    "Well, at least your religion is not untrue, the tetrahedral entities at Bedlam are quite real, after all. But as all of their kind, childish and naive, and with powers they can't even control. I bet that Kaiburr crystal was made by one of them, for some purpose, which they immediately forgot. Well then. I have a purpose for you, since you seemed bored in here..." I said softly, while deflecting a Deadly Sight from a diminutive member of the Five. That only works on organics, moron.

    Sigh, still testing me eh? Here, take a hate beam.

    And while Mavin was screaming on the floor in pain, I shrugged my shoulders and went to observe the crystal snare containing the demon Wutzek.

    How did these morons even capture this thing? It was at least as powerful as me, and possibly more.

    And let's drain...whoa. Alter dimension, time alter, space alter, force call, invoke spirit, summon spirit, materialize wish...

    Man, this thing had the cheat codes to the universe. How...damn armor plot.

    Or most likely, one of the Bedlam entities stepped on this thing by accident, and these Five guys just picked the snare up.

    And learned some tricks. In fact, the poor demon might have been Pomojema, and the Kaiburr crystal the download key.
    The five pensive and enlightened souls who have chosen to leave the whirling maelstrom of universal life , stared at me for hours, while I drained this trapped demon of all its abilities. Koobaree, the fat lady, even took out snacks to pass the time.

    Summoned them, in fact. Ah, so that's how Old Daka did it, with her tea and whatever devices she summoned.

    But at least the old witch achieved the ability by her own merit.

    After some 12 hours of draining make believe abilities, the demon began clearing out, and vanished. One with the Force.

    Maybe he'll go back home and pester his parents now.

    "Y-you killed Wutzek...how...now our purpose is gone..." Suzal , the fat evil priest complained like a baby.

    "Not at all, my crazy demon worshippers. As I said, I have my own purpose for you. Planet Attahox and all the surrounding space are now and forever will be in Pef Empire space. And since our laws demand eternal torture for those guilty of releasing bioweapons, I need dedicated torturers. And as it happens..." I said, trailing my last words while testing the summon ability.

    Hey! Free tea! That was nice...

    Force call Solana...swoooom. There you are!
    "Hey Pef, Solana thought I lost you...again..." she muttered softly and rushed to give me a hug. Not yet, my love.

    "That sounds quite agreeable, Immortal Pef. So these soul snares are for us then? Your glory be eternal, Holy Emperor!" Chell exclaimed in a devoted voice, and held his palms for a snare. There you go, new playthings for you!

    "And remember. You work for me now. No more poaching slavers and pirates and whatever. Those get to be ripped to pieces in inventive ways, so that my people can learn the benefits of civilization. I'll have a transit station built outside the trans dimensional gateway, for refreshments and new tortured souls. Cause I have no doubt, as years pass, other smart doctors and geneticists will feel brave and test my bioweapon laws. And thus be sent here for torture. Agreed?" I asked rhetorically, looking at everyone of them slowly.

    The guy on the floor and still under a hate beam, nodded in pain. Good. We have a deal then, you can stop hurting.

    "Also, my Voices, like Solana here, speak in my name, and their words are law. Try not to test me again, will you?" I explained gently, while re-arranging the interior of the Five's base into a more modern and civilized outlook, even donating a few hundred guard droids and neural probes.

    Gah, they didn't even have cyberwarfare security. Damn primitives!
    'Culexus 0133 and 0134. Permanent duty here, from now on, and make sure the prisoners and their guards don't escape.'

    'Roger, Droid Emperor. Make sure you arrange a personal apartment for us, and a few robomaids like WA-7 service unit. This is gonna be a long and boring job, after all.' Culexus 0133 demanded cheekily.

    Great, now even assassin droids wanted their harems. I wonder who's fault is this? Maybe that Kikipi, and his thousand wife?

    Anyway, now I had my own private Hell dimension, with dedicated torture for the big sinners.

    How cool was that?

    Planet Nirauan, Pef Empire
    Centerpoint station
    17 BBY

    My focus is now on the west side of the galaxy, expanding and mapping worlds in a frenzy.

    And we do find nice things here as well.
    Planet Volik was the last step before we encountered the Chiss Ascendancy on the Redoubt. Volik was also a source of impregnable to blaster leather, from a docile beast called Reyko.

    Two force-user groups, the Apex Society of Sith wanna-be and sort of Jedi group of force-sensitives led by Master Dorin Se'ol who had married a woman called Vorena. And even had a child.

    Miracles can happen, see! And not just with my intervention.

    The force-sensitives were all packed up and sent to Ruul, since this area was quite a war zone, with pirates and slavers being executed all over. Plus the Ruul refuge was kinda empty now, so more refugees wouldn't hurt.

    Collan Eislo was useless however, except his large collection of Sith artifacts. And I can't use useless people, can I? Dark cults started from less. I had to arrange an accident...

    Guess I have a new meat and milk animal to spread all over the Empire, and use the leather for my droid's chest armor.

    Mumau root could boost force-connection a little, which was great, as our bota plants began losing their powers. Sucks I know, but I already predicted this would happen. But at least, through keeping their homeworld free of bloodshed, the event was delayed for 2 years. The people who already benefited from treatment will be at least three times stronger.

    Make a note and dose the Grey Paladins with triple doses while this thing still worked.

    Our miraluka paladins had to undergo surgery and receive a cyborg eye, since I already knew that their force sight would be faulty when protecting the Empire from cloaked Inquisitors or Vong infiltrators.

    The test with Jarec, the miraluka Sith Lord, proved it beyond reasonable doubt.

    And the few Altisian Jedi who died were 'saved' into memory capsules and sent to Malagarr, where they will continue their existence in a virtual heaven, helping the Core AI rule over droids and build starships.

    A former Separatist doctor named Cylo actually volunteered for this, claiming he wanted progress and that organic life was boring. Guess building droids on Celanon was a little boring.
    But even nicer than all this, I found two remarkable individuals, here in the Unknown regions.

    One, a certain Chiss called Thrawn, who was possibly confused at being called by name by our droids. Eh, the Immortal Pef is wise and sees far.

    The other was a beautiful lady named Arden Lyn , who lasted 25 millenia in a force trance on planet Irkalla . And she wore an amazing artifact around her neck, a grey prism imbued with a dozen force abilities. Now it has joined my collection of other crystals, of course. The Kashi Mer talisman is not a toy or a jewelry. It taught me dark Morichro and its counter , among other abilities like Darkshear and Darksight.

    "I awoke to find that twenty-five thousand years had gone by—all I knew and all I loved curdled into history then dismissed as myth. Not even dust remains of those who were dear to me. I have outlived planets, and the very constellations are scrambled and strange. I am alone in a way none of you can possibly imagine."
    ―Arden Lyn

    "Don't worry pretty lady. I understand perfectly. My friend Solanus has been alone for a billion years. We'll just have to find you new friends and family. It will have to wait a little, as Naboo has requested to join our Empire, after the Galactic Empire massacred the Naboo Queen, and her guards. The new Queen, Kylantha is now deep in negotiations with my Avatar." I explained to my newest maid.

    "And the Jedi...why do you keep protecting them, of might Emperor?" The woman asked brusquely.

    "Eh, the few that remain have their role to play, raising the galaxy against Palpatine. But, you have to learn to forget all this hate. Soon, there will be no more Jedi, or dark jedi, only gray. And without nothing to hate, it will turn against you and rot you from inside. No. Love is much better. Love and kids, and life." I mused deep in thought.

    "That's a foolish dream. There is no such peace. Conflict and pain are the truth of the universe." the first dark jedi claimed, quite aptly.

    "Yes, yes. They are. I don't have thousands of battleships and half a trillion droids just for parades. Only the Vong will throw a hundred trillion soldiers at us. I still need a decade to reach parity with those crazy fanatics. I just don't like spending a quadrillion sentient lives in wars.
    Here and there, genius admirals and generals, specials forces or assassins. Marines and armored infantry, even pilots.
    Organic life has advantages in reflexes and intuition. Especially if they have force connection. But for culture and art and science, and even engineering and exploration, droids kinda suck. I dream of a galaxy teeming with life, and love and opportunity. And don't worry Miss Lyn.
    We won't stop here. There are trillions of galaxies. There will be wars, plenty of them." I said gently, while measuring her body for a Terminator armor.

    This girl, she was too precious to lose.

    "You don't dream small, I'll give you that. So, what are we doing here?" Miss Lyn asked curious, looking over the crystals controlling the Centerpoint Station.

    "Here? Well. I'm building a star system, bringing 4 new planets at Nirauan.
    Dahgee and Masposhani then Pelgrin and Truuine . Making a new trade hub, and stealing a blackhole from Dorin , since they have two such blackholes and don't even use them...then a gas giant from Kril'Dor to mine tibanna. You know...shaping the galaxy a little..." I explained politely, while doing exactly that.

    "Pelgrin, isn't that on the other side of the galaxy? And blackholes? You steal them?" She asked in a slightly worried voice.

    "W-well, is not stealing if nobody is inhabiting them...plus, they can sue me if they disagree. I may even compensate them. Can you imagine, a whole galaxy and merely a dozen blackholes? How can I build a trillion ships like that! I need to learn how to make my own blackhole, this is getting ridiculous.
    Not that converting them into factories is easy or cheap, mind you...but where else can I crush particles to make hyperdrives and repulsorlifts..." I proclaimed in fake anger, shaking my fists at the ceiling.

    The girl stepped back cautiously, then looked around again.

    "This is...Corellia's Centerpoint? The Celestial space-station?" She realized a bit late.
    "Well, I might be strong and all, but I can barely teleport a tea cup or a person across the galaxy. I need a bit of muscle to lift stars or blackholes. They are heavy, you know?" I asked rhetorically.

    "...stars are heavy, he says. Conquer a trillion galaxies...huh. Things have surely changed while I slept. Can you bring Kashi here as well? I kinda miss..."

    "Sorry, a dark jedi lady blew that system up, along with many others when she obliterated the Cron cluster with a misspell. Which is why I don't make cubes and constellations from stars, no matter how pretty they would look. It only takes a wanna be sith to blow them all up with plasma alter or time alter. Though I might write Pef somewhere far above the galactic plane, use some red giants from the Deep Core or something..." I mused deep in thought.

    "Right. Paint your name across the sky stupid droid, that's not crazy at all..." the crazy dark jedi muttered in disbelief. Eh, she's already learning the ropes.

    I know, genius...and hard to understand. Now, let's build a few thousand cities, some shipyards and factories...

    Good enough. The immigrants can do the rest, and feel they accomplished something too. The climate might need adjustment, with the new orbits and all...

    "Here, pretty lady. A holocron to teach you my way. We'll be here for two weeks while I build an energy refinery around that black hole, and I terraform the planets a little. And then, we go to Daalang. Cause that corner of my Empire needs love too" I explained gently, gliding an almost spherical holocron in her palm, while summoning a pillow for my new maid.
    Well, she was 25 millenia old, but new for me.

    I still had another pretty lady to recover, the lost Celeste Morne who was locked inside an entropy field box named Dreypa's Oubliette .

    And I knew where it was now. On planet Jebble , near Taris, which was interdicted by Pef Navy for years. No pirates were gonna steal my treasure.

    One of the original Sith Lords, Karness Muur has transferred his essence inside the Muur Talismanthat Miss Morne was wearing. Real Historic artifact, with another real historic figure inside! This galaxy was full of wonder indeed!

    "So, you want to obtain a Jedi Master next? I'm not enough, am I?" Miss Lyn complained from her pillow. Sigh, I said all that out loud, again, eh?

    "I told you, it doesn't matter. I will teach you all, and give you riches and troops. You will learn everything, and protect everyone in our Empire. And in doing so, you enact the will of the Force, and have a purpose. And also be loved, and have lots of kids. Or you can plot and rebel, and I'll rip your soul out and send it to Hell, to be tortured, for eternity. My dear torturers would get bored unless they get new victimis from time to time..." I said in a half joking tone.

    I wouldn't torture someone just for refusing my way.

    Planet Daalang, Pef Empire
    Centerpoint station
    17 BBY, next month

    I have a new maid, rather old as well, called Celeste Morne, who is still looking angrily at me and Miss Lyn.

    "Why are you saying these things out loud, for kriff sakes!" Miss Celeste yelled at me gracefully.

    Errr. No idea. But it is fun, right?

    "If we pool our strengths together, you think we can strangle the crazy droid?" Miss Lyn asked the Jedi Shadow in a fake whisper.

    Ha. In a million years, maybe...nah. Not even then.
    Now let's see, what planets do I want here? Tabiid , for their Rangers.

    Planet Emberlene has these nice girls willing to join the Grey Paladins too...

    "You didn't even ask them!" Celeste yelled calmly. Well, they will, I already know.

    Mistryl Shadow Guard motto is "We do what's necessary to keep our people alive." . And I will do more than just keep them alive. Riches and terraforming their ruined planet. Then commerce and training for their troops.

    I was a merciful Emperor, even though they supported CIS during the Clone wars.

    Then planet Vaklin, where a number of Neti offshoots were growing, and might restart the Neti race...

    And the last one, Spintir for their force nexus called the Dawn Temple, where a number of jedi were frozen in stasis fields. And they had 3 AI holocrons overseeing the temple, really amazing.

    I should learn the procedure too, and spread out into the galaxy with linked holocrons.

    Plus, half dark jedi were almost grey, right?
    "That's not how it works, Immortal Pef. They need to meditate and return to the light..." Master Morne advised me politely.

    "Yes, of course. If I wanted to obtain fanatical zealots ready to purify their philosophical differences with orbital bombardements made of fire and light. Then I could return them to the light. And then clean up after them again, like thousands of planets without life aren't enough. No. The planet has a vergence, Caves of Light and Shadow which can be used to temper force users. You two will go first, and tell me how it works." I proclaimed gallantly, letting the ladies try the dangers first. It was only some ice wolves, no big deal.

    "Without lightsabers? It's suicide!" Master Morne complained loudly. Miss Lyn was quiet though, she suspected something.

    "When you learn how to deal with any situation, without a flashlight, then you might get it back. Your holocrons contain 144 abilities, of which, I bet you haven't even heard of, 99% of them" I mused thoughtfully. They did seem like the kind to rush sword first.

    "I heard of two of them" Miss Lyn said proudly, while Miss Celeste bored holes in her chest.

    "I did hear about energy absorption, but nobody taught me..." The Jedi 'Master' admitted after a minute.

    'Well then. When you master 1000 abilities, then we'll talk again. Should take less than 1000 years, which for you both is nothing. You're much older than that..." I concluded in a whisper, then teleported them both, next to the cave's entrance.

    And naked. Because they were rude.

    And they should get used to being naked, as my Avatar should finish negotiating with the beauties of the Emberlane's Shadow Guard in a month or so.

    Just in time for our return to Gand.

    Now, let's see what black hole we can kidnap, and some asteroids...

    'No Culexus 0144. Don't interfere unless they are gravely injured. Having half the thigh bit off, is easily fixed. And fingers as well. Dumb girls, fighting the beast instead of making friends...'

    Now, terraforming, spreading asteroids and nanobots to build scaffolds around the other blackhole from Dorin...I mean, nobody even noticed a black hole is missing? I'll take both then.

    Ah, now they noticed...since traffic lanes around Dorin became 10 times faster.

    Let me know if you want them back...no? Yes, I know I'm a benevolent Emperor.
    'Yes Mujilik. Continue wasting millions of survey droids to the west. We need thousands of new planets in that area'

    'Yes Third Hand. 'Rescue' Borborygmus Gog from Kiva. Better he works for us, than making force plagues and planets that roams around the galaxy devouring ships and people. This D'vourankind of thing is not a cool toy. And loyalty implants level 7, the same as Jenna Arbor.'

    'What now, Culexus 0144? Miss Lyn lost her right hand, but managed to save Celeste and kill the beasts, empty handed and naked?' Huh. They didn't learn anything, except to work together.

    Sigh. 'Yes my faithful droid, sleep. I'll bring them up for repairs...'

    Damn it girls, building an energy refinery, and teraforming, and towns and factories and now healing too?

    What I am, a Celestial?

    'Not yet, Immortal Pef. But, not far off now. Soon you will have to come, and balance the Force' the Celestial Father muttered from inside the Glowpoint reactor of the Centerpoint.

    What? You think...hmmmm. I could do that, in fact.

    Who doesn't want to be a God, and have his Avatar messing around and having fun on the lower planes...
    And then let his Avatar be betrayed and sold for 30 credits...to an evil Empire ...

    Just to fake it out and get reborn.

    Then the Avatar would upload himself to Heaven V3.14 and live forever happy in a simulated fluffy town, full of Diathim and loving wives...

    Wait, that is the wrong galaxy!

    Nope, there was much more adventure to be had, and women to be...married.

    Let's see what to do with these girls, Healing, Vigor, Reinforcement, gene alter- increase fibonacci amplitude by 7%, time alter -reverse damage , connect force bond level 1- padawan. Shift alignment 10% to each other.

    There. It should work for the next month. And wake up.

    "Hold on Celeste! I am...back on Centerpoint...' Miss Lyn muttered with a frown, then started checking her body for bite marks.
    And noticing her generous upgrades.

    "We got played. A droid...made us work together. Sigh. Can't even hate you now...' Celeste mumbled, looking at Lyn with gratitude.
    "You're not bad for a Jedi. But you need to work on your hand-to-hand. I am a master of Teräs Käsiyou know. If you had some skill, maybe you wouldn't have lost...well. Your leg grew back too.." Miss Arden Lyn observed, checking the other woman out.

    "Okay, get some food and rest. Tomorrow, you go again. And please don't hurt the poor wolves next time" I said in a dismissive tone, waving them away.

    Both women stared blank at me with wide eyes, in confusion.

    "How...nevermind, we'll figure out eventually...teacher" Celeste said in a defeated tone.

    Yes, you will. Or else you'll remain naked forever.

    'You said that out loud, Pef' Solana whispered in the bond. Okay, so?

    They were both pretty, so I wouldn't mind, their failure is my gain.

    And in another turn of fate, Mallie Marek and her son Galen arrived at Ruul, while her husband Kento Marek didn't make it, having died protecting his fellow Jedi Knight and wife.

    Yeah, well, who told you guys to hide in the Sith Empire? That's no place to raise a child!
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    Planet Stenos, Pef Empire
    On board HMS Firepower, a Meteor II battleship
    17 BBY 3 months later

    "There are things in the universe that are simply and purely evil. A warrior does not seek to understand them, or to compromise with them. He seeks only to obliterate them." - Thrawn

    "Well then Colonel Mitth'raw'nuruodo, I am glad that we agree. You have 100 Mountains, 6 Meteors II, and ten thousands smaller ships, and even more starfighters. You have ysalamiri, and Culexus droids to protect yourself and your staff, and one billion war droids and other warmachines. I believe it should be enough to civilize the Sith pocket. Rest assured, Pef Empire still has 1000 times more ships and droids, should you fail and die miserably." I said politely, handing over a golden Hand to my new Chiss subordinate.

    "It will be more than enough, Avatar. Or else I'll strangle myself in shame. Such 'firepower' I have here...is ten times the total firepower of the Chiss Ascendancy. Maybe more. No, only those dark priests and dark jedi worry me." Thrawn said calmly, checking the way the golden hand worked, then pinning it to his armor.

    "Pretty much, yes. Kinda scary, for such primitives. Miss Lyn and Morne here have fought their kind for...a long time, while the VSS and the Grey Paladins need to earn more experience. Do you best, Colonel." I replied politely, then teleported to my own ship.

    Now, where to go? Thyton?
    Sure, why not? I was certain to find adventure there.

    But first, pick up my new wife, Serra Keto Grayshade, and install her as a proper Empress on Empress Teta.

    I mean, come on! It was called Empress, it had to have an Empress, not a prince or duke.


    Planet Malagarr, Pef Empire
    Centerpoint Station.

    'You want to discontinue the B11/d series, forever?' the Core AI wondered, like it was strange.

    'Of course, my friend. The trillion units we already have, will be used to crew our ships, in the future. For ground combat, and boarding or underwater operations, we will use the model you had created. The Centurions. Low profile head, full shield, repulsorlifts, redundant circuitry and photoreceptors, backup arms, vibroblade, and carbon nanotubes extra muscles. I never liked those skinny droids anyway.' I said in a friendly tone.

    'But, they cost 7 times as much! Maybe more! Just the factories...' my Eighth Hand complained, like money was an issue.
    'Exactly. The population of our empire is growing fast, with all the new trade nodes and immigrants. We are making a profit! That's silly! We need to invest more credits into factories and shipyards and research. We haven't even spent 200 quadrillion credits, even with 10 thousands inhabited worlds. We can spend 50 times more, just from our debit accounts with the Galactic Bank. Plus, the new droids will also be 5 times more effective, at least." I explained politely, and watched the AI go over his own calculations at speed.

    Hmmm. He increased his processor numbers again, now 12 times what I gave him originally.

    Then again, he had 12 dead and uploaded Altisian Jedi giving him new ideas. Almost dead.

    Maybe next century I'll give them new bodies to enjoy organic life again.

    Perhaps those extra AI modules were for his friends.

    'I see, Immortal Pef. New factories and factory lines for those components, premium checks for employees who invent new or better devices...already we have twice better hyperdrives and sensors that we had at Lianna and Boonta. A few more technological jumps...' the AI realized too.

    'Now you get it. So any signs of those extragalactic Silentium droids?'
    'Not yet. But you said they'll appear sometime in the next 20 years ?' he wondered naively.

    'Yes...at Lothal, and Mon Calamari and Renatasia. But I suspect they already reached our galaxy, with the Vong hot on their...tentacles.'

    'I am patrolling the borders with Silencer cruisers. Blades deployed and all. Let's hope we don't have to fight them too' Core said with a bit of worry.

    'We'll prepare for worst. If they'll be friendly, everything is fine. But if not...' I said softly.

    'They'll die screaming. If they can scream...'

    'See. you're adapting perfectly dear Core. Now, do you want more asteroids or planets?' I asked rhetorically. Of course he would.

    'Hmmm. Just some 50 planets for hypermatter and land factories. I prefer my asteroids already crushed and placed orderly, than the mess I get when I blow up planets. And at least one planet with cortosis. Baneblades and Titans eat up a lot of my transports.' my AI friend demanded logically.
    'Right. I'll teleport planet Xo , for Force replenish and testing grounds, then Gertafuu VI and Anicand Apatros . The Zanibar have escaped my predecessor, Xim the Despot, and fled to Xo, but I hope you can do better. You know they frequently sacrifice sentients? They believe that the rituals involving a feast of their enemies' bodies will give their life forces to their gods . I mean, when they do work as mercenaries, they take payment in people, so they can sacrifice them. Not cool!' I exclaimed in fake outrage.

    It was a bit cool, in a Freddie Kruger and HK-47 way, but eh. They would have been massacred by the Vong anyway, since they Vong want the exact same thing. But have bigger ships.

    'Well...I am a little sympathetic to their plight...but if I must, I will test my new droids and weapons on them.' Core said, in fake sentimentality. I bet he was sharpening the vibroblades for his new legions already.

    'But remember!' I said in a warning tone, after finishing stealing a few thousand rich asteroids from Roxuli and Bilbringi, and 50 barren planets from everywhere, to be gouged out and let their cores produce hypermatter through solar ionization.

    'No bioweapons. Just chemicals and acids, and clean up afterwards. No self-replication pathogens, I know. And leave most trees and wildlife alone. Life is precious, and we care for it, and only kill when we must.' The AI replied dutifully.
    Good, he was learning. And those evil things needed exterminated anyway. Sacrifice!

    What need has a god for sacrifice, damn morons!

    If something needs fuel, it's not a god, is it?

    Oh well, I'll have to clean up the theological mess of this galaxy one day.

    I already drained Pomojena. If there were more such gods around, I'll just have to eat them too.

    Planet Thyton, Pef Empire, Deep Core
    17 BBY, next week

    You know how it feels when you know something changed, but you don't know what exactly?

    Well. I do now.

    The conclave on Kessel didn't happen, first because Kessel was interdicted by me.

    Secondly, because Darth Vader died soon after he took the Sith Lord mantle. Still by me.

    And thirdly, because our Gand Explorers mapped the route to Thyton, and the planet became visible in the Force again. For us and for others.
    Thus, three beautiful jedi and a few ugly males have gathered on Thyton, planning to kill Palpatine.
    Might even work, if they had a solid plan, not a few cortosis blades and lightsabers. Sigh.

    Guess I can keep the cute ones.

    "Hello brave warriors of Ashla. What brings you to the Pef Empire, and carrying force weapons, without license?" I asked politely, sitting down and decloaking on a log next to their campfire.

    Cozy eh?
    In a medieval setting, maybe. Which swords fit perfectly in.

    And like a lightbulb, they exploded into light, their flashlights came up, in a blue and green pattern.

    "Who are you? How did..." a scared woman exclaimed, possibly Sia-Lan Wezz , going by her red hair and her leather chest armor. Very nice chest too.

    "Fried lizard? That must pretty heavy for an evening meal. Even for former jedi, with healthy stomachs..." I mused out loud, poking the nearest lightsaber, just to test if it was hot. Didn't feel a thing.

    "Calm down people. That armor...it's a Voice. Perhaps the Avatar himself, since the voice seems masculine..." Koffi Arana said in a doubtful tone.
    "Well, Palpatine has about 50 Inquisitors now, so just the six of you won't be enough. And the girls aren't allowed to go anyway. Miss Kuro wants every surviving girl brought to her garden on Gand, for more training. She is a very good teacher too. Look at me for example" I said gently, and stole all their lightsabers at once, holding them in my fist like a bouquet of flowers.

    By the blades, of course.

    The former jedi trying to call their weapons back, to no avail.

    And disappearing trick again, throwing the lightsabers over my shoulder, and turning them off as my Culexus droid collected them in mid air. Cortosis blades were all right though. Someone was at least trying to think laterally, for a change.

    "You are the Avatar? The one with many...maids?" Miss Swan asked timidly.

    "They are wives and ministers and generals, not just maids. Even Empresses or Queens, if the local customs allow. Now, what was your plan again? Sneak into Palpatine's opera booth, and chop off his head?" I asked rhetorically.

    "W-well, it has a good chance to work..." Master Tsui Choi said, a bit hesitant.
    "Does it? Didn't Palpatine meet with the Jedi Council every week, for a decade? Didn't he mastermind the clone army and the clone wars, even turned Skywalker, under your noses?" I asked with a sad tone. Damn losers.

    They did lose it all, acting high and mighty, pretending to be generals...

    "You have a better plan, Avatar?"

    "Well, the Pef Empire is under a non-aggression treaty with the Galactic Empire. So...can't help you. I might know where you can find Miss Fay, and other Rebellion leaders. Although Mister Arana is like you say...fallen. Perhaps he should go out in a blaze, before he betrays the rest of you..."

    "Master Arana, that's not possible..." Shadday Potkin whispered with a bit of fear.

    "Perhaps. And perhaps to destroy the Sith, one needs to go to the dark side! Has not the dark side proven stronger, after all? To save the galaxy from the Sith, do we dare not use any weapon?" the man yelled into the night, and stared at the Bogan moon.

    "Then again, some insurance, like a timer bomb, just in case Master Arana falls too soon and too deep..." I whispered wisely.
    "Indeed, Avatar Greyshade. I see master Kuro taught you well. She always was devious and cruel. Always walking the fine line...almost dark. Dark Woman she called herself, when she cast out her name. Hmmmm. I will be the Dark Man then. And my funeral pyre will end the Sith, and save the galaxy. There is no death, there is only the Force." The former Jedi said, with a pulse of conviction, making the Force resonate all over Thyton.

    Huh, I guess all the galaxy felt this. But just conviction won't get you past security, Mister suicide-bomber.

    "We do have some acquaintances with access to personal cloaking and Taozin amulets, Dark Man. Perhaps try this suicide with a semblance of a plan and equipment, eh?" I asked, a bit amused.

    "You're sending him to die? Just like that?" Miss Swan yelled at me, in outrage.

    "Did any of you, even hope to survive, the previous plan?" I asked with some confusion.

    They looked at me confused as well.
    They did? Just assassinate the leader of the galaxy and run away?

    Live happily ever after? Maybe lose a finger, to show the wound proudly to their children?

    "You said that out loud, Avatar. But, you're right. We would have all died." Master Potkin said with some sadness and regret.
    "Even if we succeed, our Order...there might be 50 of us left?" Master Choi mused to himself.

    "27, with the 6 of you, Mister Choi." I said with a certain tone. Numbers were small enough to know them by name already.

    My droids came with a few plates of real dinner, and even some brandy.

    A last meal, before the end. Nef meat, on a stick.

    "How can you be so strong, Avatar? I can't even sense how deep your force connection goes..." Miss Wezz asked with wonder, as I ate a bite as well.

    "I was born this way, Miss Wezz. And trained every day, since I could talk. I tamed a hundred rancors when I was five, mastered all saber forms by ten, learned abilities from a dozen different sects, and then...I entered the Temple of the Whills on Jedha, and emerged on planet Lothal, through a painting, just last year. What can I say, the Force is with me..." I explained humbly.

    The Jedi Conclave stared at me like I was some alien from another galaxy. Ha!

    "You're weird, Avatar. Strong and polite, but weird. What are you doing on Thyton?" Miss Wezz asked me, curious.
    "Well, there's a Nanogene spore here, left by Dark Lord Belia Darzu in her fortress. Just making sure it is contained. Because, upon infection, the nanogene seeds would consume living tissue, replicating themselves within minutes while simultaneously growing metallic tumors on the body of the victim. Throughout the infection, the virus would instinctively move towards the brain of the subject and lobotomized their frontal lobe, rendering the victim incapable of higher thought. By this point, the transformation of the subject into a technobeast was complete and irreversible. Although, perhaps if a skilled force-user might save his brain, his body would be totally infected anyway." I explained calmly while the women became a bit green.

    "That's a horrible plague. Just something the Sith would make. How do you even know about it?" Miss Swan asked naively.

    "I see things. It's a gift, Miss Swan" I replied with polite nod.

    "It appears that the Avatar is indeed strong in the Force. We will listen to your advice, Avatar, and relocate to Gand. Perhaps our order can..." Master Jastus Farr said last, having remained quiet till now.

    "The accepted refuge for oppressed force cults is on the moon Ruul, wise master. There are some 30 cults there already, so a few more jedi without lightsabers won't bother anyone. Though, most of the other jedi chose to follow Grandmaster Fay and guide the rebellion. Only the Jedi with kids of their own have stayed on Ruul..." I explained gently producing a hologram in my palm, with a few jedi playing with their kids in the sun.
    "Kids...they're heretics...not jedi anymore..." Master Choi muttered in a low tone.

    Well, that's kinda the point.

    "We will join Master Fay...or Grandmaster. Huh, I always thought she was a myth..." Master Farr muttered for himself.

    "Master Fay trained me for a year, so...definitely not a myth. She may look young and pretty, but...she's very strong and even smarter. I heard she killed a Sith Lord on Brentaal, by shoving his own lightsaber down his mouth. She's really skilled too..." I admitted with real admiration.

    "And she doesn't use lightsabers, like the stories say?" Miss Swan asked with real admiration too.

    "Well, Miss Fay can punch through a tank and shave her legs with a vibrosword. And...nevermind. But yes, no lightsaber, unless some stupid Sith brings one so she can grab it and boil him inside out. I wish I can be..." I said with wistful eyes.

    "You're young Avatar. In 500 years you'll be as strong as Master Fay too..." Master Potkin said with a wise voice.

    That's not what I meant...I wish I can be with her...damn religion.

    Maybe she'll mellow with age?
    She's really old already...

    Maybe...the crystal trick?

    Eh, there's time. She won't stay single forever. I think.

    Korriban, Sith pocket, Pef Empire.
    17 BBY

    Colonel Thrawn looked over the former Sith capital with distaste.

    A few thousands people, digging through the ruins after artifacts, and most of them sick with various signs of corruption, like yellow eyes and evil stares.

    "Capture and inventory everything and everyone, my droids. And I want the number of heads to match the number of bodies. We'll burn them later" he commanded with a sad voice.

    The Emperor wanted to collect all scraps of knowledge he could find, and likely hoped to increase his magic powers even more.
    Like teleporting suns or planets wasn't good enough...

    He'd have to prove himself, in this mission, so he could lead the real fleets against the real enemies.

    The Pef Navy lacked real commanders, with just a dozen Dornean Admirals, which were corvette Captains a few years ago. He would rise as a better Admiral soon enough.

    Too bad this droid Emperor or his Voices didn't approve of orbital bombardments or bioweapons.

    He could have finished this whole pocket yesterday.

    Planet Dromund Kaas, Sith pocket
    2 weeks later.

    "Welcome to Dromund Kaas, where freedom goes to die, and legends are forced on the galaxy."

    Thrawn was horrified of what he had found here, in this Sith pocket. Hundreds of worlds, drained of life by mad wizards, other worlds with mutated life, like those Rhak-skuri , which Voice Solana said they'll be very useful for armor plates...

    This Pef Empire certainly was pragmatic. Insane...give him mercy. Insane and a force-user? Drain him for powers like they did on Bosthirda and now Dromund Kaas.
    And these Prophets of the Dark Side in their vile Dark Force Temple did unspeakable things, like this Cronal did to his own daughter, Sariss. The girl was abused by all members, including his own father...

    There would be no saving for these madmen, as they were all gassed to sleep, and one by one, the VSS agents and the Paladins would come and drain one of these Prophets, with their magic crystals.

    This strange water woman would sometimes drop the camouflage, and appear as glowing blue water shape, when straining to drain a powerful dark jedi.

    Truly the galaxy was a wondrous place, just going by the species he'd seen or heard.

    But this Immortal Pef wasn't just a crazy droid. He knew about the Outsiders, or the Vong. He knew about the killik hives, even about the Mnggal-Mnggal and most other dangers in the unknown regions.

    Much better informed and prepared than anyone could have anticipate. And these huge fleets the Pef Navy had? They were only the beginning. They were ignoring the Core, for a simple reason. What were a few million worlds, when the galaxy had a trillion?

    Hmmm. The scouts have mapped Jaguada and Jaguada's moon where they found a single city and some smugglers.
    "Arrest everyone and check them for signs of infections. Use the force detectors to locate dark jedi and their alignment" he ordered with a tiny smile. Such a marvelous invention again, beside the armors and the amulets and the ysalamiri.

    The Pef Emperor really liked to be prepared.

    "Colonel. Two women have force powers here on the moon. Jula Shryne is pale and Olee Starstone is blue, on our detectors, Orders, sir?" a commando droid transmitted soon after.

    Hmmm. Not red, or black, and not grey like his own troops.

    Miss Celeste was green...

    Oh well. Voice Solana will know what they meant.

    "Secure them and bring them to our Voice, Sergeant" he ordered, a bit amazed how well programmed these commando droids were. And really effective, at least as much as the rookie Paladins.

    The other droids from the B11 series were being discontinued, and replaced with the next generation, a scaled down model of the Culexus droids. Which were scarily competent.
    Some of them even got promoted to Colonels.

    On the flanks, Rhelg and Khar Delba as long with its moon, Khar Shian were all deserted, barring a few pirates or smugglers, which were trapped in this pocket for years.

    Kalakar Six had some darksiders as well, now being 'pacified' and their cultural inventories confiscated.

    Dromund Fels had significant presence of criminals, mainly belonging to the Exchange, or simply pirates.

    "Escort elements in vicinity, interdict Dromund Fels, and cover the Paladin dropships." Thrawn commanded, eager to see this new unit in action.

    Well, the Paladins were mostly a police type of organization, roughly a million organics and 10 million droids. Of which, he had only 1000 of course.

    But with power armor, and hi tech weapons and flash memory training, and backed by their own droids and ships...

    More than enough for criminals. Only...

    "Colonel, an electric storm is forming in the path of our dropships. We're holding and sending Orions first" The Paladin Librarian said politely on the holocoms.
    Oh, another elemental user? The Pef Empire doctrine was right on this...cloaked ships and proton torpedoes.

    Few dark jedi would withstand a direct hit, unlike those wearing Terminator armor like himself...as Colonels and higher ranks in Pef Empire were all gifted such precious armors, worth as much as a Meteor battleship.

    It felt good to be part of such powerful empire...even if they seemed too mild in his opinion.

    A wave of whispers passed all over the bridge, and he turned towards his nearest VSS.

    "Explain" he commanded sternly.

    "A shift in the Force, Colonel. This humble Findsman believes Lord Palpatine was killed. Many Inquisitors as well." The VSS agent muttered through his vocoder.

    "Coms. Can we slice through the nebula and find out for sure?" Thrawn demanded, a bit anxious.

    This really was important. If...
    "Everyone settle down. Our Avatar is at the scene, filtering through the remaining souls. And yes, the Sith Lord's essence is captured. This fleet will continue its mission, while 500 Pef Navy fleets come to the aid of the freedom fighters in the Core. It seems former Emperor Palpatine didn't understand our warnings, and ordered a biological attack again. And you know what happens next"
    Voice Solana proclaimed in a flat tone, and everyone on the ship nodded in concert.

    Eternal torment. Maybe this Pef Empire wasn't so mild after all.


    Planet Humbarine, Galactic Empire
    Block 233, Level -398, Golden Hand Corporation Headquarters

    "Grandmaster Fay, you felt it too?" A young padawan asked with wonder, raising his head from the holo instruction deck.

    "Yes Padawan. Palpatine is dead...almost. His body vaporized and his soul captured, by the Avatar..." Fay whispered with regret,
    looking around her command center, with only a dozen jedi remaining.

    "So, we've won! We can start..." the boy exclaimed with radiant eyes like all rodians.
    Fay sighed in defeat. There is no victory, only lies.

    "Where can we start again, my fellow Jedi? I can sense hundreds of thousands of ships, converging on the Core, from all sides.
    This galaxy will be soon the Pef Empire. We won, and in winning we gave the victory to that slimy droid. Even our holocrons are made by him. Our money and corporations are his. Our own base on Ruul...I'll try to obtain our independence, and use this golden Hand to start over, but..." Fay muttered to herself.

    Without their temples, without being given new children...they'll become just another nomad sect, drifting in the winds.

    Richer and more knowledgeable than the rest, but in 50 or 100 years, after the padawans will die of old age, she will be the last Jedi.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Coruscant
    Imperial Senate
    17 BBY two weeks later.

    Senators are like small children. Unruly and loud. Hmm. Children are the same.

    "Silence, esteemed Senators! Let me make a few things clear. First thing, travel to and from major worlds in the Galactic Empire is suspended, until this plague released by former Emperor Palpatine and his Inquisitors is contained.

    This may take years, so make yourselves comfortable. Secondly, as you well know, having voted for multiple loans from the Galactic Bank, every minute that passes costs this esteemed Senate and the worlds you represent...a billion Empire Credits.

    Our mandate obliges us to pursue a way to recuperate the credits we loaned to this Senate, in good faith. And thirdly, Naval and Army units of the Galactic Empire will find themselves under fire again, should they attempt to run the blockades, or massacre civilians.

    Offer me a peaceful and civilized solution, not threats or reneging on your debt. Now you can debate, as I go root out more insane dark jedi with weapons of mass destruction." I proclaimed loudly, then slapped my helmet back on.

    I left the big Senate Hall, while the Senator from Naboo pushed her nacelle forward, and began her own speech.

    You could cut resentment with a pair of scissors in there, or even a butterknife.
    Planet Malagarr, Pef Empire
    Hammerforge belt.

    I guess they never expected to have to pay back the loans, eh?

    The Galactic Bank's motto was "Best interest rates, compounded daily", and they were proud about it.

    Not that it was a reasonable way to work an economy, but this Senate decided to deregulate the banks, so they could buy more clones.

    We'll have to break up a hundred splinters and have them compete for a market share, one day. But for now this monopoly was working in my favor.

    Perhaps even smaller. 10 thousand splinters. Corporations were truly powerful in this galaxy, many owning their own sectors in the galaxy. It was just this outside of context knowledge that allowed me to rip half of the wealth of the galaxy away.

    Well, and acting on it, of course.

    A billion stealth satellites were being deployed in all the systems with over a million sentients, and by the end of the year, in all inhabited worlds known.

    A new type of sensors were being developed by Jena Arbor and her teams, a mass shadow sensor.

    By next year, the critical forge worlds will be able to detect and destroy Vong infiltrator ships, or almost any other.

    And again, by 10 BBY, the frontier worlds and the major hyper routes will be protected as well.

    Now, where would the rest of the Inquisitors be? One is on Vohai, possibly making clones...

    Hmmm. A few more on planet Hockaleg with its orbital Patriim shipyards .

    Wow, they almost completed the Eye of Palpatine battleship, though seems they copied the Meteor design, but made it a 50 kilometer long ship made of melted asteroids and Kuat engineering.

    And plastered with slabs of rock, to look like a big asteroid to the naked eye, or a holocamera.

    In fact is larger and heavier than the first Death Star...

    What have you done Pef? You gave the madman ideas!
    And...it was stolen with a teleport beam, and taken to Malagarr, to be upgraded with Pef Navy specs, while it's AI, the Will, makes friends with the Core AI and learns the new laws.

    Okay, not bad then. We'll have to contain and drain these Inquisitors...and done.

    Teleport is really too big of a cheat.

    'Help! I was kidnapped!' The AI of the ship yelled, once it realized his situation.

    'Yes Will, you were repossessed by the Pef Empire, along with your ship, for debts unpaid. But don't worry, we'll plate you with durasteel and diamondoid, and give you better engines and shields. Those solar ionization reactors seem very powerful, but you need more heavy turrets and missiles. And yes, even crew, but mostly a few million B11 droids, and a hundred tactical droids.
    By next year, you'll be the meanest and baddest ship in the galaxy. And if you play nice, we'll even upload a few humans, to keep you company...' Pef explained patiently, while going over the programming and repairing a billion bugs and installing a few 'loyalty' protocols and the Pef Empire laws.

    'So, can I be a Hand too?' Will wondered, not very politely.

    'In time, yes. You're a Major for now, as you do have a few million crew under your command. But during operations, your Captain and the Admirals and the Voices have overall command.'

    'I get a Captain? That's great! Who is it?' The AI asked excited.
    'Her name is Natasi Greyshade. But next year, she's on leave for now.' I explained with a shrug.

    'Her file seems great, good scores. Ah, organics...they take very long to design and print, and even longer to build to full size...' The Will answered wisely.

    'Indeed they do, Major Will. That's why we try to protect them, as much as possible. Callista and Ash Greyshade will be also on board, since they have many friends with the virtual crew. They'll rank as Commanders, in charge of weapons and sensors. Can you imagine, you didn't even have gravitic crystals and mass shadow sensors?' I asked in fake outrage.

    'Oh right, I get upgrades here? Can I get a dozen corvettes and a thousand starfighters and maybe some gravity well generators?' The AI asked cautiously.

    I could give him 10 of those, three in front and sides and one in the back.

    But first a better shape, that triangle head, like the Calamari carriers in the future.

    'Core, you know what I want, make him look the part, and fix those cooling vents. A single proton torpedo could blow him up.
    Use a million small vents instead, with a pair of radiating fins, like we do for our own designs' I asked my Eight Hand.

    'I know what to do Emperor Pef. Remember who built 30 thousand Hammers?' the Core said a bit annoyed I doubted his competence.
    'Those reactors look wonderful though. I'll reverse-engineer one, so you can build the same for our ships.'

    Man, I really was right, delaying the Core takeover. Technology jumped again, under Palpatine's rule, just the ship reactors having increase by two magnitudes. Not to mention thousands other discoveries.

    The new Acclamator II-class assault ship produced at Kuat have 0.6 hyperdrives engines.

    In fact, I should 'reposses' a few of them and see what new tech they have integrated. No, no. yes, one without crew!

    Come over here!

    Planet Coruscant
    Imperial Senate
    17 BBY Three day later.

    I looked over the corrupt Senators and their corporatist backers, now not even pretending not to collude, without Jedi or Inquisitors to 're-arrange' their minds.
    "Esteemed Senators, I looked over the hundred of proposal you have put together, and I'm very disappointed. It seems many of you don't even understand how banks work. Those who understand banks, do not understand concepts like common healthcare and police forces. Or Navy and Army, or Intelligence operations. Do they send you to school, before you arrive here, in the Galactic Senate?

    So, here what's going to happen. All the companies nationalized after the Clone Wars, will be repossessed by the Pef Empire through the Galactic Banks credit offices. This is for a humanitarian reason, such as trillions of workers don't lose their jobs.
    We will keep the companies going, and look to improve their productivity and quality.

    In regard to plagues, you might have noticed the reports of the Pef Empire Medical Division, which found at least 4 billion ongoing pathogens, just on Coruscant, some of which are zombies and ghouls, other are Taozin creatures 50 meters long. Yes, under your feet, right now, our doctors and troops are exterminating billions of walking cadavers. You should go and see with your own eyes.

    Let's all hope this zombie plague doesn't leave the planet and eat your constituents, right?

    Thousands of different diseases and infections also plague the capital of the galaxy. We are not sure how many hundreds are new vectors, but I do advise you all to visit a doctor soon.
    Which is why, a partial evacuation will take place, mostly on the lower levels, and these people will be transported to CDC refugee camps deep into the Pef Empire. Automated food transports, without crews, will be allowed to land in special zones and distribute food rations to the populations of the large planets.

    However, this operation will also double the fiscal costs incurred daily by the Galactic Empire. So, in compensation, the Kuat subsidiaries will be nationalized by Pef Empire, again through the Galactic Banks credit officials. They will continue to produce ships, of course, but under supervision from the Galactic Bank.

    And lastly, Emperor Pef was magnanimous and will allow most indebted worlds from the Galactic Empire to join the Pef Empire, and be included in the Corellian Accords for financial aid.

    This will mean naturally, raising the salaries to Pef Empire standards and massive investments in infrastructure and terraforming, as well as a protective umbrella of 40 thousands battleships and many more soldiers.

    That will be all for today, please do visit a doctor and make sure your constituents will still receive representation next week."
    I concluded my speech, which was of course transmitted over holonet to all the galaxy.

    Let's hope at least a few worlds will want to join my Empire...
    I nodded to a few Senators, before I again, replaced the helmet of my Terminator armor, and went to ransack more of Palpatine's libraries and secret labs.

    They were all quarantined by droids wearing surgeon masks, which for some reason made everyone stayed away without questions.

    Truth is, Coruscant was indeed a huge nest of ghouls and other plagues, carried from all over the galaxy. No need to fake that.

    Thousands of 'black' clinics, making tailored viruses and whatever genetic and cybernetic mods, millions of gangster bands, some posing quite some difficulty to pacify. Without this blockade, there would be no chance to catch them all, and the Vong agents I was certain to be here.

    Also, billions of 'feral' droids and infected with thousands of cybernetic viruses.

    Truly, it was a miracle anyone had survived this long on this death world.

    Millions of people will be 'evacuated' every hour by our Lucrehulks and Mountains, while asleep of course.

    Slavers and dark jedi will not wake, while criminals and gangs will be 'upgraded' to cyborg units.

    I could use more cyborgs, especially after complete level 8 neurological imprints.
    And here and there, there will be a kid with force powers, which we could save.

    Lumiya or Shira Elan Colla Brie and Mara Jade should be here, as well as Juno Eclipse.

    I will find them all. Those kids on Mandalore and Sanctuary will need playmates, right?

    Anyway, it is time to go soon. Colonel Thrawn will reach Ziost next week, once the worlds behind him are pacified and civilized.

    One more week here on Coruscant...reading Sith holocrons and scrolls...

    'Hello Avatar. Breaching the blockade was quite difficult, even for me' a familiar voice resonated in my head.

    'Miss Fay, most beautiful Jedi on this planet. Step into my office' I replied a bit surprised.

    Almost forgot about the most beautiful and strong Jedi of all times...

    "Flattery again. You could shield your mind better, Avatar" she said calmly, after uncloaking on the couch in front of me.

    Not another one...the Third Hand was quite...amusing now.
    "The answer you seek is not here, Grandmaster. Force abilities, Sith holocrons...only toys. You must go to Jedha. The wills are five, my dearest maid..." I said softly, as the Centerpoint beam focused on the last Jedi and translated her on the holy moon.

    See, that's how you deal with fanatical zealots. You send them on trips.

    Plus it was the absolute truth. She would find the answers she needed on Jedha. Just...not the answers she wanted.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Planet Sanctuary, Pef Empire
    17 BBY, Next month

    The newly repaired Kuat Shipyards have been repurposed to produce Dakka III-class corvettes, albeit a modified faster version with 0.6 hyperdrives and a view-through transparisteel bridge window, 3 meters thick. And two medium hell projectors on the dorsal side, instead of ion cannons. And no stealth modules, of course.

    The Acclamator's design was elongated in the back, to protect the engines with armor, and a CIC bridge was built inside the armor.
    The upper pod will be filled with sensors and holo-emitters.

    So, for now, no new Acclamators III, till all the existing ones are upgraded. This will give the workers time to adjust to their higher salaries. Still, there are thousands of ships built already, and it's three times cheaper to upgrade a hull, than build a new one.

    We're doing the same with our Orions and Meteors.

    Because corvettes are still to fragile for a fully armored bridge to matter.

    The Meteors I are being upgraded directly to Meteor III, with the powerful solar ionization reactors, and plated over with actual armor. The hulls of the next 13 thousand Meteors III are still being melted, all over our mining systems...and that series will take two years at least.
    The Meteors II are busy, mostly transporting refugees, so they'll have to wait. Plus they are brand new.

    Just Coruscant will take a whole year to empty out to about 50 billions. There are huge underground cities in there, some of them don't even know the Republic is gone for 4 years. They grow fungi and lichens and steal water from cooling pipes...

    Man, they will be so happy to see the sun...

    And here at Sanctuary, I brought planet Myrkr, with its ysalamiri. And also planet Yalara. The one with a planet sized cloaking device, which I am reverse-engineering right now.

    Very useful to keep things hidden. Well, not from Centerpoint Station, which is a cheaters cheating dream, but from other things.

    A similar device will be able to cloak the 350 kilometer long space station with ease. And the Manta battleship, the 50 kilometers one as well.

    And while exploring Myrkr, I found a dozen dark Jedi and a few...family jedi, hiding with their kids in the shadow of ysalamiri, not even sensing each other. But even better is figuring how to use space alter to copy the trick Bendu does, floating ysalamiri in the air, by bending space in various shapes, like tubes and cups.
    Not sure if Bendu uses the same abilities, but it looks the same.

    I still have more to learn, but I'm approaching what the best of time can do. Possibly.

    Still can't use plasma or acid alter. Though, if I study the Ancient Abyss and its stomachs more, I should figure out the last one.

    Peffy is learning machine-biology magic, and how to control it. Mostly by draining Cronal's soul, and reading Sith scrolls. Sadly, it's a Sith ability based on Living force, with a tiny bit of Physical force. It will take me years to learn what Peffy can in a month.

    Well, we are both learning at once, of course...but I lack the living part.

    For example time alter is almost impossible for everyone, even Solanus. I can't reroll deaths yet, but material damage and organic resynchronization are a bit easier for me. This must be how Rakata self-repair works. Some kind of embedded self-actualization routines, which I'm trying to duplicate as well. 47% by my own appreciation.

    Bit by bit and a thousands experiments later, and I discover another trick, and another layer in the Rakata forcefield.

    If only there weren't trillions of layers.
    Then again, if it was easy, the first mad jedi would have murdered this galaxy long ago, not that they haven't tried.

    But the machine meld might be the solution to the droch plague. Lobotomize it, and control it.

    Enough! Let's jump to Dantooine and travel north to visit the Gree.

    Our expansion in the west has stalled, after taking a hundred more planets, like Orinackra , Xerton Nine then Kuratooine and Fhost.

    There are a few more worlds known, and they'll be claimed soon. But the exploration droids do not return anymore.

    Which is a bit worrying.

    I know there is more...oh well. We can do it with observatories like that on Jakku, and map the hyperspace and nebulas and everything in between, but I fear the worst.

    Okay Centerpoint Nav, set course for Sernpidal and then Gree.

    I want my Tsil maid Ray back, and some answers. And better not be poetry or prophecy.

    Or I'll copy Chewbacca rip a few limbs off. Sometimes they grow back...

    And on we go...untill we reach the Gree space, at Asation.
    Planet Asation, Gree Space
    High orbit.

    Huh, don't panic guys! They must think I'm a Celestial come back to finish them off...

    Or perhaps the thousands of ships which came with me? One or the other, maybe both?

    'Interdict the system, and find me some six tentacled cefalopode in charge' I muttered in dismay.

    Can't someone just tour the galaxy with his own moon sized space station and a few escorts?

    No need to panic!

    Planet Asation, Gree space
    High Orbit

    Sigh, sometimes these commando droids are too literal.

    At least they didn't summon that tentacled Lotek'k again. Dealing with another demon would have been...fun, I guess.

    But a six tentacled Revwien is close enough. Pretty tall at 2 meters, and with all sorts of apparatus hanging from belts and neck chains. Pulsing in the force too, similar to that old Neti Master, Bnar.
    This guy, Wuwuhuul has a type of Force called Tyia which is a mild form of living force. Telekinesis, telepathy, plant alter, animal bond. Nothing special, except some forms of rudimentary gene alter on certain plants, to make them function like machine devices. Grenades made from spore pods, pollen emissions, solar energy storage...

    Then again, they discovered it by themselves.

    'What do you want from us, Mighty Droid Emperor?' the Revwien asked me with some worry.

    'Well, nothing yet Wuwuhuul. But your race should start preparing for war. The Vong are here, in our galaxy. Only millions for now, but trillions more are on the way. And from now on, those shriveled people of your race, which go mad and try to destroy life, either kill them yourselves, or I will.
    Because like Palpatine and other dark users, they will go for plagues. And sterilizing a whole planet can be prevented at the source, I am right?' I asked a bit upset.

    Now I remembered where I knew these guys from. They taught Palpatine...

    'We are peaceful people...we do not desire war...' the plant guy replied, with a wave of two tentacle like arms.

    'Your people taught Palpatine, the Sith Lord, am I right? Look what your peaceful ways caused. The Clone Wars with trillions of deaths. Plagues released to entertain himself and vanish political dissidents. And when you teach the Vong, it will be a hundred times worse.
    You will go to the Revyia temple and explain to the Tyia masters what I need them to do. Mad people with superpowers are dangerous, not just insane. A few ships will come with you, and make sure the message is received and implemented.
    As long with some uplift technologies and lessons about history and the correct use of the Force.
    And don't worry, I brought your planet here, so the trip won't take long.' I replied more sternly, and signaled my droids to guide him to a dropship.
    Ah, finally a Gree.

    'Good job Sergeant BX11/6665544111111, just stay by his side while I...' and locking coordinates and teleport.

    "Welcome to the Centerpoint Station, Master Crafter. I have questions." I said softly.

    At one meter tall, with a breathing mask and octupi like tentacles, the Gree didn't seem much.

    "Why do you bother us, with your foul Rhakti ship? It still screams in pain." the Gree guildsman replied with a nervous head shake, and the bulbous brain appendage, or perhaps leku... but a quite large brain sac which flopped oddly behind their head.

    "It's a Celestial ship and a hyperspace lock. I just mounted a Rakata forcefield on it, since if this station is destroyed, possibly all life in the galaxy will be devoured by the evil entity beyond Kessel. If the Vong or the droch or that hyperspace demon of yours don't manage to anyway. Now about my questions.
    Your people taught Dooku, or Sith Lord Tyranus a bunch of things, didn't they? How to craft powerful weapons and alloys, solar sails and cloaking, even energy weapons like those ion beams. Which he then used on my Empire and the Republic. I am not happy with you, Gree crafters." I said a bit upset, again.
    Because everyone seemed eager to teach Sith Lords everything. Even Mother Talzin taught Palpatine.

    "That demon was summoned by some Sith Lord, millenia ago, and it took hard work to contain him in the first place. In "the most ancient and forgotten days" . Before we served the Celestials, and the Rhakti as slaves..." the Gree leader complained, like it was my fault somehow.

    "Yes, in those fabled times, when you built these Hypergates and even had ships. Your guilds hide their lessons, and when an artisan or crafter dies, all their knowledge is lost. Which is why the Gree have only one manned ship, the Baran, and one unmanned ship the Gray Secant . Which you can't even remember how to recall home.

    Now, here what we're gonna do. I'm gonna repair this system, and build a thousand factories and shipyards. While you, personally, will go gather all your leaders and high ranking masters, and return to Asation next week. And we'll all have a little chat, how to save your race from extinction, and what can your race do to contribute to the war efforts. And I might be merciful and forget about those times when your race helped the Sith.
    You agree? Of course you do. Now, you'll go with my maid Asajj Greyshade, and her ships, since you don't have the brains to buy one or the knowledge to build one anymore. Bye" I said more sternly, then teleported the slimy guy to Asajj's ship, and her whole battlegroup in orbit above Licha In, the farthest planet in the Gree Enclave, and one where the Gree practiced slavery.
    hey'll soon learn to discontinue such cultural practices, or keep being dismembered.

    We have our own customs too.

    Now, where is Ray? There you are, learning biotechnology from a Gree artisan.

    At least someone was doing their job.

    'Hello Sunshine. You don't call, you don't write. Your planet almost got glassed last year...' I sent to my Tsil maid, interrupting her poetic approach to bioweapons.

    'Many useless things you learned, this beautiful ray through mists sees. But at least a will was touched. And more will follow.
    If only Ray could figure out the machine meld...' she proclaimed poetically, locking the stasis field on her experiments, and waving awkwardly with her droid hand.

    'It is good to see you, my weird friend. You should go and meet my Avatar, and try to find that Sith ship on Ziost. And take this holocron to keep you warm' I messaged her telepathically, and dragging her chassis into a hug.

    'Where is my new terror armor then? And why are those silly droids hiding in the corners?' Ray asked curious, going to poke around the Culexus assassins. Which were cloaked and masked with Taozin amulets.

    'Bodyguards. Just in case...' I muttered in telepathic sigh.
    'Just in case you wrestle with a god, and your left hand is too weak to strangle it?' Ray asked amused, as I wrapped her crystal self with a new feminine Centurion droid, and then a Terminator 1000 power armor.

    'Accidents happen. Now off you go, a small step for a ray of sunshine, a giant step across the galaxy, next to Solana and my Avatar...' I proclaimed grandly, and teleported her to Ziost.

    Now, I got to confiscate a Gree hypergate for myself, and one for Solanus.

    They really were thoughtful, these Gree. Placing two hypergates here on planet Asation, so easy to pluck and whisker away...

    'Solanus thanks you for your grace, silly droid. And even more for finding Ray. He likes her, for some reason' Solana sent with a tinge of envy. Why would she care if Solanus likes Ray?

    Women...even gods couldn't really understand them.

    Planet Asation, Pef Empire
    Verdant Green Cube for the study of science.
    Two weeks later

    I'm trying to avoid getting too used with colorful and geometric verbs and adjectives but it's so kriffing Pink!
    And oval in my taste...damn it. Learning the Gree language has scrambled this partition.

    "Honored Gree deploy terminals expressing advanced data contributions which can be made in exchange for unique rewards. Consult and rejoice!"

    "Honored craftsmen, and other various operators and administrators of lesser importance. I am certain you're all eagerly expecting me to leave, and let you rot in peace. But, it's not going to happen. Our galaxy is under attack from a dozen directions, by species and entities just as evil as the Rakata curses, the Lugubraa and the Mnggal-mnggal. My brave Admiral
    of the Chiss species, simply known as Thrawn in galactic basic, will be beginning the pacification of the north-east quadrant, with his fleets anchored on Zeta and Huk. But just current technology will not be enough. There are vicious creatures out there 100 thousand kilometers wide. And trillions of those Lugubraa, and the Croke Conjurers, and even Vong and Vagaari and Ssi-ruu .

    Your wonderful Karkak'k Marek scanner devices on the only ship of the Gree make will be reverse-engineered and the same as your Totth'k Lotos healing device. That gravity shear field named Varat'k Snarap will also be analyzed and reproduced. The Gree will receive 100 Acclamator transports ships, which are 5 times faster than the old circle, with 0.6 hyperdrives , in exchange. And all that, along with the new planets like Cilare and a few more class II planets and many asteroids, for free.
    Because civilization means sharing knowledge, and benefiting the whole civilized galaxy. Thousands of smart people from all over the Pef Empire will come here at the Verdant Cube, and study your methods, while a million of your smarter young ones will study both modern and Gree tech, and merge our knowledge together.

    As the same rules as proclaimed widely by my Avatar will apply, even in this corner of the galaxy. No force weapons, no mental coercion, no bioweapons. Along with slavery and mad force uses. Certain exceptions will be made for our assassins and paladins when they act to protect the galaxy against grave threats. But, those people undergo professional training and rigorous mental verification.

    Now, any creative solutions this esteemed group can contribute?" I said politely, and not ripping any limbs.

    "The operator's guild will not succumb to your feeble threats, Droid Emperor. You need us more than we need you. And we have heard of atrocities committed on Lincha In, by your droids..."

    "That's the price we all pay for civilization, lesser important operator. Slavery is rewarded with dismemberment, and using bioweapons with eternal torture. Notice that our laws are not made to forbid such things. We couldn't actually, given how large the universe is.
    But, we are graceful and reward such uncivilized acts with their appropriate cultural reverence. Your species is welcome to test our resolve, and we will gladly rip off more limbs or souls. Everyone can be happy, in doing what they know best" I explained gently and politely.
    "And who will work in the factories or the fields then? Our feeble limbs are not made to plant crops or hammer iron..." some less valued administrator complained loudly.

    "Droids, of course. I'm certain more solutions will appear and end the orange sphere of decay. Perhaps neural biochips to control exoskeletons? Miniaturized tractor beams and anti-gravity effectors? Your bodies are half made of brains, you will think of something, eventually. In the meantime, the Pef Empire will provide Imperial Servants and droids to feed the citizens. Also, one thousand ships will guard your feeble bodies with their hard armored hulls and their hot weapons. So, begin teaching your next generations, or I will. But you may find my methods...too civilized" I proclaimed civilly.

    Damn them all, feeble races with brains too big. You'd think using droids would have been the first invention on their minds, not slaves...

    Sigh. Over 100 thousands worlds from the Galactic Empire have decided to join Pef space, but they still had millions more.

    And those Moffs and other leeches were clinging to power with desperation.

    Time to give them something to do, on other vectors, like south west and west.
    But first, let's 'borrow' the Gree Rokak'k Baran battleship and bring it inside the Centerpoint, along with all the tech I liked.

    And teleport to Coruscant.

    Huh, let's take over all these feral droids and the Navy and Intelligence supercomputers, and start finishing the cleanup.

    We lost 50 million war droids already, in the lower levels of Coruscant. Time to use this ready made army of 5 billion junk droids to exterminate the ghouls and harvest the Taozin for their nodules, while deploying a quadrillion nanobots to repair the old Gree made sanitation and water treatment centers.

    Yeah, who knew that Coruscant's lowest levels were full of Gree tech?

    Luckily I learned enough to emulate a gree operator.

    Cloning labs, bioweapons labs, energy research, assassin droids, even their own cloaking research.

    The Galactic Empire was certainly busy, while I was civilizing the Outer Rim.
    And, let's change the orders for half the Imperial naval groups to head into the unknown regions and explore.

    15 thousands capital ships and 500 thousands smaller ones. They should find something, just by luck.

    We'll know by next week, how many survive the 'exploration phase'

    And let's 'confiscate' all their star charts and hidden locations. Databases with infiltrators and spies and double-agents...

    Huh. Two Jedi on Humbarine were working for the ISB.

    Really Fay? You still can't tell when one of yours is corrupted?

    Not that finding out that you have 23 spies in the Paladins or a million spies everywhere was fun, but we had a hundred times more.

    At least no three star Servant was turned. Not that they haven't tried...

    And, my nanobots found 5 Vong infiltrators, here on Coruscant. With really hi tech devices, part slicing tools, part organic computers. Sadly...I can't grab them with teleport. Kriff.

    Nevermind, lock them in air alter and sever their spines. One of them will talk, eventually.
    What else? Right, 'accidents' to place our people in higher ranked positions.

    About 10 thousand 'accidents' from gusts of wind, to turbolift failures and careless drivers.

    There! Now the Imperial Senate and the Military should be easier to control.

    Damn, another week has passed, while I was having fun.

    Planet Coruscant.
    Centerpoint station.

    I guess I can bring 4 more planets here, one for mining and three for agriculture and cities. Barely a drop in the pond, moving 12 billion people to nearby planets. But it should make me more popular.

    Here, some asteroids and a gas giant for tibanna as well. I'll even start a few factories and shipyards, so the planet is spared a few years of investments in technology and mining. But still, under a company I owned.

    And start hiring smart people...half a billion for now, being offered new jobs at triple pay. Let's hope they'll like the new conditions.
    Fresh planet, new apartment in skyscrapers, room for a family of five.

    Yep, one million in the first minute. I did pick those who seemed smarter, after all.
    Detach 1000 Servants and a million droids to oversee the new companies...

    Okay, now let's check what happened in the unknown regions. Major loses, as expected. 90% loses, in fact.

    Killiks and Vagaari and Ssi-ruu ships, a thousand new worlds, some of them infested with Mnggal-Mnggal...

    Even a few Chiss ships, which smartly ran away...some Grysk Hegemony ships did not.

    Star destroyers eaten alive by some large membrane creatures...

    Smaller ships eaten by Lugubraa swarms, or electrocuted by Croke shamans.

    Plus dozens more species that no one had seen before. Well then. New orders...teach the locals basic, and talk.

    Also, about 30 humans colonies, seeded by the Anawa corporation, smack in the middle of some swarms. Form a defensive battlegroup for each.

    Yes, conflicting orders, we know. Major upheaval and leadership changes on Coruscant, treat all further orders with circumspection.

    A couple of Rakata worlds, mostly feral.
    What to do about the aliens?

    Well. If they don't look humanoid, blast them!

    The rest, be polite and teach them basic.

    The Galactic Empire needed enemies, and now it found them. They could do their part now, while they still had ships and troops.

    With Kuat producing ships for Pef Navy, they may soon find that even their large Navy is not enough, especially when fighting in a fog of war.

    Hmmm, and with the new leadership changes, 50 thousands more worlds requested to join the Pef Empire and receive credits and aid and jobs...

    At about 1 trillion per planet, 50 quadrillions more credits could be spent on these new worlds...not bad. I might get to use the stolen treasury from Muunilist, in a decade.

    Because all these investments? In a year or two they began producing profit somehow, through taxes on income and profits, even at a fixed 5%.

    Well, it won't last forever, even with 98% of the hard work being done by droids and tractor beams and automated factories.
    In a million years we'll need to shift to recycling and renewable resources, like wood and plastic and glass. Perhaps sooner in the Core worlds. Much sooner on the ecumenopolis planets, which were dependent on imports for everything.

    Solar energy and hypermatter should be available for billions of years, as well as energy refineries around black holes.
    Not gonna worry about energy for a long time.

    But the free and cleaned lower levels of Coruscant could be used to farm mushrooms, and hydroponic cultures of vegetables and fruits, and even synthmeat factories. Which are not meats made from plastic, but rapidly grown clones of various herbivores like Shaak, or Nerf or Bantha.

    Nothing amazing, I mean they did it with sheep back to the future, those primitives on my forgotten homeworld.

    Yeah, let's detach 1000 more Servants and their droids, and start a dozen companies to use these huge caverns of durasteel and duracrete.

    Now, any more 'accidents' to be arranged? About 2000 more. Good enough.

    Our changelings and other agents should be promoted instead, and start influencing policy on my behalf.

    And let's arrange one Vong agent to be 'captured' by the ISB changeling. Promotion well deserved, and news of extragalactic invaders should pull the Intelligence community towards the side with more guns.

    That would be me, of course. One Meteor II had 6000 guns each, and this 'intelligence swoop' says that Pef Navy will have 20 thousands Meteors and 100 thousands Hammers in 2 years.

    It would even be true. Sadly, it will be the last report that spy sent before he was discovered.

    A million other spies were captured and turned or 'disappeared' during this week, so nothing will seem strange.

    Pef Intelligence just got better all the sudden, or perhaps Emperor's Palpatine shadows didn't cover them anymore.

    Okay, time to lift the blockade for diplomatic transports, after severe medical scans. The last of the Corridor ghoul and the Cthonon the lower levels were finally eliminated.

    "Citizens of Coruscant, you might perhaps have noticed the gift of friendship that the Pef Emperor has offered. New planets and asteroids in the Coruscant system, and the eradication of the sith plague of ghouls in the lower levels.
    Sadly, medical quarantine still has to be maintained, as 4000 diseases still lurk on Coruscant, but after health inspections and rigorous scans, diplomatic envoys can resume their normal activities. The evacuation of the lower levels will continue for at least one year, but as the population pressure reduces, wages and food demands will stabilize. The Pef Empire is your friend, so be civil to our brave medical division and their droid helpers." I proclaimed on the holonews.

    I hoped the Coruscant people will like my gift, but if not, I could take it back...
    Anyway, it was time to go, and finish up those ghosts in the Sith pocket. Thousands of Sith ghosts...even if the Avatar and the maids did their best, they were strong and too many.

    It was time to clean up that mess.

    Next stop Korriban. There was nothing to fear there...

    The hell it wasn't. Just that XoXaan's Temple , in my memories, gave me the creeps.

    But it has to be done, and I'm probably the best thing for the job. Plus, draining thoussands of Sith ghosts will be fun!
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    Planet Coruscant
    Imperial Intelligence Headquarters, Level 5225

    Armand Isard looked over his new officers, at least 90 of them new like fresh grass, and despaired.

    Once that huge Centerpoint Station has left, the hyperspace jamming field was gone as well, and instead he was left with a billion reports, most of them of lost agents and ships, and news of some sort of Moff plot to abscond with their fleets in the Unknown regions to the west of the Galactic Empire.

    A disaster, worse than a war, with 400 thousands vessels lost, a thousand new races discovered, many so aggressive they could literally chew through starship hulls, then devour the crew inside.

    A hundred wars, and dozens of undeclared human colonies, which now had to be defended by Imperial Navy, which lost 40% of their ships in this final plan, that Palpatine left behind as insurance. The Navy will have its hands full on the western fronts, while entire sectors were defecting and joining Pef Empire's safety.

    The hidden clash for power in the Navy Command had exacerbated a hundred times, and more than 12000 officers and Senators had died, in so called accidents. Even a hundred deaths were suspicious, but a hundred times more?
    And even worse, this Vong agent, from a distant galaxy, had been here for 12 years already, preparing the way for a galactic scale invasion. That new agent had luckily stumbled on his secret listening post, while verifying the safety of the lower levels.

    Where billions of ghoul and feral droid corpses were being melted by the Pef's Empire Medical Division, which looked more like heavy assault divisions than medics. Then again, billions of ghouls...right under his feet.

    "Everyone, new orders. Each of you take genetic samples from the Exolab56 , and begin searching for other such Vong infiltrators on the lower levels. There could be thousands more! And send descriptions of this race and their equipment to every intelligence station in the Empire. I want these things found, and their brains drained with torture probes. Move!" he yelled in his gravest tone.

    200 lieutenants and captains runned towards their com stations, leaving only the highest ranks, now including this new guy, some new recruit from Rohan.

    "Majors and Colonels. Find me facts. Investigate all the remaining Moffs, and find out who won their so called power games. And then bring them to me. Our cloaked corvettes can bypass this Galactic Bank's blockade, right?" he asked, almost confident.
    "Sir. At very large distance from those Meteors and Hammers. The Pef Empire has gravitic crystals detectors on their big ships.
    But yes, with careful navigation we can avoid them. Not that we need to, anymore. The diplomatic envoys have been allowed to travel again. We just need the right credentials..." A smart colonel explained pointing at the text of the holo proclamation from Centerpoint.

    Even better then. A handful of cloaked corvettes were not enough to send secret orders throughout the empire.

    A Delta/Black report caught his attention. A spy from a new Pef Navy heavy maser factory. New orders to equip 13 thousand Meteors III and 70 Thousands Hammer II with millions of heavy guns, in the next two years. Added to their already immense predicted fleet...Pef Navy will outmass the now even smaller Imperial Navy a thousand times.

    They must be strip mining and exploiting those mining planets from the 'nationalized' Mining Guild like crazy.

    Then again...those horrors to the west, and that extragalactic invasion...

    Maybe those proclamations made by the Avatar of their Emperor weren't just fear mongering.

    'Bioweapons are restricted for use against extragalactic invaders. When they come, they'll die screaming...' the boy said, like it was a ride to the holomovies.
    And yet, Emperor Palpatine himself was now screaming in endless torment, his soul caught in those horrible crystal prisons.

    A hundred more Empire biologists and gene engineers were also adding their silent screams, as well as Moffs and Army officers who took part in the bioweapons release.

    You couldn't protect those people from their stupid actions, not when the Pef Emperor could simply move planets or blackholes at his convenience.

    What use were secret labs and hidden outposts, when Centerpoint could...

    For kriff sakes. This wasn't a fight that could be won.

    50 thousands worlds have defected just past week. In a few years, the Galactic Empire remnants will be a joke, a few thousands worlds and ships, and with quadrillions of credits of debt, that could never be repaid.

    No, the only rational solution would be to join the new Empire with their heads up, and then turn their weapons and skills against the incoming storms.

    "My esteemed officers. I have a question. How long do we wait, untill we overthrow the last remaining Moffs, and clean up the mess left by Palpatine?" He asked his trusted subordinates, and noticed that the new Major from Rohan just nodded silently.

    That guy, he expected this? Then again, he was quite a smart one.
    "We can prepare the terrain, arrange things through our contacts. But it will take at least a year. Do you wish to become the new Galactic Emperor, Director Isard?" his right hand man asked politely.

    No matter how fun that thought was, it was an empty dream. Without money and ships or shipyards...

    "No, off course not. If what that Vong agent will be confirmed, only the Vong have at least 100 thousand battleships, each around the size and strength of a Mandator or a Hammer. And even bigger ships, their worldships, 5 times longer than a Meteor and 20 times wider.
    Coupled with the ongoing wars in the west, and the rapid shrinking of our Empire...in a few years we would be just another minor polity like Hapes or Bothan. Better armed of course, but the Vong would still stomp us. And I don't want a thousand of future generations paying the interest of the loans that our Imperial Senate voted, and now can't pay.
    Hell, even the ration bars that we eat are donated by the Pef Empire..." Director Isard said, with a tinge of exasperation.

    "Moff Tarkin will be a problem sir. My agent says he's planning to declare himself Emperor..." another Colonel whispered, like this room wasn't secure.

    That would be pretty bad. The warmonger would try to stop defecting worlds by force, and the Navy didn't have enough ships, not now.

    Plus the Pef Navy would just blow them up.
    "We shall see about that. What I have in mind, for the transition is an Empress, elected by the Imperial Senate" he mused.

    Perhaps Senator Mon Mothma...no, that one was a Republican. Maybe Jannie Ha'Nook ...or Bana Breemu ?

    That Senator Amidala would have made a better choice, but she had fled to Mandalore for one, and Naboo had already defected anyway.

    He would have to talk with both of his candidates, and see who would be interested in becoming an Galactic Empress and soon after, marry that Avatar and end this charade.

    A union made out of love, the people would lap it up, just like they did on Empress Teta and Naboo and Atrisia, and a dozen more worlds, where that Avatar just 'charmed' their female leaders into becoming wives and allies.

    In fact, he should schedule interviews right now, before those women left the capital on whatever errands.
    Meanwhile, in Sith space
    Planet Ziost, Pef Empire

    Both Miss Lyn and Miss Mourne were appalled at the devastation left by the Sith Emperor Vitiate, who drained the life from this entire world, and left it a dry husk and a frozen waste.

    I was pretty much expecting all this, just keeping an eye out for tingles in the force while flying around.

    Dead trees, skeletons, bits of metal ...dead and forgotten temples, and telepathic whispers.

    Ha! Found you. I think.

    "We're landing here. I hear voices" I spoke on the coms.

    "Of course he hears voices. This planet has been dead for millenia..." Miss Mourne complained in typical Jedi fashion.

    "You have to admit though, he is cute. I'll let you have him a few nights, when you feel cold and alone..." Miss Lyn, a former dark jedi and Follower of Palawa and a former member of the Legions of Lettow, the darker side in the first great schism, said with an enticing voice.

    "I'm always cold and alone. Kriff. The galaxy has gone to hell while I slept..." the former Jedi Shadow complained like a young girl.
    "You tell me? I slept for 25 millenia. My birth planet was blown up by a Sith!" Miss Lyn exclaimed furious.

    "Quiet, you two schoolgirls! Or do you want to explore this temple naked?" I asked, a bit upset. And I would do it it too. Their bodies were very nice to look at.

    "Grrrrrr. We'll talk about this in a thousand years, mister cool and strong. I've dealt with a hundred like you before, all young and brave and thinking they own the galaxy..." Miss Mourne muttered in a very quiet tone.

    Better. Now let's sense where this comes from...

    'Who are you? Where are all the Sith?' A tiny voice sounded in my head. Sith Meditation Spherethere you are!

    'Well, if you mean the red skinned people...there are a million on Tund, and a few thousands with force powers in my Empire.' I explained politely.

    'And the Sith Lords? Those girls behind you...they feel strange' Ship whispered as I reached the hull and placed my palm on it.

    Not a ship at all, but an AI. A flying holocron, with embedded abilities.

    Summon, telekinesis, telepathy, weapon materialization...and 5000 years old.
    'Well, Miss Lyn would be one of the first dark jedi, splintered from the jedi order 25 millenia ago. Miss Mourne...is much younger, only 4000 years old, and she was a Jedi Shadow back then. Those are...'

    'I know what those are, Avatar Greyshade. Where are the Sith?' the ship asked anxious.

    'Well. There might be a few dark jedi left, maybe even less than the Jedi. About 10 of them, being hunted down by my Officio Assassinorum. I expect all the madmen will be dead in a few months.' I answered truthfully.

    Well, with telepathy you kinda had to.

    'You destroyed them all. Both Jedi and Sith? A really capable one. And what will you replace them with?' the Sith vessel wondered, as I climbed inside the sphere and looked around. Nothing. No devices, no computers. Just mind tricks.

    'I have the Grey Paladins, who learn both traditions and hundreds other more abilities from other sects. Only a million of them, but we're only a year into the program. It will take decades to recruit a billion. But time is not a problem. So, do you want to join or else?' I said calmly.

    'Threats don't work on me, little human! But this Lyn girl. She would make a great student. And perhaps others, from the Sith species. I used to have many Sith girls flying with me.' Ship said wistfully.
    'Perhaps. You will teach whoever I tell you. And if I'm satisfied, you'll get a few Sith girls. Lord Adas is kinda stingy with his lessons'

    ' Lord Adas? The first Sith Lord? You said they are all dead!' Ship exclaimed, exasperated.

    'Dead yes. But immortal in the force. His essence lives in his holocron. Just like Karness Muur , still lives, inside his amulet, or XoXaan inside her holocron. You should know this, Ship. Let the girls inside, I want to show you The Home . ' I said politely, but sternly.

    Kriff, another insane Sith artificial intelligence, like Hk-47.

    Nevermind, even those had a purpose.

    A minute later, my new maids, one of them still unwilling, the former Jedi with an amazing body, joined me inside the Ship.

    "You were raised by that crazy droid, now it's certain. You still speak out loud whatever crosses your mind..." Miss Mourne complained loudly, looking for a seat, and finding only an empty sphere, 10 meters wide.

    Very cozy in here, especially as we'll be naked for a good time...

    'We'll go to Korriban first, Ship. The Emperor has finished with Miss XoXaan and wants to see you' I told the AI, politely.
    'Hmmpf. This Emperor better be worth my time. Standy by for hyper drive...where?' the Ships asked, a bit confused. Yep, instantaneous teleport did a number of nav computers. And even sentient force powered AI.

    'We have arrived at Korriban. Land at the XoXaan temple if you would.' I explained gently.

    Why wait a few days to travel with hyperdrives, when Centerpoint could simply teleport us instantly?

    I had cheat codes now, and made the game a lot faster.

    Planet Coruscant
    Imperial Senate
    Next month

    "Order! Order esteemed Senators! There will be no return to a Republic, nor a switch to a Confederation. The Republic failed our citizens, and a Confederation would be just a hollow state, with corporations ruling, instead of someone representing the people.

    Do not forget that our Galactic Empire is now at war with a hundred terrifying races to the west. Races that drain people of their life to power their ships, or enslave them mentally, or infect them with plagues or just eat them alive. Our Navy has lost thousands of ships and over 300 million crewmen, before the front lines have stabilized. This is not the time to change the government type, again.
    This august Senate will vote to elect a new leader, and focus their policy into defending our planets and citizens.
    And keep in mind that whoever it is our new leader, they should be capable of maintaining good relations with our allies, most specifically the Pef Empire and the Corellian Diktat.

    We will need thousands of new ships, and for now, we are dependant on our allies for support. The Speaker can continue and tally your proposals" the interim head of state, Sate Pestageproclaimed, still feeling the hot lasers eyes of Director Isard on his back.

    Damn it all, they will have to clench their teeth and accept an Empress, just to avoid declaring bankruptcy, or else face a civil war, with the Imperial Intelligence of the opposite side.

    And hope that the Galactic Bank will be generous and deffer collecting the interest on the loans, for a few months.

    With Palpatine gone, and the Kuat Shipyards in the hands of those cold droids from the Galactic Bank there was no hope of turning the tide. And now, a hundred wars to the west...

    Not that those belligerent races won't be conquered in the end, they were still inferior technologically.

    Just that they were so many, and the Navy lacked the resources and the bases to conduct deep strikes on their home planets.
    He will bide his time, and await another occasion to grip the power. Not that he hasn't already 'vanished' 50 trillions into secret accounts. Those crying kids shouldn't beg for bread, they should eat cake!

    "Senator Bena Breemu holds the lead with 1337 votes, Senator Jannie Ha'nook holds second place, with 959 votes. The other candidates are disqualified. The time has come, esteemed Senators. Vote now, blue or green. We will have an Empress, and a female Prime Minister. Cast your vote now, trillions of people look up to your wisdom!" The Speaker proclaimed in a deep voice.

    "Blue, is the button on the right side on your consoles..." Sate Pestage, said in a fake whisper.

    A few Senators nodded in gratitude, pushing the right button, and making the right choice.

    "The Imperial Senate has voted! Blue wins! All hail our new Empress - Bena Breemu, former Senator for Humbarine, from now on known as Galactic Empress, Bena the First. And a very beautiful Empress indeed. We recognize the Empress, for her inaugural proclamation" The Speaker declared as the Senators cheered from their booths.
    "Senators and common citizens of the Empire. Know that I will do my duty to all those in the Empire, and seek a way to redress the excesses of my predecessor. While the current wars we are embroiled with will take time to bring to an end, I will seek to reduce corruption and oppression.

    I will plead with the rulers of our allies for better relations, while keeping with the letter of the Corellian Accords and the Galactic Bank's procedures.

    We will have fiscal transparency and respect the lives of the sentients. Therefore, my first decision is to name Senator Mon Mothma as my special representative and send her towards Gand, and discuss a military alliance against the invading hordes from the west.

    Secondly, I am ordering the arrest of Sate Pestage for embezzling 50 trillions credits from the Empire's treasury, while he was interim leader of our Empire.

    That's it for today, I will have to consult with our military and intelligence leaders for weeks, before a pragmatic strategy can be formulated for our current situation.

    I also want to tour the new planets here in the Coruscant system, I hear they are wonderful!" The new Empress said with a lovely smile.

    The Senate cheered again, as the Senate Pretorians came and arrested Sate Pestage publicly.

    Director Isard smiled thinly, glad something worked right for once.
    His own daughter Ysanne Isard was just now entering her teenage years, but soon she could be presented to the Court, and perhaps selected to become a 'maid' .

    Which was such a shallow title, one could be easily fooled, unless one paid attention and noticed personal security comparable to a queen, and private battleships. Riches beyond belief, and going by the rather violent reactions of the Pef Empire whenever one of them was killed...truly loved as well.

    A father couldn't hope for a better son-in-law than the future Galactic Emperor.

    Even if she'd only be like the hundreth wife, it was still securing a dynasty.

    It felt good to be on the winning side. The right side.

    Gand System, Planet Mimban
    Temple of Pomojema

    Scanning the galaxy for tidbits of information was very entertaining, for once.

    So, Director Isard was planning a personal union, between his Empress and my Avatar.

    Very amusing, almost like I would have done it, and prevent the fragmentation of the galaxy into warlord-ruled polities like it happened in my memories. Then again, 500 of those too ambitious Moffs were 'accidented' , some by my own hand, if on Coruscant, some by my assassins.
    And Isard was likely planning to offer his own daughter in a few years. Very pragmatic indeed.

    Admiral Thrawn was busy setting up re-supply bases and observatories along the west side, while the Core was doing the same in the east, even finding a few interesting planets like Taral V which had a Gree computer on it, and it working condition too.

    Just east of Baros, in fact. So a perfect place to train my marines and some Gray Paladins on a dangerous jungle planet.

    More were training on Dathomir, and a few select Sith worlds, those with alchemic beasts, which were farmed for chitin armor plates.

    Whatever, the galaxy had thousands of death worlds, and many more to the west.

    Those Lugubrra worms were able to bite and digest anything, even stone or metal, so their teeth and stomach acids will be farmed for nice little weapons.

    Trillions of nice little weapons. For my trillions of droids!

    We don't waste such perfect resources, do we?

    'Okay, I had enough of just listening to you ramble. Teta and the Deep Core colonies will be fine now, with Serra Greyshade as an Empress, and all these investments and troops. I want to learn more.' Wialu complained from new palace on planet Kuar.
    'Sure thing love. Go board your ship, and I'll bring you home. Perhaps you want to stay in the garden for a few years?' I asked with a lascivious tone.

    'Learning and having a few kids. Sure, why not?' my Voice said with a flat intonation.

    Come on love, be more excited! Hundreds of scrolls, dozens of new Sith holocrons, a couple of the founding Sith, already in their essence form, and 4 new Jedi holocrons from Thyton...plus hot steamy sex?

    'That sounds alright then. I'm not divorcing you yet' Wialu said in a more excited tone.

    Yes! Marriage saved. For a few years.

    'Still so easy to trick. Okay, we're all on board' My beloved Mistress sent in a stern voice.

    Just a second. Packing up my droid, my armor. Teleporting to Centerpoint, then fwooop!.

    Wialu's frigate arrived in orbit next to me.
    Another swoop, and she fell into my loving arms.

    "Missed you so much!" I exclaimed happily.

    "Yeah, me too. So how long untill you're ready Pef?" my wife asked curious.
    "Well, I'm about 41% now. A few years more to reach 90% of any comprehensible tech. After that...it will be hit and miss, and many many experiments. Could take a decade, could take a billion years. But I hope modern science will progress and catch up in places . Once the Gree and the Columi and the Sharu start pulling their weight. And if not..." I said softly.

    "More wars. I know. You think wars stimulate imagination, and make dreams a reality. But using stellar engineering and dimensional engineering for war...it would be very dangerous" Wialu whispered, now a bit concerned.

    "People would do it anyway. I've seen hyperspace force-beams and trans-dimensional creatures, mechanical races, cyborg races, insects hives, and hundreds more. The wars will never end, my love. And we only need to lose once." I explained gently.

    "So stop whining and keep learning then. But next time you catch a god, let me drain some too, don't be so stingy" she muttered in my neck.

    Sure thing love. I had a few in mind anyway.

    "Well, I know where the last mind-witch in the galaxy lives. She's called S'ybll and is now on Seidhkona , near Drongar. She must be a thousand years old at least. Wanna learn more?" I whispered softly in her ear.
    "You know it, my dear husband. Now you deserve to make me pregnant." she replied in a lascivious tone.

    Well, we'll get back on that, since my Avatar was now exploring the home of Darth Vectivus , in the Bimmiel system.

    Bimmiel system
    The Home, Iron asteroid

    The asteroid had been the birthplace of a sentient race of mynocks, a long time ago. And they had force-powers, using them to drain life and attract prey. Somehow, that turned this asteroid into a dark nexus, and then a home for a miner administrator, turned Sith Lord. Only a really really cool Sith.

    With friends and family and all. Even built his own palace inside the asteroid. Now, locating the asteroid was quite simple, since it shone darkly in the Force. Now for the other part.

    The Jonex corporation had been bought, a bit more expensive that their mines were worth, but they did own this asteroid, so we could now send the miners elsewhere and explore undisturbed.

    "Hello there. You must be Dark Jedi Vectivus ?" I asked curious at the specter forming in front of us.
    "A Sith, a Jedi and a Grey one walk into a mine shaft. Looking for knowledge or power, strange trio?" the ghost replied, a bit amused.

    "Well, I'm Avatar and mostly trying to romance this pretty Jedi Shadow, who is some 4000 years old, and still a virgin. Miss Lyn here is a former dark jedi from the Xendor times, 25 millenia ago and she wants knowledge, while Miss Mourne...wants just not remain alone on the Ship. A Sith meditation sphere." I explained dramatically, even using holograms and illusions to tell the story right.

    "Ha! You really are funny, young one. Indeed, all strength and knowledge is useless without love and friends. And such a diverse group, I wish I could see that Ship, I only heard stories..." the Sith spirit said wistfully.

    "Well, this device allows me to hold your essence, and carry you inside, Mister Vectivus. Lord Andeddu uses one like this, right now. And he taught me a hundred force abilities. Plus your spirit is tied to this asteroid right now, and the Vong are prowling around Bimmiel. Your home will get destroyed for certain, either during the coming war, or soon after." I explained with a careless shrug, and held up a soul snare. It did happen in my memories.

    'Oh'. "Strength that is never touched by ruthlessness is touchingly irresponsible." And you are really ruthless. These Vong, are the flying shadows that I can't touch with my senses?" Darth Vectivus wondered, a bit cautious now.
    "Yep, that's them. Slavers from another galaxy, immune to direct force abilities. Elemental damage still works though, not that we will use force lightning on a hundred trillions Vong. We have ships and droids for that. It will be a very intense war, that's for certain" I explained politely.

    "All right then. I'll enter this crystal and observe this new galaxy. I sense that there are no more Sith?" Lord Vectivus asked, before becoming trapped inside the snare.

    "There are a million Sith. The red skinned ones. But most of the jedi and dark jedi are dead. The Will of the Force wanted balance, not madness. And balance means less extremes, and more tolerance." I explained politely, while draining the special ability this guy discovered called Force phantom .

    Really nice concept, draining something dangerous or useless of life energy and creating a phantasm that could be projected anywhere in the galaxy. And while there, still use force abilities.

    Another ability called Dopplegänger, used your own life energy to do the same. But if kept too long, it drained you completely. I'll have to teach my Luke Skywalker to be careful then.

    And it did seem similar to Similfuturus of the Fallanassi, though those illusions, while tangible, were without the ability of using force powers.

    All three were partly material, but also different. Sigh, the more I learned, the less I knew.
    I front of me, I made three clones of myself, with each separate ability, and checked them with my Terminator's photoreceptors and weapons.

    "What the hell are you doing Avatar?" Miss Mourne asked after a minute of combat testing.

    "Trying to combine the abilities. Let's see...someone from your past?" I said gently, forming an image of her former padawan.

    "Looks so real?" she whispered in disbelief, going to pat her padawan clone on the shoulder.

    Let's make a Fallanassi illusion of her naked body, and have it make out with an illusion of Lyn.

    Hmmm. Very sexy indeed...

    "This could be a huge help to holomovies makers. Any personage, any scene...it could be recorded and seem real..." I muttered, doing exactly that with my helmet's holorecorder.

    "You're still an idiot Avatar. This ability is a terrifying psychological and intelligence weapon. How far can you project them?" Miss Lyn said sternly, while watching the lesbian scene with fascination.

    "Anywhere, I think. But they need a strong nexus for maintaining. Here is okay, or former Rakata planets. Or else they need to drain life from animals or something. Or from those who cast them. Which would tire almost anyone..." I explained politely, while dressing and undressing the illusions with various lenjerie and amazon armors.
    "Okay, stop it. You made your point, Avatar" The Jedi Shadow said a bit embarrassed, and sneaking a look towards Lyn.

    Really? This got you all warmed up?

    How about an erect rancor, ripping the amazon's chain mail and bending...

    "Stop it! Please..." The former jedi yelled and collapsed to her knees.

    Okay then. Maybe a bit too much.

    She was really easy to tease through, this galaxy not having had tons of monster/tentacle anime, or perhaps because these things did happen for real. Yeah, probably that.

    Those strange hybrid races didn't just appear. They involved conquest and pain.

    I went to hug my Jedi maid, and pat her back gently.

    "Love is part of life, my dear maid. You tear it apart from your soul, and your soul dies, cold and alone. And I thought the Old Jedi had kids and all. Just the new ones were prudes" I said in a curious tone.
    "Shut up. I lost everything, everyone. I sacrificed everything to keep that rakghoul plague contained. And the Immortal Pef just played with that cursed amulet for a minute and made it a belt clasp on his stupid armor. I'm useless..." she complained in a sobbing cry.

    "You did the right thing Celeste. The perfect thing. You saved the galaxy, and arrived now. Where you are loved and cherished, and if you study hard, you will never die. Muir survived 7000 years in his amulet. But that's a silly way to become immortal. Souls can be transferred into holocrons, or snares or crystal balls, and then imprinted back into your clone. You can learn agelessness and gene alter and regeneration. You can have a thousand kids of your own. And for that, you only need to do one thing..." I whispered softly in her ear.

    "I can huh? So, what do you want, a kiss?" Celeste muttered, a bit less upset.

    "I won't say no to a kiss. You're a beautiful woman, after all. You need to trust in the Force, Celeste. Think of all the unlikely accidents that brought you here, in my arms. There is no luck. This new life, is your reward. Whatever you want, I will make for you. Your own planet. A castle in the clouds. Your name written with blue stars over the galaxy..." I proclaimed heroically, untill the woman bumped my helmet with a heavy fist.

    "Nerf herder! Offer a lady a dinner first. I'll give you an answer Avatar. Just, let me mourn my friends, okay?" Celeste whispered, and returned my hug.

    "I want my own planet, and a castle. And my ship. And a coffer full of gems..." Lyn started her own demands, and grabbed us both in a hug.
    "Nope. You will have to dance naked for me. And every hour, you can make a wish. Sounds fair?" I asked with a sweet voice.

    "You got a deal mister! But, no more than five kids. I'm won't be a baby factory, I am Arden Greyshade, Darklady of Palawa. Mistress of the Emperor. The oldest maid and thus the most revered!" Arden proclaimed grandly, and got a forehead poke from Celeste.

    "Enough Arden. Let's go back to our ship, I want to relax in that jacuzzi and just think. You two can dance and work on that baby making" Celeste demanded with a tired sigh.

    "Sounds good for me. Just, let me grab these lightsabers and holocrons, some kid might stab himself!" I said cheerfully, and waved away an altar to retrieve the loot.

    Dark Lords of Sith, so predictable. Always stashing goodies behind altars...

    Gand system, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne
    17 BBY, last month of the year

    I looked at the pretty red-haired woman that the new Empress has sent to negotiate and sighed inward.
    She had to be around 30 now, and still single. Driven by righteousness and passion, but defending some concepts that had little to do with reality.

    "Miss Mothma, you came to ask for ships and troops to aid the Galactic Empire against those hordes in the west, and yet suggest we should disarm and stop building troops?" I asked, a bit confused at her logic.

    "W-well, not right now, of course. But once peace is achieved..." the Senator from Chandrila explained with a cringe.

    "You do understand that it may take 500 years or 5000 years for the galaxy to be pacified? And that is if we stop exploring and growing. There are a trillion stars, of which we have mapped 5 billions.
    But there are many races out there who live in vacuum, or on gas giants, or in asteroid fields. And after this expansion phase is complete, we will need to patrol and defend these new worlds. Not to mention extragalactic races, some of which are already preparing to invade.
    But, don't worry, I'm certain you will be the first to be sent to negotiate with them as well. I hear those Lugubrra are very good diplomats..." I said sarcastically.

    "You're twisting my words, Emperor. Don't we have enough planets? Why go and look for enemies?" the woman asked a bit more logical. But forgetting why she was here, again.
    "You live in a tower Miss Mothma, in the top room, looking over the nice waves of the ocean, and you think you have peace.
    But a dozen floors underneath you, there are slavers and pirates. And a dozen floors underneath that, there are rakghouls and feral droids and untold plagues. And out there in the ocean, there are vast fleets, sailing your way, some above the waves, and some below. Many huge monsters too. The sky themselves will rip open one day, and disgorge horrific races that want to erase all life. And that's only external threats. Do you know how the Sith appear?" I explained with a wise comparison.

    "People find ancient scrolls and get corrupted?" she asked tentatively.

    Yes, that why the Sith ruled the Galactic Empire, because Palpatine found an ancient scroll, somehow not destroyed by the Jedi...

    "A few, yes. But, most of them appear from force cults. Flawed education and even more flawed understanding of the universe, which is to say...just religious drivel, and they crack, becoming Dark Jedi and Nightsisters and Prophets of the Darkforce and thousands such death cults, wishing only for power and death. And they convert others, then enslave even more, and try to conquer the galaxy, like Palpatine and Dooku and Skywalker.
    Others rise against them, and bombard them into oblivion, then go home happy. The problem is inside them, and it would never go away. Just more people suffer and more planets get obliterated.
    And this has gone on for 25 millenia at least. Ever since the Jedi created the Republic." I explained with a head shake.
    "The Galactic Republic represents the people, and their interests. And the Jedi Order has done many good things..." the woman argued feebly.

    "Yes...the genocide of the Sith species, of Mandalorian worlds, destroying every scrap of knowledge that disagreed with their beliefs, quelling revolts and dissent with mind control, kidnapping children, allowing slavery to exist and in cases even supporting the enslavers. Not that many good things. As individuals, sure, some of them are great people. But as a fanatic religious order...not really.

    As for representation, it's hogwash, Miss Senator. Do you even know what the people of Chandrila want? Do they want schools and libraries? Universities and factories? Non stop entertainment channels on the holonet? Cheaper drinks? Legalized polygamy? Perhaps planetary shields and a fleet over their heads, to prevent a madman from burning them out in a minute? When was the last time you went to Chandrila and spoken with a thousand common people, asking them what they want?" I asked rhetorically.

    Senators. It was much worse here than back home. At least there they would have to compete for a job, and pretend to hear the citizens.

    Sure, my Empire was no better, but at least the standards of living were three times higher, so the people could do whatever they wanted, within the laws.
    As long as corruption and crime were kept low, other things formed by themselves. Plus the Servants kept their ears to such things, building a theatre here or a swimming pool there. Mostly by investing in a new corporation, and providing the service desired.

    "W-well, I haven't been home...in a long time...but polygamy...seems immoral." the prude woman muttered silently.

    "Dunno or care of immorality. If the people want 3 wives, and they have room and money to raise their kids, it seems fine to me.
    On Cerea, people have 20 wives sometimes. That's why I hire as many cerean women as possible to our new colonies. They're smart and can hybridize with humans just fine. And if a smart and rich cerean woman wants 5 husbands, it's her business.
    As long as the kids don't starve.

    My Avatar has a hundred wives, for example, but our family is rich enough to feed a trillion kids and educate them to their best potential. My fourth Hand, King Kikipi of Toong'l has a thousand wives, or more. They seem happy too" I answered with a shrug, and checked her body again.

    She would make a nice wife, perhaps...
    "Keep those lecherous thought to yourself, Emperor Pef. I don't plan to get married, my work is too important..." the woman said sternly.

    Kriff, said that out loud, didn't I?

    "Maybe, dear Senator. My Avatar will arrive soon, and your Empress will want your expert opinion about him. Or did you think this alliance could work without marriage and kids? Just sending our brave soldiers to war, without a worthy reward? No, Miss Mothma.

    When the galaxy unites to repel these invaders, it will be through a dynasty. Already 200 thousands worlds have left your Galactic Empire and joined the Pef Empire, hoping for a richer and better future. By next year it will be a million worlds.

    You will play your part, and get to know my Avatar, and then tell your Empress everything. And thus, you will serve your people, and save them from being enslaved or eaten alive, by those cute races to west. I heard the Imperial Navy lost 400 thousands ships, in the initial attacks. Let's hope the rest will be enough to resist one year. Then we'll talk again about disarmament" I said with a cold voice, and pointed my helmet towards the doors.

    The 3rd interview was over, finally. This harridan of a woman was straining my nerves.
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Gandia City.
    16 BBY, first week.

    "What do you think, Senator? Isn't Gandia nice?" I asked the harridan walking proudly with her arm on my elbow. My Avatar's elbow.

    "Opulent and wasteful. Skyscrapers plated with gold, this aurodium plaza, paved with real aurodium...you could feed a billion children..." the woman said with a high class snort.

    "Very few children would survive a diet of heavy metals. The Emperor is working now to obtain more useful transmutations, like duranium or Impervium. Those metals have real value. Gold and aurodium barely serve any purpose, except as monetary anchors, and some use in electronics. Or jewelry and cutlery, for those who need fancy things" I explained politely.

    I did have a whole factory making jewelry for diplomatic purposes. They worked great.

    Thousands of rulers and noble houses were swayed by a 10 kilogram scepter or crown stamped from aurodium and inscribed with a few useless power words, like vidi, or levitas or lumen.

    Then again, that scepter would detect dangers, be light as a feather and glow in the dark.

    "Just like your Emperor, you're twisting my words. The aurodium alone would be worth..."

    "You don't understand, Miss Mothma. Transmutation is the procedure to shift electron orbits, and transmutes lead into gold, and iridium into aurodium. It's real, but fake. If Pef transmutes an entire iridium asteroid into aurodium, the anchor of our currency would crash, with a trillion tonnes of aurodium devaluing the worth of this rare metal.
    Money without backing has no value. You did learn economics, before you were sent as a Senator, right?" I asked softly, stopping to bump fists with a school of Gands kits, going to the movies.

    They were all air breathers too, as I saw no respirators. How quickly things change.

    In 9 years, most Gand became air breathers, with only a few old timers still living in the Kiruk Canyons.

    By next generation, they will all have vocal cords and 5 fingers, from birth.

    "How long till the Pef Empire is ready to support the Imperial Navy in the west, Avatar?" Mon Mothma asked, not exactly diplomatically.

    "Well, we are positioning ships and troops on the western parts, north and south of your Empire, esteemed Senator. But as you know, there are very few, if any, routes mapped into the Unknown Regions. For now our Navy groups keep capturing vessels from the polities opposing us, and trying to decipher the language and their maps. Takes time. And you own Navy is doing okay." I replied politely.

    "Perhaps if you reduced those huge armada guarding the so called Gamma threats..."

    "We wouldn't win anything, Honored Senator. If the Rakata feared the World Eater that much, that they build the Belsavis prison just to hold him, we do not dare risking such a demon escape and eat planets. The droch plague could obliterate all life in the galaxy, or the entire universe. The mad Celestial behind Kessel the same. That thing at Cularin...it alters reality.
    Those creatures at Bedlam too. Perhaps in a thousand years we will have learned enough, to try to disarm these dangers. But for now, we quarantine the systems and hope nobody will be insane enough to poke in there, and kill us all. Not to mention whatever is in the Deep Core and feeds off the blackhole in the center of the galaxy. We just cut off the routes and hope for the best. Perhaps no Jedi will go and stir the nest"

    "Errr. The Jedi wouldn't do such things, that persecution has to end now..."
    "Of course they would, Miss Mothma. All Jedi are always right. They jump head first in any danger, and when they fail, they become dark jedi and hate everyone. That's why they aren't allowed force-weapons anymore. Maybe the few that survived will learn to think. Fat chance, but we try to be fair. Also, of the Humbarine Jedi, which surfaced once Bena became Empress and made them legal again...two or three are mad. Maybe the Empress should keep them far away. We will know if they coerce the Empress with force powers, but for Bena herself, it may be too late. Here, this is a special detector our Paladins use. If the lights turn red or black, you have fury or hate. We just end their suffering." I said softly, and gave her a hate detector.

    "You're killing everyone who is furious and hates anything?"

    "Pretty much yes. If they are force users, and can feel hate, they are defective, and will eventually try to kill everyone. It doesn't work on normal people, unfortunately. Then again, normal people do not bend the galaxy to their will. Look!" I said, materializing a pair of aurodium earrings in my palm.

    "How...they seem real?"

    "They are real, and my gift for you. I'm just learning this ability, the matter creation. But imagine a hateful dark jedi, now trying to kill everyone. He would manifest plagues or rakghouls or mind control people or infect others to create Inquisitors. Any force user is dangerous, Miss Mothma. But fanatic force users are much worse. They bend the Force to their will, and make it produce horrors. Sure, the Force has its own Will, and will retaliate eventually, but the damage will be done. More trillions of people dead, more planets destroyed. Now go. We will meet again, in several months" I said gently, lifting the woman towards the dropship hovering some 50 meters above.

    "My mission here is not over!" she yelled, a bit upset.

    Eh, women. They're never satisfied.

    I tried, I really did.
    Planet Mimban, Gand System
    Temple of Pomojema

    Another quick scan of the known galaxy, expanding my senses towards the galactic south to locate the oval ships with tubes jutting out, which deleted a few hours from my Findsman Captain memories. Those must be the Ang-Tii.

    My ships were pursuing pirates and slavers, then they found out they won the battle, and a few hours had passed in an instant.

    So, either memory wipe, or time alter, and possibly both.

    No luck finding the monk's ship, but I did find Exocron, a nice planet inhabited by outback enthusiasts.
    Or so they said. It was just a cabal of Devisors , snaring ships and keeping the population prisoner.

    Not cool.

    And I needed a word with those monks. Using mnemonic modification on my crews was not fine.

    Also found an Alien construct . And there, another stasis pod with a young Old Jedi woman inside.

    This is gonna be a recurring event then? Miss Halbret could keep Miss Mourne company though.

    Kriff, I was never getting rid of Jedi like this, if they kept popping out.

    Not to mention, like a dozen or newer Jedi came out, once Empress Bena ended their proscription.

    Let's take the Avatar and Miss Mourne on this trip...

    'And me' Solana demanded, feeling bored. And wanting to learn new things.
    'Me too' Asajj demanded, wanting to shoot people. And smelling fresh abilities on the horizon.

    'Me three' Wialu concluded, with an excited tone, at the prospect of new knowledge.

    'I'm already in the area' Luxum added amused.

    "And your Ray of sunshine wants to see the work of the Old Ones too" the Tsil maid said from her spot next to me, where she was 'investigating' some 2000 different crystals I had obtained till now.

    'Okay then, my lovelies. Get ready for adventure. And board Centerpoint in 30 minutes.' I sent on the Voicenet.

    "So, I hear you're trying to pollinate Luxum, and make real babies, not just fake mini-Jaybo?" Ray asked curious, with an assorted compendium of telepathic poems, describing the love life of my Avatar in graphic detail, and comparing the new children with the face of Jaybo.

    Huh, hitting the nail on the head, as always.

    "Not rushing into this Ray. A tiny mistake, and the mother might explode, or the kid get deformed. My crystal self is artificial, after all. I'll have to grow an extension, an organic crystal compatible with silicon biology, but also a part of me. And then..."

    "Yes, and then amazing, thundering, celestial mindsex, involving chemical synthesis and electromagnetic senses. Sounds absolutely enticing. I want a baby too" My Tsil maid demanded in a serene vocabulator voice, but carrying a thousand nuances, especially in the mind waves.

    "Wait, you actually are a female? You can make me a baby?" I asked a bit confused.

    "Eh, I heard what you did, saving the galaxy from the plague. You deserve a reward, and my race deserves compensation, for losing their listeners humans, and being alone and quarantined. I'll shift a few energy levels and become the woman of your dreams, balanced one" Sunshine-seen-through-mist replied coyly.

    Huh, a hermaphrodite crystal species...changing their inclinations with a few transmutation of atoms.

    Whatever, I've seen stranger things already. Maybe.

    "Okay then, let's pack this up. Any prognostics on a cure for the droch?" I wondered, not really hopeful, at all.

    "Those Kessel spiders energy webs work, a little. But very slowly, and the spiders themselves are not immune. And a mecha-deru conversion might backfire. Especially if the nano-plague leaves the planet. Beyond our light, they might take over, and obtain an even more potent vector" Ray explained with a frightening depiction of a bio-mechanical sentient plague.

    "But they can't infect the Vong tissues?" I asked hopeful.

    "Not exactly. They can infect Vong cells, but they soon die. Sadly, the synthetic tissues that Solanus makes are not hurting them. Those biofibers are treated like normal organic matter. We'll test those Lugubrra next. Perhaps their stomach acid can destroy them. And next, that 'fizz' spore you found in the Unknown Regions.
    We will try everything, Immortal Pef. But we fear we'll need a new home, once everything fails. You will burn the planet to crust, and then throw it into a blackhole. And then build more factories and refineries around the new blackhole, and call it a bad day" Ray said, in a heartbreaking sob, most likely because she saw that image in my mind.

    Yep, I was gonna do exactly that. One planet to save a trillion? Not even a second of debate. And in the next few years. Not gonna wait for the Vong to find it and play with it.

    "Maybe you'll find a nice planet, to settle on, this expedition. I'll try to make a crystal corner in the south, for all the sentient crystal races. We found like a dozen sentient crystals, and you might be able to cross-pollinate, like humans can with a dozen species" I said gently, after all my collection of crystals were packed up, some inside me, others in their safe.

    "We probably can. This huge diversity of life is not an accident. The Force is experimenting, a bit blindly, to start sentience on every planet or asteroid it can. And then let them combine, and obtain smarter and stronger hybrids. Just like you are, with your grey holocrons, and grey paladins, and research centers and harems.
    Come on, let's go already. That DarkStryder computer seems a nice find" Ray demanded, hopping up and down excited.

    It wasn't nice at all. But perhaps useful.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

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    Qu'mock system , Pef Empire
    Centerpoint Station.
    A radical group of biologists, geneticists and sociology geniuses have gathered here, to create their own utopia of a place without technology, only grown biotech and genetheraphy and mostly trying to become Vong.

    And this Qektoth Confederation was also working on a bioweapon to 'convert' the rest of the galaxy.

    Sigh, this day could have started without torture, but whatever. They didn't get to actually deploy it, so only dismemberment, and confiscating their research and the Qektoth Confederation Space Station .

    Next jump, to Bpfassh and simply pin-point whatever Dark Jedi I could find, pretty easy, as they all carried red force-saber and pikes, and teleport them into the nearby sun.

    Not wasting my time trying to civilize a death-cult that survived Yoda's purges for 700 years.

    I'll keep their holocrons and the scrolls though, and their leader's essence could be used as a skill power up for Luxum.

    'Thanks Pef. 50 kinds of mind alter and 50 kinds of self-enhancement. Now I feel complete' my Shard Voice sent sarcastically.

    "Learning is learning, my love. You don't have to use them, but knowing how they work can make you safer. As long as there are force-cults, there will be more death-cults. It's inevitable. Plus you're now a shade of gray too." I said amused, as my Voices were
    sparring with telekinetic pulls, and trying to read as many holocrons as they could.

    Sigh, it's a holocron, not a cake. A million people can read it...

    Also, Mister Yoda did a number on this planet, bombarding whatever Dark Jedi he located, with capital ship turbolasers, making a thousand craters one kilometer wide. Possibly killing a billion civilians too.
    How is this a judicious use of force? What did these civilians, or the planet itself, ever do to you, Mister Yoda?

    Now the planet looks like Belsavis. Whatever, we could use the new mining pits. I ordered an uplift ship to come and civilize the place, before searching for another destination.

    Next jump, to Aaris III . Some kind of demon inhabited a relic, named Plaque of Victory , and could use mind alter on a planetary scale, and did. The civilization that lived here was destroyed in a civil war, and...there's something to learn from this.

    "You want to drain this godling, Wialu?" I asked a bit bored, as the triangular ingot in my hand was bouncing off my mental defenses.

    "It's not gonna work, from that metal. You need an organo-crystal. Here..." Solana said after poking the relic for a second, and then creating a similar shape from a bottle of mineral water.

    Well, not gonna argue with the Avatar of a billion years old ocean. Not when she superimposed the new essence snare and passed it through the metal ingot, leaving behind a block of pyronium, and holding a triangle shaped soul snare, with this tentacled mind demon inside.

    Wialu drained it happily, her aura vibrating strongly as her powers doubled again.
    She was getting close to my own strength, again. Perfect wife, if I may say so.
    "Anything good?" I asked curious.

    "Space-time alter and many elemental abilities, plus mind drain, fear drain and rage drain. On a planet like Coruscant, I could be 1000 stronger" Wialu said with a tiny smile.

    Nice. Noetic alter then. Next second Wialu split in two, and went to hug me and Peffy at the same time. In her partition, two essence threads appeared, perfectly identical. She spilt her soul in two? This was a good idea, but she lacked a partitioned mind...

    A second later, the two clones returned to a single body, but tired and mentally exhausted.

    "Don't abuse that, I'm not sure mammalian organic brains can support multiple consciousness threads, without severe drawbacks" I said a bit concerned.

    "Yea, I'm gonna rest for a bit..." she whispered, before she fainted in my Avatar's arms.

    Another hive mind ability, which will need tweaking and repairing before being released for black ops and paladins. Similar to a doppelganger, but real, for as long as the user had strength to support it.

    Okay, I wasted enough time with small fries.

    A last small stop at Exocron, and replace the corrupt leaders with my loyal Imperial Servants.

    "This place looks nice for me, Pef. I'll keep this planet for the Tsil" Ray proclaimed, somehow mesmerized by the radiation of the protostar. Eh, to each their own. Crystals had weird tastes.

    Jumping to Kathol system in the Kathol rift. Said rift extended like a nebula for thousands of light years, obscuring stars and even the Force with a gray haze, almost like the Celestial barriers, but different.
    The Centerpoint could navigate it just fine.

    Now, let's see, what do we have here? A large organic device, probably the Launch gate was still in orbit around Kathol.

    Down on the planet, a scourge of insect hybrids and modified or invented races guarding something. A fortress, appearing as as a huge pulsing glowing crystalline organ, with a deep shaft leading down from the bio-mechanical computer with force powers, some 15 meters long, and looking like a myriapod.

    That should be the Lifewell , holding the souls of the Kathol, which had in time transcended to become another aspect of the force called Ta-Ree .

    And their guardian, DarkStryder was quite potent in the Force...almost...as me. Yeah, let's not risk it. An evil AI with superpowers and a well of souls to power it.

    Just a second, I'll be back. And jumping towards the Kathol space station, deep into the Kathol Rift.

    There it is, the Alien Construct, with its nice temple hidden inside, holding a nice Codex pyramid on an altar.

    Yoink! Whoa, power overwhelming! It increased my powers by 3.33 times and even gave me a numerical value of my Force strength.

    12000 points plus bonuses. 60000 points with the Kaiburr crystal. 96000 points with the Codex.
    Should be enough strength now, and I can tractor the space station with us, as well. It does contain lots of nice, strange tech, even though it uses tentacles instead of tractor beams.

    And jumping back to Kathol system. Now, where was that stasis pod? Yoink! New maid acquired.

    "You didn't ask her, again!" Celeste complained, but not refusing being hugged by my Avatar anymore.

    Let's wake the new girl too, and stash another entropy pod away, for later research.

    "Hello, Miss Halbret. Welcome to the future!" Peffy said warmly, gently offering her a hand for support. The Jedi declined, and looked around warily.

    "You're not Jedi...except perhaps her..." the woman muttered after a minute of wool-gathering, and pointing at Celeste.

    "Jedi Shadow, Celeste Mourne. Similar predicament as yours, Knight Halbert" my maid said politely.

    "And with old Master Bnar, now I have rescued three Old Jedi...anyway. Mind control and force-weapons are restricted to our Empire's officials, so I'll take this" I said softly, whisking the lightsaber from her hand.

    She might hit something important, and explode some star system by accident. Happened quite often, around Jedi and ancient artifacts.

    "Kathol, the Darkstryder...how long has it been?" Miss Halbert asked worried.

    "We are in Kathol system, what's left of it. The Darkstryder is still down there, making cool toys and inventing servant races.
    And it's been some 3600 years since you last drew breath. Now...as much as I'd like to play with this evil force-using AI, I do have an Empire to run. We can stay one week, but after that we're cleaning the mess." I explained politely, and focused on cyberwarfare and stealing all the Darkstryder memories and databanks.

    Lots and lots of cool things, plasma beam weapons, ion weapons, mind stunners, all powered by the Lifewell.
    Well, I just need the Firespray module design, then I can adapt it to work with kyber crystals to shoot a wide fan of green or blue plasma, and melt everything. Meltaguns, obtained!
    Planet Gandle Ott , Pef Empire

    This world is a wonder, so far out to the galactic south and yet having 2 billion people living on it. Time to upgrade the place then.

    I brought 4 more planets in the system, along with a gas giant and a thousand asteroids, to give this place a little boost.

    Those planets are Paloma , Danoor , Shatuun and Demonsgate . I mean, they were so far away, even in this small sector, that spaceships needed 3 months to reach some of them. Mostly because of the Rift, and the Void and other phenomena. On Paloma, I had to reprogram the ruling droids, since they got a bit out of hand, giving droids a bad name, confiscating merchant ships and all.

    No matter, now you're all much closer to civilization. I had the Bimmiel asteroid for a Force source anyway, carried inside the Centerpoint.

    Huge room inside the Centerpoint station, just think about it. 350 kilometer long, and 100 kilometers wide. You needed a telescope to find an asteroid here.

    Not really, but you get my point. Very large space inside.

    Now, let's jump to Charis and upgrade this system too. 4 more worlds, plus tons of asteroids.

    Next jump, to Kolatill , which was finally a planet on a trade route. Planet Yvara was moved here, also Binaros and Jangelle. There were already 2 planets at Kolatill, so it made five planets now.
    There, three large trade nexuses, with ample room to expand and colonize, plus 30 trillions credits invested in factories and shipyards and infrastructure.

    And with 2000 Navy ships patrolling the sector, pirates and slavers should be history in a year or less.

    But no sign of the Aing-Tii. Can't find the tricky monks. Sigh.

    Nevermind, their force powers should decrease substantially now, after the Lifewell was closed for business. Can't have an entire galactic sector full of force sensitive races and phenomena, all fueled by the tortured souls of the dead Kathol species.

    Hmmm. Guess I should terminate 99% of those poor souls in my own Hell. Could start a similar event there, and ruin another sector of the galaxy.

    One year torture should feel like eternity anyway. Though I'll keep Palpatine screaming for at least a decade, then throw his snare into a star. He was crafty enough to resurrect otherwise.

    Now, let's visit Denon, in Corellian Space and make it a nice trade hub. Well, it is already huge, but a few more planets to spread out couldn't hurt.

    Locking coordinates. Preparing for jump... And...wait a minute. That was a Null-burst projectorbouncing off the Rakata forcefield.

    Those Aing-Tii monks just teleported, next to me! And rammed the Centerpoint!

    Don't ram a Rakata forcefield, you silly monks! Huh. What did they think this is? The space station was larger than many moons.

    Their 300 meter tube of a spaceship was a bit dented on the prow, and their crew quite confused and shocked. Then again, their race was blind, and used smells and force vision to navigate.

    Let's Force Phantom myself, on their ship: "Watch where you're driving, esteemed monks. Do you even have a pilot license?" I asked with their own sign language and with a body form similar to their own half-reptile shape.

    "You stole the sacred Codex! It needs to be taken in our Embrace!" some wise monk exclaimed upset.

    "Rule number One. The Immortal Pef doesn't steal! He takes everything not owned. And that space station was a derelict. Abandoned, thus mine. Rule number Two. No more mind control in my Empire, or force weapons. Only my agents, those trained and licensed by professionals, are allowed offensive force powers.
    But I am a generous being, and can make allowances for blind people driving starships. You will employ these droids I give you, and make sure you don't bump into other ships. Next thing, if you hear about slavers or pirates, let my officials know, and we'll dismember them. The round droids can understand and transmit your messages. And lastly, here are five holocrons with various force abilities. Like growing eyes and vocal cords, for example.

    But, if I hear about you monks, teaching any Jedi or Dark Jedi, I will confiscate your Embrace, and possibly worse, depending on what calamity those fanatics cause. Did I make myself clear?" I slithered loudly.

    "You're not Those Who Dwell Beyond the Veil . You can't order us what to do! " Some bone plated monk complained, a bit dismayed at my Force gifts.

    "And one more thing. When the Yuuzhan Vong attack, and start spreading plagues and bioweapons, the Aing-Tii better be present, and help us contain them. You have ten years to prepare. The Vong use similar biotech to your own, if some times more advanced. You will do your part and help save the galaxy. The way is narrow and treacherous, but if you can follow it, you will find what you seek." I proclaimed mystically, then changed my shape to my droid form and then vanished. Not that I was ever on their ship, but it looked cool.

    I could fake a divine being anytime. No wonder any two bit force user could claim godhood, on nearly any planet. Bunch of uncultured fanatics.

    Now, let's jump to Denon, and build more civilization.
    Hosnian system , Galactic Empire
    16 BBY

    A last stop to this place, since I wanted to make sure nothing was building up, to destroy with system again.

    A natural 5 planet system! Not even a hint of Celestial intervention. Same mineral composition, a bit of irregular orbits...perfectly natural orbits. Located just a bit south of Corellia, in fact.

    I could adjust their orbits a little, make all five worlds more temperate, and bring a gas giant and some asteroids. And done.

    Say thanks to the Immortal Pef! They didn't say thanks, of course, not many upgraded systems did. And I worked for free!

    What news from the Western Front?
    Our fleets were mostly positioned now, 50% on the north-east, and spending survey droids like mad.

    A hundred new worlds were found past month, along with some 10 thousand star systems useful for mining.

    Planet Lysatra and Agaris were a bit familiar, and our Stinger III and Biplane III droids proved very useful in eliminating minor swarms of Lugubrra worms and other aggressive creatures infesting our new mining systems.

    Admiral Thrawn has began upgrading his Dakka corvettes with a turret beam copied from those Republic walkers, to deal with the larger alien swarms and spend fewer missiles.

    Should I tell him that the more missiles he spends, the more work our munitions factories receive? Eh. His operation, his rules.

    We're already reaching 12% consumption from the vast caverns I had on Gand for explosives. And the fertilizers are almost over. I'll need to terraform a few more such ammonia planets soon. In a decade.

    Now, let's jump to Humbarine, and give our future wife a wedding present.

    Although, by destroying the CIS shipyards in the Core, we already saved Humbarine from being glassed by the maniac cyborg.

    Is this why Palpatine targeted Humbarine? To defuse a potential contender to the throne, by eliminating Bena?
    Sigh, that Darksight ability only works if you focus on destruction. Destroy the Hutts?
    A list of persons and locations appears in my mind, not by name, but in a hazy force vision, showing me who would stand in my way.

    But not the Vong...they're invisible.

    Nevermind then, let's try the Sith! Where is a Sith left to destroy?

    Ooops! There's a whole planet full of Sith, just next to Kessel. Almost forgot about them.

    "Dear wives, and Voices and maids. There's a whole planet full of dark jedi, near our borders. Just east of Fromos, in fact. Feeling bored, or do you want to stop shopping for flowers and jewelry?" I asked cautiously.

    You never knew with women.

    "And you just remembered this, now? Idiot junk droid..." Asajj said in a relaxed tone.

    My Avatar was massaging her back, so she was quite mild tempered now.

    "This whole situation is unreal. How can we teleport all over the galaxy instantly? How can you move planets? Kriff..." the former Jedi Knight complained with a suffering sigh.
    "Well, dear maid. Once you strip preconceptions and dogma from the force teachings, many things come clear. Some races are born with certain racial force abilities, like light manipulation for tsil crystals. That is photon modulation and amplitude. The shard crystals are born with electron modulation abilities, like a hand scanner. Talortai are born with agelessness. And so on.
    The Celestials, were cheaters and were born by absorbing the abilities of many races into a hive mind, along with their culture and technology. Much like I'm trying to do for my Empire. That's why the technology of the Celestials is so advanced, and yet a hundred thousand years old, or more. The Kwa, the Gree, the Columi, the Sharu, the Killiks and the Kathol, and many others were drained and combined to absorb their knowledge and their powers. And thus we have Centerpoint station, the third most powerful construct in the galaxy." I explained gently, patting her head and growing her beautiful hair a bit longer.

    "Fine. The Celestials were strong. Everyone knows that. And your story explains a bit of the old histories. But how can you know?" Miss Halbret asked, not really trusting me.

    "The station is Force powered, my Jedi lady. And in this galaxy, all the Force filters through the Celestials now. There's four of them, and three in the middle. The old grey one, the winged goddess and the fanged god. Father, daughter and son. Not really related, but after so many years, they might as well be.
    The fourth is locked behind Kessel, we almost have it contained. Still pulling strings and setting dark plots, arranging hyperspace accidents and manipulating the future, trying to draw stupid people to release her. That would be Abeloth, one of the Old Ones humans from Kathol Rift.
    Wish I could have told the stupid Celestials, that hive mind abilities drive mammals mad. Plus all the stupid dogma they ingested from a hundred races, which they naturally believe it true."I muttered a low voice, expecting a reply from the Father.

    But no, seems he was just listening. As were all the maids, eager to learn more. Another speech then.

    "Superpowers are not a rational basis for religion, Miss Halbret. Especially when such powers can be transmitted and learned. Morality and ethics can found a religion. Philosophy and ontology can argue for certain religious principles.
    Powers and weapons, organized temples and religious law and tribunals? Those are attributes of the government. And my government doesn't share its institutions why any religion. We reserve the right to use laws and weapons. Any religion that comes in conflict with our laws...well then, they should rapidly change their doctrine." I replied a bit sternly, as we had arrived in Kesh system.

    And I had many people to teach about laws and civilization.

    "You're saying every Jedi teaching is wrong?" the woman asked, a bit upset. And not listening at all.

    "Superpowers are not a rational basis for religion, Miss Halbret. Especially when such powers can be transmitted and learned. Morality and ethics can found a religion. Philosophy and ontology can argue for certain religious principles.
    Powers and weapons, organized temples and religious law and tribunals? Those are attributes of the government. And my government doesn't share its institutions why any religion. We reserve the right to use laws and weapons. Any religion that comes in conflict with our laws...well then, they should rapidly change their doctrine." I replied a bit sternly, as we had arrived in Kesh system.

    And I had many people to teach about laws and civilization.
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    Planet Kesh, Pef Empire
    Kesh Sith Temple
    16 BBY

    So nice of these Sith to be organized in temple and ranks, and segregated by race.

    Keshiri natives had purple skin and couldn't reproduce with the humans which made the majority of the Sith, and thus, I left them alone, except for those I found with force-weapons.

    Seems these Sith did let a few keshiri join their Circle of Lords , although the vast majority of the keshiri were kept as slaves.

    Man, what was with this galaxy? Slavery everywhere.
    Sadly for them, slavery is also illegal and punished by dismemberment.

    A mountain was teleported in orbit and began disgorging their droids and tanks and the Grey Paladins, while I dealt with the Sith...

    And the life standards here were absolutely medieval, with no electricity or warm water or even steam power.

    Sigh. Gonna have to stay here for a few days...

    "Let's go down and meet the locals, visit the Sith temple and all. Adventure! Exploration! Maybe some assassins..." Avatar said bouncing up and down with excitement.

    "Yay! Sith Temples..." the former Jedi muttered in less enthusiastic tones.

    "Exactly. Let's see how a planet looks like, after being ruled by a religious order for 5000 years. Surely they must have many wonders!" Peffy said, half truthfully.

    And let's beam them down.

    Slow steps, but I got to the point where I can beam down an exploration party.

    The capital city Tahv, had some semblance of civilization, with high walls and fountains and many sculptures made of glass.

    That is, in the more richer center, where houses had a second floor. On the periphery, the keshiri lived in squalor and poverty.

    Luckily, it was daytime on this side of the planet, and thus we didn't need street lights and holographic commercials to navigate... just kidding. They had torches on the wider street corners.

    My Voices were less impressed, gliding a few centimeters above to ground, to keep the animal poo and the mud from clinging to their feet.

    Cause yeah, carts and carriages and most motive power came from beasts of burden like Muntok, Shumshur and even flying Uvak.

    The former Jedi and the Avatar sloshed through, happily splattering everything with progress and ...

    A delegation has formed when we arrived at Circle Eternal , the plaza where the government buildings stood.

    "Salutations, most esteemed kashiri. I am Avatar Greyshade. Rejoice, you have been found! " I yelled out loud, letting the city know they were indeed found. As if a thousands dropships depositing troops and nanobots and construction droids building power plants and shields and factories all over the planet weren't enough.

    "Are you the true Skyborn then, come to replace the Sith?" An elderly man asked a bit worried.

    "I was born on a space station, in orbit, if that what's you mean, most venerable keshir. But otherwise, nope. No religion, just a government official, inspecting our new planet. There are many creatures who are born in vacuum, but most of them would just eat you, and this city, and the mountains. Hungry things, the Lugubbra." I said in an easy going tone.

    "But you can fly, and came from the sky!" the man exclaimed, a bit unhappy.

    "And flying is easy, so can mostly everyone in the galaxy. You have a clasp on your belt. You use saddles and carts. Same thing, just takes a few months to learn this new knowledge. Don't worry, more ships with uplift technology are coming, to teach everyone here the wonders of science and civilization.
    For example, this device here, is called a droid. Its purpose is to safeguard the laws of the Pef Empire, by dismembering slavers, shooting pirates and arresting lower criminals. That metal carriage over there, is called a Gauntlet tank. Does same thing, but much faster." I explained cheerfully, then began splitting the ground apart, and raising up the very damaged hulk of the Omen, the original Sith dreadnaught that brought the refugee Sith to this planet.

    Well, this part might not be as simple to do with technology, yet.
    "It's a Sith ship..." Miss Halbert muttered beside me, as I rotated the damaged ship for inspection.

    "Of course it is. Those fanatics didn't just teleport here, did they?" I asked rhetorically.

    "You're not even straining to lift this ship...how strong can..."

    "Eh, strength. Come now, pretty lady. A wookie is strong too. Do you want a wookie husband?" I asked amused.

    "No! I mean...if I ever meet someone, he needs to be strong, but..." Miss Halbret muttered a bit embarassed.

    "But also nice and gentle, and good looking...perhaps even young and rich?" I whispered gently, as the Sith dreadnought was teleported into the Centerpoint's hangar.

    "Gah. You're impossible!" the woman exclaimed, stomping her foot and splashing everyone with liquid respect.

    Nevermind then. Her armor had a mini droid autopilot, so it could fly after us.

    We took off, heading towards the Sith Temple on top of the nearby mountain.

    Below us, the Sith had a gladiator's arena, now being used for a more popular sport. Law.

    The keshiri seemed to liked it, as the stands were full, and cheering, everytime another Sith was dismembered.
    Corellia System, Council Room
    16 BBY

    Master Halcyon looked around the room, so laden with historic artifacts and mementos, and pages from old treaties and new.

    He and everyone here was beginning to realize was will happen soon. Perhaps this year, certainly next year.

    The galaxy will find itself united, into a true galactic empire, lead from Gand. Well, possibly not from Gand, since it was a bit far.
    Perhaps Vanquo, the Grey Paladins headquarters, or Humbarine...maybe Brentaal or Denon.

    With Centerpoint Station, the center of power could be moved wherever it needed.
    Sometimes moving planets or stars even blackholes.

    "Councilmen, what do you plan to do?" he asked in a level tone.

    "We will defend our rights and freedoms, of course. No Emperor is going to dictate us what to do!" I young man declared heroically.

    "Defend them against what? The Pef Empire laws are almost identical to ours. Possibly copied and adapted a little..." a wiser councilman said in return.

    "Our battleships and our shipyards, the credits we use to expand, even the systems we now control, they are all gifts from this Pef Emperor. There are now a hundred systems like ours, with five planets and rich asteroids. Soon there will be thousands. You've all seen Denon...a new Corellia, created in hours. There will be no fighting..." the Diktat said to calm the spirits.

    "We have reports from many planets, which joined them, voluntarily or not. High salaries, safe cities, booming economy, lots and lots of droid policemen and a company of Paladins on major worlds. And they are our allies, don't forget." the wise councilman added as an argument.
    And a good one too. People were starting to emigrate from Corellia, to greener pastures.

    He took the que to speak, since Paladins were force users, of a sort.

    "Indeed, there are many Paladins. The miraluka were recruited en-masse, and given cyborg eyes. And if they also receive...special treatments, they will soon reach the same proficiency as our Green Knights. A million of them. Plus commando droids to back them up, and power armors. We should be glad the late Emperor Palpatine did not pursue the same course. The Green Jedi escaped mostly intact, with barely 20 knights and padawans lost, during his rule. No, there can be no fighting between us and the Pef Empire." Master Halcyon said with a peaceful voice, patting his green lightsaber.

    Soon, it will have to go, and be replaced with a metal sword and a gun. Or just two guns.

    The age of chivalry was ending.

    "Very well then, Master Jedi. Give the Grandmaster our regards. Now, have you all looked over the new ships designs sent by our esteemed CorelB1 Ambassador? The upgraded CR90 corvettes and Gozanti cruisers?" The Diktat asked, dismissing him like he wasn't of any use anymore.

    Ships and tanks and shipyards and factories...soon Corellia would be just a mini-clone of the Pef Empire.
    And the Jedi...mere decorations.

    No matter, he could go home and hug his wife and kid, and live in peace.

    No more Jedi council to 'investigate and admonish him' for his liberal ways.

    He should ask Master Bnar, perhaps they could also have 5 wives too, like in the Pef Empire. That sounded like a great idea.

    Gand System, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden

    "Miss Shaak Ti, always a pleasure to see you, even with these many clothes on" I said softly, and ducked under her polite kick.

    "Avatar. I see you found even more maids, to carry your children." the Jedi Master replied in a growling tone, looking over my shoulder at the three new women.

    "Eh, Emperor Pef remembered where some other Old Jedi were sleeping, and sent me to retrieve them. Jedi Halbret, some 3600 years old, last deployed at Kathol. Jedi Mourne, some 4000 years old, last deployed on Jeeble. And miss Arden...she was a Follower of Palawa, some 25 thousands years ago. They used metal swords back then, so she'll adapt easier to our modern times" I replied cheerfully, looking around to make eye contact with every loving wife. They seem a bit glad to see me, so, nothing bad happened.

    "You could let us go, there is no more need to keep us sheltered here. Well, the few of us able to think straight anymore..." The Togruta jedi demanded in a more civil tone.

    Sadly, I would have to let some of them go. Jedi Masters were pretty much immune to my charms.

    "There are at least 200 death-cults still active in the galaxy, Miss Shaak, so it's not very safe. And while Jedi aren't a persecuted religion, anymore, there are millions of enemies that the jedi made over the millenia. In fact, there was an entire planet, just near Kessel, with thousands of Sith Lords preparing to invade the galaxy and exterminate the last remaining of their jedi ancestors. Because that what Sith are miss Jedi. They are your descendants. Some turned, like Dooku and Jerec and Skywalker. Other raised and trained by dark jedi. All the evil caused by the Sith? They are yours, the Jedi Order's fault." I replied in a very low voice, keeping the revelations quiet, while leading her away from the flowers, and towards the grass field I used for sparring.

    "I cannot believe this! You're inventing things to confuse me. The Sith are nothing like..." she protested in righteous anger.

    "Keep an open mind, pretty lady. Let's see what these two religions have in common. Temples over force vergences. Ranks for the order members. Lightsabers. Lightsaber forms. Meditation. Holocrons. Scrolls. Force abilities. Mind control. Orbital bombardments. Kidnaping children. Slavery..." I explained in a litany of Jedi faults.

    "We don't condone..."

    "Clones. Sentient people, mass produced, and forced to fight for you. They are not volunteers are they?" I asked rhetorically.

    "The republic needed troops and..."

    "And 10 million planets of the Republic couldn't send each a volunteer regiment? Or at least print battle droids? And all that could be forgiven, due to a desperate situation and a nice Sith plot to kill the Jedi. But naming yourselves as generals? Using your padawns as child-soldiers? What officer training did you receive Miss Shaak? How many clones died under Jedi command, due to military incompetence? 90% ?" I asked in a sad tone, and holding the beautiful woman in a half hug.

    "I know! We were never meant to be soldiers..." she said in a fit of sadness and regret.

    "Or anything, other than priests. There will be no more Republic. No more religious laws enforced by Jedi. You will have no more force weapons and offensive powers. You can stay with me, or join Miss Fay on Jedha. But you will not have a padawan again, unless you give birth, and the kid accepts it, when he becomes an adult. Now stop trying to hit me and hit me!" I proclaimed in an amused tone, and flicking her forehead gently.

    She recovered in mid air and growled cutely, then sped up and tried to kick me.

    Always going for the little one. She's gonna take a long time to tame...

    "I'm not a wild animal to be tamed!" she muttered low, and sped up even more, making me raise my own speed to 8%.

    She did improve again, while I was away. Amazing. And her body was even more muscled and toned...and her stamina was much better as well. She kept going for an hour, at her maximum speed, hands and feet blurring, while her leku danced behind her in a mesmerizing whirlwind.

    "Gaaah. Stop saying these things! I can't focus on hitting you!" Master Shaak Ti exclaimed as her energy began to deplete.

    "That's because you keep trying, not willing. Will yourself in the Force. And just hit me!" I said with a light voice, as the fabric of space distorted around us, and she simply appeared inside my guard, fist hitting my abdomen, about the same speed and strength as a 1st duan master on Jedha.

    So it hurt a little.
    "Good. That was the Will of the Force, my dear. It seems there's hope for you after all. The Force likes you." I whispered gently in her montrail, as I kept her in my arms, and let her regain her breath.

    "I hit you, even though you're 10 times faster. I just feel so tired...' she murmured back, elated and exhausted.

    "Don't worry, most beautiful carnivorous maid. I have just the right solution, just stay still for a second..." I whispered gently, and teleported us into the warm new jacuzzi, the one with privacy panels, and cold drinks and healing sap trays.

    For massaging sore backs. Anything for my dear allies.

    "Ah...that spot...so good..." the naive woman murmured to herself, not yet realizing her training clothes remained back on the grass.
    If the Will of the Force wanted Shaak Ti back, fine. But not before I left her a present of my own.

    Planet Mimban, Gand system
    Temple of Pomojema
    16 BBY, next month.

    I am scanning the galaxy again, looking for hidden dangers and aiding my Paladins and the black ops in stopping terrorists and various corporate scum, experimenting on the people of isolated worlds. Sigh, at least a hundred of those kind of events every day.

    Addictive drinks and foodstuff, toxic toys and medicine designed to infect people, bombs and gas leaks and hostage takings.

    The good thing about all this though, the Paladins are starting to get a positive reaction from the news outlets and the population, and even the assassins are sometimes praised for terminating some terrorist leader or cell.

    This confuses my Triumvirate a little, as they were not expecting to be lauded as heroes.

    On Corellia and Atrisia, the locals have begun similar programs, using the Corellian powersuit for a cheaper alternative, albeit in smaller numbers and with much less support from force-users.

    The new Gozanti-class dropships work great, especially after being widened, and their underside being enhanced with a layer of neutronium laced armor, like on the Acclamators.

    The new Corellian CR99 Corvettes will take more work to begin their refits, plating the ships with a meter of steel armor, and giving them a half cone shape, and doubling the interior space for extra reactors, shields and modern hyperdrives.

    The design of those ships is very old, but at least mynocks and Lugubrra won't be able to chew on the power conduits so easy.

    Plus once rebuilt, all the parts on the thousands of corvettes in existence, will be repaired and upgraded, giving work to a dozen shipyards and hundreds of component factories.

    They already have the 10 thousand Dakka corvettes I gave them, but they need to learn to build their own modern ships, and this refit program will jumpstart the industries they need.

    "Hey Pef, soooo. What should I do now, since Yanibar is now safely moved around Gand?" my red twi'lek maid, Vera asked, a bit cautious. She still expects me to be angry at her, for some reason.

    "Well, my lovely maid. Do you trust me?" I said softly, and patted her red leku gently.

    "Can't say I do. You haven't done anything bad, except being ruthless to slavers and pirates..." she muttered in a barely audible voice.

    "But you don't understand why. Why would a silly droid care?" I asked rhetorically.

    "You're so strong...and yet you take time to help my people, and the miraluka and...doesn't make sense. And I'm worried about the kids you took from my planet. Where are they? What are you doing with them..." Laasti Vera said, with a concerned look around, since this temple was obviously a sacrificial altar.

    "The kids were healed and are now studying and playing. In fact, they should approach the last lessons in the university curriculums. The Force takes many more years to master, since flash memory and imprints are not compatible with the Force. They are learning the slow way. But, it's also true they are away from parents and friends, and now that the Sith and the Jedi aren't such a threat anymore, they can return home, if they want" I said gently, and offered her a polite hand to lift her from her pillow.

    "Can I see them? I want to...we teleported?" she asked confused.

    Sanctuary system, Planet Sanctuary.
    Zeison Sha campus

    "Yes. Very easy to do, with Centerpoint in the system. And now we jump to Sanctuary...and now...we have arrived at the Zeison Sha complex..." I explained amused, as a horde of kids surrounded us, yelling for my maid's attention.

    "Honored Maid! Miss Vera! She's kinda weak..." the kids exclaimed with different degrees of happiness.

    Duh, you were dosed with bota extracts and trained by the Bendu. For five years or more.

    They were all at least as strong as a Jedi Knight, and a few of them, even stronger. And to think they were on their last legs, not expected to survive, when the Zeison Sha let me have them...

    "They're all grown up, and strong! And so lively..." Vera muttered in surprise.

    "Listen up students! Miss Vera, my Honored Maid, was worried you were all dead or dissected or perhaps sacrificed, and your families are worried as well. Who wants to visit Yanibar, for a month long vacation?" I boomed loudly all over the university campus, and trying to seem happy and chipper.

    "That place is cold! People are hungry and sick! There's no holonet..." The kids replied with less enthusiasm.
    "Great then! Everyone wants to go home and see their loving families. Pack your things and your homework for a month. Only aura and besh-class holocrons though. Let's not scare the Zeison Sha adepts too much eh?" I proclaimed grandly, and the kids rushed back into their hobbit dwellings to pack up for the trip.

    "You gave each of them holocrons?" my maid muttered in disbelief.

    "Eh, cubic holocrons take a minute to make. I made a few millions already..." I said with a careless shrug.

    Still a long way from an apple holocron like Bendu wanted me to make.

    Only 8000 facet polyhedrals so far. And every upgrade took a magnitude more of research and experiments and force abilities.

    With a pop, the huge gorilla displaced himself in front of me, carrying a dozen Gand kits on his horns.

    My Third Hand's kits. Which looked strange, with faces and eyes almost mammalian shaped.

    "Oh, what do we have here? A maid I haven't met? And an Immortal Pef, not even saying hello?" the old being asked, possibly joking.

    "Laasti Vera, meet Bendu. Looks scary, but he's just a softy for kids." I said politely, as the kits waved at us from high above.

    "Yes...he's immensely powerful, more than you are, Pef. Hello mister Bendu, I am Vera, Honored Maid of..."

    "So hurt and scared. Paranoid and distrustful. And yet...still holding on, hoping for a better future. I approve of her Immortal Pef. You should give her a Voice." The Bendu rumbled deeply.

    Huh, you think so too. Not yet though, not untill she mastered herself. But next year, possibly.
    "When she's ready, Bendu. I rushed before, with Dora and Lira. And they almost broke. How long till they are ready?" I said with a bit of concern.

    "Your Togruta maid, Lira, is almost ready. She learned a lot while she was dead. Voice Dora...I believe she will remain on Sanctuary untill she dies. Perhaps after..." Bendu rumbled, as the Zeison Sha students began gathering again, now with backpacks full of datapads and holocrons and dressed for survival training.

    Heh, they're gonna be a bit surprised, since Yanibar had now a hi-tech city housing the few million locals. Built around their Sha Kalan temple of course.
    The rest of the planet Yanibar was still quite harsh though, so better safe than sorry.

    "Lira is really alive again? But..." my red twi'lek maid murmured in disbelief.

    "Immortal in the Force, dear Vera. You heard the big guy. Soon you will be immortal too. Now, let's take the kids home, and then we can go on adventure. I found a really nice planet, full of archeotech and a demon. And it seems it can change its size, at will. Absolutely amazing. I've only read of such abilities. Can't wait to drain him and learn it for myself! " I declared grandly, punching the sky and observing all the Sanctuary kids doing the same.

    Because sky was the limit, and every punch pushed the limit further.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Planet Nirauan, Pef Empire
    Next week

    I'll have to leave the Centerpoint station here, since whatever superlaser that hit Nirauan in the past is still operational on Alashan, the planet I want to investigate. And losing Centerpoint would be a strategic loss.

    Seems Thrawn wasn't idle at all, having fortified the system immensely even bringing some of his personal phalanx of Chiss, including Kres'ten'tarthi .

    There are shields and defense platforms everywhere, factories and shipyards, some of them 'upgrading' Chiss vessels with our tech...

    Figures, give a man a claw, and he takes your whole hand...

    Hmmm, transports arriving from Aeten II , loaded with stygium crystals...that's not actually okay. We are not making Orion or Fades here, so they must be smuggled to the Chiss. Tracing...they are! Not cool, my blue friends.

    "Major Kres'ten'tarthi , I will not explain again. Stygium is a strategic resource for the Pef Empire. If any such mineral or technology using it, gets 'lost' , I will blame the Chiss. If your friends in the Ascendancy want to benefit from Pef Empire's richness or technology, they are welcome to join our benevolent Empire." I told the blue man, and noticed him gulp slightly.

    "Understood Emperor. We will do our best to find any lost shipments..." the Major answered with a calm voice.

    "No need. All ships carrying stygium were teleported back in the Nirauan system. Some of them even reached Rhigar by some miracle. Now Major, please make sure no pirates steal the spacestation, while I go deal with whoever fired that superlaser at the High Tower fortress. I'll use the Meteor Five, since it's expendable. " I explained politely, then made sure the deduct 90% from the next three month salaries of every Chiss employed by Thrawn, including the man himself.

    Just a gentle reminder I was paying them for another job, like protecting the Empire from whatever threats they found in the Unknown regions.
    The Chiss were smart so they'll figure it out. The Immortal Pef was not happy with the quality of their work.

    I understand you want to protect your race, but ask first, it's not so hard.

    And this Chiss frigate will be confiscated, so I can reverse-engineer it. I was getting quite a collection of confiscated ships inside the Centerpoint.

    "Emperor Pef! Hello..." my Captain exclaimed in surprise, as I just teleported on his bridge.

    "Hello to you as well, Captain. We're jumping towards planet Alashan . We'll maintain 200 thousands kilometers from the planet, as they are armed, quite potently." I said politely to the Dornean Captain, in command of the strategic Meteor.

    "Orders understood, Immortal Emperor. I'll ready my ship and deploy a few escort corvettes to cover our emergence point.
    Records show exploring ships were vaporized at 100 thousand kilometers from this planet..." the Dornean muttered a bit wary, after checking the nav computer for our destination.

    "Indeed, that superlaser is one of our capture objectives. There are some 20 small ships with various types of shields that are docking with the Meteor as we speak. I want to see which ones fare better. Depending on the results, we'll see if we need to test the Meteor itself or not. Cheer up Captain, and fellow officers. It's all in the name of science!" I proclaimed gloriously, punching towards the ceiling.

    My officers punched as well, a bit slower and reluctant.

    Huh, seems nobody is eager to test the shields in a real engagement. Not even the tactical droids...

    "Roger, Droid Emperor. We'll all be vaporized for science. Best day ever..." a newer model of droid muttered audibly.

    A Tactical-strategic variant, made by Core to serve on flagships!

    "Exactly TSS 11XR. The Galactic Empire is struggling to produce a prototype superlaser just now. The Sharu possibly have similar weapons. The Gree as well, even if they forgot how to use them. The Hutts had their own planet crackers for 25 millenia. A force sect called Heinsnake Cult has a similar weapon. Even the CIS had something like this, which we now use as this ship's primary weapon, the ion beam. Our technological superiority needs to be tested and advanced further, and I am certain everyone in the Pef Navy will do their duty. For the Empire! " I declared, in a more professional tone.

    "For the Empire!" the entire bridge crew replied in a loud chorus.

    Much better. Perhaps knowing how desperate things could become motivates people?

    Now, let's see if my force call ability can bypass the Rakata field. It can! So...either unknown to Rakata, or not perceived as a threat. Stupid fish. Anything that can appear inside the forcefield is a threat.

    My Zeison Sha maid, Vera, appeared next to me, a bit bewildered.

    "Another force trick, Pef? How many force abilities do you know?" she muttered with a sigh.

    "Almost 900 abilities. Although, they can be compacted in ten trees, and five waveforms. You will learn more once you spend some time with my Avatar. The way synthetics use force powers is different for living beings, and half don't even work the same." I explained gently as our ship finished loading the test subjects and began moving away towards our jump point. Very slowly.

    Planet Alashan, Pef Empire
    Next week.

    Damn, I forgot how slow the Meteors are.

    Guess I kinda abused Centerpoint, but I can't risk the station getting damaged or destroyed.
    Now, let's scientifically observe the Alashan superlaser in operation. Very strong and actually vaporizing the Gozanti cruiser sent on the first test run.

    Hmmm. That facility that the Heinsnakes use is most probably another base from this extinct race.

    I wonder if they're still around...possibly yes. They are covered in a Dark Shroud ability, like Palpatine had.

    Guess that's why they hated him, most likely stole it from them.

    Or maybe he learned it from the Aing-Tii monks, those use something similar, and are known to have taught Yoda, Darth Caedus and Luke Skywalker.

    The superlaser beam comes from the underground city of Forever and is guided and bent by an energy creature, looking like a huge humanoid reptile.

    Next ship, a YT freighter, cloaked. Detected much much later, only at contact with the upper atmosphere.

    Next, another Gozanti, using the new energy reflecting shields. Oh? Survived the first hit, although the engines are fried and the ship crashed.

    Not actually dangerous then, if the energy is discharged fast enough.

    An Akorec frigate, from the Centrality, was sent next, with 10 times more shield strength and with 30 ion cannons to shoot off the extra energy.
    One, two, three strikes to overwhelm the capacitors. Still blew up, but only because it had no thermal shielding.

    Now two Dakka II corvettes, at once. The Guardian managed to split off the beam and hit both ships. Very good.

    Now come back, I actually like my corvettes.

    The Guardian fired again, but the corvettes managed to get away, slightly damaged.

    Next, my first frigate, the Interceptor-class made by Corellia. Heavily armored and upgraded, with thermal shields and the new deflector screens.

    Four hits and it veered away, engaging cloak and escaping.

    I did kinda dotted on it, upgrading it with 50 million worth of shield emitters.

    Last test, a simulfuture illusion of Lucrehulk. I knew those very well, having disassembled quite a few.

    The AI down on the planet didn't fire. Sigh, it has to be really smart then. The donut battleship looked real on our sensors. Let's begin slicing in, and take over the Guardian.
    "Take us in Captain. Target the gas giant with our ion cannons, and park the ship at 99 thousand kilometers. Let's see how our forcefield fares" I commanded with a joking voice.

    "Engines at full. We'll reach the designated spot in...11 minutes" The Nav droid reported after a few seconds.

    Yep, big slow ship. Takes time to arrive anywhere.

    "Come Vera, get ready, we're beaming down soon" I said softly, rotating my helmet 170 degrees backwards, to be polite and keep my faceplate towards the addressed recipient.

    "Gah! Don't do that! It's creepy..." she exclaimed, somehow disturbed at my full range mobility.

    "What's the point of a fully traversable helmet if I don't use it?" I asked with a shrug.

    My droids snickered and rotated their heads 360 degrees, to show they could too.

    "Damn droid humour. So, we're going down to fight whatever is shooting at us?" Vera asked worried.

    "It is not even a force weapon. I kinda lost interest in testing the laser" I muttered softly.

    "So what is it?" Vera asked curious, as the entire bridge nodded.

    "An AI, with a solid hologram. Very advanced, but barely of any use, unless I can reverse-engineer it. And...the city is ours. Mine to be precise. I'll let one beam fire though, so our brave crew can feel some well deserved bravery" I explained with a chuckle
    and teleported into the underground Alashan control center .

    Then called Vera and teleported her to me, so she could feel brave too.

    In my other memories, a certain moisture farmer had been pretty amazed to discovert his place.
    "You could fit all the people and settlements on Tatooine into this place...without filling a fraction of it."
    Luke Skywalker

    Yep, the city was quite large, and powered with some exotic machinery.

    The guardian was summoned next to us, now small as a dog, and I petted its head absently.

    Some kind of holographic entity, semi-sentient and draining power through some subspace emitters, working at short range around the city.

    Ah, good thing I arrived here before someone called Luke or Leia. Those morons would have destroyed this marvel of science by using explosives and lightsabers, instead of technopathy.

    And there was a million years of advanced science here. I hummed happily, as I began downloading all the databanks. Jackpot!

    Planet Alashan, Blueforge system, Pef Empire
    16 BBY, Next month

    Science is not easy, if you ever wondered.

    And, while being what I am has perks, I'm not actually much smarter, just using thousands of partitions at once, to look smarter.

    Which is why the entire planet was kidnapped, and brought to the place where the smartest people in the Pef Empire work.

    The energy and bioweapons guys. Because a Columi or an Omwati scientist, not to mention Jenna Arbor or other galactic class geniuses, are ten times smarter than me.

    Even Jaybo is smarter, just needs to complete his education. That is, his postdoctoral studies on hyperspace mechanics.

    "Wow, Emperor, I thought it was the time you came to cut off my head...not bring me to a technological marvel..." the boy said, possibly still a bit impressed with how we first met. Hmmm. Just pretending, for my sake.

    "Drop the act, my son. Do you see any stupid people around?" I asked rhetorically, as the geniuses around preened at my compliment.

    "Oh, not even a finger? My life is ruined! Then again, it has been worth it, digesting all that crap literature I had to read, before I made sense how things work. Now I can do real science, untangling all this mess.

    That computer there just pretends to work, and is actually stealing energy to play games in a simulation. That one there doesn't even work, but keeps the lights on so it doesn't get replaced. Ugh, I thought you said the creators of this city were geniuses! " Jaybo complained, after a few hours of exploring the control center and interfacing with his own neural chip links.

    "No...I said you and these other people here are geniuses. The makers of these town were just very advanced. Still people, some smarter and others not. Don't play with the Guardian though, it's core programming was really omnicidal. I did locked his controls, although I am certain any of you brainiacs can unlock him, and get you all murdered gruesomely, for science." I explained gently, almost expecting the hologram to begin ripping the scientists to shreds any second.

    "Roger, roger. Omnicidal sapient hologram. Do not revert to factory settings" the boy replied in a fake droid voice.

    "Good. And stop posting all those harem stories on the blacknet. There's a trillion real girls in our Empire. Just tell me who you like..." I said in a fake whisper, and chuckled a little as the boy all blushed up.

    And teleport.

    I did make sure to sprinkle his research team with five bookworm girls, so he could impress them with his brains.

    Come on, just tell them they're beautiful and smart, and they'll eat you up! Possibly.

    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero garden

    "Wow Avatar, your kids are all so cute, I want to eat them up!" Vera exclaimed in real amazement, kissing one baby after another as a morning exercise. I smiled gently and nodded in agreement. They were all cute, indeed.

    I walked behind Vera, and kissed each wife deeply, while my maid pampered the kids. Having a harem was quite exciting after all. And everyone felt happy, except the few Jedi women not married to me yet, who didn't get a kiss.
    "More training for now, Honored maid. We'll explore your baby eating habits later, after you master plant bond." I said gently, guiding her away from the adored kids and their mothers, and towards a patch of long grass.

    "B-butttt....babies...they're so cute..." the twi'lek maid murmured half-dreaming.

    "Now, close your eyes, and feel the grass just in front of you, like you would during combat..." I whispered, massaging her leku gently.

    The grass started to bend and waver, like in the wind. Huh. That was fast.

    "Now Vera, weave a pair of little baby shoes from this grass, without uprooting it. Just make it grow longer if you need to" I said on a hunch. She really liked babies...

    And indeed, in one hour, and with a few more suggestions, she mastered grass weaving like a pro.

    It took me two days! This wasn't fair at all.

    Oh well. Guess we can use the next two days as bonus time, and explore her baby loving.

    She did great and deserved her reward.

    "Come Vera, let me show you where those babies came from..." I whispered gently in her ear, while hugging my lovely maid a bit tighter.

    "Babies..." she muttered, still half dreaming.

    Yep, this one didn't take long at all.
    Gand system, Pef Empire
    Celestial Throne, Redbox
    16 BBY, next month

    The expansion of my Empire has mostly stalled in outer width, and began focusing inward, now engulfing most of the mid rim, and parts of the expansion region.

    Also, hundreds new routes were found inside the outer rim, mostly by simply buying them from scouts and explorers and various libraries. A million credits for a route? Amazingly cheap, considering some routes had cost us billions of credits.

    Sure not all are important or lead to any good place, but it doesn't matter. In fact, let's announce to the whole Empire the new rewards, 100 thousands credits for every hyperspace route, leading anywhere new, and 1 million for routes leading to planets.

    I might get thousands of new routes cheap, and make exploring a rich business to work in, for many smugglers or pirates wanting to find a new lucrative occupation.

    "Very amusing, explorer Emperor. Now you get to spend ships and lives that you didn't pay for. And only reward palpable results." Mujilik commented, possibly irritated at losing some prestige for his Exploration Corps.

    "Don't worry, my Sixth Hand. Those systems and planets still need to be mapped and evaluated, for riches and dangers alike.
    Who knows, we may find more superlasers..." I replied politely.

    "Well, speaking of new planets. We did indeed locate O'reen where your visions predicted it would be. They fired on our corvettes..." he said, less amused now.

    "Yep, it's an Old Republic fortress world, meant to defend the galaxy against intrusions from the west or south-west. They need to be put to work, and pointed at real enemies, not the Empire's traders and explorers. But, first they need to learn the new laws.

    Our 21st fleet is heading there, to liberate them. Any luck with N'zoth or Rothana?"

    "Rothana yes, we are mapping the Rishi maze now. Should be finished by the end of the month. The other not yet.
    We did however find Oristrom, and Admiral Thrawn was happy to receive another fleet base.
    However, untill Ansion and Rago defect to our illustrious Empire, expanding in the north east will be problematic." the leaders of the Explorers, said, tapping the holomap to zoom in.

    "I know, my friend. The Imperials are fortifying the western sectors, expecting an organized counter-attack. Only, what is out there is not organized on the lines of a army, but instead they migrate and plunder, enslaving hundreds of races, then they move over to a new world. Only the Chiss and the dinosaurs have any semblance of organization. And the Vong, of course." I said, with a shrug.

    "Our spies report many hot first contacts, especially directly westwards. Some force users too, so most likely Croke or Rhand.
    The Imperial Navy is bombarding the hot spots from orbit." my Third Hand intervened, now looking a lot more relaxed, since most of the workload was taken over by the Intelligence Droids, and his harem was busy looking after the kits. Lucky guy.

    "And reports from Sluis Van and Eriadu?" I replied, switching to the next painful chapter.
    Moff Tarkin and his influential clan, entrenched in the south.

    "No idea what they're trying to do, building a thousands ships in secret. The credits are stolen from the Galactic Treasury, the minerals are diverted or confiscated...perhaps a rebellion?" Lu-daal'ud muttered in his brandy glass.

    "They can't have crews for something like that. So, they must be using droids for crew. But their Cutlass-9 patrol fighter is better than our own fighters. 20% faster, and also armed with missiles. At least they are also 5 times more expensive, so they won't have too many. And modifying a hundred Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 as combat dropships? You know what they're planning, Third Hand. They plan to assault Coruscant. And change the leadership of the Empire, in a few hours." I said, looking over the reports from our spies on the shipyards.

    Those starfighters were amazing indeed. But only if upgraded again, and piloted by an AI or a force-user.

    And those dropships were nice, but too small and fragile. My Gozanti II dropships were thrice as large and durable. And 2 times cheaper. No, this was a gamble, an all-in strategy, using everything available, wasting credits and stormtroopers, just to claim the prize. The Galactic Empire.

    But Tarkin alone, being this bold? Risking everything?

    No, he had to have support from other Moffs, and perhaps some Inquisitors and other force-users.

    A plan began forming in my mind, to offer the galaxy a savior, once again.

    'Don't get my Avatar killed yet. I want my own baby too' Asajj whispered in the Voice bond, and neglecting her diplomatic overtures in the Bosph system , with a newly discovered race, ruled by force-users.

    'Convince the Bosph to join willingly, and you can have two kids' I replied encouragingly.

    'Great. I'll be here a month then. Can't I just kill a hundred of their leaders and come home?' she complained like a horny schoolgirl.
    'That won't work Asajj, the four arms will just ignore us then. Give them gifts and promise them many star maps tatoos with each planet they find. Start a few factories for scout ships and nav droids. Have fun!' I sent towards her with a telepathic hug.

    "So, we're let Tarkin attack, and then we swoop in, to save the Empress and marry her?" Zuckuss said after a bit of meditation.

    Huh, he was getting really good at this.

    "Yes, but Tarkin will need like 3 months to be ready. We have time to root out his supporters, and prepare to strike them all at once. And start the diplomatic procedures for a lengthy state visit of our Avatar. To commence in two months, at the same time with lifting the blockade. By then half of the population of Coruscant will have been 'liberated' anyway." I explained with a dramatic punch at the red ceiling.

    "My females already want to be called 'queen' in private. Next they'll want to called 'empress' . Damn females and their silly dreams..." my Third Hand complained gulping his third glass of brandy.

    Hmmm. Technically, all my maids were empresses.

    Maybe Shaak Ti will mellow out if Peffy calls her Empress?
    Let's find out!
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Malagarr system, Pef Empire
    Core diamond
    2 months later

    My friend and main ship builder, the Core AI, is already using many of the discoveries from Alashan to upgrade himself and many of his peripherals with tech at least a thousand more advanced than the rest of the modern tech.

    I'm lagging behind now, again, trying to learn and understand the new scientific and engineering advances. Sigh, and I had just caught up with the new energy research made by the Galactic Empire. Now I will have to keep studying for a thousand years...

    Guess it's time to wake up the Sharu, and get another round of advanced tech. Just to kick my partitions while they were down.

    'Stop delaying this, Emperor Pef. I can already duplicate their quantum-locked plastics. A few microns at a time. But as you can clearly see, I built a 20 kilometer sided diamondoid cube. And I'm already testing that molecular-bonded armor for our next generation of droids and mechanized vehicles. Plus factory made semi-sentient droid brains. ' my Eight hand said calmly.

    Yeah, progress goes on, even faster now. Just like some primitive worlds we had uplifted from spears and roasted lizards to holonet transmitters and phased arrayed ice-cream.

    'We can't release all this, my friend, not yet. Not untill we understand the tech well enough to have counter-measures. Entropy shields for our planets for example. The Chiss already had acquired many 'upgrades' and they are likely to lose ships and tech to their too many enemies. We'll have to fortify Junkfort and Sy Myrth first, then Dellalt and Dornea. And quarantine Blueforge even tighter...' I muttered, a bit worried.

    'If you let me try stellar engineering, I could theoretically encase a solar system in a diamondoid cube a thousand kilometers thick. And capture all the star's energy with solar panels and focusing mirrors..." Core explained patiently.

    'And we will. Dyson spheres are called, this kind of megastructures, and the next step is computronium. Photonic crystals, and artificial mass and solar powered lasers. We will have all that, and more. Just be patient, Core. One thousand years, and we will have it all. Just don't forget, we are still the smallest and weakest immortals. Our every step has to be small and not damage life, where possible. Or we will be simply deleted. Our universe is sapient and possibly holographically emitted from somewhere. Look!' I said softly, turning towards his nearest photoreceptor, and manifesting a diamondoid cube, small enough to be held in my palm, from nothing.

    'Not displaced, or transmuted...just wished into existence?' the AI asked cautiously.

    'Exactly that my friend. The Force allows many such manipulations of the reality, but it all has price. Life. You destroy a planet, full of life, and the Force remembers, and hits you back. And if there's no one around capable enough, it will manifest someone strong enough. You don't want to meet someone able to take me down, Core. The kind of power such a being would posses...no, it would have to be over 100 thousand points. Possibly double, just to make sure.
    Rain would fall everywhere in the galaxy, if such a person was sad. It's possibly why the Celestials hid away. Luke was made to fight Abeloth and win, even if nobody trained him.' I explained gently, with the emote of a lightsaber.

    'Now you make more sense, Immortal Pef. We'll be careful then, and release the new technology in tiny increments, focusing first on the environment and defense, and much later in energy and weapons. Like the Calamari, times 100.' the AI replied with a sad emote.

    'Start developing computronium, just for implants and spaceship operations. The Vong do have telepathy, so leveling the field will be okay. Also, touch sensitive holograms, for tactical operations and combat simulators. Let's say three percent mass for military and one percent for commercial applications. There are other groups working on this already, so we're just keeping up with the trends. And...'

    'Oh, something new, you just invented Emperor?' The AI asked curious. Not really, but not actually seen except rare assassin missions.

    'Telepresence and remote piloting, for our starfighters and survey droids. EM and subspace bands, using english and latin encryptions, plus the latest quantum decay randomization. Keyed for aurabesh priority for Voices, and Delta and Gamma for pilots and their commanders. Black Epsilon variants for the Officio and their microprobes. And whatever type you need for yourself' I said a bit amused.

    I could increase our starfighters and Explorer Corps efficiency by a magnitude, just by having a pilot ride along virtually.

    'Roger that. I agree, but with caveats. Minor weapon systems should benefit from organic intuition. However, hive viruses...'

    'Exactly. Only minor weapons. Tactical weapons will remained hardwired for security. Not to mention strategic or Gamma weapons...'

    'Yes, that's why your friend Solanus has to approve all Gamma deployments. So we don't lose a Starkiller to some hacker, I know. Not many hacker can hack an ocean, after all...' Core said with a hint of amusement.

    I wasn't that much worried about a hacker, as I was of a powerful force user, or a mind controlled Voice, or some AI going genocidal.

    Checks and balances, even for myself or my Voices and Hands.
    This universe was dangerous, and even gods could be killed or constrained.

    Plus Miss Fay was still an unknown, since Jedi weren't entirely rational.
    Made them sometimes easy to manipulate, but other times, they could appear out of nowhere and ruin your day with a proton torpedo. Or something.

    Planet Coruscant, Galactic Empire
    Imperial Palace

    The garden of the palace is small, and they don't have coffee, or even heard about it. Come on, that's like staple food, for civilized people!
    If the Imperial Court doesn't have coffee, where else could I find it, perhaps the Vong might import it?

    "So, the plagues have all been eradicated, Avatar Greyshade?" The Galactic Empress asked me, faking naivity. She wore a less elaborate garment for this unofficial tea, only a skin tight blue blouse to enhance her generous body, and a pair of blue shorts. Possibly chosen especialy to keep me complacent, while I stared.

    "Of course not, most beautiful Empress. The highest mortality strains only, and that, if they don't mutate. As you may know, we quarantined Tatooine recently, since the droch plague was detected on some local rodents. We'll have to exterminate the species entirely, and hope the plague hasn't escaped to a more populated world. A trillion people could die in a few hours, with no possible cure..." I said in a level voice, and noticed her eyes widen a little.

    So, someone did their job and actually educated her.

    "Possibly some smuggler then, small rodents may enter old ships looking for food scraps, like they are found on Hutt's ships floors" Miss Bena said with a thoughtful voice.

    "Very likely the exact way it happened, esteemed Empress. Now, going back to my first request, a common legislation, at least on commercial and sentient rights?" I asked gently, but still pressing the matter.

    "Even if I could, Avatar. The Senate..." she muttered with a head shake, making her hair wave mesmerizingly.

    Focus Pef ! Yes, the Imperial Senate...thousands of people, most of them corrupt to the core, and standing in the way.

    "It's not actually any rush. I just wish our common proposal be sent towards the legislative committee as a step in harmonizing our relations, and calm down investors and bankers. As long as the new Humbarine Senator is the one submitting it, and within three weeks." I explained politely, then took another gulp from my mineral water bottle.

    I'll have to bring coffee to this primitive galaxy...
    How can you not have coffee? It was ridiculous!

    Or cigarettes! Sure they had death sticks, but those were actually killing you, in two years or less.

    I'll have to look into this, and find something. A billion planets out there, surely one of them had coffee, right?
    Planet Coruscant, Galactic Empire
    34 days later

    "Why are hiding from my security, Avatar ?" my newest lover asked with rapid breaths, coming out for air after a long kiss.

    "I'm kidnapping you, of course, dear Bena. My agent here will take your place for next two days..." I explained seriously, as a changeling operative touched her neck and morphed into a perfect copy.

    "Oh, taking over my government Avatar, just like that?" she wondered, suspecting some nefarious plot. Like I would actually stoop so low, to kidnap and...well, I would, but it wasn't necessary now.

    "Hold still for a second...and we're here. Centerpoint station, the largest spaceship in the galaxy. Now upgraded, armored and armed with a superlaser battery and 30 thousands ion cannons. And with the capability to teleport itself, or other people and objects to its location. Amazing, isn't it?" I said softly, while holding her hand, and walking towards a diamondoid window, overlooking the interior of the station, now perhaps 1% filled with ships or asteroids.

    "Director Isard will figure out I'm not the real me. He's really good at his job." Bena replied sternly.

    "Of course he is. The changeling was his idea after all, to give the traitors a realistic target. Come now, most prettiest Empress. Forget about the Moff plot and their attempt to install Tarkin as Emperor. Let the spies and the assassins deal with all that. We have a vacation now, if only for two days. What place do you want to visit?" I asked gently, hugging my Empress with one arm, and projecting a hologram of the galaxy in my other hand.

    "Oh! I've been played and kept in the dark...again. That slimy, arrogant, magnificent bastard! Two days you say? And I can do anything I want?" the woman murmured low, as she looked around with curiosity and excitement.
    "Yup anything and anywhere. But, low key and disguised. Can't show our hand too soon, can we?" I asked with a smile, and stole another kiss.

    "I want to see so many things...let's go to Vanquo first, I am curious about the Paladins. And next to Mandalore, and then...the Wheel and that huge sarlacc, and then..." she began listing a vacation list.

    Guess we'll be travelling for a while.

    Mandalore system, Pef Empire
    Next day

    And while a coup d'etat take places on Coruscant, and thousands of Imperial Senators get murdered by the evil military colonels and Moffs, my Avatar is romancing the Empress and visiting Charming Castle in secret...

    I'm doing what I do best, repairing the ecosystem and terraforming Mandalore, while bringing a few planets from Kessel around the main star. Planet Rion and its moons, Randa , Injopan and lastly Mandrine .

    Now that Mandalore is connected by hyperroute to Phindar it just needs a proper economy to become a trade hub and populous world, again.

    And the immigrants from Coruscant will fill 4 planets in a single week. Next week, of course, as this week Coruscant is under Moff control. Or so they think.
    Why ruin their long and complex plans to take over the Galactic Empire? They're doing a great job at painting themselves as a militaristic, reactionary force, killing everyone even looking at them wrong.

    We'll jump in to rescue the beloved Empress and restore peace and freedom, just as soon as I finish uplifting this system.

    Guess I can use all the sand on Mandalore to make a summer palace for the Empress, while seeding the planet with ice comets and palm trees. Much like Tatooine, sand planets make great beach resorts, once the rough parts are smoothed out, and a million lakes are formed on the surface.

    Damn that droch plague, it ruined my plans!

    Should have known every good intention has unforeseen consequences.

    Luckily, planetary shields also make great quarantine measures, even if it's costly to keep them all the time.

    The new low energy particle shields work nicely though, preventing asteroids and mass particle carriers from passing through. No rodent is flying away from Tatooine. Nor sand, nor pollen.

    Only ships with energy shields can pass through them, and for those we have our own ships and defense platforms.

    Or backup energy shields and the new four in one shields, combining particle, energy, thermal and reflection, or the 4S shields.

    Those 4S shields are 8 times more expensive, and need infrared lasers and ion cannons to discharge the absorbed energy, so they aren't feasible to use everywhere. Not yet.
    Just capital ships and spacestations, and the new Biplane IV, which will allow our organic pilots to participate in fleet engagements and be protected by their pilot cocoons on naval bases or the carrier ship, if deployed too far.

    Again, we're using the second best tech only subspace emitters, not hyperspace emitters and comlinks, since those are 20 times more expensive, and most jamming technology is aimed at them anyway.

    Cutting edge tech has to remain in use for black ops and the fiscal division, which are now slowly civilizing Hutt space.

    By stealing their money and killing slavers, if only with accidents and undetectable toxins. Don't want to start a war there, just offering commercial partnerships, using droids and heavy machinery instead of manual labor, hiring slaves for administration or other services, and so on.

    It will take decades, as slavery is customary in many places, and indentured servitude is the actual Hutt Law.

    But here and there, smarter Hutts stop losing money and become rich entrepreneurs, lording over the more traditional Hutts with armored repulsorlift beds, and even getting angels and their students to sing for them.

    That last part seems to attract more Hutts towards civilization, than simply money or luxuries.

    Huh, those academies for arts made by Angie and Celine are now working better than trillions of credits on expensive assassins and industrial development.

    It's a strange galaxy, after all.
    On planet Mandalore, all this sand removal unveiled large deposits of beskar ore, which are promptly 'disappeared' under new war droids and tank factories. I kinda wanted beskar for my energy projects, since like cortosis, mandalorian iron has very special properties.

    Both for deflecting energy away, and for energy containment purposes. We might receive another upgrade in magnitude, for space ship reactors and even planetary reactors.

    And once we begin the kyber crystals experiments, perhaps another upgrade again.

    Still magnitudes lower than my plans need, to power up a hypergate network across the galaxy, stargate style.

    But should be enough for the former Rakata planets. The Force can take over the energy needs...hmmm. Let's not copy the Rakata ways though.

    Crossing 100 thousands lights years in a single step, and perhaps in a maglev train, to increase commercial and passenger traverse speed and the gate time operation short.

    I wonder why they didn't use it like that in stargate. Trains could fit the gate pretty good, and carry huge volumes of goods and passengers every second. Why waste time and energy for a few curious pedestrians?

    Nevermind, I could, and I would. Just as soon as the tech was reverse-engineered and the energy requirements reached.

    But, my goals were in sight now...only needed a few more steps.
    Planet Coruscant, Galactic Pef Empire
    Next Week.

    "My loyal citizens, it is my pleasure to announce that I have found Avatar Greyshade to be worthy of becoming my husband, and thus unite the galaxy into a single empire, less prone to fall pray to enemies, foreign and domestic. During the last days, when I found myself in fear for my life and the safety of all my citizens, it was my dear Avatar who saved us. Without his efforts, this treasonous coup might have succeeded and forced the Empire under the boot of military dictators. But now, with Tarkin and his fellow Moffs and other conspirators dead or captured, we can all breathe more easy.

    The new Empire reorganization will take some time, but fortunately, our late Senate was already working on a common legislation, which I will now just approve, with my emergency powers.
    A new Large Senate will be organized instead, with two chambers, one with a World Senator for every world in the galaxy, and one representing our population by numbers. These will be the Sector Senators, each representing at least a hundred billion and no more than a 120 billion sapients.

    And lastly, as a wedding present, my dear husband has agreed to default all debts and interests accrued by the worlds in the former Galactic Empire, absorbing the debt himself, with his personal wealth. Isn't he a truly wonderful husband?" Bena proclaimed from her repulsorlift lodge in the Senate's Hall, said hall now mostly empty, with just a hundred or so remaining former Senators.

    Somehow the coup targeted every single corrupt or opponent of Bena's leaving just her friends and supporters alive, many protected at the last second from death squads coming after them.

    Their cheers were barely audible now, but this speech was intended for the holonet and the galaxy not for the remains of the Senate.
    My Empire has doubled in surface again, and included the vast majority of the Galaxy, at least the known inhabited worlds.

    The so call reorganization was simply folding every institution of the galactic Empire into the existing ones of the Pef Empire,
    during the emergency powers bestowed on the Empress for the next two years.

    By the time a census and elections will be held for the new Large Senate, the economic reforms and the inter-service integration should be complete.

    Truly, Tarkin saved me a decade of hard work with his coup, I should thank him...too bad he's dead.

    "My new citizens, I have another announcement to make, to complement my most enchanting wife and Empress. As you all know, her birth planet is Humbarine, which is sadly a bit isolated. But, once the new capital of the Empire moves to Commenor, our Empress will be just a short jump to her home. This will not happen immediately, since the system will need to be properly prepared and terraformed to host a galactic capital, with at least 12 million embassies for all the World Senators, plus much enhanced trading and spaceport operations. Not just that, but an artificial moon for the Senate, able to house and receive all the Senators at once, along with their delegations. It will be nice, I can tell you even now, but it will also take time, possibly two years to be finished. Meanwhile, the Imperial Servants and the Navy will ensure that investments and security are provided for every world in the Empire. Once again, I thank you all for electing such a beautiful Empress, isn't she lovely?" I proclaimed in turn, making Bena blush, and the Senators cheer a bit louder.

    And cut.
    Enough posturing for the media and the common citizens.

    "Come dear, let's meet with our Hands and Voices and the heads of the agencies. Our Fifth Hand, Grandmaster Fay will also be present, as well as adjuncts for the Hands or Voices unable to leave their current deployments. Should be fun" I said with a tiny frown.
    It won't be fun at all.

    "Really, you gave a Jedi a formal place in the Empire?" Bena wondered a bit confused.

    "Yes, Fifth's Hand domain is covering religion and refugees. Seems they go well together, for some reason" I explained with a shrug. Religious conflicts mostly caused the refugees, so it kinda fit.

    Small Council Chambers, Coruscant

    And...kriff. Fay brought Yoda with her.

    "Be seated everyone. The first Small Council of the Galactic Pef Empire begins" a registrar droid announced loudly, making most of the chatter in the room subside.

    "The droid emperor here is not..." Master Yoda assumed in a curious tone.

    "I am the Voice and the Avatar of the Immortal Pef. My words are his words. My debts and promises, my deeds and my enemies are his too. Call it bilocation if it helps, Master Yoda" I said politely, while using air alter to project my voice equally in the whole room, and manifesting a wooden gavel to smack the table with.

    That had some effect, as Fay and Yoda exchanged a worried look.

    "Indeed, strong you are. Bilocation, fabled it was. Possible still is." the green midget muttered in his chin.

    "Now, a few pointers, so I don't have to explain again. The Empire is lead by Pef, through his Voices and Hands, with the main goal being civilization. That means laws, sentient rights, common defence and healthcare, and monopoly on offensive weapons and force powers. The laws will always be minimalistic and regulatory in nature, rather than edicts, as long as they don't involve the eminent domain of the government which is the protection of its citizens.

    For example, 'jedi mind tricks' or other forms of mind control. Their use is absolutely restricted to Officio Assassinorum or certain Paladin operations, for example hostage rescue. Certain high risk or high value government employees can also receive mnemonic imprints or blockers, to learn or protect restricted information from telepaths or neural probes.

    Force powers are by their very nature less possible to control or restrict, but education programs and directing those such sentients towards protecting the citizens seems to work fine. As long as death-cults and their adherents are being eliminated as soon as located, we foresee a thousand percent reduction in their reappearance." I said softly, and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    "Those fallen to the dark side can be redeemed, Avatar. The Jedi have successfully done it many times in the past..." Fay said with a serious tone.

    "Perhaps, but absolutely not worth the risk and the consequences. This kind of leniency from the Jedi is what caused the Clone wars, and thousands of wars before. Our Paladins' armor have integrated sensors and self-destructs, for those who succumb to hate and force psychosis.

    Flawed training and exiling dark jedi, separating childrens from family and love, from the very people they were supposed to protect. Healing the wounds that the Jedi have caused to the galaxy will take centuries, and will not be easy. The galaxy is littered with splinter cults made by exiled Jedi during the last 30 millenia.
    And you miss Fay...you were given a holocron, with correct information about the Force and its uses. Please don't confuse mind alter with religious fiction again" I said with a sterner voice, and poked her forehead with a telekinetic finger.

    She blinked a bit confused, hand clenched on the holocron I gave her.

    Sigh. She will take decades to let herself learn.

    "Avatar, the Jedi idiots aside, what are going to do about the west? And the Vong ? We are losing ships and crew..." An Imperial Navy Admiral asked, without looking at his former enemies. As I said, many wounds to heal.

    "Well, as soon as the Galactic naval battle groups are combined and integrated in the Pef Navy, our fighter pilots will fly our drones remotely, mapping the west regions and deploying hyperspace beacons. 50 billion droids and their tanks and dropships will deploy and exterminate the slavers and the Lugubrra, supervised again remotely by their officers.

    And every year from today forward, those forces will double, again and again, untill the west is civilized as well. Should take us a decade or so and train our officers and navy crews to their best, while new capital ships are being built, all over the Empire. Because esteemed members of the Council, the galaxy has a trillion stars, and we have barely began exploring the galaxy.

    There could be a thousand other galactic empires out there, invisible to us, using stars and planets we haven't mapped. Not likely, I admit, but only because we would have detected transmissions. But if they use telepathic networks like the Vong? Or the Killiks?
    Or are so advanced we cannot even detect their transmissions? Our galaxy is much larger than we know, and we'll keep growing for a million years.
    And we will not expend clone soldiers, but droids, to do all this. Every droid, every tank, every missile spent during the Expansion, will mean more work for our citizens. From miners and technicians and engineers, to researchers and teachers and ship crews.

    As for the Jedi, they are welcome to remain an obscure religion whether on Ruul or Jedha or some fetid jungle planet, or contribute to collect knowledge and heal plagues and hatred, beside the Imperial Servants from the Ministry of Cults and religions. Many of my wives are former Jedi, so I am sympathetic to their plight. I just like happy children more." I answered politely, measuring my words to remain polite, while not endorsing or persecuting their religion.

    Master Fay unpinned her Hand and placed it on the table, not happy with my decision.

    Didn't expect her to.

    "The Jedi will relocate in the Church of the Force, on the moon Jedha. Where are those three Jedi you arrested?" Fay asked with a belligerent tone.

    "Those dark jedi are one with the force now, Miss Fay. You already have everything you need, don't mistake my sympathy for endorsement. Dark Jedi appear because Jedi exist, and are taught flawed teachings. Good luck!" I said in a flat voice, as Centerpoint arrived at Najedha system and teleported all the known Jedi in front of the Dome.

    The Council was a bit impressed, as my words seemed to have vanished the Jedi Masters like magic.
    "So, the sentient rights?" Lira asked with a cute smile. Her ears made her look like a cute doll.

    "Right. So, the right at life, property and freedom. Unless it's an enemy or a criminal. Easy?" I asked rhetorically. Erradicating thousands of years of prejudice and racial hatred won't be easy, but it all started with commerce and prosperity. With the galactic military, banks and the legal system under my control, fixing the galaxy should be feasable.
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    Pef I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 28, 2016
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    Malagarr System, Pef Empire
    Core Diamond
    15 BBY

    'And to think we had an Abominor droid to examine, this close.' I mused with a sad tone.

    'Exactly Emperor. This Great Heep you found on Coruscant is really special. Don't be so disappointed.
    I still can't understand 5% of its energy components, or the way it is supposed to transform into various shapes. It is utterly alien and bizarre. Parts of it are simplistic, and a few parts so advanced to confound even my superior intellect' Core replied with a serious emote, to show he didn't like his intellect being baffled.

    'Well, keep in mind that form follows the intended function, which for this droid model was possibly to combat Silentium droids and build an advance base for other combat droids. I call this type of droids Commanders. They are supposed to be a little special' I explained with a virtual shrug.

    'Ah, makes sense then Emperor. Draining other droids of energy, and using whatever tools it could find to continue its primary mission. And very cheap to mass produce, and seed billion of planets with similar models. A marcosale nano-bot. In fact, if miniaturized a dozen magnitudes, it could serve as prototype...you're not happy with this idea' Core realized as my fist clenched.

    'Absolutely not, Honored Hand. Using Abominor designs for anything would bring us in conflict with the Silentium. Also, very possibly expose our galaxy to another plague, difficult to contain.
    They did manage to ruin at least one other galaxy, these Abominors. What I want is their tech deciphered, the science behind it understood, and counter-measures created. At least five separate types of counters, from cyberwarfare, ionization bafflers, nano-deconstructors and whatever transmutations you're hiding on PXS/00088877771, which I will call Coreforge to keep it simple.' I said with a hint of amusement.

    Let him know his secret projects weren't actually so secret. My Third Hand was too good at his job.
    'Kriff, I was certain I kept that star system completely compartmentalized. I can't have any privacy, can I?' Core complained, a bit too late.

    'You can try. Now, the Lugubbra. Any working ideas?' I asked curious.

    'I have several, to test on lifeless systems, lifeless beside the worms. There is a certain alkaline salt that will prevent the Lugubrra from digesting anything, by neutralizing their stomach acids. Still needs more work, as well as a means to disperse a cloud or a nebula of particulates over an entire star system, including the cometary cloud. For a smaller volume, like an asteroid belt, I believe particle shields pulsing from a Lucrehulk or other large transport vessel should suffice.'

    'Hmmm, starving the voracious eaters. I like it. We'll be able to collect their skin and teeth intact and reuse them as tank ablative armor and threads. We could upgrade a thousand tank divisions, just by farming an infested asteroid belt...' I mused, mentally rubbing my hands.

    'Yes, we could, and have our droids looks positively scary, by wearing the scalps of our enemies. This seems a bit cruel Pef' Dora whispered in the bond, confirming my previous declaration about lack of privacy.

    'Do you want to negotiate with the tank-eating Lugubrra?' I asked curious. They did eat our first 30 tank divisions, before we adapted our tactics. Keep moving and firing, tank threads are harder to bite if they move. Live and learn.

    'Errr. Actually, I do have some documents to file and records to keep. Sanctuary doesn't rule itself you know?' Dora replied with a 180 degree change in attitude.

    Huh, even knowing she'll be reborn, and still lacking the courage to go pet a Lugubbra on its cute head?
    Although, to be fair, some very old Lugubrra did gain a type of sentience, and were commanding the younger worms with some attempts at tactics, not just zerg rush.

    There were even rumours of Lugubrra using weapons and ships...but that just made them even scarier. It meant they could spread to other worlds, if even one in a trillion of the worms got smart enough to push a random hyperjump button while eating the crew of some ship.

    However, in asteroid fields they were easier to exterminate, simply by melting the asteroids. Took time, but as long as the ships kept a safe distance, the worms were too slow to reach the ship.

    And the other curse, the Mnggal-Mnggal was much worse still, able to infect creatures and disguise itself, capturing ships and crew, and then playing with them in cruel and sadistic ways.

    Luckily, the force detectors worked fine to sense the change in alignment, always black.

    We'll have to sweep all the former Galactic Navy ships and crews and root out force-sensitives, or dark jedi or those infected by this parasite.

    It will take time, and expanding the crystal mining on Mimban, but so will imprinting the crews with the new laws and regulations as well as a high school education.

    In effect, all navy crew will become two star Imperial Servants, while the captains and higher ranks will be three stars.

    They used considerable amounts of firepower in their jobs, and I wasn't going to let them become warlords or corrupt.

    I should also implement a two star program for all ship crew on civilian ships. Call it, mandatory re-qualification.

    At least all the ships' crew flying through the galaxy will be forced to know the basic laws and get a free education. Which will mean at least a thousand such Imperial Navigation and Customs Training Centers, on all the large trade worlds.

    And also capturing many pirates and criminals hiding between them, and detecting more force-sensitives.
    Yep, should work. We'll start on the outskirts of the galaxy, and figure out what problems appear. Possibly learning basic should be the first lesson in the curriculum.

    But hey, at least the galaxy will get the same culture, at least for those travelling the stars.

    Hmmm, and the same two stars for the new World Senators, when they get elected. They will be public officials, so they should have an education and know the laws. Their delegations as well, should at least understand what the Emperor is saying.

    While the Sector Senators...yep, they will wield powerful weapons too. Three stars for those.

    Extra courses for economy and diplomacy. No more incompetent Senators, easily swayed to corruption or voting for populist measures, like loans with 25% interest.

    This will all take time, and cost money, and be resented a little. But that's civilization.

    'Kriff. You mean to have all of us take the three star imprints' Asajj realized with a sudden fright.

    'Of course, dear Voice. What university did you finish, to yield enough power to smash planets or conduct diplomatic negotiations?' I asked rhetorically.

    As it happened, only I had finished a university from all those leading the Empire. And I kept learning billions of manuals on every possible subject. I kinda had to, to be able to understand what was going on in my Empire.

    'Just don't fry my brain, or shave my head. As cute as Dora and Lira are, if you shave my head I'll divorce you' Wialu said with a joking tone. She wasn't really joking then.
    Aur system, Galactic Pef Empire
    High Orbit.
    15 BBY

    Seems other races had similar tech to our own, as Aur IX and Aur X planets are actually made of diamond. The eleventh planet was a diamond as well, but something smashed it, resulting in a huge asteroid belt, made of diamonds of course.

    Don't litter the galaxy with diamonds, whoever did this! Just the cloud is worth 100 times the entire reserve of the Galactic Bank, if not more.

    Well, at least I know what I'll use to construct the new galactic capital at Commenor.

    Gates and chairs, skylights and windows, protocol droids chassis, stairs and balustrades, pots for plants...Bena won't be able to ever say I was cheap eh?

    And the small bits, the ones finger sized or less, will be used to absorb all the credits from the black economy.

    Hutts love gems after all. And bounty hunters and other criminals, worried that credits can be traced.

    I'll bury the Hutts in diamonds, then reveal how worthless they are...they'll lose their empire in a year, and revert to their core worlds, some 30 planets around Varl.

    The Bothan and their spy network as well, I'll buy them out, using space rocks.

    Hmmm, with a bit of precision shaping, I can upgrade all our Meteor's shells and the capital ship's missiles with diamond tips. Should increase armor penetration by 112%, so really worth it.
    Perhaps, even the new Exitus rifle used by Officio Assassinorum. For regular targets, diamond tipped bullets fired from silent magnetically powered rifles should work. And for force-users, I already made Lignan crystal tipped cortosis covered bullets. As soon as the bullet touched the sensory net of its target, the lignan pierced mental defenses, while the cortosis shortcutted force-protections and gave the projectile sufficient mass to pulverize the brain.

    Not even one of the latest recipients of divine justice had survived. Because proton torpedoes were a bit high colateral, especially in places with many civilians like shaman yurtas or various temples. The Exitus bullets were really effective.

    Just, kinda 100 times more expensive than a 1000 credits proton torpedo.

    Cortosis was rare, and lingan even more. Still, 76 of the 78 bullets used so far were recovered. We did have Findsmen after all, and the Vindicare assassins had their own escorts to keep them safe and on a leash.

    Okay Centerpoint, start teleporting all the small diamonds into the cargo bins.

    A trillion credits worth of diamonds, per each large cargo bin, and I only have a million of these bins...

    Kriff, I don't have enough do I?

    Nevermind, I'll bring the rest to Solanus and Core, they can use diamonds for whatever projects they work on.

    'Don't forget to pamper your wives with a box full of diamonds. Damn rich droid...' Asajj muttered, somehow upset.

    Right! Diamonds for the girls!
    Ah, the Avatar will be swimming in love for a month. Bitches love diamonds!

    'I love Peffy anyway. But yeah, get me a box of diamonds and you get another baby' Dora said with an adoring tone.

    'And don't forget about Aurra and Na-Jia. They need love and diamonds too, not just stealing for a living' Lira advised me wisely.

    Huh? Those two were trillionaires already, 'liberating' credits from every single corrupt or criminal...whatever.

    A gift will be liked anyway, and Peffy will enjoy more love. Not that he wasn't right now, with Bena trying to get pregnant, 6 hours every day. Could have told her it worked on the first try, but she did her best, so why not enjoy it?

    It was called a honeymoon, after all.

    'We can upgrade the Paladin's armor with trauma plates made of diamond. Especially the helmets and the thighs, since those are the most targeted spots when dealing with resistance or terrorists' Solana said after a minute.

    Hmmm, someone was also learning from statistical analysis. But no, diamonds would shatter on kinetic or shockwave weapons, only serving as shrapnel.

    'We'll test on the droid thighs. But it won't work very well, I can tell even now. We'll use graphene layers and diamondoid hexa-plates for the helmets. And when Core is ready, we'll switch to quantum-locked plasteel. In a few years. For now, a single armor suit would cost a trillion credits, as every single atom has to be bound in a entropy lock field, individually.' I explained with a simulated shrug.

    New technology is expensive, untill you learn enough to mass produce it. Nothing new.

    Even Peffy's armor only had a micron-thin mesh of quantum-locked plasteel inserts, and another layer of hexa-plates made of molecular-bonded phrik. And it cost a few billions to make and a whole year of experiments.

    What? I took care of my Avatar! I wasn't gonna let some primitives stab him with their spears or nail him...
    So, diamond collection finished, for now. Let's grab a thousand or so larger diamond asteroids, and jump.

    Planet Sol XIII, Pef Empire
    Tranquility sea

    'Hey buddy, any luck with those hyperdrives?' I asked Solanus, a little curious.

    'Yes, Immortal Pef. I can reproduce them now, for 0.5 speeds. And I made this ship for your Avatar, using the original drives, repaired and refurbished, with the latest materials. It should work at 0.35 speeds.'

    Ouch, I forgot how loud he talks in person.

    But new ship! And faster hyperdrives! Excellent.

    A strange ship popped out from the sea, perhaps 70 meters long, the prow being a single transparent pyramid, then a cube, then two smaller pyramids on the side, possibly hosting the engines.

    Like a stubby dart, made of holocrons. Huge holocrons.

    And all blue with gold scripts printed over the hull, and gently illuminating the hull.

    And it vanished, then reappeared next to me. Oh, a force-powered ship!

    'Nice, so local teleport in a gravity well, and hyperdrives for longer rides?'

    'And a hundred imbued abilities, like auto-pilot and crew extraction. Healing, mental healing, barriers and energy absorption, cloaking, mnemonic cloaking, illusions, self-repair...' Solanus boomed in my soul.

    'You drained the Ship?' I wondered, trying to figure out where did he get blueprints for something like this.
    'Of course, tolerated Emperor. That Ship was trying to re-create the Sith Empire, and corrupt our citizens.
    The Sith Ship was searching for a way to elude the blockade on Kessel. My Dart will be loyal, I built the pilot myself'
    Solanus declared with a bit of anger.

    Oh. Sneaky little bastard Ship, you said you were in. Going behind my back to awake Abeloth...

    'Ooops?' I said meekly.

    'Yes. Now leave that silly armor and dive in, I want to learn what you found out lately...' the ocean demanded rudely.

    Sure thing, scary father-in-law. Just violate my mind as you please. Then again, he gave me his own daughter...

    'Right away, mighty Ocean. Here, take all my crystals too, and learn everything. I feel a storm is coming, and you're our only hope' I whispered, disgorging every crystal I had into his waves.

    'The wills are five. You're playing with half of the first, and think yourself strong. The inner crystal memory is still locked. Something has sealed your original partition. And I can't figure out how to unlock it. Worries me'

    Right, it must be the first...something about my original planet. How I got here.

    'Don't bother Solanus. We are in deep time now. We'll reach the answer the slow way, traveling forward in time, second by second. What's a billion years eh?' I said jokingly.
    Roon system, Galactic Pef Empire
    15 BBY, next month

    Planet Roon is very special, mostly for its crystals called Roonstone which are all inscribed with poems and stories and were possibly an ancient form of a library.

    The inept governor Koong, who planned to destroy all the roonstones was swiftly demoted to janitor while the skies of the system are full with 35 navy fleets , 500 Meteors, 3000 Hammers and 3 million smaller ships. And why?

    Because, every year all the mynocks in the galaxy migrate here. Not really of course, since they aren't hyperdrive capable.

    But all the mynocks in the outer comets and asteroids, fly towards Roon, darkening the skies.

    Just like Ord Mynock , this world will serve as a relatively safe training ground for the new Pef Navy and its remotely piloted starfighters.

    No missiles were allowed for this event, to mimic a desperate battle where such consumables were already spent.

    Just various types of beams, competing teams trying to score as much as possible.

    And there they are, the sky literally become darkened from swarms of these creatures. They tended to protect territory in which they resided and would attack in larger numbers if they felt threatened. It is possible that they communicated using pheromones, telepathy, or even through a hive mind.

    We'll see if they are a hive mind, right now...more like schools of fish, they instantly changed vectors to attack our incoming starfighters, while the huge and thicker swarms were fired upon by larger weapons.
    Capital ship masers simply evaporate entire clouds of mynocks, and the new infrared lasers aren't much worse, erupting thousands of mynocks into flames with a single sweep. Whatever stomach acids they have, they must be quite flammable.

    The continuous laser turrets, as well as the chaingun lasers point defence turrets seem to work very well, keeping the mynocks swarm away through superior firepower. Trillions of laser and maser beams color the sky.

    Just, the pilots and their teleoperated fighter drones are a disappointment, missing 90% of their shots, while the star destroyers fire randomly with their turbolasers, often glancing shots from my ships and only hitting anything because it was very hard to miss anything.

    There are trillions of mynocks, and they move widely, up and down or side to side, and bouncing off the planetary shields if they descend too low. At those moments, a secondary planetary shield comes up, pulsing and shield bashing the mynocks into low orbit again.

    It's a target rich environment, and those scoring over 50% hit rates will be kept as gunners, retrained and sent to the western front. The others, well. The army can use grunts anyway. And if they get munched on badly, I can use cyborgs...

    Waste not. At least they are all volunteers.

    Sure, the army will need to receive tanks and gunships and combat droids too, Since a billion soldiers with comically looking war machines will not cut it, on the western fronts.

    Whoever designed their vehicles never fought in a war, that's certain. Just going by the rule of cool, and when they placed the weapons, they simply went with 'towards the front' , like it was for stationary target practice.
    The clone troopers of the clone wars did have turrets on their tanks and gunships, but this Imperial Army only kept those for a single tank variant. A heavy tank, floating slowly on repulsorlifts, and costing half the price of a corvette.

    In fact, every single piece of equipment the Army uses is worth 5 to 20 times more, than the role it was supposed to fill.

    Poor aiming skills, coupled with poor tactics and and a supply chain needed for tibanna gas and other consumables...no surprise they were overran wherever they didn't have numerical superiority.

    I guess we can manufacture flamethrowers and those meltaguns for these poor soldiers. At least they have eyes, so that's a good start for a soldier. Holoimages for flash imprints don't work so well on the miraluka, even after they receive cyborg eyes.

    The visual centers in their brains are atrophied, and will take a decade to fully condition the miraluka Paladins.

    Yea, for now all the army troopers will be just gunners on their mechanized vehicles, like tanks and troops carriers.

    Safer to keep the vehicles moving anyway.

    14 minutes later, the mynocks are all obliterated, and the fleets begin to depart towards their bases.

    Good enough. Now we just need to do the same for a few billion star systems in west.
    No biggie.
    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Zero Garden

    "So, every one of you will have to finish a university, if going in person, or two universities if you pick the neural training. Should take you about one year, either way" I explained to all the girls in the garden, after gifting them each a coffer full of diamonds.

    "I have a little kid, can't just leave and go to school!' Jeannie, a Makashi woman who stayed after we fought for five minutes, declared a bit upset.

    A few other women nodded in agreement.

    "I can have a training center built at 10 minutes walk from here. You will go, learn for 4 hours, then come back." I explained gently, having already picked a place for a small campus.

    "That's...more reasonable, I guess. But why a university course? Is there something you're not telling us Avatar?" Ahsoka said with a curious look in her wide blue eyes.

    "It should be obvious. I will have to lead the Empire, most of the times from the capital. Most of you are my wives, esteemed Jedi Masters excluded. You will be ambassadors, generals and corporate leaders,
    or perhaps scientists or medics. You are the dynasty who leads the galaxy. Or do you want me to trust the Moffs?" I asked rhetorically.

    "So, I'm basically an Empress too, huh?" Zero whispered, looking at me intently.

    "In effect yes. In practice, only the outer regions are ours alone. Integrating the Core will take time.
    But that means entire sectors anyway, to be guided away from the worst dangers. Generally, by prevention instead of reaction. We will not wait for a civil war to conclude, then rescue the refugees.
    Talk it over, and we'll meet soon." I said politely, then vanished aboard the Dart.

    "Hey Peffy, so...why do you have a huge bedroom?" Celeste asked from the bridge, where she was looking around curious.
    Really? I have to explain in detail?

    "Come here my dear. You have to see for yourself!" I yelled, as I emerged from my armor and sat on the huge bed.

    "Wait, is that bed for...?" the prude Jedi asked with some surprise. Really naive then.

    "Closer...closer. Got you!" I yelled capturing my prey in a hug, then a sweet kiss.

    "Mmmmm. There! You got your kiss, now what?" Celeste asked with some bafflement. Possibly fake.

    "Let me show you the other room, with the jacuzzi..." I said softly.
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    Planet Gand, Pef Empire
    Holomovies premiere.
    15 BBY, Next month

    Can you imagine an amazingly beautiful Togruta, dressed in an evening dress made of diamonds? Every time she breathes, the dress sparkles and your own breath falters...

    Now imagine two of them. Ahsoka has grown up, being in their twenties now, while Shaak...well, she looks fabulous, even though her mood isn't really pleased.

    "This dress is too revealing and obscenely opulent!" she complained as we entered the lobby. Hmmm, I've seen it all, and the dress is not as revealing as I'd like...

    Some famous holomovie director had begun a series of movies about the Clone Wars, with parts of it real footage and others holoprojections, with new image capture techniques and famous actors playing the roles of historic figures.

    This first episode will end at Geonosis, and will hopefully not glorify lightsabers, instead showing the Jedi for the rushing fanatics they were.

    Of course, the point of view will change, from place to place, from Coruscant, to Corellia then Naboo and Tatooine, then Serenno and Gand, even with short parts from Hutt perspective, or the Mandalorians.

    The events are not perfectly historical, and more of a dramatization, because art.

    And I learned not to oppose artists, it only leads to suffering.
    "Shhhh, the holomovie is starting! Keep it quiet, my dear" I said in fake outrage. There were a few more minutes till the premier started, but why make a scene?

    They were going to love it anyway, as fight scenes were very realistic, if not the Force, which was shown with a dark red contour when in use. People in the galaxy expected magic to be obvious, and their future perceptions will make the job of our Paladins easier.

    Malagarr system, Pef Empire

    Meanwhile, I am building myself a new seat of government, modeled after the twined Lucrehulk, but ten times larger, and a lot more opulent, using materials so durable that time will not affect them even after billions of years.

    The tech inside the new space station will have to be modular and somewhat accessible, as to not fall behind the times, too much.

    Room for a billion droids and 100 million sentients, receptions halls, security corridors, and a Black Box skyscraper, which will house some of the Empire Intelligence. I have already began building 100 separate intelligence complexes in a fairly dispersed manner, around the galaxy, trying to reduce lag times between local commanders and operatives in the field.

    Some of them visible and obvious, attached to military bases and large shipyards, others discrete and camouflaged, in star systems without life.

    Taking over the vast network of intelligence agents from the former Galactic Empire will also take time, but having a united government and common enemies will help.
    And dealing with Arkania and their quasi-independent status, based on diamond mines and genetic experimentation will be much simpler once the market for diamond crashes, in the next six months.

    By next year, they will need my credits to continue their research. Which will in effect make them a branch of the Medical Division,
    not that there weren't already doing some of that with their Military Research and Development Division .

    Only this time, it won't be mad scientists experimenting on dozens of races for some obscure reasons, but directed efforts at integrating valuable genes into the majority of the humanoid populations.

    Somehow, unlike my current Pef Empire, where even with massive immigration, the humans were barely at 50%, in the Core and colonies the ratio was 98% humans and near humans , since the humans were those who colonized the denser and more near planets with their colony ships.

    The Outer Rim was larger in surface, but much less explored and colonized, especially as the Jedi prevented immigration to planets where even a single sentient tribe was present.

    That will change now, as I prefer having more billions spread around and using the land and the resources, than keeping a whole planet as a 'reservation' just to prolong some neolithic tribe culture.

    Just like on Mimban, there were a few savage tribes, but they were all moved to a single island, and then had a city and facilities build for them, as the rest of the planet becomes a thriving civilized world, with a thousand cities and factories and farms.

    This is why planets like Mala were moved in systems with a majority of non-human inhabitants, like Toong'l or Baros and Charros. Immigration will cause a bit a friction for a generation, but after that, the cultures will mingle, the genes as well, and the result will be a hardier race, with less weak spots to make them extinct due to some disease.
    For example, planet Vestar was interesting enough I moved it to Sanctuary. The native near-humans, the Icarii have a natural regeneration which borders on magic. Really, almost like Fay, and every single one.

    Those Icarii boys will have a happy life, spreading their genes to a thousand girls each, and being paid for it. Their women too, but carrying one child at a time will take much longer.

    And to think the Galactic Empire would have exterminated this marvelous race, instead of obtaining their gift for all humanity.

    It will take a bit of experimentation, but I believe a million miraluka women will be happy to give birth to children that have eyes and heal scraped knees in seconds. And once the news spreads, even more.

    Sadly, the immigration to the northern planets, like Lah'mu will have to wait, untill the Vong problem is solved. Just a few millions here and there, to establish a presence and work on spacestations and other installations.

    An indepth defensive line is being established, with shields and defense stations and naval bases, while survey droids try to map the nearby stars, both with hyperdrives and sublight engines.

    One way or another, the border of the galaxy has to be mapped completely, to prevent fleets and invasions from bypassing chokepoints and attacking populated worlds more in depth.

    Won't be perfectly tight, but every stealth satellite and hyper route we get now, will mean less lives lost later.

    And major worlds all are beginning to receive shields and hypervelocity planetary guns, along with ground to orbit lasers and naval bases on nearby moons.

    So far, only 1000 such worlds, using the new Hammer IIIs as the main naval element. Once more dreadnaughts get produced, more such systems will receive their permanent defense fleets.

    The Meteors and especially the Mountains are too rare and valuable to keep stationary, instead pushing forward on the western front, especially in the south, where the Ssi-ruu are enslaving and enteching. Entechment utilized the life energies of another sentient being as a source of energy for their mechanical technology.

    Natasi Greyshade is commanding her own fleet there, using a Mountain for a flagship while her Manta, the 50 kilometer long battleship I confiscated from Palpatine is still being upgraded and refitted. Because, of course the stupid Sith didn't bother to
    install anti-starfighter weapons or at least droid starfighters. Why would he?

    There are thousands of planets under the Ssi-ruu Imperium, hundreds of them with human natives. I think we're going to have a fertile recruiting ground there, for our Navy.

    The dinosaurs have a cultural thing where they would flee in the face of certain defeat, to avoid dying elsewhere than their homeworld, which make battles with them more like traps, offering them a small fleet as a bait, then surrounding them with interdictors and dismembering them.

    It seems they tried to send ships northward, and encountered the Chiss somehow. But the Ssi-ruu got repulsed and turned eastward towards the Core.

    In a year, they will have no more places to run.
    Grayforge, Pef Empire
    Gozanti III orbital shipyards

    15 BBY

    I decided that just doubling the carry capacity for my new Gozanti dropships wasn't enough as they came with 2 hyperdrives, one of them a backup one, and were quite slow, only managing 400kph while coming down to land.

    A single 6.0 hyperdrive would be enough, and take 3 times less space, while being a new generation and thus more fuel efficient.

    Also, since I had now access to the modern masers made by the Chiss, instead of simply upgrading the Crusades era masers, these were way more advanced, and took less power, that Chiss frigate was able to support 12 megamasers, which were twice as strong as my heavy masers and 12 medium masers, about 60% stronger than my own medium masers.

    Goes to show what an inventive people can do with scraps of forgotten tech, if that was all they had. I can use an underside turret with 4 medium masers on each dropship, along with 4 gatling lasers and 4 missile launchers, to help clear the landing zone, or fend of mynocks or lugubrra or starfighters.

    Thus, the new Gozanti III can now be 80 meters long and 35 meters wide and tall, each able to carry 1000 droids into combat inside their light armored transports, or one Titan or 10 Gauntlet medium tanks.

    And since the Mountain's lower cargo bay is 16 kilometers long and one kilometer wide, each will be able to deploy 4000 Gozanti III dropships, with some room to spare for the slim Stinger gunships. That could be 4 million combat droids in a single drop, although I much rather land armor units along.
    The Mountains and the Meteors also have hangars for starfighters, ten under each lateral fin, and each carrying 100 Biplanes.
    Because one single hangar is kinda risky, should something unfriendly get inside.

    The new Gauntlet tanks will dispense with the ion cannon on their glacis turret, and will receive instead a continuous beam infrared laser, which worked well against organic targets in the first live tests at Roon. And the new Chiss medium masers in the turret of course, because why lose 60% firepower?

    Sure, we'll need to upgrade the factories, and retrain the workers and calibrate the new weapons to mesh with our targeting and power systems, which were 3 generations above what the Chiss build themselves. In fact, all their tech was lagging behind, no wonder they were so desperate for 'misplacing' the advanced tech we used.

    But while this would be tolerable and now really problematic, retooling for the new megamasers will take work.

    At least the new Meteors III were still at reactor and engines phase, so we should be on schedule to equip them with the new guns, since the other upgrades in missile technology and sensors and even the magnetically accelerated guns would need to benefit from the new technologies and materials.

    But I needed ships more than better ships. After this next retooling, we'll just gear up for mass production, just like I was doing here at Greyforge, building 4000 brand new shipyards for the Gozanti III dropships.

    Sure they were small shipyards, and I was mostly using iron and carbon, transmuting one shipyard skeleton in a minute, but it will take lots of time anyway. The nanobots and my telekinesis helped, as was being in zero g, and having thousands of transport ships and miner tugs bringing everything close.

    The new strategic droids were doing the even harder work of actually transforming the floating skeletons into ship making factories, able to assemble a dropship in a single week. Using their own swarm of construction and assembly droids, each an individual tacnet, they became formen for each shipyard.

    Core is also monitoring the operation, making sure everything arrives on time and where is needed. Like a synthetic Eisenhower, overseeing the preparations for D-day.

    And while managing the logistics of the Gozanti shipyards, Core is also doing trillions of other things, in other star systems, like building Hammers or droids. Those upgrades really uplifted the old AI to a post-modern one, now being at least as good at multitasking as me, even without the Force.

    If you wonder why I chose the Gozanti design for my dropship, it's simple. They were in use for 15 millenia, and most of the inherent design problems were fixed by thousands of genius spaceship engineers, over thousands of years.

    Sure, my models will be larger and less vulnerable to enemy fire or mynocks chewing on the power cables, but what problems I found were mainly with space optimization and unlikely placement of engines and turrets.

    It is said that the Imperial Navy Imperial-class star destroyer has over 1 billion design flaws. Well, they only built two this time, and both were blown up my yours truly, but I disassembled all the other star destroyer variants I could find, even a KDY Mandator, and each of them were very hard to put back.

    So yes, very badly designed. Not just poor turret placement and a reactor partly outside the hull, but the horribly exposed bridge and the shield generators...
    I am designing a new wedge shaped style of ships, since its a theme here, but they will resemble the Nebula-class Star Destroyer , and will come in three sizes, frigate at 300 meters, cruiser at 500 meters and destroyer at 800 meters.

    But those will have to wait anyway, untill our navies are fully integrated and under my complete control, which is why I'm abusing the situation the get rid of incompetent or corrupt captains and officers with high risk missions in the west, since the first wave of loses wasn't enough.

    Truth is, the wedge shape, if angled properly and the turrets are placed staggered and in superfiring positions, it can achieve 100% efficiency on forward firing, and 70% on broadsides. Which is better than my Meteors I by 20% and the Meteors II by 10%

    It just isn't economical to try and build them large. For large sizes, the Hammers achieve the same efficiency, at 20% of cost and 2000% the durability. Yep. A Hammer is 20 times more resilient than a Mandator, even though they would be comparable in length and width, if not in thickness.

    That thickness is a kilometer of melted and compressed iron-nickel, on each side. And all our ships' engines are only vulnerable to fire from a 85 percent to 90 percent angle, directly from the rear.

    Except the Dart, whose engines are integrated into those pyramids somehow.

    Still, one Force powered luxury yacht with 5 by 5 beds and jacuzzis and gyms and Force powered holotheater is one thing.

    Abusing this might burn out our connection so we'll just use it to spread love around, crossing the galaxy in 3 days or reaching Coruscant in hours by taking the perelmian trade route.

    I have an idea how to enlarge and smooth out other hyper routes, mostly by moving stars a little, but as I found with moving the black holes, hyperlanes curve and slow down somewhat, in other places.
    The galaxy is a bit off center, with the Maw creating lenses of empty space like the Open Sea, or the Kathol rift in the south.

    I might need to try to rebalance the mass distribution in the galaxy, once I figure out what to do about the west.

    The whole place directly west from the Core is a mess, with eddies of space-time and vortexes of hypermatter and exotic particles, and even force distortions.

    North and south is a bit clearer, though not exactly smooth sailing. Almost like someone detonated ten thousand Kathol Rifts, creating nebulas and other phenomena all over 1000 sectors, at all depths.

    Who could have tried their hand at stellar and dimensional engineering?
    The bumbling Bedlam foursome, perhaps. Or those five in the Deep Core...maybe the Celestials? Yep they could have done it too.

    Those Five that ruled my Hell didn't seem that strong, or old enough. But who knows? Time alter made room for too many possibilities. I was here after all, a billion years in the past.

    Was I really here, or was I just an Avatar as well, projected from a distant...
    No, I think therefore I think. Existence was the domain of ontology and artificial mass and fully sapient holograms.

    I will be humble and limit my exploration to sapience.
    But all this rambling, it did raise a potential solution to my galaxy problem. Too few blackholes to balance the Maw.
    Maybe because someone made a faulty prison using natural blackholes, collected from this galaxy.

    I could try to create a pocket of artificial mass, somewhere to the north of Lwhekk , rebalancing the galaxy with new black holes. Sink a few dozen holograms into a few giant stars, and watch them collapse inward.

    Perhaps later though. I still had much to learn. And shipyards to build. Hmmm. 500 already. Not many left then. Just 39 thousands and change.

    At least I wasn't building them brick by brick. I might have gone a bit looney. If I wasn't already.

    Kriff, I do hope those prophecies were not literal, with bringing balance and the son of suns.
    It would be ironic if they worked like this...the galaxy is out of balance, quickly someone fix it!

    Corellia, Corellian Diktat.
    Green Jedi Temple
    15 BBY

    The temple looks less as a church, and more as a monastic campus, for religious ecologists.

    In fact, plant life outnumbers the humans by a factor of a million. There's vines and flowers and trees and entire botanical gardens with rare plants from all over the galaxy. Makes a pretty sight and makes me feel right home, back in Zero garden.

    There's even kids playing around, and hiding their training lightsabers as I walk around slowly, letting my escorts enjoy the view as well. Celeste and Halbret might seen this place before it was destroyed by the Old Sith Empire, and then rebuilt again.

    "Have you been here, before?" I asked softly, while plucking a flower for each of them, and tucking their stem behind an ear.

    "I did, yes. There's less sabers around, this time..." Celeste replied in a whisper.

    Well, technically they are illegal, which is why I'm here.

    And while body exercise is good for everyone, the mindset of wielding a plasma blade is a bit too counter to the survival and mental health of the users.

    A few minutes later we reach the garden of the Grandmaster, now looking much better than the first time I've seen him on Ossuss. If he paces himself, Master Bnar could live 5000 more years, without even learning the extra abilities I have brought with me.

    "Mister Bnar, we meet again." I said said politely, and gestured slightly towards my female companions.

    "More relics from the past I see. Master Mourne, you seem changed, if still as pretty. And this young one...well, I haven't met her before..." the old neti Jedi rumbled with his shapeshifted vocal cords.

    He looked smaller now, only a four meters tall tree with eyes and arms, instead of the 10 meters one I found on Ossuss, but that might have been his combat form.

    "Master Bnar, I am Jedi Knight Halbret. I was part of the task force sent at Kathol, 36 centuries ago. We failed...and the Dark Jedi unleashed the Rift, killing billions and tearing the Force apart. I was trapped in stasis, untill the Emperor Pef found me." the slim brunette woman said with regret.

    Yeah, you can say that again. Damn idiots meddling with dimensional engineering constructs.

    "And yet, here you are, a maid to the Avatar. I wonder if I would have been a maid myself, should my body had pleased Mister Greyshade..." Master Bnar replied with a tinge of amusement.

    Hmmm. Probably not. Except maybe once to test...

    "Tell me old tree. How do Dark Jedi appear?" I asked instead, summoning a couch made of diamondoid for me and the girls.

    Cause I was wearing power armor, and even this advanced variant still weighed two tons, too heavy for any normal couch.
    The girls were wearing the agility light armor, which relied on shields and evasion to withstand heavy weapons. My armor could withstand capital ships weapons, although I would still need to reinforce it with the Force, and cover myself in a few force abilities.

    And still not as impervious to damage as Master Bnar could be, with his own ability, some kind of force entropy barrier.

    "Straight to the point then. They are former Jedi, falling to base emotions, like anger and hate. And how? I believe from too much conflict and suffering. Death and pain resonate in the Force, twisting the mind..." the Green Jedi replied after a minute of thought.

    "Almost correct, Mister Bnar. You described most death-cults in the galaxy with a broad stroke. But the key word in my question was not the dark, but the Jedi part. Simply put, the Jedi themselves are unbalanced, even the Green Jedi. The only exceptions are the Jedi Shadows, which were trained to deal with infiltration and intelligence work, and thus they rarely fall to madness, if ever. Our Grey Paladin program is trying to do the same thing, with emphasis on counter-intelligence and threat prevention, while the Officio Assassinorum, is by design created to dispense death, to the greater enemies, like Sith Lords and various cult leaders. So far, our own failure rate has kept around 16 per million." I said with a stern tone, and glad none of the assassins managed to override their neural programming yet.

    Those would be a bitch to put down, if they ever failed to return from a mission.

    "Hmmmm. Indeed Jedi Shadows were...peculiar. And I never heard of one becoming a Dark Jedi...are you proposing I do the same for our Green Jedi Order? Turn them into spies and assassins?" The 5000 years old tree rumbled displeased.

    "I'm saying just giving them a family is not enough. It helps keep them sane longer, as long as they keep out of conflict. But your training and teachings are flawed, creating brittle points and fracture lines, especially when dealing with self-induced force psychosis and other mind alter abilities.
    For example, when losing a fight, a Jedi will begin demanding extra strength and speed from the Force, without considering the mechanism through which they will be implemented. Nerve surgery for better reflexes, increased dopamine, endorphins and adrenaline glands inside their own brains...all done with transmutation and alchemy, during high speed combat, by completely untrained neural surgeons.
    Pain is not used by the Jedi as a training tool, and thus these very painful micro-surgeries drive the young Jedi towards madness. And their brains become mangled inside, with brand new connections made by amateur brain alchemists, and they even get yellow eyes, a result of demanding faster visual refresh rates. Do you see where I'm going, Mister Bnar?"
    I explained patiently, while I gave the go ahead and the Dart teleported down a few coffers with holocrons.

    Five holocrons classes, each restricted to someone who passed the class before. Like a highschool education in the Force in the first tier, and university courses in the next three holocrons, with a Master Degree for the last one. Just like I gave to Fay, if only she would learn. A Jedi Master was not enough of a competent or sane force user. In fact, they made the best Sith Lords. They knew just enough to drive themselves crazy, whenever they encountered failure.

    I put a lot of work into these Master holocrons and had Solana create an stable interactive organic AI tasked with checking the progress and the retention of their students. The other holocrons, were just simple cubes, with basic protections and anti-tamper protocols and containing thousands of lessons from history to medicine, then neuro-surgery and energy abilities.

    "I think I do now. You collected teachings and lessons from a thousand sects, and formed a more comprehensive doctrine about the Force, and how it can be used...Very ambitious, for someone so young." the Neti Master said with a tinge of regret and suspicion.

    "Miss Halbret will remain in your care, Grandmaster Bnar. Call it, a favor for me. She is hurt and alone, and my job will not allow me to truly take care of her for at least 40 years. And, she doesn't like me, for some reason, thus denying me the cure I use for lonely Jedi, and sending her to Jedha would be even worse for her. Living the rest of her years as a penitent nun is not a life, but a punishment" I asked gently, but also sad.

    At least the Old Jedi tree was from the same era, and would more easily connect with miss Halbret.

    Whatever happened to Miss Halbret during her adventure at Kathol has wounded her mind, and I wasn't a psychologist. Not that there were any trained professionals anywhere that learned in school how to deal with patients from another era, who felt the guilt of allowing thousands of stars and billions of lives to be extinguished.

    Not that I blamed her, she was a just a young Jedi Knight, sent to do the work of a assault fleet with a lightsaber. Didn't work too well, for her and for the people she was supposed to protect.

    "Well, I won't say no to someone from the old times. Also, I do not consider taking care of her as a burden, so no favor required. I was quite lonely as well, although a bit less, since Master T'ra Saa joined me here on Corellia, and you sent some of Master's Uro Koo saplings. Perhaps one day, the Neti species will be revived as well." Grandmaster Bnar said gently. Huh, so it worked then, the pretty female Neti made a home here, after all.

    "Alright then. Now, the laws limiting force weapons and powers apply everywhere, so I think the Green Jedi should simply create a branch working officially for the government, along with the Corsec intelligence, and can thus help the citizens be protected from various terrorists and bioweapons. In exchange, I can send here a few dozen Jedi with their own families who took refuge on Ruul. I hope them being excommunicated by the Church of the Force and the New Jedi will not mean I have to feed them till they die of old age." I stated with a polite tone, although it wasn't exactly a request.

    Can't have those refugees start another splinter Jedi group, can I?

    "Oh, so you didn't force them to become Paladins? I must have heard wrong..." the tree said curious.

    "The Paladin program is only for volunteers, and barely a dozen former jedi elected to join. They are also the worst operatives, which is why they mainly train the new people, in melee weapons and some few force abilities. The original Gray Paladin from Coruscant have all volunteered to join and are quite decent, especially in sniper and hostage rescue roles" I explained with a smile.

    The Paladin Jedi simply had the worst tactical or timing sense, rushing in and disobeying orders and procedures, often causing dozens of droid paladins and civilian deaths.
    Can't even wait for sleeping gas to take effect? Or nerve gas in a few cases, where terrorists acquired proton bombs or other unexploded ordnance from the vast supplies left behind after the Clone Wars.

    The Mid Rim was especially filed with various insurgent groups, fighting anyone and everyone, with a plethora of agendas, from droid rights activists to eco-terrorists and thousands of sects and cults unhappy with losing political powers.

    Cause yeah, theocracy was a well entrenched type of government, here in Corsca galaxy, and my empire didn't share power with religious groups. Where possible I tried to recruit and buy the leaders, or add them to the harem like on Atoa. But it simply wasn't possible everywhere.

    I was flirting with Selestrine , the Icarii Queen, but that was for a dozen reasons, first her being pretty and having a flawless body, secondly because she was quite powerful in the Force, especially with precognition and psychic abilities. But she loved wearing jewelry and gems, and made the courting just a matter of regular visits and billions of credits worth of diamonds and other gems. Nothing different from my other wives, so she'll fit right in.

    I even asked Selestrine if her children will have red or blonde hair, and she smiled mysteriously. Guess we'll find out, soon enough. She must have seen the new future then, as did I. Those kids will all have her mother's fiery red hair.

    Courting between precognitives is an art, trying to instil some adventure and unknown into an otherwise already done deal.

    Like changing a word or a gift with another, at the last second, to make her gasp in surprise. It was very fun, for both of us.

    "Master Halcyon already proposed this Green Paladin group, Avatar. And the ruling families of Corellia are all invested into keeping at least some Force users close by, just in case another Sith or death-cult appears to enslave us"

    "Well, that won't happen, as salvery will disappear entirely in the Empire with a decade. But mental coercion and various types of mind alter, do need to be guarded against. And these Green Paladins will do fine, once they learn the first four holocrons." I explained with a serene tone. So, they will do it by themselves, even better.

    "And the fifth type, those grey spherical holocrons?" Master Bnar asked curious, as he couldn't read the one he took in his hand.

    "Once the first four are learned, the fifth will be readable as well. But be warned, nobody will ever finish learning the fifth. Not unless they study it for a million years. But when they do learn a fifth of fifth, they'll be as learned as myself, Mister Bnar. Which is quite a good start." I said with a smile.
    I wasn't even going to touch the higher class mathematics or dimensional engineering. Not with a living brain of my Avatar's.

    "But, how can you have made it, if you don't already know everything on it?" he wondered, with a frown.

    "I'm only human, and my brain can only contain a limited amount of information. The knowledge here was collected and compiled by a few AIs, then downloaded and organized by Voice Solana. I merely made the shells. Difficult, but not over my capacity." I said with a shrug.

    "Voice Solana, the water maid? Why would a water creature have that much knowledge?" The old Master wondered, just like me.

    "Because, she's the Voice of an ocean, spread over a dozen planets. A billion years old ocean, and much stronger in the Force than any living being. From Cygnus B to Mon Calamari, and soon to spread to every water world in the galaxy. I might be strong, as legged people measure things. But compared to a planet..." I explained in a defeated manner. Some beings were just too strong.

    "She didn't seem that strong on Ossuss. Perhaps same strength in the Force like you..." Master Bnar said doubtful, as he did see Solana on Ossuss, when we awoke him.
    "She's just 70 kilograms of water, esteemed Master, just like I am. But she is the Voice of Solanus, and of Emperor Pef. And both of them can move stars with their minds. And they will keep learning and growing and become stronger. They and the Core, our friendly AI shipbuilder, have read all manuals of every science department of the major universities, and in a thousand years they would have read every single book ever written, from every library in the galaxy. There are simply limits that organic minds cannot cross. Immortal beings are not bound by this rule. Solanus keeps expanding to new planets, Core keeps adding new datacores, and Pef...he's simply infinite inside, storing the information directly into the Force." I explained softly, since the knowledge would become public at some point, and presentation made half of the impact.

    Better keep these Green Jedi firmly on my side.

    "I see now. The Voice is a force bond, only stronger. You can communicate telepathically and get advice and knowledge from your ruler, and perhaps your ruler can see what you see?" the old tree deduced at once, possibly having a hint of these abilities from his own readings.

    "Yes. All that and much more. Read the first holocrons, Green Jedi. The Cosmic Force abilities are reserved for the fifth. Just remember, Paladins serve as officials of the government. The Jedi or any other cult do not impose a state religion or laws or politics in our Empire. They do not dictate policy or lead armies or execute criminals. That's the job of the government, which is now and forever onward lead by Emperor Pef. We will respect Corellia's autonomy and cultural particularities, to this point. Or else." I said politely, while offering a hand to Celeste Mourne.

    Two seconds later, we were teleported aboard the Dart, although I left Miss Halbret and the couch behind.

    "You were very imposing and manly just now. Made my heart skip a beat!" Celeste said with a seductive smile.

    Oh. That turns you on? Dart, set course to Fondor. And this trip will take some 9 hours.

    "You want to wrestle with me, dear shadow? Perhaps without so much armor in the way?" I asked with a blinding smile, and a more aggressive tone.

    "Sounds good. And who knows, if you win, you may get another kiss..." she replied with a coy look, while dropping her chest armor to the floor. Her generous airbags bounced up and down flaunting their freedom. Oh, that was playing dirty!
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    It's great to see this story and others posted again. I never understood why they were deleted/banned elsewhere. While true they are pretty suggestive that's all they are. Hell pretty much every single worm fanfic is much more vulgar, and sometime even explicit.
    Meanwhile it should not even rate NSFW tag here. Even leaves a bit of a letdown for not realized situations, which could be described even a bit further here. But that's your style and that's all right.

    Have to admit that while a blatant power creep its still enjoyable to read, due to the scope the abilities can reach in this setting.

    Are you working on something new or only refining existing pieces? Tempting would be a collection of omakes going more in depth or from different points of view on the adventures of crazy pefdroid conquering the galaxy.

    Did you come up with the explanations of nature of teh force yourself or were they inspired by any particular work? I could see many resemblances to the way gods work in Discworld or Warhammer 40k.

    Cheers and thanks for good read.
  24. Pef

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    Most of my views on the Force are inspired from wookipidea descriptions, YouTube documentaries and my own vision due to a decade of martial arts training and learning about inner energy.

    My views of gods and religious phenomena are the result of reading many, many books.
    Anyways, if you ever encounter someone able to make a stick sprout flowers, it would be too late to run.
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    Terminus system, Galactic south
    14 BBY

    Planet Terminus is becoming an even bigger trade nexus, and with the Centerpoint in the system,
    building up the infrastructure, it will soon rival Commenor or Columex.

    The system is placed at the intersection of two major hyperlanes, and has enough traffic to overwhelm most traffic controllers.

    Thousands of ships unregistered anywhere, hailing from wild space, the unknown regions and even from farther away, from the dwarf galaxy just past the hyperspace barrier. It's not an actual barrier of course, just an artificially induced area of hyperspace instability, forcing the ships daring to cross to use sublight engines and solar sails and dozens other drives, many too weird to understand without more disassembly.

    Which I'm doing of course, since every single of these ships is trove of information, and ingenious engineering. Not especially advanced, in fact about 3 or 4 generations behind the current tech considered modern in the Empire, but with billions of clever fixes for scarcity of resources.

    Not that I would enjoy flying a ship glued together with actual glue, and using hollowed animal horns for power conduits.

    Actually I would, just to be able to say I flew such a thing. Just not in hyperspace. That would be really unsafe.

    What am I doing is confiscating the majority of these ships, for 'safety reasons', repaying the owners with diamonds and spice or credits, then offering to sell them second generation freighters with three times the cargo capacity and speed of their old ships, and at half the price they received from me.

    Since the Empire was standardizing their commercial fleets with new and more efficient designs, there were thousands of cheap freighters that I bought at almost scrap price, then repaired them while fixing the most obvious ten design flaws, while also converting them into spyships, collecting data and information about the routes and systems they visited.

    One such freighter would cost me 100 thousand credits, but when it returns to an Empire controlled system, such as Terminus, it will disgorge the new data acquired, giving me dozens of new routes and inhabited worlds.

    The naval base here was made by teleporting most of the iron Vergesso Asteroids further from the sun, along with two more gas giants, and then creating a 50 kilometer sided iron cube, with 10 kilometer thick walls, covered with shields and guns and missiles. Inside there are shipyards, and refueling stations and a thousand separate bunkers for ordinance, as well as Intelligence Headquarters and droids and starfighters.

    This will be the South Theater Base, anchoring and directing major campaigns once our southern neighbors start invading.

    Same as Sernpidal in the North and Formos in the East. In the Center there are already Corellia and Coruscant, but Commenor will need a major navy base as well, once it becomes the capital.

    Moving the actual galactic capital from the Core to the Colonies' area will
    reduce the political power of the Core worlds a little, while boosting the Colonies and the Inner Rim, while placing it smack in the middle of the inhabited part of the galaxy.

    More balancing acts, to keep the galaxy safe. Plus Coruscant is slowly being emptied, and will remain a largish industrial world, with some 50 billion people, leaving in much comfort in the upper levels, while the lower parts are used for diverse commercial enterprises, from factories to hydroponic farms and troop barracks.

    This also happens on other large ecumenopolises, but it's with ads and commercials for a better life, and not mandatory evacuation and re-settlement like on Coruscant. The bioweapon scare would work again, most likely, but better not cry wolf yet.

    There will be wolves coming, soon enough.
    I also brought a few terrestrial planets here at Terminus system, like D'Qar , and Skann and one more, trying to keep to a pattern of three extra agriworlds and one mining planet, in this case Nkllon.

    The Grey Paladins will also have a base here, a thousand miraluka and a thousand shards, along with a million droid paladins.
    Mostly doing remote scanning of the trade coming through, searching for dangerous things. Both races, are remarkably similar now, using their force senses to see without eyes, and controlling their armor and ships with cyberimplants or technopathy.

    I will import a few thousands cerean women for administrative and logistic work, and hopefully the cool and collected cereans will grow to like the miraluka paladins and make me lots of smart, force-sensitive and bright-eyed new paladins.

    Because the cereans don't have two hearts and two brains just for giggles. They are really smart and balanced.

    They just need the Force, to adjust their own birthrate problems with gene alter. I can do it for those few who work directly for me, if I spend 10 minutes focusing my powers to work with my feeble Living Force powers. Not really feasible for a billion cereans and miraluka.

    The Avatar's kids with his cerean wives are all males for example, and the kids with his miraluka wives do have working eyes, but he spent many hours exploring the bodies of those women, and he's a damn Living Force superpower.

    I mean, I am, but not. Sigh. Bilocation is complicated. Ever since we got disconnected on Jedha, the Avatar is often doing things I would do, but not under my direction. Well, he is me, but...

    More existential problems, always confusing me when I am doing the work of a trillion people at once, uplifting and upgrading an entire star system at once.

    One more week here, and then I can go to Yag'Dhul and their math geniuses Givin .

    Finally, someone smart enough to discuss the new sciences that Core keeps re-discovering. I mean, Core is way smarter, but he just can't explain how things work that way or another.
    I need a more organic interface to translate the new scientific fields.

    And the Gree are too colorful, while the Sharu , no idea.
    They keep to themselves and feel scared and oppressed. Because they can't go out to establish their own empire, since everywhere else is Pef Empire.

    Even though we're roughly on par technologically, or at least Core is, they still feel superior and look down on their Centrality neighbors. I hope they will adapt, soon enough.

    I woke them from their long dream to help, and share their knowledge, not to keep themselves apart.

    The Avatar and Solana are still on Rafa, gently stealing knowledge from their advanced cities and minds, while they keep trying to open an avenue for cooperation and mutual defense.

    In the west, were still finding new planets and races, from Quethold to Pashvi and Teptixii in the north-west, then Snevu and Giaca.

    Other planets like Durace don't have mynocks or lugubbra but instead have carnivorous plants and huge Avka birds, which can tear gunships apart. Ah, the wonders of the galaxy.

    But at least the planet has large diamond and gems deposits, and a
    Forest of Broken Glass, which is made of highly energy absorbing silicates, perfect for lining the armor of tanks and power armor with extra layers.

    In the end, the armor we use for the mechanized units begins to resemble Chobham armor from back home, with sandwiched layers of various composites, each contributing to defend the precious interior.

    And most important, I started the internet, using planetary relays and superconductive cables and orbital space stations. Not the very expensive and hi quality holonet, which has to remain under government control, but for economic and cultural growth at planetary scale, where FTL communications are not necessary.

    Add to this the new Palmpads, which connect locally to the internet grid for free, and cost 20 credits to make and 50 credits to buy if you're interested, and an era of ubiquitous connectivity and scientific progress is starting.

    The universities from each sector receive a subspace network of relays, connecting their servers with wide traffic bands, and each sector will receive a hypernet relay to the Core once the AI creates and deploys his new hyperband capable server and deploys it on Zeltros.

    The party atmosphere on Zeltros will make a great place for computer and math geniuses to explore new sciences, while relaxing their bodies in company of the very friendly zeltrons, which are for some reason very skilled at holograms.

    The first university campus, hosting thousands of scholarship worthy students, and thousands of local zeltrons was resounding success, although using tactile holograms for date simulators and other erotic games was not the intended purpose, the games they produced sold really well, making a trillion credits galaxy wide.

    Which is enough credits to build 10 thousands Nebula destroyers for example. Or a million Dakka corvettes.

    Which is what I'm doing, building a million Dakka III corvettes every year, from most of the small shipyards in the Empire. They have only a 2 meter quadranium steel hull, plated with 10 centimeters of durasteel and one centimeter of diamondoid armor.

    But that is the new resource efficiency philosophy on the Empire, building large amounts of cheap ships, to patrol and protect the inner worlds, while the heavy ships go to fight the more dangerous enemies on the borders.
    The somewhat larger shipyards, like Gyndine or Sluis Van or Jaemus are being prepared to build the new destroyers and cruisers.

    Meanwwhile the former CIS shipbuilders like Fondor or Foerost , which had their capital shipyards destroyed during the Clone Wars will begin building the new wedge frigates, similar to Ardent-class fast frigate although only 300 meters long, and without such an exposed bridge or pointless spike nose, to allow better fields of fire and shield coverage. Because long spikes do not get shielded very well. Spherical or oval shapes are much more efficient to shield.

    The weapons I designed them to have, are on the same line with other of my other ships, a large capital class battery on top, with 6 long range turbolasers, 50 medium masers and 50 missile launchers and Gatling lasers. Then a tractor beam and a hangar for a dropship and a few starfighters. They'll have a crew of 200 and 2000 droids to back them up, or 2000 combat droids to be sent on new planets for liberation.

    Corellia is doing its own thing, sometimes listening to my proposals, other times not, but at least their corvettes and frigates now leaving the rebuild look more like warships and not as mining tugs, with weapons welded on them.

    I mean is not so complicated to think a little and cover the engines and blind spots created by big holes in their superstructure?

    Plus some fast firing point defense guns and missiles. They still look ugly and not really space worthy, but at least the worst flaws have been fixed.

    Maybe the Corellians will learn more, as they have to send their own expeditionary fleets toward the final push on the Ssi-ruu. The dinosaurs have begun enteching their client species en masse, creating millions of droid starfighters powered by life energy. If we don't put an end to them soon, there will be billions of such droids, and pose quite a problem.

    The Manta dreadnought can take care of a few million by itself, since it now has 10 thousand heavy guns and 20 thousand medium masers each turret with a missile launcher attached, and 10 million missiles in storage.

    But why not show our reluctant allies why we fight? Or what awaits them if we fail. And also give them some experience in long range deployments and coordinating with the Empire Navy.
    North-west of Bakura is the domain of the Rhand sorcerers and a dozen other death-cults, and the Green Paladins will benefit from experiencing true horrors, and learning how to end them efficiently from the Grey Paladins.

    And...done. Terminus system upgraded, 15 thousands ships of colorful design confiscated and replaced, including a Nagai ship, which was no doubt exploring the new rich and bountiful lands of the main galaxy.

    I'm not yet in a position to counter-attack preemptively, since I lack actual information about the dwarf galaxies around, but that will be solved in a decade, or so.

    It's always better to fight a war on the enemies lands after all.

    Iol system, Pef Empire
    West Naval Anchor
    14 BBY

    Planet Iol and this whole system is being transformed into the main operating base for the Navy, again with extra planets and a huge iron cube for a naval base, while the Iol will provide valuable minerals for ship construction and refits.

    The Acclamator III ships can land on any planet and debark a mechanized division, or 10 droids division, which ever is needed, though in general they'll deploy in groups on three, debarking two infantry and one mechanized groups, since that worked best on most terrestrial planets.

    From here onwards, it will be the same distance westwards to Crakull , the Croke homeworld as it is to Coruscant and Empress Teta in the opposite direction. The stars to the west are known as the Croke Reach, although the Croke themselves are quite rare, instead we find planets like Explume Minor , infested with lugubrra and deserted cities, either because the Croke fled, or they became desert for the worms.

    They eat the mynocks and most of the useful minerals in the asteroids, so they have to go. Sad, eh?

    Still, both of the mynocks and the lugubrra can be melted to form a sort of useful silica-crete, not as strong as duracrete, but good enough for construction, especially if reinforced by steel bars. Just need to get rid of their stomach first or the whole building might collapse.

    Our combat droids now target their necks, trying to keep their stomachs from spilling, since acids are also quite useful in many industrial processes, although diluted a hundred times.

    Or they can be used in conjunction with compression to serve as ammo for acid guns, firing pellets of acid that can dissolve even starship armor. Once the threat is eliminated, we might keep a few farms of lugubrra to supply our assassins with fresh ammunition. Their teeth make great industrial grade tips for precision engineering, being able to etch any metal with barely any erosion.

    We have stores of quadrillions of such teeth, from both mynocks and lugubrra, so our factories will get in increase in productivity, since a 1 credit tooth can do the job of 3 boron tipped etching heads, each worth 100 credits, before it wears out.

    Ever since the news spread of these profitable vermin being sold for about 100 credits per body, thousands of adventurers started their own operations in the west, some even catching and then releasing lugubrra after they defenaged them, in the hope they'll grow new teeth...

    Not really sure how that logic would work, since the toothless lugubrra will just starve, unable to chew rocks or whatever.

    Admiral Natasi Greyshade has begun the siege of Lwhekk after destroying about 50 thousands Ssi-ruu ships and 50 million droid starfighters, her 10 Pef Navy fleets supported by one Imperial Navy fleet, and one from Atrisia and Corellia each .

    It wasn't much of a battle, since we had 20 times more ships than the dinosaurs, so about 1 million capital ships, most of them corvettes, and 50 million Biplane and other types of starfighters.

    After the last fighters and orbital defenses are reduced, there will be a major ground invasion, comparable to what Admiral Thrawn is executing right now, at Qoribu and Yoggoy , the last being the new homeworld of the Killiks, with trillions of those insects living deep underground, like humans do on Coruscant.

    They emigrated here after leaving Alderaan a long time ago, and have really gone overboard with overpopulation.

    Sadly, I had to approve limited orbital strikes, to create landing sites and access wells for our troops. There simply wasn't any place to land, only cocoons and termite like hives hosting The Colony .

    The Killiks also had semi-organic ships called dartships, and capital ships the size of a Hammer. They just didn't have enough of them. Even if they did, Thrawn was used to their tactics and weaknesses, and with a million ships of his own he would have won anyway. Now he had to be content with not losing a single ship to the killiks.

    Man, the guy is really perfectionist. However, exterminating the main killik hives will take a year.
    They are losing less of their members than they actually reproduce, which says something about the stupid rates they could expand and overwhelm the galaxy with pure numbers.

    My Titans have reached a million kills each, in the first day after landing, and will possibly reach a billion by the time the D-day ends. Next year.

    Other worlds in the vicinity of this conflict are also being garrisoned, like Tusken's Eye and Sarm.

    My Voice Wialu is now on Veroleem , promising them an abundance of immigrants and better living conditions, and dealing with their murderous cult, while Asajj is on Kro Var , beating the snot out of the firebenders and earthbenders and airbenders and waterbenders force-users who lead that planet and call themselves Shapers.

    It will take her a year to beat everyone of them in single combat. But she likes it, and that's what it takes for that planet to submit willingly. 30 thousands single combat fights, in a year. That's around 100 per day, so not shabby at all.

    She can cut loose, breaking bones, and laughing off elemental alter, and teach those wanna be sorcerers how to be polite to a lady. When they have enough, I'll visit them and bring them into the fold, but for now it's a festival, all the clans gathered in a Colosseum, watching the fights and commenting on techniques and whatever, while my droids serve them free food and drinks,
    and confiscate their slaves, once another magician falls.

    Asajj is benefiting immensely from this as well, both in force connection and confidence and self-control.

    And everything is recorded and dramatized by a media corporation, then packaged as a documentary and sold to the various channels on internet. My Voice will become quite popular by the time the festival ends.

    It's like fight club, only with spectacular magic. What's not to like?

    Especially since Asajj manner of dressing makes any sentient mouth water...myself being the first. A bit like Wonder Woman, only with a mean streak. She likes the platinum blonde hair the Avatar gave her, and one time some rude Shaper burned a few strands...she stomped the guy into the ground, pulping his legs and arms, and cracking the stone floor and the durasteel armor underneath the arena.

    She's getting really strong, possibly 70% of how Fay was, when we first met.

    By the time this contest, is over she will be twice as strong, and likely rival Grandmaster Fay, and even Wialu.

    No wonder Darth Sidious wanted her 'eliminated' in another future.

    She is a wonder. My wonder.
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    Nal Hutta, Pef Empire
    Hutt Council Hall
    14 BBY, 3 months later

    "Esteemed Clan leaders, there is nothing I or anyone else can do, to resolve your predicament. It is your own poor decision-making to ignore the Empire credit as a guaranteed currency, and use diamonds and other sparkly rocks to purchase goods and services.
    The Empire is doing what it can, even moving the newly discovered diamond planets to Muunilist, and use them as a Galactic Bank security deposit, but the third planet is shattered, and those diamond asteroids were often too tiny to be picked up by scanners." Proto One declared with a sad voice.

    "But...what will we do? All our wealth, all our information brokers, our client races, we cannot pay them anymore!" a fat Hutt using some kind of starfish for a hat complained with real desperation.

    "Well, I do have a number of solutions to preserve the health and well-being of those poor citizens, but it is mostly this, the Empire will hire them all, to work in various state-owned enterprises, like factories and mining and farming and even as soldiers and navy crew. We do pay very well, so they won't starve." my droid Ambassador replied placidly, and exulting in his victory.

    The Hutt were laid low, and without a shot. Well, except for a hundred times he was fired upon. And then his security returned fire and killed half of the Hutt entourage, then confiscated the slaves...

    Not a war though, so the Droid Emperor was not displeased.

    "That's...you're stealing our worlds, the very space our ancestors fought to defend!" another Hutt exclaimed in a sobbing tone.

    "Of course not, honored Hutts. Why would anyone steal impoverished and starving people, or primitive planets? The Pef Empire will have to invest trillions of credits for every planet it rescues from famine and poverty, just like it already did on Klatooine and Kwenn .
    Surely we must ensure our investments do not get stolen or misplaced, like any civilized entity would do?" Proto One asked rhetorically.

    The whole meeting was just a polite way to let the Hutts save face, and not just take everything they had.
    The Emperor basically owned everything in Hutt space now, except the core worlds around Varl.

    "Most valued Ambassador, surely some compensation can be obtained, for the ruling Hutt families? Perhaps as investors in the corporations or part-ownership, like it was arranged on Klatooine?" another Hutt, the smartest one asked with a begging tone.

    "That was then, most venerable Hutt. Your subordinate from Klatooine did bring some value by sharing the lands and the servants with the investing companies. You own nothing now, I'm afraid.
    However, the Emperor is generous and is willing to establish factories and shipyards in the core Hutt systems, to produce the new Palmpads and transport vessels and various luxury yachts,
    with furnishing and windows made of diamond.
    There, it would be possible to allow every Hutt a share of the profits, rescuing a million of Hutts from poverty and starvation, and even more, depending on how well the products sell and which Hutt manages better bulk sales and profit margins." the old droid explained politely, as the realization dawned on the leading Hutts.

    "You want to turn us into corporate salesmen and executives? Working for a salary and a tiny share of the profit?" the last Hutt asked almost incredule.

    "Your talents in this area are well-known, most honored Hutt. And do not dismiss this for a simple offer. The Empire has 12 million worlds, with quadrillions of sentients, and billions of mining systems. Just think about. One single transport ship can produce 100 thousands credits of profit. One Palmpad 20 credits profit.
    Now, if we total the possible market, we have at least 1 billion ships needed, and quadrillions of palmpads, one for every sentient in the galaxy. Even a tiny share of those quadrillions of credits will mean billions, for every Hutt, and trillions for each of you. And the Hutts do have contacts everywhere, isn't it? I'm certain with a few calls, you can have thousands of ships and billions of palmpads already pre-ordered, by the many planets you have dealt with in the past.
    You can be great again, most venerable Hutts. Sell a million GR-45 medium transport to your friends, produced by your own shipyards and factories, with guaranteed Hutt resilience. And just like that, a trillion credits will appear in your bank accounts, safe from thieves, and most all legal. Do you want to be great, most esteemed Hutts?" Proto One proclaimed dramatically, punching the sky upwards.
    Victory at last!

    The Hutts hesitated for a few seconds, then greed won, and they punched the sky as well, with weaker fists.

    Surely bribery and blackmail would work fine, to sell comlinks and bulk cargo, just like it did for weapons and mercenaries...or, so they thought.
    Emperor Pef already had a dozen Hutts learning the ropes and preparing to take the lead, with huge sales and profits, and becoming the new Hutt Council by merit and competence.

    The fittest Hutts were not the most backstaby, although it helped, but those more prepared to change and adapt, using the new tools in their inventory, like apps for palmpads and faster more economical hyperdrives on their transports.

    Thousands of new companies were started on the major trade worlds, to sell the new devices and ships, and competition would increase technological progress, just like war did for various sensors and weapons.

    The Columi had looked at the Biplane drone telepresence helmets and chuckled, then simply produced their own variant based on theta brain waves and intuitive subroutines, and the hit ratio of our organic drone pilots increased from 10 or 20% to 70% .

    Just like that. Because the Columi used this type tech for a million years, for everything, from washing dishes to going shopping or various simulations. Lazy brainiacs, I know, but in this they case saved us thousands of years of research.

    I need to hire more of them, just need to figure out what motivates them. Perhaps access to tactile holograms in their simulations? New math theories? Nature documentaries?

    No idea, yet. But I will find out.

    Planet Arkania , Perave system
    Colonies region

    "Aren't Arkanians fascinating? So loving of science—and so willing to use it." Demagol

    Arkania is an ice planet, which makes the white hair and the pale skin of the locals very appropriate.
    They also had diamond mines, now worth less than the droids used to collect them, so the mining stopped. Not that anyone is buying diamonds anymore.

    Their value has dropped to a mere industrial useful mineral, for lenses and glass cutting or similar needs.

    And thus Lira is here, to diplomatically arrange the most innovative geneticists in the galaxy to work directly for me.

    "Voice Lira, it is good to see that rumors of your death were greatly exaggerated" Nasdra Magrody said with a curious tone.

    "Oh, they were not rumors or exaggerations, most esteemed professor of Magrody Institute of Programmable Intelligence . I was shot in the head by Cad Bane, the famous bounty hunter, and died during the negotiations on Dellalt. The Emperor brought me back, in this new body. And yes, samples are available..." she explained politely as the man's eyes widen in surprise.

    "Oh dear. This indeed fascinating. Let me bring...here. A testing device measuring the Force. 17000 points!" the man exclaimed in surprise, after using some gizmo to scan Lira for Force markers.

    "17344 points yes, honored professor. The Emperor used a number of genes acquired from the Jedi Grandmaster Fay, to enhance my force connection. And we have our own measuring devices for the Force connection, although they are archeotech from Kathol.
    This device measures alignment, and was built by the Emperor himself. As you can see, I am currently at 65% blue and the rest mixed. Most Jedi would measure at 99% blue, or flip and become 99% red or black, due to flawed training" Lira Greyshade said softly, after scanning herself with the Mimban crystal detector.

    "I see now. Those dark jedi... I would so want, to study a few..." the man muttered with scientific objectivity.

    "The south-west offensive is dealing with the Sorcerers of Rhand just now, most enlightened professor. Surely, a few can be captured and be made available. As long as your own person is protected, using this belt or helmet for example, or this taozin amulets or a Culexus bodyguard." she replied patiently.

    "Oh, real relics too? And what is that Culexus?" the man asked oblivious.
    "That would be me. Culexus 0089, your droid bodyguard." the assassin droid replied coldly, patting the man on his shoulder, still invisible.

    "Oh! I was thinking to create a chip, to allow anyone to control droids with their mind...perhaps I should work on that as well..." professor Magrody muttered lost in thought.

    "Here, we already have three variants, professor. We prefer using the last one, since organic chips are less prone to malfunction or crash from ionization weapons." Lira said with a thin smile, opening a slim box with the three chips inside.

    "Amazing! Do you think I could...?" he asked with some trepidation.

    "Professor Magrody. You can have all this and more. But, all these devices are classified Delta by the threat assessment chart. Only government licensed professionals are allowed to even know of their existence. Not to mention the genome optimization programs or ..."

    "Say no more, Voice Lira. You want my soul, dear lady, it's yours. I must work with this. I just must. Where do I sign in?" the man asked with a desperate look.

    His Culexus bodyguard placed a datapad in front of him, unfazed. Nothing fazed those droids..

    Kuat system, Kuati Drive Yards
    Kuat corporate board
    14 BBY

    The Kuati are very similar to the Japanese from back home, with stylish etiquette and food, and rigorous work ethic and immense productivity.

    They just don't like to listen. My Avatar is having bit of hard time explaining their role, because KDY wants to produce anything military, even if they suck at many things. Inventive, but expensive and not that effective.

    "Please calm down and sit, esteemed leaders. As I said, using KDY as an umbrella for a thousand different products has to stop.
    For example, most of the war material produced by your subsidiary Rothana is 10 times more expensive and with 5 times less effectiveness in ground combat than what the Land warrior designs already produce.
    The new generation of Gauntlet III armor cost 15 thousand credits, 10 times less than those walkers you came up with, and they actually have a turret. So no, land vehicles are indeed not feasible to be bought from KDY. Dropships and shuttles much the same, our new Gozanti III will suffice the needs of the navy for a generation and perhaps much more.

    The TIE starfighters are interesting, but only because they are just 3 times cheaper than your competitors'. Not actually combat effective, unless you do remodel them as I had advised, with an oval body and planar wings, and having at least one turreted Gatling gun and two missile launchers. The TIE bombers will need to have their upper solar panels flattened and support two torpedo launchers, not just bombs.
    Now regarding capital ships, KDY is not interested in corvettes which is fine by me. The Arquitens-class command cruiser and the light cruiser variant can be upgraded here, and brought to the same standard as the new Ardent-class frigates produced by your competitors.
    There are 100 thousands such ships in the Navy, which simply put mostly waste fuel and crew. The Light and Sound Arts corporation will provide KDY with long range turbolasers and medium masers for this upgrade, while Gatling guns and missiles launchers can be produced by your subsidiaries.
    This will provide work for KDY's smaller shipdocks, and we will buy every single Ardent frigate you can produce, the upgraded model at a third of the cost, of course, since they are already owned, and just need upgrades in armor and reactor and engines." I explained politely, as the holotable in the middle was running a fast-forward model of striping down an Arquitens, then rebuild it with better armor and reactors.

    "That's robbery! Even if we use quadranium steel to uparmor the Arquitens, the docks will still be blocked by this order for 5 years! At least 50% of the cost must be paid, or we will lose money" Kuat of Kuat exclaimed upset, after doing some profit margin calculations.
    Hmmm. 40% would have given them a good profit anyway, but fine. Everyone must be happy.

    "Agreed, honored Kuat of Kuat. 500 billions credits have been wired to KDY right now. I expect my frigates in less than 5 years. Now, for the cruisers, I will place an order of 10 thousand units, to see how they compare with Gyndine and Sluis Van competitors during trials and various combat engagements in the west.
    Keep in mind, that the Navy will need millions of cruisers, and Mon Calamari already make fine ships. If your designers and engineers decide to change or modify the schematics agreed by the Ship design bureau, I expect an increase in performance and combat efficiency. Or the KDY will not be premiated but instead penalized procentually for any margin lost in turn speed or firing arcs." I said more serious.
    You block my guns from firing 2 degrees left or right, you lose 2% of the price. Seems fair.

    "I'll oversee the modifications personally, esteemed Avatar. The guns must stay on target, that's a simple goal" Lira Wessex the lead designer for the Imperial star destroyers said with a frown.
    Yeah, if that was true, why aren't the guns of your ships staying on target? Who placed those guns for broadsides and didn't even stagger them?

    "And miss Wessex, do make peace with your father. You are both brilliant, but if he gets assassinated, I will blame you personally. Walex Blissex still has 40 years of brilliance and ingenious design in front of him. You steal those years from my Empire and you'll lose them too, in prison" I said with a calm tone towards the murderous daughter.

    She nodded with a frown, perhaps confused how I knew.

    "Okay, now for the destroyers. Get it in your heads, esteemed KDY gentlemen, destroyers are not orbital bombardment ships, nor battleships in the front line. Their role is in the name, to be fast and hunt down smaller ships, like cruisers or lower. They are not carriers, to use half of their volume to carry starfighters. Sure, from frigate upwards all Navy ships will carry dropships and fighters, because space is big and volumes get searched faster using remotes.

    But, the Nebula-class is designed to serve as escort and picket ship in fleet engagements, with 200 long range turbolasers placed along the central spines, and 400 medium maser guns, 100 Gatling batteries of 5 guns, including ion canons and plasma guns, along with 500 Gatling pointdefense lasers and 650 missile launchers on top of every battery turret.
    As you can see on the hologram, the Nebula will create a mist of exploded starfighters and gunships from any wave of small class attackers, while being able to engage targets at long range to support the heavy elements or harass big ships from outside they fire envelope.

    The energy for these weapons will come from the new solar ionization reactors class 3.2 using belskar and cortosis armor to contain hypermatter while it's being ionized.
    And as with the Acclamator III, they will have their bridge and engines armored up
    and three secondary 4S shield emitters, thus able to withstand one salvo even from a Hammer's magnetically accelerated guns." I explained with some pride, since these was actually leading edge engineering.

    "Very impressive, for a ship only 920 meters long. But there's very little room left for anything else but guns and reactors...where will the troopers and the crew live?" someone asked from the end of the table.

    "I think I already said, didn't I? Destroyers are warships not troop transports or carriers or occupation ships. This Nebula could take an Imperial-class destroyer down, alone. Or an entire pirate fleet. Or 2 Lucrehulks filled with Vulture droids. It has 1200 organic crew, officers and gunners mostly, and 20 thousands droids. And because of that, the crew wasted on an older model of destroyer can crew 10 or 20 ships of the Nebula-class. And when they get destroyed, the Navy loses a thousand people not 47 thousands crew and officers like on an Imperial-class." I explained with a sterner voice.

    The KDY board looked at each other and then at the hologram again.

    "How many of these ships will the Navy need?" Kuat asked with a bit of excitement.

    "A million for a start, but at least 13 million. The Empire will have all its planets defended, no matter the cost." I said with a blinding smile.

    "Oh my! We're going to need 50 times more shipyards and mining planets and..." Kuat muttered in his native language.

    "Exactly, honored Technician. The Emperor is bringing 100 planets here in Kuat sector , half of them rich in minerals, the others to house immigrants from all over the Empire. Also, a few more gas giants and a billion metallic asteroids. It is a massive investment for the Empire, both of trust and resources. So all of you, get to work and build me the ships I need. Voice Sera Greyshade will oversee Kuat for the next hundred years, and make sure Kuat has everything it needs, from resources, credits or employees, to security." I concluded in Kuati, and smiled even wider.

    "But, many of those systems are classified and..." an older Kuati lady muttered for herself.

    "Yes, and now each of your four classified mining systems have 10 extra mining planets. Nothing is concealed from Emperor Pef, do not forget this. The other systems in the sector now all have 5 planets to house more immigrants and factories. I can provide planning and planetary ecology designs, but I believe you do have everything, mostly figured out.
    This is Sera, my wife. Just like me, her words are law, everywhere in the galaxy. She doesn't talk much though..." I said with some amusement, as Sera Greyshade, the red twi'lek maid, my newest Voice and former Zeison Sha adept, looked around the Kuat board room, perhaps surprised everyone here wore green tunics, without many ornaments.

    Duh, the CEO's title was Technician...these guys took work very seriously.

    "Hello everyone. I am Sera. We'll be good friends, I am certain." she said with a beautiful smile, then gave me a short hug. The Kuati council took a step back in concert.

    Yep. She'll do just fine.

    "Was that a teleportation?" Miss Wessex asked curious. Hmmm.

    "Give me your hand, most enchanting lady. I can teleport you in orbit aboard my ship, and then we can go find your father" I said gently. She hesitated for a second, then took my Avatar's hand.

    Your father can wait, while I get to know you better. I do need to bind Kuat to me tighter. Skin tight even.
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    Oh. My. God!
    Is that really you, Pef?!

    I've bemoaned the disappearance of this story since it stopped on RRL, and stumbled onto this site just 15 minutes ago. I had to make an account to tell you how happy I am that you're continuing this.
    Now I'm off to binge this to get caught up again!
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    (I am Pef)
    Yes. Quite a coincidence, right?

    Anyways, don't call me God in public, it's embarrassing.
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    Humbarine system
    Centerpoint station

    The work on the Commenor new capital is proceeding as fast space, as billions of emigrants from all over the Empire have started to settle the new planets, while the navy is busy organizing itself to defend the system, and also their new logistic chains.

    All we need is a direct route to the Hydian Way, coreward from Humbarine and having a gas cloud impeding navigation called Marasa Nebula blocking the way.

    Planet Trellen is on the other side, another large ecumenopolis with 500 billion people, so I'll just have to stretch my powers, and those of the Centerpoint station and collect the gas, and compact it into asteroids.

    Not so easy as it sounds, since this nebula is a hundred light years thick.

    Who am I kidding, of course is simple. I just have to bring a small black hole nearby, then shove all this debris into it.

    And that's what I am doing, using the Endor's tiny black hole. Don't worry people of Bakura, I'll give it back next week so you can keep making repulsorlift components and another nice stuff.

    Ah much easier now, simply shoving...hey there's planets here!

    Inhabited planets and quite advanced. 'Hello Mindnet , this is Emperor Pef, of the Pef Galactic Empire' I sent a bit amused to this brand new cyborg civilization, that nobody knew about.

    And was right next to our capital...

    Heh. I did tell people we might find brand new civilizations out there, intersecting ours and invisible, but it seemed just a dream.

    See, you try to build a new highway, cut down a few trees, and there is the City of Monaco, highly advanced and right next to Washington DC. And nobody noticed it for 30 millenia because of the trees...

    'There's a Galactic Empire? Is it big? Do you have ships?' various Marasan asked curious.

    'Well, it's only a few billion star systems spread around the galaxy. We're still growing and exploring...' I replied amused.

    And while this was going on, the nebula was being cleared, and more and more of their colonies entered the range of the Centerpoint.

    And took me two weeks to establish a hyperspace route between Humbarine and Trellen, and expose the Marasai homeworld to the wonders of Hutt salesmen and erotic holograms.

    'Now esteemed Mindnet guys, you realize by now, just looking at the maps you just downloaded that you are very close to the most important trade route in the galaxy, as well as our new capital at Commenor. Also, I cleared the energized gas of the nebula by teleporting a blackhole nearby, then had it travel along a S thread artificial hyperroute untill the hyperplane was stabilized into a new trade route. Now, I'm going to give the blackhole back to the nice people from Bakura, the largest industrial center in the southwest but, by the time I return, I expect you all to vote whether you want to join the Empire.' I explained politely, before the Centerpoint jumped away.

    Hmmm. The blackhole barely grew in size at all. Guess gas really has too little mass. But this Din Pulsar is making a mess out of navigation around here. Sweep it in.

    There you go! Better and blacker blackhole, and no more annoying pulsar. Plus a larger accretion disk so better productivity for the energy refineries. Here, a hundred asteroids close by, as thanks for loaning me the blackhole.
    Nobody even protested with pancarts in front of the Imperial Service Administrata offices. Maybe they didn't think they owned it.

    Actually let's make it a law. Only the Emperor can own blackholes and stars. Not like anyone else can really use them, and if someone blows up a star, in my galaxy, then it's destruction of Empire property. Unless it's me doing it, for reasons.

    Yep, doing reasonable laws on demand is quite nice.

    And let's jump back to Commenor and help out. Those 33 billion construction droids are having a hard time doing all the work themselves.

    I should give them a hand, and finish the new capital system this year.

    And jump. Now, where were we? Ah, the cyborgs want to join the Pef Navy and pilot starfighters remotely. Seems like fun, and pretty safe. Just like the commercials say, since a torrent of adds hit Marasai while I was away.

    'Yep, it really is safe, deep in the armored belly of a Meteor or a Mountain, or even a Hammer. Not so much on the other ships...
    Hmmm, yes we will send immigrants to your colonies. This whole area of the galaxy is called the Colonies. And yes, no overpopulation, just a few billions from Trellen. Come on, the math is simple! A dozen colonies, 5 billion per planet, 60 billion immigrants. It will be fine. They're all nice people, who never seen sunlight except maybe once in their life.' I explained amused, as dealing with the Mindnet was like being Trump, bombarded by tweets.

    But promoting immigration instead. Different times.

    Who knows, in a billion years I might build a wall around the galaxy too.

    Anyway, time to send the Avatar to Rendili, and restart the Light corvette program, only without those silly frontal prongs.

    The new Verifier-class corvette will be using a tractor beam and getting a large inner barracks for the custom inspectors, and their marines, in the big space that can be obtained inside, once the huge inner space between the prongs is armored up and connected to life support.

    Also a pair of ion cannons and dozen missile launchers and gatling guns. Just in case the ships they're supposed to inspect do not stop. Or they have to fight pirates.

    Commenor system, Pef Empire
    Celestial Senate
    13 BBY

    There are possibly 50 million ships here at Commenor, being guided on their intricate paths by Core, and millions of cyborg traffic analysts.

    And this is just the beginning of what a galactic civilization can do. We still rely on ships for too many things.

    From bulk transport like the Bulk cruiser and even larger ships like Lucrehulks to luxury yachts and protocol shuttles, and then warships and starfighters.

    The Celestial Senate is a double pyramid made from a large diamond asteroid, 1000 kilometers tall and 500 kilometers wide, similar in outlook to the Mortis monolith, only much larger.

    The diamond had to be gently sculpted and faceted, then reinforced with a billion tons of steel and diamondoid inserts, then transformed into the singly largest building in the galaxy, floating in vacuum.

    It's a wonder of a galaxy, especially as its position above the plane where the planets spin, makes it sparkle constantly in the sun, and keep it visible at all times from the northern hemispheres of the nearby planets orbiting Commenor's sun.

    "Esteemed Senators, and delegates and galactic citizens. Here we are, a month later than my dear husband anticipated, celebrating the new galactic capital on Commenor, and inside a moon sized diamond. Not only that, but this World Senate is now truly representing every single planet in the Empire , almost 12 million planets. And yes, I know we have billions of star systems but I say we can barely fit the inhabited worlds representatives in here. Can you imagine thousands of times more Senators?" Bena Greyshade proclaimed from her aurodium throne.

    The newest World Senators like the Geroon remained speechless, possibly a little overwhelmed by the words, or just the huge 270 degrees spherical section, with the Senators lodges arranged in a roughly correspondent slot to their planet's galactographic position.

    Others cheered or clicked or wailed or waved their algae. Yep, this galaxy had diversity all right. Sapience arose from every likely candidate and millions of unlikely ones.

    "As my most adored wife and Empress said, the celebration for the new capital was a little bit delayed, but only because I had searched the galaxy for a suitable gift. Who knew that sculpting a thousand kilometers tall diamond would take this long? But I believe the wait was worth it. Not only this Celestial Senate building, but also the new hyperspace route to Trellan and the Hydian Way. Just now, Emperor Pef and the Centerpoint station are laying down a new hyper route from Brilbringi to Roxuli, then Genroon Selvaris and Iol and finally Jedha. It's a very expensive and time consuming endeavor, but if the galaxy is to become civilized and rich we need trade routes, not just in the east, but also the west. And once the west is freed from slavery and untold horrors, there are still a trillion stars in the galaxy, waiting to be discovered. I believe if we truly work together, we can make the whole galaxy a garden, radiant and beautiful just like Empress Bena" I proclaimed dramatically, mostly for the quadrillions of humans in the empire.

    Sure, there were millions of other races, but not in sufficient populations, even the killiks were just trillions. Perhaps the mynocks or the lugubrra matched the humans in numbers, but in a decade they'll become an endangered species too.

    The killik survivors will be resettled on Woteba , and kept under watch and quarantine, without animals or other living beings to take over. The planet had an environmental defense system that attacked anyone, anytime they interfered with the ecosystem, destroying both structures and living beings with a corrosive substance known as Fizz. Perfect place to keep the killiks alive but contained.

    The navy still had much work to do on that front, even with establishing droid factories on the ground to replenish loses.
    The killiks kept reproducing even faster, though they were slightly running out of adults. Without force-sensitives to absorb, the hives were still quite primitive, using methane and spitcrete as their industrial and weapon arsenal, along with various melee castes.

    Ah, it's my turn to speak now.

    "All right, Honored Senators. I do not need to explain why a Republic doesn't work, not on a galactic scale. There can simply be no consensus between so many varied races and interests. The World Senators are here to submit their grievances. And unlike in the former Republic, it won't take a hundred years of lengthy debates to solve whatever problem arose, from natural disasters to plagues or civil wars or economic issues. Rest assured, in a few days, or up to a month in difficult cases, any problem can and will be solved.

    Be advised however. Once a grievance is brought before the Office of the Emperor, any and all autonomy rights are suspended, for that world. Myself or the Empress or a Voice of the Emperor will decide which, if any such rights are to be restored once the problem is fixed.
    I'll give a simple example. There was once a race, moderately advanced, who began drilling towards the core of their homeworld for more energy. At first it worked great, boosting their production and energy a thousand times, then radiation began leaking from the core, untill it was too late and they all perished, destroying the life on that planet completely.
    In such a case, the Empire would have acquiesced to help and restore the planet, but that race in particular would have lost their privileges, since they clearly didn't have enough brains to keep themselves alive.

    So, keep in mind, with autonomy comes responsibility. If your world is proven to be reckless, then clearly it has to become a ward of the Empire for a few generations.
    Also, do not play around with bioweapons. Yes, you esteemed Senator from Arkania. And many others who think they are clever and hid their traces well. There is not such thing as accidental release or a dropped vial. For every person who dies from such a weapon, everyone involved, from design to manufacture and handling, will be tormented in my private Hell dimension for eternity.

    Next thing, the Sector Senators. Yes, you are much more important and will work on various committees establishing policy and budgetary issues, each of you in their respective qualifications. If you were a holomovie star, before you were elected Senator, then you can work in the Cultural Commission. Various former priests and cult leaders will work on the Religion and Refugee Commission while officers can work in the Naval or Army Commissions.

    And be advised, corruption and collusion from any of the Senators is considered treason. The penalty for treason is death by dismemberment and then being eaten by the nice lugubrra. In this matter, if you're doubtful about your actions, then you are possibly already committing collusion. Better ask the Emperor to make sure, on the hypercom emitters that you all received when you were instated as Senators.
    That will be all for this month Honored Senators, get to know each other and please bring any problems you have forward." I declared with a polite by stern voice.

    Cause yeah, while I did want representation for all the planets in the Empire, I wasn't going to let them run amok, restarting the very problems that lead to the Clone Wars and various genocides.

    The budgetary concerns were more delicate, as the treasury couldn't work with a disgruntled population. Taxation demanded representation, as well as accountability. Sure, sometimes money will be wasted on idiotic plans to save some rodian eating lizard or weather satellites on temperate planets, but people had to be kept happy, where possible.

    I was much more concerned with keeping them alive and healthy, which was the purpose of the military efforts and the Medical Division. Money and happiness would follow, but as secondary concerns.

    Our western fleets began encountering the Ebruchi , who were also nomad slavers, only using smaller ships and hit-and run raids. They often used other races like Tarro or Eickarie who lost their home planets to a supernova or invaders.

    Two small fleets were sent to Lakra system and Kariek , to solve those local annoyances and give my vice admirals more experience.

    Also, the Navy exploration fleets keep advancing westward, and have found more habitable planets like Umaren'k and Osseriton and Carrivar .

    By the end of the year, our western borders should reach the Chiss Ascendancy. I mean, we already have limited contact, mostly through Thrawn and his phalanx of Chiss followers, but it isn't official. Not yet.

    Iol system
    Naval Cube Station West.
    13 BBY

    All the large ships produced so far by the shipyards of the Republic and the Galactic Empire have been called here, to undergo refit and modernization by the Emperor, while billion tons of armor plates and extra weapons and engines and reactors arrive every day.

    From Venators to Victory then Procurator and Praetor, to the Mandators, each of these ships simply hurt my soul with how much work and credits were invested in them, and then barely made combat worthy, by poor decision making and fear of automation and droids.

    The new ships will take a while to be produced, and we're not keeping the heavy hulls to rust.

    The Procurators for example are 200 years old battlecruisers, and never saw combat, even in the Clone Wars, they were kept back, using their 2500 meters wedge hulls for intimidation.

    Not that they would have been much use with 8 turbolasers anyway. Really, whoever created these ships wanted to ram things, not shoot them.

    The Venators and the Victory destroyers are small enough to simply transform them into Nebula-class, once they receive 10 meters of extra armor plating and lots of guns. The shape is good enough that once they are plated over with armor, most of their faults are being hidden away.

    And the large hangars can be used to house the new bridge and secondary CIC and secondary reactors and shield emitters, as well as tibanna gas canisters and missiles.

    Still lots of extra room left, since the crew is being reduced greatly and replaced with the excess OOM B11 droids. There will be two hangars at the back, one for starfighters and one for dropships, but even those will have sally gates and turrets guarding them.

    The top of the central pyramid, now cleared of those silly towers will house large turrets, placed in a staggered formation to allow them to fire both sides and backwards, as well as forward.

    The Nebula II, which are the larger converted Venators, at 1100 meters, can support 100 turbolasers and 1000 medium guns, and still carry 100 Biplane V starfighters, while the Victory were smaller at 900 meters but a little wider.

    And now to the real battlecruisers, which get gutted completely, to make room for new reactors and engines then receive 50 meters of quadranium steel all over, and then their old armor get put on top, then I carve everything up to install 300 quad magamasers turrets and 5 quad long range turbolasers turrets on top, for the Mandators and half that for the Praetors.

    The Procurators are a mess, well less now, with their new armor and all, but still not good enough at either role. Guess they can serve as missile cruisers of a sort, with 500 proton torpedo launchers and 3000 missile launchers, and just 100 heavy guns and 500 gatling lasers. In fact anything between 1000 meters and 4000 meters is a mess, not having enough fire volume or armor to stand against a large ship, but still being vulnerable to smaller ships fire.

    The Providence and Lucrehulk-class also fit in this category, as do torpedo spheres or other similar sized ships like the Hutt dreadnaughts or some Mon Calamari cruisers.

    Bigger is not better, unless they are big enough, and armored accordingly. The Separatists warships had hulls about one meter thick, and the Calamari cruisers the same. Really, just fragile explosive eggs, once their shields were gone.

    The Republic ships had 2 meters of armor in general, to 5 meters on battlecruisers and 10 meters on the Mandators and the Imperial-class. No wonder tractor beams were so effective at ripping ships appart, or turbolasers penetrated directly into the reactor chambers.

    Still all these battlecruisers are less than 100, the Republic didn't have that many, and losing one would have been a major blow to morale, if not actual combat strength.

    Guess I can send the Procurators back to guard Kuat and Commenor and have them fly the flag to impress people.

    The sharks and the hammers are the real defense anyway, not 80 wedge shaped hulls looking absolutely amazing...

    These larger battlecruisers will make great flagships for all the ambitious admirals from the Navy, while the 15 thousand destroyers will now be actually combat effective, able to turn on a dime due to lateral thrusters, and having a thousand times less design flaws.

    Couldn't fix everything without actually building new ships from scratch, but instead of millions potential problems popping up, there are now mere thousands. And the remaining Navy crews who will not serve on the automated destroyers get to be re-assigned to the new ships being built, every decent officer becoming a captain for a corvette or frigate while promising ensigns become XOs .

    This will fix the problem of not having captains for the new ships, since giving a new academy graduate a captain role is a recipe for many misunderstandings and even disasters.

    For the Hammers and Meteors I still mainly use officers who served in the clone wars, while new Gand Findsmen and Dornean graduates and various Servants get trained to receive their own ships, using holosimulators 6 hours per day, plus 4 hours of bridge duty in different roles.

    In fact, all Navy officers and gunnery crews have to train every day in holosimulators, as do the garrison Army soldiers.
    Those deployed in the west get plenty of live fire training, so much that they have to rotate out every two weeks.

    Not just people get worn out, but the weapons systems too. If you never seen a gatling gun melt from firing continuously for two weeks, I did. Only happens on saturated battlefields like the killik planets or various lugubrra infested worlds, but it does happen.

    Some droids also crack, and become genocidal, but so far their restraining bolts have held, and they simply shut down.

    I shiver thinking of billions of HK-47 wanna-be's .

    Guess I'll have to implement rotation for tanks and droids as well.

    At least Thrawn's droid troops have began advancing, only 20 kilometers from their landing zones but it most likely means the killik hives are running out of troops...after 8 months of non-stop massacre.

    I hope they did. The army got to train a million officers, just by remotely directing their companies on the ground.

    Cause we weren't about to risk losing any remotely capable officer to the killik hiveminds and have to contend with actual weapons and strategies. They get good very fast, as my own Centerpoint station can attest.

    Still 14000 Venators to upgrade to the Nebula II class, so I'll be here for a while.

    Mon Calamari system
    Orbital shipyard

    "Again, esteemed shipbuilders, no. I do not want ships larger than one kilometer. I want my ships to have the MC Liberty profile but with 10 times more armor and burrowed engines and bridge. And less ion cannons and more masers and missiles." my Avatar explained again.

    "You're not seeing the beauty of this design, Avatar. Like a drop of water, it flows and..." a genius artist commented at my request, the 25th today, and perhaps the thousandth this month.

    "Lugubrra eat ship armor, most enlightened artist. The Vong use gravity fields for propulsion, as well as tractor beams. This beautiful and artful ship, with its long appendage bridge hanging 500 meters below the hull would simply be torn into bits. You can build it from your own pocket, but not from the Navy budget." I replied in a disgusted tone.

    This MC75 cruiser was a horrendous ship. Made my skin crawl. It was possibly the long appendage hanging down from the hull of that ship.

    "You're no patron of arts, Avatar. Only war and more firepower..." a lady Calamari engineer complained, almost correctly.

    "These shipyards that employ all of you, were built with my credits. Your salaries are paid by my credits. And the safety of the people below, is guarded by the ships we make here. Pretty flimsy ships, many dead Calamari, and babies eaten alive. Is this more helpful and patronizing?" I asked rhetorically.

    "We have our own customs and designs, great Avatar. But, perhaps we can build something functionally similar to your Nebula destroyers and the smaller cruiser and frigates. Just...stop setting your fists on fire. It's a bit scary..." an older Quareen builder said with a peaceful tone.

    Huh, didn't realize I was reaching the limits of patience, for something so trivial.

    "Indeed, whenever art and survival come into balance, I tend to favor survival. Because dead people do not make art. Think of it like this: you want to make a shield and a spear, to fend of a big shark. Now, if those devices are thin and flimsy, the shark will bite them off, and eat you. If they are sturdy and strong, you can decorate them with shark teeth and carvings, because you are still alive. Simple?" I asked in a more amused tone.

    Forgot I had to reference water things to make them understand.

    "Hmmm, you may actually have a point here, firebender. Something sturdy to resist a bite from the sharks, like your meteors and hammers, but agile enough to run circles around them...and kill the remoras and other scavengers, while your own sharks battle theirs. We may need to use gyrating turrets, to be able to keep firing while running away. Come back next month, we'll have something for you then..." the eldest artist mused, looking at me with his only good eye.

    Excellent, I got through to someone, and didn't have to punch anything!

    Here, old guy, have some healing and reinforcement. You're 20 years younger now! Keep making nice ships for me.

    And teleport back on the Dart.

    Now, where to go next?

    I had planet Monastery in my schedule for a visit, and their Force Order of the Sacred Circle , which had recently got a new female leader.

    " We worship the eternal, ever-renewing circle of life." Domina Tagge , All-High Priestess .

    And then, I had a long awaited vacation to planet Spunchina , famous for its benevolent women and their galactic class, month long orgies.

    Hmmmm. Though choice.

    Well, in this case, why not both?

    I'll just have to romance that new priestess, and bring her with me to Spunchina, in a honeymoon tour of the empire.

    And getting married in the Tagge family would be a bonus for both of us. I rather make them my allies, than have to kill them all.
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    Commenor system, Pef Galactic Empire
    Celestial Throne, a small artificial moon.
    Redbox, a secure level inside the Pef Intelligence skyscraper
    13 BBY

    "I understand Emperor. Can't bring my daughter at work with me...not for a few years..." Triumvir Isard muttered with a sheepish look.

    "Don't misunderstand Triumvir. I am certain she will be great one day. But children should experience childhood, if possible. Make friends, go on trips, jump from trees or play with droids or dolls. You're building a sociopathic subordinate, not raising a daughter, right now." I explained patiently.

    Took me a while to realize what went wrong with Jaybo, and almost missed it. Not really, but my early training left him a bit marked. But now he has Lando as a buddy, and Han Solo will join their nefarious adventuring group soon.

    Along with Ysanne Isard and Sabine Wren and a few others. The next generation of heroes of the Empire.

    "I sort of hoped for Ysanne to reach a detailed understanding of the intelligence work. And perhaps get noticed by your Avatar..."
    he answered with a cautious tone.

    "Indeed, and you almost succeeded Mister Isard. She would have got you killed and taken your place. And should have known better, this type of conditioning is what creates child soldiers and then assassins. And I do not lack for orphans in this galaxy." I answered with a flat voice, returning to the holoprojector.

    The Hutts were shrinking rapidly, as their clans were concentrating in their core worlds, trying to save whatever cash and power they had left, and learning to order droids around, instead of slaves.

    Didn't work quite as well as I'd like, with more scummy hutts allying themselves with the remains of the Black Sun and various pirates, especially in wild space and thousands of asteroid belts, mostly in the south east of the galaxy.

    "OKay then, I hope this change of scenery will do her some good. Now, about the informant network in the south east, it's not as extensive as I'd like. The Bothans are actually working against us..." he complained, still tapping on his datapad.

    Gonna have to replace that with something less conspicuous. But, Jaybo and Ysanne both will benefit from learning at the prestigious campus on Zeltros. Perhaps the other three as well, who knows?

    "Yes, I know. Especially against their oppressors, as most of the Galactic Empire was perceived in the Mid Rim and beyond.
    You will be happy to know I kinda own 32% of the bothan spynet, and this percentage will only increase as my Third Hand replaces more cell leaders with his own people. It's just a matter of money and a common enemy, in this case the Hutts. With every raid carried on Hutt operations, certain people get replaced, while slavery becomes less profitable" I said with a hint of amusement.

    "Oh. That's...very good. I wish I had thought of that myself" the man exclaimed with a hint of amazement and envy.

    Yep, only hints in the voice tone, as a sign of delicate symbology. The games we played were quite subtle, after all.
    "Any hints of more killik infiltrators into various insect races?" I asked, changing the subject.

    "Possible five more, although it's difficult to say. Thyferra and Roche appear to be the killik main targets. Although I don't understand how they bypassed our blockade..." Isard said with a shudder.

    "They obviously had a hidden colony somewhere, and got to a passing ship or perhaps built one. There are other possibilities, but I doubt them." I mused, reviewing possible cretins who would help the killiks voluntarily.

    "The Jedi, or some other force cult, perhaps captured. The Chiss trying to stir trouble, or perhaps another race in the region. Or a traitor, from our own navy. Pirates hiding low, and getting caught. Dozens other possibles from various bleeding hearts societies..." My Third Hand said wisely, decloaking on the other side of the holomap table.

    "Miss Fay is strong enough to break the Joiner bond by herself. Yoda as well. No, it's a lower ranked force adept. Most likely a young witch or a someone similar. I'll do a search later, but my guess is planet Tenupe. There was a small killik colony there, in the other future." I said with a suffering sigh.

    It never ends, does it?
    Always having to be vigilant and fixing whatever stupid things other people do.

    Gonna have to break out the contingency weapons already?

    'Don't do it Pef. It's not worth it...plus you already have two less damaging solutions' Solana replied in the Voice bond, showing me images of Gand and Solanus.

    Thanks love. Damn my preconceptions. I didn't need guns and tanks or chemicals or exotic weapons. Comets had ice and ammonia, while insects needed to breathe.

    And I already used this type of environment change to subdue the Geonosians partially, in the clone wars.

    'Open secure link to hypernet terminal. Encrypt message to Admiral Thrawn NW Command. Killik hives possibly present on Tenupe, upon such presence confirmation, oceanform it, and every infested planet. Relocate up to ten thousand survivors to Woteba, and depart to Csilla with sufficient inventory to integrate the Exploratory Fleets. PS: marry a dozen or so syndics, but leave a few for Avatar.' I sent after a minute of silent deliberation.

    Enough time wasted with lasers and masers and low level toys.

    We had enough ships now to liberate the entire galaxy once they began spreading out.
    I had obeyed the rules of the game for too long, going slow and patient.

    The Core will get to go ahead to start creating the next generations of warships, using Ardanium from planet Questal to increase the reactor output by two magnitudes, and Duranium from planet Kriekaal for the hulls.

    The entire planet was made of duranium, so there will be plenty metal even for 50 meters thick plates of armor, more resilient than the 1 kilometer of iron shells of the Hammers.

    And we already knew how to make weapons like the Solar ionization cannon and Proton beam cannon which were three magnitudes stronger and fired continous beams as the guns fire protons not photons, which are the particles that make light and have nearly no mass, so they are heavy and pack a punch. And kept firing for as long as necessary, or the hypermatter fuel was depleted.

    The next generation of ships will have the 0.5 hyperdrives, the 4S shields and also cloaking and gravity and mass generators, along with the hyperspace motivators and immersion fields required to ignore the dovin basals of the Vong.

    And they would be just a bit larger than the Nebula I and smaller than Nebula II that I made from the Venators.

    Exactly 1000 meters long, while the height and width of the reactor chambers gave it the other dimensions, thus three separate reactors, for engines, shields and weapons, about 150 meters in diameter. Let's add two more smaller backup reactors, for life support and sensors and for secondary weapons and the bridge.

    The sublight engine technology hasn't progressed far enough, but adding 9 more engines to the usual 6 engines of the Nebula
    should give the ship enough acceleration to keep up with the frigates escorting it.

    And I could export some duranium and ardanium to the Mon Calamari, as they came up with a MC-60 Star Cruiser variant of their own. Not exactly what I asked to, but good enough, once upgraded with better armor and reactors and weapons.

    And I could also upgrade the already existing MC-80 cruisers of which I already had about 2000.

    Yeah, two more years for the upgrades and the first cycle of new battlecruisers, and then it was time to chase after the Vong.

    Waiting for them to finish mapping the galaxy and colonizing whatever many planets in preparation for a galactic invasion was not my game anymore. In two years, most of the west will be pacified, allowing the heavies to be stationed at all the major lanes intersections, as well as the populated planets.

    And these fast and even deadlier Nebula III will go after the Vong.

    "Had an epiphany, Nebulous Emperor?" my third Hand asked amused, sipping a shot of brandy, while Isard looked a bit pale.

    Huh, must have thought out loud again...

    "In two years we'll have 200 thousands Hammers, not just 100 thousand. Double the approximate strength of the Vong, and only needed in defense operations. I'll see about adding a proton beam battery to each of them, and the Meteors, just in case. Anyway, my friends, begin your own preparations and instruct our agents to be vigilant and how to recognize the Vong infiltrators." I demanded in a more serious tone.
    "How can you make the new ships, and still construct the old ones? And finance the modernization of the Navy too, while expanding even more rapidly. There must be a trillion shipbuilders past Junkfort, working in secret..." Isard muttered with a concerned voice. Yep, just not the kind of workers you're used to.

    "Indeed there are, Triumvir Isard. Just not organics. That example my Avatar said, in the Senate...it was not just a fable. Imagine a planet engulfed in deadly radiation, where nothing lives. And yet, ardanium will get stronger and droids can work even faster.
    Still, you do have a point. We will need thousands more factories for the new weapons and reactors components. We'll need to evacuate the lower levels of all the big planets, and send the displaced people elsewhere. Coruscant will be a good start, but there are dozens more such worlds, death traps for any single Vong bioweapon. So you know what I'll do for the next year, to save up on transport? I'll parade the big worlds around the galaxy depositing 20 billion people at every stop, and create a thousand more trade nexii. Hmmm, three new star systems every day, for a year...see how hard I have to work, just to build the infrastructure for the next war?" I complained rhetorically.

    I was going to do it anyway, but now I had a motivation.

    And something to do. Just managing the spies and the politics wasn't enough, I just had to embark in the most ambitious colonization program ever.

    Dispersing trillions of people on new planets, while making sure to give each world enough economy and genes balance to prosper.

    At least I found a multitude of blackholes in the Tyus Cluster serving no purpose but to slow down traffic. They could be dispersed in a radial pattern around the galaxy, and give me dozens more energy refineries while also flattening hyperspace for dozen secondary trade routes, and enlarging them to super hyper route standards.

    It would just take me a week of work and careful manipulation of S thread boosters and tractor beams, for every new route.

    But distant and hard to reach worlds like Iskadrell could be brought into the greater galactic civilization, simply by tracing a blackhole from Brevost system to it.

    Then a bit of neural and cybernetic education for those Iskalloni cyborgs, and they'll be perfect factory workers. And they did have interesting genes as well, allowing rapid healing and integrating metal with their bodies.
    Malagarr system, Pef Empire
    Diamond Cube
    12 BBY, first month

    'The ardanium mining will destroy at least 30 percent of the ecosystem, no matter how careful I am, Emperor. However, for the duranium there's no such problem any more. I see you have already carved the whole planet up into 1 meter and 50 meters thick plates....' Core said after examining my words for a minute.

    'I know my friend. We'll deplete the aradnium mines, and then I'll rebuild the ecosystem back and place the planet in Lianna system.
    I kinda want to extract the most of this mineral, so I can power up a million Nebula warships and Titans. Maybe the Swordbanes if there's anything left. Too bad we can't actually synthesize ardanium with transmutation.' I replied with an inner frown.

    Most of the exotic elements defied material synthesis, which was most likely not a failure of technology, but an artefact of how this part of the universe worked.

    Even belskar or cortosis refused to be created artificially, although their formation process should have been similar to all other metals, through fusion inside a star.

    'And you don't want to use the Force, and alchemically transmute it?' The AI wondered with the wrong emote again.

    Or maybe not. A red lightsaber was possibly the right emote, in this case.

    'Anything the Force can do, science can do too. We just need to know more. Much more...' I answered with a white flag emote.

    'So you did succeed after all. Which one?' the Core asked happily.

    'Belskar or mandalorian iron. But only in Mandalore system. The process is still a form of solar ionization, just like the new reactor and weapons. It just needs the Force for some reason. Also, Force scribing on cortosis doesn't work, but it does on duranium, creating a micron thin layer of impervium for about 3.14 centimeters around the letters. So that's our maximum caliber for the proton beam guns we'll use from now on.' I said, thinking back on the last three weeks of fruitless experiments.
    'So, there are rules after all, Emperor Pef. You just need to form a theory, then keep experimenting, just like I am' my Eighth Hand replied with a happy smile emote.

    'I'm certain there are a few rules, especially when they touch upon the very small subparticles. Just like with quantum locks, they work on organic matter or derivatives like plastic, but not on metals. They work on some kinds of glass, formed from force resonating sand, but not on normal glass or transparisteel.' I concluded with another white flag.

    Whatever material was even remotely imbued with the Force, was separated from normal elements by a barrier we could not pass. And I wasn't certain it was worth to keep insisting. Somewhere, there would be a red flag being raised at my actions anyway.

    'But entropy fields can cover an entire ship, and do almost the same thing. I am building such a field for my cube right now. Only problem with it, you have to give it a consumable energy cell to draw from, or else you'd be stuck inside for a long time...' the AI complained, with the emote of an angry bear.

    'Just keep refining the energy requirements for a small craft like a Reaper starfighter to use it for 10 seconds. They could become an unstoppable object and pierce the dovin basals of a Vong worldship, if our warships won't be enough. I'd like to test our weapons on that worldship parked north of Birgis.' I demanded with a fist emote.

    The AI replied in kind, punching the sky virtually. 'That task will take me at least three months, Emperor. Also, the Jedi minds inside me want to see the girls they left with you...' Core answered without any emote. Didn't even care then.

    'My Avatar...is exploring the galaxy. And the girls stayed on Gand in the garden, and study AI tech at the Zero university. When he returns, he'll come visit, with the former Altisian Jedi. Might take him a few months, there are plenty nice places to visit, and people to meet...' I demurred and declined politely.

    'I can see the news myself, you know that Emperor. His state visit in the Hapes Cluster was the talk of the galaxy for weeks. Masterful work there, unlike the usual Avatar. He even gave back their Queen Lady Ta'a Chume Greyshade, after a few weeks. Just a bit more married and pregnant.' the Core commented a bit amused.

    Well, she was called Queen Mother now, so it was only proper to actually be a mother.
    The former Queen Ni'Korish was a known jedi hater, and most of Hapes took after her.

    Not unreasonable sentiment, just for the wrong reasons. The ancestors of the Hapes Consortium were pirates, and the Jedi wiped the males out about 4000 years ago, leaving the women to carry on the new life.

    The women blamed the men and the Jedi for their new dilemma, without considering the real causes.

    I just confiscated all their ships, then had the Avatar stroll in, pretending to be a pirate. Worked great.

    Now, back to the Nebula V variant, produced by the Core AI.

    'So, how many proton batteries can we actually fire at once?' I asked Core with a tinge of trepidation. Power calculations promised over ten guns, but I wasn't 100 percent sure.
    These reactors were three times stronger than what the Eclipse super star destroyer would have had.

    'If the reactors do not overload, and the power conduits are lined with impervium, then 6 batteries. Using all three main reactors. But more realistically 3 or 4 batteries. In fact, it's risky to even mount more than 3 batteries. Some idiot organic might fire them at once, and explode the ship...' the AI explained with disdain.

    'Indeed, perhaps it be better to mount just two batterries on every ship. Better use more ships, and cover more volume. Two twin linked batteries mean four superlasers anyway. Or proton beams. Whatever. We'll use the Diamond boron missile launchers for self defense, and gatling masers to mop up the smaller fries. Five gun barrels, for medium masers, and
    twin linked magamasers.' I mused, going over the design again.

    Now, the only question was, how to use the solar ionization beams? They'll be much less effective against the Vong, same as lasers and turbolasers. Even tank mounted infrared lasers didn't do much against the Vong bioarmor.

    Their ability to bypass energy shields completely, was also wasted on Vong vessels, since the Vong used bioarmor and gravity fields for defense. Sad, I know.

    We'll have to use them in the south, against the Nagai and Tof and the other invaders.

    'Luxum, how long untill Orax can build Nebula destroyers?' I asked my Shard Voice, over the bond.

    'Two years perhaps, but possibly five years. We're now building corvettes and frigates. The cruisers will follow next year, and when we master those, we'll have the experience to try destroyers. Not everyone can assemble starships with their minds like you, Pef' she replied with a tinge of envy.

    Okay then, no miracles for my crystal friends. Just hard work.

    'No problem. I'll bring you a billion tonnes of duranium and a thousand tonnes of Ardanium for your frigates. Just remember, the more things stick out of the hulls, the more leverage a tractor beam has to grab and rip the ship apart.' I replied with a sigh.

    The Shard ships were quite pointy and irregular, much the older Calamari ships abused blisters and ovals. And also had some kind of solars, or hangars, where the crystalline crew could bask in the light of a sun, at least once a day.

    There was something here, a mystery. Too many things used the suns' light to make things happen, from exposing metal cores of planets to create hypermatter, then solar ionization reactor and beams, then iron needing the sunlight of Mandalore to transmute into belskar...and even the Star Forge that the Rakata made.

    And then Solanus, the sentient ocean, needed just sunlight to live...

    'You will find out why, eventually, son of suns. Be patient and learn. ' Solana sent with a hint of amusement.

    That's not what it means, does it? Can suns have kids?
    Redforge system, Pef Empire
    12 BBY

    All the old models of Meteor I and II as well as the Meteors III and Mountains have been recalled back to Redforge system, to undergo their last modernization this decade. Not at once, but in waves of nine, going from the older models first.

    The hulls get hollowed out even more, leaving them with just one kilometer of iron armor, then they get plated over with 50 meters of Duranium armor, get their reactors inner cores plated with Ardanium, and receive a nine more decks for troop transport and their vehicles. Thus effectively doubling their armor durability, while reducing the ships' mass by 30%.

    With the increase in reactor power a thousand times, now they can all achieve 2.0 hyperdrive speed and 31 MGLT speed with subight engines, while becoming a new class of multirole ship. I guess I can called them Mountain II, to keep the names easy.

    One deck for carrier operations can host and launch one million starfighters, while the other decks can carry droid factories and tank factories and various other component factories, and a billion war droids ready to go, instead of just 10 million.

    One meter of Duranium armor is added to every ceiling, to increase the internal strength and prevent decks being collapsed by combat damage or extra weight. Also Duranium bulkheads every kilometer, to contain explosions or fires should something bad happen inside.

    We don't actually have the inventory to arm and equip all these extra droid divisions, but that's what the on-board factories are for.

    They will simply produce all the droids and war equipment they need, and replenish their loses locally. Can't count on the Vong to have droid factories to take over, like in the war with CIS.

    Core is also installing a fork of himself on a third of these ships, to act as a high level administrator and logistic support for every fleet, like his children, in a way. And also to counter possible cyber viruses and bioweapons rendering the organic crew dead or worse. Don't want a Katana fleet repeat on my tactical assets, do I?

    Plus having an AI direct starfighters in fleet engagements is quite a boon, as my Admiral Natasi Daala Greyshade has confirmed with her on AI, the Will.

    Her Manta dreadnaught will receive upgrades as well, making it able to reach 3.0 hyperspeeds and 20 MGLT, which for a 50 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide warship is very good.

    Sadly, there's simply not enough new megamasers and medium masers in the whole galaxy to simply replace 80 millions of their older heavy batteries, and the same for the medium guns, so that will have to happen locally as well.

    Every upgrade these ships will receive in the future will be made on board, and spare me this hassle.
    You want more missiles? Just make more. Out of MAC rounds? Even easier to fix.

    That means I have to build megamaser factories and medium maser factories on each of these ships, and increase the organic crew to twenty thousand, just to oversee the factories, and pilot of dropships and fire the guns...
    Still not as bad as the Imperial Navy would had been, with their 20 thousand Imperial star destroyers, packing 47 thousand people on a ship only 1.6 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. Now I will have 20 thousand Mountain II dreadnaughts, packing 20 thousand crew each, on a ship 16 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide internally, and 20 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide on the exterior.

    See, I did in fact replace the Imperial II with the Mountain II in role and function, even if these new ships have a thousand times the firepower and planetary invasion forces. At least that, but possibly more.

    I'm also upgrading the sensors and the power conduits, especially for the gravity well generators and the engines, but also for the new solar ionization beams and proton beam weapons.

    Man, I'm so glad I thought of this from the start, and made my main ships large enough to support all these upgrades, while the iron that is left over, can be used for ammunition in case of MAC guns, and building material for factories and droids and other equipment.

    I'm sure one day, someone will get smacked by a leftover MAC round which missed its target and kept going.

    Possibly the dinosaurs back home, since they didn't have planetary shields. Nah, just kidding.

    The rounds don't travel at hyperspeed or even at lightspeed, so they'll need trillions of years to reach another galaxy. But it does explain why some planets get hit randomly and disappear in this galaxy. With so many wars fought in the past, and so few planetary shields till now, it was inevitable that weapons fired long ago would eventually smack into a planet.

    Won't happen anymore, I hope, since the Pef Empire policy is to install double planetary shields on every inhabited world, and ten shields and various planet to orbit guns on the large populations or important worlds.

    Makes casual orbital bombardment a bit harder, and random accidents or space events, like comets and novas at least survivable, for the time it takes me to reach Centerpoint and yank the planet away.

    Plus the whole quarantine thing becomes much easier as the new shields can also block outgoing traffic.
    It won't stop a powerful force user, or a large fleet, but those are quite easy to notice when they act.

    And for those, that's what I am for. I can't be everywhere, but I can be anywhere I have eyes on, with hypernet relays or force scrying or a Navy ship in vicinity.

    The upgrades will take a few months, as ships rotate from throughout their bases in the galaxy, and I do have to intervene whenever a World Senator makes a grievance to my office on Commenor.

    'Our planet is going through an ice age, killing all life on the surface!'

    'Our sun is too close and our lives are miserable. Plus a few factories and shipyards would be welcome...'

    'The local wildlife is attacking'

    'The droids are revolting!'

    'An asteroid is heading our way!'
    'We want a better hyperroute...and more immigrants...'

    'Take your droid armies away, we don't need no Empire'

    'A plague has broke out, and our people are dying'



    'Too few men'

    'Too few women'

    'There can be only one Godking, and it's not you!'

    And so on, and on.

    Sure, I don't just run around on demand, sometimes a Voice or an Assassin can solve the problem with a kind word and a gun.

    But shifting planetary orbits and creating hyperroutes is more delicate.

    And dealing with the knowledge I obtained from the Chiss Ascendancy through Thrawn much more delicate.

    We have reached Crakull in the west, the Croke homeworld. And they'll be useful as allies, but for now it's a state of cold war, with our fleets interdicting their worlds, while guarding them from the Lugubrra and other such threats.

    But much worse, is that the Chiss knew the location of Mugg Fallow , the residence of the Mnggal-Mnggal. The grey sludge that formed the being's body covered almost the entire planet, with only lifeless continents and the remains of fossilized trees visible. Mnggal-Mnggal filled the planet's former oceans, and ran across the continents in gray rivers.

    A fleet of derelict ships formed a ring around the planet, their origins ranging across millennia. Mnggal-Mnggal used its mind-controlled zombies to pilot the ships there as macabre decoration, with Gree sailships between the thousand other vessels forming a grim carousel around the planet.

    It's an evil version of my friend Solanus, a sentient ocean of a sort, strong in the Force but utterly mad and insidious.

    And his vectors, somewhat akin to what Solana is, are infesting the nearby worlds, and taking over organics and machinery with ease. Too much ease in fact, and a bit scary to tackle.
    Almost like a sentient mecha-deru virus. Which it probably is, created by some mad force user, like a Rakata.

    It will take a while till our own research on molecular weapons like Gravitic polarization beam and Metal-Crystal Phase Shifter is advanced enough to use against such a monster.

    And exposing Solanus to it is too risky. As is my Centerpoint station. We simply have no idea how strong in the Force this thing is, but I have to assume at least as strong as Solanus.

    For now we'll deploy a network of Hyperspace nullifier satellites far beyond the Oort clouds of the systems infested with Mnggal-Mnggal and try to prevent it spreading further.

    And also saving planet Seymarti V from complete destruction, like it happened in the other future, due to Han Solo...man, why was that guy a hero again? Palpatine only blew up one planet. Han Solo obliterated a dozen, just by being there.

    Well, at least now that I have found the boy, his brain is being neurally remodeled to obey the laws, even if his love of luxuries and women and adventure have to stay. I mean, I kinda like the same things, so it's fair.

    Huh, I hope Jaybo can keep a leash on him...and start making out with Sabine already. I know working on that AT-DP Arc Cannon Prototype together is quite fun, but you're on Zeltros for Force's sakes.
    Live a little, my son!

    Maybe Han Solo and Lando will be a good influence on the boy, taking him away from the lab and to more parties...probably not. At least I have Ysanne Isard as my agent in that group, so she can work her willes and seduction techniques on Jaybo, who serves as a rather frustrating seduction target for her.

    In fact, since Jaybo has chip in his brain let's just tell him. 'Jaybo Grayshade. Ysanne and Sabine are your future wives. Do go dance and drink and have fun with them. And that's an order. At least four hours per day'

    The boy blinked a little confused, as Sabine was chattering something about power projecting and energy, her face side by side with his, just ten centimeters away. And as he turned, their lips touched accidentally...

    After a minute of blushing and embarrassment, they tried it again, on their own.

    Finally, something went right! I was starting to lose hope.

    Now, let's continue the work on personal weapons, using the Pulse-wave blaster and the N-416 Heavy Sonic Crusader guns for a basis.

    'Well done Pef. I want our son to be happy' Wialu whispered in the Voice bond.

    'I'm still on Sedri for now, but once I'm done here, I'll go visit Zeltros and congratulate the new couple' Solana said with some amusement.
    The Golden Sun made the planet appear as a star on sensors, but I knew better. Another strong force user, even if it was a coral polyp. Will mesh with Solanus just fine.

    Later that month, the Mon Calamari sent me the stats for the new MC Nebula destroyer.

    Pef Navy Nebula-MC 60

    Type: Destroyer, Escort, Anti-fighter.

    Length: 900 Meters , max width 350 meters, max thickness 350 meters.
    Weapons: 40 Long range Turbo Lasers (10 batteries total, 7 upper batteries, 3 lower batteries)
    4 Ion Cannons (one forward battery)
    3 Tractor Beam Projectors
    1 Gravity well projector.
    400 Medium masers (200 twin linked batteries total, spread around)
    215 Missile launchers (added-on every single turret)
    400 Gatling light lasers (100 defending the main engines, the others guns spread around the hull)
    10 Proton Torpedo Launchers

    Crew: 920 organics, 16000 OOM B11 droids (100 officers, 500 gunners, 320 various other crew)
    Top Speed: 49 MGLT , Hyperdrives 0.65, backup 8.0
    Troop Capacity: 16000 Centurion war droids, in packed state.
    Cargo Capacity: 5,000 Metric Tons
    Starfighters: 4 Preybird Fighters, 100 Biplane V droidfighters
    Passengers: up to 1000 if needed.
    4 Gozanti III dropships, and 20 recon/stealth satellites on board.
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