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Shoot for the Stars (Yu-Gi-Oh GX OCs)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Metroidwave, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Threadmarks: Episode 1: Let the Games Begin!

    Metroidwave What was I doing again...?

    May 24, 2016
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    A/N: So, bit of a preface. This was inspired by sitting in on my younger brother binge watching season 1 and 2 of GX. Basically, I used the Yu-Gi-Oh Jumpchain to construct a pair of characters to write a story around. I have no intention of making this into an actual Jumpchain, though I reserve the right to change my mind later.

    Thanks to Flutters Is Shy for beta’ing and Zero Slash One for going over what I have planned and offering criticism and advice.

    Isabella Clairmont was many things. Mechanical genius, laid-back, irreverent. At the moment however, she was simply bored. The crimson-haired farmhand felt like she’d been waiting in line for hours. A clock would probably tell her that nowhere near that much time had passed, but that knowledge wasn’t particularly comforting.

    How to kill time…

    Adjusting her wide-brimmed hat, she pondering that question for a moment before coming to a decision.

    Whirling around, Isabella locked eyes with the person behind her, a small slip of a girl with lime hair and striking purple eyes, “So, what kinda deck do you use?”

    Startled, the greenette let out a small shriek of surprise before she calmed down enough to respond. In fact, it was bit odd to see how her expression changed, almost like she was having an unheard conversation.

    “I… um… I use er… Kozmo monsters,” the girl eventually stammered out, “W… why do you ask?”

    “Well, ah figured it’d be an easy way to start a conversation,” she replied nonchalantly, “Ah’ve always been fond a’ my DARK Machines, ever since ah first started duelin’”

    “Oh, raight. Ah almost fergot tah introduce mahself,” Isabella added, extending her hand, “Ahm Isabella.”

    “Isabella? That’s a pretty name…,” murmured her conversation partner, cautiously accepting the handshake.

    “Ah never much cared fer it mahself, always felt four syllables was a bit much fer little ol’ me,” the cowgirl responded, “So then, what’s yer name?”

    “Oh… I’m… I’m Gemini Gale,” the newly-christened Gemini sated mousily, “It’s… um… nice to meet you?"

    A yell of “Next!” came from behind Isabella. Turning around, she was a bit surprised to see she was now at the front of the line.

    Guess time really flies…

    “Nice to meet you too, but guess ah gotta go now,” she replied to her newfound ‘friend’ as she moved to the check-in desk, “Hows about we meet up afterwards, though?”

    “O… okay, um… I guess we could,” Gemini replied softly.

    “Alrighty then! See you later, Gem!”
    Soon enough, Isabella found herself on one of the practice fields, staring down the test administrator.

    The man activated his duel disk, “This test is intended to measure your skill as a duelist. Please step forward and begin the assessment."

    “So, how we decidin’ who goes first?” she asked, activating her own modified duel disk, “Rock paper scissors or coin toss?”

    “Standard procedure says all applicants are given the first turn,” the proctor answered mechanically.

    “Yer just givin’ it tah me? That's no fun…” she said, voice betraying a hint of disappointment, “Ah guess ah’ll draw then.”

    She reached into the deck holder hanging off her belt and felt the familiar plastic covers of her cards within. Counting out six, she raised her hand back to viewing height. Let’s see here… Heavy Mech Support Platform, BM-4 Blast Spider, Trap Hole (missing its upper-right corner), Machine Duplication, Transmodify, Limiter Removal (frayed around the edges), and a raggedy Monster Reborn labeled ‘Magic Card’"

    All in all, not a bad starting hand. It was still too early to use Limiter Removal and there wasn’t anything she could bring out with Transmodify that’d be worth it. She could use Machine Duplication on Support Platform to summon two more, but they’d be easy pickings for anything her opponent summoned. Still, Blast Spider would make a good opening move with 2200 defense and she could beef it up even more on the next turn with Support Platform.

    “Ah play a monster in face-down defense position and set a card face-down,” Isabella stated, placing Blast Spider and Trap Hole into the widened slots on her duel disk, “Yer turn.”

    “I draw,” he declared, pausing for a moment to look at his cards, “I activate Pot of Greed to draw two cards, and then I use the spell card Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy your face-down!”

    A whirlwind emerged from the card, rapidly approaching her side of the field. It made contact with her hidden Trap Hole, shattering the oversized card back into thousands of fragments.

    “Next I activate Swords of Revealing Light!” the proctor continued. He placed the spell card into a slot on his device and a trio of massive glowing swords shimmered into existence. The light they produced was overpowering for the briefest of instants and when it had faded to a tolerable level, a large machine supported by six green legs ending in wheels and topped by a pair of missile pods equivalent to the rest of it in size was revealed on her side of the field.

    “This card keeps any of your monsters from attacking for three turns and it flips any face-down monsters on your side face-up!” he explained, “2200 defense points? A smart move, but not smart enough. I summon Rocket Jumper!”

    A short creature appeared on the field in a flash of light. Its skin seemed to be made of stone and it was clad only in matching white gloves and boots, topped by a headband with the kanji for ‘attack’. What drew the most attention though, was the massive rocket strapped to the thing’s back.

    “When all of your monsters are in defense mode, Rocket Jumper can attack you directly!”

    The squat creature bent over, clutching the rocket’s straps tightly as the propellant began to ignite. It surged forward in an instant, impacting Isabella head-on and dropping her life points by a quarter.
    [4000 LP -> 3000 LP]
    “You can’t expect your opponents to just attack normally. What matters is whether you’re able to adapt.” he stated firmly.

    “Ahm sure ah can manage something,” she responded with a cocky smirk.

    Gemini was nervous. Kozmourning, Kozmotown, D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation, Kozmo Lightsword, and Terraforming. Of the five cards she’d drawn, not a single one was a monster! Terraforming in particular was rendered useless since she also drew her only Kozmotown!

    If her next card wasn’t a monster, she’d be completely defenseless! This couldn’t be how her Duel Academy experience ended, the opportunity she'd been presented with cruelly snatched away by the whims of fate!

    You just need to have faith in yourself and your deck, the familiar voice of one of her duel spirits, Kozmo Goodwitch, reassured, You still have another card to draw, after all.

    Panicking will get you nowhere,' scolded her other spirit, Kozmoll Dark Lady, Loathe as I am to agree with my counterpart, it’s not over until your life points hit zero, let alone before the first card has been played.

    Gemini stopped and took a deep breath before exhaling, feeling her anxiety begin to subside.

    They were right. It was too early to throw in the towel. She was standing here for a reason, after all. He’d seen potential in her, and it wouldn’t do to falter at the starting line.

    Drawing her sixth card, it revealed itself to be Kozmo Farmgirl. A new strategy filled her mind as hope began to blossom. Now she just needed to not blow this chance.

    “First, I… um… I activate the field spell Kozmotown,” she stammered out. As she played the card, the ground around her and her opponent shimmered with holographic light, giving way to a futuristic city rising to surround the field. So that was what it looked like in hologram. She had to admit, the alien architecture felt reassuring in a way.

    “Next, I’m going to… uh… to summon Kozmo Farmgirl in attack mode,” Gemini continued as a girl sporting a pair of ginger braids and a blaster, flanked by a mechanical canine, appeared in a flash of light on her side of the field, “Then I… um… I equip her with Kozmo Lightsword.”

    With that, Farmgirl’s blaster shimmered out of existence, replaced by a new weapon. A cylindrical metal device appeared in her hand, before igniting a glowing blue blade with a distinct snap-hiss. Brandishing her newly acquired equipment, Farmgirl’s attack points shot up to 2000.

    “I set a card face down and end my turn,” she finished meekly, placing Kozmourning into the borrowed duel disk.

    “A strong opening move, certainly,” her opponent mused, “I draw! Next, I summon Giant Rat in defense mode!”

    A blue-furred rodent of unusual size rose onto the proctor’s field. It was attempting to kneel down and cross its arms in order to better defend itself, but the shortness of the limbs in question rendered the final pose a tad ridiculous.

    “I place two cards face down,” he finished, “and end my turn.”

    Isabella drew and wasn’t disappointed with what she came away with. Sure, Proton Blast wouldn’t useful right now, but it was good to be prepared for whenever the opportunity would arise.

    “It’s easy enough tah stop yer monster. Ah jus’ switch Blast Spahder tah attack mode,” she said, “And then ahm summoning Heavy Mech Support Platform.”

    A winged metal craft appeared on the field, sporting 500 attack points. The wings themselves were attached to a pair of plates jutting forwards from the aft segment of the machine, both tipped with a cannon. The space between was empty, giving the appearance of pontoons. Four thrusters were positioned on the opposite end of the craft, with a bright red tailfin sitting above them dead center.

    “But that ain’t all ahm doing!” the cowgirl continued, “Ah can equip support platform to any machine ah want, so ah choose Blast Spahder!”

    The machine’s wings retracted into the twin cannons and the two protrusions extended outwards on previously unseen arms, rotating 90 degrees downward once they had enough space. The rear thrusters each unfolded into a support leg. Once it finished shifting, Support Platform positioned itself behind Blast Spider. A slot opened in the back of the heavily armed arachnid, allowing the two monsters to merged. When the dust had settled, two cannon barrels flanked Blast Spider’s missile pods and its attack had grown to 1900.

    “Ah set a card face down an’ end mah turn,” she finished, placing Photon Blast, “Yer move.”

    “I draw!” the proctor looked at his latest acquisition and smiled, “I’m afraid that still isn’t good enough. I summon Marauding Captain in attack mode!”

    A blond swordsman clad in armor appeared, weapon poised ready for battle.

    “When Marauding Captain’s normal summoned, I can special summon another monster that’s four stars or lower, so here’s Gene-Warped Warwolf!”

    An alabaster-furred beast emerged onto the field. The creature stood upright, its quartet of arms each tipped by crimson claws the same shade as its eyes. That wasn’t what made it intimidating, though. That would be the 2000 attack points.

    “My Warwolf attacks your Blast Spider!” he directed. The beast closed the distance and seized Blast Spider’s twin cannons, savagely crushing the additional armor with its inhuman strength. The force of the attack kicked up a cloud of dust that blocked the combatants from view. When the dust finally settled, both Warwolf and Blast Spider remained on the field, though the latter was missing its recent add-on.

    Support Platform did more than jus’ give Spahder a bit a’ extra fahrpower,” Isabella answered the unspoken question, “It gave ‘em ah shield too!”
    [3000 LP -> 2900 LP]

    “You’ve managed to buy yourself a turn, kid,” the proctor said dismissively, “But unless you can turn this around, then that’s all you’ve done. I switch Rocket Jumper to defense mode and end my turn.”

    “Ah guess it all comes down tah this then,” she shot back, “You excited? ‘Cause ah sure am.”

    “I draw…,” Gemini said softly. Mirror Force, excellent. It was always a good idea to have Mirror Force lying in wait. The problem was she didn’t know what the proctor’s face-downs were. Her intuition was telling her they both probably traps, though. She couldn’t get rid of either at the moment, so that left triggering them…

    “I activate my… uh… my trap, Kozmourning,” she declared. Please let this work.

    “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that!” her opponent interjected, sending a brief surge of excitement through her as he took the bait, “I activate Seven Tools of the Bandit. By paying 1000 life points, I can disarm your trap. You’ll have to do better than that if you want a passing grade!”
    [4000 LP -> 3000 LP]

    A most clever feint… You forced your foe into giving up an advantage, set up a back-up plan, and made him pay for it all in one move. Expertly done, my lord.

    “Okay then, I... uh… I play another facedown,” she said, slipping Mirror Force into her duel disk, “Then… um… Kozmo Farmgirl attacks your Giant Rat.”

    The red-haired girl surged forward, cleaving the rat apart with a single two-handed slash. The force from the strike radiated backwards, eliciting a grunt from her opponent and kicking up a cloud of debris.

    “Oh… um, right. When a monster equipped with Lightsword attacks a monster in… um… defense position, you take the difference as damage.”
    [3000 LP -> 2450 LP]

    “When Farmgirl deals damage, I can… uh… can pay life points to add a Kozmo Monster to my hand,” she continued, reaching over to retrieve Kozmo Forerunner from her deck.
    [4000 LP -> 3500 LP]

    When the dust settled, Gemini was surprised to see another monster standing on the field. A heavily muscled man with a mane of unkept hair stood upright behind a truly massive shield.

    “Your Farmgirl isn’t the only one with an effect!” the proctor explained, “When my Giant Rat is destroyed, I can summon a monster with 1500 or less attack points in attack mode. So say hello to Big Shield Gardna!”

    This was almost too perfect. Her opponent was clearly planning to put that shield to use on his next turn, but she might be able to end this right now.

    It’s like I said. You just needed to have faith and wait for your chance.’

    Lightsword has… it has another... effect,” she stammered, trying to project confidence, “If you have another monster on the field, Farmgirl gets to attack again!”

    Her monster rushed forwards a second time, closely followed by her mechanical hound. She raised her weapon in preparation for the killing blow.

    “Not so fast! I activate my trap card, Negate Attack!”

    The remaining trap card flipped open, a powerful torrent air of billowing forth to buffet her monster. Farmgirl managed to put a token resistance against the maelstrom, but soon she was forced back by the gale force winds.

    She was so close to victory! Should she have waited? Was there a better move she could have made?

    It’s just a setback, master. You’ll pull through!

    Right, right. Breath in, breath out…

    “I… I activate Kozmo Farmgirl’s effect. By removing… um… removing her from play, I can summon Kozmo Forerunner from my hand,” Gemini continued. Her monster began to glow with an inner light, engulfing Farmgirl and continuing to grow in intensity. When it finally subsided, a massive vehicle sat above the field. Twin prongs were situated before the bridge, a docking bay visible just below them. Four large struts extended outwards from the main body, each capped by a sleek nacelle.

    “Oh… I… um… I also activate Lightsword’s effect. By… by paying 800 life points, I can add it back to my hand,” the shy girl finished, retrieving the card in question, “Then… I’ll end my turn."
    [3500 LP -> 2700 LP]

    The proctor drew, before his mouth almost imperceptively twitched into a smile.

    “You’ve made a decent showing so far,” he said, “but I’m afraid you’ve just run out of time! First, I activate Reinforcement of the Army to add Marauding Captain to my hand! Next I summon Marauding Captain in attack mode and use his effect to bring Trojan Horse along with him!”

    The armored warrior appeared on the field, overshadowed by a massive wooden horse. Despite the spruce stallion’s size, it didn’t have much in the way of power. What was his endgame?

    “Next, I activate Double Summon to tribute Trojan Horse and Big Shield Gardna in order to summon Beast King Barbatos!” he continued, “When Trojan Horse is used as tribute for an EARTH monster, it counts double. And since that means Barbatos was summoned with three tributes, everything on your side of the field is destroyed!

    A whirling maelstrom of wind picked up, forcing Gemini to try and shield her eyes from the debris storm. Her Forerunner was the first to fall under the onslaught, thrown about before it smashed into the ground. The metal landscape surrounding them was, shattering into holographic fragments, followed shortly thereafter by her Mirror Force. She was completely exposed.


    Finally, the storm subsided to reveal her opponent’s beast. Barbatos was a massive creature, worthy of its title. The head of a lion gave way to a torso swollen with muscles, sitting atop the body and legs of some kind of hound. Completing the monstrous mishmash was a scorpion tail jutting from the rear. The chimera held a colossal lance and spear, boasting 3000 attack points in total.


    “You tried you best, kid,” he said, “But it looks like your best wasn’t enough.”

    “Ah draw!” Isabella looked at what she drew and felt her anticipation grow, “Ah activate Pot a’ Greed!”

    The grinning green urn rose on her side of the field as she drew another two cards. The first was another Heavy Mech Support Platform, which could keep Blast Spider on the field for another round but staying on the defensive wouldn’t win her the duel. Ma and Pa spent years scraping together the admission fee for Duel Academy, so she wouldn’t let them down. She pulled a second card from her deck and smiled when she saw it was a slightly singed Blowback Dragon. A plan took shape in her head.

    Time to see if her luck would hold out.

    “Ah use Monster Reborn tah bring back Heavy Mech Support Platform,” she declared, the flying mechanism entering the field in a familiar flash of light, “An’ then ah activate Machine Duplication! It lets me summon as many copies of ah machine monster on mah field as ah have in mah deck, as long as the monster has 500 or less attack points!”

    Since she already had one in her hand, only one Support Platform emerged onto the field, but it would be enough.

    “Next, ah tribute Heavy Mech Support Platform tah summon Blowback Dragon!”

    The armless crimson mechanoid rose onto the field. The metal wyrm’s calves bore a striking resemblance to the grip of a modern handgun, a motif continued by the beast’s head. The lower jaw was filled with pointed protrusions imitating the appearance of teeth, but the eyeless head it was attached to was the spitting image of a pistol’s slide and barrel.

    “Then, ah activate Transmodify!” Isabella said, slipping the spell into her duel disk, “This lets me upgrade one a’ my machines into a stronger one in mah deck! So goodbye Blowback Dragon-”

    Mechanical arms fitted with all sorts of tools rose up around the metal drake, obscuring it from view. The only thing visible was the flashes of an arc welder as they went to work.

    “-and hello Barrel Dragon!” she placed the card on her duel disk, the artwork marred by a long black scorch mark. She never did bother find out what happened to her dragons, at the time she was just thrilled to find powerful cards at such a discount. Didn’t matter if they were used or new so long as they worked.

    The machinery cleared to reveal her mighty beast. Its legs were now patterned after the cylinder of a revolver and where once there was one pistol barrel, now rested three revolvers. One forming the ‘head’ of the mechanoid and the other two mounted on the ends of its ‘arms’.

    “It’s a powerful monster, certainly,” the proctor observed, “But my Swords still protect my monsters from your attacks!”

    “Did ah say ah was done?” she shot back, smirking, “Ah activate Blast Spahder’s effect! By scrappin’ one a’ mah monsters, ah can destroy one a’ yer cards! An’ the cards ahm choosin’ are Heavy Mech Support Platform an’ yer Swords a’ Revealin’ Lahght!”

    The missile pods on the arachnid swiveled, one pointing towards the remaing Support Platform while the other turned toward the massive swords planted in the ground. It unleashed a volley of crimson spheres, the explosives detonating on contact with both targets and reducing them to dust.

    “An’ now for the finale! I activate mah trap card, Proton Blast! It doesn’t do anythin’ yet, but it will shortly,” she declared eagerly, “Ah activate Barrel Dragon’s effect! See, its chambers are only half loaded. Ah’ll give each a’ them ah spin and if at least two barrels are loaded when ahm done, one of yer cards is done for.”

    The left chamber began to rapidly rotate, coming to a stop with a chime.

    “That’s one,” Isabella stated.

    “You’re letting luck decide the duel?!” the proctor asked incredulously, “That’s just reckless!”

    Right started spinning. A buzzer.

    “Probably,” she admitted with a shrug and a smirk, “But that’s how ah like it. The thrill a’ takin’ ah risk, bettin’ it all.”

    Center slowed to a stop. A chime.

    “An’ it looks like mah little gamble payed off. Lucky me.”

    Energy built up in the barrels of her dragon before all three hammers slammed down. The right barrel merely clicked, but the other two let loose blasts of raw power, shattering the Warwolf into digital fragments.

    “Mah Blast Spahder has another effect!” she explained, “Once per turn, when one a’ mah DARK Machines destroys one a’ yer monsters, you take the difference as damage!”

    Both of Blast Spider’s missile pods moved to focus on the proctor before unleashing a hail of sphere at the man.
    [4000 LP -> 3000 LP]

    “An’ don’t forget Proton Blast’s effect! When ah activate an effect that flips a coin, it triggers an effect depending on the amount a’ heads!” the cowgirl continued, “Since ah got two, ah get tah destroy another a’ yer monsters and you take 500 points a’ damage, so say goodbye tah yer Rocket Jumper!”

    Barrel Dragon let loose another two shots, one obliterating Rocket Jumper and the other hitting her opponent dead on.
    [3000 LP -> 2500 LP]

    “Now, mah Blast Spahder’s gonna attack yer Captain!” she ordered. The mechanical monster launched another blitz of red orbs, their claws digging into the unfortunate monster before they vanished in a massive explosion.
    [2500 LP -> 2300 LP]

    “An’ now that yer wide open,” Isabella stated with glee, “Barrel Dragon’ll attack you directly!”

    All three barrels glowed with power, before firing in unison at the Proctor. A trio of cerulean energy beams struck him head-on, knocking the man to the floor.
    [2300 LP -> 0 LP]

    “So,” she asked with a smug grin, “Did ah make the cut?”

    I refuse to let it end this way!

    “I activate the effect of Kozmotown and Kozmo Forerunner!” Gemini declared, “When Kozmotown is destroyed, I can add a Kozmo card to my hand! And by removing Forerunner from play, I can summon Kozmo Farmgirl to the field!”

    Her monster appeared once again in a burst of light, blaster at the ready. Sifting through her deck, Gemini found the card she needed to finish this.

    Kozmo Goodwitch. The artwork shifted to give her a confident nod.

    Happy to be of service, master.

    “Looks like you might need some remedial math,” her opponent stated, oblivious to her plans, “My monsters still have enough attack to reduce your life points to a nice round zero. Now, Barbatos, attack Kozmo Farmgirl with Crag Lancer! And her little dog too!”

    The manticore charged her monster, lance poised to strike down her only line of defense.

    “I activate the effect of Kozmourning in my graveyard!” she interrupted, “By removing it from play, I gain life points equal to the damage I would’ve taken!”

    The lance pierced her monster, impaling the poor girl and pinning her to the floor. Farmgirl shattered into motes of light as Gemini’s life points ticked upwards.
    [2700 LP -> 4200 LP]

    “Hmph… I underestimated you, clearly,” the proctor stated, a hint of respect in his eyes, “It won’t happen again. Marauding Captain attacks you directly!”

    The armored man moved swiftly, closing the distance between himself and Gemini. He swung, and she had to bite back a noise of discomfort. It wouldn’t do to show weakness.
    [4200 LP -> 3000 LP]

    “It’s your move, kid,” the proctor finished, “Make the most of it.”

    “Oh, I intend to,” she replied, her voice edged with a previously-unseen resolve. Drawing her final card, it showed itself to be her other companion, Kozmoll Dark Lady.

    A shame I’m late. If only I’d been here sooner, I could have indulged myself a bit, the spirit said with a hint of disappointment, Though now that I’m here, I may as well watch the show.

    “First, I activate D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation. By discarding one card from my hand, I can return my Forerunner to the field!” Gemini continued, moving Terraforming to the graveyard as her starship returned to the field, “And I still have a monster left to summon!”

    The power that lies within, unlocked by belief! In my hour of desperation, hope alights on gossamer wings!” she cried out, the words coming naturally, “Descend, Kozmo Goodwitch!

    A shimmer of light gave way to reveal an emerald-skinned woman garbed in tan robes. Blond curls fell around pointed ears and a quartet of insect-like wings spread outwards from her back. She grasped a wand capped with a star in her right hand, a magical blade the same hue as her skin extending outwards from it. Goodwitch stared down her opposition with a tranquil calm.

    Hello there.

    “Next, I activate Goodwitch’s effect! By paying 500 life points, I can change one of your monsters to face down defense mode! And the monster I’m choosing is your Beast King Barbatos!” she proclaimed.
    [3000 LP -> 2500 LP]

    Goodwitch slowing raised her left hand in a waving motion, and the massive beast before her vanished, replaced by a projection of an oversized card back.

    “Finally, I equip her with Kozmo Lightsword!”

    A second wand appeared in her monster’s off hand, the emerald blade igniting with a familiar snap-hiss.

    “Now then,” Gemini said, as though stating an irrefutable fact, “It’s time to end this.”

    “First, Goodwitch attacks your facedown Barbatos!”

    The monster in question cleaved through the card with an effortless overhand slash. The two halves shimmered and shifting into the upper and lower body of the beast, before the dispersed.
    [2450 LP -> 1350 LP]

    “Then she attacks your Marauding Captain!”

    Goodwitch swung both saber outwards from her center in opposite directions, trisecting the unfortunate soldier.
    [1350 LP -> 250 LP]

    “And for the finishing blow, Forerunner targets your life points directly!" she called out in a fervor, the monolithic starship firing off a salvo of lasers to bombard the proctor in a mighty echoing blast.

    The simulated dust was slow to settle, but in the end her opponent’s form came back into view. His field was devoid of any cards. A smile graced his face as his life points sank like a stone.
    [250 LP -> 0 LP]

    “Heh. Well played, kid,” the proctor congratulated, “You managed to turn around a complete field wipe. You have a spot at the academy, that’s for certain.”

    “Seems yah have me in ah bit a’ ah bind, so ah activate mah trap card Las’ Turn!” Isabella declared, “Since mah life points are nearin’ empty, I can pick one monster on mah field, an’ then everythang else on the field an’ in our hands gets sent tah the graveyard. An’ ahm pickin’ mah Barrel Dragon!”

    She unfanned her hand, depositing it where they’d decided the graveyard should be. Since Gemini didn’t have a personal duel disk with her, they had to commandeer some of the upper seats. The shy greenette did the same, also removing what she had on the ‘field’ (read: the seat cushions).

    “An’ then, you get tah pick any monster yah want in yer deck an’ summon it,” the cowgirl continued, “Then our monsters fight it out. Las’ one standin’ wins the duel. So show me what you got!”

    Gemini gingerly picked up her deck and started to carefully sift through it, eventually coming away with a single card.

    “I… I choose my Kozmo Forerunner,” she said, placing the card on the field, “I… I think this… um… this means I win.”

    “Well, you got me beat. Looks like there’s only one more duel left,” she observed, packing up her cards, “Someone musta been running late.”
    "This silly little Skyscraper card hasn’t lowered my Golem’s attack level by one point!

    Moron…,” she heard Gemini mutter.


    “Oh! It’s just… er… it’s just that there’s a million ways that card could possibly work,” she explained, “And he’s focusing solely on whether it affect his monster. A proctor should be smarter than that…”
    “Go! Skydive Scorcher!”

    “Looks like yer right on the money. An’ ah think that’s the end a’ this,” the cowgirl said, straightening her hat and adjusting her vest as she stood up, “Ah guess ah’ll be seeing you at Duel Academy then. Glad tah have met you.”

    “Oh… um… well… it was… uh… nice meeting you too, Billy,” she said, voice quivering slightly.


    “Billy?” Isabella asked with confusion in her voice.

    “Oh… You… um… you said you didn’t… you didn’t like your name earlier because it was long,” Gemini explained hurriedly, “So I tried… I tried to think of a nickname…”

    She quickly added a rushed, “I’m sorry!”

    “Nah, nah. Yer fine,” Isabella reassured, waving off her concerns, “Billy, huh? Ah kinda like the ring a’ that…”

    A/N: Heavy Mech Support Platform’s transformation is based on how it appears in the artwork of Roll Out!, which shows it equipped to Perfect Machine King. Why Nezbitt never used this thing, I haven’t a clue. Also, Blast Spider uses Blast Spheres as ammunition. Thing must be huge going by the fact is also has two cockpits.

    Fun fact: Some of the Kozmo cards were given lore write-ups on the official blog. Lightsword’s mentions that while it’s usually a spell projected from a wand, Farmgirl’s version is actually a machine she built to mimic the spell. Incidentally, I accidently made Billy into an expy of Farmgirl (mechanically gifted red head raised on a farm) when I decided she looks like Gemini Sunrise. Funny coincidence that I only noticed today.

    The summon chant for Goodwitch was the combination of a pair of iconic quotes related to her inspirations:
    “You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.”
    “Because she wouldn’t have believed me.”

    “This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

    Beast King Barbatos x1
    Leghul x2
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress x2
    Big Shield Gardna x2
    Rocket Jumper x1
    Marauding Captain x2
    Warrior Lady of the Wasteland x2
    Obnoxious Celtic Guard x2
    The Trojan Horse x2
    Exiled Force x1
    Gene-Warped Warwolf x2
    Giant Rat x2

    Monster Reborn x1
    Mystical Space Typhoon x2
    Pot of Greed x1
    Double Summon x1
    Forbidden Chalice x2
    Heavy Storm x1
    Swords of Revealing Light x1
    Reinforcement of the Army x2

    Magic Jammer x2
    Trap Hole x2
    Negate Attack x2
    Seven Tools of the Bandit x2
    Call of the Haunted x1
    Barrel Dragon x1
    Blowback Dragon x1
    BM-4 Blast Spider x2
    Heavy Mech Support Platform x3
    Ally Salvo x3
    Genex Ally Crusher x2
    Genex Ally Powercell x2
    Blast Sphere x2

    Pot of Greed x1
    Magical Contract Door x2
    Monster Reborn x1
    Limiter Removal x2
    Transmodify x2
    Mystical Space Typhoon x2
    Giant Trunade x2
    Machine Assembly Line x2
    Machine Duplication x2

    Proton Blast x2
    Mirror Force x1
    Monster Reborn x1
    Call of the Haunted x1
    Last Turn x1
    Trap Hole x2
    LIGHT Monsters
    Kozmo Farmgirl x2
    Kozmo Goodwitch x1
    Kozmo Scaredy Lion x1
    Kozmo Strawman x1
    Kozmo Tincan x2
    Kozmo Forerunner x2
    Kozmo Sliprider x2

    DARK Monsters
    Kozmoll Wickedwitch x2
    Kozmoll Dark Lady x1
    Kozmo Soartroopers x2
    Kozmo DOG Fighter x1
    Kozmo Dark Planet x1
    Kozmo Dark Destroyer x1
    Kozmo Delta Shuttle x1
    Kozmo Dark Eclipser x1
    Kozmo Landwalker x1

    Kozmo Lightsword x2
    Kozmotown x1
    Terraforming x1
    D.D.R.-Different Dimension Reincarnation x2
    Emergency Teleport x2
    Soul Absorption x2

    Kozmojo x2
    Kozmourning x1
    Mind Over Matter x1
    Bright Future x1
    Mirror Force x1
    Battle Teleportation x2
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    There's no selection for me to give hugz. Metty, you monster. Teasing me with such promise and then yanking my fun away? For shame.

    i like Billy. I used to know someone like her in school.
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    You've managed to get the first post on the same thread three times. How do you feel?
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    Empty and contemplative?
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    As you should... JK.

    Anyways wating for more.
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    Switching between 2 different duel PoV is a bad idea IMO. I just gave up keeping track of what is going on and lost interest in it.