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Skittering Hollow (Bleach/Worm)

Discussion in 'Questing' started by Planeshunter, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Extras: Character Sheet

    Planeshunter [Verified Slimegirl Whisperer]

    Oct 4, 2019
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    Species: Adjuchas Hollow


    Traits reflect and influence your behaviour. While it’s possible to take actions against a trait, doing so will grate on you. Actions too blatantly against one of your traits won’t even be contemplated.
    You don’t turn tail, you don’t bow down. To the point where others might consider you suicidal. Case is, you somehow manage to pull it off, surviving and even taking down challenges above your weight class through guts and wit. Grants the Perk Escalada(Escalation).
    You view figures of authority with distrust, and refuse to conform to the mold. Attempts at recruiting you will be met with wariness or even plain hostility, unless they come from someone you already trust. Even then, you’ll always chafe under other’s directions, and aim for the freedom to do ‘your own thing’. Grants the Perk ?????.
    There are many things in this world you cannot trust. Yourself isn’t one of them. You aren’t inclined to second guess yourself, and even situations specifically designed to cause hesitation will be solved with unwavering swiftness. Grants the perk Unflinching. Never stop! If you retreat, you will age. Be afraid, and you'll die.
    A mysterious trait derived from carrying within you the light of another's soul. You are unaware of any specifics.

    Perks are one-time modifiers or power ups. They perform as advertised and that’s it, there’s no leveling them.

    Granted by the Trait - Rise to the Challenge:
    A conceptual skill based around ‘Growth’.
    Active: Temporarily increases this Hollow’s raw spiritual power to rise to the level of an opponent... For a cost. Afterwards, the user’s growth becomes stunted for a duration depending on the power increase. Escalada only affects raw power, and cannot compensate for superior skill or techniques. Escalada cannot stack with itself, nor be reactivated during the ‘stunted’ period. It won’t work against an opponent with ‘infinite’ spirit power.
    Passive: The growth potential becomes literally second to no one. This skill affects only raw potential, without considering factors such as ‘effort’ or ‘environment’. Thus a creature with a lesser potential might grow faster under the right conditions.
    Granted by the Trait - Rebel: You are unaware of this ability or it’s details.
    You can be surprised, like anyone else, but you don’t let those surprises startle you. Be it a dramatic revelation or just someone putting a hand on your shoulder with the worst timing, you can ignore penalties derived from surprise. Within reason.
    A representation of a past feat, the ever-burning flames of life carried by the one who took down the cruel sun. Allows you to resist fire-based attacks to a high degree, and outright ignore them up a certain power threshold.
    Adjuchas and above with this Perk gain the Power Fuego Mistico (Mystical Fire).

    Weaknesses are the opposite of perks. Negative modifiers that work in a certain way and that’s it. There’s no leveling them.

    Granted by Species - Hollow: You gradually lose Existence Essence simply by staying alive. If your Existence Essence becomes Zero and Oblivion Compensation triggers again, your Power Level will decrease by 1. This can undo Hollow evolutionary stages, but a baseline Hollow cannot go below 5 while in Hueco Mundo, and will quickly recover up to that point upon arrival. Vasto Lorde Metamorphosis or ????? will nullify this Weakness.

    Powers are exceptional actions you can take, both in combat and outside it. Powers can improve with use and training, leveling up, prestiging and branching.

    The power to produce and shoot strings of fluid that quickly solidify into a silk-like substance upon leaving your body. The fluid is produced by converting Reiryoku in real time, thus working independently from storage capacity. The threads don't stick to you, unless you want.
    At this level, you're competent enough to create a comfortable Home spacious enough to house someone ten times your size without running into any problem.
    The ability to exert many of your other powers through your threads. It only work with Power already maxed and only for the first Tier.
    The ability to produce more than one thread simultaneously without any loss of skill. At this level, two additional threads can be produced.
    The ability to move your threads as a limited form of telekinesis. It only works on threads and only as long as they're in contact with your body.
    At this level, you can only cause slow and simple movements.
    The power to project your hunger outside your own body, draining Reiryoku from the environment or other creatures. Hollows own hungering nature grant a limited protection from this.
    An evolution of the draining capabilities of Chupavidas, Drain Wisdom allows to consume memories and knowledge instead of Reiryoku. At lower levels, the process is crude and blatant, causing pain and having the majority of the memories lost in the process, only brief glipses can be obtained by draining an intelligent being's whole memory.
    Warning: Mastery of this skill improves at a very slow pace.
    An increase in scope for Chupavidas, instead of simply draining, Energy Manipulation opens a wider array of options. At this level, slightly bending a flow of alien energy, or inversing the flow or Chupavidas to grant your own energy to others instead becomes possible at an increased cost.
    The ability to passively draw energy from your surroundings. At this level the effect is indiscriminate and shouldn't be used around allies. The aura can be activated or desactivated at will.
    The power to manipulate your own hair and produce poison through it. Level of manipulation and strength of the poison increase with Lv.
    Poison and medicine are two sides of the same coin, and now you can wield both! Healing Salve doesn't affect yourself.
    A defensive move that allows the hardening of your hair, turning it into a spiked caparace of sorts. Phisical attacks against you will be met with poisonous thorns, provided your reaction speed allows you to activate your armor in time.
    The ability to freely move your thair as a limited form of telekinesis. It perfectly synergices with Thread Manipulation, and increasing your mastery of either will affect both.
    The power to derive strength from Hueco Mundo's moon. By bathing in moonlight, you can diminish the effects of the Oblivion and increase your own regeneration. The effects of this power can be increased by meditating under the moonlight, but are unavailable outside Hueco Mundo.
    At this level, it grants the following bonuses.
    -Oblivion Compensation reduced by a flat 24980 EE
    -Power Level cannot decrease below 21 while in Hueco Mundo, and will gradually rise up to that level simply by remaining in Hueco Mundo.
    -All bodily regeneration increased by 60%
    Swift dodge leaving behind a shed exoskeleton to take the hit for you and deceive the enemy. Kawarimi no jutsu, nin-nin!!
    The ability to generate and manipulate fire. As proficiency increases, so does the degree of control and destructive power of the fire.
    The set of powers innate to all Adjuchas, mastery of each power progresses separately.
    Powerful non-elemental blast of energy of enormous output and relatively low charge time. The Fuck-you laser you always wanted.
    Using Cero involves a swift deployment and compression of high amounts of reiryoku. While a single performance doesn’t carry any negative effects, repeated use will quickly pile up stress, ultimately causing it to become unusable while the body recovers. Usual Hollow Regeneration doesn’t diminish this downside
    A power allowing very basic access to and out of Garganta. The knowledge to access the in-between world is instinctive, but aiming the exit somewhere else takes an anchor or beacon of some sort.
    The ability to project a field of non-space around a friendly target for recovery pourposes. It must be used from Garganta.
    Allows the usage of high amounts of energy to restore the body to pristine condition. Regeneration only works on wounds that can be healed naturally, 'merely' reducing the time it takes.

    Power Level: 67/100
    Concentrated Essence: 162/212
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2020
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  2. Extras: Non-canon omake (at some point after Larva 1.23)

    Matt.Silver Drunk, Delirious and Sleep Deprived

    May 26, 2016
    Likes Received:
    There is one other Bleach character that we KNOW is in the Gesalt somewhere aside from Chizuru and Taksuki. I'm not sure if souls that Taylor has consumed (indirectly) are allowed as candidates, but Masaki Kurosaki was a powerful Quincy and had a very strong will (if what we saw when Ichigo fought Grandfisher is any indication). And what better way to recruit an overpowered anime protagonist who mother's death was one of the defining moments of his life than to throw said mother at him in Arrancar form? Has there ever been a fanfic where that happened?

    Also, Mini Omake:

    Weaver: What's your name Baby Shinigami?
    Ichigo: Kurosaki Ichigo, and it doesn't mean strawberry.
    Weaver: Kurosaki Ichigo, Kurosaki Ichigo… where have I heard that name before… Ah! That's right, that idiot hollow was shouting your name.
    Ichigo: What idiot hollow?
    Weaver: Furry, looked like a big hamster, with that weird tentacle thing Anglerfish have on his head.
    Ichigo: Grand Fisher!?! You know that bastard?
    Weaver: Is that his name? Weird.
    Ichigo: Where is he?! I'm going to take him down!
    Weaver: Is he your rival or something? Well, sorry kid, but you should choose a better class of rival.
    Ichigo: Huh?
    Weaver: He was a total idiot. Screaming his head off while he ran straight into my trap. I hadn't even hidden it yet and the moron still managed to get himself captured. It really doesn't say a lot of good things about you if you consider someone like that your rival. Don't worry though, I ate him so you can pretend that embarrassing rivalry never happened. I mean, why did you even care about that idiot?
    Ichigo: … He killed my mother… He ate her soul while I hid under her body…
    Weaver: … oh… uh… sorry to hear that. That makes things kinda awkward… Wait!
    Ichigo: ?
    Weaver: You're telling me that I have your mother's soul inside me… and the first time I come to the realm of the living in my life I just so happen to save her daughters out of everyone in the city… I'VE BEEN POSSESSED!
    Everyone: …
    Weaver: I'm being haunted by an evil spirit!... Wait! I'm an evil spirit! And your mother wasn't evil (I think). So I'm a bad spirit being haunted by a good spirit! That's not how this is supposed to work! WAAAHHH! I'm have an EXISTENSIAL CRISIS RIGHT NOW!
    Everyone: …
    Weaver: That means I've been indirectly eating human souls. I'm a cannibal!... Oh wait, I'm not human anymore, so I'm not a cannibal. Except I've been eating hollows, so I am a cannibal! That's… a good thing? Huh, being a cannibal makes you less evil if you're a hollow. Crisis averted.
    Everyone: …
    Weaver: Oh yeah, your mother… It's okay kid, I forgive your mother for possessing me, because I actually like the actions I take when tha- HEY, STOP TRYING TO HIT ME! Disparo Demora!