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Soul's Story Ideas

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by MerelysSoul, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. MerelysSoul

    MerelysSoul Warning: Tends to irreverent in most situations.

    Jun 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Here be ideas of the strange and terrible. Ye been warned.

    Exalted Elements (Naruto/Exalted)
    During the night Naruto was born, Obito accidentally opened up their world to another, Creation. Forces of Creation start to appear, trying to escape it's end. Look out world, the Exalted Host and all it's friends/enemies have come to stay. For good and bad, the elemental nations will change.

    Angelus Sage and Lupercal Avenger (Naruto/WH 40K)
    During the infamous battle at VOTE, both Naruto and Sasuke awaken ancient blood that flows in their viens. Now they must make their way along with their planet in a galaxy filled with war, death and bloodshed. As well as various forces trying to either control or destroy their existences along side a cycle of death between brothers.

    The Lost Whirlpool (Naruto/nWoD/?DitVB)
    It is 6 years after the fourth shinobi war and 4 years after the whole moon event. Naruto starts to feel like someone is watching him and soon finds himself in a situation unlike any before. Truths will be revealed that will shake everything they once knew. "What do you mean that you are Naruto and what are Changelings?!"
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  2. MerelysSoul

    MerelysSoul Warning: Tends to irreverent in most situations.

    Jun 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Angelus Sage and Lupercal Avenger (Naruto/WH 40K) "Revelations on Rakis"

    It is the 51st Millennium and the Abysmal Nightmares continue. Oh liberate tuteme ex inferis… Libera te me…

    It all began on the planet named Rakis. The God-Emperor of Man’s final desperate gambit to save us. The Advanced Psykers-Warriors with their Chakra-Technology, the Tailed Beasts of the ancient God-Tree, Remnants of Lost Technology and the Twin Bloodlines. Only if we knew back then the true importance of these forces. Perhaps we could have avoided the nightmares to come.

    Before I get ahead of myself. I am one of the last Inquisitors of the Holy Orders of the Officio Inquisitorus, Ordo Hereticus. This record is to shed light on what transpired and perhaps what will in this uncertain future. To all that read this, take heed for what you are about to learn is dangerous to one’s soul. Also incomplete for much has been lost and so speculation must fill the gaps.

    [Twin Bloodlines]

    Let me start with the Twin Bloodlines. For 10,000 years, the Twin Bloodlines had been maturing to it’s final state. However, during this time, the Bloodlines inherited their progenitors cycle. This cycle caused conflicts upon conflicts upon the planet, ultimately bringing to close to annihilation. It would take an outsider to the world to put an end to this conflict. This outsider would ultimately bring peace but it would be temporary. She would bare children, special twins and be driven into madness. The Twins would stop her and seal her away. One of these twins was The Sage of Six-Path and the other would be lost to history. The Sage in order to keep peace would marry the Twin Bloodlines, one woman each, and thus give birth to the Uchiha and Senju Clans. Alas the Cycle couldn’t be so easily broken as after his death, the clans would begin to the Warring States Era.

    Which would end in an unlikely alliance between the two. Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara created a truce between their clans. This truce became the foundation of the Hidden Villages, where the psyker-warriors of the world could find sanctuary. However, just like before, the Cycle would not break. Madara would leave the first village and later attack with the Tailed Beasts. Hashirama would slay him with the help of his wife Senju nee Uzumaki Mito. For a hundred years the Bloodlines would be silent between each other until the Legendary Team 7 formed. In this team Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke were placed together. It would be the infamous battle at the Valley of the End when the Twin Bloodlines would finally mature enough to awaken fully. Ironic, the name, for what would transpire afterwards.


    The sub-race of humanity on the world was able to produce psykers at will. Using arcane training rituals and other such method to produce warriors of great ability and skill. These psyker-warriors were known as Shinobi and Samurai. Their origins began with the Sage himself who taught them how to use Chakra. This advanced form of psyker abilities called upon the physical and spiritual energies that made up one’s life force. With Chakra they could bend the elements to their will, push their limits beyond that of regular mortals and even manipulate time and space. Along side these abilities was technology based on Chakra and Lost Technology.

    Before the Age of Shinobi, the people of Rakis had reclaimed a lot of Lost Technology. Psykers of this time were rare, one in one-million would awaken, and such were seen as priests and priestesses. Spiritual Advisors to the various rulers. That is until the Outsider and her children changed everything. It was also when Lost Technology re-earned it’s name sake.

    Looking back, I see the similarities between the Rakis humans and the Eldar. Could there be some link I have yet to find out? Or could it be the God-Emperor’s final design for the human race? I must investigate further into this matter.

    [Tailed Beasts]

    Oh, how I wished could have seen one. Those living Chakra-Entities. Forgive me, when it comes to this subject I can’t help to feel great excitement.

    The origins of these entities start back to the God-Tree, ancient and vast as the stars themselves. The God-Tree was born during the mythic War in Heaven, where the Ancient Ones and the Star-Gods warred in the early eons of the Universe. It survived the conflict that gave it birth by creating a sanctuary. This sanctuary would later become known as Rakis. Over the vast eons, it’s roots grew deep both in Realspace and the Warp. This resulted in the first manifestation of Chakra, a primitive form. This primitive manifestation reached across both realms causing many to sense it. However, all those who tried to find Rakis and the God-Tree would ultimately fail due to the very nature of Chakra.

    Only during the Dark Age of Technology would a Gen-Ship would by sheer luck and accidental fate crash land on Rakis. Here the survivors would become the first outsiders to this lush and beautiful world. Here, the second incarnation of Chakra would be born from the psykers. Unlike the previous manifestation, they didn’t meld together the physical and spiritual energies. Instead they broke it in two, Yang was the physical half and Yin was the spiritual half. These psykers only focused on one of the two. Only during the Great Crusade would this planet be completely found. However, it would become lost when the final hours of the Horus Heresy played out. When the God-Emperor himself with the help of his greatest adviser would set up his final gambit.

    So it would take many more years before one more incursion happened. The Outsider who shall be known as the Rabbit God-Princess. She would merge with the God-Tree and become the Ten-Tailed Beast. Her sons would break her apart. The part that was still the Rabbit God-Princess became a statue. My records are incomplete on where they sealed her so my guess would be the center of Rakis. The rest of the Ten-Tailed beast was separated into the 9 Tailed Beasts. They would vanish from the world until the battle between the Founders of Hidden Leaf Village.

    After that battle, Hashirama would give away the Tailed Beasts save for the strongest to the other villages. Mito would become the first ‘Power of Human Sacrifice’, Pseudo-Daemon Hosts. These Human Sacrifices became weapons of great power in the villages, leading to many conflicts between them. Only if they knew what I know now.

    Now, I must rest up and gather all I can. The next topic is the War for Rakis, what transpired after the infamous battle at the Valley of the end.

    [End Records]
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  3. MerelysSoul

    MerelysSoul Warning: Tends to irreverent in most situations.

    Jun 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Exalted Elements (Naruto/Exalted)

    “Who am I? I am Uzumaki Naruto, the Lunar Exalt and Jinchūriki of Kyūbi. Chosen of the Moon and Shinobi of Konohagakure. This is my story and how I brought about a great revolution of sorts. One against forces beyond mortal ken to secure a greater future and one to unite that which was broken and lost.

    -(Naruto POV)-

    It was raining, I could feel it even if my body was numb. Was this how it ends, in failure? Not being able to stopped that black haired bastard Sasuke from going to that monster Orochimaru. Not being able to keep my promise to Sakura-chan, that I would bring back him. Sounds about right, after all, our former teammate just proved that he was superior. Even with the power I have, he still won.

    “I’ll handle him. This guy is mine. Get going! Hurry!” Chōji...

    “Now get going. I will be right behind you.” Neji...

    “Kiba! Akamaru!”

    “Now Naruto!” Shikamaru ...

    “Well what are you waiting for. Go! The thumbs-up, Naruto, Remember. You gave it to Sakura. You made her a promise. Do not worry, I can finish this one. I promise.” Lee...

    Were their sacrifices all for nothing? All because of my own failure? After everything, I am still the Dead Last of this generation. The Loser who failed the Genin Exams three times because he couldn’t do a simple Bushin. Only able to become a shinobi after being tricked by a traitor and learning about my burden.

    “Naruto... only you... My only wish... Please... bring Sasuke back!”

    “I will bring Sasuke back for sure. This is a promise of a lifetime!”

    Sakura-chan, I am sorry, I couldn’t keep my promise to you. You truly care for Sasuke, more then you will ever care for me. To be honest, if it would truly make you happy then I will step aside for you to be with him. Even if I don’t think the bastard deserves you especially after this, after hurting you. Guess I will never become more than a friend and a teammate.

    “There's no question that you were special... Unfortunately, you're not quite as special as I am.”

    “So you're special, huh?, you won't be so special when I'm through with you!”

    Sasuke, guess you were right about you being more special. After all, you are an Uchiha, one of the founding clans. Blessed with those damned red eyes, the Sharingan. Having the love of the village and everyone’s attention, including Sakura-chan’s. Even our Sensei liked you the most, giving you special treatment.

    “My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are plenty of things I dislike, considering there is almost nothing I do like. It is pointless to talk about "dreams"...That's just a word...But one thing I have is determination. I am going to restore my clan and there is a certain someone who I have sworn...to kill."

    “My only goal in life... is revenge.”

    Is revenge truly the only thing important to you? Your brother’s death the only thing that you desire? Don’t our team and everyone in Konoha mean something to you? Doesn't Sakura-chan’s love mean something?

    “Just shut up for once! What the hell do you know about it?! It's not like you ever had a family in the first place! You were on your own right from the beginning, what makes you think you know anything about it?! Huh?! I'm suffering now because I had those ties, how on earth could you possibly understand, what it feels like to lose all that!”

    Yeah, I am an orphan with no name. My parents are either dead or have abandoned me because of what I hold. Jiji would always diverted the question when I brought it up so I guessed it is the latter. Nor would anyone try to adopt me. After all, who would want the Kyūbi host for a child after what it has done to the village. Parents would take their kids away whenever I tried to play with them and the adults would avoid me like a plague. Sometimes, I pretend to be the secret love child of my favorite person, the Yondaime Hokage, to make the pain go away. Deep down, ever since I found out the truth, I wanted to hate him for cursing my life. Yet I couldn't completely bring myself to.

    The rain keeps falling as I couldn’t move my body, I was in too much pain and completely exhausted. Why? Why couldn’t I finally defeat the bastard? Even with the power of the mighty Kyūbi, he still defeated me. Am I just that weak? Was this Fate truly showing me that I am nothing, not to Sasuke and others? If so then I guess it is time to finally give up-


    A part of me couldn’t accept that. Refused to accept that. This smallest of sparks was still alive, burning even in such a pitiful state. As if to defy everything that Fate threw at it.

    “I will become Hokage!”

    That was my dream, wasn’t it. A dream born out of desperation to be noticed, to recognized as Naruto not the Kyūbi. They won’t let me in the end become Hokage because of my burden, won’t let a demon take the hat. Even if I could, how can I if I couldn’t save Sasuke from himself. No, it is only a dream, one that would never become real.

    “I'm not gonna run away and I never go back on my word, that is my nindō! My ninja way!”

    The spark was starting to grow. Never giving up and keeping my promises, that was my path. No, it still is. I won’t just lay here and let myself die. If I was going to die then it was going to be standing up. Slowly, the spark started to become a flame.

    “I am going to bring back Sasuke!”

    Trying to move my hands, I could only do slight movements. Yes, I am going to keep my promise or die trying. Even if it is mostly likely going to be the latter. Anything else would make everything so far truly worthless. The sacrifice of my friends made for him to get here meaningless, every single one of them. If the Shinigami itself wants my soul then I won’t give it without a fight.

    “I am Uzumaki Naruto! Just who the hell do you think I am?”

    My strength was returning as I was forcing myself to move. Even it means taping more from my tenant, I would succeed with his promise. I will protect those I consider precious and become Hokage. Nothing was going to stop that, not as long as I continued to live.

    Suddenly I felt a great surge coursing through my body. It was if I was being reborn anew. Every muscle in my body was rejuvenated and my chakra was completely restored. In my mind, I saw a vision of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

    Her hair was silvery-white, like the moon itself, and was long enough to reach her hips. Those silvery eyes seemed to pierce into my soul. Pale skin that truly held no flaws covered by a black dress with white spots, like the night sky. The look she gave me stunned me, it was the loving look that I saw mothers give to their children. In a way, she look like how I imagined my own mother.

    As if she knew what I was thinking, spoke in a tone I wanted to hear all my life directed at me. That of a caring mother.

    Uzumaki Naruto, you have stubbornly struggled your way throughout your entire life to prove your own existence. A struggle filled with the pain of isolation and hate.

    Even now, your determination and resolve still shines against despair and sorrow that threatens to devour you whole. Like how the moon shines in the the dark of night.

    Deep inside lies a beast that stubbornly refuses to back down and wishes to be set free. Let it out and realize the primal power within.

    You have become one of the Exalted Hosts. A hero granted great power to change everything to fulfill your dreams and desires.

    Not just any Exalt but one of my own. For you are now a Lunar Exalt, Chosen of the I, Luna, Goddess of the Moon.

    I blessed you with the ability to change yourself, to be whatever you wished to be. To reflect aspects of this world and others as if they were your own.

    Be known that you are of the Changing Moon Caste also known as the Children of the Shifting Moon. Become the Silver Mirror, forever changing in a constant state of flux.

    Go Forth, my Protean Champion. Show them the majesty and the fury of the moon, and of your own primal existence. Never forget who you are and forge ahead, my son.

    That last word hit me hard as tears began to fall. Before I could speak, a flash of light appeared and everything when white.

    -(In the throne room of some advanced civilization)-

    Sitting down on a elaborate golden throne was a red-haired woman with emerald eyes, wearing golden armor and crown. Four Millennium has this empress has lead her people upon the dying husk of the being known as the Great Maker. Being hounded by her former lover, Sol Tyrannus, once the Unconquerable Sun now enslaved by a crown forged by the Shining Tyrant. Recently in a conflict against the Forces of the Universe Emperor, she lost her other half. The Lunar known was Moon Child Prince was slain by a Circle of Titanic Exalted. That Circle never left the Gunstar alive. Moon Child Prince was equal parts her closest ally and confidant, lover and rival, sibling and husband.

    "Your Imperial Majesty. I bring news." A figured dared to approach her. She knew who this was, the leader of the Sidereal Exalts, Chejop Kejak.

    "What is it?" What would bring him here when she wanted to be alone in grief.

    "We found an something that would interest you. A galaxy neither of the Spiral nor of the Wyld." This news did interest her a bit but not enough to bring her out of her sorrow.

    The Elder sensed this and knew to use his trump card. "His Exaltation Shard went there. From what I was able to get was that it found a new host..."

    Like a fire roaring back to life, she kept to her feet. Her Other had just found his reincarnation. "Send a circle to find him. While they are searching, we will enter this new galaxy and see what it has to offer. His inheritor will be found and brought to me."

    Chejop bowed. "I will put together the best to find him, Solar Empress Merela."

    -(Regular POV)-

    Sasuke jumped away when he felt the change. “What…”

    In front of him was none other than the blond, his eyes shining stronger than they ever were before. Around the tattered remains of his black and orange tracksuit was a silver aura. His forehead was a Crescent Moon made from silver. “I am Uzumaki Naruto and I am the Changing Moon. Hope you are ready, Teme. Cause here is round two.”

    The Uchiha took time to recover as he took a pill to restore his body and chakra. “Fine by me. It seems like I need to beat you down again. This time even harder.”


    Meawhile, in the forest nearby, a man with silver hair the defied the laws of gravity was rushing towards the valley with eight dogs. His only goal was to help Naruto secure Sasuke and return them both home. Where did I go wrong? I was supposed to make sure Sasuke didn't do something like this.

    “Kakashi!” One of the dogs around him spoke. “The scent has changed. One of the boys’ scent has changed.”

    This knocked Kakashi out of his thoughts. “What do you mean one of my student’s scent changed? Which one, Pakkun?”

    “The special one.” Merely replied Pakkun who received a look. “The one with the fox inside of him. Smell different than before.”

    The Former Anbu’s eyes widen as he wonder what did Naruto do to change his scent? The only answer he had was his tenant. Did Naruto lose control again? “... Clarify. What is Naruto’s new scent?”

    The pug sniffed again and shivered bit. “It changes every now and again. All scents are of nature, pure and untouched.”

    This threw the one eyed shinobi in a loop as he picked up speed. Naruto, what happened to you?


    On the other side of the side of the forest, another silver haired shinobi was advancing with four other shinobi that bore a musical note. “Let’s hurry up. Orochimaru-sama wants Sasuke safe and sound.”

    “Hai!” The other four shinobi spoke before one of them continued. “Kabuto-san. Why do we need to secure the Uchiha-san when the Oto Yonin are already taking care of it?”

    Kabuto sent a glare at the shinobi before sighing. “One of the people sent to recover Sasuke is troublesome. This particular blond shinobi has a habit of being a thorn in people’s plans. He might be able to stop our plans.”

    “So we end him…” Shinobi began to but was stopped dead.

    “If you can't capture him alive, yes. Orochimaru-sama wants Naruto to be brought to him personally. He wants to turn him on our side since the child is a Jinchūriki. Either way, Konoha losses their greatest deterrent. It would be better for us if he joins our village. Do you understand?” The Second in command spoke before continuing towards the valley. We won’t fail you Orochimaru-sama. Both will be yours.


    One of the ships currently hunting down the Gunstar, a dark force had received a interesting report. "So a new galaxy has appeared and our target seems to have their sights on it. Sent our course to this new galaxy. I will bring it into the fold of the Imperium."

    "Yes, my Sovereign. You heard Desus of Shining Binds. Forward towards the galaxy."


    "Thus the Samara turns once more. A failed rebellion on the run. It's hunters at their heels. A galaxy yet disturbed by outside forces. Inside a planet filled with conflict, all sides fighting for their own agendas. A child holding two great powers, the fragment of something greater then the gods and the shard of a champion of them. It seems like things are indeed picking up."

    "Yes, it seems to be."
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  4. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    Feb 20, 2014
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    Interesting start.
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  5. MerelysSoul

    MerelysSoul Warning: Tends to irreverent in most situations.

    Jun 9, 2014
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    Thank you, I have a lot to flesh out if want to continue with Exalted Elements.
  6. MerelysSoul

    MerelysSoul Warning: Tends to irreverent in most situations.

    Jun 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Fate / Broken Chains (Naruto/Nasuverse)

    Third Shinobi World War, most remember it as the result of declining superpowers amongst the world. However, the truth is far more complex than that. It began with the creation of a dangerous power.

    Orochimaru, Former Shinobi of Hidden Leaf, was experimenting with the Forbidden Technique: Impure World Reincarnation when he discovered the unbidden secret. It used the power of a place called the Pure World to call forth indestructible revenants. To further his own goal of attaining both immortality and ultimate knowledge, he would continue his dark research. Until the fruits of his labor created a special object, the Mystical Lamp.

    The Lamp was connected to the Pure World and thus to the Power of the Divine. It held the power to grant one’s desires. Orochimaru tried to use the power of the Lamp but instead set in motion conflict. In order for the Lamp to grant a wish, it had to gather up great amount of Chakra. Thus began the real war, with the choosing of seven champions called masters.

    These seven masters held special seals on their hands, marking them for all to see as well as giving them special abilities. Each one was also a representation of a element.

    Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Yin and Yang.

    They also knew their purpose, to neutralize the others and gain their desire. However, during the very early parts of the war, the masters had difficulty trying to succeed in this. Their answer would come in the form of a Summoning Ritual, created by none other than Orochimaru.

    A derivative of the Impure World Reincarnation, this ritual called power forth from the Pure World. The result were legends, both known and unknown, known as Heroic Servants and each was a separate class.

    Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker.

    These servants were under the control of their respective masters and thus gave a respective advantage. With the arrival of the Servants, the war truly began.

    During this time, many aspects of Masters and Servants were discovered. However the war spilled out from the shadows and had to be quickly subdued. With the help of both Samurai and the Monks, the Nations were able to cover up the war as a Third World War. Ultimately it would be down to three masters and their servants.

    Fire, Lightning and Yin.

    Lightning would end Yin and face down Fire.

    One may suspect that Fire would take Lightning but instead chose to destroy the Lamp itself. No one could have predicted such a move and to this day, those that know about the war are still baffled. However, those that knew Fire were only told one thing.

    “The Lamp should never be used.”

    Thus ended the first war and they hoped the only one.

    But such an artifact can’t be merely destroyed. Only temporarily disabled.

    -Broken Fate-

    A blond child sat swinging alone, sadness showing in his eyes. Today was his third attempt to take the exam in order to become a ninja. Failed, again.

    “Hey Naruto.” A silver haired man walked up to him. “Don’t look so down.”

    “But Mizuki-sensei, I failed three times…” Naruto start to speak.

    “I know. You are still having trouble with your Clone Technique. But you are good with your other basics.” Mizuki smiled reassuringly.

    The blond glared at the school. “Only if Iruka-sensei let me pass.”

    “He is just worried about you. After all, that particular technique is very useful. Iruka doesn’t want you to get hurt.” The silver-haired teacher spoke.

    This cause the child to look down.

    “I am not supposed to do this but there is another way.” Mizuki saw the light in Naruto’s eyes get brighter. “There is a certain scroll in the Fire Shadow’s office. Steal it and learn a technique from it.”

    “But isn’t that wrong?”

    “It’s a secret test. If you pass it then you can become a shinobi. Meet me here when you are done.” With that, the ever so gullible child started off to pass this secret test.

    -Broken Fate-

    Naruto had snuck into the Fire Shadow’s Office and retrieved the scroll. Unknowingly setting in motion events of the past.

    “Yes this is it.”

    “Who's there… Naruto?” An old man with an interesting shaped hat came into the room.

    “Oh... hey gramps… Sexy Technique!” In a poof of smoke the blond male was replaced with an older, sexy female version of himself. This particular technique was dangerous to people like the Fire Shadow as said person fell to the floor with a bloody nose.

    Charing out the window, Naruto began to head towards the place he was meeting Mizuki. Finding out that he was the first one there, he started on finding a new technique to learn.

    -Broke Chains-

    A dark-haired man with a scar across his nose was running through the forest. One of his students had just stolen the Scroll of Seals. Filled with Forbidden Techniques collected by his village.

    “There you are.”

    “Iruka-sensei!” Naruto got up after finishing learning. “I can become a Shinobi…”

    Iruka smacked the younger male on the head. “What were you thinking? Do you know how much trouble you are in?”

    “But Mizuki-sensei told me if I learned a technique from this scroll then I would be able to become a Shinobi!” This alerted the teacher to the real problem.

    “We need to return to the village, now!”

    “What is the rush?” Mizuki appeared on a branch. “Give me the scroll.”

    “Naruto. Don’t give it to him. He used you to steal that scroll.” Iruka readied himself for combat.

    Mizuki glared at the both of them. “Give me the scroll. And you, Iruka, why aren’t you protecting that monster…”

    “Monster?” Naruto was confused.

    “Oh, right no one told you…”

    “Don’t you dare!”

    This cause the silvered haired traitor to laugh. “You know about the Nine-Tailed Fox and how the Fourth Fire Shadow defeated it. However, he didn’t kill it…” He dodged a few knives thrown at him. “... He sealed its power way. You are the Nine-Tailed Fox!”

    “I am the Nine-Tailed Fox…” Naruto began to feel panic, dread and self-loathing.

    “Best part, you killed Iruka’s parents.” This cause him to run before said person could comfort him.

    He ran and ran until he fell down into another clearing. Tears falling down his whiskered face. That was when he felt it. On his right hand started to burn a red swirl. The pain cause him to scream loudly. When it was said and down, he noticed at the center was the ruins of a secret hide out.

    Walking towards the ruins, he saw three pronged knifes scattered around. These were the Fourth’s special weapons and tool. Getting closer, he saw the complex sealing matrix in the same color red as his symbol.

    With a single touch, the matrix began to glow as he felt his own chakra began to drain out of him in small amounts. The Ritual had begun as before his eyes, the chakra began to form a humanoid shape. His servant was being summoned into existence.

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  7. MerelysSoul

    MerelysSoul Warning: Tends to irreverent in most situations.

    Jun 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    The Lost Whirlpool (Naruto/nWoD)

    "What are you?" "One of the Lost."

    -(Naruto POV)-

    It has been six years since the Fourth Shinobi World War. Four years since the Moonfall Incident with Otsutsuki Toneri. Life was finally good for me. I had the recognition of not just my village but the entire world. Not just that but I married Hinata and have two children with her. Boruto, age 4, and Himawari, who was just recently born. Originally I thought of my wife as a little bit weird but kind. My lifelong goal was also near to coming true, as I was going to be the next Hokage when the current one stepped down.

    That is until a week ago. I felt someone watching me and my every moment.

    Every time I turn around, whatever it was just vanishes and not even using Sage Chakra helped to find it.

    So I told the current Hokage, my former sensei, Hatake Kakashi. While I knew he didn't completely believe me, he did place ANBU to watch over me for a while. It didn't help.

    Every time, the ANBU switched or weren't simply paying attention, I felt that all too familiar sensation. It was as if whatever was watching me knew about the ANBU.

    It began to get to me. I started to wonder if it was an genjutsu, a very powerful one. The only ones capable of such were the Uchiha or the Kurama Clan. This lead to my only conclusion, my former teammate was back and he wanted to drive me insane. So I started to search for him, to no avail. Not even help from Kakashi worked as no one was able to find him.

    Nor did the heiress of the Kurama Clan do anything. It was infuriating as those around me began to worry about my mental health.

    I am not going crazy!

    So they suggested I rest for a few days at home, if something was watching me then my wife would be able to see it. This helped me relax a bit, until yesterday.

    While I was train outside in the back and my wife was fixing lunch, I was a terrible cook. We had Boruto watch over his baby sister. Himawari began to cry before becoming completely quiet. Both Hinata and I ran into her room to see autumn leaves flying out of the window. Our children were safe, in fact, they were holding toys that I didn’t get them.

    It was then that Boruto began to speak. “Hello daddy.”

    “What happened?” I quickly closed the window as my wife checked our children.

    “He came to visit us. You know that one that has been watching you. Little Sis was crying and he helped to calming down.” Boruto started to explain. “Gave us some new toys.”

    The revelation hit me hard. Whoever this person was, had just entered my home without me noticing and… helped my son? What the Hell? Was it really Sasuke?

    “He left a message on the wall.” Boruto pointed and my eyes followed.

    Written in orange crayon was a warning.

    Your children are in danger. Keep them safe and hidden.

    Hinata held both children close as we both knew whoever was watching me was perhaps an ally.

    Boruto then drew the person… at least I think it was one. From what I could tell it was some male with see-through skin covered with rainbow colored interlocked words that stuck out like thorns. His face was white mask that held a broken smile and whisker marks. What one could call hair was made out of strands of golden ink.

    “He kinda looks like you… daddy.” I really didn’t want to think about that fact.

    After that, word spread and a full ANBU guard was assigned to Boruto and Himawari. Little that I knew the truth of what would happen next would forever change my life.

    -(Unknown POV)-

    Ok, rarely would I actually admit this. I was wrong about my assumption. The fetch they replaced me with isn’t a massive psychopath. From his reaction to me visiting his children, seems like a better adjusted version of me. I hate the irony.

    Another thing was his choice of women. Hinata? Of all people? Did Sasuke finally return Sakura’s feeling? Or did she find someone else? I mean when I think back, she was always stalking me. It was creepy.

    Hopefully they heed my warning. Those kids are more special than they know. The older one, Boruto was able to see past my Mask and I swear Himawari was trying to grab at my ‘word branches’.

    I need to leave before any other Lost finds out about these children or worse the Others.

    Hearing movement, I moved to see a shadow contort. “Damn it!”

    Moving quickly I landed near the shadow and pulled out my cold iron poker. The response was quick. “Hold your weapon, fellow Lost. I am not here for a fight… ”

    Out from the shadow came a Darkling. “That is your Fetch right? Why haven’t taken it out?”

    “Why bother? I can’t return to that life. So it would be a waste, especially when there is a double to confuse Them.” This was a lie. I didn’t want to cause great pain, no matter how much I wanted to in this particular case.

    The Darkling nodded before looking at the poker. “That is too bad. You see, the Duchy of Loss and Truth has noticed that fake…” Barely jumped out of the way as I swung the poker.

    “No one is to touch that Fetch.” I told him but he just laughed.

    “We are doing you a favor in getting rid of that abomination forged by the Others. In return, you owe us one in return. The children....” The Darkling grin before I finally got a strike. I watched as he fled back into the shadows.

    Moving as fast as I could, my destination was the home of my Fetch and his family. I wasn’t going to let anyone use those kids. May the Wyrd be on my side today, for I am going to need it.
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    Rolling Ramen (Naruto: The Campaign)


    =Rolling Ramen=

    I am glad you came. Yuri and Junko.

    Of course, Kishi. After your last campaign, the mafia one, failed due everyone killing each off.

    Thanks for reminding me Junko…

    So… What the campaign this time?

    I am glad you ask… Now where did I put those notes?

    Wait why is Kishi pulling out a box…

    Here it is, my latest campaign. Now to begin… Why are you guys hiding behind the couch?

    =Rolling Ramen=

    For thousand years, this world has been slowly recovering from a terrible cataclysm which destroyed all civilization. During this dark time, a great savior appeared. The man known as the Sage of Six Paths. At his command was the power known as Chakra. With it, he restored the ruined world back to a more primal state. Knowing that he was mortal, gathered to his side disciples to pass down the secrets of Chakra. However, after his passing, several of his disciples would use his teachings for their own gain. Thus beginning the Warring Clan Period...

    Wait are we going to play in this period?

    No, please. Don’t interrupt me.

    Until hundred years ago, when the Hidden Villages…

    Are we going to be playing ninja?

    Yes. You are basically going to be ninja… wait why?

    Um… we made characters…

    <Sighs> Let me see them … a Paladin? Really?

    Not any paladin… One of a magic god and a host to an outsider.

    Why? Wait did you create because it was cool?


    Ok… Time to check yours, Yuri… Really?

    To my credit, I crafted a pretty good character…

    A Sorcerer/Rogue with a special bloodline you made… which include the ‘Sharingan’.

    Hey, I did give him some flaws and few other things to balance.

    Me too!

    Fine… <Scribles> Just let make a few adjustment that I listed.


    This is going to be one of those campaigns isn’t it. Time to adjust the difficulty level.


    =Rolling Ramen=
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    Geass of the Shinobi (Code Geass/Naruto)

    Rain fell down upon a bloody battlefield as a lone figure walked across. All around him were the corpses of friend and foe alike. To his frozen blue eyes, this was not an unfamiliar sight. How he hated that fact but couldn’t show it.

    “You chose this path. The lonely path that a king must bear.” A calm voice commented next to him.

    The man turned around to a green haired woman with golden eyes ever so gracefully moved to his side. “I know. It’s a fact that I know all too well. They aren’t just the enemy, they are men and women who lives were taken. Each with their own precious people.”

    “Yet you can’t stop. For if you do then all their sacrifices would be ruined. No, it isn’t in your nature to.”

    “I seek to end all this. To break the cycle of hatred and suffering and those who continue it. All to make a better future and yet, I help to continue the cycle. Gods themselves must be enjoying this.”

    “No, they have nothing to do with that. After all, they are merely the creation of men’s desire for a greater power.”

    “I hope you are right about that, C2. For I am the demon who challenges the world. Now I must prepare for the next stage. This Revolution must succeed if we are to have a true future.” The man started to walk away.

    C2 nodded before watching the sun-haired man return to his base. “Those who kill must be prepared to be killed. Right, Lelouch. He is different yet similar to you.”

    =Real world=

    A younger version of the man woke up in cold sweat. “That was way too surreal.”

    “Naruto are you ready? We are going to meet Kakashi-sensei with Sasuke-kun.” A familiar voice knocked on his door.

    Shaking his head, Naruto got up and began to get ready. “Be right there, Sakura-chan.” That was a weird dream

    Finally finishing getting ready, the young blond man took one last look around. “Hopefully, we don’t get any more of those D-Ranked missions.”

    “Naruto! Hurry up!” Sakura yelled at him as she was already leaving. Her strawberry hair flowing in the light breeze.

    =Missions Office=

    Waiting in the room was Naruto, Sakura and the raven-haired teammate Sasuke. Their sensei was late, again. However, the blond wasn’t noticing as he still remembered the dream. “Cycle of Hate…”

    “What was that?” His pinkette teammate turned to him.

    Quickly the hyperactive male switched to his usual self. “Nothing, just had a bad dream that is all.”

    While this was sufficient for one of them, the other was more aware. Sasuke heard what his fellow male said. Cycle of Hate?

    “Hello. Sorry I am late. Had to stop a rebellion by a demon…” A silver-haired man with a face mask and his headband covering one of eyes.

    “Save it sensei.” Naruto heard the excuse. Wait rebellion? By a Demon? That is like my dream...

    “Naruto. Don’t talk to the teacher like that.” Sakura scolded. Sensei should just fess up

    Before anyone could do more, a cough was heard. An old man walked into the room with several other people. He wore an interesting hat with the word for fire on it. “Alright we got several missions for you…”

    “NO! No more chores!” The youngest of the team screamed out. “I want a real mission, Jiji.”

    “Naruto!” One of the other people there, dark haired man with a scar across his nose. “You aren’t ready for C-Ranked or above. You just graduated from the academy.”

    “Iruka-sensei is right…” Sakura began before another interrupted.

    “I agree with the idiot. We are ready.” Sasuke stated as then looked at the Hokage in the eyes. “We are capable of handling a C-Ranked mission.”

    The Hokage simply took a puff from his pipe before nodding. “Alright. Assign them one of the C-Ranked.”

    “But Hokage-sama…” Iruka began before getting cut off again.

    “They wish to prove they are not children. There is one of the missions that perfect for them. You have to guard this person while they complete their own task. Bring in the client.” The Hokage commanded.

    The group was excited well for one of them excite as they could. “Maybe it’s a noble or even a royal...”

    “Who's the broody one, the girl and the short one with the funny face.” Spoke an old drunk as he came into the room.

    The last comment sent Naruto into a fit as his teammates tried to calm him down.

    “Tazuna, this is the team which you asked for. They are highly trained shinobi.” The Hokage smiled at the antics of the blond.

    Thus set in motion events far greater than anyone of them could imagine. “Get whatever you need and set out at the western gate.”

    =Forest Path=

    As the group traveled, danger lurked ahead.

    “It’s the target. Seems like he payed for some Genin team from Konoha.”

    “Their sensei, I don’t recognize him.”

    “It wouldn’t matter if we took him out first.”

    Said sensei had already noticed them. These are shinobi, pretty powerful ones too. This isn’t a C-Ranked mission.

    Before the group could take a single step, two shinobi jumped up from a pool of water and used chains to wrap around Kakashi. “One down…” With a tug, they seemed to rip apart the jonin.

    “Kakashi-sensei!” His students yelled before the enemy shinobi got behind Naruto.

    “This one next.” One of the shinobi spoke before attempting to repeat what they did to Kakashi.

    Come on. Move. I can’t die here. I am going to be Hokage. Suddenly the dream came to him. The Cycle of Hatred.

    It happened so fast. Sasuke was fast enough to throw a shuriken then a kunai into the chains, pinning it into a nearby tree.

    “Brother!” One of the shinobi cried out as the other one had hit near the center of the chest with a kunai.

    Then said shinobi pulled out the kunai and dropped it, weakened by the surprise hit. “The blond…”

    Naruto by reflex and instinct drove the Kunai into his attacker. Did I just… It was then he felt the wound on his hand.

    The not injured enemy charged at Tazuna, intent to kill, as a shadow appeared and took him out.

    “Kakashi-sensei…” Sakura spoke in both relief and confusion.

    The other brother charged forward at Naruto before his sensei took him out as well with a well timed blow.

    Said blond was looking back and forth between Kakashi and a pile of wood. “Kawarimi no Jutsu…”

    “I was seeing how you handled yourself. Good job. However, I was expecting you to get your first opponent that way.” Kakashi eye-smiled before trying up the enemy. “The Demon Brothers. Someone lied about the mission.”

    Tazuna knew he was in trouble. “Sorry… I had to choice…”

    “What do you mean you had no choice! You endangered our lives!” Sakura was rather annoyed.

    “Calm down.” Sasuke sighed and noticed the state of his other teammate.

    Kakashi looked at both Tazuna and Naruto. “Ok. Start explaining while I make sure Naruto is ok.”

    “Nami no Kuni has been bled dry. The Merchant known as Gatou had locked down the entire nation. If I could build my bridge then my people are free from that monster. A friend of mine, C2, told me to get Shinobi and how to make sure it was cheap. Please, I am begging you. Help us, we can’t afford to pay at the full price but we are willing to give you all that we have left.”

    Hearing that particular name, the youngest member of the group rose his head. C2. That is the name of the women in my dream. She is in Nami?

    “Are you ok?” His cyclopean sensei smiled reassuringly under his mask.

    “Yeah. I just… I don’t know what came over me…” I mustn't worry him.

    “They had poison on their claws.” He is hiding something.

    Hearing this, Naruto rose before looking at Tazuna. “We will help you.”

    “Naruto…” Both of his teammates looked at him.

    “Are you sure? We can alway head back. He did lie about the mission after all.” Kakashi pointed out.

    With a simple movement, the blond stabbed his hand to bleed out the poison. “I am not going to let poison or anything else stop me.” Besides I need to find this C2 and find some answers. Like what was that dream? Cycle of Hate? Revolution and Demons? Path of a King? I know she must have answers.

    His raven-haired teammate rose. “I am going too. This is nothing for an Uchiha.”

    While their rosette just nodded silently. I never seen Naruto so determined before. Sasuke-kun is agreeing with him.

    With that, the group now set toward Nami no Kuni and surprises both great and terrible awaits them. For the the Power of a King awaits one of them at the hands of an Immortal Witch.
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    Just to help with Fate/Broken Chains

    []Class (Except Beserker, Caster, Avanger)

    []Shy Sun
    []Spring of Memories
    []Avenging Flames
    []Bloody Sands
    []Artificial Hate
    []Wish of Happiness
    []Exalted Prodigy
    []Faithful Sight
    []Steel Grace
    []Ancestral Royality
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    Mythic Renaissance (Original Idea)

    It is the Mythic Age of Humanity. Where beings of legends stride across the world along side us. Where forces of all kinds are once more active in the lives of man, be it Gods or Devils. It all began with the Great War, when the former nations of the world went to war. In the First Conflict of this terrible conflict, both sides began to seek methods of defeating the other. Delving into long forgotten secrets and hidden truths. Into things men used to know. Thus the event known as the Revelation of Legends, which marked the end of the First Conflict.

    The beginning of the Revelation of Legends was when King Arthur himself reappeared and at his side was Merlin. In a show of who he was, he wielded the legendary sword Excalibur and it's sheath into the Retaking of Paris. The Sword cut down all that stood in it's path and gave the Allies hope. However, Arthur had been shot with a few sever shots but survived. To those who know the legends, thanks are given to the Sheath of Excalibur for that miracle. With victory in that battle, the Allies celebrated the return of the Once and Future King.

    Arthur wasn't the only one who had returned. All over the world, other legends returned.The Old Gods of the North returned with a vengeance. Odin himself rode forth to restore their faith but he wasn't the only ones. In the Mediterranean Sea, three great powers awoke,. The Greco-Roman gods, the Egyptian Gods and the Forces of the Covenant. Asia saw the awakening of Indra, Jade Emperor and Amaterasu. Not even the New World was safe for the Native Americans in the First Ancestor War, reclaimed Central and South America. Theirs is a special case for Gods of the Native Americans merged into a singular pantheon.

    Not just gods appeared, beings like Dire Wolves and Dragons also reappeared. The Fair Folk are one of the biggest non-deity groups (despite having the Gaelic Gods of Tuatha and Fomoire), they are made up of many factions including the Yokai and Jinn. They also are one of few groups that have little to no land on Earth. However, despite this, they are also one of the most influential in our matters. Often being the cause of the rise and/or fall of many stars.

    As the world was starting to adjust a bit, the Second Conflict began. The Leader of the Germany at the time, Adolf Hitler, began to invade other nations. He had an alliance with Morgana le'Fey, and the Greco-Roman, Russian and Japanese Empires. The Central Axis, the world under one force, that was their ultimate goal. The Greco-Romans would take in the Mediterranean Sea Campaign against Egypt and the Holy Land. Japan would take Asian Campaigns against China and India. Russia would take out the newly formed Scandinavian League. All the while, Morgana le'Fey and Hitler would take Germany to destroy England and take rest of Europe.

    United States, Mexico and Canada would be busy with the Second Ancestor War. That is until the invention of a certain weapon, which would end the Second Conflict and the Great War itself.

    Thus began the bloodiest war in Mankind's history and the end of an age. And in return, began the Mythic Age.

    ~Roots of a New Age Intro, M. Moore.
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    Taijitu (Naruto/Worm)
    Naruto is cast adrift in the Space-Time Continuum after ending the War. His universe is more or else gone due to his actions. A 'Shard' passes by him and drags him along as it searches for it's host. Taylor Hebert. The one destined to survive the End of the World. The Stars Dance and Weave thy Fates. Beyond the Stars, All-powerful Thrones are moving once more. Will Earth Bet survive this newly arrived orphan of another world or will it's End be ensured?

    Basically: Naruto arrives at Earth Bet, specifically at Brockton Bay and causes ripples by saving Taylor while she triggers. All the while, Multi-Dimensional forces are moving once more since the War.

    A Crossover with themes of Cosmic Horror turned up (looks at Scion and Kaguya). Where Naruto is a survivor of the Void War (DW's Time War) which has left him changed in more ways than one. Where Scion's Race is in eternal conflict with Kaguya's (Elder Gods) who succeeded/overthrew another race (Great Old Ones) that once kept Scion's in check. Where Taylor tries to survive an ever-increasingly dangerously reality.
    Taylor while still trapped in the locker, triggers and is rescued by a Post-War Naruto. This Naruto came from the Void War (replaces the 4th Great War) where he had to fight against Cosmic Horrors and Eldritch Gods. However, fighting such terrible being results in two fates insanity and death or becoming something else. Something like those terrible entities. By saving his new friend, he finds himself in a world where villains out number the heroes. All he wants to do is recover while helping his friend and find a new life. E88, ABB, Coil, PRT, the Protectorate and others have something to say about that. Specially because his powers and knowledge make him extremely valuable. Not to mention that his past won't seem to leave him alone as Multi-Dimensional Empires and other survivors have targeted him. Between the problems of this world and others, Naruto really want a break from all the madness. Taylor agrees as she has to survive both her problem's and Naruto's in an ever increasingly dangerous reality. "Screw fate and plans of those in power" meets "Doing the wrong things for the right reasons".

    Sections 1-4 would be the intro arc. Where Brockton Bay deals with his arrival and the repercusions it seems to cause. Then Section 5 and beyond is where the real 'fun' starts.

    Eternity Lords are Kaguya's race, seperated into clans. They are locked into eternal conflict with Scion's race and servants of the Star Titans, whom they overthrew/succeeded. Each Clan rules over a multi-dimensional empire, with various Servant and Slave Races.

    Still working things out. Like should Taylor join Undersiders, another group or make one with Naruto?

    *attempting to regain interest in this*

    Ok merging with my Spiral Mythos idea. Naruto recently trying to recover from the Void War is summoned by Taylor Hebert during her trigger event. A pact is made between them.
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    Legend of Dragons and Beasts (Legend of Dragoon/Naruto)

    11,000 years ago. Humanity was enslaved by a race called Winglies. With their magical and aerial superiority they ruled over the world. However, a great wind blew the cinders of unrest into a mighty inferno of rebellion. This wind was Emperor Diaz, who gather together a force to challenge the rulers of the world. Seven Dragoons imbued with the power of the seven great elements. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Light and Darkness. That was not all he had, for at his side was the mysterious Sage of Six Paths. A powerful mage who was said to be either an equal of Faust or his better. The Sage was the Emperor's closest friend. Together with the Dragoons, they lead the Dragon Campaign to victory. Peace reigned as Emperor Diaz took over from the defeated Winglies. However, this peace would not last. Diaz sought to ensure the supremacy of Humanity and would ultimately turn against the other races. The Sage defeated his once-best friend and saw all the carnage wrought. He with great sorrow created the Western Kingdoms and gave the Moon Objects. Then created the Elemental Kingdoms to the East and the Death Frontier. With the Dragoons, he disappeared from the world and hoped that events of his time do not haunt the future.

    Current time, two unlikely figures meet. Dart, the one who would become the Fire Dragoon, and Naruto, the host of the Ninth Beast. Together they unwind the shroud of the past and break the chains of fate. As the Legacies of the Dragon Campaign begin to dance once more.

    Naruto met Dart while he was on training while the other was searching for the dread Black Monster. Begins while both of them are heading to Seles while Jiraiya went back to Konoha to give a in-person report. Thus Naruto is dragged along with the dragoons while the effects of what is happening in the Elemental Nations hit the West.
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    Chained Beasts (Naruto)

    Legends, Myths and Folktales are a powerful thing. Especially to those know how to separate truth from its embellishments. One such legend tells of a great and powerful entity that once existed before the enigmatic Sage of Six Paths. The stories tell of this entity being a true god. With its power, the world was given life. No-one knows what happened to this entity, only that it disappeared once the Sage of Six Paths appeared.

    Another legend is that of a great destroyer. This god-like force of nature ravaged the world until the Sage of Six Paths stopped it. Very little is known how but some stories say that he sealed it away somewhere that no-one would find. A dead end.

    Final myth speaks of Nine Beasts. Each a mighty force of nature and destruction. They appeared after the death of the Sage of Six Paths. Often they would be in the distance of some town or in their caves. Never bothering anyone that didn’t disturb their solitude. Occasionally, some lucky fool may get a boon from these Beasts. They vanished within the past hundred years.

    To the untrained, these would seem to be unrelated. However, to one person, they meant more than his peers would know. And to this person, a deep annoyance at his late family member.

    Tobirama had completed his latest technique. Impure World Resurrection. A dark way to call back dead. At the cost of another’s life. The scales must be balanced somehow. He wanted nothing more than to erase all trace of this forbidden evil. However, it had a use to correct his brother’s mistake.

    Hashirama had given these Beasts to the fledgling Hidden Villages. Leaving the Nine Tailed Beast with their village. They didn’t know that the Nine were in fact pieces of something much larger. That didn’t matter as he prepared to take back those beasts. No village or nation should control such power.

    Thus he began the Beast Wars. Using an altered version of the Impure World Resurrection, one that sacrificed the self. Created warriors with the knowledge, power and skill of the long dead. For a while, it seemed he would achieve his goals.

    One thing he didn’t plan. Mito, followed the wishes of her late husband and gave the other villages this version of the Impure World Resurrection. Thus lead to end the First War. In a sign of solidarity, each village would forbid the use of the Technique.

    However, the seeds were planted. Over the years, people have figured out what Tobirama has learned. Second Beast War began as those that desired god-like power once more used Impure World Resurrection and it’s special variation: Internal Spirit. It was ended by the combined efforts of various ninja and samurai.

    It didn’t last long as a Third Beast War broke out. In the shadows, a dark force had gathered to create something terrible. This force played other powers against themselves. Only one person found out about this, Minato, the man who would win the war. He located the secret base and raised it to the ground. In effect, destroying whatever this group had created.

    Only later did a few people figured out what happened. The Hero of the Third Beast War spoke this. “Something that should never be used.”

    Peace had once again reigned. Lure of Power is hard to ignore and god-like power is almost impossible. Once more, did the siren song play...

    -Chained Beasts-

    A blond child swung alone, sadness shown in his blue eyes. Today was his third attempt to take the exam in order to become a ninja. Failed, again. Why couldn’t he pass these exams?

    “Hey Naruto.” A silver haired man walked up to him. “Don’t look so down.”

    “But Mizuki-sensei, I failed three times…” Naruto started to speak.

    “I know. You are still having trouble with your Clone Technique. But you are good with your other basics.” Mizuki smiled reassuringly.

    The blond glared at the school. “Only if Iruka-sensei let me pass.”

    “He is just worried about you. After all, that particular technique is very useful. Iruka doesn’t want you to get hurt.” The silver-haired teacher spoke.

    This caused the child to look down.

    “I am not supposed to do this but there is another way.” Mizuki saw the light in Naruto’s eyes get brighter. “There is a certain scroll in the Fire Shadow’s office. Steal it and learn a technique from it.”

    “But isn’t that wrong?” Stealing was a crime, especially from the Fire Shadow.

    “It’s a secret test. If you pass it then you can become a ninja. Meet me at this place when you are done.” With that, the ever so eager child started off to pass this secret test. Unknown to both, this moment set in motion events of the past.

    -Chained Beast-

    Naruto had sneaked into the Fire Shadow’s Office. He had been here a quite a few times. A feeling twisted in his gut. Gramps was nice to him. However, he wanted to pass this test and become a ninja. It wasn't hard to find the scroll as someone walked in.

    "This is it. The Scroll."

    “Who's there… Naruto?” An old man with an interesting shaped hat came into the room.

    “Oh... Hey gramps…” He was caught.

    "What are you doing with that scroll?" Something didn't feel right to the old man.

    "Sorry, but I need to pass this secret test to become a ninja. Sexy Transformation Technique!" In a puff of smoke the male blonde disappeared.

    "Naruto, what are..." Before the aged leader of the ninja's could continue to speak, the smoke cleared a bit.

    A female blonde woman that was completely naked, her more womanly parts obscured by the smoke, appeared. Her blue eyes and whiskered face revealed this woman's identity. "Hey gramps~"

    That was all that was need to send the Fire Shadow down with blood trickling down his nose. Such a dangerous technique for people like him. The blond changed back and grabbed the scroll.

    With a leap out the window, Naruto began to head towards the place he was meeting Mizuki. Finding out that he was the first one there, he started on finding a new technique to learn. There was one that was perfect for him. Shadow Clone.

    -Chained Beast-

    Impure World Resurrection: Internal Spirit

    This variation is like it's parent technique. However the key difference is the sacrifice. Where the original took another person as the target. Internal Spirit as the name suggests took the user. It is considered slightly better then the original for this reason, however this is not really the case.

    Ultimately the result is that the user becomes the Host of the dead spirit. Like the parent, the Host can use all the knowledge, power and skill of the deceased. While the deceased once more can walk among the living. Such a technique would be a powerful tool and is but it is forbidden for the same reason as the original. It rips a soul from the afterlife and placed it into a living body.

    Several weaknesses of this variant have been found. One is the need of separating the two souls. Should the two souls merge, they create a terrible abomination. These abominations are marked for death by all and enforced almost fanatically. Another reason is due to the strength of the Internal Spirit. If the deceased consumes the host soul, it would be indistinguishable from it's parent. These weaknesses are partially solved with the sealing array engraving itself into the user. But if that seal was somehow damaged or destroyed...

    The other major weakness is the inherent sacrifice. If the technique was ever broken or released then the consequences are fatal. Without immediate medical attention, the user will die like the parent user. This is due to the technique use of the deceased DNA partially overriding the Host's. Without the Internal Spirit to help maintain their DNA, the host's body begins to break down at an accelerated rate. Those who do get medical treatment in time are crippled and thus no longer are active. There has been a few cases where the user were able to recover enough. Most consider these cases to be miracles.

    Due to the existence of such a terrible technique, all nations and organisations guard their important dead with almost fanatical and draconian devotion.

    -Chained Beast-

    A dark-haired man with a scar across his nose was running through the forest. One of his students had just stolen the Scroll of Seals. Filled with Forbidden Techniques collected by his village.

    “There you are.”

    “Iruka-sensei!” Naruto got up after finishing learning. “I can become a Shinobi…”

    Iruka smacked the younger male on the head. “What were you thinking? Do you know how much trouble you are in?”

    “But Mizuki-sensei told me if I learned a technique from this scroll then I would be able to become a Shinobi!” This alerted the teacher to the real problem.

    “We need to return to the village, now!”

    “What is the rush?” Mizuki appeared on a branch. “Give me the scroll.”

    “Naruto. Don’t give it to him. He used you to steal that scroll.” Iruka readied himself for combat.

    Mizuki glared at the both of them. “Give me the scroll. And you, Iruka, why aren’t you protecting that monster…”

    “Monster?” Naruto was confused.

    “Oh, right no one told you…”

    “Don’t you dare!” Iruka shouted

    This cause the silver haired traitor to laugh. “You know about the Nine-Tailed Fox and how the Fourth Fire Shadow defeated it. However, he didn’t kill it…” He dodged a few knives thrown at him. “... He sealed its power way. You are the Nine-Tailed Fox!”

    “I am the Nine-Tailed Fox…” Naruto began to feel panic, dread and self-loathing.

    “Best part, you killed Iruka’s parents.” He turned to his teacher.

    "Iruka-sensei?" When he received no reply, he ran away as far as he could.

    He ran and ran until he fell down into another clearing. Tears falling down his whiskered face. He noticed at the center was the ruins of a secret hide out. Carefully walked towards the ruins, he saw three pronged knifes scattered around. These were the Fourth’s special weapons and tool. Getting closer, he saw the complex sealing matrix upon the floor. Part of it was the symbol on his clothing.

    With a single touch, the matrix began to glow as he felt his own Chakra started to drain out of him. That was when he felt it. On his right hand started to burn a red swirl. The pain caused him to scream loudly. When it was said and down, the Ritual had finished. Naruto’s whole body ached greatly.

    “Are you my Host?”

    A voice in his head spoke as he yelped.

    []Naruto’s Internal Spirit

    []Shy Sun (Hinata)
    []Spring Blossoms (Sakura)
    []Gentle Hunger (Ayame)
    []Mad Fantasy (Yakumo)
    []Avenging Flames (Fem Sasuke)
    []Bloody Sands (Fem Gaara)
    []Hateful Stone (Kurotsuchi)
    []Red Thunder (Karui)
    []Kind Frost (Fem Haku)
    []Faithful Sight (Shion)
    []Steel Flower (Shizuka)
    []God's Bride (Kaguya- Joke)
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    Fox of Amber (Naruto/Amber Chronicles)

    Naruto always wanted to know if he had a family or not. Who his parents were. To answer his desire, he meets a stranger and finds out he has a family. Unfortunately for him, that family is none other than the Royal Family of Amber. A family known for being "more Machiavelli then The Prince" and wielders of the Great Power known as the Pattern. As secrets surround him, he finds himself in truly dangerous situations. Can the Number One Unpredictable, Knuckle-headed Prankster survive his family? Or will his family spell his doom?
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    Fox of Amber (Naruto/Amber Chronicles)


    They say that family is the greatest gift that one can have. If that is true then I want a refund.

    Let’s say my family isn’t the kind you take the one you want to stay with to meet. It is more like the kind you make sure said person stays far away from. Oh, this isn’t just some rebellious talk. No. That would be too simple.

    It is only fair to give you a warning. Continue reading at your own risk. If you read a part of this and have a rather strange encounter. Say someone with a fireman's ax and an old revolver fighting off men made of gold. Don't blame me. You made your choice.

    People like me don't get that choice.

    See, my family rules over their own kingdom. Oh, yes. I am royalty but doesn’t mean what you think. My status is that of an legitimate child of an legitimate royal. While I am in succession for the throne, it is pretty low on that list. Not that I want it, it is way too dangerous for one's health. Let's just say the favorite pastime of my family is playing games of power.

    As one of my uncles once said. Never trust a relative. It is far worse than trusting strangers. With a stranger there is a possibility that you might be safe.

    Our home is Amber, upon the shoulder of Kolvir. Surrounded by the Forest of Arden, the Sea of Cabra and the Valley of Garnath. The immortal city made of gold and green. Center of all that exists.

    You are wondering if this is a medieval fantasy.

    Not exactly.

    The Royal Family of Amber are tied by blood to one of the Great Powers. The Pattern. The ultimate representation of Order. Through it, we can traverse other worlds beyond our own. Including yours. Thus Amber's presence is vast and absolute.

    After all, all roads lead to Amber.

    My name is Uzumaki Naruto and this is my story.

    One of family intrigues and schemes. Where magic and technology collide. Swashbuckling and shoot outs in-between. Armies march across reality and politics between worlds. Surrounded by mystery, horror and wonder.

    I am just trying to survive my family and become Hokage, Dattebayo!
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    Devilry (/CampioneNaruto/Worm)

    PRT Archives: The Nine Devils

    Rating: Multiverse S-Class (Individual)

    Classification: 9+ to all


    Even in the new millennium, the memory of the 10 year rampage starting from 1981 to 1991 is still fresh in public memory. Paralleling the birth of Parahumans and Scion's reveal in 1981, this rampage stretched not just across the world but across dimensions as reports from Earth Aleph and others state. It was a terrible decade for all worlds involved. The Nine Devils each were powerful enough to lay waste cities and armies. Only Scion could drive them away. Considered by most as the precursors to the Endbringers, there are differences between the two. To this day, very few things are actually known.

    That nine beings of indeterminable appearance and status caused the 'Decade of Carnage' across multiple worlds.
    They were as powerful as the Endbringers.
    Capable of multi-dimensional travel.
    They radiated 'Devil's Miasma' which is lethal to Parahumans and mostly lethal to regular humans.
    It also corrupted the land and living beings, producing Devil Zones and Case 13s.
    That each conflict were mostly out in the wild with a few near or inside towns and cities.
    Appeared on year 1981. Disappeared on year 1991. 10 years.
    Five Devil Zones exist in Earth Bet.

    Since their disappearance, rumors abound about the possible fate. The common one is that Scion destroyed the Nine Devils on an barren world, result of an great and terrible battle. Others state that they returned to hell, awaiting the time in which humanity is judged by the heavens. That they grew tired of the ruin they brought into reality and retired to seclusion. One theory by paranoid conspiracy nuts state that the governments of a few worlds had captured them and are trying to use them as weapons. We have proof that no one in our origination is hiding a devil. Whatever happened, none have reappeared since 1991 with actual evidence. Only the occasional false sighting or claimant.

    Due to the 'Devil's Miasma', no one had gotten even a bad blurry look. This caused people to create images of what they think the Nine Devils looked like, mostly based on the Endbringers and various demons/devils around the world. Most likely due to the two things being the easiest to envision. Others claim that they possess people and transform into demonic beasts. Giving living to the old tales of demons taking over bodies. More outlandish stories are told, stuff from the realm of H.P Lovecraft. That the Nine are actually one being that 'blessed' the many worlds with its dark gift. Name given to this one being is 'The Gardener of Worlds'. Dark gift they mention is powers.

    Their origin itself is made of speculation. Most common rumor is that they escaped from hell and Scion was sent from heaven to end them. Likely because they both showed up roughly around the same time and Scion showed up at all five events on Earth Bet. Others claim that they were part of a government experiment gone horribly wrong. No one in the governments we are in contact with had such projects in the works. In the end, we are left with a terrible mystery. Who and what were the Nine Devils? Why did the 'Decade of Carnage' happen?

    Devil Zones: Areas completely corrupted by the Devil's Maisma. What little electronics can reveal is that Devil Zones are truly terrible places. Warped beyond the laws of nature, these Zones are like a terrible wound in the fabric of reality. Each Zone has under the UNSC's Anti-Devil Logistics and Operations Special Division. They often have to contend with the local members of the Pandemonium Court, global cult who worship the Devils. Considered S-Class Threats due to producing constant Case 13s of various classes and types.

    North America- United States of America, New Mexico. 1991
    South America- Brazil, Amazonas. 1987
    Europe- Poland, Lublin. 1985
    Asia- China, Qiughai. 1983
    Australia- Australia, Western Australia. 1981

    Case 13: Those that were infected with Devil's Miasma and survived. Insane and extremely aggressive. Usually when one comes into contact with something infused with the energy of a Devil, painful death lasting either days or weeks is the result. The exceptions are Case 13s. The energy changes their minds and bodies, creating a horrifying abomination most call 'Devil Spawn'. These monsters attack anything in their way and have nightmare inducing powers. Strangely enough, despite being so close to the Devil Zones, Pandemonium Court rarely if ever has trouble with them. The difference between a Case 13 and a Case 53, is that the later is a Parahuman. They are separated by both Class (A-D) and Type (Flora, Fauna and Human).

    CODE NAMES (Taken from the Pandemonium Court)
    Ba'el, Devil of the First Circle. Rumored control over Madness.
    Amon, Devil of the Second Circle. Rumored control over the Dead.
    Sitriu, Devil of the Third Circle. Rumored creation of Illusionary Mist.
    Astarot, Devil of the Fourth Circle. Rumored control over Magma.
    Asmodai, Devil of the Fifth Circle. Rumored control over Stream.
    Feonix, Devil of the Sixth Circle. Rumored creation of Acid.
    Malphas, Devil of the Seventh Circle. Rumored creation of Posion Gas.
    Gamori, Devil of the Eight Circle. Rumored creation of Ink Clouds.
    Be'lial, Devil of the Ninth Circle. Unknown.

    One can only hope and pray that the Nine Devil are truly gone. For if there is another 'Decade of Carnage', we would need everything to stop it. That is if we can. However, if they are still around, where are they now?
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    A List of Ideas, Works and Projects that have my fancy. Aka Working On.

    Exalted and Naruto Crossover (Moon-Child within Leaves)

    Naruto and Worm Crossover (Devilry)

    Firefly and Naruto Crossover (Need Serenity)

    Chronicles of Amber and Naruto Crossover (Naruto Cycle)

    Naruto and Warhammer 40k Crossover (Golden Legacy)
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    Moon-Child within Leaves (Exalted/Naruto) [WiP]

    A peak into the Jade Sovereignty.

    In the throne room of a desperate civilization with ancient technology that has been slowly degraded over time. A sole figure overlooked reports and plans. Graying hair and partially faded crimson eyes marked him. This once great man was nearing the end of his years in the living world.

    Thom Pathas. Supreme Grand Master of the Sacred and Militant Orders of the Jade Sovereignty. Grand Master of the Order of the Five Great Dragons. One of the Great Orders. Lord of the Pathas Family, which boosted many a Earth-Aspect Dragon-Blood.

    Right now, the ruler of the Sovereignty was making sure its future been secured. 13 years ago, they had found a new world. It was not Creation that gave birth to them but it was stable. They spent untold centuries within the Wyld, fought the predatory denizens that kept coming in waves. Only by the ancient towers made by the accursed magic of the Solars that their Continent-Island was saved from being devoured by the madness. Thus the Elemental Nations and their lands seemed like true Dragon-Send.

    For the first decade, their used their magics to spy and gather intel. Once they had enough, the best minds of the Sovereignty gathered to plot and scheme. The Elemental Nations held great wealth of resources and vast amounts of space. Save for Wood, which in the new world was Lightning, it held all too familiar elements. Mortals were the most populated and powerful force. Other forces were at the edges. Held back by those who wielded the power known as Chakra.

    Shinobi, Samurai and other users of Chakra were abundant. It allowed them greater feats of martial arts and sorcerous abilities. In other worlds, the power allowed Mortals to fight above their usual abilities. The Dragon-Blooded both were weary and excited about this power. If they could just get hands on it, they could better strengthen the Sovereignty and its panoply. With the fact that Mortals could learn how to use it, they would ensure proper training. For current state of affairs were that Chakra was mostly used for combat and not much anything else. Wars and brutal conflicts were the normal state of things.

    This would not do. The Sovereignty and its Dragon-Blood would bring order to the chaos. Nations shall be united. Education and Protection for all. Chakra would be used to the fullest extent possible. Nothing less would do.

    “Grand Master.” A voice came from behind the door.

    “Yes?” Thom looked up from the paperwork.

    “The Elemental Bridge is finally done.” The voice replied with eagerness and excitement.

    This brought a smile to the old Exalt. “Good. Good. Call forth the other Grand Masters and prepare. The time has come for us to have a proper home.”

    The Elemental Bridge. A powerful sorcery conjured up by the best they had. It would allow them to enter the world. Many years went into this single project and it was their salvation. Now they would finally start the colonization and pacification of the Elemental Nations. For the Jade Sovereignty.
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    Sneak peak for Devilry, a Naruto/Worm crossover.

    There were days that luck wasn't on my side. Today, it was truly on not on my side. Lustrum was on a crusade against a few of the other villain gangs, mostly the Merchants. Apparently Skidmark was stupid enough to throw quite a few of Lustrum's people into his 'Pleasure Dens'. Glorified brothel, drug house and gambling ring. Using bombs made by Bakuda, their resident tinker, Matriarchy had launched their war to take the city. Empire 88 and House of Marquise were fighting to hold their territories. Faultline was playing protector for those who could afford it. Coil and his forces were oddly absent from this. I wouldn't put it past him to have a hand in this. On the other side, the Government Heroes were barely containing the outbreak of violence.

    Why did I have to land in Brockton Bay?

    Fires caused by explosions had spread to multiple buildings. A scream grabbed my attention. I rushed into the flames as they danced around me. Seals on my jacket absorbed enough for my natural resistance to deal with the rest. The smoke on the other hand required use my face mask.

    "Call out so I can find you!" I focused my hearing.

    "Over here!"/"I am here..."/"Help, my daughter...!"/"...Help..." Damn it. There were a few groups, most in not so good condition.

    "I got you! Hold on!" Need to get them out of here. A Seal to take care of the fire and smoke. Good thing I prepared a few just encase.

    I took out one of my scrolls and activated it. With a woosh, fire around me was being absorbed. "Taking care of the flames!"

    Crack. Crack. Crack! The building was starting to break from the fire and heat. Not good.

    "Help!"/"Elane!" One of the nearby room's ceiling had opened up, causing one of the injured to fall. The scroll hit the floor as a gust of wind moved. A young girl with both of her legs broken fell into my arms. Burn marks covered her body.

    "Caught her!" I turned to look up at the concerned family of five. Most only had a few burn marks save for the grandpa whose left arm was bleeding.

    It was the father who spoke as the rest was weary, I really couldn't blame them. With a shake of my head, I felt the girl in my arms moving. "Don't strain yourself. You are safe now..."

    "Devil..." Oh, great. Things were going to get more difficult weren't they.

    "Try to get yourselves to a place safer or where you can get outside. I won't let anymore harm happen to her." My eyes met the father's. Same kind of eyes I have seen before, the kind that have judged me as evil.

    "I don't have a choice in the matter, do I?" He spoke in an accusatory tone. Yup, difficult.

    Wee-yoo! Wee-yoo! Finally, help in some form has arrived. "I will hand over her to the Firefighters."

    This got him to relent a bit. "Fine. Straight to them. I won't hesitate to take you down if you steal away my daughter."

    "Yes because I am the kind of person who steals away girls and women to do horrible and depraved things." Somehow, the glare I received was a highlight of today. Seriously, there was some many things that were wrong with this. Why is one of the first things people assume is that? "Look. We don't have time for this."

    The father reluctantly started to move the rest of his family away. Someone enter the building. "Here! Got an wounded child!"

    To my surprise and rather increasing annoyance. The person who had entered was one of Lustrum's captains, Ophelia. A villainess who controlled water and had a habit of trying to drown men. Didn't I mention that she was also one of the more crazy members? And here I am, standing with a injured girl in my hands. Somehow, I felt my luck was to blame.


    Shivers went up my spine. Not good. My foot was near a table that was on fire. Needed to time this perfectly. "Yes. Lady who likes drowning?"

    "The Ninth Demon... Incarnate of man's evil... Man's true nature... Subjecting women to the tyranny of men... Depravity of men..." Not another one! "...Must be purged... Must be DROWNED!" Water started to gather all around her.

    I kicked the table towards a ever-growing stream of water that rushed toward me. The stream spread as I jumped on the second floor. "Take your daughter and get as many people as you can out. Now!"

    Thankfully, the father was not in the mood for more and did was I ordered. Moisture hit the back of my neck as I turned around. Ophelia had recovered from my distraction and formed what could be describe as water octopus limbs. "Enslaved the girl to the father... Will drown him later... Must drown symbol of the patriarchy... MUST DROWN!"

    Good thing I had the reflexes to dodge the limbs.They flailed around and smashed other object then me. She was committed to me drowning while chanting. "MUST DROWN!"

    I needed to end this before she took out the building. "Hey. Crazy water killer!" This got her attention as I charged forward, she created a barrier in response.

    With my speed, I went around the psycho and grabbed my scroll. "You know I would like to correct a few things. If you don't mind. One, I do not enslave or otherwise steal women for depraved pleasures."

    "Lies!" Too bad, she was too slow as I moved towards the exit. "Ruler of men... Most wicked of men... You are the enemy of all women... DIE!"

    "Two, I don't have any evil intent towards women or any other group of people. I just want to enjoy my life with my friends and perhaps finally become Hokage." I activated and tossed the scroll at her. This caused and explosion of heat and steam when the mad water user blocked.

    "Your words... They are tainted... They lead women astray..." Ophelia was trying to recover from the scroll.

    "Three, I really don't like it when people judge and harm other because they are different. Like because a person is a man, they should be punished. That is a good way of pissing me off." Outside I could see PRT forces struggling. "Nor do I like it when it happens to people who already have enough troubles."

    "What is ..." The man-killer started to speak.

    "That means you won't harm the father or anyone else. Good-bye. Hope, one day, that you let you of your hatred." With that I threw one of my special kunai at her before I ran outside. The blast of electricity was seen afterwards.

    "Naruto." That voice was familiar and really angry. Oh no. Damn my lucy today!

    Looking up, I saw the giant glowing body of Lustrum rather close. "Hehe. Hey there. Did you like the manga and anime I sent your group?"

    The growl was the only sound I got. Yup, she didn't like them. And it was a rather good prank too. That was when I had to dodge her feet as we played whack-a-mole, with me as the mole.

    "Hold on!" Another familiar voice called out as a dark cloud began to cover the extreme villainess leader. "Seriously, what is it with you, women and fighting?"

    "I don't know! I really don't!" That is it. I am going to find I way get rid of this repuation. "Anyway, thanks. Tattles."

    The Undersiders had finally arrived and this 'war' could finally end.
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    Devilry (Naruto/Worm)

    PRT Archives: The Hermitage

    Rating: Multiversal S-Class (Supposedly)

    Classification: Criminal Syndicate

    You all heard the rumors. The ones about a crime syndicate that operates on multiple worlds. No actual evidence to support the existence of such a group. Nothing but a modern tale.

    The Hermitage is made up of six major crime organizations and a large number of minor ones. All based on a single world, commonly called the 'Hidden Earth'. Reminiscent of the tales of the Hollow Earth, truth be told. The six major are called the Conclave, which is like the Commission of the Mafia. The Conclave rules over all of the other factions, while debating within itself. All of them are given an element of the world like Fire, Light, Metal or Lightning as a representation. It is assumed to be like an mystical secret society in that regard. They are involved in all types of crime, from blue and white callor to state and corporate. Having a hand in all kinds of rackets and deals. Kinda like that fictional organization James Bond has to deal with. It has to be repeated that no actual evidence has been found. Such a vast group would have to leave some by the sheer nature of its work. Leaving a trace to follow that isn't some tin foil hat conspiracy. Suffice it to say, this group has become the new 'Illuminati' of the modern age.

    It is said to have S-Class individual and groups (Both groups that together are S-Class and each member is S-Class) within its membership. Most (in)famous of these groups is the Nine Beasts. Endbringer-like beings that are the 'Nuclear Warheads' of the Hermitage. Supposedly responsible for the very real Case 13s and Dark Zones some worlds have. The cult Pandemonium Court worships these beings as lovecraftian idols. Stating that Parahumans, especially Scion, are a blasphemous and sinful blight that must be purged. Reason, so that their 'idols' may give the blessings of the 'Gardener' upon them. Others have tried to connect them to the very real Endbringers, due to similarities in destructive power. Slaughterhouse Nine, according to Jack Slash, is a tribute to them and seeks to celebrate their 'truth'. No actual evidence supports any of these facts. If such beings were to exist, we would have found them.

    Another group is the Conclave itself. Each member is an S-Class crime lord/lady on the level of the Triumvirate. Each are in control of an S-Class Criminal Organization that has other S-Class members in it. The usual representation of this group is Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Metal and Lightning. Tends to behave like the love child of the Commission and the United Nations, that is to say lots of bickering. Despite this, they manage to keep the Hermitage working and hidden so well. One of the reasons why any sensible person doesn't believe that they exists. It sounds like something out of the saturday morning kids show. A group like that would have revealed itself, due to the sheer amount of strife they would have. Especially if they do in fact operate on other worlds.

    One reason for the lack of evidence is that they have a special black ops group. This group is given the task of cleaning up any actual proof of their existence and silencing anyone who really found out. Lead by a terrifying crime lord known as the 'Shadow of the Hermitage', some said to be on the same level as a Conclave Member. Utterly ruthless and unscrumpless, this person will do anything to keep the 'truth' from coming out. The group itself follows his orders to the letter, absolutely carrying out without a thought. If the Hermitage was as vast as people say, they wouldn't be able to exist very efficiently. If they did, we wouldn't even know of their existence.

    Another reason is that they have apparently have people inside various governments and estates. Secretly erasing and altering records while discrediting anyone who comes close to finding out. No need to go into this one.

    Amusing tale is that they even have their own 'criminals', believe it or not. These 'criminals' are those that have broken some rule or another and either are caught or escape. Those caught are sent to their own version of the Birdcage or killed. Those that escape are blacklisted and have formed their own 'underground'. There is even a few groups formed by these 'criminals'. Simply amazing.

    Most people do not really believe the Hermitage exists. Just something to spark imagination. If such a syndicate exists, they would not be the powerful and vast as people would assume. Until we find something like that, we would have this organization to hold their place.
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    I simply glared at the other two people in the ship's hold. "Not a single word."

    "Not a chance." The pinkette quipped at me. "You got us caught by some pirate queen in another world."

    "Tsk. Heard them call her, Ching or something close to it." Other member of my team pointed out. "Apparently we are close to a place called China."

    "Noted. Uncle told me about a world called Earth. China is a major state in it." A part of me was thankful for the... education I had given me. If one could even call it that. "Which means we are somewhat on the right path."

    "Great." We heard sounds of people outside the door. "Hopefully, those two find us..."

    It swung open to reveal several people including a rather well dressed woman.

    "I see. It does looks like old gathering." The pirate queen glanced us over. "Let see. I can tell the raven haired boy is Japanese. Despite the fact that place has an isolationist policy. Must have been something terrible if you are risking death upon return."

    "That is a personal matter. Lady?" Thari had quickly become the tool I favored the most.

    "Zheng Yi Sao. It is impolite for you not to offer up yours." Her attention was purely on me.

    "Uzumaki Naruto." Looks she and her crew gave weren't unexpected. "Half Japanese, on my father side. Mother is American whose family came from Ireland."

    It was something my uncle told me to say if people questioned me about my name when on earth. "My dark-haired friend is full Japanese. Our other friend is from a Dutch Family that has intermingled with Japanese."

    "It appears you are being truthful. Why did you try to steal a ship from me?" It was a talent that the most feared woman in the southern china sea could glare. Same for the fact that the subject of said glare didn't flinch.

    "We were traveling by caravan until bandits hit us. Made it out with just us. I decided that traveling by sea was safer." It wasn't a technically a lie, just some creative truth telling.

    That got her to peak an eyebrow. "Pray tell. What was your destination?"

    With that I took some time to adjust my body. "America."

    "I see. Your Mother's family. Irish aren't they?" It was clear she was testing me.

    "Yes, Lady Zheng. They moved to different lands to find better work." Straightened my back to get a more calm position. "Mother found it west from here."

    "India." That tone of hers was unreadable.

    "What are we going to do with them?" One of her crew had finally gathered the courage to speak.

    "That is up to our young friend over here." Something about that didn't sit right with me. "While your story does have merit. It was what you aren't telling me."

    Shit. Alright time for pulling something out of the scroll. "...A nobleman caught the sight of my mother..."

    That apparently wasn't what she was expecting. "I can tell what happened, you need not continue. Due to America breaking off with British Empire. It has become a place of refuge for those like your group."

    "It is as you say." I nodded to her and then my teammates. "If you are willing to hear me out. We need a ship for passage east. In exchange for that, we help you get a ship with great amount of wealth."

    It was amusing to see the looks that my teammates were giving me.

    "How can I trust you won't run away?" Valid question all things considered.

    "Simple. You have the means to get us past the ocean. If that doesn't interest you then I will stay on the ship until you are ready."

    The pirate queen began to laugh. "Truly, you are something else. Very well, you will stay as my guest while your friends shall secure me a great prize." She and her crew left the hold and closed the door behind them.

    "Damn it, Naruto." Sakura sighed before she looked up. "Why do you keep getting us in trouble?"

    Made it a point to ignore her question. "Both of you can find Kakashi and Pervy-Sage. They will help. Despite the full use of Chakra away from home, we are dealing with normal people."

    "Make sense. They aren't that much trouble to deal with." Sasuke understood my plan. "With the other two, we would stand a chance that others on this world don't."

    "Exactly. Not that I am going to be just playing hostage. Once you guys come back, I will have what we need to continue our journey." Had to continue. There were answers to many questions I had. "After all, all roads lead to Amber."
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    It was like a surreal dream. She couldn't be sitting down and just ordering ramen. Alive and not with a fist size hole in her. One he had given her. That killed her and caused so much tragedy. Yet there she was. Enjoying a bowl of ramen. Only difference was she had grown up and was now the same age as him.

    "Come and grab yourself a bowl. Or does being Hokage not allow you to have a break?"

    "Rin." The name felt so weird to say out loud.

    "Shh." The formerly dead teammate of his smiled before patting a stool next to her. "You have questions. I know. Answers to them require you to be less tense. Else you might end up needing medical care."

    Somehow, after all that has happened, Kakashi decided to follow her advice. It has been a really strange few days. "One special for me."

    "Now, that is the spirit. Been a long time since I had ramen from this place with friends from my past life." There was for a moment, a sad smile on her face.

    The current Hokage was quietly eating. Unable to find the words he wanted to say. What could he say to apologize for ending her life? "I..."

    "You had to stop me. There was no other option at the time." The comforting tone she had taken seemed to be one she was most used to. "Yes, I did die."

    "How are you back?" He wonder what kind of power could do that.

    "Long story. Ended up in the Underworld... From there I meet a friend that would give me a second chance at life." Rin finished her first bowl. "Took us a while to come back but we did."

    "I see... why didn't you come back?" Continued to slowly eat his bowl.

    "There are rules regarding this realm. Rules that are being rigidly enforced... well currently being under review." Placed down an order for a second bowl. "Those claimed by the Darkness must leave or else."

    "Claimed by Darkness?" That didn't sound at all good. "Wait does that mean you are risking..."

    "Yes and I am not the only one." Right, the situation that involved Naruto.

    "Still trying to understand all that." Somehow, one of them was the 'real' Naruto and the other a fake. "Trying to figure out the second... Creature? One that attacked us."

    "The Lost. Or if you wish, Changeling. Don't words like that again." Sternness was quick in her tone. "They are people like yourself."

    "Sorry." He bowed his head, realizing those words could apply to her as well.

    "Don't want to see my son get hurt more then he has." Those words struck like lightening. "Especially now that he..."

    Kakashi a took a while to take it all in. "Is the Naruto that grew up in the village..."

    "Best to think of them as twins." Reluctance on Rin's part was clear as day. "Easier for everyone that way."

    "I need to know." Finished his bowl and directly faced her.

    "Won't be a happy story. Your Naruto is a Fetch. Think special clone created to... Fill in and make sure no one suspects." The look on her face was grim.

    "I see. What happened to..." A hand stopped him.

    "He was stolen from this village." Before his former teammate continued she took chugged down a bottle. "None of you would have been able to stop it if you had noticed. What took him is beyond even the Kages."

    That sounded a bit familiar of late. Forces beyond the might of Shinobi had been appearing more often. "This kidnapper, where did they take your son?"

    "To another reality, one where they have full control over everything. There they forced him to play a game of wits. All of it, the cruel punishments and well-earned reprieves were changing him into one of the Lost. In the end, he managed to escape."

    "Sounds like a certain knuckle-head I trained..." Both of them seemed to be similar to each other.

    "Cause, the person who you trained was Naruto... In a sense. This mess is far more complex." A sigh escaped her lips. "As I said, just think of them as twins."

    "Alright. Why was your son watching his twin?" A major question that was bugging him.

    "Those created to replace aren't... perfect. There is always something missing. Quite a few become terrible people because of it. Having lost something like empathy or morals." Shiver went down his spine.

    "He wanted to know what his twin was like." If his Naruto had become like that, he figured the outcome. "So I can take it that there was a plan to kill if things were different."

    "Yes." That wasn't helping. "Good that circumstances are better."

    "One more subject I need answers on. The children." The other... Changeling was extremely interested in them.

    "That ties into this mess. By all accounts, they shouldn't exist." She noticed the look on his face. "I don't mean it in that way. Your Naruto had created a true miracle, twice."

    "This has to due to the whole Fetch deal, doesn't it." It made sense. After all, when was the last time he heard of a Clone reproducing? "Making those kids rather special."

    "More or less. The Lost have myriad of stories due to how it is considered near-impossible. A few tell that they would have the power to end the Fair Folk." Rin finished her second bowl and closed her eyes. "Good number reveal them to be like them and cause untold atrocity."

    "Ok." That was foreboding. "So we don't know what we are dealing with."

    "No, we don't. My son believes they aren't a force for evil." With that she got up from the stand. "Kakashi?"


    "Let's do this again. Just talking and all that." His former teammate had turned to him.

    He smiled, one he hadn't in a long time. "That would be good."
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    -(Naruto Pov)-

    As dusk began to fall in the village, a cold wind rose. Everything in my very body told me it was a bad sign. Like something had just entered with horrible intent. I couldn't help but feel it was directed at me and my family.

    "Dear." I turned around to see my wife standing at the door. "I sense it too."

    "This is different from before. Tonight. It won't end peacefully." No. Somehow, I felt like that wasn't going to happen.

    "At least our children are safe." She stood right beside me. "Between us, the ANBU and everyone else. Nothing is going to harm them."

    I nodded before laughter was heard.

    "How touching." A voice came from all around us. "Makes me want to puke."

    "Who are you?" I looked around but couldn't find the source.

    "One who had been Lost in the Shadows." Tone of pure condescension was clear to anyone who heard. "But an abomination like you needn't worry about that."

    That hit hard. Hadn't I finally got past people looking at me like a monster. "Abomination?"

    "Right, you don't know, do you? Of the crime you helped to carry out. Of the life you ruined by simply existing." It was clearly amused in some warped way.

    "My husband is no abomination." Hinata glared at the shadows that began to move. "And your false accusations mean nothing."

    Laughter once again rang out. "Poor deluded woman... Loving nothing more then a lie."

    "Do not insult my wife, ever again." My blood boiled at this. "I demand to know what crime you speak off."

    "The crime I speak of is one I know well. It is the one in which many fear." The cold wind started to really pick up speed. "To be taken away from all you know! To be forced in to stay that fucking horrible place! To be the plaything of an evil that is beyond mortal understanding!"

    Clearly have hit a nerve with that. While this wasn't the same being as before, I felt both had this shared pain. "Sorry but I think you are confusing me with someone else."

    "No, Abomination. I am not." Whoever it was had calmed down. "You helped someone else get stolen. It is in your very existence."

    Twisted feeling was forming in my gut. "You are wrong. I would never help anyone with what you said had happened."

    "I agree. Naruto wouldn't ever let someone face such horror. Let alone be a part of it." My wife prepared herself. "You don't know him."

    "Such ignorance..." A few knifes shot out of the various shadows. At particular high speeds.

    Both of us were able to shift our bodies away from the knifes. This being hadn't faced shinobi before.

    "How? You shouldn't..." The attacker seemed surprised before a different kind of laughter was heard. "Even your cardboard cutout is something else."

    Cardboard Cutout? What was he trying to say? "If you think that is special, you should see what else I am capable off."

    "No need. There are other ways of dealing with you." Shadows began to move again. "Like either having you kill yourself or letting your wife do it for you."

    "I am not going to end the man I love."

    "Even if it meant that your children would suffer."

    In an instant, Hinata activated her Byakugan. "Touch them and I will make the rest of your life nightmare beyond your imagination."

    I readied a kunai and nearly gathered most of the sage chakra I needed. "Besides you can't even get near them."

    "Who said I needed to be near them?" A cruel laugh that chilled my spin. "Now, let me..."

    A blood-curdling scream of pain rang out of the area. My first instinct was to head immediately for our children. However, that wasn't where the scream came from.

    "Fuck... Should have known... That they were given protection... By you." The attacker was gasping for air.

    "Of course." Another voice was heard. One that sounded eerily familiar. "I told you to leave and never bother this place."

    The toys! That had to be it. It seems like the first being was protective. Who was also keeping themselves well hidden.

    "I am doing you a favor." The attacker had finally caught their breath. "That fake is the why..."

    "Silence!" The other being's voice thundered like lightning. "I know exactly why you are doing this. Those children aren't to be used against the Gentry."

    "They can be our chance. One to finally make Them pay for all we have suffered." Second being was trying to convince the first. "No more hiding and running. No more trying to stay ahead of the Huntsmen and those that would return us to that Hell."

    "No." Stern and cold tone seemed to mark the protector of my children. "You will not rob them of their future. They will choose for themselves what they wish to do."

    It was so much to take in. Fake. Gentry. Huntsmen. The fact our children had some power that was clearly important enough. What in the pure world was happening?

    "Look. I don't know who you are but thank you for protecting our children." My wife steadied me. I realized that my legs were shaking.

    "Don't thank me." It seems like the protector had a few edges to grind down. "Merely cleaning up a complication."

    "I will come back with others. Everyone will want those kids. These people won't be able to stop us." Something was thrown into the shadow and yelp was heard.

    "No. You will not." Sounds of movement next to us cause me to tense. "A challenge between you and me."

    "Damn you. Can't deny a challenge if it comes from the likes of you." That was when something started to slowly come out of the shadows. It looked like some misshapen nightmare come to life. "If I win this challenge, the children are mine."

    "How dare..." I was stopped by a hand rising up next to me.

    "If you lose then you will not bring any harm to this realm." He had stepped out from wherever he had been hiding. Damn, that drawing was rather accurate. "The challenge?"

    "Oh I know better then to play into your hands, Wyld-child." The other being revealed a twisted smile. "The challenge shall be rather simple. The first to kill the Keeper's Creation."

    "No other challenge?" Despite the stoic look on his face, I could sense that wasn't something he liked.

    "No other challenge. Either you kill the abomination that ruined your life or I will." Wait... life ruined... "Finally, the fake is starting to get it."

    "Naruto!" Hinata pulled me close as I started to shake.

    Everything was starting to fall into place. It couldn't be... My eyes meet the one who had been stalking me for a while. Past every unnatural detail. His face was too familiar. It was my own. Damn it, he had my face even if distorted. I am Naruto Uzumaki, right? I had to be. There was no other option... was there?

    "Pull yourself together. Unless you want the woman you love to be a widow and your children to be used a weapons." Other 'me?' then turned to the second creature. "Fine. However, the time limit shall be tonight only. If neither of us win then I surrender myself."

    His words managed to shock me mostly out of mental break I was starting to experience. "Hey wait..." The look he gave me stop any objections. I could tell he really didn't like me but was trying to help anyway.

    "Very well. Now time to..."

    "Before we finish this. One last matter to deal with. The Target may have a single helper. They will be allowed to wonder about the village. No one else can interfere."

    "Right. Can't have interference." The attacker realized. "So who will be the helper."

    "I will..." Hinata started before the protector stopped her.

    "Your children are going to need you." Said person turned to a spot. "There is those around us that are willing to take the position."

    Moment later we were surrounded by the shinobi of the village who were already in battle gear, ready to fight.

    "As the one who is currently in charge. It is my duty to protect those in my village." Kakashi appeared next to us.

    "Sensei... Thank you." Hope despite what else I was currently feeling was in my chest had grown.

    The appearance of so many stunned the second creature. "...Well played. You known all along. This was your home."

    "Yes." Rather smug grin had appeared on his face. "I would like to point out this place has allies everywhere in this realm."

    "Have no other choice. I, Jezin Winter-Night, accept this challenge."

    "And I, Ruki Wyrd-Child, accept this challenge."

    Thunder and lightning flashed in the sky as the wind grew more fierce but warmer. Animals began to become more erratic and plants swayed back and forth. Ground shook before all of it stopped.

    "The challenge as been accepted by the Wyrd."
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    "Naruto... why?" A voice came from behind a blond, blue-eyed, whiskered teen. Massive tree in front of him had grown and had seals engrave into every inch. All designed for a single purpose.

    "Because I am the only one who can. This damned war... If I don't then it doesn't matter we won." Said person sighed as he readied himself. "Our world had been damaged to the point where this is the only way."

    The silence filled the area as the group had knew this already. Fourth Shinobi War had taken its toll. Thanks to the powers unleashed, their world had become unstable and was heading towards destruction. This was the only way to stabilize the situation in the end.

    "Why not let Sasuke do it?" There was some agreement on that.

    "I can't, Kakashi. Sage Chakra and Chakra of the Tailed Beasts. He has mastered them both while I didn't." The dark haired teen closed his eyes and held his missing arm. "Only someone who has can..."

    "It's alright." The sage turned to the others. "Might take a while to sort everything but afterwards, you guys can figure out how to free me."

    "That is the problem. All of this hasn't been done before. What if there isn't a way to break you out?" Particular matter that most didn't want to acknowledge.

    "Every technique has a weakness..."

    Burst of Chakra came from the tree signaling it was time.

    "I trust that you will find that weakness. Really don't want to spend forever as part of a tree."

    "We will... Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash. Right?" Third member of their team finally spoke sadly. "No way in the Pure World are we going to leave you like this."

    "Thank you, Sakura. All of you... Hopefully, I am not going to be gone that long." With that, Naruto and the Tailed Beasts within him was absorbed into the massive tree.

    It would take nine days for the world to be re-stabilized and avoid the end it faced. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said of the one who ultimately saved it. Trapped within that which would bare the name World Tree. The Savior of the World would wait a long time before being freed and once freed, be thrown into what is known as the 'Verse.
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    Earth-That-Was. Long ago, humanity once lived upon a single world. One that bore them into the Verse. This would not last for sins like greed and pride had taken hold of their hearts. Fertile blue and green planet tasted the bottomless pit of her children's basest nature. Land burned with heat and froze with cold. Seas and rivers turned acidic as tainted rain seeped into reservoirs. Sky filled with toxic fumes that darkened clouds and made the air hard to breath. Ecosystems all over the world were failing. Life had become truly unable to be livable as people tried to find untainted resources. In the end, two great nations joined forces in an alliance to save life. Others were brought in as mighty ships were built in space for a single purpose. To spread out humanity across the Stars of the Verse. Thus the greatest exodus in history started.

    However, there was still one place that had a thriving ecosystem. A place untouched for untold thousands of years. It was a valley hidden away in biggest mountain range of the world. Inside was fresh water and air. Nature itself seemed unaffected by the ruined world around it. Metal and glass dome was built over the valley to preserve this last area of Earth-That-Was. Those that made it inside had grown to become highly spiritual and isolationist. Faith centered around the massive tree that towered over all others. It was believed by these people that the World Tree protected the valley and by extension them.

    Later when the Alliance formed long ago had sent ships to set up a secure zone around the star system. It was a shocking and tense reunion. Steady negotiations were made under the Treaty of the World Tree. Under it the newly recognized Gaeth would be the Guardians of the World Tree and Earth-That-Was. In return, select few would be allowed to visit for a limited time within the valley. This was deemed by all parties involved to be the right course of action. Among those who earned the right was a scientist who through careful examination and test under the eyes of the Gaeth had uncovered truth.

    Almost all of those that lived in the Verse had known of the strange energy that fueled interstellar civilization. Officially called Unified Wave-Particles, most commonly known as Eld-Spark. The World Tree was a truly pure and rich source of it. None like it was known to exist else where. This discovery would be hidden from the public and the scientist quietly placed in charge of covert projects. While the various groups on the surface continued the treaty as is, that didn't stop a new amendment from being added behind the scenes. Those allowed in the valley are able to take some of the energy if they bring energy to replace it.

    Gaeth would prosper under this new arrangement and the rest of the Verse would use the Golden UWP to its fullest effects.

    Alas, all things must eventually come to an end...

    “You monsters!” An elderly man of South Indian descent glared. “May God casts you into the Underverse!”

    “I don't care for your faith, jailer.” A younger, darker skin man moved a corpse in him with a foot. “We are going to free our gods.”

    “You worship nothing but lies.” The elder man spat at him. “All you will achieve is destruction of this final piece of nature upon our cradle.”

    “Delusions.” The younger man then wiped away the spit that landed on his face. “Long ago, there was Nine Sacred Animal-Gods and they gave gifts to Humanity. Great gifts that we have ultimately squandered. Because they were not here to guide us on how to properly use them. All thanks to the one who took those gifts and turned it on the Nine. Beast Binder. May he rot eternally in the void!”

    “Again with those lies.” High Priest looked around him, the corpses of his fellow brothers and sisters. “That has nothing to do with the World Tree. It was created by the hand of the Gardener of Heaven. Not this Beast-Binder of yours.”

    “That is where your faith misleads you.” Dark chuckle escaped the invader's lips. “How else can you explain the miracle of the best source of Eld-Spark? I left you and what is left of your people alive to witness the truth. For I, Utanjo, shall fulfill my destiny.”

    Round of cheers and applauds from those that followed him.

    “Even your own faith had exiled you. I hope you choke on the failure of your truth.” The Gaeth said before having his mouth covered.

    “The others within the Sacred Den never understood.” Tone of disappointment seemed to be in Utanjo's voice. “I found how the way to free our gods. I have found the keys to their prison. I found where that prison is.”

    “Sir, what do we need to do now?” One of his followers asked.

    “Get the Keys and prepare as I shown you around the prison.” The one claimed to be the future Jail-Breaker of the Gods ordered.

    “The tree, right?” This wasn't the smartest member.

    “Yes. The tree is their prison.”

    “As you order.” The follower gathered others and headed towards the outside.

    Exiled leader walked around the World Tree. It was a true wonder of the Verse. Prison of those he had worshiped as a child. How close he was standing to the true gods of this world and once freed, of the Verse. In corners and cracks, the energy that was their greatest gift and power seeped out. Golden drops fell down and evaporated upon the ground. The released energy soaked the area around it. Sense of religious elation washed over him.

    “Boss, we got them.” Another of his followers called out.

    That moment had been broken. “Set up the other Keys and I will prepare the last one.” Whole experience left him shaken a bit but he quickly recovered.

    One by one, nine objects were set around the tree. Each said to be connected to one of the Nine. That was why they could unlock parts of the prison. Once the final object was in place, they poured the energy in order on each. That cause them to glow as the energy somehow wreathed itself on like a cloak.

    “First shall be the Animal-God who once dwelt in sand...” Utanjo started the ritual.

    Said Beast's Key was consumed and the energy flew into the World Tree. Followed be the others in order.

    “...Last shall be the Ruler of the Nine. The Alpha among his kind and all life. He who was betrayed by the Beast Binder.” The Jail-Breaker spoke the final part. “They are free once more. It will take time for each to manifest in the Verse.”

    “What about the Final Key?”

    Yes. The Tenth Key. Perhaps the most important.

    “To ensure they can't return back. Beast-Binder was brilliant in his cunning. The prison will always act to draw the Nine back in if freed. This Key break that completely.” He couldn't help but feel joy. Joy that he had manage to undo everything the enemy of their gods had done.

    “Sir, we lost contact with those outside.”

    That got a glare form the leader. “Go check on them. Must be interference from this dead world. The alliance won't be able to reach this world for a few days at the very least.”

    “Yes, sir.” A group armed themselves and headed towards the outside.

    It had become nighttime upon Earth-That-Was and lights were put up around the former members.

    Final Key was a scroll that was rolled out in front of the World Tree. “With this, none shall bind you again!”

    All it took was the one who had freed the Nine to pour a small container of energy on the scroll. It began to glow as it resonated with the tree. A sort of feed back loop started between the two. More and more energy began to form around them. In a single instant the World Tree glowed as brightly as the sun before that energy burst out. A wave knocked down everything in its path and left them in darkness.

    “Are you alright, boss?” Personal flashlights were turned on.

    “I am.” That wasn't in the research at all. “Make sure the others are fine.”

    “Forgive me, oh World Tree.” The Gaeth had his mouth freed by the wave. “May we survive my failure.”

    “You saw, yet you still cling to the falsehoods of your faith.” Utanjo was stunned. “There is no hope for you, old fool.”

    “It is not just me who has no hope. Humanity made a vow to the Gardener of Heaven. We ensure that the World Tree shall remain alive and well. In return, no matter what happened, humanity's existence shall be continued.” That part of the faith was passed down from so long ago.

    “The World Tree only existed because of the true gods.” The exiled leader felt disguised by the old man's refusal to see the truth. “Their power was what protected this valley. With them back, Humanity shall have second chance to become what it should be.”

    “No. What you have done is condemn us. Only one god is able to give us a second chance. It was their greatest servant that stood for humanity when we failed our purpose.” Resignation seemed to be clear upon his face. “Now, we are in the hands of our creator. May they forgive us breaking our vow.”

    “Then allow me to send you to them along side the rest of your misbegotten race. It is now clear to be none of you are going to be saved.” With that the Jail-Breaker of the Gods pulled out his gun. “Say your last prayers.”

    “Your Holiness... We found something.”

    “What is it? About to end this stubborn fool.” Today was going to be full of interruptions, wasn't it.

    “It a person, asleep on the roots of tree. He is not of ours or theirs. None of the symbols are known to us.”

    A stranger suddenly appearing out of nowhere caught his interest. “Bring him here. Seems like you get to live a bit longer.”

    The others had dragged a young blond teenager with line-marks on face. Dressed in orange and black clothing that had one of the sleeves torn at the shoulders. It seemed to clear to those who saw that he was completely unconscious.

    "There wasn't mention of a guest being invited..." The leader of the rogue group seemed annoyed. "What scheme are you pulling?"

    "None. Our last guest left three days ago and the next one was due to arrive in a weeks time." High Priest had been taken aback by this turn of events.

    Utanjo carefully searched the teenager and found little. Nothing that was really suspicious. "Then who is this?"

    "I do not know." Questions plagued the mind of the old Gaeth. Had someone else come and snuck into this now dying place? Did they alert others to what had transpired here? Was help on the way?

    Wheels started to turn in the mind of the exile. Slowly he came to an conclusion that felt almost as ridiculous as it was poetic. The Nine Gods had given him an amazing gift for free them from that terrible prison. They had delivered unto him, the one who had betrayed them. The Beast-Binder himself would now face punishment for his blasphemy. All he could do at the moment was laugh.

    "Your Holiness?"

    "Seems like your cunning was truly beyond all others. Too bad that very same cunning has finally failed you, Beast-Binder." A horrific grin had appeared on the face of their leader. "Who else would seal themselves in the same prison? To become the warden that could hunt down those that had escaped his grasp. Final plan just encase all other fail-safes were defeated."

    Those that followed him listen and gasped. Greatest monster of their faith was now before them. Alone and seemingly powerless.

    "Behold the gift our gods have given me. I shall become their instrument of righteous justice. Beast-Binder has long escaped due judgment but now... His time has come!" That had gotten applause from the rouge group.

    These outsiders are truly insane. No one could survive being part of a tree for so long. Especially someone so young. Gaeth elder stood up despite being bound by duct tape. "Your minds have all rotted away. Can't you see he is but a child yet fully grown. Not some imaginary figure from the faith that rejects you."

    "A simple deception. Beast-Binder had learn many abilities from the true gods. One of them could be the means to change himself." Utanjo was reaching his limit. "And those who have rejected me are unworthy of leading the Sacred Den. Once we are done here, I shall take my rightful place as the chosen of the gods."

    "Only God, and their spirit servants, have such miracles. All else is tricks and fallen spirits." Grant me the strength for what I must do. God, I will do all I can to protect the child from these monsters.

    "I had enough of this conversation." The self proclaimed chosen prophet aimed at the high priest. "May your soul be torn apart in the Void."

    Before the trigger could be pulled, said target charged forward and used his body to knock down the other person. Struggle followed next as the gun had flown out of the shooter's hand.

    Little to all those in the area knew that they were being watched. A pair of strange eyes shinned in the darkness.

    The younger of the two mangled to push off the older and grabbed the gun.


    Nine shots rang out and something fell. High Priest of the Gaeth laid dying next to the blond.

    "Are you alright, your holiness?"

    "Yes. I am now." Jail-Breaker of the Gods glared at the corpse. "Gaeth aren't unbelievers but the worst kind of folk. Worshipers of the Beast Binder himself."

    "I see. Shall we finish their destruction?" The same follower readied his own gun.

    "I want them to watch as I inflict punishment on their false god. Can't take too long but a day or two of pain before death will have to satisfy the true gods. They were on a time limit of sorts. Couldn't spend years of torcher on one who divinely deserved it. "Alliance's base on Pluto would have been alerted by now."

    "Yes, your holiness." A scream caught their attention as both turned to the source.

    One of the followers had their flashlight on a torn up corpse of their own. It was some distance away near the main exit of the valley.

    "Prepare yourselves! It seems like the Gaeth are attacking to save the Beast Binder! Kill them all!" A battle broke out as the rouge group began to search the area.

    Unfortunately for them, the foe they faced wasn't who they faced before. Who they faced was considered one of the most dangerous men alive. One who has killed many and escaped from placed considered hell.

    One by one were picked off as their dying screams echoed out. "What are these people?"

    "Oh gods... NO!" Another voice rang out and was silenced.

    Gun shots were heard and stopped in quick patterns.

    "Everyone! Gather to me!" Utanjo wanted protection from this nightmare. "Kumba? Yani? Sanders?"

    No-one answered back as he turned to find his second-in-command's throat had been cut. "Tasha!" Her body fell down to reveal the person responsible.

    "It can't be... Riddick..."

    Said person had a pair of googles on and humorously said. "Afraid of the dark?"

    "Damn you!" The leader of the former group tried to fire his gun but found it jammed.

    In an instant, Riddick stabbed through the heart with one makeshift knife and slashed open the stomach with another. "Always make sure your gun is working order."

    "... heard ... of you ..." High Priest managed to speak between coughing fits.

    "Made quite the reputation for myself." The infamous criminal turned to the dying old man.

    "... save ... the boy ... " Gaeth took time to gather his strength between words.

    "Why should I?" His makeshift knifes were being cleaned.

    "... innocent ... of all ... this ... of my ... failure ..." With that the old High Priest pass away.

    Silence fell before the World Tree that already started to wilt and decay. "I rarely take last requests."

    Footsteps where heard as another person emerged from the darkness. A middle-aged woman of East Asian descent. "I see you are almost done with the job we hire you for."

    "Almost done?" Riddick glanced at the woman.

    "Yes. One last remaining person." She gestured to the blond next to them. "Kill him and you will have your reward."

    "Not a member of the exiles or a local." It seems like the real target of this job is the one currently asleep.

    "You will do as you are paid for." The woman sternly stated. "This is nothing for someone like you. Just another life for you to take."

    "I see." Must be someone that is a threat to her superiors.

    The choice is yours to make. Life of the Wild Sun is in your hands. Save it or end it.

    Ex-convict shook his head slightly at the voice. He had heard it before.

    "Those I represent are not forgiving of failure. No where in the Verse is beyond their reach." Her impatience seemed to be clear.

    "Never told me who your bosses are." Must be rather powerful to make that kind of claim.

    He received a glare in response. "You don't need to know who they are. Only that they can make your life easy or hard."

    "I understand." With that, he had made his choice. One that would affect the lives of many if not all of those who live in the Verse.

    It was said when Alliance ships reached Earth-That-Was in response to no longer receiving any messages, a sight beyond words was before them. The world once made uninhabitable had become a majestic garden unlike no other. However, joy had turned to shock when scouts had returned from the Gaeth Valley. Grim news of the World Tree's demise, the best source for UWP, became a terrible loss to the Alliance and the Verse as a whole. Survivors of the World Tree Massacre, as the event would be latter called, were given great care and a preserve officially created. Rest of the world was given over to the Parliament in a special Trusteeship as a Protected Territory. In all actuality, that made the world into a paradise where only the most powerful people in the verse were allowed save for the staff. Other planets within the system had annexed into the Trusteeship in order to this fact.

    When word of what happen traveled along the Verse, it caused waves amongst many communities. Those religious institutions and organizations claimed that it was the work of higher powers. Sacred Den in particular faced backlash for the actions of the exiles. Leaders of the group had made many public announcements and acts of repentance to ease the anger and hate against them. Several Gaeth would take it upon themselves to travel beyond earth in attempts to atone for the end of the world tree. Golden UWP became instantly the rarest commodity that further increase the power and influence of those who held it. Many attempts to gain those reserves had been made in the first week of the news. Criminals while not able to get either into the Sol System or the smallest amount of Golden UWP still found ways to prosper. Selling Fool's Golden UWP and fake objects from the system. Independent factions that survived the Unification War saw the whole mess as proof of the Alliance's corruptions and ineffectualness. Loudest of these groups was the Sons of Korhal and their leader Mengsk. Finally in a joint venture between Blue Sun and several top officials, efforts were made to create UWP that was of equal or similar qualities to that of the now lost source. These efforts had produce Silver UWP which while inferior was the closest to Golden UWP. Other groups would try their best to replicate resulting in Bronze UWP that was consider third best.

    Amongst all the confusion and hustle had covered up what happened after the World Tree Massacre. Only bodies that were around where those of the Gaeth and the Exiles. Seemingly no ship was confirmed missing nor were there any other people found at the site. Only later events would reveal exactly what happened and how they would change the Verse...
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