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Star Trek: 477th Interest Thread

Discussion in 'Play-by-Post' started by AndrewJTalon, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. AndrewJTalon

    AndrewJTalon I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Apr 24, 2015
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    Clearly I've been playing too much Ace Combat because here... Is this idea:

    In the early TNG era of Starfleet, the Starfighter Corps became a deeply unpopular part of the service due to the pacifistic leanings of Starfleet at the time.

    And was often seen as a dumping ground for officers and crew who didn't fit in, were too aggressive, too odd, etc.

    So we follow one of those squadrons, TFW-477, the Jolly Rogers, who are based along the Cardassian border. On the planet Valo II, the base called Outpost 444, but better known as “Sandblast Base” for the desert world it sits on, these outcasts and weirdos will learn how to fly and how to fight.

    As the region became more conflicted, through the fires of conflict, they will rise from a bunch of misfits... To legends.

    Yes, I know: Fighters in Star Trek blah blah blah. We're not having that argument in this story: Suffice it to say they can be effective in groups and with the right hardware and good pilots. This RPG would have a format similar to the Ace Combat games (and some inspiration from Star Fox) but you don't need to have played these games to understand. The main idea is that the Starfighter Corps is seen as a joke or an obsolete service, and these misfits who don't quite fit the Starfleet ideal come into their own when the Federation needs defending again: Against the Klingons, the Dominion, and other foes. Giant superweapon bosses will be engaged. Princesses of planets will be rescued. Gigantic space battleships will be brought down. And our heroes will show that the spirit of the first aviators and astronauts is still alive and well in them.

    First few characters:

    Squadron commander:

    Commander Ther'in “Icebreak” Shran, an Andorian officer. He is a direct descendant of that Shran, and has a number of his traits.
    He ended up here after an altercation wherein he actually punched a Vulcan admiral who talked some smack about his ancestor. When they were in the middle of a tense situation with a Cardassian starship violating the border. For the umpteenth time. He was a veteran of the Cardassian Border Wars and a survivor of Wolf 359.

    Lieutenant-Commander Serkano “Queen” Rrirr

    Caitian female, from Cait. A huge fan of fighter combat and history, she volunteered to be in the Jolly Rogers and is Shran’s second in command. An incredible pilot and the team mother, she is catty and playful but has deeper issues she seldom shares with anyone. She always tries to buoy up everyone else with gentle optimism, as she is content to fly. It is her joy in life. She grew up with a loving family on Cait and talks with them often over subspace. Her specialty is in engineering as well as piloting.

    Lieutenant Andros “Bran” Gottschalk. Earth human, pilot and navigator for starships.
    Had an admiral for a father, a lot of expectations to live up to. Fairly easy going, likes cards, music from the twentieth century, kind of brash and stubborn. Had a tendency to disobey orders and "creatively" reinterpret them. His ship was over a world in the midst of a civil war. They were ordered to not get involved due to Prime Directive considerations. Gottschalk stole a shuttle to try and rescue civilians at the Federation embassy. He couldn't beam them out so he tried to fly in close enough for them to get aboard. One of the troops below fired an anti-air weapon at his shuttle... But it missed and hit the roof where all the civilians were. They all died, before his eyes. This event haunts him to this day.

    Lieutenant (jg) Sufer “Joker”, Vulcan officer from Archer IV, he had a promising career as a tactical officer. He was assigned to the USS T’Kumbra, an all-Vulcan starship. The captain, Solok’s, arrogance and racism towards other races grated on Sufer, and he made several comments about lapses in judgement the captain made. This Solok did not tolerate, and Sufer was reassigned to Jolly Rogers squadron to “train him in proper Vulcan humility”. He is quite stoic (being a Vulcan) but also has a very dry wit and enjoys poker. He has great respect for Commander Shran.​
    The places:

    Valo II
    A barely inhabitable arid world near the Bajoran system, this is the base for Starfleet Planetary Outpost 444, or "Sandblast Base". Situated in a desert above the planet's equator, it is a hot, often forgotten place: Even after the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole. It is the basing for TFW-477 "The Jolly Rogers", whose duties are to patrol the Demilitarized Zone for pirate, Maquis, and other hostile activity. They also perform search and rescue, deliver supplies to scientific expeditions, and scout to assist in survey and exploration missions.
    USS Itano NCC-731982
    An Akira-class heavy cruiser/escort carrier the 477th is often attached to before and during the Dominion War for strike operations, escort missions, and other duties as required. The captain, one Charles Glenn, is an old friend of Shran's.​
    And the fighters/smallcraft for use (Some canon, some not):

    Peregrine-class Attack Fighter


    Valkyrie-class Aerospace Superiority Fighter


    Gryphon-class Heavy Strike Fighter

    Gryphon-Class Heavy Fighter ortho [new]

    Danube-class Runabout


    Phoenix-class Light Strike Fighter


    Caitian Stalker-class Stealth Fighter


    Aeroshuttle-class Runabout

    Aeroshuttle class ortho

    Klingon NIyma-class Warp Raider

    Klingon Warp Raider Overview | Star Trek: Theurgy

    Klingon To’duj Fighter

    Fighter - To'duj

    NuQ’Duj-class Scout

    NuQ'Duj class

    Type-10 Shuttlepod


    Argo-type Assault Shuttle


    MACO Rapier-class Assault Shuttle

    MACO Rapier Class Assault Shuttle ortho [1] [new]
    Click to expand...​
    So. Who's interested?
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  2. One Last Mith

    One Last Mith Getting sticky.

    Jan 2, 2021
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    • Do not necro. This is against Rule 7.
    So did this ever take off or was it just left to die?