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Tale of Two Kings (FSN Medieval SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Htg09

    Htg09 Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Jul 19, 2019
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    enjoyed reading this over on space battles, keep up the great work
  2. Illariai

    Illariai Know what you're doing yet?

    Aug 2, 2017
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    Merlin is the Dick Wizard in multiple meanings of the words. In the Fate timeline, the only time he actually feels regret is in causing Artoria's death at Camlaan. He's a Campione, and as a result can only feel emotion he nicks from others, and has a lot of issues relating to empathy because of it.
  3. Extras: JoJo & Ria 1: Countryside Joyride

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    JoJo & Ria 1: Countryside Joyride

    “Jojo, this is not what I was thinking when you suggested ‘jesting around’,” Ria commented tensely as we happily scoured the countryside sharing the same stead. The girl was tense and particularly frustrated as she reigned the horse to keep gallop aimlessly as I happily enjoyed hugging her from behind.

    It was so rare to be spared from our duties as Kings, and this was the best opportunity we could get to be the bestest of friends. And what kind of sillyhead could I be if I didn’t create a form of struggle to push us even closer?


    “Don’t… not until we’re away from them and I can properly scold you.”

    Now, imagine the brilliant idea that I came up with. Me, her, and lots of angry knights giving chase to us after we had thoroughly pissed off half a Petty Kingdom. Our identities surprisingly held despite the fact we had just changed hairstyles and clothes.

    With Ria having adopted a more feminine look by letting her hair run free, I decided to pull my hair back and tie the small exceeding bit in a ponytail. Since hairdressers weren’t a thing, I really had my hair reaching my shoulders. Truly an interesting development considering how I would usually keep them short for convenience.

    The girl had then decided to pick something from her earlier days, before she became a king. A dull light-gray shirt that was as bland as it could be, a pair of dark-blue pants and a set of dark boots. I had kept modest, deciding to go for a sleeveless blue shirt, a pair of gray shorts and light-brown boots.

    Compared to our ‘usual selves’, the secret identities we had created were rather… different. Not enough for people that knew us to not get that we were… well, us- but still enough to fool silly tyrants that hadn’t known about our real faces.

    So when I learned that one of the neighboring fiefs was taxing heavily the poor peasants that could hardly sustain their family in these atrocious times, I decided to call in Ria with a mission of justice at heart… but eternal childishness in my soul to push for the most infuriating way to defeat our current enemy.

    Ruining the dipshit’s reputation was quite important in my plans, and thus I decided to strike where he would feel the reputation-ruining the most. His own castle-town.

    Ria was blissfully unaware of the horrible ordeal she was running into all because of my devious idea, but she seemed to take without hesitation the fact that ‘jesting around’ meant starting a brawl and brilliantly start insulting the retinue of the petty monarch we were trying to disrespect. At first I doubted the girl would’ve managed to swear at them… but I found that very experience rather enlightening.

    Not only I learned that the blonde was well capable of saying bad words, but I learned some that I didn’t know about. Either those were common in this time period, or Ria just had a natural affinity in being a potty-mouthed trash-talker.

    So after making sure we had all of them pissed and running at us, the only thing that remained was to bail on them before they could’ve overwhelmed us. The horse we stole neighed, either protesting the unpleasant amount of weight it had to bear with or because we had been chased around for almost an hour now.

    The poor thing sure looked tired and ready to drop dead anytime now.

    “Jo- Jojo, stop monologuing. We need a way out!”

    “Yeah well… how about we go there-” I said while aiming at the large patch of forest we were approaching “And then we…”

    I whispered the rest of my glorious plan to her. Soon her eyes were narrowing at the forest, and yet I could feel that her glare wasn’t aimed at the innocent form of nature. I had the distinct feeling she was, for some inexplicable reason, pissed at me too. And what a tragedy it would be for this first of many lovely trips to enjoy the world as the closest of friends!

    “You take the fall,” She ultimately muttered, the horse picking up the pace once again, possibly realizing that we were close to be ‘done’ with that mad run through the English landscape. Once we entered the woods, I had just enough time to grasp back at Ria as the girl turned around to wrap herself onto my chest.

    As quickly as the noble stead turned to the left and hid us from the eyes of our pursuers, I jumped off the animal and dived for the nearby sections of bushes on my back. There was pain, but there was relative peace as we both waited out for the knights to split to try and intercept us beyond that forest, never realizing the trickery that had just happened.

    “Ria, that was awesome!” I exclaimed, promptly seeing her head rise from my chest with the most furious glare she could muster. “Don’t be this annoyed. I could tell you were cracking a smile during the first bit of the chase.”

    “Maybe because I thought you meant you had a bow and arrows when you mentioned you had something to handle our chasers!” The young woman lamented. “Yet you brought only some rocks and a silly slingshot that broke after two uses.”

    I huffed. “The shopkeeper that sold me this said that many kings of old used this, so I thought it would’ve worked.”

    “And you trusted a merchant on this? Did you even inform yourself if he was trustworthy before purchasing anything from him?”

    “He… he had this reputation of being a fraud, maybe it has to do something to why he was so keen to sell stuff at low prices- But these accusations had no foundation. It was all words and no-”

    Ria rested her chin on my chest, her eyes fixed on my face like a lion contemplating to commit a murder.

    “And how is Ginny going?”

    “Don’t change the argument,” The blonde accused. “Guinevere is doing well. She has been asking rather insistently for a proper visit to Londinium.”

    I hummed. “Mia had asked me to invite you all but… I thought you were busy with the whole ‘trying to make the marriage work’.”

    “We’re doing… well,” She tried to rebuff, only for my intense staring getting her to look away. “I think so-”

    “I don’t think you’re not doing anything, just that… you haven’t thought of something poor Ginny might be suffering. And that is romantic affection.”

    “We hold hands,” The blonde pointed out.

    “And perhaps she head pats you when you’re sad-”

    “Y-You’re diverting my attention away from the real issue here,” Ria snapped. “What we were doing was dangerous.”

    “Considering how big of an impact that stunt got, I believe a little danger thrown our way was to be expected-”

    “Not when we both should’ve been prepared to handle it and more.”

    “Didn’t we elude the knights?” I pointed out with a frown

    “But we came close to get caught,” She rebuffed with a sigh. “I know we did good since that petty king is going to lose face when his retainers learn of his failure to deal with two ‘unknown’ individuals insulting him and his people. But we also came close to suffering because of it.”


    “I don’t think I will accept an apology like that… I believe...” The girl started to think about it and then nodded with a convinced nod. “You will give me a head pat.”


    “A head pat. And make a proper one at that,” She demanded sternly. “Or else I’m going to tell Mia that you stole from a child-”

    “I did no such thing-”

    “But wouldn’t she believe it if I also say what happened today? You were, by all definitions, a troublemaker on this occasion.”

    It wasn’t like I was having any trouble giving her some head patting, but at the same time I felt that giving in like that would make me the weaker ling in this duo. And that I wasn’t really happy about.

    Still, I had to concede and take the ‘humiliating defeat’. With my hands reaching for her face, Ria looked confused as I had both palms so close to her. Her confusion melted away the moment I ‘assaulted’ her with a classic head pat… and some chin-scratching.

    Eyes closing instinctively upon my touch, the blonde seemed to abandon herself to my touching as this entire scene lasted for twenty minutes or so.

    Despite her reluctant acceptance in continuing with our adventures, one thing was imposed on me to give her some incentive to go ahead with this insane idea of mine. Once we would be done with our little troublemaking, she would get to decide a reward for me to give to her, may it be head-patting or something of the same degree.

    With that condition being agreed on, I couldn’t help but feel like I had enabled Ria into more activities for the next future. And at the same time, I wondered what kind of ‘other rewards’ she was aiming for with that new rule…



    Next chapter will be released tomorrow!

    This is just a taste of the idea I’ve brought a while ago. Ria and Jojo’s Chaotic Adventures!
  4. Surya

    Surya Know what you're doing yet?

    Dec 16, 2019
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    The only thing in my mind when I read this is how this would go down in their respective legends in the future and the effects in their servant self, absolutely brilliant
  5. Lucidum

    Lucidum Verifiably Bored

    Jul 14, 2019
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    Pfft, instead of a love triangle such as in the original legend its become a love pentagon. It's going to be hilarious if their legends become infamous as star crossed lovers that were never meant to be due to duty.
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  6. Tobi

    Tobi Versed in the lewd.

    Dec 10, 2017
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    Shipping so much shipping.
  7. MasterOfDragonsGod

    MasterOfDragonsGod Connoisseur.

    Jul 13, 2018
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    So is it canon?
  8. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Can't say. It's a surprise.
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  9. ATP

    ATP Not too sore, are you?

    Jun 24, 2020
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    Great chapter.Now they become Robin Hood.Whih mean,that you need 2 Kings to get one noble highwayman.
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  10. Threadmarks: Chapter 18: The Pup and the Unruly (2)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Chapter 18: The Pup and the Unruly (2)

    Once we were done at the Soup Kitchens, the next stop was the castle. With the twins still walking with us, I found myself thoughtful over two specific matters that I had been ignoring to bring up in a conversation lest ruining my date with Mya.

    It wasn’t like I expected those topics to actually sour things too much, but rather make for a poor first impression to make on these two new knights in an effort to get through these worries of mine. While I knew the two blonds were far from malicious in their intents, with Gaheris being more of a teen going through puberty and being an angst-driven jerk at times, I was well unnerved by the possibility that if they confirmed their pledge to my rule, I was going to give Morgan another reason to come and visit again.

    While I had made plenty of upgrades around the castle through the help of Scathach and Altuos to deal with any sudden invasion from the witch, I really didn’t want to face the terrible woman anytime soon. And by soon, I was referring to ‘ever’.

    Still, despite my worries in maintaining a form of balance in this dual interaction, I still decided to trouble myself with one of the two subjects I was really concerned about. One that I knew wasn’t going to get any terrible reaction out of the two if I was careful enough with my words.

    “From what I understand you’ve been on the run since you were given the chance to wander around far from Lot’s castle,” I muttered with a calm tone. “I assume it was quite limiting before that.”

    “It was,” Gareth admitted with just a hint of nervousness in her voice. “But… we managed. Mother wasn’t that focused on us, at least not as much as she had been with Agravain and Gawain-”

    “Don’t mention him,” Her brother interjected fiercely. “He… He is no brother of ours.”

    I frowned, glancing at Gaheris with a confused look.

    “Are you referring to Agravain?”

    “No,” The young man quickly replied, his stare moving away from me as if having some trouble keeping it while talking about this very topic. “Gawain is… is not our brother.”

    Wasn’t he?

    “I’m sure he didn’t mean it. He would’ve gotten us out too if he could have at the time,” His sister remarked, getting a growl out of the blond.

    “Sure, and then he would’ve led us to the mystical land that does not exist.”

    I stared at the two with an interested look, trying to make sense of the whole situation since I didn’t have much background on these siblings before the tales of their glorious deeds. I knew that they were all born from the union of Morgan with King Lot, but I didn’t know how the situation in their home was before they left to ally with Arthur.

    Most of the sources would confirm Gawain as a warrior that ended up traveling to Jerusalem in a pilgrimage before deciding to return to his homeland to join Arthur’s cause. Some even went as far as saying that at the time he was back home he had gone through a couple of wars in the Middle East and Continental Europe that he had been active about.

    I doubted this was actually the case since that kind of voyage was quite prohibitive in terms of expenses and physical capacity to live and survive the chaotic infighting still happening in Europe, and I really couldn’t see someone that wasn’t born to respect or even know about Christianity to actually make a trip in Palestine for no major reason.

    It would’ve been cool to learn more about this legendary knight and even personally meet him if he really did this kind of stuff while the isles were busy with the petty clashing of various kings, religions, and civilizations.

    Pushing back that little curiosity of mine to ponder about on a later time, I decided to shift my attention on the issue at hand since I could tell Gaheris was getting close to snap because of his rising irritation about the subject. Mya was also nudging at my elbow with quite some insistence, feeling rather nervous with the two individuals getting in a heated discussion so easily.

    Like, what did Gawain do to warrant this much anger from his younger siblings?

    “How about you two stop discussing and getting this much attention on yourself?” I offered quietly, managing to at least get Gareth’s focus away from her brother. She looked surprised at first but soon bowed her head in minor embarrassment at being called out like that. Her brother followed suit shortly after, his attention briefly turning to me before the realization of what I was hinting seemed to get him to flush in frustration on the slightly humiliating comment.

    “Apologies, your highness,” The blonde replied with a humble tone. “We will stop dragging attention on us like this and-”

    “I don’t mind you two chatting about that kind of stuff,” I interrupted quietly. “I don’t see any reason to stop you from doing that. Just don’t get too incensed by simple words.”

    “Your highness, my memories are difficult to keep in check without having my ire rise because of those,” Gaheris admitted with an unhappy sigh. “I will try to be more mindful and-”

    “How about we try something that I know might help you two in the long term? Nothing about magic or any of that stuff, only proper conversation through a reliable judge.”

    “What?” Gareth inquired, getting Mya to giggle at that cute tone she got as she said that.

    “I think Joseph is referring to me,” The white-haired woman explained. “While I might not know what exactly you two are discussing, I wouldn’t mind giving my own opinion if you’re willing to spare me a simple explanation about what you’re talking about.”

    “but why?” Gaheris asked with a more confused look, accentuated by his deepening frown. “I mean, no disrespect to you, your highness and… Lady Mya. But why is this important?”

    I sighed, glancing around in an effort to clear out my mind and leave just a good explanation to that kind of snooping we were trying to pull in that instant. Sadly for me, someone else had been more than ready to answer as I came up with my own answer.

    “The King is someone that values people’s issues. Those problems that could potentially harm the growth of those he trusts upon, and that could possibly endanger those around them,” Lancelot said with a confident voice. “While your distrust is legitimate, I too believe that keeping this kind of problem away from resolution will only harm you in the long way.

    “Still, why Lady Mya? I don’t have anything against her but...”

    “You don’t see how she could help you, don’t you?”

    I sighed. “Gareth, my fiance is someone that is more experienced in handling emotions. I’m more logical and… she is someone that cares mostly about feelings and passion itself.”

    The girl nodded, still looking partly confused by my reasoning but still accepting the idea despite this very issue. Gaheris took a little more to understand this, but he eventually decided to see what kind of plan I had laid out in this situation.

    The lance-wielder was the first one to speak. The blonde offered an account of swift events with some extra details around the bits that could’ve incriminated Gawain of what was being accused about by the fellow swordsman. Her twin was a little less restrained with his version of the final events. I listened silently as he detailed how his brothers had decided to betray them by leaving them to their devices when he had the chance of escaping their mother’s influence.

    Gawain didn’t seem to have ever mentioned this interest, and thus the possibility of this being a betrayal of sorts stuck around the mind of Gaheris. The young man was angry, frustrated, and potentially in serious need of some sleeping from the dark bags under his eyes. While his story did make it seem like their old brother had decided to leave them despite his clear affections for them, combining both versions of the tale offered a better understanding of that very instance.

    It was easy for me to understand where the real problem was, instead allowing Myasviel to raise her own points on the matter since she was the one that was meant to dodge.

    “I think your brother didn’t leave you two because you were a burden in his eyes. I think from the way you described him sounded like a nice person. One that would do his best to protect that part of the family he considered worthy of that kind of love, and to never leave those he cares about without a good enough reason.” Mya spoke up with a convinced tone. “In fact, I believe there has to be more to the story. Maybe a bit you two don’t didn’t know about.”

    “A… A bit? You mean like… a motivation that could’ve forbidden Gawain to take us with him?”

    “You also said he was rather strong. Enough for your mother to buy him nice armors, swords and other good tools used in fights. Since she favored him, maybe he thought that you would’ve been hurt if he had tried to take you two with him.”

    “But why? Why would he worry about something about that?” Gaheris pressed with some insistence in his voice. “Gareth and I are strong enough at the time to help him against any enemy-”

    “Even your mother?” I quipped suddenly, getting both to freeze up at the unexpected question.


    “As I’ve said, if she favors him, then she would’ve actively hunted him and… she would’ve tried to use you two as means to make him easier to capture,” Mya resumed her explanation as politely as she could. “Until you ask him, I don’t anyone else will provide you the truth… unless as a way to prank you or trick you into doing horrible stuff for nothing.”

    “We’re not that gullible,” Gaheris rebuffed, but I knew he was lying from how long it took him to answer that chance.

    Mya held back a giggle, and I merely smiled as Gareth huffed at her brother.

    “Why did you wait that long to answer? You’re giving them the wrong impression.”

    “I- but how? I just answered and-”

    “You were speaking up much slower than you usually would with other topics,” I flatly interrupted. “I believe that is more than enough to give any silly impression of yourself.”

    The still distracted young man frowned with an even more perplexed look than before, still he couldn’t help but nod at that awkward mistake of his. Gareth had to hold herself from giggling at her brother’s mistake, but she managed pretty well in doing so. Soon we were walking inside the castle through the main gates, right where someone had been waiting around for us to return for a couple of hours now.

    A bored Marcus had decided to wait at the gates of the castle for our return, giving me the chance to address him about my plans with the young blond man with him. Confusion turned in minor annoyance as he realized what I was talking about, yet he still seemed to grasp well enough that 1) Marcus was experienced and worthy to study under and 2) realizing that it was easy to remember where we were despite how everything was for both.

    With Lancelot taking his leave with young Gareth to help her find where her living quarters were now that she had accepted training and be a knight under me, Mya and I were finally spared some proper time alone while we arrived at our garden. The young woman was smiling eye-to-eye, both because she was glad of the help she was capable of offering and… because now we were free from giving a try to the last bit of our date.

    And with the tune of a slow dance softly buzzing from my phone, I made the greatest effort to not step onto her feet… but also hold myself from overreacting at her own mistakes. She giggled each moment she realized she had messed up, making my irritation falter and vanish at the melodious notes of her explanations.


    “Did you think Marcus will be able to handle someone like Gaheris?”

    I sighed at Mya’s question, feeling rather drained by the chances of dealing with the young man again since my current interest was aimed at our slow and quiet efforts to master how proper dance was supposed to unfold, with me enjoying the rest of the day with the hopes of not drawing too much attention to ourselves about it.

    No trouble had raised up to our attention, but the young woman was still legitimately taken by the tales of the two twins. Both looked to have gone through some rough experiences, and I could tell Mya found their story compelling since it reminded her of how her life was before I freed her. At first I didn’t think this correlation went that far, but as I thought about what was really happening inside her head, the young woman happily revealed the truth.

    I was stomped by the seriousness she made use of in that brief conversation, but I was quick to accept her reasoning as those didn’t lack a logical foundation to be. In fact, it was one of the most solid and most coherent thoughts she could’ve provided about any reason why she was interested in the two young knight’s plight.

    It would be a lie to say I wasn’t invested in their past too, but my reasons easily faded before the ones that Mya had to fuel her curiosity and good-willed interest in helping these two. So, instead of either ignoring or giving the topic too little interest in an effort to keep the attention lingering at our current activity together, I decided to give her a truthful answer.

    “Maybe. Marcus had dealt with tougher people… so I believe it’s more up to Gaheris than the Commander,” I confessed, soon humming for a while as I finished massaging my feet as we prepared to go through our umpteenth dance session. The surprise created by my phone’s function to reproduce music fading away the more the woman grew accustomed to the simple device. Three hours had been wasted in that endeavor, and while I was pretty sure we were both growing tired with every new effort, I could tell we were both improving from those.

    It was a slow process, one that I knew would take a couple of months to get down to before we could easily say we could dance properly to the classic music I had on my phone, but it wasn’t completely crappy as I would’ve imagined it being before our first attempt together. Mya was nimbler than I had thought her be, and I was less stiff with my own moves than I would’ve imagined myself being.

    We were both good enough to make a good scene if we wanted, but I was rather nervous of dancing with others looking at us, and I could tell the girl too wasn’t up to deal with that kind of attention just yet. Something of a good news… but one that swiftly prompted the young woman to ask for more training to get this ‘easier to go through’.

    Eventually the dance training dragged a little closer to dinnertime. It was still pretty far for us to be compelled to go, but the disposition we ended up taking as we both stopped dancing was quite unexpected and… adorable.

    Resting her head on my lap, a cute yawn left her lips as she happily enjoyed having her hair softly played with while my left hand quietly cupped her left cheek with a caring touch. It wasn’t the first time we ended up in that position, but I felt a sense of completion to see her like this for today. I knew that the reason she looked so happy despite her tired attitude was because I had managed to give her the day she wanted to spend with me.

    It was different in some aspects from what I had initially planned it out to be, mostly with the arrival of both Gareth and Gaheris, but it was still easy to manage as we went through our planned stops without much of an issue with these unexpected developments. In fact, I was willing to say that these unplanned additions only heightened the uniqueness of the day of a couple of touches, giving us both something to handle together as a team rather than being restrained to the usual couple-related activities.

    Soon Mya allowed a pleased sigh to leave her mouth as she enjoyed her little treatment, a mirthful smile adorning her gorgeous visage as we both enjoyed the surprising warmth of today’s sun. Usually the sunlight wouldn’t have been strong enough to bring any noticeable warmth, yet for some reason today it just felt warmer than usual. Thus basking under its rays left us happier as we went through the last few topics we were going to talk about before going to eat dinner.

    “Can I ask you a rather silly question, Joseph?”

    I blinked, glancing down at Mya’s curious red eyes for a little while before giving her a silent nod. She hummed, thinking about her query for a moment before finally speaking up once again.

    “Would you prefer a son or a daughter?”

    Blinking again, I took a moment to actually think at the incredibly big question the young woman has given me to try and solve. Sure, I had been thinking of this for a long time now, starting from the moment when I began thinking how things were going to be after the marriage.

    After consuming the first night together, the next step was the production of a healthy heir for me to be able to pass upon my legacy onto. By logical thinking, a son would be the most ideal decision among the available picks. Not only we would’ve avoided being pressured too much by others about extending the dynasty, but it would also be an interesting experience that I wasn’t nervous to actually make with my soon-to-be wife.

    Still, I wasn’t going to say no to a daughter. I’ve long learned to accept the chances of the classic family’s predisposition of having a firstborn son and a second-born daughter being disrupted one way or another… but I wouldn’t exactly mind having to love a mini-Mya in a couple of years from now.

    I could already imagine the giggling echoing across the castle’s halls as I would be always giving chase to a cheeky white-haired child that had gone and made some trouble worthy of some running around home. And the mere mental picture was enough to make the choice stand up strongly against the ‘son’ decision. Enough to make the two stuck in a tie in my head.

    “I guess I don’t have a legitimate preference. I would love to have a little son to teach to, but I would be the happiest if it was a little Mya running around and wreaking havoc in Londinium.”

    The young woman giggled at the latter half of the response, giving an agreeing nod at my answer.

    “I can see both being fun options, but perhaps we could give it a try and see if we can have both a son and a daughter,” She suggested with a fascinated tone. “I think it would be nice if they had someone else to trust on. A sibling to rely on.”

    I was surprised by such a comment, but I found the whole concept not that odd to believe into. Still, I decided to tackle the comment with a mirthful thought of mine.

    “Maybe you should first see how you handle your first pregnancy. And that is a tough experience as it is before going for a second one.”

    She huffed. “I will manage.”

    I was sure she would have, but I knew that the last months were going to be a nightmare since her behavior was going to be intensified to an unpleasant notch. There was nothing wrong in that and I wasn’t going to blame her to be a little moody during that kind of time period, but I sure wasn’t going to have an easy life about it for sure.

    “And I will have you to stand beside me,” Mya also added. “So I believe it even more.”

    I sighed, slowly leaning down and planting a kiss on her forehead.

    “Aren’t you being a flatterer today, my dear?” I inquired softly, drawing a happy sigh out of her as she enjoyed the closeness we had right now. I turned to give her my right cheek, nuzzling back at her as we happily went through that silent cuddling in relative peace. This was going to be one of the many loving moments we would share before I would have to leave to deal with the problems in the north.

    I knew Ria would be taking a more active stance once she was done with her marital business, and I was sure she was going to ask for my support just like we had established through our letters. Morgan needed to be stopped, and the faster that happened, the lesser the chances of more treacheries where to unfold in our respective courts.

    But for now I enjoyed the moment, savoring my moment of bliss with my beloved as I prepared for a long day tomorrow now that I had two new individuals to take case of. Gareth looked to be reliable enough to leave in Lancelot’s care, while her brother was still too stubborn to be moved away from the rough and blunt training style I knew Marcus being capable of.

    While I knew the commander had little to teach to the young man in terms of fighting, I wanted the older man to be educating the blond about moral conduct and the duties of being a proper knight in a well-established court. And hopefully, he was going to stop being driven by his temper in making poor decisions that could either threaten his own well-being or the one of those around him.

    After spending another hour together with Mya, we both started to make our way back to the dining room where much had to be discussed about tomorrow’s affairs. With the two of us looking rather radiant, Altuos decided to take some sweet revenge at his busy day with triple the usual paperwork he was accustomed to by bringing up this very topic.

    At first it didn’t do much to us since we had both grown accustomed to this kind of comments… but then he brought up the endless possibilities of how our children were going to look like, and our minds decided to betray us by bringing up some endearing combination of any of our future sons and daughters. Our faces were quick to turn beet red as the chuckles coming from the elder domineered over the dinner for almost half an hour.

    Still, with the pleasant developments making this day the best in a long time, I felt the need to think and prepare as I knew this wasn’t meant to last. Something just felt like things weren’t going to keep up this good, especially with how tense the situation with the petty kingdoms was slowly turning into.

    I needed to make plans and prepare for the inevitable and, perhaps, it was time to stake some claims and remove some of the ‘pillow nations’ that existed between Londinium and the Lothians.

    Maybe Morgan wasn’t looking at us while I tried to accomplish the extremely delicate task of doing so, that is…



    Some more discussions about Gareth and Gaheris when they were still bound to Morgan, some dancing, and finally some serious thoughts about the future.

    ...I’m really tired right now. Like, I’ve been yawning a lot and losing grasp over the text for a little while now. I would’ve written a little more, but I thought about the chances of messing the chapter too much by doing that.
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    Why do I feel like the sun knight is in America and that’s how he got potatoes. To make his infamous tasteless mashed potatoes.
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    ...oh no.

    That’s exactly how that happened, isn’t it. XD

    I wonder how the presence of his two siblings will influence which court Gawain ends up in~
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    Look at him taunting Murphy, you would think he knew better.
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    If his goal is to escape his crazy mother it makes sense for him to go to America. A land that doesn’t exist yet for Europeans maps. Plus I’m reminded of a certain sun goddess who loves Lucha.

    He might end up in Jojo’s court or if he still goes to Artoria’s he will refuse to fight or go against his siblings.
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    He is not that bad.He could always said "What could go wrong" - and he do not say that.
  16. Threadmarks: Map - Britain (The Pup and the Unruly 2)

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    Nice map
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    During russian occupation of Poland we have proverb,that woman need 3 sons,becouse one would be killed,second send to Syberia, and third had chance to start family.
    So,just in case - maybe 3 sons ?
    P.S Gareth - perfect waifu for Lancelot,he would not chase Artur wife then.
  19. Threadmarks: Chapter 19: The Pup and the Unruly (3)

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    Chapter 19: The Pup and the Unruly (3)

    I knew that the date had really gone for the best when I woke up to a well-placed kiss from the lips from a certain young woman. Mya’s mood was brilliant despite how early in the morning it was.

    I was relieved that my hard work had been well-received, and I was given further confirmation of this when I saw her happily spend her time talking with guards and other courtiers around. I knew she was trying to make an effort to entertain herself as I went through the first batch of papers, being quite sure myself that she had planned to check on me just before lunchtime.

    Having a lot to unravel after yesterday, I decided to start the usual signing session by dealing with my new knights. Both were easy to register as part of the Kingdom, the only limitation being that I would’ve to find them later that day to have them sign the documents that confirmed their legitimate connection to my fief, while also bringing them the proper cloaks and uniforms to wear from now on.

    Since Gareth was still young and not that developed in terms of curves, it was going to be easy for her to wear the masculine clothes… while also making sure nobody but a few knew she was actually a woman.

    Testing the waters with Altuos about the matter, the man was quick to point out that one thing was being a female warrior, while another was being a female knight. The real difference lingered on the basis knighthood is bestowed to men and only men. There was no restriction to limit women to become fighters, but they shouldn’t be able to become a ‘chevalier’ in official circumstances.

    I knew she was going to accept, albeit reluctantly and unhappy on the fact that she was meant to dodge some awkward situations and be subjected to others all for the sake of keeping her gender a secret. Not something I liked, but society wasn’t something that could be changed in a single stroke of laws. Social changes were gradually implemented. Some took little, some can take whole centuries to become firmly accepted by everyone.

    And knowing how many obstacles I would have to face to implement even the simplest recognition of women’s valor in roles beyond the ones of housewives and ‘fair maidens’ was going to take a fair lot to be implemented.

    I settled down for minor probings to see if it could be done in a year for now, and maybe try to push for more in the next five. Not ideal, but at least it was progress of some sort. And definitely more than I expected to be able to do compared to the act of trying to convince the Church that killing Jews isn’t justifiable through the crime of ‘king-slaying’ since they are ‘behind’ Jesus’ crucifixion.

    Like seriously, the current state of society had a lot more problems to be brought up, and some of which were going to be essential to reach the same degree of equality I was familiar with. There was some hope of fixing that in due time… and by ‘due time’ I meant hopefully the next few decades from now. And if I manage to live that long.

    There were so many threats that just pushed me to evaluate a tougher foreign stance against the neighbors up above. The Lothians were already showing some troubles in keeping hold of the new territories. When the news that my people were enjoying better conditions than the ones King Lot offered to his subjects, the brief relief of being spared from the Germanic yoke was finally wiped out from their minds as riots started to intensify in the area.

    With the main army still focusing on keeping some current issues by the small gap to Ireland contained, only small forces had been deployed to deal with the revolts… which meant a swift attack to conquer these lands was doable and a brilliant opportunity to exploit. And since Marcus was eager to put to work the current state of the big professional army we had under our control, I decided to make a risky move and see if I could dodge official war through an ambitious and reckless plan of mine.

    Medieval times had a noble concept of war that was widespread in many cultures. The simple process war: There is a proclamation, then the battle, and ultimately the loser has to pay plots of land and money to the winner. But there was a concept that was well known in modern times that was going to sound pretty ‘outrageous’ in the eyes of many rulers. And that was the use of assassins, spies, and the terrifying military tactic that was false-flag operations.

    While at first the concept might sound odd and not easy to connect with the entire situation, the plan was fairly simple in terms of application, and devastating if everyone went with their parts accordingly. Having secured contacts with the rebels, it was easy to get them to accept in their midst professional assassins and have them send flags, clothes bearing Lothian Coats of Arms, and other pieces of fabric that could be used to easily make a large number of men pass as some reinforcement from the north.

    The chosen squad would enter through a small opening in the border and then, after making contact with the uppermost village that had sympathies with our kingdom, marched downward to close up on the distracted armies and crush them. The assassins would then attack and kill anyone trying to run or any officers living through the event, depriving any information beyond what we were going to tell the world to be heard about. And while it wasn’t a big of a blow to the Picts’ full military and since it was particularly slow since it would take a little more than a week to get the entire thing going and done, the act would prevent any good reason for Lot to try and see this as an illegal move and proclaim a ‘right war’ against Londinium.

    In the public’s eyes, despite what Morgan was going to make of it if she learned of the truth, the rebels won against the loyalists and were happily integrated within my kingdom. It was going to immensely piss off the big neighbor in the north but… I also knew they would have little legitimacy to declare war directly at my kingdom. They could, but then I would have an army already set to strike at various sections of the border and chase them up to modern Scotland’s borders.

    Even without Ria’s own support, I could technically overwhelm a good part of the land owned by King Lot, but then I would also need to keep an eye out for any backstabbing attempt from the petty kingdoms in the middle of England. And that kind of security was going to need part of the army diverted onto it if I didn’t want for any greedy bastards coming in and sweeping over some of the conquered land.

    Despite how easy it was right now to strike at Lot, the rest of the mad ride was going to be incredibly unpleasant to handle. Especially if the man decides to ally himself with Vortigern. That was actually something that I partly feared about since… I knew that there was a lot of frightening stuff the guy was remembered as in some accounts of his existence. Most of those labeled him as a necromancer- as someone that ended up making contacts with Demons and summon other satanic creatures through magic.

    Knowing Magecraft is a thing, and having learned that Demon Boars were pretty common to find in the Land of Shadows, I was legitimately worried that I was going to face a dangerous problem the moment I ended up dealing with him. Maybe I should really wait for Ria before going for a full war with Lot. Still, I was going to risk it with that plan of mine. I needed to appear legitimately concerned with my fellow man’s plight if I wanted to get all that sweet rep to legitimize the kingdom even more.

    Just as I mused over these grim topics, a knock by the door brought me back to reality as I turned to the origin of the sound with a frown.


    It’s me.

    I smiled in minor relief, glad that now I had someone to distract me from falling once again in that kind of thoughts.

    “Come in, Mya,” I muttered calmly, and thus the girl entered the room and took a seat in front of me.

    “Are you busy?”

    “Not really, no. Today it’s just simple things I can continue for tomorrow since it’s not much,” I admitted with a nod.

    “I’m happy. That means we can spend some time together after lunch?”

    “I don’t see why not,” I replied with a smile. “Were you thinking about some more dancing?”

    Her smile widened at that reminder. She was a little surprised when she first heard classic music through my phone, but then she took a distinct liking for anything that was made by German composers. Beethoven was so far her favorite, and she loved dancing at his tunes.

    “Maybe, but I was thinking about something else,” Mya added with a huff. “Something… new.”

    “Like what? Do you have anything in specific you want to do in the afternoon?”

    “How about we cook something?” She proposed. “Like something that isn’t cakes or anything sweet. Something for one of the big meals.”

    “Lunch or dinner?”

    The young woman took a little longer to get that answer out, and she started with a quick nod.

    “I think I’ve an idea what we can do for dinner.”

    “For… dinner?” I was perplexed by the fact it was for that much later.

    “How about… we try to make something from your homeland?”

    I blinked. “Really?”

    “Yes. I don’t think you’ve actually tried to make something you’re more accustomed to,” She explained with a curious hum. “So why not try now that we have the chance?”

    I didn’t have anything to use against that point. To be honest, I thought about trying my hands at making something on my own but… most of the dishes I knew about were based on ingredients that I couldn’t create or that weren’t there to begin with. Considering Tomato is still limited in America, I could cross out standard pizzas and a good half of possible pasta variations off the list. Same for anything that required spices and other stuff beyond Europe itself.

    I spent a couple of quiet minutes thinking about this very matter and I eventually decided to settle for something quite tame but still good.

    “I’ve a good idea. But we will have to start to work on it once we’re done with lunch. The preparation is quite long.”

    “We can do it,” The girl happily accepted the challenge. “Can you tell me what it is?”

    “A secret. But I can tell you it’s a salt-based food, and that you will probably love it.”

    “Probably?” She frowned while saying that. “Of course I will love it.”

    “You don’t even know what it is,” I pointed out and she giggled at that.

    “Well, are you going to prepare something bad?”


    “Then I know I will love it.”

    “Are you reading more of these books?”

    “Yes! Can you tell?”

    I nodded. “I sure can. But make sure to not get too influenced by those. Sometimes they can be wrong too.”

    “I know. I’m not… that silly.”

    That pause really got her to sell the point across, and Mya could only pout as I regarded that adorable response with an amused smile.

    The rest of the morning was wasted in more words, but the topics didn’t stem from anything beyond simple and unimportant. Some fun back-and-forth would ensue from time to time, but nothing that actually resulted in serious bickering. In the end, I did make good promise of what I told Mya we were going to do, and started to prepare the first step needed to get that particular dish done.

    Teaching her how to handle the unique dough we needed for the food ended up taking a while, but she seemed to take quick interest in the applications of this specific compound. Eventually the resulting four small balls of dough were put inside one of the cupboards that was meant to be used to leave specific ingredients, only to be recovered later that day when I had to mold the dough and fill it with the rest of the ingredients.

    Despite my high expectations for today’s dinner, I was quickly surprised to learn from one of the guards that a certain someone decided to pay a quick visit. And I was quick to walk up to where our current guest was patiently staying by.


    “I didn’t expect to find you here now,” I muttered as I took a seat beside a certain distracted teacher.

    Scathach hummed quietly, her stare aimed at the small courtyard which was being used by Marcus and his newest student. Gaheris was surprisingly having a tough time trying to keep calm with the taunts used by the rowdy man, and that lessened his capacity to fight the veteran at full strength.

    Instead, the blond was getting pushed left and right by the relentless attacks from the military leader, and he seemed to fail to understand why that was happening to him.

    “I didn’t expect you to recruit a new warrior to your court,” She hummed quietly. “Gaheris, he has potential to be great.”

    “He sure does,” I admitted calmly, looking as the boy recoiled and recovered from two kicks landing on his cheeks. “But I believe it pales a little when compared to his sister. She is currently with Lancelot.”

    Interest appeared within her red eyes, but the proud woman didn’t inquire at first as she allowed the news to linger without answer for a little while. Then, she sighed and turned at me with a curious look.

    “And why do you believe so?”

    “Both siblings have the same drive to improve, but Gaheris is quite stubborn and difficult to work with if his teacher doesn’t know how to handle his strong personality,” I explained quietly. “I would dare to say that Gareth is someone that listens and knows how working on her mistakes is better than turning every comment into a full-fledged session of bickering.”

    “I would be lying if this reminds me of the past. Cu was a little less… foolish about his pride,” The former queen pointed out. “He was fiery, but never too arrogant in displaying this when the situation called for seriousness.”

    “Teacher… can you tell me more about him?”

    “I remember telling you to not ask me about that,” She lamented quietly. “Are you a fool too?”

    “At times,” I confessed with extreme guilt. “But I guess that’s why I’m studying under such a brilliant teacher.”

    Scathach sighed. “Flattery will hardly take you anywhere.”

    “Which is why I’m trying to stay here and ask. Moving would be tough and-” I paused, my body tensed up as the woman silently moved her arms to hand by my shoulders and… then she wrapped it around my neck to pull me closer to her.

    “Right now I can strangle you and put an end to this conversation. Do you want to perish because of this?”

    Instead of directly answering that query, I merely lifted my hands up, between her arm and my neck. Then I turned to her and smiled.

    “If I don’t try, then I can’t exactly call myself your student, you know that, right?”

    I wasn’t surprised when she actually went through with her threat, I felt my arms hurting as I tried to unwrap her own away from my head. She was quite stubborn and her hold was deadly strong, and it was all with a single arm. I slowly felt my resistance falter and her arm calmly approaching my face… but then it stopped as a jolt went down her spin.

    Surprise appeared on the woman’s face as I had sneakily pulled one of my hands away from her ‘attack’ and quickly reached her belly. With her clothes still offering a close sensation to her body, I gave a quick poke on her left side, swiftly gaining a shiver out of her. It was in that moment that I caught sight of a real weakness that I hadn’t noticed until now.

    Scathach was ticklish… and I was in range for a full-fledged counterattack. She barely had enough time to realize what I had planned, but I was too quick and too close for her to dodge my hands as I started to tickle her mercilessly. And in that exceptional moment of pure victory, I was blessed with a pitch of voice I hadn’t ever thought of hearing.

    Her lovely chuckles filled the halls and she was forced to let go of my neck as I continued with my brilliant counter… that is, until the woman managed to regain some control over herself and went to punish me for doing that to her. At first I didn’t notice it, but then I felt her own hands grasp at my sides and… push me to the ground.

    I tried to not stay on the ground for too long, but I was surprised with her agility in moving in for the ‘kill’. I groaned as she sat down on my chest and stared down at me with righteous fury plastered on her face.

    “Is… Is it too late to apologize?”

    “Yes. Right now, you leave me no choice… but go ahead with my plan.”

    “Your what?”

    Her answer proved to be much more than I had expected. Leaning down her face close to mine, I was swiftly engaged in a sudden kiss as the woman pressed herself on me. Surprise was what drove me to a sense of inaction for a while, but soon I managed to push her off and look at her in shock.

    “What was that?”

    “A reward, but I believe it’s officially a greeting between two close individuals.”

    “I mean- Why? You know that I’m going to marry Mya!” I remarked, getting a little angry at that sassy response.

    “Oh, I’m well aware about this. But I took precautions to avoid any problems with your lady,” The former queen admitted. “It wasn’t easy, but she came up with a curious agreement to allow me this little chance of… relief.”


    “One minutes spent kissing… is equal to a full hour she gets to have me around to cuddle with.”

    “I… I think I’ve to ask again… WHAT?!”

    “No yelling,” The fierce warrior commented. “Or else I might have to silence you with an unorthodox manner.”

    “Y-You can’t be serious.”

    “I’ve been sealed off from the world for centuries, and you’re my apprentice. Apologies if it wasn’t clear that I might start feeling rather interested in your body,” She flatly commented. “Still, I’ve to remind you that I will keep things rather simple and not too sinful considering the teachings of your God.”

    “You actually told Mya!?”

    “Yes. She was annoyed at first, but then I voiced the fact I wasn’t trying to steal you from her,” Scathach recounted. “And then I brought up that I would’ve done pretty much everything for a chance at that. She seemed rather keen with the whole… cuddling process.”

    My jaws dropped at this. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be more shocked by the fact Mya had just gone through with that without much resistance or… because my own teacher was still aiming at me despite my own reluctance.

    “I-I thought I said that-”

    “You weren’t going to touch me the same way you would with your wife,” The former queen interrupted and concluded for me. “Which is why I’ve only asked for this. And why I made sure to have Mya know what is happening instead of betraying what little trust she has for me.”

    “I still didn’t-”

    “Do you want me to stop?” She asked. “Do you really want me to stop giving you leverage on myself? To be subjected to this kind of care on my part?”

    “I- This isn’t just right.”

    “By what definition is this wrong? There is no cheating, and I’m not forcing you to taint your wedding. In fact, you can see it as a preparation of sorts since kissing becomes an important part of a relationship, so it would only be proper for you to be prepared to deliver when the time is right,” The woman pressed on. “Plus, you can consider this as training too. You can test your capacity to keep yourself from breathing for long times.”

    “I don’t think that works.”

    “It’s either that, or something Mya might find rather… distasteful.”

    “I will not ask,” I decided, getting a nod from the teacher.

    “Good, I wasn’t planning to offer that very tale on my own volition.”

    For a moment, I felt rather glad that there was no escalation out of this. But as I regarded this situation once again, I couldn’t help but realize that she was still pressing herself onto me and… she was sneakily trying to get another kiss out of it.

    “W-What about me?”

    “I thought we had that point solved already.”

    “I believe we don’t,” I remarked. “In fact, you just brought up some benefits but-”

    “Do you want to do this, yes or not?”

    “I… why?”

    “Because why not?”

    “I mean it, why?”

    She sighed. “I guess it’s because I know you will not abuse this offer. You’re not someone that asks more than they are offered in this kind of thing and… I believe we can both find a greater connection as mentor and apprentice.”

    “I… I suppose- if Mya is fine with this-”

    “I will take that as a yes,” She interrupted again, and I sighed.

    I was actually going to say yes on my own, but I suppose her nerves had to be close to explode in this intense situation. I half-expected her to go down for just a couple more kisses and then set me free…

    And then I realized how wrong I was.

    “By the way, how long until it’s time for dinner to be ready?”

    I frowned at the unexpected query.

    “I… I think an hour or so?”

    Scatchach nodded, a chilling smile forming on her face.

    “Good, then I guess I will have to lend my body as a pillow to your curious wife for sixty hours.”


    And from that moment until dinner, I was solely smooched for a solid hour. With pauses, very few of those… but still enough to not see me die by asphyxiation.

    I wasn’t sure how to treat this kind of circumstance but… now I had this new problem to handle. And I knew this was going to be scandalous if I wasn’t able to moderate any possible leaks about this very situation.

    Scathach didn’t seem to mind, and neither was Mya as she snuggled close to her new pillow. Sleeping in the same bed soon proved to be an awkward circumstance than an adorable one.



    When the cinnamon roll is so pure that she ends up winning big time against a possible rival. I swear, the whole ‘Mya is the Harem Protag’ theory is not canon, but she can be one if she really wanted to.

    In a more serious tone, I’ve decided to finally settle for the harem or not situation: After thinking for long about this, I’ve decided to have a single pairing… but girls can still have some unique relationship with the MC that can go beyond friendship. None of those had to be romantic in nature, and there are a fair couple that will go platonic/family-like.

    So yeah, it’s not going to have multiple pairings, but I will pledge to make each relationship fleshed out into unique ones that are different from each other.

    On an unrelated note: I’ve updated a couple of things in my FFN profile bio. Now there is a list of ongoing, on hiatus, and planned stories with all of those having the proper place where to find them.

    Finally, to put an end to those request of knowing how Joseph looks like:
    1.Shoulder-length dark-brown hair, most of the time tied in a tiny ponytail to avoid slapping his face with some strands;
    2. Dark eyes with a gleam of chocolate-shade brown.
    3. Slightly taller than average, but still short compared to people like Lancelot;
    4. Slim figure with some toning, he is just now developing muscles after intense training;
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    So....his future waifu sell him to fate worse then death for cuddles??????
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    how much of the Pics territory did he stole with the false flag operation?

    And this part made me remember of CIV 6 Loyalty pressure mechanics
    Because Joseph kingdom is experiencing a golden age, his rivals are having problem with loyalty of their subjects
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    You’ve really made me love Mya as a character.x3
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    That how first states emerged in Europe during middle ages.
    First we had chieftain with bunch of warriors who take over territory,and if he was both able and lucky,he take over other proto-states becouse people there prefered him to their "king"
    Something like growing trees - first we have 10 young trees on some terrain,but 50 years later there is only one adult tree.
    Only difference is,that part of other trees could not choose to support winner.
    In Poland,for example,we had 2 proto-states,in Czech 4, and probably the same goes for all european countries.
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    King JoJo is gonna have to fight a dragon isn’t he? Let’s just hope if he does he can survive the pain train that is vortigern in one piece
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