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Taylor Killed Me?! (Worm CYOA SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Nightgazer, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Nightgazer Cute Lil' Pegasus Gone for Good

    Feb 26, 2016
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    Disclaimer : I own nothing, do not sue me.

    AN : This was made using my custom Worm CYOA now. Here's some info. http://nightgazer.altervista.org/Nightgazer's_Worm_CYOA/Nightgazer's_Worm_CYOA.htm . My CYOA was made by combining stuff from Worm CYOA versions one, two, and three now. Here's some info. http://nightgazer.altervista.org/Worm_CYOA_Version_3/index.htm . You can put a 1 or a 2 in place of the 3 to get the other versions as well if you want. I also ripped some things from Master of Squirrel-fu's Worm CYOA. [This space reserved for future Worm CYOA]. Also I added stuff from other CYOA's too. Including a Star Trek CYOA, a Stickers CYOA, and many others. When I look for a CYOA to get Advantages and Disadvantages from I go on Google looking for CYOAs and click the 'Images' button at the top. Then I click on the CYOA images that appear there. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't Many picture links are broken. Some of the page links return 404 errors to me then. This is why I didn't name the creators of some of the CYOAs. The pages wouldn't link in and I couldn't get their names. Hope that this helps you out some.

    AN2 : The 'Online Worm CYOA Complete Form' does not exist, I know; I checked.

    AN3 : I've decided Annette Hebert will live in this one though not without injuries.

    AN4 : The Taylor Hebert in this is a complete and total mouse at the start of this fic.

    AN5 : Later she learns how to kick butt.

    Taylor Killed Me?!


    Nightgazer Starlight



    Hi! My name is Billy. You don't need to know my last name.

    It was just a nice night in the house. I had just, a little while ago, woken up. And I was still a little groggy. Well, maybe a bit more Groggy. Alright, I could barely keep my eyes open now. I needed to start getting more sleep.

    I was currently sitting in front of my comp playing a very heavily modded Skyrim, I -love- the custom character mod and the TARDIS mod and the modern weapons mod too.

    Then I decided to take a break from being the dovahkiin and started browsing through the web instead.

    I decided to read some Worm SI fics.

    Now if I could just stop yawning so much.

    Man those SI characters got to have so much fun. If I was in their place I'd sure be having a lot of fun. It's not like that would ever happen though.


    "Odd." I said. "I don't remember anything about a thunderstorm. Real odd to be getting one here in July."

    Suddenly the room turns pitch black. I can't see a thing. All sounds are gone.

    A female voice giggles and calls out to me "You like Worm SIs so much? Well in that case I shall use this CYOA and send you there. I will make your choices for you and will not tell you what they are until you arrive."

    I tried to move but I couldn't. I was stuck like this.

    I yawned again. Man. I was tired.

    "Tired are you?" she asked. "Good. It will render you less able to resist."

    I giggled tiredly.

    "Let's see how many ways I can screw you over." she said with glee.

    I yawned again. Urg. I was beginning to dislike this bitch.

    "Should I do that?" she pondered. "Or this? Maybe doing those will screw you over the most..."

    I yawned again right now. Ummm. Everything was getting so blurry.

    "Rest your tired little head." she said. "Don't worry about a thing. Soon you will be in Worm and I will enjoy watching you die in confusion, agony, and terror."

    I yawned again.

    Why was everthing getting so hard to see?

    "Perhaps I will let you speak." she said while smiling. "So. Any last words?"

    "Bitch." I said kinda sleepily.

    She laughs and looks amused. "Hahahahahahahahaha! Those are your last words hmmm mortal."

    There is a sudden disorientation, and I am gone.


    Unknown place and time outside-of-reality

    A man who looked very much like Q but was not Q observed what was happening.

    "So she did it again?" he asked. "I thought we had scared her well enough with the descriptions of punishments the last time she pulled something like this. Evidenly not though."

    "I pity that poor guy." he said. "I know. I'll adjust the CYOA in his favor."

    He gestured and there was a bright flash of light.

    "There." he said. "That ought to do it. At least now he's got a better chance than he did before."

    "Now." he said. "To go inform the King what his wayward daughter has been up to. I am not looking forward to that."

    "Good luck you poor fool." he said looking in the direction where the guy's soul was headed. "I gave you the best chance I could. But you might get killed before you even get out of the starting gate."

    With that he snapped his fingers and vanished. Off to see the King. Luckily he would survive delivering such bad news now.



    Hi. My name is Taylor Hebert. At least it's partially anyway.

    That did sound confusing uh. I can understand. It confuses me too sometimes.

    My second year of high-school. This is the day that I almost died.
    I survived. I saved myself. I got abilties. It was horrible.

    This was also the first time I fought for my life. And the first time I killed a man. It was the day I stopped being a mouse.

    It was also the day I learned to stand up for myself and fight against those who would harm me then. It was the day my nature became darker then. It was the day that I lost my soul.

    And all before getting out of my locker.

    I suppose I should explain. You see, there are these three girls at school that have been making my life pretty goddamn miserable. Doing everything they could think of to make school suck, humiliate me, hurt me. Each of the three had their individual approach and for a good while it was like they were trying to outdo each other in how creative or mean they could get.

    It started when my former best friend Emma turned on me, just in time for the start of high-school. It went on for almost a year and a half before things quieted down. Around November, it was like they got bored. The pranks got tamer, then stopped altogether. The taunts stopped, and so did most of the hate mail. They ignored me, left me alone.

    I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I made a friend, one of the girls who had sometimes joined in on the taunting came to me and apologized. Not one of the major bullies, more like a friend of a friend of the bullies... I guess. She asked me if I wanted to hang out. I was too gun-shy, told her no, but it got so we were talking before and after classes and eating lunch together. Her approaching me and befriending me was one of the big reasons I could think the harassment was ending. I never really let my guard down around her, but she was pretty cool about it.

    And for most of November and the two weeks of classes before Christmas break, nothing. They were leaving me alone. I was able to relax. I thought it was over, that I could live my life now. Be happy.

    That ended the day I came back from the winter break. I went to my locker, and well. They'd obviously raided the bins from the girls bathrooms or something, because they'd piled used pads and tampons into my locker. Almost filled it.

    It was pretty obvious that they had done it before the school closed for Christmas, by the smell alone. I bent over to throw up, right there in a crowded hallway with everyone watching. Before I could recover or stop losing my breakfast someone grabbed me by the hair, hard enough it hurt, and shoved me into the locker.

    They shut the locker and put the lock on it. I was trapped in there with this rancid smell and puke barely able to move, it was so full. All I could think was that someone had been willing to get their hands that dirty to fuck with me, but of all the students that had seen me get shoved in the locker nobody was getting a janitor or teacher to let me out. I panicked, freaked out. The school day started and I was still in there.

    At first when I was stuffed in here I could hear the voices of students and teachers passing through the halls and had called out until I was hoarse. I had screamed. I had banged on the door too. No one helped.

    Hours passed. During the class break I could hear laughter, sniggers and gagging sounds as people passed by. No-one let me out. I was feeling sick, dizzy, my voice was hoarse from all the screaming and pleading. For hours I had banged against the door, trying to raise enough noise to be noticed.

    I sobbed in despair in the cramped disgusting locker I had been crammed into I knew not how long ago. The stench of the used feminine products that had been rotting for a time before being stuffed into my locker at some time before I had arrived had almost immediately caused me to empty my stomach and would still occasionally cause me to dry heave. I could also feel the bugs that had come to feed on the rot and the spiders that had come to feed on the bugs crawling around on me.

    Insects were crawling on me. They were biting me, infesting me. Vomit and blood and filth seeping into the wounds. So as they all went to class, leaving me abandoned a second time, I cried.

    I could see a tiny sliver of the ground outside my locker. I had watched as shadowy forms walked by earlier. My locker was apparently far enough away that no teacher had been disturbed enough by my shouting and screaming, they had not come to rescue me. I wanted out, and I knew by this point that no-one was going to let me out.

    The worst part was that this had been done in January and I was so cold feeling right now. I didn’t know how long I had been in the locker but I knew I would die of dehydration if I didn’t get out soon especially with the amount of fluids I had lost to vomiting and tears. Even had water not been a problem the school would remain unoccupied long enough that I could have possibly starved to death instead.

    Sophia came by later and taunted me. Telling me it was night and asking if I was thirsty. She then put a garden hose in the locker slats and soaked me down.

    Shen then took the garden hose back and laughed as she said she had made sure the heat was turned off. The heat turned off, while in January?! This wasn't just bullying, this was a -murder- -attempt-.

    Sophia was trying to -kill- -me- -off-!

    Then she taunted me about my new friend. Said how she and the other girls of the despicable trio had beat her up. Kept trying to make her renounce me.

    She had refused to do it stating that she would always be loyal to her friends. So they beat her up even worse. She had still refused to do it.

    Sophia had then taken a knife and stabbed her. And then gutted her like a fish. She then told me quite gleefully how she had then thrown her body into the ocean.

    Sophia had -murdered- -my- -friend-! And -in- -cold- -blood-! I felt a sense of hoplessness fall over me now.

    Sophia had -murdered- my friend off now!

    My friend was gone and not returning.

    I broke down and -cried- quite sadly.

    She then taunted me some more. And laughed at me some more. Then she turned and walked off away.

    I had been in and out of consciousness a few times. I could not call it sleep so much as passing out unable to remain awake. I knew that one of these times I would pass out and never wake again so I resisted as strongly as I could as darkness began to cloud my vision once again. Truly there wasn’t much light to be had with the school lights out and the locker closed but a sliver of light from the emergency exit lighting down the hall fell through the slats in the locker and I had grown used enough to this dim light to be able to tell when my vision was clouding over.

    As my eyes closed against my will for what I feared would be the last time I felt something new.

    Something changed, I experienced something. A pity it would lead to a fight to the death.


    Unknown place and time

    I awoke and I was elsewhere. I was also clean. It felt good.

    My wounds were healed. I was perfectly healthy. That felt good.

    I looked around the place. I stood on a low-railed bridge of... crystal? Arching from one flat-topped crystal spire to another. Spires that rose from depths too far for even my eyes to penetrate.

    The sky was a deep blue with a yellow sun and fluffy white clouds. There were also rainbows, lots and lots of rainbows. And there were crystals floating high in the sky and they were producing the most wonderful chimes of music.

    Everywhere I looked, left and right or up and down, were more bridges. More spires. And railless ramps. There seemed to be no end to them, no pattern. Some of those ramps climed to spire tops that had to be directly above the ones they had left.

    There were waterfalls everywhere as well.

    There were "islands", places where the bridges connected to big crystal formations before continuing on. On these "islands" was dirt, grass, lakes, trees bearing fruit, houses. I couldn't help and I just stopped and stared.

    This was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. I spun about the place with a smile on my face and laughed. I just felt so joyous I couldn't help myself.

    Sadly it was not to last.

    A wall of... darkness advanced forward. Where it reached the crystals turned into dark, pitted, cracked stone. The sun was gone. The sky was dark. The rainbows and the crystal music chimes were gone. The "islands" decayed. The grass on all the "islands" turned brown and dead. The trees and their fruit died, decayed, and rotted right before my eyes. The lakes dried up. The houses crumbled. The dirt turned into lava.

    In short my paradise that I had just found turned into a Hell.

    I stared in utter shock at all of this. 'Why?' I thought. 'Why is it when I finally find something good this happens? Am I destined to have nothing but misery for the rest of my life?'

    I couldn't help myself. I cried. For all that I had just lost.

    Suddenly I looked into the darkness and noticed... a man. He was striding forward. He seemed to be the source of the darkness.

    "Hello Taylor Hebert." he said stopping just a short way away from me. "My name is Billy. And I am here to kill you."





    I just stared in shock at what this man just said. Then I meekly asked. "What do you mean you're going to kill me? Who are you? Are you responsible for this?" I asked waving around at the devastation.

    He said "I already told you. My name is Billy. What I meant was I am going to kill you, absorb your memories and add them to my own, and take control of our body. And yes I am responsible for all this 'devastation'."

    I just looked at him and asked "Why?"

    He said "You see I encountered a higher power. An onimpotant being. This being was a complete bitch and wanted me to suffer. So she sent me here, to your world Earth Bet, and had me reincarnate as you. Now how reincarnation normally works is you would live out your life and remember nothing of mine. Or you could wake up one day and remember and we would merge together as one person. But, something went wrong. That bitch caused it no doubt. Now there are two of us in here. Haven't you wondered where we are? This is your, or rather our, mind Taylor Hebert."

    I just stared at him aghast. "What?!" I yelled. "That doesn't make any sense!"

    He just chuckled and said "To quote a favorite fictional character of mine 'Make sense? Make sense? Where's the fun in things making sense?'"

    He laughed and said "And to quote another favorite character of mine 'Search your heart. You know it to be true.' I am your past life, and I am tired of being here in the shadows."

    I felt a real sinking feeling as I search my heart, and knew that he spoke the truth about everything. "What do you mean that you're tired of being here in the shadows now?" I asked.

    He looked at me closely and he said "I mean that I am tired of it. I have been awake in here for years. Seeing through your eyes. Listening through your ears. Experiencing everything you experience. Unable to effect the physical world. Unable to even communicate with you. Well now I will kill you, absorb your memories, and take my rightful place as the one in charge of our body. Don't worry, I'll do a good job of acting as Taylor Hebert. They won't even know it's not really you. First thing I'll do when I get out of here is get out of that locker. Then I'll kill Sophia, Emma, Madison, and Blackwell. Then I'll decide whether or not to kill the students and teachers."

    I just gaped in horror. "How can you say such things so very casually?" I asked.

    "Simple." he said waving his hand now. "You are pathetic and don't deserve the life you have. I will however stand up for myself when I am in your body."

    "I'm not pathetic..." I mumbled.

    "You let them bully you for more than a year." he said in contempt. "You never once stood up for yourself. You just let it continue to the point where she decided to murder you. You just drifted through your life letting others make your decisions for you. Never siezing the opportunities that presented themselves."

    "W...W...W..hat 'opportunities'?" I asked.

    "Years ago your dad's friend Kurt offered you Martial Arts lessons." he said. "You could have learned self-defense from someone who had been in the Marines. You turned him down."

    I blinked and said "Dad wouldn't have liked it if I had. He doesn't like violence. He wouldn't have approved."

    He scoffed at me and said "Again with letting others decide for you? How about when they were giving away free smart-phones to any who would sign up to use those phones to record the daily city life around them and to take pictures? All you would have had to do is do that to help them to make their documentary of life in Brockton Bay."

    "Um..." I said. "Dad doesn't like cell phones. He wouldn't have approved of me having one."

    He sighed and shook his head. "Silly girl." he said. "If you had taken it you could have used it to record what was going on at school. And what about when that boy from the Empire 88 offered to protect you from Sophia? What did you do? You turned him down."

    I looked at him shocked and said "I could never accept help from racists like them!"

    He shook his head again and said "Just because you don't agree with them doesn't mean you can't accept their help. I don't agree with their beliefs either but I would have accepted help. We use the tools that come to hand Taylor."

    I looked at him in utter horror. "No!" I shouted. "Just no! I would never do something like that ever!!"

    He looked at me in disbelief and then... facepalmed. "And that is why I say you are pathetic. You won't do anything to help yourself because you're worried about displeasing others. That is why you are unworthy of our body and must die."

    I looked at him and said "This is my body. You cannot have it. So just go away." I said to him while I cried some.

    "Pathetic child." he said. "You have no hope against me. Surrender and I'll make it quick."

    "Never!" I shouted throwing some sand at him.

    He stepped to the side from it and said "Pathetic. Here. Let me show you how it's done." he said holding out his hand and... a sword suddenly appeared in it now.

    I gulped. That looked like a really sharp sword. I was beginning to think my chances of surviving this were less than I thought.
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    Huh. You were aware through birth instead of dropping in late?
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    Oh wow. Spirit Within. I haven't heard that fanfic in forever...
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    Glad that you enjoyed the fic now.^_^