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The Alchemist Hero : Alchemo (MHA SI/OC)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Harripota, Oct 18, 2020 at 8:01 AM.

  1. Threadmarks: Playing Chance games is hardcore

    Harripota Getting out there.

    Apr 26, 2020
    Likes Received:
    A 20-year-old young man was seen running on the road in the thunderstorm carrying a plastic bag full of groceries whean he slipped on the pavement in front of an electronics shop. In the background, the News on the T.V was talking about the mysterious phenomena occurring throughout the planet as there was suddenly a planet-wide thunderstorm taking place.

    "Ah Crap, I should have waited till tomorrow to get the groceries"

    As he tried to stand-up using the street pole as support there was a sudden lightning strike to the pole and he was electrocuted and blasted away, as he slowly died he cursed his bad luck for coming out on this freakish day. It hurt so much that while he was fighting for his life he slowly let go of his struggle to sleep as he was tired.

    '*Gasp* Huh, Where am I?' he thought as he looked around it looked like a great natural reserve, with a stream flowing nearby, fresh grass and trees.

    "Hello, there young one, how did you get here? Let me see" Suddenly before he could react a man who looked suspiciously like Morgan Freeman with his voice put his hand on his head and suddenly he saw his entire life from birth to death.

    'He must be a R.O.B', Right as this thought went through his mind, he replied, "Yes, I am, young man."

    It was weird whatever language this guy was speaking was definitely not English yet he could understand Perfectly.

    "Hmm, I have heard my fellow beings doing some of those self-inserts, I always thought it was fun but maybe I should try. What do you say?"

    He was excited, he was going to be self inserted, maybe he can ask for some OP wishes?

    "Hmm, sorry young one I am not going to let you make a choice, it will all be based on chance but don't worry I will select only the worlds you recognize and give you three abilities" and then he materialized a buzzer and Spinning wheel with an arrow attached

    That was a bucket of cold water on him, now he was dreading because he knew some fucked up universe where life would be hell like Attack on titan etc, he gulped loudly and pressed and held down the buzzer with shaking hands as the wheel started rotating he was aiming for one of the harmless Universes like Nisekoi, or Danshi Kokesei no Nichijou and Released the button when he thought the wheel would stop on Nisekoi.

    The wheel slowly was coming to a stop at Nisekoi, he was scared because before Nisekoi was Attack on Titan, but luckily it passed it but just when he thought it would stop at Nisekoi it moved forward and landed on My hero academia.

    He released a shaky breath of relief that even though MHA was dangerous, it wasn't on the scale of Naruto, One piece or worst-case scenario Attack on Titan.

    "Good luck, young man, Now let's see if you can keep up your luck and go on to the Abilities" and then change the wheel for powers, there where pretty overpowered powers like speedforce conduit, Chakra, Avatar bending, and then there were also useless ones like always lands on two feet like how the fuck would that help.

    Still, he prayed to the goddess of luck, held down the buzzer and aimed for a speedforce conduit, but he slightly missed the timing and was now sweating bullets as he waited for it to stop as it slowly hovered over smells nice, and he felt miserable like how would a power like that help in a world with superheroes and villains.

    But luckily it crossed over and landed on the next one which was Mind Arts. He thanked his lucky stars better mind arts rather than just always smelling nice. He even thought it was highly beneficial as if he did not get a Hero worthy ability in the next two tries he would at least be able to work in a mind intensive job.

    The ROB saw the result, he nodded and snapped his fingers and the names on the wheel changed again, this time it had powers like telepathy, pyrokinesis, high regeneration etc and the moment he saw it he knew he had to aim for high regeneration because then at least he could survive.

    As he held down the buzzer and aimed for higher regeneration and release he missed out on higher regeneration and was slowly stopping at Size Control or its next item, Ryozanpaku's knowledge, he released a sigh of relief again. Thus the needle stopped on Ryozanpaku Knowledge.

    He fist pumped and jumped into the air, with Ryozanpaku’s knowledge alone he would live a happy life in the MHA universe. Even if he decided to never go Pro-Hero he could always open a dojo and use all the medical knowledge to set up a clinic.

    "Oh Ho, young man, it looks like you have very good luck. Then let's do the final round"

    Even though he had a safe life he was still eager to get a final ability and immediately overpowered abilities like Kryptonian physique, Full Counter, Dragon Slayer, Spider Physiology etc came up this time there wasn't a single useless item but they had one thing in common there was a prefix to all of them that was Quirk

    "Hey ROB, so this round is for my quirk huh?"


    "But what if I get a quirk for which I require specific knowledge?"

    "Hmmm, I didn't think of that then okay if you get a quirk that requires specific knowledge you can make a request"


    "Now go on, spin the wheel"

    Once again he was aiming for a Kryptonian physique because why not? If you can be overpowered, there's no reason not to aim for it. As the wheel slowly stopped on Alchemist he was confused.

    "Hey, ROB which Alchemy, Like from Harry Potter?"

    "No, From Fullmetal Alchemist"

    "So now can I ask a request because you said I could make one before"


    "So, can you give me all the knowledge from the gate of truth"

    "It is still going to be a game of chance, as a dice throw,3 and less than 3 means no higher than it is yes"

    So as ROB gave the dice he rolled it but it came out a 2.

    "Damn, guess my luck ran out. Okay then maybe I can get Van Hohenheim's Knowledge?"

    Then he rolled again but this time also came a 1.

    "F***, Maybe I want all the Elric brothers' knowledge."

    Then he rolled again, this time it was a massive success as he rolled a 6.

    "Yes," he fist-pumped in excitement.

    "Now that we have completed chance games, you can customize your body before you are reincarnated."

    Immediately a floating screen came up with a Sims-like customisation menu. After thinking about it he decided he would look like one of his favourite characters in anime Ichigo Kurosaki and since he didn't have a Japanese name before dying he decided he might as well use Ichigo's name.

    "Hey ROB, Why can't I remember my name, or my parents or my friends, it's like I remember them all but their faces are scrubbed"

    "Hmm, that must be because you have escaped the general scrubbing process that happens when you die somehow. I could return them to you if you like but I think it would be better if you don't have them as you would get attached to people that you could never meet and it wouldn't be good for your mental health"

    "Oh thanks, I guess. I will follow your suggestions. I have a request, can you still send me my favourite manga and anime episodes on my phone in MHA world?"

    "Hmmm, sure. Are you done customizing?"

    "Ah, yes"

    "Ok then Bye, don't forget to show me a good show. If I find you too boring I will take my gifts so don't try to be a normal citizen and your consciousness will be locked till you are 4 years old. When you are 4 years old you will unlock your Mind arts knowledge and quirk but you will not be able to get other knowledge till your mind arts are proficient enough to handle that load." He snapped his fingers.

    "Wait I have a question-, Ahhhhh"

    Time Skip 4 years - Age:4

    "Ahhhhhh *Gasp*" as Ichigo sat up on his bed he immediately got 2 years worth of memories as Ichigo Kurosaki and the mind arts knowledge from ROB. From Ichigo's memories, he found out that his parents had died in a random villain attack and he was now in an orphanage and he was shocked to see that the orphanage matron was Lily Aquaria from black clover but then he searched in his memories for knowing any boy named Asta or Yuno but didn't find one.

    He released a sigh of relief it wasn't a crossover universe, then was puzzled why Lily Aquaria was the only one different then and immediately realized the answer. It must be the work of ROB to prevent him from having a shitty childhood. How nice of him. Just then Lily came into the room.

    "Ichigo, what happened, why are you screaming?" she asked worriedly.

    "Ah, Sorry Sister, I had a nightmare about falling from a high place," Ichigo said guiltily.

    "Ah, then are you okay now Ichigo-kun," she asked relieved

    "Yes, Thank you, sister but sister, what is this weird feeling near my stomach?"

    "Oh my, Looks like you have awakened your quirk Ichigo kun"

    "Wow, Really"

    "Yes, Why don't you try to use your quirk"

    "But how?"

    "Just try to do what feels right to you"

    "Like should I hug you?" Ichigo asked cutely inwardly smirking

    "No, No Ichigo kun with your quirk"

    "Oh, ok then"

    Ichigo then concentrated with his hand clasped together and focused the energy towards his hands and then placed it on the wooden stick and slowly imagined deconstructing the wood and reconstructing it into a wooden sparrow.

    Slowly the wood began to decompose and transform into a wooden bird. But it wasn't as detailed as he imagined and was also not perfectly reconstructed as lots of waste wood was there.

    "So cool, Sister, it is like Alchemy from fantasy stories. I transmooted it"Ichigo said cutely

    "The word you are looking for is transmuted Ichigo Kun and Alchemy is a wonderful name for your quirk as tomorrow is Sunday we can go get your quirk registered"

    "Now, see you are already tired, sleep and wake up tomorrow"

    "*Yawn* Okay sister, Goodnight"

    "Good night Ichigo-Kun"

    As he laid down on his bed and closed his eyes, Ichigo recalled his knowledge of mind art and apparently, the first part was meditation, and Ichigo groaned because he sucked at meditation.

    Time skip 1 year - Age:5

    It has been a year since my consciousness has returned. Over the year all I did was to practice mind arts, it took over 4 months alone for me to get meditate down at the required proficiency. But he consoled himself that meditation was the same for martial arts and he didn't need to relearn it. He cursed other self-inserts for making meditation look easy for reincarnated people because it was not.

    But ultimately it benefited him a lot that now he had a lot more control over his emotional outbursts and whenever he meditated he found out that he could introspect himself and his decisions in his life. That alone was a great help to completely accept the fact that he wasn't just in a fictional setting and that it was all real.

    But after completing the meditation he slowly started organizing memories from both his lives in chronological order. Maybe it was due to quirk energy but all the memories were crystal clear, it was shocking too because apparently, the energy negated the Mandela effect.

    Then as he completed sorting the memories, he started Automate Memory sorting by creating mental avatars of himself in his mind. He didn't bother with mind walls yet because he wasn't in danger of being mind read yet and there weren't any attacks yet.

    Today he finally completely automated the memory and knowledge sorting mechanism and immediately a huge influx of knowledge came to him suddenly, like medicine, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, art history, anthropology, linguistics, music, Strategy and tactics, calligraphy, painting, pottery, sculpting, Animal communication, Photography, Cooking, Housekeeping, Ninja techniques, Blacksmithing, Teaching, Disguising, Computer Programming, Botanical, Anatomy manipulation, All types of martial arts knowledge and styles, Alchemical knowledge, Chemistry.

    For a period of half an hour as he meditated all the knowledge was sorted and assimilated because he didn't actively use his brain so that it could speed up assimilation.

    After Everything was assimilated he was first shocked at all the different knowledge there but then understood that Ryozanpaku knowledge meant that it was all the knowledge of Ryozanpaku residents and the majority of the different knowledge came from Akisame. He also got knowledge from Akisame on how he became so intelligent by linking knowledge and making interdisciplinary connections in knowledge.

    But then he came to the alchemical knowledge of Elric brothers and immersed himself in it for half an hour. By the time he came out he was cursing out a storm.

    This was because he found there were fundamental universal differences between MHA world and Fullmetal Alchemist world, but at least he was lucky enough that they knew underlying principles, but now he had to create and research all alchemical knowledge.

    *Sigh* He had a lot of work laid out from him.
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  2. Threadmarks: Using Ninja skills for pranking is fun

    Harripota Getting out there.

    Apr 26, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Time Skip 8 Years Age: 13 years

    It had been 8 years since the day he assimilated all the knowledge he received from ROB. These 8 Years had been somewhat hectic for him, so much had happened during this time.

    First, his Mind arts over the years he had completely mastered his mind arts and thus he now had complete control over his mind, he now had a perfect memory,was able to control his emotional outbursts, and he had an absolute mental barrier to stop people from using mental skills on him.

    He could now maintain 20 mental avatars whose purpose was to sort through all his memories, sensory information, Sort through learnt Knowledge, and create links between knowledge to create a better understanding and comprehension.

    Secondly, his received knowledge from ROB had taken him 6 months to make all the received knowledge completely his own, while it took time to make said knowledge into skills he did it. The greatest help had been Hayato Furinji's knowledge of perfect anatomy manipulation to practice the skills.

    From that knowledge and with the help of Fuurinji's Anatomy control he had perfectly trained all his muscles into pink muscles and then started creating his own martial arts style suitable to use in conjunction with his alchemy.

    While he had success with martial arts he had failed in creating or using Ki, maybe it was because of the different universal laws but he could not create Ki, thus his hopes of crushing missiles with bare hands like Hayato Fuurinji were dashed but he still understood and practised all the martial arts.

    His alchemical knowledge, on the other hand, is the reason he had to struggle the most, comparing all the chemistry and making changes to alchemical formula's, Alchemical array's took most of his time over the years. It was only a month ago that he completed the conversion of the knowledge to be able to be usable.

    While Alchemical knowledge was beneficial it was also one of the things that saved him the most time, because after he started to be capable of precision transmutation, he used it as a cheat.

    Especially when he wanted to write or draw something he would just transmute the ink and paper together. When he first noticed this cheat he started his first money-making scheme in this world. He drew Manga.

    Yes, you heard it right, Manga. Because he noticed while the overall history was similar the culture works were completely different so He started plagiarizing slowly with Naruto, Bleach, Air Gear, Tokyo Ghoul, One punch man, Detective Conan, Death Note, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan, Hunter X Hunter, Dragon Ball series, and One Piece. He even made an original manga called Ambitionverse. It was based on a crossover between Marvel and DC and he wrote it in such a way that he showed all the qualities of the human race, from the best person to the evilest person and all the shades of grey in between.

    All the money he got from the manga publishing company was invested back to buy shares of the company till he blackmailed the owner to sell the company to him or that he would stop serializing the Manga after which he reluctantly sold him the company. Now he was super rich and was making huge amounts of money from all the merchandise sales and the company profits, and It took only an hour every week to make the chapters because of transmutation.

    In the beginning, he decided that he would try to be as low key as possible and decided to use the pen name Edward Elric as a homage to the original alchemist.

    But things went south one week when he was seven, Sister Lily was having a heavy infection and was hospitalized. He wanted to help her but was unable to give her medicine to her because he was not a Doctor.

    While his intellectual and rational part of his mind knew that it was just an infection and modern medicine would be able to solve it without any danger, his emotional part which saw sister Lily as his Big sis was having none of it.

    So despite his reluctance to not show off his talents, he went and arranged an examination for becoming a doctor and within the week she was in the hospital he completed all the Medical courses and also got a PhD by submitting his paper on Pink muscles and how to train them which was then classified by the hero authority to be only given to B rank and up heroes as well as to people who I want to give it to.

    Then he was able to use medicine on Sister lily, he gave her a complete checkup and even gave her an acupuncture session to make sure her body was in peak shape. So then he decided since he had already gotten a degree in medicine, he would get degrees for all of his medical knowledge.

    He published more papers on medicine including Chinese medicine, acupuncture techniques and published books to make him a firmly established genius in medicine and Anatomy.

    Relationship wise he was somewhat in an embarrassing state, Sister lily was his mother/Big sister, he found that she just like in black clover had a minor hydrokinesis quirk which had healing properties. Other than sister lily, He was like a Big brother/ Teacher to all the other kids in the orphanage.

    He had gotten a lot of knowledge about teaching from the Ryozanpaku knowledge and he put it to good use helping his fellow orphanage members. Did he tell you that one of the members in his orphanage was a canon character?

    Oh yes, that prize went to Hitoshi Shinso, the kid with the brainwashing quirk. Luckily all the changes he made did not change Hitoshi Shinso's ambition to become a hero much, in fact as far as he observed his ambition to become a hero become much larger. Knowing that Shinso just missed the hero course because of insufficient physical attributes, Ichigo decided to train him.


    "Hey Shinso, I am going to ask you a question I want an answer seriously"


    "How serious are you in becoming a hero?"

    "I am ready to put my life on the line."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, absolutely"

    "Then from tomorrow onwards, you will have hell training"

    Shinso suddenly felt the chills travelling down his spine warning him but he still said

    "Bring it on"

    *Flashback ends*

    Hah, Fun times, tort- ahem training Shinso was absolutely enjoyable it was during Shinso tort- ahem training that he found out that he absolutely loved tort- ahem training people and he would take time in his daily schedule to tort- ahem train people who came asking for it.

    Over the years thanks to his mind arts he was finding studying boring so he had decided that he would take up a project and from the project, A.L.I.C.E was born. Alice was an A. I, he designed from the computer programming knowledge he got from Akisame and further improved upon it with the knowledge found in the MHA universe.

    It was absolutely baffling to him how 150 years into the future technology hadn't improved drastically even though they must have huge discoveries making all the different types of support gear for the heroes.

    Even though he now had money, and a huge villa he still stayed at the Orphanage with Sister Lily and the kids. Ichigo wouldn't outright say it but he was kinda attached with all the kids at the orphanage, so he decided he would stay at the orphanage for the maximum amount of time and just went to his villa for sleeping.

    Now you may be wondering how the hell is he doing all this don't they have restrictions on kids, then you would be absolutely right but when he got his medical PhDs at seven he greased some hands with enough money and he got himself emancipated. So he was legally an adult but he still had to be under Adult Supervision and Sister Lily trusts him enough to let him do his own things.

    So you might be wondering what Ichigo was doing reminiscing like an old man because Right now he was contemplating because he was at dagobah beach watching Midoriya Izuku moving the trash while a skinny Toshinori Yagi was supervising and encouraging him.

    After meditating on it he decided what the hell because even though he hated as an MC when he watched MHA but after living in the orphanage and around Sister Lily for a long time he picked up a little compassion.

    So he decided to volunteer to tort- ahem training Midoriya and maybe it would be therapeutic for Ichigo. Thus decided he went and decided to spook all might. This was one of the favourite pastimes he got used to after learning all the shinobi skills from Shigure's knowledge.

    "So, Is cleaning the beach a type of body training?" said Ichigo after arriving beside All might stealthily.

    Toshinori Yagi POV

    Today was the third day that Midoriya-shounen's training had started, I am startled and gratified at finding such a determined successor for one for all.

    But it was unfortunate that he has such a weak body, I heard that a few years a genius young man had published a paper on pink muscles and their training, it was unfortunate that this training method required the overseeing of a medical professional at all times and recovery girl the only medical professional I know was not available due to her work at U.A. Unfortunately that kind of training would have to wait till -

    "So, Is cleaning the beach a type of body training?" suddenly a voice beside me said. Unfortunately, years of fighting experience had caused a reflex and I immediately activated one for all and transformed into my all might form ready to fight.

    But when I saw a young man watching me with his mouth agape at my form I knew that my secret was found out.

    "All might?" said the young man

    As I reverted to my normal form "Please shounen, do not tell my identity"

    As the boy nodded I sighed a sigh of relief as the shounen looked like an understanding person. But then I noticed that the shounen looked somewhat similar?

    "Have we met somewhere before? You seem familiar"

    "Oh, You must have recognised me from my medical papers, I was very famous at that time."

    Ah, then I remembered it was this shounen that made the pink muscle training technique.

    "Ah, you must be the young genius that created the pink muscle training technique"

    "Ah, yes that was me. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Ichigo Kurosaki. Please call me Ichigo."

    "Ichigo-Shounen, Can you do me a favour?"

    "What is Toshinori-san"

    "Since you are the one who invented the pink muscle training method and looking from your body you trained in it yourself, how much time does it take to complete the full transformation of the muscles?"

    "If you do it properly Easy difficulty-2 hours daily 1.5 years, Medium difficulty-4 hours daily 1year, Hard Difficulty - 8 hours daily training 10 months, Hell Difficulty - 10 hours daily 8 months. But Only I can do the hell level of difficulty because I know acupuncture and different massage techniques."

    "Please wait a minute, I will call my disciple. Midoriya-Shounen please come here"

    "Yes, Toshiniori-sensei,"

    After I introduced Ichigo-shounen to Midoriya-shounen and explained the difficulty level I told Midoriya-shounen to choose.

    "Toshinori-sensei, Ichigo-Kun I will take Hell difficulty"

    "Very good Midoriya-shounen, So now Ichigo-shounen will you train Midoriya-Shounen?"

    "I can but before I start to train him, I need to know why he is training and what is his quirk."

    Before I could stop him Midoriya shounen replied: "I am training so that I can join U.A in the hero course, I am quirkless."

    Sigh, Midoriya shounen you should not have said that now when you show up in the future with a quirk similar to mine and being quirkless before he would know one for all's secret.

    "Then I won't train him, in this world of quirks, even though being a hero is a noble goal being a hero without a quirk is practically suicide I can't in good conscience train you."

    Hai, whatever at this point with Ichigo-Kuns genius he would figure out sooner or later.

    "You don't need to worry about that Ichigo-shounen, I will pass on my quirk to Midoriya- Shounen"ṣ

    I expected a gaping mouth wide open astonishment but Ichigo-shounen's eyes widened only briefly before he said with a smirk "I knew it when I theorised it nobody believed it but here is living proof, there are transferable quirks out there."

    Then I saw something which disturbs me greatly, Ichigo-shounen's smirk became more Maniac look before he said

    "So, I am going to torture- ahem train the next symbol of peace this is going to be fun."

    He covered it up well but I heard it, It looks like Ichigo-shounen's training is torturous but anyway I have trust in Midoriya-shounen that he can survive and Ichigo-shounen that he won't take it too far.
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  3. Threadmarks: Discovering an unappreciated aspect of Alchemy

    Harripota Getting out there.

    Apr 26, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Third Person POV

    Ichigo Kurosaki did not expect this outcome when he causally spooked All Might. When All might changed in front of him he was dumbfounded. He was laughing in his heart about his successful prank but never did he expect All Might to recognize him because after publishing his theories all those years ago he did not make any more public appearances.

    When All Might asked Ichigo a favour he already expected him to ask about training Midoriya even though he really wanted to tortu- ahem train Midoriya he wanted to see how far he could push and that if he could get the secret of one for all out of him. and low and behold before he could even push Midoriya spilt his guts.

    The look of regret on All might face was funny, then All might gave up and spilt the beans. Now I got a 10 hour a dayside project as Midoriya, Since he decided to do 10 hr day training, he needed to skip school when he asked Ichigo about Ichigo decided to bribe the principal to let Midoriya test out early. As I tutored Midoriya he cleared the tests no problem.

    Since then for the next 8 months as I kept developing Midoriya's body, I decided it would be a lot more efficient use of time if I trained him in Martial Arts as well. Thus it was an incredibly satisfying 8 months of tortur- ahem training with Midoriya. Even though it was incredibly tough I had 'Cured' Midoriya of his Mumbling condition by showing him a mental technique with the same method for thinking his thoughts without speaking them out.

    "Hai, your tortur- ahem training is over Izuku"

    "Hai, Thank you for training me Ichigo," said Midoriya with a bow.

    *Sigh* After spending 8 months with Izuku he kinda got over his dislike of Izuku, when got over all his problems he was kinda like Naruto, he had his own talk no Jutsu and everything.

    All of it took was 8 months of relentless physical torture, some psychological help, Mind arts training, Repeated reminders and oh did I mention Psychological counselling. Hmm, When you put it that way he was kind of a big mess but now with Ichigo's help he is kinda an improved person.

    "You did great job Ichigo-shonen, and you too Midoriya-Shonen"

    "Now I want to see in How many days you will clear the beach."

    "Hai Toshinori-sensei."

    So it took only a week for Izuku with his newly trained body to clear out all the trash, that was of course with Ichigo's help with body healing and massaging.

    "I am proud of you Midoriya-Shonen, Now you are ready to inherit my power here eat this," said All Might as he passed a hair to Midoriya

    "Eh?" said Izuku confused

    "To pass my quirk you need to digest my DNA," said All might

    "Ah, okay then," said Izuku as he ate hair gagging a little in the process

    "Ok, but I don't feel anything," said Izuku

    "It takes a few hours," said All might.

    "All might? Isn't it dangerous if you can get the quirk just by stealing DNA?" said Ichigo knowing full well it doesn't work like that, he just wanted to assuage Izuku

    As expected Izuku immediately tensed up but All Might replied: "That is not a problem it is only transferrable if you really want to transfer it."

    As Izuku relaxed, Ichigo further distracted him by talking about Manga, even though Izuku was talking about his Manga it was still fun to talk with him. It was around an Hour later when Izuku said that he felt the power of one for all.

    "Toshinori-sensei I can feel it, it is like an egg inside a microwave"

    "That's a unique way of describing it. Do you want to test it?"

    "Hai, Please teach me how to use it Toshinori-sensei."

    "Ok, Then squeeze your buttocks and then yell inside your heart Smash and punch it will all you have," said All Might.

    "Hai Sensei."

    Even though Ichigo knew that it was not going to end well for Izuku he still wanted to see one for all at full power in real life so he let it happen. As Izuku punched at the ocean while yelling smash.

    Just like there was a huge shockwave with the sudden change in Air pressure Ichigo had to dig his heel's into the sand to stop himself from falling back and then the wave split open into two for like a km and then slowly came crashing back.

    It would be lying if Ichigo said he didn't feel jealous at that moment, he even felt that if he should have come before All Might met Izuku but then he heard a scream. He turned around to see Izuku kneeling on the ground holding his arm and crying out in pain.

    He quickly got to first aid Izuku, "All Might, his hand is completely broken he has to be taken to a hospital."

    "No need, Ichigo-shonen I will take young Izuku to recovery girl at U.A"

    "Can I come too? I always wanted to see her quirk in action."

    "Then quickly hang on to me Ichigo-shonen"

    As I hanged on to All might I looked to the ocean which was still having the after-effects of the punch with it having mini whirlpools everywhere. He unknowingly clenched his fist, one day he too would have such power.

    Quickly All Might started travelling it took only 3 minutes to reach U.A this was also because Midoriya was injured and unnecessary strain might damage his arm.

    "Recovery Girl, Midoriya-Shounen had an accident please help him."

    "Hold him down boy," she said to Ichigo hurried helped her by holding Izuku down and stopping him from moving

    "Chyuuuu~~" Ichigo saw her kiss Izuku and his arm started to glow green, then all his bone snapped back into place and then the Arm automatically oriented itself and then it started healing right in front of his eyes. It was almost as he was watching Alchemy. Then it clicked maybe he could do the same with his Alchemy he had to research more about after getting back home.

    "*Sighs* How are feeling young Izuku?"

    "Very tired All-might sensei."

    "Hmm, Let's analyze what happened just now," Ichigo prompted

    Immediately energy was back into Izuku "Lets, then I will tell what it felt, I felt this energy, electricity flowing through then Bam."

    Ichigo sweatdropped that didn't help at all but he didn't want to mention.

    All Might said "From my point of view, your body still cannot handle the stress 100% of one for all. Maybe start 1% and work your way up till you feel comfortable without stress on the body."

    "Yes, yes" Izuku

    "Hey Izuku, did you apply the energy equal throughout the body? or just the hand?"

    "Ahhh! I just put it into my hand whereas I should spread all over my body, that makes much more sense" said Izuku with an I got it now expression.

    Ichigo didn't know what to do with this guy, he analyzes other peoples quirk so much that he didn't analyze himself.

    "Izuku, Why don't try to analyze yourself from an outside perspective. From the next time. You have very analyzation skills you should use them on yourself more often. Now I will leave I have to get home before sundown, stay safe Izuku. Goodbye, All might-san. Now I just got an idea for another usage of my quirk I will need to work on it. See you at the entrance exam Izuku"

    "Hai, Thanks Ichigo"

    "Good Luck, Ichigo-Shonen"

    That day as going back to his villa he started to write everything he knew about Human transmutation and then he found a few leads which could be used in healing alchemy. As long as the body part or body wasn't sacrificed to the truth the body part could be healed using alchemy. This was going to be his project for three months until the entrance exams.

    That day after getting home, "Hey Alice you up?"

    "Ya boss, You have that exciting look about you that says that you found a new project."

    "Right in one, Alice Start a project under the name Parsceleus"

    "Parsceleus Got it. Project under ?"

    "Alchemy, Alice, Alchemy. Alice, I want you to order some animal's for experimentation, order them."

    "Where is Asato-Nii?"

    Asato Nobufusa was an elder brother from his orphanage who went to butler school. He was his Alfred. He has a minor telepathy quirk that only lets him connect to one person at a time.

    "I am right here Kurosaki-san," said Asato coming into the room with food.

    "Asato-Nii, How many times do I have to tell you to just call me Ichigo"

    "Don't care about that stuff, Kurosaki-san you better have dinner it is already pretty Late."

    "Asato-Nii did you hear What I said about the experimental animals?"

    "Yes, Kurosaki San, I will clear up the medical room and set it up for experimentation."

    "Thank you Asato-Nii"

    Thus started my daily life of experimentation (A.N: I in no way endorse animal cruelty or abuse, but I really don't know how to write this as I have never really experimented on animals. So maximum effort.).

    Breaking limbs of chimpanzees trying to heal with transmutation, failing, summarizing mistakes and so on. By the time one month, he had mastered healing with alchemy for non-organ body parts like limbs, skin, Muscles, nerves.

    The real challenge came with transmuting organs, there were a lot of problems like organ rejection, or organ degradation, and stamina depletion and death before the transmuting completed etc became speedbumps.

    It took him more than one and half month to solve the Organ rejection and degradation were solved. He found it worked best if the alchemical circle was drawn with the recipient's blood.

    But the Stamina problem was unsolvable, the only way to solve that to use the recipient's life force, the user's life force or a sacrifice.

    After this, part project progression stopped and Ichigo felt that any further depth would be going into truth's territory and he really didn't need to go further if his goal was healing someone like All might.

    The last 15 days before the entrance exam he relaxed completely. Chilling at the orphanage. As he was walking into the orphanage, he heard a voice,

    "Everybody, Ichigo-nii is here."

    "Ichigo-nii, help me Mimuro is bullying me"

    "Oh, What did you tanuki-kun?"

    "Its Tanaka not tanuki, hmm but I really didn't do anything I just really just notes I borrowed last week,"

    Ichigo just looked at him with a 'are you serious?' look

    "First apologize to Mimuro, then give her this weeks pocket money as compensation."

    "But Ichi-nii" he tried to argue but with Ichigo's glare, he silenced.

    "Sorry Mimuro," he said.

    "Huff, Fine," said Mimuro and walked away "Why did you need to copy her notes anyway?"

    "I was kinda skipped the class and went to the playground," he said as he looked at his toes.

    "And what was so urgent in the playground that you had to skip classes for it?"

    "Ichi-nii, I kinda awakened my quirk so I was practising with it, I wanna be a hero in the future."

    "Oh, You awakened your quirk? What is it?"

    "Wait let me show you." he then took a rock and covered it with energy and then the rock vanished.

    "See, it vanished right, now let me do this" and then he pulled energy and the rock was back tada

    "Wow, that was a great quirk little tanuki, but you probably not skipping the class to practice it. Why don't you check for Mimuro's book in your storage dimension."

    He blinked once and twice said 'Now I remember' expression "So that's where it went."

    "So now that know where the book is returned it to her if you want to train in the future come ask me. We will make a hero out of you."

    "The in-training Storage Hero-4th dimension will blow you away just you wait for it nii-san"
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  4. Threadmarks: Letting lose in the entrance exam

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    Ichigo POV

    Today was the day, today was the entrance exam. As he arrived at the U.A gate, Staring at the Large building and the equally large gate He checked to make sure he had his Student temporary ID. Then slowly walked into the venue. As he looked around he found some familiar faces like Iida Tenya, Kirishima, Izuku, Ochako, Shinso etc. The written portion of the exam was a breeze for him. After writing the exam, they were directly sent to the Practical exam.

    It wasn't long before the lights dimmed and spotlights all shone on Present Mic on the centre stage.

    "WELCOME TO MY LIVE SHOW! EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!!" before cupping his ears towards the crowd.

    "YEAH!!", Everbody was seeing me like I was stupid, but I wanted to act stupid it wasn't like I was going to give an entrance exam anytime again so I wanna enjoy.


    "YEAH!" again I was the only who shouted they were all looking at me like I suddenly grew two heads.

    Present Mic then proceeded to explain how the examination would work, the television behind playing a video illustrating his points. It was honestly amazing to watch his timing, this guy was giving commentary of a video on a screen that he was not even looking at perfectly. There were seven examination sites and people would be randomized throughout them.


    Then Iida had to raise his hand and ask a question. "Excuse me, Sir, Can I ask a question" after Present Mic gave permission he then asked "On the printout, there are four types of robots? Is this a Misprint, because if it is then U.A the most prestigious institute must be ashamed of this mistake!"






    Third Person POV

    As the students started dispersing Ichigo quickly caught up with Shinso and hugged him and whispered in his ears "There aren't only villain points, there are also rescue points" and then tapped on his shoulders as he went towards his auditorium E.

    He kinda lucked out that it was an industrial area. So there was a lot of metal he could transmute in an emergency. When the test started he started searching for bots he quickly found a two-pointer, he quickly transmuted the ground into earthen spikes and impaled it, then he started searching for the next one when he noticed an injured participant he picked him up and got him to a safe place.

    He re-started searching for bots again he found one three-pointer, immediately jumping on it, he immediately transmuted its outer shell into spikes and impaled again, He then found and rescued another participant.

    Thus this became a cycle rescuing anyone severely injured and unable to participate, kill robots by 1-second quick transmutation, and continue. The hardest part of the test was actually finding the robots themselves not killing them for Ichigo.

    But still, Ichigo managed to rack up to 70 points and as well as rescue 8 people before the giant zero pointers came. Like everyone, he started running away from the zero pointers while killing any smaller robots blocking his path.

    Then the zero pointer hit a building and many students were trapped under the rubble. He thought he could get away without doing anything overly flashy, but then again when Life gives you lemons you make lemonade. If he was going to absolutely show his talent then he would at least blow their mind off.

    Using a huge pipe, he transmuted it into 10 kunai. Then quickly got on top of the building then used the 10 kunai with a transmutation marker around the robot in a double pentagon and then jumped down to the street and activated the huge transmutation circle to create a huge spiral dome around the 40-foot robot.

    This was Ichigo's first time doing such a huge scale transmutation. It was exhilarating and as well as exhausting but still, he looked through the stuck participants and then started to help out those who looked the most injured first and then the lesser injured students.

    Then suddenly the Horn sounded signifying the end of the exam.

    Seeing that Exam was over and all the bots stopped moving Ichigo started going around the exam venue giving first aid when needed and helping people under rubble by transmuting the rubble into water and moving people to the medical area.

    Somewhere during the rescuing process, Tetsu Tetsu and Itsuka Kendo started helping too after watching me. After everybody was cleared

    "Hello, thanks for helping, My name is Ichigo Kurosaki."

    "Nice meeting ya My name is Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, You covering the zero pointer with the dome was so Manly."

    "Hi, My name is Itsuka Kendo, it's no problem helping Kurosaki-san, and you covering the zero pointer was very cool."

    "Well nice meeting you Tetsutetsu-san and Kendo-san, hope to see you in U.A. Sayonara," said Ichigo as he was leaving.

    Ichigo went outside and stood waiting at U.A's gate for Shinso as Ichigo and he had come in Ichigo's car which was a Luxury brand specific to MHA universe called Titan cars. The brand generally only made high-end SUVs or other huge cars.

    As he didn't reach the Age limitation for getting a drivers licence, so Asato-nii usually drove him around. Just then Shinso came out

    "Oi Shinso, I am here, So how did you do with your exam?"

    "The written part I completed easily enough, in the practical exam I got 30 points villain points, but I rescued 4 people. What about you?"

    "Good job, I rescued 8 people throughout the exam and got around 70 villain points."

    "Excuse me for interrupting, My name is Iida Tenya, I know it is rude to eavesdrop on other peoples conversation and interrupt it for that I am sorry, But what is this you are talking about rescuing people, there wasn't anything mentioned about it in the pamphlet."

    "Oh, don't worry about it. About the rescuing huh, then I will ask you a question in response to your question. What kind of a Hero school rejects a student who even at the risk of his future career still choose to help someone?"

    At that question, Iida had a light bulb moment but he immediately got frustrated and had a look of self-blame on himself. Ichigo decided to let Iida off with some advice considering his future choice to almost drop out of the hero course.

    "You always need to try to look underneath the deception, but I will also give you some advice that I realised about being a Hero.

    A hero is someone who even after losing everything Family, Love, Friends, Money still chooses to stand up and protect the people. But a hero is also someone who is supposed to be strong enough to never let reach that extent.

    A hero is the one who in the face of danger or his fear, still chooses to stand up to protect and help others even when he is powerless. I hope that I have given you something to think about, now my ride is here so I have to go, Good meeting you Tenya-san, hope to meet you at U.A.

    By the way, My name is Ichigo Kurosaki, and this is friend Hitoshi Shinso. Goodbye"

    "Thank you for your words, Kurosaki-san, Shinso-san I will remember your words."

    Ichigo waved at him as he and Shinso got into the car as Asato-nii started driving away, Ichigo turned towards Hitoshi

    "Shinso, those words are for you too, you know as an Alchemist I am a firm believer of equivalent exchange. The Fame, Money, Respect, Political power and Following you get as a Hero is one which is an exchange with a Great burden and responsibility to act as a Hero, protector, saviour, and all of your time.

    If one day there is an emergency, If you are a Hero I expect you to put all of your personal Life aside and go to the emergency. The day you are not able to do it is the Day you quit being a hero and this is something that I will follow as well"

    Shinso nodded in affirmative. Shinso knew that even though Ichigo was generally a free loving and happy-go-lucky kind of guy but when he was serious he was dead serious to the point of principles.

    As Shinso was contemplating these thoughts, Ichigo was reminiscing over his past.

    As he reminisced about his ROB, he was thankful to ROB when he didn't let him choose the world and his abilities and based it off on chance. Maybe because it was his quirk affecting him but as he came into this life the principle of equivalent exchange became defining principles of his life.

    If he was to ask for something specific from the ROB he would be at a disadvantageous position, and the higher he asked and the more disadvantage he would be. But by making it a game of chance the only thing he would need to be thankful for ROB would be giving him a second chance and three abilities and the weight of the abilities wouldn't favour him.

    But his reason behind being a hero was something he thought a lot about and it all came to a principle that everybody knew but nobody followed it enough, Karma.

    He hoped that by being a hero he would tip the scales of Karma towards his side in whatever afterlife he found after dying again. That is why he spent so much time training Izuku and Shinso and also him allowing anyone who genuinely wanted help to ask him for it and giving them help.

    He hoped that by helping good people it would cause a Karma chain reaction and increase his good Karma overall. *Sigh* he just hoped that when he retires he would at least have someone to go back home to, someone to give him family in this new life.

    While he considered Sister Lily, Shinso and all the kids at the orphanage as his Sister and brother he still wanted to have his own family. As he looked out of his car window towards the Sunset he let his thoughts about the future fade as he slowly sank into a sleep from all the exhaustion throughout the day.

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  5. Threadmarks: U.A acceptance Letter

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    Third-person POV

    In the blink of an eye, a week passed by. During the week Ichigo reevaluated Shinso's martial arts and found that while it was minimal he still improved and practised daily without fault. While Shinso hadn't chosen a martial art for himself, even though Ichigo wanted to suggest Eraserhead's style he decided to let Shinso decide for himself.

    He also found out from Izuku that while he scored 52 points in the practical, he still damaged his arms and legs while fighting the Zero pointer while using 100% one for all. He also found out that Izuku had improved enough to be using Full cowling at 12% without damaging his body. After subsiding his fears about failing due to attacking the Zero pointer he and Izuku discussed their experiences in the entrance exam.

    Today finally his and Shinso's UA letter came in the mail. After discussing it we decided to open mine first. As I sat in front of a table sitting beside me was Shinso, standing behind us were Sister Lily and the kids.

    "I am here as a projection." declared All Might which surprised everyone except Ichigo.

    "Wah! Sister Lily, it's All Might, so cool" said one guy

    "I wonder why it is All-might in the UA letter?" asked Mimoru, but before she could talk further, All Might continued.

    "Haha, you might be wondering why I am in a letter from the U.A!, That is because I will be teaching at U.A from now on."

    "Wah! So cool, Nii-chan will be taught by All might"

    "I am so jealous!!"

    Sister Lily stopped the kids before they began a cacophony.

    "Ichigo-Shonen I am now going to give you your results. For the written portion of the exam you have scored a perfect 100, it was very impressive Ichigo-Shonen, you achieved a perfect score with two other examinees. (A.N: In case it isn't clear, I am talking about Midoriya and Katsuki)

    But that alone doesn't guarantee your entrance! As for the practical exam, you scored 70 points until you decided to face the Zero pointer. You were warned that doing so would result in losing 75% of your current points, making your points docked up to 18 points. With such value, I am afraid your entry into U.A High's Hero course would be denied....."

    Immediately, as All Might said, Sister Lily gave Ichigo's shoulder a comforting squeeze and Shinso balled his fist in frustration, and the kids looked sad.

    "....If it wasn't that you were all tricked into thinking that! If you recall present mic said that you 'can' lose up to 75% of your points this was done to test your spirit as a hero and to face the odds! There was no penalty for facing the giant Zero pointer at all, the villain was worth zero points nothing more, nothing less. That means your villain points will stay at 70 points! Which is easily more than enough to get in! But wait, there’s more to it than that!..."

    Sister Lily's eyes were watering with happy tears and the kids started jumping around in happiness. All might quickly point to another television show and say

    "Let's watch this video", then it was quickly turned into a montage video of all those he saved giving up their points because they saw Ichigo fighting the Zero pointer. It honestly made being a hero a genuine satisfaction for Ichigo.

    "Though while you have a powerful quirk, it is your actions that touched others, your noble and selfless act has deeply touched their hearts and spurred them into action!

    Indeed a person with your heart is very rare, never forget your heart. Also, this exam was not solely based on villain points!

    How can a Hero reject someone who saves and does the right thing? Call it lip service, call it cheesy? Think all you want, in this job risking one's life to put those things into practice, is needed and so there are rescue points! It was given to me by a panel of judges, 7 in total! It's the basic ability we look at here!

    Ichigo Kurosaki Villain Points: 70 Rescue Points: 70. Don't think the judges didn't react to your performance before the zero pointers, they were quite impressed with your aid given to your fellow participants! The zero pointer just solidified their judgement about you.

    For the first time since U.A. opened, you are one of the only people to get full rescue points! Not only that, but you shattered the previous highest record by 40, which was mine by the way.

    Come Ichigo-shonen. This is the beginning of hero journeys. Plus Ultra, you certainly showed everyone just what you are made of, and Plus Ultra! This is your academia"

    Shinso got a speech in a similar tone, but from Nezu, he also got accepted. Along with the project device, in the letter came his student ID card and a list of documents that need to be submitted to school along with a waiver and required items they were supposed to buy like textbooks, uniforms, Sports costume, etc.

    Luckily both Ichigo and Shinso got into 1-A but the class strength was still 20 so Mineta was probably kicked out of 1-A meh. But there was also a ranking list along with the letter, giving the top 10 rankings :

    Rank Name Villain Pts Rescue Pts Total Pts

    1. Ichigo Kurosaki 70 70 140

    2. Izuku Midoriya 52 60 112

    3. Katsuki Bakugo 77 00 77

    4. Hitoshi Shinso 31 45 76

    5. Ochaco Uraraka 28 45 73

    6. Ibara Shiozaki 36 32 68

    7. Itsuka Kendo 25 40 65

    8. Tenya Iida 52 09 61

    9. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu 49 10 59

    10. Fumikage Tokoyami 47 10 57

    "I am so proud of you two, I am so happy," said Sister Lily with tears.

    "Ichigo nii-san, Hitoshi nii-san just you wait I will also join U.A"

    "Oh, you also want to join U.A little Tanuki, I don't think U.A allows Tanuki into school."

    "Ichigo-Niisan, how many times do I have to say my name is Tanaka, not Tanuki, just because I have some Tanuki features does not make me a tanuki," Tanaka said with a huff and a pout.

    "Wait for a second, Do you mean to say that you were a human with tanuki-like features but not a tanuki with human-like features instead. I can't believe it, there must be some kind of a mistake right?" said Ichigo with a fake surprised expression.

    Tanaka got all red in his face and then turned to Sister Lily "Sister see Ichigo-nii is bullying me right in front of you"

    "Don't worry Tanuki-kun Ichigo is just teasing you."

    "Aw! Not you too sister," said Tanaka while hiding his face in his hands.

    Then there was laughter, Ichigo then proceeded to call a catering company and set up a huge dinner buffet party in the orphanage for the night. Then with the permission of Sister Lily, he set up a projector in a room to show the kids a movie. While in the movie Ichigo observed that Shinso was dazedly looking into space not watching the movie, he thought he was not interested and left it at that.

    At the dinner, as everyone was celebrating and making a mess, Ichigo again saw Shinso sitting in a corner looking into his glass of juice seemingly thinking about something.

    "Hey What's wrong, Why are you so dull?"

    "*Sigh* I am kind of scared and also am feeling a little guilty but also a little ashamed."

    "Woah, that is a complex set of emotions let's unravel them shall we."

    "I feel ashamed and guilty, cause I feel like I cheated on the exam with you telling me about the rescue points. I feel scared because I feel that I am not a hero material"

    "*Sigh* Shinso What happened has already happened, there is nothing you can do about it." But I am going to tell you something that you will try to deny but I will say it anyway. Shinso you would have passed the exam into the hero course either way.

    Your quirk is already powerful enough that it would be a must-have tool in the Villain negotiations. The only problem you would have faced being a hero would be that your physical statistics weren't high enough. But with my training for the last 6 years, you already have a very highly conditioned body, but also know enough martial arts that you could open a dojo.

    The only thing you could improve upon it would be finding a personal martial style. If I hadn't told you about the rescue points maybe you would have gone forward to defeat more robots and gain points without wasting time on a rescue.

    So the only thing that changed from me telling you about the rescue points was the ranking. Not the decision to get into the Hero course and you know what I say about Rankings."

    "*Sigh* It is easy to get to rank but it is difficult to stay in that rank."

    "That's right, so right now your focus should be to enjoy and then start training again so that you won't go down further down into the ranking."

    "Sorry, Ichigo I spoiled the party mood for you"

    "Eh, it's no biggie, now go back into the party and enjoy"

    As Ichigo sat there and saw everyone in his orphanage enjoy, he wondered if he had been a positive influence on these people. Even though he said that the reason he was helping everybody was to gain good karma, it was also kinda incredibly self satisfactory seeing your help improving someone's life.

    As Ichigo sat meditating on that fact, he found himself getting addicted to the respect everyone gave him when he helped someone. Maybe this was the reason people said Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    It was incredibly addicting, it was so addicting that Ichigo found that upon thinking that if he himself found this problem later in his life he wasn't sure that in the future he would be able to give up this feeling and power over others.

    For now, all he can do is stay mindful of himself so that he won't cross the line into the dangerous territory of manipulation. He unknowingly went into Greater good territory, just thinking about it gave Ichigo the shivers.

    *Sigh* Ichigo took out his phone and said "Hey Alice, connect to Asato-nii"

    "Hello Kurosaki-san, How may I help you?"

    "I was just calling to tell you that I would be spending the night at the orphanage so you don't need to come to pick me up today"

    "Of course, Kurosaki-san anything else?"

    "Just one more thing, please call me Ichigo"


    'Hmph, Rude'.
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  6. Threadmarks: Quirk Assesment test

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    The first quarter of this chapter is kinda a Money and entertainment wank, if it isn't your cup of tea please skip it. If you wanna get a basic gist, I will give it at the end of the wank.


    It has been a month since Ichigo got his acceptance letter, during this time seeing that he would be out in school and that he wouldn't have much time with Alice and having her on the phone was very inconvenient and inefficient in an emergency, Ichigo decided to build himself some HUD glasses, with brain input.

    Just before he had started to train Izuku, he had the bright idea to try and create a full-dive nerve gear. But unfortunately with all bright ideas not cemented in reality, he could not make a full-dive nerve gear.

    But even though he couldn't make it, there were some research results, it was the brain input device. At that time he had started training Izuku and it kind of fell on the backbench for a while.

    Now that he had the idea to make hud glasses, he was using it for the interactive part for the glasses. As he was making the glasses, he had the bright idea of putting the brain input technology to good use.

    The glasses themselves were probably too costly for normal people, having a cost price of roughly 6.9 million yen (65,000$) apiece, but the brain input part was very cheap comparatively at 11,000 yen(100$).

    But while he wanted to sell them himself, he knew that currently, he did not have time for creating a new company this close to Canon starting. So he decided to auction the 5-year usage rights to the technology.

    Because while Brain input technology, was lacklustre in its name, it was anything but its application scenarios, Just the amount of people who are unable to speak due to being a disorder or a quirk would be greatly benefitted. Not to mention the super usage scenario that would make it go selling like hotcakes, is writing.

    Just imagine wearing one of these gizmos and voila all the paperwork can be filled with thought. It is also helpful for creators to write faster when their creative juices are following(AN: I want one of those). That is not even mentioning its use in-hero support gear, just like his hud glasses and increasing support gear response time.

    When he informed his lawyer to send information about the technology, he did not expect someone offering a 30% share in their company. The company was called Tony(Hehe Sony ripoff), which was into consumer electronics but was moving into Hero support gear, but were unable to make headway due to high competition and were at their last legs before bankruptcy.

    Thus after some haggling, the exclusive usage rights were sold to Tony for a 34% in the Tony group. Another interesting thing that happened was seeing that his Manga company was doing well and that enough of the manga had been published to start the anime. He decided to buy an animation company and expand it to produce his anime.

    He decided to join both of his companies into a group called the Banzai group, totally an original name definitely not a ripoff of the Bandai group from his old world. Ever since then he decided that if he wanted to bring the old world's culture into this world he decided that he was going to go all-in.

    So he set up Banzai's gaming company and started several projects of his favourite video game franchises like Halo, Mass Effect, Fallout, Half-life, GTA, Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed, God of War, Tomb Raider, Zelda, Elder scrolls etc.

    While he himself didn't do anything more than give Game design documents, art styles and set the overall direction other than just checking from time to time. The technology and originality of the game development changed things enough that the games would be a lot more perfect and original.

    --------- Money and entertainment wank done. (Basic gist is he made HUD iron man type glasses with brain input which was from his failed attempt to make nerve gear. He sold usage rights for brain input to Tony(sony ripoff) for 34% shares in Tony group. He made A banzai entertainment group(Bandai ripoff) and bought an anime production company and a gaming company.)

    Though his month had been eventful, today was the orientation day of U.A. But even though they said it was the orientation day, Ichigo knew that it was the quirk assessment test by Aizawa-sensei.

    As he walked to the Huge class 1-A with Shinso, He started hearing a commotion from the classroom, as he entered the door he saw there were only four people in the room. From whom he recognized there was Ashido Mina, Eiijiro Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Mashirao Ojiro. There was a conversation going along.

    "OMG, you have horn's too, we can be future horn buddies. Btw my name is Ashido Mina, Nice to meetcha."

    "Oh, wow, oh yeah. We can be horn buddies. It is manly."

    Seeing them introducing themselves, Ichigo decided to join in too.

    "Hey, so we will be classmates from now on, Huh. Nice meeting you, My name is Kurosaki Ichigo and I like Martials arts and Technology, My hobbies are reading manga and watching anime. You can just call me Ichigo and this is my brother Hitoshi Shinso."

    "Oh, Hi my name is Eiijiro Kirishima, So you like Martial arts huh that is so Manly. You can call me Kirishima"

    "Hi my name is Ashido Mina, Nice to meetcha and you can just call me Mina"

    "Hi my name is Mashirao Ojiro, Nice meeting you, I also like martial arts maybe we can spar sometime, You can just call me Ojiro"

    "Yosh, My name is Denki Kaminari, you can call me kaminari."

    Thus as we sat down in our assigned places within a few minutes all the students started coming in and sat on their respective seats. Then a commotion was started by Iida and Bakugou.

    "Don't put your feet on the desk!" berated Iida.

    "Huh?" replied Bakugou

    "Don't you think it is rude to the U.A upperclassmen and others who help make this chair?"

    "Nope. What junior high did you go to, you side character"

    "I attended the Somei Private Academy. My name is Iida Tenya."

    "Somei? So you are a shitty elite then? Looks like I'll have fun crushing you."

    "Crushing? You are so cruel, are you even a hero?"

    Just then Midoriya decided to make an As Izuku was all stuttering to introduce Ichigo and was having a hard time not laughing. Seeing it in the anime was one thing and in the real-life was another. Just then he remembered something and took a look towards the teacher's desk and there he was in all his creepy butterfly style.

    Aizawa Shoto, hero named Eraserhead, his current homeroom teacher. It looked like he too had noticed Ichigo looking at him and then he said.

    "Go somewhere else if you wanna play with your friends. This is the hero course. It took you guys 8 secs to quiet down. Time is limited, you kids are not rational enough.

    I am your homeroom teacher Aizawa Shoto. Nice to meet you."

    "Homeroom teacher!?" everybody expects Bakugou and Ichigo exclaimed. Bakugou because he couldn't care about it and Ichigo because he already knew.

    "It is kind of sudden but put on your sports uniform and go to the field."

    Thus, Ichigo went into the locker room with the other boys and started getting changed into the sports uniform.

    "Oi, Ichigo. What do you think it is about? Asking us to meet in the field on the first day in sports uniform." asked Kirishima

    As Ichigo looked around all the boys were leaning their ears even while wearing clothing so Ichigo decided to throw a bone.

    "It is probably something along the lines of an assessment. The homeroom teacher probably wants to know our strengths and weaknesses."

    "Oh, Then it will be so Manly. I wonder if we will have to use our quirks" said Kirishima

    "Dunno" replied Ichigo and quickly got ready and went into the field. When everybody was in the field Ichigo looked around seeing what had changed from Canon. As he looked around he found two people missing Koji Koda and Minoru Mineta.

    While he didn't care about Mineta he was hoping Koda didn't get kicked out of the hero course, he liked his animal-loving character, After everybody had assembled Aizawa-sensei started talking.

    "Today you will be having a quirk assessment test."

    "But what about the orientation ceremony?"

    "If you want to be a hero we don't have enough time to waste around doing leisurely events.

    The U.A selling point is how unrestricted its school traditions are. That is also how teachers run their classes.

    You guys have been doing this from childhood right? Physical tests that don't let you use your quirks.

    The country still uses results taken from students not using their quirks it is not rational. Well, the ministry of education is procrastinating so we can't do anything.

    The one who finished the top of the test was Kurosaki right?"

    Aizawa said while looking at Ichigo.

    "In junior high, what was your best result of a softball throw?"

    "98 meters" said Ichigo and immediately the class started whispering. But he knew what they were whispering about. With his perfectly trained pink muscle body, he scored higher than some adults with trained bodies. Just then he felt immense killing intent coming from his side.

    Ichigo frowned and looked at the origin of the killing intent to stop at Katsuki Bakugou who was leaking so much killing intent that he would have stopped Sasuke dead on his tracks in Orochimaru style.

    "Then, Come here and try doing it with your quirk," said Aizawa. Ichigo nodded and went forward to stand in a circle.

    "You can do whatever you like as long it is in the circle"

    Ichigo then smirked and took the ball and dropped it from face height. Before the ball reached the ground, Ichigo quickly slapped his hand together and then slapped his hands on to the ground. Immediately a soiled hand shaped like an Arm came from the ground and caught the ball and started extending further and further into the distance as the ground they were standing slowly started forming an extending crater.

    This was because it was being used in the transmutation. As the meter was constantly going up he stopped the transmutation at 1000 meters and then the ground hand carrying the ball exploded throwing the ball further away.

    "I can keep going, but I think there will be other tests so I will reserve some energy for them Aizawa-sensei," said Ichigo

    "Know your limit first. That is the fundamentals of being a hero," said Aizawa-sensei showing his result of 1.3 km.

    "1.3 km seriously?"

    "That is so Manly!"

    "Wow, Looks so fun!"

    "It looks fun, Huh! You have only three years to become a hero, and will you keep that attitude the whole time. The last one on the tests will be expelled from the hero course."


    "We are free to choose what we can do to our students. Welcome to the hero course" said Aizawa with a creepy looking smile on his face.

    "The last place will be expelled? But it isn't even the first day school, it is only the orientation day. No, even if it was the first day of the school it would still be too cruel." commented Ochako

    "Natural disasters, Big accidents, and Selfish villains. Calamities whose time and place that can't be predicted. The world is covered with unfairness. Heros are the ones who reverse those situations. If you just wanted to be chummy with your friends then go to a restaurant or something.

    For the next three years, U.A will make sure to give you one hardship after another. Go beyond, Plus ultra. Come give me all you got."

    First was the 50-meter dash in which Ichigo got 4.7 seconds because he wasn't as proficient as Roy mustang with fire transmutation to be able to use it as bakugou. Ichigo swore he saw a smirk on that guy's face when he got a better time than Ichigo.

    Next was the grip strength for which Ichigo got 160 kg.

    After that was the standing long jump and Ichigo did it directly crossing the field by transmuting the Land and surfing Diamondhead style.

    For the side-step test, he transmuted two elastic beds and jumped between them just like Mineta did in the anime.

    For the ball throw since he had already done it he had been exempted.

    For the distance run, he came out of it without breaking a sweat. The seated toe touch was also a no problem and sit-ups he did 90 situps in a minute.

    Thus the ranking was released.

    1.Ichigo Kurosaki

    2,Momo Yaoyorozu

    3.Shoto Todoroki

    4.Katsuki Bakugou

    5.Izuku Midoriya

    6.Tenya Iida

    7.Fumikage Tokoyami

    8.Mezo Shoji

    9.Mashirao Ojiro

    10.Shinso Hitoshi

    11.Eijiro Kirishima

    12.Mina Ashido

    13.Ochaco Uraraka

    14.Rikido Sato

    15.Tsuyu Asui

    16.Yuga Aoyama

    17.Hanta Sero

    18.Denki Kaminari

    19.Kyoka Jiro

    20.Toru Hagakure

    Just after the rankings were released as Hagakure was starting to sniffle

    "By the way, I was lying about the expulsion. It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limit of your quirks", Aizawa said as he started to walk away.

    "Of course that was a lie, if you just thought about it, it would be obvious," said Momo

    "Uh, Huh! Yaoyorozu-san, I would say that assumption is incorrect" interrupted Ichigo.

    "Don't you remember, the mass expulsion in the news last year, I think it was done by Aizawa-sensei"

    Immediately everyone turned silent as they took that in.

    "For now let us not worry about it, But I would suggest you guys put in more effort training." Ichigo said, trying to lighten the mood.
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  7. Threadmarks: Healing Talks

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    After the surprisingly solemn ending to the quirk assessment, Ichigo went around introducing himself to everyone except Bakugou who looked like he was to keep his anger at coming third and his rage at Izuku for 'Hiding' his quirk.

    Thus as the class changed back into uniforms, the real orientation day began, A senior student Yuyu Haya, led everyone around the campus and introduced the campus and showed us what was where and how to get to them and finally stopped at the canteen.

    Ichigo was kind of expecting to see Lunch rush, but he was nowhere to be found.

    "Excuse me, Haya-san, But I heard Lunch rush works here? Why is he not here today?"

    "Oh! All the staff have the weekends off, only some staff come to the school on weekends and lunch rush doesn't come on weekends, because as he puts it there is no 'Lunch rush' on a weekend"

    Ichigo couldn't help but sigh at the terrible pun. Then for the last place of the day she showed them the staffroom. It was here Ichigo spotted something on a shelf where attendance registers were kept. Curious Ichigo opened the attendance register of 1-B to see what changed because of his appearance.

    As he looked through the list he found a total of two discrepancies. Number one was Koji Koda was in 1-B, the second was that the mushroom girl Kinoko Komori was not there.

    So looking at this he figured his and Shinso's entrance into U.A caused Mineta and Mushroom girl to be rejected. He sighed and put the book back on the shelf. After that, the orientation day was completed, with Haya-san explaining all the basic rules and regulations of the school and giving them tips.

    "Oi, Shinso, you chat with other people and when that is over, Go and sit in the car, I have something to do with Recovery girl, I will be a little late."


    Then, Ichigo went towards the Nurse office, he was introduced earlier. Even though he had already gone around the school only once, Ichigo had already memorized the mental map of U.A. His mind arts were useful like that.

    As he reached the office he knocked on the door first and said: “ Excuse me, May I come in?”


    Recovery girl watched the boy in front of her with curiosity a few months back. He had come with Toshniori and his successor, back then when she healed the boy he had an enlightenment light in his eyes. It was also then when she asked Toshinori that he told her that the boy was the young genius doctor, but also the one that wrote the pink muscles theory and training methods.

    Even though it was restricted to B-class heroes and above as A-class heroes she was able to read it and she found it very enlightening so she was excited to see what such a medical genius could do.

    “Good Afternoon Recovery girl. I need your expertise as well as your permission to treat one of your patients.”

    “Oh? Go on then,”

    “Do you remember the last time I came here? It was for Izuku as he had broken his arm using his quirk. When you healed him you said about the nature of your power, that inspired me.

    You see, the name of my quirk is Alchemy. I named it that way because it essentially transmutes objects by deconstructing and reconstructing objects. But there is always one constant about Alchemy. It is always based on equivalent exchange. So I cannot make more matter but only change its form with an equal mass.

    My inspiration came in when you said you used the patient’s stamina to heal. It caused me to reevaluate if the same can be done using Alchemy and I have succeeded. I have succeeded in my experiments and want you to review them and please decide if this procedure can be applied with minimal side effects to the human body as well.”

    Recovery girl was shocked at Ichigo’s revelation. It seemed that he had fundamentally copied her quirk, no it was even better than her quirk. Her quirk only speeds up recovery, but it could not help with organs which have been lost or cannot heal naturally. But then she remembered what he said about operating on one of her patients.

    “You mean to say that you want to operate on Toshinori and restore his damaged lungs and Stomach? And where are your experiments?”

    “Please wait a minute my nii-san will bring the experimental subject right away”

    Ichigo quickly made Alice send Asato-nii a message to bring the test subjects along with sending him a map to get there.

    Within 5 mins Asato-nii came into the room with a huge cage covered with cloth. From the cage, you could hear monkey sounds

    ”Place it right here Asato-nii and uncover it please, thank you”

    “So, these are the three experimental monkeys I brought you. The first one’s name is Tom, he had two broken limbs, the second one’s name is Tick and he had lost his eyeball, and the third one’s name is Harry he was the one I intentionally injured to simulate All Might’s body condition in the sense there is a large part of his lung and his stomach was missing.”

    “Hmm, I will look into it then. What about the files for …..”

    Immediately recovery girl launched into a tirade of questions on what Ichigo did and what was the before and after results and all the experiments and the cause of failure etc. While talking, even though recovery girl dismissed some of his ideas which were based on the soul part of healing, he didn’t let it get him.

    While she couldn’t teach him any new techniques per se, His alchemical healing and her quirk were similar enough that she taught him a much more efficient way to heal to maximise the patient’s stamina efficiency.

    All this time he was banging head trying to find a way to increase the patient’s stamina but he never thought of increasing the efficiency of his technique. He immediately made a mental note to fix this type of problem in his mind arts.

    Then after his discussion with Recovery girl he left satisfied at his accomplishment for the day, on the way to the car he saw two craters in a wall, he wondered what happened and sat in the car.

    “So, Is your work with the Nurse over?”

    “Yeah, it’s done”

    “What’s your work with the school nurse anyway? You didn’t get hurt anywhere right?”

    “Pssh! With my control over my body no way I can get hurt, it was about a project of mine.”

    “Oh! Did you see the crater in the wall, while coming to the car?”

    “Oh yeah, So what’s that about?”

    “It was the explosion kid and the green-haired wimpy kid?”

    “Oh? What happened?”

    “Apparently, the green-haired wimpy kid hid his quirk from the explosion kid for all these years, so he was pissed at him and started exploding stuff attacking the wimpy but Aizawa-sensei came and stopped the fight with him. Did you know that his eyes can negate quirks?”

    “Yeah, His Pro hero name is Eraserhead, He is an underground hero.”

    “Anyway he stopped them, but Ichigo I think I found the fighting style that will suit me”

    “Oh, You mean Aizawa sensei Carbon fibre reinforced capture cloth? You want to use it in your fighting?”

    “How did you? How do you even know this stuff Ichigo you weren’t even there?”

    “*Whistling* Anyway, so you want to fight using capturing cloth?”

    “Yeah, But I have to ask Aizawa sensei permission to use his style.”

    “Are you stupid or What?” asked Ichigo with one of his eyebrows raised

    “What? Why are you looking at me like that? What did I forget?”

    “*Sigh* Shinso you swept the martial arts grandmaster brother for an at best martial arts master. I don’t know how you have brain farts sometimes for simple things.”

    “Oh yeah, I forgot that you were super skilled in martial arts, but you gotta give me leeway, the way you act super relaxed all the time makes me forget that you are such a powerful monster.”

    “Oh? What is this? Shinso looks like your senses are getting dull. We should start your Tortur-ahem training immediately after going back.”

    Shinso looked fearfully at Ichigo “Oi, Ichigo you are joking right? Right?”

    When Shinso looked at Ichigo's evil smirk, a chill traveled up his spine. He cursed himself for slipping and sighed resignation. Ichigo’s training was always a pain. It didn’t help that Ichigo took his torture very seriously, he always covered it up quickly but Shinso noticed how he always slipped and almost said torture instead of training.

    But Ichigo never took it too far, so he didn’t resist in the end. It was like he found the perfect balance to wear him down so that any more training would be unbearable and stopped it right at that spot. Leaving him exhausted and unable to do anymore after which he gave a massage and acupuncture which healed him enough that he could just do his daily chores and work.

    Just like that Ichigo Kurosaki's first step into being a Pro- Hero was completed.

    The next day was his first day in U.A, the classes started with more mundane subjects like English in the morning.

    “Which of these English sentences is wrong?”

    Immediately Ichigo could feel the disappointment in the air as all the students sighed about the normalness of the class. Ichigo scoffed in his heart, thinking about how all the students thought that just because you are in the hero course you could skip the normal subjects.

    But then again he couldn’t blame them, before learning his mind arts he too would have jumped at the chance to skip regular classes, even now he wanted to skip classes just because of a different reason i.e he already knew all the regular subjects.

    “Everybody heads up! Let’s get this party started!”

    “Yeah!” replied Ichigo just as enthusiastically

    “Okay! Kurosaki Come on!” said Present Mic, taking Ichigo’s enthusiasm that he wanted to answer. Anyway, Ichigo was a native English speaker before reincarnation so that wasn’t a problem.

    It was always fun to mess with the other students. They still looked baffled at my enthusiastic response to Present Mic and me voluntarily doing stupid things.

    They just didn’t get that he wanted to do stupid things, cause he knew that the faeces would hit rotary impeller eventually. So better to enjoy being stupid when you can so that you don’t act stupid when it is the most necessary.

    After the regular classes in the morning, there was the lunch break, this time he saw Lunch rush and they were really like gourmet level dishes for reasonable prices. Cause the rates were regular rates which you would get at any street-side stall.

    While he also could make meals on this level due Ma Kensei and Miu Furinji’s knowledge but they would take too much time, and why waste time when he could have what he ordered at just a little markup. Considering that he wasn’t short of money, he decided to always eat at the canteen.

    For lunch, he ordered Garlic Naan with butter chicken and egg fried rice. (A.N What? Don’t give me that look. As an Indian, I have to promote our cultural dishes. Otherwise, the community will chase me,). A trivia knowledge you would need to know was that Ichigo’s favourite cuisines were Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American and Japanese, specifically in that order.

    After lunch, and it was the period Ichigo was excited about the whole day, The battle training!.
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    Got wall of text syndrome and my brain switched off.
    Fix your formatting and start the story where the story starts meeting Izuku or Starting at UA or whatever.
    Not at the CYOA/ROB section, it's been done to death.

    You need to show, not tell.
    Basically: Don't tell me SI has Alchemy, Show me he has alchemy.

    This Fic has massive potential, I'll be checking back later to see how this has improved.
    Keep up the writing. :)


    I read the updated version. And this is good. You've adapted many ideas from many different mangas, instead of inventing them. Which is good because it lends creditability.

    My one criticism is that the flow of the story is very janky.
    I understand that I stated that the story should start at: and I provided two examples.
    But after reading the entire story and reviewing it. I think that it should be done according to the timeline of events.
    Beach arc, UA Exam Day, First day in class.
    This is a suggestion, I think reworking the posts to have chapter numbers and redo on the thread marking as the Beach Arc is last in the reading order at the moment, even though it should be first chronologically.
    As other Chapters reference the beach Arc (eg Pink muscle, and discovering Almight's Identity) It makes for an odd read in this order.

    This is super great work so far, I look forward to what you can do in future.
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    Thanks for the one up didn't notice as I was just copy-pasting from docs
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  10. Threadmarks: Hero Costumes and Rules of the training

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    It was finally here, the class Ichigo was waiting for the whole day, the basic hero training class. Just then Ichigo heard footsteps coming towards the class with his trained hearing before footsteps suddenly stopped at the door. The door was suddenly banged open and All Might came in

    “I am coming through this door like a normal person!”

    Immediately all the surrounding students started whispering and exclaiming like a bunch of kindergartener kids. Talking about how he was wearing his silver age costume, how it was so retro.

    “I teach the Hero basic training course”

    ‘The first thing in his mind was that All might didn’t introduce himself probably to avoid telling his real name’ and as Ichigo looked around the class everyone was also focused on all might that nobody noticed.

    “It is a subject where you train in different ways to learn the basics of being a hero

    You will take the most units in this subject!

    Now let's get right into it!

    Today we will be doing ‘Combat training’

    Costumes based on your quirk registrations and requests you sent in before the school started

    After you finished getting changed please gather at ground beta.”

    Thus as everyone started getting ready he also wore his costume. His costume took a hard time for him to decide. At first, he thought of going into a full Alphonse armour to honour them.

    But then decided against it because it didn’t suit his martial arts as he was a more flexible fighter and the armour was rather bulky and the only reason Alphonse was able to fight as well he could was because there was no human body in it.

    Then his second decision was to choose from all the superhero comics, marvel heroes were out since he made a manga about them here. Then he tried DC heroes. He made a lot of sketches for a possible hero suit. Then he thought of all anime armours, like Gilgamesh’s golden armour, he felt it was rather good to wear a golden costume considering that he was an alchemist.

    But soon decided against it as it was too showing and not techy enough for his tastes. Then he thought of bleach. He was about to dismiss it considering the impracticality of shinigami robes for a hero when a thought struck him and he remembered the only time Ichigo ever wore an armour.

    It was Ichigo’s full bringer armour. It was armoury enough that it would give him protection against a missed heavy attack, but it was also light enough that he could move freely and it wouldn’t restrict his martial arts.

    With a little bit of modification to the facepiece, the upper side of the mask was modified to be a bit like fitted with a glass visor which seamlessly fit into the strip and the lower part had a collapsible gas mask.

    But since he couldn’t make the armour of Reiatsu and willpower like the anime, he decided to use one of the best metal available for the hero support items. For the inner part of the armour, the black clothing was made of the same material All might used for his suits so that it would last a long time. For the finishing touch, he made the armour parts come painted in the same tone as Alphonse’s armour which was a gunmetal grey.

    As he was done dressing up he looked around to see what everyone was wearing, most of the students wore the same outfits except a few notable exceptions.

    As he watched through the one’s that changed he immediately singled out the cause of their changes, they were all because of the manga. he created and recreated.

    The first one was Rikido Sato also known Sugarman, his costume was modelled after power man from his manga which resembled the one from the ultimate spiderman cartoon. The only difference was that the costume extended to cover half of his face just like in the anime.

    The second one whose costume changed was Mezo Shoji, who still kept the half-face mask but just one look at his costume and anybody would scream that Mezo was a Kakashi cosplayer. The only difference was that he wore boots, he didn’t wear any gloves, and the blue undershirt stopped at his shoulders.

    The third one, who changed was Shinso he was pretty much a carbon copy of Iron fist without his dragon insignia but instead, there was an insignia of a mockingbird and his costume was purple with lots of the carbon fibre cloth that Aizawa used around his hands and towards his torso. He also had a face mask with a voice modulator.

    The fourth one that changed was Kaminari this one that shocked him the most (A.N get it Shocked, it was an electric pun *sigh* anyway), Unlike other people who were inspired by hero costumes, Kaminari’s suit was inspired by electro, in the sense he had a techno suit with capacitors and what not but had a big Shazam style electric bolt on the chest. Luckily he didn’t copy the green and yellow of the electro Ichigo drew in his manga but took the main colour yellow and with blue highlights.

    The last one and the most changed was of course Izuku. When Ichigo saw Izuku’s costume he knew he had already completely derailed canon. Izuku had almost become Captain Izuku. Looked like Izuku heavily connected with Captain America before he got his quirk because he was almost a carbon copy of Captain America.

    If he had a shield and the star insignia wasn’t removed and he hadn’t changed the wings in the helmet to an all might’s hair looking piece, and with the weird grinning face mask. Unlike Captain America though Izuku changed the colour scheme to green red and white.

    Though now his suit didn’t look like it was made by his mom, and it was probably made by a support company.

    As they were going towards the girl’s section of the class but he could notice any difference in their clothing. Then again he couldn’t expect girls to like Manga that much.

    Thus as everyone was ready they headed into the ground B Where the class would begin.

    Immediately All might started a spiel

    “They say clothes make the man, Shonen, Shoujo.

    Be fully aware that from now on you are heroes. That’s great everyone you look cool!

    Now shall we begin, you zygotes?

    Now that you are all ready, It is time to start combat training!”

    “Sensei? This was a battle centre from the entrance exam so will we be conducting an urban battle again?”

    “No, We are going two steps ahead.

    Most of the time, fighting a villain takes place outside, But if you take a look at the numbers the truly atrocious villains will appear at a higher rate indoors.

    Imprisonment, house arrest, backroom deals, In this society saturated with heroes. The truly intelligent villains hide in the shadows and manipulate things.

    For this class, you will be split into villain teams and hero teams and fight a 2 on 2 indoor battles”

    “Without basic training?” asked Asui-chan

    “This is a real battle to understand those basics!

    However, the key is that this time there are no robots you can just beat up.”

    “Then how will the wins and losses be determined?” asked Yaoyorozu.

    “Can we beat them up anyway?” asked Bakugou

    “Do we have punishments just like Aizawa-sensei’s test?” asked Ochako?

    “How shall be split up?” asked Iida

    “I will answer all of your questions. Now listen carefully

    The situation is that the villains have hidden nuclear weapons somewhere in the warehouse. The heroes are trying to dispose of the bomb,

    The heroes need to catch the villains or get the nuclear weapon back in the allotted time.

    The villains need to protect the nuclear weapon the whole time or capture the heroes.

    Teams will be picked by taking lots.”

    “Teams are picked up so Haphazardly?” asked Iida

    “Pros often have to create makeshift teams with heroes from other agencies”

    “I see the discernment to look ahead. Please excuse my rudeness!”

    “It is fine. Let’s do this quickly ”

    Immediately the teams were picked up

    Team 1 - Izuku Midoriya , Hanta Sero

    Team 2 - Mina Ashido, Mashirao Ojiro

    Team 3 - Yaoyorozu Momo, Mezo Shoji

    Team 4 - Yuga Aoyama, Tenya Iida

    Team 5 - Ochako Uraraka, Rikido Sato

    Team 6 - Eijiro Kirishima , Shoto Todoroki

    Team 7 - Fumikage Tokoyami, Bakugou Katsuki

    Team 8 - Hitoshi Shinso,Tsuyu Asui

    Team 9 - Toru Hagakure, Denki Kaminari

    Team 10 - Ichigo Kurosaki, Kyoka Jirou

    “Now that you have picked your teams, Let’s pick your enemies”

    Immediately he put his hand into two boxes and pulled them out with slips in both of his hands. He repeated this a few times and wrote down the results for everyone to see.

    Battle 1 - Villain Team10 vs Hero Team5

    Battle 2 - Villain Team8 vs Hero Team2

    Battle 3 - Villain Team7 vs Hero Team9

    Battle 4 - Villain Team1 vs Hero Team4

    Battle 5 - Villain Team6 vs Hero Team3
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  11. Extras: Illustrations

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    Regularly Dressed Ichigo With Alice Glasses

    Ichigo Hero Costume
    Made with metal and painted Gunmetal grey

    Rikido Sato costume (Sugarman)
    But with a covering over the head like the anime and no glasses

    Mezo Shoji (Tentacole ) Costume
    No gloves, No Uzumaki symbol no headband, no sleeves, Yes boots

    Hitoshi Shinso (Mockingjay ) Costume
    No cloth face mask, No dragon Insignia. Voice modulator/ Emergency gas mask from anime, Mockingbird insignia. Plus Carbon fibre cloth-like Eraserhead tied in rock lee fashion up to shoulders.

    Denki Kaminari (Chargebolt ) Costume
    Change the main colour to Yellow and secondary colour to black

    Midoriya Izuku (Deku) Costume
    No star insignia, no shield, no cape

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    Fixed it and also posted a new chapter thank you.
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    sweet I’ll read it and update my comments tomorrow.
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    Updated my original Comment. Thanks for the New Chapter.
    Sorry if my comment is a little disorganised.
  15. Threadmarks: Acting like a Villain is a stress relief

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    As soon as the battle list came up Ichigo knew he probably had some kind of protagonist aura because you don’t get the first battle of the day on your first day of school. (A.N: Like Seriously, I used a group randomizer to make the matchups and the 3 times I randomized team 10 it was always in the first battle.)

    “Villain team, go into the building first and do your preparations. In five minutes, the hero team will break-in, and the battle will start!.”

    As Ichigo and Jirou were going into the building, All Might stopped them and said,

    “Ichigo-Shounen, Jirou-Shoujo, Learn to think from the perspective of the villains. This is pretty close to a real battle. Go all out, and don’t be afraid to get hurt, but do remember that if things go too far, I will stop the battle”

    Ichigo looked at Jirou, asking if she had any questions to ask All Might to which she shook her head.

    “Thank you, Sensei,” said Ichigo and walked into the building with Jiro, quickly climbing to the top floor where the bomb was located.

    “Hmm, looks like it is a paper mache,” said Jiro while tapping the make-believe nuclear bomb.

    “So, shall we get to planning?” Ichigo asked.

    “Sure. So first things first, are we stalling till the timer ends or trying to capture the heroes?” asked Jiro

    “Why not do both?” said Ichigo with a conspiratorial smirk.

    “How?” asked Jiro curiously.

    “So first, we will…...”

    //Time skip 5 minutes later//

    Ochako POV

    Seeing that the timer for 5 mins was over, I asked: “Sato-kun, looks like it is time to go in.”

    “Hai, Uraraka-san. We should enter, be careful and check for traps.”

    Immediately, as we entered the building, it immediately became dark as all the windows were somehow closed along with all the doors.

    ‘What was happening? I have a bad feeling that we need to get out of here.’

    “Sato-kun, we need to get out of here quickly. I have a bad feeling.”

    “Me too Uraraka-san.”

    As I got close to the door which seemed to have been blocked, I noticed that rather than not having a handle or hinges, it was somewhat fused with the wall. But then I had a sudden idea: we could float to the top!

    “Sato-kun, let's use my quirk to float to the top by leaving from the window.”

    “Yes, that is a great idea Uraraka-san.”

    Immediately, Sato-kun and I went toward the windows. But just as we neared it, earth spikes started coming up from the ground. So before they could hit us, Sato-kun and I started to dodge them.

    It was then that Ichigo-Kun's voice came through the walls “Kukuku, you Heroes, so predictable. Immediately trying to avoid a confrontation by sneaking upon us.”. Which was then followed by Ichigo-kun insulting us and trying to make us angry.

    Unknowingly, while dodging the spikes, we neared a closed room. Sato-kun immediately ate some sugar, punched and broke the door and we entered the room, but I then heard Sato-Kun’s scream

    “Not good, we have been fooled. They made us dodge the spikes and carefully led us to this room to lead us into an ambush.”

    But by the time we had realized, it was too late and the room closed up and trapped us inside. Then suddenly the walls and ceiling started to turn into spikes and extended at a speed much faster than before and stopped right before our faces.

    We were so stunned by the spikes that me and Sato-kun didn’t notice that Jiro-san had come behind us and she immediately blasted us with sonic blasts at close range. The blasts stunned us and we covered our ears because of the pain but Ichigo-kun came through a hole in the ceiling and quickly tied the capture tape around both of us.

    “Villain Team Wins!” I heard All Might's voice declare and couldn’t help but sigh at my performance in this battle.

    *Scene Change*

    Third Person POV

    “Cheer up Uraraka-shoujo, Sato-Shounen. You both showed some fine skills in the battle. Whether you win or lose, looking back and learning from your experiences is a part of life.” Said All Might as he put his hand on Sato's shoulder. Now, it is time to go back and review everything.”

    *Review room*

    “So, the MVP of the battle is Ichigo-kun. Can any of you tell me why?”

    “Because he controlled the battle rhythm from the very start,” said Iida.

    “Because he made a great plan to take maximum advantage of his teammate’s powers,” said Izuku.

    “Because he looked so Manly, tricking them into an ambush?” Kirishima said.

    “Because the bast***d distracted them with his shit-talking?” Bakugou said.

    “Because he was using his quirk in tandem with Jiro to control the whole building as if it were a living thing?” Shoto said.

    “Yes, All of those reasons, but mainly his planning.” replied All Might.

    “First thing Ichigo-shounen did correctly was that he didn’t let the heroes get anywhere near the bomb floor. This way, even if he was defeated the heroes would have lost some time to find the bomb.

    Point number two was because all of you, shounen and shoujo, still haven’t observed it yet but the nuclear device on that floor is actually a fake.”

    Then All Might showed Ichigo setting up a fake bomb in a room and making the floor in that area very thin. If people approached the fake bomb the floor would have collapsed.

    “Ichigo-shounen showed exactly how smart villains can make you make mistakes which can cause great damage or even death.

    The third thing Ichigo shonen did that was worthy of learning was that he had prepared a last case contingency. Am I right Ichigo-Shounen?”

    ‘What the heck, how the heck did he notice that? Looks like he isn't the number one pro hero for nothing.’

    “*Sigh* Yes, in case the plan was a complete failure and we were completely defeated with no chance of escape, I would have made the building collapse on itself.”

    “Yes, see this shounen, shojo, even though Ichigo-shounen played the villain, there could have been a hero protecting citizens in the same spot.

    He would have sacrificed himself to save the people. But the same thing applies to villains as well when they are pushed into a corner, they may also do the same thing but without noble intentions like what the hero had.”

    ‘Well, I could have escaped the collapsed building due to my perfect body control but let's not burst that bubble.’ Ichigo thought.

    “Next is the criticism,” Ochako and Sato immediately winced at that.

    “We will start with Jiro-shoujo before coming to the losing team.”

    “Young Jiro, you performed excellently in the entire battle. Timing your attack perfectly with Ichigo-Shounen but my criticism is that during the planning phase, you didn’t give any input to the plan or ask questions about the plan.

    While that is okay here, in a real-life scenario if you go into the battle without completely understanding the plan or if you find something uncomfortable in the plan you could get killed due to it.”

    “Now, to the losing Hero team. Can anyone tell me what the Hero team did wrong?”

    “Sensei, can I answer? ” Yaoyorozu Momo asked and quickly got confirmation,

    “Firstly, the hero team didn’t decide to use Uraraka-san’s floating quirk until they were inside the building and that caused them to be locked into the building by Ichigo-san.

    Secondly, even though they knew the quirk of Jiro-san, they didn't think to float to avoid the villains detecting them through sound.

    Thirdly was that Sato-san could have broken the spikes and bulldozed their way to the bomb even though he would have less time to stop the bomb.

    Finally, they were distracted by the goading and talking of Ichigo-san so they were unable to notice that they were being directed to a closed room with a single entrance and exit.

    A hero should always keep in mind the escape routes for a room, if not for retreating when a situation is too dangerous at least so that if a captured or cornered villain tries to escape they can predict it and block the escape.”

    ‘Sh-She said more than I was expecting.’ thought All Might with a face twitch.

    “W-Well, Sato-shounen and Uraraka-shoujo should have also made a plan of action before they went in to decide how they wanted to approach the situation.

    For example, if they wanted to lure the Villains to come out and fight, they should go with a louder search, but if you wanted to sneak in you would have immediately entered the building while floating.

    But the answer was correct," said All Might with a thumbs up.

    “Start with the basics to develop one’s learning and devote yourself wholeheartedly, otherwise we won't become top heroes,” said Momo.

    “All right everyone, let's change locations and start the second match! Tackle this training after thinking about what we just talked about.”
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    This is an excellent chapter. Maybe mix in some interludes with alternate character points of view. Like Principal Nezu's suspicion of the protagonist (doesn't act like a kid, too smart, weird Quirk etc). Or a Romantic interest or a Hated rival.
    Inteudles are an excellent way to do character development or foreshadowing of future plans or plots.

    I'd like to see a bit of expansion on the protagonist thinking about the elements present, to come up with new techniques. Like Roy Mustang's Flame Projection or Basque Grand's Ballistic Constructs, or Isaac McDougal's Water Control.

    The Protagonist has a massive bag of tricks to pull from, yet so far he has only used; Edwards' terrain control and some healing which I didn't quite understand.

    Looking forward to the next chapter. :sneaky: