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The Otome heroine is raised by the final boss (Original)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Naqu2o, Mar 21, 2021.

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    Naqu2o Getting out there.

    Mar 19, 2021
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    "Excuse me, but are you Lycoris."

    A grown man that Lycoris does not know introduce himself. It was a day after her mother has died. The landlord has almost chased her out of their room, however, because he does not know what to do with her mother's corpse yet, the landlord left them to find some undertaker.

    Not kn0wing where her future will go, one day later, a gentleman arrived at her house. He was wearing the best clothes, with the faint smell of disinfectant. Everything about him was sterile. He looks extremely clean. However, Lycoris knew best, it was men who look good that are the most dangerous.

    However, moments later, the man sits down.

    "So I arrived too late huh."

    There was moment of genuine sadness from the man after arriving at the room. He looks at her mother with a look of sadness, before settling his eyes on her.

    "Do you know my mother mister?"

    The man nods his head slowly, his hat was taken off his head.

    Suddenly, the man gestures some men to come in, and then he takes Lycoris's hand and leads her outside. Lycoris was wary of the act, but she became aware that even if she screams now, there will be no one coming to help her. She does not know him.

    Suddenly, while leading her away, the man sits down to face her. His face was sharp and pale, there was hint of coldness in his eyes, however it has slowly settled down after looking at Lycoris.

    "I apologize for taking so long to come for you, however, I have only received her letter recently. Lycoris, I am your uncle, your mother's brother."

    The revelation comes of strange to Lycoris. Her mother? The poor woman who works as dishwasher in a restaurant having a brother who looks as rich as this person? Hesitantly she wanted to turn back. She has heard about the hobbies of the rich before. Adopting a young prepubescent child? It has happened to her friends befor-

    "Lycoris, this may be difficult, but you are my niece." The man continues. "Your mother ran away with a man when she was young. I lost all contacts with her. Later on, due to our family's decline, I have to move away. After that point, I lost all contact with her in earnest."

    Hearing that, Lycoris suddenly became angry. Her father? That man who tricked mama. Why would she run away with that man?

    However, the man in front of her was still waiting. She looks back to the state of her clothes, she remembers the breakfast that she didn't have.

    Hesitantly, she takes his hand. She can only believe that her future will be better, and not worse.


    A few months later.

    "LYCORIS!" Her uncle's yell can be heard from downstair.

    "Come down this instant young lady. You haven't finished your homework yet."

    A few months later, she has moved to the capital city. She goes to the Imperial Academy, the best academy in the kingdom for her education. Her life is great now. One in a while, her uncle Avaris would yell at her because she was too lazy to attend social gathering or that she has skipped a class. However, her life was going great.

    She can't wait for what tomorrow would bring.


    At that moment, the uncle in question was puzzling over something. He was reading a report from his subordinate. After reading everything, he puts it down and asks one single question

    "Why would anyone even want to assassinate Lycoris?"

    "Apparently sir, your daughter has been getting too close with the third prince who is currently going undercover at the academy. Certain parties who are interested in getting their daughters married to the royal family has ordered the hit. The assassin, a butler employed by the Imperial Academy has been dealt with, however, there may be more in the future."

    After a beat, Avaris says

    "What do you mean Lycoris is getting close to that motherfucker?"


    At that moment, Lycoris is completely unaware that she has unearthed her uncle's trauma about the imperial family by doing completely nothing.

    This is a story of how Lycoris continues to make her uncle cry in the future
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  2. Threadmarks: Dinner

    Naqu2o Getting out there.

    Mar 19, 2021
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    Three months have passed since her mother's funeral.

    Lycoris has been living in Avaris' mansion in the capital city. It was a house located in a secluded area. The architecture is modern, however, the furniture are ancient. In Avaris' office, there is an antique book case and the head of some kind of animals hanged above the work space as decoration. There is exactly one desk and one armchair. The decoration style is very old.

    The rest of the house is decorated in dark color. The carpet is dark red, with the curtain being a muted shade of green. The only exception is Lycoris's bedroom, which has more colors.

    After getting comfortable enough around Avaris, Lycoris has asked to decorate the mansion herself. Afterward, she bought some purple curtain and pink carpet to decorate Avaris' office, which earned her a glare from Avaris.

    For some reason, that disapproval from Avaris made her very happy. However, what makes her even happier is the knowledge that she truly has a future. She has a house now, a very rich uncle, and she can go to school.

    'I just want a happy life.' She decided

    'Ah so this is the happiness of money.'

    Just a few months ago, she was living in the slum not knowing where to go, now she is living in luxury, with a butler and servants to cater to her needs.

    However, Lycoris knows that she should not rely on them too much, she is a grown girl now.

    Of course she couldn't be too greedy. Avaris is rich, however, she is still only his sister's daughter, not his. He gave her a tipspend every month and helped her enter the Imperial Academy, however she is aware that the situation depends on Avaris.

    "How was your day?" She asks her uncle as he enters the dining room.

    She knows that Avaris is the owner of a large merchant company, and that everyday he manages a lot of work in his room. Sometime, she wanted to get closer to her only bloodrelated family left and offered to give him a massage after a day of hard work but Avaris did not want her to touch him.

    'Don't touch me. We are not that close.'

    She imagines that is what he wanted to say. She is still his obligation, not someone that he knows. However that was 2 months ago. She has become much closer to Avaris now and realizes that uncle Avaris simply hates being touched.

    "The price of metals have increased again due to undead appearance near the normal trade route. Trades are currently halted until the crown has mobilized enough fighting force to put them down."

    "Oh, that's horrible. The undead again? Even with the spread of the royal bloodline, there has been quite many sightings lately. Will this affect business?"

    The world is plagued with the undead. It is said that where the influence of the God of Light grows weak, the influence of the God of Darkness grows stronger. Consequently, the royal family, the descendant of the God of Light holds an absolutely vital role in maintaining civilization. Where the members of the royal family live, there are no undead. That is why the influence of the Kingdom of Lucia is so great, with their royal family member being the only detergent against an undead invasion.

    "It's a good thing that we live in the capital city." Lycoris mutters.

    However, Avaris heard her speak. Quietly he scoffs.

    "No matter where we live, I will never let them hurt you."

    "Thank a lot uncle." She jokes half-heartedly, uncle Avaris is only a merchant right? There is no way he can fight against the undead who need the crown to mobilize entire battalion to fight off.

    "The price of weapons will likely increase in the next couple of weeks. Metal goods will be rare. However, this is good for us." Avaris says, while Lycoris bites down a steak.

    Avaris shoos her way of eating, trying to instill discipline and grace into her, however, she has never eaten steak before this rare period of luxury in her life, there is no way she will be polite. And she knows Avaris will forgive her anyway.

    Avaris's only meal is some salad and peas. Lycoris has never seen her uncle eat in front of her. Maybe that's why he is so pale. Lycoris puts some meat on her uncle's dish after thinking about it.

    "Oh why so uncle?"

    Avaris glances at her briefly before looking away.

    "We have some metal in stock. For the next few weeks, we and our associates are the only seller in the city."

    "How lucky." Lycoris commented.

    Avaris looks at her for a while before finally speaking

    "Lycoris, there is something I need to talk with you about. Your friend, Hector Rowley is actually the third prince Hector Lucian in disguise. You should stay away from him in the future."

    While chewing on a particularly large piece of meat, Lycoris starts choking on it
  3. Naqu2o

    Naqu2o Getting out there.

    Mar 19, 2021
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    The kingdom of Lucian is a strict hierarchy based society. It was said that a long time ago, the God of Light descended onto the mortal plane and started laying with mortal women.

    The descendants of those women are now the royal family of the kingdom of Lucian. So the position of royalty is not only a mortal position but a god given one. Every single blood related members of the royal family is descended from the God of Light and have power beyond the keen of men.

    Then come other noble houses. It was said that after laying with mortal women and having children with them, the God of Light wanted servants to serve his children when he is gone. And so, he bestowed his power to a small group of people who swore eternal loyalty to the bloodline of the crown. And that was how all the noble houses currently come to be.

    They are the 12 noble houses. Originally, there used to be 13, however, the 13 house has fallen to the march of time and so only 12 are left. Each and every member of the 12 houses holds a mysterious power called magic. With it, they can protect the royal family while beating back the influence of the God of Darkness, which manifested as undead.

    Because heir and bloodline is very important to the stability of the kingdom, class hierarchy is taken very seriously.

    Two people from different social classes can never be friends, that is the truth of this world.

    On the first day of school, Lycoris was smiling like an idiot. Uncle Avaris was with her on the first day of school. However, he was always carrying an umbrella with him. Still, she thought that the umbrella fit the aesthetic of her uncle. The man liked to dress in black with skin as pale as snow. The black umbrella fit his aesthetic just fine.

    The first half of the day, uncle Avaris carried the umbrella around, covering for Lycoris. However, when it was noon, when the sun was high, uncle Avaris bowed out and left Lycoris on her own.

    "Well, I can't protect you forever. Go and make some friends."

    "I will be fine." Lycoris said to him as he walked back to work.

    She was not fine. While class orientation was still going on, Lycoris was eating lunch in the campus. Suddenly a few ladies were pointing at her and laughing.

    "What's so funny?" Ignoring them, Lycoris carries on, bringing her lunch to another place. However, her path was blocked, by a lady a head taller than her.

    This year, Lycoris is 14. The lady is at least 16. However, she was blocking her way.

    Suddenly, the lady took out a fan to cover her mouth.

    "Oh my where did this 'thing' come from?" At that time, Lycoris didn't know that uncle Avaris was considered a Nouveau Riche, a trader and a merchant. And in this society, where the hierarchy is strict, the nobility class looked down on the merchant class.

    Actually, the real reason was not that. It was because before the confrontation happened, the third prince of the kingdom, Hector, saw Lycoris and thought to himself

    'Heck, that girl is cute.'

    And so, he talked (persuaded) some girls from the upper class to create the scene. Then, while every one was looking on, prince Hector appeared like a hero from a fairy tale.

    Then, while Lycoris was about to speak up for herself, she saw a dorky boy coming up to her defense and suddenly thought

    'Heck, that boy is cute.' And so decided to let that boy be her hero in shining armor.

    And that was how the two met for the first time.

    "What is your name?" She asked him

    "I'm Hector... uh... Rowley. Yeah, Hector Rowley is the name. Pleasure to meet you young lady."

    "Damn, I know he was hiding something."

    Lycoris says.

    "Language, young lady." Uncle Avaris says while rubbing his forehead, knowing the full truth of the event from both his inside men in the palace and Lycoris
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  4. Naqu2o

    Naqu2o Getting out there.

    Mar 19, 2021
    Likes Received:
    Oh shit, my entire post was eaten by the [ hr ] code, is there anyway to get it back?
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  5. Threadmarks: Gemware

    Naqu2o Getting out there.

    Mar 19, 2021
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    "I will dump Hector as soon as I see him."

    "Okay." Avaris closes his eyes after getting confirmation that his niece was actually dating the third prince of the kingdom. It reminds him of the previous generation too much.

    "But why are you here?" Avaris continues.

    In the afternoon, Avaris was set to inspect some of the trade company's warehouse. He went alone, however, Lycoris followed him.

    "I want to know how our business works so I can inherit it in the future."

    "And who said I would let you inherit my business in the future. If anything, you should have married into a nice house by then." Avaris told her.

    "But uncle, there are so many nice boys out there, I don't think I can choose. If I could, I think I would adopt all of them."

    Avaris closes his eyes after hearing his niece's words.

    2 months. Only 2 months and she has already gotten him into a lot of troubles.

    The matter with the third prince is recent, however, previously, he has to come to the school to explain why two boys were fighting over Lycoris.

    That girl was dangerous despite her age.

    "Alright. " He said "But stay close to me and pay attention. The place is quite chaotic."


    Uncle Avaris's company is called Gemware Pancontinental Trading Company or GPTC for short. It started as a Mining company, however, it was rebranded as a general goods trading company around 8 years ago. Gemware has since bought out many ghetto neighborhood near the outskirt of the capital city to build many large warehouse to store goods from everywhere around the world.

    Gemware has connections with many important people around the world and receives regular shipment of goods from almost every corners of the world, with many exotic sought after items. Uncle Avaris was a worldly man, before Gemware was rebranded, he traveled the world to make those connections.

    Carrying a white umbrella, Lycoris jumps onto the carriage like a kid in a candy store.

    The carriage has the trademark of the company carved on it.

    As the carriage starts to move, Lycoris waves goodbye to her retinue of handmaidens.

    When she was sent to the imperial academy, Avaris sent a small retinue of maids with her. Lycoris both loves and hates it however. She loves that she is living the high life now, so much different from before. However, she hates it because wherever she goes, one of the maid would go with her. It feels like she was trading her freedom for the high life. At least, she is not like those stuck up person at school.

    When she left today, one of the maids tried to follow her to, however, uncle Avaris told them there was no need for it.

    "I'm with her today. You don't need to be there, go back to your station."

    The pale man wears business attire today. Her uncle wears black coat over a white T-shirt. The color of his clothes accentuates his pale features really well.

    While she is on the carriage, Lycoris sticks her head out of the window to feel the wind on her face. The girl giggles as it feels cool. However, the wind makes a mess of her hair.

    Today, she is dressed like a man, white T-shirts (with frills), long pants and flat cap. However, since her uncle did not say anything about it, she thought it would be fine. Her uncle is someone she respects a lot. She wants to be like him in the future.

    That is why she wanted to inherit Gemware, or at least help with business when she grow up in the future. It was not a joke when she told uncle Avaris about inheriting the family business.

    Before now, she did not have a dream because she was worried about her future, however she has a dream now, and that is to be like her own uncle. She wants to have as much power and riches as him.

    While she was sticking her head out of the window, suddenly, uncle Avaris pulls her back without any emotions on his face. His hands feel cold to the touch. Immediately after it happened, the carriage shakes violently. Lycoris hangs on to her uncle shoulder for balance before switching to gripping the hand bar.

    Uncle Avaris doesn't like being touched.

    After a while, the shaking stops and the carriage also stops.

    Opening the door, her uncle strides out confidently in his business attire. There seems to have been a problem on the way.

    Lycoris copies him and stride out confidently out of the carriage, but because her legs were shorter than an adult man, she trips and almost falls. Emotionlessly, uncle Avaris extends a hand to help her balance herself before resuming his stride.

    There was a boy standing in front of the horse carriage. He spreads both of his hand wide to stop the carriage.

    'Heck the boy is cute.'

    He is older than Lycoris, however he has a baby face. His clothes is neither expensive or cheap. He wears a pair of glasses with a very worn frame. He looks kinda nerdy, Lycoris likes it.

    Uncle Avaris glances at him

    "Did you try to kill me?"

    He asks coldly.

    Snapping out of it, Lycoris comes back to reality.

    "Ha, as if a man without heart or blood like you would die that easily." The boy says, Lycoris gasps at that level of disrespect directed toward her uncle.

    "Let's just call the capital police on him, uncle Avaris!" Lycoris strides out of her uncle back and points at the boy. Suddenly, the boy flinches seeing a small child next to Avaris. He assumes that her messy hair was due to his action, stopping the carriage.

    "I admit that doing that was reckless. I apologize for endangering you and your family." The boy says

    "However, Avaris Gemware, how dare you."

    'Gemware? Is that my family name? No way, uncle Avaris said he changed his name after an incident with our family.'

    It seems the boy is someone with grudges against her own uncle.

    "The market is fair, is it not?" Suddenly, Avaris says

    "You and I both know your recent markets actions are you acting overtly against my family, stop it. How dare you flood the market with cheap metal at this point? You are pushing other businesses' bottom line just because you have more stockpile saved up. But we both know the stockpile can't last forever. If you continue with this hostile business practice, there will be consequences."

    8 years ago, Gemware moved to the capital city. Ever since then, it has been continuously expanding with incredibly hostile business practice. Gemware is known to be cheap, in both product and labor. They hire the absolutely lowest of the low, vagrant, homeless and the desperate for their warehouse business. The pay is extremely low, however, it doesn't require any previous experience or even a permanent address. As long as you can move, you can work for Gemware or so it is said.

    They frequently flood the market with below market-price product. The government has mostly turned a blind eye to Gemware, however other companies were waiting for Gemware's practice to burn itself out. However, 8 years have passed, and it is still going strong as ever. No one knows where the almost limitless flow of goods come from. Goods constantly come from outside the country through Avaris's 'connections'.

    Lately, the company may have moved away from the storefront model. After the disruption in the metal supplies chain, Gemware has gobbled up contracts for weapon production for the government after pushing the local blacksmith guilds out. And like all things else it has gobbled up, it is very unlikely for things to return to normal even after the supplies route returns to normal.

    However, Avaris looks at the boy as if he is not impressed.

    "I will only say this one, you say that there will be consequences, however, I am telling you, if an incident like this ever happen again, there WILL be consequences for the Gaillot family. I don't care about what alliance you have, an alliance of losers will never amount to anything."

    Frustrated, the boy looks like he is about to hit something, however, taking a deep breath, the boy speaks up one last time.

    "Very well, from now on, everyone will know that the owner of Gemware is irrational. I hope you are prepared."

    The boy walks away. However, he takes one last glance at Lycoris before turning away, his face beet red.

    "Aw, he is so cute."

    "That little shit." Avaris says after hearing his niece's words.
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  6. islamy96

    islamy96 Know what you're doing yet?

    Jul 14, 2017
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    Lycoris is riot, I like her.
  7. Naqu2o

    Naqu2o Getting out there.

    Mar 19, 2021
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    Well I posted this on QQ instead of SB so that when she turned 18, the story can move to NSFW when she makes her uncle seethe eternally with all the men she hangs around with
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  8. Threadmarks: Stir

    Naqu2o Getting out there.

    Mar 19, 2021
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    "His words are mostly hypocrisy speaking." Avaris speaks while justifying his actions to no one. Lycoris listens attentively to understand the world of the adults.

    "Before we are here, his family were, before his family, another were. It is all the same cycle with the old being replaced by the new. Before I came here, most of the warehouse district were land owned by the Gaillot family. They ran a housing exploitation model for the old neighborhood that was given to them by the king, with a high profit margin. They ran the legitimate land owners out of this land before. Now, I came and chase them out and they come to complain to me that it is unfair."

    Avaris can only shake his head.

    Then, after his explanation, he turns toward his niece.

    "Lycoris, that guy is not good."

    "Yep." Lycoris can only smile and nod to her uncle's annoyance.


    In the warehouses, goods were contained in small boxes and pallets. It is four story high with a series of ramps leading to the upper floor.

    The gateway was large, large enough for multiple cart to go in and out.

    Every now and then, pairs of listless eyes would glance up at Lycoris before going back to their work.

    Lycoris could only smile strainedly due to the soulless look of the workers. The people move around with lethargy, with soulless eyes as if uncaring of anything else. They don't have any passion, love for the work or anything else.

    They are like a cog in a giant machine, and the machine is the warehouse.

    Even the warehouse manager has that lifeless look to him.

    "Our fiscal yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda..."

    Lycoris almost falls asleep before her uncle taps her shoulder.

    "If you don't want to be here, you can go out and play."

    "No, I want to be here!" Lycoris insists. She wants to become a successful businesswoman like uncle Avaris in the future. If so, she has to endure this. She has to stay here and hear all of it...

    "Now now, you don't have to grow up that fast. In time, everything will be your. But before that, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your youth."

    Uncle Avaris has a contemplative look while saying that as if he was reminiscing about his own past.

    "Tell you what, I will tell you all about it when we go home okay? We can make it a kind of homework. You will have multiple days to read over the quarterly report, and then you can report back to me what you understand."

    Rubbing her eyes, Lycoris realizes that she has been crying a little out of indignation at first, but she has since stopped crying.

    "Alright. Promise?"

    "Promise. Now, go. But don't go too far you hear? I will be done in a few minutes."


    "She is gone." Both men in the room drop their pretend after the precious niece of the human Avaris has left the room. The air of the room becomes chilled, with the smell of disinfectant overwhelming everything else.

    "How is the condition of the bodies?"

    "250,000 bodies have been put into dormancy, with 2000 hiding under great Lucia itself. The sewer of the kingdom of Lucia may be large, but even we can't hide that kind of number forever. Are you sure you want to do this sir?"

    "I am sure. That day will come, however, it will come on my own term and not before."

    "May I ask when will that be sir."

    "Perhaps after Lycoris has grown up, settled down with a family, and then took her last breath. Then, I, as a human won't have any regrets left."

    "Very well sir."

    "Keep an eye on her will you?"

    "Very well sir."

    Underneath the great capital of Lucia, something wicked stirs.
  9. Threadmarks: Osphens

    Naqu2o Getting out there.

    Mar 19, 2021
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    Lycoris went around the company town to look at the workers. On the far part of the capital city, slowly the poor neighborhood is experiencing a transformation. No more rundown house but rows and rows of standardized employee housing.

    Wherever she goes, the people look at her, seeing that she is not one of the company workers, however, the guards around her dissuade them of thinking anything.

    Lycoris smiles strainedly at the soullessness of the people around her. It is as if they have no ambition, no aspiration for a better life. Then, the girl slaps herself and smiles.

    She was once like that too, how can she blame them?

    When you are down on your luck, it's hard to get back up without a helping hand, isn't that why she is where she is now? It is because of her good background that she can get back up from a life of poverty. So she doesn't begrudge them. She can only think of her poor mother, who was once like that too.

    Her mother Lily worked as a dishwasher in one of the worst part of town. She raises Lycoris up to where she is now. However, Lycoris feels conflicted about her mother. Her uncle told her that her mother ran away from home to elope with the man she loves.

    Is love that good for you? When thinking about love, Lycoris finds it hard to decide whether she will sacrifice her everything for love like that.

    A few weeks ago, she thought she was in love with Hector. Their love was almost out of control. However, is it really love?

    Lycoris doesn't know.

    The only thing she knows is that Hector was dashing. That other boy too.

    There are so many cute boy in this world, Lycoris can't choose. If she could, she would have them all!


    Today is apparently bring your children to work day.

    Avaris brought her to the warehouse and the part of town belonging to the company to let her see the work.

    Lycoris sees one of the guard bringing a young child with him.

    When she says guard, she doesn't mean that they are her company's guard, they are the city guards. Because of the scale of Gemware's operation, as well as there being many miniature 'Gemware's street', sometime the city guards would patrol these street.

    The capital police is supposedly one of the most well-armed force and elite force in the world, ensuring the protection of his majesty the king.

    The captain of the knight turn 34 this year. He belongs to one of the original 12 noble houses obviously.

    As a knight in charge of guarding the capital, he has the ability of 'Commandership'.

    That is to say, every soldiers who listen to his command and obey his order become stronger than normal human.

    It is one of the stronger ability manifested by nobility in recent history. Before, the power of the God of Light was a privilege that only the nobility has. However, with the birth of Nikolas Osphens, all of that changes.

    The nobility curses him, disdains him, however, Nikolas never puts any of them in mind. Slowly he rose in the rank, replacing the previous captain of the knight order from the house of Farnyer, gaining honor for his house. With it, he is known as Nikolas the Amazing. Every boys who want to be a soldier wants to work under Nikolas to experience that amazing power being under Nikolas.

    Nikolas is in charge of protecting the capital city with his elite trained squad, each of whom can match or even exceed a pure blooded noble.

    If Lycoris thinks of a knight in shining armor, it has to be him. However, there is no way she is going to have the chance to meet the Grand Knight Nikolas.

    Suddenly, the guard with the child bows and parts way.

    Everyone on the side give way to someone. A man with small stature runs in first and announces loudly

    "We greet the Grand Knight of the kingdom, sir Nikolas Osphens!"

    "Wait. Really?" Lycoris says in disbelief.

    Hurriedly, she bows her head as the Imperial Academy has drilled into her head, when you met someone with more stature than you, you have to show your respect, or they will never let you go.

    A read headed man with curly hair and a great smile walks in with decorated armor.

    Behind him is a long flashy red cape trailing him.

    And behind that is a small young boy, hiding behind the cape.

    Today is really bring your children to work day.

    'But heck, that small boy is cute.'


    "It's alright everyone, please stand up. I don't want to disturb you." The Grand Knight says, addressing the kneeling workers and Lycoris.

    However, immediately after fulfilling their duties, the workers just stand up, with their soulless eyes and listless movement go back to their work, as if not caring that the Grand Knight is near them.

    Some of the knights frown slightly, however Nikolas Osphens raises a hand to stop him.

    "Today we are going to meet with Avaris Gemware, remember. As someone from a lower position (in negotiation), we have to stay on our best behaviors."

    "But sir-"

    Sir Osphens raises his hand again and shakes his head. Meanwhile, the small child hugging his legs keep on shaking.

    The boy has a face like his father, with red curly hair and a handsome manly face. He is at least 12, however, he acts like a scaredy cat.

    As they were going up to uncle Avaris's office, Lycoris was in the way.

    She tries to make herself scarce and give way to the knights

    "Beside, there is something I want to confirm toda-"

    The older knight suddenly sees Lycoris standing in the corner and smile.

    The Grand Knight bows his head jokingly and smiles good naturely.

    "Greeting young lady. What are you doing here?"

    "I- uh- I belong here."

    "You work here?"

    The knight keeps on smiling, unfazed.

    "No, no. My- uh- my uncle owns the place."

    "Oh, so your uncle is the warehouse manager huh? It's good of him to bring his children to work. Today too, I bring my child to see my work, but as you see, he is nervous. I need to talk with someone now, can you keep him company my lady."

    The knight's smiling was contagious. Slowly, Lycoris feels her cheeks lifting.

    "Yeah, I will. You can leave him to me."

    Lycoris gives him her best smile, her energetic nature returning.

    'Remember, today you are the boss. You are dressed like the boss. You have to be able to deal with thing like this in the future. Like talking to the Grand Knight. Or spending some alone time with a cute boy.' Lycoris tells herself.

    The knight looks relieved. Gingerly, the man whispers something into his son's ear. The knight's son starts looking as if he is about to cry any minutes.

    So, Lycoris did the only thing she could. She goes to his side and tugs on his sleeves.

    "Come on, let go and let your father work. Don't be a crybaby."

    Some knight acts scandalous at Lycoris's frank words, however Nikolas Osphens just laughs

    "Ha ha, it seems I left my son in capable hand. Look Percival, if you don't learn yourself, one day someone is going to teach it to you, like this lady. Go along now."

    Sir Nikolas turns away, confident in leaving Percival in Lycoris's hand.

    "And ah-uh-" Lycoris says

    "Yes?" Sir Osphens turns back and regards Lycoris goodnaturedly.

    "My uncle is not the warehouse owner. My uncle is Avaris Gemware! And this company will be mine in the future." She declares confidently

    Suddenly, sir Nikolas Osphens drops all of his smile. He scrutinizes Lycoris before smiling again, however, it was a bit forced this time.

    "Ah yes, yes you are."
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    Yeah, I don't know how that happened. I was probably in a L337 mood
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    Damn, I thought that Avarice is an ancient lich or even the God of Darkness themselve, but he is much much worse, he is a corporate tycoon!
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    Did you mean.. deterrent?
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    Anyway sorry about the lack of update lately but I am trying to finish my other story first big arc
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    Avaris pops open a wine bottle to welcome the Grand Knight of the kingdom.

    For some reasons, no matter how many time Nikolas has met the master of Gemware, he is not used to the other man's gaze. For everyone else, they look up at Nikolas with reverence or fear, however, not Avaris Gemware, definitely not Avaris Gemware.

    Avaris has only looked at Nikolas seriously one, ever since that time, Nikolas has never seen the true master of Gemware's honest gaze again. It is as if Avaris Gemware does not have him in his eyes.

    Very well, very well. How arrogant you are.

    The experience is all too novel for Nikolas. It was expected that he would grew tired with it the second or third times, however, Nikolas has never crossed that line.

    There is a strange relationship between the Grand Knight and the strange entrepeneur.

    However, there was one thing that is clear, Avaris Gemware disliked the nobility.

    "Did you know, in some region, when a house gave birth to a daughter, their father would brought home the best wine that he could and bury the bottle underground.

    On the girl's wedding day, the father would dig it up and in celebration of the marriage, share the wine with the groom to be.

    It is said that the wine on that day would be the most delicious wine.

    I have drunk many wine aged over 29 years. It was made with the process to make that kind of delicious wine, however, the wine never taste good to my tongue."

    Avaris Gemware pours a glass for the Grand Knight. Nikolas knows that he was referenced to his supposedly 'daughter' just down stair. Cracking a joke, the Grand Knight asks

    "Why 29? For your daughter's wedding day, I expect that the extinguished master of Gemware will bring out something ridiculous like wine aged over 100 years. After all, your most favorite phrase is that everything can be bought with money."

    Avaris Gemware for his part looks into the reddish liquid with a distance gaze.

    "I like the number 29. Maybe next years, I will buy a 30 yeas old bottle. However, now that you are here, let get down to business.

    The metal."

    The two men understand eachother's line of thought.

    "Yes, the metal." Nikolas cracks a smile.

    "Mister Gemware, are you aware that driving up price during a time of crisis to the kingdom can be considered a treasonous actions."

    "I am aware that you wanted to buy it from me however, you didn't want to enter into a proper contract dictated by two sides and so went for some middleman merchants who tried to pressure Gemware into releasing the stock into the market in the name of fair competition. So fit to say, isn't it your fault Grand Knight?"

    Very well, very well.

    Nikolas dislikes Avaris Gemware just as Avaris dislikes the noble class.

    "Beside" The master of Gemware downs another glass uncharacteristically. In all occasion that he met him, Nikolas has never seen Avaris Gemware drinking.

    It has gotten to the point that the rumors that Avaris Gemware has no wine or blood running in his vein has become a running joke.

    "In the end, the contract was signed and you agree to my term. It is a good deal, is it not."

    "Yes, today, I am here to finalize the details." The knight cracks a smile. In front of Avaris Gemware, he has always felt a pressure. It is the strange feeling brought about by the fact that the other party never has him in his eyes.

    However, Nikolas knows that if he wanted he could crack Avaris Gemware's head like an egg. There is a reason the mass can never win against nobility no matter how many rebellion happened in the past. No matter how much Avaris wax and wane about his dislike of nobility, it only takes one bad day, and one disgruntled noble to come in and kill him. The state has the monopoly of force, especially with Nikolas's ability manifestation.

    However, Avaris Gemware never has Nikolas in his eyes.

    There is a game that he is playing and yet nobody knows what it is.

    "Sir Grand Knight, do you know why I get away with the things that I do?"

    Pausing for a moment, the Grand Knight glances at the master trader

    "You have a large circle of friends I'm sure." 'How many have you bribed?'

    The two's stand off gradually become cold. It does not help that Avaris's office is naturally cold. Perhaps he already enjoyed the cold when he was born.

    Suddenly while that was happening, Nikolas hears the scream of children. One male and one female.

    Hurriedly, he rushes out because the scream was of his own son. However when he arrives, an unexpected scene awaits him.

    The knights stand around, looking uncomfortable as there was many lipstick mark on Nikolas's own son, Percival Osphen. Percival Osphen was holding his face in a defensive gesture while on the other side, a girl was standing still as if caught in the lamp light. In her hand is a lipstick and her lips were red.

    "S-she kisses me."

    "Come on don't be a cry baby. If it is not on the lips, it doesn't count as a kiss."

    At this time, Avaris Gemware exits his office, seeing the scene, his face scrunches up as if in pain.

    The two rivaling fathers do not know what to do
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  16. Threadmarks: Childhood's End

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    Uncle Avaris was annoyed on the whole trip back home.

    "He must have seduced you. Don't worry about this, the Osphens will pay for this. If they want to get to you, they will have to get through me first."

    "Uncle, I already told you it is not that."

    Uncle, how did you even come to that conclusion?

    Lycoris feels blessed that her uncle will stick up for her, however, she also feels a bit embarrassed. Percival was just too cute so she teased him a little, however, it did get a little too far.

    Finally, after a long day, the two ride back home in a carriage side by side.

    Suddenly, while they were traveling, Avaris finally said something different.

    "I wonder if I am a bit selfish, I didn't want you to go away while you are still so young."

    The man says while looking out of the window. Lycoris knows that he is currently thinking about her late mother. Avaris does not talk about her mother while she was young. Lycoris's mother as Avaris knows it instead of Lycoris's mother as Lycoris knows it.

    Lycoris's recollection of her mother always painted a tired, withered woman. She got worse over the years as her health deteriorated. And yet, there is a home that she couldn't return to. This comes from her running away from home when she was born due to love, is love really that great?

    Using the opportunity, she talks about her mother.

    "Did I remind you of my mother?" Avaris was completely offguard due to that one question.

    This is cheating and Lycoris feels bad about it, however, she needs to ask.

    "What parts of me remind you of my mother?" She asks with a smile while feeling bad deep inside.

    Avaris was completely taken back and so he didn't manage to divert the subject like he usually does.

    "She... Lily... everything about you look like Lily when she was young. From your hair that look like our mother to your face. However, Lily was taller when she was your age."

    "When she was 14 years old, she ran away from home with an older man right? At my age right uncle Avaris?"

    Lycoris continues, her voice sweet, however, her guilt gnaws at her.

    Avaris is still out of it, however, he instinctively comes to her mother's defense.

    "It's not like that, Lily was a sweet girl. However, she was too bookish and naive. It was partly my fault. I shouldn't have introduced her to such friend...

    I know what you are thinking Lycoris, however your mother is not at fault. She was young, naive and impressionable. She didn't know better she..."

    Unconsciously, the carriage they are riding on creaks. Lycoris saw Avaris gripping his own thigh, and quickly grabs his hand.

    "It's alright uncle. It's my mother's decision, it's not your fault."

    Suddenly, while sitting, Avaris looks straight at Lycoris.

    "It is though. You don't know about any of it Lycoris."

    Avaris, having regained his composure, looks at Lycoris sadly before staying silent for the rest of the trip.

    Lycoris knows that she will never be able to gain anything from him from the rest of this trip. However, she has determined to do something.

    Lycoris doesn't want to marry young and leave her only family behind.

    And so the wheel continues rolling.


    "Let's break up." It's sad but it's something that has to be done.

    Immediately after returning to school, Lycoris decides to break up with the third prince of the kingdom, Hector Lucian, now Hector Rowley.

    The third prince looks at her sadly, with disbelief and some betrayed look.

    "Why? Tell me why? Did you have another man? Is it Alex-"

    "It's not that you are not good enough your highness-" Lycoris decides to drop the truth "It's that I don't want a man who would lie to me. Now, good day." Lycoris holds her dress and bows respectfully, as a person from a lower position to a person from a higher position. It is probably the most proper bow from this lady, it also signifies the end of their relationship.

    "Wait Lycoris. I can explain." The third prince tries to grab the Lycoris from behind, however, a cold presence causes him to stay rooted in place.

    At that moment, Hector Lucian saw a very surreal sight, a maid, a simple maid was giving him side glance. That single glance was filled with disdain. It is extremely disrespectful and he can have her executed, however fear keeps him from doing anything. As quickly as it appears, the moment passes and the maid bows and leaves with Lycoris.

    Only when she has passed proper that Hector looks down at his paralyzed hand. Just what exactly happened?


    "Did you break up with him?" When she comes home, uncle Avaris asks


    "Good job. I know it's hard for you, take a rest." For some reason, uncle Avaris dislikes the royal family and the noble, more the royal family than the noble houses. For what reasons, Lycoris can only guess. However, with the fact that supposedly her entire family apparently crumbled in the past and her mother thought that she could never go home again gives Lycoris a very big clue.

    She is a big girl now, she has to deal with matter on her own even if Avaris never tells her anything.

    Smiling, Lycoris walks upstairs back to her room.

    However, when she was walking, the entire wooden stairs crumble in front of Avaris's horror filled eyes. Lycoris remembers the last thing she saw was her uncle's horrified expression and a strange voice.

    "Avaris Gemware, today is the day you die."

    With worries about her only living family left, Lycoris drifts into unconsciousness.
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    Seems like the type of development where the heroine awakens her Light Magic.
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    Oh no
    She will accidentally kill her uncle that way lol
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    Clearly it’s light magic, it’s healed her uncle!

    ignore the ominous black lightning and skull shaped smoke effect
  20. Threadmarks: 'Aya'

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    Avaris Gemware is a very sad man. So sad, that he can only have someone else feels his sadness for him.

    In a clean room, two people are exchanging some words, a man and a woman. The woman was crying intensely looking at a girl sleeping on her bed, the man was stoic as always.

    After a while, the woman stops crying.

    "Why didn't you summon me back sooner? This is 'our' niece we are talking about."

    "We still need you in the eastern sea to help with the clean up."

    The woman slaps the man.

    "And yet, you can't protect her without me like this."

    "I protected her from the pain of the world, how was I supposed to know the world of human is so dirty."

    "You should know. 'We' should know."

    "The important thing is that you are here."

    "...The assailant this time, which house was they from?"

    "A bastard from the branch family of Collfield, of course they refuse any associations with the assailant. An official investigation is underway."

    "Do you need 'my' help?"

    "You can't control your emotions." The man states simply.

    "...And, what about that assailant. What happened to him? I would never forgive you if you let him survive."

    "That is the problem. The official investigation will find out soon after they collect the remain.

    Lycoris has awakened her abilities. It is the same abilities of our family."

    "Oh thank god. I don't think you can live with yourself if the ability that awaken inside Lycoris is a light-aspected ability related to the royal family. And she killed that assailant then?"

    "...I don't think she is aware. It is better if she is unaware. The price of a life is too heavy for her to bare. She is only 15 years old.

    ...When the assailant came, he went in unexpectedly.

    His ability is related to wood, allowing him to pass through the wooden part of the mansion undetected, then, he attacked us with wooden shrapnel.

    However, after he failed to do anything to me whatsoever, he detected that something was wrong and grabbed Lycoris as insurance."

    "Damn... I will murder every newborn of that family."

    "However, the shock seems too much for Lycoris. She awakened our family special ability and crushed his entire head like a grape. Before that, her clumsy struggle bisect him at the waist too. I put her to sleep."

    "...Can't we shut down the investigation with bribery?"

    "Can't. That bastard Percival is investigating this case personally. He wanted to get down to the root of the problem and find out which noble family orders the attack. Normally this is good, however, this time, it is bad for us, because it would expose little Lyco's ability... and then... her... lineage...."

    "Do you need me to kill 'Percival' then?"

    "Not yet. He is still useful to us. His sense of fairness and justice can be used to bring down families that we don't like. However, this time, it is probably time for you to reveal yourself, 'Aya'."

    "Of course, because after all, Avaris Lightbringer is already a dead man. He can't interfere even in his niece's defense."

    The woman left the room with a snide remark.