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The Reluctant Hero (RWBY SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Sinner_sb

    Sinner_sb Versed in the lewd.

    Aug 17, 2015
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    I have been reading a fair number of your stories and save some of series that I don't particularly enjoy or know. Among the ones that I read, this is one of my favorites, especially for RWBY, normally I follow them on ff.net, and my only gripe for reading here is the font color for the other internal speech it makes hard to read what you wrote.

    Story wise, I like what I saw so far and enjoyed the most comedic parts, especially where Raven ends the butt of the joke. Man I liked how she ended shotgunned and the later time where she was tied to a chair to delivery to the Xiao Long Summer family. I am curious to see what this new thing with Cinder will go, the kind of "should I kill her now to avoid the threat that she will become or should I try to steer her away from that path" dilemma that the SI got is the kind of stuff that I like to see and use myself, so I really want to see what will come of it.
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  2. Threadmarks: Never too Easy (2)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer.” – Louise Gluck

    Chapter 32: Never too Easy (2)

    I was incredibly nervous when we first reached home. My worry was stoked by Ozpin’s continuous comments over his distrust for any Cinder and the fact that she could easily be Salem’s minion even at this point.

    The mere idea that I was inviting our enemy right to the heart of our own ‘base’ was more than enough to renew worry over the chances of being attacked so suddenly. This very notion was still as troublesome as unrealistic, and it was Sally that brought up two details that I had taken notice about while leading the girl back to my house.

    Her hands were both normal, with none having the parasitic addition of a Grimm meant to absorb magic. While the singular element could’ve been given after years of loyalty and training, I could also tell that the very circumstance was odd and… too sudden.

    While the Queen of Grimm had shown interest in me, I knew that she wouldn’t have sent someone that she couldn’t trust just yet. Cinder’s village was attacked a little less than a year ago, and the timespan just wouldn’t favor someone like Salem in the long run.

    It didn’t help the corrupted monarch that her current court lacked people to send in missions, and wasting a new recruit like this wouldn’t help her chances of building up a competent staff of advisors.

    Despite these convincing points, I still held a degree of cautiousness over Cinder as she started to look around the living room, studying how she reacted to the size of the house and her newest setting.

    Golden eyes glimmered intensely as the young teen spent a while getting accustomed to the house, and I kept on staring at the situation with morbid curiosity. Sienna took a seat beside mine as we settled by the table, alternating a curious look over Cinder’s activity and a questioning one directed at me.

    “What did Cinder do in the future?” The comment was offered in the most quiet tone available to the Tiger Faunus. It was a blunt query that snapped me out of my reverie, with my now panicking eyes glancing over the girl to see if she had heard of the young woman’s comment, easing down just as I picked up that she didn’t.

    Finally, I stared at Sienna with a tense gaze. “Similar to Adam. She is just… a tiny bit worse.”

    “And how much is ‘a tiny bit worse’ to you, John?”

    I sighed. “She is responsible for the Fall of Beacon and Vale. She was… the mastermind behind the catalyst for the end of peace.”

    “And… you think that she is redeemable?” The tanned woman inquired, a hint of surprise and uneasiness now reaching my ears. “I mean, I can see how Adam will have a better upbringing and a better life, but didn’t she already lose what she considered her closest family.”

    She did.

    And that can’t be replaced. We’re playing with literal fire here, John.

    [As if this ever stopped him from trying. Give him a chance, I know you can see him succeed this time too.]

    Maybe, but is it worth the risk? Will you put your children’s lives in peril if this turns out to be a failed attempt to save another one?

    ...Yes. As much as it worries me to allow this situation to unfold, I know that this is the right thing to do.

    The Queen doesn’t care if you can work with this or not.

    And that’s wrong for you to assume. Salem needs a stable connection to the Kingdoms if she wants to know how things are faring and the only one I could think of right now is…

    Oh God, I forgot to check on Mistral for a long time now. I wasn’t sure when Headmaster Lionheart had planned his betrayal, but surely that couldn’t have spanned for that long. The damage would’ve been more extensive than it had been in Canon… and yet I couldn’t help but be worried that it was just Lionheart being an incompetent in handling the extermination of Haven’s own Huntsmen.

    “I believe it’s possible,” I finally admitted, smiling at Sienna. “I want to believe in my chances that this will go well for us all.”

    The Tiger Faunus smiled and nodded, looking as supportive as possible of this decision. It was going to be tough but… I wanted to try. I just couldn’t give up without trying.


    I blinked, turning my attention back to Cinder. “Yes?”

    “I know this is sudden but… may I ask where I will be sleeping?”

    I nodded, standing up. “Sure. If you want I can give you a proper tour of the house too,” I offered. “But I can already tell you that you will sleep in my children’s room.”

    She blinked in surprise, a degree of confusion and nervousness flashing briefly before she gave a slow nod to me. “But is this… alright? I mean, I don’t wish to intrude.”

    “Nonsense, young lady,” I muttered calmly. “If I decided to have you as my apprentice, I wouldn’t certainly have you live in a situation less comfortable than anyone else in the family. I will have to call a few people to get a new bed there but… it’s doable.”

    Cinder paused for a single moment at that last detail, her eyes narrowing on me out of confusion about this sudden decision.

    “Isn’t this… too much? I- I do appreciate the offer, but wouldn’t that be-”

    “Too much?” I interrupted for her, and she nodded to confirm that was what she was trying to say and I shrugged. “It’s not. It wouldn’t impact on our finances, and I can already say without hesitation that the kids will be happy to have a new roommate.”

    “But what if-”

    Before the girl had any chance of rebuffing this offer, her intervention was interrupted by the loud noise offered by the entrance door suddenly opening and a giggling missile bolting inside and towards me.

    Nora paused just before reaching for a hug, her blue eyes widening in surprise as she noticed the slightly older girl I was talking to. Her jaws dropped, and she started to vibrate in preparation for a pounce.

    Of course, Cinder wasn’t accustomed to this and merely frowned at the sudden development. Soon, the younger child went for the tackle much to the young teen’s surprise, but Cinder quickly caught the tight hug before it had the chance of making them both trip down to the ground.

    “Hi, I’m Nora!” The hyperactive girl introduced herself. “Who are you?”

    While my ‘apprentice’ was quick-witted about physical interactions, she didn’t seem to have the same prowess for dialogue much to my growing amusement. Instead of letting the silence continue and for poor Cinder to suffer through this little encounter, I decided to move in and speak for her.

    “Nora dear, you should probably allow her some space,” I started to say, and my adopted daughter swiftly ended the hug, only to keep close to the fellow girl. “This here is Cinder, she will be living with us from now on and-”

    “Is she going to be my big sister?”

    I opened my mouth to try and defuse the little misunderstanding, but before I could Nora squealed and gave another hug to the confused teen.

    “Oh, we’re going to be besties! Besties Sisters!”

    After this comment, Nora proceeded to drag her new ‘sister’ off to their room, giggling all the way through and ignoring Cinder’s reluctance to leave the living room so suddenly.

    I continued to look at the duo as they started to leave until they turned the corner away from my sight, and I was left to deal with the rest of the small group at the door.

    “Did you really adopt her?”

    I blinked at Ren, the boy giving me a curious but mostly neutral look. It was a change in life, but not one that severely made things much different for us all.

    “Not truly, no,” I admitted with a calm voice. “I will probably sign some paperwork to confirm my guardianship over her, but I don’t think she wants to be adopted, so she will just be a ward for now.”

    “But then… why is she here?”

    Noticing a pair of cat ears peeking from over Ren’s shoulder, I smiled and nodded at Blake.

    “She asked to become my apprentice regarding what happened in Atlas,” I replied with a nod, turning to her side as I saw a certain redhead looking slightly uneasy at this. “And no, it’s not about writing, so you’re not going to lose these lessons, Ilia.”

    The Chameleon Faunus blushed a little bit at the kind assurance, and she nodded swiftly at it.

    “I- I suppose it’s alright.”

    My smile widened and she huffed at the attention she was receiving.

    “So, I guess you three are already done with your homework.”

    The trio nodded and I was glad that they got their priorities set already. It was rare for children to get this done at this age, but then again… Ren, Blake and Ilia. They weren’t certainly the standard energetic kids that skipped duties for only entertainment.

    It wasn’t unusual for the three to reunite here for some planning over stories to write or draw. Ilia was the writer, Blake would help about any drawing by adding quite the unique style to the paper, and Ren would serve as a proof-reader for anything produced there.

    While the latter task wasn’t 100% perfect, I swiftly noticed how the boy had taken interest in reading ‘tougher’ books to get more accustomed to grammar. It was absurd but I could see his quiet but tenacious self going that far for friendship’s sake.

    I was still there to keep an eye out about him going overboard, but the curious project only helped them fix some of the flaws they had back with their homework and school’s tests.

    Adam would also join from time to time but, as far as I could see, the boy was probably busy at home by either helping his mother with house chores or assisting Watts through some simple tasks at his laboratory.

    I had the chance of visiting it and it was… improving every day. Part of the funds for the research that was provided by the Chieftain was employed to expand the workplace, but it was going to take a little more than just a couple of months to fix this.

    Still, it was still impressive how that family was coming together so well. It was incredibly odd how Arthur had taken the role of father figure for Adam, and that made me wonder how the Bull Faunus was going to handle this new childhood between moderation and a closer understanding of intellectualism.

    But between wondering and contemplation, I still found space to handle the present just fine as the group settled by the living room while I went back to the kitchen.

    “Did you hear that Kali is considering having another child?”

    I almost tripped at hearing that, my eyes turning to Sienna with a confused look and she returned it with one of hers.

    “What? Didn’t she try again at motherhood in the ‘original timeline’?”

    “No,” I admitted with a surprised tone. “Still, it’s not that strange for her to consider that.”

    “How so?” The Tiger Faunus inquired.

    “Well, at this point Menagerie’s economy wasn’t improving this quickly, and families generally expand when it’s economically possible,” I explained quietly. “So I could see Ghira relent on this decision and accept the possibility of bringing a new son or daughter to their group.”

    “I can see that. But then, isn’t this change still a… divergence from what you know?”

    “I made numerous changes already, I think some indirect ones are to be expected.”

    “But what if this… ends up with unpleasant changes?” Sienna pressed on. “What if this results in Salem growing stronger?”

    I nodded at her, glad that she was looking that far. “We will be prepared. Always.”

    “You’re generally not this confident. Don’t turn arrogant on me about it or else-”

    “You will put me through hell training, I know,” I interrupted with a groan. “But, I plan to make preparations for anything Salem can throw at us directly. I’ve already discussed with Arthur about creating some anti-Grimm equipment for the militia and maybe handle the sea Grimm issue first before focusing on the mainland situation.”

    “That sounds ambitious. We’re talking of problems that have been there since Menagerie came to be.”

    “And a gun aimed at us as far as I’m concerned,” I added with a grim look. “Preparation for an eventual attack is the priority, then we act to remove the possibility from ever happening.”

    “And you’ve a solution to it?”

    I nodded. “Something I’ve once read while studying a city back home. The system was used to handle any increase of the sea level in its lagoon area, but I think it can be modified and used in this instance here too,” I explained calmly. “It will take funds, time, and some huntsmen to hold the line while we do this as I know Salem will move up at the first hint of her leverage being snapped out of her clutches. Still, Arthur believes it’s possible.”

    “And you think it is?”


    And it better damn work or else life will turn problematic because of the increase of Grimm activity.


    ~Cinder’s POV~

    The room wasn’t as big as she had expected it to be. But then again, she didn’t have a reason to truly whine about living arrangements after living in the worst of situations.

    Cinder Fall wasn’t someone that generally liked to share a place where to sleep. It wasn’t that she disliked the company, but that she didn’t trust anyone she hadn’t the chance of knowing beforehand.

    This very element was quite easy to relate to her hatred for betrayals, for those infuriating fools that condemned her to this life of vagrancy and aimlessness.

    But while this should’ve easily become a reason to ask for another place where to rest during nighttime, this resolve wavered the moment Nora decided to ‘get to know her big sister’.

    The rambunctious girl was genuinely excited by the misunderstanding, and Cinder was unsure how to handle this predicament without making herself look impolite or perpetrate the issue for far too long for her sanity to handle.

    The situation itself wasn’t truly problematic. In fact, she wasn’t having much of a hassle with the hyperactive child pestering her with simple questions that she didn’t have trouble answering to.

    “What is your favorite color?”

    “Fiery red.”

    Hmm, the mattress is quite soft.

    Cinder didn’t project her inner thoughts as she quietly studied the room that was going to be hers. If her bed was going to be as soft as Nora’s, then there was no reason to worry much about waking up sore and still tired.

    An improvement, but her mind quickly reminded her of how cramped things were going to be by sharing a room with two other individuals.

    “Oh, and what about flowers?”

    “I don’t have a preference.”

    She did, but just didn’t want to remember the times she would spend taking a few from her former home’s garden.

    It’s been a while. I wonder if it was burned during that assault or if it was raided by thieves.

    “Oh? Mine are pink flowers. I don’t think I ever asked about their names, but I just like how they look.”

    Pink is soft to the eye, and a very calm color to look at.

    I guess she likes calm and quiet herself from time to time.

    Still, the questionnaire continued for a little while with other silly queries that were quickly dealt with. Cinder was curt, reserved, and she was blessed with a positively receptive Nora as she didn’t press on the weak replies she was handing out.

    Eventually the large number of topics the orangette could’ve exploited came to a solid conclusion after twenty minutes of solid questioning.

    Cinder expected for the conversation to branch out into bigger and sensible subjects, and yet the young Valkyrie kept on struggling to find some more safe topics to bring up. It was an amusing sight for a while, and yet the scene grew stale and boring once the stubbornness over the matter turned out to be awfully dumb.

    Sure, Nora was younger than her and she really was trying to make a good impression, but to go this far just sounded so… excessive.

    It reminded her of-

    Too much?” John interrupted for her with a kind smile, and she nodded to confirm that was what she was trying to say. “It’s not. It wouldn’t impact on our finances, and I can already say without hesitation that the kids will be happy to have a new roommate.”

    Like a father like daughter, I suppose.

    She could see some similarity between the two in terms of personality. Nora was way more bubbly compared to the level headedness displayed by her adoptive parent, and yet the kind core was something that matched incredibly well with one another.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on her.

    The mere fact that the attempt to be polite was akin to the kindness displayed over her comfortable stay at Menagerie did soothe the unnerving sensation of being around so childish.

    Plus, she could now see an opportunity to shift the discussion elsewhere and onto a topic she was more than interested to converse about.

    “Can we talk about… Mr. Bukharin?”


    The term sounded affectionate. Incredibly so. The degree of attachment has to be incredibly high to get this kind of voice while addressing her adoptive parent.

    “Yes… Can you tell me how did you and-”

    “How did Renny and I find him? How did he take us in?”

    Yes and yes.

    Cinder nodded and Nora’s smile changed. It was no longer the overly-giddy one that had been there ever since they had been in that room.

    No, it turned in one of fondness. The affection that she heard in that word was now displayed in her features and she found it… compelling.

    “Well, Renny and I have been alone for a few days ever since he lost his parents because of a Grimm attack and… we ended up finding the abandoned village where Daddy was staying at,” Nora started to narrate. “He was busy trying to place some boxes inside his old truck when we found him. Once he was done with that we entered behind the truck and tried to hide there.”


    “Then he found us and we thought he was going to hurt us at first but… but he actually made us breakfast!”

    “That’s… interesting.”

    “Mhmh! He was super-nice from the very start and then bandits attacked,” Nora said with an overly-serious tone, making it clear that part of her story was going to be severely expanded to make it ‘cool’ to listen to. But Cinder didn’t need ‘cool’, she needed the truth. “There was this lady that ended up hurting daddy a lot, now she is nicer but still trying to steal daddy from mommy Sienna, and then we ended up here.”

    That was quite the short story. But then again, a few details happened to stand out from the rest considering the importance Nora gave them to bring those up.

    John was attacked by bandits, a lady, possibly the bandits’ leader, hunted him down a little after but now they are in good terms, and that the Tiger Faunus that was seen walking beside her new teacher was his romantic interest from the way they were close and how Nora already addressed her as her mother.

    Sienna Khan was the leading diplomat during the visit to Atlas, and she seemed rather confident in her abilities and strength. Maybe she could become a source of wisdom and power just as John was going to be to her for the next few years.

    Who knows what will happen next? The world changes and every turn needs to be addressed with calm and attention.

    Emotions were powerful sources of might, but to exaggerate would just mess her hopes of finding growth and improvement to face Remnant’s cruelty on her own.

    “So your father is capable of fighting on his own?”

    “I think?” Nora replied with some uncertainty. “I mean, he can fight and he is super-cool about it, but I think mommy is stronger than him right now.”

    So it was correct to assume that John was best at dealing with dialogue and political situations rather than physical confrontations, while the opposite was to be considered for the tanned woman.

    It was kind of poetic how the two matched each other so well.

    Yet there has to be something I’m missing. About why he grew to become an individual worthy of rumors and conversations, and how people now wish to have a chance to meet him.

    He was the only human living in Menagerie. The exception that eventually brought in Arthur Watts from Atlas to become a scientist on the island.

    Cinder didn’t know for sure if the researcher was given an important role or if the man had preferred for another kind of job. It just wasn’t her concern at the moment, and thus her mind returned to John.

    Charismatic, kind, generally well-liked and a family man. He was the pure representation of a good man before the eyes of many, and some saw him as a staunch emissary of reform whenever he went.

    And with good reasons.

    The SDC, despite having taken a road for reactionary laws in the last few years, had reverted its course after the trial to Jacques Schnee. Many rich families had tried to attempt to tie themselves to the most influential family in Remnant at the news that Willow Schnee had divorced from her former husband, but none was expecting an absolute decline from both Nicholas Schnee and his daughter.

    The family didn’t need more members and there were plenty of heirs to depend on if anything happened to the two.

    Winter was the first in line, and her younger siblings were going to either be given subsidiaries to the SDC to control at their own leisure or… do whatever they wished for their lives.

    It was a surprising decision, but one that unexpectedly drew some support from both Atlas and Mantle.

    John was the main catalyst behind this development, and thus many regarded him as a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy to handle whenever the circumstances were.

    I think Mistral was making plans to invite him soon but… there is also the fact that many are opposed to this decision.

    Incorruptible and devoid of blackmail, John was a predator without weakness before the eyes of anyone wanting to oppose his ideals.

    A political animal, and that was more than enough to scare the peak of civilization to reconsider some minor changes to anything noted as corrupt.

    Reputation and fear born from a good-standing figure. It was odd to believe it but… John was killing some paranoid bureaucrats’ shady businesses with mere kindness.

    And that was something that not only left Cinder stomped after trying to grow accustomed to the need to be the toughest possible before the adversities, but also kind of awed at the degree a single trial can change the world as a whole.

    Fear was an indirect effect, but it was still there just like a reminder to any scum of what can or can’t happen if things aren’t completely safe for them to handle.

    And the only safe thing they can manage are legal businesses.

    Which is why, despite the lacking capacity to dominate through physical fights, John was someone Cinder was trying to learn from.

    What kind of secrets was he holding? What made him this much troublesome to handle and incredibly persistent to defeat through dialogue?

    These few years are going to be quite interesting.

    But just as Cinder lost herself in these thoughts, Nora took notice of this and started to smile teasingly as her mind brought her a mischievous idea.

    “By the way, Cinder, what do you think of Daddy?”

    Amber eyes retained focus as the teen glanced at the grinning girl with a confused look.

    “He is an impressive conversationalist, and I hope to learn a lot from him.”

    Nora’s smile grew smuggler despite the neutral response. “I think you like him.”

    A frown adorned Cinder’s face.

    Of course she liked him as an outstanding figure. A role model to follow and-

    Oh no, she is- Oh!

    Realization struck her worse than a train, and she squirmed a little as she thought about it.

    John wasn’t ugly, and while she had seen men more handsome of him… she could see a degree of charm in his appearance. And by thinking so, her cheeks flared a soft pink.

    The change was more than enough to cause a giggle to leave Nora’s lips. “I knew it. Cindy likes Daddy.”

    The pink turned red almost instantly, and Cinder’s jaws dropped low at that kind of accusation.

    Her first instinct was to jump at the girl and get her to quieten up. If such scandalous words managed to reach her newest teacher-

    The ramifications were as tremendous as horrifying.

    Pressing her palm over Nora’s giggles did little to suppress those and, while she had some dominance early on with the ensuing struggle, the younger girl quickly cracked her control by reaching for her hips and tickling her without any mercy.

    The laughter ended up mixing with the giggles and soon what had started as a mere misunderstanding from both sides now became a clear scene worthy of amusement from any onlookers.

    If only Cinder knew that these simply calm days were going to be her life from that day onward…



    Quick notice: No, I’m not pairing little Cinder to John. What you just saw was some puberty-induced thoughts. Some girls have it early (my sister was quite early about it) and some have it later.

    Also, still pondering how to take the fact my sister decided to dye her hair blonde (she was a brunette). I like it, but it will take some time for me to get accustomed to her ‘Super Saiyan’ state. Yes, I’m a big brother, and I will lightly-tease whenever I can without being too harsh about it~.
  3. Sleeping Moon

    Sleeping Moon Not too sore, are you?

    May 5, 2020
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    Nope, can't ignire how strong Cinder is mentally and it seems she has that even when she is a kid, so chances are she would relentlentleslly pursue our SI till he either say yes or he drops dead....
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  4. Masterjaxx

    Masterjaxx Just hanging around

    May 16, 2013
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    Are we about to see Cinder grow up to become a Yandere?
  5. Threadmarks: Omake 1: Was this talk really necessary?

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    I gave up trying to understand people long ago. Now I let them try to understand me!” – Lucy van Pelt (Peanuts).

    Omake 1: Was this talk really necessary?

    The first thing that made me realize that something was wrong was the sudden wave of cold that woke me up.

    The first thing that made me realize that I was no longer home was the large landscape that my gaze first saw when I woke up.

    The first thing that made me realize that I was about to handle quite the ordeal this early in the morning was the red-eyed huntress that was staring at me right on my left side.

    Raven Branwen, after having ‘happily’ accepted her duty as a mom, had taken a liking in kidnapping me, and her timing was… quite poor.

    Actually slash that, it was atrocious.

    Considering the fact the sun was just dawning upon Remnant, I knew that it had to be around… three? Maybe four in the morning.

    I groaned, leaning back and allowing gravity to make my head reach the ground with a quiet fall. No damage, just annoyance from the fact that this wasn’t the first time it happened.


    The question was a must. It was the word that opened the dances, the trigger that enabled the woman to speak and lament of her new life as a mother.

    It wasn’t easy for me to handle the nagging of someone that just wanted to be alone most of the time and whine about the duties and responsibilities of being a parent.

    Raven was certainly a champion in being a pest on these occasions and… for a time I hoped for either Taiyang, Summer- heck, even Qrow would’ve been better in dealing with this shit on this basis.

    Weren’t siblings meant to be close even when they loathed each other's presence? Maybe I was drawing a hopeful sketch from my experience rather than accept the cruel reality.

    “We need to talk.”

    And my mind braced for the worst as she stood up and walked closer to the edge of that chilling cliff.

    Were we in Mistral? It had to be Mistral. I was unsure because of the frozen tips of the mountains in the distance, and the fact that I wasn’t graced with any mercy before the unforgiving cold.

    I was still in my nightwear, while Raven had her normal kimono-like dress on, minus the armor. The sword was still there, and I was contemplating how her nest of hair was handling the humidity.

    Really, how the heck are hair working in this world? How did she manage to preserve that unruly comb and length after years spent away from the big settlements?

    My bewilderment was then interrupted when she paused to glance at the sunrise, then turning to stare once more at me.

    “It’s about Summer.”

    …That’s new.

    “What about her?”

    Raven sighed, arms crossing below her bust. “I think she is trying to set me up with a blind date.”

    “That’s good to hear,” I muttered in approval. “You should totally go for it.” And maybe give me a break for once. I’m not your therapist.

    “While the chances of trying my luck with… a suitable lover would be interesting, I told her I wasn’t interested much in it.”


    She snorted. “Because that would mean going through the same things I went with Taiyang. Maybe worse since very few would understand me as a strong person.”

    To be fair, that was a legitimate concern. What if the unlucky guy ended up saying something silly to her? Something that could get her to snap into a frenzy, ditch her responsibilities again, and possibly kidnap me in a journey back to her tribe.

    If I had to be honest, if that was the case, then I was surely going to keep my shotgun 24/7… again.

    Why can’t I have anything nice?

    And why are things so silent here? Hello?

    No comment, just silence. Either they bailed on me, or they are sleeping.

    I wasn’t sure how they worked inside my brain, but I didn’t expect them to never need to sleep once or twice in a while.

    “Have you thought of using dating sites for that? I’ve heard the CCTV has plenty of those for singles. And you would get to choose the closest match to you.”

    She actually seemed to think about it, her stare moving again once more but this time her distracted look quickly turned back at me.

    “Are you subscribed to one?”

    I frowned. “I’m happily engaged.”

    “But you should still keep an open door in case things turn bad for you and… Sienna,” Raven pointed out. “Fall outs are a thing, and you should be careful about not crashing down because of it.”

    “That’s… thoughtful. I hope you aren’t hoping for it to happen,” I remarked, and her eyes darted away at the accusation.

    “I would never wish for that to happen.”

    Says the one that is staring away, her face trying to keep a faux innocent expression and her lips twitching in hope for something bad to happen.

    What a terrible liar Raven is about social situations.

    “Ignoring my love life, how about we return to the main argument. Which is your love life.”

    “I’m fine to live as a ‘single’ mom,” The woman rebuked calmly, almost annoyed. “Yang still likes her dad, we’re working this great- or at least that’s what Summer says… but she still presses me to date someone. And she sounds so serious about it, as if it was important for her”

    I frowned again, this time feeling that there was something in that cipher that… offered a different perspective than the one Raven was giving me.

    It was a chance, but knowing the Branwen, I was ready to give it a test and see if it stood on its feet as a proper possibility.

    “Are there times when they want you out of the house?” I inquired with some curiosity. “Like, they want you to walk around Patch or… go drink some beer at the pub? And are Ruby and Yang away when those times happen?”

    Narrowing her eyes at me, she looked at me in disbelief.

    “How do you… How do you know that?”

    “Just a supposition. Also, does Summer look incredibly embarrassed, like her face is all blushy and awkward, when she asks you to leave?”


    My God, she can’t be that dense. She shouldn’t be that dumb about how a couple tended to work.

    I mean- she was a bandit, she knew how to kill Grimm in the flashiest and coolest way possible- but she couldn’t get her mind to focus on romantic stuff?

    I'm going to call Summer after this.

    Yet I wasn’t sure if that call was going to be one to tease at Raven’s denseness or prank her about putting me through this unneeded situation.

    “I know this might sound sudden and suspicious, but I think you should probably comply when Summer asks you to leave,” I offered with a serious tone. “Maybe go to the bar with their credit card, go kill some Grimm- or even crash on my couch, just let them be alone when they ask.”

    Raven frowned, seeming even more confused than before.

    “But… why? Why do they need time alone? We could do the team stuff they were so keen to do once I was back.”

    I sure hoped Taiyang hadn’t thought of that kind of ‘team stuff’. Then again, Summer would go ballistic at that mere hint…

    “Because if they are left alone, they might end up with a young sibling for Ruby and Yang.”

    “A… what? What are you talking about?”

    “They are alone. No kids, no threats, nothing but themselves. Now, what could be embarrassing to do while there are people around to snoop on them while they are… busy.”

    “That can’t be- Summer is… she shouldn’t be that much active?”

    “Why not?”

    “Well, she was quite restrained back in Beacon and… Oh Gods, she loved Taiyang back then and she held back because of that. That means when I asked for the first date- and then… Oh Gods.”

    Is- Is she discovering what she was dense about… now that one of the truths had reached her brain?

    It was absurd to believe that, but it seemed to be the case. And I wasn’t sure how to tackle it without actually laughing at the woman.

    “This is so… so confusing.”

    “I can see that,” I muttered quietly, holding back a fat chuckle. “And I suppose you will require my couch very soon.”

    “I… That would be nice- yes.”

    I nodded. “Good.”

    “So… I’ve heard you got yourself a new kid- Are you open to-”

    “I’m happily engaged.”

    “I heard you the first time,” The woman muttered dryly.

    I smiled. “Good then, I thought I had stuttered.”

    In the end she decided to open the portals back to our respective houses… only for the Branwen to come back with a sheet and some magazines about swords to read while she waited out the ‘alone time’ for her ex-husband and her former team leader.

    Yep, life is crazy and… it was tough to explain to Cinder that Raven wasn’t a thief…

    Well, maybe she was at a time but-

    God, why is this world so crazy!



    Sudden Omake, I understand some surprise at this and… it has to do with the fact that I’ve been feeling tired lately. It’s nothing about the virus, I’ve barely left the house and I took all precautions to check on the eventuality of getting stuck with it whenever I came back from my trips to the stores.

    I’m quite certain it’s just the sudden change of temperatures and weather that is leaving me a wee bit sleepy from time to time since it wouldn’t be the first time it happens to me.

    Nothing concerning, just a little bit drained. Apologies for the ‘delay’ for the chapter, I wrote the first omake now since I didn’t want to leave the readers with no updates.

    Hope ya’ll fine ‘cause the Bukh is surviving!
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    BTW, if anyone has Omake ideas do offer them. I will try and write them out in due time and with proper crediting for the ideas.
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    What about John blackmailing/messing with Ozpin(not the one in his head) with juicy information given by Salem(the one in his head) seeing the actual interaction between the two has yet to happen... how long before that happens anyway?
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    A little after the tiny timeskip at the end of the current Mini-Arc.
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    Maybe the reactions of the kids?
    What's going through their minds about their papa...
    Engaged to their Mama...
    And a rando who clearly likes their papa.

    Or we could go to a POV shift for a moment.
    How's Watts doing?
    How's Ruby coping being in this timeline?
    Maybe a day in the life kind of interlude too?
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    Do a POV for Nora, maybe also Ren and the other kids. Maybe some RPG like partying with the presences in his head like trying to figure some mental issues or refresh memories from both ancients that could be useful. Developing the MC's magic would be nice too. Since the MC also gets on a lot of fights get his aura unlocked on top of some extra training on the side.

    Why not a crazy Nora adventure where she drags the MC for shenanigans kind of like she did in canon with Ren. A girl as energetic as Nora would love to climb trees for fruits and stuff. Image a scene where she is out with daddy and decides that those apples in that tree over there would be a very tasty snack to share, and squirrels away to get them. Then she gets stuck like a cat.
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    JBukharin what about real ozpin interlude. we have seen him at all
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    It will happen shortly after the current mini-arc. It will be glorious.
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    JBukharin omake ideas.... well I can think of Nora dragging her buddies trying to set up both Rae and our SI in a date and successfully and miraculously be succesful because Summer heard it and helped(alongside chucking Qrow in the nearest abyss so his Semblance won't fuck up their plan) while getting the aproval of Sienna because Nora was 'enlightened' that having more mommies is better than one.

    And please let it be canon!!!
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    Adults are just outdated children.” – Dr. Seuss.

    Omake 2: Nora’s Tree Plan

    “Nora, get off that tree!”

    I admit I could’ve been a little less stern with that approach, but my worry just wouldn’t allow me to attain my usual calm.

    As a parent, there were some good perks and other stuff that just left you incredibly helpless and furious at the same time.

    Not that I was angry at Nora as the girl giggled while jumping between the tree’s branches.

    I was surprised when I was called by Sienna when one of the grunts from the White Fang had caught notice of the situation and had notified her of the matter, but I was even more surprised by the fact that this just felt so absurd and insane to stare at.

    It’s your fault for giving her ‘The Jungle Book’ as a night read.

    How should I’ve know that she would have gone ahead and pull a Tarzan-

    [I think it’s Mowgli-]

    I know that! Doesn’t help me handle a solution to this if we lose ourselves in pseudo-semantics.

    “Daaad! This is amazing!”

    Why does she have to be so cute and so destructive at the same time?!

    It didn’t help that I was doing all of this while kids and parents that were in the park had all rallied around the sight. With the former group looking at the amused girl as if she was some grand hero, while the latter group was giving me some disappointed look for allowing my own child doing that.

    Seriously, why now, Gods?

    “Is this… normal?” Cinder muttered as she stood by my right side.

    “No,” I quietly replied, giving nothing else beyond that.

    “C-Can’t she end up falling?” A nervous Ren asked, which prompted a hum from me.

    “Either Sienna or I can just move in time and catch her. It’s not the problem at the moment.”

    The guarantee did little to soothe the boy’s worries.

    “You know, I have to say this now that I look at it better,” Sienna commented with an interested look. “Are you sure this isn’t her following your ‘lifestyle’.”

    My glare stifled a snort from her.

    Gods, can you strike me any further?

    Are we completely sure you and Ms. Valkyrie are not somehow blood-related?

    I fail to see the humor in that sad affirmation, Ozma.

    [Maybe you should start analyzing the situation.]

    I sighed.

    She is jumping on a tall tree that I don’t think I can climb without falling and breaking my back on the solid ground.

    [Yes, but… how did Nora get to that high point?]

    I paused for a moment, just now realizing that while the girl was a professional troublemaker when she wanted to, there was no way she had accomplished this on her own.

    Either she found a tall enough latter to help herself to that point or…

    Glancing to my left side, I addressed the confused and nervous-looking Ren and perplexed Sienna.

    “I will be back soon. I think that Nora has an accomplice.”

    The Tiger Faunus looked surprised but nodded, while Ren’s stare was fixed at his childhood friend’s shenanigans.

    I breached through the little encirclement made by the parents as I tried to find clues that would sustain this theory.

    The search was particularly quick as I noticed two familiar individuals hanging just a couple of meters away… spying from the bushes.

    While Ilia was doing a brilliant job in keeping herself hidden within the bush, her partner in crime was failing miserably as a pair of cat ears protruded out of the fellow bush.

    I spared just a glance, knowing that approaching them directly would get them to run away and ruin my chances of finding the ladder.

    Instead, I started to walk to the very edge of the park, then around the position where the two girls were spectating the scene from afar, and finally I started to make my way behind their little hideout.

    “W-Where did Mr. Bukharin go?” A nervous-sounding Ilia muttered, completely unaware of the fact I had sneakily arrived close enough to eavesdrop them.

    “Probably to get some help,” Blake remarked quietly. “Dad is tall and he might be able to help him reach Nora.”

    “B-But what if we just return the ladder?” The Chameleon Faunus inquired. “I mean, not that I want to ruin Nora’s plans but… maybe this is too much?”

    As the two continued to discuss, I finally found the ladder, the tool having been left lying down on the ground behind a couple of bushes near where the girls were hiding.

    Once I had recovered it, I approached the children again and… I saw Blake tense up.


    The redhead blinked, glancing at her friend. “Yes, Blake?”

    “Do you feel like we’re going to be punished quite soon too?”

    Ilia looked confused at that question, but then I faked a cough and drew their shocked stares to me.

    “The game’s up, girls,” I confirmed without hesitation. “I will not handle any punishment for you two, but I want to know what my eccentric daughter is trying to accomplish with that.”

    They shared an uneasy look and… then submitted.

    As we started to make our way back to the tree, both girls started to explain the situation.

    “Nora just wanted to try climbing a tree and engrave something in its trunk,” Ilia muttered. “She didn’t say what she wanted to write in there, but she was rather insistent about it.”

    “Yeah, she gave us some of the candies she had been saving up from the rewards she got at school for behaving nicely,” Blake added with a nod. “She wanted us to keep an eye on the ladder and make sure to… delay you.”

    I hummed at this explanation. While this did leave me perplexed for most… I was still stomped by a single detail.

    Nora is a natural in bribing people.

    This is what you really want to focus about? Not the fact that she had gone through this lengthy process all to cut something in the tree?

    [But that is a really important discovery. In fact, we should be wary of the girl eventually developing more in that regard and… make quite the elaborate pranks thanks to that much influence.]

    I really wanted to be disappointed in the way she was making use of these tools of power… but then again, my kid just flawlessly made a plan as complex as this one.

    If I hadn’t paid attention to the chances of this ordeal having multiple accessories, I wouldn’t have found anything.


    Yes Sallie, you were crucial in that investigation.

    [Much better.]

    Once we arrived at our destination, I had the girls wait for a moment as I planted the ladder just behind Nora and silently started to climb it.

    The still-giggling girl hadn’t noticed my approach, and soon I was standing right behind her.

    “This is so cool-”

    “Hello Nora.”

    She stopped, turning sharply to look at me with a wide-eyed expression.

    “O-Oh, hi dad.”

    Way too calm and guiltless. What is going on here?

    I sighed. “Nora, what are you doing?”

    “Jumping on branches?”

    “I can see that. But why are you doing it?”

    “Because it’s fun!”

    I held a groan inside.

    “Nora, what did you need to write on the tree?”

    The sudden question actually got her to pause and frown.

    “You found Ilia and Blake?”

    I nodded, her pout now accentuating at that defeat.

    “Uh, I thought I had you… and I suppose I can tell you.”

    Tell me what?

    “Here, look!”

    She aimed her open palm at part of the tree, one that was hidden to those that were staring from the ground.

    It was a small rectangle with something written inside it.

    John Bukharin is Best Dad.

    John, you can’t just-

    [Awww, that’s so adorable!]


    “I’m sorry for being a pest but… I love daddy!”

    Hook, line and…

    I sighed, my stern look melting away in a softer expression.


    [You were no better when the children near our domain would use their puppy-eyed technique to turn you into a puppet for their plays.]

    “I’m not angry… just worried. If you wanted to do this, you could’ve told me and I would’ve tried to have you do this in a safer way,” I pointed out calmly. “I hope you understand that I will have to punish you now.”

    Her eyes widened, but she nodded in understanding. “How?”

    I hummed again. “How about you help me with the garden after school?”

    “Can I pick the flowers to plant?”

    … I sighed. “If you work well, then yes.”


    At least this is over…



    Omake 2 is done!
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    This was the tricky bit. The really tricky bit, trickiness cubed.” – Hugh Laurie, The Gun Seller

    Omake 3: The Banker and the Professor (1)

    I stared at the ceiling with a distracted look.

    I was still trying to make sense of the multidimensional shenanigan that just ripped me off from my new home and right into this similar but still different world.

    Things happened, I was unsure how much madness had unfolded after my arrival, but now I was there to handle one of the strangest scenes I could’ve been left to deal with.

    The modest room was fitted for the main purpose it had. A wooden desk, several bookshelves filled with Psychology-related books, and… comics. Lots of comics.

    A therapist’s office… and I was the patient of this curious ‘doctor’.

    I mean, is he actually a doctor? Can we consider him one?

    I think professors, and Headmasters, can fit the role if it is about students. We are a unique case to begin with, so maybe this unorthodox approach isn’t that bad.

    [Really unique.]

    I was already lying on the sofa when I saw the owner of this place, a blond young man with blue eyes, enter the room with a clipboard filled with multiple layers of paper.

    He paused for a moment to quickly take note of my presence before giving a nod to his assistance, a girl with pink and brown hair that had been ignoring my staring as she was busy giving a snack to her… Pet Nevermore.

    Yep, this is happening.

    “Mr. Bukharin,” Jaune Arc, Headmaster of Beacon, greeted with a neutral tone, his stare forcefully aimed at his empty papers. “I hope you understand that your arrival led to some awkward situations with… well, most of the world.”

    I slumped a little at that comment. “It couldn’t have been that bad.”

    “It… wasn’t. Well, Ironwood would want that to be the case since he believes you to be… ‘worse than Ozpin’.”

    Frowning at that, I allowed myself just a moment to cross my arms close to my chest.

    “That sounds like a lot of bogus to me. I know he is paranoid but… that actually hurts.”

    He shrugged. “Not my words, just the General being… well, the usual.”

    “Fair enough,” I conceded with a nod. I could see that being a really tough situation to handle on a normal basis. And I was far from normal. “Still, I’m actually surprised that you tackled the matter so eagerly.”

    “I’ve fixed Ozpin’s and Salem’s feud. Well, kind of- but the point is, I’ve dealt with worse.”

    I hummed in agreement. “Still, I’m a little worse than them since I know how you work this stuff.”

    Jaune looked perplexed, his blue eyes flashing concern.

    “Shouldn’t that actually make things easy?”

    Technically yes, practically… it depends on the circumstance.

    [And on the fact that you want or not to answer some of his questions.]

    “I suppose,” I ultimately replied, preparing for quite the arduous therapy session… that was actually meant to prove my ‘innocence’.

    “Okay then, we can start from the very beginning.”

    I nodded in agreement.

    “Mr. Bukharin- John, you are not originally from Remnant. Is that correct?”


    He scribbled something in his papers before going for the next question.

    “And you’ve adamantly refused to give any details about your home country. Can you at least provide for a reason for doing so?”

    I blinked, pondering about the motivation for a moment and… I sighed.

    “It’s mostly because my home is inconsequential as of now. It’s beyond Remnant and, as far as I know, I can prove its existence with good proof.”

    “Yet you’re here. And we know you weren’t here to begin with because of… my former clients’ affirmations.”

    Man, it was awkward finding Mami Salami flirting with poor Oscar this early in this insane development.

    Only awkward?

    [I mean, I can see why she would tease the cute boy this much-]

    No, I refuse to-

    This is so wrong on multiple levels. I don’t understand why my other self would do such a thing.

    “Just because I have two nutjobs inside my head, it doesn’t mean much.”

    Instead of going ahead and rebuking that negative way to address my enforced ‘mindmates’, the Headmaster merely nodded while writing more notes.

    “It can be quite a tiring experience to be around Ozpin from time to time… same for Salem,” Jaune elaborated with a sympathetic tone. “Are you sure that… you don’t need something about your current condition?”

    [I think I should feel aggravated.]

    I am aggravated. And irritated… and vexed.

    “No, it’s alright. I’ve got a sturdy brain.”

    He cracked a smile at that response, yet the little moment of understanding faltered as the conversation shifted to other topics.

    “You said that you were attacked early on by bandits, and then you were taken in by… Menagerie?” The blond paused for a moment, shuffling some papers back in a brief state of confusion, only to calm down when he found what he was looking for. “Oh right, you came from a dimension in which the ‘timeline’ is twelve years in the past from now.”

    “Both statements are correct,” I confirmed, advancing the session to the next step.

    “Okay, now I want to ask you about your emotions when both events transpired. How were you feeling during the attack, and then how did you feel when you woke up and learned that you were saved by the White Fang?”

    Uh, this is getting tough alright. But nothing to truly worry about… just yet.

    “I… I remember feeling rather frightened by the prospect of dying and- I think I’ve mentioned that two kids had ‘entered my life’ a little before the bandit ordeal, right?”

    “You did. Please, continue.”

    “I was worried that if I stopped the truck even for just a moment, if I died in that moment now that there were other lives on the stake, I wouldn’t have ever forgiven myself for it,” I explained truthfully. “It… It was tough at first. We were chased for a good portion of the forest I was moving through and… then she was there.”

    Blue eyes glinted interest at the final comment. “She?”

    Feeling some hesitation building up, I actually kept quiet for a moment as I prepared to deliver that very situation out without making it sound any more awkward than I could remember it being.

    “The bandits were led by… Raven Branwen. She was rather aggressive in her pursuit and, in an effort to kill me and stop the truck, she jumped through the driver’s window and tried to stab me.”

    Jaune nodded. “I suppose you dodged in time.”

    “John? Is something wrong?”

    I blinked, feeling my brain rebooting at those words.

    “I… Sorry, I was just thinking back at that predicament. I kind of forgot how close I came to die.”

    [Don’t stress yourself. Jaune said you don’t need to answer if you don’t feel it.]

    “So, she actually succeeded with her attack.”

    “Partially,” I admitted. “She almost cut my arm off with that assault, and I was lucky enough that it didn’t cut more or else it would’ve been amputated.”

    The blond flinched at that unpleasant retelling.

    “I was lucky enough that the shotgun was near my other arm, or else I would’ve died a brutal death.”

    “Yes, about that. When you mentioned this situation, you said that you said something… odd.”

    I frowned.


    Oh- Now I remember.


    What are you two talking about?

    “Odd? The only thing I remember saying was ‘Begone Thot’ and-” I paused as soon as I heard someone crash at listening to my words.

    Neo was struggling to not fall off her chair, with her face turning red in a silent chuckle.

    “Sorry, she is… actually, she is always like that. It’s her-”

    “Normal self,” I concluded for him with a sympathetic smile. “I know that, Jaune.”

    He sighed. “Is there something you don’t know?”

    I smiled deviously. He looked nervous at this.

    “Have you two made… steps in the serious direction?”

    Just as I said this, I saw the door crashing down to reveal a rather annoyed Cinder Fall.

    “They have not. Jaune is well beyond her attempts at-”

    “Hello Cinder,” I greeted calmly, staring at her with a mirthful tone.

    The young woman paused, her lone eye locking onto my face as a smirk slowly formed at my amiable voice.

    “John Bukharin, I’ve heard some interesting things about you.”

    “I’m sure you did,” I returned with a shrug.

    Jaune interrupted with a sigh. “Cinder, this is a private session.”

    “I was merely correcting your patient about one of his misconceptions.”

    I frowned. “I’m quite sure of what I’ve said. But perhaps you failed to see what kind of argumentation I was going for.”

    Her eyes widened, and her smirk renewed at that ambiguous response of mine. “I see… Well, I suppose I should leave you to your session. Apologies, Mr. Bukharin.”

    “It’s alright. By the way, would you mind if we shared some words? About your younger self.”

    She narrowed her eyes at the topic, but her mind swiftly provided her a reason to trust me as I seemed a ‘mastermind’ that only wanted to aid her younger self.

    Oh, the mind games are strong in this deranged Cinder.

    Her delusions are… quite stable.

    [I think you misspelled ‘Unstable’.]

    I didn’t. She might be partly insane… but it is more of a permanent coping system that gets her to think and act like this.

    “I would be more than happy to talk with you after the session.”

    And with those words, the dark-haired woman left the room, closing the door behind her.

    “Are you sure you want to talk to her?”

    “I think I know how to speak with her without risking death,” I replied with a quiet voice. “Either that, or I will keep Pyrrha around.”

    The headmaster looked uneasy at the calm I was displaying.

    “You know, now I can see why Ironwood saw you as another Ozpin.”

    I take offense to that.


    “Well, I suppose we could-” A strange noise started to be played by his Scrolls, something that reminded me of an alarm. “It would seem like our time for this session is over.”

    I frowned. “So soon?”

    “It’s… I have a lot of work to go through, and I can’t spare too much on each session. There will be multiple of those, at least as many as it will take for us to understand how we can bring you back to your Remnant.”

    Nodding, I offered the man a smile as I stood up from the couch and offered him a handshake.

    “Thank you.”

    He accepted it. “It’s alright, John. I’m sure you will make it back home very soon.”

    I hoped that too.

    “If you leave the office, Glynda will be waiting there to escort you to your living quarters.”

    “Understood,” I replied calmly. “Also, good luck with the paperwork.”

    He groaned at the reminder of his next task, and I was reminded how tough his current job is.

    But before I left the room, I decided to give a try to something I had thought of trying.

    “See you too, Neo.”

    Despite her previous disinterest, the young woman actually waved at me as I left the room.

    I suppose I did give her something worthy of attention for the time being.



    Omake 3 is out!

    Disclaimer: Yes, this is a mini-crossover with ‘Professor Arc’ Series by Coeur Al’Aran. I’m addicted to both the first and second stories.

    ...I wonder if Senpai will notice this.
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    Yes, double Omake update for today!
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    You've been good to us...
    Bless you...
    May the Bro-Gods take you.
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    The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself” – Unknown

    Omake 4: My surrogate niece is a cat problem

    I’m getting too old for this shit.

    Oh? Welcome to our world-

    [Now, now, there is no need to say something like that… but yes, it’s not a novelty for us.]

    Still… why?!

    I suppose you could say that your own writing ended up becoming your undoing.

    Ten years. That’s how long I had been around in this world and… I had thought things wouldn’t have strayed too far from what I could imagine.

    I was wrong. Surprisingly enough, there was plenty of room to feel wrong about the two individuals I was dealing with.

    These two idiots- this unlikely duo- this unexpected team…

    Okay, maybe some context is needed… like always.

    It was a fine morning here in Menagerie. I was happily enjoying the holidays away from work, and I felt surprised when a certain surrogate niece of mine decided to spend the holidays here at home with her closest friend.

    While Blake wasn’t the same kitty cat like the show, she still took a turn close to what she would’ve turned without my presence. And despite the fact she cared and loved me as a surrogate uncle, she was also known to lie to me whenever she did something I would normally frown about.

    I expected her to lie to me, so I wasn’t much surprised when the person that she brought back home wasn’t someone I knew from canon. In fact, it was someone I shouldn’t be knowing about in a situation where I didn’t have any knowledge of the meta behind this world.

    But here he was, the bane of my existence. The one that couldn’t be named without me feeling a degree of sin and confusion crawl up to my shoulders to nag by merely being.

    Short ear-long dark-hair hair, light-blue eyes… he looked positively tired as he sipped at his cup, the one filled with coffee that I prepared for him… and I knew him.

    Not by appearance, in fact I would’ve recognized him much earlier if that was the case.

    No, I was staring at someone I knew by proxy. In this case my past interest in writing stuff. Stories about this world and…

    “I suppose you two aren’t dating,” I commented quietly, testing the waters about this very ludicrous possibility.

    “No,” the young man remarked. “We’re just close friends.”

    I nodded, scratching my chin as I saw Blake pouting at me for having asked that.


    “I thought mom told you about him.”

    I frowned at that, dropping the little embarrassed act I got going to give an annoyed look back at her.

    “Excuse me? Weren’t you the one that asked Kali to keep quiet?”

    My words managed to chop down the cat-girl’s efforts to appear in the right, and her funny companion proved to be more than happy to offer a follow-up.

    “I thought you promised to not do that,” The guy pointed out, getting a groan out of the dark-haired girl.

    I sighed again, turning my attention back to the ‘stranger’.

    “I’ve heard you’re a waiter. The ‘Morning Sip’?” I started to say, trying to make some conversation that wasn’t that awkward.

    [It still feels awkward. He is the one that told you that.]

    It doesn’t mean I can just shrug at the current circumstances.

    But you can hold back and restrain yourself from making a fool scene. Man up like usual, John.

    Ten years and nothing has changed between us… you pricks.

    “Yes sir,” The young man replied. “If I have to be honest, I wouldn’t have expected for me to end… meeting you.”

    “Trust me, I’ve been told that too many times,” I commented with a blink. “Still, I’ve a couple of questions that I wish to ask you, Mr. Tremaine. Of course, if it’s not asking too much-”

    “I will not mind. I know you’re not the kind of person that would abuse my trust like this,” Sid Tremaine, one of the Original Characters I’ve created to lead a RWBY story, said without a worry in his voice. He didn’t suspect the meta-relationship we shared, and I wasn’t planning to reveal it to him.

    Too much insanity, not enough fucks to grind my brain against that.

    “Okay. Then, I will start with something particularly simple,” I muttered blankly. “Why are you holding hands with Blake?”

    “She was feeling cold,” The human calmly replied, ignoring the sudden blushing coming from his ‘friend’. “There is no reason to-”

    “I didn’t accuse anyone,” I interjected flatly. “But you sure are defensive about this topic, Mr. Tremaine.”

    “It’s… Sid.”

    “I know, but I don’t believe I have a reason to be that friendly with just a friend of my surrogate niece,” I retorted. “In fact, I find myself doubting you mean it when you say that you love Blake as a friend.”

    Not-so surprisingly, he frowned at my accusation.

    “What do you-”

    “Let’s see here… you mentioned that you helped my niece skip school because… of some drama at Beacon?”

    “It… it was about the radical groups of the White Fang. They were hunting her down and-”

    “It would’ve been smarter to escort her to Beacon. You know, the school that should prevent that kind of infiltration.”

    Am I right, Ozpin?


    I hate you both.

    “It- It wasn’t that easy. There were other issues about-”

    “You having trouble with your team,” I interrupted again, unwilling to let go of this fun bone. “Wanna hear a fun story? All teams have fall outs once in a while. You talk through those-”

    “It wasn’t just that. There was this girl that was having mean words that bordered with racism-”

    “And I suppose hiding away is going to make that issue fly away from everyone’s heart,” I coldly said, bringing the conversation to a stalemate.

    I sighed once more. “You two are idiots, and that leaves me a little annoyed,” I remarked. “I know you’re a smart cookie, Blake. I can tell you’re not that stupid on a normal instance, Sid, but I can’t help but find your attempt to lie to me particularly frustrating.”

    “W-We’re not lying,” Blake shot back, expecting for me to believe her with that stutter she got now.

    “We just lived together for a couple of months. There is no reason to-”

    “Let me put it in a way that you may understand, Sid,” I interjected, feeling irked that I have to have my meta-son squirm before my eyes to get this issue I had created solved for once. “If you’re just a ‘friend’ to Blake and you have offered her hospitality, then I don’t see why you need to behave like you are her boyfriend-”

    “I’m not her-”

    “Don’t. Lie. To. Me!” I pointed out loudly. “I can tell that you’re lying, and I can assure you that if you answer me with honesty, I will not judge or shame anyone in here.”

    “W-We’ve slept together. Once,” Blake admitted, and I found myself surprised at that.

    What? Didn’t you expect them to go ahead of what you’ve written?

    [I’m a little concerned that this revelation is tied to the reason for this unplanned visit.]

    “Slept like-”

    “I don’t believe you need to ask, Mr. Bukharin,” Sid replied, his face taking a darker shade of pink at that attempt to ask a question.

    Oh well, now I know that things are indeed more complicated than anticipated.

    I shrugged. “I suppose you didn’t tell Kali and Ghira,” I commented flatly, the secret couple looking guilty as hell. “And you came here expecting to find my support.”

    “Yes sir,” Sid said while nodding.

    That means I now can’t exactly pull out from this endeavor.

    Kali would probably squeal at the news. The chance of having many grandchildren now cemented by these two actually looking ready to tie the knot.

    Ghira… maybe he will be murderous the first two weeks. He will be pissed for the following four months… surely he will never see kindly for his possible son-in-law.

    Still, despite this sudden acceptance to answer, I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing something important.

    “Still, I don’t see why you really need my help. Ghira could get harsh with Sid… but other than that I...”

    “I want to drop Beacon.”

    I facepalmed. “What?”

    “I tried to convince her that she needs to stay-”

    “And she will remain there,” I pressed without hesitation. “I hope you understand that you’re walking towards hell if you drop things like that.”

    “I-I can just work as a civilian.”

    “All for love?” I questioned. “My dear niece, I’ve never had a reason to say no this strongly, and I sure hope you understand that the reason I flatly refuse to help you in this has to do with the fact this decision is a poor one-”

    “D-Didn’t you say you dropped from-”

    “Don’t bring my experience in this matter, young lady,” I chided dryly. “Especially when this experience isn’t the same as yours. One of the things I would’ve never done was ditching school for love. It’s stupid and quite hurtful for your partner.”

    As she heard that last bit, her eyes turned to see Sid looking a little uneasy at that kind of attention he was receiving. And I knew well enough about it having been subjected to it many times in my lengthy relationship with a certain Tiger Faunus.

    “I will give you a life advice that would’ve prevented many of the crappy situations I got myself into while trying to work things with Sienna,” I added with a more serious tone. “If you want to leave Beacon… it’s fine. But it doesn’t have to be ‘for love’ or without you having done more than enough research about all possibilities.”

    “You would actually… support this?” The young man asked and I groaned.

    “Not if she isn’t smart about it. She needs to plan things out for the best if she wants to leave,” I replied genuinely. “Blake… When I was your age, I too wanted to drop everything because I was tired of how things felt at school. I bet you feel stuck, like you’re not doing any progress except getting frustrated and angry at things that will not help you much in most of your life.”

    “K-Kind of,” She admitted. “It’s more like… I don’t like the fact how this will not give me an opening to a job beyond the Hunter Corps.”

    “And you want to broaden the chances of having a future as a civilian worker,” I suggested, smiling as she nodded at it. “I guess Summer told you of how complicated it is nowadays to find a position as a teacher.”

    “Blake isn’t that much… into teaching.”

    The playful jab at his shoulder just brought me a sense of nostalgia with how Sienna and I started.

    Brutal honesty, no secrets. Then big secrets came and things got rocky on multiple occasions.

    “Which is good since that sector isn’t that much lucrative anymore. You would need something that would work with you and also pays you a lot.”

    “How about you ask Ilia?” I asked calmly. “I’m sure she and Ren would be more than happy to open up their activity to you.”

    “To do what?” The cat-girl snorted. “I suck at writing at their level-”

    “But I bet you’re still fine at drawing,” I rebuffed, turning to the young man. “Am I right?”

    He looked surprised at this comment, but nodded in agreement. “She is amazing at it.”

    The compliment got a blush out of Blake, and I stood up from my chair for a moment.

    “Then I guess it could be tried. But first… do you two want any refill?”

    I took the empty mugs and brought them by the kitchen, humming quietly as I prepared some more coffee.

    This sure was a strange way to start the day. It was just me, my meta-son and his cat problem…



    I think I had to write this. Not only I wanted to jab at my little trickery for once, but I also wanted to ponder over the possibility of resuming ‘I have a Cat Problem’. First, I would probably rewrite the chapters (as in cleaning the mistakes and all of that), and then I would need the time to resume with the updates.

    It’s been a long time since I updated that and, like many stories in my repertoire that I’ve left inactive, are still on hiatus. I will resume all of them in due time, it’s just that either I’m facing creative bankruptcy or I just left the story to a point where I need to spend a full day thinking how to fix the maddening plot I’ve developed (too much passion in the writing got me truly troubled in some fanfics).

    Still, let’s go with the next Omake!
  19. Threadmarks: Omake 5: The Insane Warzone

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    Cowardice? Nothing of the sort! All you need to do in fights is win!” – Shirogane Noel

    Omake 5: The Insane Warzone

    While it was unusual for me to be pulled inside my mindscape, it wasn’t that rare of an occurrence for me to spend my time sleeping dealing with the old ‘divorced couple’ inhabiting my soul.

    Ozma and Sally were, by definition, stuck in relationship limbo. They were no longer married, but they didn’t have each other as much as Ozpin and Salem would in a normal setting.

    There was no real reason to be pissed at each other, and this only added more irritation to the daily life of a certain former headmaster.

    Ozzie was genuinely annoyed by the lack of reason to be pissed at his ex-wife. Even for once, he just wanted to have a reason to bicker and create debates to try and work this stalemate out instead of wait out for an unpleasant closure.

    This idea was stupid, and even telling him that got just a shrug and some empty promises to ‘mind his manners’ while doing this.

    Much to my eternal grimace, my lack of intervention helped in sparking a specific issue between the two ‘mindmates’.

    Imagine a tired Bukharin yawning as he tried to find rest after a long day at work. Sienna was nuzzling close to my face, I was in pure bliss at the warmth of the bed as I tried to attain something that not even DIO’s [Heavens] could grant.

    The perfect sleep.

    It was there, it could be reached with proper dedication and devotion to the banner of resting.

    It was so close and-

    “Take covah!”

    The loud explosion that drove me out of my ‘sleepy mood’ saw me stare around at the most confusing scenario I could’ve expected to wake up to.

    Gone was Sienna, gone was the bed and its warmth.

    Instead, I was sitting on a grassy patch in the middle of a massive battle between several characters all around me.

    All of them I could recognize, with mostly none being related to RWBY.

    They were yelling, they were clashing and… is that a Stuka!?

    I dove down for the ground as my ears started to ring as the JU87D dropped its payload over a large chunk of the territory.

    Shivering in a mix of confusion and irritation, I looked around for the possible culprits behind this maddening scene I had been yanked in.

    Despite the large presence of vicious fighting, no harm came my way as I moved towards two individuals I knew about and that I could tell were behind this insanity.

    “It’s so stupid!” Sally shrieked furiously, looking rather furious about the topic they were discussing about. “Of course Kiritsugu was in the wrong by killing his family for some unfounded Wish-granting device.”

    “The information spread by his clients and the rest of the world he lived in confirmed it was a legitimate tool that granted all wishes,” Ozma calmly remarked, still narrowing his eyes at his ex-wife. “His family’s death was tragic, but it was a step needed to go through an inhuman ideal of bringing peace everywhere-”

    “The fuck is going on here?!” I demanded fiercely, finally close enough to call them out. The two turned to glance at me and… nod.

    “John, Unlimited Blade Work or Heaven Feel?” The blonde asked, ignoring my early demand.

    “Illya Route,” I remarked without hesitation.

    “There is no Illya Rou-” The former headmaster tried to rebuke.

    “In my heart, there is,” I replied with brief sadness before returning to my previous state of mind. “Also, the fuck is going on here?!

    “Oh? It’s just… Ozma and I are having a bit of a quandary. A quarrel-”

    “Not much romantic, I can tell that much,” I sarcastically interrupted.

    “And he is being rather silly about proving some arguments by… displaying all of this.”

    As to emphasize her point, I saw LAATs gunships from Star Wars rushing from above our heads and around through the air, gunning down numerous individuals at once in the distance.

    “Why?” I asked quietly, turning to the calm-looking Ozma. “Why the hell did you make all of this?”

    “It’s all going to fix itself up, John,” The man assured without hesitation. “Of course, my wi- Salem has to accept the fact that she is being rather silly and emotional about some simple opinions and perspectives.”

    “So you did all of this to one-up your own wife,” I dryly summarized.

    “She is not my wife.”

    And yet you didn’t say anything about the accusation. I facepalmed at this stupidity. While I wasn’t going to lose hours of sleep like this, I was getting mighty pissed about this whole disposition.

    I couldn’t just allow my mindscape to be ruined in such a way. I just couldn’t. It was wrong, it was aggravating.

    I was vexed and particularly murderous the more I saw characters from various fandoms being slaughtered against each other.

    I wasn’t going to stand for this!

    “I guess I will have to intervene myself about this since you’re being the dummy here, Ozzie,” I fiercely admitted. “In fact, I have something that will work just fine.”

    “I’ve been living for centuries,” The headmaster pointed out with a pseudo-smug tone. “There is nothing that-”

    “Good morning mother f*ckers.”

    The man jumped in fright as he turned to see that someone had appeared on his left side. Someone that he knew little about since he wasn’t the kind of person that would mind this genre of people.

    Long orange hair, a pair of horns that stretched by the sides of her head, and inquisitive neon-violet eyes that were now staring at the three of us.

    “Good morning to you too, Kiryu Coco.”

    She smiled, nodding at my greeting.

    “You see this man, his name is Ozzie. He has some wrong opinion of a character you like a lot,” I said with a calm tone, making the dragon girl look at Ozpin with a confused look. “Ozzie, what do you think of Kiryu Kazuma?”

    He scoffed. “An overrated character that doesn’t deserve to-!! W-What are you- No!”

    Sally was surprised that the new character, despite her modest size, was easily beating the crap out of her former husband. I sat down at the tiny table, enjoying the scene for a while before forcing the Vtuber out of my mindscape.

    Ozzie was shivering on the ground, part of his clothes torn apart by the mauling he had received.

    After that, I had the entire realm cleaned up and made the poor headmaster promise that he wouldn’t have tried to do something like this ever again without my permission.

    Who would’ve thought that threatening a centuries-old being would’ve been that easy by summoning a potty-mouthed vtuber ‘idol’.



    This idea partly came from Blaze1992. I believe this is close to what you asked and I wish to apologize to have forgotten. I have a lot of messages and reviews to go through every two weeks between updates, so I might forget about stuff like that.

    For those who aren’t aware of who was summoned in this chapter, give a look at the translated clips about Kiryu Coco. She is one of my faves~!
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    This is like... meta³
    An SI with Characters in his head meeting his own writing while he's SI'd

    Not that I don't enjoy the omakes, they're really great, but do you have any idea when there'll be more story? I have to say though, I'm so glad I expanded beyond fanfiction.net and onto other platforms such as these. Otherwise I'd have never have discovered you :)
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    I will go for Omake 20, then resume the story. If I want to time-skip, I would like to leave some meaningful Omakes too. The next two, in fact, will be focusing on canon stuff to the plot.
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