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The Reluctant Hero (RWBY SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Omake 10: A Musical Bunny in Need (C)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    And did you think this fool could never win. Well, look at me, I'm a-coming back again.” – Elton John, I’m Still Standing.

    Omake 10: A Musical Bunny in Need

    “I really don’t know what to say,” I muttered quietly as I stared at an individual I hadn’t expected to meet here and now of all places. I mean, yeah- I did expect people to come and visit just to meet me for what happened in Atlas but… I really wasn’t sure how this issue tied up with my field of expertise.

    Playful screams of children going around the park I was currently enjoying some time in with my own kids, I sure had not planned to meet someone like Sandy Scarlatina so abruptly. One moment I was chatting with Sienna through my phone, the other I was pulled aside by the awkward woman for a conversation on a topic I wasn’t that much experienced in.

    “Y-You could just offer me a chance, sir,” The blond-haired woman replied with a tiny hint of cheek through her nervous posture. “I know this is asking much from you, but please, I really need to try everything I got to…”

    “Your kid is young,” I commented quietly, glancing away from her and to the little grass patch where both Nora, Ilia, and little Velvet were playing around by. “And from what you've told me, you don’t have a stable income to sustain yourself and her.”


    “Is this why you’re being this desperate? I want an honest answer.”

    “I...” She sighed, crossing her arms in an uneasy manner. “I- I really don’t want to beg, sir. My ‘husband’ decided to leave when Velvet came by. He was ‘no longer in love with me’ when he found a young bartender that was without a child.”

    I blinked, my perplexity showing as I tried to calm her down a little.

    “Understood, I didn’t mean to dig that deep since I know how private that kind of stuff is,” I said appeasingly. “Still, I’m not good with music. Especially making a song to begin with.”

    “W-Well, do you know someone that could help me through this?”

    “None personally. I’m not… into that kind of topic.”


    I didn’t have any solutions on that. I might have practiced music back in Elementary school, but I was too sure that wasn’t the kind of stuff the woman was trying to research for a big hit. It was a tough ambition to get through with considering it would genuinely fix their economic issues and… it was doable.

    It wasn’t a mad shot for fame since the older Scarlatina did have the credentials to practice music and make songs… the real problem lied on the fact that inspiration wasn’t something available when you’re trying to keep your broken livelihood together for the sake of what’s left of your family.

    [Why not give her one of the songs you know about?]


    [While you can’t precisely remember the tunes, I believe I can try to straighten the memories in a way that can allow us to recover the lyrics.]

    That sounds… still difficult to believe. Can you do it?

    [I can. It’s… I would need a certain unwilling mindmate’s assistance on this.]

    It would be just songs?


    I… I suppose it can be done. I can also keep an eye in any tricks you might be trying to set up.

    [Sure, sure. Still, do we have a song we could try to check first? Maybe one that could work on her style and-]

    I have one. I think this one will work.

    “I actually… could have an idea,” I decided to offer, gaining her attention. “It’s a song I heard a long time ago back home. The original singer wouldn’t mind if someone else planned to sing this song since he had a situation similar to yours.”

    “H-He really wouldn’t mind?”

    “I’m quite certain he wouldn’t. But I need to leave the park for an hour or two to get the proper lyrics. You can give it a look and decide if those can work.”


    “Can you please watch over Nora and the others? I shouldn’t be getting out of the park now but… I believe I can get the lyrics prepared for you to study them.”

    “I… I think I can. I will keep an eye out for them.”

    I nodded and, after explaining the situations to the kids, I swiftly marched back home while Sally and Ozma went through the process of getting all the words I needed to get the complete text of that powerful song out.

    Just as promised, I made my return to the park in time to deliver the paper containing the correct lyrics. The woman seemed partly surprised that I was honest with that promise, but her jaws dropped even lower as she was given the chance to read the lines on the paper.

    “I-Is it really fine if- this is so- so incredible.”

    “I believe he really wouldn’t mind. Of course, he would expect you to make a brilliant performance with it.”

    “O-Of course!” The Rabbit Faunus agreed determinedly. “I will start to work on it quickly and… and I believe I should be able to have something ready for when we return to Vale.”

    I was sure she was going to make a big impact if she really played her cards correctly. I gave her something really good. Something from Elton John to be quite precise and… I was surprised when two weeks later I received a lengthy letter that profusely thanked me for my assistance.

    At first I had forgotten about this odd situation, but thanks to the letter I would then learn that something incredible had really happened after I had given Sandy that support.

    I provided the soft push, but Sandy swiftly managed to get herself propelled to world-wide acclaim when she made an outstanding concert based on the song I gave her. Just like the song suggested, she was still standing and rising from the ruins of her love life… so that her child could have a good life to live.

    The fun bit was explaining to Sienna why we would receive a couple of free tickets to Sandy Velvetina’s concerts for years to come.



    Tiny Velvet. The adorable bunny that can pull a Shirou Emiya without any strains on herself. I remember reading a story that stopped at two chapters about someone having her mother as a singer. Decided to take on this idea and make it canon in the story.

    Now there is a good reason for Coco and Velvet to meet before Beacon.
  2. Threadmarks: Omake 11: Ashe for the Future (C)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    I love you 3000.” – Morgan Stark, Avengers: Endgame

    Omake 11: Ashe for the Future

    The living room was decorated with all the proper things that were needed to celebrate quite the big feast that was today. Invitations had been delivered, food was either bought or prepared, and the gifts were all hidden away from the vigilant eyes of the birthday girl.

    Nora hummed quietly, looking around for any clues that could help her find the surprising amount of boxes that I had to hide away from her patrolling. I had expected my girl to be this invested in the festivity, but I was a couple steps ahead of her and had everything hidden away from her sight.

    “Daa-ad, come on! You can just show me some and I wouldn’t tell.”

    “Sweetie, I told you that the gifts will be given to you after the cake is cut,” I said as I finished setting the longer table for the rest of the invited guests.

    With the good finances aiding in the projects of expanding the house, we ended up having a bigger living room, an independent kitchen and enough rooms for both Ren, Nora, and some more for guests in case of emergency.

    Sienna was fine to stick by the bedroom, and sleeping there together became quite the common sights for anyone in the house checking. It became quite a common sight for people to also find Raven trying to infiltrate the covers of the bed and sandwich me between her and Sienna.

    Those last set of mornings are the most awkward to get through without some shouting ensuing, but at least they stopped throwing aimless punches or kicks that would somehow hit me rather than their planned targets.

    “But daaaad!”

    “No butts, hun. Even if I wanted you would have to handle the fact that your friends will be sad to learn that you opened their gifts early?”

    “O-Okay, I should be waiting but… I’m bored. And I can’t hold myself from wanting to look despite that.”

    I sighed. “How about I show you just my gift?”

    “Wait, really?” She asked with her eyes going wide at the proposal.

    “Eh, sure. I guess I could already show you since it doesn’t matter if I give this to you during the party or before,” I said before moving to the sofa and picking the small box I had kept for the occasion. “Come here a moment.”

    She bolted without hesitation, almost headbutting me with how quick she was going, but I managed to catch her just in time. I swear, I was improving even more with how intense training was going and… who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have to fear to have a 24/7 squad of guards every time we were out of Menagerie for the rest of my life.

    “What is it?”

    “Well, it’s something I worked on with Watts. We’ve talked about this project for a long time now and this is the result of it.”

    Impatient and even more fascinated by my mysterious words, Nora didn’t hesitate as I handed her the box. Opening it up, she pulled out the odd device out of it and… frowned.

    “A glove?”

    I snorted, remembering when I replied the same way to Arthur when he presented me with the final product. I had been there to offer some help with the features that could be implemented, but completely ignorant with how it was all going to be wrapped up into.

    “Put it on.”

    The girl quietly complied, wearing the thing and… tensing up when the little watch’s screen attached to it came to life.

    Initializing First Start.


    “It’s alright,” I said to reassure her, patting her head to calm her posture a little bit. We both waited for the quick process to be over and…

    Initialization completed. User: Nora Bukharin- Recognized.

    “I present you with the Advanced System Hunting Equipment. Or ASHE for short.”

    “Oh? Is it meant to be owned by Hunters?” The child inquired eagerly and I gave a slow nod.

    “It’s main purpose is to offer numerous tools to people that are generally known to be wandering around in possible dangerous areas. It’s main client target is going to be Hunters but… I believe it should be given to all people as it has a feature that will save many lives.”

    “Which is?” The girl pressed, completely engrossed by the obviously impressive system.

    “Here, let me show you...” I said as I activated the holographic keyboard to enable the map. “As you see here, you have this map that can be increased or reduced with this command.”

    “Oh!” She exclaimed eagerly. “But… what are those red dots?”

    “That’s the danger,” I commented quietly. “Watts managed to find a way to develop a system to keep track of Grimm’s energy patterns all through a special radar system within the device. It also has a counter for personal Aura, a note section you can write in and… the capacity to send messages through it.”

    “Like a Scroll?”

    “Something like that, but it can only send messages and call other users with the same device. It can’t connect with Scrolls just yet… except my phone which is already registered in your contact registry.”

    “This is so cool and...” Nora paused for a moment and gave me a serious look. “Are Cindy, Emerald and Ren going to have those too?”

    “For their birthdays, yes,” I confirmed with a nod. “The devices will start being sold next month when we have enough numbers to offer enough to Menagerie’s locals. The Chieftain was particularly interested since it offered the militia the chance to finally start killing off some of the Grimm in the Island.”

    “Oh… wait, does this mean this is the first one?”

    “There was a prototype that Arthur kept but… yeah, you can say that.”


    I chuckled, hugging the rambunctious girl close. “Of course.”

    A giggle, she swiftly returned the embrace by wrapping her arms tightly over my waist and pulling each other closer than before. I ruffled her hair from the back of her hair. It was starting to get a little longer than before, and I wondered if the girl was going to get a haircut anytime soon or opt for long hair.

    The rest of the day went through smoothly. Nora was ecstatic with the presence of all her friends, and the gifts they had bought for her. The cake was a delicious three layers of whipped ice-cream between four floors of strawberry ice-cream.

    Everyone was happy and I felt relieved to know now that I had given the kids a mean to be able to stay away from any hints of trouble through ASHE.

    But the scientific revolution was far from over.



    Something I’ve never understood of RWBY is that Atlas is the only one that has technology to track down Grimm. And it is limited to airships.

    Like, I can understand wanting to be the only one to have the cool trinket that helps you survive the scary monsters of the night and have the other ‘weaker’ nations to die, but why not provide something for the troops on the field?

    Plus… why nothing was developed from Scrolls that can help mostly with Hunting topics. Imagine a real world army saying ‘You need to have your own phone to keep in contact with HQ while we send you on the field’.

    Also, about the Omakes: These are meant to be a build up for a timeskip. I will stop at 20, then resume with the main plotline. Why so many? The timeskip is long one and it will start with some explosive twists.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2020
  3. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Not too sore, are you?

    Jan 3, 2016
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    #10 was super cute and heartwarming
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  4. Crimson Reiter

    Crimson Reiter Ahegao hunter

    Apr 15, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I assume that, in this story, the grimm-radar technology was one of the many projects Arthur was working on in Atlas before he was fired (and the idiots were so eager to kick him out that forgot about the NDA xD)

    Ehmmm... IIRC there're problems with miniaturizing certain technologies after a certain point, in which, for example, you need to have sensors at a certain minimal distance from each other or there'll be interference and stuff like that, it could be a similar case here. Tho' I agree that it's weird they don't have something like this for their troops, especially considering how much mechas and robots Atlas can deploy in the field (looking at you, spider droid from Blake's trailer >_>)

    Hope they build more grimm radar structures, maybe something between a cell site/phone tower and a seismograph station that allow to detect grimms in a whole area and not just around a huntsman/huntress with his clock, that'd help a lot with border surveillance and as a part of an urban expansion effort, to detect and clean a territory of grimms before starting to build there. And of course, that would help the huntsmen cleaning the area.
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  5. Threadmarks: Omake 12: Written Victory (C)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

    Omake 12: Written Victory

    Ilia, now two years older than when I first met her, was… nervous.

    I could tell that the girl was having quite the emotional and mental struggle from the way her chameleon’s features were all acting up. Hair, skin, and eyes were changing color rapidly, never settling for the same pattern for a little more than two seconds.

    It was sure an interesting sight to pass some time as we waited in the reception area of the editor’s office. Ren was doing a better job in keeping himself from panicking too much, merely paling and trying to distract himself by reading a magazine I bought for the occasion.

    The reason why I was the only adult to keep around was because we were in Vale and… because Ilia’s parents were busy with work. The girl was ‘fine’ with this, I could tell she was slightly upset because of it, but she seemed to digest this situation quite well. Still, we were in Vale and, while this wasn’t the first time I visited for something time-limiting, I decided to take them around for a mini-tour.

    They seemed to appreciate this, especially since it helped to loosen up the nerve-wracking grasp over their minds. They might have grown up a fair lot in two years, but they were still kids and… and this wasn’t an easy situation to handle without some supervision. Ilia finally got a call from an editor interested in her writing project, and Ren is meant to be there since he was behind the illustrations assigned to the book.

    This situation had been particularly tense in the last few months since I realized very few editors were keen to consider any book idea from Faunus. It was an odd discrimination policy, but it was mostly applied by some traditional groups in Atlas. Vale was freer in that regard, and much to my surprise it still took that long to get some fascination from one of the many available editors.

    Just as I pondered about this, my attention was forcibly taken back on the room as the door that led inside the office finally opened. An old man with graying hair and mustache, and blue eyes stood by the doorstep. He was wearing a dark-green formal uniform, a pair of reading glasses aiding his sight over the paper in front of him.

    “Ms. Amitola and Mr. Lie?” The man called up with a distracted tone, his stare aimed at the small list he was reading from. “I believe you came here with a guardian, Mr. Bukharin-”

    The moment the name was brought up, the elder’s stare turned up and right at me.

    “Oh, Mr. Bukharin-”

    “Before this becomes an awkward situation, I’m here as a guardian to these two children, and it would be preferred if they were judged accordingly and without anything about my presence influencing the main decision,” I swiftly addressed, merely getting a quick nod from the editor as he backed away and allowed us entry in his office.

    The place was modest sized, it was just enough to house three standing people while four more were allowed a seat by the desk. Shelves filled with books, most of those having been published by relation to this man, and others seemingly forgotten pieces of literature.

    “I believe I should introduce myself properly,” The elder said with a serious voice. “I’m Gris Ancient, and I’m the head of the Editorial Group ‘Ancient Tales’. And I believe we can strike a deal regarding the draft that was sent to me through the CCTV.”

    “Well, the individual that is behind the book is Ms. Amitola,” I replied with a nod. “My nephew, Ren, is the one behind the illustrations.”

    “Oh, I actually… thought the illustrator was an adult,” The elder admitted with a hint of surprise. “But it hardly changes my idea that the images drawn are surprisingly appealing to the target audience. I showed the draft to my granddaughter and she seemed to particularly like the way the protagonists were drawn. I also noticed that it was faithful to the description offered by the author.”

    The praise was met with a slow nod. “T-Thank you.”

    I smiled proudly at Ren, and the boy allowed a nervous smile back at me.

    “But the main element is still the book. The story itself is fairly simple, but it’s expected to be that easy so children can properly understand it… while also being enticing enough to encourage the sales,” Gris continued with a nod. “I took the chance of studying the structure, the grammar, and the way it all came to an open end, which would suggest that you are planning a continuation to it.”

    “Y-Yes,” Ilia admitted and she looked up at me, trying to get permission to bring up the fact she was almost done with the second part of the tale she was bringing up.

    “She has already started working on a continuation, but she agreed that it was best to not give too much right now without we know for sure how the first book will do on the market,” I explained and the man nodded in understanding.

    “I see. I guess I will take it from your word that you have given it a look yourself, the first book.”

    “I did.”

    “May I ask you then a quick question before we move on other topics, Mr. Bukharin?” The editor inquired and I gave him a cautious nod. “Do you have experience on this subject?”

    “I have.”

    “And from what I can tell, you too have seen that this book has an interesting potential. It either can lead to a brilliant success, or it can end up flunking and become a mediocre hit.”

    I nodded. “It can happen, yes. But… there is also to take into account that a new story isn’t one to shun about, especially when it can be used by parents to soothe the worries of their children.”

    “The Grimm makes for an important factor since many children have trouble finding calm when in a settlement by the unknown frontier,” He agreed. “But it still will be an uneasy gamble.”

    “I know it will work,” I pressed on with confidence. “So… do we have a deal?”

    Two hours later, we were walking towards the exit with a pleased look plastered on our faces. But while Ren was already relieved from all the nervousness that he had been having for the first half of the morning was gone, Ilia was still computing the fact that we signed a contract. And that it would have afforded her a lot when the gamble proved to be successful.

    There was a lot of quiet, with Ren inquiring if we would have gone to the hotel first before planning out the retreat back home or if I planned to eat somewhere else other than where we were staying. I looked down at him with a mischievous smile since I had a little surprise planned out.

    “I believe we still have one last date. I believe they would want to know what happened today in person after all,” I pointed out, drawing confusion from both kids as we made our way out of the building and… Ren was tackled to the ground by a giggling girl.

    “Did you make it?!” Nora half-asked as she stared down at him.


    “They did,” I replied with a nod. Realizing that my daughter was here, Ilia took a moment to look around and she spotted Sienna approaching… and beside her, the Chameleon Faunus’ parents.

    “M-mom and dad?”

    They looked nervous, still unsure of how things had gone, but they seemed to calm down when they heard Nora’s happy exclamation as she started to drag around her pseudo-sibling.

    “I didn’t want them to miss this big event, Ilia,” I explained to her. “So I decided to prepare a surprise.”

    She looked at me and started to tremble in a mix of surprise and joy. It didn’t take her long to slam onto me and squeeze tightly at my leg before repeating numerous ‘Thank yous’ in the process.

    Little Ilia got the success she deserved by working so hard on this book.

    [I wonder how much things will change now that the cutie will no longer be drawn to combat.]

    Who knows...

    “I believe they would want a hug too,” I mirthfully commented as I gestured to her parents. “Come on, don’t let them wait.”

    The push was happily accepted as she released my leg and stared up at me once again.

    “T-Thank you, U-Uncle John.”

    My smile widened. “You’re welcome, sweetie.”

    And with that, the girl bolted to her father and mother’s waiting arms, happily accepting getting lifted up in a big family hug.

    Two months later, the book that was written by little Ilia Amitola would become a bestseller among books for children her age, marking the beginning of a ‘renewal of fairy tales’ among other writers.



    Ilia becomes a proper writer. I wonder if she will start writing fanfic by the time she reaches teenagehood.
  6. Threadmarks: Omake 13: Accepting the Third Wheel (C)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    So, that’s what they call ‘Israefel Special’.” – Author while reading ‘Advice and Trust’ by Strypgia.

    Omake 13: Accepting the Third Wheel

    My head was hurting like hell. Hangover.

    It took me a full minute of being awake to realize that something about the bed was wrong. It was morning, the curtains were low, the door was closed and… the count of people in the bed was off by one.

    Yesterday I… went on a date together with Sienna. The kids were meant to spend the night at the Chieftain’s manor for a full sleepover with other friends, giving us the chance to have the house for ourselves. It was going to be brilliant… and then I made the foolish mistake of trying out a new alcoholic beverage at the restaurant we checked on.

    While I could normally hold a beer or two, the unexpected beverage had me tipsy and drunk way faster than planned. I could remember drinking from my glass and then things started to get particularly… difficult to remember.

    It was me, Sienna… we both walked back to the house and… we drank again. I think we were drinking again some wine, but I couldn’t exactly recall what pushed us both to drink even more despite how drunk we were.

    My brain seemed to finally catch a new hint of how weird this situation was. While the covers were doing a fine job covering the fact I was without clothes, and the same was for Sienna… it did little to cover that the ‘intruding member’ of this curious drunk night was now slumping down the mattress and making a full display of her behind. A pale behind. One that was connected to a snoring former bandit that I could see smiling in her sleep.

    I closed my eyes, I held back a groan and then I opened my sight back to the ceiling.

    Yep, I did the deed. The fact that there were two of the emergency boxes now open and emptied by its previous content meant that it wasn’t even a modest fun night. But what really had me worried wasn’t that it happened, rather ‘how’ it happened.

    I forced myself to remember. Did I do something to force her to bed? Did Sienna do it? Or maybe did she abuse the fact we were both drunk and went all in on this opportunity?

    None of the above.

    Oh, you’re awake and- wait, how much did you see?

    The beginning, and then the rest was ignored for the sake of privacy.

    Still, what did you see?

    You two returned home rather drunk. Raven was passing by to ask to pass the night at your house and then you offered her a drink.

    Oh no.

    And by a drink, I mean ‘two whole wine bottles’.


    You were all drunk and tired. Then you were no longer tired by the moment you went to bed and started to undress because it was ‘too hot’.

    And then the rest happened.


    Still… you mean to tell me that you didn’t peek?

    I’ve been the headmaster of a school meant for young adults, John. I will have you know that I have the capacity to hold myself from staring and-

    [Good morning~]

    Oh… you saw?

    [The beginning. Then the rest was… played differently between Ozma and I.]


    That’s some interesting timing-

    You will not speak of this to no living soul!

    I don’t think anyone wants to know you went back to warm your wife’s bed.

    [The bed sure was warm earlier this morning-]

    S-Stop it!

    I would’ve wanted to keep going with this discussion, but then I felt the covers shift and Sienna’s head pop out from beneath the warm surface. Her eyes took a moment to focus, but soon she regaled me with a satisfied smile.

    “Mhhh~ Good morning, hun.”

    I smiled. “Morning,” I returned the greeting, leaning towards her to land a peck on her lips. “We have… a tiny issue.”

    She blinked, her face slowly morphing to a confused look as she tried to make sense of my uneasiness, but it was only as the covers further shifted as Raven ended up waking up from that uncomfortable position, moving out of the bed and slowly lifting herself up. Turning around to look at us, my jaws almost fell as I saw her body and… yep, this issue feels way tinier than it should be.

    “Good morning,” Raven half-groaned, still smirking eagerly as she remembered what happened yesterday. “That was an… interesting night.”

    “What exactly happened yesterday?” The Tiger Faunus inquired and I sighed.

    “We ended up drunker than usual, we got… Raven drank too when she came by to spend the night here,” I curtly summarized. “I remember offering the wine… and then we got to bed.”

    “This is- I really- I don’t know,” The tanned woman conceded with a frail tone. “This is so absurd and-”

    “It happened,” The Huntress remarked calmly. “And it was glorious.”

    “Let me put it this way, do you regret it? That we had this night together?”

    Sienna kept quiet, and I was about to do the same until I felt a degree of guilt at Raven’s inkling of hurt that I could feel in her voice.


    Her red eyes widened at that blunt response. “You… You mean it?”

    Sienna gave me a look, but I couldn’t exactly lie now that we were at this point.


    “So you mean to tell me that, despite how outrageous it is, you still don’t-”

    “Raven,” I muttered, stopping her in her tracks. “We don’t regret it.”

    Despite her best efforts, I could tell that my current fiance was having some trouble refusing that comment of mine. Beneath her efforts to not appear delighted by that night, we were both enjoying this with the ‘intruding party’.

    “I… I’m actually floored,” Raven admitted. “I had this big speech I was improvising about trying to guilt-trip you to accept the truth but… I’m confused, why conceding so quickly?”

    “Because as much as I can try to deny it, you would be hurt by any lie,” I answered. “And I believe we are not liars when it comes to this kind of well… scandalous occasion.”

    The Tiger Faunus was blushing madly at these words, but she only stared and didn’t try to speak against what I was saying. Instead I could tell that a sliver of desire would flash the moment she would glance at the former bandit leader.

    “So you didn’t want to ‘hurt me’?”

    “I didn’t want to lie because it would have been wrong and because right now you’re being particularly trusting,” I answered seriously. “I don’t see you weak, only that right now you want honesty in the closest sense of trust and respect. So here it is, before your eyes.”


    Instead of silence consuming the awkward scenery, where the woman was trying to cope with my words, two familiar boxes suddenly dropped out of a portal opening beside the huntress, these ones filled with usable products.

    “If that’s the case, then let me offer you two a deal. Yesterday you both mentioned the kids were staying at Kali’s until lunch and it’s six right now,” Raven explained with a strange voice. “That would be just enough to make a ‘continuation’ to our night, this time we are all aware and capable of reacting accordingly to each situation.”

    She crawled on the mattress, her red eyes glowing in the dark. I was about to try to see if Sienna could offer at least a compromise but… the woman spared a quick look at the boxes and then back at me, her eyes mimicking the desiring glow coming from the approaching huntress.

    I was surprised by how quickly the Tiger Faunus had changed her mind, but then again it’s been a long time since we had some time alone and… having a third member in these sessions sure added a greater perspective to it all.

    There was no compromise, only one way out for us all. And while I was slowly pulled into that unexpected but welcomed sequel of a night, I could only hear a few clues of Sally taking a partly-reluctant Ozma back to ‘bed’.

    And that’s how Sienna and I started to accept Raven as part of our relationship. A strange part to it considering that everything about it felt… insane.



    I had some trouble getting this Omake done since… well, I didn’t want it to get too in-detail about the entire situation. I don’t want to break any rules, so I just decided to keep details minimal, to not use terms that could amp up the rating to an awkward scale, and… yeah, this shouldn’t violate anything. Hopefully.
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    -looks at forum board name-
    Rules? The only rule here is no RL politics. I'll just assume you copy-pasted the author's notes from SB and SV.
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    Yeah, when I landed here I had yet to make use of the NSFW area.
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    No lie, I did not notice this was in CRW instead of NSFW.
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    I'd buy Ilia's book to add to my fantasy collection.
    Everyone deserves some good lovin'~
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    so raven finally joined the family huh nice. good to see ilia and ren moving up. i really wonder about the canon now that it is completely wrecked
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    I’m die, thank you forever.” – Inugami Korone moments before dying while trying to defuse a bomb by failing to understand the Shinigami’s instructions.

    Omake 14: Vtuber Galore (1)

    “So, let me put this straight to record,” I said trying to muster my whole willpower for this very absurd situation unfolding right in front of me. “You three have, somehow, tore a space-time rift that landed you in this dimension… by fighting over food?”

    “I-It’s more complicated than that!” The shortest of the trio exclaimed. Her shoulder-length silver hair with cobalt-blue highlights were combed in an uneven way, with a side bang on the right longer than the one on the left. It was barely hiding away the angry violet eyes stealing glares at the sheepish-looking friends of hers. Above her head, a halo that had a four-point star-shape. She was wearing a light-blue half-sleeved shirt that was fitted for her tiny wings to comfortably pass through the cloth and a pair of dark-red pants with a floral print. “These… two morons. I told them that I was doing just fine alone by the kitchen-”

    [She is super adorable!]

    And very responsible. I’m glad she has a clear understanding of the situation.

    “Hey now, it’s not our fault we wanted to lessen your burden, Kana-chan,” The blue-haired girl sitting on the right side commented cautiously, her blue eyes looking away from the angry girl. The slim woman was wearing a pretty dark-violet dress with star-themed details. Atop her head, a circular beret of the same color as the dress. “You have been so kind with us lately.”

    She seems to be quite elegant.

    [You were always into women with a keen eye over fashion.]

    That’s… True.

    “Yeah, Sui-chan is right. It’s not like this is the end of the world,” The tallest of the group commented, nodding calmly and hiding away the hint of nervousness that had her tense and awkward at her current surroundings that her vibrant light-purple eyes were exuding. Her long orange hair trailed down to her lower back, right where her violet scaly tail started. Two small horns protruded from the sides of her head, curving upward. Finally, she was wearing what looked to be an Adidas Jacket and a pair of short pink pants. “We are all fine. We are all together-”

    [She seems the…]

    Clown of the group?

    [I would say the joking one, but I feel like she would be happy with that too.]

    “D-Don’t give that, Coco! We are stranded in another world with no contacts with our home. We can’t call the managers or… the others,” The tiny angel commented dully, hands reaching to cover her teary eyes. The two friends shared an awkward look and I sighed at the unpleasant development.

    Seriously, how am I really supposed to handle these three girls?

    Amane Kanata, Hoshimachi Suisei, Kiryu Coco. I knew who they were, but I was shocked by the fact they came here in their ‘Avatar’ forms. They didn’t seem surprised by this, so maybe they weren’t the same idols I was aware of. Still, I couldn’t exactly shove them to the door. From what I could understand from their explanation, they didn’t have any way to go back home and they were stuck here in Remnant too.

    “I don’t want to be impolite, but I really wouldn’t mind if you decided to stick around. The house is big enough.”

    And I really don’t need the three of you creating madness in your search for a new temporary home.

    “That’s kind of suspicious,” Suisei pointed out. “But you don’t seem the kind of creep that would try anything funny with us. Else I hope you are ready, because Kana-chan is really strong.”

    Coco pumped her muscles. “Like a Gorilla.”

    The short girl merely groaned and I nodded.

    “I really don’t seek that kind of stuff. Like I already have a girlfriend. And a stalker.”

    “A stalker?”

    “Of the bird kind.”

    She wheezed, while Suisei held back an attempt to giggle. I decided to also bring up another element to sell myself as a good guy.

    “Also, I already know about you since… I come from the other world too. I’m quite surprised to see you in my same situation.”

    “Are you saying the truth?” Coco said, eyes narrowing at me and… I decided to give her the most compelling evidence possible.

    Covering my left eye, I smiled widely and prepared to give my best performance possible for the character I was trying to impersonate in that very moment.

    “Why would I tell you a lie… Kiryu-chan!”

    She gasped, eyes going wide open in pure surprise. The dragon girl was soon vibrating on her spot as she nodded.

    “M-Majima. You are a Yakuza fan too!”

    “Let’s just say that I started playing after watching some stuff you posted. I gave it a look and… it’s an amazing series.”

    She nodded excitedly, while Suisei sighed happily and shook her head at the current circumstances. Just as this situation unfastened in a better light, Kanata finally stared up at me with a serious look.

    “Mr… Bukharin?”

    I nodded, accepting her pronunciation of my last name.

    “Mr. Bukharin, I know this might sound sudden but… we will accept your offer,” The Angel muttered with a low bow. “We need a safe place where to live for the time being and from what I understand, you also live with children.”

    I frowned, just now realizing that right behind me there were a couple of photos by the wall with me, Nora, Ren, and Sienna. I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to break the news to them about this but… I sighed again.

    “That would be correct-”

    “Then, we will take any role you might give us around the house. We shall not abuse your hospitality,” The girl continued. “While they are sometimes dummies, my friends here are some of the most hardworking women I know and they will not let you down in any task you shall give them.”

    “Bwah! Kana-chan!” Coco half-bawled, embracing tightly the still-crying angel. Suisei followed her example and I stared at the trio with a relieved look.

    [Poor girls.]

    They will be fine living there. Chaotic morons they might be, I know myself that they are goodhearted girls.

    So, I prepared to break the news to the rest of the family that we were going to have guests for a long while. But… before I had the chance of coming up with a good explanation, I ended up pulled in another issue.

    HEEEH?! What do you mean there is no Internet in this world!?!” Coco exclaimed, her hopes of playing some games to pass time and calm down burned by the frightening prospect of an internet-less existence.



    I promised, and here they are. Suisei the Pro Tetris Player, Kanata the PP Tenshi, and Coco the Memester. Let’s see how this unfolds… actually, should I consider trying my hand in a Vtuber-related fluff-only story? Not anytime soon tho, my schedule is full as heck right now.

    Also, image I used as a reference for their clothes.
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    Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.” – Victor Borge

    Omake 15: It’s Christmas Time, Ms. Grinch!

    Nora stared down at the few packed gifts that were hers to open. It was early in the morning, the girl was the only one awake at this hour of the day all because she wanted to see what kind of things her father and mother had prepared for her.

    But just as she leaned down to pick the one that came from her papa, she paused when she heard a distinct sigh coming from the couch nearby. Turning around, Nora’s wide eyes locked onto the red-eyed stare coming from a familiar individual that was tiredly resting on the couch.

    “Auntie Raven?”

    “You know, while I don’t like this holiday, I don’t think you should be up at this unholy hour,” The woman pointed out. “I think your dad is going to be angry at that.”

    The child huffed. “Not if he doesn’t know about it. Also… why are you here?”

    Raven’s lips twitched in displeasure since she really didn’t want to get caught by anyone as she decided to spend the early morning of Christmas away from the rest of her team and family. Having never liked the festivity, she really didn’t need to ruin it for her daughter too by being a complete whiner about it. And she would have whined a lot with Qrow around making snarky comments over the time she had to kiss Summer because of a blasted Mistletoe.

    “Sleeping. While you were here trying to get your gifts early.”

    “I was not,” Nora quickly rebuffed. “I was… waiting for Santa. To hug him.”

    “That sounds incredibly… far-fetched.”

    “Like the fact you were just sleeping here. You would have gone to sleep with Mommy and Daddy.”


    “So, why are you really here?”

    “It’s unimportant-”

    “Gasp! Did you forget to bring a gift to Yang?!” Nora exclaimed.

    “What? No-”

    “Then why?” The girl pressed on with a confused look.

    “It’s… complicated.”

    “Then make it easy. You usually say that!”

    Raven sighed. “I don’t… like Christmas.”

    “But… why?”

    “I just don’t like it.”

    “But you get free gifts! People make cookies, warm milk and… nice food. Plus, everyone has a blast!”

    “Not everyone likes that much attention,” Raven reminded. “Everyone has their tastes.”

    “But- But-”

    “Do you think I should be forced to love it?”


    “Then please, don’t urge me through these kinds of things when I don’t like it.”

    “But... what about the gift I had for you?”

    “The what?”

    “The gift I helped make. The one I wanted to give you.”

    The woman was surprised by the comment, not expecting the girl to have anything prepared for her to give. Children usually didn’t give gifts, it was mostly adults that did the full circle most of the time.

    “I don’t believe I should take it.”

    “Pretty please, Auntie Rae!”

    The huntress groaned at that loud counter, knowing that if things continued this way, Nora was just going to get louder the more she refused to accept the unplanned boon. And she really couldn’t afford having anyone else in the house waking up and taking notice of her.

    Raven frowned for a moment, staring at the package now laying on her belly. Part of her wanted to just ignore the thing and hopefully have the girl stop giving her that intense of a stare. But the more she tried to not pay the box that much attention, the more she felt compelled to check on it.

    Finally she moved to check on it, frowning even more at the quiet giggle coming from the only witness of her gift-unwrapping scene. The lid came off and allowed her to pull out a… soft piece of cloth. A scarf, one that was made with black wool with some custom red lines near the edges. The woman knew that it had to have taken a lot of effort and time to get it made and…

    What’s this?

    Go Auntie, from Nora!

    She sighed, knowing that at this point, she had been completely overruled on this very occasion. A rare occurrence that was becoming quite frequent nowadays after months of living around ‘soft people’. Yang really was stubborn enough to worm a hole in her heart, making any look back to the time after delivering the blonde and before John’s arrival quite unpleasant.

    How much potential she would have missed if she hadn’t paid attention? How much of a brawler the girl would have grown to be by having Taiyang as her role model? The girl needed a guide, someone that could tell her of the traditions and customs of the Branwen. Especially the one about swords, there was no way she was going to allow her daughter to go around without a blade capable of being used to draw blood from her enemies.

    “This is… a nice gift.”

    “Thank you, Auntie! I’m glad you liked it.”

    The woman merely nodded, keeping on staring at the scarf with a contemplative look, wondering what she should do with the inner definition behind it. It was nice and good, just like being around Yang. Maybe… she should have taken the risks and bet to see if she could deliver a pretty act in keeping herself from reacting too much to Qrow’s teasing. Eventually, much to her minor reluctance, she had to go back home and… try to make it seem like she hadn’t tried to make a run from Christmas time at that home.

    It was awkward when she actually accepted going back home and waited to see what kind of gift her daughter prepared for her, shoulders sagging when it was revealed that the package held another scarf, this time saying ‘Go Mom, from Yang’. It was even more awkward to explain to the rest of her former team, John and Sienna why she was going around wearing two scarves at once.



    I’M TERRIBLY SORRY! I forgot to upload these chapters on Friday since I was kind of busy. Still, here they are.

    About Christmas in RWBY. I know it’s called Nondescript Holiday through Chibi, but I kind of refuse to use that. I know it’s ‘odd’ since there is no Christ born in Remnant, but at least everyone understands what is going on in the chapter.
  14. Threadmarks: Omake 16: For whom the wedding bells toll (C)

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    We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” – Sam Keen

    Omake 16: For whom the wedding bells toll

    It’s been three years since I first arrived in Remnant. Things had started roughly, with a couple of bumps after a year or two of handling my way through a few issues of trying to live by peace. I would have expected Salem to be more active, but with my intervention I kind of messed up her chances of making any problems the same way she did back in the Canon timeline.

    Right now, the state of permanent conflict against the Grimm had remained as calm as it was in the last decades, giving me more than enough calm to enjoy the big event that I was now part of. And I wasn’t alone, not at all.

    Wearing a formal set of clothes with a black jacket matching with the pants, shoes and bowtie applied to the white shirt, I think this was by war the one moment I felt the most nervous after the dread I felt when Sienna got hurt by Tyrian. But this nervousness wasn’t one driven by unpleasant circumstances- no, I was… nervous at my own Marriage.

    The idea of a wedding had been circulating after our second year of engagement, with Sienna making no fuss about the matter since we were still working on a couple of things in our relationship, but she wasn’t reluctant from accepting my proposal when I asked her at home.

    Sure, not the ‘best’ way to propose to someone. But at this age and time, where everyone was literally proposing to all important places or feasts, nobody actually considered how surprisingly pleasant it could be to try and do this at home… in complete privacy. Sure, the applause was limited to only those that were within the house, but we didn’t mind the lack of a monumental standing ovation as we enjoyed the purity of the moment as it was.

    Two months later, all preparations for the big day were completed and ready to provide for 24 hours of a well-made wedding. The small religious building that had been picked for this ceremony was big enough to house at least a hundred individuals, and it had been picked just because we didn’t want to create any issues with the invited guests to this ceremony. We would soon be proved wrong when the entire island of Kuo Kuana and some visitors from Atlas and Vale decided to accept the invitation and show us how many people we had known in three years and even more.

    Despite the lack of a highly-defined monotheistic religion with some serious organization behind it, Remnant had what many would define the existence of a ‘God’ that creates and destroys. It was akin Christianity, but minus the Bible and Jesus. It wasn’t as powerful as it had been Christianity on Earth and it was accepted by everyone on the planet for how ‘simplistic’ and spiritual-based it was.

    The Priest, or Preacher as it would usually be called the one that hosted the major celebrations and the daily prayers to Creation itself, was already donning the proper dress to begin the ceremony, and the kind elderly figure was doing his best to offer support over my nervous display through some calm and patient nods.

    I had studied all the words I had to say to not make a mess out of this important predicament, and even as Ghira, which had been picked as the best man, told me that it was normal to be this nervous at this stage of the event, I couldn’t find within myself the strength to bring myself to appear calm.

    If you believe in yourself, then you will have no trouble with this.

    [Ah, good words from someone that never went through the ‘standard wedding’.]

    Different times. Different customs.

    [It doesn’t change the fact you shouldn’t put any pressure on him-]

    At least, that was until my eyes were spared a heavenly look. Spearheaded by a slightly annoyed Cinder that didn’t like the pink dress she was now wearing, with Nora and Emerald walking by her sides and copying her actions of throwing petals of flowers around, Sienna began making her way towards the altar. She was wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, it was a classic white with a floral style with a couple of elements by her upper hips and by the edges of her modest skirt. A veil was covering her face, but I could feel that she was matching my smile with one that was almost blessing me to stand up confidently. Gone was the nervousness as I knew that now was the moment to stand up and be ready for the event.

    I waited, my smile feeling as natural as it could be as she finally arrived beside me. I spared her a lengthy glance, and she did the same. I nodded, trying to give her the same confidence I now had if she needed some. We both turned to the priest and… the actual ceremony started.

    I was half-attentive of the elderly man that was leading the process, the rest of it still aimed at Sienna as I tried to steal a couple of glances in her direction. She tried to do the same and it proved to be slightly awkward when our gazes would meet during the procedure.

    The vows were exchanged, the rings were provided and put on and… then the big conclusive bits started to come as about twenty minutes were already gone like that. I felt relief on the fact that I had managed to get all the lines right and to neither stutter or pause when it was my turn to speak, but now I had to give a simple answer. And I felt the entire world watching.

    “John, do you take Sienna to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, for as long as you both shall live?”

    “I do,” I replied calmly, feeling even more relief after saying that.

    The priest turned to the bride and nodded to her.

    “Sienna, do you take John to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, for as long as you both shall live?”

    “I do.”

    “Then, by the power bestowed to me in the charge of Preacher of this humble house of faith and peace, I declare thee husband and wife,” The old man concluded with a happy smile, glancing back at me. “You may kiss the bride.”

    I nodded, turning to stare at… at my wife and carefully moved to lift up the veil that was covering her face. I felt a strange emotion fill up my chest in a sudden state of warmth as I saw some tears trailing down her face, she was trying her best to appear strong in that moment, holding back everything other than the tears and… I leaned forward.

    Noises exploded all around us as I felt her tense up in the kiss while the entire building went for a standing ovation over the climax of that ceremony. I ended the kiss, holding back a chuckle and offering her a hand. She gave my palm a calm glance and… took it in hers. We both started to make our way to the rest of the crowd.

    I barely held a snort as I heard Nora saying something about ‘Papa kissing Mama’, despite the fact she was already nine and less prone to use those terms to address us. Nonetheless, the rest of the people around started to congratulate us and… I felt relieved as my mind quickly pointed out how the woman that is now my wife was clinging close as we marched through the mass of people and right to make our way to where the feast was supposed to unfold.

    And thus, the family was officially completed…

    Until a little bundle of joy wouldn’t end up appearing three years after the wedding, bringing new light to the Bukharin household.



    Meanwhile a certain raven happily rubbed her hands as she knew that the night was sure going to be her opportunity to strike. Again.
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    Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.” – Oscar Wilde

    Omake 17: Worried Dad

    When I was really young, I used to think that my parents were just insane in spending entire days waiting for me to come back home if I had some stuff that took me out of my hometown. I knew even when this first started that it was all for the sake of them showing me all their care in that form of irrational worrying over my safety.

    I was so clueless how strongly this would have impacted on me when Cinder decided to take her first mission as part of Menagerie’s militia. While most of the Grimm population had been purged through relentless assaults from the local militia, striking them away from more fertile territories, the same drive didn’t extend to a hostile environment by the mountain range splitting the island in half.

    These sections were considered good testing grounds for anyone planning to join the militia and be part of active combat duties. Cinder hadn’t studied to become part of it, but she had several times now requested to be vetted and tested if she was able to take up a challenge that was made by numerous Grimm. I had refused when she first asked me this around the age of fourteen. When she stopped asking about it, I thought she had learned that she wasn’t prepared enough.

    I was right, she really knew she wasn’t prepared and… that drove her to train really hard and with the most serious mindset possible. Several months later, I was called by Sienna for a couple of issues having been notified by a captain of the militia. A ‘little girl’ had challenged a squad of four young rookies to a fight, all for the sake of receiving a recommendation from the captain that allowed her to try and do the test meant to accept Militiamen into the fold.

    The result? I had to pay a couple medical checks as Cinder happily mentioned that she solved the problem I had put her through.

    My response? She was given a big lecture about plotting such a cunning and masterful plan without telling me anything about it. Not because I found it wrong, but because she could have messed up and hurt herself in the process.

    Despite my anger at that circumstance… I decided to give her the green light to give it a try. Everything was monitored, with squads meant to remain in standby and intervene if the situation got too heated. I remember Sienna mentioning how she had sent some of the White Fang grunts to ‘make some bones’ out of these experiences, and she was satisfied by the effective intervention made by the reserves whenever there was a case of the rookies risking to be overwhelmed.

    The issue behind my current worry? I wasn’t allowed to give a look to how she was faring during the test. I was supposed to stay at home after I was done with the last paperwork for the week, waiting for good news as I writhed under the pressure of being a concerned dad.


    It doesn’t mean you have to… stay like this.

    [Of course he does! Are you perhaps going to ignore the fact he needs to be free in case something bad happens?!]

    Things will be fine-

    How do you know??! My baby girl could be in terrible danger. I should totally take the shotgun-

    [Maybe call Ironwood too-]

    And call STRQ to aid us too! It could be the final battle- maybe she needs my help and-

    ENOUGH! Both of you are being overly-childish.

    I sat down like a depressed old man that had been sucker-punched for being a good dad… by someone that hadn’t been much of a good dad.

    Hours burned away as I tried to keep up a determined stance in this current reaction. I waited for something to happening, something to spring me in action and end this miserable torture that was waiting.

    Finally, I tensed up as I heard the distinct clicking noise of the door being unlocked. I perked up as I saw the handle being pulled and I felt relief as I saw Cinder walk inside without any noticeable wounds or signs of stress on her body. She looked fine, if not annoyed by something that had happened during the mission.

    The very moment she closed the door and made her way towards the living room, the young woman paused as she noticed that I was waiting for her return.

    Her eyes widened, a perplexed blink coming shortly after and… then she hummed. “How long have you been there?”

    “I don’t think you will be happy with that answer.”

    “how long.”

    “A while?”

    “How. Long?”

    “Twelve hours.”

    Her mouth opened, shock forming and then breaking as she contemplated what I had just said.


    “Why not?”

    “I’m serious, father,” The girl remarked. “Why did you wait for me this long? Did you… doubt me?”

    “What? No!”

    “Then why?”

    … “I was… worried. I don’t doubt your skills but- but I can’t just not be worried!”

    “Father- Dad,” Cinder said with a quieter tone, approaching my seat and sitting beside me. “Are you… alright?”

    “I’m… just tense. You know what worry can do. For twelve hours.”

    “I still don’t understand.”

    “When you will be at the point in your life where you will have a child of your own, going for a mission that may or may not go well regardless of their skills, then yes, you will understand a couple of unpleasant emotions nobody really wants to feel.”


    “It’s not your fault. Your dad might be tough but he needs a wee bit of time to get ready to handle the fact you are growing in a fine warrior that will possibly hold a grand position of power.”

    Cinder nodded quietly, leaning down on my shoulder as I pulled her in a little hug.

    “Do you… want to talk about it?” She asked and I sighed.

    “I don’t wish to bore my strong daughter. You know? I will also need to make sure Nora doesn’t pull that same stunt of yours in the next few years.”

    She chuckled, happily enjoying the cuddling. “She will not. I will… help you and… mom with that.”

    I chuckled, humming quietly as I enjoyed the relative closeness.

    Yep, being a parent for a smart and deadly cookie is tough.


    Parental worry can get crazy at times.
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    the omakes are good well done on them.but it gets boring after some time.so JBukharin when does story starts proper
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    I have already replied to that question plenty of times in numerous ANs now. I've also stated I wasn't going to reply to this ever again because it's getting old.
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    just a figurative time of rain of omakes end would be nice.also i did post a cooment on your peerless darkness on a cerain topic.reply on that would be nice
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    You have to be more specific on which thread you posted it, because I can't find it in QQ, SB, or even SV.
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    in ff
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    Just noticed it, I guess you owe people cookie then.
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    here you go [​IMG]big ass cookie