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Trust, Faith, and Regrets of a Coward [SI, YJ]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Bugly, Apr 27, 2022.

  1. Threadmarks: Codependent Part 1

    Bugly Walk without rhythm

    May 27, 2017
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    Codependent Part 1

    We woke up in a cell.

    Lit only by the moonlight from the window in a wooden door, I could see a stone slab floor and walls and hay. I went to speak and coughed instead. It was only then I realised how dry my mouth was, how chapped my lips were. There was movement on the other side of the door which blocked the light for a moment, followed by footsteps- heels?- on stone. The vague panic in my chest began to sharpen, solidify into blood freezing fear. My stomach plummeted and I could feel tears sting my eyes. Blinking rapidly and doing some breathing helped, but not by much. We had no idea what was happening, no clue where we were. It was disconcerting.

    An understatement, to be sure. My heart in my ears, the extreme ‘thump-thump’ going so fast that my chest felt near to burst, trapped in a small cell, no bigger than a bathroom…

    The terror I felt dispelled any thoughts of this being a dream. There, everything was a step removed, and I could feel things here. The itch of hay, the smell of the ocean, and the breeze of the air against my half-naked body. Looking down revealed the beginnings of a gut, but none of the other weight I’d accumulated since becoming a shut-in. Aside from that oddity, I was wearing boxer briefs, new ones. The ones I’d gotten for Christmas.

    I fell asleep in those. In a bed, my bed in-

    I go to stand, and nearly fall over, then actually do hit the floor after the door opens, and a tall, female, and muscular figure strode in.

    The light hurt my eyes, but I could still recognize the impossible woman in front of me.

    “Wonder Woman.” I tried to say, and instead only coughed up a ‘Uhhnder uhmin.’

    The fictional woman knelt down and I’m very glad to say I didn’t even look at her cleavage, instead staring into her rich blue eyes.

    Sheer shock was probably helping with that.

    “It’s okay now, you’re safe.” Her voice was a woman's voice. Not a girls, a womans. Perhaps a bit deeper than normal. She glanced behind her, nodding to a dark-skinned hoplite who had entered the cell. “Some water, please.”

    The guard hesitated, then saluted before turning and running off.

    Maybe this was a dream.

    “Are you hurt?” Her voice snaps me back to reality. No, no this wasn’t a dream. I lick my lips as she raises an eyebrow. “Can you understand me?”

    I nod, then nod again.

    “You’re not hurt?”

    Another nod.

    Footsteps as the guard, the other amazon, brings back a pitcher of water. Wonder Woman collects it from her, speaking some soft words I couldn’t hear-

    “I don’t want to crowd him. He may lash out, best to keep him with a familiar face.”

    “How do you know he recognizes you, princess?”

    “His words. And his eyes. They lit up when he saw me, and he tried to speak my name.”

    My brow was furrowed. Is my hearing that good? I don't have tinnitus in my right ear anymore, so whatever brought me here may have healed me? Or maybe it enhanced my hearing. Then Diana moves and that thought was dispelled.

    I flinched and a pressure barely stopped my head from colliding with the stone wall. My heart was picking up speed again. Every movement she made gave me a wealth of information, every tiny collision with an air-particle.

    What the fuck? I-

    And just like that, it was gone. Had I imagined it? No, the sensory- not overload, but the flood that had been given to me was still there. She was moving with restraint, but it was easy, casual, and practised. She had enough raw strength to fold steel, and could move fast enough to intercept bullets and still have time to move several metres before another shot was fired, even from an automatic.

    I learned all this in the time it took her to take a single step.

    She stopped. “Are you okay?” I nodded, eyeing the water pitcher. She smiled a tiny bit, but there was now a cautiousness in her step.

    The water was guzzled, but in a controlled manner. I didn’t pour it over my face, I just drank it from the pitcher, breathing through my nose when I needed air, but keeping the jug up to my face. It took me a minute to drain it to the bottom.

    “Can you tell me your name?”

    I closed my eyes for a moment, breathing through my mouth, before sighing.

    “...” I blinked. I, I couldn’t say my name. Panic showed on my face, and- and recognition on hers? Did she know me?

    “...what is the last thing you remember?”

    “I- I was in bed, it was new years and- and you-” I stopped. “...and I don’t- can I ask some questions?” My voice was, it wasn’t as deep. I mean, my voice has never been deep, not a lot. But it felt higher.

    She immediately nodded. “You can.”

    “...where am I?” I was already dreading the answer. I knew it, already. The smell of an ocean, tall muscular women in greek-style dress…

    “You are on Themyscira. And I believe there is someone who should meet you.”

    “Who?” Queen Hippolytta? Hawk-Girl? Wait, which DC universe am I in? New 52? DCAU? Snyder? Brave and the Bold? I almost snorted at the last one, but it was the only recent DC show I could remember.

    “Someone I believe may have something in common with you.” She stands and offers me a hand.

    I take it, and wow is she tall. I barely go past her-

    My face flushes red and I turn away, hunching over slightly so my long hair would cover my face. Shit. Fuck. “Sorry.” ‘I should be dead.’

    “You’re hardly the first. And I’m sure you’d like to be out of this cell, especially since you can’t stay here.” Right. Right, focus on-

    “Right. Sorry.” I nod, and shuffle my way out of the cell. My legs felt weak and my feet hurt, but the latter bit wasn’t new.

    I try to keep up with her, and I do begin to regain my strength, but it wasn’t quick enough for me to not beat myself up over it. Internally, naturally.

    “Do you remember how you came to Themyscira?”

    “No, I don’t… I was, I live in Canada. I’m nowhere near here. I’m, I’m very much not supposed to be here either, right? That’s why I was in a cell?”

    Her face tightens as her eyes flick over to me, then forwards again. Did she not approve of that? “Yes. We nearly left before a runner informed me that another man was on the isle.”


    She nodded. “He also can’t speak his name.”

    “Why, exactly, is he here?”

    She looks down at me and I cringe.

    “That is, uh, not that you can't bring someone to your- I’m not trying to say what you can and can’t do-”

    “I know.” ‘Her patience is running out. You fucking idiot.’ “I didn't think you were. To answer your question, I took him here to swear an oath to Gaia.”

    We reached a beach. I didn’t quite see anything except another person who was, probably a year or two older than me, with white skin, dark hair, and a darker grey bodysuit with orange lines and symbols. Another superhero? He looked over to us and made a quizzical expression.

    I increased my pace until we were two or so plus metres away from each other.

    He looked me up and down and I became keenly aware of how unfit I was. I mean, this guy was… attractive. Muscled and, very good looking. “Hello? Do you need clothes?”

    And also british.

    “If- you have any my size, that’d be appreciated, thank you.” My eyes flick to his broad chest and examine the symbol on it. It looked familiar, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where it was from. Well, it did sort of look like-

    “Well, I can do that. I’m, well I can’t physically say my name, but I suppose you can call me Orange Lantern two eight one four for now.”

    Bugly's dumb and stupid fanfiction that will die after three updates. Made with permission from Mr. Zoat himself, honest.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2022
  2. GraphiteCrow

    GraphiteCrow Daemon of Slaanesh

    Jan 6, 2020
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    I am sorry, what?!

    Can't say I was expecting the Lantern of Greed to be here, or to be a British human.
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  3. Threadmarks: Codependent Part 2

    Bugly Walk without rhythm

    May 27, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Codependent Part 2

    I smiled nervously. “Can’t say mine either.”

    ‘Colour of avarice. Colour of avarice. Greed, ultimate selfishness. But-’

    He’s looking at me and for a moment I feel… something. A bit like that animal instinct you get when you’re alone in the dark, and you think there’s something near you, only without the fear bit.

    “Did you just scan me?”

    “I assume you want your clothes to fit you.”

    I swallow thickly. He didn’t seem insane… and he also didn’t look like Larfleeze. “R-right. Sorry.”

    The corner of his mouth curled upwards. “No need to be sorry.”

    And then I’m clothed in what feels like soft wool. I look down and see a black T-shirt with-

    I snort softly in amusement. “Really?” The symbol of the orange lantern corps on my chest, and I have some grey shorts that just about cover my knees. “Oh, thanks for the shoes.” Grey with orange highlights.

    He nodded with a smile. “Not a problem.”

    ‘Liar.’ Something in me said. Not literally, but I felt like it was true.

    I go to ask Wonder Woman something and see that she’s gone. Or, don’t see, I guess.

    “She’s doing pre-flight.”

    “Ah.” I nodded, looking up at him as I nervously brushed my silky hair behind my ears. “So, you swore an oath to Gaia?”

    “Wonder Woman tell you?” I nod. “I don’t have a lantern, so I’m going to convert someone elses and use theirs. In return, I obey Wonder Woman’s orders for one year.”

    I lick my lips and look out over the sea.

    “Could I ask why you’re here?” He asks.

    I shrug. “I went to bed on new years, and… woke up in a dingy- well, it was actually pretty clean, but it was a cell, that way-ish.” I vaguely gesture to the direction where Diana and I came.

    Silence. Looking over I see him frowning at me. After a moment or two I’m about to speak when he does. “I woke up in orbit with an orange power ring after going to sleep. I’m, ah, not quite from around here…”

    It’s my turn to be silent with wide eyes. “Uh. Did, um.” Fuck how do I say this without her overhearing? I must have done something because an orange dome surrounds us. Or maybe he was just smart enough to know what I was going to say.

    “Detective Comics?”

    I sigh with relief. “Yeah… I’m still not certain I’m dreaming.”

    “Well, I can say with some certainty you’re not.”

    I looked away, hands on my hips. “I was afraid you were going to say that.”

    He goes to speak when the sound of someone knocking on a window interrupts him. We both look over to see Wonder Woman with a raised eyebrow. A moment later the dome disappears.

    Heat rushes to my face, and I flare my nostrils. ‘Idiot, you didn’t do anything, don’t be embarrassed.’

    “Just, talking of home.” Orange Lantern says.

    “With a soundproof dome?”

    He nods, which I mimic a half-second later.

    “As long as it wasn’t anything I need to know?” OL shakes his head and she nods. “Alright.”

    Two minutes later we’re sitting near the front, flying through the skies on an invisible jet with Wonder Woman. I can’t help it, I grin. This was ridiculously cool.

    “We’ll need to call you something.” Wonder Woman says, not looking away from the controls. I guess she couldn’t, since she was flying a fricken’ jet, and the chairs couldn’t swivel. They were comfy though. “Orange Lantern has a kind of title to identify him, but we can’t just call you ‘other parallel immigrant.’”

    “How about…” I try blanking my mind before speaking and- nope. “...David?” My cousins’ name ought to work for now.

    “Oh, don’t try thinking about your name.” I look over to Orange Lantern with a raised brow. “It makes you black-out.” I nod to him and give him a thumbs-up. “And, magic makes us drunk. That is, if you’re from my parallel.”

    “Well, it was new years, right? 2022? Orrrr not…” His expression told me all I needed to know.

    We compare notes and find that I’m from about 9 years in his future.

    I elect to not tell him about some of the crazier things he missed, but I try to answer what I can. It wasn’t very helpful, me knowing jackshit about the world.

    A moment of silence later and I take the conversation initiative. Or maybe it was just my turn. “So, you’re from England, right Oh-El?”

    The corners of his mouth tug upwards. “Yes, in the same way you’re from America.”

    I feel some sort of pride filling my chest as I smile. “Canada.”

    A silent ‘Ah’. “Guess we’ll both be pretty new to this place.”

    I nod, my mouth a thin line as I look down at my knees.


    In the corner of my eye I see OL glance over to me.

    “I- I should be a lot more broken up about this. About, ah, not. Seeing. My family again. My cats. But… I’m, feeling… not, bad? That’s weird, right?”

    Orange Lantern gives me a look. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that.

    “Unnnless it’s yet to set in that I might not be going home.”

    “People deal with trauma differently.” Wonder Woman said.

    “I haven’t been traumatised, though?”

    “My sisters told me you fell to Themyscira like a green meteor, blazing like the sun, and that your screams were like those of a blood-drunk berserker.”

    …What the fuck.

    “Uh. Don’t remember that…”

    “Really? Then I assume you don’t remember how you survived such a fall?”

    “...nnno. Do I have superpowers?”

    That feeling again- I look over to see OL’s eyes glowing orange. “Find anything?”

    “You have a brain abnormality.”

    My heart skips a beat. “Uh, it’s not cancer, right?” He nods and I sigh with relief. “So, what, I’m psychic?”

    “Maybe. I don’t have enough information to say anything concrete. We’ll do some tests when we’re not in a jet.”

    The conversation fell into a lull and I leaned back into the comfy chair. After several minutes of what I thought was comfortable silence, I closed my eyes and drifted away.

    I should actually make a schedule instead of just posting at 3am every day.
  4. ArtMagnus

    ArtMagnus Knight Imperion

    Jun 13, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Hoho? Very interesting. I never got to completing With this Ring, but I am looking forward for this.
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  5. Galidor_Cash

    Galidor_Cash Making the rounds.

    Dec 31, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Need threadmarks, good otherwise.

    The only other With This Ring fanfic I've read is the on ebay the Amazon dogbertcarrol so looking forward to more.

    And that one has no Paul.
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  6. Finagle007

    Finagle007 [Verified Great Old One]

    May 20, 2015
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    I'd be very surprised if you had, given that it's still ongoing.
  7. Midnight198

    Midnight198 Getting out there.

    Nov 14, 2021
    Likes Received:
    Berserker scream + green energy makes me think of legendary super saiyan so that what I am going so say for MC's superpower
  8. Threadmarks: Codependent Part 3

    Bugly Walk without rhythm

    May 27, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Codependent Part 3
    2010, July 6th

    OL had to hold me with a thin beam of orange light as we flew from Wonder Woman’s landing. I won’t lie, it was… Terrifying. Despite him assuring me multiple times that he wouldn’t drop me, having deduced my fear easily, being so high up in the air was getting to me. While Wonder Woman flew like you’d think someone would fly, like a swimmer without the movement. OL was standing straight, hands clasped behind his back as he- we soared through the air.

    When we touched back on the ground (thank god), it was in a suburban neighbourhood. The place even had white picket fences, and I could see the Statue of Liberty before we landed in a backyard with tall, iron fences.

    I had neglected to ask where we were going before, but it was obvious now that I thought about it. OL needed a lantern, and the active duty Green Lanterns probably weren’t inclined to share, if they even could. Which left someone on earth who wasn’t currently fighting crime.

    Alan Scott. The first Green Lantern.

    Of course, I didn’t piece this together myself. OL informed me when the older, blonde-ish haired all-american retiree stepped out of the backdoor.

    After Wonder Woman filled him in with who I was (which wasn’t a lot of info), she left, which left me somewhat bewildered. Did she really trust us that much? Or was she actually still around, waiting for the first sign of trouble to crash through the roof and drop OL and I like a bag of rocks. Either way, the three of us then gathered in some sort of trophy room. Newspaper photographs of Green Lantern with the proto-Justice League in other shots. Some were obviously posed shots, and others were casual snaps, with a couple of action shots mixed in. Bookshelves lined the walls, too, filled with thick photo-albums with dates written on the binders.

    I glanced to my left and saw my reflection, and blinked. I was younger. No moustache or chin hairs. I couldn’t really tell my age, but… I’d say, maybe, fifteen? Sixteen, maybe. About five years shaved off.

    Overall, I was still the same. Pasty white skin, thick freckles running across my plump cheeks and straight nose, bloodshot blue eyes with yellow-ish rings inside of the very blue irises, complete with heavy purple bags beneath them, and dark brown hair tucked behind my ears that flowed down past my shoulders. Nine inches past, I’d say. I mean, I knew I was different, being a lot thinner, somewhere between a solid hundred and one-twenty, so, I guess this means I’m just at my old weight.

    Whatever brought me here also made me younger… but for what purpose?

    My thoughts were interrupted as Mr Scott took out the lantern. Big, bulky, and green as the Hulk. It was in a, quite honestly, beautiful wood carved case with red fabric inside. Velvet? Probably. Did he carve it? That would be extremely cool.

    OL was looking a bit reluctant to take it, and if I was honest, I sort of didn’t want him to.

    “Well, that’s what you came here for. Go ahead, son.”

    “Don’t… might… Do you think you should charge your ring first?”

    “At my age? Be sensible, kid. What would I use it for?”

    I carefully clamp down on my urge to butt in. This seemed like something OL should be doing. I already felt like I was intruding.

    "If this works, this may be the last chance you get to ever charge it. Even if you don't intend to use your ring, it’s a useful thing to have around."

    "I suppose. Show you how it's done."

    He steps towards the desk and takes the handle of the lantern in his left while holding his right, which had the somewhat goofy-looking ring on it, about nine or so centimetres away from the glowing core. With a breath, he begins to recite his oath.

    "And I shall shed my light over dark evil,
    for the dark things cannot stand the light.
    The light of the Green Lantern!"

    Props to him, his voice was strong and commanding as he said it. Very impressive sounding. As he speaks, a flame reaches out to connect to the ring. Or maybe to him, it’s hard to tell with how it flowed past his hand. A moment later it ceases. He looks down at his recharged ring and smiles over to OL.

    “Fully charged. Not that I think I’ll need it. So, ah, how were you planning on changing its colour?”

    ‘With some brushes, perhaps?’

    “Ring, assess this lantern. Can it be adapted to serve as your charge point?” OL says.

    "Scanning. Power source compatibility sixty two percent. Damage detected to numerous subsystems.” And there’s his ring.


    "Cause of damage unknown."

    "Would repairing the damage help compatibility?"

    "Full compatibility and repair can be achieved by full core realignment. Realignment is possible due to existing damage."

    He holds out his left hand.

    "Ring, realign and repair."

    "Avarice insufficient."

    He narrows his eyes and looks at the lantern for two or so moments. I was about to ask if he was okay when he spoke again.

    "Ring, realign, repair and recharge."


    An orange beam springs from the ring. More of a blowtorch compared to Alan’s flame, and it was affecting the lantern. It shimmered and began to darken, the handle melting away as the body shrunk and four new hand holds appeared along the sides, mirroring OL’s orange sigil. It looked alien, high tech, an orange machine with glowing bits within in the vague shape of a lantern.

    "Realignment and repair complete. Beginning recharge."

    I don’t quite like the grin that appears on his face after he recovers from the slight startle as the lantern charges his ring.

    "Welcome to the Orange Lantern Corps. You are Agent… error… processing… you are Orange Lantern two eight one four. Power level at one hundred percent."

    I consider clapping. “Very nice, Oh-El.”

    “Yep, that was impressive. Had any ideas about what’cha gonna do with it yet?”

    …I really don’t like that grin.

    “One or two, sir. One or two.”

    Oh boy, here I go again
  9. Robolo42

    Robolo42 Making the rounds.

    Jan 28, 2019
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    I like it, I’m assuming mate has a superpower, if so is he Sayian. Cause that would be not good, although, he doesn’t have the tail. So that leads me to a no. Is he the Green Power Ranger, The Legendary Green Ninja, uhhh is he the Hulk.
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  10. serenity

    serenity Getting sticky.

    Mar 6, 2018
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    All good guesses. lets put all the clues together and see if we can needlessly speculate in a more productive manner.

    • Supernatural Senses, to be more specific smell. He could smell greed and something else off of Wonder Woman.
    • Superhuman Durability. Fell from orbit and survived with no lasting damage. It might be alternate form in origin.
    • More idealized form. This one might just be part of the self insert scenario so he could better fit in with the young justice cast. While he's lost weight he still describes himself as slightly chubby.
    And that's all I have. Combining all three clues together, I've come to the conclusion that our main character is in fact... a Time Lord!
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  11. Robolo42

    Robolo42 Making the rounds.

    Jan 28, 2019
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    I would like that, but honestly, wait, no yea, to op, even for DC, maybe. Sounds like a dangerous concept to play with, jumping from one story to the next, no anchor of familiarity(as of now) and the long haul to a tardis. If he can make a tardis, he would be one of the most dangerous inventors ever. The weapons used by the Time lords and the daleks would be at his fingertips.
    ima go crazy and say he is the One below all, that dude had energy like green
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2022
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  12. Threadmarks: Codependent Part 4

    Bugly Walk without rhythm

    May 27, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Codependent Part 4
    2010, July 6th
    11:42 AM

    OL left after a bit, saying he was going to clear up the pacific ‘rubbish’ patch, and to do some other ‘things.’

    Which left Alan and I in the living room. He was drinking something, some smooth and burning alcohol most likely, while I carefully drank a glass of water.

    “So.” He says after pouring his glass. “David. You from th’ same place as Orange Lantern?”

    I nod. “Yeah, but, uh, nine years in his future.” I shrug. “Things stayed about the same, really.” ‘Actually, he probably won’t care. No need to make an excuse to not talk about home with him.’

    “Know how ya got here?”

    “Well, um, Wonder Woman said that her sisters said that I ‘fell from the sky like a green meteor with the screams of a blood drunk berserker following me.’” He blinked. “Yeah, it’s… fucked? No idea how I survived… W-well, I do, sort of. Oh-El scanned me and said I had a ‘brain abnormality.’ Like, some sort of growth. So… super-powers, probably something psychic flavoured.”

    “That’s somethin’.” My face flushed a bit.

    “Ah, shit.”

    “Somethin’ th’ matter?”

    “Uh. Just, well. I’m, gonna have to do a whole citizenship thing so I can get, um… meds.”

    Alan raises an eyebrow and leans forwards a bit. “You gonna be alright in the meantime, son?”

    I shrug. “Probably. I mean, I’m going to have to be.” He snorts softly and nods. I regret bringing up this line of dialog, but he seems to be dropping it. Best to change the topic.

    My mind blanks for a moment before I notice he’s still wearing the ring. “You’re wearing the ring.” I say, dumbly.

    He nods and takes another sip of his drink. “That I am.” His gaze remained on me, steady and, what, cautious? Why would he be-


    He didn’t trust me.

    I barely know the guy, and he doesn’t even know me, so it hurting as much as it did was a surprise.

    I swallow thickly and try not to look away. “Sorry.”

    He raises an eyebrow. “Fer what?”

    “W-ell, it’s- I- Oh-El and I are complete strangers, sort of, invading your space and he- well, I don’t- um. I’m rambling.” ‘What is wrong with me? Why am I so anxious- oh. No meds. Fuck me.’ His gaze is steady but it holds a note of concern, I think, from the turn of his eyebrows. “But, Oh-El made that oath to Gaia, not me, because, hey, I’m just some guy. So, ah, you keeping the ring with you-”

    “You think I don’t trust you?”

    Anxiety and shame grips my heart as my eyes drop to the floor.

    “It ain’t like that, son.” I shake my head.

    “It’s fine, I get it. I’m an unknown, I potentially have powers that may be able to, I don’t know, do something to you… I’m not under some magic oath to the planet’s soul, I’m just…” I shrug. “I haven’t done anything to earn your trust. You’re right to be cautious.”

    “It’s not that I don’t trust ya, it’s just…” He sighs and doesn’t say anything, just staring at the ring for a moment before looking into my eyes. “I suppose I don’t.”

    I shrug. Best to play it off cool, like we don’t care. “We hardly know each other. Aside from names, and I can’t even say mine. David is a cousin's name.” I say after he inclines his head. “And- ha, it’s not like I could really do anything to you, right? You have a power ring. You can channel concentration into lasers and, I don’t know, giant boxing gloves.” Alan raises an eyebrow at that.

    “So what are you going to do about it?” He kept staring at me and I failed to resist the urge to slide my eyes away.

    “I’m… probably not going to do anything. Not actively, just… passively gain your trust by,- fuck.” My hair falls over my face as I hang my head. “Living… I’m going to be, I mean- I don’t know what’s planned but I’m going to need a place to stay.”

    Suddenly, a green hand appears in front of my face and I jerk away, yelping and nearly tipping the chair back. Alan also yells in surprise, standing up and- he points the ring at me!

    My throat closes up as I stare with wide eyes at him. Was he going to kill me? That doesn’t make any sense-

    “David, calm down.” He slowly lowers the ring after he follows my gaze. “You need to calm down, okay, son? I’m sorry for startling you, but get a hold of yourself.”

    His words make me wince. “Sorry.” I say in a small voice and unfold from my upright fetal position. He opens his mouth to speak when I catch something in the corner of my eye, or rather, the bottom of my vision. I look down and gasp.

    My skin had turned entirely black. A pure, pitch black. I bring my arm closer to my eye and see that, instead of small creases I’m so familiar with, and spongy flesh, it was… scintillating. And smooth, like marble.

    “...wh- what?”

    “I said,” Alan apparently repeated. “That you need to calm down. You’re okay, but you need to calm down and turn back.”

    I continued to look at my flesh. Or… I rubbed my finger and thumb together and held it up to my eye. I pushed and nothing. No give. At the moment, I wasn’t made of flesh.

    I felt a giggle bubble up from my chest. Energy and excitement, the kind that makes my head twitch occasionally.

    “David.” I looked over to Alan. His ring was still glowing. Right. Need to change back before someone sees the pitch black, stone teenager in his living room.

    I nod, hunching a bit, and- I relaxed. Forced myself to relax. It felt like there were two walls in my head, the widest part facing the ears. I took a breath and closed my eyes, ‘lowering’ the walls into the ‘ground’ of my mindscape. I was safe here, Alan Scott is a man who’s saved countless lives for no reward but to have someone not suffer a tragedy.

    Something changed. Something was different, and I opened my eyes to see my skin had turned back to skin. It was more than that, though. I felt… I felt it receding? I knew all of this- stuff had disappeared, but I could feel it slipping away. Like another sense. It was making me a bit nauseous, actually.

    “You okay, son?”

    I nod with a shuddering breath. “Yeah.”

    “Guess we found your powers.” I looked up to Alan and gave a nervous smile. Energy was still coursing through my body- going up my spine to the base of my skull no not now-

    My neck twitches, my head jerking so that my right ear jutted to the roof with the rest of my head.

    “David?!” Alan rushes to me and I hold my hand out.

    “Sorry, sorry, it’s nothing. Just…” I shrug as he stops. “I don’t know. I’ve had it since I was a kid.”

    He looks unconvinced. “Ah, alright, then.” Was he uncomfortable?

    “Honest.” I still felt jittery and- shit, I forgot about the thing. And- gone. Shoot a soft jet of air from my nose. “I felt my power? Something about it. But, um, I missed it.”

    “Ah.” Alan says again. He slips off his ring, placing it on the table and sits in the chair across from me. “You’ll find it again. Metahuman powers can be tricky, arbitrary and plain weird. When Orange Lantern comes back we can figure something out.”

    I nod. Something felt familiar about that, though. The power slipping away and appearing when I felt threatened by Alan…

    And a brain abnormality. I’d heard about this all before, but I can’t remember what it is.

    “Right… we’ll get there.” I said with more confidence than I felt. Alan’s face told me he believed it as much as I did.

    *Barges in, destroys three theories on powers, refuses to elaborate*
  13. ArtMagnus

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    Is that....Haki? It sounds like Haki.
  14. Me. Joka-r

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    Jan 31, 2020
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    Corona Pollentia from the looks of it, durability and thinker so most likely a grab bag type of deal, mostly likely Eidolon.
  15. Robolo42

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    If it was corona pollentia, it’s use would maybe be instinctive. Although if it is in fact that, is his worm alive, and is he his worm.
    i don’t know why, but I like this idea more.
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    I thought he could be a hulk due to this line.
    Wonder Woman said that her sisters said that I ‘fell from the sky like a green meteor with the screams of a blood drunk berserker following me.
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  17. Giblenator

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    That looked a lot like Armament Haki at the end. Which is powered by…willpower. Huh, a possible green lantern/haki combo.
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  18. Me. Joka-r

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    But it has been instinctive, just not in the 'how-to-use' sense, but in a more survival sense no? And Eidolon's shard always selected the powers by itself not user input was required.
  19. Threadmarks: Codependent Part 5

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    Codependent Part 5
    2010, July 7th
    9:16 AM

    “Completely black?”

    “And scintillating, just a bit.” I told OL.

    Wonder Woman hums and crosses her arms. I think. I’ve been avoiding looking at her, not wanting to ogle her by accident. To say that Wonder Woman was attractive was more of an understatement than saying I was nervous when I woke up here. Muscled enough to show, but not grotesque or too large and only enhanced her-

    Nope. Stop. Stop thinking about that. We don’t need a goddamn erection right now.

    Again, the sensation I’m coming to recognize as being scanned washes over me. “Nothing the ring can detect… Do we know what triggered it?”

    I hesitate, but Alan doesn’t. “David got spooked when I used my ring.”

    OL looks at him sternly. “You shouldn’t be using your ring at all.”

    Alan shrugs and drinks some of his scotch? Whiskey? I don’t know.

    I clear my throat to end any upcoming argument. “Don’t stop scanning me, I’m going to try something.”

    ‘Okay, step one complete: put myself on the spot. Step two: make something happen.’ I breathe out slowly through my nose, and focus on the occupants in the room.

    Occupants who could shred me down to the bone and there was nothing I could do about it. Worse. OL… he could alter me. Change how my brain works, make me a retard, deform me, directly stimulate every single nerve in my body and keep me awake to literally suffer more pain than any other human has experienced.

    And, and. Nothing. I don’t feel anything-

    “I’m getting something.” OL said. I open my eyes and blink.

    Everything was shades of red. Tinted red, that is. I looked around, and yep, all red. It reminded me of a fever dream I had when I was young where everything was green.

    Then I realized everyone was staring at me- oh. They… were all very red. Except Alan, who was less red than them.

    “Ah, well. Everything is red?”

    “Red?” Wonder Woman questioned.

    I nod. “In terms of redness, you’re the most, OL the second, then Alan.” I frown look past them to the window, squinting my eyes.

    “See something?” OL asks.

    I nod. “I think I see someone's gun collection?”

    Alan looks at me and frowns. “Through the wall?”

    I blink. “Through the… there is no window there. Huh.”

    “Put your ring on, Alan.” OL says.

    Alan raises a brow but complies. The second he does, his redness becomes equal to OL. Maybe a bit more.

    “...danger. It’s- I’m seeing danger. Threat levels.”

    Wonder Woman hums again. “So you can turn into black stone and see danger in shades of red-”

    “And detect air particles.” I interrupt, then feel heat rise to my face. She raises an eyebrow. “Back in the cell, I, uh. I overheard you talking to the guard, and when you moved, I got… information? How you were restraining yourself with practice and could casually fold steel.”

    “I wouldn’t say casually.” She quips back to me. “So. Turning into black stone, seeing through walls and seeing threat levels as shades of red, and gathering information from air particles. Powers aren’t usually so disconnected.”

    I frown, then my eyes widen as the reds begin to fade away. I’m not sure how or why, but I mentally grab at it- and it works, for a moment, the power holds before it slips through my ‘hands’ like water and everything turns back to normal.

    “Activity drop, OL?” He nods and I hum. “I’ve… I know what this power is, but I can’t remember. I remember talking about it with a friend, but I can’t remember anything about what we talked about.”

    OL leans forwards. “Talking about it? Is it from a media?”

    I nod.

    OL… looks a bit concerned. “If you’ve forgotten that… What else have we forgotten?”

    not feeling too well, lighter chapter today.
  20. Giblenator

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    Dec 1, 2020
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    Ight, it’s definitely Haki. This whole slipping through the hands like water reminds me of Wano’s Ryou or “Flow” as it’s termed in English. The real question is…

    Is he a Supreme King?
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  21. Exaninja

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    So observation and armament. Wondering if he can also do conquerer haki.
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  22. Giblenator

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    Dec 1, 2020
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    Facts, if he can use all three and eventually master them, he’ll be possibly Wonder Woman tier or lower. Because the bullshit you can pull with Haki is amazing.
  23. some one

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    does he have one piece biology , the people from that death world are almost certainly not normal humans with their wonky biology
  24. Giblenator

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    Dec 1, 2020
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    Oh My God, yes!!! This would be just what he needs to boost himself. Haki + One Piece Biology/Physics will definitely let him keep up higher-tier characters. He won't be soloing Darkseid, but he could at least clash with Wonder Woman and maybe Superman.
  25. some one

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    your underestimating the bullshit that combo , Monkey D Garb with just Haki and a body honed by years of training and harsh living on the sea once destroyed 8 mountains with his fist just to hype himself up for a fight with guy who's headbutt could split ice continents , that is a level of power well beyond what a nuclear detonation could release and I mean that literally a nuke going off at the top a mountain would only erase a smallish part of the top
  26. Lumagle

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    If we are guided only by what is seen in the representation, the anime Luffy in his fight with Doflamingo was able to create a much greater destruction than some of the post 86 supermans.
    now add that to the power levels and combat experience of someone like garp well he's a league heavy hitter for sure. that if without the haki of the conqueror he would be less strong, since the combination of the conqueror and armor makes in one piece a person extremely powerful in his own right even without a fruit let's take kaido as an example even without his fruit he is fucking hard to kill for his haki nothing more
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  27. Threadmarks: Codependent Part 6

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    Codependent Part 6

    2010, July 7th
    11:01 AM

    The next day, Wonder Woman, OL and I were back at Themyscira. I know why they brought me along, I understand that I have goddamn superpowers and I need to learn how to control them in a safe environment…

    But the fact that they’re up there, flying and doing laps around the island while I’m down here makes me feel like a kid brother mum said to bring along.

    It made me feel useless. Like a piece of shit. More of a piece of shit than I usually feel like.

    But I couldn’t let that show. I’ll abuse pity, because I’m an emotionally manipulative fuck-ass, but I also hate it. But not all the time. Because my brain is broken or some shit.

    They’re talking, I see, and a petty, envious anger begins to replace my pity-party.

    OL had powers that literally did exactly what he wanted. Literally, exactly what he wanted. Me? I have the metahuman equivalent of erectile dysfunction. Barest hint of mirth flows through me before its subsumed by my petty anger.

    Wonder Woman takes off, flying in a direction, followed soon by OL. Thirty seconds later, as I stew in a mood that is growing worse by the moment, a sonic boom catches me and I’m reminded that he doesn’t just have powers that do the literal exact shit he wanted, but a fucking lantern ring. He could time travel, if I remember correctly, transmute matter… I realize that he looks the way he does because he wants to look like that. Maybe.

    Five minutes later, as I wait at the beach, I realize they’ve forgotten about me. I try, hell do I try, but I can’t stop tears welling in my eyes as my frustration reaches a boiling point. If I had my medication, whatever the hell it did, I wouldn’t be like this. I’d be in control.

    Or maybe I wouldn’t. I’d still have the emotional maturity of a three year old, wouldn’t I?

    ‘We should be dead.’ I think.

    Hello ‘we should be dead’. How are you?

    I imagine a bar as the grouping of words sits at the countertop, a regular to my headspace. And then the bar vanishes because I have weak mental visualization. It was a bit like a coping mechanism, or, a habit. I’d often think those words while stressed or depressed.

    ‘Perchance.’ I think with a breath of laughter, remembering that insane ‘essay.’

    All too soon, however, I’m left with my thoughts. Alone. Again.

    This time, it felt… different. I felt lower, but that feeling of deja vu that I knew would have convinced a less mentally sound version of myself that we could see the future came over me. Like I’d been here, multiple times.

    I mean, I have, but… Not like this.

    I look down at my wrist and see two, raised, horizontal lines as wide as a thumb-nail. Not everything was healed, it seemed. My condition was cured, but not my scars from when I was too stupid to know how to kill myself. I wonder if that means I still have liver and or pancreas damage.

    Probably not. Again, I was too stupid to know that advil, tylenol and the meds that gave my suicidal thoughts at the time couldn’t kill me. Not in the dosage I was taking, at least, so probably no organ damage.

    A feeling of fatigue washes over me. God, I was tired. I had gotten what I wanted. Power and a new chance at life, and I was too incompetant to seize it.

    Typical. Guess my body is younger but I’m still the same.


    I curl up. Chin on my knees as I sit on a paradise island and let out a deep sigh.

    Yay. More pity party. Joy.

    ‘I should kill myself.’

    Yep. We should.

    ‘It’d be better. Easier.’ I nod as well as I could with my knees below my chin.

    Yeah, that’s us. Mr. Easy Way Out. I remember our family doctor saying it was the ultimate act of cowardice, an incredibly selfish act. Years later, I wonder why he was trying to shame me out of doing it. Shame is an odd thing to force on someone with a lot of anxiety. Maybe that’s why? Or maybe it was because he thought I was a kid. I was just entering high school, I think… Questions for later.

    Or never, really. Can’t go back home.

    My eyelids droop and tears drip down my face. I sniffle, and that’s some wet mucus.

    ‘Useless. Couldn’t even do the thing you’re meant to do.’

    I mean, yeah. Well, what was it I was meant to do?

    ‘Not be a failure? I don’t know, ask someone else.’

    I frown. My thoughts were conscious now, not something I could riff off of to amuse myself anymore.

    Fuck you. No, okay. Fuck this, fuck- pitying myself. This is a world of heroes. Of people who do.

    So, let’s ‘do’ it. Don’t pity yourself, don’t wallow in your self-pity- just-

    Circles, going in circles. I shift my position, legs crossed, back straight, and hold my hands in front of me.

    I took some breaths. In through my nose, out through the mouth. Or was it the other- don't think. Just do. Just do.

    Cracking open an eye, I see- nothing. I try not to let the disappointment hit me hard.

    'C'mon, power, work with me here.'

    More nothing. But, it was a... Poignant nothing? No, a... A nothing that was deliberate. A deliberate silence, where before it was just silence. 'I don't know what you think of me.' I thought, feeling silly and slightly insane. 'But. I've been useless for all my life.' A note of more... interested silence? 'And now, I can maybe do something. Maybe help people... Maybe, be someone worth while.'

    I see a light through my closed eyes and sigh. "Hey, OL, how..."

    There were three motes of light sitting between my hands. Emerald in color, they were... I got the sense they were hollow, despite them being solid orbs. Slowly, the center orb 'filled' with, something. And as it did I began to understand more, connections appearing in my mind. I can comprehend things the closer they are to me- including myself. Absolute control over the parts of my body that you could control. Individual muscle groups flexing against each other, instinctive understanding on how to use myself to the best of my physical ability...

    And my ability. My power, singular. It grants me three powers according to my situation... Imprecise control, but it operated on logic beyond my senses.

    Lights in the distance, I look up as the orbs fade. Was it that my concentration waned? Unlikely. Wonder Woman and OL float down to me in that order.

    "Figured out my power." I say before either of them speak.

    Wonder Woman smiles. Her teeth are shining white and perfect. "That's excellent, David. Could you demonstrate?"

    OL folded his hands across his, lap? His front, I guess.

    "My power, I don't know, it's kind of like its own entity? It gives me what I need for the situation. I don't, uh, fully control it." She raises an eyebrow. Concern? "As in, I don't control what I get."

    OL frowns. "Seems inconsistent."

    I shrug. "Kind'a."

    Wonder Woman nods, then hums. “Can you fly?”

    Fear seized my heart, and she smiled warmly.

    “OL will carry you this time, but I want you to start flying on your own, okay?”

    Not trusting my words at the moment I only nod. My heart was fluttering and for the first time, I really did feel… lost. She had already turned away, flying upwards, but- but OL was giving me a look.

    “Sh-e’s, like my- mum. My mum.” I mutter as I fight back tears. I took breaths, willing myself to calm down and not think about-


    OL lays a hand on my shoulder. He didn’t say anything, but the gesture… I wasn’t alone. His mum. His dad. His siblings if he had them, pets. Friends.

    Not my life, our life.

    I felt my resolve sharpen and nodded to him. It wasn’t until I felt something begin to slot into my powers that I realized I’d been keeping them empty. Was that subconscious? Hope that doesn’t turn into a thing. Something told me it would, though.

    I couldn’t make heads or tails of it at first before it began to solidify, and concepts flowed into my mind as I focused on it. Stationary, teleportation, platform. A stays next to B, geo-synchronous, relative-

    Absolute positioning. Binding objects so one moves when the other does. Even better, teleportation was an application. But, why not flight?

    Rolling Stones ‘Can’t Always Get What You Want’ echoed in my head. I smiled, remembering the fanfiction I’d read where the father played it for his daughter to crush her dreams of escaping working out.

    “Right. I’m ready.” To not scare them, I increased my relative position to the ground below me until I was next to Wonder Woman. OL had followed, looking a bit concerned. I guess, I was quick to bounce back from his perspective…

    “You said your power gives you what you need, right?”


    “What if it decides you don’t need flight?”

    I blink and tilt my head slightly. “What if you no longer want to fly?”

    “Fair. Can you keep up?”

    I look at Wonder Woman and bind my position to her. She didn’t seem to notice. “I’m not flying, to be honest. I’m changing my relative position to what’s below me. I just fixed my distance to you, Wonder Woman, so I’ll be going exactly as fast as you are.”

    Her eyes narrow a touch, I think. Could’ve been the sun. “Please don’t do that without my permission, David.” Nope, not a trick of the light.

    My neck hunched and I felt a mix of shame and fear roil in my chest. “It’s- it’s harmless? But- I’m sorry, very sorry, I’ll ask next time, but I’m one-hundred percent sure it’s harmless, and also, sorry, this isn’t real flight practice, but I’d- I’d rather not do it above the ocean even with you and OL here.” Wait shit I implied they’re imcompetent-

    “That’s okay, I’m just saying in case.”

    I opened my mouth to apologize again when an orange hand snapped its fingers in front of my face.

    “You don’t need to keep apologizing, David, and no we didn’t think you were calling us incompetent. Let’s get going.”

    I nod, taking a steadying breath as Wonder Woman accelerates and oh wow the ocean is a very interesting thing to look at.

    I glance to the right where Orange Lantern is flying and smirking. “Clean thoughts, chum.”
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    This guy ain’t gonna go villain is he? It sounds like he might. It sounds like he really might.
  29. Son'x

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    Is it Specter? or someone else.
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  30. Siiracai The Supernal

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    Eidolon, from Worm. Green hooded cloak with a white mask. Eidolon can have any power, but he only gets to pick a general function and power level. He can also only use three at once, though I do wonder if the SI here will get four slots due to not having summoned any Endbringers yet. Eidolon's power is classified as a Trump power, as it affects powers. The abilities to copy, steal, grant, nullify, or alter powers also count as Trump powers. An example in DC is Parasite. Parasite would be classified as a Striker-Trump, as he can steal/drain powers and physical abilities with physical contact.