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Unending Terror (Evangelion - Angel SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Heaven Canceler, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Heaven Canceler

    Heaven Canceler Behind You!

    Nov 30, 2013
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    Great thanks to Aboth for being the first to have this idea. And also thanks to Demonic Spoon who followed up and started writing an Ramiel SI. That was a good inspiration and fun to read. I decided to post this here too, why not after all.


    Prologue - Awakening​

    Hmmmm.... hmmmmm.... hmmm...

    I hummed to myself while in a state of half-sleep, half-waking. My mind was just drifting around, thinking of nothing special and half-formed ideas were fluttering through my head. I wondered how late it was, did I have to stand up already? I shifted in the darkness and as there was nothing to see, it was apparently still deep night. Hmmmm... I tried stretching my legs and turning around to go back to sleep when I noticed something. I didn't feel my legs any longer.

    I blinked in confusion, or I would have, had I not discovered in the next moment that I apparently didn't have eyelids. At least, I didn't have any eyelids I could feel or use. Wait, my whole body felt all wrong. There were no fingers and no arms, or hands for that matter that I could have used. I also couldn't feel my face and when I tried to furrow my brow, there was no effect that I could notice except... something. I wasn't quite sure. There was certainly an effect whenever I tried to use one of my body parts, but for the love of god I couldn't say what it was. What did I do to deserve something like this? What had happened? Did someone cut me apart, take out anything useful and then throw me in some random place? No, such things happen only in bad horror movies, at least I hoped so. Surprisingly, I couldn't quite find it in myself to panic. It was not that I didn't feel scared or anything, but the feeling was kind of dulled, like a HD Movie using one of the old TV's that were now seen more and more rarely. I only felt a small pang of the emotion that I was used to and it just wasn't enough to make me care much.

    This was very confusing and worrying and by now I was fully awake to try to understand what was happening. There was no sensory input in the form of sight, hearing of anything else that I was aware of, which confused me even more. That may have had something to do with the fact that I apparently did not possess any of the body parts normally used to see, hear, smell or otherwise perceive the world.

    The whole situation was utterly weird to say the least. I decided to experiment a bit, as there was obviously some kind of effect when I tried to move and Stretch.

    Unfortunately, I seemed utterly incapable of doing anything actually useful. Trying to look around, even considering my lack of eyes, ended with only a buzzing feeling of... something. It was frustrating to be so utterly helpless of that I can assure you and I am pretty sure, had I not been muted emotionally, I would have had a panick attack. I was not sure what my body was, but my money was on some kind of fluid as it seemed capable of changing somehow.... which took quite some time to notice due to the lack of a touch sense. I had to concentrate on my physical body to the point of utter idiocy before coming to that conclusion.

    I was also incapable of communicating in an way, though fortunately my mind was still working as normal. Attempts at talking ended with total failure, and a strange feeling of confusion. I couldn't actually think of anything else to do. I mean, I was lying here in absolute darkness without any physical capabilities and only a vague awareness of even having a body, which didn't have any of the normal skills necessary for human survival. One of the worst parts was the utter inability to do anything to get my mind of the situation. I was pretty sure that I would go crazy if this continues for much longer.

    *Scene Break*

    You know, it is really hard to keep track of time without anything around you that could help you with it. I am not sure how much time went by while I tried to move, to stretch, wiggle or anything that I knew. Certain actions had an effect, stretching gave me a feeling of becoming... fuller for lack of a better term and trying to move made me feel.... bigger or smaller depending on how I moved.

    Before I knew it, I had developed some kind of almost instinctive rhythm. I was stretching and moving, stretching and moving, stretching and moving. Really, it was hypnotic and I cannot even begin to guess just how much time went by before I noticed that something was happening. It was strange, I still did not have sight or could hear anything, but if I concentrated on my surroundings, I could feel something there. No, it wasn't that I was feeling one thing, but I was sensing many things. I couldn't say what they were, but they felt... warm, like a bunch of small fires burning, or maybe like little stars?

    A great number of them were further away, while there were three of the lights that were quite a bit nearer. Around this time, I felt like my attempts at stretching were... twisting me in some way, like I wasn't stretching on a flat surface or upwards but in various directions. I can tell you that is quite the weird feeling. Now, although I felt quite strange, there was something positive that happened around that time. For the first time since my awakening in this strange situation, I was feeling something like human sensations, there was a tickling touch on my skin, just barely sensible.

    This was the truly unexpected thing, I was feeling something, I was experiencing Touch. The sensation you have when something comes in contact with your Skin. I cannot even begin to explain how major this is when you haven't felt anything for however long I was stuck in this situation. This of course meant that I had a connection to a body that was capable of feeling touch, something my current body was unfortunately absolutely incapable of, as far as I knew. It was faint, but the feeling was becoming stronger with every second. Even as I continued to stretch, trying to strengthen the connection to this new chance for me, the feeling of being in a somewhat normal body was becoming stronger and stronger. I felt positively ecstatic. I could feel things and I was gaining access to a body again.

    From what I could feel, the body was vaguely humanoid and had most of the things a human would have. This included mostly things like arms and finger, though unfortunately, I couldn't feel any legs. This was troublesome, but still a thousand times better then what I could do until now. Okay, next I should try to move this new body that I was slowly getting control over. It was slow and kind of clumsy as I did not have any senses like eyes that would help me with coordination, but I managed to start at moving my arms.

    Slowly, I stretched my new arms out, feeling the flame nearest to me flicker strongly for some reason, but I ignored it for now. This was my first chance at much needed exercise.

    And then, without any warning, my new body was set on fire.
  2. Heaven Canceler

    Heaven Canceler Behind You!

    Nov 30, 2013
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    [img width=600 height=400]http://mobilemixed.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/problems1.jpeg[/img]​

    Episode 1: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ozone

    It burned. I felt like someone was slowly touching me all over the body with one of these hot burning branding irons that were used on cattle. It was painful, horribly painful and all I could really think about was that I wanted it to stop. And something answered that desire.

    It felt like something warm inside me had suddenly enveloped me. Of course that makes no sense, how can something inside you envelop you? Well, it just felt like that and I would have to get used to that feeling in the future.

    From one moment to the next, the pain stopped and I had the strange feeling of small pinpricks instead of the burning fire from before. I immediately returned to my original task of stretching, growing I thought by now. In almost no time, I had full control of the body and tried to find the one who had attacked me. I could feel the small lights further away, but still in reach of one of my arms. With an application of will, I made my new body growl and formed a fist. Then I turned to punch these imbeciles for their actions.

    It was only halfway through that, when I really thought about just how small they felt to my senses and just how much bigger my body was. Panicking slightly, I tried to halt my attack. I wanted to pay whoever hurt me back, but I didn't want to squish them like bugs. This was especially true as I didn't actually know if the lights were intelligent or animals.

    Then the arm of my new body exploded.

    I just couldn't get a break, couldn't I? Fortunately, this time the pain was short-lived and after only a few moments, I could fully think about my circumstances and what to do next. Curiously, I noticed that I was still stretching/growing even though I had stopped concentrating on it some time after I had regained full control of this body. There were certain places that I did not want to move/grow to. It was like my original strange fluid body was getting sick whenever it got near these areas, I felt strange and sluggish around them. Better think about what was going on. I was in a different body and had been attacked by heat or fire or something along the line. What else did I kno....

    What the hell, now these bastards were trying to poison me with the strange stuff that made me feel so weird. I could already feel myself falling apart. I shuddered and convulsed, or at least tried to do so with my control of the solid body melting away like a snowball in a campfire. Then without a warning, the feeling turned from something that I could only compare to sickness into something else.

    I couldn't help but love the stuff suddenly, which made me question my own senses for a moment. What the hell was going on, things were moving much to fast. If this was a story, I would complain to the writer that he was throwing one thing after another out without the slightest care.

    I sighed, even as I was once again growing/stretching to get back the area that I had lost, specifically the control of the mostly humanoid body. Hmmmmm.... I had to think about what to do now. I was underwater, judging from the slow way this body was moving. The body didn't have any legs or a head and one arm was gone.

    Even with this new body, I was stuck here and wouldn't be capable of doing anything. Well, this body was almost certainly not human. It didn't have quite the correct proportions and just felt wrong. No, that wasn't quite right. The body felt right and wrong at the same time. I felt... great and horrible and a dozen other things and only now was I really noticing this fact. I had probably been too concentrated on the many bad things that were happening to me. This body... it felt like it was completing me, yet it was inadequate for that purpose somehow. It was quite the frustrating feeling to say the least.

    Well, as said before the body wasn't human, so maybe I could grow the limb I had lost again? I concentrated on the lost arm, urging something in me to make a new arm pop out. It took me a good while of firmly concentrating, but finally there was an actual effect. It was slow, faltered every time I took my attention to something else and it would probably take a few minutes for me to grow a new arm, but it was apparently possible to re-grow limbs. Maybe I could try with the body's legs and head next?


    Okay, that didn't work. For some reason, I just cannot seem to make anything grow that wasn't part of the body to begin with. To make sure this was true; I tried making another arm grow out of my back. Nothing happened and this left me with a couple possibilities. Maybe I could only regenerate things that existed during the time when I first claimed the body? Or the DNA of this body was damaged and this was the reason that there was no head and no legs?

    There were still many thoughts flitting through my head when I felt something new. It was a different sensation from all these I had experienced until now until now. It was a connection and that connection wasn't the same as before. This didn't feel like a life form. Instead, this felt more like a machine. I could feel understanding dawn me even as some distant part of me was slowly hacking into the computer systems that I had connected to. Yes, I was connected to a computer which had information on the outside world, though they were very vague and only really told me that I was in a military base of some kind. With this new knowledge came the desire to concentrate on this new chance for freedom. I turned my attention on the computer and left the body that I had occupied until now behind, though I felt a bit unhappy about that.

    Still, this was my chance to finally understand what the hell was going on, where I was and what I could do to better my situation.

    It wouldn't take more then a few minutes before I understood just how screwed over I truly was.
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  3. Heaven Canceler

    Heaven Canceler Behind You!

    Nov 30, 2013
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    [img width=600 height=450]http://i42.tinypic.com/2rqj1gm.jpg[/img]​

    Episode 2: Run For.. eh Ireul, Run!

    An Influx of information hit my mind, giving me much needed background knowledge about my surrounding. There was a great deal of common information that I got access to pretty much instantly. I wasn't sure how, but my mind could somehow absorb and sort all of that knowledge with frightening speed, something that should probably end up with me having an horrible headache.

    Apparently the computer that I had hacked into was only one of many computers that were all connected to some kind of supercomputer called Magi. There was much, much more data that I was getting access to. Suddenly I had a whole history book in my head. There was the creation of the modern state of Japan, different political groups that held control during the parts of that nation's history, a number of treaties between nations, the biggest of which was called Valentine treaty.

    Wait, didn't I hear that name somewhere before? Further information helped clear things up; a number of wars had happened due to a great seismic disaster called Second Impact. I felt like the answer to the question that was floating through my head was just on the tip of my tongue, but somehow it was still eluding me.

    I absentmindedly once again defended against one of the heat-based attacks without even really noticing it. Oh, apparently now that I knew how to do whatever I was doing I could do it instinctively. Better not try to experiment with that right now, lest I turn it off and get burned again.

    I returned my attention to the name that had disappeared from my mind for a few moments. Second Impact, was not that...

    Oh, shit!

    That name and the follow-up information was not something I expected or wanted to hear. Second Impact, Katsuragi Expeditions, First Child: Rei Ayanami, Second Child: Asuka Langley Sohryu, Third Child: Shinji...

    I halted my hacking attempts, which I had now gained some vague control over. I was in Neon Genesis Evangelion, or at least a universe very similar to that series. That was just... I mean, it was Evangelion. In the name of all that is holy and good, there were only a handful series that were equally or more screwed up. Elfen Lied came to mind, and that Sailor Nothing thing about which I had read once. It was pretty much destined for a bad end for everyone involved and then some.

    And the worst part hadn't even been said. You see, I was not actually a big Evangelion fan. The majority of my knowledge came from fanfiction and stories that were based around the idea of screwing over Evangelion canon. I had seen the first TV series a few years ago... I think, but probably not to the end. I had seen a few scenes of the second episode of the Rebuild and a bit of End of Evangelion, but the rest of my knowledge was primarily from fanfiction and whatever I could catch from hearing on the net. I had a good knowledge of overall things like the fact that humanity was created by Lilith, that Adam and Lilith were terraformers and that humans and Angels would probably count as cousins. Unfortunately, I lacked the details that a true fan of the series would have. For example, I knew that Asukas mother was stuck in her Evangelion, but I had no idea who her mother was. Was she a scientist, just a victim? I believed that she had been a friend of Yui Ikari, but I was not sure...

    I returned to my attempts at hacking into the computer, remembering something about the Magi. They were the computers of the NERV base where Gendo Ikari was working and where the heroes of the story were being trained and which worked as the defence for humanity in Tokyo-3. Then I discovered the list of the angels that had appeared before me. Wait, there was an angel that tried to hack the Magi and was erased through some kind of program or something like that, right? It couldn't be, I checked the list and looked for the number that would come next. There it was, Ireul [Angel of Terror]. I shuddered as the name somehow resonated with me, like it was more then a name and more along the line of my very existence. Okay, this was an almost perfect prove that I was in fact Ireul, the computer angel. Now, how would I best avoid the death of my TV counterpart?

    I could try to flee from this place, connect with some other system and run the hell away. Unfortunately, now that I was fully connected with the systems I could feel that NERV base, or at least the part in which I was, had been cut off from me. The only way out was literally going through the Magi, which by my knowledge would end up with my death.

    Okay, okay. There had to be some way for me to survive this. But I had already decided that whatever ROB that had sent me here would be on my list for people I wanted to screw over when I got out of this. My mind was racing even as I was still hacking, reaching the first of the three Magi computers called Melchior. Oh, there were three and it was not one computer? And they... they actually had artificial brains in them? Just how screwed up were the people who made these things? I knew that they were holding the personality of Ritsuko's mother, but I thought they were programmed in the computer somehow.

    Okay, back to the problem at hand. What did I know of Evangelion that could help me survive this? Time was going by much faster then I wanted, even as I was trying to take over the second computer. I knew for sure that if I desired to live, or at least to flee, I needed control of all three. But I wanted some way to survive even if that didn't work out.

    It was around halfway through my attempt at taking over Balthasar when something strange happened. It was like my thoughts had become jelly. It took me a bit to understand what had happened. The humans had apparently lowered the synchronization speed quite a bit, so now I had problems interacting with the different parts of myself. Okay, just Arghhhh! This was not good, were they making the plan on how to defeat me? How had they done it in canon again? I wish I had access to the episode where Ireul appeared and then maybe I could stop them from trying anything. Unfortunately, such resources were not accessible, so I had to think with whatever I could remember from what I had read in the internet. Come on, fanfiction, don't leave me alone.

    It took me a good while to come up with an alternative plan that could save me if I could pull it off. Still, would it work? I had access to the necessary plans and knew what to do due to the information I had gained from the database. I was not sure, but unfortunately nothing else had appeared in my mind. In a way, it was surprising that I hadn't thought of it sooner, this was something rather famous in Evangelion fiction.

    As the synchronization of the Magi returned to a normal level, I began my plan, putting effort into getting control of the last Magi Computer. The second computer had been taken over by me during the time where the synch-rate had been low.

    Now, I needed only to open that particular seal, just a moment, just a moment. Please, this had to work.

    I felt something connecting with my system just as I reached my goal. The next moment, everything turned black.
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  4. Heaven Canceler

    Heaven Canceler Behind You!

    Nov 30, 2013
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    [img width=600 height=450]http://www.kawapaper.com/d/5614-3/Kawapaper_NG_Evangelion_0000089_1400x1050.jpg[/img]​

    Episode 3: A Couple Nice Girls Give Me The Shock Of My Life

    From outside, NERV headquarter and its employees appeared chaotic and random, but the people here all knew what they were supposed to do, either working effectively, or standing aside to avoid getting in the way. Each of them had been debriefed on what to do, information shared differently depending on rank and job and now they were all working for the survival of humanity.

    While most of them were monitoring the Magi and the attack of the angel, Ritsuko Akagi had prepared for their one big chance at defeating Ireul.

    Their hopes were now lying in the success of this dangerous plan.

    Even as Ritsuko was typing away with extreme speed, the creature that had infected their computer system was making headway with horrifying efficiency.

    "How long still, Ritsuko?" Asked the voice of the sweating Major Katsuragi, looking on as the last Magi computer was visibly getting invaded.

    "Around half a minute, a bit less I think." Came the answer from the doctor without looking up from her work.

    "34 Seconds till the angel has taken over the last Magi computer." Spoke another voice, coming from Maya Ibuki who was observing the systems.

    Everyone was waiting for this race to finally come to an end and the question everyone was asking himself was who would win. It was almost certain that the angel would somehow misuse the control over the Magi in some way. Indeed, there were a number of theories saying that the Angel would use the systems to kill them. One idea was that it would do so by turning off the air circulation and closing off the area, suffocating everyone in the process. Other ideas included the self-destruction, though that was more unlikely.

    The dark haired women started to gnaw on her teeth even as the seconds were ticking by.

    Now, just another moment and they would...

    "Done!" Echoed Ritsuko's voice through the room, even as the display started to change and the red colouring of the angel vanished from the three parts of the Magi.

    Everyone sighed in relief and even the ever-calm commander of NERV was looking less strained. A cheer went through everyone and laughter and smiles appeared on the different employees of the organization.

    "Finally, now with this the problem should be taken care off." She just wondered why the angel, no that was not important, now it was dead. Maybe she could look through the data later on, but it wasn't important.

    "Wait, the Code Blue has reappeared!" Everyone turned to the brown haired Computer Technician and Maya flinched for a moment at the sudden attention.

    "What where did it go?", Asked both Ritsuko and Misato at the same time, blinking seconds after noticing their double-speech.

    Ritsuko's assistant immediately turned back to her computer, bringing a great number of information on the main display in front of them. "The Magi's log says that the angel went and opened a pathway to flee into... terminal dogma.

    Gendo turned to the display faster then ever before and there was a fire in his eyes that was only rarely seen. "Which sector?" The question was spoken with intensity that surprised most present, except for a small number of people. His mind was in a specific direction, could it be that the angel had somehow found a way to reach that place before they could regain control of the Magi? Still, he could take care of this; there were safety measures in case an Angel were to reach that point.

    "Eh, sector 14, it says that there is something called Dummy Plug Plan and the angel seems to have reached it."

    If anything, Gendo's look became even more intense, this was bad, very bad. "What did the angel do with the plant?"

    "Well... it looks like it infected the filtering system for some reason and has then distributes itself among the system of the plant."

    Wait, it had used the filtering system for some reason. The angel couldn't have...

    Gendo struggled with himself, considering possibilities. Should he command the Plants self-destruction? That wasn't something he could do lightly.

    "Containment breach sir, the angel is leaving the Plant Wait; it looks like there is more then one AT field."

    It didn't look like the angel was going to leave him time to decide carefully.

    "Start the self-destruction of the Dummy Plug Plant now."

    What followed didn't make him very happy as an error message from the computer answered.

    "The Magi is unable to activate the program, there is a combination lock on that area's self-destruction."

    Damned! This angel was proving to be a major problem to him. He had to make plans for this new situation. It was unlikely that he would be capable of hiding this from the others, but maybe he could find some way out of this conundrum.

    "Open video monitoring of the corridor in front of the Dummy Plug Plant." He wasn't stupid enough to have video monitoring in the plant itself, but this way they would see whatever would get out.

    "Yes sir."

    What Gendo Ikari saw next gave him a very big headache and it would not be the last for a long time.

    *Scene Break*

    I woke with a start.

    My eyes fluttered opened and as I looked at my surrounding and felt what was most definitely a fluid around me I immediately panicked. I trashed left and right, the shock of the situation seizing me. I looked up while holding my breath, trying to find a way out of the water and saw that there was only a concrete ceiling.

    What followed was a series of panicked attempts to scratch my way through the same ceiling and hammer against the glass that I had discovered. The fit of flailing ended with me no longer being capable of holding my breath and noticing that I could breathe normally in this fluid.

    It was then that my memories started to come back fully. My second awakening in this world was even more chaotic then my first, but at least this time I had a body.

    I blinked, looking through the red fluid holding my body perpetually above ground. I had a body, hands, feet, eyes, thumbs and all the other things a human would use in his life. That... that was wonderful, I could see like I had before, I could hear and touch and all the other things a human could do. I wanted to giggle and a laugh escaped my mouth.

    Oh, that didn't sound like my voice, and it was also higher then before I had gone through puberty. Ah yes, I had almost forgotten about the choice of a body. I looked at the glass in front of me, observing my reflection. My new skin was pale, though not unnaturally so and I could see the red eyes that were typical for Ayanami Rei... This body was around thirteen biologically if I had to guess, maybe a bit younger or older, though that was probably not important considering that they grew these bodies in a machine.

    I was also a naked young girl, something that I was trying to ignore while looking around.

    There were another half a dozen clones of Rei floating left and right of me, also above and below me. Now that I thought about it, didn't I hit a few during my panic attack? Still, they were all smiling for some reason and I felt kind of strange while observing them. I frowned, looking at a specific clone that looked right back at me with curiosity while I was concentrating.


    "Huh??" I once again trashed in confusion and shock for a moment, hadn't I been over there just a moment ago?" Then I noticed something in the back of my head that definitely didn't belong to me. There was a feeling of curiosity and questioning. It was like there was a second mind that was prodding me, but it was not quite on the same level of.... greatness as my own for lack of a better term. My jaw fell open wide as I thought over what had just happened. I couldn't help but look at another clone and concentrate on a specific thing and...


    And once again I had switched places and was now looking from a different perspective.

    I had ended up in a Rei clone as planned, but I was connected to more then one and could apparently switch at will.

    I also seemed connected to the strange and simple minds of the clones and now that I really concentrated on them, I could hear their whispers in the back of my head, with one being more dominant, probably the one whose body I inhabited.

    Oh great, this was just fantastic.
  5. Larekko12

    Larekko12 Connoisseur.

    Feb 19, 2013
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    You should probably get moving beofre they come in with shotguns.
  6. Heaven Canceler

    Heaven Canceler Behind You!

    Nov 30, 2013
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    [img width=600 height=375]http://oi41.tinypic.com/14e2991.jpg[/img]​

    Episode 4: Now How Should I Name All Of You?

    Okay, the situation was now officially crazy. First things first, I had to get out of this place. I had put up safety measures to make sure that the Evangelion crew couldn't blow up this place remotely or command the Destrudo release to be activated. Actually, would the latter even work with me now inhabiting their bodies? I was in their bodies, right?

    Well, better not risk my possible death anyway. Still, this wasn't a 100% safety and it was always possible for them to break through these safeties. So first I had to get out of this LCL tank.

    Unfortunately, I was being hugged by three of the Rei clones whose bodies I had somehow taken over.

    This would be troublesome.

    "Oh come on." I said to no one in particular, pink bubbles leaving my mouth as air moved through the fluid reacted to the air. The thoughts I could hear from the Reis were much too primitive and simple to be anything on the level of a human. There were base emotions like hunger, curiosity, boredom and... something like a sense of companionship? I wasn't sure; it was quite the strange feeling.

    Well, at least they liked me? It was probably better then them rejecting me as some kind of intruder or developing a great fear of me. Still, it was kind of hard to move with them nuzzling around me and trying to hold onto the newest curiosity around them. They were like little kids that wanted to touch and see the new toy. Sigh...

    I could probably switch to another Rei, but I had the feeling that another group would fall upon me for another round of cuddling. This was really not the right time. I turned to the nearest Rei, I had to find names to call them, which was not much nearer then the other two. "Let me go, I need to get.. Eh, well, us out of here." I said, trying to sound nice and friendly, that is how you speak to little children, right?

    She looked at me with a very confused look, I would have considered adorable if not for the fact that there was probably a small army of military personnel soon going to move in this direction to kill all of us. Okay, I had to be more forceful and serious.

    "Please let me go, I need to work right now." I felt like there was a weak reaction in the thing in the back of my mind. Unfortunately, it didn't really do anything.

    Okay, now I was getting annoyed.

    "Okay, stop this NOW! You are going to step back and let me do what I need to do." I said, trying to channel the thought through that connection in my mind..... Or was it outside my mind?

    To my surprise, the clone immediately moved away from me, still looking at me curiously.

    Okay, I got this. Now I only had to do the same thing to the other two.

    And the one bluenette that had taken the chance of a free place and was now hanging off my arm. Damn it.


    It took me quite a bit until I had managed to send my desires to the Reis, but fortunately they weren't only willing but eager to listen to listen. Once I got the hang of it, it was surprisingly easy, to line them up. Of course I had to get our before any more plans could be made, but this should actually be the easiest part.

    You see, whenever Ayanami Rei dies, a new clone would be brought out and her soul installed, so logically, they had some way to move the clones out of the Reiquarium.

    I was of course the first that got out.

    *Cough, cough, cough, cough....*

    With some disgust, I spat out the red fluid that had ended up in my mouth and lungs and returned to normal breathing. Oh great, I was all sticky and wet with that stuff and it was especially disgusting because I knew just what LCL actually was.

    I sighed and stepped towards the control panel of the Dummy Plug Plant. At first I couldn't use much of the system, controlling it from the outside was not nearly the same as controlling it from the inside, but after some experimenting I understood it. It took a few modifications and a use of a couple override commands that I had gotten from the Magi, but I managed to program the thing to let the other... my other selves out. I sighed, looking at the different females.

    A short command to them and they started to move orderly to the area of exit, one after another. Okay, it was surprisingly easy to get them out. I didn't even have to remember them of the order or anything; I had thought their attention span would be shorter.

    After four other, I really needed a name for them, well, after they got out, I turned to the exit of the Reiquarium. Three of them were following me, while the last spit out the last rest of the red fluid that they had lived in. I would hopefully hear if the others were to stop following the orders I had given them. When I was outside the room, I looked at the endless corridors. Well, this could take a while, even with me having the blueprints of the entire Geofront in my head.

    I decided to experiment a bit and concentrated on one of the other clones that were still in the tank, trying to switch over to her body. It was mostly to test out on whether I had to see the other clone to switch places. I did not. The feeling of once again being surrounded by LCL after getting out was quite confusing. The other girls looked at me, but remained orderly. How many of them were there actually? That had to be at least 50 or so.

    After some consideration, I switched back to the outside.

    "Okay, everything seems to be in order and things are at least working out now. Now let us get started on this plan to get out of here in one piece...."

    *Scene Break*

    When the first clone appeared on the display, Gendo was only happy that the three pilots weren't present and still in the entry plugs that had been fired outwards. Of course, he had ordered someone to bring them back when they had first thought the angel dead, but it would be a while before the team would reach them.

    There were sounds of shock and confusion and he couldn't really blame them. After all, even professionalism had its limits. Maya was looking at the display in shock and he was pretty sure that major Katsuragi was squeezing something she was holding much stronger then she should.

    The worst of all, it was obvious to anyone that this was Ireul, the 11th angel.

    "What the... why is there?"

    And that was when the second clone stepped out, followed by the third. Gendo only barely repressed a frustrated sigh, but managed to not show his worry. There had to be some way he could get out of this.

    "Ritsuko, why does the angel look like Rei and like multiple hers at that?" Finally there was the question that neither he nor the doctor wanted to answer.

    Ritsuko Akagi struggled with herself, trying to find some explanation that would not ruin Gendo's and her plans even more.

    "Well... I am not sure, I mean, maybe it caught some of the First Child's DNA when it took over her Dummy System bodies and used that to modify the bodies to its liking?" Her words echoed through the room and she hoped dearly that they would not just reject what she had come up with on the fly.

    "Dummy System bodies?" Misato asked as the others were looking at the doctor with interest now.

    Ritsuko jumped at this chance to talk her way out of the problem like a shark would jump at a bloody steak. "Ah yes, you see, you heard of the Dummy System right? It was planned for use in case a pilot loses conscience or some similar problem. For example, so we can immobilize a chaotic Unit. To use it, we needed artificial bodies that could be programmed with the brainwaves of the pilots. These bodies were without any signs of a specific person to make them easier to program. I think the angel used genes she got from pilot Ayanami to adjust the clones." After this speech, she had to take a deep breath.

    "I see, what you are saying makes sense. The angel must have seen Ayanami instinctively as an enemy and must have used her DNA to mix in with us in hopes that we wouldn't notice them."

    The blond doctor blinked. She actually bought that? Well, it was kind of less ridiculous then the truth. Who would believe that they had cloned Ayanami from the DNA of a giant Angelic creature who had birthed humanity and the Third Child's mother after all? But still, she hadn't expected this to go so easy.

    On the other hand, her old friend was probably struggling to find something that reaffirmed her worldview, humans were like that.

    "Hey, the ahem... Angel that has been leading them is acting kind of strange, can we get any sound?" The question came from one of the technicians and the others soon returned to looking at the display. Indeed, the clone that had before this point acted with decisiveness and looked at everything was now acting like the others, curious and touching everything that they got their hands onto.

    Sound was welcome as they heard the strange childlike sounds the Ayanami clones were making. Then one of the technicians mentioned that the AT Field of the Angel was spiking in a strange way, something that had happened before. At this point, the leader of the group returned to its former behaviour. They listened in, but it was Misato who asked the next question that gave Gendo a headache.

    "Okay, the angel is speaking and I can get over that even if I want to scream, but why is it speaking German?"
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    Episode 5: Decisions Take Place, Assumptions Are Made And Plans Are Forged

    - NERV Central: Conference Room -

    The employees of Nerv once again stood surrounding the desk in this room. They had only come here a short time ago when they were making plans to defeat the 11th Angel and reconquer the Magi. In a way it was quite ironic that they met here again in such a short time. They had been successful in a way, but at the same time their enemy had managed to find a flaw in their plan, a way out of the snare that had closed around it.

    Now that same enemy was gathering its forces in an entirely new way and they were here to discuss just what to do with this situation.

    "Alright, we will begin out meeting now. I will start by putting out all the information we have gathered as of now." Ritsuko Akagi's words were controlled and cold, trying to work with the greatest accuracy and efficiency. She had developed this way of talking into something like an art.

    "At 11:13 AM of this day, the angel identified as Ireul appeared first on our sensors during the Simulation tests of the three children."

    A picture of the original form of their enemy appeared on the display of the room.

    "At first it was mistaken for some kind of corrosion, but it was soon discovered that it possesses an AT Field, leaving us to understand that it was an angel. During the following events, the angel began to spread further and took over one of the Simulation bodies. The pilots were of course evacuated and shot out in their dummy plugs. They have by now been retrieved and are right now being looked over by the medical staff."

    A picture of the possessed simulation body of Ayanami Rei appeared on the display.

    "At that time, the possessed body attacked us and we were forced to activate the self-destruction of one of its arms. Next, the Angel began to change into something similar to electric circuitry, working to hack the computer systems surrounding it and then going straight for the MAGI system."

    The next picture showed the connection cable between the computer systems and the Pribnow box together with the strange colouring that the angel had created.

    "Attempts to disconnect the angel from the computer systems were met with failure. The use of physical force in the form of lasers was at first successful, but it soon activated an AT Field and neutralized the attack. Currently we assume the low reaction speed came from the lack of senses that such a life form has, making it impossible for it to notice the attack until it was hit. We attempted to suffocate it with Ozone, which was a weakness of its biology and while we were successful at first, it soon proved useless."

    A short video of the angel appeared that showed how the strange fluid like material retreated only for that effect to suddenly reverse.

    "The angel adapted to our attack with incredible speed, changing to positively thrive on ozone instead of being poisoned by it."

    Her eyes followed the different observers.

    "I know this is a repetition of things most of us have seen themselves, but it is important to recite the facts in case one of us has new information. Now as the angel attempted to hack the Magi, we lowered the synchronization speed and then started our plan to destroy it by using its ability to adapt against it."

    She started to move up and down the room, her forehead furrowed in concentration.

    "The angel proved smarter then we thought, it managed to connect to the dummy plug plant and has now infected the bodies for its use."

    At this point she halted, once again turning to the others.

    "Originally, the angel acted similar to a fungus, growing on and taking over whatever it came in contact with, but its actual nature was more along the line of a virus, with the ability to change depending on circumstances. We thought it would always change to adapt to the surrounding, making it a near impossible to destroy problem, similar to sicknesses like the common cold. But now another factor has appeared."

    She pointed at the display which was now showing the Rei clones and one specific clone that was trying to coordinate them.

    "The angel sacrificed the majority of its mass for the sake of its survival and it chose a number of human bodies as its new base form. It is possible that it is still adapting and that it has decided that the human form has advantages that its other forms didn't have. In addition, a current theory to its behaviour is that its nearest equivalent would be an insect hive mind. It appears to work for the survival of the whole, but will sacrifice any amount of mass for the future of itself. There is more to this though."

    This time, a video was shown of the leader clone and how she seemed to change personality from time to time, acting like the other clones only to return to its former form sometime later.

    "There have been unusual spikes of the angels AT Field whenever it changes personality, and now please look at this."

    The next scene showed how the leader angel once again changed its personality, only for another to suddenly shake its head and begin commanding the other Reis.

    "The energy spike we get whenever Ireul seems to switch around is accompanied by a second spike that seems to be much weaker then the AT Field itself. That second energy is of no type that we know and can as of now not be classified as a Type Blue. Currently, there is a theory that this is some energy reading coming from the angel's core."

    Ritsuko held out a thin metal stick to punctuate her statement.

    "All angels without exceptions should possess a core and an S² Engine as an energy source. It is possible that this angel holds a core, not made from matter, but from some kind of energy or radiation. Another theory would be that the core is, for lack of a better term, phased away. That would mean that the core exists in another layer of existence, unavailable for us to reach until we find out more."

    She stepped aside, letting the others observe the angel. By now, a gathering of almost two dozen Reis had formed.

    "Ritsuko, how many of them are going to come out anyway?" The question came from Misato and she looked on as another Rei joined the group with some worry.

    "From the last readings I got of the Magi, the number of dummy plug bodies was at 74, though I am unsure whether the Angel went ahead and infected all of the bodies." She sighed in unhappiness.

    "Misato, the angel seems to speak German instead of Japanese or English, current theory is that it has infected the simulation body of the second child without us noticing and gathered the information from the language system. Is there anything you want to add?"

    The dark haired women put one of her fingers to her mouth in thought. "Well, the angel speaks in Hochdeutsch."

    "Hochdeutsch?" Logically Maya Ibuki asked a question after a moment.

    "Eh, it is the standard form of German that is taught in school and used in news and writing. It is basically German that does not use an accent."

    Ritsuko nodded at the words, obviously feeling supported in her theories.

    "As of now there is no clear plan on how to deal with the Angel, but it has to be done in an extremely fast and destructive fashion. For example, should we try to burn the Angel, it would probably develop a resistance or even a liking for great heat after a short time. For now the plan is to dispatch a team of NERV soldiers to observe and at one point attack the angel to see its capabilities and reaction."

    "What the hell, Ritsuko, do you want to get them killed? Normal soldiers aren't even going to scratch any of the things when they use an AT Field." Misato's outrage was obvious, but Ritsuko answered without missing a beat.

    "As of now we are not actually sure whether they can use an AT Field and to what level if so. Their bodies are not fully angelic, but they instead seem to work as some kind of host. It is even possible that only the body holding the leader angel is capable of using an AT Field at any time. In addition, the Angel has not shown any ability to attack without infecting another material, so long as the men do not touch any of them, or allow them to be touched, they should be save. We need to test out the angels capabilities to formulate a plan."

    Misato growled, but as much as she disliked the whole situation, she understood the problem. The angel was too dangerous and had proven the capability to act in unexpected fashion. Getting as much information on it was a logical decision instead of just bombing the whole area as she had wanted. The Commander had of course shot her down immediately, but that didn't meant she liked it.
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    Episode 6: Cuddling Attempts, Hacking And A New Outfit For Everyone

    The entire situation was very, very awkward. I mean, alone the nature of my body and the fact that I was naked was bad enough. I also had to deal with an over-affectionate group of identical twins that tried to cuddle with me whenever they got the chance. And as if that wasn't already screwed up enough, I was also in a dark, silent and utterly empty corridor which gave me the feeling of being the protagonist of a survival-horror videogame. The fact that I would probably count as one of the monsters instead of the hero didn't help one bit.

    I had a number of things I wanted to get in the near future. One of these was clothes; I really wanted some, for all of us. Another were weapons, I had no idea how to use my AT Field, but any idiot could use a gun... okay, better not give any of them to the Rei clones. I also wanted some food and water as I had no idea whether I could support all of my/our bodies with my crazy angel physique.

    The corridor did not have anything along the lines of decorations and the sings I discovered were of no importance as I already knew what each room was supposed to hold. In addition, I was not actually that good with the language even after being exposed to it from my time in the Magi. I was not quite sure why though.

    There were no other rooms beside the Reiquarium until I reached a big automatic door. I had expected that. Inside of my head was the entirety of the Geofront's blueprints and a ridiculous amount of passwords and codes. If I tried to think for a while, I could probably remember the code for that particular door.

    But I didn't really want to do that. That door was relatively unimportant and if the leaders of NERV noticed that I knew all the passwords, they would probably begin to change them all.

    So... maybe I could try to hack it the same way as I had done before?

    I ignored one of the clones that was trying to hug me and looked at the electronic lock.

    Now how to do this, my actual body should be inside of this body, so did that mean that I could make it grow outwards? My awareness of it was more or less nonexistent right now, though I wasn't sure whether that was from lack of trying or something else.

    I held out one of my hands in front of my face, thinking of the feeling that I had used to make my body grow in the past. With my look, I challenged something to happen.

    And a strange red glowing mass slowly formed on my open palm. I blinked, having expected at least some pain, maybe like how Wolverine felt whenever his claws came out. It did not take me too long to get a hang of the feeling and soon my entire hand was covered in black material that was glowing red at certain parts.

    The stuff felt strange, not wet, but also not dry and somewhat fluid, like goo that did not fall apart. It was especially disturbing because now that I was concentrating on it, I could feel both the black stuff from the hand and the hand from the black stuff.

    I tried to shrug the feeling off and held my hand onto the panel for input of the doors safety code. It took me a bit more experimentation to get it... me to stick onto the electronic lock. I also had to push a few of the clones away that wanted to touch this new interesting black stuff on my hand.

    After a short time where I had to concentrate and test around, the part of my body that had gone into the lock connected to the lock. Ironically, turning the body into an electronic-like form and then hacking the lock was the easiest part. Compared to the Magi, this thing had absolutely no chance even with me just brute-forcing my way by using thousands upon thousands of combinations per millisecond. Actually, I was pretty sure the lock wasn't actually capable of processing and answering so many attempts to input a code in such a short time. It probably had something to do with my Angelic physiology.

    With a swishing sound, the door opened and I walked through it, followed shortly by a dozen or so Reis. If I didn't know that there were so many, I would be worried. Without a single word, I closed the door. Then I opened it again. Rinse and repeat until I was reasonably sure that I could do it easily. I left the door open as I next decided to test out my new, or rather old ability to create more angelic body mass.

    I looked at my hand that still held a small amount of the black-red matter which was my real body. Most of it had stuck to the lock, but a bit remained. I frowned and tried to make it return into my body, or vanish, or something along the line.

    The attempt to return the material back into my body proved to be quite a bit harder then making more of it. It made a bit of sense; producing matter was easier with a near-limitless energy source then to make it vanish again.

    It was then that I got an idea. I was still naked and so was all the other Rei, but I had now access to something that could at least hide my body. So I decided to first create something simple, namely to cover most of my body in the material.

    It was worse then a swimsuit as it was literally skin-tight. Well, it seemed just trying to cover me with the mass was not going to give me anything but an even bigger embarrassment if anyone were to see me like that. After some more experimentation, I managed to change the conditions of the material somewhat, creating something along the line of a loose full body suit, a bit like a pyjama. Testing around a bit more proved that I had no skill in designing clothes. Oh, what I made looked like clothes... somewhat. It wouldn't really be a problem for survival. I could do pants and something along the line of a shirt, even if they looked absolutely horrible and were all black, with red lights. It was just kind of annoying because I disliked doing such bad work.

    Then an idea came to mind. When I had been in the Eva, I had also gotten the full design for the plugsuits stuck in my mind. While each of them was made for a specific pilot and only for him or her, I didn't need one that actually worked and could use Ayanami Rei's specifics as basis.

    This time I was much more satisfied with my work. It actually looked somewhat cool by my opinion. I had found out how to turn off the red lights and had concentrated them on a specific area of the quasi-plugsuit. Okay, now to find out whether I could do this to each of the Rei without having to switch to each and every single one.

    I was lucky, it didn't take too long for me to understand how to repeat the procedure on another of my.. Hosts? The actual forming of the plugsuits was in fact much easier then getting the hang on how to command my angelic body in another Rei. But after I got it, it was pretty easy to do it to any Rei I saw and I also tried to do the same to any other one. A few body switches showed that although I had been successful, not all the Reis had the same body size. There was some variation in them, probably due to different biological age or the amount of nutrition they had gotten. Some looked actually a couple years younger then the others. That ended up in much too big plugsuits until I had modified them. Though they didn't seem to mind too much if their clothes were too big for them to wear and instead saw it as one big opportunity to play.

    In fact, the Rei were all very interested in their new clothes. Touching, prodding, pulling, smelling and at one occasion I had seen, biting, were all on the table. Well, they would get used to it hopefully.

    It was only now that I looked at the area behind the door I had opened earlier, being too distracted until now. That may have been a mistake. There were a number of doors that, upon further inspection, led to something like office rooms and labs. Unfortunately, the Rei had obviously decided that this was a wonderful chance to go exploring and while I hadn't thought to look, most of them had gone into one of the rooms or another, leaving doors open everywhere.

    Getting a bunch of girls with the mental capacities of a kitten to follow some sense of order is hard.

    It was not that they would not listen to my orders, no, they were surprisingly easy to command, but they would only listen as far as I said or thought. They even listened to my commands for the most part without me having to observe them much, but they had the curiosity of little children. If I told them to go somewhere, they would do so and then they would step around, grabbing whatever they wanted.

    For example, I could already see them playing around with printing paper and throwing it around like it was the most interesting thing in the world. I was just happy that it was very unlikely for any of them to find finger paint here..

    Still, the real problem came in ordering them to remain somewhere or not do something. My orders seemed to not stick or something like that. If I told one clone to stand at a specific spot and not touch anything, it would do so, (though anything else was still open, it would look and smell all things near enough and anything else it could think of.) but after a few minutes it would just go up and do whatever it wanted to do. I wasn't sure why that was so, maybe the Rei had trouble remembering orders that they were not fulfilling at the moment? It was possible that due to their simple mentality, they couldn't remember orders for any length of time, maybe? Or maybe I was just not capable of transmitting the concept of time correctly with my mind and thus they had trouble following an order for longer times if it wasn't something they could fulfil by doing something???

    Attempts at mental communication were also far from successful. They just weren't capable of talking in any form that I would understand as of now.

    I looked a bit through the labs, noting three of the girls struggling to put on a lab coat... together, at once.


    They had managed to get themselves into that single coat and had obvious trouble getting out again. The whole thing would have been very adorable if the situation were different.

    Okay, it was still adorable, but I was also still in Neon Genesis Evangelion in the name of all that is good.

    With a sigh, I grabbed one the white lab coat that they were occupying. Unfortunately, the girls continued to struggle while I was trying to free them and suddenly I found myself entangled in a strange multi-way knot of clothing and Reis.

    I struggled for a while before I remembered that I could actually just switch to another Rei and deal with this problem from the outside. It took me a bit to get back after switching to a Rei further away, but then I managed to make them stop struggling long enough to disentangle them.

    I decided to not think too much about what happened just now. If nothing else, maybe I could protect my own sanity that way.

    At least some of them had discovered something useful. Beside the lab coat, there were some other things in the cabinet, including more lab coats. They couldn't have taken one each, no? I discovered a few medicaments of unknown nature, (that I immediately grabbed and decided to hold onto, no reason to risk any of them eating them without a care.) desinfection fluid and rubber gloves.

    So nothing important right now.
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    [img width=600 height=337]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_uj_QeQVH3-g/TFljKm-IBeI/AAAAAAAAAlo/ludmF75RbcA/s1600/gendo-ikari.png[/img]​

    Episode 7: You Won't Like Me When I Am Angry

    Misato sighed as she returned to the control room of NERV. Her eyes travelled over the displays that had been observed by assistants and technicians and which were being analyzed by experts even now. The number of simultaneously used displays had shot up quite a bit after the angel's... bodies had started to travel randomly through the Geofront. The major saw that Ristuko's assistant was also working right now.

    "How are things going Maya?"

    The brunette looked up at the older woman that was talking to her.

    "Well, how should I put it? The angel has proven its ability to hack electronics even in this form, but that is not the most unusual."

    Misato looked on in confusion at the form of one of the fake Ayanami's.

    "Is it wearing a plug suit? No better, why is it wearing a plug suit?" Great, that was another headache coming, had the commander already heard of this already?

    "It is not really a plug suit we believe, it only looks so. After showing the ability to produce more of its true mass, next the angel proceed to experiment with its own body, culminating in this copy of a plugsuit.

    Misato couldn't help but wonder why the angel had decided to wear a plug suit. Did it think that it could mix among them thanks to this? If yes, it had seriously misunderstood things quite a bit. She sighed. "Has the angel said anything useful for us?"

    The younger woman shrugged in answer to the question. "Others are still looking over everything it is saying, but at there is nothing that is obvious and there is not much to begin with. We are actually lucky that it is not saying much. After all, the commander has forbidden everyone from informing the outside of our situation. So we cannot tell NERV Berlin what is going on and get easy translation."

    Misato scratched her head, this was really getting troublesome, just what was the commander thinking.

    "But I have noticed something more important about the angel"

    One of the major's eyebrows moved upwards as the statement and she waved the other women to continue.

    "You have noticed how the bodies that look like the Rei are clumsy and how a number of them are crawling instead of walking right? Well, they are getting better as we observe them. Look!"

    Misato did as she was told and true to Maya's words, the Rei that could be seen on the displays were almost all walking and not crawling and they were for the most part quite good at walking too. Not on the same level as the average human, but they had gotten better.

    "There are some that develop faster, namely the ones that are used as body for the angels conscience. It makes sense; humans are the best species when it comes to copying others, so they are probably learning from observing when the angel uses their bodies. But even then, the rest are already learning much faster then they should. We are not sure how they are doing that yet.."

    Their conversation would continue for a short while, but at that point there was not much to talk about.

    *Scene Break*

    Gendo Ikari was thinking many things; most of them had to do with the current situation.

    "Now that we are alone, you can give me a full review of your opinion doctor Akagi."

    The man was in the pose for which he was famous in NERV, fingers folded and looking over them at the blond doctor. The same doctor was looking at him with a serious gaze.

    "Currently the angel has shown the capability to communicate, hack computer systems, produce more of its body and control the various bodies of the Rei to at least some degree."

    Gendo nodded at these words. "How high is the chance that the angel can take over another person in a similar way as it has done to the clones?" That question was important. He wouldn't call them back, as they still needed to test the angel's combat capabilities, but it would decide different decisions.

    "It is a 50/50 chance. It is quite possible that a soul would give it trouble, which was probably why it specifically took over the dummy plugs. It also seems to have a hard time controlling the bodies at once and it looks like it leaves the job of micromanaging to the primitive minds of the Reis. It is likely that it has trouble working with a human body due to its inhuman nature and prefers to let them do what they want. Still, I cannot say for sure whether it could do so, thus I would advise to not let anyone with even more knowledge near it."

    The commander of NERV looked at the desk in front of him in concentration. More information, the angel already had access to a ludicrous amount of information from the Magi. If it was a human, then they would have already made sure that they would never be capable of talking about anything.

    A ringing sound disrupted any further conversation. The man looked at the phone laying on his desk and without another word he picked it up and held it to his ear.


    "Captain Fujiwara here, the angel is in sight. We can see four of them from our viewpoint and from what we haven't seen any others in the area. We are awaiting further orders."

    "How are they acting?" Gendo asked of the captain.

    "Ehhh... they haven't noticed us and well..."

    The elder Ikari suppressed a sigh.

    "I understand, proceed as planned. You are allowed full use of your weaponry."

    "Yes Sir!"

    *Scene Break*

    I was back in the room were I had first awoken.

    After some exploration of the surrounding and not finding anything else that could prove useful, I decided to come back here for some experimentation. First I had hacked into the dummy plug system and then hacked further to make sure that nobody could just blow up the place from afar. I had already put up safeties and password protections, but I didn't really want to take any chances with the Magi.

    There was another thing I was doing.

    I was slowly covering the whole room with my body mass.

    It was something of which I had no idea whether it would be useful or not, but having some body mass her if I ever needed it could prove to be useful.

    The whole thing was actually quite strange and as I observed "myself" slowly covering the ground I couldn't help but compare it with something. It was a bit like that creep thing from Starcraft. That was actually at least partially from where I had gotten the idea from. Well, from a fanfic of Starcraft to be specific, but the details are not really important. I wondered, could I make a chair from my mass? Could I make other items or maybe armour? The fake-plugsuits didn't feel all that hard, but could I maybe manipulate the density of the created matter?

    My wet hair was falling in my face like it had since the beginning, but now it was from water and not from LCL. I had discovered a shower room and used it without much hesitation. I was pretty sure that even if NERV were to poison the water, I would be capable of neutralizing anything they threw at me like that.

    I was just filling the corners of the room with the black-red material when a sudden scream shook me out of my thoughts. I looked around, trying to identify the source of the painful screaming, but I couldn't find anyone beside myself.

    It was then that I noticed that the scream felt distinctively strange, like the feelings and thoughts I had heard from the Rei, just much, much louder and stronger.

    In fact, all of the Rei seemed to be in a state of confusion and shock from the thoughts I could catch and the one whose body I was occupying seemed to be influenced somewhat. Now that I was concentrating on it, I could feel pain and confusion through the connection to the Rei.

    This was now officially freaking me out. I had gotten better at discerning differences between the Rei, but for the now I could only somewhat guess how far they were away from me and each other. So, I decided to move into the Rei that was nearest to the one that was shocked and in fear.

    I found myself cowering on the ground behind a desk of some material that I couldn't easily discern. This body was shaking and when I carefully looked behind, I saw a number of men in combat gear and holding fire weapons.

    There was a painful gurgling sound and sobbing. I followed the sound and saw two Rei, both lying on the ground and with a pool of blood forming around them. I could hear their thoughts their voices, simple as they were. Confusion, pain and fear were among their feelings and a feeling of helplessness that made want to vomit.

    I turned to the soldiers and suddenly I felt absolutely furious. They had shot at children, no more then that. They had shot at someone on the level of infants who weren't even a danger.

    Two of them turned to me, pointing guns at me and I knew that they would shoot at me any moment. That shook me out of my thought process and suddenly I could only think that I really didn't want to be shot at. I remembered a feeling, a thought that I had used once before to protect myself and grabbed onto it.

    It worked fortunately and the hail of bullets hit an invisible barrier, forming glowing hexagonal marks in the process. My anger was still there though, only dampened somewhat and waiting to be unleashed.

    I didn't need to wait long for a reason for that to happen.

    I saw another soldier taking something out of his bag and working on it before throwing his arm back in preparation of a throw. I could hear him shout something along the line of "Die Already!" but that wasn't what had caught my attention.

    It was the fact that he was going to throw the hand grenade not at me, but at the downed Rei clones.

    I exploded in rage and the sound of a sonic boom and a pained, distinctly male scream was heard through the room.
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    Ooooh, I like this very much. :)
    I wonder if the Ree will develop as individuals.
    Also wondering what sort of long term solution you have planned for the SI. NERV won't rest until he's dead and will eventually manage something, the SI isn't going to die because it's an SI story and the SI won't wipe out NERV due to both ethics and ability. So what's that leave?
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    For These who want to read more, I have a more up to date Version on Spacebattles. It is somewhat time-consuming to copy everything over here because of the formatting, so it may take a bit to bring this to the same Level.

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    [img width=189 height=600]http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121030205840/evangelion/images/e/e6/Rei_Ayanami.png[/img]​

    Episode 8: Where I Really Freak Out

    What the hell just happened?

    I was looking around in confusion as a big dust cloud was forming a good deal away in front of me. Just a moment ago I had glared at the bastard that was daring to throw a bomb at helpless..., children was the best I could call them. Then I felt like I had gone and made a back flip, but with my brain.

    There had also been a scream and blood spilling around, followed by a pretty big explosion for some reason. I stepped further forward, intent on catching the guys before they could try anything else. I didn't even know whether I could form an AT Field around another body without switching to it. I would most certainly not take the chance of them attacking again.

    I heard words being called out in Japanese, something about running... or retreating?

    What I heard was confirmed when I saw forms running around the corner to another corridor. A big hole was in the wall of the corridor and it looked like someone had taken a wedge punched it into the wall horizontally with ridiculous power. There was a limb form lying on the ground further to the right, not moving or showing any signs of life. There was another pool of blood building below it, though it was much smaller and slower growing then it should probably be. You see, I was pretty sure that a human is supposed to have two arms even in this universe, not one arm and a bloody stump. The stump in question looked partially burned, which explained the slowly building blood pool.

    I was a bit flabbergasted by the whole thing... what was I supposed to do now?

    Eh... you have to stop the bleeding with a cloth, right? But I didn't have any clothing; even what I was wearing was just a part of my body. Was the man even alive? I didn't really want to test and there were the others that I had to look at. They were most much worse off then this bastard who had tried to kill me.... us?

    After a moment of an inner struggle I just sighed and stepped down. I just filled the hole where his arm was supposed to be with my body mass. That should take care of any possible blood loss better then anything else.

    A groan of pain was heard from the man, but he was obviously out. Lucky for him, had he tried anything, I would have probably punched him.

    I let him be for now and ran back to the two Reis that had been hit. I wasn't the only one as another Rei was already sitting beside them... oh yes, there had been four in the area, but I hadn't seen this one. She had probably hidden somewhere. The poor thing was shaking one of the others with a confused and pained look. She turned to me with a begging look that made me want to cry. I had tried to not look too closely at the Reis, but there was really nothing nice to say about the situation.

    "Shit, shit, shit...!"

    I mumbled these words to myself while looking at the wounded clones. The bodies lying on the ground were riddled with bullet wounds. I was no doctor, but even I knew that loosing blood from arms, legs, chest and lower body wouldn't be good. Even if they were more robust due to being Lilith hybrids, this could not be good.

    The worst part was that I couldn't only see them, but also feel what they felt to a degree.

    It was only an echo of the pain they felt and the fear and confusion they were experiencing, but I could feel it in the back of my mind.

    Could I help them? There were so many wounds. I concentrated, thinking about making their wounds vanish, healing what were horrible injuries. There was a kind of reaction, but I couldn't see anything. Well... there was a small reaction a distant part of me noted. I could see how tiny scratches on their faces and bodies were mending. Great, I had the perfect form of beauty intensifying ability, but it was useless unless I had who knows how much time.

    "Don't worry... I can heal you, I can deal with that. If not... no I must do something"

    Was I getting hysterical? I wasn't sure, but I had to somehow help them. There had to be something I could do, something to help them, to fill the...

    I blinked.

    Could that work? I had used the mass from which my real body was made to create something that could work as a substitute for a compression bandage. But could my body mass take the job of whatever parts of the Reis got hurt? Even if it worked, wouldn't that make it impossible for them to heal in the future?

    Damnit, I didn't have the time to consider alternatives, not that there were any besides hoping that slow super-healing would be enough to keep them alive.

    "It will be alright." I whispered and thought, more trying to make myself believe so then the Rei. The mass of red-black material began to fill the wounds and I only hoped that it would make workable body parts.

    The whole process was painful to observe, especially as I knew that the two girls were still aware of everything. Why the hell were they not unconscious?

    I sighed as they seemed to feel less pain after some time and then I could only feel the confusion and fear that was logical in this situation.

    I was feeling like a century had gone by with me just sitting there and holding onto the body of one of the two pale albinos. I was splattered with blood on my arms, or on my fake plugsuit to be precise.

    When one of the Rei sat up shakily and looked at me with some confusion, I was feeling like crying. There were obvious parts of her body that had been filled with my body-mass, but right now I didn't care in the slightest about anything like that.

    For the first time it was me who initiated a hug with one of the Rei clones, which reciprocated the gesture with some uncertainty.

    Author Note: Shorter than the others, but it felt right to stop there....
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    [img width=600 height=420]http://i39.tinypic.com/2hgguw0.jpg[/img]​

    Episode 9: Shocking Surprises and Surprising Shocks

    Misato Katsuragi was an intelligent woman, a strong fighter and a talented leader that could catch victory from a disaster by the skin of her teeth. Although she had a tendency to drink more then was strictly spoken healthy, she was extremely competent and there were few things that could easily shake her up.

    What had happened just now was far beyond shaking her, it was absolutely and utterly mind boggling.

    "The Angel.. is it crying?" Her mouth was not hanging open, most certainly and she was not twitching, no matter what others would say later.

    The others present were not really in a condition to answer her question, for they were equally shocked as the major. One couldn't blame them after their experiences with the angels until now; no one would have expected one of them to act so human. There was an awkward silence that permeated the control room of NERV. Everyone more or less just tried to act like nothing had happened and it didn't look like anyone wanted to really talk about the whole situation.

    Of course the whole stand-off would not continue forever.

    "Yes, it does look like that."

    Everyone turned around to look at the blond doctor Akagi which had appeared in the control room.

    "This is highly interesting; I didn't expect the angel to be developing any attachment to the bodies. But it looks like it has been influenced by them to a degree."

    Her words were spoken with a confidence that belied her true thoughts, but she couldn't let the situation turn into pandemonium. She would have to find out anything she could about the actions of the angels. It didn't look like it had switched to another body, so it had a more human, or at least humanlike, mentality then expected.

    Not only that, but the ability seen before was absolutely unknown to this point. There had been theories about using an absolute terror field as a form of blunt weapon, like a knight would use his shield to hit an opponent, but this was something new. The video was already being overlooked by some of her assistants and experts, but it would take a bit before they would truly understand what had happened.

    "Maya, did I see that right? Did they all turn to the main-body when it used its AT-Field?"

    The other women blinked in surprise at being questioned but nodded after a moment.

    "Yes yes, and now look at this, they are starting to move."

    On the monitors in front of them one could see many different Rei clones walking through corridors and rooms. Was the angel gathering its forces to make sure that they wouldn't be hurt or stolen from it? There were questions over questions.

    Truly, this was highly interesting.

    *Scene Break*

    Gendo Ikari was still in his office, still sitting and thinking. Yes, he was not alone. No, there was another man with him in this room. This man's name was Kozo Fuyutsuki and he was the vice commander of NERV and the right-hand man of Gendo himself. Fuyutsuki observed his superior and then he looked to the left before speaking first.

    "The situation is getting out of hand and I don't think we can keep this a secret from the outside for much longer."

    The NERV commander didn't say anything at first, just looked at the desk in front of him with an unreadable look.

    "Kaji is not leaving us any peace right now."

    The vice commander nodded.

    "He has been sending encrypted messages which we either caught with the MAGI or with other methods. We have already copied everything and will let around half of them through."

    This time it was Gendo who nodded. They could of course hold them off, but they could never be sure that they would catch all messages and having a security hole that one knows was always better then an unknown one.

    "How many messages did he write?"

    "There are 23 of which we know, maybe more. We cannot be sure."

    The leader of NERV tapped his finger on his working desk in concentration.

    "How are the pilots doing?"

    Fuyutsuki turned to Gendo. Until now he had looked away from his old student, but at this point in time his eyes were fixated on the other man.

    "Shinji has apparently been quite nervous and has asked how everyone is. He has also asked questions about the situation, whether an angel has attacked the base or something else. Fortunately, he appears to be too unsure of everything to try anything. Rei has shown no signs of being interested in coming here, with the exception of a short inquiry into your safety. After being assured that you were alright, she seemed content remaining there.

    His eyebrows wandered upwards while he looked at Gendo, almost like he was expecting some kind of reaction from the man.

    "I see... please inform Rei that I will have a personal conversation with her. We have to make sure that she won't say something that contradicts what Ritsuko came up with."

    Gendo's old teacher scowled at these words.

    "About that, Asuka is apparently giving the doctors in the medical wards more and more trouble. You know how she is; I don't think we can hold them there for too long."

    That was true of course. The second child was a thick-headed girl if he had ever met one.

    "The plans are in motion, everything is moving. This angel is giving us trouble, but it won't stop us from archiving what we want."

    Fuyutsuki nodded, though he wasn't sure whether Gendo was trying to convince him or himself.

    "The scenario must continue even with major adjustments."

    *Scene Break*

    I wasn't sure how long I was just sitting there, crying my eyes out in the arms of a being that had arguably the intelligence of a small animal. I had become less emotional and touchy-feely over the years and thus was not one to show all that much of what I felt unless I was among close friends, so this outburst was not something I had experienced for a good while. I didn't feel physically tired, but there was a form of mental exhaustion, like I had made a number of mental calculations in a row.

    When I really came back to my senses fully, I was surprised to not be alone with the other three Rei clones. Instead, I was surrounded by other a dozen of them and more were standing in the surrounding or lingering otherwise. I blinked in confusion, had they come all here for some reason, not because they were trying to comfort me right? I wasn't even sure why I was so shocked. I barely knew them... but on the other hand, I could feel them and seeing them almost die....

    "Ah... well, sorry to trouble you."

    I looked at the Rei that I had used as a giant pillow of cuddliness, rubbing tears out of my eyes.

    "Thank you."

    Red eyes looked at me and there was something that I couldn't quite identify.

    "You.. Welcome."

    I smiled back at my body double. Was that the same voice as Rei had in the original series? It was soft and nice to listen to, a bit like flowing water if I had to compare it to something. It was always different if you hear your own voice or if you hear it from somewhere else. How...

    "What the hell..."

    My mouth hung open for a few seconds as my brain tried to process what had just happened. The Rei in front of me had spoken.

    That was.. I had no idea what to think of this. People weren't supposed to learn how to speak in such a short time, right? This was probably going to give me a headache.

    After a moment of thinking, I decided that as interesting and world-shaking as this was, I couldn't really do anything with it. Even if the Rei were to learn how to talk, it would still be a good while until I could explain anything to them. Still, with this new discovery, I would have to observe the thoughts that I could feel coming from them more carefully. Who knew how fast they would learn in the future?

    With a sigh, I stood up and turned to my "patient". I wondered if the soldier was going to be alright. Was it even a soldier or just some random guy that they had given a bit of weaponry and equipment and then said 'Go and shoot there!'? On one hand, I really wanted him to pay for what they tried; on the other hand I understood logically that these guys were just doing their job.

    I sighed when bowing down to look at the closed wound on the man.

    I was a bit rattled when the man tried to stab me with an army knife in the belly. The small hexagonal field that appeared when he tried to his me wrenched the weapon out of his hand painfully and he grunted.

    Oh, sorry, did I hurt you mister who tried to stab me.

    I didn't say it, but I was pretty sure that my facial expression was more then enough.

    "Well, looks like we have a bad boy here.

    Hmmmm... What to do there? I couldn't very well force him to let me look at his wound again. That was especially true with him trying to punch me since the failed knife attack.

    I was saved by the other Rei. The man didn't really have much of a choice when a variety of the Rei just decided that he was a nice place to sit down. On one hand, that couldn't be good for his health, on the other hand, I didn't need to worry about him punching anyone with one Rei sitting on each of his limbs.

    I couldn't contain a chuckle at the picture. Now to use some more off my gooey body mass to bind his feet and arms.
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    Episode 10: From A Certain Point Of View

    There are certain problems involved in handcuffing someone that has only one hand, or in this case, only one arm. I mean sure, it is a serious disadvantage and crippling, but how do you chain someone with only one arm? The legs were easy, I just had to force him to put them together with the help of a few of my allies and then I could make it impossible for him to make any big steps. The material was soft, elastic or hard depending on whether I wanted it to be like that or not.

    At the end I decided to glue his hand to his hip. It was not the nicest thing to do, but it should work. The clothing he was wearing seemed reasonably military like, so it should be pretty hard for him to rip it open. Well, I could always take the stuff off at a later point in time. And it wasn't like I could just send the guy back. Gendo would most likely have one of three possible reactions to him if I let him go with only a sealed arm wound.

    Number one would be killing on sight, both for the guy and for me, something which was quite possible considering what they thought of me. For all that they knew I was going to use the guy as something along the line of a host-body to infect their area or something like that.

    Number two would be putting the guy into quarantine and then start to experiment on him. This could get me into all kind of trouble depending on whether I could use an AT Field with that far away body part.

    Number Three is more of a variation of number two. It would namely get down to them either killing the guy first, or cutting the piece of my body away from him before starting experimentation.

    I was unsure how I could deal with this; I mean I did find a kitchen by now, but it only had very basic food. The majority was stuff that you would find in a military base, so food in cans. How was I supposed to take care of a hostage?

    I observed the man again and noticed that he was not looking at me, but instead his eyes were pointed at the ceiling. He turned back to me and shot a very unfriendly glare at me. Really, it is not like I wanted to capture you or anything. Would you have preferred if I let you bleed to death on the ground or something like that? I wondered what he was looking at earlier, was there anything of...

    I blinked in surprise as I noticed a small glint of reflected light. Was there something imp....

    Oh, I had totally forgotten about the security cameras of the place.

    That was stupid of me.

    I mean, I had the full blueprints for the entire place downloaded in my head, sure, but that doesn't mean you remember everything whenever you need it. You first have to actually think of the whole thing.

    I put away a big combat knife that had been secured on the man's body while looking at the newly discovered camera. He had apparently been incapable of getting, or using it with one hand.

    So that meant I was being observed?

    I was not sure what to think about that. The idea that a horde of NERV employees were looking through each moment of my life since my first appearance here for some kind of clue to my destruction was kind of creepy.

    Nah, I am not going to think about that too much right now.

    I turned back to the man that was still lying on the ground, now bound and unable to move much, though still showering me with glares. Look if I care. I had better things to do then worry about my PR in this situation.

    "Okay, we can do this in the nice way, or in the "painful" way, will you tell me whatever you know, or do I have to bring out something painful?" I wasn't really planning to torture him or anything. At best I would be able to punch him a couple of times without feeling bad, but I had often hear people saying that I have a positively scary grin if I wanted. The ability to grin like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland is in fact one of my more amusing skills. Now that I thought about it, with me being an Albino with blood red eyes, I was probably looking much scarier then ever before. I would have to test if I could pull off my mad scientist laugh in this body too.

    The man was looking at me and refused to say anything, though I could see some sheet of sweat on him. I had spoken in Japanese of course. After all, I had no idea whether the man in front of me understood English or German at all. Getting a language downloaded into your brain is all good, but it doesn't help your accent that much, so I was probably not using the best Japanese. Still, I was most likely understandable, even if I lacked the correct pronouncements of many or most words.

    *Scene Break*

    His family name was Narita and his first name was Kakushi. He was not anyone important in NERV, just some random member of the fighting force, not even a member of Section 2. They had probably not wanted to risk anyone important for something like this.

    He wasn't married, though he had a small relationship with a pretty girl working in the base. Kakushi wasn't even sure if it counted as a relationship at all, but it was nice enough. His mother was dead and his father was living abroad in America. He had three siblings, two brothers and one sister, but he hadn't spoken with any of them for a few years. His best friends would probably be his colleagues from work. The men and women in Nerv base itself and some others he knew in Tokyo-3. All in all, he was just another face in the crowd who would one day vanish without a trace.

    He and the others had been given a clear directive and rules. They were to attack the Angel and test out its capabilities and how fast it can adapt to an attack. If the angel were to approach he and the others should retreat, don't get in contact with them, don't let them touch you, don't risk contamination.

    Well, so much for that.

    Nobody had been quite sure what to expect. They had been warned that is was quite possible, though not sure, that the angel could neutralize any attack from their guns or other weapons. In that case he had of course been given orders to retreat from major Katsuragi. The woman was someone he respected. She may not act like it sometimes, but the sheer competence that she could bring out was something that you just had to acknowledge.

    When the attack had proven to be surprisingly effect, they had kind of gotten excited. His captain had seen this as a chance to prove their abilities and their effectiveness against the monstrous threat of the angels. The fact that the mundane military had been utterly helpless when fighting against the creatures had frustrated many people. This included soldiers working under NERV itself.

    Seeing one of the things that had been invincible, bar the strange technological monstrosities called Evangelions, going down, well, it had been shocking and exciting.

    Oh, they had still been soldiers trained for battle and everything and they were careful, but nobody could have expected what happened the moment he tried to throw that damned grenade.

    Hell, he wasn't sure what had happened himself. One moment he was holding his hand out and the next his arm was flying through the air and an explosion of fire blasted him backwards. Next thing he knew that thing with the red eyes and the blue hair was looking at him. He should probably be happy that he was even still alive.

    Not that such would continue for much longer.

    He didn't have any illusions. The angel wanted him for information. The thing had been getting smarter by the second; that much he knew from overhearing the scientists. Even with whatever knowledge it got form the databanks of the Magi, it was probably still trying to learn whatever it could.

    And now he was the target for that thirst for knowledge.

    The soft voice of the girl didn't suit the thing that was disguising as a human and no matter how much it looked like a kid, he couldn't fall for that. The grin was proof enough. It was probably trying to look humanlike by doing that and utterly failing.

    He would probably die soon. At the latest when the angel decided that he didn't know anything useful. Narita only hoped that his friends all got away and that Nerv would make sure his family was taken care off.
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    [img width=600 height=375]http://th06.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2009/360/e/9/Dreams_of_Clouds_by_freelancah.jpg[/img]​

    Episode 11: The Return of Terror

    After some attempts at interrogation, mostly with me trying to scare the man into giving up anything useful, I decided that he wouldn't say anything for now. Well, I had time and it was not like he could go back. Still, I really wanted to get back to the Dummy Plug Plant. That area was the place I felt most save in, with me possessing full control over the mechanical systems there.

    As I was thinking on whether I could make the Rei carry the NERV employee, I remembered the fact that I still had not done anything about the specific Rei that had spoken to me. The whole thing was still a bit spooky to me. I hadn't expected them to develop the ability to talk with human level intelligence after all.

    It didn't take long to discern which of the girls I had held onto during my... breakdown. The fact that this particular red eyed female was covered with very specific black spots on her neck and other visible body parts was only one sign that showed me so. The parts of my body that had been used to fix her up were only the most obvious sign by which I could hold her apart from the others. It was still quite hard, but I could now notice subtle differences between the voices in the back of my mind. I was no longer incapable of saying which thought came from which girl after a few seconds of inattention.

    That didn't mean I could now easily keep track of all of them. Still, I was getting better.

    So, I switched to the particular Rei to see how different it would be to inhabit a body if the host was actually intelligent enough to speak.

    I looked at my hands and then at some of the body parts that were obviously replaced by my mass. It felt remarkably similar to the real body of the Rei. Then I wondered what the owner of this body was thinking while I was using it.

    "Eh... thank you for letting me take control for a while?"

    The sentence was spoken half-way as a question and I could feel some confusion emanating from the mind of this body as it was trying to understand what I meant. What I got next was a strange mix of warmth, a feeling of being welcome and a few thoughts that I could consider as words like "alright" and "no problem".

    Understanding the minds of the Rei was actually quite hard. If I had to compare them with something, then it would be smoke. Their thoughts and minds seemed to flow around and I had to think carefully and not get to close to avoid them breaking up and leaving me with nothing but confusion.... that sounds decidedly nonsensical, but really, it is the best way for me to explain it. Maybe that was the reason why long-term commands just didn't seem to stick with them.

    I managed to get the girls in order and make them carry the NERV soldier forward.... Did they just drop him? Okay, have to be more careful with this and look over the whole thing if I want to avoid any more wounds. It was only at that point when I really noticed just how many of the Rei had come to this place. This had to be half of them at the least. I hadn't called them, so they had probably come because of the attack. What were they thinking? Did they think it was something interesting, or did they want to help? There was no way for me to know right now.

    There were many worries on my mind. Was Gendo going serious? Was I going to be bombed out or possibly poisoned or burned? Even if my true form could survive anything they threw at me, of which I was not sure, what would happen to the Rei? I didn't feel bad for taking over their bodies even now with them apparently developing minds. They were going to die if things went per canon after all. This way, maybe there could be something else, something less meaningless to their existence.

    At some point I had decided to try quietly summing something to get my mind off any possible horror scenarios. It was some random little song that came to mind, something that I had heard at some point in the radio and which just sounded good right now. I was actually surprised that I could remember the lyrics together with the melody. I had never been good with remembering the text of songs of any origin. Maybe it had something to do with me being an angel? As I summed, the lyrics fluttered through my head even as I directed the Rei with surprising skill. Was this the ease with which women could multitask? Damnit, I had always been somewhat jealous of that particular skill, but now I had it myself, even if it had not so great side-effects.
    Start Song: "Lieder" by Adel Tawil
    Unfortunately, there were too many possible scenarios for the future that could end up horrible and I didn't have enough information or resources. If I left the area around terminal Dogma, I would risk them bombing me to hell and back with N² mines and all that shit. Going out would give them a free pass to try getting me with an Evangelion. I had gotten the measurements for the things. I didn't want to fight any of these freaking monsters, thank you very much. Now, if I just stayed here... well, there was not really a problem, but I didn't really want to play the waiting game with the cast of Evangelion of all people. Not to say that I wouldn't do so if it was the better choice, but I would prefer to get the hell away from here instead. Still, the angel that was sitting in the Geofront and not moving didn't sound too bad for me.

    Interestingly, on the way I discovered a (locked) cabinet that most likely held weapons like guns, munition and other useful stuff. At least that was what I got from the English text on the door. After some consideration I decided to leave it alone. I had already enough trouble dealing with the Rei without them getting their hands on something specifically meant to kill others. In fact, I had almost let one Rei play with the army knife I had taken from the soldier after switching to this body. Stupid memory!

    When we reached the Dummy Plug Plant and I stopped with the summing and thinking of lyrics, I was kind of confused that the song continued. It took me a few moments to decide that yes, the Rei that this body belonged to had listened in and was singing in her head.

    I wasn't sure what to think about that.

    Putting the guy aside and pretty much gluing him into a corner of the room with my body mass was the easy part. The harder one would be to feed him. I wasn't sure if he would try to starve himself to death, but I did have enough water and there were a certain amount of tin can food in the surrounding. There was also a pretty impressive amount of LCL I had no idea whether that material could work as a substitute for food, but as it was the origin of all life, it may very well have these properties. I would hold off on such a possibility for the worst case scenario.

    I also still didn't know whether the Rei would need any food. I hadn't gotten hungry and it had been hours since I had woken up, but I had also no idea how much food Ayanami Rei actually needed to survive.
    Something is there.
    I was just thinking on how to get my prisoner to talk when I felt something brush me. I blinked and looked behind me, but none of the Rei was near enough to do anything like that and they weren't the type to step back after touching someone. They would unashamedly cuddle me like no tomorrow. I returned to my considerations. Maybe I could threaten him with the LCL? If he doesn't speak, I throw him into the stuff? It was weird enough that I really wouldn't want to end up there unless necessary. Maybe I should order the Rei to cuddle him until he gives up? Nobody can withstand that kind of thing, right? Okay, that idea was more for my amusement then anything... There it was again. It felt like something warm was brushing me on the back of my head. I turned around again, but again there was nobody near me, though there were two Rei looking at me and over a dozen were standing at various distances.
    The one who comes from darkness and shadows approaches
    And there it was again. What was going on?
    Curious, unexpected. What could this be, is it the brother?
    I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on the feeling that I was getting more and more often. It was warm and strangely like some kind of liquid, no more like warm ice... and another really weird comparison. It felt really strange, like... like... like solid darkness, like the night given form.
    Now I can see you
    I opened my eyes and there was a voice calling out to me.
    The Twelfth has come

    Note: Zalgoo doesn't seem to work here, so I just copied the text into a Picture and coloured it White as snow. The text means: Greetings Silbling.
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    Episode 12: A Very Strange Family Meeting

    I held my breath in shock as the voice penetrated my mind. There was no movement from me and I was too surprised to say anything for a few seconds. The first thing that I really noted was surprisingly the fact that the voice had been weird. I am not talking about confusing weird, but the "I Can Taste Purple" weird. I cannot quite compare it to anything else. The way the words were spoken to me was just... alien. Surprisingly I didn't go mad from hearing the words. There was only a slight bump in my head that made me flinch. It was painful, but the pain abated quite fast afterwards. So, did that mean I was an Angel to the point where I could talk with another angel without all of the psychological crap the main cast had to go through? I was pretty sure it was an angel, what else could talk like this.

    My thoughts turned to something else. If an angel had discovered me, what did that mean for my future? Would it try to kill me for taking the place of the real Ireul. Had the local version even possessed a mind in the first place or was it the equivalent of a dud? What angel was that anyway?
    There is pain, confusion, injury? Fear?
    I looked upwards. That was the direction from which I could feel the presence. That actually made sense, kind of, what with me being underground in the Geofront. I wondered if I should try to think the words at whoever had discovered me, but decided to talk loudly first.

    "Hello brother? I am sorry to say, but who are you?"

    I tried to add a feeling of myself and a questioning sensation. It didn't take more then a few seconds for me to get an answer.

    Pictures appeared in front of my eyes. I saw absolute darkness, a shadow of nothingness that held incredible space inside and a feeling like the night air on a summer day. A name was also added, unfortunately in the way that was soon proving to give me a headache.
    Okay, ouch. That hurt damn it. Why the hell did Adam give the angels that kind of shitty conversation skills? Still, at least now I knew which of the angels was talking to me. As far as I remembered, Leliel was an angel that exists in another dimension and has a three-dimensional shadow which was mistaken for the actual angel in canon. He was also the only Angel that couldn't actually attack physically without sucking you into its Dirac Sea unless I am wrong. Of course that didn't mean there couldn't be any mind screw shenanigans if I said something wrong.
    Where is the danger?
    "It is nice to hear of you Leliel. Where are you by the way?"
    Not here, cold, ice, snow, loneliness.
    I was actually not really sure what to ask Leliel. I didn't want to hear that voice again, but getting some information about its position could also be very useful. The answer was strange. I once again saw a picture in my mind. There I saw snow tipped mountains and a shadow slowly moving over the land, leaving behind none of the snow and ice that had formerly covered the ground. Okay that... did not cut it down really far. Was Leliel in Russia, or on some big mountain of Japan, or somewhere else? All I got was a feeling of great distance. Why did he even contact me anyway?
    Curious, didn't expect to notice a sibling, expected failure or father.
    There was a strange feeling when I heard these words which accompanied the next wave of pain. It was like someone had tickled me all over my body, but after a few moments I turned my thoughts to something more important.

    Leliel was coming here.

    Well, I had known that, but it hadn't really stuck out to me until he had said it. I wasn't sure whether that was a good thing or not. The fact that NERV would have to concentrate on someone else was nice, but on the other hand, if he defeated the Evas, it would end really badly for humanity.

    "Oh... eh, how long will it take you to reach this place?"
    Night, Day, Night, Day, Night, Day.
    Another picture appeared to me. This time it was the world, the giant blue sphere circling, once, twice, thrice and then halting. I blinked in confusion as I tried to understand what that was supposed to mean. Then I got an idea as to what the angel was trying to say.
    "You mean you are going to be here in three circles of the world, three days?"
    Correct, curious.
    There was a feeling of affirmation and I felt like something was looking me over more deeply then before. I blushed and suddenly had the feeling of standing naked in front of a crowd. There was Leliel and it was like being enveloped into a warm towel as he looked somehow at every single part of my being. There was a feeling of surprise and confusion coming from him and then he turned to something else before returning after a few moments.
    There was the headache inducing voice again. It was accompanied with more feelings and pictures. I saw myself as I truly was a body of black mass. I saw how I filled the Rei, I saw myself growing and splattering the female bodies until nothing but a red mass remained and....

    Confusion, anger, why?
    The scream that escaped my mouth was much louder then anything that I voiced before since my awakening in this world and I didn't care. I heard the man in the corner saying something with a worried voice, but I ignored him.

    "They are not false bodies, not just hosts to discard. I saved them from death."
    Save, why Lilim? No, not Lilim, but Lilim and something else. Confusion.
    I could once again feel confusion from Leliel. The angel was obviously not sure how to react to my words or decisions. But I wasn't going to let it say that I should discard the Rei like some old piece of clothing. I did my best to send it my thoughts and memories. I tried to add the knowledge that the Rei would have been killed for no reason, how they were only just starting to learn. I added everything that I thought could help my attempt to avoid a disaster.

    "They are children that I took in. They are now a part of me. They are kin."

    I wasn't sure whether I could influence the angel in such a way and even if it rejected the idea, I wouldn't just kill the Rei, but I would prefer not having another enemy. There was a pause, like the angel was thinking and considering everything, or maybe it was just planning its next move?
    I stumbled and caught myself as the headache was growing bigger with one exposure after another even as a smile formed on my face. I wondered how to explain it in the best way. The Rei were not really relatives in that sense, but maybe I could compare it with adoption? So if I thought o fit like that...

    "Yes, I took them in, that makes you their... uncle I think?"
    Family, connected, kin, protect.
    Leliel didn't answer and instead seemed to slip away from me. I was wondering whether its mind had left the area, satisfied with what it had learned, when I noticed it. The Rei surrounding me were looking at me and then they turned to the ceiling like I had done. One held out her hands like she was trying to grab some invisible thing. Three of them giggled like little kids without any visible reason.

    What the... what the hell is going on?

    I concentrated on the feeling of Leliel, sure that he was still present.

    "Leliel, what are you doing?"
    Wonderful, kin, family
    The feeling of being encroached by darkness returned, but I didn't really felt bad about it. There was a strange excitement in Leliels thoughts as he transmitted me an emotion that came off very much like happiness.
    Okay, I was not going to get used to this anytime soon. I was also feeling my vision swimming and there was a growing urge the vomit even though I hadn't eaten anything. I concentrated on the words and I couldn't help but feel incredulous at the idea that came to mind.

    "You were playing with them? You were playing with the Rei?"
    The idea was even more alien considering just what I was talking with. Even with the feeling of affirmation that soon followed my question. I couldn't quite believe what had happened and there was a good deal of shock flooding me. The world had gone crazy. Leliel had turned from "Kill Them All" to loving uncle in no time. I didn't think I was that good at persuading others. The angel of the night once again turned away from me after I hadn't asked another question for a minute or so. It was not hard to see that the Rei liked Leliels little game whatever he was doing. I couldn't even be unhappy with the situation. If Leliel were to continue talking to me, well I was petty sure I would go down hard pretty soon.

    I just wondered how long the angel would continue entertaining the clones. Didn't it have anything better to do?


    I am Leliel of the Night, Silbling.
    I am approaching, Silbling. Soon we will unite with Father.
    False Forms, Why?
    Kin of Kin, Family?
    Kin of Kin, Family!!!