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Warcraft Dynasty Quest: Fire of Fëanáro

Discussion in 'Questing' started by Ave Dominus Nox, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Ave Dominus Nox

    Ave Dominus Nox Not Really into it

    Oct 2, 2018
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    hey guys I am just trying my hand at a dynasty quest, on other sites SV FL and SB I have written other quests but this will be my first time attempting a dynasty quest. Input and suggestions will be appreciated

    Azeroth a world home to many, some who are native and some who have been brought here. IT is a world filled with conflict where factions (mainly just two) are locked in a struggle of great proportions.

    On the West of the world there is Kalimdor the home of the Kal'dorei and where now the majority of the Horde formerly the Orcish Horde now reside.

    To the East are the Eastern Kingdoms where the Alliance holds most sway though the Kingdom of Lordaron was lost to the scourge and is now in the hands of the liberated undead known to the world as the forsaken.

    The world is still reeling after the Third War, the shortest but most devastating war on Azeroth that saw once more the defeat of the Burning Legion and there Demonic Masters

    As for you, you are a stranger to this world, you and your allies only recently arrived to this world and it's conflicts whether you will pick a side, abstain or make your own will be up to you.

    [] Order of Heroes (Fire Emblem Heroes) Sure summoning heroes from other worlds is kind of their entire gimmick but it's not supposed to happen in reverse. Well it seems like the entire order has been summoned here for some purpose which you will need to discover. That is if there is eve an purpose.

    • Kiran The Summoner- Originally from the real world Kiran was summoned by the order of heroes and has been crucial in orchestrating their victories ever since. However since Kiran comes from the real world they might have prior knowledge as to the nature of this world if they can figure out where they are
    • Army of Legends- The Order of Heroes has summoned legends (Fire emblem characters) to aid them in their battles on many occasions. As such it is enriched with warriors capable of amazing feats and even some potential one man armies. So it is safe to say on the martial side of things you will be well defended
    • Continuity Snarl- Blizzard has a habit of retconning and revising their lore with each expansion, so depending on where you are the knowledge that Kiran has on the world may prove defunct. Not all side material gets taken into consideration by blizzard.
    • Bias- Kiran if they possess knowledge of this world will undoubtedly possess a bias towards factions or individuals that may lead to biased advice.
    • Overspecialisation- You have an army of heroes and legends, this however means that there are few and far between said heroes who know how to maintain the infrastructure of an army from the ground up. So at first your resources are going to be rather small.
    • Not this again- All but four of you have been summoned before, some of you are eager to return home others less so, either way ending up n a new world was not what anyone needed or wanted.
    • Too Many Cooks- Spoil the broth, there are many individuals capable of commanding and leading in this group however there may not be enough people who can be commanded to split between them.

    [] Red Faction (Fate Apocrypha) You are the Red faction lead by the rogue Ruler servant Shirou Kotomine, The greater grail is in your grasp but for the moment it is dormant and unusable. But it will only be a matter of time before you can get it up and running before you achieve your goal.

    • Heroic Spirits- You are composed of Six Servants including Shirou Kotomine (Amakusa Shiro Tokisada) who are all powerful and overwhelming in their power. More than a match for most things that can be thrown at you.
    • Hanging Gardens of Babylon- Assassin's Noble Phantasm makes for the perfect movable base and fortress, making sure you have a place to retreat to and fight from in case you are under attack.
    • Greater Grail- Yeah you still have the greater grail which is supposed to be an omnipotent wishing device. Though at the moment it is unusable.
    • Mana Contructs- Only one of you has a physical body while the rest are mana constructs and Azeroth has being that reside on it that are rather effective against anything remotely arcane.
    • Target- You don't have to do anything because your very presence will have plenty of factions not just the main two gunning for you whether as allies or just to destroy you, expect to be soon in a state of consistent battle. The Greater Grail is a lofty prize that many would wish to get their hands on and believe that there are many who would wish to use it for their own ends.
    • Pursued- Ruler and the Black faction will not be too far behind you so expect the leisurely combat to become serious after a while

    [] The House of Fëanor (Silmarillion), with Dagor Dagorath done and dusted the house Fëanor has sailed outwards from arda and possibly across the cosmos. Only to arrive hear and find yourself thinking that Melkor may not have been that wicked compared to what you will be seeing here.

    • The Firstborn- Elves from Arda are long lived and can never truly die their souls fleeing to the halls of Mandos upon the death of their physical form. You are Elves from the First Age and have regained your past glory. There are many great warriors, craftsmen and architects among you.
    • The Seven Sons of Fëanor- Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras each one of them is a great warrior and has a kingdom worth of followers unto their own. They are great heroes from the first age with a wealth of experience.
    • The Light of Aman- your eyes burn with the light of Aman, the countenance of elves makes it hard for those wicked of heart to bear the sight of you having to avert their eyes from your gaze.
    • Pride of the Noldor- a flaw Fëanor's and his peoples was that they were easily lead into arrogance by Morgoth who sought to shape them into his own image. While you are wise and venerable if there are any toes that are shown to you, it will be enough to say that you will treado n them hard
    • Black and White Morality- There is no oath binding you this time so you will be more or less unable to commit vile and wicked acts in pursuit of it. As such you will be unable to associate or align with morally ambiguous and outright evil factions.
    • Large population- You came here by ship so you are going to need to find a place to colonise and find it quickly.
    [] The Gravewalker (Shadow of Mordor) The time has come for a new ring, but this isn't Mordor nor is it Mount Doom, where are you?

    • Ranger and Wraith- Talion and Celebrimbor make and excellent pair, the two have traversed through Mordor fighting the forces of Sauron and outwitting them time and time again. That and they have an extensive list of powers at their disposal.
    • Banished from Death- Dying is merely an inconvenience for these two since Celebrimbor will either revive Talion or craft him a new body to work with.
    • Undead- Given the third war you are going to find it very difficult to make any allies given your 'banished from death' status
    • Uncertain Powers, branding might not even work in this world since they have no connection to the Dark Lord or discord in general.
    • Clear Weakness- Azeroth just so happens to have people experienced with similar cases to Talion and Celebrimbor, there are also soul eating and sealing artefacts that you will have to be constantly be wary of. In short Northerend is that last place you want to be.
    [] Shu (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) Well you were fleeing from Cao Cao a while back but after Chibi you were about to settle down. Well you guess it is a good thing then that you were still 'on the road' per say then. Now you just need to find a place to settle down all of the peasants who followed you out from your province.

    • Abundant Talent- You have your two sworn brothers Zhang Fei annd the God of War himself Guan Yu. Not to mention that the genius known as the Sleeping Dragon Zhuge Liang now also is at your side aiding you with his friend the Fledgling Phoenix Pang Tong. Both are skilled Tacticians and statesmen. Not to mention Zhao Yun who has also been at your side for a while now.
    • Large forces- many people have followed you over the years wishing, this has made your force considerable for a lord with little land.since Xu Province. They are willing to fight for you, but they mostly are not warrior and are instead farmers. This is useful since you will have to begin cultivating the land soon neough to feed the hungry mouths that surround you.
    • Many mouths- you have far too many followers that will need to be fed and protected, not just the men followed you but their families too. you will need to find a way to feed and house them before the cold winter sets in.
    • Are they really human?- The people from Moon Kingdom (India) look vastly different than you but the people hear who do not look as outlandish as others look as if they are ghosts. Perhaps you should trust the ones that do not claim to be the same as you instead of these ones that seek to deceive you?

      The era (expansion) after the third war will be voted on once the faction has been decided.
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  2. Threadmarks: Era
    Ave Dominus Nox

    Ave Dominus Nox Not Really into it

    Oct 2, 2018
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    After Dagor Dagorath you were finally released from the halls of Mandos to surrender the Silmarils to Yavana and soon after Arda was restored. Like your kin you sung alongside the secondborn and the Ainur in the Second Music of the Ainur. Even as one of the firstborn you have only heard tales of the First Music but if they were not an understatement then the Second Music definitely eclipsed it.

    After this you and your followers decide to set sail in search of other worlds, Arda is renewed but it would do better without the presence of its first Kinslayers.

    Therefore to that end you and your sons crafted yourselves vessels worthy of sailing the cosmos before you left with Eru and the Valar's blessing.

    Time was not something to consider while you partook of this voyage, who knows how long has it been. A week? A month? A year? A decade? A century? You know it has not been millennia so there you can rest easy in that regards. What you do know is that this world you have come it is one greatly troubled by evil and wickedness.

    OOC: What time period of WOW are you arriving in?

    [] Vanilla ADP 30 (Year 622 by the King's Calendar)

    [] Burning Crusade

    [] Wrath of the Lich King ADP 34 (Year 626 by the King's Calendar)

    [] Cataclysim ADP 39 (Year 631 by the King's Calendar)

    [] Mists of Pandaria 40 (Year 633 by the King's Calendar)

    [] Warlords of Draenor

    [] Legion 43 (Year 635 by the King's Calendar)

    [] Battle for Azeroth
  3. Threadmarks: Landing of the Firstborn
    Ave Dominus Nox

    Ave Dominus Nox Not Really into it

    Oct 2, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Finally after what may have been several lifetimes of the secondborn or maybe not even a single lifetime your ships are finally docking ashore to this new alien world filled with sorrow that you have arrived at.

    The land here is both familiar and alien making it a much refreshing experience for you, your keen elven eyes have alerted you to the fact that you are definitely not alone. Perhaps the natives will not be hostile to you, though there is every possibility that they will be.

    OOC: Where will the armarda have landed.

    [] Kalimdor

    -[] Northern Kalimdor
    --[] Ashenvale
    --[] Azshara
    --[] Darkshore
    --[] Moonglade
    --[] Winterspring

    -[] Central Kalimdor
    --[] The Barrens
    --[] Desolace
    --[] Durotar
    --[] Dustwallow Marsh
    --[] Stonetalon Mountains

    -[] Southern Kalimdor
    --[] Feralas
    --[] Silithus
    --[] Tanaris
    --[] Thousand Needles
    --[] Un'Goro Crater

    [] Eastern Kingdoms

    -[] Lordaeron
    --[] Arathi Highlands
    --[] Eastern Plaguelands
    --[] Eversong Woods
    --[] Ghostlands
    --[] Hillsbrad Foothills
    --[] Hinterlands
    --[] Silverpine Forest
    --[] Tirisfal Glades
    --[] Western Plaguelands
    --[] Kul Tiras
    --[] Gilneas
    --[] Zul'Dare
    --[] CrestFall

    -[] Khaz Modan
    --[] Badlands
    --[] Dun Morogh
    --[] Loch Modan
    --[] Searing Gorge
    --[] Wetlands
    --[] Tol Barad

    -[] Azeroth
    --[] Westfall
    --[] Stranglethorn Vale
    --[] Redridge Mountains
    --[] Blasted Lands
    --[] Swamp of Sorrows
    --[] Stormwind



  4. Threadmarks: Landing of the Firstborn Part 01
    Ave Dominus Nox

    Ave Dominus Nox Not Really into it

    Oct 2, 2018
    Likes Received:
    It has been many moons since Dagor Dagorathand you Curufinwë Fëanáro or in more common tongue of Sindarin, Fëanor have sailed with your house a across the stars for what feels like an eternity. This world you have come to is in flux, there is wickedness and greed throughout woven into it along with more admirable qualities.

    At first when you caught sight of the mountains in the distance your kin advised to leave this world for it was wicked and foul. But then again were you not Curufinwë the one who first stained his hands red with kinslaying, the first kinslayer?

    If you had been who you were at Dagor-nuin-Giliath when your rage was at it's highest perhaps you would have arrived there in full force and purged whatever evil plagued the lands. However melennia spent in Halls of Namo (Mandos) have given you ample time to reflect on your errors.

    Coming up on the horizon your keen elven eyes perceive three landmasses, there are two small islands that form a relatively small channel where ample grounds for docking are available.

    The larger of the two ilands is much more mountainous and presents little place to land while the smaller has more landing space. The larger island also has some form of abandoned structures on it.

    You could land in full force on one of these island but that would be overkill, that or you could send a scouting force to either of the island or the mainland.

    [] Land in full force
    -[] Land on the Northern Island
    -[] Land on the Southern Island
    -[] Navigate the channel and land on what seems to be the mainland.

    [] Send scouting parties
    -[] Send them to the Northern Island
    -[] Send them to the Southern Island
    -[] Send them to the Mainland
    -[] Send them to both Islands
    -[] Scout all three
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018