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When Our Roles are Reverse (WORM: GM AU, Role Reversal, Entity!Taylor/Human!Scion)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Hazel Louise Demasu-ay, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Hazel Louise Demasu-ay

    Hazel Louise Demasu-ay Getting sticky.

    Sep 5, 2019
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    Summary: When Scion is fatally wounded by Khepri, something bizarre and unexpected happens. A drastic change occurs through Taylor. Everything becomes reverse and Taylor Hebert finds herself with a new role. And Scion? He's still alive but now completely human with the power of the King Administrator at his command. (Worm: GM AU, Role Reversal, Entity!Taylor/Human!Scion)

    Author's Note: I'm the writer who seriously love rare pairs or crack ships. (Fem!Protagonist/Male!Villain) So I've ship Taylor with Lung and Kaiser. Now, I'm shipping her with Scion. LMAO. I'm not even going to explain myself. The strong reaction from people who sees my weird and crazy stories is enough to crack me up.

    As for the story itself, this occurs during Gold Morning.


    Taylor Hebert knows that killing Scion won't be easy. She understands the risk of killing a God, an Entity who is composed of millions of shards and has the collective power to destroy multiple earths at his disposal.

    She even expects to die in her attempt to bring the Golden Man down, but what she doesn't anticipate is for everything to change drastically the moment she hits Scion with a powerful attack.

    The only thing she remembers during those precious seconds as she lands an obvious fatal hit on him is the sight of his widening eyes and the light that flashes in them.

    This, of course, is soon followed by Taylor experiencing something strange, like a series of command is being communicated through her mentally...

    Analysis Complete.

    Cycle Under Threat.

    Avatar Approaching Immediate Termination.

    Averting Crisis...

    Consulting Contingency Plans...

    Reverse Alteration Selected.

    Initiating Plan...

    Powering Avatar Down….

    Searching Shard Locations…

    All Shard Locations Found.

    Establishing Connection...

    100% Shards Connected.

    All Shards Ready For Action.

    Commencing Reverse Alteration…

    Boosting Shard Involvement...

    Selecting New Entity Host...

    New Entity Host Selected.

    Incorporating Multiple Shard Functions...

    Transferring Information…

    Erasing Irrelevant Memory Data…

    Assigning New Role….

    Confirming Entity….

    Entity Confirmed.

    Reverse Alteration Complete.

    After she hears those final words, all of Taylor's mental functions seems to cease for a moment, even her passenger has fallen silent. Then, without warning, she feels the instant surge of power rushing through her, like her body is being filled by something so vast and insurmountable that she can literally feel her whole human body being destroyed and reconstructed over and over again as this monstrous power slowly but surely alters her to the very core.

    Her mind can even barely comprehend what is going on while she vaguely notices that the surge of power going through her has generated such a enormous golden explosion that can probably be seen a thousand miles away.

    Afterward, she doesn't clearly recall everything that occurred. Although she can sense the fast and drastic changes that is going on with her, from her physical condition to her mental state. And when she senses the moment her memories are being erase, she can feel the rising panic within her, but it also feels distant somehow, like her entire emotional capabilities are being suppress.

    Thus, as her memories are hastily wipe clean, she grows cold and emotionless while her mind begins to accumulate thousands of information from a source, which she soon realizes are from the millions of shards she can sense and locate all through multiple realities. However, she also discovers that her entire memory storage is not completely erased. Not when she still recalls the Warrior Entity. Scion.

    New Entity. Her mind supplies monotonously a moment later. Comprehension. Acceptance. Satisfaction.

    She finally understands what she is and she accepts it with a vague sense of satisfaction. She is now an Entity, mainly because of the Contingency plan that they - the Entities - have made in in the event that their existence is threatened. She realizes that the plan of reversal, or the Reverse Alteration plan, is chosen in case an Avatar is fatally wounded. With the Reverse Alteration plan, the wounded Avatar is immediately depowered, but still retain a single shard transplanted from a nearby host while another Entity is shortly selected from host within range with the intent to continue with the Cycle.

    Comprehension. Affirmation. She mentally states after understanding all this information. Thereafter, she turns her attention elsewhere, towards the figure of a man, who was the previous Avatar of the Warrior Entity.

    Scion. Her mind offers as she watches the previous Avatar being transformed as well by the combine aid of millions of interconnecting shards that are scattered all through the multiple realities.

    King Administrator. She inwardly concludes the moment she observes the Administrator shard is transplanted inside the now human form of Scion, whose body is no longer glowing golden.

    Consideration. She mentally assess while she stares at the human male. Role Designation. Human. Host.
    King Administrator. Companion.

    After her internal decision, she nods her head in silence.

    Acceptance. Satisfaction. Jubilation, is what her mind process when she reaches out towards the human Scion.

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  2. Dur'id the Druid

    Dur'id the Druid Getting some practice in, huh?

    Jun 3, 2019
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    Yeah ok. Scion and Taylor switched at the battle of Golden Morning. What now? Does Taylor have to complete The Cycle anyway? Is Scion going to do anything but get killed?
  3. SirSpangler

    SirSpangler Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    May 13, 2018
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    Ok, decent start, but its short and doesn't provide much beyond what was already shown from the summery. Not really enough to provide a good hook for potential readers.

    Tentatively watched, but having to read 2 to 3 chapters in just to get a feel for the story would not be promising. I would suggest expanding the first chapter to include more.