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Wyvern - Worm AU fanfic

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Ack, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Extras: Expansion of Chapter 17

    Ack (Verified Ratbag) (Unverified Great Old One)

    Feb 12, 2014
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    I've added material to the Armsmaster section, and added another bit.

    here it is:


    Colin accelerated his bike toward Winslow High. He’d finally gotten the call that fire services had been requested at the school, which was his cue. If his mystery informant was correct, Taylor Hebert would be there, laying waste to the place, giving him the perfect opportunity to swoop in and snap her up for the Wards. While he wouldn’t have minded knowing who this civic-minded person was, and how they knew where the girl would be and that she was going to go off the deep end, he was also fully cognizant of the old saying about gift horses and mouths.

    After all, members of the public passing on information covertly to superheroes was a time-honoured tradition. No laws were being broken that he could see, save perhaps by Taylor herself. And if she was tearing up Winslow, giving him the opportunity to get her into the Wards, that would be a large feather in his cap … so to speak. The fact that she didn’t even want to go into the Wards wasn’t something he spent much time thinking about; neither would it have bothered him overmuch if it was.

    He’d registered and logged the Code Purple, noting that Shadow Stalker was involved. He didn’t know the Ward personally, having rarely worked with her, but he seemed to recall that she’d been a vigilante before entering the Wards on a provisional basis. Something about nearly murdering someone? He’d have to check the files when he had the chance.

    In any case, they’d tracked her down once, and they could do it again. But the crime was done and while it was a tragedy to lose men in the field, he had a more important situation to deal with. Winslow was on fire, Taylor Hebert was almost certainly responsible, and this was the opportunity he’d been looking for. She needed to be made to see that this was an opportunity for her as well, to learn the hero trade under a veteran such as himself.

    There were already others en route to Winslow, especially since Miss Militia’s second transmission to Console. Shadow Stalker had been captured, which was good; that meant he didn’t have to waste time on inconsequential details. Miss Militia being injured was a potential problem, but help was on the way so again he wasn’t needed to deal with that. She’d reported that members of the public were trapped in confoam, but they were also currently being freed by helpful civilians, which was good.

    She hadn’t mentioned the presence of Wyvern, which he was actually pleased about. He didn’t want anyone else getting the same idea he’d had, and poaching her before he had the chance to make his case. Oh, he knew she was technically a member of New Wave, but he was sure the Dallons and Pelhams would not want to be connected to someone who’d gone on a rampage and set fire to a school twice. They’d probably be pleased for him to take Wyvern off their hands and into the Wards program.

    Since the last outing against Inago, he’d become convinced that if her power built up with every new challenge she overcame, she might just end up being able to fight Endbringers. As Brockton Bay’s premier Tinker, he was just the person to train her for this; after all, he wasn’t the local leader of the Protectorate for nothing. And of course, having her as his protégé could only help his reputation as well as hers.

    It was for the greater good. For him and for Brockton Bay.



    Thomas Calvert leaned back in his comfortable office chair and indulged himself by steepling his fingertips just a little. He didn’t go so far as a maniacal cackle; he had some standards, after all. Passing the message to Armsmaster in an untraceable manner had been simplicity itself, and now he could sit back and watch the fireworks.

    It had been just as easy to pull the right strings and have Taylor Hebert coerced into returning to Winslow High. She was worried about facing her tormentors again, in case they forced her to Change to her draconic form in public? Calvert was very much a “let’s see what happens” sort of person. Especially when there’d be no repercussions to him.

    He hadn’t even had to keep back a safe timeline, in case it went wrong. No matter how it blew up, whether Hebert torched the school or Armsmaster tried and failed to recruit her yet again, the PRT and Protectorate would come out of it with egg on their faces, and he’d be golden.

    It really was a win-win situation, the type he liked the best.

    End of Part Seventeen