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cthulhu fartagn

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  • Hey Cthulhu, I sent a direct message about the drive permissions if you didn't see it.
    this is a months late response but in regards to your message about
    Can you declare an image limit for the Futa Artwork Thread please?
    im very rarely active on this site. for those reasons, i don't know how to do that or what rules would be good to set.

    i recomend asking a moderator to do it. i dont mind if you do that.
    cthulhu fartagn
    cthulhu fartagn
    I'm pretty sure you could just make a post saying something to the effect of "new rule, five image limit" and then threadmark that and it would be good?
    Dunno how or what the 'status' is on your Three Houses Jumpchain. But on the possible subject of a hypothetical "evil!Sothis"... My glance view/hunch, would likely be partial "the whole plot is under a wrong narrative", part "Sothis wants her body back?" And likely if not stopped? Likely a massacre to revive Dragonkin all round, at the expense of humanity...
    And the potential irony that a spoiler faction, might be ironically 'just', albert still bad. But eh, speculation. And that's probably before I think of a possible case of hypothetical "evil!Sothis" potentially corrupting/leading would be mutated abominations of "berserk weapons/dragons", into true horrifying boss dragons. "Revive can" wise, in some analog akin to FGO's Beast I?
    And for all I know, if going on a "hypothetical" if there 'were' an evil!Sothis scenario, and her 'crest'? Is in a Jumper. Odds of her taking an interest in wanting to "Chainfail" the jumper, under a lens/bias of hijacking an OCP of a potential power, to re-awaken her with interest?
    cthulhu fartagn
    cthulhu fartagn
    The three houses jumpchain was finished sometime in March. My explanation for Evil!Sothis is simply that's she's high as a damn kite on dark magic and probably pissed off at her own murder. You can fanwank another reason if you like.
    Did you see my post Mentioning you in Jumpchain? It was about Doll commenting on Ghost's applications.
    So, is there any chance of a link for the Fic you mentioned in Deliverance? I'd love to read about a Dragonborn stealthing past the Daedric princes into Sovngarde.
    Would it be possible to add the ability to import items to your jumps? With some of the items it would be very useful.

    You could just add something like this at the beginning of the item sections:

    "You can import similar items into any of these at no additional cost."
    What GH Jump setting would you say is most appropriate for a Doujinshi (supplement style) with Naruto?
    Magical Girl or Mythology?
    cthulhu fartagn
    cthulhu fartagn
    I once compared ninja to magical girls, but mythology fits better.
    Also, can the Love and Justice one be applied to things other than Magical Girl powers to swap their power source to something vaguely similar?
    Like, say, turning chakra from "Physical stamina and spiritual energies promoted by thought" into "Physical arousal and dirty thoughts"?
    I know this isn't the place to ask but I really wanna know whats the Drawback limit for the slider setting in your Hentai
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    cthulhu fartagn
    cthulhu fartagn
    You couldnt ask in the jumpchain thread?
    Slider isnt a setting of its own, so you get no setting bonus, which leaves you with the default of 1000.
    The irony of my terrible rezzing is I literally asked a half hour ago what the Points were.

    The response was, Warning Points.

    My response, Well Thank God I Don't Have Any.
    Dammit, my first rez was just a couple days after it became a rule too ;_;
    Stopping by compliment your Pokémon jumpchain.

    Also, can Fay just feel the material that Light Screen is made out of and create constructs from that? Light orbs/hammers.

    Pokémon's system seems a bit like Ranma. Generic abilities that are easy to modify by skilled masters. But 'trainers' use mass produced regimens rather than 'artist's' skill so they wouldn't know.

    The difference between a Trainer and a Master.
    500x Tohsaka Rin is probably enough to power the hypothetical "Bounded Field of Halted Time" Jörmungandr Inn Fold Ormr from SB's runic magic thing...on your own. At least for awhile.
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