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Groon the Walker
Apr 7, 2017
Likes Received:

Groon the Walker

The pages and the books

    1. ses
      I had a nightmare the other night that you changed your avatar. I was actually upset that you had abandoned [The Pages and the Books] for a generic anime girl
      1. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        That might just be the tamest nightmare I've ever given anyone
        Jul 12, 2021
        Hypervane, Unimportant, Celer and 3 others like this.
      2. ses
        The word nightmare was a bit tongue in cheek, but I was just amused a bit by the fact that I hadn't realized it wasn't a real memory till I saw your avatar today and had to ask whether it ever happened. I was about 40% expecting you to say that it hadn't been a dream and you had just changed it back. That sort of thing always amuses me.
        Jul 12, 2021
    2. Vergil1989 Crossover King
      Vergil1989 Crossover King
      I can't help but get especially nervous when a mod starts reading my stuff lol. Especially since you're a far superior writer by far. Still, I hope you enjoy my fumbling about Groon.
      1. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        I ain't no mod! Green color just means donor.
        Jun 5, 2021
      2. Vergil1989 Crossover King
        Vergil1989 Crossover King
        Oh, oops...my mistake then. You're still a far better writer than me though.
        Jun 5, 2021
        Groon the Walker likes this.
      3. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        Eh, I used to suck a lot harder. I won't promise that everybody gets great with practice, but a lot of people at least get better.
        Jun 5, 2021
    3. threeshortwords
      I just finished the Erogamer. It was astoundingly beautiful. I hope you can continue writing astoundingly beautiful things.

      You could make a bit of money writing. A lightly-edited ebook version of the Erogamer now that it's complete would be an easy way to test the waters.
    4. GunnarS14
      I've started reading the Erogamer, and I just finished Book 1. It is extremely rare for fanfiction of any kind to give me chills and a feeling of horror, especially on QQ. But the paintings Cindy saw, once I realized the terrifying implications, had me genuinely disturbed. Well done.
    5. ses
      I just read the anonkun quests that got shout-outs in Erogamer, holy crap I can't believe you managed to sell the Little Death Note plotline so well. I was genuinely invested in Ero Light and Pachi.
      1. Groon the Walker likes this.
    6. Psycicle
      For that penultimate chapter...
      I guess you read my mind, that matched up way too well
      Thank you for everything. <3
      Hope level: 5/100 -> 20/100

      I guess you can add "made a completely satisfying ending to a story that had to be terminated due to IRL issues" to your list of literary improbabilities, I've never seen that one before.

      Time for me to get back to hyperbolic spiral wrangling, thanks for the ride~
    7. kabs
      Hey, is Erogamer still alive? It's my go to story about how a story can be amazing while the sex is a big part of the plot.
    8. sangthesun
      I was reading/re-reading erogame and I saw your thing about wanting more erogame stuff to read.

      And I realized, did you know that there's erogame glowfic that's only visible if you log in? You probably do, but I thought I'd mention it in case you didn't. Most of it's pretty short and most of the long stuff is M/M, but it does exist.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. SenuOfTheCulture
        I think it means novels similar to erogamers. Or stuff based on ero like games/systems
        Jan 8, 2020
        Ddmkm122 likes this.
      3. theonebutcher
        Glowfic is the literary tradition descended from "Luminosity" that is about being aware of your own thought processes, psychoanalysing yourself and not acting thoughtlessly. There's a massive RP/cooperative storytelling corpus on https://www.glowfic.com/
        Nov 2, 2020
      4. theonebutcher
        It all started with a really good Twilight fanfction with the premise "What if Bella was a sentient being?"

        The smart and self aware Bella was such a crowd favorite that the Author has inserted her in basically all the worlds.
        Nov 2, 2020
        Pseudonym likes this.
    9. Karispyro
      Thank you for writing The Erogamer. Somehow it seems that every other chapter is like a punch in the guts, in a good way. You manage to put real emotion into this story in a way few authors have, ranging from existential dread to real love, famial or romantic, to guilt and gratitude and everything in between. So, sincerely, thank you once again ,from the bottom of my heart, for writing The Erogamer.
    10. MissileTeatime
      I need you to know that when I spotted the alert for the latest update, my first two thoughts in order were "updoot!" and "upd8".
      1. Ddmkm122 and Crawkid like this.
      2. MissileTeatime
        (And I haven't even read homestuck!)
        Sep 1, 2019
        january1may and Ddmkm122 like this.
    11. Tore
      I had to come here and give you some compliments. Your writing is amazing, seriously. Do you have a patreon, because i would pay for this, and i think many others might feel the same way. The Erogamer is among the very few webserials like Wildbows work and the Practical Guide to Evil, that i always read straight away when they update.
      1. queseraseri
        Exactly this. Exactly Exactly Exactly this.
        Sep 5, 2019
        wtungsten and Ddmkm122 like this.
    12. Dyngari
      ""Starry," Charles whispered at the gawking alien, as quiet panic began to well up in him, "you need to start thinking high-probability thoughts. Right now."

      The elevator door slid open again on the sixth floor, showing what appeared to be five lingerie models who had dressed in their best professional attire."
      1. Ddmkm122 and Robotninja like this.
      2. Dyngari
        This had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Then I went ahead and fell over so I could commit to saying ROFL. Beautifully done, sir. It's always amazing to have an author masterfully subvert a parodically exaggerated trope.
        Jan 25, 2019
        Ddmkm122 likes this.
    13. Datcord
      Randomly, before I forget again.... Given SV's increased publicity on their allowance of (clearly marked) NSFW stuff, have you ever considered creating a thread up over there for Erogamer? (Even a read-only that lags behind the current story by a couple of posts?)

      Frankly, this story is my usually gold standard go to example for things that pass SV's NSFW requirements, so....
      1. kabs, Ddmkm122 and NuclearBirb like this.
      2. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        I think I'm happy with the current readership. I don't want to take on the work of dual-posting either, but mostly, I'm happy with the current readership and with having the story behind an account-required wall.
        Sep 30, 2018
        Ddmkm122, kabs, Asquil and 2 others like this.
    14. Meromorph
      How did you learn to write so well? And how can I learn?
      1. Ddmkm122 likes this.
    15. MissileTeatime
      Hold up. Is the book in your userpic a Borges-model infinite book?
      1. Ddmkm122 and Meatbun like this.
      2. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        No this is what I actually look like
        Sep 3, 2018
    16. Archimedes
      I only regret that I have but one like to give for each of your posts.
      1. kabs, Ddmkm122, Theli and 4 others like this.
    17. Evenstar
      Hugs iff wanted.
      1. pepperjack
        Nice use of the logical operator!
        Apr 12, 2018
    18. FeepingCreature
      The Erogamer is awesome!
      1. Ddmkm122 and Archimedes like this.
    19. Meromorph
      Would you be willing to have a mirror of The Erogamer hosted somewhere not behind a loginwall? That would lower the barrier to recommending the story to others substantially.
      1. Ddmkm122, Archimedes and Pseudonym like this.
      2. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        I don't want to have to maintain it, and I don't want to have to worry about updating two different sites in synchrony when I go back through a dozen chapters and retcon available stat points because I miscounted and put in an extra 5 stat points, like I did yesterday.
        Mar 30, 2018
      3. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        Though aside from that I wouldn't mind, especially if it only mirrored Book 1. I do feel like I get most of the psychological benefit on my end from readers who are voters, and I don't want to have to track votes in two places, so people going to QQ to read the last chapters would be better from my perspective.

        6.a would do pretty well on its own somewhere and is semi-SFW, I'm just not sure where to put it.
        Mar 30, 2018
    20. Octopice
      1. Ddmkm122, kabs, Archimedes and 2 others like this.
    21. Meromorph
      When is the next erogamer update?
      1. Ddmkm122 likes this.
      2. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        Whenever I finish writing the third part of the 3-parter. I don't have a predicted finish time; my writing sessions happen whenever I have enough energy to write but not enough energy to do all the tasks that are more important than writing. Or when the urge grows too great to resist.
        Nov 21, 2017
        Ddmkm122, january1may, Twei and 3 others like this.
      3. Meromorph
        And now? :)
        Dec 18, 2017
        Ddmkm122 and january1may like this.
    22. Twei
      Taylor Hebert: Harem Protagonist was silly.
      1. Groon the Walker
        Groon the Walker
        That's not true! That's impossible! I gave it such a sober title.
        Apr 29, 2017
        Celer, Ddmkm122, Valmit and 9 others like this.
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    "This is more depth than I was expecting with my porn quest." --- everyone reading The Erogamer.
    "This is way more depth than I was expecting with my porn quest, even taking that statement into account." --- Sirrocco