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  • Hi Groon. Near the end you mentioned you just have less free time lately. I was wondering if money could fix that, and if so, how much money?

    just in case it's within crowdfunding reach or something. If you made a Patreon for continuing this even intermittently I'd subscribe
    Hi Groon. I finished reading The Erogamer a few weeks ago. I'm not sure exactly what to write here, but I know that I need to write something.

    As other people have said, this story was one of the best I've read. I'd like to repeat those sentiments, but also try and communicate some of the specific feelings I've been having over the last few days.

    (continued in the subcomments, assuming this platform allows it)
    I'm feeling intrigued by some of the other works people have recommended in the thread. And yet I just can't imagine they can live up to this, since The Erogamer just happens to be made up of, well, all my exact favourite genres.

    I've been feeling fear for the planet's future. But that's not just because of your story. That's something I've been feeling for a while anyway.
    I've been feeling a renewed respect and reverence for stories and imagination, and the added value and meaning it can give to us and our layer of reality.

    One thing I'm NOT feeling, is disappointed that it's over, or that you stopped. Firstly, you're a real person with a real life and real needs and motivations, and you should do what's right for you, but also, the ending was beautiful.
    Most of all I feel grateful to you for dedicating the time and focus to write it, and grateful to the Fates that I am here now, alive, and with the time and ability to have read it.

    It has been an absolute privilege, and the experience has genuinely motivated me to take my life, and my position in Reality and Time less for granted.

    Thank you for the Hand Held Out in the Darkness.
    I was just reading Eliezer Yudkowsky and lintamande's planecrash, and the former straight up links to The Erogamer mid-prose, with the protagonist calling the in-universe version of it "really good and famous and a topic of widespread discussion in its own right".
    Edit: many pages later, the protag's now checking a love interest for the ability to comprehend the concept of the erogame to see if he's in one.
    Reading your work, it's very good. Do you plan to write other stuff? Are you currently working on other things?
    The Erogamer is too good of a story to be lost, eventually, in the coming decades. This website won't last forever. Do you have any plans for an ebook / pdf? I would VERY gladly pay money for a published copy or whatever approach you chose. I'm old enough to have seen lots of great things lost to the internet, and I'm definitely worried that one of my favorite books of all time might have the same thing happen.
    ...Groon, how to you feel about other people working on that? Like, you've got other stuff to do, but if we were to team up on doing so?
    ...Wait, that still wouldn't work right, because that wouldn't pick up on the (plot-critical!) Hair Retcons. Grr.
    It'd be better than nothing, though, and would possibly be easier for Groon to edit. (I can't imagine anyone doing that and then refusing Groon edit access, haha).

    Groon might be okay with tiny edits from us, too - typos or maybe inserting in the retcon. Even if the product were rough, it'd be better than it being lost.
    So I was reading the 3e Lunar Exalted book, as you do, reading through the charm lists and such when I come across this Charm.

    "Ideal-Made-Flesh Apotheosis: Meditating on the boundaries between self and other,
    and the mysteries that lie between, the Lunar embodies the sublime. After an hour of meditation, she
    gains a bonus dot of Appearance"

    and I just about shat a brick on the spot.
    Hey Groon. I just wanted to let you know that Erogamer has literally inspired me to live a more Ero life. My story still exists in an ERO 0 world, but every once in a while, if I squint, it feels like ERO 1.
    For that, you have my sincerest gratitude, for helping me 1) figure some stuff out about myself, 2) live more-fully the sexy life I always wanted, and 3) realize that I didn't have to be that scared anymore.
    I'm thinking of reading through The Erogamer soon, and noticed there's a notable trivial inconvenience of having to sign up for a forum account before I could read it. Would you be okay with me cross-posting it to archiveofourown as I go, to improve the reading experience of future people? I've done this for other fan works I've liked before, and would give you authorship there if you tell me your account.
    Have to share a review Sirrocco wrote of The Erogamer in QQ's NSFW rec thread:

    "It is distinctly LitRPG, it is deeply pornographic, it covers quite a lot of kinkspace in the general BDSM MF FF space. I think it's the best thing I've ever read. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me smile with tears in my eyes. It improved my understanding of the human condition. It's really, really good. You should read it."
    I imagine you get this a lot, but- I've just torn through erogamer in a week, and it had a huge impact on me, not for the sex (though that was wonderful) but for the hand held out in darkness of it all. Thank you, truly. It means more than you know.

    Is there anywhere else that I can read more of your work? Besides the Worm story. You Get It, where It is pretty specific; I wouldn't want to miss anything you write
    I had a nightmare the other night that you changed your avatar. I was actually upset that you had abandoned [The Pages and the Books] for a generic anime girl
    I can't help but get especially nervous when a mod starts reading my stuff lol. Especially since you're a far superior writer by far. Still, I hope you enjoy my fumbling about Groon.
    I just finished the Erogamer. It was astoundingly beautiful. I hope you can continue writing astoundingly beautiful things.

    You could make a bit of money writing. A lightly-edited ebook version of the Erogamer now that it's complete would be an easy way to test the waters.
    I just read the anonkun quests that got shout-outs in Erogamer, holy crap I can't believe you managed to sell the Little Death Note plotline so well. I was genuinely invested in Ero Light and Pachi.
    For that penultimate chapter...
    I guess you read my mind, that matched up way too well
    Thank you for everything. <3
    Hope level: 5/100 -> 20/100

    I guess you can add "made a completely satisfying ending to a story that had to be terminated due to IRL issues" to your list of literary improbabilities, I've never seen that one before.

    Time for me to get back to hyperbolic spiral wrangling, thanks for the ride~
    I was reading/re-reading erogame and I saw your thing about wanting more erogame stuff to read.

    And I realized, did you know that there's erogame glowfic that's only visible if you log in? You probably do, but I thought I'd mention it in case you didn't. Most of it's pretty short and most of the long stuff is M/M, but it does exist.
    Thank you for writing The Erogamer. Somehow it seems that every other chapter is like a punch in the guts, in a good way. You manage to put real emotion into this story in a way few authors have, ranging from existential dread to real love, famial or romantic, to guilt and gratitude and everything in between. So, sincerely, thank you once again ,from the bottom of my heart, for writing The Erogamer.
    I had to come here and give you some compliments. Your writing is amazing, seriously. Do you have a patreon, because i would pay for this, and i think many others might feel the same way. The Erogamer is among the very few webserials like Wildbows work and the Practical Guide to Evil, that i always read straight away when they update.
    ""Starry," Charles whispered at the gawking alien, as quiet panic began to well up in him, "you need to start thinking high-probability thoughts. Right now."

    The elevator door slid open again on the sixth floor, showing what appeared to be five lingerie models who had dressed in their best professional attire."
    This had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Then I went ahead and fell over so I could commit to saying ROFL. Beautifully done, sir. It's always amazing to have an author masterfully subvert a parodically exaggerated trope.
    Randomly, before I forget again.... Given SV's increased publicity on their allowance of (clearly marked) NSFW stuff, have you ever considered creating a thread up over there for Erogamer? (Even a read-only that lags behind the current story by a couple of posts?)

    Frankly, this story is my usually gold standard go to example for things that pass SV's NSFW requirements, so....
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