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Last Activity:
Jun 13, 2023
Dec 6, 2015
Likes Received:


I trust you know where the happy button is?

orbital was last seen:
Jun 13, 2023
    1. Kriegmarine
      Had quite a bit of fun with your Kancolle story; Characters are pretty lively and the interactions between everyone is just plain fun to read. Here's to hoping you IRL problems no longer trouble you and for more chapters in the near future - Musashi still needs her reward after all and it would be a shame to keep the lady waiting!
      1. RavenSnake317 likes this.
    2. Otokonoko Culture
      Otokonoko Culture
      Hey man, just wondering after re-reading it but has your Kancolle WC story kicked the bucket, or is it hibernating? I do recall you had IRL problems which take precedence, hope you're doing better now.
    3. mickellala
      just want to say thanks for the kancolle story i really enjoyed it hope you are good
    4. Kirron 999
      Kirron 999
      Hey man, just wondering after re-reading it but has your Kancolle WC story kicked the bucket, or is it hibernating? I do recall you had IRL problems which take precedence, hope your doing better now.
      1. ShizaRiku, zebrin and ses like this.
      2. orbital
        Definitely only hibernating! I still jot down ideas for it now and then, I just haven't been able to get words flowing properly for an actual update. IRL problems have mostly cleared up recently so hopefully I'll manage to get writing again before too long.
        Jul 30, 2022
      3. zebrin
        To be fair, he didn't say WHICH Monday he would be updating on.
        Aug 12, 2022
        wtungsten and Realizer like this.
    5. Sat7166
      You write great humor Orbital.

      I'd love to read some of your non nsfw stories so any chances of you sharing it?
    6. Southmonk
      Hey man any updates on the shipgirls story? No pressure just checking in. Happy holidays!
      1. zebrin likes this.
      2. orbital
        Just IRL stuff getting in the way, the story is not abandoned! Should get back to it by the end of the week, I think.
        Dec 30, 2021
        Happerry, Ayashi and Southmonk like this.
    7. S T 0 |2 M
      S T 0 |2 M
      Your Profile Picture is legit giving me flashbacks to Chem Principles man.
      1. orbital
        Electrons are fuckin' weird, trufax.
        Oct 7, 2021
        Some_Dick likes this.
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  • About

    Don't mind me, I'm just here for the lewds.

    I don't actively use this username anywhere else. If you see someone going by "orbital" on other sites that aren't linked to from this page, it's almost certainly not me.

    I also write non-lewds elsewhere under other name(s) but I'd rather those not be associated with the shameless degeneracy going on here. If you think you recognize my writing style you're... probably wrong, but even if you're not I won't confirm or deny anything.

    I'm now on SubscribeStar.adult! Go there and support me so I'll have more time to keep churning out the smut you all like, you filthy degenerates you.


    [Doing Things the Hard Way - Waifu Catalog multicross with increased difficulty, currently in Kantai Collection]​
    - - -
    I am whoring out my writing fingers and accepting commissions! PM me if you're interested, or go support me on SubscribeStar.adult so I can keep writing regularly.