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Sep 20, 2020 at 8:44 AM
Sep 3, 2014
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SwiftRosenthal was last seen:
Viewing thread, Sep 20, 2020 at 8:44 AM
    1. Sage Hidden Bear
      Sage Hidden Bear
      Do you happen to have a link to the original CYOA for the Waifu Catalogue page? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
      1. SwiftRosenthal
        If you're on the rules page, the link to the catalog listing is "this spreadsheet" near the very top. If you're on the spreadsheet, the link to the rules page is on the left-most "Waifu Costs" tab. You can also just take the links in my sig.
        Sep 19, 2020 at 11:00 PM
        Sage Hidden Bear likes this.
    2. metalax
      Hey just in reference to one of your posts https://forum.questionablequesting.com/posts/3436990 in the My Harem Academia thread(long enough ago it'd be a derail to bring it back up there), about MHA not being connected to the vast web of crossovers through various games. There actually is a connection through the Jump Force game where Izuku, Katsuki and All Might make apperances as playable characters.
    3. Nick Terakidan
      Nick Terakidan
      Hey Swift. What happens when someone bind Pollux and Castor. I know that if you buy them Castor cokes as a chick. But what about when binding?
      1. Peaceful-Sea likes this.
      2. SwiftRosenthal
        They're stuck the way they are when you find or summon them, unless you genderbend them manually. I did forget to update the on-purchase rule for other preferences though.
        Sep 19, 2020 at 11:06 PM
    4. Nick Terakidan
      Nick Terakidan
      Hey Swift. Do you have any idea what the Intensity Level of Honkai Impact 3rd would be? Alongside the tier of the girls on it too. Asking for a friend of mine
      1. SwiftRosenthal
        I have no experience with it.
        Aug 29, 2020
      2. Nick Terakidan
        Nick Terakidan
        Damn. Any unofficial DLC then?
        Aug 29, 2020
    5. gale
      If you have the time I have some questions about your Waifu Catalog
    6. LuluViBritania
    7. Selias
      Can you also link to the google doc/spreadsheet for Waifu Catalog, for those who want to download them as a PDF/excel file? I want a copy of them for my computer.
    8. SilentMech
      So, I recently came up with a headcanon for the waifu catalog in its entirety. Basically, the catalog and associated company are the offshoot porn company of Jumpchain LTD.
    9. Cringyusername
      so when will Honkai impact 3 girls be added
    10. Digital_Devil
      Hey, I had a couple questions. If Arceuid were able to become Archetype: Earth, would that bump her up to a 9 or 10? And what would Satsuki's rating be? For Worm, if you have a T11, would it be possible for them to open a portal into an alternate Earth Bet to allow for catching Eden, or would you have to start with her/Be in a version where she was alive for that to be possible?
      1. SwiftRosenthal
        I know A:E exists, but I never played Melty Blood and don't know what she can actually do in that form. Ask the thread.

        Sacchin is probably T6. She was left out of the catalog because BB and Merlin are trolls and convinced the Company that she was someone's fanon OC. Isn't it sad?

        Yes. Eden is only mostly dead at the start of Worm canon, and mostly dead is still alive. That's the safest time to catch her.
        Jul 11, 2020
    11. Azazyel0714
      Hey I was curious as to why V/V or otherwise known as Type Venus was only a tier 8 not 9 or 10 it’s a Aristotle and more powerful than Tiamat
      1. SwiftRosenthal
        She's only the human-ish avatar or w/e, not the full Type.
        Jul 10, 2020
      2. 1986ctcel
        Because power/featwise she amounts to "personal angel meido that also enjoys playing a guitar and squatting in your home"

        She doesn't actually sling around biggatons in-storu
        Jul 11, 2020
    12. Daytripper
      Sorry to disappoint you.
    13. Nightmare723764
      Just reading through your Waifu Catalog and more specifically the Dragon Musk, and from my understanding you can pick any classical elements and concepts.
      My question is what would a Dragon of Infinity be like and how would that even work?
      Would if be like DxD... fuck I forgot her name. The loli dragon...
      Anyway yeah, how would a Dragon express the Concept of Infinity?
      1. SwiftRosenthal
        Be creative.
        Jun 25, 2020
      2. Nightmare723764
        Fair enough.
        Jun 25, 2020
      3. Czlyydwr Llrngwl
        Czlyydwr Llrngwl
        Would you put Disgaea generics at T8 with the named characters, since, well, anyone can get just as uber aside from unique evilities and Overloads (and not even the Evilities in D:D2) or drop (some of?) them a bit? Even assuming everyone is at roughly equal stats there are better chars/jobs than others...
        Jul 5, 2020
    14. Jordisk
      Hey, Warranty Plan says that it starts at 72 hours respawn time, but cuts in half for every "Amazon Waifu" you have. What is an Amazon Waifu? I can find to reference to it elsewhere in either document.
      1. Little Raven likes this.
    15. Nick Terakidan
      Nick Terakidan
      Hey Swift. Did you consider on adding Helltaker girls to the catalog?
      1. SwiftRosenthal
        I've seen the character designs on the boorus, but haven't played it and don't know what they can do.
        Jun 24, 2020
        Nick Terakidan likes this.
      2. Nick Terakidan
        Nick Terakidan
        No one knows what they can do. At most we know is that they are physically stronger and maybe can turn their nails into claws because some bad endings is them casually snapping your neck ot doing a small swipe with their hands that cuts your throat.
        Jun 24, 2020
    16. Daytripper
      Did you get my doc?
    17. Ovid
      Swift, could you please put in a note or something explaining what "chargen" means in the Waifu Catalog Rules, Controls, Perks doc? I don't frequent tabletop or Questing, so I had to specifically search the R34 economy discussion thread for the term to see you answering someone else asking you what the term meant.

      Thank you for all the time and effort you've put into this amazing CYOA and system.
      1. GloryHound
        Ovid just about to ask that as well, what does it mean? haha
        May 16, 2020
        Mystikoa likes this.
      2. Jordisk
        CharGen is Character Generation. Basically, what you buy before you get into the game, or in the case of the Catalog, before you enter your first world.
        Jun 25, 2020
    18. Nicator
      Can you say anything about what the Heavenbuilt II perk will be when it's finished?
    19. Nick Terakidan
    20. llat-2
      Does nobody remember the Tsukihime VN?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Imabot
        Nasu is busy with F/GO and swimming in all the money he gets from that game.
        Mar 26, 2020
      3. SwiftRosenthal
        I actually mentioned the VNs and other material in a later post in that thread.
        Mar 26, 2020
        llat-2 and Imabot like this.
      4. Imabot
        I don't watch them so I didn't know. Remake was teased years a go. But nothing since then. Nasu said something about planning to move on from F/GO after final Lostbelt chapter but it doesn't mean that he will go do other projects. He might just planning retirement. We will see. In 2 years or so.
        Mar 26, 2020
        llat-2 likes this.
    21. HeroineRule34Guy
      Do you allow people to make fan additions to your waifu catalog with your permission (or just stuff for you to copy/paste in)? There are some girls from Western indie comics I wouldn't mind doing stats/tiers for.
    22. Wwind

      what would be the budget for GoT/Asoiaf in your catalog? I was thinking 50-100?
    23. silentshot
      Please put Halibel and Minamoto no Raikou too! I swear too many people forget about them.

      (Halibel, Yoruichi and Rangiku: the three greatest in Bleach)
      1. Jace Spicer likes this.
    24. Accelerator
      There seems to be a mod for chrono trigger. It involves schala.
    25. llat-2
      For me Chrono Cross was a nice game and I wish we could have gotten Chrono Break. It makes me sad that the series ended like it did.
    26. red knight
      red knight
      Hey Swift about the Carmilla Panacea idea you had that you said you had notes for any chance you could pm them to me I am curious about the story and would like to take a gander.
      1. SwiftRosenthal
        *finally notices this over a year later*

        Still interested?
        Mar 26, 2020
        Evilhippy likes this.
    27. Persimmon
      Fixed, thanks.
    28. NHO
      What's with like spam?
      1. Dynastylights and Ddmkm122 like this.
      2. SwiftRosenthal
        The best way to catch up with a new thread IMO is to start from the beginning. So when I like something, I click the button and keep going. That's all there is to it.
        Feb 15, 2018
    29. AngelicKnight.
      *Hugs you*
      1. Ddmkm122 likes this.
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