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Feb 28, 2024 at 2:30 AM
Aug 9, 2015
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May 16


Know what you're doing yet?, Male

Tersin was last seen:
Viewing thread, Feb 28, 2024 at 2:30 AM
    1. Magos Eternal
      Magos Eternal
      Dont suppose you have a link to that fic where the Trauma Surgeon kills the Joker? spent some time this afternoon but coulndt find it.
      1. Seadrake and Poe Darkly like this.
      2. Tersin
        Unfortunately I can't find it at this point either. I'm... reasonably certain it was on FF.net? I think? I saw it once years ago so I'm certain of very little.
        Jan 6, 2024
    2. Balewood
      In the middle of a reread of 'Bootstrapping', still awesome, Thanks for Writing!
      1. Orchamus, Poe Darkly, Crypt89 and 5 others like this.
    3. Seadrake
      Hi, I understand you may still be stalled or uninspired about Bootstrapping, but are there any other projects or snippets that you can share?
      1. Orchamus and Poe Darkly like this.
    4. Rammus
      Bootstrapping is dead or in hiatus?
      1. jayfeather
        as of 5/27/23 on the spacebattles bootstrapping thread Tersin said they were halfway to two thirds done with the current ark but it is not coming easily to them so I think it is safe to say that it is only a hiatus.
        Jul 22, 2023
        Seadrake and Balewood like this.
    5. wertheren
      Merry Christmas Tersin Hope your doing well.
      1. Tersin likes this.
      Just Curious But For/In "[NSFW] Bootstrapping (Multi-cross, Book 2 - Now in Naruto)", Who Exactly Is "Ericka Samantha Rhostana" Romantically Paired With?
      1. Jordisk
        This is an old comment, but she isn't really paired. She has a few background relationships, but really the primary in-story "use" for her sexuality is to avoid lecherous men, arranged marriages, and the like.
        Nov 12, 2023
    7. Bisonlot
      Woke up at about 11 am the day before the day before yesterday and spent an hour on Reddit before I found bootstrapping. I have gotten 4 hours of sleep and 2 meals since then, busy binge reading. It’s 2:40 AM and I just read the last update. Thanks <3
    8. wertheren
      Hi Tersin I'm just wondering if bootstrapping is still ongoing or if its on Hiatus, just wonder as it feels like it's hast been updated in a long time, I'm not sure if that's just because the last while has felt like it has dragged on. Sorry for bothering you
      1. Tersin likes this.
      2. Tersin
        No worries. It's not on hiatus, as such. I'm struggling with my health at the moment, which has made writing hard. I'm still working on the next chapter, I have no intention of stopping, but everything is going really slowly at the moment. Thank you for checking in, interest like yours make it easier to keep pushing ahead.
        Jun 21, 2022
      3. wertheren
        Thanks for geting back to me so fast lol, looking forward to anything you write. Take care of your health and hope you are doing well and get better soon.
        Jun 21, 2022
        Tersin likes this.
    9. Lector
      I'm currently devouring Bootstrapping, and I cannot sing enough praises. Excellent plot, amazing premise, memorable characters that flesh out the world's, not a hyper focus on the main characters, it should be a published book. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

      I cannot wait to see more!
    10. Greatazuredragon
      Hi, just read the halloween special, awesome work by the way, and felt like re-reading Bootstraping 1.
      But the thread seems to have vanished... Did you take it down?
      edit. Ignore me, I'm being silly and confused myself.
      Now that I took a second look its all in the same thread... xD
      1. Tersin
        I haven't, though the only place where I separated Book 1 and 2 is on FF.net. Here, on SB, and SV it's all one thread.
        Oct 31, 2021
        Greatazuredragon likes this.
    11. saganatsu
      So the AO3 version of Bootstrapping is missing the chapter "Book 1 - So Close" between "Fire" and "Preparation For Goodbye"
      1. Sypho.uad and Tersin like this.
      2. Tersin
        So it is. I’ll fix that just as soon as I get in front of a computer.
        May 1, 2021
        Sypho.uad and saganatsu like this.
    12. TheLastTalcBender
      1. FeebleEcho likes this.
      2. TheLastTalcBender
        IIRC, the forces involved there are easily enough to lift a person's weight. The gecko can only detach since the angle change of stepping deactivates the attraction.
        So if that's was from a fact rather than a choice for later non-OP-ness you could add it back.
        Apr 10, 2021
      3. Tersin
        I didn’t go into detail, but it’s more that what she tried to attach herself to couldn’t support her weight. The ‘grip’ doesn’t go deep enough so the top layer of whatever she’s tried to attach herself to tends to be torn off.
        Apr 10, 2021
    13. Jeffster64
      Is this bootstrapping going to differ from the SpaceBattles version?
      1. Tersin
        Nothing that's already written is going to change. Going forward there's likely to be content here that doesn't appear on SB.
        Feb 27, 2021
        FeebleEcho, alex357, kabs and 5 others like this.
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    An insert wakes up on the first day of her new life in a world of magic, with none of her own. No advantages, no starting place, knowing nothing but that she's out gunned at every turn and power is out there to grab. One way or another she'll drag her way to safety and arcane power, over the bodies of everybody in her way if she must.