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  • The food poisoning came back with a vengeance. Everything hurt.
    V rising: So 20 hours in, Almost halfway there with gear lvl47. Act 2 bosses kick my ass a lot, but...Nah, I'd win!
    Just brought V rising, so errr... See ya~
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    Reactions: Yuhabahha
    Ps. Next snippet y'all going to get Vampire protag.
    Good luck on your vampiric journey. If you opt for Pve/Solo, choose the easy difficulty and further tweak it by going into the advanced settings and toggling the options for flying/teleporting while carrying items...

    Remember, Garlic and Silver are not your friends and that unlike your vampire you do need to sleep from time to time :D

    That aside? Prepare for a good time.
    I don't think there'll be a chapter this month. I'm not really feeling it lately...I need to touch some grass.
    A trip or two would do just fine... I need a bloody vacation.
    Try Yorkshire biscuit blend today. First, pure then try with milk in 2nd cup and it's better. Damn, the Brit was on something, huh?
    Almost April and my progress this month is completely jackshit as I'm busy reading a bunch of KR and JP WN. So yea...
    This is pure miracle, I finished three chapters in one month. Though not for the same story, but 10k words is 10k words!
    Here's come one of those days, when the writing energy is just gone. Welp. Time to go touch some grass.
    Isekai Mahou Vol.10 is finally here, time to re-read the whole damn series cuz I forgot the story and how magic works.
    Alright, yesterday me was an idiot. I just need to rewrite some parts again, that's it. Also, guess, I'll need to work on CxD soon.
    Spend all day writing a new snippet of 3k words just to decide not to post it cuz I don't like it for some reason. FFS, brain. Why?
    Well, a problem for tomorrow me.
    Gentlemen, It has been a pleasure to inform you that I once again got food poisoning… WTF is wrong with my stomach?
    Gotta be honest chief, there's no way I'll finish any new chapters this Solstice. Still in a down mood after back from Japan...so yea.
    I got a flicking food poisoning again… Wtf!? This is 3rd times this year! Get me out of my misery.
    Just a thought, Aldnoah Zero is kinda perfect to slap Armored Core crossover to it. Boy, I still salty about that ending.
    Why the hell did my local supermarket put Panettone on the shelf already? It's the start of November fur gott sake!
    And…it's a food poisoning…no wonder, I feels like crap for a while now, just got better at 4 am… Fuck it, gotta call off work for today.
    Gods, the stomachache is killing me. Should not have fuck with high-heat Chinese spicy hotpot.
    Just a little bit more words(1k) I'll finally done with flicking CxD chapter 11 after taking like 6 months?
    Alright, get the writing drive back enough to finish another chapter. Time to reward myself with a playthrough of Baldur's Gate 3...
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