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  1. DangerDesperado

    Hyena Werks (DanmachixDnD SI)
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: A New to You, You. (Slightly Used)

    Hyena Werks, A proud Orario Company. Danmachi-X-DnD Nonhuman semi SI Disclaimer: I, Danger Desperado, do not own either Danmachi, nor DnD. This is a fanwork protected under fair use and is non-canon. All of the IP's used in this fiction are the sole property of their respective holders...
  2. ReaderOfTheSwords

    Percy Jackson: Wouldn’t You know it
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1. A void: Who’s Talking

    You know waking up in a void isn’t exactly what I thought would happen today. I mean I don’t know my name or family. Just know a weird amount of stories. I mean really what do you need so many books for? I don’t know what to do. I mean I can’t do anything but think. I could review the stories...
  3. Monarchist Guy

    Fruits of the Erdìa - RWBY SI
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 - Genesis 5869 A.B.O.H, Gold Road, Sanus Ērān ßassan "-Although yes our peoples are scattered, and the blood of our ancestors stain the grasses of our homeland, know this. One day we shall return to our homeland, and when that day comes it shall be with the legion of Ðemros and...
  4. Naron

    Abyssal Stays Home [KC SI]
    Extras: Story Blurb

    Shipgirls came to aid humanity in their hour of need, averting the Abyss's secured victory. But the conflict was nowhere near over. Now a lone Abyssal comes into being, meant to reverse the scales once more; to deliver promised victory by way of science. But what is to be done when that...
  5. Firewillreign

    He Of The Six Eyes
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Note: This is a little plot bunny my cousin has been begging me to write for nearly two years at this point, so I decided to indulge him because his birthday is in a couple of days and I'm too broke to buy him something expensive XD Might update it again depending on reactions, or might...
  6. Koyon

    Nightmare Mode (Dragon Ball Z Gamer!SI)
    Index: Sayian Recruit Arc I

    (From now on will be posted in NSFW section) Game Thinking “Talking” —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gray Tanaki had lived a perfectly average life. He graduated from a decent university, had a couple...
  7. RainReid

    Arachnids Don't Cry
    Threadmarks: Summary

    Vengeance and blood. Who do you bleed for? Who do you kill for? What is it that the innocents are owed? What is it that the meek seek from their tormentors? Who hears their cry? Who is the flail wrought upon the wicked? What is my purpose? Join me on this journey writ in blood and together we...
  8. Illusiveone

    The Accidental Liberator (ASOIAF SI) rewriting in new thread
    Threadmarks: The Arrival

    Rewriting this
  9. Industrial Commander: Not Enough Pockets
    Threadmarks: Introductions - 1

    Running low on plastic. Need it for more circuit boards. Hmm, I'm using one hundred percent of the oil depots I have currently. Can't remove facilities, crap. I'm hardstuck into the waiting for research to complete. Unfortunately I don't have some sort of bar that just tells me what's happening...
  10. Nyrmac

    Variable (REWRITE) - {Fusion/SI/Multicross}
    Threadmarks: Arrival

    Ugh, what time is it? I feel like crap. I moved my hands across the… sand? That's not right. I put my palms on the ground and lifted myself up. I got to my knees and began to open my eyes. I had to blink away the droopiness and waited about a minute for my neurons to get warmed up like a car on...
  11. Porthos

    Charles VI "The Great": A Mad King SI with a system
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: A new life It was raining cats and dogs in Toulouse, a city renowned for its calm, sunny weather. It was late or early, depending on how people were behaving. It was around 4.30 in the morning, night was still reigning supreme and it was difficult to get around as soon as you strayed...
  12. Technomancer in MCU #1
    Threadmarks: Technomancer in MCU #1

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel(duh) and/or any of its published characters that may or may not appear in this story. Disney, please don’t sue me! Support the Official Release :) ________________________________________________________________ Technomancer in MCU Chapter 1 – Nick Fury – The...
  13. Gladium

    Anatolian(mobseka x 40k)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    This is a story about a young man isekai'd in a strange yet familiar world. (not a AU) Been isekaid sucks. Some of you may disagree (including my past self mind you) but let me tell you, there is a reason why humans don't remember their early years. I used to think my pain tolerance was...
  14. LucaNox220

    Shadow of the Self (Elder Scrolls/Multicross SI)
    Threadmarks: Shadow of the Prisoner 1.1

    A teen wakes up in the world of the Elder Scrolls, except it was just his luck that he couldn’t be the Dragonborn, whose story he had memorized. Or the Nerevarine whose story he knew fairly well, he couldn’t even be the protagonist of any of the major games. Instead he was the hero of an Obscure...
  15. Gideon020

    Shadow Company (Girls Frontline SI)
    Threadmarks: No Name, No Past, No Fear

    >: sys.error.log callback ... ... 2 logs found. >: sys.error.log list ... ... Critical Error 7/10/2062 Critical Error 7/10/1986 >: Critical Error 7/10/1986 Display ... ... File Corrupted. Attempt Repair Y/N? Y ... ... ... ... File Repair Failed. Delete Y/N? Y File Deleted. >: del File Critical...
  16. Maybe Mike

    Scavenger's Rest (Yugioh 5D's SI)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Aftermath

    A kick sent the metal clattering and clanking down the mountain of junk, another jackpot turned into pot luck. It landed with a resounding clang, and the muffled sound of cardboard, so he assumed it hit his little makeshift sled. With the back of his glove, he wiped the sweat from his brow...
  17. Nnamdi

    Young Justice : Mercenary (OC-SI)
    Threadmarks: Aux

    Info Name - Peter Shepard Age - 8 (currently) Race - Human ( Meta-human) Affiliation - Ghost squad Powers - has three sets of powers from game characters he played before he died melded into a single meta-gene. Spartan physiology of Master Chief (Halo), Oz-serum of Green Goblin (Ultimate...
  18. Monarchist Guy

    Land of the Christian Sun - Shimabara SI
    Threadmarks: Ichi

    before I begin let me just say that I do not in any way support violence against people of other faiths. People can have their own differing opinions and beliefs. If you are of similar beliefs to the point that you get triggered by a story where a faith is spread and used as a casus belli for...