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A Game of Fate and Destiny: Multiverse Edition [Multi-cross Quest]

Discussion in 'Questing' started by badoatmeal, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. badoatmeal

    badoatmeal Confirmed Idiot

    Nov 19, 2018
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    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to yet another Game of Fate and Destiny!
    This time though, we've brought you something a little special! While perusing the omniverse for contestants, we found a rather interesting young lady, one Sarah Nelson, who possesses a rather malleable soul, compatible with a show we've had in mind for a while now.

    After making a few tweaks, Miss Nelson has been moved from her home universe to one of our choosing. Ordinarily, that'd be the end of it; she'd have to clear that world's Destiny in order to win. BUT! This time, thanks to the flexibility of her soul, we were able to place her in a Loop of universes!

    To put it more simply, Miss Nelson will wake up in her first world, which we'll call World A. Then, after she goes to sleep, she'll wake up in World B. Then she'll wake up in World C, then World D, and so on, until she closes the loop, and wakes up in World A the day after she went to sleep there in the first place. Injuries and physical items won't be carried over between worlds, but powers and the results of physical training will. Sounds complicated? Well, maybe, but that's where all of you come in, our beloved Audience!

    You see, Miss Nelson is unfamiliar with these worlds, as shocking as it may seem, and as such, she hasn't got an inkling of how they work or what their stories are. However, we've equipped her soul with the standard feature for all our shows, the Interdimensional Chatroom!

    With it, she can ask you for advice on what actions to take, starting with the creation of her Avatar for each world. Your answers can be delivered via the Voting Option as always, but feel free to include some persuasive remarks to improve your chances of success! She doesn't necessarily need to follow your advice though, so try to give helpful answers when she asks for aid, or she might start ignoring you!

    We've also equipped her with an Achievement Hunter, a rewards system that powers her up a little when she does something particularly impressive or creative, so don't be afraid to push her to try new and crazy ideas!

    Like we said before, the objective for each universe is to clear that world's Destiny. You'll probably know what it is once the world is introduced, and completing that objective will see our lovely contestant's time in that universe coming to an end shortly afterwards. There are rewards for clearing a universe, of course, but some will be more difficult to complete than others.

    Of course, this doesn't mean much if we don't show you what Worlds are in the Loop, after all! So here they are, chosen by popular demand from the voices in our head!
    World A- Avatar: The Last Airbender
    World B- My Hero Academia
    World C- RWBY

    World D- Worm

    But that's not all! Every few loops, you, our beloved Audience will be given the choice to expand the Loop, adding new universes to Miss Nelson's challenge. Try not to make things too hard too fast though! After all, if she dies in any of the universes, that's GAME OVER!

    Now then, let's get started with the debut of our Game of Fate and Destiny: Multiverse Edition!
  2. Threadmarks: Avatar: Day 0 (Character Creation)

    badoatmeal Confirmed Idiot

    Nov 19, 2018
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    Sarah blinked.

    That was odd in and of itself, considering she wasn’t sure she’d ever been able to blink in a dream.

    She’d had strange dreams before, but none that were just herself floating in a vast, empty blackness.

    After a few moments, text began to appear before her, the words being read as they appeared by some booming, vaguely feminine disembodied voice.

    Welcome, dear contestant, to the first ever Game of Fate and Destiny: Multiverse Edition!

    Miss Nelson, congratulations! While perusing the omniverse for contestants, we’ve found you to be the very first applicable candidate for our newest show, thanks to your very special soul!

    “Um?” Sarah tried to interrupt, but the voice steamrolled over her, like it was pre-recorded.

    You’ve been chosen to visit not one, not two, but four universes to try and complete the Destinies of those worlds! To put it in layman’s terms, something is going to happen in each of these worlds, a story, if you will. Your task as our contestant is to do your best to reach the end of those stories, and though that ending doesn’t necessarily need to be identical to that which is preordained, it is advisable to get close.

    As for traveling between these universes, your body won’t be making the trip. Instead, your mind and soul will slip between a different body in each universe each time you go to sleep for the day. Don’t worry, a short nap won’t do it. Your mind and soul will travel between these worlds in a circular loop, and time won’t pass in these universes when you aren’t present. The loop is currently four worlds long, but it might grow in the future...

    Now, we know what you’re thinking. And while these worlds might be completely foreign to you, you won’t be making this journey alone! You’ll be watched every step of the way by our viewers at home, and you’ll find our beloved Audience is quite familiar with these worlds! They’re rather knowledgeable about this sort of thing, so we’ve included a feature that’ll allow you to ask them for advice! The Interdimensional Chatroom! A handy feature installed into the depths of your soul, you can use it to pose questions asking for advice when you reach a crossroads or need to make an important decision! You don’t have to take their advice, but they might take it personally if you ignore them all the time! You’ve also been equipped with a second tool, which we’ll call the Achievement Hunter! This one’s got a passive effect. Basically, the more things you achieve, the stronger you’ll become. Think of it as a reward system for doing impressive things.

    Like we said before, the objective for each universe is to clear that world's Destiny. The Audience will be able to help you figure out what that is, and completing that objective will your time in that universe coming to an end shortly afterwards. There are rewards for clearing a universe, of course, but some will be more difficult to complete than others.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be a game if we didn’t tell you how you lose. Not to worry, there’s only one way to lose, and that’s by dying in any of the universes! Don’t worry about actually being dead, this’ll just mean your soul gets returned to your original body without any of the prizes for winning.

    Oh, the prizes? Well, the main one is Godhood. Capital-G Godhood, complete with your own personal universe. You don’t even have to give up your original life to do it. Being a Capital-G God is convenient like that. There’s other, less substantial prizes too, but that’s the main one.

    Now then, before you can get started in any of these worlds, you’ll need to create your Avatar for that particular world.

    This will be your body within that universe for the duration of the game. During your Avatar creation, you’ll also be allowed to choose from a number of options to make your time in all the universes a little easier. Powers and Boons that will be available in each universe. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite worked out how to help you move physical objects along with your soul, so any Items you acquire, either during the Avatar creation or otherwise, will stay in their original universe. Sorry about that.

    Since you aren’t exactly familiar with the worlds you’ll be going to, we strongly suggest that you look to the Audience for advice in developing your build. For each of these universes, most of the choices you make here will be irreversible.

    So! Without further ado, here’s the Avatar Creation Sheet for the first world! Which, ironically enough, is called Avatar!

    A wall of text not entirely unlike a game menu appeared in front of Sarah’s face, complete with what seemed to be a translucent keyboard and checkboxes for selecting items. At the same time, she felt something...odd...appear inside her mind. It was like...oh, like a messageboard on the internet. Nothing was posted there yet, just a blank thread. At the top was the title: A Game of Fate and Destiny: Multiverse Edition.

    So that was the Interdimensional Chatroom? And that was just...inside her head now?

    Wait, hold on, back up.

    If the disembodied voice was to be believed (and that was a massive ‘if’), she was a contestant on some multi-dimensional game show? Had...had she applied to be a contestant for something like that? Or had she just been kidnapped in her sleep?

    After what felt like twenty minutes (though she had no real way to tell), she gave up on waiting for things to change and started reading the menu in front of her.
    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    A world of great beauty, though it is currently embroiled in a 100-year war. Many people in this world possess the power to control one of the four classical elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. These people are called ‘benders’. You will be starting in one of the four nations of this world, though which one depends on the choices you make. Your starting age will be fifteen, and we’ll be making you a bender, of course. You’ll arrive in late winter of the year 99 AG, 2 days before a pair of children from the Southern Water Tribe find a boy and his bison frozen in an iceberg.
    1. Appearance: Your exact appearance is largely up to the ethnicity of the nation you choose to hail from. However, if you want to choose some features, like being tall, or having long or short hair, you can choose that here.
      1. Write-in
    2. Nationality: This will determine your Element for bending and your ethnicity. It also dictates your starting clothes and location. Do note that you aren’t expected to adhere to the philosophies and principles of the nation you choose, only that others may expect you to follow them, and perhaps take issue if you do not.
      1. Water Tribes: An adaptable and community-minded culture, they make their homes at the North and South Poles. Their philosophy is one of balance. Waterbending will allow you to manipulate water, as well as convert it to ice and steam at will. The strength of this power is tied to the phase of the moon.
      2. Earth Kingdom: A proud, tradition-centric culture, they possess the largest of the four nations. Their philosophy is one of conservativism, taking action only when necessary. Earthbending will allow you to manipulate rock and stone, and favors defensive might with powerful counterattacks.
      3. Fire Nation: The strongest nation in terms of military and economic might, their culture is both passionate and innovative. Their philosophy is one that favors quick action, and concerns itself more with the ends than the means. Firebending will allow you to control fire, and to generate it using your body heat as a catalyst. It’s strength rises with the sun.
      4. Air Nomads: A now-extinct people, they were a nation of free-spirited pacifists. Their philosophy is one of peace, avoiding conflict rather than engaging in it. Airbending will allow you to manipulate the air around you. Unfortunately, they’ve all been wiped out, except for one, so your existence might attract a bit of attention. Finding a teacher might prove difficult too.
    3. Boons: Special skills to help you survive in this world. And, as a special treat, these Boons will accompany you to other worlds as well. They’ll stack with other Boons with similiar effects too. You may take one for free, but any more will require you to take Banes to pay for them.
      1. Talented Bender: For all that can be said about training and hard work, there’s always that extra edge that those with talent have over those without it. You are now on the favored side of that equation, possessing remarkable talent with your nation’s element. You can learn new skills within your field with speed that amazes your teachers. And of course, you’re simply better than others in terms of raw power. Your attacks just have a little bit more weight to them.
      2. Spiritually Attuned: Something about you resonates with the spirits of this world. They will rarely act aggressively towards you, and are willing to talk to you, at least for a little while. You can sense the presence of spirits and the Spirit World, and may even be able to cross over with practice. Even so, this Boon alone won’t save you from having your face stolen, so be careful.
      3. Soldier: You’ve been trained as a soldier, giving you knowledge of your nation’s preferred fighting styles and weapons. This applies to both your bending and non-bender approaches to combat. It also makes you a little better at keeping your cool in battle.
      4. Fine Control: Raw power is nice and all, but if there’s one thing that demonstrates your sheer aptitude for your bending art, it’s your precision. Bringing every raindrop to a halt in midair during a rainstorm. Molding a statue so perfect in its likeness that it could pass for the real thing. Thin jets of flame that cut through metal like swords. Controlling air currents so not a single speck of dust touches you. This is the level of control over an element is something masters spend lifetimes to achieve, and it comes to you rather naturally.
      5. Prodigy: Now this is something special, isn’t it? You’ve somehow learned the secret to your bending art’s specialist branches. If you’re a waterbender, you can heal wounds with Lifebending, manipulate plant life with Plantbending, or puppet the bodies of others with Bloodbending. If you’re an earthbender, you can sense vibrations through the earth, control metal via Metalbending, and create lava with lavabending. If you’re a firebender, you can create blue flames, manipulate heat without flame, and shoot lightning. If you’re an airbender, you can sense your surroundings through the air around you, create areas of extremely high pressure or even vacuums via Pressurebending, and project your spirit from your body. You only start with the most basic knowledge of these arts, but with training and effort, you could become a force to be reckoned with.
      6. Survivalist: It’s a wild world out there, even without the war to consider. So what could be more valuable than knowing how to survive. What plants and animals you can eat. Where it’s safe to pitch a tent in the wilderness. How to avoid dangerous animals. How to hunt for food. You might not know it all, but you know enough.
      7. Chi Blocking: You ever wonder how all those enemy benders would fare if they couldn’t sling around their fancy elementalist powers? Well now you can find out! You possess knowledge of the art of chi blocking, a martial art that focuses on light, precise jabs targeting pressure points. Using it, you can disable a person’s bending powers, or make their bodies go limp, or paralyze them. It doesn’t work through thick armor though, and you have to be able to get in close. As an added benefit, this Boon makes you extraordinarily flexible.
    4. Items: Your abilities on their own might not be enough. These items may help you on your journey. You get one for free, the rest require Banes to acquire. As we mentioned earlier, items don’t follow you between universes. Sorry about that.
      1. Bender’s Weapon: A trademark tool all of your own, designed to supplement your bending powers. Waterskins for waterbenders, stone hammers or fans for earthbenders, a glider staff for airbenders, or dual broadswords for firebenders. Your weapon repairs or refills itself every other night. You can buy this more than once if you want extra copies of your weapon, or if you want weapons belonging to one of the other groups.
      2. Survival Gear: More than just the basics, this pack comes with all the essentials for living on the land; a tent, a map, flint and steel, simple rations, tools for setting traps and hunting for food, and so on. Your equipment always manages to stay in good condition, no matter the elements it suffers through.
      3. Master’s Scrolls: A collection of scrolls covering the various forms and techniques for bending your particular element. Using these to guide your training will see your skills improve by leaps and bounds, though an actual teacher would be useful.
      4. A Mount: A faithful animal companion, large enough to carry you, a couple friends, and your stuff. Exactly what animal is up to you, though it has to be within reason. If you want a moose lion or something, go right ahead, but if you want one of the animals that taught the original benders, you’ll have to be a bender of the appropriate element. You have an established bond with this animal, but if you mistreat it, it will abandon you. Also, if it dies, it stays dead, so take care of it. Feel free to give it a name while you’re at it.
      5. Schematics: An assortment of blueprints and plans. Some of them are detailed maps of buildings, while others are of assorted machines, some of which look a bit...advanced for this society. They’re not quite complete, but with time, you might be able to figure out how to make the weapons of war they display.
    5. Banes: Perhaps you want more skills? Well, they’ll cost you. These Banes will provide you with extra dangers or challenges on your journey, but will also allow you to take more Boons or items in exchange. Unlike Boons, Banes do not carry over between universes, and they can only be used to buy things in this universe. One Bane will earn you one Boon or item.
      1. Unsure Footing: Instead of starting in a city within your native nation, you’ll be starting somewhere else entirely. You’ll still find yourself in a city, or at least a town, but the kingdom is chosen at random from the three other nations. Hope you packed a map.
        1. Dangerous Territory: Scratch that, the location isn’t random at all. If you’re from the Fire Nation, you’ll be starting in the Northern Water Tribe capital at the North Pole. All other nationalities will be starting in the Capital City of the Fire Nation. You aren’t really supposed to be here, and the residents will probably be looking for an excuse to throw you in jail. Try not to cause trouble, alright?
        2. Chopping Block: Or, just do that anyways. Now, you aren’t just starting in hostile territory, you’ve already been captured. You start your journey imprisoned within the appropriate capital city, and are awaiting interrogation and execution. Your items have been taken from you. To say that escape will be difficult is an understatement.
      2. Culturally Insensitive: You have a knack, a talent even, for walking into a new environment and insulting the culture of the people there. Whether on purpose or by accident, you find a way to degrade their traditions, way of life, or customs. This won’t lead to you being executed or anything, particularly if you apologize, but it’ll certainly make it hard to make new friends. And you’ll probably stick out like a sore thumb when you show up in an unfamiliar place.
      3. Wanted: You’ve committed a crime, or at least that’s what you’re accused of. The law enforcement of the nation where you committed the dastardly deed would like nothing more than to capture you and bring you to justice. You might be able to prove your innocence (if you are innocent), but that will take time and effort. If you take this with Chopping Block, the nation you’re imprisoned by is the one holding you accountable for the crime. And your trial is coming much sooner.
      4. Pacifist: You’re so peaceful, you couldn’t hurt a fly. By which we mean you actually can’t hurt a fly. Or a person, no matter how much they deserve it. Even considering taking lethal action against another will make you weak in the knees, and actually taking a life is literally impossible for you to pull off. If you happen to kill someone by accident, you’ll fall into despair for a while, and your fear of accidentally killing someone again will grow.
      5. The Avatar: Congratulations! You’re the Avatar! You’ve supplanted Aang’s role in the story. As such, you need to fulfill his destiny and put an end to the 100-Year War. The Fire Nation will recognize you as such, and will react accordingly. If you take this with Chopping Block, you’re imprisoned by the Fire Nation, and Fire Lord Ozai himself will be seeing to your executing when he arrives in two days. Oh, and in case you were getting any ideas, no, you aren’t actually the Avatar, with any of the associated powers. Only one element for you. Good luck!
    Sarah stared.
    There was just...so much to unpackage here. She was able to understand most of what was written, though the comment about having her face stolen was concerning, but she didn’t have much context to frame it in. After going back and forth between the different nationality options and surveying the Boons and Banes, she gave up and turned to the Chatroom in her head.
    Then she tried dumping all the choices she had to make into it.
    “Um. Any advice?”
    Voting Options
    [] Write-in


    [][Talented Bender]
    [][Spiritually Attuned]
    [][Fine Control]
    [][Chi Blocking]

    [][Bender’s Weapon]
    [][Survival Gear]
    [][Master’s Scrolls]
    [][A Mount]

    [][Unsure Footing]
    -[][Dangerous Territory]
    --[][Chopping Block]
    [][Culturally Insensitive]
    [][The Avatar]
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  3. Index: Informational

    badoatmeal Confirmed Idiot

    Nov 19, 2018
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    Well, now that that’s all out of the way, here’s an informational post to explain the Quest.

    Basically, the voters in the Quest take on the role of ‘the Audience’ watching the show for their own entertainment. Voting is largely the same as in any other Quest, and we’d strongly prefer plan voting for any Character Creation parts. The only real difference is that any comments you include in the post where you vote will also be ‘visible’ to the Quest character. And rather than your votes being a way to dictate what the main character decides to do, this is an effort to sway the character’s opinion, so justifying your votes isn’t a bad idea. Don’t worry about the popular vote being vetoed too often, but know that if the Quest character has reason to believe she’s deliberately being screwed over one time too many, she might start to doubt your calls. Think of it as another stat to manage; a Social Link between the character and the Audience, so to speak. The exception to this is any character creation votes. The popular vote will always win for those.

    This is basically a multi-cross Quest. Each round of the Loop consists of a single day spent in each setting. Physical items, injuries, and Banes won’t follow the main character between settings, but powers, Boons, and gains from training will. Knowledge obtained from blueprint-style equipment can be applied in any setting, so long as the character can actually work from memory. It might be possible to bring items between worlds with an appropriate power.

    Boons with the same or similar effects stack additively (unless they have a multiplicative effect, in which case they stack multiplicatively).

    Achievement Hunter is our way of trying to reward unique, creative, or daring approaches to challenges.

    Expanding the Loop is something we’ll hold off on for now, but it’s an option we’ll include at some point. Feel free to give us suggestions for settings you want added to the Loop in the future.

    Also, although we called this Quest A Game of Fate and Destiny: Multiverse Edition, that’s just a name. There’s no non-Multiverse Edition, or if there is one, it’s not written by us.

    Finally, for those wondering about lewd options? Uh, we really really suck at writing lewds. And writing a Quest where the voters are the audience of a game show literally telling the contestant to bang just doesn’t seem appealing at all. Hence the Quest’s placement in here, rather than in the NSFW section. But then why’s it on QQ? Well...we kinda had trouble figuring out if we’d have been posting it in the right place on Spacebattles, so...here we are.

    Feel free to ask us to clarify stuff.
  4. badoatmeal

    badoatmeal Confirmed Idiot

    Nov 19, 2018
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    Space reservation [1]
    Probably a character sheet or something
  5. badoatmeal

    badoatmeal Confirmed Idiot

    Nov 19, 2018
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    Space reservation [2]
    Don't really know what would go here, but we're saving it anyways.
    That's the last of them though. Go nuts.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019