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Chains of Fate (Naruto/Nasuverse AU)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by CloudyFuture, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. CloudyFuture

    CloudyFuture Getting some practice in, huh?

    Dec 27, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Hey Everyone! Cloudy here! Decided to start up an AU Fic with Naruto at the helms of course but with a more different approach and take that I hope to do with this story. Im looking to set up Naruto in a different point of view while still remaining core to his character and his role. I also plan on potentially adding things from other works such as from the Nasuverse, considering my inspiration for this story came from the Nasuverse. Paving the story with the new elements I'm planning on integrating is gonna be pretty fun. Anyways, I think I've given up too much, Regardless, I think it's time we begin.

    Naruto: Chains of Fate
    (Prologue/Chapter 1)

    Naruto Uzumaki. A boy with dreams.
    A boy who desired to take the mantle held by the Old man that he fondly called Jiji.

    He was the only family that Naruto really had considering the Village's treatment of him.

    He didn't really have friends either since most of the kids would end up going away once their parents were aware of who they were around. He couldn't recall anybody recently that had stayed with him at any point and it was always saddening to him.

    He did remember saving a girl with gray eyes a long time ago from some bullies who made fun of her for said-eyes even though Naruto himself found the eye's somewhat creepy, he wouldn't go as far as to physically hurt her just because she was different and was not like most. After all, from how the village reacted to him and how he was treated, It wasn't too far off to say that he himself was possibly different in a way he couldn't understand even though he himself could not comprehend what was different about him, and asking the villagers was out of the question since they would just ignore it and continue to be hateful.

    Naruto, a 12 year old boy, had been alone from day 1. Even jiji couldn't provide much considering he was hokage, and had to manage Konoha from all the villains and evil that possibly lied that could harm the village and create chaos and disaster. Naruto himself wished he could be in such a position one day, To lead a whole village like Konoha and protect everything within, he truly desired to be seen as a hero. No, he didn't want to be seen as a hero, he wanted to become a hero to the village.

    He didn't want to simply be looked at as a figure that was like a hero, he wanted to become a true, dedicated, hero to the people and become something in his life.

    After all there wasn't much to be said about his life anyways considering his schedule consisted of waking up, getting dressed, ramen, Academy, a brief training period, shower ,more ramen, then sleeping. He enjoyed it nonetheless, but there wasn't anything that could be considering heroic or special in what he was doing. He couldn't find himself becoming a hero with the drive he currently had, but he himself was limited considering his treatment through the village, and not able to access any of the training fields.

    He found an unknown interest in his last name and found out that his clan "Uzumaki" was quite renowned and at one point a name feared across the world. They were considered to be gods of seals, Had unmatched chakra, and had "Chakra chains." Through the time he had spent reading the book which many would have found to be mind-blowing considering many knew of the attitude of the blonde-haired troublemaker. Naruto on the contrary however, was actually rather different then what met the eye.

    With the mask on, the boy was like your average rebellious troublemaker.

    He would cause pranks throughout Konoha, had a fiery attitude, Had a strong sense of responsibility, and a heart of acceptance for almost anyone no matter who, It also helped that he was kind-hearted to go as well. Many didn't realize this though mostly attributed from being a Jinchuuriki or being angered at his constant pranks that according to the civilians "Were purely intended for damage purposes" and not because it was some harmless,fun prank a 12 year old boy had come up with in his free time because he never got any social interaction because parents were so damn delusional when it came to the boy.

    Without the mask on Naruto was somewhat blunt, straight forward, and seemed somewhat uncaring if not borderline emotionless.

    The boy had learned to manage his emotions and when they were not needed he would shut them off and simply become what most would consider a shell of himself. Even through this, It didn't take away his love for the village as a whole, His feelings for everything mostly remained even with the mask off, but he simply was more loose and cynical then he was with his mask on, not to mention cunning and smart.

    Naruto however, through this time was still finding ways to become that hero for Konoha, he wanted to be remembered as a hero to the people and the one that would save everyone from any evil that lurked no matter what the cost. His very soul was defined for that purpose. He never found out his parents, He was hated by nearly all the villagers except a few individuals who even then seemed to just take pity on the boy and helped him out. Jiji was to busy managing the village to be with the boy. Naruto had to take things into his own hands and that lead to his discovery of a book in the library titled as
    "Chains of Fate, The Uzumaki Chains"

    The book had a picture of what appeared to be the normal Uzumaki chains and scrolling through a few pages found that it even showed some of the most notable users of these chains as well as their purpose. Naruto gained interest after reading just a few pages, tucked the book within his orange-colored jacket and proceeded to sneak out the library so as to not alert the librarian that he was there so he could avoid the rage.

    Naruto eventually ran his way home and immediately sat down on the couch in the living room and putting the book down on the table. From there on he read the first page and continued reading. He read page after page as he went through the study of these peculiar chains that his clan used and their purpose. Most within the Uzumaki simply used them for sealing, but some had used them for attack or defense purposes. One Unnamed Uzumaki in particular was said to have used chains that he would fuse with Katon, and then used them as a sort of chain of Fire, they would then be slashed across the ground like a whip and cause incredible damage with the fire as it's force was very strong, and anyone caught within it's line was essentially as good as dead. Another utilized the Chain and set it up with poison. Anyone hit the chain would then be poisoned through it which was also pretty interesting.

    The more Naruto read about these chains, the more interested he became as he began to realize that these chains had limitless potential. There were something that if developed properly, could be an incredible destructive weapon. A weapon that he desired, A weapon that he wanted to save others and to succeed in his dream of becoming hokage and being known as a hero throughout time.

    Naruto eventually came to finish the book and realized the time was rather late,being almost midnight and being quite tired, he went to bed and not too long after, fell asleep.

    Naruto Uzumaki "The Future Hokage"

    "one-hear me-..."

    A voice called out to him, but he could barely even hear it.

    "young-do you-me..."

    The voice grew stronger but it was still rather hard to hear.

    "Can you hear me now young one?..."

    The voice called out, not too strong but still enough to hear the whole thing this time.

    "Huh? where the hell am I?..." Naruto said in a confused tone.

    "You are currently dreaming young one, I am a manifestation that has appeared within to head your call."

    "My call? what call? I never remember calling anyone! you're also pretty strange looking too if you ask me! who are you?!"

    The figure in front of him spoke in a somewhat elderly tone, He had a hood on and a mask that covered the bottom side of his face, but left his eyes open. The eye's were a sharp red that almost looked as if they were staring into the pits of one's soul, they held heavy power and were really,REALLY, intimidating as they stared at Naruto's blue, ocean eyes. The man was shirtless outside of wearing what appeared to be a white vest, to go with what was a large black sash that was essentially the man's pants to go with sandals. The man also had numerous tattoos across his body that all appeared to connect to his main tattoo in the middle, which was what appeared to be kanji for the word "Chain" ironically enough.

    "Are you done staring young one? I find it appealing that you desire to stare upon me and my greatness, but that is not what I have appeared in your dream for.

    "Wait, so you just chose to appear in my dream and I'm not just imagining you? how is that even possible! what jutsu are you using?! I could make some damn crazy pranks with that type of stuff let me tell you."

    "Haha, As much as I want to share young one I'm afraid I lack the time to do such a thing, I have come within your dream to bestow upon you a gift that all Uzumaki have, something that you of course have been seemingly been attracted in for quite a while
    Are you talking about the chains?! I thought that Uzumaki's had to train to acquire them or just have then naturally somehow! I didn't know you had to-

    "Quite the contrary young one, no Uzumaki has ever been gifted their chains by some unknown being, let alone from someone like I. You are actually the first to be bestowed upon such a gift from our God. He's truly interested in you considering very few remain in these lands that are aware of the potential that lies with these chains".

    Naruto simply stared on in shock at the man.

    "That's...so...cool..." Naruto said in awe.

    "But you said something about...a god...what god? I've never been into the spiritual myself so who exactly?

    "I'm sorry young one but I cannot give such information at this time, It'd be against my Pledge that I had made to my God to say such a thing and it would also betray my honor. I could never do such a thing that does not befit my nature, It would only lead me down a path of self-destruction and self-hatred.

    "Regardless, I must stop wasting time and I shall hand you your gift."

    A small portal opened up to the man's right as he pulled out a chain.
    The chain appeared to be like any other chakra chain, but seemed somewhat distinct in it's own way. First, It was bestowed upon rather then earned or being had at birth, which was the first in history apparently. Second, the chain's didn't appear to have the basic design of a silvery chain or a gold tone. Rather, It was more of a hard, silver-gray tone and had different tips. The tips of the chains beginning and end were correctly differently, the beginning part of the chain was colored up with white, while the end part was in black. The chain itself was also quite small compared to the one's with the Uzumaki, It didn't look like much, but it still looked rather...unique. He felt as if the chains were not attack,defensive,or sealing oriented at all, rather it was a mix of all 3.

    "By the heaven's beyond, you may take the chains our God has bestowed upon you."

    The man handed the chains into my hand and I instantly felt overwhelming pressure from them. So much so that I immediately collapsed to the floor and dropped the chains, It felt like my body's chakra was slowly ripped out...no...It was even worse...It felt like my being was being torn apart, It felt almost as if I had continued to hold those chains the existence of "Naruto" would no longer be.

    "Ah, I forgot that these chains on first occasions are quite overwhelming and heavy to the soul, but you will slowly get used to it. Make sure to at least lift the chain once a day and hold it for at least 5 seconds, The chains will slowly start to accept you as its master and It will no longer hold an overwhelming pressure or sense of immediate death towards you.

    Naruto slowly got up while listening to the man's advice, he also continued staring at the chains in sheer awe and in somewhat terror.
    "It's rather weird...while these chains are beyond the capabilities beyond most in your world, they are considered to be rather weak with us...I'd never think though that it's presence was that strong for a human...It's rather enlightening and a good experience to learn from for future reference.

    Naruto stared at the man in newfound fear and shock. These chains were considering weak to this man and wherever he came, and yet, to him, They felt beyond everything...It felt as if these chains would command his future...command his fate...command his desire to save...command his desire to become ho-...no not just that...to become a hero...and maybe even the position with the hat...

    These were the Chains of Fate...

    The Chains that would Reshape and completely change Destiny...
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  2. Grimmouse197

    Grimmouse197 Experienced.

    Jan 19, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Good so far
  3. Threadmarks: Chapter 2

    CloudyFuture Getting some practice in, huh?

    Dec 27, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Naruto: Chains of Fate
    (Chapter 2)


    Unknown Location

    Do you realize what you've done?! You've went against our Leader's will because you were bored and wanted some idiotic fun?! The boy was not supposed to have known of this gift until years from now! Have you truly lost your mind ?! A commanding voice asked the hooded man.

    Quite the contrary my dear . It was far better to bless the boy with the gift early on into his life rather then wait until he had become an adult. Not only will his chakra system develop to accept the chains themselves early on, but if he gains the power to wield them to their fullest potential at a young age, he will by far be the greatest of our accomplishments...he'll become what he has desired, it's his wish after all... The hooded man's voice said in a condescending tone.

    You've still went against our Leader's will you fool! Do you realize what you've done?! If he realizes what you've done he'll have your head! He had interest in the boy but not so as deep as to essentially doom the boy into an eternity of damnation! the power that the chain's possess are for too overwhelming for a boy at his age! let alone someone who still is underdeveloped like him!

    I'm well aware of what our God says
    . I am fully prepared to accept the consequences for my actions but remember that I would not do something as so foolish as to just merely gift the boy something that he wouldn't gain the power to fully possess at some point. While I'd admit my boredom got the best of me, He still is an incredible candidate. He has Uzumaki blood within him, and will naturally find a way to wield the chains to his will. He has incredible chakra reserves far beyond the norm of what is often seen, and he also possesses the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox within him as well. He is almost certainly the best choice for what is to come in the future...

    Damn it...even through that I still believe you are a complete fool...I find it even more idiotic that you consider our Leader to be a god. I am not so as to deluded as to think he is godly being for the power he possesses. You treat humans like lesser beings even though we ourselves are humans that are blessed with the power of
    . I am not deluded enough to believe that our leader is a god no matter how faithful and loyal I am to him, nor am I deluded enough to actually believe we ourselves are that much different from humans. I wouldn't be surprised if the power has somehow corrupted the few brain cell's you seem to have, but It'd be best If you actually thought about the consequences of something before doing it! The being screamed angrily at him

    Ugh...Do not be so naive
    . It is quite obvious our Leader would not be accepting of the circumstances so I simply curved his orders for something favorable that will surely aid him in the future, If the consequences come to bite me back so be it, If they succeed in the fashion that they certainly will, Then true prosperity will come...

    Whatever, do what you wish but don't say I didn't warn you when the time comes... Regardless I hope you realize the action that you've done and how stupid your action is...I hope you have a plan for what you intend to do... The being said as it walked away.
    No worries...A plan won't be necessary...I'll bet my very pride and honor on it... The hooded being said in complete confidence.

    Naruto Uzumaki "The Future Hero"

    A bright ray of sunlight shot through the windows of Konoha, signifying the start of a new day. Villagers woke up as they began their daily routines, some managing their children's needs, other's going to run their shops or stores, other's simply kept sleeping not wishing to get up even though they'd still end up getting up, those extra few minutes in the bed was all they needed.

    Through all that, a young blonde troublemaker slowly raised his head up from his sleep as he stretched his body. While slowly widening his eyes he took the blanket off his body while putting on his clothes and getting himself for the day ahead of him. After all, Today was the day of the exam that would determine the fate's of those for graduation.

    Alright he might have slacked off for most of the year and remembered nearly nothing over the year, he was still determined to succeed! He had faith in his abilities and he felt completely ready for what was to come!...Except if they tested on Bunshin's...Naruto still didn't have the hang of that damn jutsu, Every time he used the jutsu It always spawned a dead Bunshin version of him.

    Through his thinking of what would come he would finish the ramen bowl and proceeded to make his way to the door to head to the academy until he caught notice of the chains that lied on his coffee table.

    "Looks like that thing with the weird guy actually did happen...I tried to not think of it but even then..." Naruto said to himself while scratching his head

    While staring at the chains, he remembered that the man said something about lifting up the chain's for at least 5 seconds every day for an indefinite period of time until he had felt accustomed to it. He took a few steps sat down and took a breath. The last time he held this thing for what was about a second he felt like he would die, It's power was so overwhelming that holding it for 5 seconds sounded like the worst torture one could do.
    "Man...I don't want to do this but I guess it wouldn't hurt...not really it's gonna hurt a lot who am I kidding..." Naruto said while sweatdropping.

    Naruto sat down, held his breath, and his eye's closed. He waited for a few seconds then grabbed the chain with his hands and-


    Naruto let go of his grasp immediately after he felt the effects of grabbing them.

    Naruto backed up in sheer terror and coddled himself in absolute, complete fear. Everything about that chain felt wrong. Nothing about that chain felt right, The overwhelming pressure was there but there was now a massive feeling of dread that went with that pressure.

    Naruto could have sworn that he heard the souls of millions of tortured souls within. Naruto himself was suprised nothing had come of it besides those feelings though. First of all, Any person that actually grabbed those chains and had felt them for just a few seconds would absolutely go insane. Nothing could circumvent that, It's presence just did not belong. He himself was surprised that he had come out of that with just a feeling of tiredness most likely from the pressure, and of course massive fear and despair.

    Second however, If the chains were that filled with despair and fear to the point of insanity, why did he not go insane? Did it have something to do with his Uzumaki blood? or perhaps something to do with the "potential" the strange man in his dream said something about.

    Even then, Naruto doubted he'd ever get used to carrying those things. Something about wielding felt so wrong and unjust to him, It was like a foreign invader that didn't belong at all. After a few minutes to relax himself while standing, Naruto proceeded to leave his house without even batting an eye to the chain that lied on the table. He really needed to think about whether or not the power that this supposed chain had was really worth the trouble it would give him, So much pain...So much suffering...It was like a living nightmare...And through these thoughts as he walked to the academy several thoughts would push into his head with one dominant one over the others.

    Why him?

    Iruka Umino "The Instructor"

    Today was an important day for the future of Konoha. A day where students would be tested and become the Future of Konoha by being elected as genin. That of course, was somewhat of a lie, You wouldn't truly become a genin until you passed your test under your sensei when team's are selected, but most passed this unless they had a teacher like Kakashi who was known to be incredibly strict, or if they had a teacher like Anko...just saying her name makes me shudder.

    This year's batch was actually quite interesting and pretty talented to say the least.

    There was the lone Uchicha who possessed tremendous potential having essentially Aced nearly every practice that would go on with the academy while also dealing with loads of fangirls.

    The Nara was as lazy as any other Nara but his intellect was unmatched and he often got perfect scores on written exams If he ever felt like doing them.

    The Hyuga girl while very shy showed a lot of dormant potential hidden, but she didn't seem to like showing off this potential, and she usually was hidden with the crowd unless Naruto was there; In which she would usually try to follow him too see what he was doing, considering her feelings for the boy weren't well hidden.

    Speaking of Naruto, Iruka had always liked the boy from day one he had come into the academy. While most of the instructors had a hard time dealing with the boy, either ignoring him,ridiculing him, or simply kicking him out of the classroom. Iruka often was inviting towards him and had even treated him to ramen on some occasions.

    The boy though, wasn't very...talented however. He lacked many important skills that would be essential to a ninja and he also lacked the ability to make a simple Bunshin, which was very crucial in the test and in fact, the first thing tested on. If the student couldn't even perform a Bunshin, they would usually be taken out early and not allowed to do the rest of the test for that day.

    It was incredibly embarrassing and it also made Iruka hope that Naruto had found a way to make a proper Bunshin, or else they'd be many troubles that would come from this situation. He really did not want to fail Naruto but if he couldn't perform a Bunshin, then that headband just wasn't gonna be around his head come end of the exam time, It was as simple as that. Yet, it wasn't that simple since he'd still feel hurt to fail Naruto and Naruto would surely come out of such an event in a possibly depressed state.

    Hopefully Naruto had the hang of a Bunshin


    Today was going to be a great day, a day that would make Mizuki the happiest man alive no matter what.

    He was going to punish that Nine-Tailed Demon Fox brat and make sure he suffered. Mizuki had already stolen the scroll that Orochimaru wanted and he was destined for great things within his new hidden village, "Otogakure." He originally was going to deal with Naruto after the exams.

    Mizuki just couldn't wait any longer though, He wanted that demon brat dead at his feet as quick as possible and it wasn't like any of the instructors would even remember the boy. The only one that possibly would is Iruka, but that's to be expected since Iruka was a delusional idiot who was a complete fool. Mizuki hoped Iruka would come as well in some matter, He'd gladly deal with him as well and make sure that Iruka suffered even moreso then the demon brat.

    Mizuki eventually found Naruto as he hopped buildings and went on the block heading in his direction so as to not just suspiciously jump in front of the brat.

    "Hey there! Naruto! How's it going!" Mizuki shouted out to Naruto.

    "Ah! Mizuki-sensei! I thought you'd already been there, considering I'll probably get there late!" Naruto said while running up to Mizuki

    "Hah! I kinda overslept to be quite frank, though I thought you'd wanna be there early to impress some of your friends, like that pink-haired girl, Sakura was it?
    Mizuki was well aware of the crush the blonde-haired demon had on the pink-haired girl, and so he took every opportunity to demean him on it if possible.

    "Well you know me Mizuki-sensei, I'm just not really the type to show up early to this type of stuff, or even on time actually..." Naruto while scratching his head nervously.

    "Even so Naruto, you should really be more prepared for your academics, You'd really not want to fall behind your classmates..."

    "Oh! Of course not! I've still got to make everyone know why I'm future Hokage and I'm especially gonna deal with Sasuke! I'll make sure he knows what I've got! Naruto said confidently

    You won't be able to do any of that...Not with what I'm going to be do now you damn demon...

    "Now that I remember, Naruto, have you got the hang of the Bunshin?" Mizuki asked

    "O-Of course Mizuki-sensei! Why would I not get something as simple as that down! Hahahaha" Naruto said while clearly nervous

    "You-...You don't have it down do you Naruto..." He said while sweatdropping

    "Mizuki-Sensei! please do not fail me! I've got a long road ahead of me in my ninja career but this is something that I promise you won't stop me.

    You don't have to worry about something like this brat...You've got a bigger problem ahead of you and it starts with M and ends with I hahahaha...

    "Tell you what Naruto, I'll give you a scroll that'll teach you something cool! It might not be a bunshin but it could be something that'll be so cool that you'll just have to pass!

    "Really? wow Mizuki-sensei! Thank you! but The exam is going to start in about an hour, I don't think I have enough time to get this down..." Naruto said sadly

    "Don't worry! I'll make sure to make an exception for you! I can't leave out any of our future behind! you've got a dream and I'll make sure to aid you in that dream! I'll even tell Iruka and he'll make sure none of the Instructors will be a problem!

    "Mizuki-sensei...Thank you! I'll make sure to make you and Iruka-sensei proud! I promise you that! Naruto said as he grabbed the scroll and headed out into the direction of a forest.

    'Wa-Wait! Naruto!" Mizuki called out, he wanted to follow behind and make sure to deal with Naruto when they had arrived, but the demon brat was gone in a blink of an eye.

    "That damn brat...Fine...I'll wait...I'll have you dead at my feet soon enough you damn demon..."

    Iruka Umino "The Instructor"

    Iruka took a look at the clock, It was slightly past noon at this point, and the exam's were essentially done. To no suprise, Everyone of the current batch had passed and had gotten their headbands, All of them in Iruka's eyes possessed a lot of potential and It wouldn't surprise him If they would become the Future of Konoha in the near future.

    Well, mostly everyone...Naruto had never arrived and he was the only one that had not been tested.

    He had asked around for the boy, but most of the Instructors shrugged him off or simply insulted him saying that it was to be expected from a demon brat like him. This angered Iruka greatly considering Iruka's own parents had fallen to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox that now resided in Naruto, and he sure as hell knew that the boy was in now way related to the Demon Fox.

    The only notable trait was probably those whisker marks that were on his face but even then that was the only real mark on him.

    Then again, Foxes were related to mischief and deviousness, which were similar to Naruto's own pranks that he would do...But that in itself was nothing major and his pranks were harmless.

    Iruka continued to look around the Academy but found no hint of Naruto around. He also couldn't find his friend Mizuki anywhere, which was rather suspicious since him and Mizuki after the sessions would usually go out and eat somewhere but this time he was
    nowhere to be seen.

    Iruka continued to look around before deciding to go take a look around the village, He had no clue where Naruto would be, but even throughout looking everywhere he still wasn't able to find him, and a check at his house also amounted to nothing.

    Naruto...where are you?...

    Naruto Uzumaki "Future Hero"

    Naruto had finally got done with trying to train through with the scroll. The thing is...That scroll was a massive pain in the ass. Even through training for nearly 5 hours, Naruto wasn't very tired but was still annoyed that throughout all this time spent looking through the massive amounts of jutsu on the list, he could only get 2 down. He had gotten the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu down as well as a strange jutsu known as "Unahanabira" which he wasn't familiar with considering It used none of the main elements, but instead used something known as "Void Style" a style that very few were have known to have in history, and was essentially extinct at this point.

    Naruto himself didn't even know how he came to understand the technique, but it was far easier then pretty much everything else that was on it, and It was also a damn unique jutsu in his opinion, Even if he didn't have full knowledge of it. Naruto heard rustling in the trees as he fell on the floor in shock from the sudden noise.

    "Who's-...Whose there!" Naruto called out scared in fear from being caught by a ninja who might have a particular grudge with him.

    "Hey Naruto! Didn't think you'd cause this much of a mess! The voice called out

    "Mizuki-sensei!...Oh...yeah I did kind of cause a mess around here with what I was trying to do."

    "Looks like you really worked hard! I'm impressed! Looks like you've got the heart of a ninja but do you have the particular skill to become one? Mizuki questioned.

    "For sure Mizuki-sensei! I've gotten something even better then just a bunshin! Haha! Naruto said happily

    "Oh? you do? Well why not show it to me? The Exams ended nearly an hour ago but of course I made an exception for you, so why not show me that little special technique of yours...

    "Well..uh...can we do it at the academy? I don't think it'd be best to do it all the way out here with just us two.

    "The forest is more wide and allows for better use for whatever you've got, With how it sounds this might be too big for something like the academy Naruto."

    And with my luck, That technique will probably drain your chakra to the point where I can kill you with no issue!...

    "Alright Mizuki-sensei...Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

    A full bunshin appeared to Naruto's right.

    "Hell yeah! I did it Mizuki-sensei!" Both Naruto and the bunshin said

    He didn't do a regular bunshin no...He made a full kage bunshin! Damn this demon brat! I have to take care of him now!

    Impressive Naruto! With that type of technique under your belt you'll surely pass! How about we start heading out.

    The Kage bunshin was dispelled as Naruto replied back

    "Alright then Mizuki-sensei! as he turned his back and started walking away with a wide grin on his face. "Can we also stop by for some ramen too? that'd be nice!"

    "Sure Naruto...ramen it is..." Mizuki said in a dark tone as he pulled out his kunai and threw it at the boy's back. The kunai didn't travel far though as it was deflected by another kunai!

    "Huh?! Who's there!" Mizuki called out which in return made Naruto turn around in suprise as he saw who came out of the bushes.

    "Iruka-sensei? What are you doing out here?" Naruto said shocked.

    "Looks like I made it in time! Mizuki what the hell are you doing! Why did you throw that kunai at Naruto! Iruka said angrily

    Naruto looked suprised and hurt. "Mizuki-sensei threw a kunai at me?...but why?...why Mizuki-sensei?"

    Mizuki simply started laughing maniacally.

    "Why...you...ask? because you brat...I've wanted to end your life this whole time! your mere presence aches my soul and I would enjoy seeing you dead at my feet!

    "Mizuki...-sensei?..." Naruto said in complete shock and confusion.

    "Naruto! get back! he's aiming for y-"

    Iruka couldn't finish his sentence as several kunai came from not just Mizuki, but from the bushes as well! Iruka was able to deflect a few but ended up being stabbed throughout his body taking the hits meant for Naruto as he coughed out blood while putting one knee down onto the floor.

    "Damn it...so it wasn't just you huh?...you had to get 2 other ninja's to help you with this damn plan!..." He coughed out angrily. Poor Naruto could not comprehend anything going on right now and looked completely paralyzed.

    "It is a shame Iruka...If you hadn't been an idiot and actually remembered for a second that this boy is just a plain old demon, maybe you'd realize that he need's to be dealt with." Mizuki said with a sadistic glee.

    "You...you hurt Iruka-sensei!..." Naruto shouted out loud.

    "No shit you demon...what...did you think the blood was some sort of special effect? come on now I thought a demon like you was already well aware of blood and what not..." Mizuki said in a condescending tone.

    "I'm no demon! If anything you're the demon here!" Naruto screamed out

    "Oh yes...I forgot...you're not aware of why you are called a demon Naruto...well I guess I'll tell you since you're going to die here anyways.

    Naruto eye's then widened. There was a reason why he was called those demeaning name all the time?!

    "No...Mizuki!...Don't do it!..." Iruka said with a sudden energy resurgence.

    "See...Naruto...the reason you are called demon is because-"

    "NO YOU BASTARD! YOU WON'T SAY A DAMN THING!" Iruka screamed out loud as he charged Mizuki with a kunai in hand. Mizuki took notice of what Iruka was doing but wasn't going to be able to react in time, as he suddenly stopped speaking and widened his eyes in fear for his impending doom. Suddenly, the other two chunin's with Mizuki got in front of Iruka as they both stabbed in the left and right side of his chest respectively as Mizuki was backed up on a tree staring directly at Iruka's eyes.

    "Heh...too slow you demon-follower..." Mizuki said happily as Iruka's body began to fall in Mizuki's direction, Mizuki moved out of the way as Iruka landed on the true, essentially lying down with his head on it.

    Naruto was in complete shock as he stared at Iruka's body...Tears gathered up in his eyes as his vision narrowed, only seeing the body of Iruka in his mind. Someone that shouldn't have died, someone's death that could have been avoided, a death that was completely unnecessary and avoidable had he not been so stupid...

    "Iruka...sensei..." Naruto said with tears going down his cheek

    Suddenly, Mizuki started kicking Iruka's body as he continued his maniacal laugh, he spat out the worst of the worst, defiling his body with everything he could do.

    Naruto's anger begin to kick in over his sadness as he grit his teeth, his power growing from his anger. Mizuki turned around as he noticed that the demon brat was still there and was sad about his teacher's death. Quite pathetic that it even found a way to form a bond, but then again, Iruka was always a complete fool so it was to be expected.

    "You...YOU KILLED IRUKA-SENSEI!" Naruto screamed out angrily.
    "Actually you brat It was my fellow comrades that did it...It's not my fault he wanted to protect a worthless idiot like you..." He said with a wide grin on his face.

    "Shut up...Just shut up JUST SHUT UP!" Naruto began to pound the ground furiously with his feet which surprisingly caused somewhat of a mini-quake.

    "I'll deal with the boy...you two stand back..." Mizuki said in a commanding tone as he pulled out a kunai and charged at Naruto.

    There's no way he'll dodge this, his anger is getting the best of him...
    "SAY GOODBYE YOU BRAT!" Mizuki shouted out

    "Void Style: Unahanabira" Naruto whispered to himself.

    Mizuki's attack failed as it seemed to hit an invisible wall in front of him. Mizuki and his 2 chunin friends were in utter shock as they saw what appeared to be a purple ripple of something that covered Naruto which was also completely invisible.
    "What the! What the hell is this crap! Mizuki said out loud as he backed up to where his friends were.
    "No time to waste...I'll deal with these guys now! For Iruka-sensei!"
    "Kage bunshin no-" Naruto didn't finish the Jutsu as a sharp and stabbing pain picked up in his head as he fell to the ground on one knee and in sheer pain.

    "Damn it! Was it because I used Void style? or because It was my first time? Either way...It's so damn painful! I feel like my head is going to explode!...

    Use me

    "Huh? what the?"

    If you don't use me...You will die...

    Who...are you?...

    I'd assume you'd know me...We've already had two interaction's prior to this...

    "We have?...wait...you're the...CHAINS?!"

    I am, I am the-


    "Not enough time to explain right now...We must form a contract if you wish to survive."

    "A...A Contract?"

    "Yes. With the formation of the contract I will become your sole wielder and your protector. Of course, You'll still have to carry me once a day until

    you are eventually accustomed to me, but with the contract I will always be by your side and protect you.

    "DAMN DEMON BRAT! IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE!" Mizuki screamed out loud as him and his 2 chunin friends jumped up, kunai's in hand and ready to kill.

    Repeat after me...

    I vow to thee

    "I vow to thee"

    thee must accept the price of suffering

    "thee must accept the price of suffering"

    thou must accept the price of power

    "thou must accept the price of power"

    "thou must accept their fate and destiny

    "thou must accept their fate and destiny"

    breaketh forth so thy can spread your wings!

    "breaketh forth so thy can spread your wings!"

    "A contract from one to the other...does thou accept...the power and consequences that comes forth?!

    I accept your contract...

    We have become one...now end these 3 fools...


    "Come forth..." Naruto whispered out

    "Sora no Kusari!" (Chains of the Sky)

    Naruto extened his palm's, as chain's came out from both, as well as a chain that seemingly came out of his head.
    "WHAT-" Mizuki couldn't even finish as the chain went directly through his head alongside the other's two's head's as well, There head's were crushed like nothing...blood dripping down as they fell from the chain's which retracted back into Naruto. Naruto simply stared at the bodies and the pure carnage that occurred here in just a brief amount of time.

    "Naruto..." A voice called out hoarsely.

    Naruto noticed that it was Iruka-sensei! he seemed to be in a near-death state and was without a doubt pushing himself to live in his current state.

    "IRUKA-SENSEI!" Naruto shouted out as tears began pooling in his eye's once again while he ran to Iruka who was laying down on the tree.

    "Nar...uto...You have...great potential...I can see it...you'll make a fine shinobi..."

    He failed to protect Iruka.

    "Do not judge your self or your character...from an...event...like this...It was my fault...not your's...don't...torture yourself..." He essentially whispered out.

    How could he protect a village if he couldn't protect one person.

    "Naruto...you'll be the greatest...shinobi...to ever live...I can see it...You've made...me...proud... "He was getting colder.

    If he couldn't protect, He had no business calling himself a hero.


    "Yes?...Iruka-Sensei?..." Said with tears flowing down...

    "You passed the exam...Your achievement here was far greater then anything within the test's...I am...proud of...you..." Iruka said as he closed his eye's.

    "Thank's...Iruka Sensei..." As he wiped the tears with his hand...

    Iruka did not respond... he was no longer of this world.




    Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: This jutsu allows the user to create one or more copies of themselves. The user's chakra is evenly divided between themselves and their clones: creating one clone will give it half the user's chakra, creating two clones will give each a third of the user's chakra, and so on. Depending on how much chakra the user has and how many clones they make, this rapid depletion of their reserves can be dangerous. Because of this, usually only those of at least jōnin-level or are Naruto. can safely use the standard Shadow Clone Technique.

    Classification: Ninjutsu

    Rank: B Rank

    Void Style: Unahanabira (Incomplete, 1st Shield): A special shield forms around the user, It is invisible but the ripples in the air when hit are purple in color. The shield itself Is only the first state among 7 states of the shield, but it is a very strong and capable shield for the user. First time use of the shield, the shield will be weak and prone to breaking, but gradual user over time will allow the shield to become accustomed with the user's chakra. It's power at 100% would be able to deflect attacks from most genin and even some low level chunins.

    Classification: Ninjutsu

    Rank: C- Rank
    AN: I'm looking at having somewhat of a slow pace at the start with a pace that builds up as goes. I'm looking at explaining stuff like the Chain's themselves and other certain element's throughout, as well as Void Style...which I think I'm personally really going to enjoy working with since I've got a lot of Ideas I could use for it, and I really think It's going to fit in well with what I plan going forward.
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    Naruto: Chains of Fate
    (Chapter 3)

    Naruto Uzumaki (The Future Hero)

    I didn't know how long I was out. I didn't know how long it's been. Finding myself in a Hospital room most likely because I passed out from all my screaming after seeing Iruka-sensei die...The pain in my heart is gone, but the feeling still lingers.

    Someone that truly cared for me...Someone that I cared about who had always had my back...ended up dying because of my own foolish choices...I am such an idiot to believe in that gray-haired bastard...

    Even then, everything that hat happened did not feel real at all...It was such a surreal experience that I can't help but think none of that just happened and I'm truly just delirious of everything that has occurred. Yeah, that's right...I probably just had too much ramen and probably got carried away with myself and confusing fantasy and reality...

    No. I'm just playing myself. Iruka-sensei is dead and Mizuki is also dead as well. It's my damn fault for being so stupid...If only...If only I had realized sooner Mizuki's true intentions...even if it costed me a spot to become a ninja...At least I'd have saved Iruka...

    I'd have saved someone...

    "Oi! Naruto-kun!" - an old familiar voice called out

    "Jiji...Is that you?..." I called out back

    Jiji entered into my room with 2 ANBU guards to back as well as he approached my hospital bed where I laid.

    "Hey Jiji!...I forgot to tell you that I'm an official ninja now!...I'm still coming for that seat so keep it warm for me!..." I said with an unnatural lack of energy

    "My congratulations Naruto-kun. I am proud of you, I still firmly believe that you hold the strongest Will of Fire throughout anyone in this village, For many reasons." He calmly stated.

    "Hey...Jiji...why do they call me a demon?..." I asked nervously. Hiruzen sighed as he didn't find it a good idea to continue hiding this fact from Naruto, after what had just happened with Mizuki and arguably the closest person to being his guardian besides himself was Iruka-sensei. He felt that It would only be the right thing to do.

    "Naruto...the reason you are despised by the villagers and called a demon is because...you hold the Nine-tailed Demon Fox within you..." Hiruzen said with some hesitation.
    Naruto eye's widened as he just stared back at Hiruzen...he was shocked greatly for a few seconds, but then realization kicked in as it explained why every wound he got would heal in just a brief period of time, or how he just so happened to have incredible chakra reserves, even more so then a Normal Uzumaki would. It explained many things and yet it also hurt him.

    He carried the Kyūbi within him...It all made sense...He was hated not because he was Naruto Uzumaki but because he had a demon in him. All that hatred was directed at him over that demon that was within him. I will never be recognized as a hero or a possible hokage because of something within me that I can't even control.

    How can they not see the difference between a full demon and a jailer...

    If he couldn't be a hero then what...

    Are those villagers that damn stupid that they let hate cloud their judgment?!

    If he couldn't become hokage then what...

    How are that they foolish! Why can they not see that all they've done over the years was cause pain without reason! pain that will never simply just go away!

    Then what was his purpose for living?...

    "Naruto-kun!" A Voice shouted out. I realized that Jiji had been shouting out my name for the last few minutes as I had probably been in a daze thinking about how I actually have a demon within me.

    "Oh...my bad jiji...I was just thinking!..." I said with a small smile while sheepishly scratching my head.

    "Naruto-kun...whatever you believe in...keep believing in it and fighting for it...Don't stop too look at the grass just keep pushing and moving forward...Or else you'll only be consumed." He stated in a serious tone.

    "I understand you possibly believe that the Villagers are complete fools for not being able to tell between a demon and a jailer, but you must understand that are fearful that something like the Kyūbi may attack this village again and people will die..."

    "Jiji..." I whispered out.

    "Never forget the Will of Fire Naruto-kun. You are our Village's brightest fuel for it, I firmly believe you will be the one to take Konoha to never before seen heights.

    "Naruto-kun. I believe in you." Hiruzen said with a smile. He proceeded to walk to the door as I stared in pure astonishment.

    "My condolences to your sensei by the way Naruto. Death's like that are avoidable and I truly do feel I played a role by being largely ignorant of Mizuki's actions...I'm sorry...

    A few minutes passed by after Jiji left as I said to myself.

    "It was never your fault Jiji..."

    The Next Day

    Sasuke Uchiha (The Uchiha Survivor)

    "Another pointless day in the academy..." Sasuke muttered to himself. Even with the Exam's done and having become genin, They were still required to come to their class until teams were picked. Sasuke himself wondered who his sensei would be with the teams supposed to be given sometime within the next 3 days, he was hoping his team could at least be remotely useful. He himself also hoped that the sensei could teach him something notable considering his status as the lone Uchiha, he felt like he was deserving of it after all.

    He personally preferred just being allowed to train at his own compound, but the academy held priority for many reasons, to his disappointment and anger. It didn't help that nearly every girl in the academy was obsessed with him and complete fan girls. It was pathetic that these girls couldn't dedicate a second of their time to training and growing stronger but instead following HIM around just too see him do thing's that they themselves should be doing.

    "The Future kunoichi of this Village are going to be a massive disappointment" he muttered to himself once more as he sat at his desk, not even paying attention to the instructor. Eventually, the class would come to end, some students leaving immediately while other's actually gathered up to talk about pointless things.

    Sasuke himself remained at his desk with his eye's closed and his head on his hand, almost as if he was sleeping even though he was still fully conscious.

    "Hey did you hear about what happened to Naruto? I heard he's in the hospital, something happened between him,Mizuki-sensei, and Iruka-sensei. I heard that both Mizuki-sensei and Iruka-sensei both ended up dying and Naruto was hurt or something like that." A girl said, most likely the Yamanaka girl Ino who also was one of his fangirls.

    "THAT BAKA NARUTO-DOBE! I BET HIS OWN DAMN STUPIDITY GOT IRUKA-SENSEI AND MIZUKI-SENSEI KILLED! WHEN HE COME'S BACK I'M GOING TO PUT HIM THROUGH A WALL!" The Sakura girl shrieked out. Sasuke himself almost fell of his chair considering the voice's magnitude, he wouldn't be surprised if that caused some sort of quake through Konoha my goodness.

    "I-I th-think that y-you might b-be overreacting S-Sakura-chan...I-I don't think it w-was N-N-Naruto-kun's fault... Hinata said with great stuttering.

    "No way! The dead-last had to have somehow gotten those two killed! There's no way somebody like that dobe wouldn't have done something, he's a complete moron! I mean c'mon!- The dog-boy known as Kiba said..

    "He is a moron, but are you really any better Kiba?... Ino pointed out

    Touché. I thought to myself

    "What do you think about this Shikamaru?" A Chubby boy eating chips asked a boy who sat at his desk with his eyes closed and his hand on his head, similar to Sasuke himself.

    "Troublesome." The pineapple-haired boy simply said.

    "Perhaps we should ask Naruto when he comes back about what happened...I think he'd personally be okay with it knowing his...attitude..." The boy with dark sunglasses and a green jacket said.

    "S-Shino-kun's r-right! W-we can't make a-assumptions until we u-understand the s-situation better! Hinata pointed out

    "I personally don't care too much with what happens to the dobe...I'm not even sure if he passed it or not but he still needs to control himself better if he wants to be a ninja..." Ino said bluntly

    "That's pretty Ironic Ino, considering you spend most of your day googling at Sasuke and then fighting with Sakura about him..." Shikamaru stated

    "Oh Shut up you lazy-ass! It's not my fault Sasuke-kun is not interested in forehead at all!" Ino shouted out


    "Alright guy's relax, If you two scream one more time I'm pretty sure this building will collapse...


    "Troublesome..." Shikamura muttered out

    I doubt anything interesting will come out of any of this conversation anymore...I need to go train. Although, I wonder, what did happen with Iruka and Mizuki and what did it have to do with the dobe...Not like it matters, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the main reason for their death's...

    Sasuke got up as he proceeded to exit the building to begin his normal training routine.

    "AH! WAIT FOR US SASUKE-KUNNNNN!" Both Ino and Sakura shouted as they chased after Sasuke.

    "Those two never change huh..." Choji stated

    "Oh man...what's the word Shikamaru uses for these type of thing's?..." Kiba asked


    Naruto Uzumaki (The Future Hero)

    Naruto had just recently gotten home an hour ago and had been laying on the couch the whole time. After everything that happened recently he honestly just wished he could turn off everything around him and just be able to relax for as long as possible. Naruto couldn't stop thinking about what happened that afternoon with Iruka-sensei and Mizuki. It bothered him greatly..because...

    He couldn't save

    A hero...A Leader...they couldn't allow for others to die off their own idiotic choices...and he knew he was the main component behind what happened to Mizuki and the other two traitors, as well as what happened with Iruka-sensei. It was something he couldn't just shrug off, It was something that was just biting at him and not trying to stop.

    Naruto took a glance at the chains that remained at the table. Even though he had used them, They looked completely unchanged or unmoved and were in the same position that they had been yesterday morning. Now's as good of a time as any... he thought.
    He got up as he sat in front of the chains, preparing for the routine as he breathed in and out with his eye's closed. He proceeded to grab the chain's with both-


    Naruto gasped out for air as he immediately pushed himself back, and dropped himself on the floor, the chain's falling back down on the table as he breathed in heavily from what he had just done. It's still just as overwhelming...no surprise there...but damn...
    Naruto slowly got up as he continued breathing in and out while staring at the chains. Even with the formation of a contract the Chain's were still how they usually are, and he didn't know for how long they'd be like that.

    Do you Hear me Young one?

    "Huh? what the?..." Naruto said sounding confused

    Did you think I wouldn't be able to communicate outside of battle?

    Quite the contrary, Young one, haha.

    "Well...If you are talking to me...what is it you want?..." Naruto asked

    Sit on the floor and meditate, make sure you are 100% focused while you're at it.

    "Alright then sure, but why exactly do I need to do this?"

    It will allow me to communicate with you better and more directly young one.

    Naruto proceeded on the floor as he closed his eyes and focused.

    He felt water underneath him, not the same floor from his apartment as he slowly opened his eyes. He noticed he was sitting on water so he got up and took glances around him. There was nothing but pure fog and water that was at his feet, The world itself felt infinite, but also empty at the same time. It was a place of pure relaxation, but also a place of full loneliness. He took notice of a hooded figure that stood in front of him. The hooded figure looked quite a bit like the one in his dream not too long ago, but also not the same. The figure looked almost exactly the same as the one in his dream, but lacked the tattoos across his body, and he also seemed much more serious rather then the somewhat laid back attitude that the one in his dream had.
    "Who are you?" Naruto asked

    "I thought we went over this when we did our contract...you did call me out after all..." The figure stated while crossing his arms.

    "WAIT!...So you're..."

    "Yes. I am Sora no Kusari. I am indeed the chains that you have and wield. I myself have a true name. However, I do not desire to give it to you just yet, so for nowyou may call me Sora." He stated calmly.

    "Sora huh...Wait...why won't you reveal to me your true name? If it's because you somehow don't know my name well my name's Naru-!"

    "Haha,I am well aware of your name young one, you have no need to tell me. I simply prefer to not reveal my true name because It is not necessary at this moment of time. Maybe sometime in the future yes, but as of now I find it be somewhat inappropriate..." He stated.

    "Oh man...Alright Fine! So anyways, what is this place?" Naruto asked

    "This place...I myself don't truly know but I guess you could say it's my own world created from within you..."


    "Haha, Calm down boy. While this place is indeed in you, It is also not apart of you. It'd be more accurate to say that it's more of a mindscape or dream world that you can access through meditation or sleep in some form."
    "Oh...Well...It's still pretty freaky, this place on it's own is pretty scary..."

    "I personally don't find it scary...It's more of a home to me...Then again it's no suprise considering that I myself am a mere spirit of the chain...I cannot fathom how you think just like you yourself fathom how I think..."
    "...HEY! ARE YOU CALLING ME STUPID?!" Naruto shouted at

    "Hahaha,No, not at all boy...I'd say you are certainly interesting compared to the other's that have used me...I'll enjoy being your partner..."
    "Whatever...I hope you're not like this all the time." Naruto mumbled out before resuming again "By the way, why did I feel the sharp pain in my head after I used that weird Void Style technique? Do you know?" Naruto questioned
    "Well...The pain is mainly attributed from me attempting to form the contract with you...Usually contracts are formed in a place like this mindscape. Attempting to form it outside of a mindscape usually causes immense amounts of pain, so much so that the possibility of death even lingers as well..."

    "SO WHY DID YOU DO IT THEN AND NOT WHEN I WAS HERE!" Naruto shouted at the man

    "I originally did not want to form a contract with you for some quite time, I wanted too see how you would develop and If your potential exceeded any possible risks...but the possibility of you dying against those 3 lingered so I decided to form the contract and aid you..."

    "Hmmmmm" Naruto simply stared with a cynical look.

    "Is there anything else you wish to ask?...I did hear you mention something about Void Style?

    "I did, do you know something about it? I used it right before the head pain kicked in"

    The hooded man began to start laughing uncontrollably after he regained control of himself he stated.

    "Never would I have thought I'd have a Void User as my partner...Such a rare talent..." He said in astonishment and in happiness.

    Naruto simply stared at the man with his mouth wide open as if not knowing what to say at the situation.

    Looks like were gonna have a little bit of a teaching session...


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    Does this mean he can use Omyouton? Closest thing to the Void considering the Japanese element.
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    As of now no; In the future however it's definitely possible.
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    Naruto: Chains of Fate
    (Chapter 4)

    Naruto Uzumaki (The Future Hero)

    "A...Teaching session?" Naruto asked in some shock...

    "Huh?...do you clean your ear's young one? If you don't then my apologies I can understand why you didn't hear tha-"


    "No need for screaming young one, I heard you loud and clear...but yes...There is quite a bit you must learn, Void Style is a style that to your luck and possible misfortune...Is a style that I myself am very familiar with. Considering my last partner also could do Void Style as well.

    "So you understand Void Style?...well for starters, Could you well...explain it?"

    "Void Style is a style that I myself cannot fully comprehend or even you yourself can comprehend completely so to put it out as simple as possible, It is a form of Space and gravitational style of chakra nature that focuses on...well...Space and Time...
    "Woah! Space and Time? That sounds scary...no...That sounds very scary actually"

    I agree, It is quite scary. This chakra nature also has strong relations to that of Dark Release and Light Release...NOT to be confused with Yin and Yang Release, as Light and Dark Release work in slightly different but still unexplainable ways. Void Release especially has a relation to Dark Release and man...let me tell you...some of those Dark Release Jutsu's are quite interesting to say the least.

    "Has anyone ever used Dark Release?" Naruto asked

    "Well, there was one among a few named Hiruko, but we don't talk about him he's pretty irrelevant...yeah it'd be best if we just forgot about him..."

    Somewhere in Naruto's mind he couldn't help but believe that somewhere in the world, a fourth wall had been broken.

    "Regardless, To be able to use the true weapons that lie in Void Style which are the Dark Release and Light Release, you have to fully understand and manipulate the powers of the Void and Void Style itself. Easier said then done however...The Void itself is quite similar to those moments you get when you hold me in your hands for a few seconds every day..." He stated somewhat cryptically.

    "No way! So I won't even be able to use Void Style to remotely close to it's full potential huh! I can barely handle you for 5 seconds! how could I possibly handle something that could take years-"

    "Incorrect. First, Even a small amount of the Void's potential is still quite large. I suspect that for someone like you to hold the Nine-tails, as well as being an Uzumaki while also wielding me...You'd be able to handle roughly 10% of the Void's potential. That in itself might seem quite small, but trust me...It is formidable. Second, The power of the Void is not simple. Far from it, there has been a handful of user's of the Void style who have been able to get through a sizable amount of its potential, enough to access Dark and Light Release. However..."

    "NONE have been able to even comprehend or understand the Void itself. In itself is so complex you might as well call it another dimension or universe. With that comes even greater reward's and potential...but not without the understanding of Void style and having the power of Dark and Light Release. Even then that is just the bare minimum. The strongest Void-user known in history possessed roughly 50% of the Void Style's potential and had roughly Intermediate knowledge of Dark and Light Release, and yet could not bare to even be within the Void realm for a mere 5 minutes. pressure there is incredibly immense, I myself have no clue what it may require to be within the Void realm, and quite frankly I'd rather now know even as a Chain spirit...It still gives me shudders..."

    "I...wow...I don't even know what to say" As Naruto simply gaped in complete awe and somewhat in marvel.

    "Is...Is it possible that you could explain the Void Jutsu that I have? Naruto asked

    "Oh? what was it called?"

    "Uh...Void Style: Unahanabira..."

    "That jutsu?...well...It's got a cool name and an interesting origin to say the least but...well...It's probably the weakest Void Style Jutsu, at least in my opinion."

    "Why do you say that?...The shield was able to hold off Mizuki and those other two, It only failed after I collapsed because you wanted to form the contract."

    "Correct. however, It would have certainly been destroyed with just a few more hits, The shield is only up to the level of a low-level Chunin, and even then, a good amount of genin could probably get through."

    "Just my luck...A Void Style jutsu and it isn't even that effective..." Naruto said sadly.

    "Not quite. Unahanabira itself has 7 states of power that It evolves through over the course of time as the User grow's stronger. You currently wield the 1st state which is of course the weakest state but as it progresses the shield itself grows stronger to the point that the shield will begin to hold against even Kage level ninja." Sora stated firmly.

    "How long does it normally take to get those 7 states of power?" Naruto asked

    Sora scratched his head as he answered "Well...I'll be quite frank the first 3 states aren't too much of a problem but anything past the 4 state become's really troublesome to get through, To access those states at that point usually require you to have survived encounters with some really strong ninja or have won in some way, As far as I'm concerned many don't even focus on the power of Unahanabira because It simply requires too much attention compared to some of the other techniques of Void Style that are immensely powerful."

    "Do...Do you think I could be the first to access the seven states Sora?" Naruto asked the chain spirit.

    "I will always firmly believe in the one who is my partner young one. So yes, I believe that you may...You certainly have the potential for it after all for reason's I have already stated."

    "Well then there's another question, Is it possible for you to use Void-Style techniques?"

    "It's relatively complicated...you see...In this mindscape I am perfectly in form to use all of my powers that I see fit and with no restrictions at all. However, I can do absolutely nothing outside of this place since this is my domain and I am a mere chain spirit, my powers cannot be accustomed to that of the real world young one."

    "Damn...that sucks..." Naruto responded back with a sad tone

    "Can you show me one of your Void Style Jutsu's by any chance?" Naruto suddenly asked happily.

    Sora smiled sheepishly "Considering how you are...I guess It wouldn't hurt..." Suddenly Sora straightened up. "Stand back" He said in a serious and strict tone devoid of emotion.
    "Ah!...Sora?" Naruto asked confused by this attitude.

    "I would like to show you my strongest Void Style Jutsu, however, I ask that you step back or else you may get hurt...and that wouldn't be good would it young one." Sora responded back once again in a no-nonsense tone. Naruto proceeded to step back a good few feet as he saw Sora begin to breathe in and out. This went on for a few minutes as Naruto simply stared in confusion.

    "Hey?...Sora?...what are you-" Naruto couldn't finish as a sudden wave of chakra and energy came out causing massive ripples within the mindscape. Naruto fell on the floor as he simply stared in awe at the amount of energy being let out.
    "RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"Sora Screamed out as the power being expelled began to grow stronger.

    "S-SORA! YOU'RE GOING TO...DESTROY THIS...PLACE!" Naruto could barely speak from the amount of pressure.


    Suddenly, Sora clapped his hands and the power being expelled immediately stopped as the chakra and energy seemed to return and flow back into Sora. Sora's eyes were closed as he looked to be sleeping.
    "Sora?..." Naruto wheezed as he recovered from the pressure.

    "VOID STYLE! URAGIRI NO YUMI! (Bow of Betrayal)" Sora shouted out. A bow formed in the hands of Sora. The bow itself was comprised of pure dark and void-like energy alongside chakra, It was almost like Sora was carrying an aura that looked like a bow. The bow itself also seemed volatile as It's energy was constantly shifted and looked like It was going to explode at any second.

    "This...is my ultimate jutsu of Void Style...The Uragiri no Yumi. A bow of the Void that contains enormous power that could destroy a whole mountain with just one arrow...This technique is very strenuous...It's as if the bow itself is consuming me as I hold it and I myself am a chain spirit...That is the risk of some of these high-level Void Jutsu's however...but I feel this is a good example to show you to be careful when dealing with this type of Void Jutsu If you are able to eventually grasp the Void power itself. As even with pure concentration and focus that took minutes...I still feel as my being as a chain spirit is being torn away..."

    The bow faded away as Sora no longer powered up the bow.

    "Well then...That was quite the show eh young one?...oh?...YOUNG ONE!"

    Naruto was on the floor as blood came from his nose as he looked passed out.
    "Are you feeling better now? Young one?" Sora asked him in worry.

    "Oh! Yeah! No worries Sora I'm okay." Naruto politely responded back. "But sheesh, You never needed to show me your strongest Jutsu if it was THAT powerful...Damn that was crippling"

    "My apologies young one, but I feel like a demonstration was in order so you fully understood the risk and rewards of using Void Style when you understand it's properties.

    "Is that Void jutsu something you learned?"

    "Actually no...It's the embodiment of my power, The bow is supposed to represent who I am as a chain spirit. I guess you could say that it's like my Spirit Weapon!...Man that sounds cheesy" Sora said as he scratched his head and had a faint blush.

    "The bow represents you as a spirit..." Naruto trailed off... "The jutsu was called Uragiri no Yumi correct?" "In other words, it's a bow that represents and is betrayal...but that doesn't match you at all Sora, why is that?"

    "I'd rather not talk about it young one." Sora stated in a serious tone.

    "But Sora-"
    "Naruto. I will not talk about it. At least not yet." Sora stated in a tone that left little in the room for questioning or debating.

    "Alright then Sora...say...how much time has it been in here I feel like I've been in here for hours!" Naruto muttered out sounding tired.

    "It has only been roughly 5 minutes within the real world. I myself don't completely don't understand the flow of time here. All I am aware of is that 5 minutes have passed in the real world compared to whatever amount of time you feel like you've spent here." Sora answered


    "Yes" was what Naruto heard as he simply fell on his back while rainclouds formed over his head.

    "Oh man...I'm gonna take the greatest nap ever when I get out of here..."

    Hiruzen Sarutobi (The God of Shinobi)

    Hiruzen was having quite the headache at the moment. It came down to how he wanted to have the team's organized, but there wasn't much time for team selections and he was in somewhat of a rush, which lead to some issues.
    Originally, Hiruzen intended to place Sasuke,Naruto, and Sakura as Team 7 with Kakashi. Hinata,Shino, and Kiba on Team 8 with Kurenai. Shikamaru,Choji,and Ino on Team 10 with Asuma. However, circumstances had changed partly from what happened with Naruto and his confrontation with Mizuki, which ended in 2 chunin's death, alongside Mizuki himself and Iruka. It was also in part because another student he didn't take note of that did poorly on the exam's, but seemed to be hiding his power. The boy's name was Ito. From what he had heard, the boy often slacked off on some part's of the exam, and in certain parts refused to even do them for unknown reasons. The boy though, In the part's of the exams he did participate in completely aced it.

    The boy had been relatively unknown and quiet, there was no history with his family or history. as according to what the boy had said; "I've always been alone" Would indicate that the boy was an orphan. In a way, this gave Sarutobi somewhat of a comparison to make with him and Naruto interestingly enough, and he felt as if a possible dynamic between him and Naruto could possibly be beneficial considering their backgrounds.

    Hiruzen's own idea's formed as he decided to form somewhat of an Interesting experiment that could either pay off tremendously, or fall face flat...hard... He decided to put Naruto,Sasuke,and Ito on the same team which would be lead by Kakashi, otherwise known as
    Team 7.

    He was well aware of the Issues that were between Naruto and Sasuke. He knew that Ito was a relative unknown and Hiruzen himself did not fully understand the boy, or even talked to or seen him before so he was quite the X-Factor. However, in the end the team's potential was still too much to pass up and Hiruzen felt this would be the right choice in the end.

    This left out Sakura Haruno, who was originally supposed to be in instead of Ito. Hiruzen also felt that were was an Interesting connection between her and Ino. He felt that the two while very good friends, had a similar rivalry like that of Naruto and Sasuke, although not as exactly the same. Hiruzen decided to somewhat disrupt the synergy of the Ino-Shika-Cho by deciding to put Sakura in as well to form a 4-genin team. He would of course have the team lead by Asuma as Team 10. Team 8 would remain as he intended with Hinata,Kiba, and Shino lining it up.

    Hiruzen began hearing footsteps that were heading towards the entrance as he remembered that he was going to have a meeting with the boy "Ito" In order to understand him further and what his character was. The footsteps came up to the entrance as the door slowly opened. A boy was at the door, a size relative to someone like Naruto. He had white,silver hair, which nearly covered his eye's from the front but besides that was of relatively normal size. His eyes were a bright red in color. He wore a black shirt with a white vest on it, alongside a pair of black pants alongside sandals, his toenails painted black. He also had a strange seal on the front of his hand that seemed to go down into his wrist, It's design beign far too intricate for Hiruzen to decipher.
    The boy's mouth moved as he formed a smile while proceeding to bow. with a response.

    Hello Hokage-sama...I...Ito...

    He slowly got up from his bow as he looked at the Hokage.

    Have arrived

    ? (?)

    "Master. I have come to tell you that the boy that's power was awoken thanks to the contributions of "?" as a contract was formed." A voice told to its apparent master.

    "Well Well...Interesting...I didn't think he'd have the balls to do it but damn that son of a bitch actually did it...Here I thought I'd have a future challenge in the making in about 25 years. It would have been the first in so long and now...I doubt the brat will last long...Damn shame." A voice replied back harshly.

    "Master, If you so desire I can tell Leader-sama regarding what-" He couldn't finish his sentence as his master threw a dagger that sliced his cheek as he went to the ground on one knee while holding his cheek."

    "HELL NO! There's a lot of thing's people call me. A Savage, A brute, A monster in physical form, a bunch of other shit too...but I consider a snitch to be the worst of anything I've heard...I refuse to do shit like that just cause that idiot decided his boredom was more interesting

    than the sake of my lust for battle! I thought I warned the bastard, he knows I'd be able to kill him one-on-one and yet he still pull's this shit! It's unreal!" He originally reprimanded him but it seemed as if he trailed off and just began ranting to himself."

    "Master...There is still a possibility that the boy will grow and develop and become strong. In fact, If everything goes right you may have challenge in a far shorter amount of time..." He told his Master

    "Hmmm...Maybe so...but I seriously doubt a brat like him could ever truly understand what it mean's to be a warrior...He's just another idiot that got lucky...Nothing more...I'll keep my eye on the brat, but I'll be sure to take care of him if he becomes far too annoying for his own good...Man that'll be fun..."
    As he licked his lips.

    "Master...I believe there is a meeting we were supposed to attend and we've been late for nearly 10 minutes...shouldn't we go?..." He asked his Master in some fear.

    "Normally I wouldn't give two shits about it, but I myself don't have anything to do and I feel like a little clowning around is in order...so then..."

    The figure walked out of the darkness as his appearance showed. He had Spiky,Green hair with one of his bangs going down his head and wore a large white coat with Red sword designs on it. He had black pants with a regular belt tied around his waist to go with White fur boots. His notable aspect being his diamond ear piercings which seemed to shine within the darkness of the room.

    "Lead the way, Master Zarashi of the Eleventh... "

    hmph...Yeah...Let's go...

    Void Style: Uragiri no Yumi (Bow of Betrayal) The bow is essentially consumed in area to the point where it looks as if one is merely carrying an aura itself. The power of the bow however is considering incredibly destructive, being capable of destroying an entire mountain with only one arrow. However, the cost of this jutsu is quite nasty as only those with Strong chakra control, and very high Chakra reserves can handle this Jutsu do to the amount of pressure it exerts and how much it strain's the user. It is still quite the destructive bow and those that can fully control it's power could be considered God's. This bow is mainly associated with Sora for unknown reasons.
    Classification: Ninjutsu
    Rank: S Rank, Possibly SS Rank at it's mastered state.
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