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Create-a-Cape! Post Your Worm OCs and Alt Powers Here

Discussion in 'General' started by Master of Squirrel-fu, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    You ever have that interesting idea for a power in the wormverse but don't have the actual writing talent or are simply too lazy to write a snippet where you crudely replace Taylor with your character like some sort of changeling? Well here's a nice place to post these incomplete OCs.

    Here's a Generic Profile Template feel free to use it if you want but go nuts with what you want.
    Give as much or as little details as you want.

    And for those who want to participate but don't think they can come up with something creative on their own, or simply for those who are bored and want to kill time I made a simple power creator guideline

    Step 1: Give traumatic event to use as a trigger and become a Parahuman.
    Step 2: Pick either a vague descriptor or a Power Classification
    Step 3: Roll 1d20 to determine how powerful your abilities will be. High rolls might ignore Manton Limits while low rolls might cause power complications.
    Step 4: GM/Other poster gives you your power based on the above specs.
    Step 5: Determine Morality; Moral, Jerk, Monstrous
    Step 6: Determine alignment; Hero, Rogue, Villain
    Step 7: Determine what group you are affiliated with if any. (Protectorate, Sponsored, Independent, etc.)

    Mover, Shaker,
    Brute and Breaker.
    Master, Tinker,
    Blaster and Thinker,
    Striker, Changer,
    Trump and Stranger.

    Mover: Movement based super powers. Flight, Teleporting, Speed, Leaping, Super Parkour etc.
    Shaker: Powers (usually non damaging) that affect an area around. Forcefeilds, Matter Creation, Environment manipulation, Large area radial effects.
    Brute: Powers that increase overall durability and usual physical prowess.
    Breaker: Powers that "Break" physics that are limited to the user and on occasion a small (couple inches) area around them. Immunities, Elemental form, Intangibility, etc.
    Master: Powers that either influence the mind, empower others, or create some form of minion allowing the Master to fight via proxy. Mind Washing, Power Granting, Monster Spawning, Mind Control, Cloning.
    Tinker: Ability to create devices, almost always via Super Science following a narrow theme such as Medicine, Efficiency, Self Replication, and Bombs.
    Blaster: Ranged attacks or effects such as Blasts, Balistics, and throwing empowered objects. Gun Generation, Fire Breath, Elemental Blasts, Arrows and Bullets, Befriending Beams, TK Thrown objects.
    Thinker: Mental and Sensory powers. Empath, Pre/Postcognition, Clairvoyance, Deduction, Intuition, Mental Enhancement.
    Striker: Powers that only work in melee usually requiring touch. Paralyzing Touch, Acid Aura, Super Strength (W/O durability), Poison Sweat, Empowered Strikes.
    Changer/Shifter: Ability to alter one's physical form freely or assume an alternate inhuman form. Shape-shifting, Beast/Monster Form, Animorphism, Elemental Transformation.
    Trump: Meta-powers, powers that either change often or effect most other powers. Power Nullification, Power Draining, Power Mimicry.
    Stranger: Powers that easily lend themselves to espionage, oven overlaps with mental and Master powers. Invisibility, Mind Reading, Mind Control, Clairvoyance, Shape-shifting, Stealth Enhancement.

    Odd, almost seemingly arbitrary, limits of certain powers. In most cases this refers to the inability of a power effect living objects such as people, animals, and plants or inversely a power that only works on living matter. Other times it refers to the inability to only effect part of an object or to generate their power within said object or person. The last common usage is powers that can only effect others and not the user. It is commonly assumed that the existence of the Manton Effect is self preservation, protection against accidentally injuring or killing oneself via power usage.

    While not part of the Manton Effect there are other common limiters placed on powers: Thinker Headaches that cause severe migraines with prolonged usage of mental powers. Tinker Blackboxing which refers to the oddity of Tinkertech being nigh impossible to reproduce even among other Tinkers. Endbringer Immunity, many powers are unable to directly effect Endbringers and they are immune to most stranger, master, trump, thinker, and striker powers. Power Quirks, many powers also have small little quirks personally tailored to them such only working fully under certain conditions or interacting oddly with certain effects.

    Powers without Manton Limits are extremely rare and dangerous, both to others and to the user.

    Not all powers are good, not all powers can be considered a blessing. Many tend to have very little in terms of a silver lining. The complications that can come from a power vary wildly in effect and severity. Always On powers are always in effect, for subtle powers like durability this doesn't matter but some like Poison skin or Laser Eyes is very hard to deal with. Mutations, rarely powers may permanently change physical appearance sometimes in very horrifying ways. Uncontrollable Powers, not every aspect of a power is controllable this can range from randomly changing the strength of an effect to randomly activating the effect against the capes will. Mental Issues, some powers greatly alter the mind, changing perceptions, thought process, personalities, or even forcing overwhelming compulsions.

    Now Post your OCs! The power of Squirrelly compels you!

    Master of Squirrel-fu:
    Boneka - Lauri Calhoun | Telekinetic Master
    Crowd Source - Ingway Brunstead | Social Thinker
    Flicker - [Unnamed] | Time-Stopping Mover
    Twitch - [Unnamed] | Flashstepping Mover

    Nightshade - Hei Lin | Shadow Portal Mover
    Baskerville/Warhound - Gergor Veldyme | Soulstealing Thinker
    Artemis - Alma Zandt | Motion and Mechanics Thinker
    Mighty Mouse - Jerri Travis | Space Bending Mover

    Harmony - Grace Richards | Dance Based Brute
    Amaterasu - Tanaka Biiko | God-Tier Shaker
    Black Alice - Tanaka Eiko | Demon Queen Master

    Immortal Smoke - Taylor Hebert | Resurrecting Pyro Breaker [Taylor Alt Power]
    The Weaver - Taylor Hebert | Space Whale Magic Tinker [Taylor Alt Power]
    Chimera - Taylor Hebert | Monstrous "Cannibal" Changer [Taylor Alt Power]
    Impact - Taylor Hebert | Kung-fu Striker [Taylor Alt Power]
    Ku(zu)ebiko - Kakashi | Blind Hypnotist Thinker
    Hitsuzen - Kaguya Kasugano | Causality Reversing Prophet Striker

    Kid Grim - Trevor Sansa | Bone Controlling Skeleton Man
    Evil Eye - Emerald Tyler | Admin Access Master
    Fata Morgana - Sarah Durden | Copy Pasta Shaker

    Lovelace - Caoimhe McAlister | Emotion Ribbon Shaker
    Kortik I - Atyanas | Sacrificial Duplication
    Kortik II - Aelita | Phantom Clone Spies
    Kortik III - Anya | Body Surfing
    Kortik IV - Anita | Body Echo
    Kortik V - Arya | Layered Cloning

    Bastion - Alexander Green | Adaptive Bio-Mech Brute

    The Stig - Anthony Craig | General Direction to Victory Thinker
    Arsenal - Daniel Boone | Gun Tinker Cowboy
    Newton - Nina Hayes | Gravity Scaling Shaker

    Doki Doki - Natsume Yukijo | Unkillable Yandere Brute
    Iron Jack - Tiffany Splicer | Force Boosting Brute

    Impartial Panic:
    Dr. Feelgood - Felix Goodman - Narcotics Tinker

    Babel - Andrew Cooper | Breaking Point Thinker

    Poe - [Unnamed] | Murder (of) Crows

    Sakura Miller | Military Tinker

    a man named bob:
    Pressure - Jane Young | Gravity Controlling Shaker

    Dark Spot - [Unnamed] | Light Warping Shaker | By Master of Squirrel-fu for Chibi-Reaper
    Funnel - [Unnamed] | Power Draining Trump | By Master of Squirrel-fu for Kinglugia
    Omen - [Unnamed] | Entropy Cursing Striker | By Master of Squirrel-fu for Kinglugia
    Masque - [Unnamed] | Simulacrum Stranger | By Master of Squirrel-fu for Lowregister
    Funhouse - [Unnamed] | Amorphic Astral Projection | By Master of Squirrel-fu for Marthis
    Magi - [Unnamed] | Mental Perception Manipulation | By Master of Squirrel-fu for Whumbly
    Ashspawn | Living Cinder | By Master of Squirrel-fu for @Crawling_chaos
    Drauger | Aquaportation | By Master of Squirrel-fu for Latewave
    Dr. Moreau | Anthropomorphization | By Master of Squirrel-fu for Nianque
    Beacon | Unique Power Booster | Master of Squirrel-fu for kinglugia
    Tarot | Just Summoned a Bunch of Monsters in One Turn | Master of Squirrel-fu for Whumbly
    Roulette Round | Gambling; The Power | Master of Squirrel-fu for OverReactionGuy
    The Laughing Man - Josh Groben | Memetic Assimilation | Master of Squirrel-fu for EihE
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2017
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  2. Chibi-Reaper

    Chibi-Reaper D-Donations plz?

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    1. Caught mommy and daddy with aunt edna, a large box of accessories, and your school principal.
    2. Blindness.
    3.[blockquote]Rolled 1d20 : 10, total 10[/blockquote]
    4. ???
    5. Moral
    6. Rogue
    7. ???

    I don't know a thiiiiing about Worm. Still hain't read.
  3. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Here's some of mine:

    Name: Lauri Calhoun | Alias: Boneka
    Affiliation: None | Alignment: Jerk/Rogue
    Gender: Female | Build: Tall and thin
    Ethnicity: White | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown
    Class: Master/Striker 6
    Power: Touch Telekinesis that works by spreading a thin and invisible barrier over an object. Can control anything precisely while in maintaining a physical contection to it even if indirect, the ability can only control Whole objects and has an maximum of surface area it can control. She uses strings to circumvent this limitation. Edit: Favored method of using her powers is to either tag a person and control them or create "Dolls" out of objects in the area.

    Name: Ingway Brunstead | Alias: Crowd Source
    Affiliation: Vigilante | Alignment: Moral Hero
    Gender: Male | Build: Slight
    Ethnicity: White | Hair: Black | Eyes: Black
    Class: Stranger 3, Thinker 4, Master, Changer
    Power: Adapting to a crowd. Ingway has the ability to take on the most common traits of a group of people. The larger the group and the better the subjects the better. He also becomes far more charismatic, to the point that without valid cause to be suspect none would doubt his words. Unfortunately he can also be taken in by the crowd, sometimes losing himself and becoming influenced by common personality traits.

    Name: | Alias: Flicker
    Affiliation: Wards | Alignment: Moral Hero
    Gender: Female | Build: Small child
    Ethnicity: ? | Hair: short black | Eyes: Brown
    Class: Mover, Breaker
    Power: To the untrained eye it appears as if her power is teleportation but that is incorrect. She seemingly freeze time, though unable to directly affect living creatures she can move through objects while time stopped and destroy it if she unfreezes time while still within it. There is no time limit for how long she can keep the effect active and while within she does not require sustenance to survive.

    Name: [NA] | Alias: Twitch
    Affiliation: None | Alignment: Jerk Hero
    Gender: [N/A] | Build: [NA]
    Ethnicity: [NA] | Hair: [NA] Eyes: [NA]
    Class: Mover 3, Thinker 2
    Power: Bursts of Super speed, capable of moving at a speed that the human eye can only track as flashes. The faster movement the shorter the burst. Force isn't magnified however, so a punch at super speed will only have as much force as a normal punch. Also has a secondary coordination and mental quickness power to be able function during the bursts.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015
  4. Alphaleph

    Alphaleph Experienced.

    Apr 21, 2014
    Likes Received:
    That power and you call her 'Doll'?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2014
  5. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Shaker 5, Stranger 3
    Power: You can adjust light waves in spherical areas up to 3 at a time and about 10 feet in diameter each. You can cause light to completely bend around an area or adjust the wavelength as it passes through or focus it like a magnifying glass if you like. You are also capable of seeing all spectrums of light but now bright areas give you migraines.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2014
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  6. kinglugia

    kinglugia A Randy Avian

    Oct 3, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Bored. Want to see Squirrel work his/her/its tricks.
    Might make cape on my own at a later time.

    Step 1: Simurgh attacks city. Feels insignificant compared to the power the Endbringers. BSOD.
    Step 2: Trump. "Never feel helpless again." (I want to have my cake and eat it :p)
    Step 3: [blockquote]Rolled 1d20 : 10, total 10[/blockquote]
    Step 4: GM
    Step 5: Moral
    Step 6: Hero
    Step 7: PRT

    (You know what, I'll ask for 2, because :p)
    Step 1: Sphere was your hero. He became Mannequin, and you felt betrayed by his heel-face-turn, especially when he killed your parents when the Slaughterhouse 9 came to town.
    Step 2: Righteous vengeance
    Step 3: [blockquote]Rolled 1d20 : 3, total 3[/blockquote]
    Step 4: GM
    Step 5: Jerk
    Step 6: Rogue
    Step 7: Cauldron
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  7. Grosstoad

    Grosstoad Whimsical Paranoid Creeper

    Mar 5, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Hmm, plum velvet on the outside, inside is crimson silk, with spotted white fur trim and long length fur collar.
    Ankle length looks regal, but impractical, if it can have some kind of variable length ability it would be best.
    Clasp is a brooch, with redundant clasps made out of exaggerated golden chains.
  8. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    You have the ability to drain powers within your range, not only weakening their power but gaining some of it for yourself. The pace you can do such is slow and you can't copy body modifications that the power may have caused, but the effect lasts even if the cape leaves the area of effect. You can't turn off the ability but you can focus your attention on an area to increase drain in a spot while increasing it in others. There isn't a hardlimit on the number of powers you can have but more than 3 at any significant level gives you a horrible migraine that only increases the longer you hold them.

    You can "Curse" objects (Max.10). Those things you can touch you can mark with your power allowing you to weaken it at any time as long as it's in your area of effect which is a rather meager 50 feet. You have a secondary power to track those things that have left your range to a limited extent (only able to tell if your closer). While you can't effect people if you tag one you can affect things that they are touching making it an effective anti-tinker measure. You can't turn the power off and it automatically weakens objects in contact with you, nor can you chose which object is uncursed when you go past your limit as one is selected at random.
  9. ultima333

    ultima333 Always Sleepy Moderator

    Apr 3, 2014
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    ....Do you mind if I take and use some of these?
  10. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
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    Take a look at my sig. See how little shits I give about intelectual property. Props is nice for when someone uses my ideas or such but I only really care if someone claims something I drew which hasn't actually happened.
  11. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Cape: Nightshade | Name: Hei Li
    Alignment: Monstrous Rogue | Affiliation: N/A
    Gender: Male | Build: Slim | Ethnicity: Asian
    Age: Mid 20s | Hair: Black | Eyes: Black
    Class: Mover 4, Shaker 7, Stranger
    Power: The overlap nonadjacent regions of space that have little to no light. Effectively turning shadows into a 3D portal/bag of holding.
    Other Notable Skills: Martial arts and Gun-handling.

    Cape: Baskerville/Warhound | Name: Gregor Veldyme
    Alignment: Monstrous Villain | Affiliation: Merc
    Gender: Male | Build: Body Builder | Ethnicity: European
    Age: 40s | Hair: Greying/Brown | Eyes: Brown
    Class: Trump, Brute, Thinker
    Power: Can steal the "Soul" of those who he looks in the eye while they die, gaining all knowledge and skills of the person. When used on a parahuman he gains a much weaker version of the power.
    Personality: A soldier for hire and a sociopath in love with death even before his trigger he sells his service not so much for money but for the opprotunity to spread carnage. Despite his bloodthirstyness he is quite civil and cultured when not fighting, though he can quickly switch from gentleman to berserker in the blink of an eye.

    Cape: Artemis | Name: Alma Zandt
    Alignment: Moral Hero | Affiliation: Wards
    Gender: Female | Build: Athletic | Ethnicity: Polish-Jew
    Age: 19 | Hair: Brown/Curly | Eyes: Brown
    Class: Thinker Tinker
    Power: The ability to nearly instantly understand physical mechanations and motions, even capable of infering a greater whole from only seeing parts. An intuitive understanding of motion. She can quickly learn any physical skill, often times improving it to absolute eficiency. She is also capable of building machines as well, usually along the lines McGuivering but so long as she knows what the non-mechanical parts do she can include them in designs.
    Personality: A fine example of Thinkers not neccisarly being "thinkers". She is very competitive and will answer to any challenge no matter how stupid with a bit of goading. She tends to be very obsessive and determined, often going to unnecessary extremes. She has a strict sense of justice and goes far beyond the call of duty to get the job done. She is a workaholic. She is capable of advanced tactics and strategy she just prefers to take a direct approach.

    Cape: Mighty Mouse | Name: Jerri Travis
    Alignment: Heroic Hero | Affiliation: Wards [Leader]
    Gender: F | Build: Very Petite | Ethnicity: ?
    Age: 18 | Hair: Light brown (short) | Eyes: Brown
    Class: Brute 1, Mover, Striker | Skill: Aikido
    Power: Extreme dexterity and agility, she can has a "Teleport" ability that works by warping space around herself (and anyobjects she might be touching) and a target location. As long as she can visualize a path between herself and the location she can move there instantly no matter the distance.
    Personality: She's pretty laid back and fun-loving. She often acts in a very over the top and grand manor when acting as a cape, which combined with her very short stature makes her seem like a child playing hero. Despite this she is very mature, and often acts in an older sister like manor to the other wards much to their chagrin. She has a vendetta against the Slaughterhouse 9 for what happened to her older sister Mouse Protector.
  12. Leingod

    Leingod Immaculate Blooming Lotus

    Feb 14, 2015
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    Sh*tty unimaginative SI/OC is GO! Everyone's got to come up with at least one in their lives, right?

    Name: Marcus Anthony Craig | Alias: The Stig
    Affiliation: Independent Mercenary Villain | Alignment: Neutral
    Gender: Male | Build: Skinny (slightly above-average height)
    Ethnicity: 1/2 Mexican, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Fillipino | Hair: Black | Eyes: Brown
    Class: Thinker/Mover
    Power: Transporter - A nerfed version of Path to Victory. Instead of being able to instantly know "how to do x" and being given the skills to flawlessly carry it out, this power lets you instantly know "how to get from a to b." Essentially, if you want to get from one place to another, this power will tell you the best way to do it and give you the abilities needed to do so, so long as it's remotely possible. Much like PtV, how you phrase the question is very important to get the power to do what you want, since otherwise it just picks the fastest path that leads to the least injury to you, with no mind to what happens immediately after you get to your "point b" or whether you want to take someone else with you or anything else. For example, if you want to save Chubster from Leviathan, you have to ask "how do I get me and Chubster to the nearest working Endbringer shelter?" If you just asked "how do I get to the nearest working Endbringer shelter?" then Step 1 would probably be "abandon Chubster." If you're in a high-speed chase, you have to ask "how do I get back to the safehouse without these guys following me?" or the power won't take losing them into account and just lead you straight to your no-longer safe house. Also, getting yourself from one point to the other needs to be the prime goal, or it doesn't work and you start getting a thinker headache. So if you want to take out a PRT squad with your bare hands, you'll have to maneuver yourself into an alley or some other dead end and then ask "how do I get past these guys without them following me?" Also, your "point b" can include more esoteric things, so stuff like "how do I get to safety" would be valid, as would "how do I get to Coil?" However, something like "how do I get to something that can kill Zion" would not work, and you'll get a bitch of a headache if you try. Finally, it only makes a plan for "right now." You can't ask "how do I get from point a to point b three days from now," and any plan you get from asking "how do I get from point a to point b" is likely to be obsolete three days from now due to different circumstances, so you can't use it to plan ahead except in the broadest sense.
    Personality: Pros/Neutral Qualities - Introverted, but not shy or socially awkward (not a social expert either). A bit quiet and keeps a lot to himself, but has no problem speaking up when he wants or has to, and perfectly capable of small talk (he can even enjoy it), he just doesn't initiate conversations much and doesn't mind silence. Non-judgmental and a pretty good listener. Can be thoughtful and sincere, and is very loyal to people he cares about. Intelligent and well-educated. Fairly smart tactically and strategically, but not leader material (keeps to himself too much, too quiet, etc.). Has a live and let live attitude most of the time (unless you mess with people he cares about, but even then he's only vengeful if he thinks you might do it again, or if not getting payback would make others think they could give it a shot).
    Cons - Apathetic; if you're not in the rather small circle of people he cares about, he's not likely to stick his neck out very far for you (not to say he'd never help people, but if he doesn't know you he's not risking his life to save yours, though if someone he does care about puts themselves at risk trying to save them...). Doesn't take criticism well, and tends to sulk when insulted or humiliated (takes being called boring especially badly). Good at spotting details, but it sometimes causes him to miss the big picture, even when it's obvious to everyone else. Kind of a space cadet (gets lost in mental tangents in low-pressure situations). Not very ambitious and would prefer to fly under the radar, so he grumbles if he has to take the spotlight.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    1. No that's not my real name. I took the name Marcus Antonius Creticus (father of Mark Antony) and altered it a little. Though my actual name is slightly similar to "Mark Antony."
    2. Kudos if you get the reference with the cape name.
    3. The "Affiliation" is actually kind of fluid; in stories set in Brockton Bay, he'd probably join Faultine's Crew. In places with organizations similar to Faultline's crew (mercenaries, don't kill, make good money, etc.) he'll join them. He wouldn't be adverse to a group like the Undersiders either. When it comes down to it, he'd prefer working with a group, since he's kind of squishy and his power is slightly limited in opportunities for individual crime, but he'd want one that pays well, isn't likely to ever get a kill order, isn't involved in really f*cked up stuff, and isn't a bunch of assholes. This being Worm, that's actually a fairly short list. As for why he's a villain at all instead of a rogue or hero? Rogues are liable to be press-ganged and don't get as much security or respect from villains or heroes, the Protectorate is too restrictive for his tastes and he doesn't like the idea of putting his life on the line for other people, and being an independent hero is right the hell out, since it's all the risk of a Protectorate cape with none of the benefits, like paychecks and other capes who've got your back. Independent hero groups are just as bad, since they tend to fall apart pretty quickly.
    4. By "Neutral" I mean he falls under the category of "isn't putting his life on the line for random strangers, doesn't go out of his way to be a dick." He leans more toward good than evil, but at the end of the day, he's too apathetic to make a good hero. If he's doing the right thing, it's because he's getting paid, or people he actually knows and cares about are in trouble, or he's got a metaphorical gun to his head, etc.
    5. I'm actually of slightly below-average height IRL, but f*ck it, isn't creating an idealized version of yourself with superpowers the whole point of making a sh*tty unimaginative OC/SI? I am skinny, though.
    6. Yes, that is my actual ethnicity. I take mostly after the white side of my heritage though (I look a lot like my Irish grandfather), so most people don't guess it. Be fun to rub that in the E88's face if they try to recruit me or otherwise start spewing stupid sh*t.
    7. Not sure what this power would be rated, though I'm pretty sure on the classification.
    8a. The power is lifted pretty much wholesale from the Worm Jumpchain, which can be found here: https://data.archive.moe/board/tg/image/1417/67/1417674084076.pdf
    8b. I did say it was an unimaginative OC/SI, didn't I? In all seriousness, I just really love that power and couldn't think of a better one that wasn't more broken. I did at least have the decency to flesh the power out, though.
    9. The irony of this power is that it makes me (like I said, OC/SI) the perfect getaway driver. I can't drive a car.
    10. The pic is of Joe (i.e. Sniper Joe. Kind of) from the Protomen's second album, The Father of Death, which I totally recommend.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2015
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  13. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu Judging You Internally Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Name: Grace Richards | Alias: Harmony
    Affiliation: Wards | Alignment: Moral Hero
    Gender: Female | Build: Tall Androgynous
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Black | Hair: Black, Short, Frizzy | Eyes: Black, Sharp.
    Class: Shaker 4, Blaster 4, Striker 4, Mover 2
    Power: Storage, magnification, and projected release of kinetic energy. She can store the "Wasted" energy she puts into her movement and increase it using something similar to resonance by 'bouncing' it off other motions while it's stored, or at least this is how she perceives her powers as working. It gives her a better sense of dynamic and fluid motions as well as a minor danger sense. The power requires her to use large motions in order to project it outward and to increase the force. She can use the force to enhance her own physical motions or telekinetic attacks.

    Summary: Grace is a young girl from the lowerclass area of the suburbs, while her family isn't poor they don't have much if anything in the way of disposable income. Her triggering was the result of several weeks of misfortune that culminated in her being attacked by several gang bangers and is a "Secret to Everybody". Grace has a passion for music and dancing that only increased with her gaining powers. Her theme is as a Hero revolves around this passion and she learned Capoeira to be able to mix dance like moves into fighting or simply just dance. She also sings.

    Built in MM
    Harmony - PL 10
    Strength 0, Stamina 1, Agility 8, Dexterity 5, Fighting 8, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 5
    Agile Feint, Attractive, Benefit: Choose Benefit, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 5, Defensive Strike, Evasion, Fascinate (Expertise: Dancing), Fighting Style: Capoeira, Grabbing Finesse, Improved Critical 3: Powered Attacks, Improved Critical: Unarmed, Improved Grab, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Skill Mastery: Expertise (FGT): Dancing, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge, Up the Walls, Weapon Break
    Acrobatics 7 (+15), Close Combat: Unarmed 7 (+15), Expertise (FGT): Dancing 7 (+15), Expertise (PRE): Singing 10 (+15), Insight 3 (+5), Perception 3 (+5), Sleight of Hand 1 (+6)
    Bass Basher: Damage 5 (DC 20; Feature 2: Invisible Force, Reach (melee) 2: 10 ft.)
    . . Damage: Damage 3 (Alternate; DC 18; Accurate 2: +4, Increased Range: ranged, Subtle: subtle)
    Move with the Beat: Variable 1 (Action 2: free, Subtle: subtle)
    . . Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 5 (Advantages: Improved Critical 3, Improved Smash, Weapon Break)
    . . Strength Effect (Indirect 4: any point, any direction)
    . . Strength Effect 1 (Penetrating 5)
    Toughness: Protection 2 (+2 Toughness)
    Initiative +8
    Bass Basher: Damage 5, +15 (DC 20)
    Damage: Damage 3, +9 (DC 18)
    Grab, +8 (DC Spec 15)
    Throw, +5 (DC 15)
    Unarmed, +15 (DC 15)
    Dancing Queen: Grace is constantly in motion at all times, feeling compelled to move and act like she's in a constant dance. She can be subtle about it but there's a notable difference in the way that she moves vs nearly anyone else that even normal people can pick up on.
    Musically Inclined: Grace tends to speak melodically, she's better at hiding it in civilian garb but she sounds very tense and terse so she's normally silent while out of costume. In costume she tends to do things to a beat, occasionally even humming or singing it aloud.
    Power Loss: Grace requires lots of physical motion to use her powers making them very obvious and very showy. She requires alot of room in order to use them to their full extent. She also gets tired from longer bouts due to the large movements.
    Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8/3, Will 8
    Power Points
    Abilities 58 + Powers 29 + Advantages 23 + Skills 19 (38 ranks) + Defenses 21 = 150
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    Name: Natsume Yukijo

    Alias: Doki Doki

    Affiliation: Villain

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Gender: Female

    Build: Short and Slender

    Ethnicity: Japanese

    Hair: Black, straight long, silky

    Eyes: Violet

    Class: Brute 4+, Mover 2+, Stranger 2 Thinker 1

    Power:Minor regeneration that heals any wound perfectly without scarring over time, a body that is always in peak condition, Does not tire easily, can ignore grievous wounds, Enhanced reflexes, can sense where the target of her obsession is at all times she cares too, Good at hiding in unlikely places, stranger power makes it hard to connect her to any sort of crime she commits without a great amount of evidence or being a high end thinker. As a result of her brute power, she can run a bit faster than a Olympic runner and parkour with the best of them.

    Mover+: Mover rating scales to the threat of her current obsession. If her obsession is targeted by a bullet for example, she would appear out of nowhere to cut the bullet in half or take the bullet herself.

    Brute+: She can not die as long as her obsession is still alive.

    Summery: Natsume is the eldest daughter of a middle class family that moved to America after Kyuushu was sunk. She has a younger sister Named Rin that she adores.She appears rather smart and intelligent but is rather naive and innocent at times. How much of that is a lie is something only Natsume knows. After all, when Natsume triggered she was extremely focused on someone very dear to her. So she is a bit bipolar when it comes to the love of her life.She can appear normal to everyone who knows her and then stab you at the drop of a hat with a serene smile if you love her target. She also quickly escalates to extreme violence when her love is in danger and generally does not know the meaning of restraint. It goes without saying that she also stalks the love of her life religiously without them ever knowing. She generally hides her nature from her obsession and her stranger power helps a lot with that.

    She only gives one warning to those who are interested in the love of her life. The second time is torture, the third is death. No mercy to those who get in the way of love.

    If you put that her obsession in danger, she will hunt you down and end you.

    The only one she truly listens to is the target of her obsession. If said obsession is being unreasonable or cheating on her though, she would kill him/her and keep the head so they can be together forever and ever.

    She loves to use concealed weaponry and loves her trusty knife.


    Bit of an update on the Yandere OC I made on SV. Feel free to use her. Also feel free to come up with a better cape name for her.
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    Japanese capes!

    Name: Tanaka Biiko | Alias: Amaterasu
    Affiliation: Tenkai | Alignment: Moral Rogue
    Gender: Female | Age 18 | Build: Tall
    Ethnicity: Japanese | Hair: Black | Eyes: Black
    Class: Shaker 12, Trump
    Power: The ability to, over a long time, gain control over an area of space across all realities. The longer she remains in the area the more control she has and the larger the area. After at least a year at the location does her power peak, effectively making her a god over an area the size of a small city and surrounding area. Within the area she can even control fundamentals of reality bending time and space, though it takes time to set up so often she chooses natural occurrences such as storms or "Bad Luck" like tricks instead. Her power works by finding an alternate reality with an effect she wants and weaving it into the area she controls. She can only affect things within her area and nothing beyond.

    Summary: Amaterasu triggered in the chaos that was the aftermath of Leviathans attack. Social order breaking down and humans becoming worse than monsters. She and her sister had to fend for themselves, quickly being orphaned during the turmoil. After triggering she set up a safe location for her and her self made family and protects it against all threats. She is regal but considered unapproachable by those she once considered her friends and an object of worship by those who came after. She did not choose her name but rather had it given to her by those who settled in her kingdom.

    Name: Tanaka Eiko | Alias: Black Alice
    Affiliation: Naraku | Alignment: Monstrous
    Gender: Female | Age: 23 | Build: Child
    Ethnicity: Japanese (White Skin) | Hair: Black | Eyes: Black
    Class: Shaker 6, Breaker 6, Master 6
    Power: She can bring objects and creatures across dimensions and enter and exit said dimensions herself. Both she and the creature she summons are only partially in our dimension and are only nominally effected by physical attacks or forces.The monsters gain tangibility the longer they are in her presence and lose it slowly over time after leaving. She does not fully control her powers and they are always on to some extent, they work towards her goals and desires mostly. The less intelligent life she summons can be guided by her will though she's unaware of their actions ouside of her ability to perceive them. The intelligent life she creates are different however, none seek to harm her but not all of them are loyal. The one part of her power she consciously controls is the ability to send objects and people to the dimensions she pulls things from and bring them back but those brought back are subject to the same rules as her summons. Again this works over time, in a matter of a few hours. She also does not need sustenance or sleep to survive.

    Summary: She triggered long before her sister within days of the sinking of Kyuushu. She was permanently stuck in the body of a child. She tends to dress as a gothloli and her skin is naturally an uncannily perfect unblemished white following her trigger and her hair doesn't seem to have definition making her look almost like a drawing. She raised her younger sister in the chaos of post collapse Japan while battling her own issues brought on by her powers, mostly her constantly seeing nightmarish and profane worlds overlaying reality. Eventually after 4 years her tenuous grip on reality finally slipped and she went on a rampage in the center of Tokyo within days she reduced most of it to rubble and either captured or slaughtered the vast majority of the population. She "Rebuilt" it into her own hellish kingdom.
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    Name: Daniel Boone | Alias: Arsenal
    Affiliation: Villain | Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Gender: Male | Build: Tall and skinny
    Ethnicity: White | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown
    Classification: Tinker 8 (Guns)
    Power: Gun Tinker - Arsenal is a Tinker who specializes in the creation and modification of guns of all shapes, sizes and forms. On the low end of his inventions, he's made pistols with as much firepower as shotguns (and no recoil), assault rifles that somehow hold enough ammo to fire continuously for a minute before needing to be reloaded, and armor-piercing rounds that have been shown to penetrate up to armor equivalent to a Brute 3. On the higher end, he's made lasers that can vaporize a city block, shotgun shells that can nullify several different kinds of force fields (he killed a prominent rival villain whose power was based on creating hard light barriers with that), and artillery that can deal minor damage to Leviathan.

    Summary: Based in El Paso, Texas, Arsenal is the leader of a gang called the "Gung Ho Guns," who primarily engage in smuggling, drugs and racketeering. A powerful gun-based Tinker, Arsenal wears Tinker-tech power armor (not great power armor, as he made it himself, but much better than nothing and it's packed full of guns) designed with a cowboy aesthetic in mind. His armor is also a sort of battlefield weapons workshop: with a thought (he had some implants put into his brain a while back), Arsenal can cause parts of the armor to fold out, revealing parts and pieces he can use to rapidly assemble, disassemble and modify weapons on the go (though he's mostly limited to making simple stuff or using pre-made mods).
    Ruthless and cruel even in his unhappy and abusive youth, Daniel Boone was a hardened criminal long before his Trigger Event. All becoming a cape did was expand his ambitions and opportunities. A sadist and a bully, Arsenal deliberately cultivates a terrifying reputation as a remorseless killer to inspire obedience and fear in his subordinates and just plain fear in his enemies, and relishes the opportunity to perpetuate and enhance that reputation.
    Arsenal is easily angered and spiteful, but ultimately clever enough to know his limits. He plays along with the unwritten rules, shows up for Endbringer fights, and restricts himself from using his best guns outside of emergencies. This is because he knows that he'd otherwise be high-priority enough to sic the Triumvirate on, a fight he's not optimistic about his chances of winning. So far he's been very lucky, always stopping just before he ended up on the hit lists of people who could actually follow through. Then again, even the luckiest gambler's luck runs out eventually...
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    Name: Tiffany Splicer| Alias: Iron Jack
    Affiliation: Hero | Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male | Age: 28 | Build: Tall, Muscular.
    Ethnicity: African-American | Hair: Bald, has a well trimmed black goatee | Eyes: Brown, Sharp
    Class: Brute 6, striker 6, tinker 1
    Power: Tiffany is bullet proof, and can lift about 10 tons, can easily leap over small buildings at the cost of the road, and is generally consider to be huge enough to wrestle a grizzly. Tiffany is able to charge objects with an unidentified energy for various effects, whether they increase the destructive power, explode on impact or become time bombs, this power is manton limited so he can not make people explode, but he could make their cloths explode with the power of a stick of dynamite. Tiffany is rated a tinker one because he always has this urge to forge a huge battle axe charge with his power during the forging proccess so the axe become niegh indestructible and able to cut through basically everything. The axe goes well in hand with Tiffany's striker power, able to take charges so the axes impacts can be further boosted, like causing an explosion on contact.

    Summery: Tiffany Splicer tall and quite sort of man, curse with parents that took a sheet of paper and rolled for his name. Lived in a small city in Michigan.No one gave Tiffany any grief about his name when he was growing up for Tiffany grew up huge. Tiffany learned how to fight the good old fashion way when he was a child, punching the shit out of school bullies. Tiffany Does not like bullies due to the fact he knows his name is prime material for bullies but they do not mess with him because he is huge. He found this unfair to the other students so he decided to step in and protect them. Even though he rarely talks to anyone. The reason why he rarely talks to anyone because he found his voice sounded weird as a child. Sometime during highschool Tiffany went to a local kick boxing gym to learn how to fight better, knowing that he can not always count on his bulk to see him through fights. After highschool and years of kickboxing, Tiffany became a lumber Jack. He also met the love of his life, Alicia Rose. A beautiful blond Caucasian girl. His work sometimes makes it so he is rather far from his wife but that did not matter, they even had a beautiful baby and in the time honored tradition of his family, they wrote names on a piece of paper and rolled for her name. That is how Jessabell Jones Splicer was named. They settled in a routine and live a nice and happy life. But it was not met to be.

    When Tiffany was away working, one of the bullies that Tiffany always kicked the shit out of was more than a little pissed off about that. So after he joined a parahuman gang called the Skudbutts(The parahuman in charge finds it funny every time someone is beaten by someone who calls them self a skudbutt so kept the name when he took over) he decided to make an example out of Tiffany. Knowing that he could not hurt Tiffany directly because boy oh man he is fucking huge, he decided to wait until Tiffany was away to go after his family. Sadly he succeeded, Tiffany came home only to find that his daughter had her throat slit and his wife was dead and covered in various bodily fluids, with a tape sitting by her. In shock about what he found and against his better judgment he put the tape in and started to play it. He watched one of the people he used to stop his bullying gloat as his wife was brutally gang raped in front of his daughter. He noticed that one of the rapist was one of the kids he used to help as well. Something broke inside Tiffany that day and when he came too he was wrath incarnate. The police arrived on the scene and seen poor Tiffany standing over his wife and daughter silently with his eye's cold. The police said they would do everything in their power to bring the people who did this to justice, his family tried to comfort him and everything. But Tiffany did not hear them, he did not cry at the funeral, he did not listen to any condolences, he wanted one thing, and that was revenge. So he disappeared off the grid for a couple of weeks and following new found instants he forged his Battle axe and found out what he could do. He hunted down the Skudbutts when he was ready and slaughtered them in a berserk rampage. After he calmed down and there was nothing left of the scumbags, besides a bloody mess, he turned himself into the PRT. He took a deal that he would join the Protectorate after they dug up the reasons for this incident.

    So Tiffany devoted his life to bringing scumbags to justice as Iron Jack.

    So yeah, as the spoiler says Tiffany's trigger event is rather dark and not for the faint of heart. Poor Tiffany. Hope I did not break a rule with it.>.>

    As always, Feel free to use him if you want.


    Btw, this was inspired by fate stay night Hercules.
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    Name: Alexander Green.

    Alias: Bastion.

    Affiliation: PRT/Wards.

    Alignment: Hero.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: 17.

    Build: Tall and Muscular.

    Ethnicity: Caucasian.

    Hair: Brown.

    Eyes: Blue.

    Class: Thinker 1/Changer 1+/Brute 3+/Mover 2+.

    Power: (Hit random on superpowerwiki three times and chose the best one)

    Adaptive Armor: At his base state Bastion has peak human senses and capabilities. When using his power, Bastion can summon a suit of organic armor around his form, granting him increased strength, speed and minor regeneration.

    The suit of summoned armor always begins as a pair of gauntlets, a chest plate and a full helmet, all made of hardened bone. Unlike Crawler, Bastions ability loses all adaptations over time, reverting to its base state 12 hours after combat.

    The longer Bastion fights and the more damage he incurs, the more the armor adapts. Adaptation means that the armor can grow and cover more of his body, change its organic make up to increase durability and improve Bastions base stats and regeneration.

    No upper limit has yet been reached for the armors' adaptive capabilities, which makes Bastion the PRTs go to cape for dealing with S-class threats and villains such as Lung.
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    Name: Nina Hayes | Alias: Newton
    Affiliation: PRT/Wards New York | Alignment: Hero
    Gender: Female | Age: 17 | Build: Tall and thin
    Ethnicity: Latin-American | Hair: Black and curly | Eyes: Brown
    Class: Shaker 7
    Power: Gravity Manipulation - Within a radius of about 20 meters from herself, Newton is able to alter the force of gravity by as much as a factor of 10; that is, she can make things within her radius up to 10x lighter or 10x heavier, enough to crush most ordinary people beneath their own weight or make them as light as a feather (and hit about as hard). She has enough fine control that she can affect individual objects, such as by making a gun held in someone's hand too heavy to lift. Any changes in gravity her power causes are temporary and revert immediately once she leaves the area.

    Notes: For personality, I envision her as kind of the team mom; she's next in line to take over the team, and most of the members already look up to her. She's one of those Wards that everyone expects great things from once she joins the Protectorate proper... which in grand Worm tradition probably means she dies a senseless death at the hands of this or that S-ranked threat in her first month after moving on up. Ho hum.

    Name: None; Case 53 | Alias: Wither
    Affiliation: Independent | Alignment: Tragic Villain
    Gender: Identifies as Female | Age: Appears to be in her late teens/early twenties | Build: Emaciated
    Ethnicity: Impossible to tell (skin is chalk-white with pitch-black veins) | Hair: Pitch black, very long and ragged | Eyes: Pure black
    Class: Striker 5
    Power: Corrosive Touch - Wither destroys anything she touches. Examination has shown that something in her body creates a chemical reaction that corrodes and breaks apart the molecular bonds that hold things together. She has no control over this power, and even the very ground she walks on or water she attempts to drink starts to break apart into its component elements.

    Notes: She also can't wear clothes because they'd rot and corrode, but her body is actually completely androgynous (she identifies as female, though, and sort of vaguely sounds like one when you get past the "I haven't drunken water in years" rasp in her voice), so nobody's exactly getting a free show there.
    If you're wondering about the relatively low rating (considering how deadly her power can be), it's mostly because while she's damn-near impossible to capture, she's trivially easy to kill; it doesn't matter if a bullet corrodes into its component elements so long as it hits her first, after all. Plus, she needs to actually touch you to kill you, and she isn't any stronger or faster than a normal person.
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    Name: Taylor Hebert | Alias: Immortal Smoke (Feng)
    Affiliation: Rogue (Heroic), New Wave | Alignment: Jerk Hero
    Gender: Female | Age: 15? | Build: Petite
    Ethnicity: White (Mix) | Hair: White | Eyes: Red
    Class: Breaker 6, Blaster, Striker?
    Power: Perfect Immortality, Resurrection, and healing. Can create flames with a few special traits. Any injury or physical change is naturally eventually healed over time, within hours at the worst, but resurrection takes minutes at the longest. Such healing however is extremely painful, as in order to heal the injury must be set on fire with healing flames (Her natural healing however just smokes), and resurrection burns the entire body to ash before being recreated. There is no known limit to exactly what she can recover from reincarnating even from total destruction. The flames she can produce have all of the following properties, enhanced kinetic force, extreme heat, ability to burn insubstantial targets and those normally immune to flame, and healing/repairing. While resistant to heat she is not immune to fire damage, not even her own.

    Taylor is apathetic about most things including self preservation, though does act to reduce injury as "Healing hurts like a bitch". She is quick to anger and often smokes in a literal fashion due to her anger. She acts in her own self interest but is fairly selfless with a strong moral code, as much as she laments such. She is very stubborn and externally resistant to mental changes, it is unknown if such is her personality or a side effect of her powers. She likes poultry and Japanese food, she hates the cold and water.

    Taylor triggered earlier, around 12 or so, when her mother was killed in the car crash. It is unknown if the triggering or the accident itself is what produced her odd physical changes. From that point on she has not aged or changed in appearance as any any changes to her body, including her hair, revert back within a day. Most assume she triggered when Winslow burned down and she was trapped in a locker unable to escape. In truth she had received head trauma from smashing her nape against an exposed nail and resurrected causing the fire.

    She did not want to join the Wards program, for much the same reasons as canon, and not wanting to fight or actually use her powers unless absolute necessary give that healing herself is extremely painful. She unfortunately ended up in several situations that required her involvement, two of which involved confronting Lung earning her the title of Feng (Phoenix) from the dragon man. She prefers to live a simple life despite her identity being known, on occasion she visits the local hospital to see if anyone might want to be healed though almost always finds no patients due to the painful nature of the healing. She is on a mildly friendly relationship with New Wave though has a dislike of Panacea which is mutual.

    She participated in one Endbringer fight against Behemoth where she died several dozen times and proved to be ineffective as little more than a speed bump. She is not allowed to participate in Simurg battles at all as there is no known way to kill or even permanently injure her. Her fights with Lung were long brutal affairs that both ended only when she'd been to overcome by the pain of rapidly repeated resurrections to continue. She is responsible for the incarceration of Alabaster and later Squealer.
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    Name: Taylor Hebert | Alias: The Weaver
    Affiliation: ? | Alignment: Jerk Hero
    Gender: Female | Age: 15 | Build: Lanky
    Ethnicity: White (Mix) | Hair: Brown, Curly | Eyes: Brown
    Class: Trump, Tinker 6, Thinker 3
    Power: The ability to perceive physical laws and parahuman powers with her senses and interact with them. She can alter the effects or existing phenomena, cast "spells" based on previously observed and deconstructed powers, or enchant items to do the same. She refers to the process as Weaving, which is a time consuming process without per-constructed tools to simplify the process. Her costume is usually damage resistant and enhances movement, she also tends to wear several other garments with different situational effects. She always caries her Wand, which has several Weaves attached to it as well as act as a conductor to speed up her ability to weave new effects if necessary.

    Taylor is severely effected by her triggering, often disconnected with reality. Her perception of The Weave inspires an religious sort of awe and fanaticism in her given it's impossible unearthly beauty. She is utterly terrified of the prospect of loosing it, compelled to experiment with it to drive back the darkness her mind considers augmented reality to be. She cares very little for anything not involved with Weaving or powers in general, and is so reliant on her ability to perceive The Weave that she has difficulty with her normal senses, often unable to tell other people apart from each other as non-parahumans are almost identical to her augmented senses. She considers non-parahumans along the lines of NPCs in a game while she tends to treat parahumans better they are also viewed similarly.
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    Name: Taylor Hebert | Alias: Chimera
    Affiliation: Undersiders | Alignment: Moral Villain
    Gender: Female | Age: 15 | Build: Tall Fit
    Ethnicity: White (Mix) | Hair: Brunette Curly | Eyes: Brown (Glasses)
    Class: Brute 5, Mover 2, Changer
    Power: An alternate form created from pieces stolen from other creatures. By taking part of a creature and either attaching it to her body or consuming the flesh she can gain their attributes and physical abilities while her alternate form mutates to accommodate the new addition. Taylor has control on what traits are expressed and can alter her monstrous form as needed to best suit the situation. The potency of the abilities she gains scales with the amount of flesh taken up to a soft cap where the effort needed is worth less than what she gains. She can also heal herself some by consuming raw flesh. The ability also works on humans included Parahumans, though she can't gain their exact powers she can still incorporate their flesh and it's current properties into her body, it works best on Case 53s or or other Changers.

    Taylor naturally has a predator's instincts, and a very powerful bloodlust, feeling an overwhelming urge to kill and eat other living things. She hates this feeling and is disgusted by her nature. To keep calm she regularly procures small animals (Hunting, purchasing, stealing) and eats them alive. She is torn between her own near suicidal self hatred, her powerful new instinct to survive at all cost, and the addictive pleasure she gets from slaughtering living creatures.

    Taylor triggered with her ability during her trip to summer camp, having gotten lost in the woods during a hike. She was injured and nearly killed by a wolf, which she was able to kill using small swiss army knife. She triggered while bleeding out and half starved and hearing the sounds of other predators nearby. She consumed it and survived. She was found a week later wandering back into the camp covered in blood and wearing the furs of some of the animals she slaughtered as her cloths had not made it.
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    Name: Taylor Hebert | Alias: Impact
    Affiliation: E88 (Allied) | Alignment: Monstrous Rogue
    Gender: Female | Age: 15 | Build: Athletic
    Ethnicity: White | Hair: Black, Short | Eyes: Brown, Cold
    Class: Brute 1, Striker 7, Mover 3
    Power: Kung-fu Bullshit. Produces energy inside her body that enhances physical force. She is able to produce monstrous amounts of force with her strikes, even able to manipulate the force to be concentrated in a single area or bypass barriers to strike internally. She has an intuitive knowledge of how to fight effectively, able to pick apart the defense of even those trained in combat or evade attacks. Her durability is nothing special for a brute but only available when she's aware of the attack, when vulnerable she's only slightly more durable than a normal human.

    Taylor triggered the summer after her parents died. Her mother had died in a car accident, and her father had died of alcohol poisoning while trying to drink the depression away days later. She shrunk into herself, becoming unresponsive and almost like a walking corpse. She was taken in by the Barnes', however not long afterwards they too died. While riding with them one day they were attacked by ABB thugs, Alan had attempted to fight them when one tried to rape Emma and was shot, Emma had been killed while trying to attack them as well. Taylor had been cornered and watched while her friend died cursing her murders. She triggered as she stared into the dead and hate filled eyes of her friend's corpse. The cops later arrived to find only a scene of carnage with nothing left alive, but only the bodies of the father and daughter relatively whole.

    Taylor went on to make it her mission to wipe ABB off the map without regard for ethics or consequence. And over the course of two years she did just that. She allied herself with the Nazi's in order to know the best locations to strike and systematically dismantle the gang. Striking drug dens, whore houses, gambling houses, or even just a building vaguely affiliated with the gang, she rushed in and slaughtered everything in her path to her goal guilty and innocent alike. Her brutality such that even E88 shies away from calling on her when not needing extra firepower.

    Taylor herself is cold and mechanical, she had long since lost any humanity and sense of self, it having died in the alley with the Barnes'. She continues simply because she was following on Emma's last moments wanting her attackers to die. Like a machine she is simply fulfilling her task, it is impossible for her stop until either she or they are all dead.
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    Name: Felix Goodman | Alias: Dr. Feelgood
    Affiliation: Independent | Alignment: slightly amoral Neutral villain
    Gender: male | Age: late 20's | Build: Muscular athletic [chemical enhanced]
    Ethnicity: white | Hair: black | Eyes: green
    Class: Tinker 8?(d20 roll of 16) [normal power] Brute 2[from chemical enhancements]
    Power: Chemical Tinker.

    Capable of creating various drugs, chemical mixes and alcoholic beverages.
    Also possess a chemically augmented physique.

    Relatively Neutral in most cape politics but will take commissions from paying clients.
    has been known to aggravate local gangs and protectorate by both distributing superior product and his occasional antics.
    [gassed a financial district with a euphoric hallucinogenic as a decoy for raiding a chemical supply company]

    has a tendency to play Dr. Feelgood when he enters the scene.
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    This looks like fun. Might as well give it a try.

    Step 1: Years of bullying at home and school, and the sudden realization that life was never going to get any better. Nothing physical, arguably nothing special. The sort of thing which happens across the world every day and no one cares about, but which still leaves you hollow.
    Step 2: Either a perception based power which primarily effects the user rather than others ("Live the lie"), or something else that would fit that general theme, like a Changer/Shaker/Stranger power.
    Step 3: Rolled 11
    Step 4: Up to the GM or another user. I'll write up a description and give more details on the character after.
    Step 5: Moral
    Step 6: Rouge or Hero
    Step 7: Independent most likely, but maybe PRT for the paycheck.
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    Name: [NA] | Alias: Masque
    Affiliation: Independent Contractor | Alignment: Moral Rogue
    Gender: Male? | Age: 20? | Build: Small?
    Ethnicity: White? | Hair: Black? | Eyes: Brown?

    Class: Changer 2, Stranger 7
    Power: You are the simulacrum, not a falsehood that hides the truth but a truth that hides 'nothing'. You can craft a false identity, the basics of a person, a wirework on which other build upon. Over time and with more interactions it becomes more 'solid' as other 'remember' more about you. Skills, knowledge, physical abilities... memories, emotions, personality. They all begin to build creating a person, a history, a life that never existed but all can remember. To stay hidden poses no danger, because you can always removed the masque, but beneath each masque lies another. You are no longer sure if there was ever a "You" to begin with.

    TL;DR: You can make a completely false identity that others will beleive existed. It will even fabricate memories and change your appearance and abilities to match (no powers though). It builds over time, not from your actions but from the perceptions of others and their beliefs about you. It isn't fool proof, it doesn't create a paper trail and it's easier to realize something is wrong in the beginning when it's incomplete and major changes can collapse the pyramid of lies by revealing a contradiction.
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  27. Drakobird

    Drakobird Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Jul 24, 2015
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    Name: Andrew Cooper | Alias: Babel
    Affiliation: None | Alignment: Neutral Rogue
    Gender: Male | Build: Tall and lanky
    Ethnicity: White | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Hazel
    Class: Striker 5 | Thinker 3
    Power: He can cause object to develop flaws in them and see flaws in existing object. He uses his power to work for various construction companies doing quick and safe demolitions.
  28. tighearnach

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    Hmm. My first instinct upon seeing this thread was to draw, scan, and upload a picture of a an actual cape.

    Then that got me thinking; is it possible to have a cape, who is literally a cape? I'm imagining a parahuman with some form of "object possession" power, who got stuck outside of his/her body. Maybe, off the top of my head, getting into a car crash that left the parahuman paralyzed, and then second triggering, and possessing a near bye object, and getting euthanized? Given powers like those of Alec, the Butcher, and that one S9 member from flashbacks who could sort of inhabit an area after death, it seems possible.

    If I had any skill at writing it would be a very "horrific implications" sort of character, completely unable to live anything resembling a human life, barely able to interact with the world around them, but at the same time, an incredibly dangerous bein.
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  29. Marthis

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    for The Cape Game.

    1. Trapped in carnival house of mirrors overnight due to sleep deprived operator forgetting that he was inside. It was about as horrific as you think.
    2. perception.
    3. 14 https://forum.questionablequesting.com/dice/3718/view
    4. Hit me up squirrely.

    I'll fill int the rest when I have some input. Please to be kind squirely or whoever is watching.
  30. Master of Squirrel-fu

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    Personal Details undetermined:
    Name: [NA] | Alias: Funhouse
    Affiliation: [NA] | Alignment: [N/A]
    Gender: [NA] | Age: [NA] | Build: [NA]
    Ethnicity: [NA] | Hair: [NA] | Eyes: [NA]
    Class: Thinker 4, Stranger 4, Mover 5, Breaker 2.
    Power: You have a sense of self, an invisible astral body if you will, that does not quite look human, with impossible dimensions and vectors. It bends leftways, sideways, inways, outways, backways... and you can perceive your senses similarly to your own, it can feel, smell, taste, and see across every inch. For just a moment, to fast for anyone to see, you can stretch your own form to match it. With this you can pull off such oddities as teleportation, grabbing objects from across the room, or turning intangible. It can't be done rapidly however, taking about a second between warps. You're body can pass through objects but can't pass through people. The area you can stretch yourself is inexact but you're natural form takes up the volume of about a 15 foot sphere and can stretch tendrils to be an inch thin. You don't have multitasking but can quickly move your perspective through it.

    The body does have some minor affect on the area it's occupying, even observant people can miss it, but those with powers tailored towards it would not. Because it does not pass through people it can be felt by those who touch it, and can be harmed by them to some degree.