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Fate/Starry Night

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by KingNecron101, Jul 31, 2023.

  1. Threadmarks: Arc 0 - The First Steps I

    KingNecron101 Hyperking101

    Jan 20, 2022
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    Summary: The greatest conflict between Heroic Spirits is waged in a strange, isolated battlefield. Every Heroic Spirit locked in combat. The prize? Unknown. 100 years after this conflict began, a new Servant finds himself thrown into the fray.

    “It is a pleasure to meet you.” The Servant swishes his brown hair back and grins, red eyes glinting with bemusement. “The Caster Class Servant Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg extends a hand in greeting!”

    He paused. Then he extends his arm.

    “My bad, seems in this state my control over the Kaleidoscope is a bit shaky!” He scratches the back of his head sheepishly. “I swore I did extend my arm, in a parallel world!”

    Arc 0 ~ The First Steps

    The Kaleidoscope had opened his eyes to the beautiful wonders and the unending horrors that purveyed existence. He had, at least in part, grasped an understanding of Infinity. It had given him pride and thus arrogance, it had humbled him and made him wise.

    Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg stood at the crossroad and observed. The last time he had been in the thick of things was when he had battled the Crimson Moon himself. Which was why one specific iteration of Zelretch had found itself very confused.

    He had become a Caster Class Heroic Servant. Manifested spontaneously in vast open field under the most beautiful night sky he had seen and by far the most terrifying. The vastness of the Cosmos revealed itself, but the protective covering of the World was missing as if replaced instead by a flimsy wall poked through with holes.

    “If variety is the spice of life, then I’m glad I live in Britain.” He sighed. The information that came with summoning was perhaps even more confusing that his current situation. A free-for-all between all Servants, a battlefield secluded from Proper Human History. No Masters. No Counter Force.

    He was in a ‘neutral’ zone where combat was discouraged. There were several ‘Levels’ that were provided for combat, with the ‘final’ location at the very other end of the ‘arena’ but sealed off.

    “Time to test something.” Zelretch held out his hands. “KAME. . .HAME. . .HA!”

    Nothing happened.

    “So, I didn’t suddenly gain basically unrestricted control of Space and Time along with the ability to spam it and instantly win?” He groaned. “Bummer.”

    He was glad that he had access to his Mystic Codes and his prepared Kaleido Gems. Coupled with his Class skills he should be able to put up a fight against anything barring the more outrageous existences. The Second Magic was being rather finicky in this strange place and he would need some time to set up a Workshop and figure out what was wrong.

    “Well, what do we have here?” In the distance lights gleamed in what appeared to be a town. “First things first, civilization.”

    And so, with another glance at the sky, the Second True Magician (Servant Edition) made his way towards the town, under the guise of a few spells designed to obscure divination. His thoughts focused on unravelling the puzzle that was this conflict.

    Admiral David Farragut knew what he was. A Servant under the Class Rider who had become a part of the Throne of Heroes. He had fought against the Confederate rebels and while his own quote seemed to have a higher degree of fame than he did, he was content.

    Compared to the more powerful Servants like King Arthur (who happened to be a woman), Emperor Nero (who happened to be a woman as well) and even Napoleon (who was, thankfully, not a woman, though perhaps surprisingly burly), Admiral Farragut knew he didn’t match up. Thus when the ‘Great Game’ began, he stayed in the Origin Level and helped the weaker Servant who didn’t stand a chance in such a competition and those who decided not to participate in the farce in founding their own bastion of civilization.

    Under the leadership Mayor Arc, they had founded the town of Apocrypha. Her charm and earnestness had bound the founding Servants together and created a place to truly live again. A vast improvement compared to reliving one’s life as if in an unending dream like in the Throne.

    In time, after the initial years since the founding and some Servants came and went, Farragut found himself in charge of border patrol. Normal stuff, honestly. Keeping track of who came and went, if Billy the Kid had snuck in more moonshine, the same old kind of stuff. Oh, and giving a heads up on the occasional ghoul raid. Usually, he just sat at a booth in front of the main gates twiddling his thumbs.

    Over time he had grown to recognize most of the people in the town with the occasional familiar face of a weaker resurrected Servant from the upper layers. Another fascinating quirk of this death game, Servants could resurrect given enough time with the weaker Servant generally coming back within a week or two while the stronger ones taking who knows how long. The Golden Prick himself, Gilgamesh, still hadn’t come back after one hundred years after being ganged up on by basically everyone.

    This made his current situation a unique one.

    “Well, you are a new face, aren’t you?” The figure who stood in front of him wore a fancy outfit and had a cane. Looked like a Caster, but you never know. Possible a Ruler.

    “Actually, I think I got my old young face.” The figure replied, his hands squeezing at his nose and chin. “It’s odd, feeling so young again. Where are my manners?”

    The man swung his cane around theatrically. Definitely a Caster, with this level of dramatics.

    “It is a pleasure to meet you.” The Servant swishes his brown hair back and grins, red eyes glinting with bemusement. “The Caster Class Servant Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg extends a hand in greeting!”

    He paused. Then he extends his arm.

    “My bad, seems in this state my control over the Kaleidoscope is a bit shaky!” He scratches the back of his head sheepishly. “I swore I did extend my arm, in a parallel world!”

    “Do you mind coming with me to meet the Mayor?” It was phrased as a request but both of them knew the reality of the situation. “We haven’t had a new face here in, well, forever.”

    “That works for me, I was going to ask for you to take me to your leader!”

    “You do have the right to remain silent, you know?”

    “I’m being arrested?”

    “No,” Farragut sighed, “But I know that when the ‘eccentric’ sort gets talking, they rarely stop.”

    The Caster servant gave him a look.

    “At least introduce yourself, good sir.” The man’s lips quirked upward. “It would only be polite. You don’t strike me as a rude man, Captain.”

    “IT’S ADMIRAL!” Farragut snapped back, almost on instinct. Damn it! “Fine, Rider Class Servant Admiral David Farragut.”

    A blank look was his reception.

    “Come on!” Farragut groaned. “You know, ‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’?”

    A glint of recognition flashed in Caster’s crimson eyes as they walked through the town. Along with some pity.

    “Sorry about that, I genuinely thought that when you gave your name the System in charge here would provide details, like in a proper Grail War.”

    Farragut glanced back and noticed Caster (and he would call him Caster, since his name was stupid) looking around at the different buildings. Marie Antoinette’s Bakery. Mozart’s Musicality. The Golden Globe Act 2. Even that smug little shit Hans had decided to open a bookshop along with Nursery Rhyme. So many different parts of history coming together in this hodgepodge of a town.

    “You’ll probably want to go to the House of Thought some time then.” At the blank look, Farragut elaborated. “The more intellectual Servants all got together and made a Think Tank, apparently the name is a pun since it also references some pagan Egyptian god of knowledge. They’ve been analyzing our situation since the beginning and have worked out somethings about our shared situation. In fact, I’d imagine they’d love to meet you after you’re done meeting Mayor Arc.”

    Caster nodded, before gaining a contemplative look as they entered the courtyard of the City Hall.

    “As in-”

    “Jeanne De Arc?” A voice cut in, as melodious as ever. The two men turned to see the Servant with long braided blonde hair and a business suit. “Yes, you are correct. Come on inside Wizard Marshall, I imagine we have a lot to talk about.”

    AN: My computer is, as I've said before, complete dogshit. Luckily, I'm getting a new one for college by tomorrow. So, since I've stalled my normal stories for that, I've decided to post a little idea that I had. Ironically, I’ve put more thought into this then most of my stories. As in, the Arc 1 Villain is already thought of along with an interesting Supporting Cast and even the Final Arc. Just everything in between I’m blanking on.

    I’m going to try and make this canon Zelretch, but with a splash of that fanon humor. Mainly since we don’t know him as well as many other characters in the series.

    Some OC Servant will show up, but they will be for World Building since the Throne is basically infinite. Arc 0 is just an intro into this storyline, which now that I think about has some parallels with the Moon Cell. I’ll say this though, the events of FGO matter A LOT in this fic.

    Farragut’s NP is basically his quote made manifest. In return for lowering his (and his allies) Defense, he grants basically Sure Hit and Invulnerability Piercing to allies for three turns while dealing moderate AOE damage and a Burn status for three rounds.

    I'll be updating this first section a few times while I work on part 2!
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2023