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Flesh and Steel [Worm Tinker Quest]

Discussion in 'Questing' started by OneOfManyEyes, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Threadmarks: Who Are You?

    OneOfManyEyes Know what you're doing yet?

    Oct 15, 2016
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    Life... you have found that it has been little more then a cruel joke. If God existed you were not much more then a dark comedy to him. You are...
    []Greg, you are little more then a socially blind outcast today was a final break in a long system as the horrible popular girls put the only person who is your friend in a coma.
    []Madison, you thought it would be fun to mess with some nobody it would get you into the popular crowd, but it wasn't fun you helped torment someone, and you couldn't say anything. Today was the tipping point you helped put a girl into a coma.
    []Theo, your family is beyond messed up your mom and dad are supervillians and you have to protect you sister from you dad now that your mom is trying to break away from him. You finally broke under the pressure.
    []Sakura, you are an engineering student at Cornell you may have a small ego, but that's just because you are the best there is. You may have been struggling with grades but that is because your professor fucking hates you, after all your the best, and couldn't fail on your own.
    []Nobody?? <Rather then use an existing character create your own.>

    Now through this you have found your brain filled with plans and the desire to write them all down is overwhelming. You can see the weaknesses in flesh and you know what to make to replace it.
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  2. Threadmarks: Tinkering Begins

    OneOfManyEyes Know what you're doing yet?

    Oct 15, 2016
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    You couldn't believe it as you stare down at the paper, almost a month of your life, given a B. You put your extremely impressive intellectual power to cracking the assignment, yet your fucking professor knocks you down a letter grade, with stupid ass nitpicking. You slam the papers onto the desk, and wake up drool leaking from your mouth and onto the failures called a project.

    You looked down at the paper, and for a moment everything is nonsense. Your mind then starts to sing as if a parade of demons is dancing through your mind via hundreds of ideas. You grab a piece of paper and start furiously writing down the ideas. Hours later as the sun rises you look over the many pages of illegible text and drawn over diagrams. Only one idea is fully coherent, looking over it, it seems to be...
    []Plans for battery that goes inside a person?
    []A monoatomic blade a sheath that fits inside your forarm allowing you to hide it from anyone.
    []A chip that would massively increase your already stellar intelligence.
    []Zooming eyeballs?
    []Body armor that goes under the skin.
    []A Nuclear Power plant ment to go inside of you.
    []A complex array of tools built into an artificial arm.
    []A system that would... what the hell something something quantum tunneling?!
    []A array ment to accelerate time around a person.
    []A system to replace all you non brain organs!

    Well if nothing else your scribbles tell you that you are a tinker, and looking at all the diagrams you drew you imagine you do things to the body. Of course this means you no longer have to be bound by the education system!

    []Go Broke
    School is for fuck tarts with no cool powers, time to make yourself into something big!
    -[]Go to New York
    A big city the Big Apple is a perfect place for a new Tinker to find connections and rise to fame.
    You could fuck with the status quo the well balanced city needs a fucking kick.
    A large number of capes means you have plenty to show your better then.

    Stay at Cornell for better or worse.
    -[]Stop Attending just Tinker
    -[]Keep Attending but Tinker on the side

    []Turn yourself into the Protectorate...
    You're a Tinker that's away to fund yourself.
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  3. Threadmarks: Collage Life

    OneOfManyEyes Know what you're doing yet?

    Oct 15, 2016
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    -[X]Keep Attending but Tinker on the side
    [X]A array meant to accelerate time around a person.
    [X]A complex array of tools built into an artificial arm.
    [X]A chip that would massively increase your already stellar intelligence.
    [x]A Nuclear Power plant meant to go inside of you.
    [X]A system to replace all you non brain organs!

    Tinker Tie Special Event

    Actually you don't have one whole set of complete blueprints but several blueprints that are half complete, their are designs for nodes that accelerate time, but your missing the instructions on how to use them in sync with one another, and the diagram to place it in a body is half covered up with the being of instructions to build a nuclear power-plant, that one is almost complete but the instructions on the radiation shielding is covered in a tea stain rendering the ink illegible. You have the designs for several state of the art tools, that look like they should go together, but you are missing the structure they attach to. You have all the instructions of the software for a brain implant but the implant itself is nowhere to be found. Finally you have several pages of instructions on how to create artificial organs, at first glance they seem complete but further looking shows that they use a synthetic tissue you can't find any instructions for.

    Getting dressed you headed to class and stopped at the coffee shop for tea to keep you awake through the lecture. The Electromagnetic Theory Class just seamed to drag on forever you couldn't tell if it was your terrible professor, or the urge to tinker that makes it drag on so long. After the lecture ends and you are done with classes for the day you run back to your dorm and grab all your Tinkering blueprints. You go into one of the empty workshops and foldout all your papers. Grabbing out a new piece of paper for notes you start messing around with your designs the tools are the best place to start being basically a requirement to build any of the really cool stuff, so you start to come up with ideas on how to make them work, they seem to be designed to go onto and be controlled by a frame, but you don't have the designs for that. So instead you start to build the simplest tool design you have, a set of interchangeable screwdrivers and ratchets that fold-into each-other with a series of interconnecting gears, and servos. Several hours later and you find yourself hitting your head as you struggle over the control code, the tool is filled with many gears and servos, and any even a micro meter out of wack or a millisecond off and all the parts would hit themselves. It's late and the sun is going down by the time your happy with the results. Putting the tool into your bag you head back to your dorm.

    Setting down your bag and getting changed you go to sleep. The next morning you throw on your cloths and head out to class, after another lecture you have about an hour before your second class of the day. So you head to your dorm to test your tool, opening up the door you find the red hair of you often never seen roommate, you thought she left school after she got addicted to one drug or another. The second thing that you notice is that your room is torn apart, your estranged roommate has a duffel filled with everything remotely valuable you own. "The fuck!" Your voice makes the girl jump at least two feet in the air and whip around, letting you see that she has your multi-screwdriver in her hands. Her eyes go wide as saucers when she sees you.

    "I... uh... I need this, I am out of money and I really need my next hit. Please I will pay you back!" Ya no that's not going to happen. She doesn't seem to notice that the tool is tinker-tech so that's a bright side.

    []Punch her the fuck out.
    -[]Dump her outside
    -[]Call campus security
    -[]Call the Police

    []Call the Authorities
    -[]Campus Security
    -[]The Police

    []Try to Talk her down.
    -[]Get her to leave.
    -[]Get her to turn herself in.

    []Give her some money so she can get her next hit...
    Ya No not after she tried to fucking steal from you.
  4. Threadmarks: Punching Is Easier in the Movies

    OneOfManyEyes Know what you're doing yet?

    Oct 15, 2016
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    [x]Punch her the fuck out.
    -[x]Keep her here, maybe get some drugs to shut her up, and use her as a test subject.

    You aren't going to let her go anywhere with your tech, actually a lot of your tech needs to be implanted and you really don't want to try out invasive surgery on yourself. She would make a great subject and few people would notice or care if she vanished.

    Before she could react you last out and punch her in the face she falls flat on her ass with her nose at a painful looking angle and spurting blood. She is still however conscious, despite what movies had made you thought it was harder to punch someone out than just hitting them in the face.

    Before she could get in any actions edge wise you jump on her using your legs to pin her down while trying to find something to tie her up with and holding her down with you arms. You find some rope but as you go to tie it around her arms she head butts you right in the tit, and bucks you off her. She grabs the tool from the ground and tries swinging it at you. In a moment of panic yell out the only phrase that it currently has programmed in which causes all the parts of the multi tool to fold out. With her hands on either side it pushes the screwdriver and knife into them.

    While she is distracted from the pain you punch her again for head butting you and tie her up. Afterwards you slide down the wall and sit looking at the bloody mess that your room is currently. Despite how you wanted it to go the whole action went poorly and you doubt nobody heard the fight.

    You push the semi-conscious girl into your closet putting some duct tape around her mouth so she couldn't make any noise period and then went to work covering and cleaning all the blood. Luckily it mostly fell on other things and not your carpet. You shove most of that bloody shit into you bag, and head into the bathroom to clean off your multitool.

    You run back into the main room and shove Kill Bill into the DVD player jacking up the volume nob to 11. Watching the move at to loud a volume it wasn't very long until the dorm monitors or whatever they are called knock on your door about a noise complaint. You tell them you were watching the movie really loud and go and turn it down until they say it's good. They leave saying nothing else so you collapse in a sigh of relief.

    You smuggle your tool back into school over the next week getting it better and better. You are still missing a major part but you are sure you can figure it out. You also stop by Ricky, who you know deals drugs to get some to keep... actually you don't remember her name, happy as your pet. Heh, your entangling her maybe get a cool snake motif or one of those Asian dragons. Now you wish you listened to more to your grandmother's old tales there had to be some cool names in them.

    You take the drugs and for a moment you have an idea. The complex Crystal chemicals had most of what would be needed to bond with sugers and create a molecular chain that could scale infinity. And allow for the construction, of your artificial organs. You are still at the dealers house but you have you pen and paper. It might be suspicious, but you are a college student and you could say that you just had an Insight on a assignment. Although there is always the chance that the drug dealer wouldn't buy it. However if you leave and go home or even to a more private place you probably will lose some of your inspiration. It's really hard not to drop everything and write.

    []Fall into the temptation, you can explain it later.
    []Just note down how to use the drugs.
    -[]Buy more so you can use them to build shit.
    []Wait until your home to try and save the tinkering ideas.
    []You have another idea...
  5. Threadmarks: Of Course All Your Plans Are Brilliant

    OneOfManyEyes Know what you're doing yet?

    Oct 15, 2016
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    [X]Wait until you're at least a block away.
    -[X]Buy more so you can use them to build shit.
    --[X] Or, if we can make something that causes roughly the same effect as drugs have on a brain, we might be able to use the dose we already have; Best case, all of it, worst case, some of it. Should be enough for a prototype anyway.
    ---[X]After all, don't we want to work out how to control people via implants we put in their heads?
    --[X]If the dealer thinks he can overcharge, don't bother.
    -[X]Write illegibly. Draw diagrams like small doodles if at all.
    -[X]If asked, say that you are supposed to write about rich vs. poor neighborhoods for your assignment and are taking notes.
    -[X]Try to look around enough to not get robbed.

    It's had to haggle when your mind is bouncing around like it is some kind of rubber ball, actually your metaphors suck, you could build a implant with an AI that could generate metaphors on the spot. You eventually leave the drug dealers house with a few more bags then you originally planned to get.

    After getting a few houses down you pull out a notepad and quickly start writing. Even in the poorer neighborhoods no one questions a young adult walking and writing. Maybe all tinkers are in collage so no one knew who they were, go giggle a bit imagining Hero as a professor with a old tweed jacket.

    When you get home you find your pet laying on your bed. It seems she got out of the closet and stumbled around the room until she fainted. You should punish her for that. You push her onto the ground and wipe some drool from her face, pulling out the multitool you grab a small vial from a chemistry set you liberated from the lab. You quickly attach the tool to the vial tacking apart the rewinder for your VHS tapes and using parts to make a mixer.

    The drug not only would make a good base for a synthetic organic material but as a drug, truly you are a tinker for the ages. More seriously, you use a q-tip to swab your mouth, and pull some cleaners from under the sink, the drug can allow you to create several reactions in the brain, reactions your plans were designed to use electrolytes and zaps to create, if you could develop something to fabricate the hormones from the body not only can use use your pet to create drugs, and uses those drugs to make your pet all yours.

    She is right there as you mix the cleaners and parts in the vial. The injector should put the target in suspended animation long enough to do some minor brain surgery. You stop as you line the needle up, injecting her now would be silly you need to make the implant frist, and now the designs are filling your head.

    You are almost bursting at the seams the time you have access to the workshop again you are able to throw something together but the problem is that you have so many designs but the space you can use is limited. Looking around to make sure the place is empty you get yourself ready, you can built a few implants the main problem is they all have to be self powered, you don't have any way to power them remotely or from other parts of the body.

    The first idea is a simple implant that can make a few happy drugs, a few depressants, and a few random other ones at the push of a remote not actual mind control but intro to psych tells you it should be more then enough to Pavlov your pet. The second idea is a machine that can develop drugs using your pets body, the drugs would be purer then anything that the dealers could get, you can't keep buying them, and the drugs could be sold if cash gets tight. Finally you could make a implant that can enhance her speed of thought, a dangerous idea for a pet, but it would be a prototype to make yourself. You actually have an idea of a design that would be a sort of writer thing that could make notes in your brain so you wouldn't have to have a problem like last time. Of course your mother didn't raise any idiots and while you are awesome you doubt your awesome enough that you could do brain surgery on yourself with no practice.

    []Pavlov Implant
    []Drug Implant
    []Speed Implant
    []Screw it Do Brain surgery on yourself.

    AN: Thanks to ThunderStruck for inspiration to start back up righting this.
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