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Godling(MLP AU/CYOA Story, Viewer Driven)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Akumakami64, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Godling Awakens

    Akumakami64 Experienced.

    Feb 14, 2018
    Likes Received:
    How long have you been here? In this numb yet peaceful void? You can't remember. There hadn't been any desire to leave, and you truthfully can't be sure how aware you were up until this point. For something has intruded into your nihilistic sanctuary: First vibrations, followed by distant voices. Many voices, a cacophony of sobbing and yelling as a chill washed through your being. And for the first time in your existence, you wake up.

    You open your eyes.

    You see a world, or at least a fraction of it. A mass of land blanketed in snow and ice. Yet despite looking down from a great height, you perceive different places in great, overwhelming details.

    "So cold...so hungry..."
    "Help us! Please, anyone?!"
    "No, no! Get away! We don't have anything, just leave us alone!"
    "Mommy? Daddy? Come on, we have to go!...Mom? Dad?"
    "I can't believe we're actually eating this..."
    "When will this end?"
    "What did we do to deserve this?"
    "If she doesn't give it up willingly, we won't have a choice..."
    "No one is going to save us!"

    Creatures freezing, starving, dying, killing, and praying for help; you feel as if you're drowning in their sorrows as information rushed into your mind from some unknown abyss…ponies, griffins, hippogriffs, kirins, windigos, disharmony, snow, ice, magic, frozen, death, salvation, protection.


    "You could use some help yourself."

    The voice isn't something you hear so much as feel. Your very essence jumps. Instead of moving, it is your perception that changes. Upon the land you now witness great figures of colors dominating the land scape in a brilliant yet strange lightshow: A vibrant pale-purple beyond the southern horizon, a clashing of pulsing and passionate pink with pure darkness in the coldest north, twins of silver and gold in the mainland, a green fire in the south and a decadent black and green shadow creeping in the in the west. All these and many more, but which spoke to you?

    "Up here."

    You freeze. You can't be sure if you look up or if He makes you look up. In the end, you stare upwards and take in the terrifying form of a great serpent made of...a thousand impossible things jump to mind. The shadow of wind, the rain of cotton candy, the singing of tea, the fluidity of glass, the breath of a pineapple. It was everything that could and couldn't be. It was...

    "Chaos, and no need for flattery," He answered with a grin that you could smell somehow as he circled closer to you. "Don't fret little Godling. You're young, new, and confused. As boring as sense and rules are, I thought something like you could use a little help," he informed playfully. You're uncertain, but in no place to refuse. "You're a Godling, a very young god. Maybe you were just born out of the needs of those frail mortals below or maybe you used to be a mortal yourself? That's not important," he explained with a dismissive wave that felt like polka dots. "A new age is coming about, little one, brought on by the desperation of mortals seeking protection. We're all vying for their attention and worship," Chaos elaborated with a chuckle as you suddenly felt worried. "Oh, don't fret. I'm already out of everyone's league; I have no need or desire to swat a child. No, actually, I'm going to give you some advice."


    Chaos gave a nod that felt like a wave of monkeys. "You see that land down there?" he prompted, motioning to the vast landscape with a tall mountain at the center. You answered yes, hoping he could sense your reply. He did. "Don't come there. The Sun and Moon sisters, I, and some other Godling are already aiming for this, among the others. Too many big fish."

    Peering down, you could indeed see a tiny glimmer of prismatic light in the midst of the land. But what were you to do then?

    "You're young and, no offense, weak. You don't even have an avatar to take on. But don't worry, that can change with time and a gaggle of worshippers. All you need to do is find some survivors and help them escape this frozen nightmare. They're all so desperate for help that they'll latch onto to anyone that delivers," Chaos explained with dark mirth. His eyes glowed eerily as you felt more, clearer information flood your mind. "That should give you a head start on your options and what to do. Just be careful who you pick and don't wait too long. Winter is leaving."

    With that, Chaos left, descending as an unseen twister of change, leaving you to decide your own fate.

    Throughout the land, your perception changed once more. This time, by your own will. Now you looked up survivors of twelves races and saw the advantages of each:

    The powerful races could be the easiest choices to make, strong in one form of power or another:
    The militant Pegasi ruling over weather with a long experience in warfare.
    The mighty Dragons with mighty forms and fiery breath leave them needless of most other weapons.
    The greedy Griffins are competitive and fierce, both with their money and in battle.
    The proud Yaks, possessing some of the greatest physical might in the world, not to mention they survived this winter with the least casualties.

    Yet the more advanced and otherwise prosperous ones are not to be overlooked:
    The vain Unicorns gifted with a powerful innate access to the arcane and stockpiled in gems.
    The sturdy Diamond Dogs whose ability to hunt and scour for resources is rarely bested.
    The solitary Hippogriffs, who can go theoretically anywhere thanks to their mystic pearl.
    The cursed Kirins, who possess lost treasures of bygone ages.

    Though there was something to be said for the more populous of these creatures:
    The staunch Earth Ponies, natural born experts of farming the land and build strong homes.
    The clever Changelings, the masters of hiding from and infiltrating their enemies.
    The wise Deer, who live in perfect unison with nature, wielding and healing it.
    The fragile Breezies, whose most unique magic allows them to dwell in realms hidden from most.

    But when considering who to save, it isn't just about the species, but the location; this great winter has forced pockets of races to scatter across all lands in search of survival. While it would certainly be advantageous to pick a race's homeland to get the largest bulk of survivors, benefits might be found for starting in each land.

    Pegasta, the current Cloud-fortress of the Pegasi.
    The Dragonlands, the ancient nesting grounds of the Dragons.
    Griffinstone, a relatively young nation at this point.
    Yakiyak, the homeland of the Yaks, which is more and more abandoned by the year.

    Unicornia, the seat of power of the High Kings and Queens of Unicorns.
    The Crystal Empire, a realm that has played host to many mixing of species, allegedly carved by the ancient Diamond Dogs of the Old World.
    Mount Aris, a spot of land stabbing from the sea that has been a natural home to the hippogriffs.
    Kirin Grove: Not even the Kirin themselves know how long they've lived here.

    Terratha, the largest of all Earth Ponies cities, who held out the longest in this storm with their excellent management of stockpiled food.
    The Badlands, a dry realm that was often a homeland to monsters and criminals, now where the winter hit the least- which isn't saying much in the end.
    The Everfree, a mystical, perhaps even sentient forest of many unique creatures that only a few, such as the Deer, have the ability to find coexistence within.
    Mount Canter, a center point of magic in these lands, long used by the Breezies to boost their magic and access their hidden homes with ease.

    No matter how much you might want to save more, you can only pick one creature and start in only one location.

    A. Pegasus
    B. Dragons
    C. Yaks
    D. Griffins
    E. Unicorn
    F. Diamond Dogs
    G. Hippogriffs
    H. Kirin
    I. Earth Pony
    J. Changelings
    K. Deer
    L. Breezies

    Starting Location:
    A. Pegasta(Cloudsdale)
    B. The Dragonlands
    C. Griffinstone
    D. Yakiyak(North of Yakistan)
    E. Unicornia(East of Vanhoover)
    F. The Crystal Empire
    G. Mount Aris
    H. Kirin Grove(South of Dragonlands)
    I. Terratha(Near Neighgra Falls)
    J. The Badlands(Changelings)
    K. Everfree(Deer)
    L. Mount Canter(Breezies)

    Author's Note
    Author's Note:
    Okay, this is a fun little experiment I've decided to do: A CYOA-based story. Now, while I will not be making alternate routes(sorry, not that suicidal, lol) I will be leaving the bulk of this story in the hands of the viewers. The rest of it I'll decide or randomize. Just think of me as a dungeon master of sorts.

    Now, everyone gets one vote per question. And some questions, like these, have a bonus synergy with other options. To keep it simple, there's a small bonus if you pick the same letters in both questions. However, don't feel pressured as it is minor and other options have their own benefits.

    Also, those is going to be posted Fimfiction, Fanfiction, and Questionable Questing, so if the votes don't seem to add up, that's why.

    Enjoy! Try to have this updated everyweek

    PS This is based on a CYOA on reddit that I won't name until we get further along, or towards the end of this.
  2. AldariSiradla

    AldariSiradla Spirit Boy, Police Girl

    Nov 30, 2018
    Likes Received:
    [Strength in Diversity]
    -Starting Location
    F-The Crystal Empire

    Reason: Griffins, from reading the opinions and theories of a number of people, are not the most magically inclined race; but through the use of martial prowess, savvy investments, and ingenious know-how, one can make a great race that will spread your name from the ends of the world. Starting at The Crystal Empire will also give us access to a possible large pool of races to spread our faith far and wide.
  3. Threadmarks: Chapter 2: Where to Start

    Akumakami64 Experienced.

    Feb 14, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Poll Results as of 9/30/19, 1:07AM:
    0 Votes for Unicorns, Hippogriffs, Griffinstone, Unicornia, Mount Aris, Mount Canter

    1 Votes for Yaks, Griffins, Earth Pony, Breezies, Yakiyak, Terratha

    2 Votes for Deer, Pegasta, Griffins,

    3 Votes for Pegasus, Everfree

    4 Votes for Diamond Dogs

    5 Votes for Dragons, Dragonlands

    9 Votes for Badlands

    14 Votes for Changelings

    13 Votes for Kirin Grove

    Winners: 18/51 for Kirins and 17/5 for The Crystal Empire

    You have your doubts about this endeavor from the start, but high risk and high rewards are undeniably linked.

    Of all the races in the land, your spirit reaches out to the Kirin: Rare creatures that could be mistaken for a Unicorn subspecies, possessing both fur and scales with a certain potential for magic. Even more so, an ancient curse upon their kind became their own salvation, their anger turning them into fiery counterparts to their normal selves. And it is so easy to conjure rage for the cold, the windigos and for Death itself.

    No, the Kirin were not where your doubts lied, but in your chosen location.

    The Crystal Empire. Even with your innate, godly ability to simply know certain things, you couldn't even begin to comprehend the history of this place. It had changed from hoof to claw more times than can be reasonably counted. Sometimes peacefully, others not. It was and is a symbol of power and hope. A beacon in the unnatural storm of the Frozen North. The Windigos have been simply more of the same for those within the Crystal Empire, with the Crystal Heart holding them back as easily as it does the storm. Naturally, it became a rallying point for various creatures to gather to, trying to live in and around the crystalline city. But there is always opportunity in disaster.

    As your essence becomes more and more tied with the Kirins, you come to understand the present crisis more clearly through them.

    Sombra, self-proclaimed King of the Crystal Empire, had used this chance to seize power from Princess Amora, current Keeper of the Heart. Revealing his nature as an Umbra-Pony, the dark tyrant used his power to weaken the seal holding his kind beneath the city. Even with Princess Amora losing, the Crystal Heart instinctively fought against Sombra and the dark ponies, aiding the soldiers and civilians that managed to resist him.

    Pony or otherwise, all those foreign to the Crystal Empire scrambled to decide what to do. Many tried to aid Amora, and a desperate few even allied themselves to Sombra. But most were rushing to find enough supplies to try and find somewhere else to seek shelter in the white tartartus that seemed to blanket the whole world- from a mortal's perspective. Survival was a priority that most couldn't afford to ignore. And you weren't excluded from that.

    With yourself becoming spiritually tied to these Kirins, you realized that you could influence them subconsciously. Not control or manipulate, you were far too young for that. But they could feel a general sense of what you desired, especially those that already desired it. Hence, those not already at the Crystal Empire already felt the pull drawing them to there, to you.

    Staying was not an option long term. Food and room was growing scarce, even with many fleeing from this war between Love and Darkness. And you felt as one with your chosen race, for they were as uncertain as you. You could wash your limbs of this situation, take what you could and lead the Kirin someplace safe. safer than this by any means.

    Or you could get involved with this conflict. But aiding one would doubtless make an enemy of another. You are young and of very questionable potency. Throwing your weight this early could be the very end of you, you know. And with you, possibly the Kirins as well. Assuming victory, Amora would undoubtedly grant you whatever assistance the Empire could spare to help you on your travels. Sombra was obsessed with enslaving all that he could, but this conflict was taking a toll on him.

    Rewards were a gamble with Sombra.

    Survival was a gamble with Amora.

    With indecision coursing through you, you gaze outwards, southwards. You can see them, some of the lights, the other gods. The Sun and the Moon, as Chaos called the sister lights, were obviously trying to aid their own creatures. You could even sense that other godling, even more of a speck than you. They couldn't help. And Chaos? He was somewhere down there, doing something, but you could never guess what.

    None of them could help either side. The Crystal Empire, both Sombra and Amora, were on their own. As were you.

    Looking down upon your Kirins, camped as far from the city as possible while still inside the protective bubble of the Crystal Heart, you could tell that no matter what, some would stay. But you could push a majority to follow you through an unknowing proxy.

    And among them, you discovered three of significant potential in terms of charisma, among other things.

    Shaded Gold, one of the greatest hunters among the migrating Kirin. While not exactly omnivores, their Nirik forms do allow the Kirin to safely consume meat. Disregarding that, they have always had the need for Hunters, brave and skilled Kirin to protect their home and kind from enemies. Be they wild beasts or rival creatures. Shaded is uniquely gifted in the use of his Nirik form as he has learned to suppress the flames and use the dark coloring to enhance his stealth.

    However, he has become amongst the most jaded and cynical of the Kirin, his honesty far outweighing his kindness. The idea of siding with Sombra is not unappealing to him. Nor is the idea of just taking the city for themselves, if Sombra proves treacherous or ungrateful to their aid. His reputation as a great hunter and defender of other Kirin has earned him enough respect to attempt such a thing, with the right motivation.

    He also symbolically represents the Kirin that have embraced their Curse and see it as a gift instead.

    Frozen Meadow, a life long forager that knows all the secrets to finding edible plants even in these hard times. Normally foragers work to reap the spoils of nature while simultaneously nurturing it. While not as potent as Deer, Kirins are more directly connected to plants in general than Earth Ponies. Frozen is famous for not only her near peerless ability to track plant-based food, but also for milking a few fruits out of otherwise barren plants. However, long term use of this is not only fatal to the plants, but to herself. It is widely believed, even by herself, that this has led to her being infertile.

    Frozen is often considered the Chieftess in all but name, and has made great efforts to keep peace between the traveling Kirins and survivors of other races. While she has a genuine appreciation for all Shaded Gold has done for all Kirins, she is truly saddened and disapproving of how heavy his heart has become. Sombra and his ilk are obviously evil and she believes it wise to help stop them here before they grow too powerful to be stopped without massive bloodshed.

    Like the Kirin of old and many still today, Frozen believes that their Nirik forms are a curse.

    Last but not least is Quick Blade, a young but observant young Kirin. He was of the generation that knew very little or nothing at all of the world before the Windigo Winter, leaving his views less influenced by better days but also without him being jaded or saddened by recent events or failure. He has simply took everything as a learning experience. While not possessing the skill of Shaded or talent of Frozen, he does possess a practical wisdom about him, and- practically by accident- formed a maverick group of Kirins that search for new and inventive uses of their abilities. From using their Nirik flames to melt snow and purify water, to using magic to make a rope out of grass.

    The opinion of Quick is very mixed. While his ability to just emotionally shrug off most failures has left a sometimes-reluctant admiration in his fellow Kirins, it is underpinned by a clear inexperience that often renders him naive, sometimes even reckless in his ventures. Due to this, Quick is often oblivious to how much sway he has, but not in this: He doesn't consider himself heartless, but he believes they must do what is best for themselves. And, practically speaking, the Crystal Empire has never truly 'fallen'. It has always just shrunk, grown, and traded ownership. This is technically just another notch in its long history. Now would be the time to leave before getting caught up in the whirlwind of this clash.

    Quick is of the small but growing number of fringe Kirin that see their Nirik forms as neither curse nor gift, merely a part of themselves they've been suppressing out of fear.

    You can sense these three intently. They are all loyal to their own kind and even if their desired path isn't taken, they will follow the group rather than abandoning it. And while there will always be different opinions on the Nirik form, a leader's opinion will gain some traction no doubt. But in time, you have no doubt you can steer the majority away from that opinion. For now, it is best not to let that rule your judgement.

    For now, you must choose a mortal. Not to lead the Kirins in any official or indefinite sense, but to sway them on the path you believe they need to take:

    A. Shaded Gold
    B. Frozen Meadow
    C. Quick Blade

    Author Note:

    Surprise! Yeah, don't get use to this. I was just overly motivated to write this due to the overwhelming response. I intend on this being a weekly thing with a few surprise posts.
  4. AldariSiradla

    AldariSiradla Spirit Boy, Police Girl

    Nov 30, 2018
    Likes Received:
    B. Frozen Meadow

    Caution is a must. But I hope the up and coming wave of FAITH will change their minds on certain things...
    Thepiekid likes this.
  5. Lector312

    Lector312 Not too sore, are you?

    Nov 26, 2017
    Likes Received:
    This... seems more like a quest rather than a story. Wrong forum?

    C. Quick Blade
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  6. Threadmarks: Chapter 3: Where to Start

    Akumakami64 Experienced.

    Feb 14, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Opportunism and Altruism are fantastic sentiments to consider, but not at such risk with your still paltry power. The Heart was old and Sombra was potent. Best to play it safe at this stage.

    Your essence wraps around the young Quick Blade, feeding his thoughts: that this place was no longer safe, they should leave, this wasn't their fight.

    The Kirin exodus from the Crystal Empire begins not with a rallying cry or a great speech. It starts in the simplest of fashions: Quick Blade stands, telling his friends and family it is time to leave. Without word, they began to follow his lead. And others followed theirs, and more were prompted by them. Shaded Gold and Frozen Meadow both took notice of the event, but despite their differing desires to remain, your will managed to hold their tongue. It was obvious most Kirin had no desire to fight in this instance: for a tyrant they didn't trust or a home that wasn't their own.

    That said, they had their own parts to play.

    Quick Blade may have got the ball rolling, but Shaded and Frozen knew a way to make their next migration easier. And so, as Quick Blade and others gathered around maps to contemplate where to move, Frozen Meadows came to them. The neutral Kirin expected some form of lecture or disapproval, but instead received a request to spread word of the plan.

    The Crystal Empire had a small field filled with a rare, new technology that the empire had monopolized: Airships. Originally meant for transporting passengers and cargo, the Great Winter had prompted the empire to refit them for war. But Sombra and Amora had both deliberately gone out of their way to deny each other the chance to use the aerial devices before they could take off.

    In theory, there were enough to transport all of them easily, and the balloon-ships were enchanted to be able to weather the storm. Again, in theory.

    It was a bit dangerous, but it was one danger Quick Blade felt better taking than getting involved in the war. And he knew plenty of Kirin that had books from the Empire's libraries before the war had broken out. Between that and some guesswork, they could figure out how to work the ships.

    And so the Kirin prepared, packing up their supplies and salvaging anything of value as they waited for a chance. It came quick, a rather potent battle at night. Masked by darkness and the chaos of the battle, Shaded Gold and the hunters snuck into the airfield, knocking out or killing all the soldiers keeping watch over it, regardless of what side they were on. With time bought, the Kirin scrambled to load themselves into the ships. But time only lasted so long.

    By the time either side knew of the airfield being taken, the Kirin had confidently deduced how to control the ships, for the most part. Amora, hearing that it had been the refugees, ordered her soldiers to ignore them and push the attack on Sombra's forces. But Sombra grew enraged, sending off a shadow pony and a small force of slave-soldiers to deal with the interlopers.

    Quick Blade's ship was the first to become airborne, but remained stationary as he watched the others taking off. And here he bore witness to Shaded Gold and the hunters doing battle with an Umbra, a monstrous pony of smoke and shadow, and the enslaved warriors. The proud leader of the hunters did all he could keep them back, but there were too many, and the Crystal Ponies, side regardless, possessed armor that was hard to damage and weapons that could pierce most hides.

    After a fellow hunter sacrificed himself, trying to force Shaded to retreat, the Nirik-embracer reluctantly withdraw with the rest of the hunters, jumping onto a ship just before it took off.

    Just in time too, as Quick Blade had managed to figure out how to use the Arcane Cannons on the ship. While the aim was poor, the shot managed to distract the umbra and cover Shaded's escape.

    Quick Blade scowled as he looked down at the airfield, now illuminated by flames. Two ships had crashed into each other and another's balloon had exploded. There was no way to land and grab the survivors without risking more or all of them being shot down

    A final forth had almost been shot down by the umbra, but had been blocked by a young-adult dragon of all things, to everyone's surprise. Including your own! But you weren't about question the help as its fire pinned down the shadow pony until the Kirin in the airships had finally risen too high for their enemies to strike, the roaring flames killing it and its mind controlled underlings.

    With Sombra's rage almost palpable, even at a distance, the airships made for the storm. All company braced as the wind and cold bombarded the shields created by enchanted crystals. They held, but the entirety of the hulls were shuddering. Quick Blade almost feared they had made a mistake until your unexpected and draconic ally made itself known again, roaring loudly as it flew about the ships before flying upwards, roaring streams of fire before flying out of view. It shot down, repeating the acts, prompting Frozen Meadow and Shaded Gold to realize what was going on.

    You could feel Quick Blade's frustration as he heard the calls to rise higher, and quickly, not believing he hadn't picked up on that. It wasn't enough to prompt his Nirik form, but he did snort smoke for a moment. Soon, all the airships found their ways higher and higher until finally...

    They were above the storm. And everyone stared in awe at the beauty of the clear star-bright sky, lit by the full moon as the light bounced off the endless sea of clouds below.

    You felt your spirit uncoil, relaxing as relief spread through you. The worst of that was over. Of the twenty-two airships the Kirin had stolen, only three had been stopped at the airfield and, by a miracle even to you, none in the storm. Only a few hundred lost instead of one or two thousands.

    As the Kirin sailed relatively without aim for the first night, you felt a surge of power rush through you. They didn't know you yet, but there were many prayers of thanks to "whatever god" had helped them.

    It just occurred to you that you'd need a name or title for the Kirin to address you by eventually, but you stowed that aside for later. Right now, you had something very, very important to worry about.

    Using planks to carefully cross between ships, the Kirin began conferring with the more navigational inclined to decide where to go. With the ships, they had more options in terms of distance, but that just made choosing harder. After the events of the Crystal Empire, a common desire to try and find an unoccupied territory spread with ease.

    You however, while not all-knowing, are aware of six locations you know to be ideal. However, with so many minds and opinions in play, you did not have the ability to suppress all of them and push them to only one option. All you could do was keep their attention on these six targets and allow them to pick between them.

    "Shaded, even if Colossal Rest exists, why would we settle in the Frozen North when we just left the Crystal Empire?" Frozen asked in exasperation as they convened in the captain's quarters of Frozen's ship.

    "No, I've been here, it's real. It's secluded and easily defendable, and it's actually just outside the effects of the Frozen North. It is still winter year round there, but it is close and safe," Shaded defended with a firm scowl.

    "And it's in spitting distance if we ever decide to invade the empire?" Quick Blade pointed out with a knowing look. Shaded shrugged in admittance as Frozen shook her head in distaste. "I don't entirely disagree with the sentiment, but if we want defense, I've found a spot more to the east and with less of a cold-factor. A narrow river valley hidden by tall cliffs called the Hidden Mirror Valley. It's far north of the griffins, hard to spot, and hard to attack," Quick explained.

    "Isn't that Bugbear territory?" Shaded pointed out with a scrunched brow.

    "FAR North," Quick stressed to clarify. "It's a bit of a journey, even with these ships."

    "Still, a river at least deals with our need for water," Frozen acknowledged as she studied the map. "There is a great swampland, or rather the Grand Swamp, in the south west. Our ancestors once made journeys to it as a coming of age event and for spiritual quests. Its wildlife might make it a bit dangerous, but it'd be much like the Grove in a lot of respects. And while easy to find, it is a giant marsh so..."

    "It'd be difficult to navigate and find us in there. A decent safeguard," Shaded allowed. "Though, we have no idea if any other creatures have moved in there, and it's been over a hundred years since we traveled to the Grand Swamp. If it's plentiful you want, there is a waterfall my father told me about as a young one. It's far east of the Grove, but the journey there should be safest, to our current knowledge. Beautiful crystal clear waters, and a large cliff side with hidden cave networks behind the falls. He called it Peaches Falls, since there use to be a lot of them there, but most of the trees were gone by the time he visited it the third time. Theoretically, we could start in the caves and build either further into them or outside the falls."

    "Or, you know, both," Quick Blade pointed out with a hum as his eyes went eastward as well. "There is a weird place I keep hearing about east of Griffon stone. Twisted Towers, a strange formation these towering structures of spirals paths. No one knows if it's natural or not, but all accounts and maps make the surrounding out to have plenty of room for farms, and they have some defensive applications, I'm sure."

    "Why are all your choices so far away?" Frozen asked rhetorically. "If we're going for space...I admit I thought this was a myth, but even many in the Crystal Empire spoke or wrote about a flowing plains called the Grass Sea if you head north of the Frozen North, and keep going until the Frozen North ends."

    "...How far is that?" Shaded questioned uncertainly.

    "Longer than we'd like, shorter than you'd think," Frozen answered with a sigh. "This is too big a decision for just us to make, we need to know what the navigators and others think..."

    A. Colossal Rest: Ideal for defending and only a short distance away, but very cold year round and sparse in resources.

    B. Hidden Valley: Ideal for defending and hard to find, but very far and geographical isolation will make it hard to get aid or leave if it becomes needed.

    C. Grand Swamp: Ideal for resources and hard to find, but filled with a lot of dangerous wildlife and vegetation.

    D. Peaches Fall: Ideal for resources and one of the safest paths, but fair chance it may have been taken over one or more other creatures, including other Kirin.

    E. Twisting Towers: Ideal for population and one of the safest paths, but it is unknown how valuable a place these towers actually are.

    F. Grass Sea: Ideal for population and only a short distance away, but is hard to defend due to being completely wide open and also geographically isolated.

    Author's Note:
    NOTE: To explain, votes do not guarantee the choice, merely increase the likelihood that option will be picked as the decision is ultimately random. Every option starts off with an equal/one-sixth chance of being chosen

    Well, the heist of the century went off mostly without a hitch and we got a small-ish dragon friend! And the worship is starting, like a trickle before a storm. Now we got to pick a place to settle down in and form our own Kirin nation.

    Oh, and we got a proper look at Frozen Meadow, Shaded Gold, and Quick blade. Or as my beta calls them: The Optimist, The Cynic, and the guy holding it all together, lol. XP Hope you enjoyed them. I sure a lot of people were colored against Shaded, but he's not a bad Kirin or anything.

    Final Results from last vote:
    A Shaded-6
    B Frozen-5
    C Quick-37
  7. Frytrix

    Frytrix Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Feb 3, 2017
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    I vote for (first choice)E and (Second choice) D.
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  8. LuckyShadowWolf

    LuckyShadowWolf You want me to say something? Alright. GET! OUT!

    Oct 16, 2018
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    If voting is still open Then I vote:
    [X] E. Twisting Towers: Ideal for population and one of the safest paths, but it is unknown how valuable a place these towers actually are.
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  9. The Hive

    The Hive Getting some practice in, huh?

    Sep 29, 2019
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    We must agree, the "safest" option seems to be to take a gamble.

    [X] E. Twisting Towers: Ideal for population and one of the safest paths, but it is unknown how valuable a place these towers actually are.
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  10. SharkCultist

    SharkCultist Not too sore, are you?

    Jan 23, 2021
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    • Do not necro. This is against Rule 7.
    Gonna vote D. Just because someone might be there doesn't mean it's off the table necessarily.

    Either through force or diplomacy a compromise could be reached.
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  11. MasterOfDragonsGod

    MasterOfDragonsGod Connoisseur.

    Jul 13, 2018
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    [X] E. Twisting Towers: Ideal for population and one of the safest paths, but it is unknown how valuable a place these towers actually are.
  12. Thepiekid

    Thepiekid Getting sticky.

    Jul 17, 2020
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    [X] E. Twisting Towers: Ideal for population and one of the safest paths, but it is unknown how valuable a place these towers actually are.
    High risk, high reward.
    Also, we should start thinking on a name. I am poo with names, so I leave this task to someone more talented than me​
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  13. SharkCultist

    SharkCultist Not too sore, are you?

    Jan 23, 2021
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    My little kirin - survival is godly?

    Or for the god himself what about Qilin? It's the Chinese name for a kirin.
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  14. Mgunh1

    Mgunh1 RnD droid #70021

    Aug 4, 2014
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    Guys, seriously, this is dead.
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