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Godzilla vs. The Marvel Universe!

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Daytripper, Mar 21, 2021.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Premonition

    Daytripper Well worn.

    Apr 23, 2017
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    Chapter 1: Premonitions

    The Northern Pacific Ocean, 12:10 AM, PT.

    The cargo ship Wanderer gently teetered sideways as the storm howled and blasted lightning from the night sky. Large grey containment boxes with the Stark Industries logo embroidered on them were stocked on the ships deck. Two workers, one white and one African-American sat on two barrels with cigarettes in hand.

    “And that’s when I found out my son was a Mutant” the Caucasian sailor said.
    “He burned the entire bathroom?” The black sailor replied. “Sure your son isn’t the Human Torch?”
    “Nah, I’m pretty sure my sons not a blonde” the white sailor jokingly said. “Anyway, My wife is thinking of sending him to that Mutant school and....”.

    The African American sailor then spotted a blue emitting from sea.
    “What’s that over there!” he pointed at the blue glow which started to make the portion of the sea bubble and boil like a witches cauldron!

    “I don’t know” the hefty mustachioed white sailor replied as he got up to take a closer look at this mysterious phenomenon.

    As he stood by the handle bars of the ship, the most ungodly roar that no man had heard was heard from the boiling circle of light!


    “The hell was that!?” The black sailor said as he stood up to get a closer look.
    Then a gargantuan sized beast of grey color started to rise up. The two sailors looked in horror as it made another roar!


    “It’s a monster!” The hefty sailor cried out in fear! The two sailors hired up the stairs to command deck to alert the captain!
    “Captain!” The black sailor shouted at their female superior who just awoke from a nap.
    “What is it sailor!” The female captain shouted as she got up from her chair in frustration.
    “There’s some kind of monster!” The black sailor replied. “A really big one!” The heavy set sailor chimed in.

    The monster roared once more before the ship began to violently shake, causing the the captain and the two sailors to lose balance and fall to the ground.

    “Shit!” The Captain exclaimed as she tried to stand back and reach for the console. Her hand almost touched the comms but before she could, the ship tilted to the right causing her, the two sailors and her chair to slide to the right, badly bruising them in the process!

    As the captain laid on the wall in pain, she looked at the large window overlooking the deck, she got a good look at reptilian monsters head that was besieging her ship before a filing cabinet that was sliding towards her knocked her out, causing things to go black!

    Los Angeles, California, 12:09 PM, PT.

    Steve Martin violently awoke from his chair to meet an unfinished word document emanating from his desktop!

    “Another one!” He whispered as he wiped sweat from his forehead. He heard the birds chirp outside and looked at his clock. It was 12:10 PM.

    “Grandpa, Lunch is ready” He heard his grandson from shout from behind the door.

    “OK” he responded as he got up from his chair.

    For the past few weeks, he had been having visions of unknown ships and cities destroyed! Fifty years had past since the events that had happen in Tokyo. The event that he had witnessed as young up and coming reporter. Events that for fifty years were just bad memories that Martin had slowly forgotten! Now these visions that had begun to appear bore an eerie similarity to those events that had happened fifty years ago.

    “Could it be a premonition?” He thought as he opened the door and walked to the dining room table.
    He sat down at the kitchen table, and there his grandson was eating his grilled cheesed sandwich with his baby sister of 5 years sitting right beside him while his god daughter sat at the front of his table.

    Before he could grab the sandwich on his plate, his god daughter spoke his name.
    “Steve?” She said.
    “What is it Julie?” He stoically replied as he took a bite from his grilled cheese sandwich.
    “Are you alright”? His god daughter asked him with concern.
    “Just a little tired from all that writing” he replied.
    “I know you have a deadline but for god sakes, your 75 years old!” Julie stated.
    “I know” he nodded.
    “You should slow down, you’ve have what 25 published books in your life time?” She continued.

    “I’m thinking of taking a break after I’m done writing” he assured. “Maybe go to the Museum with Timothy”.
    He smiled as he looked a his ecstatic grandson.

    “We can see all the Dinosaurs!” Timothy said in excitement.

    “Grandpa, have you ever seen a dinosaur?” His younger granddaughter asked.

    “Now Amy, you know dinosaurs aren’t around anymore?” Her mother attempted to bring her don to earth.

    “I’ve seen a dinosaur” Steve replied in earnest.

    Your grandpas being funny Amy!” Her mother said to her, unaware of the events in Tokyo that her husbands father had bore witness to!

    After a commercial had played for Stark Industries, NBC news began to play again. Martin’s attention was turned to the TV when the reporter said these words.

    “A heavily damaged cargo ship headed from New York through the Panama towards San Francisco, has been found washed up near Seattle Bay!”

    The memories of the Lucky Dragon soon rushed through his head as he looked at the footage of wreckage of the ship.

    “As you can see here with the large hole exposed on the right side of the ship, it appears something had ripped opened it!” The reporter commented.

    Then footage changed to that of a wounded blonde woman with bandages on her head and cheek being carried away by paramedics.
    “There were only three survivors, Captain Anna Harryhausen and two sailors Perry Burr and Willis Cooper!”
    As he looked upon the uncanny images that recalled the darkest moment in his life, one word had been racing through Steve Martin’s mind.

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2021
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  2. Grimmouse197

    Grimmouse197 Versed in the lewd.

    Jan 19, 2019
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    *See's plot and smut tag* x3 So someone is gonna lewd Godzila then?:V
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  3. Daytripper

    Daytripper Well worn.

    Apr 23, 2017
    Likes Received:
    No but the second chapter has MJ and Peter doing it, and other lewds sprinkled around here and there. The third chapter also has graphic description of corpses so that’s another reason why I had the mods move it here.
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  4. Nightmare723764

    Nightmare723764 Greater Daemon Horse of Perverseness!

    Feb 18, 2018
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    You have my attention.
    Will be watching to see how things evolve.
  5. Nerx

    Nerx THOT Police

    May 28, 2017
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    Plenty of neat things how this can develop, his radiation can develop mutates and his g-cells would make for excellent super empowerment stuff.
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  6. meloa789

    meloa789 I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Feb 13, 2021
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    Which version of Godzilla is this?
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  7. Daytripper

    Daytripper Well worn.

    Apr 23, 2017
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    Last edited: Mar 22, 2021
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  8. Nightmare723764

    Nightmare723764 Greater Daemon Horse of Perverseness!

    Feb 18, 2018
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    ... I haven't really kept track of the various Godzilla's but... which one is that?
    Not the latest version I don't think?
  9. Daytripper

    Daytripper Well worn.

    Apr 23, 2017
    Likes Received:
    The 90s version.
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  10. Nightmare723764

    Nightmare723764 Greater Daemon Horse of Perverseness!

    Feb 18, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Ah, thanks. I wasn't sure.
    Wait... are we talking about that Godzilla from that one shitty movie where he goes to New York?
  11. Xero Key

    Xero Key Experienced.

    Oct 30, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Also known as the ‘VS Series’, it is “Return of Godzilla” through “Godzilla vs Destroyah”. In reality the Heisei era ended in 2019 when the last Emperor abdicated, but Godzilla’s film Heisei era is only 1984-1995. Biollante and King Ghiadora come from this era.
  12. Nightmare723764

    Nightmare723764 Greater Daemon Horse of Perverseness!

    Feb 18, 2018
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    Ah, okay thanks.
  13. Extras: Timeline

    Daytripper Well worn.

    Apr 23, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Hey there! Sorry for the lack of updates! Been working on an outline for the story.

    For now I’m posting a timeline of my “Superhero-MonsterVerse”!

    542 Millions Years Ago: The Pre-Cambrian era comes to an end. The Cambrian expansion occurs and most known animal phyla appear. Modern Kaijuologists theorize that the first proto-Godzilla (Legendary Godzilla) and proto-Rodan (Legendary Rodan) first spawned.

    300 Million Years Ago: The Carboniferous period. Many species of giant insects roam the earth, including many ancestors of modern insects. The Meganulon, Kamacarus and Kumunga are one of the many species from this era to somehow survive to this day, and possibly a proto-Mothra (Legendary Mothra).

    250 Million Years Ago: The Permian-Triassic Extinction. 96% of marine species and 70% of land species go extinct. All except Legendary Godzilla and Legendary Rodan who lay in suspended animation to this day.

    130 Million Years Ago: The Age of the Dinosaurs is at its epoch in the Cretaceous period. Godzillasaurus, Rodan, Anguirus, Baragon, Varan, Gorasaurus, and Titanosarus first appear in this era (as well as Devil Dinosaur) and manage to survive the extinction that would later befall the Dinosaurs.

    Cretaceous King Ghidorah lands on Earth to do battle with Primitive Mothra.

    65 Million Years Ago: Most Dinosaurs are wiped out on the Pangean super continent, except for those that survived in small pockets of the Earth such as The Savage Land and Skull Island.

    An alien space craft belonging to a mysterious squid like race of beings known as Millennians crash lands into what would become the Sea of Japan.

    400,000 BC: In the Age of Mammals, the Gigantopithecus roams prehistoric China and is believe to be the ancestor of King Kong’s species and is believed to have arrived to Skull Island through a land bridge.

    30,000 BC: Primitive Man struggle for survival. Earliest depiction of Legendary Godzilla are discovered by archeologists in Southern France dating back to this era.

    8,000 BC: Susano slays the Yamato no Orochi in Ancient Japan.

    6,000 BC: Desghidorah destroys Elias civilization but is sealed away by Mothra.

    4,000 BC: Mu and Seatopian civilization appears alongside the Atlanteans. The Mu worship a dragon names Manda and Seatopians worship a beetle god known as Megalon.

    3,000 BC: Legendary King Ghidorah invades Earth but is defeated by Legendary Godzilla and Legendary Mothra and is frozen in Antarctica.

    2,000 BC: The Spawn of Orochi awakens and a Baragon, Anguirus, Varan, Manda, Mothra and a benevolent Ghidorah are made guardians by the gods of Japan. The six guardians defeat the Orochi spawn.

    1,000 BC: Ancient Phoenicians worship Legendary Godzilla as the god Dagon.

    Legendary Godzilla does battle with MUTO Prime in Ancient Japan.

    1000 AD: Gigan invades Earth but is defeated by Mothra.

    1502: Legendary Godzilla awakes to fight the Shinomura near Germany.

    Sometime in the 19th Century: Victor Frankenstein conducts his experiments on the creation of life in Germany.

    1908: Following the Tunguska blast, A Rodan egg appears.

    1915: Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity leads to splitting of the atom.

    1933: Filmmaker Carl Denham embarks on an expedition to the mysterious Skull Island in which he discovers living dinosaurs and a giant ape known as “King Kong” who takes Denham leading lady (Anne Darrow). Denham takes Kong back to New York. The giant ape escapes and goes on a rampage through New York culminating in Kong re-taking Anne and climbing up the Empire State Building where he is shot down by airplanes.

    1937: Japan invades China which marks the unofficial beginning of World War II in Asia.

    1939: Germany invades Poland, marking the official beginning of World War II in Europe.

    1941: Japan bombs Pearl Harbor which officially begins the Asia-Pacific theatre of World War II.

    1944: A living Godzillasaurus is discovered during a battle between American and Japanese forces on Lagos Island.

    American Air Force fighter Hank Marlow and Japanese fighter pilot Gunpei Ikari crash land on Skull Island after a dogfight. There they discover another Kong.

    1945: As the allies close in of the reich, Nazi scientists give the living heart of Frankenstein to their Japanese allies. An Imperial Japanese Navy submarine brings the heart to Hiroshima when the Anola Gay drops the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima which irradiates the heart. Another atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, leading to the Japanese finally surrendering.

    The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki awakens the Shinomura. Legendary Godzilla awakens once more to chase it around the world.

    1946: An American naval vessel runs aground, on a small pacific island. The surviving sailors identify a giant monster as the cause (Years later Kaijuologists would identify it as the Shinomura). This prompts Douglas MacArthur to form MONARCH.

    Shinomura attacks the Novosibirsk, Russia and The Philippines but is chased off by Legendary Godzilla.

    A Godzillasaurus is mutated by atomic testing on Lagos Island during Operation Crossroads into the first Godzilla.

    1947: Shinomura attacks Western Australia.

    1948: Shinomura attacks what would later become Monster Island.

    1949: Shinomura attacks New Zealand but is once more chased away by Legendary Godzilla.

    1950: Shinomura attacks the Savage Lands, but is yet again chased away by Legendary Godzilla.

    1952: Monarch theorizes that the wings of a giant unknown creature caused the Great Smog of London.

    1953: A second Shinomura escapes from a Monarch facility.

    1954: The first Godzilla attacks Tokyo. The monster is finally killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, a device created by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. The doctor sacrifices himself so the secret to his invention so that it will never be used as a weapon.

    The two Shinomura merge into one and arrive in the Savage Lands once more. Legendary Godzilla splits it back in half with his atomic breath. The one half is killed and goes after it. The U.S Navy try to go after it and try’s to kill the two monster by dropping a nuclear bomb in the Bikini Atoll.

    The radiation from the Bikini Atoll “tests” would lead to another Godzillasaurus to mutate into a second Godzilla.

    1955: An ape like humanoid dubbed by Monarch as the Snowman is discovers in the mountains of Japan.

    A second Godzilla appears in Osaka and fights a giant anklyosarus known as Anguirus. The second Godzilla kills Anguirus. Godzilla is buried in Ice by the JSDF and remains in suspended animation until 1999 when a Russian Ice Breaker unleashes him from his icy prison. Another Anguirus would be discovered in Siberia 50 years later.

    1956: A Japanese mining village is besieged by giant Meganulon. Two giant pteranodon’s known as Rodan then awake and cause destruction in their wake. They are soon killed by the JSDF by tricking them to fly near an active volcano where they both suffocate and die. A third Rodan lies dormant in Tunguska.

    1958: The Triphibian monster Varan appears in Hokkaido but is soon killed by the JSDF. Another Varan would be discovered in Lake Michigan in the 2000’s.

    1959: A Russian spy plane spots a Monarch facility near an ice cap in Siberia. The ice cap was discovered as being as being a MUTO nest. The facility was abandoned in the 70’s.

    1960: A wild boy is discovered by an American scientists studying the effects of radiation in Japan. After an investigation by Monarch, the boys is discovered to be a spawn of Frankenstein’s heart. Soon the Frankenstein boy grows to giant size due to the radiation from Hiroshima. A burrowing dinosaur known as Baragon begins attacking live stock and small villages and the giant peaceful Frankenstein is blamed for it which leads to the JSDF hunting for him. Baragon and Frankenstein fight each other and the later breaks Baragon ‘s neck. The giant Frankenstein was last seen fighting a Giant Octopus off the coast of Japan before being killed by an active volcano. Another Baragon would appear in the Pacific Northwest in the 2000’s.

    Explorer Carl Hansen travels to Calcutta to find a mystical idol. But he soon finds that the idol is cursed and transforms him into the Abominable Snowman.

    1961: A joint Japanese-Rolisican expedition to the irradiated Infant Island where two tiny women (Shobijin) are discovers. They are then taken by a greedy Rolisican tycoon who brings then to Japan were they are forced into show business. A Mothra larvae hatches and goes to Japan to rescue the twins. The man who kidnapped them flees to Rolisica but then Mothra forms a cocoon near Tokyo Tower and transforms into a giant moth. Mothra flies to Rolisica and retrieves the twins.

    An electric energy monster known as The Blip attacks New York but is thwarted by Monarch.

    Chiang Kai Shek awakens the ancient dragon known as Fing Fang Foom in an attempt to retake the mainland from the communists but Fing Fang Foom is soon discovers to be intelligent and works on his own accord and rampages through Taipei. Monarch defeats him putting him to sleep through Chinese herbs. He would soon become a prominent enemy of Iron Man and the Avengers at the dawn of the 21st century.

    Googam and Goom two giant alien conquerers attack Roswell, New Mexico but are driven back to space by both Monarch and Majestic 12.

    1963: A Japanese ship is lost near the island of Matango.

    1966: A giant green humanoid known as Gaira emerges from the sea near Japan and goes on a rampage. Gaira is discovers to be a spawn of Frankenstein by Monarch and the possible brother of a peaceful and benevolent brown giant known as Sanda. The JSDF try to destroy Gaira with a new weapon known as the Maser Cannon but is stopped by Sanda who believes that Gaira can be good and stop eating people. But after eating more people, an enraged Sanda starts a long fight with Gaira. The fight goes on for so long that the two Frankenstein spawns fight from Tokyo all the way across the Pacific Ocean towards Alaska where the two are frozen in a tundra.

    1970: An alien parasite known as the Space Amoeba hitches a ride on a space capsule with crash lands near Sergio Island in the Pacific. The amoeba’s mutate a cuddle fish (Gezora), a crab (Ganime) and a mata mata turtle (Kameobas). The amoebas are thwarted by the sonic cries of a swarm of bats.

    1973: Monarch launches an expedition in collaboration with the U.S military to Skull Island where the second Kong is discovered as well as Hank Marlow. Kong mistakes the expedition as an invasion and attacks them. Col. Pacard wants to kill Kong in relaxation for killing some of his men but the scientists involved in the expedition warn him not to, as Marlow tells them that the ecosystem and the humans that inhabit the island (Iwi) depend on Kong and his species as they keep the entire island from being dominated by the Skull Crawlers, Death Runners, and Vastadasarus-Rex. Pacard doesn’t listen attempts to kill Kong, which leads to the Skull Crawlers awakening. Pacard is killed and Kong is saved and the Skull Crawlers are driven back underground by Kong.

    That is it for now. Feel free to ask me about the lore if you want.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2021
  14. Big bad Voodoo Daddy

    Big bad Voodoo Daddy Making the rounds.

    Aug 28, 2020
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    Man the people of that earth must so treeified and confused by everything
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  15. Threadmarks: Chapter 2: Story of the Century

    Daytripper Well worn.

    Apr 23, 2017
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    Chapter 2
    Story of the Century.

    Midtown Manhattan, 2:30 PM

    “Alright everyone, you know the drill!” Shocker menacingly glared at the kneeling and panicked crowd of bank goers.

    He slowly walked towards the heavy set clerk, who’s face was drenched in terrified sweat.

    “Cof ‘em up!” Shocker barked as he aimed his gauntlets at the clerk.

    “But..but..” the clerk stuttered and clamored to speak but was cut off by a frustrated Shocker.

    “I said give it to me!”

    Just then Shocker head a familiar and alarming voice.

    “Hey Shockey!”

    “Oh no.....” Shocker muttered under his breath as he turned around to see the wall crawler of New York standing at the door of the bank.

    “Why don’t you wait your turn!” Spider Man quipped. “I’m sure there are more people here who have more important withdrawals to make!”

    “Spider Man!” A nameless female civilian shouted in glee.

    “Not you!” Shocker shouted as he fired a blast of his gauntlet at the wall crawler. Spider Man leaps out of the sight of shockers projectiles and unto the ceiling!

    “That’s no way to treat an old friend!” Spider Man said as he fired his web shoot at the Shockers right fist.

    “Let go of me!” Shocker yelled in annoyance as he fired a plasma bolt of his left gauntlet. Spidey once again dodged the blast, this time leaping back down on the ground. The scared bank attendants then fled out of the bank as a piece of the ceiling fell down on Spider Man, but the yet again he dodged it. Shocker fired another round from his left gauntlet but Spider Man fired his webbing onto the ceiling.

    “This is getting tedious Shocker!” Spider Man commented as he was perched upside down on the ceiling.

    The friendly neighborhood Spider Man then fired another round of his webbing onto Shocker’s left hand, totally disarming him.

    “SHIT!” Shocker cursed in anger before Spider Man could completely rap up his legs and entire body with webbing, leaving only his head untouched.

    A minute later, Spider Man watched from a nearby building as the boys in blue took the webbed up shocker into their patrol car.

    “All in a days work”. Spider Man aka Peter Parker commented as he took photos of his latest victory. “I wonder how Jameson’s going to spin this one against me?”

    Daily Bugle. 3:30 PM.

    J. Jonah Jameson flipped through the photos of Spider Man swinging through the city and a webbed up Shocker being taken by the police.

    “Good job on this one Parker!” Complemented as his face was partially hidden by the deck of photos held in his hands.

    “As usual as always” a prideful Peter triumphantly said.“Let’s see how he spins this one against Spider Man” Robbie Robertson humorously whispered to Peter. Jameson then slammed the pictures on his desk and turned to the window behind him with his arms outstretched.

    “I can see the headlines now!” Jameson proudly announced. He then turned to Peter and Robbie, arms still outstretched and face filled with smug pride. “Spider Man and Shocker rob bank! Spider Man gets away!”.
    Peter promptly sighed while Robbie rolled his eyes.“Come on Jameson, those are obviously Spider Man’s webs on the shocker!” Robbie pointed his photo to said picture.

    “He’s duping us!” Jameson stubbornly retorted. “He’s using him as the fall, Spider Man’s the real master mind! “Oh come on Jameson!” Exclaimed a frustrated Robbie. “Now you sound like Alex Jones!”

    “Hey, I’ll have you know my paper is more reliable and legit then whatever that crackpot spouts!”. Jameson retaliated with. Jameson huffed as sat himself back down. As soon as he did so, he quickly changed the subject. “Let’s just move on, I had just heard that a cargo ship was found wrecked in in the Bay of Seattle” Jameson explained. “The survivors said it was some kind of monster who did it!”

    “A monster?” Robbie raised his eyebrows.
    “I wonder who could be behind this?” Peter thought. Normally this would fall into the jurisdiction of either The Avengers or Fantastic Four but if Jameson wanted a story out of this then Peter could probably afford some plane tickets to Seattle from MJ’s salary.

    “Parker!” Jameson pointed to Peter. “I want you to fly to Seattle and give me some pictures!” Jameson demanded. “I have a feeling this story will be bigger then whatever crime that wall crawler is committing!”
    “For my sake I hope so.” Peter thought. Anything to get Jameson’s attention away from Spider Man was always a plus in Peter’s book.

    An hour later, Peter was back at MJ’s house.

    “Don’t worry Aunt May, I’ll probably be back in a couple of days.” Peter assured his worried Aunt while MJ sat on the couch. “I love you too, Aunt May!” Peter then put the phone back on the table, prompting Mary Jane to get up and walk towards him.

    “So how long do you think you’ll be gone?” MJ asked.“Probably about two to three days” Peter speculated.
    “Well, let’s hope it’s no more then three....” MJ began to caress Parker’s shoulders. “When will you be going?”“Probably tomorrow” Peter replied. MJ smiled as she began to trace her fingers on his chest. “I think I like were this is heading” Peter enthusiastically thought!“In that case, maybe I’ll give you a farewell present before you go?” MJ said in a sultry tone. The couple then walked together into their bedroom’ were they’d spend a good chunk of afternoon in.

    Stark Mansion. 4:30 PM

    Deep in his laboratory, Billionaire, playboy, and inventor Tony Stark (alias Iron Man) was fast at work repairing his standard suit. He had recently been in a fight with The Beetle, and the right arm of his suit was damaged by one of Beetle’s grenades. With a blowtorch, he ironed out the creases brought on by the blast damage.

    Just as he was about to finish, Jarvis entered the room.
    “Sir I have some very distressing news for you!”
    “The Dodger’s are moving again?” Tony quipped.
    “A Cargo ship carrying company supplies crashed of the coast of Seattle.” Jarvis somberly explained.
    Tony turned his full attention to Jarvis with great concern. “How did it happen?”
    “The survivors said it was some kind of monster that did I it”
    “Monster?” Tony thought. “Perhaps Fin Fang Foom is at large?”
    “And to make matters worse sure, the survivors have been struck ill by radiation poisoning!”
    A somber feeling began to churn within Stark. What could of cause them to contract radiation sickness? It couldn’t have been Fing Fang Foom then?
    “Computer, show me the daily news!” Tony ordered.

    A large screen scrawled down from the ceiling which then turned to a CNN bulletin. The screen showed pictures of the wreck. The wreck looked as though a giant creature had clawed at it.
    The footage then switched to that of the female captain laying on a hospital gurney, looking very very ill.
    “The Survivors have mysteriously contracted what seems to be an acute form of radiation sickness” the Anchor stated.
    The Anchor then continued.
    “Besides the question of what caused this tragedy, there is the lingering question of how will Tony Stark pay for these damages? Especially the lives and well being of those on the ship?”
    “By finding what ever did this to them!” Tony muttered. “And making sure it never happens to another ship, to another crew!”.

    Seattle, 9:25 AM.

    Peter was outside Seattle Airport, waiting for the bus to arrive. Strapped on to his shoulder was his camera or as he called it “old reliable”.
    “I wonder what that West Coast Avengers are doing” Peter wondered. This seemed right up their alley!

    A blue and grey bus with an advertisement for Genosa plastered on it. As the door opened, Peter stepped inside the bus and tipped the elderly driver with a mustache and sunglasses.

    “Thanks for the tip!” The driver said.
    Peter scanned the bus for a seat until he spotted a free seat beside what looked to be another reporter judging by the camera that was strapped to his chest. He also was older then Peter, probably in his late 60s or early 70s. Peter sat himself beside the older journalist.

    “Never thought I’d be sat next to the guy who takes Spider Man’s photos” the older journalist commented.
    “You recognize my work!” A flattered Peter replied with.
    The old journalist chuckled. “Your a legend among the photographers at United World News” He said. “How do you do it?”

    “Well being friends with Spider Man has its perks.” Peter answered.
    “Aw, the magician never reveals his secrets!” The journalist said. “Smart man”. The older journalist extended his hand to Peter who promptly shook it. “Steve Martin, United World News” the older journalist introduced himself as. “I’ve been in the scene since the Korean War”.Peter was impressed. “You must of seen a lot of action!” he commented. “Oh yes” Mr. Martin began to list off. “Sputnik, Little Rock, Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK, Vietnam, RFK, MLK, The Moon Landing, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Chernobyl, September 11......”.
    “Wow!” Was all Peter could muster.
    “As a matter of fact, this recent incident reminds me of one of my earliest stories.
    “What story was that?” Peter walked curiously.
    “The Lucky Dragon incident” Mr. Martin answered.
    “I’ve heard of that” Parker replied. “A Japanese fishing boat went to close to an nuclear testing site and died of radiation sickness!”
    “You’ve done your homework” Mr. Martin said. “I went to Tokyo for that story. I had an a old friend there.”
    “What are your thoughts on people saying it’s a monster that did?” Peter asked.
    “Well extraordinary things have happened in 50 years”. Mr. Martin explained. “A man who can climb buildings, a man who can turn into a green monster, a war hero being frozen for 60 years, people being born with extraordinary abilities. Who’s to say?”

    Peter and Mr. Martin stood in front the barrier which blocked the general public from entering the irradiated wreck. Behind the barrier were state officials and police officers in hazmat suits. Journalists were shoving microphones into their faces while photographers like Peter took pictures of the wreck.

    “Mr. Adams, do you know what else the survivors said about the incident?” A female reporter in a yellow jumpsuit asked the head of the quarantine operation.
    “Well one of the survivors said that the ocean was boiling and on fire or something like that!”
    The words “boiling” and “on fire” caught the attention of Mr. Martin. Martin then walked toward were the yellow jumpsuit reporter was.
    “Excuse me sir, did you say “boiling” and “fire”?” Martin asked.
    “That’s what one of the survivors said” Mr. Adams replied.
    A feeling of fear crept up on Mr. Martin.
    “It can’t be!” He thought. “He was disintegrated!”
    Peter then walked towards Martin.
    “Mr. Martin, is there something wrong?” Peter asked with concern.
    “I’m fine, Mr. Parker” Mr. Martin replied. “Just some old wounds popping up.”
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