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how to find your home

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by miraes, Jun 24, 2019.

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  1. miraes

    miraes Gone for Good

    Jun 24, 2019
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    • Plagiarism. Did you really think it would not be found out?
    OK this is my first story here so wish me luck.

    Wormverse gets a visitor from an (extremely) alternate universe.... an anthro Eevee (main character) who's race can switch between types at will and are able to trigger. Will Brockton Bay survive? Not sure overall how things will work as I am making this up as I go along, cannon is a bit shot (OK more then a bit :eek:)to hell and beyond (on the Pokemon side) and has no Endbringer/Scion involvement. Timeline is more or less working beyond that. Maybe.

    It was night at Brockton Bay, moonlit but cloudy. There was an alley there, in the Docks, a dead end like many others. Sown with trash, walls tagged with gang signs, with a few rats gnawing on the garbage scattered about. And a part of it was becoming darker.

    Le'shar was running down one of the corridors of the Maker's castle having been cut off from the rest of the group that had snuck in. They had split up with half to raise the gate and the rest splitting up in twos and threes to do as much damage as possible. The gate had been opened and Le'shar's group had been successful, wrecking many of the Maker's creations and killing a number of the Maker's M'kar guards. Le'shar had been with two others until they were caught in a crossway by the guards and her allies killed.

    The alley was quiet at this time of night, with none of the homeless or gangbangers around. The darkened corner was quickly becoming more blackened, shapes and what little color there was fading from sight if there was someone there to see it.

    Le'shar had been lucky so far, taking only a few minor cuts from the M'kar's weapons, her chain mail protecting her and she had felled the last guard with her iron sword. She was doing well and if she survived would gain a good amount of glory, despite her young age. She even had learned her cloudfire form in one of the rooms where they had wrecked some of the Maker's metal creations.... even though that may have been a mistake as after they had left there was a rumble and the castle had started to shake.

    The corner in the alley became darker and darker until there was nothing but pitch black, seemingly more an absence of light rather then mere blackness

    Le'shar suspected her luck had run out as she was too far from the main gate when the castle started shaking again. She wasn't going to make it as parts of the ceiling started to colapse. She saw a portion of the roof in the corridor fall and block the way she was going. With no choice she tugged open a door and stopped.

    The alley suddenly had a breeze gusting from the darkness, a tinkling of sound, like glass shards falling to the floor. The vermin fled the alley as fast as their paws could make them go.

    It was an odd sight, what looked like seven metal circles placed touching outer edge to inner edge upright on a metal dais with blue glowing runes aligned at the top and lower left and right sides. It stood perhaps ten feet high, each ring about three inches wide. There was... a darkness that somehow shone in the space of the circles. She heard more of the corridor colapse and hesitated. She had heard of doorways that lead to different places, months or more of travel between them in many legends. As rock started to block the doorway out she reminded herself that she was a Wanderer, with no Tribe nor family to return to. She would not get her glory here, the passage out to the army besiging the Maker blocked, so she stepped onto the dias.... and the darkness suddenly surged out to envelope her.

    The darkness suddenly vanished, a body lying on the ground. Le'shar groaned as she shifted. Where was she?
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  2. Megaolix

    Megaolix Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Closed for plagiarism.
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