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Magical Trickster DxD (HS DxD Magician!OC-I with some X-overing)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    But she favors her female form during the rest of the series. Never once she decided to change back to a masculine form and -quoting from a reader in FF- it's plausible that the Old man form was the first individual she was when she entered the human world. Kind of how Enkidu from Fate took their form from the most beautiful woman in Uruk, the very first individual they saw when they were sent to Earth. Maybe I'm wrong but... eh, this still... works?

    Never said that she will not have some fluff. Hers will be particular as she is incredibly lacking in social skills, far worse than Asia and Koneko, and it will play a major role during any future interactions.
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  2. Akuma-Heika

    Akuma-Heika The Devil Exists Within

    Nov 7, 2016
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    Considering she has apparently been on Earth for a long time, then even if she changed over the moment after Azazel saw her as an Old Man a century back, she would have only been female for a century, while apparently would have been an Old Man for millennia/eons (considering God's fear/hatred of dragons, I am assuming he met Ophis while he was alive. If it was while she was enjoying her Silence, I doubt he would have come to fear Ophis, so I am taking that as an implication that Ophis has been wandering the world for awhile).

    Obviously, we have no way to verify any of this until WoG...although considering how he gives in to everyone (based on his Afterwords), we might be able to push the answer :p
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  3. Threadmarks: Cooking Drama

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Chapter 42: Cooking Drama

    If there was something that Kuroka started to love quite dearly in her new daily life, it was the chance of having a good sparring buddy to keep things incredibly interesting. While Bikou was particularly strong and funny with his mid-battle bantering, he lacked something that only Akua seemed to have.

    The professional assassin was quiet, replying to offensive slurs only when she found these ‘overboard’ or ‘too crass’. The battle-flirting was certainly limited, but the lack of words was compensated by the active presence of action.

    Sure, the first spar they had turned to be a disastrous battle of attrition that ended up with both girls punished for their ‘enthusiasm’ but it gave both to the Nekoshou and the Vampire something to learn from.

    Resourcefulness, high-adaptability, their connection transcended mere similar appearances and stemmed in their fighting abilities. Their second spar was moderated, a test of sort to see if they could be able to find some middle-ground for their training.

    It was oddly relaxing for a fight and it concluded once the time limit they had planned prior to the match expired. Their mutual testing became more apparent during their third and fourth training sessions as both started to explore what unique skills could best be used to deal against the other.

    Kuroka’s magical arsenal, Youjutsu and Senjutsu were carefully used to see which could bypass Akua’s swift and reactive guard, the fellow brunette’s flexibility giving no little trouble at the Nekoshou but still urging her to try and try again as some good results were yielding too.

    The vampire’s experimentation was different than the cat-girl as her fighting style was a mix of multiple Eastern martial arts, both Chinese and Japanese. Thus her physical attacks were a chaotic variety of hits that pushed Kuroka to carefully analyze the situation while avoiding direct confrontations.

    It was an equalized fighting, a compromise of two clashing sides that were keen to not incur in the wrath of the leader of the organization.

    The Nekoshou still shivered at the memory of her sister’s kind hands while nursing her up and how a certain blonde kitsune would join in the tort-kind and helping attempt of her Imouto while following Koneko’s wise words.

    Akua was left to deal with Kahlua and she soon learned that what the tanned vampire knew about healing someone was… applying bandages. Several giggles and rolls of bandages later, the dark-haired girl found herself tied up like a mummy and unable to move for the rest of the hours set before she could get some real help.

    Of course Hoitsu was terribly amused by the end of the punishment much to the humiliation of both girls, but after that they knew that if they moderated their attitude during spars… they could gain something interesting out of each other.

    Especially from the post-fight chatting.

    They would spend some of the time after the training to talk about… random things. Nothing too personal or anything, but somehow they would end up talking about their sisters.

    Both women had uneasy relationships with their sisters, Kuroka having to deal with the cold edge in Koneko’s voice while referring to her and none of the things she was trying seemed to be giving her anything positive, while Akua’s warm relationship with her siblings was only returned to the fullest only by Kahlua, the rest of the family mostly uneasy to deal with the dark-haired assassin.

    But it was right as they chatted about this topic that someone decided to butt in unannounced.

    Smiling widely as her tails waggled mischievously, Kunou grinned as she stopped right in front of the two older females. “So you want to make up your relationship with your siblings?” At their nod she giggled. “Then I know how you can do it!”

    Didn’t you say that you disliked me, Kunou-chan?” Kuroka asked with a suspicious tone and the blonde let out a sheepish look.

    I-I don’t like how you were annoying Niichan, but I think that if you focused on Ko-senpai you will be able to… not annoy him too much.” The little girl reasoned, then she turned to look at Akua. “And I know that you are a caring Neesan from Kahlua-nee’s tales. That is why I think you should give it a try.”

    And… that is, Kunou-san?” The vampire asked cautiously, feeling like something terrible was going to happen-

    A cooking challenge!” She exclaimed full confident in her plans. “If Kuroka makes Ko-senpai’s favorite food and Akua-san did the same with her sisters back at that school, you will have a good gift to offer them!”

    But why a challenge?” The Nekoshou questioned out of curiosity. “Couldn’t we just prepare the food calmly and carefully and-”

    Well, Niichan was going to be there and I thought that you both would have liked to show him how-”

    A challenge is our best chance, Akua-san.” The woman stated determinedly. “Obviously for the Greater Good.”

    I-Indeed?” The Vampire looked confused but she accepted nonetheless the offer for a handshake from the fellow dark-haired beauty. “I mean, it would be nice and… I wonder if Hoitsu-san-”

    She didn’t finish that sentence but her cheeks gained a brief blush.

    Then we are settled with the challenge.” Kunou affirmed with a bright smile. “After you finished with your shower, we shall meet up by the kitchen and prepare for the lunch event.”

    Lunch?” The assassin paused a moment with a confused look. “But if I want to send the food to Moka and Kokoa-”

    We can put some seals to keep the food warm and well-conserved.” Kuroka smiled widely, patting her rival’s shoulder. “May the best chef win, then… Akua-chan.”

    And yet for some reason, Akua felt irked at the words that were usually meant to encourage people now that they were sprouted by the Nekoshou’s lips.

    It sure was going to be an interesting… match.


    I’m impressed that you aren’t going to be part of the Jury.

    I think the focus of this challenge isn’t me and, if I was one of the judges I would end up ruining their chances.

    Still, I think that they will be a little angry at knowing you will be a mere spectator.

    They will have someone ‘close to me’ that will act at a pseudo-judge.

    A few seats away, Shiranai smiled as he answered the Infinity Dragon’s question about the event.

    So… what am I supposed to do here exactly?” Ophis asked with a curious tone, her eyes looking at Shiranai as the well-dressed smiled happily.

    Kuroka-san and Akua-san are going to compete in a cooking match and you will be one of the judges.”

    So I will try their food? Can I eat it?” The goth girl asked with some little hope, getting a little head-pat just because she looked so adorable.

    Just the portion you are given. After that we will have normal lunch so you will have something else to eat.” The young man explained and the girl smiled a little, nodding contently at the deal.

    The jury was made by Ophis, Kahlua and Koneko as Kunou happily accepted the role as the announcer of this… event.

    The kitsune smiled as she stood by the small podium near the little table where the three judges were going to grade the food given to them.

    The two contestants were already donning aprons and had their own evenly-divided space in the kitchen so that no issue would be caused over the subject.

    They had little rules and limitations about the food as to offer them the chance to offer their best dishes and… then it all began with Kunou’s presentation.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, today we’re here to see the fiery clash of two pretty and determined girls trying to make a stand for their ideals with their skills in cooking delightful food.” The blonde stated loudly enough for everyone to hear.

    Baki snorted as Kozue giggled by his side at the cute opening, Teru and Shu keeping quiet but seemingly interested over the even while Mob… continued to stare with a strange look at Ophis.

    It could be because they share a similar affinity in Magic.

    They do? I thought Mob was-

    He isn’t making use of magic, but the power he can use is fairly similar in nature to Ophis’. I think that is a strong reason to be concerned and… interested.

    ...You mean that he is attracted to her?

    And she could be too, just not as potently and specifically as the boy is as she is a superior being.

    Now that was… some big news, yet my attention quickly shifted back to Shiranai and… I saw the man staring steely at Mob, the boy suddenly averting his stare away with a minor blush.

    This was going to be either a very amusing escalation or something to be concerned with in the near future…

    My attention turned once more at Kunou, the girl beginning to describe the two challengers.

    A proud Nekoshou that strive in pure chaos, Kuroka Toujou has been living on her own hand-made food for years now because she found herself standing at odds with the Underworld’s law. A cheerful individual that know how to give quick jabs while appearing friendly, she sure seems ready to dispense some delightful cuisine today.”

    There were some clapping, the blonde smiled and nodded at the small crowd before continuing.

    On the other side of the kitchen we have the elegant example of precision and caution, this young woman is well-versed in Chinese and old-style Japanese cuisine, but today Akua Shuzen will delight us with a daring move that represent the lovely devotion she directs every moment of her life to her family, something a little more western.”

    Kahlua clapped louder than before, causing her older sister to blush a little more than before as the pressure was now real on her.

    Without further ado, I proclaim the beginning of this glorious match of hearts.” Kunou turned around and faced the two girls. “You may go!”

    At the girl’s sign to begin, they blitzed to the ingredients they had settled on the table and started to go through the first steps of their cooking plans.

    But much to my surprise, the attention of the little announcer shifted away from mere commentary and focused on… the spectators.

    Baki and Kozue replied politely at the questions regarding the match, keeping themselves neutral while bantering friendly with Kunou about her current role.

    Then it was the turn of the two Naruse sisters. Mio was polite herself but the moment Maria started to talk, things got… strange.

    Kuroka-sama will obviously win.” The silver-haired half-succubus replied with a small smile. “She is my newest idol and I know she will win this challenge-” She paused and glanced right at me with a bigger grin. “Like she will win other important rewards.”

    I shivered at the ominous proclamation and the redhead decided to pinch the cheeks of her younger sibling to show her… disappointment over the tones used by the younger girl.

    What about you, Suzuki-san? What are your thoughts over the-” Kunou tried to ask but was interrupted by the boy.

    Pass.” Sho sighed tiredly. “I don’t wish to contemplate who is going to win. I think I will reserve my judgment to when the food is delivered.”

    Understood.” The kitsune replied while keeping her cheerful tone up and moving on the blond boy sitting beside him.

    And what about you, Hanazawa-san?” She asked and getting a nod from him.

    I think… it will be a close draw.” Teru declared calmly and with some conviction within his words. “The two ladies have two different cooking styles but I think their skill level is almost the same.”

    A draw?” The girl hummed quietly before nodding. “I guess that could be one of the results and… what about you, Kageyama-san?”

    The dark-haired teen blinked in surprise, appearing suddenly quite nervous.

    I-I think w-what matters is… why they are doing it.” He stuttered a little, showing a shy face at being at the center of so much attention.

    You mean that no matter the result, they would still win?” The blonde guessed and her smile doubled at his nod. “That is a very nice thought, Kageyama-san.”

    He blushed and politely accepted her kind words.

    Kunou then turned to the very last spectator and I sighed as she sat down on my lap.

    Who do you think is gonna win, Niichan?” She asked with a hint of curiosity and I blinked.

    I think they will both, Ku-chan.” I started with a small smile. “You see, the most important thing is that they do well and feel happy with the results.”

    The girl nodded. “That’s nice too.” She rested on my chest as the competition went on for a while.

    Until now I have been distracted by the cute announcer to see what was going on in the kitchen and… I was impressed by their good behavior.

    Both were focused on their own dishes to try and sabotage the others, thus the chances of this ending well were… quite good.

    The full hour ended with both girls having their dishes fully completed, the two appearing a little winded by the pressure but seemingly happy with what they managed to accomplish.

    The food was divided in six plates, three for each, and served to the judges as the commentary about it began.

    An interesting choice, Kuroka-san, what did you decided to prepare today?”

    The dark-haired Nekoshou smiled tiredly. “I decided to bring… an old recipe that my mother was keen to prepare once in a while.”

    The comment made Koneko stop a moment to stare at the plate, her eyes fixed on the dish for a little while before slowly nodding.

    I decided to prepare home-made takoyaki with a personal touch, a sprinkle of sugar added to the mixture of green onion and Beni Shogo. Mom decided to add it to the recipe because-”

    I didn’t like it too spicy.” The silver-haired girl finished quietly, her eyes still fixed on the food. “Mom was… kind enough to add some sugar to the mixture just to make sure I wasn’t left out.”

    Her older sister sighed. “I remember being a little annoyed at the change but… I decided to let my little sister have her favorite food too.” The young woman said while approaching the girl, noticing some tears building up and… they hugged.

    There wasn’t any particular noise other than some quiet sobbing, possibly because the food did… spark some unpleasant memory about the person the girl was thinking about. Kunou kept quiet as she knew that her ‘senpai’ needed some time to recover and the rest of the spectators shared this very thought all together.

    The two seemed to share some whispered words before ending the embrace and Koneko proceeded to take a slow bite out of the first Takoyaki. She munched calmly and… then nodded.

    Y-Yes, it’s- it’s just like mom used to make them.” The girl commented sadly but still smiled at her sister. “S-She would be proud.”

    I-” Kuroka froze at the judgment and blinked, surprise and shock evident but the most curious of details was… the warm smile she directed at her younger sibling. “T-Thank you, Shirone-chan.”

    They both nodded at each other while the rest of the judges started to speak about the plate.

    It’s… really good~!” Kahlua stated with a big smile, her cheeks bigger than usual as she went to try and devour three Takoyaki at once. “Can you make more of those next time, Kuroka-san?”

    Ophis hummed happily, Shiranai eating calmly half of one of the two treats offered to the Infinity Dragon. “Delicious.” She commented curtly.

    The Nekoshou smiled, her cat ears twitching at the praisings she was receiving and then… turning her stare right at me.

    Oh no-

    Kunou jumped off my lap and freed the way as I was tackled up by a cat-eared missile once more!

    Gah!- why?”

    She didn’t speak, merely giggling and nuzzling on my chest as I tried to recover from the not-so-negligible pain coming from tanking a Nekoshou-sized cannon ball.

    But the challenge was far from over and soon Kuroka moved out of my lap and into the seat beside mine, her head resting on my shoulder as we both looked at Akua.

    The vampire was glancing our way for some moments before she returned her attention to the judges.

    What are you bringing up to the competition, Akua-san?” Kunou asked quietly and the young woman nodded.

    I decided to try my hand and… attempt to realize something a little less Eastern-based.” She gestured at the dish on the plate and continued to explain. “This is a Salisbury steak with tomato sauce and french fries on the side.”

    Kahlua looked awed as she stared at her share. “If I remember correctly Moka-chan did say that she likes tomato juice and- I think Kokoa said she loved the food from that… fast food place.”

    The dark-haired girl nodded. “This is why I decided to bring this dish and see if I managed to get it right.” She closed her eyes. “I want to offer both Moka and Kokoa a gift that is genuinely good and meaningful.”

    The tanned vampire nodded and took a bite out of the steak. Her eyes widened and she looked… the happiest. “This is sho good!” She grinned ear-to-ear and nodded.

    This is… really good.” Shiranai commented, Ophis nodding in agreement.

    The potatoes were sweet, I like them.” Koneko mused quietly and focusing on her share.

    Thank you.” Akua replied with a small smile and… then turned at me.

    I braced for any possible tackle but she merely walked towards me and stopped right in front of me.

    Can I...” She didn’t finish the request that I let out a tired sigh and nodded.

    Fine, but just for few moments and-!!”

    She sat on my lap alright but her face was directed at mine and she was closing up towards my lips- N-No wait, she is going for-


    -my neck!

    Seriously, I thought you would have been a little more careful about this little habit.’ Apophis chided quietly. ‘It did seem like a running gag back at that school.

    O-Oh, just shut up!


    Their temporary shelter was a small unused house with several rooms to make use of, a boon offered to the Church years ago that they hadn’t make use of until now.

    After Irina left to buy some food for lunch, the short-haired girl decided it was time to continue with her tasks.

    Xenovia coughed a little as she slowly got up from the floor and returned to target the auto-regenerating training dummy. Tightly held in her hands was a simple wooden long-sword, her stance perfected after so many years of training under Griselda Quarta.

    Talking to her was… interesting, the woman approved of the plans the girl had for during her stay in this city and voiced her surprise at the current disposition of the Devil Faction’s leadership.

    Odd, but not truly shocking as Xenovia thought it to be as there were some regions governed like this.

    Once more the kind woman was keen to remind her how tact was a must in this delicate mission as she was walking a fine line to start a new war. She knew this, she was calm.


    The girl yelled in frustration while throwing the training weapon to the ground and then she fell on her knees. Everything was turning complicated in her life.

    It has been a dreadful crescendo ever since she received Durandal, bestowed by this honor after revealing her natural gift with swords. It didn’t matter the size or the shape of the weapon, if it was a sword she was quick to pick up some pattern and own the blade, make it hers.

    But while common swords were easy to control, Durandal seemed to dislike her. Sure, Xenovia was able to use its powers without much of an issue but… every time she wielded it in a fight, may it be a real one or a spar, it just felt like she was doing something wrong.

    It wasn’t the posture, nor the stance and the steps of the attack and the defense. She felt… lethargic, as if facing some opposition from the blade, sheer refusal to be held by the girl.

    And the worst thing was that the only advice she received was a just word: Patience.

    For five long years she faced that simple notion, trying to understand the sword and try to compromise with it.

    But how was she supposed to compromise with something that didn’t communicate back?

    A scowl was plastered on her face as she slowly got up, forfeiting the training weapon on the floor and making her way back to the room that was the temporary living room.

    A messy place filled with two long couches and several closed cardboard boxes. She rested for just ten minutes, unable to catch real sleep as the unpleasant sensation of being still sweaty kept her from finding some peace.

    Her next stop was the bathroom, quickly ditching her clothes after closing the door behind her and soon… warm water washed over her full body.

    She decided to take it slowly, her mind at ease in the bathtub and soon her mind stormed her with questions, ideas and… doubts.

    Hesitation wasn’t acceptable as a noble paladin of the Church… but even someone as devoted as hers couldn’t help but think at her childhood.

    Taken as an apprentice by Griselda since she was four, her life had improved from the poor conditions of being an orphan growing in the streets but it was all compensated by the hours spend studying and training.

    Just a few instances were of fond moments of relative peace and her guiltiest pleasure manifested in the form of a simple but weighed question.

    What if she was granted the chance of living a normal life?

    A life without being pressured in her role, without the heavy burden of her job and the constant threats all around her. It was an idyllic thought that she was scared to even confide to Irina.

    They lived in two different worlds, no matter how close they were. She was voluntarily joining the difficult work, her determination long-proven to hers while also becoming a strong reminder of how things could have been.

    Her thoughts scrambled, her eyes blinked thrice as a new wave of water washed over her head, cleaning off the shampoo she had brought to the bathtub.

    Away from the dreamy and hopeful world she would have loved to live happily and without any heavy thought, her logical mind powerfully stood up and urged her the major reason she continued to go along this path.


    A duty to herself and her promises.

    A duty to her mo-Griselda. (Blasted Lord Hoitsu for making her address her as such.)

    A duty to the Church and…

    ...a duty to Irina.

    The girl believed in her, her first and closest friend was always by her side in times of needs and…

    It would have been right to just spit at her support. It felt wrong, vile to even think to do so.

    The righteous path is never meant to be the easiest one, but for the sake of those believing in her and for the sake of believing in the Lord, Xenovia Quarta accepted the burden with a proud smile and soul.

    Silently, the girl let the unclean water go down the drain and took the towel she had just outside the tub, her hair receiving a quick drying process before it was her arms’, legs’ and torso’s turn.

    The young woman left the bathroom with a determined smile and-

    X-Xenovia! Put on some clothes!” Irina shouted at her as she turned around to see her clotheless form.

    But why would she be that much scandalized even after so much time spent together? Weren’t they both girls?



    The more I write Xenovia, the more I feel a little voice inside my head trying to give her a Shirou-esque mindset. I found it odd how she seemed to appear just like the protagonist of Fate Stay Night and how she is just… that dense.

    Plus the whole Shirou’s red hair and Xenovia’s blue hair.

    A bit above this segment I also hinted to a little opening about Kuroka and Koneko that I will explore next chapter. It’s time to bring an end to the distance with the only thing that works in those cases: The truth!

    Future milestone 1: 796 Followers and Favorites.
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  4. Akuma-Heika

    Akuma-Heika The Devil Exists Within

    Nov 7, 2016
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    I would use the word naive to describe her instead, which makes sense considering she was apparently raised in the church among primarily zealots and killers.

    Huh, Xenovia's PoV of this is implying that Irina is taking this further than she likely should. Not sure how gym works for girls in England though, so maybe I am off.
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  5. Threadmarks: Author Note - SIKE!

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Author Note: Bored, tired and terribly disappointed.
    This story is thereby put on permanent Hiatus. I will not write anymore because I'm incredibly done by the whole situation.
    I don't think I will write anymore and focus on more important stuff as this is not just giving me anything anymore.

    EDIT: If you are reading this, you have been hardcore trolled. I've been meaning to just rant this over by the AN of the chapter that is currently being written because of the many critics I've been having quite recently, but I decided to test something about the integrity of some people. The results were mostly unexpected and I was able to fully discern who was genuinely concerned by those that were just really pushing it far to get some giggles out of my suffering.

    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
  6. Threadmarks: Darkening Clouds

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Chapter 43: Darkening Clouds

    Night fell over the Japanese Capital, Tokyo being still alive even as midnight struck and the lights all around made it a very interesting place-

    This is boring.” The comment came out from Rizevim’s mouth, the Lucifer blinking placidly while staring at the sight given by the height they were standing on. The Tokyo Tower has been secured just hours earlier silently and quickly as this was but the first step of their devious plans.

    Shalba Beelzebub sighed tiredly and tried his hardest to not attack the infuriating heir to the Lucifer’s seat in the true Four Satans council. “Kokabiel might be a weakling compared to us, but to consider his role of delaying young Vali ‘boring’ would be a disappointing-” The Devil tried to explain but was once more interrupted by the silver-haired man.

    I was referring to the fact we have yet to begin the operation.” Rizevim almost facepalmed out of utter annoyance. “Man, you sure don’t know how to catch the drift, Shalbie.”

    The Beelzebub’s scowl twitched, fury building up as he continued to deal with this deranged individual. It was already difficult to believe that finally the man would be able to cooperate with the other rightful Satans, but Shalba was more confused by the very plan the Lucifer had passed to them.

    It was a risky, bold attack that could seriously end up badly if they weren’t quick enough to secure the objectives set by the very impatient Devil. Yet the rewards were endearing, seducing in their individual state and rendered the prime target of their collective greed over the power they could gain from those.

    To obtain such an edge over the pretenders ruling so stupidly the Underworld was not only essential but also a necessity by their prides as true Devils.

    There was no doubt about it and that is why three quarters of the whole Khaos Brigade was going to be deployed to succeed in this mission. The Hero Faction was blissfully left unaware of the grand battle that was soon going to happen here in Tokyo, their ambitions clashing way too much with the dual mindset of the Old Satan Faction and the Qlippoth.

    A pity that Euclid couldn’t us for the occasion.” Shalba mockingly addressed the lack of the loyal servant of the Lucifer. “Maybe next time he will be more careful to not be out-played by a pitiful human-!!

    The Beelzebub had just enough time to turn his head away from the swift punch that he found his cheek cupped and patted in a friendly manner by Rizevim, eyes widening at the grin on the fellow Devil’s face.

    It was rare to see the silver-haired joker look this much… infuriated by someone or something and the sight was far from pleasant even to someone like the brown-haired Devil.

    Ickle Shalba, trying to appear all mighty and confident.” The Lucifer chuckled before turning to look once more at the sight of the city. “Euclid was just surprised, caught in the act. Just like you just a moment ago, ready to lose your head for… nothing.”

    Dread briefly froze Shalba’s brain, but the man managed a nod. “Apologies, didn’t wish to cause you any distress.” His voice was well-composed but the narrowing eyes over his face were enough to unnerve him out from escalating the situation further.

    What a kind apology!” He sighed, still smiling as he continued to talk. “But sadly, I ain’t him. Maybe you will do it personally, while bowing as lowly as your intellect is with that stick shoved up your-”

    Anyway!” The Beelzebub coughed with a seething look directed at the smug Lucifer, knowing that ‘bickering’ now of all times wasn’t something they could allow themselves with. The invasion of the city imminent now. “I think we are almost ready-”

    Booring.” Rizevim interrupted with a disappointed tone. “If it wasn’t such a cliché villain move to attack the hero alone and then send in the army, I would have put it in my plan.”

    The Magician Faction need time to-” Shalba tried to reason but he was stopped by a frown coming from the Lucifer.

    Wait, you mean to tell me the reason why we aren’t attacking is… the Magician Faction?!”

    He could sense the rhetorical element in that question, but out of confusion and slight fear, the man proceeded to answer nonetheless.

    Yes?” Rizevim facepalmed at the answer, the following groan muffled by the hand pressed on his face.

    Oh for Pops’ sake, of course we are ready then- Let’s go and pay them a… what is it called?” The grin was once more on his face.

    Shalba blinked at Rizevim’s question. “A visit-”

    A beating, yes.” The man chuckled, deploying his Devilish Wings and taking off with his attention directed at a specific section of the city. “I will go and pay them a beating.” A giggle resonated as he rushed quickly away from the location and right where he needed to be.

    With those words, the entirety of Qlippoth began the assault, the servants of the Old Satan Faction forced to follow shortly after much to Shalba’s chagrin, but the Devil didn’t move at first as he continued to stare at the retreating Lucifer with an enraged snarl deepening in his face.

    An upstart from the very beginning of their rightful war, someone that disgustingly waddled in the mud that was ‘modernity’ and ‘personal greed’ rather than traditions and royal rights.

    But there are ways to deal with someone like him. Shalba reminded himself, the dark thoughts that were centered around the crazy monster that was Rizevim Lucifer strong enough to give him a reason to go forwards and…

    Grasp the victory for himself!


    I admit I never thought that I would have to wake up in the middle of the night at the sound of several explosions happening all around the city. I woke up instantly, panic and paranoia being what got me out of my sleepy self and urged me to see what was going on.

    Kunou woke up the very moment I did and was quick to follow me around as we quickly put on proper clothes and rushed to the closest window.

    The previously dark-clouded sky of Tokyo was now red at the fiery fires spreading all over the buildings. Screams were filling up the silence as monsters of various kind struck without hesitation, mercilessly and… almost aimlessly.

    This can’t be a simple attack. Too many attackers and the city is important too.

    This was happening so suddenly and I was given too little time to properly think-

    The moment I reached down the staircase, I was confronted by Baki, the rest of the group already dressed and ready to go and help around.

    Hoitsu-san, I need to check on Kozue a-and-” The Hanma began talking but I interrupted him quickly with a calm but stuttering tone.

    Being shaken this much can do that.

    I-I will send you and someone else to-” I nodded frantically, ready to give out the plans for the defense but was interrupted by the vibration of my phone, the device quickly in my hands and displaying the newly-received message.

    It’s the guards keeping a lookout for Kozue-san, she and her mother were already evacuated.” I explained swiftly, getting a relieved sigh from the brunet but also a serious look on his face. The promise to make some people suffer for this uncalled assault was stark in his eyes.

    We all regrouped by the living room and I started to dispense some orders about the defensive perimeters.

    Kuroka. You, me, Baki-san, and Teru-san will deal with the ‘head’.” I got some nods from the mentioned members and some frowns too, Kunou being the most displeased by the fact she wasn’t in the same time as mine, but I couldn’t have her in the main strike force.

    Akua, you will have Mio, Sho, and Kahlua. Your objective is to assist the evacuation of civilians and assist the any reinforcement from Grigori.” The dark-haired vampire was already moving towards the door, the group of people mentioned following closely as I addressed the last members left without a team.

    Kunou-” Her fox ears perked at being named the captain, but I knew well-enough that she was the best prepared for this plan. “You will have Koneko, Maria, Mob-”

    I paused a moment as I saw someone lifting their hands up and I glanced at-



    The dark-haired girl blinked and nodded, silently walking towards Kunou and stopping by her side.

    Phis?” The blonde looked surprised too. “I thought you went back home-”

    I tried to.” The Infinity Dragon muttered. “But I couldn’t break through a barrier just outside the headquarters.”

    Oh no! We have to move before-

    The massive window that gave off to the sight of the city broke instantly as someone I was dreading to encounter decided to step in, the silver-haired man standing now without his Devil wings and smiling amused at the scene he was bestowed with as the reactions of everyone still present could be condensed in a single expression:

    Oh shit!

    Hello there!” He proclaimed happily and with a familiar tone, one to which the reply was given out of instinct.

    General Ke- Wait, what?”

    The Lucifer tensed at my half-reply, his smile giving way to an awed look.

    Y-You- You are a fellow memester!”

    Shit, this is too early in the everything to be happening.

    Brace for impact, this bastard is going to be super-crazy to deal with.

    Yes! Pops would have been a proud Memelord and you-”

    He pointed right at me, his eyes glowing with power.

    You are just like him… but then again you aren’t his reincarnation!

    I gulped nervously at the wave of raw energy coming from Rizevim, having only imagined how he would have sounded and be like- but this wasn’t certainly something I had planned to ever face.

    K-Kunou, you will join up with Akua-”

    Sadly, Ophis can’t leave the place, buddy.” The Devil interrupted with a minor sigh. “She is kind of important for some rich boys and girls, like they want to take her powers and all of that.”

    W-Why are you even spoiling your plans?!” I blurted out, the more I spoke with the man, the more I felt my brain hurt at how much cringe this was starting to begin.

    “’My’ plans?” The Lucifer parroted softly. “Ophis isn’t certainly a target of mine, I just said that it was the plan for the three morons leading the rest of the assault.”

    The Old Satan Faction? It was a canonical thing to do, just not at this early and- it should have been Rizevim’s ambition too!

    His power is… be careful, this will not be an easy battle. I don’t think we can even win this one.

    He is a Super-Devil and he is proving to be crazy enough to adopt multiple plans at once mid-fight, only careful planning will-

    But alas my warning is just like a mere ‘no-entry’ sign, you may or may not respect it.” He shrugged, his smile never faltering. “I don’t care if Ophis remain free or not, I need to try and see what are you and why you look like dad.”

    I blinked, waiting few moments as I silently weighed the situation.

    An all-out attack would fail, I know he is faster than me and I would waste my energy in a single hit.

    We need to get the others out before they get caught in the battle.

    I also sense fellow Dragons lurking around. I think… they managed to resurrect them somehow.

    I sighed tiredly and glanced back at the remaining people behind me. “Kunou, your group will join up with Kuroka and her team. Help her with the main task and don’t look back.”

    She almost jumped in surprise at my tone but nodded, eyes twitching as I could see tears.

    I will be fine. Just be careful.” Her shivering stopped just a moment and she gave a meaningful nod before leading the rest of the members out of the building while I deal with the grinning man in front of me.

    Why don’t we make it spicier?” He spread his arms open, showinghimself completely unprotected and ready to be hit. “Bring out your best quotes and we shall turn this in a fun day for the two of us.”

    To be fair, I don’t think Rizevim could have been this much…



    I sighed again, this time staring angrily at the man and starting to walk towards him. “Rizevim!”

    He blinked, surprised by this turn of events, but he was quick in realizing the reference and he sighed happily.

    Oh? You are approaching me, Hoitsu-kun?” He asked with an amused tone, a smug smirk visible in his face. “Instead of running away at the mere knowledge that Azazel failed to even land a serious hit on me, failing just like a little child trying to bring down a tall tree with a little kick?”

    I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer.” I replied with a determined tone, gaining a snort from the man.

    Oh ho! Then come as close as you like.” And thus he started to walk towards me, ready to conclude this little act with the little clash of ‘stands’.

    He prepared a punch and threw it slowly. “MUDA-

    His face twisted in shock and surprise as my fist slammed right under his chin, my armored form already achieved as I sent him flying away from the building while giving chase with my propeller-wings aiding me in the flight. “ORA~!

    The Lucifer’s smile widened even more, turning mad as he started to cackle at the sight of my new form. “T-That isn’t a Sacred Gear! And yet it’s similar, I can tell!”

    I growled, the Twilight Joker armor reinforcing my entire being as I rushed towards him.

    He dodged the first attack but was quickly forced to block the various hits I would send his way. His smile twitching in minor pain, but I knew that he had yet to show his full power.

    Impressive! You could easily contest Azazel in terms of power right now, especially with the constantly growing energy within yourself.” He rolled away from a kick and tried to return the favor by launching a Dark-Type spear back at me. “The more we fight, the more you will get stronger!”

    W-What is he talking about?

    The seals might be preventing the Draconic energy from leaving the gauntlet, but the energy that you gain from this triple synchronization is still mine, filtered and rendered unable to turn you in a Dragon.

    Yet… your reserves will grow the more energy is pumped in them. The growth isn’t fast enough to make up to the draining effects of this form, but your body will still become stronger and stronger.

    This is so amazing! This is actually the first time I saw something like this happening in front of me and-” Rizevim blinked and chuckled. “Oh boy, I was letting myself go a little too much around you. I think it’s time to step up our little game.”

    I flinched at those words… and then at the punch slamming right onto my armored face. The material groaned but held against the powerful attack, giving me the chance to counter this sudden escalation of aggressiveness.

    The cackling was still there and I was starting to see how big the difference was between him and me. He was just far stronger than I was, faster and even more resilience as he was tanking some blows from me and I wasn’t holding anything back.

    C’mon! You need to hit harder than this if you want to survive!” The Lucifer yelled as he delivered a kick right in my guts. “Hit me harder-”

    He gave me an uppercut and sent me flying.


    I am fucking hating this piece of trash! And we have two more minutes before we are left without the armor.

    Then we will hit him the hardest!

    Snarling, I returned once more to the assault and the man’s smile lessened as my stance changed from the previous one. Then his eyes widened. “You are planning something, I can see that-” My punch pressed deep in his stomach before sending him away for a moment.

    Has anyone ever told you that you are annoying!?” I screamed at him and he merely laughed in response.

    What an infuriating bastard!

    The Super-Devil looked ready to continue, barely winded by the battle until now and- I decided to step up my own game.

    Kaioken times 2!

    The sudden burst of new energy and the new drain on my muscles were good enough to wake me up from the tiredness of getting my ass whooped this easily.

    Rizevim gasped as I zeroed the distance and started to barrage him with a flurry of punches and kicks, kneeling him just once as I moved a little bit away, just enough distance for the final act of this fight.


    I felt the blue orb forming, I could feel my reserves coming close to zero and-


    The beam rushed at the recoiling Devil, a wide-eyed expression on his face as the attack struck onto his body and a blinding light engulfed the entire city.

    I let go of both the Kaioken and the Twilight Joker, instantly free-falling towards my ultimate demise.

    I tried to move but my body refused to comply, the strain it suffered beyond anything I’ve ever felt before and my mind over-loaded by a sudden headache to actually formulate any thoughts.

    My eyes slowly closed and I accepted this defeat with a lone sigh.

    But as I lost all the hopes of surviving that fall, I felt the wind rustling and a sudden pressure materializing in the form of a… big red dragon-like armor coming to the rescue.

    S-Senpai, I got you.”

    Issei? I was glad, I was…

    And in that moment my consciousness faded into nothingness, the toll over my whole being finally putting me to sleep.


    Few minutes earlier, Kuoh Town…

    Vali POV

    Kokabiel died in mere moments, the Fallen Angel too much of an arrogant fool to understand that the odds of matching against Divine Dividing were abysmal.

    It was an easy kill considering also that the prideful man had been weakened prior to his arrival, the culprit being the current holder of the Boosted Gear. The reports about Issei Hyoudou and the previous encounter were suddenly rendered outdated by the power his Balance Breaker was exuding.

    It was strong, much stronger than few weeks earlier and Albion almost drooled at the idea of matching up against his rival in an equal fight. An odd notion since both young men hardly cared to entertain the idea of fighting one another, their reasoning different but the only connecting topic being all and the same. Hoitsu Sakakibara.

    Vali sighed and relaxed in his Scale Mail while he contemplated if he should entertain the group of Devil led by Sona Sitri that contained bits of the Gremory’s peerage. Just as he was about to compliment the strength of his fellow Sacred Gear holder, his heightened senses caught a sudden spike of energy, causing him to snap his attention to look… far away.

    His reaction was copied by the young brunet, possibly feeling this sudden energy pattern that was much stronger than anything they had seen.

    Someone descended between the two and the Lucifer blinked at seeing Baraqiel there… with a young blonde by his side. Was that the young girl Hoitsu saved back at the Gremory Mansion?

    What is going on?” An imperative question the Fallen Angel felt hesitant to answer… but still did.

    Tokyo is under siege.” The man replied curtly. “The city was assaulted by the Khaos Brigade and-”

    S-Someone is fighting Hoi-nii a-and-!”

    A seal formed underneath Baraqiel, Vali and Issei rushing towards it and… Akeno did the same.

    Akeno-san.” Sona tried to stop the girl but… paused herself as the Himejima paused to glance back at her. Much indecision, her conflicting thoughts making the pause extend for a while before she truly answered.

    The Sitri sighed. “Make sure he is safe.” She asked, much to the surprise of Kiba and some of her own peerage.

    A nod was what confirmed such promise and the girl jumped inside the circle as a great light shifted them out of Kuoh Town and…

    In a war-zone.

    Monsters of various kinds were storming the checkpoint, the area under control of a mix of Grigori’s and Hell’s personnel that were quickly aiding the various heavy hitters in the area.

    Vali could see Sirzechs battling against the Asmodeus claimant while Serafall dealt with her ‘role’ counterpart. In the distance he could also see Ajuka and Falbium dealing with large hordes of magicians and Yokais.

    This was what a real battlefield was supposed to look like, the city in ruins after the first assaults of the siege but the reinforcement was effectively kicking back the aggressors out of the capital.

    But just as the host of the Divine Dividing was about to approach Azazel, the Fallen Angel directing some of the men in the reserve lines, a blinding light took them by surprise.

    The Lucifer squinted rapidly, eyes quickly growing accustomed to the sudden illumination and his attention was fully taken by someone falling from the sky. He could see smoke as another being started to free fall but his eyes were all to the youngest of the two.

    Ready to jump, it was the owner of the Welsh Dragon that rushed to the rescue of the seemingly unconscious Hoitsu and Vali felt annoyed at the situation.

    It was his rival and he should have been quicker than merely stare like a fool as he fell. But knowing that showing annoyance at the circumstance would have favored him the least, the boy turned his attention at the other falling figure and his eyes narrowed in silent hatred-

    Vali.” Azazel called out for him and he was suddenly taken away from thinking from his possibly dead grandfather. It didn’t matter if he died by his hands or not, the important thing was… the present. “We need you to go and help out the group led by Akua Shuzen, she should be by the outskirts of the Nerima Ward.”

    The Lucifer nodded and started to fly towards the section of the city described by the Governor-General, while his mind slowly thought about Hoitsu and how the curious human managed to actually reach that impressive level of power.

    Meanwhile, with a certain crazy memester...

    Rizevim coughed blood as he tried to get off the ground.

    His clothes were mostly torn, destroyed by his opponent’s mighty attack.

    Something he should have expected, the fact he had literally softened his skin to let some of the damage pass through, for the sake of the fight’s thrill, and that quickly came to bite his ass.

    A chuckle tried to go through his teeth, but his aching chest forbade him from going through with his ‘plan’. Instead a groan was allowed, a sign of his current suffering state and… he didn’t like being this bruised.

    Shaking a little, he managed to stand up and the Lucifer was ready to walk away from the zone before being caught in the crossfire, feeling that his current mission was accomplished for now.

    He managed just few steps before being forced to duck away from a blade of purplish light, rolling away as the weapon was then promptly move to come crashing down where he once was. The man coughed a smile as he stared at a familiar face.

    S-Shalbie, didn’t see you in a long time now.” He bantered mirthfully much to the Beelzebub’s chagrin. “What g-got you this pissed? The beating you received from Ajuka or being forced to retreat while riding on a small werewolf?”

    The enraged man paused just a moment to frown. “Y-You saw that?”

    I sure d-did.” Rizevim commented calmly. “D-During my own fight, I was thinking of c-calling you B-Bella because of the whole long, brown-hair a-and werewolf gig you were pulling.”

    A snarl preceded another set of attacks all of those failing to get any damage on the highly-reactive Devil. “T-Tough luck, Bells.” The silver-haired man taunted, then a serious look appeared on his face. “D-Do you think that there c-could be an open McDonald right now? I c-could go for a Crispy McBacon, i-if you catch my drift.”

    Once more, Shalba paused with a confused and exasperated look. “W-What-!?”

    His entire body tensed as a blade pierced through his chest from behind, the Beelzebub claimant coming crashing down on the ground and off the blade held by an annoyed Euclid Lucifuge.

    Dispelling the weapon, the younger Devil crouched and picked up the wounded Rizevim in his arms in a bridal carry, causing the Lucifer to cough a bloody chuckle at the scene.

    Y-You know I don’t swing that way, Eu-”

    Finish that sentence, milord, and I will drop you here and now.” The man interrupted, showing his irritation directed at Rizevim.

    R-Rough but still caring.” The smile was there as the two moved towards a magical circle. “B-By the way, is there a McDonald nearby-”

    Already brought you two Crispy McBacon with big-size french fries and enough BBQ sauce for those, milord.” Euclid sighed tiredly while nodding.

    M-My hero.” The Lucifer commented happily. “My e-effeminate siscon o-of a hero.”

    The Lucifuge merely frowned, having long given up trying to stand up to the eccentric attitude of his lord. At least his usual mentioning of Grayfia wasn’t as bad as-

    A-Also I have seen S-Sirzechs around, maybe there is your love interest around t-too-”

    The circle worked quickly as they were suddenly taken away from the dangerous area and back to the HQ, fast enough for Euclid to hide away the murderous need to cease his lord’s existence with a simple pillow.

    What an infuriating Devil.



    Unexpected Action Chapter? Check.

    Forcing part of my readers to shix brixs by announcing troll discontinuation of this story? Check.

    Kill Shalba and most of the Khaos Brigade to create new group with canon DxD antagonists? Check.

    Pointing out how much of a siscon Euclid is? Check.

    I think we are done with this and… yep, I think I will collapse back to bed now.

    For those who are in need of some explanation regarding my Troll AN: It’s been few days now that I’ve seen some strange Followers fluctuation and weird comments all around, so I decided to test the integrity of those who were criticizing this story. I was intrigued by the results (which are a secret for now.) and now I think I will proceed with the next Volume of the plot.

    Yes, it’s Volume 4 and it will be happening in Kuoh Town. With Tokyo destroyed, Kuoh is the best location to house the Omega Initiative, at least until the original headquarters are repaired (which will happen much after the story).

    Now that there is only the Hero Faction to pick the pieces of what is left of the mostly-disbanded Khaos Brigade, their interest will shift away from pure chaos to… selling their services to certain deities.

    And while the KB continue to exist with Cao Cao as the main leader, Rizevim will still be a… threat? His appearance in the Volume 4 is confirmed but the role he will have in it will be… surprising. Some of his words in this chapter should be weighed as they contain some meaningful messages about Hoitsu and his connection to Lucifer and- no, he isn’t Lucifer himself.

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    Chapter 44: Recovery and Interdiction

    Four days have passed since the massacre of Tokyo and Azazel could only tiredly sigh as he finished reading the latest report of the capital’s situation.

    Covering up the attack on Tokyo had been a job that required a tremendous amount of effort from the Three Factions. The city was quickly rebuilt all thanks to the combined effort of Devils and Fallen Angels, while the Angels took care of dealing with the public and the survivors to the assault.

    Correcting some major mass media outlets, mass-hypnotizing a large number of people and then finally make sure to properly help in the passage of the souls to the afterlife proved to be something as astonishing as draining over Michael’s sanity.

    Even Gabriel was deployed to help around her fellow Angels but the girl would still make some time to visit the makeshift hospital were Hoitsu was currently resting.

    The boy was stable, the battle against Rizevim proving to be an extensively straining situation that brought him once more close to dying. While his new ‘Balance Breaker’-like form was able to absorb most of the damage, some of the hits did crack some bones and made some cuts all over his body.

    His muscles were in a critical state for hours before the effort of good medics from Heaven and Grigori brought him out of the life-threatening situation, the presence of the Twilight Healing user also hastened the process of stabilizing the young man’s body.

    And while the aftermath turned out to be less complicated than expected, Heaven finally saw some reason within Azazel’s words regarding the need to convene a proper negotiation with the other deities.

    The time to appease was over, the Khaos Brigade was still a menace to the entire world, no matter the loyalty to a faction or another. Rizevim was still alive and some of the monsters loyal to the chaotic group was still on the lose, possibly ready to rejoin within the Hero Faction and continue with their disruptive activities.

    But there was something to be happy about from this situation, the Governor-General mused over with a certain interest, and that was how Ophis decided to forfeit her allegiance to her own organization. Some might say it was out of distrust or because she wanted to take revenge for this brutal attempt that would have seen her captured, but the truth turned out to be… amusing.

    After the medics had finished with the still-resting Hoitsu, his room was swarmed by people mostly attached to the Omega Initiative.

    Ophis was always in the proximity of the boy’s bed, same for Yasaka’s daughter, Kuroka’s sister, and young Maria Maruse. Other girls stayed around for a while during their visits but their focus shifted to a very… vengeful state.

    While interception missions to try and catch some of the surviving monsters were mostly manned by Grigori’s associates, Kuroka, Akua, Mio, and Akeno were quickly accepted within the temporary force intended to complete these tasks.

    Akeno and, surprisingly enough, Mio proved to be the more brutal individuals of the small group, hunting down actively any of the surviving attackers, either torturing them or brutally butchering them without hesitation.

    It was an edge from the eldest Naruse that Azazel thought the girl hadn’t inherited by her father, the man known to be particularly violent against those that threatened his family, an instance even saw him erase two minor Hell’s clans in a single week.

    Speaking of relatives of the Lucifer’s clan, Vali visited just once the unconscious human, glancing silently at his sleeping form before deciding to join the garrison’s duty over the city as it was being rebuilt.

    He didn’t comment the current predicament, nor he made any remarks that were usual to him. Soon the rest of his team joined him in his duties, but not even the few teens were keen to answer to simple questions from him.

    An odd display of emotion from the young holder of Albion, one that seemed so… strange for him to show.

    Issei Hyoudou did the exact opposite, paying several visits to the hospital before returning back to Kuoh Town with his girlfriend, just to make sure the older boy’s recovery was assured and undergoing well.

    It was a gloomy situation, but the morale wasn’t dropping too much low for everyone to abstain from doing some proper work. Good people of Grigori had perished in the defense of the city, but the common feeling was only one: heal and counter-attack.

    Revenge, revenge against the despicable enemy that deemed it right to attack civilians, innocents without any restraints in an attempt to drag everyone in a new war. Unforgivable for the Three Factions and also for other Pantheons.

    Hunger for war was now present within this generation, but the target was small, minuscule compared to other enemies and thus the worries Azazel felt regarding the length of this war were incredibly little and-

    A bright light covered the little room the Fallen Angel was using as his office, causing him to close his eyes and prepare himself for a fight when… a familiar figure appeared in front of him.

    He was wearing a simple business set of clothes, nothing particularly special except the insane amount of power hiding within his body. Just a minor glance was enough to make the Governor-General jump in shock at the powerful being in front of him.

    The strangest detail was that he looked just like that… ‘darkness’ from Hoitsu, that Shiranai.

    Oh, I’m finally here. Good.” The young man smiled and nodded, Azazel’s eyes narrowing on him.

    W-Who are you?”

    The smile faltered, some embarrassment glowing through the stranger’s features before he schooled himself a proper poker-face.

    Right, I’m John Shinihachi and you… are Azazel, correct?”

    T-That’s my name.” The Fallen Angel replied, trembling a little at the insane energy held within this being. Was he even human? He didn’t felt like a real Deity or any other supernatural beings the man has ever seen.

    Good, then I think I will be able to deal with this issue before my wife and kid question about my disappearance… I need to tell you about some of the things you will have to deal after this little clash-”

    An entire capital is almost decimated and you call it a ‘little clash’?” Azazel questioned, feeling aggravated by the way the grave event was labeled by this ‘Shinihachi’.

    For someone that fought over planets and went against some planet-busters, I can assure you the term I used wasn’t to diminish the gravity of the lives lost in the battle, but compared to my past years? It’s small.”

    He explained, failing to get the Governor-General to stand down.

    “Alas, we’ve little time left and I seriously don’t want to deal with another apocalyptic predicament with my wife. She can get terribly cranky when I’m not around and I don’t want my daughter to cry too.”

    Then speak, I’m not here to-”

    The Khaos Brigade isn’t your worst enemy.” The ‘human’ interrupted calmly, drawing a frown from Azazel. “There are some deities ready to make some political wars very soon and they will use the new emotion going through everyone’s mind to just spark the blast. Indra and Hades can’t be trusted and… I would have someone keep an eye on Loki too.”

    And how am I supposed to trust you? You could be one of their lackeys-” The Fallen Angel asked skeptically, drawing a long, tired sigh from the ‘Shiranai-like’ figure in front of him.

    Really? A lackey? You could have said, I don’t know, one of those ‘Villains’? Maybe I’m a manipulative mastermind and-” Another sigh left his lips and he nodded. “Look, just tell Hoitsu to train- to train really, really hard because this is but just the beginning of some difficult stuff. For the rest, I think you and the other leaders can do on your own without the need of someone carrying you to victory.”

    He held two fingers up, smiling as light engulfed him. “Peace, Azzie, and tell Hoitsu that he needs to get laid soon or later.” A final chuckle and some words as he vanished away. “People might be thinking wrong things about it after all.”

    ...Azazel blinked, once more alone in his makeshift office, his mind trying to deal with the whole ‘strange messenger’ predicament he just experienced and… he sighed tiredly.

    Fuck it, I’m going to get shit-faced with some booze.”

    He moved away from the paperwork and walked towards the door.

    This isn’t just the day nor the lifetime to deal with this encounters of the bullshit-kind.”


    My head was ready to explode right as I regained bearing of my whole self. My brain was close to just quit life itself and my body felt oddly strained by some weights over my chest and legs.

    Maybe I had… some heavy bandaging going? I could still remember the beating I got from Rizevim, way too memorable to just forget so easily, but I was unsure how things then unfolded.

    I remember being carried away by Issei in his Scale Mail Armor, yet I don’t think I was sure about the ‘how’ and ‘when’ did he arrive. There was confusion, clarity but still some massive confusion about what happened ‘after the beating’.

    Lots of weird stuff. Let’s just say that we aren’t alone right now.

    Do I have to fear waking up or can I just glance around to understand where am I?

    No lewd nor gruesome scene around, you may take a peek right now.

    And so I did. My eyelids opened slowly, the light of the room something I had yet to get accustomed too but I was swift in catching the figures sleeping soundly over my body.

    Kunou was sprawled over my chest, her head tilted as to not have her ears cause any distraction to my chin while also having her arms wrapped around my chest.

    Koneko was sitting on a chair beside the bed and nuzzling on the free space left on my chest, I could see her tail waggling slowly but determinedly.

    Then my eyes saw Ophis, the girl literally between the edge of the bed and my body, pressing on my side as she rested her head on my shoulder. She looked ready to wake up but… she seemed to be genuinely enjoying that awkward position.

    Hopefully the sweetie isn’t getting any soreness from being squished like that.

    After finishing studying the whole situation, I turned my attention to… a pair of golden eyes staring back at mine. Kunou blinked, surprise perfectly visible in her face as she realized that I was awake.

    I smiled and was about greet her but I was interrupted as she literally headbutted me right in my forehead. The impact was short and harmless, but I flinched as she gave me the harshest of glares.

    Y-You almost died.” She yelped, her own forehead sporting a bump now. “A-again and-”

    I didn’t let her finish, my free arm moving to bring her closer to me as I ruffled her hair. Her eyelids half-closed, but a determined look made me realize she wasn’t going to let go this matter.

    Just like that time.

    And you are fine.” I smiled calmly. “At least I was the only one that messed up, eh?”

    She snorted softly, but didn’t restrain herself from enjoying the warmth of the embrace. “You are a moron, Niichan.”

    My smile widened. I never heard an insult sound so much… delightful.

    And you are a lovely girl.” Her eyes narrowed at the compliment.

    I will train from now on.” She proclaimed quietly. “I will become stronger, stronger than you so...”

    So I can make my rescue attempt more epic-”

    N-Niichan, I don’t want to see you get hurt-”

    And I wouldn’t like the opposite case to happen. I don’t wish to see my little imouto hurt by some demented idiots out there.”

    She giggled and closed her eyes. “Kogane-tan shall beat Hekishoku.”

    But also not.”

    We both smiled. It’s been a while now since we shared a little moment and… God, I missed it. I missed the peace of being back home, minding my own business and intervening when necessary. I thought the mask of Hekishoku would have worked, that I would have been able to enjoy the quiet life of a normal student… but my power kept growing.

    By becoming stronger, and pissing of Murphy, I got forced to give away my identity, I was forced to enter the dreadful chessboard the various deities and supernatural beings were happy to make use in their conflicts, either against unknown threats or each other.

    Kunou had been in this system because her mother was important, she never enjoyed the chance of growing up normally and have some good friends. Getting to live in my house offered her this chance… initially.

    She was happier, she was safer. And now she is stuck with me in this massive war in the making.

    And I’ve come closer to die.

    If I had died back against Dohnaseek or Raynare? It wouldn’t have done much of a difference. I wasn’t important and just a few tears would have been given as a reaction.

    But now I was sure of one thing. If I died against Rizevim, I would have messed up the world even further. Not only it would have meant Issei or Vali stepping up to take the mantle of facing those troubles, but it would have also meant the complete disband of the Omega Initiative.

    The latter ripple wasn’t out of arrogance, but from Azazel’s very words. ‘There is nobody in Grigori that could have done it better’.

    Nobody within the organization would be able to fit the bill to assemble an effective force, something to counter the growing danger left by Khaos Brigade… without trying to take over Grigori itself in a fit of power-mongering.

    I had to be careful. The people I knew, those I cared for, there were so many of them.

    I managed to get myself entangled with so many characters that… I was now afraid of what would happen after I was killed. The scenarios were all dreadful, none truly worth of even thinking about without getting guilty.

    Sighing, I felt the other two girls shifting in their sleep and… Ophis’ stared right at me, the girl squeezing her small arms around my waist without hesitation and making me chuckle.

    I’m alright.” I tried to ignore Kunou’s pout and the Infinity Dragon frowned.

    You were almost gone.” The dark-haired girl said blankly. “I would have missed you.”

    I could feel Shiranai choke on those words.

    I think I might have… to cry a little.

    Can you do it in your corner?

    S-Sniff, I will t-try.

    And I… would have missed you too.” I patted her head and she proceeded to press against the warm palm.

    It was in that exact moment that I felt someone tugging from the other side and I saw Koneko pouting at the interactions, her cat ears twitching in annoyance at the lack of affection.

    I sighed and I moved my hand away from Kunou’s head and into Koneko’s… the blonde pouting instantly the moment she stopped being petted.


    I-I’ve two hands!

    And sadly, a very big heart, bigger than what your two hands can do.

    Mhh… What about...” I smiled deviously as I stopped head-patting and… proceeded to scoop the three of them in a big hug, bringing them all together.

    Kunou giggled, Koneko’s smile twitched and Ophis seemed to be in her happy place by being in that warm bundle of people.

    I chuckled a little, enjoying just that precious moment after enduring some nasty beating and-

    The door opened, Kuroka stepping inside while looking clueless and… froze at the scene. I blinked, ready to give some explanation about the situation, but soon Akeno, Akua, Kahlua and… the entire Omega Initiative entered inside, Baki’s girlfriend too.

    They all stared down, some amused smile entertaining their faces as I felt a tad bit nervous as the predicament.

    T-That’s so cute!” Kozue proclaimed, picking up her phone and starting to take photos of the scene as the other girls chuckled with each other.

    Ara, Ara~ Hoitsu-kun sure is a lovely big brother.” Akeno complimented, Kuroka nodding right at her.

    Yes, and now I can’t help but wonder how it will be when he will become a parent.” The Nekoshou ‘wondered’ loudly for everyone to hear.

    Akua looked thoughtful over the comments. “Hoitsu… a parent.” She stared right at me and nodded to herself. “A strong and good father.”

    Once more I opened my mouth, blushing madly as I was finally ready to explain how things had turned out like this when I saw someone in particular making steps toward the bed, looking smug and determined.

    Maria was smiling, her approach slow but certain as her eyes were fixed on my plight as she shaw the chance of doing some… intervention. I paled a little and tried to stutter out something.

    M-Maria, please-” I tried to protest but she seemed adamant in proceeding with her idea.

    Hoitsu-sama.” She said in a clear and serious voice, ignoring my pleas of not going ahead with her plan. “I, Maria Naruse, have a dream.”

    I paused, frowning at her words and slowly connecting it to the proper reference.

    Seriously, are we causing an outbreak of Jojo’s references?!

    Y-You have read Jojo Part 5?!” I exclaimed, feeling dread and cringe mixing as she giggled happily, looking ready to make her move any moment now.

    I learned from Kuroka-sama that Jojo is a powerful inspiration and now I am convinced of it myself.”

    And then, she jumped right onto the bed, beginning what could be described as the Third World War.


    Kunou, supported by Koneko, tried to push away the perverted Half-Succubus, only ending up to get her fairly close to my face where she started to kiss my neck, panic rising beyond the normal limit.

    This wasn’t a good way to wake up from that long rest. Of that I was fairly sure!

    The struggle continued for ten minutes and my poor body was used as the very battlefield for this war. The only non-combatant individual was… Ophis herself.

    The dark-haired girl decided that letting the fight happen without intervening was better, considering that she got the chance of enjoying more nuzzling on my chest.

    A very greedy dragon for sure…



    This is an interlude to Volume 4 and next chapter will see the return to Kuoh Town. Expect a lot of revelations as some characters from DxD will be placed in… strange situations.

    Especially Xenovia, she was there against Kokabiel and well… she didn’t fare too well against the Fallen Angel. No permanent damage in her body but… she lost something in that fight. (And before any virtue fighter rise up, no it isn’t something bodily in general. I ain’t some kind of psycho to drop the drama to that level.)

    But before I leave you, just a little… Omake!

    Omake 4: Just Sayin’ (or ‘Why certain Crossovers will not happen!’)

    Hypothetical Scenario

    Say WHAT!?” I shrieked to the receiver of the call, Azazel groaning in annoyance at the loud tone.

    I said that I found this guy, he said he was from some parallel dimension and that he would like to fight on our side-

    His name! What’s his name-”

    Goku. I think his full name is Son Goku and- Oh? You are back? What do you mean that you found Khaos Brigade and dealt with them already- Oh? I see.” I was close to die from a stroke and then my psyche collapsed as the following words sunk in my brain. “It would seem like the need for an Omega Initiative is no longer required, you may tell your members that-

    And our adventure was over, just like that. Not even a chance to be in a big fight.

    Training? Useless.

    Planning some strategy to avoid getting attacked? Unneeded.

    I gave the news to the group and the next day we all departed away, Kunou and I with Koneko and Kuroka returning to Kuoh Town and enjoying the rest of our lives in relative peace.

    We would never learn of the massive conspiracies and the deep lore of our adventure because someone decided it was nice to put an overpowered character in the universe.

    The balance was broken but peace was restored in the most anti-climatic way.

    I wonder whatever people meant with ‘being like Lucifer’ and all of that.

    Dun’t care, pash me ‘nother of twat lovely beer, yeh crazy drake!

    H-H-Hewe re go~ hehe!

    Moral of the Story: Learn the AN, it might have some interesting info about how I plan to do things.


    Someone might be asking why I did this Omake, it is so short and… dumb. Well, the answer is pretty simple: Do you remember how I said I wasn’t going to bundle up any obscenely OP characters? Well, someone missed the memo and decided to leave a weird comment at the story.

    Anyway, turning my attention to some more serious things, we passed another milestone. It would seem like we need to step up a little more.

    Can we reach…

    Future milestone 1: 800 Followers and Favorites.
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    It's nice you already have an ending prepared. :sneaky:
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    Chapter 45: Reigniting the Oath

    When I first looked at the living room of my house back in Kuoh Town, I thought that it wouldn’t have never been filled by too many people. I was still tip-toeing the line between getting yanked in the main story and staying in the backstage, blissfully unaware that the sort of events, the same happening right in from of me, would have actually happened.

    Azazel smiled at the disappointed frown Michael was giving him, smugly refusing to address the annoyance the archangel had for the roster of guests currently in that room while also looking particularly awkward when regarding with his eyes at his own ‘subordinates’.

    I was still neutral about the decision pushed by both Issei and Asia to take in both Irina and Xenovia, the two girls were far too unpredictable for me to know how they would lash out at the knowledge that God was dead.

    Kokabiel didn’t hold back even in this occasion, his glee at having both faithful warriors of Christianity dealt such a blow was something that he couldn’t avoid himself from tasting.

    Irina was shocked, she looked positively terrified but… she still had a family. The girl still had friends, she still had something she could do after this whole mess, something to not truly fall in utter despair.


    I was incredibly confused about her. While many could easily pinpoint my inherent difficulty to approach her attitude to her unique reactions that were known to lack common sense and own some lewd underline, I was sure this wasn’t the case.

    Someone like her wasn’t certainly going to react this weirdly just because of this occasion, her case stemmed from some lonely childhood where she never had the chance to truly learn ‘how to grow up’. She was molded in a puppet, a willing one, but also someone that couldn’t live without her own job.

    Her duty became her very soul, her life was only the battle and the defense of her faith.

    Any attempt to attach herself to someone else? Only Irina was successful, but just because they were friends thanks to their mutual work. Not even Griselda Quarta giving the girl her surname seemed to spurn anything particular out of her.

    A tool… that was deprived of her own reason to exist. Latching onto Issei was the quickest way to get away from the hollow sense of nothingness one could only feel at seeing everything in their own life crumble before their eyes. Not the smartest, but the easiest and the fastest one to avoid the agony.

    But in this scenario, only the Shidou was close (by childhood friend’s standards) to the brunet, the blue-haired girl left unanswered prior to the encounter with Kokabiel and thus having no reason to ‘like’ Issei.

    I was glad that Kunou and Koneko had decided to stay by ‘their’ room, same for Kuroka and Akeno deciding to ‘secure’ my own room and while I knew the latter case was an odd circumstance that was possibly going to cause me some shenanigans later today, I merely sighed and focused at the very discussion the ‘Regent of Heaven’ was leading.

    Gabriel was here too, but the young woman was mostly endeared by the lap pillow I was offering her. Quite awkward for how much grave the situation was for the two exorcists, but I was certain they weren’t truly minding it, actually seeing it as a moment of relief from the dreadful news just around the corner.

    Irina was scared, I could see it from her erratic behavior to stare everyone at the table and then look away the moment her stare was matched by the very subject she was looking at. She was pale, mortified, embarrassed and at loss over the whole turn of events, but the brunette was keen to not make any ill mistakes and question the authorities before her.

    Xenovia was staring silently at table. Her eyes lacked any warmth, anything lively, she just looked like doll because of how her posture reminded so much of a puppet without strings. Gone was her hopeful outlook about life, her simplistic livelihood and now she lived like aimless sheep in the sea of lost.

    I blinked, my eyes having been fixed on the girl for a while now and the speech Michael was giving long forgotten as I mostly knew how it was going to end up into. A little question, a test of loyalty and, just as expected, it happened right how I saw it coming.

    I can’t express my sadness to how this news was given, nor I can punish you for being caught in this terrible situation.” The man muttered in a mournful tone. “But, I hope you both understand that now I will have to put you to a difficult choice. You either accept to swear your silence over the matter… or you will be granted a life outside of the duty the Church requested before today from you. A life without any memory of what happened few days ago-”

    What kind of choice is that?” The blank words leaving Xenovia’s lips surprised the archangel silent, but the girl was far from over and she sighed tiredly. “I either turn a blind eye… to the very foundation of my faith, or I just destroy what is left of my very life.”

    There was some awkward silence that followed, Irina was utterly shell-shocked by the words of her friend, surprised it would come to this and… I was particularly shaken by her emotions.

    Being emotional doesn’t just mean showing anger or happiness while speaking, it was embodying the state of their own souls and… I could feel a tremendous amount of despair coming from the blue-haired girl.

    It was a terrible sight… that was oddly familiar. It just… felt like I’ve seen this kind of behavior before somewhere in the past. But… where?

    Where could I have- Oh!

    Nope! We aren’t going to have her do that.

    It might be her best chance after Kokabiel. We could still give it a chance-

    She will turn out just like Artoria. Taking that sword is a goddamn curse for simple humans.

    But what if she wasn’t left to suffer the burden alone?


    Excalibur destroyed Artoria because she wasn’t truly helped to handle the duties it came with the sword. Plus, she was supposed to be a hero and a king at the same time. Duties clashed, she failed to understand what ‘Ideal’ meant and things derailed right into Camlann.

    You… want to have Xenovia actually become a what? A Hero of Justice? Even that is a big no-

    And why not?


    Archer became disenchanted with the whole ‘Justice’ idea because he was so stupidly straddling at the concept of ‘Romantic Hero’, never questioning the complexity of the modern hero. But given the fact Xenovia isn’t affected by Survivor’s Guilt? Given that she receives some genuine advice over her duties-

    It might still end badly…

    Just not as bad as Artoria and only if we allow bad things to happen.

    Then go ahead, but I will tell you only this… ‘That is Hell we are kicking her into.’

    ...Using EMIYA’s quotes now?

    He was genuine in his opposition to the UBW Route, that Shirou possibly ended up becoming EMIYA Alter after the Anime’s last scene.

    Nodding with some determination embed in my face, I looked down at Gabriel, the blonde blinking back at me with half-closed eyelids. “Gabi, can you forgive me if I spare some words with Xenovia? It’s something very important.”

    Blue eyes blinked back, childish annoyance flashing momentarily but then the girl moved, a slight huff preceding her moving away from my lap. “Thank you, I promise that I will buy you something you will like.”

    Her face eased, a smile blooming once more. “Candy?”


    Just a few of those wouldn’t be that bad.” I interrupted quietly and Michael sighed with some disappointment directed at the seraph… but he nodded. “Only four- but what do you exactly plan to do with Miss Quarta?” I blinked at his question and shrugged.

    Felt like she needed some time to think, maybe get some stuff done and...” I turned my attention once more at the girl. “I wish to offer a third possibility to her.”

    A… third choice?” The blue-haired girl asked with a confused tone. “I-I can’t nor I will join Grigori-”

    And that isn’t the choice I was planning to give to you.” I interrupted with a calm tone, expecting that remark. “Actually, it hasn’t anything to do about factions, joining or leaving something or another. It’s something much more important in my opinion.”

    And you can’t tell this at the table… because?” Azazel questioned, his eyes narrowed at me with some curiosity but I merely sighed.

    Because I think it’s private.” I replied placidly. “And I think the only one that should know about this is Xenovia.”

    There was another bout of silence, but the blue-haired teen blinked and recovered quickly. “I-I- Why?”

    Reasons.” I replied quietly and without hesitation, ignoring the frowns I was getting. “And I think you need some breath of air outdoor, I think you’ve been holing up in my house for a while now.”

    At least she had the decency to blush at having her reclusive behavior called out, maybe there was truly something I could do about her…


    Xenovia was clueless as to why things had turned out like this.

    She had expected to face some serious moment with ‘the one that ruled Heavens’. God was dead, her heart would still pause just a moment from beating at remembering the devious grin in Kokabiel’s face while he proclaimed this truth.

    A horrid truth, a terrifying one that kept her from going forward. The once clear path was now darkened, non-existing, and her determination to find a way out from that gloom had long plummeted away from her to grasp.

    She was alone, she was afraid and she had been ready to face the looming decision. A decision that would have her devastated one way or another. A decision that was… delayed.
    The girl blinked as she helped Lor- Hoitsu by placing some curious packages of food in the small cart he was holding. The fact that the young man also gave her the freedom to pick whatever she wanted to try and eat just left her even more confused about what was happening.

    There was some minor bantering, some light-heart talking that preceded their arrival to the store, but nothing about this whole situation hinted at whatever serious ‘third choice’ he was trying to give her.

    Only peace and the cool breeze coming from the A/C system of the building were there to fill up the normalcy of this place. Odd, but quite common from her perspective about this little city.

    She didn’t have the time to explore all around, her main objective taking over any curiosity over this small town and this little trip was giving her a deeper and better glimpse at the place she had been living until now.

    Kuoh was a peaceful city, nothing out of the ordinary from what she had seen in her past assignments and… walking around without a mission forcing her to not enjoy the full scenery felt oddly relaxing. There was just… so much calm.

    Xenovia was a woman of actions, diplomacy hardly her forte but the girl enjoyed the few chances where she wasn’t forced to fend off for her dear life. Her posture was relaxed, a far cry of the tension that once domineered over her walking and fighting stances.

    She felt like a normal civilian.

    It wasn’t certainly something she would have wanted to do for the rest of her life, but she could see some intriguing things in being away from duty. It wasn’t like back home, where free time was spent at the headquarters where she either did some chores or trained.

    A small smile appeared on her face, the weight of the decision momentarily vanishing as her mind had her attention diverted at the silly but relaxing activity that was picking out the products all around her.

    Finally her little curiosity overtook her own politeness as the girl settled for a small package containing some potato chips. She hardly tried the flavor of those… potato-related snacks and thus she decided it was high time to tried those out.

    It wasn’t like she was going to return back home now, with all the limitations it was going to bring her to her life.

    She knew that Michael was leaving out several other restrictions that would came by accepting the offer of keeping her lips shut about the greatest lie ever told to her. God, the one and only being that couldn’t be faulted of anything, was killed during the Great War.

    Something so immense relayed in such deplorable and disgusting tone, by someone that wasn’t worth of even thinking about the Lord.

    Yet she now knew and… that wasn’t something she could accept to keep from telling. It was just… too big, too painfully massive to keep bottled up, even for someone so well-attuned in keeping under control her own emotions.

    Irina would surely do that. Her mind was cruel enough to remind her how the brunette would accept the chance to continue with her duties without a single ounce of hesitation.

    She was just like that, always too devoted… without a genuine reason. Her easygoing behavior could easily stick around as mocking of Xenovia’s genuine attachment to her faith, but after years of being in the same team, not even the blue-haired girl would jump at this notion of the Japanese-born exorcist.


    The girl’s attention shifted away from her thoughts, the sound of the cashier going through the products set by the counter getting her back to reality. Xenovia blinked, eyes regaining some importance as she soon learned that… Hoitsu was giving her a small smile.

    It was a genuine one, the kindness easy to perceive and… she blinked again as she remembered ‘why’ they were here and… how she had yet to get any information from the quiet young man.

    Somewhat annoyed at the fact this trip was stretching beyond the original purpose, she waited for the cashier to end with his work and get paid, and then by the time the two were out of the store to question what was going on to the her senior.

    There was hardly someone around in the streets, by the time they finished with the groceries it was deep in the working hours and thus asking became much easier than planned.

    Hoitsu?” She bit her tongue as to not put the ‘Lord’ title before the name. The young man fairly adamant to have her address him only by his first name, just as he asked to call her without any honorifics or titles.

    Diamoci del tu. He said in Italian, the expression literally begging to ‘drop all formalities’.

    Yes Xenovia?” He glanced her way and she sighed.

    W-What did you want to tell me?” A minor stutter, she was feeling impertinent already but she still went ahead. “What is the ‘third choice’ you mentioned back in the living room?”

    He said it was fine with it so… why not?

    He blinked, a little surprised and a little embarrassed, but then he sighed. “I guess that I’ve been delaying this for a while now.” He nodded to himself and started to pick up the pace. “Let us go to a… less crowded place.”

    Less… crowded? There was literally no one around them and- What was he planning to show to her that-

    They continued to walk, going in a full detour from their initial walk as they went distant from the more developed section of the town to… the local park.

    The place was lacking any occupants, maybe just some guards keeping an eye for any delinquents and then the man stopped.

    He sat down on one of the benches and gestured her to take a seat herself. Xenovia complied, but slowly and cautiously as she was starting to feel far too confused to accept eagerly whatever was going on.

    Hoitsu sighed. “The reason why I asked you to come with me with this little ‘silly’ trip was… because I wanted to ask how are you faring about everything that is happening.”

    Her eyes widened and… she blinked in shock at the words sinking quickly in her brain. It was just so… unrealistic. To know that someone that much important cared for someone like her was…

    I-I’m fine.” She was tense, painfully and visibly so. She nodded, she hoped to not be given a full interrogation but-

    Xenovia, I know that you are not fine.” There was uncertainty in his face but… also some curious clarity. An odd mix of emotions if she had to be honest. “I know that might sounds utterly strange, but I will have you know that I do care for the people around me.”

    B-But I’m just a stranger, sir- I mean-” She panicked a little but Hoitsu was quick to take the lead.

    You were a stranger, Xenovia.” He corrected. “If Issei and Asia thought that you were someone worth of enough trust to house both you and Irina, then I think-”

    Irina was Issei’s childhood friend.” The girl interjected, looking at her knees, looking rather… unhappy with the discussion. “I’m not worthy of-”

    You better stop at once that sentence.” The teen thundered, looking incredibly annoyed. “There is nothing of being ‘worthy of’ as you were putting it.”

    She didn’t reply to that, keeping quiet.

    Look Xenovia, I’m not trying to give you any lecture.” He assured with a small smile. “But I want you to know that… you still have a purpose.”

    I don’t.” Her throat was painfully drying up. The wild storm of emotions never ceasing as he continued mercilessly to speak to her.

    Why couldn’t he just stop? Why couldn’t he just… let her suffer?

    So you are telling me that, now that you know that God is dead, you are not going to save Irina if she is defenseless against a monster?”

    She straightened up at once at the question, looking irked at it. “What? No, I would-”

    And what about a Stray Devil attacking a bunch of civilians, wouldn’t you be able to help them because God is dead?”

    Xenovia was ready to refute the scenario but… she stopped, her expression growing perplexed as she felt that something about the questions was… different than mere taunting.

    I will give you an explanation about God that the Church will never try to give you about him.” He said with calm determination. “And that is… God isn’t Christianity.”

    He is the Creator-”

    But He certainly isn’t as ‘Infinite’ as the Church makes Him look like if he dies against ‘Finite’ beings, doesn’t he?” He poked deeper at that very detail, the one that make it possible for God to… die. “He existed and He did some stuff. He made ‘mostly’ good things but now that He is ‘gone’, do you really think it all just washes away?”

    She stood quiet, for a moment she felt like a child being given a lesson back at the private catechism. She could feel the stern but moderated tone of Griselda Quarta addressing some of the precepts of the Bible with impressive precision, giving some honest but also well-defined explanations over past events for Christianity itself.

    Good morals, a sense of community and the need to care for the next guy are still going to survive time itself.” He motivated, smiling. “You certainly didn’t change so quickly at the news, signorina.”

    She huffed. “D-Don’t call me that.”

    It was all right if it was meant to be taken as a polite way to address her, but it didn’t take much to realize it was a teasing title than anything else.

    Sorry.” He apologized curtly. “But you have to admit that you can’t seriously let your ‘life’ end here of all places and time.”

    He is gone-”

    But the need of a protector is still here, isn’t it?” He sharply pointed out, bringing the girl’s response to a halt. “As an Exorcist you represent a dutiful protector, a hero some would say.”

    I’m not a protector, nor a hero.” She sighed, staring forward in an absent-like stare. “I can’t even use Durandal to the fullest. After years of having it in my possession, I still can’t understand it.”

    The Holy Sword that is meant to destroy everything in its path?” He asked calmly. “Do you know who was the first owner?”

    She blinked, looking confused at the last question. “Wasn’t it… Roland?”

    Indeed and do you know what he did with Durandal?” He continued without hesitation, getting Xenovia in a cycle of answering questions.

    It was because… I think he destroyed an army 100,000 men alone.”

    And how did he do that?” His smile widened. “How did he achieve such an impressive feat?”

    He...” The blue-haired girl scrunched her face while thinking about it and… realization then dawned, embarrassment rising to replace the nervousness of before. “He used Magic.”

    And can you use Magic?” His smile twitched as she fidgeted in her seat.

    Xenovia.” He pressed on and she sighed, crossing her arms close to her chest.

    F-Fine, I do not- but I thought Magic was just something to boost its real power-”

    It has already too much power, its user needs some boost to make use of it to the fullest or… you flop.”

    She snorted. “I-I do not flop-”

    Yet you just said you did-”

    I did not!” Her face was turning red in embarrassment and Hoitsu chuckled.

    F-Fine, then.” Hoitsu sighed, his happy smile still there. “How about I give you your third choice?”

    The girl huffed. “Okay, what is it?”

    Michael wouldn’t let you return back to the Holy See without getting you restricted from going ‘against him’ and I know you wouldn’t never enjoy the life of a simple civilian, action is now part of you after all.”

    She nodded, trying to appear a little disinterested but… she was taken by the logic unfolding before her.

    So what if… you become my apprentice?”

    Xenovia froze on the spot, mind stopping as the question unleashed a new confusion. “W-What?”

    If you stay here in Kuoh Town, not only will you be able to keep your memories intact, but you will also not have to keep quiet about the whole thing about God.”

    But Hoitsu, with all due respect… Lord Michael did say you are not a swordsman.”

    I’m a basic one, but the apprenticeship wouldn’t be about swords. That is something I will fix by finding some good teacher about it but… I meant for something else you are terribly lacking right now.”

    She frowned. “And that is?”

    Your… social capabilities.” The teen replied flatly, getting a minor glare from the girl. “You may glare as much as you like, but you aren’t fit to speak with people.”

    I did well back home-”

    Being polite and being informal are two different attitudes. Several times you still tried to address me as ‘Lord’ and you were keen to be rather ‘over-respectful’ around me.”

    It’s the proper thing-”

    Not when it’s a simple trip to the store.” He interjected with an annoyed tone. “I’ve never seen someone this awed by exploring a simple store-”

    I-It’s different than those back home-” She tried to defend herself, flinching as the young man narrowed his eyes at her.

    I know that there isn’t a particular difference between Japan and Italy about that, signorina.” He interrupted once more. “And I don’t think there are excuses that can help you right now.”

    She stared down at the ground and sighed. “I might be a little awkward but-”

    Try with incredibly awkward.” He huffed tiredly. “Look, I don’t think this offer is particularly cruel compared to Michael’s alternatives. I don’t want to push you to do anything, but this is the safest route and… we both know that.”

    The girl paused, hesitation finally catching up as she really felt like this was her best chance at continuing with her… adventure.

    The words coming from Griselda back when she went on her first mission echoing true within her mind.

    Sometime we will face our worst nightmares in the strangest and gloomiest of situations, but it is up to ourselves to go and brave the dangers. Fear might reign, but it’s hope and determination that win it all.”

    She nodded, a small smile adorning her face. A lasting smile, a genuine one and… a promising one.

    I… I accept.”

    They shared a nod, both standing up and proceeding to walk back towards Hoitsu’s house and-

    So, why didn’t you give her Excalibur?

    She has the potential to make use of it… but she isn’t developed magically. Using it would kill her.

    ...I feel that it isn’t the main reason why you held back. I feel like… it’s deeper.

    Fine… she is emotionally too unstable to handle the responsibility. I think she would easily fall in the same mistakes Artoria committed during her reign even with my help if she was provided with the sword right now.

    And yet you plan to still give that to her. It will be a risky move and, while I can see the merits of such a move, I think the risks will be bigger than the possible reward.

    Hope is the last thing to die… isn’t it?

    You are a moron… but you are still my moronic King, so…

    ...I will let this happen.


    Long chapter, Yay!

    I decided to give ample space to Xenovia this chapter as next one will see some serious plot advancement. There are characters that exist within the DxD universe that are never brought up for… strange reasons. This story will be packed with a pragmatic antagonist that… isn’t the main villain.

    Also some mind-blowing info will be dropped next chapter, like… some stuff no one was aware of!

    New Milestone!

    Future milestone 1: 820 Followers and Favorites.
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    This really belongs in an anime.

    It's got that feel.

    I do like it, overall.
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    Today there will be no chapter. I've recently (a few hours ago) ended up slamming my elbow on a thick wall (or my wardrobe) and getting my nerve there inflamed and rendering my left arm prone to feel pain at everything.
    P.S. Yes, I wrote this with only my right hand and no, it didn't take little for me to finish this message.
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    Chapter 46: Introverts (and Death Cometh)

    Xenovia yawned in her hand as she sat down by the living room’s table.

    In front of her was two slices of bread and a jar containing Nutella. The small knife was stained in the smooth chocolate as the delicious cream was carefully spread over the bread, her mind still refusing to fully address the other people sitting near her.

    The first bite of her little toast was enough to restore some clarity back to her, her mind ‘rebooting’ at the delicious treat as colored blurs turned into clear figures.

    The table was filled with various people, some she learned about the day before, others that she was completely unaware about.

    Blinking, her brown eyes finally settled on Irina, the girl giving some inputs to the little chit-chatting happening with the few people there while also enjoying a steaming cup carefully placed away from the furniture’s edge. She was smiling awkwardly at the others, her cheeks reddening just a little but Xenovia knew it was mostly nervousness dictating such reaction.

    Also, was that milk in that cup?

    Her nose picked up the fragrance of the sweet nectar, but she also noted some minor difference from the one she was accustomed to. A different kind of milk, she guessed almost instantly, knowing that there was something like… Soya milk.

    I see that you are finally awake, Xenovia.” Hoitsu addressed her with a calm tone.

    Oh right, good morning.” Her head lowered as her tone assumed a more apologetic denotations.

    Her greeting was meet by the same words, some relayed in a cheerful way while others a little grumpy. Irina glanced at her and nodded.

    G-Good morning.”

    It was a softer reply compared to the rest of the group, but Xenovia caught it immediately. She avoided flinching, remembering that the reasoning behind such an awkward situation wasn’t caused by anything… worrying.

    While disheartened, Irina did seem supportive of her decision and, before going to sleep, she offered to give her some explanation after lunch.

    Why lunch? Well, Hoitsu wasn’t certainly going to slack over his duties regarding ‘teaching her about people’.

    It sounded so dumb, it made her feel dumb but she knew that some truth was present in that statement. She never engaged in friendly banter for too long, her lack of interests other than swords and the Bible turning out to be quite detrimental for her in the long-run, something the young man promised some solution about.

    The bunch of people by the table were… quite unique. The owner of the house and Issei Hyoudou were the sole males in the room and yet she didn’t feel anywhere as scandalized over the very curious males-females disproportion as there was nothing weird happening with these odds.

    There were three age-related groups among the females in that specific moment.

    Kuroka was the oldest, the Yokai just two years older than Hoitsu himself, and she seemed to be rather resourceful and knowing of the happenings around the cast of friends rallied for breakast.

    Then there were those very close to her age, those were represented by Irina, Asia and herself.

    Then there were the youngest, Koneko being the oldest of the bunch at 15 while Kunou was the youngest at 13 (and three quarters in the blonde’s opinion).

    Ophis looked young and she would have happily put her with the others but… there was something different than the rest. Her name in particular felt familiar, as if she had heard about it before… but she couldn’t exactly pinpoint where and when did she gain this information and what it was about.

    The dark-haired child behaved well, quite calm and quiet as she seemed to have eyes only for the oldest male in the house. She looked rather pretty in her old-style dress and Xenovia herself wanted to see how it felt patting the girl’s head.

    She was just so adorable to look at.

    Some more time passed and soon the emptied mugs and plates were all settled by the sinks of the kitchen, the owner deciding to do the service of good host by cleaning the dishes.

    A process that took some little time, but in the end the two of them were now alone by the living room.

    Kunou, Ophis and Koneko had long retreated to the kitsune’s room, Kuroka had gone to explore around the city, ‘scouting her new town’ she had said, while Irina had gone with Asia and Issei to properly begin her first day at Kuoh Academy.

    Even though Michael was receptive of the brunette’s request to be stationed in this town, the Archangel demanded that the girl committed to enlist to the local school and complete a proper education session.

    There was some minor hesitation, Xenovia remembered how gloomy Irina would turn at the mere mentioning of ‘school’ and how she long preferred work to lectures. Surprisingly enough, the blue-haired girl wasn’t forced to do such thing.

    Hoitsu reasoned that she was far too much ‘behind’ to the Japanese school’s curricula to be able to properly join the others at school. She had objected, saying that the Vatican’s education system was good enough to allow her to join up and the young man was quick to give her a copy of the admission test.

    Xenovia was given an hour to complete it and… she managed to do just two of the ten exercises picked up by a stupid computer and the fact it was told to her beforehand that it was meant to be passed by people her age with ease didn’t certainly help nursing her bruised self-esteem.

    The girl was so deprived of the chance of having something to do in her spare time, for good reasons, but still an annoying step back that left her bitter inside.

    That bitterness was washed away by the fact she was going to be taught by Hoitsu Sakakibara. While the Church had little about him, the few reports she had gained in the past weeks were good enough to prove the validity of the man’s words.

    He was strong, much stronger than her, and incredibly influential. He just surfaced quite recently and yet he was several steps above her.

    To be treated as his apprentice? Xenovia was unable to decide whether to be annoyed at the fact he was just a year older than her or to be interested at what she was going to learn from this individual.

    Yet the first lesson started… much later than she had expected.

    Another student, not an apprentice, but someone that suffered the same social ineptitude as hers… ‘in a very different but similar manner’.

    An odd way to precede the young student that came with Akeno-san. The young woman was kind enough, helping the feminine dhampir to sit in one of the couches as they waited to begin.

    Her initial thoughts were that the skirt-wearing student looked particularly adorable, rather appropriate for a girl that young. Sadly, this initial report was smashed by the few words given so placidly by their mutual ‘teacher’.

    Oh? Gasper is a boy.”

    A boy. That cute little dhampir that was fidgeting while looking nervously at the glass table between him and her, was male.

    Her mind stopped working for a few moments, her face paling slightly.

    B-But why is he wearing a skirt?”

    Indeed, why would a boy need to wear such an uncomfortable piece? Skirts weren’t certainly loved by the former exorcist, the few times she was donning such apparel was because of ‘duties for the Church’. Important events demanded a ‘proper elegance’, Griselda had told her more than once to no avail.

    Xenovia preferred softer and practical pants to trouble-causing skirts.

    The dhampir’s eyes widened, pink orbs glancing just briefly at her before he bowed at her. “I-I’m sorry.”


    She wanted to question more, but the tired look on Akeno’s face and the sigh leaving Hoitsu’s lips made the girl hesitate a moment.

    Gasper here is… a cross-dresser of sort.” The young man replied in the younger male’s stead, the dhampir blinking in surprise and looking away at seeing the smile directed back at him. “He is quite comfortable with feminine clothes… I would say close to how you prefer masculine ones.”

    A strange explanation, terribly curt but also somewhat revealing of the predicament in front of her. Gasper was incredibly shy, overly-introverted and he… wasn’t good with people.

    They shared some of those traits, but Xenovia had yet to grasp the real intention behind their meeting.

    It was the very responsible for their ‘education’ that explained things once and for all.

    While I would certainly deal with both of you in a separate manner, I’ve realized that there is an opportunity you both could benefit from.” He said, smiling deviously but… kindly altogether.

    Your first lesson will be… to introduce yourself to the other.” He finished, glancing first at the dhampir and then to the girl. “Both of you will have to explore in a semi-formal manner your public image and entertain each other with your hobbies. Who knows, maybe you do share some similar perspectives and… get yourself a friend?”

    This… was idiotic.

    The young feminine boy looked ready to faint anytime now, clearly not as acclimated with the idea of speaking with a stranger as the man was trying to make it sound like. And how was she supposed to talk about ‘hobbies’ when she hardly had one?

    And now I will leave yourself to the task as Akeno and I will go to the kitchen. If you need anything, I remind you that this isn’t a forced session and that you may ask for help if you require it.”

    While his words would have easily been taken by her mind as ‘if you need some help, just ask’, all she could hear in that very moment was ‘the task is simple and we will not go forward until we finish it’.

    It wasn’t even the real meaning behind his warm kindness, but Xenovia was just… too frustrated to even bother correct herself.

    In that conflicting session of thoughts, she hardly saw the two leave the living room and soon the girl realized she was alone with… him.


    Do you think it was the right idea?” Akeno asked quietly once we reached the stools by the metallic table. “I know that you said that Xenovia-san is fairly harmless and that she isn’t going to cause any issue… but Gasper didn’t improve much ever since he was freed from his self-prison.”

    I blinked, taking two empty glasses and placing both and a bottle of water on the counter and taking a seat near the Himejima. Her concerns weren’t completely off as I knew very well that Gasper was a problematic youth.

    The Forbidden Balor View was dangerous if its user wasn’t experienced enough to keep it under control and even its basic form was scary on its own.

    The ability to stop time was… painfully similar to The World, DIO’s stand being able to bring the time-stop to the entire world, but then things turn… tricky.

    The Balance Breaker allows the user to become a monster made by Darkness and shadows, something powerful enough to represent a fraction of the original Balor and cause some hefty damage to the user’s opponent.

    A very powerful tool that could easily collapse the very frail rules of Space/Time without some proper help given to the user… and that is why Xenovia was the best choice.

    She will crack his shell without causing any issues.” I replied quietly, sureness washing off from my tone. “Gasper is in good hands.”

    I could see some hesitation within her features but I knew what I did was the smartest choice.

    If I tried to approach myself the boy, knowing that my particular fame would become a reason to be distrustful of my intentions, the boy would have surely rejected any attempts of mine to try and get him to open up.

    Xenovia was sadly a ‘nobody’ right now. There wasn’t much to say, except that she just started a new chapter of her life. She was stubborn but also understanding in her own blunt way, something that is greatly helpful in helping introverts to open themselves to the world.

    I didn’t expect major progresses today and thus I decided to leave the bar very low just for that.

    Slow and steady wins the race after all.

    You seem… tired.” Akeno pointed out with a worried tone. “Do you get enough sleep at night?”

    I blinked. “I don’t have any sleep issues.”

    I felt my face a little tired, I guess that is a showing sign of minor fatigue.

    Paperwork is… a nightmare right now.” I admitted, curious what her next step would be.

    As much as she seemed ready to resume her usual attitude around me, it’s been days now that she has been showing some… new restrain.

    It wasn’t the shaky attempt back when we went for a ‘date’, I could feel some genuine effort put behind her current calm.

    As if someone told her what to… do.

    I guess Baraqiel decided to spill the beans to her daughter. Either for his fatherly sense or because Akeno decided to press the ‘right’ button.

    That’s good to hear.” Her lips twitched, amusement playing in her face as her eyes relaxed at the news. “I can only guess that it’s quite the atrocious mess.”

    I sighed. “You don’t have any idea of the paper-towers I’ve to face.”

    I sipped at the glass. “And I’m not even using ‘towers’ as metaphors here. There are 5-meters tall stacks of paper waiting every morning now that there is a lot to do regarding reconstruction and other important reports to Grigori.”

    I remember seeing dad having some trouble with his own reports about the attack but… I think your input is more important regarding your presence having created a major impact.” She deduced and I nodded in response.

    Everyone is surprised at the suicidal move of Rizevim, Azazel being the least worried as he said he ‘knows that crazy bastard’ and… I think he is right.” I concluded, deciding to relax a little at the knowledge I wasn’t going to get jumped… yet.

    Akeno blinked, a curious look spreading for me to see. “Truly? I think one should be worried about the… very culprit of the attack on Tokyo.”

    If I had to pick a fictional character that best represents Rizevim, it would be Heath Ledger’s Joker.” I compared in a direct correlation. “Both strive in chaos, they aren’t either good people, nor the worst scumbags. They do things because they think its the right thing to do… for themselves.”

    The selfish bunch then?” She guessed and frowned at my quick flinch.

    If the man was selfish, then he wouldn’t have bothered with the suicidal assault.” I glanced at the now empty glass. “His ideal is selfish, the arrogance of embodying an idea and transcending.”

    He thinks himself a… deity?” The Himejima half-asked. “You think he is doing this because he wants to be-”

    The hero of his own story.” I finished for her. “He is a child playing with nukes, trying to have a metaphorical and literal blast while on the loose.”

    A quick smile, then she asserted once more her calm and kind exterior and I sighed.

    So, I do reckon that you are behaving quite differently from last time.” I finally pressed my main interest now, something fluttering within her eyes for just a moment. “What happened?”

    She giggled. “Worried about me, aren’t you?” A blink, then she sighed. “I guess I was... given some advice from my father.”

    I doubt he would give you some love advice.” A playful smile was now on my face, she giggled again and she looked fairly amused herself.

    He didn’t.” She admitted mirthfully. “But he did tell me a little more about his time with mom, the time before I joined the family.”

    I didn’t press on, the girl eager to reveal a little more about her mother’s life while dealing with Baraqiel.

    There was little known about Shuri except the funny snippets the Canon give about her relationship and, the more Akeno spoke about her mother’s misadventures, the more I realized why she was being this… calm.

    Her mother was a terrible extrovert, many times Baraqiel having to help her around while she dabbled with the notion of having a Fallen Angel under her care. Her family didn’t digest that, it was a Canon thing too, but it was never mentioned how early this ‘indigestion’ turned into something far more ‘murderous’.

    Stubborn, headstrong, she ended up in terrible predicaments and only her husband’s intervention would get her out of trouble. It was in one of these situations that she ended up stepping up to protect Baraqiel.

    The umpteenth ambush had focused on the Fallen Angel and the woman had to resort to some smart ‘Home-Alone: Forest Edition’ antics/tactics to delay and kill the pursuers trying to kill her and her lover.

    A sudden change within her personality as she began growing in the wise woman that would then bring Akeno to this world.

    I nodded at the end of the lengthy tale and smiled at how giddy she looked at relaying this personal stories about her parents. The girl was proud of both her father and mother, and I guess that those tales did help her unlock the trauma-induced hate for her state.

    She looked relaxed, that weight long gone now and… she sighed.

    Hoitsu-kun. Can I ask you… if you are free tomorrow morning?”

    I blinked at the quiet question, my mind swift in informing me that tomorrow was Saturday. There was no school and… it could work.

    I nodded. “I’m free, yes.” I smirked a little at her minor happiness. “Why, are you asking me out, Akeno-chan?”

    She twitched at the honorifics, cheeks reddening but then she tilted her head with a big smile.

    I am.” The girl admitted cheerfully.

    It’s been a while now and… I think that this might be something… acceptable.

    I don’t know if I should be proud of your moral strength or bash you for being this hesitant with someone like Akeno.

    I-It’s complicated-

    I know… I know~

    I guess that we will hang out-”

    Date.” She interrupted, still smiling. “I’m asking you out for a date, Hoitsu-kun.”

    Akeno-” Her finger pressed my lips closed and she shushed me to stay quiet.

    I know that you are a good man, trying to keep us all lovely girls happy with… being just friends.” Her face slowly got closer, my very face burning a little at seeing her eyes so close and… her smile was just delightful. “But I can tell you that this path is going to hurt us all. I spoke with Kuroka-san and Akua-san, and we both agreed to… a compromise.”

    … “A wha-”

    Shhh.” The Himejima shushed again, looking incredibly embarrassed herself… and yet the smile was there. “I admit we had some little issues about the modalities but we agreed that the best way to get our best ending was… sharing.”

    ...Shit, things got incredibly complicated now.

    They are cooperating. They aren’t supposed to cooperate and-

    My mind melted as I felt her lips pressing on my left cheek, dropping a kiss- “This is for being kind with us.”

    Then she moved to the right side- “This is for being so understanding and caring.”

    My eyes traced the following moves of her lips, a twitchy smile sending me in a little confusing state. “And this-”

    Her lips…

    Planted a kiss on my nose.

    This is for being a difficult conquest.” She giggled, enjoying my shocked face from this close.

    She stood up by the stools, ignoring my stare as she put on one of the aprons available. “I just remembered that I had to prepare some cake.” She explained softly, even through I had yet to recover from that impressive tease.

    She is incredibly good. But boy, she sure knows how to press our buttons now-

    I don’t know if I should be relieved or annoyed at being denied that kiss.

    Considering how beautiful she turned in so little? I think you should be angry at yourself for not catching the moment.

    Yeah, you did screw up the whole ‘Carpe Diem’ Quick-time event, methinks.

    Slowly nodding at Akeno, I proceeded to take another apron and follow her instructions, my mind still facing a quick bout of dumbness after that scene.

    I was going to have some troubling sleep now… and for good reasons.


    Gasper giggled as Xenovia lifted him off the ground, his thin arms latched on her muscled arm. The girl was smiling, the two having somehow ended up opening up to each other.

    It all started fairly simple with him begging some deities to be taken away from that dreadful and nerve-wracking setup and safely returned to his kind and understanding box where he would then enjoy playing some games.

    It’s been a while now since he had the chance to play around with his PC or his portable console, but until earlier that encounter he never felt this much pressured to do something.

    The young woman looked intrigued by him, the attention set on him getting him quite bothered and… terrified about screwing things up for Akeno.

    He knew that Akeno’s friend, Hoitsu (the very individual that created some issues for Rias’ peerage) didn’t plan this out of some sick pleasure, the Queen having told him about the issues related to… Xenovia.

    The girl was quick to introduce herself, the formal and strict tone leaving him flinching for few moments as her voice was… strong. She looked strong, she was strong.

    A shudder then went down his spine, the trembling starting to irk him a little and urge him to find a way out.

    He introduced himself, slowly and with several stuttering, soon the boy expected to be mocked for his cowardly attitude.

    But the girl didn’t comment on it, rather she continued to stare at him silently and getting him even more bothered.

    Finally the pressure forced him to take some initiative and the Dhampir blurted the first question he could muster.

    W-What is your favorite game?”

    He was ready to rush away, already feeling like he had gone overboard- that maybe he shouldn’t have been this forward and-

    I like Broomstick.” She replied calmly, frowning a little. “It’s simple and easy-”

    B-Broomstick?” What kind of video-game was that? Was it something she only knew or-

    The card game- Oh right, it’s kind of a card game in Italy. I guess it’s not present here in Japan.” The girl explained and the blond paused a moment in surprise.

    A-Actually I meant video-games...” He whispered very softly, hoping that his disgruntled remark wouldn’t be picked up by Xenovia.

    Video-games? What’s that?” The blue-haired teen asked, looking completely clueless about this subject.

    Curses, she has good ears too!

    What was he supposed to do now? If he messed up the explanation he would permanently taint his honor as a professional player- but if he explained this to her then it was surely going to end up with her getting bored because of it.

    With a great weight over his shoulders, Gasper knew that… he had to do it. For his honor, for his duty-!

    I-It’s like a movie, j-just that you are capable of ‘playing’ as the protagonist and going through adventures.”

    T-That was terribly meek. This literally skip FPSs and RTSs.

    The dhampir was ready to correct himself but the girl intervened a moment before he could speak.

    A movie? And you mean like something like a simulation or-”

    She doesn’t even know what movies are!

    What a terrible realization, to learn that someone actually was unaware of the beautiful things that were part of ‘modern art’.

    Something stirred within the feminine boy and… he decided it was high-time to ‘bring culture to the infidel’.

    A lengthy explanation ensued, at first the stuttering persisted but then Gasper got grasp over it as he was allowed to talk more and more.

    Xenovia was surprised at first, his outburst flooring her and keeping her quiet, but soon she got hold over her surprise and started to religiously listen the words of the dhampir.

    Minutes passed, the boy’s voice slowly losing some strength and soon the rant took a calm turn towards self-disappointment.

    I-It’s just not fair. I want to h-help others, but I’m just weak.” His eyes were hurting a little, the sign that he was close to tears at the topic he was unhappily depicting. “I-I wasn’t useful to Rias a-and now things are so much different.”

    He sobbed, hands trying to hide the shameful tears falling off but soon his plight was answered as… a soft hand landed on top of his head.

    He paused a moment, surprise taking him out from his somber moment before he fell back to hit, this time the warm hand starting to slowly move and comfortably helping him with that little inner struggle.

    Gasper didn’t notice until too late that he was pulled in a hug, Xenovia’s head nuzzling close to his as she quietly lulled him out from that sad situation. His pink eyes were wide open, shock evident in those but… he didn’t back away from the embrace.

    The warmth was nice, he thought softly as his eyes slowly closed, the warmth is… kind.

    It was nostalgic, how this was how his first friend used to pull him out from the gloomiest of times, a kind smile as the fellow dhampir that was Valerie Tepes hummed a lullaby, something similar to the tune leaving Xenovia’s lips.

    He felt his body relax and melt over this delightful climax and… he patted at her shoulder.

    The girl shifted and pulled her head out from that close situation to look at the boy. He smiled a tiny smile and nodded shakily.

    T-Thank you.” He said quietly. “I-I needed that.”

    He was blown away by the bright grin that was directed at him, his eyes widened just a brief moment at how happy it looked to him. “You are welcome, Gasper.”

    A positive chill went through his body and he nodded.

    Xenovia blinked. “By the way, I… saw that you were looking at my arm and… I think I’ve an idea.”

    The blond frowned at the ‘idea’ the human had reserved for him and… he stared at her extended arm with a frown.


    Take hold of it.” She requested kindly. “I think you will like it.”

    He hesitated a little, his eyes returning to the arm and… his pale hands took a grip over her muscles. He was awed at how sturdy her arm was at his touch and then… he was lifted off.

    Eyes widened even more, the boy surprised at the unexpected outcome from that encounter and then… he was brought down once more.

    He blinked just a moment before the situation happened again and… again.

    It was a silly activity, it didn’t seem to have any particular sense and yet he felt like something was being spurred within his chest.

    Soon the bubbly emotion made him smile and… he giggled. It was unexpected to hear himself giggle nowadays and this strange situation was impressing him more and more.

    A chuckle left Xenovia’s lips and the dhampir couldn’t help but giggle even louder.

    This… this was so fun!

    And with that strange yet warm encounter, Gasper found another individual to trust upon.

    It… it made things just worth once more!


    Somewhere far away… in an unknown location…

    Rizevim snarled as he dodged the umpteenth scythe thrown at him, his regeneration promptly dealing with the cuts appearing on his skin.

    He was alone, facing this incredible moron that decided it was a cool idea trying to desecrate the old family lands. The secret graveyard, a place where he had been careful to bury the rests of his deceased father had been breached by this cloaked bastard and for some reason none of his attacks were having success.

    I would advise you to cease with this senseless attacks, Son of Lucifer-”

    H-How about you drop dead and stick your formality up your re-” The explosion triggered just in front of his face sent the Super-Devil flying away, crashing down just after slamming several times on the muddy grounds.

    For a moment, the Lucifer was starting to regret having left Euclid back to Qlippoth’s headquarters to make sure the few Evil Dragons brought to life would get accustomed to his ideas and plans. This- This man was just that strong. How the fuck did someone like this exist and he didn’t know anything about it?

    Groaning, he jumped back to action as he prepared to engage this elusive dumbass without any restrain over his power. Kick, punch, explosive spell and- blade through his guts.

    He spitted some blood, eyes widening in shock at how he was being man-handled with ease by this individual.

    You might be his heir, but you fail to stand up to him.” The figure replied in a blank but mocking tone as he stared down at the wounded Rizevim.

    T-Thanks, I- I do try to suck.” He coughed more blood but still managed to stand up from the floor. “B-By the way, what n-name should I engrave in your tombstone, fucker?”

    He had been smiling until now, the very smile that made him the most awesome jerk Hell could ever deal with. Rarely he dropped his carefree act and… it just happened so suddenly.

    An interesting way to ask someone’s name.” The figure noted with some amusement. “But I guess I shall grant this to you.”

    A painful white noise soared through the world as the Lucifer was forced unconscious by the introduction of the being before him, falling face first to the ground as he felt forced to go asleep, to slumber in fear.

    My name is Azrael and I am the End of Everything.

    Two black angelic wings formed behind the figure and Azrael jumped away from the raided graveyard, a large decorated box carefully held in his steely hold.

    Things were changing and it was time to finally get his wish… granted.

    For the Angel of Death seeks nothing more…

    But the sweet embrace of truth.



    Thank God I am a lucky moron.

    As I’ve said in the forums, I ended up slamming the nerve in my elbow on a sturdy wall (aka my Wardrobe) and got it inflamed for a while. I thought I was going to end up having to suffer until tomorrow morning, but I was lucky enough that the pain subsided three hours after relaying the message and… this chapter is here.

    Operation: Fluff, Fluff and Friggin’ Fluff was… successful?

    Also Important message: Next chapter will have the first lemon. Yes, you Sobs, I promised pron and I will give you pron but not in those sites where it is forbidden (AKA SpaceBattles and SufficientVelocity). I will deliver the Lemon in AO3 (The Daily Lemon), in Questionable Questing (the MT DXD NSFW Archive) and in… Fanfiction dot net. Indeed, we breaking my self-imposed rule for once, yay!

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    Maybe this guy did a different Joker, but outside the HeroJokers, Joker is usually among the worst scum in fiction. The only things keeping him from becoming the worst, is that Ivy gave Harley some regen/endurance boosts, so she can survive Joker's attention, and Harley keeps said attention on her. He makes Deathstroke look nice...and Deathstroke brainwashed a kid into a sex slave.

    A little surprised Akua would say that, but considering her childhood, it might not have been as big an affect on her (her hatred of humans being manipulated by her stepmom). I read a decent R+V fic series, where Moka couldn't handle being in a harem situation due to her father's harem, and how that affected her (jealousy of his wife towards his lovers, causing the death of her mother and the corruption of two of her sisters). It died before reaching a conclusion though. :(
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    Chapter 47: Blooming Love

    The little bar Akeno picked as the place where our date was going to happen was… lovely.

    It was a small establishment, just a few people wandering around in small groups as we were granted a relatively warm service by the waiter assigned to our table.

    The Menu was little, this was by no means a restaurant and most of the dishes were sweet-based food.

    She opted for a strawberry sundae, the cool desert already catching her attention the moment she was served it. The girl took her small spoon and tried its taste.

    Her smile widened instantaneously and my ears heard the brief beginning of a moan, being held back by the self-restrain of the young woman. It looked good so… I guess it was so.

    The medium-sized slice of milk-cream cake that I ordered looked well-shaped, the figure endearing as much as was the sundae. I was slow compared to the girl’s approach to the sweet food but I was incredibly impressed by both the texture and taste this perfect shape was hiding within itself.

    The quiet breeze keeping the summer heat away from us was also well-accepted, the morning starting fairly well compared than previous situations.

    I was relaxing under those favorable conditions, the lack of paperwork and my worries eased by the fact things were alright for the moment. With Xenovia enjoying some time with Irina around the city and with Gasper deciding to stay in his room for the day, there wasn’t anything in particular that required my direct attention.

    With most of the Omega Initiative still busy in settling down in their new houses in Kuoh Town, I had little to worry about that specific subject and thus my full attention was given to Akeno for today.

    I could say that Kunou and Koneko did behave in a strange way earlier during breakfast, but I couldn’t sense any of the two girls nearby.

    I know that following Anime’s laws, I had to expect something similar to being stalked around, either for keep a watch over me or to make sure nothing messed things up during the date.

    Until now things were smooth, nothing that could exactly tell that nothing was going to happen and… I was going to enjoy this.

    Better avoid jinxing things up already, eh?

    Fate could be a terrible bitch if poked too hard.

    Just a few words were shared during that morning.

    Akeno was keen to keep the topics normal, hardly going to mention anything that could be considered close to our current connection the Underworld. Job was put aside to spend the day in relative peace with each other and we both talked about simple things like funny tales at school or telling each other things about the very person we mutually knew very well about.

    Baraqiel was first mentioned by Akeno, my interest piquing at the fact the man was nowhere nearby the area and… I was quite certain he wouldn’t have let his daughter off without ‘stalking her around’ just like a ‘good father’ would do.

    I asked during one of the brief pauses and the girl gave an amused smile.

    Oh, dad was against this situation, going so far to ‘forbid me to even try it’.”

    I blinked a curious look. “How did you get him to change idea?”

    Technically… I didn’t.” The girl admitted. “He was stubbornly sticking by his decision to the moment I left home this morning, but I managed to… get him distracted.”

    How did you manage to distract him?” I felt like the answer could range from a specific way of dealing with things to another, knowing full well that both father and daughter shared a… very strange bond.

    I had some ropes saved up for… special occasions.” She giggled but managed to continued. “I tricked him by asking if he wanted to try a trick with ropes I saw on TV and he accepted happily.”

    … “You left him back home-”

    Completely tied up and with his magic suppressed.” The girl was smiling one of the happiest smiles while saying this. “I placed him on his bed, he will be able to endure a full day of resting after dealing with so many stressful events.

    Her chilling, sickly-sweet smile was quite alarming but my mind was quick to remind me that it wasn’t I the subject of such suffering and thus decided to easily let go of that topic altogether.

    The man might have been my teacher, but if he somehow managed to get out of his bounds…

    Things were going to turn violent pretty quickly for me.

    After finishing our respective desserts, I proceeded to pay our checks and take Akeno for a walk by the park.

    Differently from the Ueno Park in Tokyo, the one in Kuoh Town was smaller and less… unique. The major center being the place where the stone fountain was sited as the large area was busied by people trying to enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

    The walk was calm, uneventful but didn’t last long as we quickly took a seat by one of the benches nearby the fountain.

    Children of various ages were playing in the green field just on the side of the zone, either with soccer balls, basketballs and volleyballs.

    Giggles, chuckles and full-blown laughs were all difficult to miss and we were both smiling at the playful activities happening all around.

    I blinked, a little idea creeping around as I decided to offer an… interesting twist to our date.

    Do you want to play a little?”

    The girl’s eyes turned right at me with a quizzical look and I pointed at a small vendor selling balls for sports just a few meters away from us.

    Eyes widening, her smile glowing a mischievous light, Akeno was the one that took the initiative and took my hand in hers as to lead both to the vendor.

    Moments later we were already playing a mix of dodgeball and basketball.

    The one with the ball had to rush to where the opponent is set and score a point by throwing the ball by a goal formed by few tree branches. The defender had to stop the attacker by tackling him and would win only by securing the ball.

    I was the first defender, Akeno grinning deviously as she pumped some extra magic in her legs, gaining some extra speed compared to mine. She secured the first point with a precise throw much to my annoyance, her smug smile persisting even while I was taking my place as the following attacker.

    The girl rushed almost immediately, trying to use the same trick on me but failing to take into account the difficulty of turning around with that pacing.

    Her eyes widened in partial horror as she almost tripped on herself while trying to tackle me down, her dread culminating as I gained my very first point and created a minor draw already.

    The game continued for three hours, the stalemate broken multiple times but never for too long as tricks and ‘cheating’ became a norm once people started to leave the park. We were both red-faced, both feeling winded by the experience but still focusing on the game itself.

    It was just… so addicting.

    Yet it was getting late, I glanced at the watch by my wrist and huffed at how time flied this easily and announced something that made this last match important.

    This is the last round. Who scores wins it all!” The girl paused a moment, looking from her attacker post with a brief frown as if to show some disappointment at the fact the game was almost over, then she nodded with a determined smile as she took stance and… rushed toward the goal.

    I matched her speed and prepared to intercept her and…

    She yelped in surprise when my arms wrapped around her and we both fell on the ground, the ball was sent flying as it preserved the speed gained by the previous user and… vanished our sight.

    But our principal issue wasn’t the ball, far from it. Standing just few moments from bringing my face down on hers, we both keep quiet while staring at each other’s eyes and Akeno smiled.

    W-What are you waiting for?” She whispered calmly, almost craving for the moment to happen. “Please.”

    My mind went numb as my lips fell on hers. Both our eyes went wide, we were both surprised at how things turned out. Something urged me to go ahead with the opportunity presented, to give something not only to Akeno, but to myself.

    She needed it, we needed it, and so I confirmed a troubling question that had plagued my relationship with the Himejima for a while now.

    It was a chaste thing, nothing that truly brought out anything… powerfully in an emotional way. There were kisses and… kisses. This one was one where the clarity mattered the most, where we both stopped believing in a possible love because we now knew that something was there tangibly.

    Akeno broke the kiss, looking still surprised but in a positive way.

    H-How was that?” I asked shakily, my smile tiny and insecure about my the chance of my arms holding from fully let go and fall in the waiting girl beneath me.

    She blinked twice, a strange smile forming as tears grouped by her eyes and…

    I was graced with another kiss. Her own arms wrapped around my neck, softly bringing me down as she got me in a loving embrace.

    I felt melting, my face sporting a full blush, the same that was present in Akeno’s face as we both enjoyed the calm and peace that we were finding there.

    The second kiss ended and so did the hug as I splayed just beside Akeno, the cool grass barely touching as we kept very close to one another. She was smiling, as if she had won the greatest reward.

    It was…” The girl started, pausing just a moment to think about it and… then she sighed. “Precious.”

    I frowned a little, something that the Himejima noticed almost instantly by how her giggle followed my reaction.

    You are a good kisser.” She admitted eagerly. “It felt so… so natural and good.”

    I hummed at her comment and nodded. “You were good too.” I replied calmly. “I- I think it was… nice.”

    She nodded too and we stood there for a few more moments before I remembered we had lunch to deal with.

    Silently but happily, we got up from the floor and started to make our way back to the park’s entrance, Akeno comfortably taking hold of my arm to keep close.

    I think we lost him.

    It was inevitable, he just… needs someone to hold onto.

    But three girls and maybe more? I think that is… excessive.

    If his life was normal, then I can only guess you are right but… define me how normal is he nowadays?

    I can still hear both of you…


    Kunou glanced at Koneko while slowly and carefully slurping a few more noodles.

    The young Nekoshou was staring with a curious glint at the strange ‘glow’ coming from both Akeno and I, questions filling her mind but none capable of leaving the silent place.

    I admit I did look dumb for a good while, the memory of the kiss repeating multiple times in my head as I felt distracted by the strange emotion that I felt conveyed towards Akeno.

    Never did I felt this much… attached to someone. It was a kind of connection that felt refreshing and delightful to know about even there during the lunch.

    The Himejima hummed quietly as she finished adding some salt to her portion, her smile widening a little more as she found the addition an improvement compared to before.

    Kuroka was also there, but she seemed to be trying to make her presence the least noticeable by being oddly quiet and… directing her attention to her plate.

    The seasoning of her portion having some tuna and other herbs, the young woman seemingly lost in her happy place while eating the food in her plate.

    We were all eating silently and ready to enjoy the following afternoon, or at least that was the case until the silver-haired girl spoke with a curious tone.

    By the way, Hoi-nii.” The cat-girl began calmly. “I wanted to know if we could watch the Second Part of JoJo.” She paused a moment and then continued once more. “It’s been a while since we saw the first part and Neesan says that it’s… better?”

    I frowned, my eyes slowly turned to glance at the innocent-looking dark-haired Nekoshou. She heard what her sister said, she knew that by ‘better’ she meant with ‘more muscled young man’ and she did so… by tricking Koneko.

    Things are surely going to escalate quickly.

    I guess it can be done today.” I turned to look at Akeno, the girl looking interested at the idea of continuing that series. “But I’ve to warn you that it will be quite… awkward and sad in some parts, just like the last one.”

    They all nodded and after putting all empty plates to the sink and got them cleaned up, we sat down by the couch near in front of the TV and I started with the ‘Battle Tendency’ Arc.

    It was more flamboyant than ‘Phantom Blood’, Joseph having quite the unruly behavior that deviated from Jonathon’s gentleman-like manners.

    Kunou’s eyes widened when the protagonist made use of the very technique I used to avoid Kuroka’s attack, the Nekoshou glancing mischievously but silently. Koneko frowned, glancing my way as I did also use ‘Nigerundayo’ to escape from the ORC room a few weeks ago.

    Akeno was partial at the first episodes but then… she got a full exposure to both Joseph’s and Caesar’s physiques with their ‘unique’ clothes and her face reddened a little. All girls were embarrassed by the overly-muscled ‘teens’ but I think it was the Himejima that noticed my reaction over the matter.

    I felt a little gloomy, the scene was utterly dreadful, but the soft giggle as her head nuzzled close to my neck was enough to keep me from huffing in annoyance.

    A few more episodes passed and soon more elements were thrown into the mix. The Nazi group led by Stronheim (German science is the greatest in the world!), the Pillar Men and… Caesar’s death.


    Not many were expecting the co-protagonist to die that way, but the meaningful even being rather worthy of several tears (not as many as Joseph, of course).

    The final battle again Kars was interesting in a neutral way. An over-powered being and a trickster of the Jojo’s kind that saw the Joestar victorious… at the cost of his arm.

    Kuroka scoffed at the crap they pulled to deal with the Ultimate Being while the other girls were too much taken by the plot to reply to such a comment.

    The time-skip at first left them shocked, to see the funeral of another protagonist put Kunou in an annoyed state but… the appearance of the ‘supposedly dead’ Joseph put a smile back to the kitsune’s face, the closure of the Arc causing different emotions all at once.

    Sadness at the passing of some nostalgic characters like Erina and Speedwagon, the death behind the scenes of Rudolf von Stroheim during the battle of Stalingrad and…

    JFK International Airport, New York, 1987.

    The three girls that had yet to see the whole series where shocked to see that Joseph had aged so well, their surprise then shifting to the reason why he was at the airport of all places.

    I could see their eyes glowing in intrigue at the fact the old Joestar had plans to go in Japan to… meet his grandson?

    The credits rolled almost too quickly, drawing the irked noises of the two youngest females but I was quick to remind them that there is an extra bit after this section.

    They waited, confused about what could really be happening after this large journey and…

    Eyes were glued at the screen as the credits faded to show a small boat fishing in the-

    Atlantic Ocean, near the Canary Islands, 1983.

    A strange box was being lift off and… a tag was shown before the scene changed once more.


    W-Wait wha-”

    But before Koneko could finish her simple question, darkness was slowly revealed by the screen as the camera dived deeper in the dark building and… right into a cell.

    A man wearing a dark-blue hat and long coat was sitting by the wooden bench, ominous signs all around him.

    ゴ ゴ

    ゴ ゴ

    ゴ ゴ

    ゴ ゴ

    The episode ended there, silence ruling for a few moments as the girls digested what they’ve just seen.

    That was…” Kunou smiled happily, eyes glowing in awe. “AMAZING!”

    I snorted as Koneko joined in with a happy nod. “It was… nice. But there are just so many questions-”

    That will be answered in Part 3, imouto.” Kuroka interrupted with a sly smile. “Alas, you should bring that pretty boy, Gasper-chan.”

    Why?” The silver-haired girl asked in confusion only to be meet with a shrug.

    Reasons.” The young woman replied and soon the attention was shifted away from the TV to… the time.

    It was almost time of dinnertime already!

    We should start to prepare something-” I was already thinking what food could be prepared for everyone when Kuroka casually waved back and interjected.

    Actually I thought of taking Kunou-chan and Shirone-chan out for dinner. They wanted to try some of the restaurants around and I too wished to see how those worked.”

    I frowned at the explanation, looking at both girls for confirmation and getting a dual nod from them.

    I shrugged and nodded in return.

    Soon, the three girls left the house… and only Akeno and I were left as the occupants of the place.

    It was odd to be alone with the girl… in a house that was meant to be busied by so many people.

    Xenovia was surely wasting some more time with Irina, Sunday going to be quite important for training purposes and they both requested some time to keep together.

    Not a terrible request but I hoped the girl wasn’t going to get home too much late today.

    With only two people requiring food for dinner, preparing something took less time than usual. Even dining felt oddly quieter than the other times, the Himejima also noticing this situation herself.

    Akeno was clearly clueless over Kuroka’s plan, but for some reason I knew that the Nekoshou had some secret intentions over the matter but I wasn’t sure what exactly she planned to achieve by leaving the two of us alone in there.

    Dinner was quick and the chores even quicker, soon we were ready to call the day as we were both tired and… the girl tugged at my sleeve, looking rather nervous about something.

    A-Actually, can I ask you a small favor?” I frowned, starting to see something but… still nodding.

    Sure.” I replied and she sighed tiredly.

    I know that it might sound planned, but generally the house is filled with people and I don’t need to have someone around but...” She paused, looking very embarrassed but still going forward. “C-Could you keep company tonight?”

    I was about to refuse blankly the request as this sounded like a trap-

    But didn’t she tell you that she is afraid of sleeping alone?

    Could be a trick-

    She has been sleeping together with Rias until ‘that’ happened. I do remind you that, while your paranoia is legitimate, it is also true that Akeno is still traumatized of being left alone for too long.

    ...Baraqiel said that too.

    And that has to say something. The man wouldn’t lie about something like that.

    I blinked, ready to flinch at a possible real trap and… nodded. “Just tonight.”

    The girl smiled a tiny one. “Just tonight.” She parroted with a serious tone.

    After some minutes gone to put on our sleep-wears in our respective rooms, Akeno knocked by the door and peeked her head inside, waiting for permission to enter.

    You may enter, Akeno-chan.” She nodded, looking a little nervous and blushing as she stepped inside… while wearing a mere sleeveless shirt and short pants.

    It was similar to what I was wearing, yet the major issue was that for her appearance that was… sinful.

    She wasn’t wearing a bra, I could recognize the frame her bust through the simple shirt. Distracting images appeared within my mind, but I was quick to put an end to this madness by quickly going for the bed.

    Akeno followed and, with careful actions, she managed to place herself in a snuggly but non-provocative position. She sighed happily while nuzzling her head close to my chest and we were both too tired to deal with any pre-sleep bantering.

    Eyes closing and tiredness taking over, we both rested peacefully.

    Terribly unaware of the plot in act.



    Some good dating and… I’m sorry if the chapter seems short as the lemon did take more than it expected it to take.

    It was an awkward situation, it’s been a while since I wrote one and… yep, it was awkward.

    About the Lack of the Lemon: Hints about what happened will be given first thing first during the next chapter.

    Also, I will create two versions of this chapter, one without the Lemon and one Uncensored so… yeah, that’s it.

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    No chapter today, lost the whole day (and I'm still going at it) trying to get the new headphones to work. My Audio Driver just decided that today was a good day to die.
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    Chapter 48: Realization, Fragmentation

    Kuroka considered herself particularly relaxed until she walked to the living room’s table that morning.

    She had been quite responsible with the two young girls, keeping them from straying from the walk to the nearest restaurant, sadly a mediocre pick but one that had some affordable prices for food of various kind.

    The return back to the house was uneventful, both Kunou and Shirone too tired from ‘trying to explore’ around much to the older Nekoshou’s relief as she was starting to feel sluggish herself.

    It was a late hour and the young woman certainly didn’t need to face any particular issue right in that exact moment, thus once she had both girls dropped by the kitsune’s room, she went swiftly to her room. It was initially set as a guest room, but some quick action saw it turning in a decent nest for the time being.

    The dark-haired girl found sleep rather easily, the carefree tone of their current situation somewhat sleep-inducing if not sedating for her quirky personality.

    It was a curious change, one that she didn’t certainly like because of how slow things were going and how she felt aimless about the whole predicament, but not overly-annoying nor limiting for her needs.

    Sure, Kuroka now had to accept the fact she couldn’t spar with Akua just as few days earlier and even the vampire mentioned the fact she would be ‘missing’ fighting her, but it wasn’t something anyone could do much about it.

    At least she use this time to rest just a little and maybe get closer a little more with her little sister. Things weren’t as bleak as they initially appeared.

    At least that was the case until the unexpected wave of dread hit her fully.

    Her keen cat-like senses were more than deafened by the immediate sense of fear she felt the moment she properly sat by the table. The young woman paled, eyes going wide as she felt her cat ears twitch in attention.

    A quick look around the table was enough to discern the culprit of such a terrifying deed. Hoitsu’s eyes were narrowed at the Nekoshou, a powerful glare that sent some cold chills down her spine.

    She blinked, surprise painted in her face as the young man seemed quite angry at her.

    Certainly not something she was aware of, or she wouldn’t have trifled with a simple breakfast approach if she knew… what was going on.

    Kuroka.” His voice was calm, terribly calm. Like the prelude of a mighty storm.

    Yes?” The young woman managed to catch herself from stuttering.

    There was a brief pause, everyone at the table seemed to notice that something was off with the owner of the house… all except Akeno.

    Speaking of the young girl that spent the whole night with Hoitsu, Kuroka was surprised by the somber glance she was given by the Himejima. She looked strangely… ‘smaller’ than usual.

    Such an odd detail, the Nekoshou knowing full well, just like everyone else having the chance of endear such an individual, that Baraqiel’s daughter was all but frail in a normal instance.

    So… what was going on?

    Do you have anything to say… about yesterday?”

    ...And she was lost.

    She didn’t certainly forward any ambitious plan the day before, her full attention was ‘selfishly’ put on the two girls she was responsible for during their visit at the restaurant.

    Did she give off anything that could be taken badly by both of them?

    No, it had to be something… bigger. Her cogs were spinning but nothing was coming up at her right now.

    If I say that I honestly know nothing about what you are alluding to, are you going to get angrier or-”

    His glare deepened. Yep, something did happen it would seem…

    There was a magical seal in the ceiling above my bed. Do you perhaps know anyone capable of concocting a Youjustu-based spell that causes some… lewd events in dreams.”

    Akeno flinched, Issei and Asia froze and finally gave attention to the matter by the way their eyes widened at the same time, Xenovia looked confused but interested altogether, Irina was merely listening to the situation in silence and…

    Two young, but possibly incredibly guilty girls were fidgeting nervously, showing some hints of surprise and embarrassment.

    And while the two unfortunate victims of what just happened were unaware of that development, Kuroka had her eyes already trained at the duo.

    Kuroka-” Hoitsu tried to bring her attention back to the subject, but the Nekoshou decided to intervene.

    I may or may not have taught some Youjutsu to Shirone-chan.” The dark-haired woman’s tone was calm, blank… slightly hopeful that it wasn’t the case, that she was just being mistaken. “And I reckon a ‘Dream Shifter’ spell is pretty easy for someone starting with Yokai Arts.”

    The comments weren’t lost and soon the two girls were turned in the subjects of everyone’s attention.

    Ku-chan.” There was a tense tone, gone was the anger... or at least subsided by how things had shifted to another different situation.

    While the evidence until now could easily point at the dark-haired cat-girl, she wasn’t certainly going to mess up things so easily. Admittedly, that plan could have been a good plan… for anyone that wasn’t Hoitsu.

    But to think that rule-stickler Shirone and Kunou would be responsible for that annoying circumstance? The Nekoshou was sure that it would explain the weird nervousness both girls sported the day before.

    And yet, as the two sweated nervously at how things turned on them, something akin to a protective sense swelled within Shirone’s older sister.

    For now staying her hand was the best decision, but if she caught anything… unpleasant about the punishment then she would merrily help her Imouto.

    It was Kunou that snapped first. “I-I thought it would just give you good dreams. Romantic dreams.” The kitsune corrected herself quickly, her partner-in-crime having her eyes going wide as the blonde shouldered the blame. “Ko-senpai mentioned about this spell a-and I thought it would have been a nice thing to do. A gift and-”

    I’m the one that messed up the spell.” The silver-haired girl interrupted, her tone like steel as she didn’t pause even an inch. “Ku-kohai’s intent was legitimately good, I should be punished for causing this harassment-”

    No, I-” The kitsune tried to interrupt only to receive a stern look from her surrogate brother.

    You both are getting punished.” Hoitsu declared calmly and resolutely. “Since you two were evenly splitting the fault, you shall both deal with a proper punishment.”

    He blinked glancing at Akeno. “And I think I’ve the thing that could work.” His smile promised much, but of course nothing too light for the two girls.

    Akeno-chan, are you free today?”

    The Himejima blinked in surprise at the sudden question, eyes wide open, but she then frowned.

    I have to visit Gasper before lunch, but I should be free after that...” She blinked. “Can I ask you what are you planning?”

    His eyes slowly turned at the two panicking young girls. “Well, there is this section of the house that requires some cleaning and I’ve been planning for a while now to work on it- but since this situation happened, I thought why not have this two willing hard-workers dealing with the task?”

    N-Niichan, surely that is too much-”

    The seal was siphoning natural energy from the area it was placed.” He interjected calmly, both Kuroka’s and Koneko’s eyes widening before the eldest frowned at the youngest, Koneko now sporting a mortified look.

    If Akeno and I didn’t break from the spell in time, we would have woken up with the weakened ceiling that could as well collapsed on us.” The young man finished.

    W-What?” Irina was the one to express the utter confusion she shared with Xenovia.

    I-I might not know how Magic works, but that sounds… wrong?”

    It’s actually a simple misconception.” Asia muttered quietly, cheeks reddening as the Exorcists (ex-Exorcist for Xenovia’s case) looked at her for an explanation. “People that aren’t much knowing of Magical Arts are prone to believe that a draining Magic Seal absorbs unused energy first rather than focusing in complex figures, either organic as living beings or inorganic as furniture and… the ceiling in Hoitsu-nii’s bedroom.”

    It’s actually the opposite.” Issei helped up much to the former nun’s relief. “Seals prioritize large energetic concentrations than simple units.”

    Thus rendering life-threatening this whole ordeal if the two hadn’t woken up in time.” Kuroka added, eyes lecturing quietly her sister, a strong scene from someone that is known to go easy on the silver-haired girl. “This punishment… is a fine price in my opinion.”

    Good.” Hoitsu nodded. “Akeno-san, you will be left to monitor those two after lunch. Their task will be to clean up the left-side of the first floor.”

    The Himejima blinked, yet one could easily see something snapping within her soul. “I-I have to monitor them.” Her voice was unsure, but not of the requirements of the task. No, Kuroka was certain the issue was elsewhere.

    Just punish them if they are really misbehaving and with some moderation in those occasions.” Her smile widened even at the limitations imposed on her ‘power’, the girl nodding happily.

    I-I will make sure they complete their work without any issues.”

    Kunou and Koneko shivered in dread at the fact they have been assigned… possibly the worst warden. And not only was Akeno going to have some capacity in punishing them if they tried to ditch the punishment, but she was also one of the very victims of this occasion.

    Their fate was sealed!

    Just as the breakfast came to a close, the ‘worst’ for now over, Hoitsu turned to stare at Kuroka once more.

    By the way, Kuroka, I would need an experienced Magic user to help me with the lesson with Xenovia and Irina-”

    An apology.” The young woman interrupted with a small smile.

    The teen sighed. “I’m sorry for doubting your innocence, Kuroka-sama- Uh? What?”

    He stopped the moment the dark-haired Nekoshou started to shake her head in disappointment.

    “’Kuroka-chan’.” She corrected the young man with a mirthful smile.

    He sighed.

    I’m sorry for doubting your innocence, Kuroka-chan.”

    See? It’s not difficult.” She said, pulling out from one of the pockets in her kimono a small phone. “And that is going to my little treasury.”

    Hoitsu facepalmed. “You got to be kidding me...”

    She giggled but nodded. “I will be your second teacher for those two rookies over there.” Her smile widened, sending some chills to both sword-wielding specialists. “It’s going to be a unique experience, that’s for sure!”


    Regret was easy to perceive in the gloomy bunch of emotions that could be used to define how wrong I’ve been in having Kuroka to help me up with this lesson.

    We should have seen that once coming.

    Seriously? We are talking of a very old movie-

    A classic! A classic is never too old, you fool!

    Despite having promised Xenovia that the training was going to be based on improving social skills, I also got from her the promise of having her improve with her magic. I could perceive her reserves and, compared to Irina at least, the blue-haired girl needed to get her magical core expanded at once.

    The abandoned baseball camp nearby home was the best place to hone the usage of magic, the perfect place to meditate and-

    Listen up, you two cute morons.” The Nekoshou barked with a stern tone. “Today shall be the first day of your new life. A life of hardships, of growth and most of important of them all, a life away from the inadequacies of being a moron!”

    The young woman stood right in front of the brunette. “Let’s start with you, lovely one. What’s your name?”

    Irina was shivering a little at the tone, panicking at the sudden question but mumbling something out. “I-Irina- I-I mean, I-Irina Shirou, M-Ma’am.”

    Slow, you are going to be Meek Snail until this day is over!” The Nekoshou proclaimed leaving no room for protest.

    The newly-named ‘Meek Snail’ deflated at the nickname but Kuroka seemed far from over with her act.

    Xenovia tensed up as it was her turn.

    Oh? Do we have ourselves a Tough Cookie? I think that name fits well, what do you think, Tough Cookie!?” I almost facepalmed, the perverted remix of Sergeant Hartman’s acting style wasn’t lost to me. Full Metal Jacket is now ruined for me-

    Cookies are delicious and I’m tough, Kuroka-sensei!” The former exorcist replied with the same energy shown by the ‘instructor’, causing the young woman to grin happily.

    Good! Then I suppose you will be able to deal with simple ‘Strings’, aren’t you?”

    Xenovia barely managed to move quickly enough to catch the flying book mid-air and I glanced at it with some curiosity- Wait, isn’t that-

    Indeed, Hokkun, that is your first book about magic.” The Nekoshou nodded my way, never once losing her momentum. “She is your student- well, both unofficially are, but they might need some help by following their teacher’s steps.”

    ...That’s actually considerate of her. That book DO help early on.

    We would have risked some unnecessary explosion without it.

    I guess we were- Wait, ‘Hokkun’?!

    Hokkun, Kuroka-”

    Also remember that I will give two chocolate cookies to the one who manage to get Hokkun all tied up.” The young woman happily set this challenge, causing Xenovia to look confused at the reward while… Irina rushed through the book, almost tearing some of its pages in the process.

    I think I was sold for… two cookies?

    Chocolate ones are delicious.

    And… Irina is the one going for it? Why?!

    I blinked back to reality, just in time to dodge a… Silver Lining coming from the brunette.

    The girl was sporting a child-like smile, calmly advancing towards me. “Hoitsu-san, I need those cookies.”

    That’s the worst reason to attack someone-

    I ducked and avoided two more strings, Irina now rushing towards me with abnormal determination for the reward promised. “Hoitsu-san!”

    Without hesitation, I spun around and proceeded for my merry way. “Nigerundayo!”

    I’ve to admit that the girl proved to have some insane drive behind her actions, a devotion second only to a bunch of people as she managed to keep up for a good twenty minutes of intense chase before I managed to lose her in some of the town’s corners.

    Fierce but also utterly mad for… goddamn cookies.

    A cookie-monster! What are the chances?!

    I decided to sit down, having taken refuge in the roof of one of the few small buildings around Kuoh, trying to get a grasp over my current plans.

    Tomorrow was going to be a big day. Monday was going to be filled with getting the new headquarters operative in Kuoh Town, having to meet up with Azazel to discuss the cooperation with the Four Satans and-



    My eyes widened, blood draining from my face as I saw him, staring from afar but… his eyes were on me!

    T-This is not happening! Not again!

    H-His power! What is he?!

    This is so bad! We need to move before he-

    So I was right back then.” The cloaked figure smiled as his cloak parted to reveal an infinite numbers of wings. Not-Helel!

    He soared majestically, like a powerful comet-


    Two weeks before Chapter 1…

    Another day at school, another day spent dealing with Issei and preparing him a little to face the approaching storm.

    He was far from his initial perverted self, having mollified a little after some ‘good incentives’ from my part. The Council’s duties were easy to manage and the part-time jobs weren’t terrible to deal just after school.

    I yawned, my eyes half-closed as I was ready to hit the day and catch some rest for the following day.

    Sleep, school and maybe some training for tomorrow.

    I nodded, I needed some extra-time to fully refine Silver Linings, but I felt more and more close to reach some breakthrough. I needed some… more practice, yes.

    And while the ‘support’ spell was going to require more attentions, I was proud of the fact I could perceive some energies pattern already. Nothing too precise, just enough to catch big ones like… Rias, Akeno and most of the Devils at Kuoh Academy.

    There was nothing that hinted at Fallen Angels, either because they weren’t in Kuoh Town or because they knew how to hide their patterns… which would make my life rather difficult.

    I sighed, pushing away those troublesome thoughts for later, when my mind wasn’t as tired and spent as it was now at least. But just as I turned the core, I felt a sudden wave of cold wash over me.


    A heartbeat?

    I felt it just once, a moment that was drowned by… utter silence.

    I blinked, stopping for a moment while looking around with some confusion and… caution.

    I was fairly sure that there had been some people around there just as I was turning the corner and yet this part of the city felt… empty.

    No, it wasn’t just that part of the city. I-It was the whole Kuoh Town!

    I couldn’t feel anyone, not Rias, not Sona and…

    My eyes fell at the cloaked figure calmly walking from the opposite direction I was going. His face was… covered by shadows?

    It wasn’t an effect created by the cloak, it was literally shadows covering his identity.

    I stood my ground, tensing up as I felt no ill intent from the figure, nor any energy.

    I-It was like I was staring at nothing!

    W-Who are you?!” I yelled at him, I was graced with more silence as he continued forward, uncaring of my aggressive tone.

    Then he suddenly stopped and… the world started to move quicker than before.

    I blinked, my mind realizing several instants later that I’ve crashed onto some building’s wall, pain surging just after realizing I was attacked. My leg, it was bent all to the left, my bones shattered.

    It went limp, completely limp. I screamed, my first pain in this world was excruciating.

    It was burning but also cold, scorching and freezing.

    My surviving back wobbled before I fell on the ground, finally noticing that this wasn’t the same cemented side-walk. It was… dirt.

    I blinked staring up and… noticing some trees. I was… in a forest. Staring deeper at the path in front of me I saw… a distant city.

    Very distant, I would say… 20 kilometers at best-



    My arms were trembling, but the adrenaline was finally beginning to assuage the pain, just enough for me to slowly get up from the floor and… stare at the clearing all around me.

    I turned to look behind and yelped at the sudden appearance of the cloaked figure. He didn’t say anything at first, not even as I fell frightened on the floor once more, this time a silver string forming in my hand.

    I was in pain, my Magical Core burning in desperation as the arm holding the string was reinforced, the strong pull tearing off the ground the slim tree and sending it flying against the monster in front of me.

    He didn’t move, letting the trunk shatter as it impacted on his waiting fist.

    I blinked, hopelessness reigning as he crouched, silently touching my mashed leg while sighing.

    Not enough?” He questioned softly, drawing just a confused frown by me as I felt my body’s fatigue removed and my leg’s pain slowly forgotten as it started to recompose itself back.

    My magical energy was restored too and… I wasn’t able to formulate anything at this insanity happening with me at the center of it.

    I should be feeling something around me, yet I could see nor hear any of the animals of this forest.

    Everything… was too silent.

    Again.” A quick signal, I brought my arms up to guard just in time as I felt flying again, this time my brain accustomed to this surreal predicament. Instinctively, I reinforced my whole body, straining once more my Core as I crashed onto something.

    Metal gave away as I found myself thrown inside an empty… factory? I would say a steel-focused one by the absurd number of steel beams lying unused all around.

    I merely glimpsed at the large hole that my body created, the brief sight of a blur approaching was enough to get me to act quickly.

    Hundreds of Silver Linings formed, my mind overriding the aches of my Magical core as every single steel beam was now a weapon to use against this monster.

    He was almost there, I could see him coming and- The strings pulled the steel at an unforgiving speed, all towards the incoming fiend.

    He didn’t move away from the dangerous objects flying towards him, merely slamming into those and bending them with his body. I was breathing raggedly, my eyes wide open at my attacker.

    W-What are you? W-Why are you doin-”

    I was sent flying at the sound of words that felt like ‘Not enough’.

    This time my new destination wasn’t a building or a natural place, but… I was dunked in some water.

    It was salty, my hands were by my mouth and nose as I felt panic rising the more this madness unfolded. I- Kuoh isn’t nowhere near the sea a-and I was so deep in that… that ocean.

    My mind might have lost faith in my survival, but one thing I was noticed the more this ‘fight’ continued.

    Everything… Everything was dead!

    There were no animals, no people-

    It was a sick game between this being and me.

    But why me of all people? Thi-This wasn’t normal, even for a Self-Insert!

    I blinked, my eyes burning at the salty water and I had trouble keeping myself from letting go of the limited air I had when I found myself staring at the shadowed face.


    A powerful command, I didn’t react much as he took me by my neck and lifted me up.

    I was drenched and the chilling wind that only one sent up above the clouds could feel was… not good for my poor body.

    I sneezed, I was freezing up and then… I noticed that I wasn’t free-falling to my death.

    He was there once more, in front of me. There were… so many wings.

    It was beyond a hundred. All of those… feeling familiar somehow.

    Helel.” The figure finally spoke. “You… promised.”

    He started to fly closer. “Y-You promised that to me.”

    I was panicking once again, this wasn’t alright. THIS WASN’T NORMAL!

    He paused, his posture assuming some confused tone.

    He is not him.”

    He is him.”

    He has to be him! He is the only one that could be him!

    Maybe, but he is not~!

    Liar. He is him.”

    ...Was he talking to himself? His lips moved, but the voices were three different ones.

    Ask him then!

    I will ask him.”

    Yes! Ask him!

    Oh for fuck’s sake, couldn’t I just be left alone?


    … “W-What?” My throat was hurting a little. The issue of dealing with being for a while under the sea for Gods’ know how many meters deep.

    You are Helel? You are Helel.”

    He sounded… insecure?

    I-I’m not… Helel.”

    L-Let me go!

    He paused, so noise, no sound… nothing. He was stuck there, waiting for something and then… he nodded.

    Not… Helel.” He said slowly, his lips testing the two words. “You are Not-Helel.”

    ...What the fu-


    A sudden sharp pain hit my head, I felt my mind exploding in utter fire and soon I was free-falling to my death.

    Blood poured out of my lips, drops of it flying out in a parallel pattern as my body as I slowly felt my consciousness sleep.

    Was this… the end?

    I coughed, I couldn’t properly think and… soon my eyes closed as I waited for my last breath to come-

    I will see you later, Non-Helel.

    White engulfed me and…


    I jumped in surprise, the sound of the alarm causing me to fall off the bed and…

    W-What just happened?

    I slowly got off from the floor, a small headache still incapacitating me from making full thoughts and…


    Why I couldn’t… remember what just happened?

    I felt like it was important, it was important, but I couldn’t pinpoint what…

    Oh shit.

    I stared at the clock and swore under my breath at the late hour I did end up waking up to. I was going to be late for school and… Sona was going to bring more paperwork in.

    Whatever just happened, it had to wait. If something like that just eluded my remembrance, it shouldn’t be anything that much important…




    Nightmare fuel much? Eh, tried to bring the worst out of our newest Villain.

    Some extra explanation will be given in the next chapters, there is a lot of complex details to give and Azrael is… not even the ‘main’ antagonist of this story.

    Brace yourself! Things are going to get pretty crazy over here!

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    Chapter 49: Heavenly Beating, Sinful Declination

    I have to recover.

    I need to recover!

    The figure’s smile was as unnerving, the violence behind his attacks just like back then. I was reactive enough to dodge most of them, the rest was deflected as the risk of being sent flying once more wasn’t… endearing as it might sound like.

    Apophis’ wings materialized on my back, I whispered a ‘Kaioken x2’ as I decided that fighting in Kuoh Town wasn’t going to be ideal nor acceptable.

    The bastard was strong, much stronger than even Rizevim and his speed was nothing to scoff at.

    Flying swiftly through the limpid sky, the smiling monster had plenty of chances to beat me in the race that ensued, my very attempts to get him out of the unprotected city several times in jeopardy… but he decided against it.

    I stopped, there were no cities, towns or villages around and… he stopped too.

    His face, it was no longer covered by shadows. He looked human, at least until the demonic smile plastered on his face. He didn’t dare to attack and I frowned.

    What is he waiting for?

    He s-should- what are we supposed to do right now!?

    Flaring your energy might get some people’s attention. We need reinforcements more than ever.

    D-Do you have any suggestions about what is he?

    Nothing too accurate. Something… he is something that is close but opposed to Shadows themselves.

    Who are you!” I demanded impatiently. “And why are you at-”

    My eyes widened as I ducked away from a punch trying to deck me right on my face.

    Rude!” I snarled as I switched in my Senjutsu mode and tried to kick his back. He spun around almost instantly, dodging the attack and crying?


    S-So much like him!” The attacker exclaimed with demented joy, his smile threatening to split his face in half. “Just like he said! You are here, yet I didn’t believe, I didn’t remember-”

    This time my punch did hit him squarely in his face. His head recoiled, surprise quickly replacing awe and joy.

    He stood there, stuck in that position like some living statue.

    I frowned as the dread wasn’t certainly diminishing after landing my first hit on the nutjob. Quite the contrary.

    He started to laugh, it was slow as it picked a soft giggling that soon turned in a full-fledged maniacal laugh. “I-It’s just like back then.”

    The brief moment of insanity was temporary, his crazed look shifting to a blank expression as he regained some composure. “What a silly notion.” He muttered quietly, his stare turning right at me.

    A small smile, his soulless eyes poking at my very core. “Of course you are supposed to be like him.”

    I blinked, blocking just in time as the blurred kick sent me flying upwards, far above some of the clouds around. Huffing, the pain was negligible as I saw him approaching, the crazy black blur already back to the offensive.

    I thought we could have held without going that far-

    We need to synchronize right now!

    Caution is still… you know what, let’s just deal with him until someone can take him out.

    The Twilight Joker armor formed just in time, my senses enchanted to the maximum and soon I was able to properly see and intercept the approaching friend.

    Surprise flashed once more in his face but he couldn’t move quickly enough to avoid the armored punch driving deep in his chest.

    I expected to hear something cracking, my eyes widened in shock as I just felt something squishy letting my fist… inside?!

    I pulled out from the dark mud, brushing the substance away as the being backed away quickly.

    O-Oh my-” He stared wide-eyed at his upper chest, now sporting a small hole caved in it. He blinked and nodded to himself. “T-That’s something. B-but it’s far from that day. More, we are too close to stop-!”

    I didn’t let him finish, the full-powered Masenko slamming his whole body and pushing him away from where I was floating. He wasn’t making opposition to the beam of light, the figure letting the energy wave completely take him in a loud and noisy explosion.

    Blinking in confusion, I slowly prepared for another assault, stance ready to counter whatever crap I was going to deal with. I stood there, stuck in a guarded frame, but my attention was suddenly diverted away.

    The cloud of dark smoke created by the explosion dissipated instantly as a sudden surge of air blasted everything around. The epicenter of this was the very cloaked figure.

    He smiled, staring up as he held his arms spread open as his wings took him few feet above me.

    It’s not enough. Maybe I did something wrong.” He sighed tiredly. “Maybe a reset. Yes, that could- let’s just end the rest so we can-”

    My eyes widened, the incoherent mess of words giving little to no sign of what was going on inside his head, but I could recognize ‘reset’ and allude to what ‘the rest’ meant to him.

    I rushed towards him, prepared to stop him before he could truly reset time while also kill everyone else when something much faster, more annoyed and terribly white slashed the figure in half.

    Vali’s Scale Mail was still pristine, the speed with which he carried the clean cut having driven off the strange mud off from his armor before it could stain it. He glanced at me, from the ‘mighty spot’ he ended up floating about, but my attention was still fixed on ‘what’ was left of the strange being.

    The two halves slammed together as a transparent magical orb giving off a dark-hue started to… put him back together.

    Moments passed, but I was already rushing back to the attack, ignoring the minor scowl present on the monster’s face.

    The form was optimally stable thus I decided to cut the chase and step up to the Kaioken x2 with the Twilight Joker. He didn’t have a chance of reacting, my fist drilling this time his face.

    His nose and jaws were crushed instantly, his eyes snapping open in surprise at the sudden bout of pain. This time the hit sent him careening away from me, forcing the creature to put some effort to stop his brief flight.

    He blinked, smile chiming in once more as I resumed my attacks with Vali following close behind me.

    Don’t give him any rest!” I barked loudly at the young Lucifer, my eyes sticking by the recovering monster rather than turning to address the fellow teen. “I don’t know how, but he can erase humanity with a spell, he is trying to do that.”

    There wasn’t any hint from the white-haired boy to slow down, rather his speed increased severely at hearing such a warning.

    The smiling monster tried to raise a protective stance but our dual punches smacked him before he could prepare himself and counter our offensive. It was a pure and blissful beating, the figure having little chance of dodging or even blocking the attacks from the two of us.

    It was a one-sided massacre that lifted my hopes a little for a quick end to this nightmare-like encounter. Maybe this wasn’t going to end up in something horrible nor terrible.

    My expectations dropped the moment some hands grasped at our necks, breaking through the respective armors and starting to choke us both.

    He wasn’t smiling anymore but there was amusement playing in his features. My eyes regained focus, my sudden shock replaced by confusion as… he had four arms.

    Sprouting out of his cloak and creating new holes in the cloth, the new pair of limbs was muscled, toned as it strongly squeezed around my throat.

    Strong, very strong.” He commented with a dull but loud voice. “You are stronger than expected… but it’s not enough!

    Panic surged, my first reaction being throwing a swift kick at the aggressor. The hit slammed in his face, causing him to pause, his hold over us decreasing as we managed to quickly break free.

    We need to hit him harder!

    Vali, can you hold him still?”

    The teen was forming his Balance Breaker once more, head snapping my way at the sudden question but nodding as quickly as he heard it.

    His armored hand pointed at the mysterious man and he loudly called for Divine Dividing’s trademark ability. “Divide.”

    The effect was immediate, the monster bending over in sudden pain and shock… while Vali’s Scale Mail started to crack visibly while his energy-based wings were burning much more than usual.

    H-Half Dimension!

    A pocket zone created to subside, reduce and manipulate things and beings held within its action range. The cloaked bastard was subsequently reduced to half of the stature it once had, but he was quickly trying to break free from his new limitations.

    I huffed as I spread my arms, palms open wide as I felt energy starting to channel within my hands.

    We just have four minutes in this form, if you use that we might end up wasting too much energy against him and fall unconscious.

    I have some Phoenix’s Tears on me. It should be enough to keep me going even without this form.

    But still… I feel that you are gathering energy from yourself… and all around you. Whatever spell you planned to use, it will be incredibly unstable.

    The technique is meant to be unstable… the issue is that is far stronger than anything we have used until now.

    We will pull through this.

    My arms started to shake, the energy filtering through the limbs starting to get way too much for my coils to hold… and I still wasn’t even at half of the power I needed.

    Vali’s groans were now quite present and increasing, the host of the Vanishing Dragon starting to lose control over the Half Dimension and I knew I had to gather much more.

    I blinked and sighed. “Kaioken times Four.”

    A new spark of energy, far stronger than usual, brought new vigor to my efforts and soon the process of channeling power was boosted up to mere seconds.

    The strains were quick to appear as I felt my muscles burn intensively at the pressure the technique was putting them on, but my adrenaline and my focus onto the still-struggling figure were enough to keep me from breaking apart.


    I brought my arms forward, my wrists pressing one against the other as I felt the full connection of the two sources of energy starting to heat up.


    It wasn’t like the Kamehameha, nor like the Masenko. The Final Flash was… much more draining.

    I felt empty, completely spent but I was graced by the sight of the arc of light slamming and blasting the living out of the monster while his pained yells fill the sky. Vali dispelled the Half Dimension, eyes widening at the show bestowed by the promised attack.

    I was forced out of everything, ready to gracefully go through some free-falling… again.

    Yet, while blinking as my body started to fight back the stress put on it, I noticed that… I wasn’t falling to the ground.

    I was floating, like before when I had Apophis’ wings to support me up… and then I finally felt a pair of small arms softly wrapping around me from behind.

    I glanced back, catching just one of the two dark-themed wings flapping calmly and, feeling a small head nuzzling right onto my upper back.


    The nuzzling stopped for a moment, then a simple word.

    Yes.” The Infinity Dragon said blankly.

    The cavalry has arrived!

    And she wasn’t alone. Soon after, several other individuals appeared.

    I saw Azazel donning the Down Fall Dragon Mail armor, Gabriel and Michael standing close to one of his sides while the Four Satans standing on the other.

    They were all ready for a fight, staring right at the… charred piece of darkened flesh starting to rebuild into the mysterious man.

    Michael advanced while bringing a strange box up, Gabriel floating right beside him in a protective manner.

    The weird container looked like a treasure chest, the lock looking rather… odd for some reason. The hole which should represent the size of the key needed to open it was… nonexistent. There was no way to open that box once it was closed so… it had to be magical.

    Maybe it’s a containment device?

    Its seals are unknown to me but… the power hidden in those should be able to deal with incredible monsters… like your attacker.

    Azrael, brother.” The Regent of Heaven called out to the recomposing figure, my eyes going wide open for a moment as I did recognize that name from the Bible. Might have not been the fervent Catholic back in my previous life… but I knew well enough who was the Angel of Death in Christian Mythology.

    The Wisest, the Bearer of Humanity’s final moments, Azrael is considered the leader of the Third Heaven and… also one of the strongest (if not the strongest) angels.

    Four hundreds of wings, his body represented each and every aspect of humanity. This last detail meant to help him in the sorrowful duty of bringing death to those that were ready to pass through.

    At least that was the known Christian concept of him, the ‘brief’ encounter hardly giving me the impression that I was facing an Angel. There wasn’t anything of Light within his soul and body, his wings being of various kind and only a few of those matching up to angels’ ones.

    The chest suddenly sprung open as multiple chains tied to the groaning piece of flesh, starting to retract the carcass inside itself. The process was quick, the chest closing with a swift ‘snap’ as seals of various kind appeared on it and stayed over even after the glow coming from those dissipated.

    My hand went to pick up the small bottle containing the Phoenix’s Tears out of my pocket as I drunk it absently, the healing effect immediate. “T-That was rather a close one…” I turned to Michael and blinked. “What was that?”

    The Archangel looked sad but didn’t dispense any answer to that, picking the box and slowly starting to fly away with an even-sadder Gabriel on tow.

    While I understand your wishes to not tell Hoitsu-san about Azrael, I demand with the full agreement of the Four Satans that you explain to us why was he free to begin with.” Sirzechs chimed him, some of his fellow Satans nodding as to confirm such a statement.

    The Archangel stopped, looked back and… sighed. “He… He wasn’t free.”


    Now that sounds utter crap, Mike.” Azazel huffed in annoyance. “We both know Big G created that box to make sure our nutty friend couldn’t get out during his frenzies.”

    B-Brother Michael is correct.” Gabriel stuttered back, looking incredibly embarrassed.

    Gabriel never stutters, she was just too… uncaring of some dangers to be this much cautious.

    Something was different in this case and I wouldn’t even question the fact what we just fought was only the tip of a massive iceberg.

    That’s impossible.” The Governor-General looked surprised, his tone mirroring his expression now rendered visible by the fact the Fallen Angel dropped his Scale Mail. “The seals there are strong enough to keep… ‘that other thing’ from causing chaos all around for some months, Azrael might be strong but… not so much.”

    His powers have grown unstable ever since that incident few decades ago.” The Heavenly Regent mused tiredly. “He has been… restless, ditching his duties for… observations.”

    “’Observations’?” Rias’ brother questioned. “What kind of ‘Observations’?”

    Nothing overly-strange I would say.” The Archangel admitted. “He did seem to prefer looking around Japan but…” He stopped, a confused frown forming in his face. “A-Actually, I don’t remember much about this but… he did seem quite happy a month or so ago.”

    I tensed, Ophis’ hold tightening comfortably in response while I shifted nervously much… to everyone’s confusion.

    Something you need to tell us, kid?” Azazel pointed out quickly, causing me to sigh tiredly and… nod right at him.

    I- I forgot about this back when it happened. It was surreal and… I’m lucky to be alive right now.” Some frowned at this ominous premise but I decided to deviate for a moment. “Before I tell this, I need to ask you something important, Michael. It’s… it’s essential.”

    The Seraph blinked in surprise but nodded. “If it is something I can answer to… I shall try to give you a proper reply.”

    I nodded and… spoke. “What is a reset?”

    Both Angels and the Governor-General tensed at the query, the Devils looking mostly confused but intrigued by the reaction from the other factions’ leaders.

    W-Where did you learn about this word?” Azazel asked without hesitation, the stutter more of a byproduct of the brief surprise.


    It was Azrael for sure.” Michael replied with a serious tone. “But I found myself questioning as of why this is important with the tale you plan to give us.”

    I blinked, glancing at my own hands and… I nodded. “Two weeks before meeting Azazel… I faced Azrael.” I started, my eyes closed for a moment before I continued. “I… I think he killed everyone and then resetted the world.”

    WHAT?!” Serafall exclaimed loudly, eyes going wide open at the outlandish claim I just gave. “You m-mean that-”

    Everything and everyone was dead when I started to ‘fight’ Azrael. I tried to use everything I had around and… nothing worked of course.” I interrupted, feeling some nervousness stirring up.

    That’s a powerful statement that could draw many issues.” Ajuka mused quietly, eyes directed at the two angels, both entities busy with something else.

    P-Place the special seal our brother taught you back when he was living in Heaven.” Michael softly ordered at Gabriel, the blonde panicking a little with the box but starting to apply the seal.

    By the way, Michael, wasn’t the ‘Reset Totale’ an ability known to a specific Angel? Someone that isn’t certainly Azrael-” The Astaroth pressed on, getting a glare from the normally-calm Seraph.

    That ability was Helel’s, but God himself said that it was stored away from any thieves and people greedy for power.”

    ...Isn’t Helel-

    Lucifer. That means that… oh no.

    What? What’s wrong?

    That Reset Totale, that full rewind… didn’t work on us. Or at least, it didn’t truly erase our memories of the ‘old timeline’.

    We were… mostly immune to it?

    Yet nutty angel over there just has it. Something like that should cause some issues if not tackled soon enough.” Azazel commented, his eyes fixed on the box now sporting the new seal placed by Gabriel herself.

    If this news had reached me in a different circumstance? Possibly.” The Regent of Heaven admitted quietly. “But Helel himself left for us a special seal to contain the grave power of such a terrible ability.”

    Sirzechs sighed. “Alas, from what I understand the seal should make sure that Azrael doesn’t wander any longer without proper surveillance.”

    There was a nod from both Seraphs.

    We will have him freed only if we are sure that this new power is not used to cause any other… issues.”

    Good then!” Azazel muttered in some awkward attempt to turn the attention elsewhere. “I’m famished! Brat, I hope you are top chef or-”


    Indeed, it’s kind of you to have all of us to your home for dinner, Hoitsu-kun. I decided to send Grayfia and Millicas in advance and I hope we aren’t dragging this for too long.” Sirzechs agreed, sporting an amused but ‘cruel’ smile.

    Sona-chan is there too!” Serafall butted in.

    I will be enjoying just some salad.” Ajuka commented placidly.

    Some steak will do fine for me!” Falbium concluded.

    The final verdict? I was screwed in multiple ways.

    I mean, it isn’t that bad. We need to somehow expand the table, deal with some awkward discussions with people and-

    By the way, Baraqiel wanted to join too and… do you know why he was tied up for a full day? I found him in his bedroom and-”

    For fuck’s sake, don’t jinx me anymore…

    The prospect for that evening just worsened to an infuriating degree.

    At this point, exile sounded like the best option…



    I finally discovered what was the Audio Issue that didn’t allow me to make use of the new headset! It would seem that (After deleting and re-installing the Audio Drivers, try something with commands and then weep in despair to some forsaken deity) the issue was… I was connecting the Headset to the motherboard’s openings… which wasn’t the one with the audio drivers on.

    Thus I wasted two full days in utter sorrow because I couldn’t find (lack of illumination) the proper place where to set the jacks in.

    Things are solved and… this chapter is mostly the fight. I know, it’s kind of short but… 3k+ of fight (okay, 2,5k) wasn’t an easy task for poor me.

    I started later than usual and ended up dragging even after dinner.

    Next chapter will have… wholesome fluff with Grayfia, hints at ‘someone having a crush’ and Sona sharing some words with Hoitsu.

    Tomorrow it’s going to resume the newly-adjusted schedule so… first the update for this story and then the newest chapter for The New Principal.


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    Chapter 50: We Dine in (not) Hell!

    The living room was bustling with loud voices, amused laughs and embarrassed groans coming from the active table.

    I blinked as the leaders of the Underworld and Grigori bantered mirthfully while eating the various dishes prepared by the kitchen. Preparing so much food without notice proved to be the tiring feat that I was expecting.

    Thankfully I had some help in the form of Akeno, Kunou, Kuroka, Koneko and… Grayfia.

    The ‘Gremory Maid’ was slow at first, trying to grasp the proper placements of the various products and ingredients in the room, but she quickly managed to recover and bolster the efforts of food-making.

    Serafall did pledge her help too but she was surprisingly stopped and denied by the rest of the Satans… and the small group from Grigori.

    Azazel might showed a brief instance of disgust at the idea, while Baraqiel sported some swift dread on his face.

    In the end, even with still very few individuals working in the kitchen, the dinner began right on time as everything was served in record-time. From normal human food to devil-versions of some usual dishes, the table was filled to the brim much to everyone’s glee.

    Falbium and Serafall didn’t hesitate in digging in much to everyone’s expectations, the others taking a more moderate but still quick pace as some discussions seemed ready to be made during the occasions.

    Yet what truly caught my attention were two small details.

    The first was that Millicas decided to pick a seat a little distant from his mother and… right by Kunou’s side. The kitsune noticed the gesture, failing to register it further than a mere friendly interaction much to the young redhead’s chagrin… but minor success.

    The second detail was… literally under my nose. Ophis was munching quietly and cutely from her own plate, set beside mine. She had been quite attached to me, physically as either by hand-holding or tugging at my shirt while sitting on the couch.

    I was aware that dragons were incredibly protective of what they considered theirs, but to see this behavior accomplished by the young girl was… adorable.

    The discussions did happen, Azazel being the one to break the ice and introduce the ‘embarrassing stories’ time by starting with the one detailing Baraqiel’s predicament that morning.

    I shot him a murderous glare, only to be submerged by the dreadful stare coming from the fellow Fallen Angel. Akeno’s violet eyes were quick to turn slits at her own parent as something close to an eye-only Mexican Standoff endured just a few moments.

    It was the Governor-General that intervened to defuse the situation, one of his arms wrapping around his friend’s neck as he ruffled his hair. “C’mon, you old fool. I bet nothing weird happened about… whatever those two were doing in their free time.”

    I didn’t show any reaction and the Himejima followed the same example. Normally that would have caused some hesitation to filter out in our expressions but we weren’t certainly keen to begin some World War 3 out of a simple date… that ended with kisses and-

    Wait, does that make us boyfriend and girlfriend?

    I think she will say ‘one of the girlfriends’. Remember how she said how she formed an agreement with Akua and Kuroka? I bet there is something about… ‘titles’.

    Just as I thought that the topic would have shifted elsewhere, maybe one of the ‘elders’ getting targeted rather than any of the other teens, I was soon disheartened when Grayfia decided to spoke about… what had happened a few hours ago.

    Alas, I hope that you have recovered from that encounter… with that individual.” Azrael’s name wasn’t meant to be mentioned in this situation, not with so many young people all around. It was already a forbidden topic in normal situations, but what just happened … lessened some of the rules for the occasion.

    I’m fine.” I replied tiredly, stopping to sip at my glass. Water refreshed my throat, then I continued. “If I hadn’t fought that before today, I would have had some major trouble… but I guess the first beating just helped me up memorize part of his pattern, enough to deal with what happened today.”

    S-Speaking about what happened,” Irina bowed her head, her face was pale as her eyes showed utter shame at how things evolved into. “I-I think I should apologize for w-what happened.”

    I don’t think you should, Irina.” I replied with a sigh. “In fact I think that by facing that alone for some time, I was able to get it away from harming anyone in Kuoh Town.”

    She stared for some time, the brunette broke away from the long glance as Asia poked her shoulder and gave her an understanding smile. The devoted exorcist blinked but nodded at the gesture, smiling herself back to the blonde.

    Yet I hope you understand that I find your reply… lacking,” Grayfia pressed on much to my surprise, her red eyes narrowed on me. “Your last technique was far stronger and energy-packed than the one you used just a few days ago against Rizevim.”

    Of course Sirzechs has to have told her that. I refrained myself from facepalming, finally getting a clear message of the strange expression lying on the silver-haired maid’s face.

    There was… worry, concern, fear and… anger. It was difficult for me to discern if the last emotion was aimed at herself or at me.

    I’m sorry, Grayfia-neechan.” I breathed softly, causing the woman to sigh and look away.

    You have been doing this dangerous play more than once already. I think apologies hardly matter when you keep-”

    I didn’t have much choices in both cases. Either I went full-power on them or someone would have gotten hurt.” I admitted, sighing tiredly. “I’m sorry about it, but I can’t certainly ignore what would have happened if I didn’t go that far.”

    There was an odd round of silence, my eyes directed to the table as I was sure that the woman was going to headbutt a little more about the matter.

    ...yet the response I got was far from what I expected.

    J-Just avoid getting yourself hurt like that so frequently, foolish Otouto.” She huffed tiredly before chiding her husband from snickering at the interaction.

    There was a red hue visible in her face, something unique but also meaningful that…

    She did care and… that was always nice to remember.

    I was about to forcefully take the discussion elsewhere but Serafall managed to beat me to that by slamming her fist on the table and… pointing right at me.

    Y-you are Grayfia’s young brother now?” She exclaimed surprised at first, then she looked intrigued.

    Her blue eyes darted from me to the maid, the former Lucifuge merely closing her eyes while sipping from her water.

    Was this going to be like it happened with Sirzechs? A ‘competition’ of sort?

    Sona-tan, we need to show them who is the best sib- oh?” The Leviathan paused, eyes fixed on her young sister as she fully stopped, confusion painted on her face.

    The president of the Student Council was sitting idle, her stare deeply intense as she continued to direct it at her own plate, ignoring the sudden wave of attention she was receiving.

    The dutiful girl had been like this since the beginning of the dinner, avoiding to make first-contacts and… yet I could see that she wanted to say something about what happened in the last few weeks.

    She blinked, glancing at her sister with a blank expression and… didn’t do anything else after that. It felt like she was waiting for something else to happen, as if… she was trying to get me to do the first step towards an approach to diplomacy?

    Before I could do anything about it, I was once more interrupted by Serafall, the Satan gasping in a comical way. I knew that it was the prelude to some annoying ‘Magical Girl’-like attitude, but I hardly felt that this was going to get the results the woman wanted.

    So-tan! You are annoyed by something, aren’t you?” She struck a determined pose, eyes narrowed once more at me as her Maou Shoujo Levia-tan costume materialized over her clothes, finger pointing accusingly once more right at me. “It was that silly boy, wasn’t it? Worry not, Levia-tan shall defeat this young man by using her Magical Girl’s power.”

    I blinked and frowned at her, trying to ignore the fact that Ophis was tensing at hearing about a possible attack against me.

    Sona-san, could we share some words… in private.” The only woman in the Four Satans froze at the request directed at her sister, the current Sitri heiress looking surprised as well but managing to nod and reply.

    I will be more than happy to oblige at your request, Hoitsu-san.” She replied with a thankful tone, relief washing over her as she stood up from her seat.

    The formality wasn’t… as cold as many could perceive it in a normal instance. We were both treating each other as equals, a step forward compared to the ‘boss-worker’ relationship we shared back before I left the Academy.

    It was a minimal detail, but one that mattered a lot for someone that religiously respected order above all.

    Ophis blinked in surprise as I pulled her in a hug, bringing her up so I could stand up and then placed her right where I was previously sitting. She looked up, confused and annoyed at the sudden action but I smiled apologetically right at her while patting her head. “Sorry, I promise that after this discussion with Sona-san I will be back.”

    The goth girl, stood silent for a moment and then… “No.”

    I sighed, expecting this reaction from her and so I decided to go ‘heavy’. “Not even if I leave Shironai here to keep you company?”

    Her eyes lightened at the mentioning of the well-dressed individual and the Infinity Dragon ended up conceding a slow but clear nod at the proposal.

    Sigh. I don’t mind being around with ‘Phis-chan, but I think you shouldn’t be using me ‘just for that’.

    I will make up for you.

    There is hardly something that could interest me to-

    What about tomorrow you are granted a full day to spend with Ophis?


    The happy darkness materialized and Ophis eagerly jumped in his waiting arms, head snuggling on his chest as he took my seat and started to care for the goth girl.

    As I started to walk with Sona on tow towards the kitchen ready for some heavy and serious words about what happened in the recent weeks, we found ourselves followed to the empty room by… Serafall herself.

    O-Oneesan, it’s a private-”

    Nonsense, Sona-chan!” The woman rebuffed her younger sibling’s protest at this unexpected join-up. “I have a duty as your smart and strong Oneesama to be there and make sure that this young man doesn’t do anything weird to you-”

    Rather an uncalled accusation since I’ve been fairly respectful and polite with… everyone during this event. Even before I never shown anything that could allude to anything bad about me so…

    Where did Serafall get any idea about me trying something like that?

    -Especially since you are so much taken by him. I mean, you did mention him quite a lot in the last letters and-” The incriminating words would have easily passed as proof of Sona crushing on me, but since even the headstrong woman was hardly reacting to this fact, I knew that it was all about teasing her sibling.

    N-Not in that way!” The glasses-wearing girl stuttered irritated, cheeks reddening in embarrassment.

    The girl then turned to look at me. “I-I was referring at the fact that I...-” Sona stopped, her words failing to fully leave her lips and I frowned.

    Sona-san, I know that I shouldn’t just assume about this but… can I guess that you missed me?” I interjected softly, giving a supportive smile to the girl.

    Her whole face was now engulfed by the blush, her eyes widening in surprise before she suddenly realized how I knew about this.

    It was Himejima-san, wasn’t it?” She asked and sighed tiredly as I nodded at her question. “Should have thought of it before doing this much… I suppose you also know how things turned out back at Kuoh Academy with your absence.”

    Paperwork overwhelmed, I guess that I will have to focus much to have it reduced drastically when I’m back-”

    It shouldn’t have this much from the very beginning!” The young Sitri whispered furiously, huffing in annoyance at the frown I gave her as a reaction. “Why didn’t you even mention that it was that much difficult?”

    I shrugged. “Didn’t feel it was ‘that much’. Seriously, it was nothing-”

    I had to personally intervene to cut 70% of the useless expenses. Just the corsets for the girls’ uniform were costing us more than the food served at the cafeteria did in a yearly basis.”

    I flinched, remembering seeing that specific number with my own eyes but there was a reason I never questioned this specific info.

    I admit that there were some instances like that… but I then learned who put them in the budget and just decided to roll with it.” I tried to explain, trying to avoid pulling the culprits about the matter too quickly.

    Pink eyes narrowed on my frame at the mysterious words, I swear one of her eyebrows twitched angrily at my answer.

    Who? Who is the utter idiot that decided that short skirts and corsets were a good idea in a school?” Sona asked, my eyes widening in surprise at how much incensed she sounded like.

    Serafall started to sweat profusely, the situation taking rather the troublesome turn.

    Sadly, her reaction was caught by the very person that wasn’t meant to know about her implication over this topic.

    Neesan-” The young Sitri tried to begin, but was quickly interrupted by her older sibling.

    I-It was Sirzechs’ plan! H-He said that those adjustments would have brought out the cutest appearance a-and he was… correct.” The Leviathan deflated at the last word.

    You mean to tell me t-that you just pushed this excessive addition… because of Rias and me?”

    There was an odd tone in that query, something both Serafall and I picked right as it sunk in our brains.

    … “Will you be angry if I said ye-”

    OF COURSE I’M ANGRY.” The girl replied loudly, furious and annoyed at the same time.

    The situation was already insane as it was because the changes were added for ‘menial’ reasons by the two semi-patented siscons, add to the compound the fact short skirts with a school with a ‘perverts issue’ didn’t mix at all…

    Well, I suppose Sona was scraping the barrel that was her sanity at this point, the Perverted ‘Duo’ having been one of the greatest annoyances since she started to work as president of the Student Council.

    S-So-tan, I didn’t mean to annoy you- please, don’t be angry at me-” The pleads fell deaf to the strict female, she wasn’t finished yet after all.

    Four years. I’ve been trying to figure out why nothing could truly deplete the perverted population from the Academy and...” She sighed, a stern look plastered on the girl’s face. “Neesan, you did something terribly wrong and… I’m angry at you.”

    The effect of her seemingly harmless words were instantaneous as THE Serafall Leviathan, one of the most cheerful beings in the Underworld, started to twitch while tears flooded through her eyes.

    It was more of a comical display, like the ones before… except the twitching, the tears were all real. It wasn’t a fake display of true sadness, but something that was mixed with some ‘funny’ elements that made the character the former heiress to the Sitri Clan… alive.

    I blinked, knowing that any further escalation wouldn’t see me unscathed, especially with how… unstable girls could get while in that much distress. Especially when said girl has the power to vaporize the entire block without issues.

    Sona-san… I know that I shouldn’t meddle in this situation-”

    Indeed, you shouldn’t.” The girl interrupted without hesitation. “While I understand that you wish to avoid any family troubles within your house, I’ve to ask that you keep out from this subject-”

    Then I should be condemning you too, Sona-san?” I interjected loudly, eyes narrowing at once at her much to her sudden shock.


    While Serafall-san and Sirzechs-san did start the problem, it is also true that the budget is to be checked upon and revised in case of abnormalities by the Student Council… yet there wasn’t much attention put over the matter.” I pointed out sharply, pink eyes darting away from confrontation as… I knew what was going on with Sona’s furor.

    Why she was being this much aggressive with her older sister, why she was trying to shift all the blame at the instigators of such trend…

    She was silent, unwilling to provide evidence of this strong theory of mine, thus I pressed on for an opening.

    You didn’t give the budget a proper look, didn’t you? I know that the budget remained mostly unchanged for the last few years, including the one which you started your role as president of the Council, the only exceptions being the small sections to accommodate clubs’ expansions and special events.” I accused quietly, Sona getting more and more fidgety as I turned the table on her.

    Sona.” I stated in a teasing tone, the girl blinking at the informal manner I was addressing her. “Are you trying to push all the blame onto your sister?”

    Her face was completely red as I took a step towards her, her eyes widening as my hands moved near her face and-

    Gwuh! No, sthwop!”

    The girl yelped in surprise as I started to pinch moderately both her cheeks, surprise was replaced by ‘agony’ as the Sitri wasn’t experienced in this kind of ‘torture’.

    Apologize right now for pushing an unjust part of the blame on your Neechan.” I pulled a little more. “Now.”

    She squeaked and gave a defiant look, trying to appear unfazed by this childish display but… soon her squeaks intensified and she ‘cracked’.

    F-Fwine! S-Swowwy N-Neechwan!”

    I stopped just in time to hear a quick ‘clicking’ noise coming from Serafall, the Satan was holding a small camera in her hands and froze as she was caught in the act of taking some blackmail material.

    I sighed. “I’m trying to get you partly-saved and this is how you repay it? By worsening things for yourself.” My words seemed to annoy the Leviathan, her blue eyes showing annoyance at being called out in that way.

    The woman huffed. “One can never get enough photos of their younger siblings, especially cute ones like Sona-chan!”

    Then you will be happy to capture the moment Sona realizes that she has the right to punish you about the ‘clothes’ debacle.” I turned to look at the aforementioned girl, her eyes widening as a devious smile formed on her face at realizing what I was talking about.

    Serafall Leviathan started to sweat profusely once more, this time the words leaving her adorable So-tan being far worse than expected.

    Then I suppose… I shall pick an appropriate punishment for Neesan.” She hummed quietly, then moments later she nodded to herself. “And… I think the proper one should be…”

    Neesan shan’t wear a Magical Girl costume for two months!
    A Thud followed, the Leviathan knocked out by the sheer fear and dread those words coming from her most precious person brought to her.

    I blinked, thinking if it was worth trying to meddle once more but…

    The price sounded about right for a situation happening for years now, thus I didn’t intervene any longer.

    You know that I will return the favor about the...”

    Cheek-pinching?” I guessed much to her annoyance, the pout worth the situation.

    I will see that you deal with someone that requires special attention… like Aika Kiryuu-” She suggested.

    I am not dealing with-” I tried to protest, but I was interrupted by the heiress of the Sitri Clan.

    Too late.” The girl giggled, a rare sound that she seemed to notice that she had let out moments later as her face reddened once more.

    Picking up the unconscious Serafall, Sona and I proceeded to return back to the living room as we braced for what was going to happen at seeing the girl’s sister in that state after just some ‘talking’.

    Let’s just say that the escalation persisted for a while, driven by the questions regarding the snoring woman being dragged to a couch, yet the dinner ended up… pretty normal by the standards of the small group of strange people that were visiting today.



    Ended up dragging this chapter for long. Mom needed help with groceries and I had to interrupt for a good hour or two (the Super-Market is fairly distant from home) but I managed to write something… decent. (Hopefully?!)

    Some fluff, some long-deserved interactions and I’ve yet to address Millicas and Kunou with their situation. The scene with Grayfia was also the appetizer for what I’ve planned for the next few chapters.

    Someone is coming back!

    P.S. I’ve promised that I would have updated New Principal, I failed to do so and… tomorrow I will write the update before the next chapter of this story. I need to shift back to my previous pacing and… get some stories done, dangit!

    Lastly, quick question: do you prefer that I stick to 3,5-3,7k+ chapters with some revisions or that I go for the 4/5k+ chapters?
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    Not Azrael....
    CHARAel is a lot more fitting.
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    Chapter 51: Guests and Youthful Determination

    It was early in the morning and I was already facing some issues in what was supposed to be my unquestionable reign.

    The kitchen was and still is my absolute domain and while I did expect to end up having problems with Grayfia regarding house chores, I didn’t certainly expect walking up to find the silver-haired maid already on the loose in that specific room.

    It all started when Sirzechs asked if it was possible for me to house him and his family for the night, mentioning that he had something to do in Kuoh Town for the day after and that he wished to be somewhere were other issues would sprung on his face.

    He wanted to spend time with his family without the usual hounding from other people, either fans or followers of some kind.

    Of course, since I couldn't say no to Millicas nor decline the presence of my surrogate older sister, I accepted the offer and gave them some of the remaining guest rooms in the house.

    Yet I had something to deal right now and that was… the very surrogate older sister I had been so kind to house for the night.

    The woman barely registered my presence and she certainly missed the minor scowl plastered on my face. I was pretty sure that after a while, she should have caught up with the fact I was there giving her a tiny but noticeable glare.

    Four full minutes passed before she suddenly stopped to greet me with a nod before going back to her work.

    Good morning.” She said calmly, flashing a brief smile before resuming with ‘her duties’.

    She seems pretty confident about what she is trying to do right now.

    I think that is the basis of being the head-maid for the Gremory Clan for… centuries now. But I think she is missing something important about ‘our’ share of the breakfast.

    Indeed, Grayfia was unaware that breakfast in my house was simpler than anything she had ever done. Without missing a beat and pulling up a blank mask up, I started to interact with the kitchen myself, picking cups for me and the others while also preparing some coffee to add at the resulting beverages.

    It was right as I started to heat up the milk by the stove that I felt red eyes staring intensively right at me. My ears caught her slow approach towards me and then I felt her looming over me.

    There is no need, I was going to prepare something for the rest-”

    I actually will do that, Oneechan.” I interjected with the same calm tone she adopted, gaining a frown from the maid.

    Otouto, I find myself insisting that-”

    A shame that is my kitchen, Oneechan.” I sighed, placing a spoon of honey for each mug. “Maybe next time.”

    Initially she didn’t budge, showing no reaction to my placid comment. Then she sported a deep frown, realizing what I was referring too.

    The woman nodded curtly but before she returned to her side of the room, Grayfia decided to proclaim something… irritating. “Then may the best of us win.”

    ...I don’t think we agreed to-

    I shall show her how to do a proper breakfast!

    I spoke too soon, why are we doing this?

    This is my kitchen, this is my home. If I’m bested in something like this… how I’m supposed to look at Kunou if I reveal myself that weak!?

    How you usually do: pointing your eyes at her.

    I ignored the sassy remark, my attention fully focused on the arduous task of picking more mugs and putting on the fire more milk. If war the former Lucifuge wanted, then war she would get!

    Tension was palpable as we both picked up a higher pace than usual, our minds devoted to the perfect completion of our respective works. Minutes passed and we were going out of the kitchen while bringing the two different menus to the table.

    People were confused and were giving confused looks both at me and at the maid.

    We decided to host a competition to see which breakfast is the best. Please choose fairly and with impartiality.” Grayfia explained, bowing respectfully at those at the table.

    You will be given a share of the two menus each, testing individually the product and giving points from 0 to 5 about the quality of the dishes. The winner get a non-lewd favor from the loser.”

    I looked away just in time as I felt death itself staring my way. Yet the maid didn’t protest vocally the winning prize and thus the competition began.

    Of course some were ‘compelled by the Greater Good’ to grade top-marks the work depending to which contestant they were close to.

    Sirzechs was ‘glad’ to grade excellently his wife’s hard-work, while Kunou was eager to praise my side.

    In the end, I stared in shock as Kuroka and Koneko voted for Grayfia’s waffles with a layer of sweet chocolate over them, but the woman took a hit when little Millicas approved of the milkshake even asking for his mother if she could try to do it sometime too much to my ‘enemy’s chagrin.

    Xenovia preferred the maid’s baked good while Irina picked the beverage. It was kind of a pity that Issei and Asia had decided to go back to the boy’s home to spend the night, something about Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou wishing to spend some time with the two teens. Akeno praised both, but ended up picking my breakfast.

    Thus we ended up dealing with a draw scenario and the alternative picked to settle the score without any major issue was… a self-judge.

    We were given the opposite challenger’s breakfast and convinced to swear a magical oath to avoid some foul and senseless judgments. I blinked while staring at the texture of the baked good coated in melted chocolate.

    My nose sniffed at the delightful fragrance before taking a small bite and… drowning in something perfectly sweet. The sweet taste wasn’t overly-accentuated and the chocolate wasn’t too much hot for my mouth to accept.

    My eyes widened at the surprisingly well-calibrated breakfast and prepared to take just another bite when-

    C-Can I have a-another mug of this?” Grayfia’s voice asked softly.

    Everyone froze at the plea coming from the twitching maid, I frowned and turned to ask if she was alright when I was suddenly turned around, the silver-haired woman giving a closeup with wide red eyes staring right at mine. “How did you manage to create something this good?!”


    The perfect combination of milk, honey and coffee. This… this is a simple but flawless work.” She praised with absolute certainty.

    I blinked. “R-Really? I mean, yours was well-prepared too. The chocolate, a good blend that was perfectly melted and- and I think the waffle was home-made?”

    She nodded, a small smile plastered in her face. “I admit it was difficult because the dough wasn’t the usual I used back to the Gremory mansion, but I managed to find some balanced way to heat it up and get it to leaven up.”

    So… this is once more a draw?” I mused quietly and her smile lost some of its intensity. “How about we settle for a prize for both?”

    The woman tensed a little, a confused glance directed at me as I… gestured for a hug. “What about a-”

    I didn’t even get the time to finish that proposition that I was pulled in embrace by Grayfia. She didn’t spoke, merely patting my tense back to relax a little as I slowly returned the sudden hug.

    I was surprised at the forwardness the maid was showing but I was glad that it didn’t turn awkward. I rested my head on her shoulder and she sighed. “I’m still annoyed that you came close to dangerous harm twice in the last week.” The woman muttered quietly.

    I swear I wasn’t trying to face any trouble just for the sake of it.” I rebuked half-whispered. “It’s just… that I had to take some drastic steps to make sure people were alright.”

    While ending up getting yourself endangered in the process.” She huffed tiredly. “I can remember the pacing of the Great War and… there were good men and women that perished by trying to protect large numbers of civilians. I don’t wish to add you to that list.”

    I flinched as she pulled away, sporting a small scowl. “You might expect others to not question your prideful heroism, but I will certainly bash your head really hard if you try anything like that once more.” Her eyes narrowed. “Do you understand?”

    Nodding quickly, I was let go as a pleased smile appeared on her face. “Good, then let’s get the plates and have those cleaned.” She ordered calmly, starting to focus on the empty dishes. “After all… this is your house, Otouto.”

    I snorted but I complied with the orders and started to round up the various plates on the table. As I was about to pick Sirzechs’ the man decided to speak up. “Actually, Hoitsu-kun, I wished to ask if you could spare some time to speak about something in private after you finished with the chores.”

    Blinking in surprise, I managed just a nod. “I’ve time to spare, I hope it’s nothing bad-”

    He flinched a little much to my confused self and the reply wasn’t something that helped me much...

    Not… entirely. Let’s just say it’s about family.”

    ...but why do I feel like I was going to yell a lot very soon?


    Millicas smiled a little as the young redhead finally got glimpse of the training ground his Oniisan and Kunou-chan used to spar.

    In one of the corners, Koneko was training with her older sister, the dark-haired Nekoshou having decided to spend some effort to improve the combat style the younger girl had, an attempt to perfectly master the few flaws that remained.

    Meanwhile the kitsune was merely testing her magical capacity much to the boy’s glee. While he would never go around to tell about this, flashy attacks were his favorite.

    To see the girl she felt ‘something’ about show him some cool moves just left him in the best of moods.

    There was hardly anything that could break him out from that zenith of positiveness.

    Milli-kun, do you want to try it too?”

    Or at least until the blonde decided to bring in to the fold. The youngest Gremory blinked in surprise at the request, secretly interested in trying such an activity but… inexperienced.

    It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to do spells nor how to properly put them in practice. It was that he was far from the ‘level’ he wished to attain.

    A strong and flexible peerage was still his main target, but curiosity of expand his own abilities was still something that lingered in his mind. To be as strong as his Papa and Mama, maybe even more so that he could protect them.

    C’mon! I will be there to help you if you need some.” She pleaded and Millicas blinked, his heart picking up a little more at the… look in her face.

    The words from his Mama, the ones reminding him to be a kind gentlemen around women steeled him to a decisive nod.

    I-I will try.” He replied, the smile he was rewarded with the one of the most precious gifts he had ever received!

    He stood up from his small spot and shyly made his way beside the girl, his face reddening at how close he was to her, but the boy’s attention was taken by the floating target waiting for him to attack.

    A blink, then two as he realized he was thinking too much about the situation and that he needed to show his abilities before the girl thought less of him. H-He needed to show how good he was!

    So he fell in a focused state, his small palms channeling some energy as he took aim at the silly dummy between him and another smile from the cute kitsune. His drive, his ambition to prove his worth…

    The blast blitzed, a red light rushing at the harmless target and then exploding upon contact with its chest. The explosion was partly expected by Millicas, just not as loud nor as big as it turned out to be.

    The aftershock was enough to make his legs wobble a little before he started to lose his footing. He was falling backwards, he could already taste some humiliation at having tripped like that after performing a masterful spell.

    His Magical Core was whining a little at the overuse of magic, but the boy remembered how his father did say that it was a good thing until he felt serious stress onto all over his body.

    Yet it didn’t spare him from the dreadful scenarios that would follow once he reached the ground. Would Kunou-chan giggle at his ill-luck? Would she still consider him ‘cool’?

    His mind was spinning- no, it wasn’t his mind that was really turning that quickly.

    The young Gremory had just enough time to realize that he was being lift up by the very girl he did impress and… he was pulled closer.

    His face pressed on her shoulder, a blush spreading all over his head as he realized that he had been pull in a hug.

    That was super-good.” The blonde praised happily. “I didn’t expect you to be this strong, Milli-kun.”

    Sadly, ‘Milli-kun’ couldn’t answer the flattering words from the girl ‘he was taken by’ as he found his mind constricted by the reality he had been luckily placed upon.

    Having proven his worth without issues? That was a good victory.

    Getting a hug while risking to fall to his own humiliation? Today, the boy learned about Absolute Victories in life and how good those felt.

    His mind was sharp in keeping him from getting out from the hug, letting him bask from the contact while also enjoying the giggles coming from the very girl that was hugging him.

    But there was something that needed some improvement and that was his technique. Training, he mused strongly within his head, he needed to put more effort in his already-limited training sessions.

    Asking for more hours to spend training his magic from his Mama wasn’t a possibility, knowing full well how the woman would react rather… negatively to such a strange switch of preferences.

    He was still a studious ‘young man’ after all and he hardly needed to be scolded for trying to do something too childish for something very du-

    At that point Kunou-chan started to nuzzle her cheek on top of his head and… his mind rebooted.

    Training, he needed to train until he could beat her and… befriend her properly!

    Getting her in his peerage? That idea felt offensive for good reasons, mostly because he knew that his Oniichan didn’t want to be part of any and wouldn’t appreciate if Kunou-chan was taken in one.

    A companion? A partner? Why he felt like he was failing to grasp the proper terms here? He was sure that he knew well-enough about the dictionary but… he shrugged inwardly and decided to leave these thoughts for later.

    The hug would suffice for now.

    Just as he blissfully accepted the reward gifted to him, the moment was broken as loud voices reached the training grounds, briefly interrupting the embrace and stopping the brawl between the two Nekoshou sisters.

    The voices were familiar, Millicas could recognize his Papa’s and Oniichan’s but he was confused as to how those reached so far in the house.

    Weren’t they discussing about something by the kitchen?

    The mystery deepened as Hoitsu did walk in the massive room a few moments, his face sporting a troubled expression. A mix of annoyance and tiredness.

    Niichan!” Kunou-chan greeted loudly and happily. “Do you want to spar with me?”

    The young man paused to glance their way, his look softening as he pulled a smile and nodded.

    Sure, Ku-chan.” His tone was a cheerful one but… even Millicas knew that something was off. The edge was… sadder than it would look like to a stranger.

    Blinking, the boy returned back to his previous spot and patiently waited for the two surrogate siblings to reach for their positions and…

    Then they rushed to each other!

    If only the young redhead knew how much flashy this was going to turn…


    Sirzechs is a moron to think that we will even get close to ‘her’ of all people.

    It’s been just a month. I’m certainly not going to ‘visit’ Rias.

    Especially with how our visit would also sent some dangerous ripples through the Underworld… and beyond.

    We would be able to- Uh?

    I thought I was going to spent the rest of the spar in my thoughts, knowing that Kunou wasn’t strong enough to land some damage through my defenses and… I was proved wrong when one of her punches bypassed my guard and almost hit me right on my face.

    Blinking, I slowly noticed how faster and stronger the kitsune was compared to… just yesterday.


    She grinned and continued with her aggressive offensive, forcing me to adopt a faster pace.

    Blow was caught by blow, kick with kick and… soon a heated exchange of attacks ensued.

    I was surprised, positively so, but my awe turned in confusion as the girl didn’t certainly show any sign of backing down from the challenge, quite the opposite.

    Her power and speed increased at once, matching if not going beyond my current limits in my base state. A kick finally slammed on my chest and I felt some energy behind it, eyes widening suddenly as I recognized it at the touch.

    It was natural energy but… I couldn’t sense it in a way that would allude to a Senjutsu form. No, the energy was all being captured within Kunou’s body, replenishing her reserves and boosting them during the fight.

    A new form? I was shocked at that possibility, immediately ditching the idea it was the work of one of Ophis’ snakes as there was nothing of the Infinity Dragon’s energy coming from the blonde.

    The girl looked giddy, proud that she was pushing me to the ropes without problems. I decided to step up my game as my Senjutsu mode was quickly turned on and… I still was forced to deal with a stalemate.

    The bubbly excitement coming from my giggling little sister deterred me from taking this seriously and thus I found that my issues were soon to start.

    Ditching close fighting, Kunou started to throw Fox Fire my way. The intensity of the flames were stronger than usual, the heat causing me to sweat just by being a little close to them.

    Silver Linings quickly formed to stall the girl from moving, wrapping around her arms as I rushed forward to resume a physical brawl. The kitsune grinned as she snapped the strings right as I was ready to deliver the first punch.

    My eyes widened and I brought my guard up just in time to tank a kick dropping from Kunou. I was pushed back, surprise vanishing quickly as the brutal exchange of blows returned to dent on my arms and legs.

    She wasn’t holding anything back in that spar and I felt… excited to see this much power displayed by the blonde.

    Huffing, the kitsune started to increase once more the pacing but I did notice that she was starting to get winded by the rapid action.

    I needed to hold out a little longer, she was getting tired. Still, the girl was landing blows after blows through my defense and I was forced to take a few steps away to recover a little.

    She is bringing the heat. Kunou has grown a lot in the last month.

    Determination and a strong will, she is going to become one of the strongest beings of this world for sure given more time.

    Niichan! I’m going to beat you!” The kitsune proclaimed loudly as I felt her power rising once more.

    I unleashed the first level of the Kaioken, knowing that going for the Twilight Joker form would have been too much of an overkill for her.

    The boost gave me some relieve, the blonde dropping more Fox Fire but I was dodging every single attack dropped my way.

    She was sweating, it wasn’t the heat of her own spells as her breathing was getting ragged and I could recognize the signs of fatigue.

    She blinked, surprise plastered in her face as I returned to the assault and actually started to turn the tide. Panic surged, her arms covering in flames and forcing me to back away once more as she pouted right at me.

    T-This is my final move. It will- It will work.” Her announcement was following by a… familiar posture.

    Her hands were brought back, forming two opposite arcs as she started to chant.


    I froze, my eyes widening in surprise as Kunou was… emulating me emulating someone else.

    A blue orb was forming slowly and softly as I stared in shock as this all unfolded.

    She is not going to complete it.


    Look at her legs. She is wobbling and ready to go for some nap-time. Stop her, for fuck’s sake!

    I didn’t need to be told twice as I blitzed quickly to interrupt the chanting. The girl was surprised by my swift interception, but didn’t pose any opposition at being scooped up in a hug.

    Enough. This is your limit.” I replied curtly, one of my hands picking absently a bottle of Phoenix’s Tears and offering it to the blonde.

    The kitsune blinked at the vial but accepted it nonetheless, drinking it quickly but still… resting on her head on my chest. “I… I think I still need some rest.” She said with a yawn.

    That form has to be rather draining if you got that strong in little time.” I admitted, patting her head softly.

    I-It was something Mama once told me.” She explained with a drowsy tone. “I-It was just an idea, one that Kuroka-san was kind enough to give some… advice about.”

    I nodded, glancing at a sheepish-looking Nekoshou and I sighed. “Do you want to be taken to bed?”

    She hummed positively, finally starting to snore much to my relief and own tiredness.

    Hitting the bed now doesn’t sound that bad.

    But we have guests and… we have to deal about that ‘Rias’ issue.

    I groaned inwardly as I slowly turned around and started to walk the path back to my room.

    Let’s get this adorable furball tucked in first…

    ...Then I will have to deal with this nightmare of a topic.



    It’s done! This chapter was… draining. But I did it!

    Thankfully I will go to sleep early today as… tomorrow is going to be tiring.

    The main schedule is back… partially. Some stories will be updated, while others will not.

    A new version of the schedule will be uploaded very soon.

    But now!? LESLEEP!

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    Chapter 52: An Interview with a Red Devil

    This wasn’t going to work.

    The moment I stepped out the magical circle created by Sirzechs and got a full sight over the newly-rebuilt Gremory mansion, I knew that this situation was going to be result in some major annoyances.

    The discussion yesterday burn through the whole day, leaving me in a sour state. The leader of the Satans did stress a lot how this wasn’t an attempt to get Rias out of the rightful punishment, his duties and the strong support from the Bael Clan for the house arrest to unfold fully were good deterrents from even trying.

    It was something similar to an intervention, something driven by the behavior the heiress of the Gremory Clan gained after she was confined to her home after the Diodora’s case by order of the Bael Clan.

    It wasn’t something that much serious. She was still taking care of herself and she wasn’t showing any rude or dangerous behavior with the other occupants of the mansion.

    The very issue was presented by… how she decided to spend the days without school and peerage.

    For a good twenty hours of her normal day, Rias Gremory keep quiet in her own room all alone. The remaining four hours were divided between eating together with the family and making use of the bathroom when she needed it.

    Her fashion ‘suffered’ a change too, the girl ditching the Kuoh Academy’s uniform a week after the beginning of her punishment. Instead of the recognizable clothes, she opted for something… efficient and that offered some comfort.

    A gray-white themed tracksuit. It might appear like a… not-so-terrible situation, but then I realized something by Sirzechs’ vague responses as to how she managed to spend so much time inside her room.

    Rias had a computer. A fully-operational, custom-made Gaming PC that was gifted to her by her brother for her fifteen’s birthday.

    It was a detail that, while the man was eager to quick and try to get it forgotten by adding other stuff like childhood tales and all, gave me an idea as to how I was supposed to deal with the girl.

    I had to look away several times as the elder brother of the heiress went ahead to describe how her ‘transformation’ unfolded as I found the narration terribly… familiar.

    While I had long learned to be very active with my life, adding meaningful projects that pushed me beyond my limits and gave me the chance to grow more and more, there was a time in my old life where I was stuck to a strange situation.

    I was doing fine, economically and health-wise, as there was plenty of work while staying at home.

    The days were filled by a lazy pace that involved the correction and the production of detailed essays that would then be sent to scientific academies to expand and improve the available libraries.

    It was all about History, nothing that would truly have major importance in normal discussions but still had some grip over intellectuals all around.

    The cheap apartment was nice, not too big nor it was too small for my personal needs.

    It was a… pleasant life.

    I couldn’t find within myself to consider it the best possible, knowing full-well that I was stuck to that point.

    I wasn’t given chances of improving my life conditions, the lack of substantially-paid jobs making it difficult if not impossible trying to advance to a higher lifestyle.

    Then I was self-inserted… somehow. There wasn’t much that I could do to find the culprit of my presence in this world but… I felt like the solution was getting closer.

    It was just a feeling, nothing concrete for me to say it was for sure that I had made some progress over the matter, but the more I explored the nature of the connection I had over this world (because somehow I had one I was completely unaware of), the more I got closer to a name.

    Shifting my attention back to Rias, I was sure that a similar situation was happening to her. Instead of fiercely opposing the fate forced upon her, the redhead knew that the predicament she had to deal wasn’t the same level of dealing with an arranged marriage.

    Thus the girl decided to adapt about this new development, change for the sake of ‘capitalizing’ over the precarious fate in front of her.

    One would praise the idea of dealing with the issue this way, but sadly there was a small mistake over the ‘path’ she was taking.

    Said mistake was presented by the main emotion that drove this whole reaction. She was afraid, she was panicking and… she needed to avoid the ‘unpleasant’ wall that she had to face from now on.

    And so the mansion became another wall, an artificial safe barrier to keep the harsh truth away from her eyes. One would call it delusional, but that was actually a good half-assed attempt.

    Not only she ‘ignored’ the problem as said problem was impossible to face, but she was also coping in a moderate way with the new restrictions imposed to her life.

    It was good for now as she seemed to have preserved most of her original behavior, only getting a little ‘sheltered’ over the subject and the possibility of walking around the mansion.

    I know that refusing to help wouldn’t have warranted any bad implications, Sirzechs showing some objective point of view in saying that I was entitled of ‘walking away’ from the matter as it wasn’t something inherently caused by me.

    Then Grayfia decided to share a few words with me in private. I was already tired from dealing with her husband, but the maid took a completely different approach from him as the main issues brought to the matter hit way closer home.

    Her part of the discussion wasn’t centered around Rias, possibly because everything that was meant to be said was already given by the Leader of the Satans. Her words dig deep by bringing in the state the girl’s parents and even Sirzechs were.

    Zeoticus and Venelana were good at hiding that the attitude their daughter had adopted did leave them very helpless in providing her some support, but the silver-haired maid did spot that while also dealing with the foul mood her husband had recently developed with this case.

    As much as the ‘siscon’ bit regarding the redhead was regarded more as a comical bit for the Canon, it would be wrong to say that the man wasn’t suffering from bringing the hammer down on his sister.

    He was subsequently drained emotionally, very detached from some of the amusing bits that had lastly happened, something I did notice during the dinner but not enough to question it when I did.

    And if the strong emotional barrage coming from the woman wasn’t enough, I was left defenseless in dealing with the last few words.

    I know that this is an affair within the Gremory Clan and you, as an outsider, shouldn’t be forced to intervene about, but when I was taken in by Lord and Lady Gremory, I was treated as part of the family without hesitation.” Grayfia commented softly.

    I was a stranger, a former enemy, and yet I was treated with the utmost respect and warmth. And… while you have to reason to oblige this request, I will ask for your help not as the head-maid of the Gremory Clan, but as Rias’ and your big sister.” Her lips twitched sadly and then she bowed, her eyes closed.

    Please… do help my husband and the Gremory Clan.”

    There wasn’t much to refuse at that point, the woman accepting the quick embrace I offered much to her relief. But the planned ‘quick hug’ turned in several more minutes, silence ruling for that period of time before I gave a full response.

    I… I will do it.”

    With most of the younger people by my house already going to classes, I was glad that Kuroka accepted ‘babysitting’ the ones that were stuck at home.

    Kunou was slightly annoyed at being asked to not come with me, but showed a brave face in saying that she wouldn’t mind it too much.

    After that I was promptly taken at the Gremory Mansion, servants already there and waiting for the couple with child to arrive by the entrance, giving some surprised look at my unexpected presence before bowing once more and addressing me as ‘Lord Hoitsu’.

    At this point, knowing that it was a mere formality of the job, I decided to not fight off this new situation and was then escorted once more inside the mansion.

    Differently from the previous times, the path taken wasn’t the one that led to the living room. We went upstairs, taking some turns over the hallways before settling in front of a curious door.

    A medium-sized wood-made tag with light-red letters was titled ‘Rias’, proving that the room was the heiress’.

    I took just a few steps forward and stopped to knock. The three simple knocks didn’t get a reaction from within the room and, after just a moment, I decided to try and listen for any sound that could prove that there was someone in there.

    Nothing human, just the annoying fizzling of… a computer’s fan.

    I sighed, glancing back at the couple and nodding. “I’m going in then...”

    I didn’t linger my sight over them enough to gauge their reactions, opening the door and entering inside, ending up to close it behind me.

    Darkness took my sight away as the room was cast to the shadows, the light was dim and it was mostly coming from the noisy machine a… certain redhead was using. Blue-eyes staring fixed at the screen as… Rias continued to move troops all over the map.

    Frowning, I got closer and… froze in surprise at what I quickly recognized as… Total War Shogun 2?


    Rias Gremory was taken by the good mood that followed the umpteenth victory against the troops deployed by the Ashigaka Shogun.

    Starting as the Oda clan proved to be an entertaining but proving experience as the crucial placement of the faction was something that left her free to pick numerous paths.

    Expanding a little in the north, just enough to have a powerful economic base, her descent upon Kyoto was intense. Becoming the greatest ‘threat’ in Japan, all factions banded together against the Oda and tried to besiege it.

    Fools! Her armies were there to conquer Heaven its- ouch!

    Even thinking of that cursed place was enough to give her a minor headache, but now victory was just a turn away from her, the glorious Devil Queen of the Crimson Hell!

    But just as she sighed and pulled away from the monitor, waiting for the loading screen of the next turn to finish, the redhead froze as she felt someone watching her.

    She tensed mid-stretch, blue eyes widening but not diverting from the screen as her sense was enchanted magically. Her mind grew panicky as she did end up perceiving something in the room with her, someone familiar but also not.

    The girl was sure that she had seen something like this but… where and when exactly she saw this before was eluding her.

    A blink, she needed to elaborate a proper plan to deal with the intruder. What if it was a dangerous monster or a lecherous fiend? Both scenarios terrible indeed after a month spent in her own blissful peace.

    She was rusty in terms of magical prowess, but… her Power of Destruction should be more than enough.

    Slowly, Rias relaxed as a smile fell on her face. Yes, she was going to roast this threat without hesitation and… and then resume her fictional war campaign to conquer feudal Japan.

    Mind set on such a devious plan, she spun her chair and prepared to blast to kingdom come the poor fool invading her domain and- she froze at the calm expression placed on one Hoitsu Sakakibara’s face.


    A brief shriek left her lips, the following jump making her chair turn as she fell on the floor butt first and… stared in shock at the presence of the young man in front of her.

    The human blinked, a little smile as he sat relaxed in one of the few chairs present in the room, his face illuminated by the soft light coming from the monitor of her computer.

    W-What are you doing here!?” The Gremory demanded, her voice failing to bring the anger needed to make it a serious reaction as she wanted, ending up giving an irritated squeak.

    I was invited here.” He replied curtly, his eyes darting to the screen. “You are close to win the campaign. What difficulty are you playing?”

    I-I- Why should I tell you?” She huffed in annoyance. “You should be entering rooms without their owners’ permission.”

    Didn’t stop you from making trips to Issei’s room, I do reckon.” He poked back with a sharp topic, causing the girl to flinch momentarily before her fury resumed.

    Y-You shouldn’t do that to girls-”

    Look, we can go through some ideological crap about men and women, but in the end I’m not here to deal with any wit-measuring diatribe.” He sighed tiredly after interrupting the redhead. “How is the Internet treating you?”

    A powerful but unforgiving tool.” She mused quietly and quickly at the question. “I didn’t know I could do so much with it- A-Also what are you doing here?”

    What could the bane of her existence be doing here? Why now and… why there of all places?

    Her heaven, tainted by the presence of that boy. How unfair could life get after so much had already happened to her?

    As I said, I’m visiting for… good reasons.” He replied placidly, resting his head on the chair.

    Rias, this is an intervention.”

    Nope.” The redhead replied under her breath, her attention moving to her chair as she got it up and proceeded to bring it back close to her gaming setup. “I’m not doing this-”

    People are getting worried-”

    Don’t care.” She interjected quietly, setting her gaze back to the monitor. “I’m busy with… important stuff.”

    Roleplaying yourself as the grand Fool of Owari, I bet.” He sighed and turned to the monitor once more. “But seriously, this isn’t healthy-”

    I’m showering just as I usually do, I don’t get too cold and I am there for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” She replied swiftly. “I think there is nothing wrong in deciding to spend some time alone to think about… everything that happened.”

    Hoitsu blinked much to her chagrin. “You’ve been thinking about it? May I ask then what conclusion did you come up with?”

    Rias blinked. Should she seriously tell him? Until now he had shown a civil attitude and… maybe it would be bad to speak about this to someone else.

    She really missed Akeno…

    I know that… you aren’t the one to blame.” The girl began quietly. “At least not to a major degree, I still think you could have put some words and-”

    Technically, I would have settled up with you apologizing to both Issei, Asia and me, sign a Magical contract to never try to meddle with Asia or me, and maybe if you got a hundred power-spanks from your mother.”

    She tensed, paling a little. “Y-You are crazy! I couldn’t face more than twenty power-spanks from mom and...”

    Rias blinked. “Actually, that would have been… lighter than what I’m dealing with.” The girl admitted, then she shook her head and sighed. “Still, the decision was passed by the Bael clan with the agreement of a majority of the other Pillars.”

    People wanted a scapegoat and you were an easy target.” The boy pressed on with her explanation. “It could be considered leniency that you were given house arrest rather than prison time.”

    She flinched. “It’s still impressive that… the Underworld is so barbaric regarding punishment.”

    Laws hardly changed since the Old Satans’ rule. While reform happened in some sections of Hell, Zekram wouldn’t allow the power within his clan to be divided to others.” He continued to say much to the redhead’s agreement.

    A pity that there isn’t much to do about it.” The girl confessed with genuine honesty. “Removing the restrictions limiting us from expanding the families with new blood… it would boost the Underworld’s manpower.”

    Like it happened with Grigori.” Her blue eyes returned back to him. “Azazel wasn’t just being kind with those shunned by Hell and the big H above, the troops deployed by Grigori are a little more than the combined forces of Angels and Devils.”

    She shuddered a little. “T-That much?”

    It isn’t a close secret.” The boy replied. “Grigori was that much big during the Great War, that is why it received the worst from the other two factions. The two smaller fishes wanted to deal with the biggest one first.”

    And they lost-”

    Like everyone else.” I interrupted the little smug remark. “How much do you know about what is happening outside the mansion?”

    Rias blinked at the sudden question, frowning suspiciously. “Very little. Why? Did something important happen back in Kuoh?”

    He shrugged. “Nothing much. Did you know that Big G is dead?”

    B-Beg your pardon but… with Big G you meant… the leader of Heaven?” She had to have heard wrong. There was no chance that the Maker died… how did He even die?

    Yep. He’s been dead since the end of the Great War. Dunno how did he exactly die but-”

    How do you even know that?!” The redhead’s confusion was rising with the calm tone in Hoitsu’s voice. “W-Why aren’t you even shocked by the news?”

    I think everyone knew, deep down, that He was dead.” He replied sarcastically, gaining a serious glare from the Gremory. “O-Okay, I was told beforehand the big revelation. Yes, some moron decided to spoiler this detail to the world and… things are getting crazy.”

    She shouldn’t be asking, she shouldn’t be digging further in that insane rabbit hole but…

    Her curiosity! She was starving for someone to talk to!

    W-What kind of crazy things?” The girl asked meekly.

    He hummed quietly and then… nodded. “Tokyo was attacked. A mixed group of monsters, loyalists of the Old Satans’ heirs and the madman known as Rizevim Lucifer threw a massive assault that saw most of the city destroyed.”

    WHAT?!” The girl jumped off her chair and started to tug at his shirt. “How- Why- YOU!”

    To say this massive news without flinching was just… annoying and infuriating.

    She let out an exasperated groan and softly headbutted his chest. “You.. are possibly the most insane being I’ve ever met.”

    Once you see Rizevim you will be reconsidering this statement.” He replied with a small smile. “Alas I think I will be going now since it’s getting a little late and I’ve stuff to do back home.”

    Rias backed away with a frown. “You what? We barely did anything and I want to know more-”

    This might be the first visit of many.” He interrupted, promising extra time for later. “The objective for this situation is that you need to get out from your room and wander a little more. I don’t know how you are going to spend your time, but you need to get out of there and get some more social contact.”
    It’s not that bad.” She replied stubbornly with a frown. “I-I’m fine-”

    We are shrouded by darkness, I can smell that while you showered you didn’t get the tracksuit cleaned and… do I have to check your browser history-”

    T-That’s unwarranted! I- We both know that it’s a must once or twice in a while.”

    What? It wasn’t like it wasn’t normal for a girl her age!

    Get out, change the tracksuit until this one is clean.” He ordered with a tired tone. “Go play Monopoly, paint walls or just blast things around with the Power of Destruction, you can’t pull a hermit life like this.”

    He stood up from his chair and turned towards the door. “Also before I forget this one, you should call Sona and speak a little with her and… please, do ask her about the ‘uniform situation’.”

    The door closed behind him and leaving her alone in the room once more, lots of thoughts left for her to pick up and properly address in good time.

    Yet, despite the encouraging words and the good suggestions he left for Rias to explore, the redhead’s attention was mostly taken by just a small detail of his last speech.

    What the heck was the ‘uniform situation’?!



    Small steps, nothing too rushed and… Rias will possibly be back?

    A pseudo-Gamer, a Memester in the making, the Gremory will show ‘new powers’ once she is fully restored to the cast. Will it be fun, will it be cringey?
    Only time will tell!

    Also quick reminder for those wondering ‘what happened to the Omega Foundation?’: Another chapter of fluff and I will resume the more serious stuff. The insanity about Azrael has just unfolded and I will be taking inspiration from Jojo to draft a ‘sidestory’ of sort inside this very plotline. The main protagonist? An OC that isn’t an OC, but absolutely not an Insert of any kind.

    You better look out to whom you should trust in these trying times…

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    Chapter 53: Amnesiac Danger

    Trying to keep things safe in Tokyo was proving to be a task far more difficult than the ‘easy mission’ she had expected to deal when assigned to the case.

    Last month has been rather unkind to Raynare.

    After losing her wings, being stripped of her high role within Grigori and forced to go through the grunt’s penance for the second time as the infuriating jobs were unbecoming of someone with her power-

    Or rather someone that had that much power before being beaten by some no-name human.

    Even thinking about that stupid bastard was enough to make her anger boil. Yet the wingless Fallen Angel was hardly interested in trying to get some revenge against those that condemned her through this downfall.

    Not because she was dumb enough to ignore the infuriating group, but more like she still was afraid by threats the Governor-General had drilled in her brain just a month ago.

    As much as she tried to explain how this was all done in the name of Grigori, to bring more power to the faction, Azazel dully rejected these affirmations, saying that trusting the words of someone like Kokabiel had been one of the worst mistakes the young woman could have committed.

    It wasn’t a secret to many low-tier officers that Kokabiel wasn’t the most reliable leader, having tried more than once to kick-start some conflict either with Hell or Heaven.

    Yet when she was greeted by this powerful commander and then promised power in exchange of caution and devotion of the Twilight Healing to Grigori, Raynare couldn’t help herself but take a bite at the bait.

    How foolish the girl had been to think that she would have been smart enough to try and attack that gullible Hyoudou to steal his Sacred Gear. By messing that simple operation, she ended up ruining the rest of her plans regarding that naive nun as she drew the wrath of that fucking nobody.

    It still stung, literally. Her back ached once or twice every moment of the day as Azazel decided to leave a ‘gift’ before turning his attention elsewhere, either administering the faction or fooling around with other projects.

    No matter which healing product she used during training sessions or while she was supposed to rest, her wings weren’t going to grow back as the seal prevented that.

    Deprived of the power of flight and weakened to a pitiful state, Raynare was ready to endure some hellish treatment by her co-workers. Teasing, chiding and lectures ensued by the moment she was reassigned to one of the densest garrisons in Japan that had one of the strictest training camp owned by Grigori.

    She was supposedly ‘guarding’ the facilities with other Fallen Angels, but the Governor-General didn’t back away from making her experience… worse than expected.

    Raynare’s days for two full weeks were filled with harsh training of various kinds. She wasn’t given much relief, nor rest as the young woman was pushed to prove even more than the trainees.

    She was a former field agent, she was rightfully expected to accomplish the tasks in peak performance.

    But while the girl dreaded the beginning of the new day and wasn’t allowed any luxury to spend her free time, her mind decided to experiment around something she had noticed during that fight and felt interested enough to give it a try.

    With her power halved and her wings taken, Magic had turned to be an essential but limited tool. Magical training was something the camp allowed during free time and Raynare was quick to exploit the opportunity to improve herself and gain some-ability that could replace her previous spears.

    The Silver Lining spell, the very atrocious nightmare that had been mostly responsible for her defeat, proved to be an extremely useful tool.

    Not only to throw things left and right or latch onto an opponent or a thing, but to also create traps by adding new spells that could well-mix with the simple support magic.

    Her strings were now strong enough to slash strong boulders and tie down multiple magical-enchanted automated dummies.

    Physical-wise, her form was shaped carefully, her strength slowly coming close to match her enchanted blows back in Kuoh and her speed was almost double as when she began.

    Quite painful, but from pain she found new strength and purpose.

    The month proved that gaining power through training was… oddly gratifying. It wasn’t easy as it was stealing the ones available to others, but she didn’t have to deal with anything that could potentially kill her in the process of ‘growing up’.

    As strange and annoying as it might sound, that goddamn fight may have closed the door of a slow ascendance through the ranks of the faction but it also opened a massive door that held unquestionable and untapped potential.

    It would have been a grand thing to accept if… something else hadn’t happened.

    While Raynare was sent to the rookies, Mittelt and Kalawarner were given a lesser punishment by being merely reassigned to another leader. Nothing else was changed, their ranks left untouched as their wings were.

    Contacts were keep out of former camaraderie and respect, and news were exchanged every single day since they were split…

    Until they started to follow that blasted FAN CLUB!

    Hoitsu-sama is so strong! Hoitsu-sama is so handsome!’

    And even though those details were terribly true, it didn’t make the sense of betrayal any less than how she initially felt it at the revelation.

    Isolated and left alone to deal with her tasks, training seemed to be only thing left for her to embrace fully.

    It was annoying when Tokyo was attacked and she was quickly moved out of the facilities and right to guarding duty. While the capital had recovered pretty nicely, the city was still hiding some of the monsters present during the assault.

    The objective was easy: Keep the assigned district safe from supernatural enemies while steering clear with the still-active conflict between Ghouls and Humans.

    It was an odd addition, Raynare knew that Ghouls were dangerous to Fallen Angels if not taken seriously and she was put even in a greater disadvantage by being wingless.

    The night shifts were the worst cases as those happened during the period of time of the day when the flesh-eaters were keen to wander around for a midnight snack.

    The young woman was a target, not the easiest but still someone that could be quickly taken down by a good ambush.

    That is why she carefully moved through the alleys and backed away from any large groups she would see during patrol.

    Monsters were sneaky too, making tracking them quite the difficult mission but… she ended up already finding five in the last two days during her later shifts and she wasn’t certainly backing down because of the difficulty.

    Raynare was determined to not fail at her first test after so much time of ‘inactivity’ and that made her even more careful to not… mess things up.

    Thus planning and paranoia became important elements during her work here in Tokyo, making sure to not spark any suspicious about her real intentions nor anything that could screw up her Yuma Amano fake identity.

    Then… she met him.


    Her nose itched in disgust at the terrible smell coming from the trashcans and small dumpsters all around the alleys she was exploring.

    This day-shift was already ‘stinking’ and Raynare was glad that it was now a matters of minutes before she could go back to the small bed of her temporary flat. It wasn’t the best place where to live and rest but she knew that it would have gotten much worse if she decided to ask for another place.

    Turning the umpteenth corner, the girl stopped and hid behind one of the bins as she heard and saw a punch slamming a young man against the brick wall of the building.

    He had short, dark-blue hair that hardly reached the end of his neck, orange eyes giving off a goofy but intelligent light while he was being taken out by the man.

    Is that a Ahoge?

    A simple yelp, a surprised expression painted in the youthful face of the victim of the beating. Then the same hand that hit him, snatched him by his neck and lifted him up.

    The young woman slowly turned to stare at the culprit, giving a flat look at the craze-looking ghoul donning the generic thug-like clothes set, trying to appear one of the toughest around but only making her eyes roll in dim annoyance.

    The situation was clear, the boy had somehow been lured away from public’s sight and the flesh-eating fiend was capitalizing on the idiocy of the young human.

    ...Nothing to see here.

    Just as she was about to turn around and let nature be nature, she ended up hearing the reply of the supposedly scary bystander and… she stopped.

    I-Is this a game?” The boy asked naively, his burst lip slowly healing up. “What are the rules? How do I win?” His ahoge twitching curiously at what was going on.

    The man snarled and slammed even harder the younger being onto the wall. “Playing dumb aren’t you to avoid being killed? Also how are you managing to heal this quickly?”

    The teen blinked, eyes widened. “Oh? Isn’t that normal for hu- I mean, isn’t that normal with other people.”

    You are annoying, brat.” The Ghoul remarked with some anger.

    His chokehold increased, but no reaction at the sudden increase was visible in the boy’s facial features.

    But I bet you will be a satisfying meal once I’m done with you.” A malicious grin spreading on his lips as his kakugan burned fiercely at the idea of devouring the easy prey.

    Raynare blinked, her eyes narrowing at the still-present confusion on the youth’s face.

    What the hell was his problem? Why wasn’t he scared or afraid of-

    She sighed, hoping that she had indeed heard correctly from the young man’s words, the small detail alluding for him to be… non-human.

    The girl couldn’t feel much from him and… that was odd. He didn’t feel like a human, he didn’t feel like anything or anyone she had ever seen or felt.

    A strange individual shrouded in mystery…

    This sounded so terribly cringey but… she had to intervene now that her curiosity was begging to see more from this unknown element in the field.

    The Ghoul’s eyes widened when white-colored strings of light wrapped tightly around his arms, just below his elbows, and with a painful crunch cut both limbs up.

    The boy was quickly dropped, his eyes widening too but instead of showing some disgust at the gruesome scene… he looked more fascinated by the fallen arms.

    Pain and panic surged at the sudden strange attack, yet his eyes were quick to lock onto the culprit of this attack as Raynare slowly advanced towards him.

    She was wearing a professional dark-themed tracksuit, her face hidden by a motorcycle’s helmet as to not give away her ‘identity’ away.

    Y-You! You are of the CCG!”

    The human-made group with the purpose of ‘countering’ Ghouls? What a squalid notion but… maybe it was the pain speaking- Nah, he has to be the dumbest bastards in the city if he thought that a masked girl was part of that organization.

    Leave.” She tried to order at the Ghoul, but her annoyance dripping and influencing her words, making it sound like a pompous demand.

    Y-You think that you can just come here and command me, you bitch?! I am- I am going to kill you.”

    Admittedly, Raynare should have expected that the Kagune could have been a problem. Depending on situations, Kagunes were the bane of people like her as these were used as major weapons either for long- and short-range.

    So when a wing-like construct formed from the thug’s back and started to shoot at her with some pellets, her reaction time proved to be… disappointing even for her standards.

    It wasn’t like she was arrogant in thinking she could easily take a single Ghoul, it was more of a case of ignorance regarding her current mental state.

    She was tired after some intense shifts, barely getting any rest those days and the lack of proper training was destabilizing her pattern just a little.

    So when she rushed out of the pellets’ way, two or three still managed to sharply cut at her leg.

    Hissing in pain, the Fallen Angel gave a deadly glare at the smug-looking Ghoul before ordering her Silver Lining to wrap around the fool’s neck and decapitate him.

    The bloody show that followed didn’t hit anywhere near her, nor near the silent boy as he stared in awe at the scene unfolding before him. His stare was… childish, as if he was a little kid looking at a clown making some animal balloons in front of him.

    With the threat neutralized and the teen ready to be taken away, the girl made just a step towards him and stopped, flinching in pain as three large gashes were bleeding by her leg. The very limb wobbled a little, strength failing but she wasn’t certainly going to fall because of it.

    Sighing, she turned at the ‘human’ and tensed when he started to walk towards her.

    W-What kind of game is this? Did you win or-”

    S-Shut up! T-This isn’t a game!” The woman replied sharply and angrily, the pain causing her wording to be more aggressive than usual. “I’m- Can you give me some help, I did help you back here and-!?”

    The boy showed some realization, nodding mid-speech and crouching a little so he could tap her leg and…

    Light engulfed the limb, a soothing warmth coating it as the wounds and the blood vanished.

    The Fallen Angel blinked, surprised at such sight and her jaws falling in reaction, but then turned to stare at the smiling young man and she… felt her cheeks flushing.

    W-What did- Why?!

    W-Who are you?” She finally asked, her mind riddled in confusion at such enigmatic individual and his unknown abilities.

    The youth smiled and nodded. “Oh? My name is Nobody, Kind Lady.”

    A confusing introduction that gave her more questions than before, something that wasn’t helping her growing headache.

    She wanted genuine answers, not this… crap!

    Yet part of her reminded her than wasting time around in this area of the city would hardly help her in any way.

    While the Ghoul was dead, who knows how many more there are all around, lurking to join in the ‘little banquet’ both she and this stranger were presenting by staying idle.

    She needed to go… back home.

    Sighing, Raynare took hold of the collar of the teen’s shirt and started to pull him, encouraging him to follow.

    Keep quiet and don’t get away from me.” A simple command, one that would have easily made people question her intentions… but the very individual interested by the statement was just smiling and complying to the simple demand, like a newly-adopted puppy would do to its new owner.

    But things were far from over…


    Nobody was his name.

    He knew the meaning of the term and how it could be intended as a derogatory word, but he also knew that it was the truth.

    He had no name, thus Nobody was his name.

    The reasoning also had a nice ring to it and thus he kept calling himself as such.

    He remembered how he woke up in a large forest far away from Tokyo, how he had started to walk away from something. Something he knew nothing from but for some reason felt scared to encounter.

    But what was fear? What was being ‘scared’?

    Questions increasing every step he took, aimlessly making a path away from that very forest and right towards civilization.

    The cemented roads were good signs that he was going in the right direction and his optimistic perspective undeterred by what ended up being a two-days long trip of endless walking.

    His legs weren’t aching, nor he felt anything that could get him from stopping to walk.

    Walk was moving, moving felt like things were changing all around him and thus he walked until he found the next interesting thing.

    He knew what Tokyo was… a city. His mind was empty from anything that could add to the beautiful series of buildings captured within the civilization of mankind.

    He wasn’t Human, Nobody was sure he wasn’t human, and yet he felt a sense of kinship regarding them, a connection that also kept him from annoying the strange patterns they were adopting all around the streets of this massive settlement.

    Encountering the rather odd but comical man, the one that snarled a lot and had some strange eyes, proved to be beneficial because he then ended up meeting with…


    She didn’t offer him her name yet, her face and body hidden by some heavy clothes that left him intrigued and confused.

    During their walk that ended inside one of the many buildings all around, the woman was keen to tell him that he had been put in danger and that he should be thankful of her intervention.

    An odd depiction of the situation since… he hasn’t been truly in danger… hasn’t he?

    He didn’t certainly perceive anything threatening from the recently-killed man, but if this curious woman said that she was his savior, who was he to refuse her?

    The world was just that odd.

    Odd enough to make his mind question how things really work in this silly place, odd enough to make him amused and endeared by how silly it truly was.

    A mirthful chuckle hid behind his lips as he was led in a strange… cubicle?

    Its walls were metallic, the ‘doors’ closing as the woman started to press the curious display of lights and then… he felt moving up.

    So this was how people went to the upper floors?

    Nobody was sure that it had to be the good replacement of stairs, this contraption helping simple humans to go through numerous floors at once.

    How convenient and genuinely complex!

    His smile widened as the woman sighed in relief at the clicking noise the door they reached made, entered inside the… house?

    He blinked, awe reaching up to an astronomical level as he was greeted by what looked like to be the interior of a house.

    A wondrous sight for sure, he admitted within his thoughts with overly-enthusiastic giddiness.

    Just as he was about to finally comment about what he was looking at, his eyes locked onto the young woman and… he stopped thinking for a moment.

    Her helmet-like cover was off and her hair fell freely out of it. Long and well-cared black hair reached down below her lower back and her violet eyes looked… unfocused for a moment as she started to slowly remove her attire.

    Soon a white sleeveless shirt was revealed and her… chest was given some more freedom.

    He blinked and for some strange reason felt the need to look away, his face reddening a little at the sudden action of the woman.

    She seemed to notice, a frown plastered in her face but also some… amusement?

    Something caught your attention~.”

    Her tone was soft and… strange. A funny strange, a strange he was unable to truly understand but…

    The house is nice.” He replied happily, the girl’s frown deepening while her smile disappeared in a… pout?

    It’s small,” She commented quietly. “But yes, it’s fairly nice.”

    He nodded. “So… what now?”

    Were they now going outside once more? Meet other people?

    Right now I need some sleep,” She blinked tiredly. “But first, I need to eat something.”

    Sleep? Eat?

    His mind knew what those were but… did it mean that he had to… eat and sleep too?

    He was gestured to the small yellow-colored table and soon Nobody took one of the seats for himself and… waited.

    He was so excited by everything around him. So many unknown objects and devices that all had quirky purposes, simplifications of more difficult labors rendered easy to the comfort of many.

    Mankind was odd but also smart. So smart that they even explored beyond Earth!

    His thoughts were interrupted when a strange cup-like container was placed in front of him. It was opened by the upper section as steam softly lifted from it.

    The boy blinked at two wooden… sticks?

    What was… this?

    He paused, eyes looking up right at the dark-haired woman. The girl hummed as she slowly took the sticks in one of her hands, interwoven in her fingers, and then brought one of the strings present inside the deliciously-scented liquid in the container to her lips and…


    He blinked again, this time turning his attention back to his steamy cup and… emulating the same pattern the female sitting in the opposite seat of his.

    He managed to slowly got the hang behind the sticks and then… fished one of the strings. It was rather limp but he managed to coordinate well enough to bring it to his own lips and…


    At first he was ready to copy even the small sound the girl made but… the intensity grew higher than hers. It was just that… the limp string was so good~!

    As soon as he devoured the first one, he moved to the next one and again… again… and again.

    His mouth sent delightful notes and he could feel a strange positive sensation from his stomach.

    His face glowed in pure glee and he paused a moment to bring a hand onto his cheek.

    A snort briefly interrupted the heavenly reaction, the girl seemed entertained by his reaction.

    You know that this is just some cheap noodles?”

    Cheap… noodles? That is the name of this food?

    Yes, this was certainly proof that humanity was going forward. If this was cheap, such a delightful treat that filled everyone with this gorgeous emotion, then Nobody was now intrigued what ‘expensive’ food could taste like.

    By the way, your name is… Nobody, right?”

    He nodded, happy that she remembered. “Yes.” He replied, showing his cheerfulness.

    You mean that… you don’t have a name or someone gave this to you-”

    I picked it.” He admitted with minor pride, causing the woman to blink.

    Is that so?” The teen nodded again and she sighed. “What if… someone wanted to give you another name?”

    He stopped from eating the noodles and stared up with a starry-eyed expression.

    It would be nice.” He muttered calmly.

    What if I decided to call you...” She hummed quietly and then nodded. “Junichi?”

    Junichi felt something pressing on his chest, something internal and… it was an emotion. What was it and… why he felt his eyes getting wetter?

    That’s… nice?” He was confused over the meaning behind this word but… he knew it was better than nobody.

    Good.” She sighed and then stopped while looking at his face. “Are you alright?”

    The wetness started to slowly fall off his cheeks, drops of water reaching the table’s surface and then…

    A handkerchief was softly pressed right where the water was falling, a small scowl present on the girl’s face. “You are crying because I gave you a name? Are you a crybaby?” She asked with a placid tone.

    What was a crybaby? Did- Did he offend her?

    I-I’m sorry.”

    Another sigh. “You truly are something, Junichi.” She commented distractedly, before glancing back at him. “By the way, I’m Raynare.”





    He nodded, waiting for Raynare to finish cleaning the unknown wetness and return back to her seat.

    The ‘Eating’ session continued for a little more before the two cups were taken away back to the kitchen. The young woman returned and gave him some instructions.

    I will be sleeping for… maybe four hours. I would advise you to rest for a while and to not cause any issues while I’m resting.” She pointed her finger at the long couch and gave him a sheet.

    Use this to cover yourself and… you know what to do.”

    Yet he didn’t, but he decided to merely nod and accept the orders.

    Happy of his reaction, Raynare went ahead to leave him alone in the living room as he tried to find a way to cover himself with the short sheet.

    He tried to find a way but… in the end his socks were visible at the end of the couch, uncovered and feeling cold.

    And now… what was he supposed to do?

    Junichi had never thought that he would end up thinking too much about… sleep.

    What was sleep? The act of sleeping was something that had to do with… closing your eyes and… and then what?

    The boy closed his eyes but… he just would be awake, only with his eyes closed.

    He huffed, this challenge taking his full wit for fifteen minutes before he conceded defeat and… decided to ask for help.

    There was a strange silence within the ‘house’ but Junichi was quick to find his way right to Raynare’s room and… He frowned at the sight he was offered.

    Instead of the expected a large bed with the girl tucked in, the young man blinked in surprise at the small… thing which resembled a mini-bed.

    There was no mattress underneath it but it was… functional?

    He could see Raynare’s hair, her head set away from looking from the entrance and… she was shivering.

    His eyes widened, this time in… apprehension. Was she feeling cold? Of course that silly mini-bed wasn’t going to offer enough warmth but… what was he supposed to do?

    He was grateful that she saved him, that she took him to her home and… gave him food and a place where to ‘rest’, so he had to help her somehow.

    Could he offer her his sheet?

    No, then he would be left without something to keep himself warm and… then his mind picked up some information about warming up someone.

    It… It could work.

    Without hesitation and with a determined smile plastered on his face, Junichi slowly went to lie beside the girl and, lifting up the cover of the mini-bed, snuggled inside the tight contraption, using the sheet to cover up the new gap. His arms slowly wrapped around the shivering girl’s waist and… the effects were instantaneous.

    The shivering ceased moments later as her soft snoring replaced the sound of her shivers. He blinked, nodding happily at his success and… decided to try to sleep there.

    His eyes closed and… this time he felt his attention diverting from his thought and… right on the warmth he could feel coming from Raynare.

    It was a nice warm, something that felt delightful and…

    Without thinking too much about it, Junichi fell asleep beside the woman that saved him.

    The following day, Raynare would be the first one to wake up and… subsequently beat where it was possible the confused boy. When the reasons behind such a closeup happened were disclosed by the recovering male, the Fallen Angel was reported sporting a full-face blush for the rest of the day.



    Ow now! Thewe iz a new character! This story is over!’

    Seriously, after receiving this comment just a few times and… having someone read the fanfic to know if it was that bad, I grew resilient to this kind of comment. I can understand if you were ‘dropping’ the story for grammar issues, I admit I suck once or twice in a while, but I fail to see how the story is ‘literally dead’ for you all readers.

    But alas the story of Raynare and Junichi will be fully explored… in the upcoming Christmas Sidestory called ‘Amnesiac Danger DxD’.

    It will be an Investigation and Lore-explorer for what happens to Tokyo while Hoitsu isn’t there and… the main protagonists are the duo presented there.

    But worry not, Junichi and Raynare will be part of the main plot anyway and… will appear several chapters from now.

    And yes, I’ve decided to relegate the secondary plotlines like the ‘Harry Potter’, the Nanoha and the JoJo storylines to sidestories.

    I know that many were expecting those to happen in this main story, but I felt that I was trying to lift a 1500KG weight by going for that route.

    There will still be some references and the ‘Jojo react’ will still be there. Also, lots of WRYs and ORAs coming very soon!

    Lastly, Junichi might be relevant and ‘dangerous’ later in the plot but… I can admit without shame that he will be the perfect example of Man-child cinnamon roll. Lots of chaos, insanity and mayhem and… he will grow up to be a little more human. They will both grow up.

    P.S. New Schedule is now up in my FF Profile Bios. Magical Trickster DxD will still be a daily-updated story.

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    Chapter 54: Back to School (?)

    I was patiently waiting by the Student Council’s club when a sudden wave of nostalgia washed over me.

    Just a month away and I was already missing the place where I spent my free time… signing paperwork and helping with any administrative-related situation.
    Now, doesn’t this bring some fond memories?

    When we started the year at Kuoh Academy, without a single idea of how different it would be compared to a Lyceum?

    Weren’t those happy times-

    You were literally regretting going to school after the first day. And we faced much worse than that.

    I was just being melodramatic-

    Something you are showing more than usual nowadays. I admit that you have been rather… annoying about some stuff.

    You think so?

    It’s something a little less about a sudden change of attitude and rather that you have been… easing your attention over serious matters.

    I mean, things had turned rather slow ever since the attack on Tokyo and I rarely get to spend some time to recover about… everything.

    You are getting lazy. I can spot some chub forming already-

    I am still training enough to keep in shape, you dingus!

    The walk to reach the club-room gave me the chance to look if Sona did end up changing the uniforms already and… I was surprised to see people wandering the school’s grounds without a uniform.

    Everyone was walking with their own clothes and it didn’t take me much to understand the reasoning behind the situation.

    Since ordering new uniforms was going to take some time, I guess that the Heiress of the Sitri Clan wanted to avoid keeping people from continuing to use the extremely ‘unbecoming’ clothes and opted to merely remove the uniform clause with the support of the principal and the School Board.

    A daring move in a Japanese High School, but given the reasons that motivated this extreme action, I bet convincing people of this temporary situation was far easier than in a normal circumstance.

    Finally the door opened and I was greeted by two familiar individuals which… paused in surprise at my presence.

    Sona was stuck in her place and…

    I barely had enough time to understand that Tsubaki’s hand was pinching my poor cheek, lifting me from my seat and glaring right at my pained face.

    A month.” She breathed furiously. “You have been away from Kuoh for a full month and you didn’t even deign to send me a message.”


    N-Not enough!” She sighed before letting go and giving me a hug. “I missed you.”

    I hummed and nodded, still aching from that cruel greeting. “Mis-Missed you too.”

    What,” The Sitri blinked confused, her voice soft while showing some… surprise at the reactions. “Is that?”

    We stopped the hug and Tsubaki backed away, sporting an embarrassed blush while I let out a sheepish smile.

    J-Just g-greeting a friend! Nothing else!” The long-haired girl explained and Sona’s stern look seemed to find honesty in the Queen’s words.

    Deciding to avoid any other headaches, Sona turned her attention to me once more. “Hoitsu, wasn’t expecting to see you this early and… without notice.”

    I decided to come and visit around. I’m happy by how you are dealing with the uniform issue-”

    Ordering so many school uniforms for both genders proved to be quite… annoying. People asking why a school needed that many uniforms at once, trying to find a way to sell the unbecoming ones and finally dealing with Irina-san and her quirky attitude.” The girl admitted eloquently, causing me to raise a curious eyebrow about Irina’s situation.

    Oh? Now that last one is… intriguing.

    She appeared to be rather fine back home and both Issei and Asia have said nothing about anything wrong.

    I know that I shouldn’t be given any information about the last predicament but… since Irina is staying at my house, can I at least know the general bits of-” I tried to subtly get some answers but… I soon discovered that I didn’t need any of that.

    She decided that she had to use a very skimpy pair of clothes during gym sessions. I don’t know where she got the idea that a short shirt that show her mid-riff and some short pants can be considered a replacement to the precedent uniform… and let’s not forget her… predisposition with the teachers.”

    Sona had already taken a seat and I knew that things were but just at the beginning with the exorcist.

    Why I feel like she was going to be a difficult case-

    She broke one of the teachers’ hands because she got corrected about some mistakes in her homework.” She added with a groan.

    I frowned. “Couldn’t it have been just that she mistook the teacher’s actions as menacing-”

    It was Mayumi-sensei and she is still at the local hospital for that.”

    I flinched at the image of the kind and old woman that was Mayumi-sensei, the kind and revered teacher having been rather the supportive kind with all of her students and… now I knew that the situation needed my intervention somehow.

    I will… have a talk with her when I get back home.” I affirmed with determination.

    That’s good to know and,” She paused a moment, seemingly recovering from that rather annoying topic. “I guess that your visit isn’t just for pleasantries.”

    I tilted my head and blinked. “Actually… it kind of is.” I admitted quietly. “But the topic is ‘outside’ of Kuoh right now. Did Rias call you yesterday?”

    Sona froze a moment and frowned.

    I… She might have called, yes, but it was quite the short call.” She replied slowly. “She seemed quite nervous at first but then showed some of her former self. I suppose you are somehow involved if you mentioned it.”

    I visited and… she is dealing with the situation by turning in a pseudo-NEET.” My response was met with a facepalm.

    Of course she would...” Pink eyes narrowed right at me. “I hope she wasn’t doing anything… indecent.”

    She was playing a RTS, nothing weird other than megalomaniac ambitions in a fictional scenario.” My brief description caused the girl to crack a small smile at that.

    I bet it is Total War Shogun 2. That would explain who is the player that is failing so much in the multiplayer section of-” She stopped as my eyes mirthfully locked onto hers, a blush spreading as she tried to back-pedaled away. “I-I mean, I heard that-”

    Sona, playing RTS isn’t a grave sin and I’m not the Spanish Inquisition.” I interrupted with a tired sigh. “But I want to know how you-”

    Oneesan thought it would be nice for me to have a computer instead of playing with the same people at chess. She showed me this website where you can play with people from all around the world and then… brought me that game.” She explained quietly, her blush still present.

    That is… interesting.” I nodded with a smile. “But let’s return to the call. Any important topic or-”

    She said that you entered her room like some thief.” The Sitri answered curtly.

    She had her lights off and was playing in full darkness. I think she would need glasses if she was a human girl after being this close to the screen for Gods’ know how much.”

    Reminds you of someone in particular?

    I’m willingly accepting the burden of having done been dumb as a child-

    You continued to do that until you were sixteen.

    I think teenage years begin by seventeen-

    And last until 18?

    You know, we are starting to sound like an old couple.

    Please no.

    Then stop nagging me like that.

    Only if you stop being this dumb.

    The discussion changed to other topics, ranging from simple life things to more serious ones and…

    The question I dreaded the most came around.

    By the way, Hoitsu, when are you planning to rejoin Kuoh Academy?” Tsubaki asked calmly. “It’s been a month now and you shouldn’t just waste the whole year like that.”

    I sighed, relaxing a little on the chair. “I’m working on having an efficient way to deal with my responsibilities with my group, but I hope to rejoin in a week or two from now.”

    We are going to consider this a promise, you know that?” Sona pressured much to my displeasure. “You are a good student, a good young man and… I think this wish is shared by Tsubaki and others, I want to see you graduate here before I do.”

    I blinked. “What?”

    You may be unaware of it but… you set a good example of life for many young students here at Kuoh Academy. Both males and females have been working really hard to try and keep up with ‘Hoitsu-senpai’.” Sona’s statement brought some surprise at me as… I was unaware of this.

    I know that I was popular at school, but I long thought that it was just a matter of appearance rather than… being a role model.

    Why did I never notice any of this?

    Too busy with your own problems. We aren’t that much interested in the school’s social habitat and thereby ignored most of it while going for our way forward... I wonder how much did we influence them.

    Some boys have started to act less annoying around girls and some couples have formed during the last few months of school. All because… the boys followed your attitude of being gentlemen around girls.” Tsubaki continued, adding more curiosity to the growing fire within my mind.

    B-But then why I-”

    There is a relatively quiet Fan Club about you here at the Academy, not as crazy as the one developing via Grigori, and they have been promoting a curious manifesto about the ‘good student’ with you as the prime example.” Sona continued to talk, noticing my confused look.

    It has a large amount of the school’s population subscribed and many think that it has improved immensely the social condition and the grades of the entire school. The recent exams displaying some record marks compared to the last six years.”

    Well damn…

    I know, it’s odd but… you are famous for being a decent human being in a school with perverts.

    T-That’s a lot to take.” I admitted after being so much silent. “I suppose that… I will take my leave now.”

    Both girls nodded and the three of us stood altogether as we made our way towards the door and, as I made my way outside I-


    I was pushed to the ground by two erratic-looking boys. Two very familiar boys.

    Matsuda and Motohama froze as they stared up to find a furious scowl attached to the ‘bane of their existence’. It was in that moment that I noticed that they were holding clothes- no.

    They were holding bras and panties of various colors and kinds.

    Goddammit, already regretting coming here.

    I stood up while pulling up with me the two panicking perverts while I heard a familiar stampede of people coming nearby and… I was greeted by the entire Kendo Club rushing towards us.

    While I had expected a full cavalry charge at that point, I was surprised when they all stopped.

    Their eyes went wide open, their anger towards the two boys turning in shock at seeing me there… after a month of being away.

    An uneasy silence followed and then-


    Hoitsu-san! He is back!”

    The girls all approached, looking rather happy to see me back to the Academy and, while I would have been glad to make this kind of encounters, the issue was… the state of their clothes.

    The most conservatives of the group were only wearing a shirt and knee-long pants while some were covering their chest with their arms and…

    Ladies please, while I would be… glad to greet all of you, I think you should mind the fact you need to put on the clothes that were stolen by those two.”

    As if on cue, the two perverts let go of their stolen goods and the Kendo club started to flock to pick up their underwear. Some glared at the two morons while others spared some smiled at me and gave a quick greeting before backing away.

    Some went back to their changeroom and… others remained for a little while.

    I think they are… trying to get you to stay there so the others can have a chance to speak with you.

    They could have… asked me to wait.

    It would have been weird to ask, we both know that.


    In the end, I ended up sparing some words with the girls of the Kendo Club and the… plans of my return to the school were revealed.

    They were all elated for this, but they didn’t went overboard with their enthusiasm and soon… I was escorted to the entrance.

    With this visit finished, I was ready to go back home and… deal with some new issues.

    Now, what should I do about Irina?

    Fragment of a Broken Cycle: Primus Adventus Apocalypsis

    Timeline: (Broken Trickster DxD)

    This… This should work.

    I sighed in bare relief as I was granted a small place where to rest after my little pilgrimage across the world.

    Eh, pilgrimage…

    Some might rightfully consider this trip more of an attempt to escape justice. Justice that would see me either dead or turned in a lab rat in the hands of some sadistic scientist.

    Probably the latter considering that my crimes could easily get torture and eternal damnation if I was caught by the authorities.

    I coughed, the blood staining the dirty floor of the abandoned alley that I made my newest home for the time being.

    New York was the perfect place where to find a hiding spot.

    There were just too many powerful beings all around and my already cloaked energy should make sure that no one had been able to track me to the Big Apple.

    I slowly fell down, face meeting the floor as I embraced rest after failing to get some sleep for four months straight.

    Insane regeneration and prime fear could do that to someone trying to run away from the greatest of trouble.

    Nightmares were welcomed by now, at least I was still receiving some time to recover a-and think.

    But then the thoughts weren’t helpful. Quite the contrary if I have to be honest.

    To say that I was suicidal, I think it would be wrong to a certain degree.

    I didn’t seek death because I had nothing else to lose, the issue was presented by… my very existence.

    The more I walked on Earth, the more destruction I would end up causing.

    The Beast was hungry and only sheer determination and a steel-like sense of duty were keeping it at bay for now.

    But the Beast had already bathed its teeth in blood. Strong blood, devilish blood… innocent blood.

    My eyes were closed, yet I could still see the red-tinted scenes of that terrible day. My infamy, my greatest sin.

    I croaked a sob, my sorry state of mind giving away some of the unquestionable guilt that was slowly consuming what was left of my sanity.

    I was a ticking bomb, a very dangerous one that even a mere shake could decimate an entire city.

    Spotting an unoccupied cardboard, I slowly crawled towards it and tried to get some cover from the sight of people wandering by the nearby street, trying to get the least attention and then… I did find some rest.

    Darkness, screams and… confusion.

    I started to stir up from my sleep the moment I was dropped in some soft floor, some rug that exuded some warm.

    Eyes snapped open and I was granted the sight of a smug and familiar face that I seriously didn’t need to deal with right now.

    I couldn’t be bothered to deal with Cao Cao right now.

    The room was illuminated by several lights, I could see that there were numerous windows all around and…

    We were in a skyscraper. The hint that give it all away was the sight of other tall buildings nearby and… I was punched in the face.

    The new individual was crying, fat tears rolling off her face as she was pulled away by some other members of the small group that managed to capture me and put just some lame seals.

    I was barely sluggish, but I was fairly sure it was this body’s tiredness rather than some weak magical restraints.

    Kuroka was trembling, struggling in the attempt of Bikou and Arthur keeping her away.

    I felt a familiar presence staring right on the opposite side and… Yes, that was Vali.

    So he did end up betraying Grigori anyway… or did he?

    Looking around a little more, I saw several other faces. Faces that were all loyal to Azazel.

    I could see Tobio Ikuse with the entirety of his team, I could see Baraqiel leading few members that I recognized as part of his Cadre.

    So this is the terrible monster responsible for Kuoh’s massacre.” The leader of the Hero Faction of the Khaos Brigade gloated quietly. “I thought you would have been more difficult to subdue after Ophis gave some of the harshest words she could ever gift to someone in this world.”

    ...” I didn’t have much to say, not even his annoying face could bring out much from me anymore.

    I was just… apathetic about this display of people as I knew that…

    They couldn’t do anything about me. I was beyond their reach.

    I started to slowly get up, showing indifference at the seals swiftly trying to enforce their purpose onto my body but… cracked as I continued placidly in my simple move.

    Some stared in shock at this, others were keen enough to not reveal any of the surprise at this development.

    You can’t subjugate me,” I flatly commented, my voice empty and… almost too weak to be heard all around. “I’m too dangerous.”

    The wielder of the True Longinus sighed. “I guess you are going to be a nuisance-”

    You mistook my words, Cao Cao.” I interjected, a strangely mirthful rumble going through my throat. “You… you can’t kill me.”

    As to prove my point I took a step towards him, his instincts kicking in as he took a good stance with the Longinus and…


    His eyes widened in shock as my hand quickly took hold of the untouched mid-point of the lance and calmly broke it.

    It didn’t take too much for his shock to turn in sudden fear and panic, his strongest and only weapon shattered like that. The strongest Sacred Gear lost its glow, rusting as its pure magic was destroyed in a single action.

    My hand burned slightly at touching something that powerful… and yet I was already regenerating from it.

    Do you want to know something I truly despise of you, Cao Cao?” I asked in a dull tone. “Everything, and I mean everything, about you is disappointing. From your ‘grandiose’ power to your ‘heroic’ personality.”

    He didn’t reply, he was too afraid at the world-breaking panic he was suffering to listen much from my words. I was already a monster of an above level in his eyes, something that couldn’t really be killed as I had proclaimed.

    Your origins are humble, your hate for some people legitimated by how said people acted against you, but I really hate how much of a pompous bastard you are.” I sighed. “But the worst thing is… I hate how fake you are.”

    This time, the jab drove right onto his soul as his stare hardened for a moment but… I didn’t care at this point.

    A hero is someone that use their power to protect innocent people, not to stroke their own ego and let the world in madness because of it.” I chided, but I was too detached to give emotion to my words.

    I was just… too much of a husk to care how to properly address some meaningful words.

    Those would have been fine to inspire people, to get them to change from their evil way but…

    There was just no way in Hell that Cao Cao could beg for redemption at this point and time.

    How much blood is staining your hands right now?” I asked nonchalantly. “You wouldn’t know how many Yokais you killed because of some ‘Divine Duty’ towards humanity. It’s kind of odd how you pledge your loyalty to mankind but you are the first retard to just go let’s kill them all without hesitation.”

    Y-You killed too, monster.” The man recovered (finally!) and started to push back at my verbal attacks. “What is your excuse-”

    None.” I replied without hesitation.

    … “W-What?” He looked surprised. The fool.

    That is the thing, I can’t excuse my genocide. I can’t excuse the killing of so many people, nor I will ask for forgiveness for killing relatives of those present here.” I admitted coldly. “Not because I feel entitled to what happened, but because I don’t deserve forgiveness.

    There was a pause, I could feel some of the glares intensifying at the mentioning of that detail, something I was already prone to accept and thus did.

    But I wasn’t done with the impertinent lancer, I wasn’t done making sure he was conscious of his grand sins.

    But do you want to know what makes me, the monster, better than you, the ‘simple’ hero?” My tone was dripping with the reality of my sanity. “I, a monster, recognize my nature as such after giving up my former self to something that lurked from the very beginning inside of me. Something that exists only within me and that wanted to kill. Only kill.”

    I paused, a sigh building up but failing to leave my lips.

    Then there is Cao Cao, the righteous human that eagerly kill everything that isn’t human. Like a professional racist bastard with a big stick there to compensate a lack of morality, you went so joyously in a killing spree after murdering Yasaka’s daughter back during my very first mission.”
    His eyes showed realization but no. I wasn’t done with this piece of shit.

    I bet you are recollecting the fun time you had slaughtering the Yokai population in the city with your buddies, trying out some hunt sessions after you decided to go and kill Yasaka. Even with the city dying all around because the leylines collapsed and exploded, killing humans too, you still remember this proudly like a good hero should, aren’t you!?

    I coughed, more blood staining the bandages covering my hands, clarity finally putting me back in a blank facade as I decided it was to end this charade once and for all.

    You… everyone, no matter the reasons driving you to this very place. Today this is going to be your grave.” I sighed gravely as I felt everyone tensing at my words. “You have been sent to your death. You may think this is some arrogant statement, but I can assure you that your leaders, those you love and respect so much, knew that nobody was leaving this place alive.”

    Just as I was ready to go through the speech I had planned just a few moments ago, I felt something shifting… right beside me.

    I ducked just in time to dodge what looked like a strange scythe, the blade not even managing to cut my hair as I suddenly twisted and slammed my hand through the attacker’s chest.

    I was expecting someone familiar, someone that I could lecture or maybe be guiltily hurt from but…

    Blue eyes, the blonde hair. It looked like an Angel, but it didn’t feel like one.

    There was no Light within him, only nothingness.

    But the Beast didn’t care at all, recognizing food no matter their form or energy.

    B-brother?” There was a confused yelp from the intruder, the stranger considering family and yet I knew nothing about him. A trick? Possible but… the process was already ongoing.

    There was not much of a reaction from the assailant, dark-red bubble spreading quickly all over its body and… then he was absorbed within me.

    I could feel its power, its weaknesses and…

    Oh my God.

    The tremendous amount of pain that slammed onto my soul was almost unbearable. The Beast roared in fear, its mindless state headbutting onto the wall of sorrow and getting drowned by it instantly.

    The doubt, the hesitation, those were the mistakes it committed as finally I got clarity thanks to the last gifts of the stranger.

    A full-copy of Humanity’s souls that divided my very soul from the Beast, sparing it from being devoured so slowly, and then… the plan.

    An odd plan, a plan that was working but… it was flawed.

    It was a cycle, a never-ending route that showed mostly no changes.

    Then the worst scenario happened, the cycle was mended badly by some incompetent fool and…

    And now there was an idea. Something to snap the painful resets and… create the perfect timeline.

    I had the instruments, I had the time and the clarity to deal with everything and…

    First, I will have to war with everyone for this to happen.

    Nodding to myself, I barely noticed that everyone in the room had regained some bravery, Tobio leading the charge from Grigori’s side while Vali leading the Khaos Brigade.

    The dual attack was meant to overwhelm me but…

    I was in control. I was always in control… but now I could do it without butchering things up.

    A powerful blast destroyed the entire skyscraper in a controlled demolition, killing the entirety of the task force made by Khaos Brigade and Grigori.

    Innocent bystanders blissfully unaware of the most terrified attack since September 2001 were taken by fear and shock at the loud explosion.

    Those walking by the sidewalk nearby the building were surprisingly found unscathed, the pieces of the building being ‘deflected’ by what the witness would call ‘red barriers’ that formed all around them.

    A supernatural case that happened to everyone nearby the explosion and leaving many to speculate about… strange theories.

    With reporters drilling government’s officials for a proper explanations of everything that happened in that quiet night, the world was shocked by the first case of paranormal activity that happened in such a large scale.

    But the most confusing testimonies were all about the lone figure flying away from the blazing inferno of the collapsing building with what many would call ‘Dragon-like Wings’.



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    Chapter 55: Guilty Price

    The living room was quiet later that afternoon.

    Tapping my fingers over the edge of the table, I waited patiently for Irina to finally speak.

    She was a little nervous- scratch that, she was genuinely frightened by the irritated expression plastered on my face. Gulping nervously, the girl was fidgeting as if trying to delay whatever answer she had planned to give out.

    Do you want to be sent packing home?’

    Harsh? A little, but it was necessary that she understood that the only reason the brunette was dodging anything close to an expulsion was only because of Michael’s orders of having her study there.

    Even though that saved her from dealing with any major punishment, the students in her classroom, all of those that heard of the fact she was given leniency over some heavy stuff she committed, were going to investigate about ‘why she was untouchable’.

    And any attention directed at the special situation at Kuoh Academy, the way some students were ‘protected’, wouldn’t make life easier for anyone, especially for Sona and the administrative branch of the school.

    Once I was back from my visit to the Academy, I decided to avoid any confrontation until late lunch-time, when most of the people had already gone away from the table and I had a chance of having some initial words with Irina.

    Irina, I need to borrow some of your time. We need to talk about something important.” My voice was neutral, already a sign that something was off from my usual self.

    Kunou noticed, same for Koneko and Asia. Kuroka and Akeno decided to not directly interest themselves to the situation as I wasn’t that much angry at the human girl.

    Issei paused a moment to glance my way but resumed his task of finishing eating the last bits of food in his plate the moment he saw me wave quickly his way.

    Xenovia was the one that was the most interested on the matter and I decided to… try something about it.

    With most of the group going to do their own things away from the room and Akeno deciding to start cleaning some of the dishes in exchange of an explanation about the matter after I was over with it, I found myself in the living room alone with Irina and… her former partner.

    The blue-haired girl looked confused, curious and… wary of what was going to happen as I wasn’t in a good mood.

    And for good reasons too. I think it’s time to address this issue before things escalate in a worse predicament.

    The bylaws of Kuoh Academy might be a hefty book to study, the length making it a rather dull read that no normal student would be eager to accomplish. It was because of this that some rules are presented by teachers for the first day of new students as to avoid any major issues early on during the year.” I explained with a placid but stern tone. “Are you familiar with what I’m referring to?”

    The question was left silent for a while, but then the girl nodded slowly, her face betraying none of the emotions channeling within her.

    Then do you know what is… rule fourteen?” I asked quickly and without hesitation, catching the brunette off-guard for a moment.

    She seemed lost in her thoughts, trying to remember what exactly ‘rule fourteen’ was and then…

    I-I don’t remember the precise rules- but I’ve been doing fine until now-”

    The rule states that ‘Students, may they be boys or girls, have an essential duty in the form of representing a sense of self-decorum in keeping a proper set of clothes around. To never make use of revealing pieces and to remember the common sense regarding fashion and designs.’.” I interjected with the full description of that specific rule. “You broke that rule-”

    T-That’s- That’s fake- I’ve been wearing proper clothes during school-time-” She tried to explain, but failed to notice that I wasn’t in mood for interruptions today.

    Except when it was gym time, wearing extremely short clothes.” My tone getting sterner and making her flinch a little. “A shirt that showed your mid-riff, do you think that is ‘proper clothes’?”

    Irina didn’t reply to that one, a smart move finally coming from her about this matter.

    Xenovia, is it proper for an exorcist to wear something skimpy during training by the Church Standards?”

    The Italian girl blinked and… shook her head. “It is… against the rules. The clothes are generally weighted ones to help augment the results of training and it is hardly condoned the showing of unnecessary skin with the training cloth.”

    I nodded at her reply. “Then I can say without hesitation that this isn’t ‘normal’ by the Church Standard.” I turned back to the guilty girl. “So may I ask why?”

    I-It’s terribly hot here in Japan.” She said, her excuse starting meek. “I tried to wear something a little more conservative but I’ve little that could help me to deal with the heat.”

    Then why didn’t you go to buy something new in these few days?” I pressed on, feeling that something was off about her explanation. “I know that you did went out around Kuoh Town with Asia and Issei.”

    She blinked, lips parting and ready to offer a response when… she stopped, cheeks flushing a little some embarrassment and I didn’t exactly need an explanation about the reasons why she ‘did not think about it’.

    Could it be that you were interested by ‘something’ else?” A sigh promptly left my mouth as I saw her eyes widening even more. “Just say yes, Irina, we don’t need to go through details and we can agree that next time you are going out you will buy some new clothes.”

    The brunette squirmed in her chair but managed a nod.

    Good, now that we finished with the least worrying concern, we can talk about the elephant in the room-” I turned my eyes at the confused look plastered in Xenovia’s face. “A metaphor that means ‘the issue at hand’.”

    She nodded in understanding and I focused back to her partner.

    Irina, do you know what is rule two?” My tone turned cold suddenly, causing the girl’s eyes to widen once more, straying from the brief relief given by the idea of finally being left alone.

    She blinked, her violet eyes widened before she looked away as realization struck. One of the most revered rules as it was particularly… distasteful to break.

    I-I’m unaware of anything about tha-”

    You broke Mayumi-sensei’s hand, Irina.” I replied flatly, gaining a twitch from the girl’s body. “What is your excuse this time?”

    Silence reigned for a full minute and I sighed in disappointment. “I’m trying to help you here, Irina, if you don’t-”

    I-I don’t need your help!” The brunette snapped quickly, sporting a defiant look. “While I did make some mistakes, I certainly will not accept the help of someone that is hardly connected to the Church, that lives with unbecoming people and-”

    Do you want to be sent packing home?” My voice cut through her little speech fairly easy, almost like a hot knife would with simple butter.

    She froze, eyes going wide in shock at the sudden ultimatum.

    Xenovia was alarmed by the unexpected escalation but didn’t intervene just for now, giving me the chance to continue.

    Lord Michael has been kind enough to allow you to stay here in Kuoh Town so you wouldn’t be taken away by Xenovia and by new friends there, he was kind enough to have you enlisted with some good recommendation and… this is your gratitude to him?”

    She flinched once more but… I wasn’t done yet.

    Seriously, this girl wasn’t going to like the following words.

    I might not be part of your little ‘happy group’, nor I follow some of the self-imposed rules you have, but I remind you that this is my house. I house you here, I give you free food, your laundry is made by expert people and… this is your gratitude for how many things have been done to you?”

    I-I didn’t mean-”

    You meant every single word and what’s worse is that you decided that ‘because you were immune by most of the worst detentions’ that you were going to exploit it whenever you wished.”

    I paused, blinking as I noticed that she was starting to shiver a little.

    Am I going a little overboard?

    I think the more you point out her faults, the more it will sound like this is beyond a mere case of lecturing.

    Get to the point already. Right now she is ready and listening to you.

    I nodded to myself and sighed. “But I am not a cruel monster and thus I will not force you to immediately leave Kuoh Town.”

    She froze, teary eyes looking up at my softened look. “W-What?”

    While your actions have been quite severe, I will allow to try and make amend of the mess you created.” I sighed tiredly before continuing.

    Tomorrow morning you will be called by Sona to issue a formal apology directed to Mayumi-sensei and then Xenovia will take you to the hospital where you will apologize personally with the teacher in question.” I concluded this bit of the redemption ‘campaign’.

    The brunette blinked in confusion and… her mouth betrayed her right where she thought she was left with such a simple punishment.

    N-Nothing else?” Her hands went to clap her lips shut, but it was already to late as I cracked a small smile at the reaction.

    Your hangouts with Issei and Asia will now happen on a weekly basis and tomorrow’s will be the one for this week. It will be used for… that little clothes issue you have to deal with at once.”

    She groaned a little but nodded, keeping quiet this time.

    Good. Then I guess this discussion is done altogether, you both may go.”

    Irina nodded and stood up, walking towards the staircase and… stopping as she noticed that the blue-haired teen had yet to move.

    Xenovia?” I asked quietly for an explanation and the girl blinked.

    I actually had to talk with you, Hoitsu. Something about Gasper that I… wanted to know about.”

    I nodded at the brunette, gesturing her to go for her way as I talked with her friend. “Sure.”

    The girl hesitated for a moment but complied and soon it was only me and Xenovia.

    So, what do you want to know about Gasper-kun, Xenovia?”

    She blinked for a moment and then… sighed tiredly. “Gasper told me why he wears girly clothes and... I wanted to ask if there had been survivors at the Tepes massacre of a few days ago.”

    Now, that is a quick opening of himself.

    Gasper needed someone to latch onto. Someone that isn’t trying to possibly manipulate his Sacred Gear, of course Xenovia had her slack halved compared to Canon Issei.

    There is a survivor, yes. I suppose you are referring to Valerie Tepes, correct?”

    Her eyes widened just a fraction, probably because the surprise was limited by the knowledge that I was aware of Gasper’s origins.

    She is actually under the care of family, someone trustworthy.” I paused a moment and frowned about a little thought about this very individual.

    Azazel wanted to have her and the group she was currently keep safe in to join up with the Omega Initiative by tomorrow’s reunion, thus I could… work something about it.

    I suppose you have Gasper’s phone number.” I guessed and at her nod I continued. “Then once this discussion is over, I want you to call him and tell him to ask Akeno to take him to 23 Sapporo Street around 4 and 5 PM. Valerie will come to Kuoh for an important reunion and I suppose it would work for him.”

    She blinked. “That sounds… like a trap.”

    It’s an official thing actually.” I admitted with a genuine tone. “Azazel is making sure that the group I am leading has the proper manpower for the storm that is coming.”

    And you… are recruiting Valerie Tepes?” The girl asked curiously.

    Her and someone else. Another teen that was present during the attack.”

    An unknown Belmont. The fact that he was named after the original name of the prime enemy of his family was fairly interesting but also legitimate.

    There wasn’t a major certainty over the knowledge the more recent generations of the vampire-slaying family had about Dracula and I guess the Inquisition burning up some of the archives might have messed things up in the process.

    So… 23 Sapporo… Street?”

    I nodded and the Italian girl smiled. “Good and… thanks.”

    You are growing attached to him.” I commented as she stood up from her chair. “Do you return the affection he has for you, the fact he considers you an older sibling?”

    It’s… strange.” Xenovia admitted quietly but she still nodded. “Yet he is quite… refreshing to have around. Smart but not arrogant, I like his… taste in terms of games and his interesting knowledge over… anime?

    I nodded to confirm her wording and her smile widened a little.

    Also, he did show me a special technique, a support one that… I think I can show here without any chance of causing damage.” She continued, taking a serious stance and making me tense up a little.

    What?” I tried to stand up, to have her to back off from any chance of fighting and then… I saw her turn around and rush towards the staircase.

    She vanished while going upstairs, but I was temporary frozen by the word I just heard leaving her lips.

    I flinched, I pressed my back on the chair and…



    Fragment of a Broken Cycle: Secundus Adventus Apocalypsis

    Timeline: (Broken Trickster DxD)

    The Trans-pacific flight was proceeding smoothly.

    With my mind regaining lucidity, with my soul finally calmed and given new life, new determination, I was finally allowed to do something with my damaging existence.

    It’s been just hours since I defeated the task force sent to kill me, mere hours since I found out clarity over a lucky attempt against my life gone wrong. I now knew why everything was familiar and why I ‘looked like Lucifer’.

    A plan that was terribly efficient only in the infinity while failing in the present.

    Everyone died, no one won and the endless cycle of pain continued without interruption.

    The Ouroboros of Reality, something that defied mere comprehension and…

    And it wasn’t alright!

    This is why an ‘intervention’ was needed, something to properly shatter the horrible loop and create a final time-based line.

    But to achieve such a thing, he needed to… break some rules. Rules that were beyond any deities around.

    Rules about space-time, rules about dimension.

    Until now the timeline has been linear, never-changing just as planned by the forerunner of this devious plot, an atrocious and cruel being that will be dealt with in due time.

    For now… I had some minor obstacles to take out of my way.

    Magical clouds, powerful concentrations of magic and… a divine army standing between me and the gateway to success.

    I could recognize the wrinkled face of Sun Wukong standing by Indra’s side. The Hindu God of War was glaring my way, few meters away another familiar deity gracing me with a… sad frown.

    Shiva looked younger than Indra, yet the power he had was much much much! STRONGER!

    It was chilling how a single entity could contain that raw power, a living testament that this was truly one of the top ten strongest gods of this dimension. Awing, shocking and… still disappointing.

    Was this supposed to truly poise a threat? This was just a little stronger than what I ‘faced’ back in New York and… I blinked.

    I registered something, my body being squished forcefully down onto… the ground?

    Water had bent, blinding light consuming and burning but… doing little against me. I frowned, slowly standing up as I realized how… sluggish I was feeling.

    My attention was suddenly taken by Shiva, the God of Destruction rushing through the light, his power flaring determinedly to try and stop me and… I felt pain.

    The punch actually hurt, surprising me as I was sent careening away, the light following me during my flight and…


    I… I should have expected this trickery from Michael, that sneaky bastard was using Heaven’s Secret Weapon against me.

    The powerful beam should have erased a normal non-divine, corrupt monster like me but… I was just too strong and Michael wasn’t God. The beam was rather shy and hardly made the difference as it only… weakened me for a while.

    Yet it was still costing me previous time.

    Quite the annoying trick if I have to be honest but… a very good plan that was proving to be terribly angering.

    I could hardly move with the light hitting me, my sudden weakness offering a chance to actually stall me until other divine forces could reach and join the battle.

    More people, meant more obstacles and… more obstacles was going to hurt him the worst.

    Now, that wouldn’t do, he was working with a limited timer and… it was time to make use of the infamous power of Lucifer.


    The Trans-pacific flight was proceeding smoothly… and I started to fly up above and ready to invade Heaven first.

    I had the means to access the gates of the highest reign and breaching proved to be easy as eating cake. The guards were silly and inferior Angels that hardly put any resistance against me, rendering the invasion fairly quick.

    Gabriel descended, other Seraphs joining. She was crying…

    I could see memories from Azrael’s perspective, the few times were the girl smiled widely and craved for brotherly affection. Lucifer… was a lucky bastard when he was in Heaven.

    She has… grown so much.

    I paused just a moment, tears hindering my sight while I tried to find a way to get her out of the way without causing her death but… it was too late.

    She spearheaded the assault, brandishing a mighty halberd that broke upon impact. The blonde didn’t stop, she slammed her entire body, trying to cause a reaction and…

    I hugged her softly.

    She stiffened at the action, stiffening and shivering at the contact and then… I whispered her.

    My little Gabi, so… so much strong.” My hands rose to her cheeks, she looked… like back then.

    I smiled, yet tears couldn’t stop flooding.


    Her body fell graciously to the floor and I stopped for a few moments to mourn her passing.

    She died protecting what she loved, a proud action her big brother would cherish her for, forever.

    The only soul that would receive a merciful death in my warpath.

    Heaven was swiftly decimated as I rushed through the meat-walls of minor Angels and crushed them without hesitation, my mind set to a goal beyond the fake lives in there. The Godly Army easily slain by the presence of something that domineered upon the end of Order, the finalization of Chaos and…

    The manifestation of Apocalypse itself.

    The First Heaven was… the quietest domain compared to the previous ones.

    A place that looked like an… endless sky trapped in a large cage of mirrors. It was a strange sight but… it was also… A refreshing experience.

    It saddened me that it had to perish along side the rest of the domains but… it had to happen.

    The end had to come to this world so the chance of saving everything could be reachable.

    Michael was there, his wings flickering between golden and dark, a clear sign that he was causing a sin right now and coming close to Fall from his divine state. A pity that someone this strong, this… merciful was turning because of me.

    It was… painful, but there was no other way around this time.

    Y-You dare to show his face, desecrating even further his legacy.” His shouts echoed strongly all over the First Heaven, causing me to blink in surprise and annoyance.

    He was such a good person, his heart of iron in the rightful place but…

    Sanity was declining for everyone nearby me. The more I wandered nearby, the more people would lose their capacity to think, to feel and… to act.

    There isn’t much of a legacy to begin with.” I admitted with an empty tone. “Except the fake existence we were bestowed by that ridiculous bastard’s idea of salvation.”

    The eternal condemnation, the end of what was fine and rightful.

    The real sin of Lucifer.

    He attacked, Ascalon crackling in magical power and I felt some fear in dealing with the highly dangerous blade.

    To think that it was this sword and not the Longinus that could actually kill me…

    You are an abomination!” He snarled fiercely. “A monster beyond humanity and morality-”

    Enough.” I ordered with the sternest tone I could muster and...

    Michael completely stopped moving, his eyes going wide open in shock and his lips letting out some drops of blood.

    My arm had blurred, piercing the Archangel’s armor and chest, bursting his ribcage and destroying some of his organs already.

    It was over for him, there was never a chance.

    There isn’t a chance for anybody in this world.

    My smile was a sad one. I wasn’t enjoying any of this but… it had to happen for this nightmare to end.

    We need to end this cycle!

    The chained fate… it needed to be broken free from the whims of an old fool.

    M-May you be cursed eternally.” The Regent of Heaven breathed raggedly, his blood already staining the limpid floor underneath us. He was close to his last breath, yet he looked as determined as when he started to fight.

    It was over.

    I’m already cursed, brother. Cursed to live in a world of fake and absolute dishonesty.” I sighed, calm swelling once more. “But my curse grants me a chance to avoid this from happening again. I will be the one to bring everlasting peace.” I replied resolutely, trying to ignore the guilt increasing because of my new victims.

    A difficult task, one that easily topped the end of Heaven and everything of similar magnitude.

    But my sins will at least die with me. I will take them to my grave and… make them my coffin.

    A chance to save reality itself, to break away from a stupid cycle that left us restarting in an endless loop and...” I paused, my face losing the determined expression as a somber mask appeared. “And you’re already dead.”

    Life was gone from the limp body that once was Michael’s. I sighed, feeling disheartened by this development and… by what I had to do now to avoid any other dangerous threats between me and… it.

    Placing the Archangel’s corpse down, I proceeded to lift my fist up and felt warmth shifting all into the closed palm.

    Then I slammed it down on the mirror-like ground and the surface… broke.

    The glass-like texture broke instantly all around, but the purpose behind my attack… beyond mere destruction.

    I felt light-weighted, oddly so, but the main purpose of this action was… complete.

    Heaven was rumbling, its floating state,. granted by divine seals, shattered by the continent-busting attack as it started to free fall right… towards the Pacific Ocean.

    The detachment of Hindu Gods stared in utter shock as the monumental size of land collapsed all towards them, some of their troops panicking and almost ready to break their ranks.

    Yet one rose to the challenge and I waited for him.

    Shiva roared a battle-cry, crashing his mighty lance upon my chest and… getting instantly vaporized by the wave of heat I created.

    The rest of the deities tried to protect their armies and themselves but…

    The Hindu Religion fell as the first ‘defenders’ of the Last Great War.

    And now? Japan was just a few ‘steps’ away and…

    I’m back Kuoh Town, my home, my prime sin and… my last stop before ending this madness once and for all!



    Some of the readers asks in my recent works why I sound this much… depressed.

    It’s not about RL, worry not! (LeSmile!) It’s more that I’ve been reading some Marvel Dark-Themed comics. Marvel Zombie is coming back, ya fools and… I still have PTSD for what Sandman did.

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    Chapter 56: The Brakes are Broken!

    Kunou was nervous.

    It wasn’t a novelty for the girl to be part of important meetings with people, nor was she inexperienced in social interactions, her inner issue stemming from the very annoying detail that interrupted the important discussion.

    The arrival of the group led by Alucard and Julius Belmont was met with mostly positive reactions.

    Akua did show tension at the appearance of both the son of Dracula and the current owner of the Vampire Killer, yet the worst of her quiet seething was directed at the young Belmont that walked beside the sole heiress to the Tepes Royal family.

    Her Niichan told her about the frail mind Valerie Tepes was afflicted with after making multiple uses of her Sacred Gear, her consciousness growing fragmented but not completely lost after some time spent enduring the atrocious effects the Sephiroth Graal had over its user.

    The young human staying protectively by her side appeared weak at a first glance, but Kunou was smarter than that.

    His Magical Core was potent, not at the levels of the guardians that led them here with Alucard being the strongest but enough to make some differences.

    There was a brief emotional moment between Gasper, the little vampire crying warm tears at seeing the only individual that showed care for him before he was taken in by the Gremory family.

    Soon after some introductions were made by Azazel himself, presenting himself more like a mediator rather than a proper element of the following discussion.

    The oldest Belmont was wary of the presence of so many supernatural beings, but also pleasantly surprised to see humans here too.

    It was a curious integration that ended with the beginning of the reunion in a formal fashion.

    Akeno joined in but kept quiet, taking a seat nearby the kitsune rather than near Hoitsu.

    Speaking of the ‘devil’, her Niichan started the important meeting by bringing up the biggest problem the group was going to face.

    Cao Cao was spotted near the territories owned by Indra, Azazel commenting how the leading man for the Hero Faction was trying to cut the ties he has with Rizevim before things escalated to an unpleasant degree for everyone.

    Increased surveillance was guaranteed by Grigori, but trying to overstep within the holy grounds of the Hindu God of War wouldn’t end up well for the diplomatic front.

    The attack on Tokyo did cause several deities from various Pantheons to join in the larger alliance formed by the three grand factions of Christianity.

    Shiva being the first to spearhead that moderate group within the Hindu Pantheon to properly pursue a close relationship with the growing coalition, causing no little frowns from the groups despising the Trimurti and making chances of finding some lasting peace after the end of the Khaos Brigade quite… bleak.

    Turning to the other problem, with Rizevim facing a rebellious Hero Faction and Qlippoth having been weakened after what happened back in Tokyo, the Super-Devil was put in a very hard spot that was seriously going to impair is capacity to properly move around without getting his actions spied upon.

    He was in a difficult predicament that left him without a strong army capable of keeping up with the one being created by the growing alliance against him.

    No matter how strong he was compared to all of those present in their ranks, the presence of numerous people with a non-negligible power would be more than enough to put an end to his ‘walk’ around the world.

    Thus the recruitment problem was going to influence the decisions of what was left of the Khaos Brigade, forcing the maniacal leader to take some extreme steps to ensure a continuation to his… survival.

    Plans were presented regarding possible ‘pools’ of discontented people that wished to fight back the ‘corrupt’ system.

    Plans that spanned all over the world as there were numerous places that had the group of people that could join without hesitation what was left of the Brigade, making their current work much more difficult than ever before.

    That was something fairly simple for the blonde, something that would be logical for the old man to do and… yet the grinning fiend floating right above the table disproved any semblance of logical thought within the Lucifer’s bizarre mind.

    Sorry for the sudden interruption but...” He sighed, ignoring that everyone was preparing to attack him any moment now. “Dad and I have to talk about private family things.”

    Kunou narrowed her eyes at the smug tone coming from such an impudent request. Her Niichan was already in his ‘Senjutsu’ mode and looked ready to jump in action any moment now.

    Some other individuals joined the smiling Lucifer and soon there were more than enough to match the current strength of the Omega Initiative.

    It was unexpected, so many people had already joined in with Qlippoth and they just managed to attack without notice once more.

    The worst part was that… Kuoh Town did have some of the strongest barriers in Japan, second only to the ones in Kyoto and once more those failed.

    Nobody dared to make the first act in what looked like to be a serious brawl, there was just too much tension and… everyone looked angry at the characters that were allied to Rizevim.

    Baki looked positively furious, his stance betraying a harsh reaction to the taller man with dark-red hair looking at him with a mirthful smile. It was the first time the blonde has ever seen the human brawler looking so much… murderous.

    Mob’s energy was flaring, matching up to the dark entity that glanced blankly at him, a ghost of a smile appeared what appeared to be a man with medium-sized hair and empty black eyes as the other two espers prepared to fight the being at all costs.

    Akua’s eyes were narrowed dangerously at the man that oddly resembled much Issa Shuzen, his power also matching to the character but… he seemed to be lacking something about him. Kahlua looked surprised but… also terrified, going so far to shiver at the sight of this unknown copycat as she was quite against fighting her relatives, even when this has to be… a faker.

    Mio and Maria gasped together as they glanced in shock at the armored woman, hair and eyes red as Mio’s, sporting a pair of horns in her unholy display of power. The blonde didn’t need to check her energy to know that she was incredibly strong and Kunou could also see some resemblance between her, the younger redhead and the half-succubus.

    In that state of turbulent calm, a single being stood out from the attackers, someone that looked oddly familiar to the Kitsune and… yet that couldn’t be possible.

    Ophis was still sitting in her chair, looking quite confused herself at the little girl that had a striking resemblance with her.

    Differently from the Infinity Dragon, this young girl was donning a somewhat less restrictive dress that still had the underlines of ‘Gothic’ that ‘Phis’ clothes were sporting. Her long hair were tied in a pony-tail and her face betrayed childishness and curiosity about the very predicament.

    Pitch-black eyes that barely showed the slits she had as irises turned to Hoitsu and… a small smile formed on her face.

    One step, then two, finally the girl started to walk calmly and giddily on the table, directed towards the confused young man. Rizevim showed no worry nor surprise at the scene, quite the contrary as some amusement twitched on his face.

    Kunou was frowning, feeling like something was off about the girl and… it wasn’t only her appearance. There was something, within her instincts, that urged her to stop the girl before she could fully reach Hoitsu.

    It was in a fleeting moment that her ears caught the final and definitive sign, two words softly leaving the ‘harmless’ child’s lips.

    My… Niichan.

    That was what Kunou needed to know that something was terribly going to go down and… she jumped to action. Climbing the table, the Kitsune started to walk towards the mysterious girl and… then stopped the moment she was graced by the young brunette’s attention.

    The Ophis look-alike stopped the moment she felt someone approaching her, eyes going wide open as she caught the frame of the blonde and then… frowned at her.

    My Niichan.” The dark-haired chibi stated resolutely, her energy flaring to an impressive level much to Kunou’s chagrin.

    He is not yours.” Was the strong reply from the blonde. Her power rose to catch up with this new enemy of hers.

    The entire table started to shake as the two engaged in a silent challenge of glares.

    Hehehehe, to think that my little bodyguard would show her greed in such a fashion!” Rizevim cackled, entertained by the storm in the making. “Why don’t we let the two decide who would win our little ‘chit-chat’?”

    What?” Hoitsu stated in utter confusion, something that was shared by pretty much everybod… except for Yujiro. The Ogre nodded calmly, his eyes fixed on the two fighters and… snorting in amusement.

    Surely an interesting brawl.” He glanced at his son. “Don’t you think so, Baki?”

    The younger Hanma didn’t reply, his mood mixed between anger directed at his father and shock at the development unfolding in the meantime.

    S-Surely we have the upper hand in this situation, Lord Rize-”

    Euclid, I remind you that we really aren’t there to fight ‘Daddy Dearest’ over there.” The man pointed at Hoitsu, the boy glaring back at the inappropriate nickname.

    Also, I think little Lilith needs to get some practical experience and prove her worth as a bodyguard.” The Lucifer added nonchalantly.

    How did you manage to get Ophis’ energy?” Azazel interjected with a serious tone. “I’m quite sure that there was no way in Tokyo for you to try that-”

    That’s because it happened before ‘Tokyo’, Azzie.” Rizevim interrupted with his usual smile. “Do you seriously think I would really risk in that situation? I might be crazy, but I ain’t that crazy.”

    When.” The goth girl herself demanded, causing the Super-Devil to sigh in annoyance.

    It was around when Shalba first mentioned the little plan he had for you, I decided to apply a limited version of it and make use of the candies you ingested on a daily basis to do the job.”

    He paused a moment, glancing at the two chibis ready any moments now to commence their fight and cracking a bigger smile at the scene.

    Processing the energy and making sure that your ‘clone’ wouldn’t be as ‘rebellious’ as you are proved to be the easiest part. The fact she is greedy about anything that she likes makes her… malleable for normal orders.”

    Yet she is… interested in me?” Hoitsu remarked with some confusion.

    A little trait coming from Ophis that was improved by… her greed.” The man surprisingly facepalmed at that question. “That is why I decided that ‘Lilith’ was the proper name. I mean, I think the only one coming this close to affection in your regards was mother herself.”

    I’m not Lucifer.”

    Rizevim blinked, then flashed a shit-eating grin. “Of course you are not. But do you seriously think I would ditch the opportunity because of it? You are the holy dump for all the jokes I want to give pops… while he isn’t here.”

    Kunou wasn’t interested in what was happening in the background as her attention was fully concentrated upon the irritated girl. Lilith huffed, rage swelling in her face as her cheeks turned red.

    The goth girl rushed first to the close fight and the Kitsune was initially forced to take a more defensive stance while dodging the swift and powerful attacks from her opponent.

    It took her just a few moments of dodging and deflecting the childish punches and kicks to understand how unprepared Lilith was for a brawl.

    Raw power to the finest, enough to possibly overwhelm the blonde, but lacking any discipline and control.

    Kunou’s strikes were soft compared to her enemy’s, but they were meant to accomplish something more than mere damage. Muscles were poked, probed and stressed.

    Working in a very limited arena, the blonde had to mind her own restraints and make use of a subtler approach to obtain a clear victory.

    Lilith didn’t notice the quiet ruse, continuing with her usual pattern and getting even angrier when none of her attacks were getting close to land on the elusive Kitsune. Another huff, her eyes narrowing even more as she tried to increase her speed and…

    Finally noticed that she was starting to get slower than before. The brunette wasn’t feeling tired, far from it, and yet she was still… slowing down.

    Confusion joined her fury as her eyes trailed a moment away from the blonde herself and wandered to the strange sensation spreading in her arms and legs.

    It was… pain? Her endurance denied her a certainty and thus Lilith was unaware of what could truly be causing this sudden sluggish tone in her movements.

    A blink, more energy filled her limbs and… she felt much better while her speed returned back to normal and started to increase even more than that.

    Kunou huffed as she realized that her trick had failed against her opponent, her brief pout regarding to this development quickly replaced by a serious frown as she knew that with subtlety thrown out of the window she had to get some more space to think and act.

    Surprise painted Lilith’s face as a kick rushed and slammed onto her belly, sending her flying few meters away while the blonde gave chase, the Yokai’s energy increasing once more and matching once more with hers.

    How infuriating and… curious.

    The brunette should have been enraged even more by this sudden strike and… yet there was something dancing within her body. It was a warm emotion that… tickled her.

    It spurned her to fight even more, to not back down as she was starting to have… something.

    Magic cackling by her fingertips, Kunou unleashed some intense Fox Fire and with it tried to create a small cage around the dark-haired girl.

    Lilith blinked at the sudden wave of blue fire trying to stop her, rushing towards it and… slamming against it mightily.

    The clash surprised the kitsune as the fire should have done some damage and… then she remembered that she was fighting a dragon and those were resilient to Fox Fire.

    With her second plan ruined, the blonde was now sure that her next attacks needed to be… hurting a lot.

    The dark-haired chibi broke through the cage, blinking just a moment to regain sight over her opponent and… panicked as Kunou started to run madly towards her, the speed displayed before her a major improvement compared to mere moments ago.

    The elbow slamming harshly on her face was the first hit of many that would capitalize in her fatal shock. A flurry of kicks barraged Lilith, rendering her unable to properly counter what her enemy was trying to attempt against her.

    The kicks were soon replaced by punches, fierce and furious as those landed mercilessly on the goth girl’s face and then…

    A powerful punch drove deep in her stomach.

    Lilith trembled a little at the powerful strike, dropping to one knee while she tried to recover from the sudden beating. Yet, the moment she saw Kunou jump up above her, the girl knew that this wasn’t over yet.

    The blonde huffed while jumping, her hands brought close to her side and cupped in the fashion of a sphere as… she started to chant.



    She is going to do that.

    Of all combos she could pull out from this situation… she has to go for that.

    I mean, it’s not that bad-

    We are talking about one of the badassest combos in the Dragon Ball’s universe.

    Then that’s good? You don’t sound angry and I do feel like this could actually work well.


    The chanting was almost done when I saw a blue orb form right withing Kunou’s hands. Energy crackling within her palms, the girl was almost ready to unleash righteous fury upon Lilith.


    The blast began powerfully descending upon the recovering dark-haired girl, eyes straight up as she stared in awe at the approaching beam of light and then-


    The loud explosion and the following curtain of dark smoke hid from everyone’s sight the results of the latest attempt from the Yokai and… then the blonde fell in the shadowy smoke.

    Silence reigned for a while and I started to worry a little about what was going on over there.

    Soon the smoke started to disappear and…

    The scene that we were all presented with stuck odd after seeing such a complex and fierce fight.

    Kunou looked sheepish as Lilith giddily had her hands in hers, eyes shining in child-like wonder while her legs jumped once or twice in a while.

    I-It’s not my technique, it’s Niichan.” The dark-haired girl nodded at the explanation coming from the blonde, the question behind the reply possibly related to the energy wave the kitsune just used.

    Lilith paused a moment to glance back at me and then… she turned back to the blonde.

    Niichan.” She had one of her hands over her chest while the other pressed softly on Kunou’s. “Ours?”

    The girl blinked, golden eyes glinting amusement and… intrigue. She nodded. “Yes. Our Niichan, Lith.”

    And then the kitsune took the goth girl in a hug. Shock filled the dark-haired chibi one more, this time directed at the embrace and she seemed quite tense for a while.

    Moments later, she melted in that hug and started to nuzzle close to the happy kitsune.

    An adorable scene.

    One that we will save in our memory forever.

    Like with the rest.

    Like with the rest.

    Soon the two broke the embrace, Lilith keeping latched at the ‘older’ girl’s arms for a while as the two started to approach back to the table with a small smile plastered on their faces.

    Kind of odd for Lilith, maybe it was because… she wasn’t fully Ophis?

    While she was made with the same energy and her appearance was similar, the girl didn’t go through the experience of living in the Dimension Gap for several centuries.

    They walked around the table and then reached for my seat, the blonde softly pushing the goth girl towards me with a teasing smile. “C’mon, you can ask now.”

    I blinked, Lilith blinking back as she took a step forward and… opened her arms wide. “Hug?”


    We’ve been hit with what I can only assume to be… super-concentrated sugar?

    You fool! That is diabetic-level cuteness weaponized in a super-chibi!

    I smiled a little and nodded. “Sure.”

    She advanced and slowly sat on my lap. Head snuggling on my chest and enjoying my arms wrapping her close, Lilith closed her eyes and nodded. “Hug… nice.”

    I was partly distracted by the situation, by the extreme level of cute but someone else decided to intervene on the matter.

    Julius Belmont lifted his hand up and spoke. “I don’t think I should say this but… what the heck just happened?!

    I lost my cute bodyguard, just the same way I lost my mother.” Rizevim replied calmly. “It’s always pops’ fault somehow.”

    I’m profoundly annoyed.” I shot back at him. “Seriously couldn’t you-”

    Hi ‘Profoundly Annoyed’, I’m son.” The Super-Devil interjected mirthfully, the tasteless joke making me frown even harder at him. “C’mon, you have to feel something from it.”

    If I was your father, I would have disowned you just because of that dad joke.”

    He actually flinched at the comeback, but the smile that followed hinted at no lasting damage upon him… much to my dismay.

    Anyway, since we got a chibi cat-fight done, I think we can all settle down and talk about the real issue that we have to face in those trying times-”

    I don’t think I said that we were going to talk.” I interrupted once more. “You are literally the only issue we have to deal.”

    That’s a false statement.” Rizevim fired back. “There is also Cao Cao and the Longinus stuck in his ass.”

    I sighed. “Then, what threat are we supposed to be scared about, Rizevim. Let’s stop for a moment with the chases, can we?”

    He nodded, humming quietly before… “Azrael is not in Heaven.”

    He escaped recently but he was captured, what about-”

    He isn’t in Heaven.” The man pressed on, causing me to frown in confusion.

    He was sealed away with some seals Lucifer left behind-”

    Those works only on father.” The man revealed tiredly. “It was a deterrent in case he went bat-shit crazy and someone had to stop him before the world was torched entirely. Azrael isn’t certainly ‘deterred’ by the seals.”

    You mean to say that, not only is Azrael isn’t in Heaven but… he is the biggest threat?”

    Correct, Papy!” The Super-Devil continued with a big smile. “The danger he is putting the world onto is far beyond anything that anyone could ever imagine. Think of Deadpool, give him Galactus’ powers and finally sprinkle him with the Infinity Gauntlet.”

    What he is trying to do, Rizevim!?” I pressed on as I knew the usage of references wasn’t completely a joke.

    And then the bomb was dropped.

    He wants to bring him back.” He said with a grave voice. “He already has his remains… it’s only a matter of time before he finds his soul and… get him back at once.”

    And… if he is back...” The man paused, his mood and face turning sour for a moment. “Then… tabula rasa.”



    I admit that Writers’ block this strong I’ve never faced. I wasn’t… feeling sick about it like the other times, but I had my attention taken by some silly stuff through the rest of the day.

    I started at 5PM am finishing writing this that it’s… 21:21. So yeah, I did four hours of utter clusterfuck to get this done.

    There is a fight, Lilith is now in and Azrael’s threat will be… multiple.

    Are you ready to face your worst fear-

    Wait no, Halloween is long over and…

    Then you all shall fear the Fear Turkey… and the one that screws it! (reference)

    P.S. The ‘best’ DBZ combo that Kunou literally rips off is Goku’s Meteor Combination.

    The villains displayed in order are: Yujiro Hanma (Baki’s father), Mogami (Former Esper turned in Malignant Spirit- The only one Mob couldn’t completely beat), Issa Shuzen (?) and Sapphire (Mio’s and Maria’s Aunt- and the MC’s mom in the series they are from).

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    WARNING: The ‘Broken Trickster DxD’ part in this chapter contain major characters’ deaths. I am sorry that it’s happening and… I can only say that it’s just the other dimension, not the ‘main’ one.
    Chapter 57: Intermezzo

    Why are you here?”

    Yujiro Hanma showed a toothy grin at his son, the question adding more to the amusement generated by this endearingly new situation that was granted by Rizevim.

    The mad man might have appeared to him like a pathetic maggot, his physical strength well-hidden within his ‘magical’ potential, but then the Devil decided to bestow him with a new ‘opportunity’ to have some fun.

    And with fellow strong monsters all with him? Why would Yujiro deny himself such a perfect way to return back to the scene?

    The world had long grown dull and stagnated, only a handful of fighters managed to gain part of his interest nowadays and… the Ogre was terribly bored.

    With the early retirement, he had hoped to gain some… clarity over a life without fighting.

    Yet… that was laughable at best. A childish notion that entertained his mind just moments after drawing with Baki, a notion that was urged by the lack of serious competition after his son’s attempt.

    There were no humans that could compare to him, nobody that could give him the bliss of massacre once more with his bare hands.

    Thus the most annoying period of his life began.

    A life where ‘serious’ challenges were put off as he tried to break away from the lifestyle he was born into. The life of a monster among men.

    Nothing satisfied him, nothing gave him the same thrill only battles could and… he started to grow restless.

    Training hardly satisfied. The wood cracked, the iron broke and the steel bent without hesitation, rendering any attempt to recreate a proper warrior to train against quite hopeless.

    Yujiro was a man of action, a man that needed to ‘pressure’ a little his hands, his legs, his feet, his fist.

    He was born to fight, he was groomed to fight, he was bathed by the fight itself.

    This… is a funny place.” The Ogre finally replied with a calm tone, his attention mostly taken by the immensity that was this massive, ‘new’ world all around him.

    Who would have thought that mythological beasts and monsters were a real thing? That there were beings that went beyond the limits imposed upon humans and turned into impossible individuals.

    And so the Hanma Patriarch felt… giddy about it. To be granted new challenges worth of his attention, to be lured in this mighty path and…

    His son was also there and he looked much stronger than their last encounter.

    What could a father and a warrior ask more from life?

    I heard that your woman and her mother survived what happened in Tokyo.” Yujiro finally commented, his words lingering for a while before he continued. “I’m glad.”

    A scowl was restrained in Baki’s face, denying him the same laid-back nature the brat had developed in the last few years. A proper man of battle, someone capable of becoming his true replacement when the world would demand a new ‘Strongest Man’ to fill up after his death.

    Words were also being kept inside within the boy’s lips, an attempt to deny a note of defiance… while giving a silent one instead.

    Slightly infuriating in a normal circumstance, but the situation was far from normal.

    A threat, a fish bigger than anything Yujiro could ever try to match in terms of power. Death was a natural element for men, an unknown factor that none could challenge nor avoid as it loomed over all of them.

    Yet Azrael wasn’t Death Itself, but rather a harbinger of the dreadful demise of all. He was tangible, beatable to a certain point and something that gave hope to the two leaders of the groups.

    Hoitsu… He could see why his son would follow him, why he would swear fealty to this individual.

    The boy, his age close to Baki’s, ruled his posture in a charming but authoritarian tone, something that would technically enrage the old Hanma as it would make him a primal opponent… but he didn’t attack nor planned to.

    There was no arrogance in his posture, only appropriate confidence.

    It sent him chills down his spine, matching sight with the young man. The raw power hidden behind those eyes… it was exciting as unnerving.

    His blood was boiling in intrigue, begging for some real challenge and… Yujiro restrained himself just this time.

    While he would have indulged in his usual needs, the predicament would hardly favor him for several instances, mostly because people could have mistaken his ‘craving’ as something a little more ‘planned’.

    Something that could be ‘forgiven’ to a certain extent, but fighting people that could easily break him apart? He had to train harder from now on and... maybe the presence of Baki would put an end to this minor torture he was dealing with.

    The Ogre just needed to wait and then, maybe, he could have the brat fighting against him.

    Not a serious fight, they were no longer determined to either preserve or deny the title of ‘Strongest Man’, but rather a Father-Son spar.

    His grin widened, causing the young Hanma to tense at the sudden change of expression, no matter how small it might have been for many.

    You got yourself some interesting friends too.” The older Hanma commented once more, this time his grin turning in a small smile as he glanced around the table, causing some to shiver in response.

    Yes. Those are my friends.” Baki replied with the same calm tone, reminding the parent that his child was indeed protective of his ‘friends’.

    Yujiro’s eyes were once more on him, delighted by the snappy comeback. “Oh? And did you have fun?”

    Plenty.” The dry response, meant to be perceived as a slap was taken with a mirthful stride. It was just like back then when they last fought and… his entire body itched for a fight after so long!

    That’s good to know.”

    This sure looked to become a very… amusing predicament for sure.


    Kahlua ignored glancing at her father, Issa looking as calm as he would usually appear as he matched glares with her other daughter.

    Akua was confused and her confusion was quickly turned in anger at the prospect that the only parent she was left with would now betray them… like Gyokuro.

    It’s been a month now since they had to deal with a traitorous mother, the oldest daughter was rightfully concerned about her sister’s state of mind at this predicament.

    Father should have been back home to deal with the pretenders and with the men that once worked with Fairy Tale and the woman that tried and failed to become her mother.

    Only an individual could be considered as such, someone that had the most of her respect even beyond death and that Akua hoped had found some happiness on the other side.

    You shouldn’t be here, father,” She finally pointed out, her tone painfully cold. A strange reaction, having been at ease for so long has left her unable to properly face these tense situations with the same cool mind as just the previous month.

    Was she getting too soft? Should she request from Hoitsu some time to spend alone to hone her personality back to an acceptable level? Would it even be alright by the young man’s standards?

    In a normal scenario, no. I shouldn’t have been here.” The Vampire patriarch agreed, showing some strange hesitation to continue to answer. “But something incredibly dangerous has just risen from the grave and… we all need to cooperate right now.” He admitted, letting out a tired sight.

    The Black Deva was surprised by the bluntness of her father’s voice, intrigued by what could have motivated the man to pursue an alliance with Rizevim of all people.

    Why?” She pressed on, her lips dripping some of the curiosity in her words much to her dismay and Issa’s surprise.

    There is a… terrible threat preparing to strike.” The Shuzen confided quietly, blinking for a moment and then he continued. “A threat more dangerous than Alucard and his subjects. Something… older and far more sinister that could seriously destroy everything.”

    The girl blinked, trying to make sense of the cryptic tone her father had now adopted, more similar to his usual self. “Is that the angel? Azrael-”

    Azrael is but the emissary of something worse.” He interrupted with a strong voice. “Lucifer might be a name feared for apparently no reason, but it was his unique power and last prophecy that got every being from Hell, Heaven, and Earth to be wary of this figure.”

    A… A prophecy?” Kahlua finally spoke, seemingly recovering from the shock.

    The blonde had long started to gain control over her emotions and while the current results were good to know about, the possibility of having her face another frenzy was…


    It is considered a prophecy by those that survived the conflict but it’s more known as a ‘promise’ from the first Devil before he perished in the Great War, a promise made by spite and absolute domination,” Issa replied, not even bothering hiding his little fear at what was going on.

    A prophecy? There were numerous kinds of prophecies and… this one mattered the most?

    Why would Azrael even want to have Lucifer reborn? Wasn’t the Devil representing the very semblance of Rebellion against Heaven?

    There is more...” The dark-haired girl deduced. “Father, we have to know-”

    And I will be happy to give you more information.” The man interrupted once more, a small smile plastered on his face. “I had long thought about bringing Moka and the others to this… situation, but I decided against it because I knew that they would have gotten endangered and after what happened back with Alucard… we can’t risk their lives.”

    The former nodded at the decision, approving the line of thought and exposing the idea behind it.

    If the rest of the family was to join, then so would the friends her sisters gained over their time at the Yokai Gakuen, further bringing inexperienced or weak elements that could be either hurt or killed.

    And that regret wasn’t something that the oldest of the Shuzen siblings could truly accept to herself.

    Moka and the rest of her sisters were enjoying peace after so much time of tension and dangers, it was time to… make Akashiya proud after her last disappearance.

    A promise of keeping all of them safe, to never let any threat ever come close to them and…

    Akua was the oldest sibling and thus… she was to shoulder the proper burdens to protect her family.

    It was her duty, it was her honor and… it was her wish!

    A wish that was blessed by her very soul, something that could make up for the horrible deeds she committed against Moka and Kokoa.

    A nod came from Kahlua, surprising the other two vampires.

    I’m going to… redeem myself after what happened back with t-that man.” The girl muttered, eyes steeling in a strong glance. “I’m going to help.”

    It will be a dangerous path-” Issa tried to warn his child, but the girl wasn’t done yet.

    T-That I want to walk willingly, Papa.” She interrupted with a sterner tone, eyes twitching in annoyance. “Akua-nee, Hoitsu, Kunou, Koneko and… the others! They all were there to help the poor people in Tokyo and… and I did so little.”

    She closed her eyes, tears flooding for a moment while a sob escaped her lips. “I want to fight, I want to protect them. I want to protect everyone… e-even if I have to kill Azrael with my bare-hands!”


    Mob’s eyes were fixed on the clear form of one Keiji Mogami.

    The man’s body looked… tangible. It certainly didn’t seem the confusing mess of shadows that he had to face when the spirit had tried to steal Minori Asajiri’s body and… commit murders.

    A powerful Esper before dying, Mogami was the sole being that managed to survive the full wrath of the ‘???’ Form, close to matching it before he got blasted away from both Mob’s and Minori’s mindscapes.

    He looked… normal. A plain-looking dark-haired man with untreated face-hair and a tired look in his eyes… yet he looked almost happy to be there.

    An odd sight for sure.

    Mob-kun, do you know him?” Teru was the first one that asked about the figure, possibly recognizing the hidden power inside the man but failing to recognize him.


    Only Dimple and Shigeo within the group knew about Mogami, maybe also Shu but the boy seemed to be mostly… tense. The orange-haired youth was boring his eyes onto the older Esper, trying to understand the limits of his powers as… he felt as strong, if not stronger than his father.

    I think you wish to understand why I’m here, Shigeo-kun.” The Esper mused quietly, staring at the ceiling. “And I will be quite honest and say that it has to do with someone that could erase everything with a mere snap of fingers.”

    S-So blunt, the boy thought quietly as his eyes widened just a little. There was someone that strong? A-And everything? Did it mean that his parents, Ritsu, sensei, and the others were all going to die?


    And I would ask that you restrain yourself right now, just as everyone else is doing while our leaders speak.” The man continued to talk, pointing out the fact the teen was starting to feel… nervous. “I understand your shock and your worries, but if you cause any situation here, the threat could hardly be beaten. We need everyone in this large group to join up against Azrael.”


    An improvement, the increase has slowed down a little. Mogami carefully noticed, trying to mask his features to not reveal his intrigue and interest in being given a second chance to live.

    While as a malignant spirit he could invade strong being’s consciousnesses, the extreme limitation that was placed on his powers rendered him unable to properly fight material beings in a normal instance.

    When Rizevim approached him, trying to recruit him in that ridiculous group of his, part of him wanted to shred the bastard for even trying to annoy him with this crap.

    The world could end because of some ‘Lucifer’ dude trying to reset it altogether’? What a bunch of silly notions!

    He did try to probe and invade the Devil’s mind, curious about the man’s mental defenses and…

    Mogami was let in. A normal host wouldn’t normally be able to properly pull a spirit within their mind and the sight he was gifted with was the worst thing he had ever seen.

    An endless cycle. There was an endless cycle that ensured the continuation of life at the cost of proliferating hate and other negative emotions within the timeline.

    Concepts that weren’t known to the spirit started to flood his mind and soon he was given a clear sight of what was going to happen if Lucifer was given the chance of being resurrected.

    A full reboot. No more life and the complete erasure of the entire dimension.

    Tabula Rasa, the nothingness devouring what was still alive in the discarded timeline.

    The recently-gained interest in keeping humanity safe where he could was what got Mogami to truly trust the smiling Devil and he was suddenly rewarded with a real rebirth.

    His body was slightly stronger, the devilish side of his new material presence also reinforcing his psychic powers to a degree that got him… to an equal level of the youth before him.

    Mob had grown too, his powers increasing once more and… he was impressed by the progress made after so much time had passed since he had last seen the boy.

    The shy teen seemed to have some more control over his potential, something that helped in avoiding explosive escalations in situations like this one.

    Diplomacy was important in this particular case and Shigeo knew better than attacking first. Something that also helped the man in deciding how to interact with the very inspiration that rekindled his neutrality regarding mankind.

    Alas, I think I have to say something important...” Mogami commented dully, before slowly bowing towards Mob. “I think I’ve to apologize for having harmed you and your friend back then, Shigeo-kun.”

    The boy blinked surprised plastered on his face as the man appeared quite… genuine.


    He… he is not a spirit anymore, Mob-kun.” Dimple pointed out, breaking away from his cowering state as he finally realized that the former enemy wasn’t seeking to inflict them any pain.

    But how could one stop being a spirit? There was only death after abandoning that meta-physical state.

    Yet Mogami’s hand was now ruffling his hair, causing his eyes to widen even more.

    You know, you are indeed glowing when you are flaring your power.” The man mused quietly, sporting a small smile. “Just like Lilith said… you do have some pretty lights.”

    Pretty lights?

    Shigeo’s mind was quickly reminded of the fact it was Ophis that began calling like that.

    A little blush spread on his face and…


    He tried to regain some more control. Hoitsu-senpai had told him about the importance of those talks and thus… he will do that for the order. N-Nothing else.

    Meanwhile, the man noticed the embarrassment-induced red tint in the boy’s cheek and he remembered that the young Esper did have a love interest back when he first fought him… but she was nowhere nearby.

    Could it be that… the boy got a new love interest?

    Who could it be and… why did it happen at the mentioning of ‘Pretty Lights’?


    Fragment of a Broken Cycle: Tertium Adventus Apocalypsis
    Timeline: (Broken Trickster DxD)

    Kuoh Town was a… desolate city.

    Gone was the noises of people living happily all around, the mirthful presence of children either walking to school and playing by the local park, the cars moving through the streets…

    It was an empty wasteland abandoned by those that survived that infamous day, one that now sported a… large crater were once was Kuoh Academy and the nearby city block.

    Memories of the aftermath of that disaster flashed momentarily, dragging me to a stop as I decided to walk around rather than flying.

    I didn’t need to get the attention of those monitoring the area, lest they would get some more fodders to increase my inglorious kill streak.

    And albeit my main objective was hell itself, I still had to find something incredibly important before leaving, an object that was entrusted to me days after my… first mission.

    It was important, it couldn’t be lost.

    Wandering through the ghost town was the best way to remind me of the peaceful sight it once had before I unleashed it.

    I should have been more careful- but it also rekindled the hope of breaking through the monotonous cycle of hatred Azrael perpetrated with Lucifer.

    Horrible deeds, so horrible that I could see them walking around. Students, I could remember every face. I blamed Azrael’s soul cursing me with the perfect images of the people I had killed in that awakening.

    I should have been more careful- but now the strings were cut and the chance of a new path was bestowed to me!

    I managed to reach back where I once lived, the mansion looking as abandoned as were the other houses around the district… but my keen eyes were quick to pick up the numerous powerful magical traps set all around the perimeter of the building.

    A minor annoyance as those traps were of the explosive kind and thus some quick athletic actions were required from my part to avoid being blown to smithereens. I wriggled my way through the small courtyard, stopping a moment to deal with a nasty complex seal that secured the entire door.

    Breaking it took me a few minutes, but I managed to get in safely and… I was greeted with a silent and dark lounge.

    Memories hit the strongest the moment I took the first step in that creaky wooden floor. My eyes twitched as tears swelled up forcing me to stop a moment to regain some control over myself.

    I-I can’t stop.

    I nodded and slowly took another step before-

    Something hit me on the back, I tried to turn around with my eyes wide open and trying to catch my aggressor and… I saw green hair before I was forced unconscious.


    Issei had looked nervous, I knew that something was off about today.

    I could feel Rias’ energy reacting negatively with… some unknown patterns.

    Two strong ones, maybe those were Grayfia and Sirzechs?

    No, it was too early for them to appear. I might have been detached from the school’s life quite recently, but I knew that it was too early for Raiser to do a move now of all times.

    It was someone else, my instincts screaming for me to push the pace up and see what was going on.

    I was feeling like crap after two full days spent mourning, spent resting and trying to get myself up.

    Something rumbled within myself, tuned with my anger, but I was sure it was my Magic reacting strongly to my emotional distress.

    I-I could have saved them- To think that the Khaos Brigade could move that quickly to-

    N-No, I had to focus on the present right now.

    I reached Kuoh Academy, my sensor ability pinpointing the two energies staying by the roof and, knowing that time was essential, I decided to make use of the Silver Lining and climb the wall.

    Easier said than done, the task ended up leaving me with aching shoulders as my strength was… missing.

    I jumped over the small metallic gates that covered the roof and landed calmly while trying to figure out what was going on.

    Eyes going wide suddenly, I barely dodged an electrical attack from… Yubelluna?

    The queen of the Phenex bastard frowned at my quick dodge, surprised by my reflexed and…

    I saw Diodora. The Asmodeus was staring at Asia’s face until I showed up, a small pout adorning his face as I prepared to the worst day of my life.

    How did Raiser get Asia? How did he-

    My blood turned cold as I finally got a full sight over the roof, panic subsiding just a moment as I found myself staring at…

    Rias, Akeno, Kiba and… Koneko.

    My stance faltered just a moment at seeing the silver-haired girl, the Rook flinching at my hurt look but not daring to meet my stare.

    This was my only mistake.

    I gasped as a fist slammed through my stomach, my eyes turning to the smiling bastard and… I felt a coppery taste filling my mouth.

    To think I would find a stray magician and… such a familiar one too.” He tilted his head, showing morbid amusement at my suffering. “Using that string spell, am I talking to the trash that condemned Tokyo?”


    Anger continued to swell even more at the pain, at the sense of betrayal, at the panicked look on Asia’s face and… I saw a silver blur-

    That was stabbed by one of Diodora’s Knights.

    Koneko’s eyes went wide in sudden shock at the pain, the sword stabbing through her upper chest and… she fell on the ground, starting to bleed profusely. She didn’t get up, she didn’t get up.

    Oh ho~? Another child falling victim of the cursed magician?” The Asmodeus commented mirthfully. “One could say that your life is indeed tragic. To lose everything so quickly.”

    A laugh followed after that, one that struck all the sane chords I had left in my poor tired soul.

    I felt something snap viciously and soon… I had ‘clarity’.

    The laugh was interrupted by a gasp from the Devil, backing away from me as he stared at his hands… now missing two fingers.

    I crunched hard and I felt energy increase within my body, my core close to exploding in raw power as I noticed every single member of Diodora’s peerage…

    But those weren’t important.

    I slowly limped towards the bleeding girl and crouched beside her, turning her around and giving myself a full sight over the wound.

    The blood… it was dark-purplish. Poison.


    Don’t speak, Ko-chan.” I tried to apply basic healing spells on the wound, trying to get it to close and to purge the poisonous content out of her body.

    I-I’m sorry- I sh-shouldn’t have.”

    It’s not your time, Ko-chan, j-just hold on.” Her hands grasped at mine, pulling them away from her chest and stopping the spells.

    Y-You were the-- the best.” She coughed blood, her hold weakening and then… her eyes lost focus. Her hands fell lifeless out of mine and I felt an icy storm brew in my chest.


    I felt both Diodora’s and Raiser’s Knights rushing behind me, ready to hit me but…

    It was too late for them all. There wouldn’t have been mercy for no one.

    I swung around with my arm slamming onto all of them, energy coating the limb as it cut through blades and flesh. The Knights were all cleaved in half, shock painted in Raiser’s members while Diodora’s sported only mild-surprise.
    How pitiful…

    The rest of the two peerages jumped in action, all failing to even come close to kill me.

    Burned, cut, shattered and broken. There was no hesitation as I felt like I was hit blank dummies, my morality completely gone as I continued to massacre the helpless fools.

    So pathetic!

    Finally, the group was reduced to a scared Diodora, Raiser, Asia, Rias, and Akeno.

    Both Devil girls looked absolutely terrified, while a horrified look was stuck in the blonde’s face.


    I blinked back to reality as I discovered the murder in the making. My hands were covered in blood that wasn’t mine.

    I blinked again, this time focusing on Asia and… nodded. “P-Phenex, release the girl. NOW!”

    Raiser was pale, not only was his peerage was dead… but I-I killed Ravel too.

    The once-arrogant bastard nodded shakily, letting go of the human girl and… I started to fight back the impulse of continuing the rampage.

    Koneko is dead.

    B-But Asia-

    Like it happened to Kunou.

    I- I can’t-

    Are you going to let the monsters go away to sow more deaths?

    H-Hoitsu-nii, l-let me help.” The former nun crouched down to help me.

    I was… on my knees? Wh-When did it happen?

    I could feel Twilight Healing, the effects pushing away the demonic presence drilling inside of me, painfully trying to break free from my control and…

    A moment I was staring at a pair of cerulean eyes… and then she fell on the floor as a lance had pierced through her thighs.

    I stood quiet, eyes fixed on Asia’s corpse as she softly lulled away from life itself, away from the pain that afflicted her.

    Heaven was her best bet. She was too kind to not have that…

    S-She is mine! MINE! You can’t just take he-”

    Diodora couldn’t finish the sentence, his head rolling off his head without hesitation as I felt the dam shattering without mercy.

    Why- Why everything here has to die… like this? Why when I try to make things better, I get this shitty outcome. Why are you even here, you fucking bastard?! WHY DID YOU TWO HELP KONEKO!?

    Rias didn’t reply, a red sphere manifesting in her palms as I narrowed my unholy sight over her.

    Death is your sweet wish? FINE BY ME!

    The Power of Destruction tried to reach for me, the aim was a bit off but it would have been quick and accurate enough to kill me…

    In a normal situation.

    Instead of letting the energy hit me, I decided to grace it with my own.

    The anger that until now had been growing and growing… finally peaked, the zenith flashing brightly as I felt a powerful release.


    I was blinded by the light, but the explosion was powerful enough to rip apart the entire school, destroy the nearby district and…

    I roared hungrily and painfully.

    I AM FREE!


    So that is… why you became like this?” Ajuka asked softly, my fist having gone through his abdomen as the Satan tried and failed to pull away.

    I blinked, shocked at what has just happened and… by how things had turned out while I was ‘distracted’.

    W-What- WHY?!”

    The green-haired Devil coughed. “I… I needed to know.” He replied tiredly. “T-There was something that was missing- something was off from Sirzechs’ words and… now I know why.”

    He chuckled, stopping mere instants after initiating that action to cough again. “Y-You were- You are the victim.”

    I blinked, keeping quiet as the man continued to speak.

    You- You plan to storm Hell… Y-you want to get to it, aren’t you?”

    My eyes widened a bit and I nodded slowly. “It’s the only way-”

    To save everything.” He sighed, tiredly after interrupting me. “To think that… we were stuck in that loop… for Gods’ know how much…”

    His hands moved to drop two small objects in my free palm. “O-One is the seal to reach t-the Underworld. The other i-is what you wanted in this house… I think.”

    I blinked, glancing at the two objects. One was a piece of paper with a complex magical rune and the other was… a red-tinted lucky charm.

    I stared a little longer at the small object.

    *The legacy of a mother and a daughter.

    My attention shifted moments later as I heard a loud thud surprising me as… I found the Beelzebub now fallen on the floor, his body… lifeless as blood continued to spurt out of his large wound.

    I closed my palm, squeezing comfortably both objects. A large green-colored magical seal appeared underneath me and I was teleported away from my house, away from the insanity that has just happened.

    Blinking, I frowned at the massive gates before me.

    It was… Hell. It was closed off, guards patrolling around while flying and failing to take notice of me.

    My eyes were fixed on the gates as I walked towards them, my mind sticking to a simple but important thought.

    Time for a break-in… and let us end this story once and for all.



    I had to write the death of four of the characters I love the most from this show…

    I am sad but also… happy for what I got out of it.

    I wanted to have BT!Hoitsu to have some real reasons, this timeline being the cruelest of them all.

    The Lucky Charm will have an important role when he will reappear after the last bit of Fragment of a Broken Past.

    See? Fluff and Drama, I can… do both.

    Lastly, if you reckon, I didn’t put Sapphire and the ‘Castlevania crew’ input. That is going to happen next chapter.

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    Yesterday I forgot to check for grammar errors and I decided to see how things were- let's just say that now there should be less... problems reading this chapter.
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    Chapter 58: Family-made Truce

    This shouldn’t have been happened.

    The fact that Rizevim was there, playing around with a blasted pen of all things was enough to make me question my capacity to react properly at determined situations.

    It wasn’t a stretch to say that of the people I would kill, the smug bastard topped many scumbags of this universe. The pure shit-lord that thrived in the chaos of many, gleeful of bringing disorder in simple predicaments and that seemed so eager to give up power for the sake of fun.

    It was my worst nightmare and the close-up I was getting of his personality? A confirmation of what I’ve seen in Tokyo.

    Seriously, why the fuck I had to deal with this jerk now of all the situations I could have dealt with him… without being threatened at gun-point.

    You know, pops?” The man started dully. “It’s kind of fun how certain people can’t actually read the fine lines of a text, going angry and becoming the worst case of entitlement one has ever seen.”

    I blinked, feeling oddly intrigued by that senseless remark. “What are you talking about?”

    The fine lines, what the writer of a paper, a book or a contract writes to make sure to advise people from possible situations. Some use it to scam, some use it to warn those that reads it.” The Super-Devil mirthfully explained, eyes staring right at the ceiling. “It’s also fun how people get uppity when they get their cradle rocked too hard for their tastes-”

    Is this going somewhere or-” Azazel tried to intercede, causing the silver-haired man to sigh once more.

    It’s more of a special case happening to someone.” He winked right at the Governor-General.

    What… just happened here? What is going on?

    What the fuck are you talking about?” I reiterated my question, causing Rizevim to show now a sheepish expression.

    Nuthin’ strange. Just trying to pull some Deadpool thingy here, something real pops said was… like breaking a wall?”

    Oh for fuck’s sake- of course he would- Nevermind, I am not going to entertain the man any longer-

    What is going on?

    C’mon! Deadpool? There isn’t a ‘fourth wall’ in this scenario and yet he has to joke around about it.

    I mean, we are supposed to be chatting about Lucifer but-

    No buts! Return to the real discussion or he would get what he want, buying more time for… something.

    You think he is-

    Focus on talking, ‘thinking’ later.

    Rizevim, this isn’t the time nor the place for this.” I chided calmly, causing the Super-Devil to twitch at having his name mentioned. “What is this about Azrael and Lucifer trying to end the world?”

    Not the world! Something a little bigger. A little more... complete.”

    And that is-”

    A whole dimension.” The man replied finally, grinning eye to eye. “When the ‘first’ reset happened to you, do you seriously think that it was only Earth that was killed? The whole galaxy, the universe and… the entirety of everything.”

    That’s preposterous!” Azazel butted in. “I know that Lucifer’ Reset was powerful but… to that extent? Why didn’t God do anything about-”

    Do you think He didn’t try something like that?” Rizevim questioned placidly. “Big G tried to submit Lucifer to Himself by offering him a place to Heaven.”

    And he accepted. So does that mean-” I tried to intercede, only to be interrupted by the man once more.

    He didn’t accept the first time.” There was a brief pause, then he continued. “God was scared of the newcomer, someone that was beyond stronger than Him was walking on Earth and He couldn’t do much against him.”

    But then why did he accept if he was that strong and powerful?” Azazel asked, not remembering any of that.

    Because order was a prime priority for daddy dearest, always trying to uphold a sense of justice and duty towards the weaker people.” He chuckled, some notes striking sad. “To think he was betrayed by the very ideals that drove him to create Heaven-”

    I think you are mistaking the origins of Heaven. It was God that-”

    Wanted a Kingdom for himself.” Rizevim seemed giddy of having the chance of interrupting so frequently much to our annoyance. “A place that could function only with Him around. But Heliel was quite irked by this ‘moronic decision’, forcing Big G to accept several changes within Heaven before… Angels appeared.”

    You mean that-” I mused calmly, now ignoring the interruption that followed.

    Heaven was improved, the flaws fixed and the cadres of Angels expanded. Dividing Angels from the souls of the dead people? Pops’ idea and one that avoided the risk of people Falling much earlier than how it happened to Azzie there.”

    That is… a lot to take.

    The story is complex, very… interesting but I think there is something missing. Why did Luficer accept the offer?

    I think it would be good to know also why he would join God if he was stronger than Him.’

    But the funniest bit is what truly bought father… and that was a favor from God himself.” He added with a grin.

    … “A favor from God? Why would he-”

    At first I was confused myself, dad, but then I learned about the truth… and do you want to know when this favor was used?”

    He was bringing some… interesting bits to the table, so I nodded.

    It was mother.” The answer was… partly unexpected. “Mother dearest was but a reject of God’s attempt to give a subservient mate to Adam, meant to be forgotten and turned into something different than a woman as to avoid any ‘revenge’ on him.”

    But he saved her and took her to Heaven.” I continued, feeling like I have heard of this before…

    Azazel frowned at me, clearly surprised at the correct guess if the sudden amusement exuding from Rizevim was to be taken into account.

    Indeed! Big G never forgave Heliel for that, going as far as to put indirect obstacles in his projects.”

    Then how did Lucifer fell? How did he lose his Reset Ability-”

    What an impertinent ‘brat’ you are, Azzie! Remind me of some people unable to read fine lines-”

    How.” I pressed on, halting the Super-Devil in his words, causing him to pout and… sigh.

    Fine- It has to do with the fact God discovered what fueled dad and managed to seal it under thousands of powerful seals.

    … “You are kidding me-”

    I ain’t!” Rizevim stated happily. “Trihexa was what gave father’s the capacity of making use of the Reset.”

    Is that a… requirement or-”

    Enough!” Azazel slammed his fists on the table. “This is clearly some complex crap the bastard is coming up with- There is no way God would have accepted someone stronger than him and-”

    That is actually true, Azazel.” A feminine and sensual voice spoke, causing the Governor-General to stop with eyes wide open as he recognized the being that owned this voice.

    I admit… that I’ve never read much of the Shinmai Maou Manga, but I recognized an important figure as the mother of the protagonist. Sapphire was… Mio’s aunt and…

    Wait, if she is Rizevim’s sister then-

    And I can finally see personally about this look-alike of father and...” I turned just in time to see a pair of red eyes carefully studying my own orbs, my body ready to jump away at the sudden closeness.

    Adding to the fact the woman was drop-dead gorgeous and sexy with her curves accentuated by her… peculiar armor, and I think everyone can see why an unexpected close-up could make people… panic for a moment.

    Before being mesmerized by her beauty.

    You do look terribly like him.” The smile… it looked familiar. She was very similar to Mio, her face sporting just more maturity and experience. It wasn’t that she was ‘old’, but that her prime was there for people to see differently from Mio’s incomplete growth.

    One could wonder about… how everyone would look in the future.

    I had a distinct idea about Gasper and his possible masculine awakening in a few years, maybe see Kunou and Koneko becoming stronger and smart enough to deal with opponents on their own without the presence of someone.

    I was quite… uncertain about the others as for some I knew little would have changed. Akeno was meant to become even more beautiful, same for Akua, Mio, Kuroka, and Mio.

    Maria was an odd case as her mother did keep her appearance youthful… hopefully nothing terrifying would happen by that point…

    You are thinking about your friends and family, aren’t you?” The woman commented mirthfully. “It’s all in your eyes… just like father used to do-”

    Look, if you are trying to interrupt my epic story with the intent of helping me, dearest sister, you could also return to the plot!

    She sighed tiredly. “I suppose this little digression could be moved for a while as we finish your pathetically-developed tale.”

    The Super-Devil huffed, crossing his arms close to his chest and muttering just a simple word. “Bitch.”

    The woman smiled smugly and nodded. “As I was saying before, my foolish sibling is telling the truth about father’s recollection as the evidence is a book Wilbert was keeping a secret from all of us.”

    A journal of things that Father did in the various loops, writing down the mainline of the situation while also describing some minor anomalies along the way.” Rizevim continued, this time looking fairly annoyed by Sapphire. “And I think our current predicament offer us the best opportunity to really end the reboot as… there are two major anomalies that happened in this universe:”

    He pointed his finger at me. “You didn’t manifest any strange powers that could remind of Trihexa and… I think you know something about it?”

    I blinked, remembering exactly about what he was alluding to.

    To think that it wasn’t just an issue caused by our unique situation… So my theory was wrong all along, Trihexa did came from… something else…

    But why did it originate in us? Why another copy was forming within us?!

    Difficult to say, I guess that it was something about…


    ...What did you say?

    Some Dragons are capable of regenerating from nothing and… forming clones when a ‘fertile’ ground is offered. Your soul is somehow tied in this story and would explain why… you ended up generating this dangerous Dragon.

    So that means that the soul is… tied to Lucifer.


    We are Lucifer!?

    It would explain why there is such a deep connection… while you aren’t that much related to each other.

    There was just too much that could be said about this. D-Does this mean that Lucifer was a Self-Insert himself? Does that mean that I was related to Vali, to Mio and Maria?

    That’s a horrifying thought… for many reasons. Can you imagine Vali call us Grandpa.

    P-Please don’t!

    But just as the realization struck finally within my brain, Rizevim was going forward with his explanation.

    The second anomaly was caused by my own actions. I was reportedly doing different things in all Loops, doing actions differently and… this time the anomaly was caused by the fact I found the journal before Azrael could have taken it and that is why I encountered him by the family’s grave.”

    I paused at the silver-haired man explanation before… blinking. “Why was he here?”

    He needs Lucifer’s body as a main ‘ingredient’ to the ritual to bring him back.” The Super-Devil replied. “And Trihexa is the other bit that he needs to… bring him back.”

    I thought he would need a Soul to bring someone to life-”

    And that is why it’s Azrael the one doing this. He has a copy of everyone’s souls and… Lucifer’s is the one he protects the most.”

    But why he is that much attached to Lucifer?” I finally asked and… Rizevim blinked unsure.

    That is something that wasn’t mentioned in the journal-” Seeing Azazel’s and my confusion the man looked sheepish. “But I know someone that could know more about it and… I think it would require time and manpower to get her out-”

    You want to get Lilith out of Hades’ control?” I blinked as these words left my mouth, eyes glancing at the chibi with the same name, the girl tensing a little and pausing from her mirthful chatting with the group of people near her.

    Koneko’s and Kunou’s ears twitched, while Kuroka calmly made sure that none were truly taken by what was going on with the… important bit of the table.

    Gasper was sitting between Valerie’s legs while the young Belmont, Mathias was sitting beside the Tepes while trying to understand what was going on.

    He looks… just a little younger than us. Maybe… seventeen?

    Sixteen at best.

    You know that you are asking a very difficult task. Just a bunch of people is capable of handling Hades and-”

    That is why it will not be me going for that suicidal mission.” He turned towards Julius and Alucard, both men glancing back in confusion. “I want those two on the case. The Belmont’s Vampire Killer is the only weapon capable of perfectly harm the bastard while Allie there was the sole non-divine being capable of matching with Hades…”

    At this point, something clicked in my mind as I connected the allusions to… the connection.

    Death was a servant Dracula gained just before his turning and there was little known about the being… only that was being born by Chaos itself that… ruled over the realm of the afterlife.

    Death is Hades.

    He was incredibly strong, he managed to come back even after being beaten so many times and… he couldn’t die. He commanded death itself, he was Death Itself.

    And how do you plan to convince both to go there?” I decided to indulge the smug now returning to Rizevim.

    That’s actually very easy.” The man smiled and nodded. “You are going to be the one convincing them.”

    I blinked. “Beg your pardon-”

    Right now I’m the official ruler of the little piece of land that Wilbert once owned and… I think I promised to give up that if I managed to form an alliance and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I don’t get my demands satisfied.”

    Sapphire tensed, eyes narrowing at this little development, meanwhile Rizevim turned his sight at Mio and Maria. The redhead frowned, trying to bar the attention off from her younger sibling and ending up making the Super-Devil snort in amusement.

    Truly interesting how the two represent two aspects part of mother. The tall shy girl has her appearance and… I bet the midget has her personality-”

    Who are you calling ‘midget’, you fucking piece of garbage-

    Language, Maria!” Sapphire chided, but nonetheless gave a proud nod at the half-succubus, making the girl smile at the silent praise as the woman turned to Rizevim. “And I would like that you didn’t taunt my niece, brother.”

    Or what, dearest sister? Going to attack me with your brutal strength and make me beg? I bet you would like that and… wait, aren’t those my nieces too!?”

    Y-You are our uncle no more!” Mio replied sternly, glaring at him. “You killed d-dad! Y-You can’t be forgiven.”

    The Super-Devil blinked, eyes widening for a moment before nodding. “Okay, it seems that she ain’t as shy as I remember her…” He turned to glance at me. “What is your secret, daddy? Some kind of intimate ritual to get them all brave and-”

    Rizevim yelped in surprised as Euclid slammed his fist on top of his Lord’s head.

    E-Euclid? A-Are you finally snapping because of your not-so-secret siscon ambitions- GAH!”

    Another closed palm slammed onto the Lucifer. “That, my Lord, was something you asked me to do when you were close to mess up the diplomatic effort. You were… rather adamant about the use of force if certain cases were brought up.” The Lucifuge explained calmly, yet I swear I saw his lips twitch upwards.

    S-Still, I meant like poking my shoulder or verbally reprimand me like you usually do- N-Not literally bashing my poor skull!

    Thousands of apologies then, milord.”

    Ignoring this ‘comedy’ you are putting up, you have yet to explain why shouldn’t we be worried of Azrael go and free Trihexa right now.” Azazel pointed out and…

    Is it just me or is it that much odd that he is the most serious at the table?

    We are talking about a world-end scenario, I don’t think fun can be allowed… just yet.

    Ah yes, I think… I can say for sure he will not.” Rizevim assured with a doubtful tone. “I mean, dad did mention that the security was usually tight and that he would need the reset to properly enter… but he can’t use it.”

    Beg your pardon?” I asked quickly, eyes wide open at that sudden revelation.

    While the seal dad left wasn’t meant to hold anyone, the true intent was to limit the power of the reset. And since it already need a fuck-ton of energy to operate, the current limitations render it impossible for Azrael to use it.”

    WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US ABOUT IS!?” The Governor-General of Grigori practically yelled.

    But I did!” He explained placidily. “Right now-”

    I have reasons to believe mother is going to have a strong lecture with you.” Sapphire commented with a tired sigh.

    Surprisingly enough, the Super-Devil started to look a little nervous. “I- I mean, I might have caused some… massacre, but I don’t think that mom will-”

    She will bend you and start to spank you, just like she did back when you were but a little idiot boy.”

    It was odd to see Rizevim that much… scared about that eventual encounter and… he blinked. “I will have to make sure I am not around when she is free then-”

    I will make sure that she knows of your infamy, brother. Just to see how much you will squirm when-”

    For some reason, I felt like this once was something pretty normal in the weird family headed by Lucifer- our other self.

    But alas I think it’s for the best to assure something important before you sign any treaty, Hoitsu-san.” The woman turned her attention at me, causing me to tense up at the serious look plastered on her face.

    I blinked. “A-And that is?”

    A contract of marriage between you, Mio and Maria-”

    Auntie-” “THANK YOU, Auntie!”

    The younger redhead was horrified by the prospect of wedding this early in her life, while Maria…

    Hehehe~.” The half-succubus was licking her lips, her face completely red as a perverted expression was visible on her face. “Ho-i-tsu-kyun~!”

    I almost screamed at that, feeling panic rising at the prospect of having to deal with a rabid fan-girl about… this ‘silly mistake’.

    A-Ah, Sapphire-san, don’t you think th-that would be rushing? I mean, Mio and Maria don’t know me well and the opposite is true too. I think we could a-also agree that we are re-”

    You are not.” A very unhelpful Rizevim jumped in with a happy smile. “Pops had a special genetic composition after turning in a Devil, his intention was to avoid… these cases from happening.”

    But you are also bringing up some good points, you three have been together for just a month. I think it would be best to wait a year or so.” The woman admitted. “But I want just one thing already, something that I think it’s a reward for having taken care of the girls.”

    She smiled and pulled me in an… embrace. I could feel heaven.

    Call me Auntie.”

    I nodded in the hug and replied a little muffled. “O-Okay… Auntie.”

    She tightened her hold, giving me a squeeze before letting go with a small smile on her face.

    Brat, your luck is just insane.” Azazel commented flatly.

    If only we weren’t related...” Rizevim mournfully added.

    I’m besieged by utter morons...” Euclid concluded with a dry tone.

    A-Auntie! Y-You shouldn’t hug people without their permission-”

    And why not, Queen?” A familiar giggle froze her stuck as another redhead peeked over Mio’s shoulder. “I think it’s more than natural for family to hug!

    Nanika walked forward to the confused-looking Sapphire and smiled. “Auntie! Can you hug me too-GAH, WHY!

    Shiranai shook his head as he retracted his cane.

    This sure was going to be an insane alliance… for sure.


    So there is some explanation about what is going on and…

    This timeline is wrong too? What the heck is writing those scripts?

    *Looks at the mirror * Oh right…

    Well, that was a short one. I don’t want to spoil people with long chapters as there are little response to those.

    Also, can someone explain why so little reaction to previous chapter? Was it good or bad?

    Lastly, this chapter was safely corrected with Grammarly non-premium, same with the previous one, so there aren’t that many grammar errors...

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