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Mega Morphing Power Rangers

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Flightless Man, Jul 5, 2021.


Who should become the Green Ranger

Poll closed Jul 26, 2021.
  1. Orion

    0 vote(s)
  2. Kat

    2 vote(s)
  3. Adam

    2 vote(s)
  4. Rocky

    0 vote(s)
  5. Aisha

    1 vote(s)
  6. Tanya

    2 vote(s)
  7. Justin

    0 vote(s)
  8. Bulk

    10 vote(s)
  9. Skull

    2 vote(s)
  10. Lauren

    1 vote(s)
  1. Threadmarks: Episode 11: Calamity Emma
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Versed in the lewd.

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Episode 11: Calamity Emma

    In the garage and working up a sweat, Noah is put through an intense routine. The funky music drowns out the outside world and let’s him follow Zach’s moves in peace. It’s embarrassing he’s is still more comfortable in his body than I am, even after I blinded him.

    “I hear you slowing down,” He chides Noah and swings a kick for his torso. “You gotta pick a rhythm and stick with it, otherwise you’re moves won’t flow. Choppy may be what you want in Karate, but with Hip Hop Kido you set the pace and make the other guy react to you.”

    “I’m trying!” Gasps Noah from the ground, unable to block the kick.

    “Well try harder, we’re all counting on you!” Zach barks back and shuts of the music. Once silence fills the air between them, Zach begins pacing.

    “That’s what you think, right?” The words are accusatory and Zach’s face is distressed. “Well looks like Noah is finally wrong for once.”


    Zach smirks down at his brother’s confusion and finally offers him a hand. “All I care about, is you coming home every night.” His voice loses it’s edge. “You’re the only one on the team with a brain that big, but you have four others who all know how to fight.”

    “I have to do my part!” Affronted, Noah doesn’t back down.

    “Are they working this hard to get on you brains level?”

    “Gia probably is.” Noah admits and reconsiders his statement. “All of them try as hard as they can.”

    Turning the stereo back on, Zach smirks wide and begins moving gracefully. “Don’t worry about how Jake could do this just as good as me, or how even Troy isn’t so rigid.” He explains sagely. “Emma may always be more graceful than you and Gia might kick harder, but you’re better than you were yesterday and that’s your only competition in life.”

    Noah finally feels something in the beat click inside him and he begins moving in time with it. Make them react to you. He keeps the words in his mind and acts.

    A quick jab with from right hand is blocked by a grinning Zach, but his brother’s not ready for the follow up Mashed Potato. The top of his fist slams into Zach’s chin and knocks him flat on his back.

    “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” He flips back onto his feet easily, the gym mats stopping any real harm. As the brother’s begin trading rhythmic blows, neither hear the beeping from Noah’s communicator.

    Stopping just before the cliff’s edge, Emma brings her bike up onto the front wheel and changes direction. Gia follows behind her, but slows herself down before the hairpin turn and follows at a more sane pace.

    “It feels so good to just get out and do something with you, it’s been weeks since we had a chance to take a breather.” Gazing over the ocean, Emma points out some sunbathing sea lions below them. The massive creatures drowning out the sound of the waves with the bellowing.

    Gia agrees with a wry smile. “Someone else always shows up, or we get an attack.”

    “Well you haven’t scared him off yet.” Emma starts snapping pictures and zooms in on a calf with it’s mother. “You going to keep him?”

    “We’ve only actually had one date.” Blushing at the memory of getting kicked out, Gia shrugs. “We may have fallen asleep at the movies.”

    “That’s why you never spilled, I just thought one of you was a bad kisser.” Emma snorts at her friends scowl and slips her camera back into her bag. “Come on, we should be able to get a better view on that side.”

    “No idea.” Following after her brisk friend, Gia scowls. Never got a chance to find out.

    “It’s weird. Trini wasn’t home this morning, or yesterday either.” Emma calls back. “Alpha can’t find her on the viewing globe, do you think she was the one who left with Rita?”

    “I hope so, you need the sleep.”

    Checking the time, Emma smirks. “Jake should be done practice soon and you know what would really surprise him?”

    “Her corpse?” Gia’s eyes go wide as she hears Skull’s mocking cackle.

    He steps out from behind a tree and blocks the path, forcing Emma to skid to a stop. His eyes glow orange and he stares right at the pink ranger.

    Peddling for all she’s worth, Gia kicks her friend ot of he way just in time. The explosion of dirt and stone throws her to the side, Gia’s head slamming hard against the roots of a tree.

    “I don’t want to hurt you Em,” Skull claims and steps closer. “Please, just come with me and it can be like old times again.”

    Glancing to Gia and seeing her unconscious body, Emma clenches her fists and rages all the things she held back for so long. “You left me!” She kicks forward and sends Skull stumbling backwards.

    “Gia’s my best friend and if you actually thought I would leave her like this,” Emma reaches for her morpher, her eyes narrowing with determination. “You never knew me and it’s clear I never knew you. It’s morphing time!”

    A flash of pink shines through the trees and Emma leaps at Skull. Her air pellets cracking bones with each impact, while her Blade Blaster meets his sword in a shower of sparks.

    Troy tries not to look at the empty chair as his aunt puts food on Jason’s plate. His uncle is grim faced and equally silent. Because he knows it’s my fault, he has to be able to tell. Why else won’t he ever say anything to me?

    “Have you decided if you’re going to teach the classes at the Juice Bar?” She asks once finished and gives Troy a sad smile. “Jason really enjoys it.”

    Uncle Austin interrupts with a gruff growl. “Did.”

    Her face goes pale and his aunt lowers her gaze to her food. The three eat in tense silence and when the doorbell rings, Troy jumps to his feet.

    “I’ll get it.” He dashes for the door, eager for whatever distraction awaits on the other side. In his distraction, he misses the chime of his watch.

    Opening the door reveals a fully morphed Green Ranger, with his blaster pointed right between his eyes. “You live here?” Bulk growls in irritation. What happened to the Scotts?”

    “They moved.” Troy lies and takes advantage of Bulk’s brief lack of focus. Rolling around the barrel, he goes for a leg sweep and knocks Bulk onto his back.

    Can’t morph out in the open! Troy darts for the backyard and grins when he hears the green ranger follow in pursuit. Just have to reach to treeline.

    Clutching her definitely dislocated shoulder, Emma is thrown right off the cliff. The forty foot drop to the black sand beach knocks the wind out of her, leaving her gasping for breath.

    “None of these new friends have come to save you,” Skull taunts when he lands beside her. “Why don’t you end this pain and come home with me? I’ll take care of you, I promise.”

    Shaking the stars from her vision, Emma peers through her cracked visor and hisses up at Skull. “You don’t have the breath to make any promises and I’m not a scared little girl anymore.” Kicking upwards, she sends Skull rolling along the beach and finally hears a friendly voice.

    “Emma, I can’t reach any of the others but I’m sending you all the help I can.” Alpha may not be beside her, but he’s a part of the team too. “You’ll know what to do.”

    A beam of pink crashes onto the beach, revealing her sidecar gleaming on the sand. Waves of information suddenly flood her mind and she grins with fresh confidence.

    “Battlizer engage!” She repeats the words Troy used not that long ago and flings her arms to the sides.

    The sidecar breaks apart and begins combing with her suit. Her armor is bulkier than Troy’s and has a large barrel on her back for flight, instead of twin cannons on her wrists.

    “You are the best Alpha,” She thanks the cheerful bot and shoots upwards, a constant stream of air creating a storm of sand.

    “Hey, get down here and fight like a… man?” Skull starts to fire beams of orange in frantic desperation, missing her by a wide margin each time.

    Roaring at her bone headed ex, Emma shoots right for him. “How about I hit you like a girl instead?” She slams right into his back and sends bones flying in every direction.

    Skull’s legless body hasn’t hit the ground yet, making Emma grin and take off after him. She soars over him and grabs the skeleton in a headlock, soaring straight towards the clouds.

    “Anything you want to say, before I finish this?” She hisses in rage, tears pouring down her cheeks.

    “I’m already dead, remember?” Skull is calm, a smirk forming on his face. “You ‘cure’ me and it’s permanent.”

    Gasping at his words, Emma’s grip loosens and allows Skull to draw his gun. The flames ignite on her jet of air, causing an explosion and send her tumbling towards the ground.

    Skull shrieks in pain, but falling through a cloud puts out the flame. Relieved from the searing agony, he manages to summon most his bones and vanish before he slams into the beach. A few hundred feet away, Emma is not so lucky.

    She splashes into the sea and starts to sink. The shock of the impact brings her back to awareness, but the pain across her entire body makes her wish she wasn’t.

    Her limbs won’t respond and she feels her back hit the seafloor. With water leaking in through her cracked visor, Emma smiles at the fish swimming above her.

    The schools she startled on her way down are already reforming, with the sea lions hunting gracefully among them. Wish I had my camera, this would be a great shot.

    Emma’s blinks in confusion. The sight of a large yellow fish swimming straight towards her, has Emma sure she’s imagining things. When it gets closer, she giggles to her self.

    Gia emerges from the gloomy water, morphed and determined. “Emma, answer me!”

    The buzzing in her ears clears, making her realize Gia has been calling her name for a while now. Emma tries to open her mouth, but finds herself unable. Her vision grows dark again and she realizes her helmet is full of water. When was the last time I took a breath?

    Emma loses consciousness just as Gia reaches her and grabs her firmly. Knowing she can trust her friend, Emma finally passes out.

    “Is that all you got?” Bulk roars at Troy, as he sends him flying into a tree. A resounding crack echoes, with he Oak toppling from the force of the blow.

    Ignoring the agony, Troy rises to his feet. “Not even warmed up yet.”

    The green ranger dashes forward at these words and catches Troy’s wrist, his blade slashing across his exposed chest. The blow sends him skidding through the dirt, with a barrage of green lasers accompanying him.

    Feels like the Megazord hit me. Troy swallows the bloody spit and forces himself back to his feet. The pieces of his Battlizer litter the clearing and did little more than buy Troy five minutes.

    Bulk’s sudden scream of pain is a relief, making Troy think his friends have finally arrived. “Red Ranger, I shall take over from here.” Robo Knight’s monotone voice echoes through the smoke. “You have failed.”

    “I guess I can settle for you,” Bulk declares angrily and a clashing of blades reach Troy’s ears.

    The pain is nearly overwhelming, but he forces himself to his knees. Robo Knight is parrying each one of the green ranger’s attacks, but is unable to do more than defend himself. I need to get back in the fight.

    He grabs his fallen sword from the dirt and lifts it with shaking muscles. Where are you guys? Troy shakes he thought from his mind and starts to move.

    With a blade in each hand, he blocks a blow meant for Robo Knight. “Looks like we both failed, so let’s try this together.”

    “I don’t know why I ever looked up to you,” Bulk growls and slams his head against Troy’s, sending him reeling from the blow. “You’re all so pathetic!”

    Agony tears across Troy’s waste, a shock wave of energy strikes him and sends him soaring again. This time when he lands though, he can’t maintain his morph.

    Laying in the dirt, Troy is helpless to do anything but watch the battle conclude. Robo Knight does his best but once he allows one attack through, his torso is swiftly torn to shreds.

    “No!” Is all Troy manages to gasp, when Bulk leaves with his consolation prize in a beam of green.
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  2. Threadmarks: Episode 11.5: Troy’s Battle
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Versed in the lewd.

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Episode 11.5: Troy’s Battle

    When the blue and black beams of light arrive at the Command Center, Gia roars at the late arrivals. “Where were you!” She breaks out of Troy’s grip and slams the black ranger against the wall. “You said I could count on you, but Emma almost died!”

    His eyes widen in shock and he finally notices the dried blood in her hairline. Looking over to Troy, shows he looks even worse. His normally calm face is a collection of bruises, with his eyes darting frantically to one of the doors.

    “I was at practice...” Jake attempts to defend himself, but trails off when Gia growls.

    “Not good enough.”

    Noah let’s the heat settle on Jake, while Zordon brings them both up to speed. “Robo Knight has been captured and is being held in the Darkness Dimension.”

    “So when do we go get him?” Troy is angrier than anyone has seen him, his fists shaking at his sides. “He got captured protecting me, we can’t just leave him with them.”

    “If I send you, morphing will be impossible.” Warns Zordon carefully. “You will only have yourself to rely on and I can only send one of you.”

    “What? Why?” Jake doesn’t understand the limitations of the base’s technology and is perfectly fine expressing the fact.

    “Because the Green Ranger is in Angel Grove, venting his frustration on the security forces as we speak.” The viewing globe begins glowing, with the fog inside becoming the live scene.

    Bulk walks through a hail of bullets with casual indifference, the twenty soldiers refusing to retreat. They show courage and determination in the face of destruction, but the don’t even slow the Green Ranger down.

    When he gets close enough, Bulk blurs forward like a green streak and starts swinging the Sword of Darkness. The soldiers try to fight back, but one by one they drop before the emerald warrior.

    “We’ll stop him,” Declares Jake, giving Troy a confidant nod. “You go save RK.”

    “You had better take your Battlizers, I finally finished them all.” Alpha stops them, determined to be present in spirit. “They should give you just the edge you need.”

    Troy cracks his neck and forces all the remaining doubt from his body. “Send me now Zordon.”

    “May the power protect you.”

    A crimson bolt of energy departs and Alpha wastes no time, leading the other three down to the workshop. “You should all remember the activation phrase.”

    Gia steps forward and takes the lead in, raw fury on her face. “Battlizer engage!”

    The familiar explosion of parts comes swiftly, with the three rangers soon standing in the new armor. Gia looks over at Jake and frowns. He may have the correct color on, but his face plate is very clearly a Smilodon.

    Catching the same thing, Jake brings it up first. “Alpha, we still have the wrong masks.”

    “You asked me to repaint them, not to rebuild them from scratch you know.” Hands on his hips, Alpha has some sass in his voice. “Just be happy I rewired them for you. The only people who should notice, wont be walking away from the fight.”


    Troy lands under a completely black sky, not a single light present anywhere in the inky darkness. Only a thin mist at knee height provides any illumination.

    A faint but welcome white light stretches endlessly in every direction, giving him no clues to follow. Reflexively he reaches for his morpher, only to stop him self and listen.

    Screams and moans echo across the nigh infinite landscape, but none are able to be heard coherently. Ignoring those for now, Troy closes his eyes. Something sharp is dragging across metal and creating a

    sound very much like a knife scratching a dinner plate.

    I’m coming for you. He blocks out any other sound of distress and starts walking straight for what he hopes is Robo Knight. Once sure he has his path set, Troy opens his eyes again and stays his course.

    The scratching gets louder and soon he sees his missing ally. Who the hell is that? He frowns at the sight of the lanky dark furred monster.

    It has a single monocle and two strange appendages sticking from it’s back. They look like bat wings, but lack the membrane making the capable of flight. A pale face devoid of oil fur completes the fiends look and make Troy consider his chances.

    Doesn’t look too strong, but he might have some unusual powers. Narrowing his eyes, he focuses on the monsters movements. Not very nimble either, it seems clumsier than most.

    When the monster tires of playing with it’s captive and reaches for an implement, Troy is forced to act. He doesn’t scream or try to draw the monster’s attention. Troy knows he needs surprise on his side and moves as silently as he can.

    He reaches the tables unnoticed and grabs one of the hook of the tray. Once he has a weapon, Troy measures the distance between him and his foe. Need to move now!

    Darting forward, he stays low and drives the hook through the monsters thigh. Ignoring the shrieks of pain, Troy yanks to the side.

    It sends the monster tumbling to the ground, even as Troy rises to his feet. “I got you Robo Knight, just a second.”

    “Red Ranger?” The mechanical warrior jerks his head back in apparent shock. “Why are you here?”

    “Saving you,” He grunts back and works to unscrew the restraints, in disbelief his bus money is responsible for Robo Knights freedom.

    “It is illogical for you to risk yourself for me.”

    “We have the same mission, it’s just that you’re the sword and we’re the shield.” Troy hears the monster getting to it’s feet behind him and doesn’t even need to look back. A simple spinning kick sends it stumbling away and gives Troy room to control the fight.

    Robo Knight is forced to watch for now, only one hand currently free. But as he considers the Red Ranger’s words, he realizes he can still take part in the battle before him.

    “If that is the case, my sword will be of aid now.” Summoning the gleaming great sword in his free hand, Robo Knight tosses it forward.

    Troy snatches the pommel from the air and goes with the momentum of the throw instead of fighting it. It’s only at the last moment he applies any force to the throw, directing it left and slashing clean through one of the spindly limbs.

    The monster shrieks in pain and scampers backwards. “That really hurt!” He quivers in equal amounts of rage and fear. “I’m going to get you for that!” Exploding into a cloud of bats, the monster escapes… for now.

    “Now to get you down and find a way out of here.”

    With three of them in Battlizers, the Green Ranger is unable to overwhelm a single Ranger. Each time Bulk drives the Blue Ranger to his knees, the Black and Yellow interfere.

    When he manages to get his hand around Jake’s throat, he doesn’t even get to savor the choking sound. The nerd’s new armor sends a stream of high pressure water crashing into his face, knocking him away from Jake.

    My attempt to snap Gia’s back didn’t go any better. He snarls at the memory of her blasting him with the freezing mist. I thought she had electricity?

    In the black tiger armor, Jake shoots out a bolt of lightning and has him growling at Baboo’s bad intelligence. The energy doesn’t hurt, but it does stop him dead in his tracks.

    “You’re only delaying the inevitable!” Bulk roars and lifts his cursed blade. Catching the electricity on it’s edge, he flings the energy back to it’s source.

    “Jake!” Gia screams when his chest plate shatters from the blast and he goes tumbling down the road. Her earlier anger at him forgotten, she and Noah charge forward in a pincer formation.

    He shoots ahead of her, his Battlizer being designed more for speed than power like hers was. While he keeps Bulk busy, Gia slams into him from behind and locks her arms under the punks shoulders.

    “Nice!” Noah cheers her move and doesn’t let the opportunity slip away. He feeds the Green Ranger eight powerful blows, before Bulk manages to free himself from Gia’s grip.

    Jumping backwards, he sends the now top heavy Gia crashing onto her back. Once she gasps from the force of the impact, Bulk brings his sword down in a fierce slash. The magical weapon tears through her armor and drives the air from her lungs in a shower of sparks.

    As the only one still on his feet, Noah knows it’s up to him. Make him react. Gritting his teeth, he summons his lance and throws it like a spear.

    The second it leaves his grip, he chases after it like a shadow. Noah’s eyes narrow in focus and he dives forward in a tackle, driving Bulk into the dirt.

    Not giving him a chance to react, Noah starts punching and doesn’t stop. He can feel Bulk’s head slamming against the ground with each blow, but the Green Ranger just laughs.

    “You got guts, but no muscle!” Grabbing him in a bear hug, Bulk begins to squeeze. His incredible force easily overpowering Noah. The screeching of metal signals the last Battlizer being taken out of commission and leaves Noah trapped inside his own armor.

    A tear in the air forms above the street, a golden sword cleaving the very barrier between dimensions. Screams escape and chill the blood of all who hear it, but the ranger’s are relieved by who exit.

    A flash of red precedes them, but when it fades a morphed Troy and rescued Robo Knight are ready for battle. “You guys need a hand?”

    “Wouldn’t say no,” Noah wheezes out and gets thrown to the side.

    “No more of that fancy armor?” Crossing his arms in disappointment, Bulk shakes his head. “You barely made it five minutes with it, you wont last one without it.”

    Troy doesn’t back down. “Five on one is horrible odds, even for you.”

    “True, so it’s a good thing I’ve been practicing.” Removing a small golden dagger from his belt, Bulk brings it to his lips.

    When his fingers begin moving, a haunting tune begins to play. It rings out and the ground begins rumbling. On the seafloor, a four legged green machine awakens and begins walking towards shore.

    “Hope your Zords have been fixed, because the Megalania is unstoppable!” Taunts Bulk between notes.

    Noah gasps out in shock, when he sees the ancient relative of the Komodo Dragon. “A Dragonzord!”

    The machine is massive, but when Bulk changes to a faster melody things get worse. The Zord rises up on its hind legs, using the silver drill tipped tail as a base. It’s forearms retract and take on a more sauropod design, with missiles replacing each claw.

    It let’s out a mighty roar once the transformation is finished, the sound sending every bird in Angel Grove fleeing for a safer nesting site.

    Robo Knight watches the Green Ranger leap upwards and land on his machine’s head. “Red Ranger, I require your assistance.” His body is covered in deep gouges, with exposed wires and sparks coming from each movement.

    “I am to damaged to interface with Titanus. Your Gigantopithecus Zord will need to take my place.”

    “It can do that?” Troy can feel hope returning.

    “Indeed.” Robo Knight throws his hand to the sky and calls his massive white Zord, with Troy following suit a half second later.

    When he sees the familiar sight of his crimson ape, Troy leaps for it eagerly. “I’m powered up and ready to go. Now um… what do I need to do?” His confident voice wavers slightly.

    “Initiate the Ultrazord transformation.” Robo Knight answers and directs his own Zord to begin it’s half of the process.

    The ape’s proportions shift and become more manlike, taking on an upright posture. Once it has done so, it steps inside the back of the white machine.

    Titanus almost melts, molding against the red Zord and becoming a suit of protective armor. The head of the white beast rests on the chest of the Zord, with only a few patches of red being revealed.

    “Whoa,” Troy exclaims over the radio, as he directs the massive machine to draw a curved golden saber. Unlike when in the Megazord, he controls this one with his body movements. “This is unbelievable.”

    Like it’s his own body, Troy sends the Ultrazord forward like an extension of his own body. No millisecond delay as the machine responds to the controls, now it’s like he’s fighting the Dragonzord himself.

    He dashes forward and spins the Ultrazord around the fired missiles, watching them sail out above the ocean and explode. Gritting his teeth at the thought of how much damage that would do to a city, Troy drives the golden blade along the Dragonzord’s belly.

    The silver tail slams into the Ultrazord, with Troy gasping out in pain. I felt that! Fighting through the agony in his ribs he catches the drill tip just in time and pulls.

    Now’s my chance. He slashes downward, removing almost half of the tail in a single swipe of his blade. Following through with his combo, Troy starts carving into the torso of the Dragonzord and gains revenge for Robo Knight’s condition.

    Getting caught up in his apparent victory, Troy fails to see the hands raise with new missiles already loaded. At point blank range they strike the Ultrazord, but the blast sends both machines toppling to the ground.

    The ground shakes beneath them like an earthquake, but neither machines climbs back to it’s feet. He lights of both grow dim and the rangers on the ground rush to Troy’s aid.
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  3. SharkCultist

    SharkCultist I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jan 23, 2021
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    You know all this combat is probably doing wonders for Bulks figure.

    Hey quick question What are the chances we get to see the orange and purple temporary ranger powers bulk and skull got in the comics?
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  4. Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Versed in the lewd.

    Aug 17, 2020
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    I was really surprised learning Bulk's canon record is 1'000 reps at the Juice Bar and Jason only was able to surpass it by twenty after a whole weekend. So Bulk has a lot more muscle than I expected. It's why I made him childhood friends with the MMPR rangers, he felt like one of them who ended up going to a different middle school and changed drastically. Because how he acts, doesn't connect with his offscreen mentions of success.

    100%. I'm doing my own thing with them, but it will still tie into Bulk and Skull somehow and will show by end of season.
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  5. Threadmarks: Episode 12: Island of Illusion
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Versed in the lewd.

    Aug 17, 2020
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    Episode 12: Island of Illusion

    In the Command Center, Troy opens his eyes suddenly and knows he’s dreaming. Alpha dashes between consoles in frantic worry, with even the implacable Zordon looking concerned.

    Smoke is starting to fill the room, but he doesn’t panic. Troy steps towards the viewing globe and sees what has them so distressed. Gia and Jake lay in a parking lot, both powered down and motionless.

    Emma is on her hands and knees, desperately trying to crawl towards Noah. A frighteningly large pool of blood has formed underneath his still body. The only ranger still standing is Bulk, but instead of finishing them off, the Green Ranger defends the others with all he has.

    Hundreds of black feathered creatures flock above the battle, letting a skinless man in silver armor play with the final defender of Earth. Pieces of Robo Knight litter the street, with Skull’s head rolling through the debris.

    Bulk is the one defending his fallen friends, making the bird people pay for each attempt to feed. Orion and Hayley cower behind what remains of a helicopter, but this only leaves them trapped.

    One of the monsters swoops down and grabs Orion, lifting him into the air with a cackling laugh. Once it reaches roof level, the creature drops his friend to the ground.

    The viewing globe zooms out, revealing the devastation is city wide. A monster made of eyeballs is capturing any who try and flee, while a green horned toad is devouring all in sight.

    “What are you going to do Troy?” Zordon demands and Troy whirls on his mentor. The massive blue head stares down with no visible expression. “It’s time for you to face your past, so you are ready for the future.”

    He tries to answer, but his mouth doesn’t respond no matter how much effort he exerts. When a loud thud starts to echo through the Command Center, Troy looks around in concern.

    Everything begins to melt around him, with Zordon’s tube bursting like a lava lamp. The blue fog leaks out and fills the room, making Tory start to choke.

    When he sits up in a panic, he’s no longer choking and tangled in his sweat soaked sheets. His Aunt’s concerned voice accompanies her knocking.

    “Troy, are you alright? I’m coming in, I heard screaming.”

    The door knob turns slowly and the door opens even more sedately, giving him plenty of chance to say something. He doesn’t though, Troy finds himself looking forward to her checking in on him. Finally feels like a touch of normal.

    “Oh, you are awake.”

    “Yeah sorry, had a nightmare.” Seeing the grief in her own eyes, Troy opens up for the first time since moving in.

    Her eyes go wide for a moment, but she recovers with the speed of an experienced parent. “About your parents, or about all of the attacks?”

    “Both.” His hands start trembling and his aunt takes a seat beside him on the bed.

    “Oh sweetie.” Her words come out soft at first, but gain confidence when Troy doesn’t push her away. “Sometimes you’re so much like Jason it hurts to look at you and other times, you make me proud in ways unique to you.”

    “It was my fault, I shouldn’t have been fighting.” Dad couldn’t stop yelling that anyway.

    She asks him something his parents hadn’t. “Why did you?”

    “This kid Howie, he had a pet beetle...” Troy hesitates, but goes on when his aunt smiles encouragingly. “These two guys kept bothering him, they squashed Howie’s pet and put in in his sandwich at lunch.”

    “And what happened next?” She isn’t judging him at all, in fact she seems as mad as he was.

    “The came up behind him and held his mouth shut,” Troy can feel his blood warm in anger, the memory not as dealt with as he hoped. “Plugged his nose until he swallowed.”

    “What did you do?”

    Here comes the moment she starts yelling too. “Put the bigger one in the hospital, broke his nose and wrist.”

    “You didn’t let the other one off with a warning did you?” She looks… proud of him? “Because we don’t stand for bullies in this house and if my brother was mad at you, he should have kept his damn eyes on the road.”

    “Thanks Auntie, for everything.”

    “Don’t think I’m unaware of what happened,” She smirks at him and Troy feels his pulse quicken. I morphed in the woods, how did she see me?

    “The neighbors saw you lead away the Green Ranger, said something about us having moved as well?” She pulls Troy into a hug and squeezes tight, not saying anything else for almost a whole minute. “Thank you for saving us.

    A weight lifts from his shoulders, the knowledge that she doesn’t blame him gives him a strength he wasn’t aware he had lost. “I needed to save someone.”

    Jake slams the door shut and doesn’t give himself a chance to change his mind. I let everyone down, just like my dad would have. She gave me a chance and I blew it!

    He growls at his failure and stomps across the soccer field. “Coach!” He grabs the middle aged mans attention and starts jogging. “I’m sorry I missed practice today, but I had to seriously think about my life.”

    “Oh?” His coach’s anger is pushed aside for now.

    “I’m on two teams who rely on me, but I’m letting both teams down.” Jake tries not to blurt out the words, not wanting to repeat himself. “I need to devote myself to what matters the most to me and I can’t say it’s soccer anymore.”

    “Girl?” The grunt isn’t angry, just curious.

    Jake actually considers this, but shakes his head. “Me. I’m choosing what kind of man I want to be, and that’s someone who can be relied on.” I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror.

    “You’re really ten thousand years old?” Exclaims Noah in amazement, as he and Alpha work on Robo Knight’s ravaged frame. “But you’re so advanced compared to everything else here.”

    Alpha pauses, cocking his hip to one side with some newly developing attitude. “Hey!”

    “He said thing Alpha,” Chiming in from before the viewing globe, Emma shares a smile with the robot. “You’re a person to all of us.”

    “I was designed to be Earth’s champion, only the best would do.” Explains the metallic knight with not a trace of arrogance, only cold hard fact in the statement.

    Zordon joins the conversation with an amused chuckle. “The Command Center was designed first and it is a much more involved process to upgrade. It was far easier to dig down and add chambers when needed.”

    Gia is scanning the globe with Emma and Troy, as it pans over a swath of empty ocean. “I’m starting to think the island itself is the illusion, because I can’t see anything.”

    “The Island of Illusion is all too real Rangers.” Explains Zordon with a wince. “It is where the Mirror of Regret was hidden ages ago, by Robo Knight himself.”

    “Unlikely, this information is not in my data files.” Corrects the ancient warrior.

    Noah exhales slowly and removes a corroded chip, sliding a fresh replacement in it’s place. “Half of your systems are degraded completely, I’m not surprised you lost some memories. In fact, I’m more amazed you can still function at all.”

    “Gold and silver aren’t supposed to be able to corrode I thought?” Troy is watching the work with intrigue across his face. “What could have done that to him?”

    “The Sword of Darkness.” Answers Robo Knight with no hesitation. “It is why I was chosen to protect it from evil of any kind.”

    Noah nods in understanding and clarifies for the others. “If it did this to you, a normal person…”

    “Wouldn’t even last a year.” Agrees Zordon. “The corrosiveness of the sword’s magic, will eat away at the Green Ranger. If Rita had not supercharged his coin, the effects would already have been noticed by you.”

    “Can we drain his coin somehow?” Emma frowns to herself.

    Admits Gia, rubbing at her purple forehead. “Would really even the playing field, he hits as hard as three of us combined.”

    “I may have an idea, but it will have to wait.” Zordon looks thoughtful, as a bolt of black finally arrives. “Now that all of you are here, this mission can no longer be delayed.”

    “Late again I see,” Crossing her arms, Gia locks angry eyes with Jake.

    He meets her eyes with confidence and doesn’t back down. “Last time it’s ever going to happen, I just quit the soccer team.”

    “What?” Noah drops his screwdriver in disbelief and whirls on his friend. “But how are you going to get a scholarship?”

    “How would I get one if Earth gets conquered by my sister?” He shrugs off the looks being thrown his way. “You all need to be able to count on me and I’m not going to let any of you down again.”

    Gia blinks in shock, but wipes the look from her face quickly. He asked for a chance and he didn’t walk away from us when things got hard, he really is different. She gives him a smile and stands beside Jake for Zordon’s briefing.

    “Rangers. We have a problem.” Zordon explains with a sigh. “The Island of Illusion was seen near Japan and the Green Ranger has already arrived.”

    Alpha steps up and clarifies how bad that is. “If Bulk reaches the Mirror of Regret, the Earth is as good as lost. It will allow him to beat you all with a single glance at your reflection. Making you face the worst moments of your life, in ever increasing intensity until you break completely.”

    “Master Vile once planned to use the moon as its focal point, causing the end of any who gaze up at the moon.” The ancient sage finally gives an answer for why the palace is on a barren rock above the planet.

    “You cannot allow the Green Ranger to acquire the mirror,” Alpha Five starts to panic uncontrollably. “If he does…”

    “He won’t.” The reassuring voice of Troy calms the robotic assistant. “We’ll just have to beat him to the prize.”

    Before they can get carried away with pumping themselves up, Zordon explains the dangers present on the island. “You will be entirely cut of from contacting us, only the temple itself is able to be reached by us.”

    “We can do the radio silence thing,” Jake claims, his new confidence coming close to bravado. “We just have to race Bulk and Skull to the temple, right?”

    “You will all be faced with your worst fears and greatest desires on arrival, the island itself will test if you are worthy.” Zordon’s words are like a bucket of ice water.

    Asking for everyone, Emma has a hesitant voice. “Of retrieving the Mirror of Regret?”

    “Ever leaving the island.” Robo Knight answers, a hint of some emotion in the words.

    “Well, bad ideas haven’t stopped me yet.” Claims Jake, his eyes narrowing at the thought of them failing. “When do we leave?” He feels a hand slip into his own and glances down to see Gia tightly gripping it.

    “Now.” Zordon’s voice is filled with pride, as he watches five beams of color shoot into the sky.

    Twitching when Alpha takes over his repairs, Robo Knight glances up at his creator slowly. “It is illogical, but I have… belief they will succeed.”

    “That is the effect of the human spirit,” Zordon smiles down at his ‘son’. “It makes the impossible seem like merely a challenge not yet overcome.”

    Something goes wrong when they reach the island. Five beams of light are scattered all over the island, with Troy losing sight of the others almost immediately.

    He materializes mid air, plummeting thirty feet downward and right into a muddy brown river. Finding himself no longer morphed, Troy struggles against the current for all his worth.

    His best efforts do little more than spin him in circles as the sound of thunder grows louder. The rapids pick up speed and when Troy faces forward briefly, he sees the river disappear before him. Well this is going to suck.

    Shooting over the edge of the waterfall, Troy can only be relieved at the lack of rocks below him. He tumbles through the air, crashing into the lake and sinking like a stone. Really should have gotten one of the others to show me how to swim.

    Instead of accepting his fate and letting the murky water bury him, Troy stays focused. No time to be scared, he tries to control his pulse and look for the surface. Mud being thrown into the lake forces him down, the sediment beginning to leave him buried on he lake bed.

    You weren’t kidding about worst fears. He feels his lungs begin to burn and knows he can’t just lay here. Forcing his limbs up through the silt weighing him down, Troy starts crawling towards the shore.

    Once he refuses to allow his fears to overwhelm him, the pressure on his back and lungs both vanish. Blinking to clear his vision, has Troy suddenly trying to doggy paddle in a mud wallow.

    “Should have known it was an illusion, Zordon warned us.” Snorting at his current state, Troy climbs to his feet. Shaking as much of the muck off as he can, he reaches stable ground. Won’t have to worry about bugs at least.

    He starts the trek towards the barely visible mountain, knowing the others will meet him at the temple. Bulk and Skull have a head start, can’t waste time regrouping. Troy scowls at the idea of what awaits him, before trudging forward with grim determination.
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    Episode 12.5: The Enemy Within
    As soon as she materializes, Emma’s pulse starts going through the roof. The hallway she finds herself in, is dreadfully familiar. Mint green walls covered in months worth of grim, are broken up by a zigzagging blue line.

    Dingy yellow panels fill the space between the flickering fluorescent lights above her. I can still remember how many are in this hallway. “One hundred and thirty five, with the broken panel right over… there it is.” She mutters to herself absently, Emma’s feet leading her deeper into the hospital.

    Her dread grows deeper with each step, but she can’t stop walking forward. This could be my greatest fear, or it could by whatever would make me happiest. She reaches the door and glances at the number, confirming this is indeed the room her mother died in.

    “Let’s get this over with,” Emma lets out a hiss, before grabbing the handle. Before she can change her mind, Emma shoves it open and enter.

    The room is the same, but it’s no longer a room for one person. “No!” She gasps out horrified, with the door slamming shut behind her.

    On either side of her mom’s bed, is a matching one for her dad and Trini. Gia and Skull’s bodies are both laying under the window, the closed blinds blocking her view of outside.

    With anguish filling Emma’s heart, she whirls to the last three beds. Jake, Noah, and Troy are likewise dead and this is when her tears starts to flow. She doesn’t see the room shimmer and warp around her, years passing in seconds.

    “Don’t cry Emma, being dead’s not so bad.” Gia’s voice shakes her out of her grief, making her look up and scream. Her oldest friend is no longer a fresh body, but a corpse well into the decay process.

    Yellow skin hangs from her face, with a large part of her cheek missing and the teeth inside exposed. Her eyes are milky white, with most of the hair fallen from her head in clumps.

    “Nothing hurts anymore dear,” The gurgling from behind her can only come from her mom, but Emma can’t bring herself to look. “Have you come to join us?”

    Eugene reaches for her face with his black and rotting hand. He grabs her chin and makes her look at him, with Emma only able to screw her eyes tightly shut. “Don’t you love us Emma, why won’t you look at us?”

    “She knows this is her fault,” Trini explains with a croaking voice. “Emma’s never been brave.”

    With another wheezing hiss Gia agrees, twisting the knife even deeper. “That’s why you always kept me around, right Emma? So I could fight all your battles.”

    “No wonder Skull ditched you,” Troy mocks her, his voice sounding like he has only half a tongue. “You’re a coward.”

    “So why did Zordon choose you?” They all speak as one, the voices blending into a screeching cacophony.

    Why was I chosen? She starts to tremble again, thoughts of her team flooding her mind. Noah is a genius. Even if he can’t fight as well as the rest of us yet, none of us can do what he does.

    Emma thinks of her best friend next, trying to borrow some of her strength. Gia is tougher than nails, so why did someone as soft as me get selected? Only to remember that’s exactly what she was just accused of her whole life, hiding behind the strong.

    Troy has the determination of stone, nothing seems to even make him blink. She knows how easy it is to bring her to this state, so why pick a crybaby?

    She considers Jake last, but knows even he is more worthy. He might seem like a goofball, but he’s dedicated to the cause completely. Feeling her heart sink into her left shoe, Emma nearly gives up.

    I’ll always believe in you Emma,” Her mom’s last words of weight echo in her head, stopping her from giving in to despair. “So don’t compare yourself to Trini, Gia, or anyone else. Because none of them will ever care as much as you do, so learn to rely on each other.”

    Emma smiles and the inhumane noise fades around her, remembering what had been to hard to face before. “I won’t be here much longer, but my love will never leave you.” Warm tears trickle down her face.

    “I’m not hiding behind you anymore Gia,” She exclaims with full confidence in herself. You’ve been showing me how to stand on my own this whole time. “I’m ready to be strong Mom.”

    Emma forces her eyes open and readies herself to fight off the ghouls, but finds it thankfully unnecessary. Finds herself beneath tropical trees and alone, she groans.

    It takes some effort, but she manages to climb high enough in a tree to see the terrain rising up to the temple. Maybe five miles max, I can do this... no problem. Emma considers how rough the terrain looked and starts the hike while she still has sunlight.

    “Where am I?” Are the first words out of Noah’s mouth as he finds himself suspended in midair. A strange buzzing noise is coming from his left, but he finds himself stuck to something and unable to move.

    Cobwebs in the branches above him, make his skin crawl. Worst fears… well shit. He realizes what’s going on, just as the buzzing is cut off suddenly. A massive shadow is cast over him, with the long spindly legs making him squirm.

    “Not getting eaten by a damn spider.” Growling to himself, Noah forces his brain to work. What would Jake do? The answer he comes up with, makes him laugh despite the pants wetting terror.

    Noah squirms in his clothes, careful to keep his skin from making contact with the web. Once he’s wormed his way out of his plaid button up, the jeans are carefully shimmied out of.

    He swallows his terror and makes himself look over to the source of the shadow. A massive bone white spider is feasting on something, or someone wrapped tightly in webbing. The spider is the size of a walrus, which makes the no longer squirming feast... man-size.

    Swallowing some bile at the idea, Noah shifts his gaze downwards. He’s maybe thirty feet up, but this is not the only web in the trees. As far as he can see, webs leave the entire jungle a deathtrap.

    “Jake would do something stupid, so let’s see how that works out for me.” Noah readies himself and launches himself into the air, keeping his body in as tight of a dive as possible.

    He nearly makes it through, but his left calf snags on the last web. His speed makes it act more like a wax strip, throwing him off target and towards the tree trunk.

    Thudding off of it, he tumbles to the ground and gasps for breath. Feels like I’m playing Mowgli, I look like I was raised by wolves. Noah forces himself to stand and looks over his muddy and nearly nude body.

    Angry schreeching from from the trees has him looking for a way to run, but he knows how fast spiders are. I’m not out running a spider that size, let alone a whole colony of them. “Emma would try and tame you, so I’m going to need a little Troy and a dash of Gia for this.”

    Noah grabs a sturdy looking stick and brandishes it defensively. He may not have the lance skills in his brain right now, but he’s confident in his ability to take at least one arachnid with him.

    “Well, don’t you like dark meat? Come and get me!” Roaring at the canopy, he watches a shadow double in size. Now! Stabbing up, he feels the crunch of his spear and shoves the spider to the side.

    It lands with a thud and writhes, but Noah has no time to celebrate. Three more are nearly upon him, so he removes his weapon with a squelch.

    He considers the way the hesitate before charging for him. Emma is the best in the woods, so let’s see if I’ve learned anything from her. Whirling on his heels, Noah makes a break for the sounds of rushing water.

    “Faced my fear, but aversion therapy ain’t for me!” He crashes through the foliage and finds himself getting entangled. The more he struggles, the tighter he finds himself bound.

    Noah blinks in the course of his writhing, only to suddenly find himself on the beach. No longer wrapped in vines, He looks down and blushes. Somehow he took his own shirt and pants off, binding himself in them during the course of the hallucination.

    “Just glad none of the others saw that,” He mutters under his breath and dresses himself once more.

    Gia materializes in total darkness, pressure weighs down on her and makes it nearly impossible to breathe. But I can still freak out. She has maybe a foot of space around her head, with dirt constantly sprinkling into her eyes.

    I need to move! Blood pounds in her ears, as Gia tries to wiggle a hand upwards. Only have a little air, need to start digging. Trying not to succumb to the terror building, she lets it feed her adrenaline instead.

    It doesn’t take too long digging out her second arm, the loose soil being easy to shift around. But once Gia starts to dig above her head, the dirt tumbles onto her uncontrollably. I can still get out of this!

    Refusing to give up and die, Gia tries to cover her face with her hands. It leaves her with even less room than before, but she can’t let go of her determination. If I let go for even a second, that’s as good as giving up.

    Emma would be fine here. Thinking of her nature loving best friend, Gia can only hope a tree grows above her unmarked grave. Gia stops struggling and realizes she’s growing lightheaded. Almost out of air, guess I really can’t control everything.

    People have come and gone from her life with grand promises and even grander betrayals, it’s kind of relaxing… knowing she won’t have to keep her guard up much longer.

    Jake surprised me. Gia smiles sadly, wishing he had a chance to keep doing it. I could have had a summer of smiles with him, instead of holding him at arms length this whole time.

    Hope my replacement is smart, Noah needs someone who can keep up with him. She considers the awkward ranger and how earnest he is, which leads her to thoughts of Troy. Not all guys are like my dad, all three of them are proof.

    Finally letting go of the struggle to control everything, Gia finds herself able to breathe again. No more crushing pressure is closing in on her and she opens her eyes.

    Submerged up to her neck in a crystal clear pond, Gia finds herself tangled in some vines hanging down. “Well this could have been a very strange grave.” She snorts and works herself free, walking out of the water with the help of the cord like vines.

    Blinking in confusion, Jake finds himself in someone’s living room. “Your wife isn’t getting suspicious, is she?” A voice purrs from behind him, making him spin in shock.

    The girl he saved at the beach is standing in front of him, with little more than a smirk on her face. She’s at least ten years older, which explains what she said about me having a wife. Glancing over her shoulder, he catches sight of himself in a mirror.

    I look nearly thirty, what the hell is going on? Flinching away from Dana’s gorgeous body, Jake wracks his brain for answers. Nothing springs to mind at first and he finds it very hard to think.

    The enticing sight before him can’t be real, which only leaves an illusion. Is this a fear… or my desire?

    “If she is, you can always just leave her.” Dana wraps herself around him, making Jake go still. “We can finally be a real family and you can forget that wretched shrew.”

    Feeling his blood freeze in his veins, Jake realizes exactly how terrifying this really is. I’ve become my father.

    Dana purrs in his ear, never stopping with her honeyed promises. “You can just play for a different team, you wont have to see Gia anymore and the brat only a few times each year.”

    My dad would never have quit playing soccer, he would have just turned in his morpher and worried about himself. “This can’t scare me anymore.” He calmly declares, making the body wrapped around him stiffen. “Gia would never let me get away with this and even more importantly... I will never let this happen.”

    Opening his eyes and ready to fight a naked woman, Jake finds himself with a shrieking monkey on his back. It pulls his hair and yanks a fistful free, before leaping from his shoulders. It lands on an overhanging branch and vanishes into the jungle.
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    Reject humanity. Embrace monkey.
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    I tried really hard to leave them all in an amusing situation once the illusion was broken. Monkey was by far my favorite reveal.
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  9. Threadmarks: Episode 13: Life’s a Masquerade
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    Episode 13: Life’s a Masquerade

    Once the pair arrive on the island, Skull takes the lay of the land. He see’s nothing to give the place such a fearsome reputation and turns to let his companion know. “Bulk… what’s uh, going on?”

    His only friend is cowering in the dirt and backing into a hollow log. Bulk doesn’t respond, he only begins whimpering and shutting himself inside with a large piece of bark.

    “What the hell is wrong with you?” Snorting scornfully at the cowardly display, Skull realizes something. “Wait, you aren’t morphed...”

    Baboo said if they got the Mirror of Regret, the world would be conquered in twenty four hours. Rita also said she would give Bulk Angel Grove for doing well. “What will I get for doing her job for her?” He grins to himself and leaves his only friend crying inside a log.

    He starts to hike towards the hills, using what Emma taught him to stay on track. Maybe I can have Australia. “Don’t think Scorpina’s getting it anymore.” I know Kim didn’t like bugs and snakes, maybe Rita doesn’t either?

    Chuckling himself, Skull doesn’t see the five beams of color get scattered across the island. With flamethrower in hand, he burns a swathe through the foliage.

    Reaching for the cliff’s edge, Troy grasps a root and heaves himself over. His hands are blistered and bloody, but he finally reached the plateau.

    Taking a deep lungful of the crisp air, he takes a moment to peer over the island. With the setting sun blanketing the jungle in shadows, Troy thinks he can make out where he arrived. “Only three or four miles, I thought it was a lot longer.”

    Hope the others are alright. Shaking the worst case scenarios from his mind, Troy finally looks upon the Temple of Regret.

    The stonework is ancient and reminds him of a Chinese pyramid. Designs are as clear as the day they got carved, showing Troy scenes of nine different red rangers and the challenges each faced. Only an antechamber is visible, with the rest of the structure being inside the mountain itself.

    Stepping inside the limestone chamber is like being doused in chili powder. All of his senses explode into action at once and the overload sends him crashing to the hard floor.

    Flames fill Troy’s vision, before extinguishing into a black haze. The sound of fireworks fade along with the smell smoke, with the air around him cooling down again.

    When his sight returns, he finds himself snug in a bed he doesn’t recognize. The décor is nearly all some shade of red or gold, with it all being more luxurious than he had ever dreamed of having. Rolling onto his side in an attempt to get out of bed is stalled, when he sees a tray filled with his favorite foods.

    Troy is sorely tempted by the waffles and back bacon, but the note tucked under the plate is what gains his attention. Grabbing it before his growling stomach wins out, Troy feels his face go crimson.

    ‘Good morning Babe, I went to pick up your Aunt and Uncle. I made sure my tux is hanging up, no wrinkles this time.’ A very well drawn ape wearing a red suit is inserted here, making Troy smile. ‘We’ll be at the anniversary ceremony watching from the second row and don’t worry, Jason will be hiding out at the hotel.’

    He finally gets out of bed and opens the door to the rest of the condo. The walls are covered in pictures of the other rangers, each with the appropriately colored frames. It’s not just the friends he recognizes either.

    Half of the pictures are of people in color coded uniforms. Each time a group of teens stand before him and he gets progressively older in each of the ten photos. Glancing down at his belt shows a strange morpher, a very gaudy gold instead of the normal scarlet shade.

    Even the coin is different, with some kind of dragon or at least a scaly creature engraved on it. Everything I could ever dream of. Troy realizes how dangerous this place is, because he doesn’t want to leave.

    Acceptance, safety, and my mistake undone? Why would I ever wake up? A second glance at the pictures of his friends though and he remembers. “The world needs us.” He has to say it aloud, or the knowledge may slip away again.

    If I’m fighting monsters, why can’t I fight for what I want? Troy doesn’t walk to the front door, instead reaching for the new morpher and finds it once again crimson. “It’s morphing time!” Roaring in rejection of the falsity, Troy opens his eyes.

    He finds himself on a stone bridge, suspended high enough the bottom isn’t visible. A dozen of the bridges meet up, with each one having a different color door of sealed stone. Glancing back shows his own door was the red one, with the cliff side just visible through it.

    In the center of the room is raised platform, with Skull’s skeletal body in front of the mirror. He laughs at Troy, before grabbing the artifact and lifting it carefully.

    In his attempt to escape though, he trips on a raised portion of stone. He stumbles forward and juggles the mirror back and forth between his hands. Ending up on his back, he holds the magical artifact held aloft triumphantly

    The mocking laughter cuts off suddenly, when Skull takes the chance to look at his prize. The face of a monster stares back at him, flooding his mind with every misdeed ever committed by him. He lets out an anguished screech, before the mirror slips from his bony fingers.

    It smashes against the stone, but Skull doesn’t react. All he does is lay on his back and babble incoherently. All of his regrets overwhelm him at once and leave him unable to hold his shape.

    Not exactly what I expected to find. Emma frowns at her new location once stepping into the antechamber of the temple. The waterfall is gone, with the landscape now a vast grassland.

    A herd of gazelle dash across the horizon, pursued by some kind of predator. “Aren’t you going to get a shot of that?” Trini asks from her blind spot, making Emma whirl on her sister in shock.

    She isn’t trying to kill her and looks at least ten years older. Her clothing would be perfect for an African safari, which Emma realizes she may be on right now.

    “National Geographic is paying you to take pictures remember, not just have fun with me.” Grabbing the camera hanging from Emma’s neck, Trini shoves it into her face.

    “Right, sorry.” Shaking her confusion away, Emma starts snapping the most perfect shots in her life. I’m not this good… no one is. Realizing the angles are simply not possible, Emma glances over at Trini.

    Her sister gives her a wide grin, but something feels off to Emma. “Everything you always imagined?”

    “Maybe if you hadn’t just shoved her rotting corpse in my face, this could have worked on me.” Ignoring the illusion, Emma screams into the sky. “But the tonal whiplash killed any chance this… test had.”

    A howling wind is her response, with it lifting her into the cyclone forming rapidly. It spins her in circles, forcing her to close her eyes. When the screaming wind stops and she opens her eyes, Emma finds her self being thrown towards Troy.

    She slams into him and the pair go down in a tangled heap, but Emma is just happy to have found someone. “Troy? Boy, am I glad to see you.”

    “Mom, why do you work at the news station now?” A young girl’s voice buzzes in Gia’s ear, making her open her eyes in shock. “Didn’t you like being a reporter, you got to travel everywhere?”

    A child about eight years old is looking up at her. She looks like an almost perfect clone of Gia herself at that age, with the same persistent determination inside her.

    “I get to see you everyday now, so I call that a win.” Somehow, Gia knows exactly what to say. A feeling of warmth fills her, as she sees the love and trust in her daughter’s eyes.

    “Dad’s only pretending he forget you know,” Changing subjects with the coherence of a child, her daughter confides in her. “He got you an anniversary present months ago.”

    “Oh really?”

    In a perfect imitation of Gia, the little girl crosses her arms and smirks. “He found out where Grandpa moved and let me help him pack the boxes full of glitter.” Gia can feel her heart flutter at the devious smirk. “Uncle Noah is going to make sure a satellite is watching, so we can watch him open it.”

    “Come on Mom, you’re missing the party.” Her daughter takes her hands and starts to drag her towards the sound of laughter. “Uncle Billy is going to show us his newest invention.”

    Gia almost trips when she hears that. We saved him? Something inside her makes Gia plant her feet and shake her hands free.

    “Mom? Is something wrong?”

    “I want to be able to trust someone completely enough for this to be possible, but I can’t trust people I don’t know.” Gia takes a step away from the girl. “This is just a what if, I have to deal with what now.”

    The house starts to shake and lightning crashes outside. And what now, is finding this Mirror and seeing how Jake is going to surprise me next. Turning away from her child, Gia runs for the closest door.

    Slamming it shut behind her, she finds her self in a bathroom and braces the door with her back. “Mom?” Gia ignores the false emotion in her daughter’s voice.

    “I’m not your mother.” But I could be one day, I just need to let someone in. “You aren’t real!” Lightning strikes the house as soon as the words are screamed through the door.

    The room goes dark and everything is silent for a few moments, but soon Gia finds herself leaning against a yellow stone doorway. Troy and Emma are morphed and standing over a pile of bones.

    Clambering to her feet, she calls out to them. “You guys!”

    Jake stops mid step and listens. May not be able to morph right now, but my hearing’s still a lot better than before and that sounded like someone crying. Looking around the jungle, he follows the sound to a fallen tree.

    The pitiful sobs are coming from inside, right behind a door made of bark. “Troy?” He can tell it’s a guy inside the log, but not which one of his teammates. “Noah?”

    When he gets no answer and the sobs continue, he slowly reaches a hand out. Grabbing the damp bark, Jake tears it away in a single fluid motion.

    The sight of Bulk curled up in a ball and whimpering to himself, is enough to make Jake stop cold. Do I leave him like this? He tosses aside that idea immediately. No one should be left going through that, not even Bulk.

    “Should I capture you?” He knows that won’t work either. Never mind, can’t carry you through the jungle by myself.

    That just leaves… Jake almost considers ending the powerful foe here and now, but knows he doesn’t have it in him to kill a defenseless man. So he reaches for the emerald device on his belt instead.

    Touching it releases a pulse of toxic force. The magic throws Jake across the clearing and sends him crashing against a tree. Does mine do that? He groans and worries about someone grazing it accidentally.

    “Bullet?” Bulk mumbles from his shelter, realizing he is not in fact inside his locker back in middle school. “What are you doing here?” His mind is clearer than it’s been for days, but that fades as the Sword of Darkness exerts it’s influence once more.

    Bulk’s expression changes from panic to a predatory leer. “We may not be able to morph, but I’m the only one with a weapon right now.” He emerges and swings his blade, letting his muscles stretch and his blood flow.

    “I couldn’t kill you in cold blood, but now it’s on.” Swinging his limbs loose, Jake starts bobbing to his own music.

    “You should have, because that was the only shot you’ll ever have.” Bulk charges forward and slashes wildly.

    Good thing he doesn’t know how to use that thing. Snorting at the horrible swordsmanship on display, Jake delivers a snap kick to Bulk’s wrist. The shriek of pain comes at the same time he drops the glowing weapon.

    “Yoink.” Snatching the handle in midair, Jake prepares to snap the blade against the nearest tree. The moment the metal touches his skin however, he feels a torrent of darkness surge inside him.

    The shock makes him drop the sword, but power is now calling out to him. Tantalizing him with promises of victory over all who oppose him, it’s nearly enough to make Jake grab for it again.

    With a feral roar, Bulk throws himself at Jake. He knocks the black ranger to the ground and let’s his weight take over.

    “Are you ready to launch Commander Taylor?” Noah jerks back in shock, all of a sudden finding himself in a control room of some sort. Over twenty technicians are behind consoles and looking to him… for orders.

    “We received the green light from NASADA,” Hayley’s welcome voice is he one to speak this time, making him sigh in relief. “Terra Venture is ready whenever you are.”

    “Sorry, I was just overwhelmed for a second.” Trying to play off his behavior, Noah looks out the window and sees an entire city under a dome of glass. Four smaller domes circle the central one on a ring, rotating around at a sedate pace.

    Hayley gives him a knowing smirk. “It’s a lot to take in, but this is Earth’s first step towards the stars and it’s all thanks to you. So are you ready to go see some alien worlds?”

    Noah almost pushes the button right at that moment, caught up in Hayley’s praise and eager to see his dreams come true. But Noah knows what’s going on. “Fool me once.”

    He ignores anything his crew says and turns away from the console. Noah walks away from the illusion and walks out the door, finding himself on a stone bridge. Troy and the girls are morphed like he now is, but Jake is nowhere in sight.

    “I thought Jake said he wasn’t going to be late anymore?” He plays off the timing of his own arrival and joins them.
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  10. Threadmarks: Episode 13.5: Mirror of Regret
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    Episode 13.5: Mirror of Regret

    Gia kicks one of the larger shards of glass over the edge of the bridge, irritation all over her face. “We came all this way for… nothing?”

    “I wouldn’t say nothing, I learned a lot about myself.” Pacing in front of the black stone door, Troy voices his feelings on the matter. “As I’m sure you all did. So we wait for Jake to finish, his entrance was probably just harder to find.”

    Emma does her best to reassemble the bones of Eugene in the proper placement while they wait, her hands shaking the entire time. “I want to bring his head with us, maybe Zordon can do something for him.”

    “He starts mouthing off and I’m shoving one of Jake’s socks in his mouth.” With neither guy being willing to say anything against it, Gia is the one forced to set some ground rules.

    “What’s taking him so long?” Noah mutters to himself and tries to stay distracted, examining the designs on the cavern interior. “Even I made it up here before he did.”

    Troy realizes something and a feeling of cold dread worms through his gut. “Black isn’t the only color missing right now.”

    “Bulk...” As understanding dawns on her face, Gia starts to look frantically for the quickest exit. “Did anyone see which way Jake’s beam went?”

    Not letting the panic build, Noah fiddles with his watch and whistles when finished. “I’ve managed to get our communicators to beep when we get closer to him, should be able to triangulate his position this way.”

    “How close does he have to be for it to work?” Troy doesn’t hear anyone’s beeping.

    “One beep at a mile, another one every two hundred feet or so.”

    “Back the way you came and we’ll circle the island.” Taking over because of her wilderness experience, Emma starts hissing commands to the others. “Troy and I will each go opposite directions around the base of the mountain, expanding outwards with each lap.”

    Seeing the logic, Noah points between himself and Gia. “We’re going straight to the shoreline I take it?”

    “I’ll go clockwise, you go counter?” Catching on quickly, Gia agrees.

    “Once someone gets a beep, call the rest of us. Don’t need to be looking for anyone else.” Troy reminds them all, before racing back through his crimson passageway.

    Noah and Gia take off through their own doors, while Emma hesitates above the bones. Too late to change my mind now. She grabs the silent skull and dashes out her own pink doorway.

    In the now empty chamber, no one is present to witness to glass shards begin glowing. They melt and the liquid pools over Skull’s carefully arranged bones. A green metal is left behind, as the glass moves up to the neck.

    Stretching into a fresh mirror, a thick green frame forms around it. When the green glow fades from the newly formed creature, the Mirror Maniac sits up. The reflection of the pink ranger was the last face seen by the glass shards, making Emma it’s first target.

    “What happened to only having one shot?” Spitting out a glob of blood, Jake spins on his heel. The kick lands clean and he can feel Bulk’s nose break. The spray of crimson only confirms the damage, making Jake ignore his throbbing foot.

    Clutching his face with one hand, the green ranger just laughs darkly. “We could have done great things together, such a shame you won’t make your sister’s wedding.” He flings his hand forward, sending a shower of blood at Jake.

    As the black ranger is forced to look away, Bulk grabs one of his hands. In the weight lifter’s ironclad grip, Jake is lifted into the air and brought crashing back down… repeatedly.

    Tossing the wheezing Jake onto the dirt, Bulk delivers a kick to his ribs. “Stay down and I’ll make it quick.” Now where’s my sword?

    Scanning the area for his weapon, he hears some crunching. Barely having time to conceal himself in the foliage, Bulk watches for an opening.

    The rest of the rangers arrive within moments of each other, with Gia dashing for the bloody Jake. The other three take a defensive stance, scanning for danger.

    “Is he okay?” Noah’s voice is tense, with the smell of blood overwhelming his enhanced nose.

    Gia worries for a moment and takes three tries to get a pulse. “He’s alive, but looks like hamburger. Bulk really worked him over.” She looks over his wounds, gingerly brushing a hand against the swollen eye.

    “I see green everywhere,” Hisses the blue ranger, his frustration starting to get the better of him. “Anyone else having any luck?”

    Troy stops and activates his thermal vision, his eyes narrowing on a nearby mass of warmth. “Let’s get this over with, I can see you.”

    Glancing less than twenty feet in front of him, Bulk can see the Sword of Darkness. Too far, they’ll catch me if I make a break for it. Before he is forced to act, a new voice joins the conversation and distracts the rangers.

    “You may see me, but I have eyes for one girl only!” The voice is a distorted version of Skull’s, only far deeper and infinitely more sinister. A bolt of blue energy shoots from the jungle and slams into Emma, sending her bouncing across the ground.

    “Emma!” Moving to check on her, Troy watches the monster approach with wary eyes.

    Accepting the hand up, she has to double check she still has Skull. He’s no longer delirious, but is still only observing. The normal anger is gone from his eyes, replaced only by… regret?

    “I’m fine, we have to make sure Jake doesn’t get hit.”

    Noah agrees and steps in front of Gia, his lance spinning faster than ever. “Get him out of here Emma, we’ll deal with your stalker.”

    She does so and carefully takes Jake in her arms, before dashing away from the battlefield. Gia stands beside the red and blue rangers, forming a wall of primary color.

    Taking the chance provided, Bulk hustles forward and grabs his sword. Once the familiar burn is back in his palm, he cuts off after the fleeing Emma.

    “Going somewhere?” Slashing for her neck, Bulk forces Emma into a slide. She manages to avoid the attack, but Jake is sent sprawling onto the dirt.

    Even without being morphed, Emma finds each one of his swings delivered with bone shaking force. Somehow the overweight teen manages to keep up and even manage to out pace her own strikes.

    He catches her Blade Blaster against his own weapon and smirks. “I’ll still let skull keep you, if you beg nicely that is.” When she only snorts in response, Bulk twists his wrist suddenly and sends her own weapon flying.

    Laying forgotten beside the unconscious black ranger, Skull watches the fight with growing concern. I need to do something, I let him get this bad. With every ounce of willpower inside of him, Skull makes his fingers wiggle.

    Noah teaks the energy blast square in the chest and rolls along the dirt. Sparks explode around him and shower the clearing in smoke.

    “You alright?” Gia checks between slashes, doing her best to get close with the monster. Emma and Jake need us! She does her best to ignore the sound of the other battle nearby and focus on the foe before her.

    The green monster with a mirror for a face stops all of a sudden, going as still as a statue. For nearly an entire minute he remains motionless, allowing the rangers time to regroup.

    Troy reaches for it with his sword, only jerking back when the monster’s hand twitches. Slowly at firstt, but soon they move with a regular range of motion. Once the fingers are working, the wrist and entire left arm are next.

    “What’s it doing?” His curiosity begins overriding his commonsense and Noah steps closer.

    The monster breaks into what appears to be an attempt to run forward, but the shambling makes it hard to tell if it is intentional. It ignores all three rangers and dashes towards the now silent second battle.

    Following the monster’s mad charge, they find Bulk about to end Emma. The Sword of Darkness is in his raised fist and glows with raw power.

    “Leave her alone!” Skull’s head shrieks from behind Emma, as he directs his body towards his only friend. He lacks the grace to catch or even deflect the attack, taking the full force of the strike.

    Emerald light nearly blinds everyone with eyes open, with it taking minutes for the spots to clear from their vision. The Mirror Maniac is gone completely, not even ash left behind from the powerful blow.

    Bulk’s smirk of triumph slowly morphs into pained horror, his eyes locking onto his broken sword. The last energy blast Skull sent from his body in retaliation, was just enough to snap the cursed weapon.

    He starts wailing in agony as the backlash of the magic courses through his body. Nearly overwhelmed by the agony, Bulk dissipates into crackling green light and shoots into the sky.

    On the planet Tengu twenty nine light years from Earth, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa lay waste to the world’s champions. Cackling madly at the devastation being wrought all around him, Lord Zedd sends forth a stream of white lightning.

    It strikes the Black Condor, causing the ranger to writhe before him. While his monsters keep the other avian rangers away, he increases the voltage. When no more whimpers come from the bird’s body, Zedd strides forward and claims his morpher.

    “You got one Zeddie,” Cheering him on, Rita loops her crescent staff around Yellow Owl’s neck. “Now watch me!” She snarls pure savagery on her face, snapping the ranger’s neck with a crunch.

    His chest contracts at the sight and makes it hard to breathe for a second. She is so utterly foul... I love it! Stepping over the remains of Red Hawk’s Zord, Zedd returns the compliment. “How delightfully cruel my darling, this has been so much fun.”

    “Foul demons from beyond, you shall do this world no more harm!” The final three rangers unite on shaking legs, Red Eagle shouting in defiance at Zedd’s advance. “For those you have already slain, you shall find no mercy from us!”

    “And we shall give you none in return,” Casually Rita mocks the hero. “When you all finally die, this world and all who inhabit it belong to us!”

    Zedd stops The humanoid mass of eyeballs from running after Blue Swallow, leaving her for the other monsters. “We do need the one called Zenowing taken alive, he’s the one who designed their Zords and I want one of my own.”

    “Aye aye Sir,” Eye Guy remarks with a disturbing giggle, before collapsing into hundreds of eyeballs. Each one rolling away in a different direction. “No one can escape my gaze for long, I’ll find him for you.”

    Turning back towards the battle, Zedd strokes his chin in consideration. “Red or White? Decisions are so hard, I’ll just kill both.”

    Calling forth all the ambient hate, rage, and fear, Zedd tears a hole in the sky. The wormhole stretches across the solar system and sucks in one of the orbiting asteroids. Once in the atmosphere of Tengu, the hunk of rock plummets to the ground.

    With a little extra tug from his bride, the asteroid crashes directly onto Red Hawk. He dies instantly, with White Swan being knocked out from the shock wave.

    An eerie melody can now be heard, with the volume rising rapidly. “I got the runner Lord Zedd, one Blue Swallow for you and the Queen.” Gnarly Gnome brags and has the blue ranger join the unconscious White Swan.

    “Hand over your morphers and swear allegiance to us,” Rita struts in front of Blue Swallow, her chest puffed out in beautiful arrogance. “Or die with the rest.”

    “You will never w-” The avian white ranger tries to defy the sorceress one final time, but is vaporized by a sneering Lord Zedd.

    “Never want to be as pathetic as you lot.” He smirks down at Blue Swallow, her eyes blinking rapidly in horror. “So what’s it going to be, we need someone to teach the ten thousand eggs we’re getting in tribute.” He smirks as she reaches with shaking hands for her morpher.
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    Things are getting better on earth... and worse elsewhere. I have to wonder how many other new forces of evil Vile has unleashed upon the universe now that he's returned... especially before anyone else knew he'd returned.
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    A few got created reflexively, a few got created so he had some muscle behind him facing the UAE, and a few got changed/upgraded by him for still being loyal. Episode 15's stinger will show a bit of what he's consciously been doing to regain his empire/get his big bads in line. REally good question, I had to think for a bit to answer it
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  13. Threadmarks: Episode 14: Green Candle
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    Episode 14: Green Candle
    When the last screw is tightened, Noah pats Robo Knight on the back and proclaims him fixed. "You're as good as new, unless you want some upgrades?"

    "I have seen where Zordon's upgrades lead." Robo Knight gives Alpha Five an unreadable look. "I see no logical reason to lower my combat capabilities in such a way."

    Crossing his arms, Alpha actually growls at his brother. "Didn't see you fixing yourself with that fancy combat tech. I seem to remember being the one who fixed the Zords, so maybe show some gratitude!" He gives Robo Knight a feeble shove and walks away, his muttering only growing in it's fervor. "Not like I asked to be tech support."

    "Is Alpha Five also in need of repairs, he appears almost as emotional as a human."

    "No, it's just part of the software updates." Noah finishes putting the tools "You are behind by four."

    Chiming in with a snarky voice, Alpha opens the door to the main chamber. "It's not just the hardware, but who you are on the inside that really matters." He holds his head high and strides out of the room.

    "He just wants to help," Noah chides the robotic warrior, but does wait for him. "It's because of you he isn't able to fight, so go easy on him."

    "Because of me?"

    Shrugging at the confusion being displayed, Noah tries to explain. "When you went into hiding, Zordon mourned you like a son."

    This makes Robo Knight freeze in place, a strange sensation filling his body. "Explain."

    "He made the other models to stay home, he wasn't going to lose another Alpha to violence." Noah frowns to himself. Wait, what happened to the other three?

    "Blue Ranger, I have another query." Robo Knight follows him out of the room and the two enter the main chamber. "Why have you not vanquished the monster?"

    Following the robot's gaze, Noah sees the girls speaking with the skull of Skull. He's contained inside a bubble of violet light and the trio are locked in a heated conversation.

    "Because he's already dead, so we can't just purify him like normal."

    Robo Knight's eyes narrow and his voice grows firm. "If he is to remain in the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha will require my continued protection."

    "Oh joy," Grumbles Alpha while he resumes his normal tasks.

    Barely acknowledging the new arrivals, Troy is focused on his discussion with Zordon instead. "We're going to beat Bulk, with a candle?"

    "With the proper wax made with the blood Jake… acquired from the Green Ranger." Zordon expands his explanation to include Noah and Robo Knight. "We will be able to drain the excess energy flowing through him."

    "How long will the process take?" Chimes in Noah, intrigued by the idea. "And what are you going to do with all that power?"

    Alpha is silenced with a single look from Zordon, who then is particularly careful with his phrasing towards the rangers. "It will have been tainted by the Sword of Darkness and require cleansing before it can be put to any use."

    "You said excess energy, he'll still be able to morph?" Catching something the others all overlooked, Gia frowns up at Zordon.

    "We could drain more, but that runs the risk of killing him." Admits Alpha.

    Shaking his head at that idea, Troy reassures the worried robot. "That's alright, with the sword broken and him brought down to our level..."

    "We can take him." Agrees Emma, confidence rolling from her in waves.

    "It could take several days to finish the process, so be on guard when the Green Ranger notices the effects." Warns Alpha. "The Megalania Zord will still be able to fight at full power, with all the weapons they slapped onto it." He starts muttering about his brother's work being tarnished and distracts himself with a blinking console.

    "Bulk will ignore it for a while, but he'll throw a tantrum once he knows what's going on." Skull cautions everyone, his voice grim as he imagines the destruction. "He knows where you all live, so don't make it hard to find any of you."

    Gia stops herself from shutting up the head of her childhood friend and listens to his words. The idea of what he could do to her mom or David turns her stomach. The others have similar thoughts of their own loved ones, sharing concerned looks in the tense silence.

    "Let's draw him out of the city," Troy thinks of how far away they really need to be. "You and Hayley are almost done the Radbug, right?" When Noah gives a confused nod, he continues detailing his plan.

    "Let's set up in the desert and make it real easy for him to find us." He grins confidently and starts waving his arms for emphasis. "His Zord comes out of the ocean, so we'll see him coming."

    Emma catches on and expands the idea with a determined grin of her own. "If he tries to come at us without his Zord, we'll have the advantage."

    "We need to finish this before Rita comes back, we can't let her make him any stronger." As she starts to pace, Gia tries to stay focused on the discussion. "Will the Battlizers be ready in time?"

    Alpha freezes and turns, a defiant hand on each hip. "So you can break them again, no way. I do try to have my own life you know, even if I can only watch concerts and plays on the viewing globe."

    "Alpha, you know it can be set to record anything." Chiding his youngest son, Zordon has a frown spread across his face. "You will have them finished in time for the ambush, the rangers are counting on you."

    Robo Knight feels a strange sensation in his chest and wants to help his… brother. "Would it go faster if I assist you?"

    "Will you show me how to shoot a blaster once we finish?" Tilting his head to the side in curiosity, Alpha loses his defensive stance. "Since you never got destroyed, Zordon has no reason to deny my request to practice anymore."

    Closing his eyes, the rangers can see Zordon visibly count to ten, before he makes makes his decision on the matter. "Alpha One will assist you with creating a new body, you can use the mind transfer device once I approve the design."


    "You aren't a child anymore, you're over a thousand and ready to hang out with the teenagers." Smiling at Alpha Five, Zordon actually has teary eyes. "I know you will all guide him for me."

    Noah looks like a dog with a dozen bones. "What king of body are you thinking of, because I've seen some really cool synthetic skins. You could look almost human if you wanted, the only problem is the skin colors aren't quite natural."

    "Ooh, are you thinking of looking like Robo Knight?" Her eyes dart back and forth between the two robots, Emma's eyes dancing with amusement.

    Gia counters this with her own idea. "If you want to look like a warrior, go with the Samurai."

    "If Robo Knight is all about power, why not go for speed and agility?" Suggests Troy, getting caught up in the idea of a robot ninja. "Robo Ninja has a nice ring to it."

    "Why stay medieval?" Noah can't stop himself from giving the 'correct' answer. "I say if you really want to fight, I can bring some anime over for you to check out. You'll really get some ideas from Gundam Wing."

    When yet another gust of wind blows away his notes, Jake tosses the whole notebook into the campfire. "I give up, it's too hard focusing when my head is pounding like this."

    "Well we have so much else to keep us busy," Gia snorts at the outburst, but is just as tired of waiting for Bulk.."Would you rather play another game of checkers, or do a few laps of the camp?"

    "Oh, or you could Emma and Troy make the rockman." Laughing at Jake's disgruntled expression, Noah points to the half finished pile of stones.

    Wiping sweat and dirt from her face, Emma corrects Noah with a giggle. "It's called an Inuksuk. The Inuit make them to communicate with other tribes, since they can go so long without seeing anyone else."

    "What's ours saying?" Troy is intrigued and carefully makes sure his rock is balanced.

    "Evil beware... or Gia will shove Jake's socks in your mouth."

    Grumbling at the laughter, Jake gives a feeble defense of his foot odor. "It's because of all the soccer."

    "Except you quit and we can all still smell you." Noah smirks in triumph.

    "I haven't had a chance to get new shoes, I kind of got the shit kicked out of me." When he mentions his solo fight with the green ranger, the laughter ends.

    Gia takes the chance to spend some one on one time and invites herself along. "I need to do my back to school shopping, want to make a day of it?"

    "I'd love to… if we ever get out of the desert that is."

    Early the next morning when the sun is still only cresting the horizon, Troy keeps watch over the campsite. Three days of waiting, is Bulk really just this dense?

    Poking at the fire's embers, Troy mutters to himself and the sound carries across the sand."He has to have noticed the drain by now, why hasn't he come for us?"

    Only his honed reflexes make him jerk aside in time, a beam of green striking the spot he was just sitting. "Sorry to keep you waiting, I've been looking for the trap all night."

    Bulk strides towards him morphed, but with a noticeable change in his uniform. No longer is the metal shield on his chest a brilliant gold, now it is a very dull grey. His hands are shaking with each step and his head twitches erratically with every sound.

    "But you geekoids didn't set any, did you?" He snorts derisively at Troy and scolds him. "Should have set a perimeter, you wouldn't be caught here all alone." Dad would have spanked my ass red for shoddy work like this.

    A bolt of energy shoots from each tent, one blue and the other pink. Emma and Noah spring the trap and catch Bulk in a pincer, giving the others a chance to morph. Yellow and black lights flashes from the tents match Troy's red one, with all three joining the surprise attack.

    "This is the trap moron," Gia's leg sweep is barely avoided by Bulk, with her following it up with a jab for his face. "We didn't think you'd be dumb enough to come by yourself."

    Correcting her friend, Emma drives her knee into the green ranger's abundant gut. "Well actually we did, that's why we're here after all."

    "Fine, even I didn't think Bulk was this dumb." Gia clarifies and backs away with Emma right behind her.

    "Who said I came alone?" Bulk recovers and calls in his own familiar backup.

    Three figures clad in what looks like a cross between biker gear and bondage leather charge across the desert sands, each one with a face distorted in rage. Rocky crashes into Noah and the pair roll along the sand.

    Adam and Aisha work as a team, meeting the yellow and pink ranger in nearly even combat. They force the girls away from the main fight, leaving Troy and Jake alone to face the green ranger.

    Bulk kicks at the fire, sending the flaming logs into Troy's face. While the red ranger is distracted, he takes the chance to kick Jake in the face.

    "You fools thought this would stop me from using my Zord?" He mocks the rangers and reaches for his Dragon Dagger, bringing it to his lips with deliberate action. "I can control mine remotely, you're the ones who need to be inside them."

    He begins to play the flute and the haunting melody echoes across the desert. It reaches farther than should be possible and wakes the dragon.

    "Hope the tin can you call Robo Knight is fixed, because Angel Grove is going to burn."

    Notes: For reference, the Ape zord and Titanus(Ultrazord) is basically the Tigerzord battle mode. Rocky, Aisha, and Adam are the Gorma tribe BDSM generals from Dairanger.

    Megazord Battle mode is the season 1 MMPR megazord (only with a wolf foot), Flight mode is basically the Ninja Mega Falconzord, tank mode is the tank from season 1, Aquatic mode is basically the Lost Galaxy megazord with a propeller. Guardian mode that Alpha mentioned a while ago, will basically be the Zeo Megazord (only both feet will be animals and not rock formations).

    Dragonzord Battle mode (Dragon/Mastodon/Triceratops/Tiger) will be called the Superzord. You can see where this leads.
    Everyone joked about Super-Ultra-Megaforce, but i think it makes sense when the Megazord/Titanus (ultra)/Dragonzord (super) can all canonically combine.

    It took so long because I'm working on a Pokemon fangame, made some real progress this weekend and just didn't really write. Sorry for the longest wait so far.
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    Part of me still holds out hope for skull in some form. Not sure why. It just seems.... dissatisfying having things with him end there. I like him as the character who is on the bad side but clearly has good in him.

    Honestly when you did the mirror fusion thing the first thing that popped in my head was "proto-ecliptor?"
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    Skull still has an Arc (or more) left in him. I love him and want to give him his due. He does need a journey of discovery, now that he's faced his regrets though. It's really hard to change in front of people.

    Keep thinking like that, because wow... Good guess on my goal/direction for him.
    Robo Knight and him are going to go hunting for Scorpina.
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  16. Threadmarks: Episode 14.5: Breaking the Spell
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    Episode 14.5: Breaking the Spell

    Blocking the super humanly strong attack, Gia kicks cloud of sand into Adam's face. Don't want to hurt him. "Can't sense any of Vile's normal magic in them, something strange is going on!"

    "I was saving them for Rita and Zedd's return, but you forced my hand!" Bulk deflects both the Power Sword and Ax, growling in rage at his foes. "Let's see how well Baboo's conditioning worked."

    Ignoring the sand in his eyes, Adam forcefully slams his foot against the ground. A shock wave of force ripples through the desert and kicks up a sandstorm.

    "What did you do to them?" Roars Troy as he presses his attack on Bulk, with Jake switching his weapon to it's cannon mode and laying down cover fire.

    "No idea what he did, I just told him I wanted obedient soldiers." Retorts the green ranger, his tone mocking and snide. "Seems like he succeeded, they don't talk back like Skull always did."

    Learning this first hand, Noah takes one of Rocky's fists to the gut. The power behind the blow lifts him several feet into the air and drives the air from his lungs.

    "Noah!" Pausing her own battle with Aisha for a moment, Emma sends a volley of pink lasers between him and his foe. The time is enough for Aisha to clap her hands together, sending a pulse of force outwards.

    It slams into Emma and sends her crashing through the Inuksuk she and Troy made earlier. The rocks come tumbling down on her, pinning the pink ranger beneath the rubble.

    "Go give her a hand," Jake hisses at his leader, his eyes narrowing on Bulk with deadly focus. "I've got this moron." A quick double blast covers his charge, with the ax already back in position. He swings for the green ranger's legs and catches his ankle, yanking him to the ground on the back swing. "I've got a score to settle with him.

    "Better pick up the pace," Taunts Bulk, as Troy dashes to Emma's aide. "My dragon's had almost five minutes to rampage. How much of the city do you think is left?" He tries to sound cruel and uncaring, but Jake can hear the doubt in his voice.

    Remembering everything his sister told him about Bulk's past, Jake makes a split second decision. Instead of bring his ax down on a fallen green ranger, he slams the head of it into the sand. He doesn't want to do this, but this is all he knows how to do anymore.

    "I thought you were the big man on campus, but all I see is someone desperate for his old friends approval." When Bulk tries to get up, Jake slams his heel against the green ranger's collar bone. The silver shield absorbs the force, but then it starts to shimmer.

    Cracks starts spreading across the metal, before it shatters into pieces. The second it breaks, Bulk starts to convulse. Arcs of green electricity shoot from his body, turning any sand struck into patterns of jade.

    The three reprogrammed teens take this as the cue to leave, breaking off combat suddenly and in eerie silence. The trio in black leather vanish into the sandstorm, leaving no trace when it dies down a few minutes later.

    As the Bulk writhes in the sand overwhelmed by the power backlash, the others stand around him in a circle. None of them anything at first, just relieved the dangerous opponent is down. Of course Troy can't ever be content when people are in danger, so he is the one to speak first.

    "We do have a battle to finish, ready to call the Zords?"

    While the others nod, Emma's eyes lock onto the weaponized flute in Bulk's hand. "Do any of you know how to play?" The question is like a bucket of ice water, extinguishing the rising cheer in everyone.

    "I'll have my falcon meet you on autopilot, I need to get to the base." She grabs the weapon from Bulk's grip, her voice dubious of the idea flowing through her mind. "Eugene knows how to play, I'll make sure he gets the Megalania back in the water."

    Gia grimaces at the idea of trusting Skull, but can't think of a better option in the moment. "We'll go help Robo Knight keep it busy, don't let Skull pull a fast one on you."

    "What's he going to do, swallow it?" Snorts Jake, the mental image now stuck in his head.

    Scolding him, Troy explains exactly how much trust is being placed in Skull right now. "He could level a block before she gets the flute away from him."

    Alpha's voice crackles to life over the helmet radios. "Rangers, you need to get back to the city!" The panic in his voice is unnerving. "The military has been called in due to your absence, the Dragonzord is tearing them apart!"

    "You heard Alpha," Troy declares firmly, throwing his hand skywards. "We need Pleisto Zord power, now!" Four bolts of colored energy shoot towards Angel Grove, while a pink and green one head deeper into the desert.

    Inside Titanus, Robo Knight can do little more than shield the city from the brunt of the Dragonzord's onslaught. The soldiers who came to defend Angel Grove are positioned too far away however, with each missile fired dealing devastating losses to the brave humans below.

    Why do they continue, they have seen how little their weapons do? Unable to comprehend the foolishness on display, Robo Knight fails to realize the Dragonzord is no longer focused solely on him anymore.

    The soldiers may be killed in seconds, but the Dragonzord doesn't have an infinite supply of weapons. Even now, Robo Knight can track the flight path of a dozen jets. Each on is locked onto the massive green machine, with four rockets being launched from each plane.

    Forty eight explosions ripple across the surface of the lumbering Zord, with one arm even going limp at it's side. A female voice that doesn't belong to either ranger speaks over his intercom, somehow having hacked the secure channel.

    "Yellow Eagle here, my flock and I will cover you." Her voice is confident but grim in the face of failing. "Can you take Godzilla down, or should we call in the prototype?"

    Deciding to answer the one who aided him, Robo Knight responds honestly. "My weaponry is insufficient, we must hold out until the Rangers can join us."

    A brief pause as Yellow Eagle processes the information and the she hisses back. "Why aren't they here now, this is kind of a big fricking deal?"

    "They are facing off with the mind controlled Green Ranger now, they will join us once he has been freed from evil's grip… or slain." Sending his Zord charging forward, he knocks the massive reptilian machine off balance and away from the advancing tanks.

    "Do we have an ETA, or are we just supposed to hold the line as long as we can?" She sighs back, but none of the soldiers break formation.

    "Unclear, the Ra-" Robo Knight cuts of mid sentence, as the thunderous footsteps of the Megazord declare they have arrived. "The Rangers have joined the battle, have your ground forces disengage. It would be… unfortunate, if any happened to get caught underfoot."

    She responds with a snort, with the tanks following her instruction with only a brief delay. "Affirmative. We're heading back to restock, hope you have this finished before we get back in the air."

    "Rangers, it is good you have succeeded." He directs his next message to the Megazord directly. "But why is the Dragonzord still on a rampage?"

    Troy explains with a sigh. "None of us know how to turn it off, so Pink brought the control device to he only one we know who does."

    "Good work on keeping Angel Grove safe RK," Noah is next to blurt out a response. "I was kind of expecting more than two buildings to be on fire."

    Considering all who sacrificed themselves fighting at his side, Robo Knight's response is given solemnly. "I could not have done it alone, you humans truly are surprising."

    "You aren't going to tell me this is a bad idea?" Emma demands with a huff, as soon as she arrives at the Command Center and Bulk is behind is own double layered force field.

    "You must trust your instincts Emma, Jake has shown us all stupid ideas can work." Above her, Zordon's lips quirk into an amused smirk. "You were chosen for a reason. The ability to forgive is rare, but even rarer is the ability to ignore one's own hurt and focus on the task at hand. If you say goodness is in him, it is present and we only need dig deeper."

    He smiles at her and Emma knows this is the only option. "Ready to give this a try Eugene?" She holds the Dragon Dagger before his mouth, an expectant look on her face.

    "You don't think I'm going to make things even worse?" His voice is filled with regret.

    "You saved me from my sister on the moon and then again from your evil best friend." Staring him straight in the eye, Emma throws her hands up in confusion. "You may not be who I thought you were, but right now I need you to him again."

    "Okay." Eugene closes his eyes and sighs shamefully. "For you I'll give it a try."

    Smiling while he can't see, Emma makes sure the expression is off her face when his eyes open. "Thank you." Putting the instrument of control to his mouth, Emma glances over to he viewing globe.

    The Dragonzord isn't completely overpowering the Megazord and Titanus this time, with both managing to keep the hostile machine contained. Step by step, they force it backwards and even farther from Angel Grove.

    "Hey, eyes over here!" Eugene barks in annoyance. "I don't have fingers remember, so you need to move yours where I show you.

    "How are you going to show me and play at the same time?" She doesn't want to doubt his skill, but this is very unconventional and not a time to screw up.

    "Low power eye beams, they don't even burn the pages when I read in the dark." Explains Eugene with a wry chuckle. "Bulk never knew I was reading every night up on the moon."

    Emma takes the chance to question him. "Why did you change, didn't Gia or I mean anything to you?"

    "I was alone and scared," He admits with a guilt laden voice. "Bulk told me things would change if we did, so I convinced myself you would both be better off without such a dweeb in your lives."

    "Gia might actually agree with that," She concedes, making Eugene giggle. "Now are you ready, everyone's counting on you."

    "No pressure or anything, just have a whole city to save."

    She smirks down at him with a correction. "Well if we lose the Megazord, the whole world is going to fall next. So really… you need to save the entire Earth right now."

    "It's a good thing Emma said you're a musical prodigy, this should be a piece of pancake." Alpha chimes in trying to be supportive.

    "I play piano though!" Skull's whine is nearly a panicked shriek. "This isn't exactly the same thing."

    Grinning at Alpha, Emma corrects him this time. "It's a piece of cake Alpha, not pancake."

    "Oh." He tilts his head to one side and appears to take a mental note.

    "I know being just a head is daunting, but the world needs you now." Zordon shares a smile with Eugene, the only other one who can relate.

    "Let's give this a try I guess." Sighing, Skull puts his mouth in a puckered position.

    His and Emma's first few notes are failures, with Alpha wincing before the viewing globe. "Oh that was a bad one."

    By the sixth note however, the two exes find a melody that works. Alpha cheers when the Dragonzord begins to grow sluggish and the many weapons deactivate. Grinning as they play the dragon to sleep, Emma and Eugene direct it back into the ocean.
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    My plot senses are tingling.
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    They should be, I think I hinted at five separate upcoming things this chapter.
    Baboo, Skull, Robo Knight, the Military, and Zordon.
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  19. Threadmarks: Episode 15: A Date With Danger
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    Episode 15: A Date With Danger

    Taking advantage of the lack of attacks for the last several days, Gia and Jake are finally able to have some time to themselves. The mall is crowded, with everyone else in Angel Grove funneled into the only one not turned into rubble this summer.

    Constantly darting glances at each other from the corner of their eyes, the duo eventually catch each other. While Jake chuckles at the awkward eye contact, he keeps sliding his hands in and out of his pockets and has no idea what to do.

    She grabs his arm with a smirk, looping her own through his and pulling him into the first store to have Power Ranger merchandise in the window. "Come on, we have to check this out."

    "We have to get one of these for… Al." Jake remembers himself at the last second and holds up a white shirt. Why are my hands so sweaty, this should be a piece of pancake compared to saving the world? It shows the Megazord battle from when he was in Troy's body, complete with the adorable victory shuffle he had it perform when they won.

    Laughing at the idea of the robot wearing the extra large shirt, Gia grabs a red beach towel that has a white diamond pattern. "Don said he was red right?" Why is it so hard to think of anything witty, it's just Jake?

    "I love it!" He starts grabbing a shirt for him and the guys, while Gia flips through the yellow and pink racks beside him. "Now I just need one in Noah's size, he has such narrow shoulders."

    "Your's are just freakishly wide, Emma kept banging into door frames when she was you." Teasing him with a playful smirk on her face, Gia graciously allows him to grab her own purchases.

    They finish up in that store with gifts for everyone on the team and head towards the new Fro-yo shop. With all the recent devastation in Angel Grove, anyone looking for a cheap business has gobbled up the homes of the residents no longer willing to stick it out.

    The two slowly lose the awkwardness as they just enjoy an hour of fun. Once they brush fingers for the fourth time in as many minutes, the couple stops jerking away their hands with embarrassed blushing and settle for locking fingers.

    On the way through the crowded mall, they catch sight of some of the newly dubbed Silver Guardians. The symbol of a silver shield with two golden swords crossed behind it, is on the right breast of each one seen patrolling casually.

    "What are they doing here?" Hisses Gia, her desire to find the missing people floods back into he forefront of her brain.

    One of them hears her and decides to clear things up. A solid looking man with a name tag declaring him as Corbett interjects. "Keeping you all safe Miss, do you have something against the security of those shopping?"

    "I've seen the news, I know how "effective" you really are." Gia's face settles into a stern frown. "You do a good job letting people evacuate, but you shouldn't be claiming that you're capable of saving the city." I'm not even sure we are.

    "We won't need the Rangers for much longer, the last battle showed we can't rely on them to respond on time." Mike smirks with arrogance. "By the end of next month, you'll see what we've been working on."

    Snorting at the blustering man, Gia turns on her heel and drags Jake to finally get her yogurt. "Mister Milton is still missing and the three we fought in the desert, are marked as currently patients in Stone Canyon General."

    "So I take it you want to investigate?" She gives a firm yes, which has Jake shrug easily. "Cool. I'm free all weekend, so where do we start digging?"

    Ripping a poster from the wall, she holds it with a clenched fist. "I've seen these recruitment posters hanging all over, I say we go sign up for the tryouts and see what's going on tomorrow."

    Gia isn't sure if it's the way the light is framing his face right now, or if it's just the casual confidence in which he said it. But she darts in and plants a quick peck to his cheek.

    "I'm surprised you're fine letting Troy handle Bulk's interrogation, you are the one who said he had to prove himself before making decisions for all of us." She admits, knowing they're really here today to avoid thinking about the Command Center and what's going to be done with the green ranger.

    "Troy's earned my trust, all of you have really." With red cheeks, he admits slowly. "I know I only had a few minutes left before you guys saved me on that island, so thanks for you know… coming back for me."

    "Thanks for letting me control the pace, it's working." She reaches up and brushes her thumb against the angry red scar cutting his left eyebrow in half. "He sure did a number on you."

    "And boy is my dad pissed." He scowls in frustration. "I'm definitely going to need help getting a scholarship, I was worried he was going to give me the boot."

    "You just want to look like a person?" Hayley struggles to wrap her head around the concept. Noah had shown up bright and early, asking if she could help him and Al with a project. She was… let's say shocked, when Alpha was the one to teleport into her workshop.

    "Yes, my experience as Troy has left me yearning to feel things again." Admits the robot, a wistful tone to his voice. "If Noah can fight as he is, I can make do in a human body."

    "Thanks." Noah frowns with annoyance leaking from him at the jab.

    "You're welcome?" Pausing in confusion, Alpha looks to Hayley for a clue.

    "He's being snarky Alpha, just ignore him." She smirks at Noah's discomfort and gives him a break, returning to the reason they are here. "You know the skin will have a metallic sheen to it, it wont fool an in depth look."

    Alpha's hands go to each hip and he cocks them with confidence. "Which is why Emma has offered to show me how to use makeup."

    "… I can't believe I never thought of that," Sighs Noah, embarrassment turning his cheeks pink.

    "Jake told me all about puppies, he promised to take me to the dog park one day." Alpha admits softly. "It's been so much fun having you all come visit, but it's really lonely when it's just me and Zordon all day."

    Wincing at the unintentional dig, Noah starts working on measurements. It takes a few tries, but eventually Alpha decides to settle on an exactly average height of five foot ten inches. Mousy brown hair with a heavy curl and bright green eyes are settled on, while Alpha goes through same Sears catalogs for a few faces to combine.

    "My mom sent a message to Andros and his team, to let them know Vile is loose again." She gives an approving smile to Alpha's choice, before she starts an amalgamated sketch. "Apparently stuffs gotten really bad all over. New threats are popping up from here to the Zangyack system and a few ranger teams have already fallen."

    Orion slides a newspaper across the counter towards Emma, noticing the worried expression on her face and the constant wringing of her hands. "Have you heard? they're going to bus half the Stone Canyon kids to us and the over half to Mariner Bay."

    "For the whole year?" Emma blinks in shock, but is very grateful for a distraction right now. "That's a lot of kids." She frowns when Orion confirms the question, a somewhat guilty look on his face.

    "Well the Megazord kind of destroyed the high school, so it's going to be at least six months before they have a new one ready." Emma nearly cries at that, so Orion changes tactics. "My uncle's told me about how bad it gets on some worlds, you guys are doing incredible."

    "Really?" She sniffles and accepts a napkin gratefully.

    "Earth hasn't lost a single city yet," Orion smiles back. "In fact, we've not even had a thousand casualties. For rookies, that has to be some kind of Ranger record."

    "Thanks, I really needed to hear that." Emma rubs at her tired eyes. "It's been so overwhelming with my sister vanishing again. Not to mention how hard it was when Eugene died in front of me and then came back as a skeleton."

    Orion sits in open mouthed shock, while Emma continues her dearly needed venting. "Now he's a talking head at the Command Center and I have no idea how I can ever really move on."

    "Want to go see a light show at my mom's observatory? It's a nice relaxing night watching lasers make designs of the galaxy to Queen songs." He smiles and extends the offer. "I think all of you would love it, I can call her so she sets aside some seats tonight?"

    Bulk's eyes bounce between his only friends head, an imposing robot knight, an ageless head in a jar, and the firm glare of Troy. "I'm sorry and I know it doesn't make up for what I've done, but I am."

    "Rita had me under her control, but I didn't even try and break free. Not until Bullet got me out of that nightmare and I couldn't stop myself from trying to kill him." No one responds and only Troy shifts position, crossing his arms and staring defiantly into Bulk's eyes.

    "I started acting like this so people would leave me alone," He admits with shame filling his voice. "It worked and then I missed having friends, so I became a bully. Was the only time I ever talked to anyone else anymore."

    "This summer, he treated me and Skull like people used to." Bulk looks down at Skull and tears roll down his cheeks. "I don't want to be me anymore, I don't want to keep hurting people, and I'm so sorry I ruined your life."

    Skull sniffles back and starts to wail. "I let you because I'm a spineless coward, just like Gia always said!" He keeps sobbing, even as Bulk lifts his skull and embraces him softly. "I don't want to be me anymore either! I hate being so mean..." He trails off and lets Bulk finish.

    "We turned into the people we hated." Bulk realizes, finally understanding what his actions have caused. "Let me help you, I need to make up for what I've done." He pleads with Troy, who is finally becoming convinced this is not just a show. "Rita and Zedd will be back soon with a whole new army, you'll need all the help you can get."

    "You're right." Finally Troy speaks, his voice grim and barely above a whisper. "We have worse coming and will need everyone willing to fight against it." He gives Bulk a hand, shaking firmly once it's clasped. "I think I even know how you and Skull can start making up for things."

    "What do you need us to do?" Skull pipes up with worry in his voice, even though his eyes are locked in determination.

    "Emma's sister – Scorpina – is on the loose and we can't afford to go looking for her." Growling at how much havoc could already have been caused, Troy gives the two a mission. "If you two can do this for us and bring her back captured we ca-"

    "Wait," Robo Knight interrupts suddenly, his eyes locking on Bulk in mistrust. "It is more logical for myself to go with the skull, while the Green Ranger remains here aiding you."

    Not seeing why but willing to listen to a good reason, Troy waves on Robo Knight."How so?"

    "If he is only tricking you, this will allow you to keep watch over him." The mechanical warrior grabs Skull from the green ranger. "While I will ensure this one is also earnest in seeking redemption, I will need a guide for modern times after all."

    Notes: Fro-yo is from the 70's commercially, I checked. For the Battlizers, It's basically the original movie suits (but Jake and Gia have opposite helmets.) and each ranger has a back mounted device and either arm or feet attachments. Next chapter will all be Vile's going on in space instead of only last segment.
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    One thing I always was interested in was the pass on thing with the green ranger. How he could gift his shield and bands to the others.

    I actually had a theory about why he had those and the others didn't even though the green coin came from the same set as the original rangers.

    My theory was that the bands and shield were originally the mark of the ranger team leader but when they lost the green coin they lost those too.

    It would make a bit of sense, the bands on the arm raise strength and the shield defense. Having your commander being slightly stronger, tougher to kill, and distinct from their subordinates just makes sense to me.
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    I do like this idea, it makes it so any colour can be leader and helps explain why the zords can combine.

    I have a few thoughts on this, one from when I was a kid and second one from doing research for fanfic.

    1: Because 3 zords are dinos and 2 are ice age, I always thought it was the remnants of two teams combined. The first team had a white brachio ranger and green dragon ranger. while the ice age team had an orange/purple/grey ranger. Rita defeated the white brachio ranger and 3 ice age rangers, melting the coins down into the shield and giving it the strength of 4 rangers. the spare parts of the other 3 ice age zords got merged with the dragonzord making it capable of taking on a megazord.
    Heck maybe Tor was an Ice age or dino ranger Turtle zord?

    2: She had Goldar steal Ninjor's supply of magic gold and made the dragon shield, which is also why ninjor could only reforge the 6 power coins and not give ones to as many rangers as he can.

    Minor OCD nitpick: I wish he had diamond on his gloves/boots, or whoever had the shield on had triangles.
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  22. Threadmarks: Episode 15.5: It Came From Angel Grove
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    Episode 15.5: It Came From Angel Grove

    Master Vile's cloud of dark energy encircles the world of Corinth, that he long ago prepared with runes. Finding his empire divided among those who once served him, he knows that he shall require new forces to reclaim what is his.

    Once the planet has been fully enshrouded in vile darkness, the Master of Evil speaks to the entire population. "People of Corinth, I thank you for prospering in my absence." His voice shifts to a menacing cruelty. "But it is time to harvest my crop. Most of you will be dead in moments, but your sacrifice goes to a worthy cause… mine!" Power echoes with his words and flows into the buried runes.

    Screams echo across Corinth when glowing runes appear etched in the ground. Those nearest are lucky, for they become the focal point of the rituals. Everyone else however stops screaming in terror and begins wailing in agony.

    The entire population of Corinth – save for the six hundred and sixty six chosen – ignites in black flack. In less than a second they are all reduced to ash, with the power from the sacrificed flowing into the survivors.

    Scott Truman glows with energy and his skin changes to a dark crimson. He grows in size, with dragon like wings erupting from his back. When his transformation is finished, he rises anew as Olympius.

    Across the continent, Flynn Mcallistair writhes in the dirt as he becomes Loki. He bulks up and two massive curved horns burst from his forehead. His flesh darkens to a nearly black indigo, with many small bony protrusions poking through.

    The staff of her mansion die around her in agony, but Summer Landsdown doesn't spare them a second thought. Too concerned is she with the silver bat wings growing from her shoulders and the metal scales emerging across her skin. When she finishes screaming in pain, Vypra is ready to serve her master.

    Ziggy whimpers in fear when his floor glows and his body begins going through horrible changes. His nose grows in length and narrows, with his eyes becoming beady. Once his skin has become a very pale blue, Jinxer begins cackling madly.

    Dillon is interrupted from his letter to Tenaya asking about her latest adventure with the Space Rangers, as his entire room explodes in light. Pain fills every nerve and he begins the agonizing transformation into Diabolico.

    In her lab, Doctor K watches her assistants turn to dust and can only stare in wonder at her own changes. When her skin shifts to a mottled green and she gains in mass, Doctor K can only giggle uncomfortably. The giggles become manic laughter in short order and Levira is the only one left in the room once the transformation is complete.

    The twins Gem and Gemma are both on runes that begins to glow beneath them, changing both into monsters. Gemma's eyes fuse in the middle of her face, while her tongue grows massive inside her mouth. She becomes Camille, the shape shifting assassin in service of Master Vile.

    Her brother screams an entire mountain range away, with his skin becoming a mixture of leathery orange and red. His torso splits almost like an open maw, with fang like spikes running along both sides. When black and yellow patterns fill in his flesh, Darkonda roars in glee over his newfound power.

    "Now, we are almost ready to move against the one who claims my throne!" Master Vile shrieks to his forces when his ritual is finished, turning his focus outwards in contemplation. "We just need to find… adequate transportation for you all."

    He scans nearby systems in search of those both evil and desperate enough to serve him. He finds his prize on a grand pirate's galleon, with Captain Mutiny at the helm of a very foul crew. Mutiny may have to much pride, but his First Mate however… yes Divatox will serve my needs.

    Sending whispers to the disgruntled woman, Vile directs her right to her captain's quarters. He fills her with borrowed strength and smirks when she blows a hole in her old bosses chest. "Excellent, now bring your fleet to Corinth Admiral Divatox. We have an Emperor to depose." Vile orders loud and clear, no longer needing to hide his influence from those on board.

    Emperor Mavro feels a force he thought long vanquished approach his throne world. "Damaras, prepare our forces. We have company." He watches the best warrior in his forces – if not the galaxy itself - race to follow his command.

    "Boys, don't embarrass me here." He directs his mocking tone to Vrak and Vekar, knowing this will require delicate handling. "This will decide who sits the throne, so do not fail me!" Mavro allows waves of energy to surge forth and slap against his sons, with Vekar stumbling back with each wave of force.

    Vrak – ever the useful son – speaks with arrogance. "Of course father, our family is the only one fit to sit the throne." Distracted as he is, Mavro misses his son's shifty voice. Instead he keeps his eyes on the fleet of Captain Mutiny, flying new flags and bombarding his city.

    "You will need more than Mutiny to defeat me Vile!" He roars from his balcony. "My reign is secure and you will fall to the might of my Armada!"

    A swirl of black smoke reveals a smirking Master Vile and his newly acquired generals. Divatox remains on board her flagship, destroying any ship that tries to reach the sky.

    "I believe you will find your reign not as secure as you believe." Mocks Vile and with a wave of his hand sends black lightning coursing through Emporer Mavro.

    The black and gold behemoth shrieks in agony, his very molecules losing cohesion. In a few seconds of excruciating torment, Mavro disintegrates before his son's eyes.

    While Vekar shrieks in terror, Vrak gets a single nod from Master Vile. He steps towards his brother and swings his sword with lightening quick reflexes, severing the feeble Vekar's head from his shoulders.

    "I believe I have proven my loyalty?" Vrak kneels before Vile who simply nods, a vicious smile growing on his face.

    "I believe you have King Vrak." Patting his new servant on the head like a dog, Master Vile finally calls Divatox off with a thought. "Now Levira here shall keep an eye on you, while I determine the loyalties of the rest of this so called United Alliance of Evil." Evil makes no concessions or alliances, it devours everything in it's path!

    Divatox's galleon docks with the Annihilation Asteroid, disembarking with an arrogant spring to her step. Elgar, Rygog, and even Porto shuffle along behind her on the way to the meeting, with the Diva of Destruction ignoring all the confused glances.

    "Divatox is here!" She kicks open the door and smirks at the assembled leaders. "Sorry to keep you all waiting, but we can finally start."

    "Where's Mutiny?" The Hydro Hog growls when Divatox claims the seat beside him.

    She kicks her feet onto the table and snorts derisively. "I took over, Master Vile needed someone with… pazzaz!"

    "Master Vile..." Lord Drayven hisses, his eyes darting around the table for those also concerned by the news. "He's back?"

    "Oh yes, I'm sure you all heard about us taking out Mavro?" Giggling at Edenoi's villain, Divatox directs her mind to her brother standing guard behind Drayven. <You really had better get ready to join the winning side, I made sure to put in a bad word for you Havoc.>

    "That was you?" The one trying to claim the title of Emporer is Grumm and he looks worried by this.

    The Vampire Queen hisses, with Necrolai's words being directed to the pirate. "I heard it was simply regicide."

    Moltor and his brother exchange looks of concern, with Lord Arcanon himself even shifting awkwardly in his seat across from them. Galvanax, Sledge, and Madame Odious all start muttering and arguments start to ring out across the table. Lothor has to silence his nieces whines, so his own yelling can be heard.

    "Let's just cut to the chase shall we?" Divatox claps her hands and brings silence to the table. "Master Vile is angry with all of you, so how are you going to make it up to him?"

    Jumping to his feet, Lothor roars at her with spittle flying from his mouth. "By ripping out your heart and throwing it at his feet should he ever dare show his face here!"

    "You believe I fear your combined power?" Mocking laughter floods the room from every direction and a black smoke billows in. It takes the shape of Master Vile and his demonic forces, with him grabbing Lothor in his magic.

    He starts to squeeze the ninja wizard and when no one interferes, he taunts the terrified villain. "Even if you all attacked me at once… you'd die in agony. They all know this and are only going to watch your end."

    "Like hell we will!" Marah yells in defiance, with her sister backing her up fearfully. Two blasts of energy fizzle against Master Vile, but he is only amused.

    "Ha! You at least raised them loyal, I'll just need to lend them some power!" Marah and Kapri scream as the magic forces them into a single body covered by a black carapace. "How does that feel Trakheena, ready to take over for your uncle Lothor?"

    She stabs first and answers him only after her uncle is lifeless on her claw. "I believe so." She smirks around the table and shakes the blood from her hand.

    "Anyone else?" Vile taunts the assembled villains, with General Havoc acting before his Lord Drayven can.

    Havoc bisects the powerful if foolish Lord and kicks his body onto the floor. "You require competent help and it has been over a century for him to conquer Edenoi, I will be a superior replacement."

    Galvanax moves to attack Master Vile in combination with Moltor and Flurious, but the brother with the icy heart instead joins the clear winner. He blasts his hot headed brother and smashes his chilled body to pieces.

    Before he makes it half a dozen paces, Madame Odious does something to him. He stops running forward and begins to scream in anguish. He melts slowly, but nothing he does can stop his demise.

    "Good, now we can get back to work." Master Vile summons a seat made from storm clouds and settles himself at the head of the table. "Mondo decided he was better than you and went solo?" He hisses when Hydro Hog confirms this.

    "Space is big, we didn't see a reason to fight him until we killed all the rangers."

    "Imbeciles! You can't let an affront like that go, nor shall we tolerate the interference of the Space Rangers." Vile smacks the aquatic villain with the back of his hand. "You each have one year to prove you deserve to live, let alone remain in charge. Otherwise I'll be finding replacements for all of you!"

    "What do you want done?" Sledge the bounty hunter cautiously broaches with a glance at the body closest to him. "Master Vile." He remembers to add with nearly a whimper to his voice.

    "You can be useful," Vile dismisses the brute with a wave of his hand. "By ending the Space Rangers. Even you should find this possible, so Darkonda will ensure you get the job done."

    Smirking when Sledge hurries from the room, he scowls at 'Emperor' Grumm. "IF you wish to have the title of Emperor, you had best go topple an actual Machine Empire."

    "As you command Master Vile," The villain bobs his head in deference. "I shall leave them nothing but scrap."

    "So we don't have another repeat of the late Drayven's failure, Hydro Hog shall take over the conquest of Edenoi." The mastermind turns to the now directionless General Havoc. "And you Lord Havoc, shall bring ruin to the world of Denzi."

    He gives orders to the rest of his commanders, with Galvanax being sent to Sentai Six and Odious going to Kamen Five. Flurious leaves with his forces and heads to Aquitar to freeze the oceans solid. Juukou is left to face the onslaught of Necrolai's vampires, while Divatox and her crew hunt down the missing moon of Phadoes.

    "Trakheena will eliminate Xybria and acquire as many psychics as possible." She bows to Vile's orders and scurries from the room. "Diabolico, you and the demons will be divided among our… loyal subjects. Make sure you all leave with one of them."

    He watches all his forces streak away from the asteroid, and considers how long it will take Vrak to defeat this so called Space Patrol Delta. "Maybe I should check in on him and have some fun."
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    Episode 16: Undercover Rangers
    Rita strides into her throne room, Zedd is behind her looking over the assembled forces with a snarl on his face. Baboo has throne himself at their feet, while the Green Ranger is no where in sight. The three figures behind him don't even twitch.

    "What happened..." The Lord of Evil kicks the whimpering Baboo and sends him rolling across the floor. He points the tip of his staff at Baboo's face, holding it in place menacingly.

    "The Rangers broke the spell," He whimpers up at the Lord and Lady of the castle. "Scorpina must have told them what to do." Thinking quickly, Baboo tries to shift the blame.

    The monster known as Dischordia sees her chance and chimes in with a feral smirk on her face. "Are you going to tell them about the humans?"

    "And how they actually managed to do damage to the Dragonzord?" Polluticorn catches on and stokes the fire even more.

    "I thought it was your job to deal with them, why are they only getting better?" The mimicry monster that looks like a bunch of lipstick and a microphone, twists the knife even deeper in Baboo's back.

    Trying to explain, Baboo starts babbling everything he can think of. "I have all of the base's security codes and the Prototype will work for us with the flip of a switch." He dares to climb to his knees when he isn't assaulted again.

    "I managed to implant nearly a third of the Quantron armor with control chips and have installed an auto destruct feature in all the Mirage Fighters nearing completion." Baboo gains courage and continues with arrogance returning to his voice.

    "You escalated the conflict?" Rita's hiss suddenly becomes a deafening shriek. "You imbecile! Now we have even less time to defeat the Rangers now!" She starts blasting Baboo with violet fire and doesn't even enjoy his screams, to preoccupied with how control is slipping through her fingers.

    Zedd stops her just short of ending Baboo's pitiful life. "Darling, this could make things easier. We no longer need to avoid collateral damage, we can even move to shock and awe tactics."

    "If the humans want to fight back, lets show them just how outmatched they really are?" She clarifies with a vicious giggle. "I guess It could be fun to crush any hope they have managed to regain in our absence."

    "Get back to the base and ensure the defenses go down when the Murder descends." Zedd backhands Baboo and watches him scamper off to obey. "We had best begin hatching the first batch."

    Handing a disguised Jake his recruitment form, Gia smirks at his muttering. "We need someone in each department, I thought medical would be a perfect chance to try out the dream." She moves to snag the form back, only for Jake to yank it away.

    "I just thought we would actually be spending the day together and not just…" He shrugs, having a hard time finding the right way to phrase it. "You know, in the same building. I didn't think you'd be inviting the others along either."

    Gia rolls her eyes, but secretly enjoys the earnestness on display. "Troy offered Bulk a spot on the team, I don't really want to leave him alone right now." If you think it took a long time for me to trust you and the guys, I'll be needing grey hairs before I forgive Bulk.

    "Fair enough, but you trust him to run loose in the base?"

    "I'm signing him up for laundry," She admits with a chuckle. "I don't really expect him to find anything, but it'll keep him out of trouble."

    Giving his girlfriend a considering look, Jake realizes he has no idea what Gia wants to do with life. "You all know what I want to do and Noah's obviously going to revolutionize some field of science. How about you, what makes you happy?"

    Gia waits for the normal follow up, about how she's so smart and talented. How I can do anything apparently, because I'm oh so perfect. Except it never comes, Jake just waits for her answer.

    "You're actually going let me think about it?" Not even Emma is so restrained, she keeps telling me that I'll write her articles.

    "Of course," Jake gives her an encouraging smile. "I know my thoughts get all jumbled up, sometimes you need time to think..." He looks around the Juice Bar and waves at Ernie behind the counter. "I don't see any emergency, so take all the time you need."

    Wow, this is new. She feels a weight of expectation jiggle loose on her shoulders. "And you aren't going to tell me I can do anything?"

    He laughs warmly at this and shakes his head firmly in the negative. "I've spent my whole life trying to live up to my dads idea for who I should be, I'll never put that pressure on anyone." Taking her hands, he squeezes in support. "I like you and figure we can find out who we're going to be together."

    "Should we come back later?" Noah interrupts, with him and the Ziktor siblings having snuck up on them. "Looks kind of steamy." He stage whispers to Hayley, making Jake blush and yank his hands back across the table.

    "No, this is important." Gia slides over, letting the girls slide in beside her. "About half the people we brought back from the moon… never went home." Her grim words kill any good mood left at the table.

    Jake slaps his form onto the table and smirks. "We're going undercover, I'm going to be a medical student."

    "No offense… but how?" Trying to keep her tone kind, Hayley is the one to broach the fact that he's only in grade ten.

    "Alpha will feed him any answers he needs," Gia explains, feeling the sudden urge to defend Jake. Only me and Noah can tease him like that… and maybe his sister when we save her.

    Noah's face begins twitching and he gestures with his chin towards the door. Bulk is walking behind Troy, looking very different from how the bully usually would.

    Gone is all the black leather and chains, now he has a forest green hoodie and a darker shade of jeans. He has an awkward look on his face, with his hands moving in and out of his pockets repeatedly.

    Catching sight of them, Troy brings him over and greets everyone calmly. "Hey, Bulk wants to say something to all of you."

    "Especially you Jake," The anxious Bulk gives him an awkward smile, before turning to Emma. "And you. I really hurt you two the most with my actions and I'm sorry."

    "I saw the best in you before the spell," Taking the chance to speak first, Jake offers Farkas his hand. "If Troy says he can see it again, I'm willing to forgive you." He puffs his chest out. "Besides, I'm the one who took you down and I can do it again if I have to."

    Looking at Emma, Gia asks for her opinion. "What do you think, he wasn't cursed when he screwed you over?"

    "I was chosen because I can see the best in people," She frowns at her shaking hands, only to clench them in still fists. "If I can't give you a second chance… maybe me and Jake should switch colors."

    "Nothing against pink, but nope." Jake puts his foot down. "I already traded and now my Battlizer has the wrong face plate."

    When it's clear things will be able to proceed – if awkwardly – Troy grabs a pair of stools for him and Bulk. "What's this about going undercover Gia?"

    "The Silver Guardians are up to something, we need to find out what."

    "Zordon said the organization like this when he was a ranger, was a huge help for his team." Troy frowns at the idea, but is willing to hear Gia out.

    "Well something is different, he did say his team had no secret identities..." Remembering some earlier conversations, Emma speaks up in defense of Gia's plan. "Maybe they don't trust us?"

    Gia hands a form to everyone and explains. "I want Noah in R and D, while I handle maintenance."

    "I'm in security?" Smiling at how well his team is managing to work together, Troy has no complaint with his assignment.

    "I'm in the air force!" Emma hisses when she reads her own form. "What are you thinking?"

    Catching on quickly, Troy clarifies for the irate pink ranger. "Well you are the only one of us with a flying Zord."

    "Oh…" Her face goes rosy and Emma sinks into her seat. "Yeah."

    "Laundry is fine by me, I don't want to screw this up."

    Orion's eagerness quickly fades, when he realizes Gia doesn't have a form for him and his sister. "Can't we help with this one, it's undercover after all?"

    "Speak for yourself, I've got a weekend planned with Alpha." Kicking her brother under the table, Hayley shrugs apologetically to Gia. "Sorry, but he really wants a body."

    "You can come with me Orion," Offers Troy. "Since I have a feeling you'll go without us anyway." Orion chooses not to incriminate himself by answering that.

    "I had a few extras made," Noah hands a communicator to Bulk and then slides one to each of the siblings. "So if you two are going to help out..."

    "They should be able to call for help." Agrees Troy with an impressed smile,

    They stand and leave Hayley to find her own way home, Noah being the one to say goodbye. "Alright, I guess we'll see you later?"

    "As long as you don't get caught." She smirks and saunters out the door without another word.

    "Hayley, I have a proposition for you." Alpha hesitates in handing her a wrench.

    She can hear the weight in his statement and gives him her full attention. "What is it?"

    "When we drained the excess energy from Bulk, we managed to cleanse enough for two whole power coins." His hands shake as he does something he probably should have asked Zordon about first. "What's your favorite color?"

    Hayley drops the screwdriver and lets it clatter on the cement. "Alpha… what are you really asking me?"

    "Zordon had me select the rangers and I believe I will be asked to select another ranger." He sighs and tries to explain. "You are a potential candidate, so I wanted to put in a good word for you."

    "Really..." Her eyes are wide, with her mouth hanging slack jaw.

    "Yes, although I still have to bind the coins to the bones of animal." Alpha confirms this, his voice no longer filled with anxiety. "If you have any suggestions for creatures from the Pleistocene, I will send the rangers to acquire a sample."

    Hayley's shock fades and her analytical mind takes over. "You said two coins… is that why you need this body so bad?"

    "If we finish the coins and Zords first, I won't be a viable candidate." He admits with what almost sounds like a whine. "I just want to help my friends, you are the only people I know… at least since the last team passed on and that was a very long time ago."

    "Purple." She tries to get Alpha back in a more excited mood. "What color are you making for yourself?"

    He giggles awkwardly and admits his secret desire. "Orange, since I'm already mostly yellow and red."

    "How long do we have before the Powers are ready?" Hayley needs to know how long she has and if it's going to be possible with what she has in her workshop.

    "By the end of September at the latest." He answers, making Hayley begin to sweat.

    "That might be a problem, since it's going to be October before we have you functional." She hates having to discourage him like that, but she needs to be honest with him.

    Alpha bobs his head slowly, already knowing this was likely. "That's okay, I'll just have to go over the files for someone better."

    "Else." Hayley firmly insists, which makes him beep happily.
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    Huh. Orange ranger debut in October? Spooky.

    And I may have missed it somewhere but where the flying hell is Tommy?
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    I hadn't actually made that connection, but that's awesome.

    Tommy was with the people who got captured at the commercial (I really wanted some monsters who knew how to fight). His current situation will be revealed soon, because he was one of the people rescued who was never reported by the Silver Guardians.
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  26. Threadmarks: Episode 16.5: Truth Discovered
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    Episode 16.5: Truth Discovered

    Getting off the bus with the other recruits, Emma makes sure to be as far away from the 'Sky Cowboy' as she can get. She shoves herself between two other pilots on the tarmac and tries not to look out of place in the lineup.

    Can't see anything unusual out on the airfield, where do I even start looking? When a whistle blares, Emma snaps her back straight and looks forward. The officer testing them is a woman, one who she can recognize immediately by voice.

    "You all want to save the world?" The 'Yellow Eagle' barks once everyone is silent. "I don't think any of you can even save my place in a line!" She blows on her whistle twice, signaling a soldier to yank a tarp to the side.

    One of the Dragonzord's fingers is revealed, barely recognizable by the damage done to it. "I did this…" Taylor's gaze scans the assembled recruits, slowly settling on Emma herself. "How the hell did you slip through?"

    "Uh..." Emma's blood freezes, but Taylor doesn't actually seem mad.

    She explains with a somewhat impressed scowl, as two soldiers come and escort Emma back to the bus. "I don't care how much you want to help, we only take adults in the Guardians and already trained pilots here in my flock."

    Hope the others had better luck than I did. Emma frowns to herself, as a rapidly moving black cloud approaches. "That's not a cloud!" She tries to warn the driver, but he reacts too late. The cloud breaks apart into a swarm of black feathered people.

    Several bird men grab one edge of the bus, yanking it over onto it's side with very little effort. Emma slams hard against the side of the bus, as glass rains down on her and the driver.

    As caws come from the tarmac, Emma forces herself over to the unconscious soldier. Checking him for injury, Emma breathing out in relief when he groans. She doesn't have time to get away and morph, the gunshots are disturbingly close and growing louder.

    She steadies her breathing and crawls out the remains of the windshield, scanning for any nearby threat. A few bodies are visible on the ground, but most of the soldiers managed to reach cover in time.

    "Get down!" One barks, before releasing a tight cluster of shots above Emma's quickly prone body.

    His confident command becomes a terrified scream, when talons sink into his shoulders. He's lifted into the air before he comes slamming down unmoving beside Emma.

    Not going to meet the same fate, she flings herself into a handstand and crashes her heel against the creatures skull. It shrieks in pain, before going silent when it crashes into the ground. And now to get out of sight. Emma scans for an escape route and barely avoids her next attacker.

    Gia tries to keep a neutral expression on her face, when Damon leads her and the other recruits into the workstation. When she sees two white legs towering above her, her heart starts to pound in her chest.

    "You're building a Zord!" Her blurted remark has Damon grin and slap a hand against one of the legs.

    "Is that what the kids are calling them?" Pride is evident on his face. "My baby may only be legs right now, but Cyclopsis will be online soon. Really learned a lot when that wing got torn off the rangers battle… Zord." He grins at the word, finding it adequate for his needs.

    He leads them around the massive workshop, showing off a trio of dart shaped vessels. Each one is black with yellow accents and a single massive cannon on the nose. Damon calls them the Mirage Fighters and that they have had the first successful test flight.

    It's several hours of mind numbing work, with Betty and Ben being strangely eager to wax the floor. Gia finds the pair annoying but not any worse than Bulk, so is able to endure the babbling from both.

    Klaxons begin to blare and the lights go orange, with Damon immediately issuing commands. "Base has been breached, so we need to lock this place down!" He turns back to Gia and the Burke siblings and barks.

    "You three need to get to one of the evacuation tunnels and head to the muster point. We can't afford the man power looking after you right now." His eyes are frantically darting around the workshop, but his voice remains firm and clear.

    The Burkes don't react fast enough, so Gia jabs Ben with her elbow. "Move it, we aren't trained for this!" And I need to get a hold of the others, make sure this isn't because of one of them.

    This gets them moving, with Gia right behind them. They follow the yellow stripe on the wall, only to stumble to a halt.

    Four crow monsters block the way and begin eagerly cawing when they catch sight of the trio. The closest one slashes for Betty with it's talons, but Gia yanks her away in the nick of time.

    "Find another way out!" She commands the siblings and slams her fist into a bird's chin when it comes too close. "I'll deal with these guys." They have no room to maneuver in these hallways, so I just need to be fast.

    Waiting outside the lab door, Noah tries to remain inconspicuous while Miss Fairweather scans her retina. Intense security, I can't believe I managed to pass all the tests to get cleared for this assignment.

    She waves him and Nate inside, laughing when a cloud of mist covers them. "Decontaminate, don't worry about it." When the two can see again, the first thing they can see is a robot police officer secured by heavy restraints.

    "What is that?" Nate blurts out for him, while Noah's palms grow clammy.

    "We found it a few years ago and having been working on reverse engineering it," Explains the friendly mentor. "It's weaponry and vehicles are in different departments being studied, they have all lead to incredible advancements."

    Taking the chance to learn more, Noah speaks up. "What are we doing here?"

    "We're creating our very own elite defense force, by combining this robot's technology with the concept of the power rangers..." She flips on a computer monitor, showing a collection of seven armored figures. "Because of how incredible insects are in respect to size, we have based our Battle Borg armor on beetles."

    Realizing what feels off about everything, Noah keeps babbling. "I'm super excited to see all of this, but this seems like top secret stuff. Why are we already getting access?"

    "Do you know how many people are moving away from California?" Miss Fairweather retorts and crosses her arms, her face expects no answer from him. "Anyone with the skill to be an asset is taking any job out of state, you are the only two who actually had the skill level to be of any help to me."

    She doesn't have long to go over the plans, with alarms ringing out across the base not even fifteen minutes into the discussion about finding a viable power source. She doesn't freeze even as Nate begins to lose his head, grabbing a handheld weapon from on of the drawers.

    "You calm and collected, or frozen in fear?" Noah jerks at the question and stops thinking he's been discovered.

    "I'm good, what's going on?"

    Shoving a small silver blaster into his hand, she thumbs the safety off. "Base has been invaded, if it was only a drill the lights would be yellow. Aim for the head and if it starts to get warm wait before shooting again."

    She grabs a second weapon for herself, after shoving Nate inside one of the larger cupboards. Frazzled but not overwhelmed she sprints for the lab door to initiate lock down protocols.

    Only a few paces from the door, it crashes open in a storm of black feathers. The Tengu Warriors shove themselves inside and only Noah's precise aim saves Angela Fairweather from disembowelment.

    "Get away from them!" He moves forward slowly and keeps the birds in the doorway with careful shots. He ignores the warning about it getting too hot and feels the blaster begin vibrating in his hands.

    Tossing it through the doorway just before it explodes, Noah shakes himself loose. Let's see how much I've really learned. He doesn't flinch when the trio of surviving foes charge into the room and simply starts to bob and weave around them.

    Jake swallows his dread and follows Anton Mercer into the lab. This guy gives me the heebie jeebies. After waiting for anyone else to show up for over an hour, the guy strolled into the waiting room without a word and waved for Jake to follow him.

    "It's about time we got a new lab assistant, Phenomenus has been working us overtime getting the serum to work." Mercer doesn't explain what the serum is or why he's so understaffed, he just leads Jake deeper into the base and farther from any exits.

    "You'll be keeping the test subject's vitals monitored, as well as keep him clean." Mercer points with his pen when the door swing open, revealing a teenage guy in green sweatpants.

    He has long brown hair that's drenched with sweat, with a dozen tubes connected to him. Some are draining fluids and others are filling him with strange glowing liquids.

    Jake's jaw drops in shock and he has to say something about this craziness. "What the heck is wrong with him?"

    "He was recovered among those rescued from the moon and no one asked about him before we claimed him and the other… undesired." Mercer smirks at his reaction and heads over to the systems keeping check on the teen.

    "Strength levels are nearly triple what a normal person his mass should have, with vitals all remaining at sedate levels." He marks this down on his clipboard. "Serum Four G is ready for animal testing."

    Jake is forced to give one Thomas Oliver a sponge bath, while gagging on the foul odor coming from whatever is in his sweat the entire time. He almost cries in relief when the bases alarms start going off and gleefully is ordered to head for the muster point.

    Mercer barks at him to be back when the crisis is over, but Jake has no intention of ever walking back into that room for a second shift. He dashes through the hall, only to get corned by a pair of birds. "Okay… this is new."

    "Whoa..." Orion nudges Troy in the side and points towards the soldiers in fancy silver armor. "That stuff is heavy duty."

    He has to concede it does look imposing, Troy doesn't think it will make a big difference. "This Quantron armor may be able to take a few hits, but you can't move in something like that." And Rita's monsters are all deceptively fast.

    The dozen recruits follow behind Lt Stone, while he shows of the sunglasses able to scan for the energy a monster emits. "And these are the V-Lancers." He shows off the advanced piece of weaponry, making even Troy see how useful it can be.

    "They have a laser rifle mode and can be switched to an energy baton for close quarters," Stone sends a quick salvo down the range, obliterating the target hanging at he far end. Without a wasted motion, he flicks it into the melee mode and dismantles the table I was on in only a few strikes.

    "When do we get one of those?" Orion is nearly drooling, with Troy beside him nodding in agreement.

    Snorting at the blonde teen, Stone tries not to destroy all of his hope. When I don't think you'll kill yourself with one and I can trust you not to show it off on the street." He's interrupted from the rest of his demonstration when the alarms start to go off.

    "Battle stations everyone!" Commander Mike Corbett roars across the room. "We got a base to get back under control, so watch and learn from the security cameras rookies."

    Bulk blasts yet another one of the new bird people and covers the escaping family. So these are the Tengu. Laundry staff was funneled out f the base in the first batch of evacuees, which let him get to the monster attacking downtown before any civilians had been killed.

    "Now what's keeping the others?" He growls to himself and dives in front of the unicorns energy beam, stopping a pair of teens recording the fight from being slaughtered. Are they just going to make me do this all by myself, is this my test?
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    ....kinda a dick move seeing tommy being experimented on and just going "yeah I'm never coming back here."

    Also is that the Big Bad Beetleborgs?
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    Yeah I phrased that weird, it was supposed to come out like he wasn't coming back to work in the room(not leaving him forever). I'm going to have to edit that line.

    Indeed it is. It felt like Metal heroes gear would be more in line with what an organization with no morphing Grid energy would make for a first try. Especcially if they are the ones who fund the Senturian's crashed time ship.
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    Look up Kamen Rider G3

    It's literally a police/military made Kamen rider.
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    Well you see...
    Instead of a Titanium Ranger, the Kamen Rider was going to be the "extra" ranger for the Beetleborgs and have the armor and mobility Troy was hinting at.

    I haven't seen G3 yet and will slide it onto my lis
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