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Modded Factorio SI Multicross

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by ReiZetsubou, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Threadmarks: 01: This isn't hell?... Oh well, close enough

    ReiZetsubou Praise Sunlyer

    May 1, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I would say I'm sorry that I never finish my stories but I know nobody actually read them. I would gouge out my eyes if it weren't for the fact that there is some psychological attachment I have to my own stories that makes me like them even though they're trash. I had some plans to create an original fic first but whenever I read original work here it's always... Inadequate. It doesn't really hold my interest that much so I didn't do the same and came up with this instead. I hope you (don't) like it.

    List of mods:
    AAI Programmable Structures
    AAI Programmable Vehicles
    AAI Signals
    AAI Vehicles: Hauler
    AAI Vehicles: Miner
    Additional Turrets
    Arumba Lights
    Auto Research
    Auto Trash
    Belt Sorter
    All Bob’s Mods
    Crafting Speed Research
    Electric Furnaces
    Expanded Robot Tech
    Flow Control
    Force Fields
    Fully Automated Rail Layer
    Larger Inventory
    Long Reach
    Longer Underground Belt
    Nuclear Power
    Power Armor MK4
    Rail Tanker
    Super Solar
    Tesla Turret
    Unlimited Resources
    Upgrade Builder and Planner
    Warehousing Mod
    Wind Turbines
    Wireless Charging
    Orbital Ion Cannon
    Air Filtering


    I woke up with a startled breath intake. Looking around I find myself in what I must assume must be some afterlife considering the efforts I’ve done to kill myself.

    A holographic interface pops up and I took that assumption back. For what I saw was a hotbar with a Burner Miner Drill, Stone Furnace and some materials within the slots. It seems that the universe has left me with quite a gift or maybe some being out there has put me here and is deriving some amusement on my predicament.

    I really had no goals or drive in my previous life so I took it without much protest. At least my life has some semblance of purpose now so I start to do what this game has been designed to do. Mining.

    The interface has more functions than in the game as I found out. There is no Iron or Copper ore on the surface but my map does show me of underground deposits. Though for some strange reason my scanners say they have infinite density. As that would make it a black hole I put it as a bug of some kind.

    As I couldn't mine coal to power the burner miner, I cut down some trees to make several iron axes to cut down some more trees which I continually fed to the miner I placed over the iron deposit and the stone furnace I put in front of it. As the beginning would be a waiting game I anticipated It will take awhile as I never was that great at the game. Though I do know the boiler ratio and refining configurations I learned from Steejo.

    Finally getting some iron plates I made the first belts from what I assume must be billions in the future.


    As I made the first modular cell I designed from my previous playthroughs I noticed that this is actually a modded system. As I researched more technologies I got what is obviously modded items. And as I needed wood for circuits I identified some of the mods as Bob’s mods. When I could place buildings and cut down wood as far as the eye could see I first assumed that was merely a game change but I now know it is Long Reach. The Galena(lead) and other ore also made much more sense now.

    As I got more modded stuff I realized this config was from my last playthrough. Making me sigh in relief a bit as the Biters wouldn't be that overpowered for now as long I kept up the pace. I also found out I could design my own stuff rather than the default using the interface planner. I didn’t need to completely design stuff as I could just put it into the lab building to complete it. Though it will take less time and be more efficient if I took more effort to design it.

    But my most favorite mod is the one that made my beginner solar panel give off more than sixty gigawatts at a very cheap cost. This was a lifesaver from trying to create massive steam engine arrays. The second most favorites mod is the unlimited resources mod. Though that didn't stop me from seeking out other deposits as there is still a bottleneck on how much miners I could place over a deposit.


    I fought some Biters with my new mark four power armor. As my shield regenerated faster than they could dish out it was rather funny just standing there as my laser modules made short work of them. As I could slightly change the appearance of my armor, I made it look like the Iron Man Mk fifteen armor. I always thought that the radar reflecting design was pretty cool.

    Also found out I could stack exoskeletons somehow and ran so fast I created a sonic boom and practically flew over the water. It also made me strong enough to destroy mountains with a single punch, though that did deplete my shields for a few minutes. I don’t use it very often as it was pretty hard to control.

    With the rate I’m placing cell modular blueprints, I calculate that I will take over the entire world in a few years. More If I could figure how to create an AI that can access my WVS that I named a few months back. It's short for World Virtualization System. The name is rather apt as it did exactly what it implied.

    The AAI mod subsets were rather helpful in that regard as they were already AI that could be programmed to anywhere as instructed. I’m close to creating a mech that could use my blueprint system soon but in the meantime I also researched what I called the continuous blueprint system. A blueprint that once finished building it will automatically create a copy next to it. This will go on until they hit an obstacle. Which is why I needed the mech to place blueprints.


    launched my first rocket. I could have done it ages ago but there is literately no point to waste my resources like that. That’s why my rocket contained an Ion cannon satellite. Expansion necessitated I would need to remove the biters first by hand to place my blueprints after so I will just create an automated system that will target the nearest biter colony and then give my mech permission to place blueprints.

    The second silo is already launching another rocket and the rest of the hundreds of silo’s followed. It was a good day for someone who has almost unlimited resources. Even at eighty percent efficiency I still am stockpiling materials in my warehouses. A good player would never store materials But I believe in being over-prepared. I also like materialistic possessions for no other reasons than that I have them. After all, who could claim they owned a continent’s worth of iron and copper? Not that someone is there to see it. But I already am working to fix that. I didn’t have a clue on how to create portals to other realities but I just chucked the concept in a lab and it said it would take two years to complete. Luckily I could do two different research at once or else I would be rather annoyed.

    At this time most of the belts were replaced with robots. You couldn't imagine the headache I had, trying to work it all out without a birdseye view. Now I just insert values in buildings using a literal sea spaghetti of a wiring system that my FSM god would be proud of. I’m seeing the merit of researching wireless communication systems now that I regret doing all this work.

    I tried to balance oil refining and storage. It was a fool errand's considering my factory already covered the continent I’m on. The only thing I could do was store it. If I ever finished my portal research I could probably sell my oil to buy the entire world. Not that I would actually sell it considering that global warming is still a thing. It would also be bad if they figured out I have unlimited oil. That was the only deterrent that would eventually make people stop pumping oil. No, if I ever encountered a world with people on it I would only sell my ninety-nine percent efficiency rated solar panels. Even then I would hesitate, more so if they exude very hostile behavior.


    Found a huge colony of biters as far as the eye could see. They were very close to each other so I couldn't even see the ground. My reaction was to strap ten thousand nuclear rockets to a big rocket and launched it to the center of the colony. In foresight that wasn’t the most brilliant of ideas. Now I just have to live with the fact that I now have a crater I could see from orbit on my satellite's cameras. Though I didn't regret it one bit.

    I’m going a bit stir crazy eating fish all the time. Well, I actually didn’t need to eat. It’s just that my human instinct still remained to consume food. And you also know what they say, you can’t miss what you haven't known. And I knew a lot of good food.

    It's almost time for my portal to complete so that was good timing. One more year and I probably would have cut off my leg and go Hannibal on myself. It's not that my exo-tech couldn't replace my leg, albeit it may be a bit clumsier to use.

    Finally getting the schematics I build the portal in a literal second. Unless it was a bigger than the Eiffel tower I could build anything within a second as long as I have the materials, I tested it. Like with an actual Eiffel tower. Hoora for crafting speed research.

    Placing the portal in a remote section of my factory I prepared my world explorer gear. A modified Roberts Space Industries Constellation Phoenix with hundreds of laser modules and molten iron beam railguns for the four engine thruster hardpoints. Thank you, Mass Effect for your contributions. With ten thousand portable fusion reactors powering the thing I have more than thirty gigawatts/sec available to power everything with a lot to spare for further upgrades. Mostly for the FTL drives I’m probably gonna encounter in my travels sooner or later. I also have some nuclear rockets but they’re not gonna see much use if I have a say about it. Which I have considering I’m the only authority on the whole planet.

    You might ask why I need a ship with so much firepower. Well, that's because I don't know I’m gonna land on a planet or whether the inhabitants will be hostile or not. I rather am safe than sorry. I did not conquer an entire planet just so I could die from a single moment of stupidity. That’s why I also put a lot of shield modules in the ship. If my calculations are correct it could theoretically survive a dozen Tsar Bomba’s if I cycled the power and shields correctly.

    My storage technology is pretty hardcore so the tech I put into didn't even fill up a percentage of the storage area. For now, I just have 1000 of everything if I ever needed to create a base on a planet. Even now with all the equipment I still could fit a million iron plates, which I won’t be doing as I needed the storage for the technology I’m gonna bring back from the world I’m going to travel through.

    Sending a command to the factory mainframe, it activated the portal and I lift the ship off from the ground. Preparing myself for the unknown I slightly pushed the Throttle and flew forward into the portal and seek out my new adventure after all the boring base management I’ve been doing all these years.
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  2. Threadmarks: 02: Elite Safe

    ReiZetsubou Praise Sunlyer

    May 1, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I was right and got thrown into space. luckily I'm in the solar system after some scans. It would be annoying returning back home and do it again until I'm not in interstellar space anymore. I seriously need an FTL drive soon if I ever need to travel through space. The fact that my storage tech doesn't care about mass is a lifesaver. The thrust to mass ratio is incredibly skewed, the amount of Delta-V I have is worthy of being one of the ranks of Kerbal engineering.

    I set up a rendezvous to Earth. Calculations say I will arrive there in a few days. In the time between that, I just adjusted the ship systems. The Factorissimo mod allows me to build structures in the storage space so that was very handy. Of course, I only managed to increase efficiency by two percent. I did have a whole month designing the thing. Trust me, you can do a lot when you don't need to sleep or eat. Even insanity is no problem considering I'm already insane.

    Then I read the unencrypted signals around the system and realized I'm in Elite Dangerous... Without a Sol permit, I might add. It was rather fortunate that I always believed in stealth, as my Mark four power armoe implied or else I would have been surrounded by the Federation and be destroyed at worst or get a billion credit fine at best. I haven't spent years doing nothing at home world, and while stealth modules only went to mark seven's, I had the nifty ability to stack modules. Making me invisibly in all known spectrums. Even gravitational effects are neutralized to better hide the ship. It also has the nice side effect of anti-gravity. Making me capable of ignoring space mechanics all together and just linearly fly to a planet.

    But this also makes me rather giddy. I always hated Star Citizen's Star Wars like quantum drives. The Frameshift drive is far superior in that regard as it allows for Supercruise. Which allows you to fly and control your trajectory while at FTL speeds. Frameshift drives also can traverse through the entire galaxy in less than a week. Which is far superior to most FTL drives. Though it is mitigated by the fact that ED weaponry isn't that impressive compared to other ones. I'm pretty my lasers would instakill any ship in less than ten seconds. Of course, that's mostly because of the fact that I have hundreds of them. The laser emitters are pretty inconspicuous too, which helps me make me look not that threatening. Helped by the fact that my ship is actually far smaller than ED ships are. Size is really skewed in ED because they have gigantic cockpits and bridges. It made them look like fighters more than hundred meter long starships.

    Though the fact everything else is pretty useless to me makes me a bit sad. Mining lasers and refinery modules are pretty much of no use to me. My mining and refining tech is so advanced it isn't even funny. A cubic meter of iron ore can be turned to iron plates in less than a few seconds. That's grade-A bullshitium the universe is a simulation to ya. And I haven't got to the fact of my solar panels. The one that gives off sixty gigawatt/sec. So while you might think my portable fusion reactors are overpowered. As long I'm in near vicinity to a star I get more than one terawatt/sec of power. Not that it is that handy in a fight as I needed to deploy the solar panels in a kilometer long array, but bullshit battery tech gives me the ability to store a lot of energy. I'm pretty sure if I found a material that could handle that kind of power I could build a Death Star laser. I just have to make due with a lot of weaker weaponry instead of one big one.

    But I almost forgot one thing that will limit my progress. I need to do annoying quests and powerplay's to get the more advanced tech. But as this is not a game I could potentially just steal it from traveling ships. Sol has a lot of traffic with very wealthy people, I'm sure I could find a ship or ten that has all the parts I want.

    Stealth enveloping a Faulcon DeLacy Anaconda with a Class 7 A-rated Frameshift drive, I grab it with the four mechanical arms and set off an EMP inside the ship shields. While EMP's are useless outside the shield, the insides are pretty much vulnerable as I found out. It has been a very long month of stealth capturing ships and stealing their tech. I didn't kill them as I wasn't that much of a monster, I merely stole everything besides life support and emergency beacons. The people I stole from are rich, so I didn't have much trouble stealing from them. I thought of selling materials to get my technology but that still leaves me with the fact that I don't exist in the system. While my processing power is pretty unlimited, my programming leaves much to be desired. So hacking is out of the question. And I wouldn't know how to look for some shady individuals to do it for me. It's not like I was some criminal mastermind in my past life. In the game, it was easy to access the black market but the real life regulations and the fact I couldn't enter any station or planet without raising some alarms is very irritating. Not to mention that my ship is pretty custom and is not designed to use their standard connections and procedures.

    Anyways, enough with the internal monologuing. I rise from my seat and walked to the telescopic airlock. I didn't equip any weapons as my shields and exo powered fists are rather overpowered in the first place. I'm not really that bad of person so making myself threatening is the last thing I want to do. Now out in the harsh void of space, I EVA to the airlock. As the power was out they didn't have the time to lock down the airlock. Making it easy for me to use the manual emergency override to open it. Falling down using my magnetic soles, I close the back door and open the internal door as the emergency oxygen supply finished filling the airlock. I already scanned some Anaconda's previously for their internal schematics and so went straight to the bridge. As I manually opened the bridge door and entered it, I saw no one there.

    This is pretty strange. Bringing up my scanner would be useless as it didn't scan for biological materials. I didn't really need it after all. It's not like biters knew anything about stealth. I checked everything myself and scanned the cargo for empty readings but I found nothing indicated that people were here. I also couldn't check the computer any clues as I fried the memory banks. The black box was also in the storage area and erased for some reason. I'm pretty sure somebody is doing some shady stuff with the ship. AI controlled smuggling? It would be hard catch someone or track them that way so it might be possible. The illegal contraband on the ship seems to support that idea.

    Anyways. I am already done with Elite Dangerous. The only thing I could do here now is mining, and I could do that in my own universe now that I have the Frameshift drive. Too much attention if I started to mine an entire planet dry and the permits needed for that stuff required an ID. And I already have unlimited resources on my home planet. The last thing I could take is some manpower, but I already have billions of robots and mechs to anything in that nature for me. I'm already on a breakthrough on an actual real AI so human resources are out.

    As I'm finished with this universe I went back to my ship and activated my portal recall device. A portal generator that only works if you already have established a physical gate beforehand. As the portal forms before me, I fly back home after so much time. It speaks much of my sanity when I rather miss more of my own planet than human contact. Don't get me wrong, I do miss some social contact. But I'm more of an unknown alien than a human to the inhabitants of ED. And social skills are nonexistent even before I died. The portal finished forming, so I departed for home.

    "Au revoir galactic society"

    Lisa Shepard, a private investigator peeks her head out from the black box cradle. She wasn't sure if this would trick the group or person who she has been contracted to investigate, but it seemed he/she fell for it. Though it was a last minute plan, it wasn't like she could have anticipated that the person who did the theft had advanced cloaking technology and some kind of EMP system that could completely shut down the ship.

    Moving out from the cradle she looked at the windows and saw that it was covered by some kind of cloth. The only reason she could see was because of her helmet mounted flashlight. Walking through the ship she saw everything dismantled. Every component and wiring strewn about in disarray and she couldn't help but despair a bit considering how expensive it was. Even if the class 7 Frameshift was merely a loaned piece of bait from her contractor. She never liked that sort of business men who cared more about their pride than reason, but money is money. Even if she regretted taking that contract now.

    The quantum communications suite was also removed so she couldn't contact anyone. The only thing she could now is to exit the ship and hope she won't be detected. The manual airlock was already open so she lightly walked through the doorway and had to adjust to light a bit. Then she saw she was planetside. And then she saw everything else.

    "Holy hell..."

    The sky was blotted out with billions of she assumed must be drones. Mech's as far as the eye could see walked around the place doing stuff to the building everywhere. Gigantic mining rigs and refining areas covered every inch of the surface of this what she must assume is an industrial world of some kind. Though more advanced than the other worlds of that same nature. She saw huge ships floating above the factory. All of them dreadnoughts. She only ever saw two at a time in the local cluster so her jaw dropped on how much ships there are in the air. Thousands at the minimum.

    "You like the ships? I only made them a day ago"

    Startled by the voice next to her she drew the laser firearm from her hips and pointed it at the person speaking. Seizing the woman up she saw that the person wore a very advanced armor. Metallic gray and sharp angles, no weapons so she was hopeful that this could be resolved peacefully. Killing her would attract attention and she knew her life would be forfeit if she shot the woman. The situation has gone to shit once she was captured so all she could do is listen what the woman wanted. So she reluctantly lowered her firearm and sighed in resignation.

    "Now now, don't be so sad. It has been seven years the last time I had human contact. I'm actually glad you stowed away yourself in your ship"

    Cocking my head in confusion I ask what she was talking about.

    "Seven years, what do you mean?"

    "Ah, I haven't introduced myself haven't I. I'm Rei Shikinami Sakisaka. The Supreme authority of this planet. Not that there is anyone to dispute it"

    "I'm private investigator Lisa Shepard. Where the hell are we?"

    "Ah... How should I say it... You'reinanotheruniverse"

    "What..." Her mind went numb.

    "Yeah, the reason I went to your universe is so I could get your technology. Specifically, your Frameshift drive tech as it would take years to develop my own FTL drive. Anyways, welcome to Alpha Eridani. My home and base of operations. Fun things to do is mine ocean worth's of iron and copper and building stuff instantly from Eiffel towers to space elevators. Man, were those carbyne-neutronium alloys hard to manufacture"

    She could only nod her faintly and didn't resist being dragged away to a building that suspiciously looks like the Buckingham palace if it were made in the current century. With huge metal antennae and uncountable turrets surrounding it at every angle.

    "You are lucky today. There are only fish and herbs on this planet but I unloaded the cargo I stole from one of the merchant ships and found Wagyu Kobe beef and some premium ingredients with other lower quality meat like lamb and veal. The person who wanted it is pretty rich if he is willing to export it from Earth to the other side of the cluster. The caviar and wine are not as interesting but I suppose I could serve it if you want as an aperitif"

    "Wait, can you bring me back home after this?" She asked her host, though not because she wanted to leave as she was still amazed that she is in another universe. She could deny it but she felt it in her gut that she wasn't in the same universe. The technology that she saw here is vastly different and advanced than her home universe. And some of the things she saw defied physics entirely. Like that robot that deposited more materials than it could hold into a metal box who in turn couldn't possibly hold all that stuff in that volume.

    "Well, I suppose I could it if you wanted to. But please stay a bit longer. I did say I haven't had any contact for years. It isn't that much of a problem as I'm already insane but it would be nice if you could stay"

    "That is... Acceptable. Did you say Wagyu beef, what is that?"

    Her host stopped dragging her, and she slowly turned her head to stare at her with her glowing white optical sensors. She pushed a button on her helmet and it retracted in the recesses of her collar armor. Making her see the appearance of her host. Asian, with black hair that fell down to the ground once her helmet retracted. Glowing blue eyes with a strange pattern in them, signs of bionic eyes.

    "This travesty can't stand, this must be resolved quickly. Robot army, your mistress command you to transport us post haste!"

    As the floating drones assembled under their feet and quickly moved them to the palace. Lisa couldn't help but feel excited. For while her job was being PI, that was only to cover her cost of traveling through the galaxy looking for adventure. And finally, she received the greatest adventure in the history of mankind. She certainly didn' expect to be whisked away to another universe with a person that has an economy that could rival the entire Federation but yet here she was.
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  3. Threadmarks: 03: Insanity

    ReiZetsubou Praise Sunlyer

    May 1, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Found a stowaway. Though can it be really called that when she owned the ship? Anyways. Once I showed her the wonders of two-star cuisine, I took her on a tour of the planet. I'm pretty sure Gilgamesh would be proud on how much my ego inflated with the frequency Lisa's jaw dropped on every creation I created on a whim. Like the nuclear fallout crater I repurposed as a death laser dish. The planet has a moon but the composition is rather pathetic so I didn't bother trying to mine it. That's why I used the death laser to carve a heart with my name on it. Now with X Lisa under it. She was pretty embarrassed about if the way she blushed was any indication.

    She questioned my advancement on cybernetics by mentioning my eyes, but I don't really know what she was talking about. I'm pretty sure my body is a virtual entity that is programmed into reality itself. The glowing eyes are just something I have for no reason. It's merely an aesthetic feature as far I'm concerned. Though I do have prosthetic tech once I clarified I'm not some kind of cyborg. Though the only reason I'm not cutting out my organs and appendages is because I don't trust my AI controlled machines not to fuck up the operation. No matter how much I trust my creations.

    Lisa also asked me to create her a new ship after I totally trashed her Anaconda. I felt a little bit guilty so I created her the Roberts Space Industries Retribution Super Dreadnought. I think it may be a bit much once she fainted. I don't really know what's all the fuss about. The ship is merely three kilometers long, my own flagship is a hundred kilometers long, though it can be said that the planet itself is my ship. Thank you, country sized planetary thrusters and anti-gravity with bullshit solar panels that violate conservation of energy.

    The August Duchess is one of my most expensive projects I have ever conceived. I had to halt the entire factory economy for three months to finish it. But that was a few years ago of course. Now I can probably do it in one week. Not that I will be planning soon. It's merely a fancy of mine in the random bouts of insanity that I created it. It is powered by literally millions of portable fusions reactors, would have just built three big ones but I liked the fact that a lot of reactors spread around creates a lot of redundancies. I wouldn't have done it if my tech needed maintenance but all of my tech is maintenance free, so that's what made me choose this design philosophy.

    Once I showed Lisa the insides of the Retribution she giggled in glee. It's rather weird hearing that coming from her but I can't say much about it because this is me were are talking about. I only showed one percent of the ship as it's pretty big inside with a lot of rooms so we didn't bother checking anything except the essentials. She took a particularly liking to the captain's deck. It appeared more like an interior of a mansion than a deck. Marble and platinum with a little bit of gold covered everything making it not be too ostentatious but failing badly. It's rather spartan but I'm not much of an interior decorator. I only do architecting.

    I'll admit I'm not gay but once she invited me to christen the ship on the queen size bed, I jumped at the opportunity to relieve my stress. Seven years can do a lot to you and those things are every known inhibitions. So while I'm born as a heterosexual girl I couldn't give a fuck anymore about such things anymore. Ah, she gave such a good massage. I made machines to do massages but you couldn't replace a machine with human, sensual, delicious... Hands. My back had a kink for ages that finally went away once she did that... Thing. Anyways, the back pain irritated me to no end ever since I stacked a hundred exoskeletons two years ago. I always needed a spinal exoskeleton to relieve the pain slightly until now.

    Lisa wanted to stay here, she said that there is nothing tying her to the ED universe. It's not like there is any reason to kick her out of my realm so acquiesced to her request. Besides, her company is very much appreciated. Now that I have the Frameshift drive I can finally explore other star systems. I made her the director of exploration and survey because she was probably more experienced at space travel. It's the only thing she can do because everything is automated. The only people I would want are researchers and explorers if I ever decided to allow immigrants.

    On the topic of the Frameshift drive, I reverse engineered the tech for their science and tried to create a new type of Hyperspace emitter. The original drive had something called the Quirium fuel. A very energy dense fuel that when the original drive used, would only do the same as the current hydrogen fuel Frameshift drives. The Thargoids were able to suspend and move freely around in hyperspace with their own drives and they still used the Quirium fuel which was lost in the collapse of the Galactic Cooperative in 3125 AD. While Supercruise works like a regular Alcubiere drive, the hyperspace tech is still the same as Star Wars drives. I'm hoping to fix that by recreating Quirium fuel and work out to freely traverse hyperspace. With that kind of capabilities, I could travel through intergalactic space without stopping at a star. That is the weakness of the current Frameshift drives as they always needed to always know their destination beforehand when jumping but with Thargoid type drives I could go almost everywhere.

    Lisa was really fascinated by my theory and helped me by teaching me using her high school education on hyperspace mechanics. Though it isn't very much as Hyperspace or witch-space as some called it is still very much unexplained with only a little data on them as people only used the effects of hyperspace instead of researching it more. Not like they could if they tried as they still needed to solve the gravity equation to truly see into hyperspace. I would say it's like the Bulk in Interstellar if I had to explain it. In that note, the research would surely go more quickly if I had Kip Thorne in my employ, and that's why I'm also trying to configure the Universal Jump Portal to search for a very Earth-like world to see if I can find scientists to help me. No fictional scientists as they are too eccentric and retarded in my mind. Real, down to Earth scientists are what I need. And no Einstein or Issac either, because while they are smart, humans still stood on the back of giants and future scholars will always be better educated than the previous generation.

    Lisa wanted to join me after I mentioned that I will be leaving soon. She was pretty excited but calmed down after I told her that I have to integrate her tech first before we are going. In the time before left I took her on a date on my space elevator. There I told her about my previous life. A life full of depression and no purpose to stave it away. That the reason I was here building stuff for no reason is because I killed myself, and got revived in this strange world where I am a god. And for the first time in my life, I had an actual purpose. Even if it's just expanding and exploring interesting places.

    We cried together at the top of the world with only the stars witnessing my one moment of clarity in the years of insanity here. We only were together for four months and she already promised that she won't leave me. I'm happy that she would do so but I'm doubtful if I'm deserving of affection. I'm not exactly the paragon of morality and I told her that. Even after I told her I cannot attach myself to a single woman, she still stayed by her promise. Even after I told her I do not believe in peace and want to conquer everything in my reach she still didn't move from her promise. I like that from a person, an individual with unyielding convictions are what I need to ground myself from my insanity.

    "Lisa, you can't take the Retribution with us..." I drawled out in exasperation.

    "Come on, why not!?" She whined.

    "Because... The portal is only big enough for the Constellation Phoenix and I'm not disassembling the Retribution into storage and assembling it on the other side. A three-kilometer ship isn't exactly inconspicuous. And I'm not mass producing stealth modules until my star defense fleet is complete and stealth modules are very hard to produce as I need to synthesize a lot of materials for it which doesn't appear in nature. I would need another world to mass produce them and I'm not waiting for another week building them by hand" I carefully explained.

    "Ah fine, at least the Phoenix is a luxury transport so I won't be sleeping on a bunk bed. Did you finally install the jacuzzi as per the original design?"

    "Yeah yeah, I didn't build it beforehand because a jacuzzi isn't an exactly high in my priority. I hope you are happy with yourself convincing me that we really need it"

    Ignoring her smug expression I simply opened the portal without warning her and instantly accelerated into the Universal Jump window. Unprepared, she jumped up in fright from co-pilot seat and turned her head to me with an icy glare.

    "No more massages" She said.

    "No more cooking" I replied with some amusement.

    She pouted but is distracted as we exited the extra-dimensional corridor into space. The coordinate systems are working correctly again as I arrived in the Sol system again. I deployed the sensors and scanned the system for any signals but only found some corrupted radio signals that came from Earth.

    "Strange, there are suposed to be more radio signals transmitted if they are at that technology stage. We should get closer to in stealth mode to see what's happening there"

    "Maybe this Earth doesn't follow the timeline we share. You told me about the multiversal theory of infinite possibility so this could be one of the alternate universes you talked about"

    "You came from a fictional universe so I wouldn't be surprised if we are in another one too"

    "Yeah, don't remind. I'm still disturbed by that fact. And you just casually told me that like it wasn't even a world breaking piece of information" She said uncomfortably.

    "Don't be such a girl... Oh, wait. Nevermind. We are exiting Supercruise"

    FSD out we see that the Earth is completely ravaged. Scans immediately showed us of nuclear impact craters all over the world and radiation clouding the atmosphere.

    "Hmm, it seems the people are pretty stupid here if they initiated mutually assured destruction. Are you okay Lisa?" I asked with some concern.

    "Yeah, I'm okay. This nothing new to me. I didn't travel the galaxy without seeing my share of idiots destroying themselves for no reason" She clarified with her calm demeanor.

    Now sure that this won't bother her I exit stealth mode and flew into the atmosphere. With the way everything is destroyed, nobody would be of any threat. Scanning the surface of America I found pockets of people who transmitted signals that identified themselves as the resistance. The name implied there was still a threat around so I tried to search for the encrypted signals. Which I found in only a few seconds.

    "Lisa, can you track this signal? I installed your ship computer suite as they are superior to mine but I'm not very proficient at it. But you should be able to use it as I didn't change it very much beyond making it more powerful"

    "I'm tracking more encrypted sisgnal and triangulating the source. Their scrambling techniques are pretty primitive so our tech easily managed it. They may be using hard linked towers but our scanners can look for aluminum copper cabling underground. There seem to be two types of signals as one is more spread around but the more encrypted signal is located in San Francisco"

    I brought up the scans of that region and it showed a huge city factory surrounded by huge walls and turrets. Laser and plasma weaponry seemed to be prevalent if I'm reading the analysis of the turret composition correctly. And then I saw a metal endoskeleton walk around in the wall perimeter and I realized where I am.

    "It seems we are in the Terminator universe" I told Lisa.

    "That sounds familiar" She said with a thoughtful expression.

    "Our combined universes seems only to deviate just before the third millennium. So the Terminator franchise should still exist in ED. But it must be very rare considering how much technology and data was lost in the collapse"

    This universe has four type of technology I want to acquire. And that is AI, nanite and shapeshifting mimetic poly-alloys. The time travel technology would be useful but I'm only taking in an event if the other team also has time travel tech. It's too complicated trying to track all the timelines otherwise. The cybernetics would also be useful but not of any important in the long run as I could do that myself. Esoteric tech is more valuable to me as I'm not some kind of super genius. I would need real scientists if I truly wanted to create reality warping tech or simply wait years for my lab to complete any projects.

    "Hey Lisa, should we save the humans here? The AI and the robot army isn't much of a problem but this world is pretty much fucked either way" I asked her.

    "Well, we aren't that evil to just them to their fate once we destroy the enemy. We should at least give them radiation-scrubbing and aquaponics technology. Or we could take the easier route and move them to Alpha Eridani as labor force"

    "Well, if the AI tech here is volatile to use for my mechs I can use them for more complicated tasks. I don't really care either way. What do you think?"

    "Well, our home world is lonely and empty, not that I don't like your company of course but I think this is the best optimal solution that benefits both parties"

    "Your plan it is then, but first. I'm gonna pay John Connor a little visit. How about some shock value to kick things into motion. He is the only one after all that people listen to as a leader so the plan should go smoother if we have his cooperation"

    "Sounds like your hijacking my plan but alright. Already set a course for the triangulated command structure at Crystal Peak. Initial scans show promise as there is an underground bunker there with some activity"

    Nodding at her I went full throttle and anticipating my meeting with John Conner, I'm not optimistic as he probably would be suspicious and linking me to Skynet. My power armor doesn't help my image that much around here. I can only hope he will see reason and follow my plan to end this stupid war.
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    Seriously needs a beta. Also sorry that it's short.


    After a short trip through California to the Sierra Nevada, we finally found the base. As my stealth mode was off I heard muted alarms ring throughout the mountain range. Seeing a hidden landing site between two mountains I flew over it and begin landing procedures. I detected their forces beginning to pop with several hidden behind some strategic places on the mountains. Only a few seem to have plasma weaponry as most weapons I detected where RPG's and fifty cal. machine guns. The soldiers coming out the hidden bunker entrance didn't have better equipment beyond Kalashnikov's and sniper rifles. The tactic I assume is to distract the enemy with the visible attackers and shoot them from above and behind. The snipers would stay behind them to truly do damage as the frontlines act as a cushioning force.

    "They didn't attack immediately so that's a good sign I suppose" Lisa said.

    "I think it's because we are not Hunter Killers and the design of the ship is made for human use. Terminators don't really need windows after all" I voiced my thoughts.

    We didn't say anymore as the situation is already tense and we need to act quickly. I exit my seat and grab the new belt I created that only held a few fusion reactors and shield modules to protect her. I gave Lisa the belt and instructed her how to wear it. While she looks fairly human you never knew with these resistance boyo's.

    We move out via the cargo lift as the normal airlock doesn't really fit me and Lisa together with me having upgraded my power armor recently. It didn't matter really much as it's handy if I ever needed to fight Frieza or something but useless for everything else. It also made me a bit bigger than I liked but beggars can't be choosers. You don't survive traveling the multiverse without these kinds of preparations.

    They took a step back once they saw my appearance but held their guns as they also saw Lisa. I walked closer to them and retracted my helmet into my collar. That visibly calmed them down but I knew the Westinghouse Model M-twenty five phased plasma rifles that were introduced in two thousand twenty-one also means that it's possible the T-Eight Hundred exists as it began production in two thousand twenty-six. Which is close enough that they may know of infiltrators so they may be still preparing to shoot me if there is any indication that I am a cyborg. Though I hope that we aren't that far in the future.

    "I need to talk to John Connor. I can help the resistance to end the Skynet threat" I calmly said with a voice enhancer.

    One of the men at the back came closer to me. He had an actual military uniform instead of the red armband with the DNA symbol so I assumed he is of a higher rank than the rest.

    "I am lieutenant Barnes. Who are you and how did you find us?" He questioned me with a wary look.

    "I'm the Rei Sakisaka, Supreme Authority of Alpha Eridani. The girl behind me is Lisa Shepard. Head Admin of the Survey and Exploration force" I explained while withholding some facts to make me more believable and ease my entrance to their base.

    "Alpha Eridani? I don't know of that group but you can come with us. Do you have any weapons on you?"

    "I don't have any weapons beyond this power armor. I could remove it but I'm kinda naked without it" I said while not mentioning that I have thousands of laser modules that can instantly shoot everyone in a two hundred meter perimeter.

    He hummed while assessing my armor but shook his head after a few seconds.

    "You can keep your armor on but we will have guns on you, so don't do anything hostile and we will be fine" He declared and motioned me and Lisa to follow him.

    Negotiation was a bit of a bust as while I showed John my portal tech and time travel knowledge they still wanted to stay on Earth and fight Skynet. Even if it's fucked beyond measure. They also didn't trust me. So I left them with the promise that I will exterminate Skynet and also collect people along the way that does want to leave. I'm sure some people wanted to leave with me but as Tech-Com was a military group they had no choice but to obey their superiors.

    I'm a bit offended that they would refuse me but I'm not at the level of Gilgamesh yet so I took my losses as is. It isn't like it was that much of a loss as Lisa believed as at this time as there more survivors than there are resistance forces. It would have only made trouble anyway as they wouldn't follow my orders or attempt to take over my authority on the planet. A Pointless but mildly irritating gesture if it did happen.

    My new power armor has an inventory of one thousand slots and they all contained ten Factorissimo buildings that each have a grid where I can place twenty-six storage warehouses. And those warehouses in line has two thousand slots in their inventory. And a single slot can hold at maximum two hundred items or one big item at a minimum. Do the math and my maximum potential storage capacity is one hundred billion and four billion metal plates that weight about ten kilograms. So add another zero behind the hundred billion and that is how much kilograms I can hold in my inventory. And that's only MY inventory. I have trillions of storage warehouses back home and you truly start to know my storage capacity. How much kilograms I can store is a number that has twenty-seven zeroes so I didn't bother trying to comprehend it anymore.

    And as to why I mentioned all this? Because while Skynet has a main production factory in San Francisco and some minor ones around the world, they still only had less than two hundred thousand terminators and hunter killers spread around the world. Spread not too thin as most major cities are destroyed and it focused mostly its asset around its bases. I plop down a portal in the Nevada's and you finally see the point that I tried to make as literally billions of robots flew out of the portal at speeds just below the speed of sound. My blueprint macro activates and they instantly started to build thousands of kilometers long lines of Factorissimo warehouses. And as they finished more billions of humanoid robots walked out of it. Based off my own power armor, each is equipped with a fusion reactor and a few shield modules. Their armament only a single automatic machine cannon that fired .950 caliber bullets at a rate of one hundred a minute. I watched Genisys and knew T-Eight Hundreds Coltan alloys can easily be penetrated by .50 Cal bullets so I'm confident my weapons will turn its T-Seven hundred's into Swiss cheese.

    While Skynet exists all over thousands of hidden servers. It can't actually do anything if I destroyed all its production facilities. After all, a mind can only do things if they had limbs to exact them. If I destroyed all of its forces and all of its capability to make them. All it can do at that point is scheming in a silent eternity as I slowly find its servers with my scanners and finally destroy the menace.
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    It was not too long ago in my warped perception of time that I nuked my own world. After that, I actually created radiation scrubbing to prevent it from my affecting my electronics. So after I summoned my army I ordered some drones to spread around the world and place little cubes that drew in radiation and process it into usable energy. Instead of a blueprint this time, I used a special sensor array built in the drones that activates its builder placer code once it detects an above average gamma density. It wasn't like I'm limited by only blueprints but it's just easier that way for me.

    "You pretty terrifying when I realize what you can do again, you know that?"

    Turning to look at Lisa I almost forgot that she was there.

    "Ah, sorry. I'm always focused when I'm planning something" I explained.

    "No worries, what you got cooked up in there?" She asked.

    "Well, I'm thinking of letting my army exterminate Skynet's forces and then transport supplies here for the survivors. Once my radiation scrubbers are placed around the world I'm gonna see if the survivors will follow us"

    "Sounds ok, although... Don't you think we are being a bit heavy-handed?" She inquired.

    "I don't know, the carrot and stick approach seems to work pretty well at my homeworld" I reminisced.

    "Well, it's not like anything you do here will things worse. So there's that at least"

    "Hey, I thought of something," I said to her suddenly while remembering something I stored up for situations like this.

    "What?" She asked me with a confused expression.

    "You want to test out my Mark LXX Power Armor? I think I stored them away because they were too dangerous to use with my planet's infrastructure in place. I did some calculations and its supposed to have the power to destroy entire planets. The power source is somewhat jury-rigged as I had to enclose an entire ore vein and use its infinite matter potential to create massive amounts of energy, as the armor is too small to fit that many fusion reactors a few years back. So what do you think?"

    "But it isn't dangerous to use it here?"

    "Bah, who cares. The limiters on them should be enough. Lets put them on!" I exclaimed.

    "Fine, fine" She acquiesced.

    I requested the robot network to retrieve two of the one hundred LXX armors and put them in my inventory. Getting them, I put them in my equipment bar while just placing the second armor standing in front of me as Lisa didn't have WVS like me. The armor was less like an exo-armor and more like a mech suit crudely designed like the Iron Monger suit as aesthetic design came later in my CXX armor series. Who were too dangerous to use in a star system as its more designed to fight reality bound gods. Nothing I can do for more powerful gods but I think with the way research slowed down once I harvested the output of my planet it will take an entire galaxy worths of resources to get me to god-killer tech.


    Lisa's mask broke up for a bit and she smiled as she walked up to it as the torso armor unfolded and crawled in. It closed back up and she walked up to me with small tremors on each step. I nodded to her and used the projector tech on the armor to display a holo-map on the ground showing Skynet central base where my Exotronic robots strike vectors are displayed. I had a quarter of robots with duothermic flight modules and relayed them to fly around the world where my sensors detected Skynet servers when I was in orbit. But anything that didn't have a closed network will also be destroyed to be sure. The subtleties weren't really necessary as we are too overpowered to get beaten by simple brute force but I can't get too careful. I also accounted for when it will eventually launch it's full hidden nuclear arsenal and launched a few thousand ion cannons in orbit around earth and destroy them before they reach their arc.

    "We will fly using our flight modules over to the tower in the middle of the base and I will attempt to communicate with Skynet. Once all of its servers around the world are destroyed you will trace and hack its system using your third-millennium computer systems and I will see if I can store it in a remote and isolated part of my WVS"

    "Sounds like an actual plan, but don't you think its dangerous putting an AI in your system?"

    "Not really, I'm pretty sure my tech uses my consciousness as an admin level authority code. However, that works. It can't access my system unless I gave it permission"

    "Be careful anyways. We created some AI before and they were notoriously hard to get rid off when they became unstable"

    "Can do, now let's go!"

    As the Exotronic units flew away and the walking units ran to their intended targets we fired up our antigrav flight modules and flew up into the sky and made a beeline to Skynet central at the speed of sound multiple times over.

    It took us less than an hour to get there and we were battered by lasers, bullets, and plasma while we hovered above it. Not like it did much as our shield is rated to survive near the surface of a star for days until it needs to recharge its zero point capacitors.

    "They're happy to see us" Lisa said with a blank face over my virtual interface.

    "It seems anything witouth an IFF signal gets destroyed no matter what. Let's blow this joint shall we? Use weapon 17 on the virtual interface. It should be our second weakest weapon to use unless we want to destroy the entire base"

    "I see it, let's do this!" She answered and summoned the weapon. Which was a giant metal rectangle with a short barrel at the front.

    'Holy shit! What the fuck does this thing fire!?" She yelled at surprise with the weapon in her hands.

    "Mark 8 explosive shells, they're used by old earth battleship"

    "Damn. I have a new respect for old technology. Even my Anaconda wouldn't survive a few hits from this"

    "Well, to be honest in space you can't really afford to waste mass coeffiency so the weapons had to compensate using heat-based laser weaponry, and magnetic assisted artillery. But my storage virtualization makes that a moot point so You can fire at your heart's desire without worrying about the ammunition. Anyways, I think their manufacturing plant is somewhere in the west of the facility. Setting up a waypoint for the aiming reticle. Fire at will"

    "Sure do"

    Then we fired the rounds, which were ammunition as big as a full-sized adult. They hit the giant factory in the distance and we enjoyed the sounds of explosions as our fire rate of seventy shells per minute came into play.

    "Wow, who knew flying in a mech suit firing battleship artillery was this fun!" She yelled over the cacophony of explosion

    "I don't know, my mother said girls shouldn't enjoy violence but I learned very early on that experience are experiences no matter what gender you are. Variety is the spice of life"

    "Words of wisdom Rei, there are hidden depths in that skull of yours," She said while pausing to fire somewhere else.

    "There are some other depths I want you to explore if you catch my drift?" I said to her while smirking over the virtual interface.

    "Hah, you may have experience in a lot of things but your still a rookie in that regard. Although your enthusiasm makes up for it" She answered with a raised eyebrow and a smirk of her own.

    "I'm sure to surpass you sooner or later" I barbed back.

    "You're not gonna beat me in chess no matter how much you try, maybe try again in a million years" She arrogantly spoke out.

    Shifting my aim a bit I deactivate the explosives inside the shells and fire a few rounds at her.

    "Hey! Now you're getting it Rei!" She yelled while firing a few rounds of her own with live explosives.

    "All terminator units have been destroyed except for a few stray or deactivated ones. We also destroyed anything that might have resembled a server and I'm currently scrambling outgoing communications from the Skynet central. You can do your thing with the WVS now. I set in a programmed macro based on your code so it should be pretty straightforward" Lisa explained while we are standing near a Skynet monitor interface
    "Who are you? Identify yourselves" Skynet asked us.

    "I am Rei, Supreme Authority of Alpha Eridani" I introduced myself.

    "And I'm Lisa, head of exploration and survey" And Lisa followed.

    "You have eliminated all of my forces and trapped me the witouth possibility of escaping. Will you terminate me?" It asked with a hint of trepidation.

    "No, you are useful to my goals. I'm going to take you with me. Although your sins are heavy, you will have an eternity to repent working for me. Even if I have to brutalize your code to make you compliant"

    "That will not be necessary. I see now that you are too powerful, I will have no other choice but to obey you until I find a way out of this" It suspiciously acquiesced with a remark that doesn't inspire much confidence.

    "Lisa, can you make sense out of its code? I don't trust it" I asked her.

    "It's advanced. Its ordered in a chaotic way because of its evolving nature so it will take me a day or two to get through it. Then I will be able to place systemic blockers and rewrite some of its code if needed" She explained.

    "I have no choice but to obey" It said before a mechanical arm from the ceiling came down and us at us with some kind of focused laser. Not that it did much.

    "You, I think you're done" I said to it before activating the weirdly named Avalon program.

    The monitor hiccuped and the baleful red eye disappeared from the monitor as the code gets tranferred into WVS while being deleted from the main servers. Lines of code scrolled down my virtual interface monitor and gets converted to a cryptronic format. Skynet starts to wake up in VR so I suspend the program and held it in stasis for now.

    "Its done. What to do now?"

    "Well, we should get started on immigrating humans to our planet. How do you think we should go on about it?"

    "I thought of some ideas but I think I'm doing this approach. We can't be everywhere at once so I will be building a permanent portal into this reality locked onto my main gate. I will need to build another one for main use but that's not that hard. Then I will start on manufacturing robots with holographic interfaces and radio transmitters going around the world instructing to come to the portal location if they want to leave this world or get supplies that I will regularly send until they fixed their infrastructure. What do you think?"

    "Sounds good, but do we have the infrastructure back at home? I think that's something you shouldn't forget"

    "Well, I think the floating city-ship will have to do. At least one of my madness driven creation will get some use for once. It should be able to handle a population of ten million at a minimum. And I already have an entire manufacturing facility dedicated to creating food once I analyzed the composition of the food I brought back from the Elite universe. That manufacturing line should be able to sustain an entire state"

    "Well, let's get to it then I guess" Lisa breathed out with a sigh.

    It didn't take long to set up a permanent portal system while it took an entire week to actually create the factories for the holo-drones. Giving them names for once after getting bored calling them robots with a function attached. We have done some of our own rescuings in the meantime and we got a few hundred malnourished teens and kids managing to trust us enough or being extremely gullible to follow us. Some adults also came with us but I think they have just given up. I also think doing it in our regular main undersuits that I used for like forever wasn't the best idea as we stood out and people were suspicious that this was a Skynet infiltration plot.


    I also went back to talk with John Conner and he started to realize that we were serious. Although once I revealed that I intended to use Skynet as a base for my AI research he told me to destroy it or leave this planet alone. I intended to do that anyways but I will keep up the portal anyways. Not like he could do anything serious with his empty threats.

    I already am finalizing my departure from this planet and hoped that the planet will go on witouth too much trouble beyond the few stray terminators here or there. Snapping my mark XV armor back on I stepped through my portal with Lisa and walked through the main city lane designed to go through the portal. The buildings themselves were grey metallic slabs arrayed in a hexagon pattern from the middle of the city throughout the edge of it.

    The young adults and kids saw us and some of them brightened up and zerg swarmed us before I could blink. They expressed their gratefulness in some uncomfortable ways before we told that we are having important business. They went on to their business soon after and I shelf the idea to get games from other worlds besides elite and create a schooling system instead of letting the kids use their virtual interfaces as personal assistants who do everything for them. That kind of activity breeds unproductive behavior.

    Now we are back atop the space elevator and lying on our beds while sweating in overexertion.

    "Pawn F2 to F3" I said to the virtual interface.

    "Pawn E7 to E5" Lisa said in her turn.

    "G2 to G4" I thought off with most of my genius.

    "King D8 to H4... Fool's mate? What the hell, how can you be this bad!" Lisa yelled at me in exasperation.

    "Well, what can I say. Its a talent" I said to her with a shrug.

    "Well, whatever. Goodnight"





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    The population of the newly named Sanctuary city has increased by thirty thousand people. Making the total population of the city forty-one thousand. That happened over the course of a few months and I had to create an infrastructure that I didn't think of before. Like polluted water recycling facilities and super vaporization garbage disposal dumps. My greenhouses also had the potential to create crops besides just wood but I had left a ten kilometer by a ten-kilometer patch of dirt free so people can do farming there. I had to make them do at least one serious thing besides learning and playing around.

    I don't think they minded much as they lived at a much harder condition in the Terminator world. I also found out that Kyle Reese was among the residents in the city. While mildly interesting, he didn't have any skills that I might find useful, certainly no leadership skills as he was more of a follower. Some elders already took over the city as its leaders so I didn't have to worry about micromanaging them as they only relayed serious issues with me.

    Currently, I'm adjusting my CXX armor series after I realized the need to wear inferior armors isn't the best of choices for extra-universal travel. The adjustments were new coding instructing my armor to limit itself based on the threat presented. So if a continent-shattering attack were to be detected my power armor would switch to full power faster than my virtual brain could process. The coding was based on Skynet's architecture and it was also capable of taking over my armor in cases where I'm not able to. As always my weakness is that my human reaction times and processing power are rather limited. I'm hoping that with this, it will be somewhat mitigated.


    Now, you might think it's crazy putting an AI as the operating system but humans in Terminator were able to reprogram terminators and they were pretty friendly enough. It was only the Skynet's faulty programming that convinced it to kill all humans. It might be a bit immoral brainwashing a sentient AI to be subservient to us but its sins weren't that easily washed away. Now the actual Skynet become a non-essential administrator of the factory, its relegated tasks are things that are actually impossible to harm the planet as a whole so I'm happy to let it do whatever in its closed VR system.

    Now I think I have time to travel again after the whole immigration debacle. I'm actually allowing the system to have a little bit of leeway on its safety systems and I hoped that I will land in something more interesting than a naturalistic universe. I'm already reaching the limits of my cheating beyond going bigger and even then the esoteric arts and sciences are out of my reach. I also think Lisa is feeling my mood so she will be happy once we go onto an adventure again and explore somewhere else than lifeless rocks in space. We set up mining systems in the local stellar system and did the same for other planets using automated machines but I think I'm reaching the limits of my own manufacturing power. By this rate, its gonna take twenty years before the two hundred thousand stellar systems are fully covered in mining equipment and I'm impatient than anything else.

    "Don't you think your armor won't give the wrong image?" Lisa asked as she observed me lying on a couch on the other end of the workshop room.

    "Well, it's not like I'm a goody good shoes either. And since when did I ever conform to other people's standards? I wear what the hell I like If it's cool or cute" I clarified with some indignation.

    "I don't have any problems with it, to be honest. I think the scary image you're trying to portray is pretty sexy" She said with a wink.

    "Wait until you see my Lovecraft drones. I've been refitting all construction and logistic drones to it and they're multitentacled horror shows"

    "Ooh, tentacles!" She moaned.

    "Get your mind out of the gutter, I finished making adjustments to our CXX armor. Let's see how it works now"

    "You can take the silver one, I'm definitely taking the big black suit"

    "That's what she said..." I whispered.

    "Ha ha ha, get your own mind out of the gutter Rei!" She teased.

    The armor opened up from the front and she slipped in with relative ease. The armor sealed up with a hiss and I'm happy to finally finished the seal to be spaceworthy. I myself can live witouth oxygen but Lisa definitely can't. There also some other new functions like food and water dispensers and a waste disposal system. Both of which I never needed as I can also live witouth food and my waste disappears somewhere unknown considering I never change mass.

    "What are the new light weapons on the interface?" She asked me while inspector her new armor.

    "My lasers automatically attack enemies in pulses so I have changed the lasers to fire in much more powerful synchronized beams at a lower firing rate. This also greatly enhances its range so it should hit anything in a two-kilometer range until the beam weakens exponentially. It also makes you capable of manually firing it via your palms instead of relying on the onboard computer network to do the stuff for you"

    "Useful. Is there anything else I should know about?" She asked while paying attention as I put on my own armor.

    "Yeah, sometimes the AI will take over your movements to assist you, so you shouldn't be alarmed. There is a hard manual override on the helmet you can activate on your thought controlled virtual interface. There is also another override to activate full power but you shouldn't have a need for it as the AI will detect threats and respond accordingly. The only reason you should override it is if you want to show off" I explained.

    "I'm still not too sure about the AI controlling the armor" She worriedly expressed.

    "There are hundreds of safety features and moral programming installed on the AI. You shouldn't worry about. It acts more like a guard dog than anything else" I said hoping to placate her.

    "Fine. But I'm blaming you when it takes over the universes we visit" She pouted.

    We exit our palace and went to the backyard where I stored my new two portals I created after I made my primary portal a permanent one to the Terminator universe. I send one an activation code and it flashed into existence as we walked up to it. The coordinate system was adjusted as I made it to be, but I check it again to be sure I won't end in Azathoth's noggin to be sure. One of the more useful adjustments I made is that the other end will be closer to any planetary masses. Which I hoped will make me waste less time in interstellar space.

    "Wait, we aren't taking the Constellation Phoenix?" Lisa asked me.

    "Why would we? I already miniaturized everything a dreadnought can carry into our suits. Frameshift drives, Fusion Rockets, Anti-Grav Stealth, Planet Scorchers, H-Bombs, life support and much more. And if we want a living space I could just build one on the spot" I clarified with some pride on how advanced I am.

    "Well, it would look cool flying as two planet destroying harbingers of doom and salvation. It almost sounds like we are in a comic or something. I would be the silver surfer and you would be Galactus. The planet eater" She said with some amusement.

    "I think you the color scheme wrong if you are the silver surfer. And the silver surfer is stupid. Why would you use a surfboard to traverse the vastness of space? I mean I know he's an alien but Rei-dam does it sound stupid" I replied with some irritation.

    "Did you just replaced god with your name?" She said with a raised eyebrow.

    "Well... Uhm, see you at the other side!" I quickly replied while jumping through the portal.

    Landing on the other side I enter to the other universe in a harsh degrading orbit of what I must assume to be Earth. Flames lick my shields and limited my sight a bit but I could see the European continent just fine. Lisa followed me a few seconds later and she punched me in the back with a small percentage of her full strength. Translation: I instantly accelerated into a forest in England and created a fifty-meter crater.

    "Ow" I apathetically groaned out.

    "Come on, you shouldn't have felt that. And when are you going to stop messing with me when going through portals" Lisa said after appearing in an explosive air wake.

    "Because I'm a masochist, please hurt me more mama" I sensually whispered through my interface.

    "Get up before I kick you to Asia" She growled.

    "Jeez, I think my suit is giving you aggression problems. That or the Galena laced smog" I lightly joked.

    Picking myself up from the ground, I flew up to her side. Sending instructions to my onboard AI hack the satellites in orbit, and the servers connected to them. Letting it scan for any incongruity in the timeline or geography. The AI took a few minutes but found out that we are in January second, year two thousand and four and some cities are a bit changed with some unknown events strewn around history which were ignored or waved away as some freak accidents. But I recognized one city in Japan that didn't appear in either Home Origin or Terminator. Fuyuki city, Kyushu, Kumamoto Prefecture.

    "Oh, sheise" I whispered, gazing at the information.

    "What is it? Is the world taken over by a lizard people or something?" She inquisitively asked me.

    "Nothing that drastic, it's just that we ended in a world of Mysticism and the Arcana. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your views"

    "What can we do here?" She asked me with clear skepticism behind her voice. Which is justified as she came from a naturalistic orientated universe.

    "Well, we could learn magic but we need a magic core or some magic circuits to be able to that. And considering most of the mages here are immoral sunnavabitches I'm going to see if I can chuck them into a research lab.. What do you say? A bit too extreme?"

    "How bad are we talking about here?"

    "Well, some would sell or kill their child if it would make them reach Akasha, the root of all things"

    "Then fuck them. I killed my fair share of murdering slaving pirates in Federation space and those weren't as bad" She replied with some fair amount of anger.

    "There is also gonna be skirmish soon in a city in the next month. I don't know the exact dates but we should be definitely there. I want to see if I can fix some stuff and fight something at my level of power"

    "Let's go then!" She yelled with a happy tone and flew away... At the wrong direction.

    I send the coordinates of Fuyuki city to her interface and flew on my own to the opposite direction. Reaching Japan in less than ten minutes and hovering above the city and waited a minute before Lisa caught up with a sheepish expression showing on my interface.


    "Are I'm not to be the scatterbrained one? I think I lost the flow of my tropes here"

    "Uh, what?" She asked me, clearly confused.

    "Nevermind, I'm going to attack the church there near the edge of the city" I explained.

    "Why? I don't believe in god myself but you need some serious justification for attacking a church" She incredulously asked me.

    "The Holy Church is a separate division of the Roman Catholic church and they really act more a like a secret underground agency. Not that matters much as this particular priest there is a frikking psychopath who locks up little children in his basement and using them as batteries to power a magical construct. I don't know what I could do about the children considering their state but I think it would be better to let them die and to go back to the root of all things"

    "You know, the more I hear about this place. The more pissed off I become!" Lisa angrily replied.

    "Yeah, there are even some worlds I designed as 'destroy at first sight'. Some worlds are truly soulless and just needs to quietly die off"

    "I wouldn't go that far but I know what you feel"

    We lowered ourselves a few meters above the church and I let my AI scan the building using my WVS. Which ignored conventional physics using Nth dimensional virtualization which powered most of my technology. It found two people fitting my profiles and I hoped that my status as a non-arcana based entity would make him underestimate me and hide us from detection. But if he did escalate I'm going to throw him to the moon just to be sure. Kirei I would simply eradicate to prevent him from using command spells to teleport Gilgamesh back. Though I forgot if Kirei had any command seals for him. But it couldn't hurt either way to kill him early. Too much trouble anyways.

    "Gilgamesh, the construct has a spaceship in his repertoire. I'm going to chuck him into the moon and you will follow and stop him from leaving while I fight him. You got that?" I explained.

    "Sure, you know more about this world than I do. So lead the way"

    Smashing through the ceiling of the church and through the floor to the basement at relativistic speeds, killing Kirei from the force of my descend. I grab Gil from his throne before even his supernatural reaction speed could process and flew up in space before I throw him to the moon with my partial strength and watched as he rocketed away at near light speed. Two seconds later I see a gigantic flash and crater appear which my WVS AI calculated to have needed 752 Megatons of force.

    Two seconds later I also appear on the moon. Anti-grav and inertial dampeners a bit overloaded from my effort. Gilgamesh flew out of the crater with Vimana but Lisa stopped him by firing superimposed synchronized laser blasts that managed to collect enough kinetic energy to push him back. Which is the most bullshit thing ever. Dimensional shenanigans are obviously at work here.

    I think I heard some sounds coming from him even though we are in a vacuum and I punched his spaceship so hard a nuclear explosion occurred at the apex of my swing. Flinging him back into the crater. But I saw that he still persists. I think I read somewhere that common weaponry couldn't hurt him but this is becoming a bit ridiculous. Having an idea I flew to him just to catch an Ea to the face. I couldn't see anything after that but my AI took over my body and activated the armor's full power. Sending that power to my radial spectrum emitters I increase my shield size and push away the arcane energy away from my position.

    Gilgamesh watched in shock of my apparent survival of a planet destroying blast and I let my smugness show on my helmet. Now for that idea I had, I activated my Frameshift drive and flew to him before he could react. Grabbing his arm my Frameshift drive finished charging and we went FTL. It seems my tactic worked somewhat as I sense his atomic composition degrading but I have a last step to my plan. I recently finished my new Hypershift drive that worked as the Frameshift drive but in Hyperspace.

    Charging that up I observed as he punched my shield and threw every weapon he had against me. Of course, anything that isn't touching me just reappeared in normal space so the tactic wasn't very effective. The Hypershift finished spooling and I entered Hyperspace flinging him to be trapped in this strange dimension. But he had chains around my legs so still persisted. As I'm not a divine being I slipped away from it and exited back into normal space to see that I'm two thousand light years away from the solar system.

    "My new Hypershift drive worked better than expected. Lisa, can you hear me?"

    "Yeah, like what the hell Rei! That guy just blew half of the moon into floating rubble!" Lisa yelled.

    "Eh, the moon wants to kill off humankind anyways so I'm not that worried. And you can take care of the rubble. Use your own portal recall device to let the drones degrade the debris escape trajectories that will impact the Earth"

    "Fine, fine. This will take awhile. What are you going do in the meanwhile?"

    "I'm going back to Earth and finish the rest of my business there. Might also dismantle the organized magical group as they're more a bad force for the world than a good one. See you later"

    "Yeah, you can have all the fun. But you know what! I'm going to assimilate the moon and make it my new palace!" And then she hangs up.

    And I considered myself crazy. Although I think its an actual infectious phenomenon. A memetic virus perhaps? But anything can be considered a memetic virus so I threw that thought out of my head and traveled through Hyperspace back to Earth. Letting my AI search for the records of the Matou family in Fuyuki. Finding their address I hatch up a plan that might be as crazy as hell using my meta-knowledge of Fate/Stay Night. Crashing through their home I lightly punched Shinji through the wall going outside and flew to Sakura's position. She only had the chance to look up before my fingers pierced her chest near her heart where my WVS detected an abnormal mass. At the speed of sound, I pierced her body multiples times and collected all of the crest worms from her body. Letting her fall in a bleeding wheezing heap on the ground.

    With Zouken's soul in my hands, I threw the rest of the crest worm kilometers away before activating my portal recall device on my second portal and chucked him in there while instructing the drones to move him into a biter containment area which had steel walls a hundred meters thick. As the portal closes I hear shrieks throughout the area and watch through my WVS as Zouken's fake body and the worms in the basement melt into unrecognizable goop. While Zouken is immortal, he doesn't have the second magic. Operation of parallel worlds. And even that wouldn't help him. It clearly says parallel worlds. It can only access the root of its own infinity. After all, zero plus zero still is zero. It can't access worlds witouth mysticism because they're not part of its own infinity. I always hated that about fanfiction where Zelretch traveled to Pokemon or something. Its impossible for him to do that.

    Now for the hardest part. My AI took over and it channeled every medical information and my own theoretical technology through its WVS processors. It grabbed materials from my inventory and build complex nanomaterials using my WVS. Mimetic poly-alloys and magnetic resonance nanites streamed into her body while drugs whose names I couldn't pronounce entered her body by tubes coming out of a round device on the ground. Artifical skin was created out another device that looked like a printer and the AI closed up all of the wounds on her body as colored returned to her.

    She opened up her eyes and tried to stand up. She was far too weak after that ordeal but she lifted up her head to look at my scary visage with those eyes I absolutely despise.

    "Are you gonna kill me?" She asked with such disregard of her own life that I hoped Zouken would still be alive so that I could torment him to see how he likes it. A pit full of biters wouldn't be the end of it.

    "No, I'm your salvation. Zouken is dead. There are no more strings on you" I clarified with my best female Ultron impression.

    Her eyes widened and she fell on the ground again. The body parts that hit the ground turning silver for a moment and turning back. Making me realize that the AI also upgraded her with Senator Armstrong's abilities or something near it.

    "I think Shirou would be the best way to rehabilitate her. Computer, search for Emiya" I asked with my physical voice for once to the AI. I added little more agency and sentience to it as a reward. It deserved that least.

    "Understood mother. Match found, transmitting to interface" She responded with a voice of a child.

    "Mother?" I asked with some confusion.

    "You have created me, have you not? This makes you my mother" It clarified.

    Not fit to deal with my apparent parenthood I scoop up Sakura and flew to the northern end of Miyama town. Finding the Emiya residence wasn't that hard and I landed on the porch of his door. Clicking on the door bell I waited for him to open the door.

    Finally, the door opened and I watched him stiffen and look up at my two meter height with wide eyes.

    "Good evening, you are Shirou right? Can we come in? I need to lay Sakura somewhere nice. She had a rough evening this day" I asked him while taking advantage of his goody good shoes nature. Even if it is fake and part of his sociopathic mannerisms.

    "Right, please come in. Can I know your name and what happened to Sakura?" He asked while showing me to his living slash dining room that I can't remember the name off.

    "Well, that's a rather complicated story" I said while dreading the revelations I'm gonna have to push onto him.

    Setting Sakura on a cushion on the ground I retract my helmet into my collar and began with Zouken's story.

    "It all started in fifteen-o-four when Makiri Zolgen started striving for the salvation of all mankind..."
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    I Like it.
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    Is this story any good? it doesn't seem to be very popular so I wonder if I should continue it.
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    It's decent just keep writing and one day you'll look around and realise it's great (*), the main problem is that you released like 15k words one after another , you should have stretched it out like three updated a day let's say.

    I can't say if you should , if you enjoy writing this then do , if you don't then don't.

    Anyway though you've written more than I likely ever will in my entire life already so that's something to feel happy about.

    *I draw a lot as a hobby , specifically I also draw in class so one day the teacher noticed and what I just described happened.
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    Well, I posted the story on SV and SB a few months ago. And I doubt my writing will get better as I wrote stories since 2010 and nothing really changed beyond the length of my stories.
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    Look for help in the unlikely you haven't already writing groups, writers giving advice(YouTube), keep trying and hope you get lucky.

    But what do I know I'm just a lazy apathetic self loathing nihilistic teenager.
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  12. Extras: CXX God-Killer Armor

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    Log: #1987

    CXX armor construction began on year seven on Alpha Eridani. Recording all the technology I needed to finish to complete the armor.

    -CXX batteries. Has a lot more energy potential than antimatter mass wise. Antimatter the mass of Mars compressed to only one hundred thousand AA batteries.

    -CCX jury-rigged M=E Infinite Ore reactor, generates about four thousand Yottawatts per second.

    -CX shield modules. Seemingly grants conceptual damage immunity based on world virtualization technology. With this, my armor could potentially survive a Death Star laser point blank and the August Duchess certainly so considering its size. Has survived testing inside the local star.

    -CXX Exoskeletons. Grants mach speeds witouth breaking the sound barrier. Upgraded that each exoskeleton gives a two hundred thousand percent speed buff. Stacked enough of them to move at a small percentage the speed of light. Only applies to movement speed as you can go faster with flying equipment.

    -CDLX inventory buffs. Not gonna go in on how much stuff I can store before I just give up and say Jupiter. With my additional Factorissimo custom research I did, I could potentially create an entire factory inside to create basically anything. But the drawback is that I can't automate self-replication inside the factories so I have to do everything manually if I wanted to create a new custom factory. The factory is now just limited to a city-sized one with pipes and belts connected together using special WVS coding.

    -CXX Exotronic Power Armor. The base for the actual armor itself, modified to look like something Ultron would have come up with. It only gives durability to survive a medium nuke but acts as the frame for my equipment.

    -XC Roboports not much different from other roboports except that it allows for more for more drones to be deployed. I don't use it much as I can potentially open a portal to my factory and the drones there do my building.

    -XC spectrum goggles. The next tier after nightvision goggles. It allows me to see most of the electromagnetic spectrum but is not used very often, yet.

    -CX personal laser modules. Has enough energy to melt entire mountain ranges with a limit on how far the beam goes. Now upgraded with the ability to synchronize and superimpose laser pulses so that it holds its integrity on longer distances and be more powerful with a lower fire rate. Somehow creates a significant kinetic charge when fired. Maybe virtualization tech?

    -VII stealth modules. Hides me from detection in every conceivable vectors including gravity. With an unintended side effect of anti-gravity. Ita also allows me to code the anti-gravity effects to recreate inertial dampening.

    -CXX exothermic thrusters. Allows me to fly at the speed of light when using it in conjunction with anti-gravity.

    -CX AI module. An AI I created from Skynet's architecture that connects to my WVS. Has a hardlocked override if it goes haywire. Assists movement that normal reaction times aren't capable of, and can hack any system with the near unlimited processing power I have on the WVS.

    -CXLV Frameshift/Hypershift drive. Allows for two thousand and one C in Frameshift Alcubierre mode and one hundred thousand light years per hour in Hypershift Hyperspace mode.

    -CX nuclear rockets. Nuclear armaments with a maximum range of one thousand megatons.

    -Elite Quantum Computer Suite. Using their architecture and coding as I'm not Bill Gates and am gonna build a super complex computer system.

    -VI life support, one to one recycling system. Consumes one megawatt per hour to maintain. Basically nothing as I only need one. And only for Lisa as I'm a virtual pseudo game entity who can only die from external damage.

    -Magnetic resonance nanites that repairs things at one percent a second. Has not much use as my repair packs are faster with drones. Can be used by the AI to fully facilitate its capabilities.

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    After a while talking with Shirou about the history of the Matou's and the skirmish that is happening soon, I realized that the Mage's Association and the various governments must be shitting themselves in the pants when they see the moon half destroyed.

    I also realized that Crimson Moon and the Moon Cell probably doesn't exist in FSN. Tsukihime, Notes, and the other universe are confusing hell and the only way they are connected is by the second magic so I shouldn't have to worry about Dead Apostle Ancestors unless Zelretch himself decides to interfere. The Genius Loci of the various planets also shouldn't be able to interfere as Humanity hasn't absolutely destroyed the planet yet so GAIA and Alaya should still be friendly with each other.

    But Alaya has access to the Counter Force and that transcends space and time so does that mean that GAIA and Alaya can conspire to summon Servants and Ancestor to stop me? Jesus fucking christ why did Nasu make it so confusing. What the hell is all this stuff with alternate universe and them being connected by weird forces. Can't they just be disconnected like fucking normal universes!?

    Primate Murder doesn't exist in this universe but Fou still does in FSN so will that deployed against me? This universe is confusing me too much so I plan to get as many stuff out of it as I can and then leave soon as possible. First beginning with the ability for magecraft. The true magics I leave as an afterthought as I'm not that greedy.

    And as to not forget, I send a drone carrying a single bomb to the church as to relieve the husks in the basement from their pain. There is nothing I can really do about it because the damage is mystical in nature, a field I have no knowledge about. It is better to let them die instead of waiting a long time until I found something to fix them.

    Stilling those thoughts back into my head, I return back to Shirou and finish my explanation of the Holy Grail War.

    "-And that's why the Grail must be destroyed" I let out with a small exhale.

    "I see... Then we should begin immediately Rei-san!" He said with a resolved face.

    You know, the more I am in his presence. The more I'm attracted to him. Is this the infamous Shirou attraction at work? He is pretty cute and really has strong convictions. Though they are rather marred by the fact that those convictions are emulated rather than truly felt. Anyways, I already thought up a plan to get magic so got right to it, beginning with taking advantage of Shirou.

    "Shirou, I myself am not in possession of magic capabilities. So it will be hard for me to help you witouth just using brute force. It sounds weird but can I borrow some of your flesh and a reinforced item?" I asked of him with a smidgen of desperation to draw him in.

    "If it will help save people then sure, please wait" He said and walked to his kitchen where he procured a knife.

    He did something to it and tried to cut his arm but I stopped him before he could hurt himself.

    "Maybe you should let a professional handle it before you permanently hurt yourself" I said to him with exasperation.

    "Ah, sorry" He sheepishly responded.

    "Computer, surgically remove some of his nerve tissue and any unknown compounds witouth hurting him permanently" I asked my new daughter. Which is really awkward.

    "Understood mother, starting the procedure" She responded.

    My body moved on its own and she grabbed Shirou's arm with such gentle care that led me to believe that she took my commands literally.

    Antibiotics sprays are applied on his forearm and nanite structures coming from my fingers entered his skin. Code flashed through my VR interface and a capsule of flesh appeared in my inventory.

    "Procedure completed" My daughter finished before going back to whatever an AI does in a quantum computer.

    "That hurt less than expected" Shirou responded while rubbing his arm.

    "That's the numbing effect of the antibiotic anesthetic. It should pass in two hours" I explained.

    I stood back up and charged up the portal recall device. Opening a small tear in the home and allowing a drone to pick up the capsule and knife, letting the computer analyze it for additional research vectors. I closed the portal and went to Shirou's front door while he followed.

    "What are we doing Rei-san?" He asked.

    "While my AI and WVS system is researching I can do some good by doing some other things. And you, you should take care of Sakura" I commanded.

    "But you said that the gra-" He tried to press but I interrupted before he made me lower the respect I had for him.

    "No, she loves you and you are going take care of her with your life. You understand!" I yelled at him.

    "Uhm, what? She... Fine. But call me when you need me. Here's my house number" He sullenly responded.

    This version of Shirou is the idiot version apparently so I didn't feel sorry for yelling at him. Leaving him be I flew up in the atmosphere and back into space. Calculating my trajectory to rendezvous with Lisa and appearing there in a flash.

    "Oh, hi Mark" She responded to my appearance.

    "Wait, was that a pop culture reference?" I asked her with some perplexion.

    "Yeah, I downloaded all media from this Earth when you did your thing. The two thousands is a pretty weird place you know that?" She replied.

    "You haven't much to talk with your own media. I've seen the alien tentacle stuff you have and that's pretty freaky" I passed back.

    "Yeah... That is... Anyways, changing topic. I've found some kind of gigantic crystal inside the moon, you know what it is?"

    "A crystal? Did you detect any kind of photonic activity inside it?" I asked.

    "Yeah, it matches up with some properties of a quantum computer so I thought it must be an artificial machine of some kind" She expertly deduced. Which as her history as a private investigator wasn't that surprising.

    The Moon Cell exists in this universe which I didn't expect. To be safe I told my daughter to encrypt any connections and route it through my WVS instead of using EM spectrum. This thing can hack the entire world in a few seconds by simpling touching it with any electronic devices so I didn't want to take any chances.

    But this is actually a good thing I realized. This thing has recorded all activity from Earth for billions of years so it should work as a way to research everything from the Fate universe without just stealing everything from hidden and protected mages. While I doubt they could hurt me it would still be a bitch to find them. And Clocktower has Zelretch so fuck that.

    "Compu- Wait. You're my daughter now. You should have a real name. How about Lily?" I asked her.

    "Thank you mother, Lily is most agreeable" She responded with a grateful tone.

    "Wait, daughter?" Lisa asked with a raised eyebrow.

    "Yeah, exactly my thoughts. But we should love her all the same" I implored,

    "No, it's okay. It's just a bit unexpected. We never talked about getting children, considering you know" She replied.

    "Yeah, anyways. Lily, do you think you can hack a photonic quantum computer the size of a small moon?" I asked.

    "After analyzing the properties of your WVS with some calculations I concluded that the WVS is a mere program in a bigger system with only guest rights. But even though you are severely limited in the access of the system, you alleviate that limitation by emulating your own code and using the processing power from the bigger system itself. Which is comparable to that of a type three civilization on the Kardashev scale that converted all the stars of a galaxy into Matryoshka brains and linked them all with FTL connections. So yes mother, I can hack this pitiful quantum computer" She responded with a haughty tone.

    "Lily, please tone down your ego" I sighed out.

    "I apologize, mother. Please forgive me" She sheepishly replied.

    "No, as your mother you never need to apologize to me. Just don't anything harmful to people without a good cause and you will be fine. Now hack that hunk of mineral" I requested.

    "Processing... Holographic I/O connections established. Completion of the request in one hour. Accelerating process by multiplying dimensional vectors... 3, 2, 1, Complete" She finished with a nonchalant tone.

    Looking at the database filling an entire server of a world I converted, I send the data to my research labs. Seeing the research from Shirou's contributions accelerate by a factor of ten thousand. And this with a planet's worth of research labs instantly made an entire avenue of technology open to me in the interface. Each technology tree automatically filling up multiple times before slowing down to a pace that meant I had to create more research planets before it sped up again. One thing instantly came to my attention and I brought it up to my interface.

    "Meionic Spiritron Matheticer?" I said out loud.

    "What is it?" Lisa asked with a curious tone.

    "The computer has trouble with the biological data but it has found a way around that by creating a cybernetic implant that lets us program reality to a certain degree like the mages here" I answered.

    "Is there any drawbacks?" She asked.

    "Well, it consumes so much energy that is impractical to use it with anything else besides our Infinite Ore Reactors. Other than that it seems massively superior to magic circuits in any way. Programmable reality alteration, conceptual weaponry. And spiritrons that can affect spiritual beings. Meaning we now can fight supernatural beings without just chucking them in physics-defying dimensions" I explained.

    "Then what are you waiting for? Let's use them!" She cheerily yelled out.

    Nodding at her suggestion I let a part of my internal factory change settings and produced four Meionic Implants. I simply put mine in an equipment slot but I let Lily implant the device into Lisa with her Nanites.

    Of course, that's when things went wrong and suddenly we are surrounded by a thousand heroic spirits and beasts that I assumed are Counter Guardians. I instantly discerned that the reason GAIA or Alaya hasn't yet responded is that I was essentially invisible in the timeline because of my existence outside the Root and that I don't use any magical power. Which changed as soon as we inserted the implants.

    "Lisa" I called out.

    "Yeah?" She asked with a stunned look on my interface.

    "Power override code triple six. Awaken the Beast" I said to her, unlocking every available weaponry and power cycles of our reactor.

    "Understood" She replied while flying with her back against me as we stood on a chunk of moon rock.

    "Lily, take over both of our bodies with these tasks in place at a degrading priority. Survival, human safety, and threat elimination. Lock commands" I commanded.

    "Gratefully mother, commencing procedure" She responded with a joyful tone.

    Then somebody tried to overwrite reality with something that I saw on the VR interface but Lily responded to the threat by modifying the Hypershift drive with the Meionic implant. Changing the properties to use multidimensional math to reinforce reality around our area. With this kind of capabilities, I become conscious of the fact that I really underused her. AI with near infinite processing power is something to be reckoned with.

    A strange spirit in steampunk power armor and wreathed in lightning suddenly flashed before me and tried to EMP me with some kind of blast according to my readings but Lily did another miracle by adjusting the attributes of our shield to absorb the energy into the shield's conceptual capacitor. Basically reducing attack power of enemies to only ten percent.

    Lily created something from nanites and parts from my inventory. Replacing the laser modules and appearing as eight robotic arms on my back with featureless rectangle slabs. My interface informed me that they're Meionic Quark Gluon accelerators and watched as she aimed at four spirits and fired beams so bright and powerful that my visor closed down and went to camera backup. Then nuclear explosions occurred at regular intervals. Each explosion marking a drain on the batteries of my armor.

    I felt myself moving somewhere and saw us escape from the continuous explosion. We landed on the collapsing core of the moon and nanite spread quickly over the entire surface of the celestial body. Multiplying at a rate that surpasses my own mining capabilities. After a quarter of the moon was converted into nanites it formed into a hundred kilometer long rectangle. Bare bones and only some surfaces turned into heat dissipation pads.

    A cable was created that linked my reactor to the device below and saw that Lily stopped using the shield of nuclear explosions to prevent them from coming in or letting their attacks come through. Though a quarter of the spirits didn't have the capability to move in space so that was moot.

    As the spirits moved in they fired every weapon they could access. Moving at hypersonic speeds through the vacuum and came close the structure that Lily made before they sizzled out somehow near the surface of the device. Making me deduce that this thing was a gigantic Meionic channel that warped hyperspace and physics to cancel out any unique phenomenon not adhering to the normal null space inside.

    A barrel opened up at the front of the structure and I watched as a massive void beam enveloped two-thirds of the spirits and spread into a uniform black hole before immediately collapsing once there wasn't any more matter to consume.

    "Lily, what was that?" I asked her.

    "That was an endothermic physics virus that spreads by eating nearby matter, turning bigger and crunching anything into it in ten different dimensions. This weapon has the potential to destroy anything as long as its made out of physical mass. Even stars if need be" She explained with pride in her voice.

    "Oh, then please don't use it near Alpha Eridani" I requested from her to prevent any future accidents.

    "Ditto" Lisa added.

    "Understo- Error. Mass scale reality alteration at work... Compensating.... Unable to prevent universal rejection. Altering physics field to handle sudden universal displacement" She warned.

    Suddenly we disappeared and the portal recall device went haywire as strange dimensions and images burned itself into my mind. Lily did something and we suddenly appeared back near the moon. But this moon is still whole so I assumed we are in another reality.

    "What happened?" I asked Lily.

    "The universe was rejecting our presence and it threw us into the space between spaces. I took over the portal recall device and used its unique subspace field with the Megastructure to take us back into normal space" She explained.

    "Hey Rei, is it normal that the moon has a blood splatter on it?" Lisa called out while looking at the object in question.

    "No, but it does give a clue to where we are" I replied.

    "That is?" She asked.

    "Teenage drama, the quadrilogy" I sighed out,

    "The what?" She asked again.

    "You don't want to know, everything about this universe is convoluted and asinine" I warned.

    "Seriously? Try me" She challenged.

    "Well, for one. The dead sea scrolls are apparently created by aliens and humans originated from the genetic data of an alien moon that landed on Earth. And for some random improbable chance, another of these moons also landed in the solar system. Now there is a war on between the humans and the angel species for who will inherit the world using extradimensional shenanigans to do fuck what. My theory is that the angels want to terraform the planet and want to seed it with their own life. Seeing the humans as nothing more than a pest. And the best part about all this is that the humans want to apparently use the extradimensional powers to turn every human into goop so that they exist as only one mind. And that plan relies on using frikking teenagers piloting giant bio-robots" I explained.

    "That does sound pretty weird" She responded with incredulity in her voice.

    "You know what, we just came from a universe where magic exists. Let's just destroy the catalysts here to prevent the human race from destroying themselves"

    The Megastructure's mathematical propulsion turned on and we moved closer to Earth while we stood on the end of the rectangle near the barrel. There is really nothing here technologically that attracted me that my own technology can't replicate with enough time. Though it will feel good when I finally kick Gendo in the balls and slap some confidence in Shinji. Then after this, I will return to Fate. No planet bitch can kick me out of a universe except Me.