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Of Souls and Devils (Bleach/Highschool DxD)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Thomas Johnston, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 1
    Thomas Johnston

    Thomas Johnston Also a Knight of the Dragon known as Ryu

    Dec 29, 2017
    Likes Received:
    So... well thanks for stopping by everyone, the name is DragonKnightRyu, and I thought I would give his a shot cause the idea just wouldn't leave me alone.

    Basic stuff, this is a Bleach/Highschool DxD fusion, with the Bleach elements being HEAVILY AU, so don't go expecting many of the canon characters like Ichigo or Orihime popping up out of nowhere outside of things like cameos.

    With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy this fic.

    It was overwhelming.

    His breath came in pants as he struggled against the pressure of the power before him.

    It no longer could even be called a mortal creature. The only thing that he could think to describe It was ‘Power’.

    Still, even as he felt his knees almost buckle from fear, he locked them in place, remained standing as others fell to their knees around him.

    It found his defiance amusing, opened Its arms, welcoming his attacks, voicing Its challenge for him.

    He screamed out, releasing the tension from his body. Putting his defiance to sound as he charged forward, his right arm rearing back as his own strength, his cultivated power lashed out, stricking It with all his strength, not in a large blast of power.

    No, his strike was a pinpoint, it was carefully aimed, It showed a look of surprise as his power lanced through It.
    With that strike, you may have sealed my fate… but in return, you have also sealed the fate of humanity…

    A gasp escaped my lips as my eyes snapped open, sweat drenching my sheets as I fumbled and rolled off of my bed, slamming into the ground with a groan.

    I shook my head a bit to clear the remnants of the nightmare(the memory) from my mind as I pushed myself up with my left arm, my right dropping uselessly to my side, the blackness of the skin standing out when compared to my tanned complexion as I staggered to my feet.

    Again, that dream(that memory) plagued me, it had been two years since that day, and even to this day, I still feel it’s effects.

    The dull throbbing from my right arm was a constant reminder of what my defiance cost me. From the middle of the bicep down, the arm refused to move normally, and with it, the power that I could muster.
    It sat there, waiting to be used, sealed with my curse in my arm, the lock represented by a simple pink ribbon wrapped around my bicep. I could use it, strengthen my body once more.

    But in return…

    I shook my head again to clear those thoughts as I checked the clock and let out a sigh. Time to get ready for school.

    Despite my own sour mood, the weather was beautiful, with the crisp air of the coming winter countered by the warm fall sun. My right arm was wrapped in bandages, even underneath my uniform jacket, hiding the discoloured skin from everyone around me and hanging limply in a sling as my left hand carried my schoolbag.

    Around me, students dressed in the same uniformed walked along, talking with each other, boys trading jokes as girls gossiped, subtly avoiding me as we headed for the same destination, not really surprising to be honest, considering my general grouchy demeanor and the fact that most Japanese social conventions said to ignore those that were different.

    Which given my perpetually useless arm, included me.

    But, that was not all, apparently.

    “Hey! Ryu!” A voice called out behind me, causing me to pause as I turned to look at the person calling out to me, smiling slightly at the sight of a brown haired teen that quickly caught up to me.

    “Hey, Issei, how are you doing today?” I questioned my friend, Issei Hyoudou, his brown eyes lighting up in excitement as he matched my, admittedly, leisurely pace.

    “Really great!” Issei shouted in excitement. “Get this, I got confessed to yesterday!”

    I raised my eyebrow at the young man next to me in response, surprised at the fact that he had gotten confessed to, while he wasn’t ugly, he did have a… reputation.

    “She also has these amazing oppai! Although, I wonder how she knew about me, she does go to a different school judging by her uniform,” Issei continued, completely oblivious to my surprise.

    Yeah, despite how much of a nice guy Issei was at heart, not to mention loyal to a fault, he was a completely unrepentant pervert and a member of the ‘Perverted Trio’. Still, he was a loyal friend and would stand up for anyone he called a friend no matter the circumstance.

    I smirked a bit at him and lightly hit his shoulder with my fist. “Well, congrats, Issei,” I told him honestly. “I hope it goes well.”

    Issei grinned back at me as he rubbed the space under his nose. “Thanks, Ryu!” he replied with a laugh. “Motohama and Matsuda were so angry with me that I got a date before they did.”

    I snorted in response. “If those two ever get an honest date, I will eat my shoes,” I said, rolling my eyes as Issei laughed in response.

    As Issei was lost in his own humor for a moment, I eyed my friend carefully, one of the more odd things I had notices about him was the energy his soul produced, it was weak, yes. That was normal for an average human, but the ‘feel’ of his soul… was draconic.

    And there was something different with it… the best way to describe it was ‘tainted light’ strangely enough.
    It was weak, meaning, it was something from a person he encountered, and with him proclaiming a new girlfriend, it was easy for me to get suspicious.

    A brief chill passed along my spine as we approached the school, the barrier the owners of the school put up very obvious to my senses.

    The school… when I first applied, it seemed normal enough, a former all-girl's school turned coed, eager enough to fill out the new male portion that they overlooked my truancy record from my old school, along with the occasional disciplinary action against fighting at school.

    It had been an understanding between me and the staff at that school, they turned a blind eye to my truancy and occasional fight, and I kept the worst gangs away from the school.

    What was it with spiritually enriched lands and gangs? Really, the number of gangs per square foot for my hometown was… unique, that's for sure.

    "Hyoudou-san, Hisanaga-san," a prim voice greeted as we came up to the gates, Issei flinching as a short blacked haired girl wearing the school uniform and glasses as she glared at the two of us. "Glad to see you two are on time today."

    I let out a sigh in response, while it was true the faculty overlooked my record to fill up the classroom, the student council president didn't.

    "Shitori-kaicho," I replied in greeting, the petite girl looking up at me imposingly.

    Whatever Sona Shitori was, I was completely certain that it wasn’t human. I wasn’t completely sure what she was, but at the very least, I knew she wasn’t hostile to humans, at least not to the ones who followed the school rules.

    "Hmph, you two are dressed appropriately, you may continue," she declared promptly after looking us over for several moments. "Hisanaga-san, I trust you won't be causing any trouble today?"

    "I never plan on it, Kaicho," I replied easily as I started to walk past. "Maybe you should look at the root cause before attacking the symptoms."

    Yeah, I probably didn’t help our relationship by continuing my actions like back home, ensuring that gang members knew to steer clear of anyone wearing a Kuoh uniform, lest I began to hunt them down

    I could tell on the one hand, she understood my actions, after all, eyes were the windows to the soul, and despite her stoic expressions, her eyes told me all I needed to know.

    Thing was, not only did it go against the school rules, but she also just saw a crippled teen when she looked at me.
    I think I hated that part the most. The pity that crossed the eyes of anyone who did look at me, only, they didn't look at me, they looked at the sling.

    "I shall do so, Hisanaga-san, however, as a student here you are still my responsibility," she proclaimed, light gleaming off the lenses of her glasses as she adjusted them. "Even if your choice of company leaves much to be desired."

    I rolled my eyes in response, much as people only looked at my sling, people only saw Issie's perversion.

    "I think I can choose good friends, Kaicho," I said patting Issei's shoulder as we began to walk. "I at least see more than one trait of a person."

    I couldn't help but smirk at my shot at her as she narrowed her eyes at me before turning her attention to the arriving students behind us.

    Issei smirked at me, relief visible in his eyes as we walked before turning away as the two other members of the 'Perverted Trio' called out to him.

    Just another normal day at school.

    I sighed as I walked home, school had been school, listening to teachers as they instructed us in their subjects, bailing Issei out of getting his ass beaten by angry Kendo girls while his two 'friends' attempted to sacrifice him to save their own butts.

    Yeah, I wasn't going to let that happen to my friend when he didn't even peek himself, despite his attempt to do so. Had he actually done so, I wouldn’t have bailed him out, after all, one must accept the consequences for their actions.

    Looking up at the sky I let out another sigh before stepping into an alleyway. "Do you need help, lost soul?" I questioned, turning my gaze to a translucent figure that had been following me for a few blocks, a broken chain draping towards the ground, hanging from his chest.

    "You… can see me?" the departed soul questioned, a mix of fearfulness and hopefulness filling his voice as he drifted closer. “Is… that why I felt drawn to you?”

    “In part,” I replied, it wasn’t like he would fully understand the relationship I had with spirits. “Why are you keeping yourself tied here? You should move on to the afterlife.”

    “I can’t,” the soul replied, anger flashing across his face as he shook. “It isn’t fair! That woman continues to live while I suffer! I, who had done nothing to her! Who simply was doing my job! And she… she just… all I wanted to do was help a child…”

    I took in a careful breath before releasing. “How did you die?” I questioned him gently.

    “I… I saw a lost child,” the man explained, his anger vanishing as he slumped. “She asked me for help in finding her way home… when we passed through an alley however… crow like wings… and a spear of light...”

    I took in a careful breath at that, it certainly didn’t sound like any kind of Hollow that I heard of, even if I didn’t factor the fact that the soul before me had been a completely normal human who couldn’t even see hollows in the first place.

    “Departed one, please, allow yourself to move onto the next life,” I asked gently, placing a hand on his shoulder. “If you remain any longer, you will become something that you would not recognize as yourself.”

    The soul looked at me with a pleading expression. “But… what about the one who killed me, what about my injustice?” he pleaded with me in desperation, I could feel the darkness of his emotions overflowing into his soul as the chain hanging from his chest began to rattle.

    “I will see to it myself,” I assured him, the rattling of the chain slowing as he met my gaze. “It is my role after all, so rest easy, I will see to the injustice that befell you.”

    “... Okay…” he breathed out sagging before me as a light began to flow around him. “Will it hurt? To pass on?”

    “No,” I promised him. “It will be peaceful.”

    “Thank you,” he whispered before vanishing in the light, going to whichever afterlife he had been chosen for.

    Letting out a sigh I stood up as I looked around, ensuring no one had been watching me before a brief flash of green light surrounded my feet as I launched myself into the air, pain racking my right arm as I utilized the power of my soul.
    But I pushed it out of my mind as I ran through the sky as if it were solid ground, even if a normal human were to look up into the sky as I passed overhead, all they would see is a fleeting blur.

    I had a job to do.
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  2. JustHere2Read

    JustHere2Read Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Jun 3, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Definitely gonna watch, this keep up the good work. (=
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  3. Threadmarks: Chapter 2
    Thomas Johnston

    Thomas Johnston Also a Knight of the Dragon known as Ryu

    Dec 29, 2017
    Likes Received:
    For Sona Sitri, Sona Shitori in public, her life was one of responsibility. The Heiress to one of the 72 Pillars of the Underworld, the younger sister of one of the Governing Maous, one of the two managers of Kuoh Town and, most importantly to her, the Student Council President of Kuoh Academy.

    As such, she upheld her responsibility to the students above and beyond what was expected of her by the faculty and students.

    Which, to her misfortune, also meant having to deal with the strangeness of one Ryu Hisanaga and the trouble that seemed to follow behind him like a lost puppy.

    At first, it had been rather simple things, such as him going against long time bullies that she had been pushing to expel from the school. Some of whom held gang affiliations, and while they never tried it on the school grounds, they still attempted to recruit her fellow students and push drugs through the school.

    While she had been working on removing their influence from the school legally, Ryu had just stepped passed all of the hoops and, according to the rumours her contact in the police hearing, literally broke the back of the gang leader.

    At first, she dismissed such rumours as baseless, after all, Ryu Hisanaga was essentially crippled, sure, he had a long standing, if unrecorded, record of fighting gangs back in his hometown, but now his arm had what seemed to be nerve damage if her assumptions were correct, judging from the pained winces he had whenever his arm was even slightly jostled.

    So even if he was an experienced street brawler, how could he possibly fight against a full gang, let alone break someone's body?

    It was only recently that she learned that there just may be some merit to these rumours when her Queen, Tsubaki, informed her of strange movements from the local spirits whenever he was around, and the fact that someone has been aiding the spirits with moving on, from passing along messages - the recipients somehow never recalling the face of the messenger, or even their gender. Flowers being left on random street corners, that research revealed to be the sites of vehicular incidents.

    With each of these things, Ryu was reported to be in the area by the various number of familiars patrolling the city. And now, on a seemingly random night, a new power blanketed over the city as one of her pawns spotted what normal humans would only be able to process as a blur, at best, but Ruruka was able to identify as Ryu Hisanaga, running through the air.

    By now, Sona was starting to wonder if the rumours she heard were underselling his actions. After all, at best he was just an unaffiliated magician, at worst he was an elite member of the church's Exorcists.

    The real question she was asking herself at the moment though, was twofold; one, just how did he hide his power from not only her, but her fellow King Rias Gremory, and two, why was he revealing himself now?

    It was with these questions in mind that she took to the skies, following after the power that Ryu was radiating off of himself.

    She couldn’t help but recall the idle thought she had when he first started taking the bullies in Kuoh, she considered inviting him to the Student Council, as it was obvious he was a man with moral standards, however, she held off from inviting him for what she considered to be a ‘trial’ period of invitation to her peerage.

    But, something held her back, something, she was starting to suspect was his power, whatever it was.

    Tsubaki, he is heading for the outskirts of the town,” Sona informed through her Communication ability that was connected with her Queen at the moment. “For now, set up a barrier blocking anyone from approaching.

    Kaicho?” her Queen questioned in response. “We’re not going to stop him?

    I will step in if necessary,” Sona replied with a frown, honestly, she’s been wanting to get rid of the crows for a long time, but with the state of supernatural politics being a powderkeg on the best day, she was forced to restrain her hand.

    Understood,” Tsubaki replied as she began setting up the barrier that would keep bystanders from getting involved by accident.

    As I moved through the air, small ripples of green light emitting from the soles of my feet as they 'pressed' against the accumulated reiatsu, allowing me to stay aloft in the air.

    I could feel watchers observing me, senses that had lain dormant for the better part of a year stirring once again as I locked onto a pair of souls, one familiar, and one not.

    One was the soul of my friend, Issei, the other was not human.

    My eyes narrowed as a spasm of pain arced through my body before I suppressed it once more. Normally I wouldn’t concern myself with my friend when I was searching for a target, but considering that said target liked to draw their victims in through various means…

    I closed my eyes briefly, letting out a sigh before reopening and looked.

    It was one of the first skills I mastered, the observation of every soul within my sight, beyond just sensing them, beyond just feeling them.

    I looked at their very soul, and with that, I can see the effects of their every choice, and the not human next to Issei, was a monster, they looked human, but their soul spoke of a life of gleeful bloodshed, of scorning humans as less than bugs, of killing without concern.

    And that thing was next to my friend.

    Fury overrode pain as my soul manifested itself around my body, surrounding me with a pale green aura as I moved.

    It wasn't a run or a sprint, it was a step. In a single step I covered 10 meters of distance.

    Kaze no Ugoki, Wind Movement. One of the first techniques I developed watching the Shinigami, Quincy and the Arrancars that I fought alongside and against. With a burst of Reiatsu I surged forward again, disappearing from sight, reappearing closer towards my target as I sped up the pace of my ‘steps’.

    Issei was over the moon as he escorted his new girlfriend through the empty park that she wanted to visit. The date had been going perfectly in Issei’s opinion, and Yuuma-chan seemed to be enjoying herself as they walked through the town.

    “Can you do something for me, Issei?” Yuuma questioned as she skipped ahead of him a bit, turning back with a wide smile in front of the water fountain, illuminated by the surrounding street lamps.

    “Will you die for me?”

    Issei blinked and managed to get out an 'eh?' sound before a sharp pain in his stomach brought his attention down to where a spear made of pure light was stabbed into him, Yuuma's hand gripping it before ripping it out, allowing Issei to drop to the ground.

    Issei gasped painfully as he tried to bring air into his shredded lungs,the gaping hole in hia chest oozing blood and viscera onto the ground underneath him as he reached out for Yuuma who was sneering down at him.

    "Blame God for this if you have to blame someone," she told him dismissively as her form shifted and changed, growing a bit taller as her face became a bit sharper, her body becoming more womanly as her clothes shifted from a simple but cute sundress to something that looked like it belonged in a bdsm catalogue while a pair of midnight black feathery wings sprouted from her back.

    "Yu… uma…" Issei gasped out, his voice questioning.

    "Hmph, Lord Aza-" she cut herself off as she felt something wash over her.

    Issei’s eyes widened weakly as he saw his friend, Ryu, appear from nowhere right in front of him, looking down with a sorrowful look on his face.

    "Sorry, Issei," he whispered to the boy. "Looks like I was fast enough…"

    Issei attempted to open his mouth to speak only to cough up blood instead.

    A growl bubbled up from my throat as I turned to glare at the creature who sneered at me in response. The creature’s lips parted to speak but I didn't bother with even humouring it.

    After all, they would join the dead soon enough as it was.

    With a step I was behind the winged creature, it was obviously not an experienced combatant as rather than moving they froze up in place, my punch solidly connecting with their spine

    A pained gasped escaped their lips along with bits of spittle and flecks of blood. Barely a heartbeat had passed before my next strike landed, an open palm strike with my left hand into their sternum, the damage of the blow amplified by a burst of my reiatsu as I drove the creature into the ground.

    It struggled to stand up again, groaning in pain as they pushed against the ground only to be met with the sole of my shoe as I drove it down on their face, I could feel the cartilage break and the bone crack in response to the abuse.

    I moved to finished them off only to break away as a desperate slash with a spear of light passed through where I had been standing.

    The creature glared at me in a crazed manner as they made to scream something at me only to cut themself off as they made a desperate dodge away from my kick.

    The crow-like wings spread wide as they took to the air glaring down at me as I calmly looked back up at them.

    But, even as I kept my expression completely neutral, my arm throbbed painfully as my curse flared up, exerting pressure not only on my soul, but on my nerves as well.

    "You'll pay for this human," she slurred out, her broken nose making her words difficult to understand. "I'll kill you for this!"

    I coukd feel something appear at my back as I kept my focus on the xreature before me, the new presence had the feeling of an absolute void, and there was only one being that I felt such a power from before.

    I pushed that out of mind for the moment as the creature looked between me and the new arrival before snarling and disappearing in a flash of light.

    I let out a shuddering sigh beofre resolving myself and turned to face the new arrival.

    "And what is it you are doing with my friend, Rias Gremory?" I questiioned the red headed creature before me.

    She was pretty, in the western fashion with wide hips and a large chest, her face was set with aristocratic features and expressive blue eyes as she smiked at me mysteriously.

    "Nothing you need to worry about, Ryu Hisanaga," she replied politely as she stood uo across from me, a crimson red circular design appearing under her feet to envelop both her and Issei. "I mean him no harm, quite the opposite really."

    I narrowed my eyes in response and shifted a bit to stop her before she vanished in some kind of teleportation.

    A growl escaped my throat at that as I turned and looked in the direction I could feel an observer and tsk'd when they vanished as well.

    Looks like I will have to get my answers at school then.
  4. EddyQ

    EddyQ J̶us͜t ͡a͠ Č̘͚̲̝̟̞ͪͪͅa̜̖̞̥̘͙ͯ̓͐ͮ̾͛t̯̯͔̟͐͗̊͝

    Dec 7, 2017
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    Atack first, banter - never. No one is going to read a story with idiotic characters.