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Rising Power

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by RagingCloud405, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    RagingCloud405 Newbie Writer

    Aug 4, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Waking up in a strange place and a weirdly gigantic bed would be horrifying for most individuals.
    I was not most individuals.

    But it really wasn’t something to worry about, I probably just went to a random hotel with some random man from the bar for a quick one-night stand to bleed away some of the more, stressful memories from the workplace.

    Not the best way to destress, but it was the easiest.

    I eyed my surroundings, where there were flowers carved into the wall around a red spiral. Where had I seen that before? It tickled at my brain as I sat up and threw the covers off in one smooth movement only to realize that I was quite a bit smaller and very different than when I went to sleep.

    Running into the bathroom adjacent to my room I stepped on a stool so that I could see myself in the mirror. I grasped the sink as tight as possible as I stared at myself. Brown eyes, pale skin and blonde hair that stuck up in weird places.

    I was a child. What the fuck. Who did this to me?!

    I'll kill them!

    You can try. It might be amusing if nothing else. At least when you're strong enough to pull it off without dying.

    The deep scratchy voice elected something primal in me that wanted to run. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest and I could feel sweat erupting onto my head.

    Oh, my bad. Hehe. Forgot the effect my voice can have on cattle..

    It sounded less scratchy and more chipper. It was a vast improvement on the voice that had sent me into shivers a few minutes beforehand. The sink where I had just turned on the water seemed to freeze. I could see the droplets frozen in the air.

    Anyway, You are to be my entertainment. A reality show so to speak. Think Status.

    You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me, a random wannabe god shows up to my doorstep for some reality tv show fun! How original

    Let’s get this over with, you sad excuse for a beyonder.


    Level:1 (0/25,000xp)

    Name: Tsunade Senju

    Class: Ninja +10 STR END DEX per level.

    Title: Heiress of the Senju Clan.


    HP:429 (HP 10min = 42.9)

    CP:643.5 (CP 10min= 64.35)

    Power Level: 1.65







    HP = ENDx10

    CP = END+INTx10

    CP Recovery = WIS.


    [Gamer’s Mind] – Perk

    Immunity to most high-level mental attacks, such as mind control and mind-reading, and makes the user calm in heated situations.

    [Gamer’s Body] – Perk

    Your body will act as that of a video game character but slightly grounded into reality. You’ll still need to eat, drink, and sleep, but sleeping in comfort will fully restore HP, CP while sleeping on the hard floor will only restore a quarter of that.

    You are able to regenerate severed limbs excluding your head – Certain races will ignore that weakness – but if the wound is cauterized, you won’t be able to do as such.

    (Chakra: Human. You are descended from humans who had their chakra awakened by the Sage of Six Paths. Your chakra network permeates every inch of your body from your muscles and bones to your very cells themselves. Natural human stat limit removed. +5 to all stats. +20% to chakra pool. +20% to the health pool. +20% to your HP and chakra regeneration ability.)

    (Senju Heritage: You are descended from the mighty Senju clan. +50% to chakra pool. +5 to all stats per level up. Descended from Hashirama. +25% to Chakra pool. +25% to HP pool. +25% to Chakra and HP Regenerative ability.)

    (Uzumaki Lineage: Those of the Uzumaki lived long lives and were known for their vast reserves of chakra. +50% to your chakra and HP pool. +50% to your chakra and health regeneration ability. +5 to all stats per level up.)


    (Novice Chakra Control.)

    Novice chakra control. You can feel your chakra and you are capable of moulding it with hand seals but you are still wasteful while using it. All jutsu will cost 75% more. As you have found your chakra it will begin passively enhancing your body.

    Novice Chakra enhancement unlocked. If you have less than 10% of your chakra remaining this passive enhancement will cease to be.

    Passively enhances all stats by 10%

    I was right that The Gamer has a broken ability. And it looked like I was in the Naruto world some time before canon. 50 years or so before the start of canon.. What did I know about this time? Next to nothing apart from the fact the Sannin had been taken on by Hiruzen who may or may not have been Hokage.

    Shit I was going to have to fight in a bunch of wars wasn’t I well at the very least I had... A quick glance at my status and it wasn’t there. The root of most of the gamers absurd levelling powers. Not just levelling the ability to run if an opponent was beyond me. To come back later when I was sure I would be able to win. There was no ID Create to be found.

    Fuck. How am I going to run if I’m outmatched?

    It wouldn’t be entertaining if you could just run at the first sign of danger. No if you want to be able to create I’D Create you are going to need dimensional magic and that is just the beginning. Did I mention that you are going to be incapable of wielding magic until you get a certain perk.

    I stared at the ground. How was I to level up and be able to pwn all the people who were going to fight me if I didn’t have ID Create.

    The same way most video game protagonists do quests. Here are the daily quests, best make the most of them while you can. When you become a ninja of the Leaf the quests will end.

    (Quest Gained)

    Physical Training

    You have realized you need strength. If you are to be a ninja and survive you will need to train.
    Objective’s: 100 sit ups. 100 push ups. 100 squats.
    Rewards: +2 stat points to distribute or save up as you wish. 1000 exp.

    I stared. It seemed simple enough. So when was I going to be able to get that perk Mister Disembodied Voice?

    (Quest Gained.)

    Rise of a Goddess Part 1.

    Objectives: Reach a Base Power level of 15,000

    Grants: 1 million exp. The Super Perk. Title: Goddess of Shinobi. Second World unlocked.

    Failure: Death.

    So I guess I’m going to be in this for the long haul. How many worlds do you intend to send me too?

    As many as I can to keep the show running. I’m planning five seasons. It will stop when you reach the rank of Godhood but till then your mine. Ohohohoho.

    Was that an ojou-sama laugh I just heard? Great, I've been picked up by a spoiled brat. Something seemed to loom over me.

    I could always pick another person.

    No I’m good as annoyed as I am about having no say there are benefits to this. Anyway, will you always be watching?

    Not always. Sometimes I'll have a recorder set up while I go do other stuff. Just enough to string together a bunch of episodes that can be shown to an audience. They should love it. Just think of me as a silent observer. Anyway, enjoy. I'll talk to you before the start of the second season.

    I covered my face with my hands before letting out a frustrated scream that seemed to echo around the room.

    Alright. So what if I’m entertainment for the masses of impossibly powerful gods. I’ll have a chance to get stronger than I ever thought possible. No use bellyaching about it when I can’t really do anything to control it. Or get them to stop. Best to just plan for the future ahead. Time to get strong.

    (Okaro Senju)

    A tall man with brown eyes and a tan made his way through the house. The vases which were elaborately decorated as was his wife’s hobby were placed throughout the house. Flowers from roses to daffodils added a well needed fragrance to the house that tickled his nose as he walked.

    He paused before the door decorated with a red spiral. He knocked, just once, before striding into the room. He paused as he eyed his cute little daughter Tsunade. She was actually out of bed and doing exercises.

    It was shocking but it also made him happy. She had a lot to live up to being his daughter. A lot of people would want her dead if she showed even a sign that she had inherited the Mokuton ability that he and his father wielded.

    So far it hadn’t shown itself but there was always a chance she had it so she needed to be strong enough to weather the attention she would receive.

    Tsunade turned her head to look at him even as she continued her sit ups. “Yes, did you need something Otou-san.”

    “I came to take you for your daily exercise, but I see you're doing just fine by yourself. Good job.” He folded his arms across his chest and leaned back.

    “Well yeah if I want to be stronger than you or grandfather I’m going to have to work for it.”

    He cracked a grin. It was good to have big dreams. “Nice dream big squirt. Better than lounging in mediocrity. Your mother’s cooking breakfast, make sure to be at the table in 10 minutes.”

    Tsunade nodded. “Sure.”

    Nodding, he walked out, humming to himself. Today was a good day.

    (Tsunade Senju)

    (Completed Daily Quest Physical Training)
    +1000 exp. +2 stat points.

    I nodded. I’d be saving those stat points for a rainy day. I didn’t appear to get stats for doing exercise so I assumed that I would only get them from levelling up, my classes, and the stat points I gained from quests.

    I rubbed the sweat on the back of my neck wishing that I had the foresight to bring both a towel and some water. I strolled back into the bathroom stepping on the stool and set to washing my face.

    I started by wetting a towel and using it to wipe my face. Staring in the mirror, I lathered my face with soap. Wetting the towel once more I wiped my face and stepped back. I’d brush my teeth and have a shower after breakfast as far as I knew I wasn’t going anywhere just yet.

    Based on Tsunade’s memory’s today was Sunday. The academy will start tomorrow. I strolled out of the bathroom marching through my rather empty room until I got to the door. Pushing it open I took the time to take a whiff of the plant-like aroma that decorated the house.

    Marching past multiple doors that led to different rooms, I strolled into the dining room. It contained a massive wooden table that looked like it could seat more than ten people. Carvings of giant wooden dragons were inscribed on the walls.

    A tall, fair skinned woman with green eyes and red hair was carrying a bowl of something that smelled absolutely scrumptious. Her father was helping to set the table. I hit my mother with a quick observation.

    Name: Uzaki Uzumaki



    Power Level:?








    Bio: Mother of Tsunade. Wife of Okaro Senju.

    I stared at the stat sheet for a moment. But it was kind of expected. Considering I’d hit my father with the same thing and was unable to tell anything but the fact they were above level 102+. Observe was handy in that even when it was supposed to tell me nothing it told me something. It also told me that whoever I couldn’t read was at a minimum 101 levels above me. I could read the stats of anybody within 100 levels of me. That was just how it worked.

    I sat down at the table watching as my mother dished up the food. A bubbling pot was on the side. Some form of rice buns were being placed on the table. While that mystery meat looked like a steak of some sort.

    It was a strange dinner. Rice buns. Ramen which had been in the bowl and steaks which my father seemed to truly enjoy going by the way he ate. I ate the ramen first. I had never had it in my last life. And I’m not going to lie, if I had the chance to go to Japan I would purely for the food. Sadly I had died before it had occurred.

    Still waste not want not there was a whole world to explore out there. And when I got strong enough nothing was going to stop me. All those different foods and drinks were going to be mine.

    Till then I ate a satisfying quiet dinner with my family.
    AN Power Levels

    Elite Jounin. 1500

    S-Class. 4000+

    SS Class- 8000+

    God of Shinobi Tier. 15,000

    Power Level is made by taking the average of the physical and mental stats. So because Tsunade has 11 in her physical stats while she has 22 in her mental stats her average is 16.5 to get the power level we take 16.5 and work out 10% of it which means her power level is 1.65.

    AN: I have updated some things. Got a couple of beta’s to help me out. Hope you like the contribution they made. I feel they made it better.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2021
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  2. Beburos

    Beburos Know what you're doing yet?

    Jul 19, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Looking forward to this.
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  3. RagingCloud405

    RagingCloud405 Newbie Writer

    Aug 4, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Alright. Ill try to post chapters every 2 weeks. Sometimes ill get them out sooner but 2 weeks is a good amount of time to reliably post.
    Hope you enjoy it. If you have any ideas you would like to see feel free to tell me. Have a good day.
  4. Renko

    Renko Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven ~☆

    Jul 25, 2018
    Likes Received:
    It kinda sucks that this is not NSFW.

    The fanservice and erotic material just by being Tsunade alone is like massive!

  5. RagingCloud405

    RagingCloud405 Newbie Writer

    Aug 4, 2019
    Likes Received:
    She's going to be a genin at 6. I'm not writing loli porn. I won't write smut till she's like 16 to 18.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2021
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  6. Petrox

    Petrox Know what you're doing yet?

    Mar 8, 2021
    Likes Received:
    Just some suggestions and opinion:

    - The game system is just clutch to make the reader know the MCs strength, abilities, progression and easy comparison with the world. We don't care detailed large text of numbers and mechanics. We are here to read a story, not a game manual.
    . MCs that goes 5 elements mastery and like 10 techniques of 10 different characters have no taste. I prefer a skill tree that develops from something the MC is good at. Canon Tsunade signature is chakra control and medicine. Maybe sealing too. Every skill developed further needs to have those 3 signatures as base. Like her strength is because of her chakra control. And while your MCs final objective is to reach godhood it still doesn't mean that she has to lose her theme.
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  7. RagingCloud405

    RagingCloud405 Newbie Writer

    Aug 4, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Tsunade skill did lay with healing yes. But the creation rebirth her greatest feat of medical knowledge shortened her life span to use it because of the cell division.
    This is what 54 year old tsunade looked like because of the seals use. This was after she was out of chakra during the war arc.
    While her strength isn't in question. If the yin seal on her forehead was truly responsible Kabuto would have still been obliterated with a single punch. Cutting her muscles would not have mattered. It affected her and she couldn't kill him with the fist she struck him with. Ergo. Some of that strength had to be natural. Because if it wasn't kabuto should have died then and there.
    Tsunade probably had natural monstrous strength. That she could make even stronger by flooding her body with excess chakra. Taking it from amazingly strong to one-shotting summon levels.
    I have a theory that she used her knowledge of medical ninjutsu to increase her natural strength. By affecting her muscles or something.
    Just thought I'd mention canon. Doesn't exist here. Theirs probably going to be a lot of changes. If I wanted to write about canon I would have picked a closer character.
    Even if it takes a while This Tsunade will end up a lot stronger than her canon counterpart.
    And being a medic. Will probably stick around.
    And don't worry my favourite gamer fic is a gamers fate. By ken law.
    Constantly showing stats will break immersion and ill only do it when its important for the story at large. or at least ill try too.i'm still rather new to writing.
    ill do my best to write something we can all enjoy thanks for your ideas.

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  8. Threadmarks: Chapter 2

    RagingCloud405 Newbie Writer

    Aug 4, 2019
    Likes Received:
    I slowly awoke. The dream I just had passed through my mind like quicksand. I got right out of bed and strode into the bathroom despite the desire I had to lay there some more. If I had I would have never gotten up.

    It had been notoriously difficult to get up in my old life. I didn’t want a return of bad habits. Washing my face and brushing my teeth, I strode into the shower for a quick wash. 5 minutes later I strode out and dried myself with the towel that had been hanging on the banister.

    Clothing was some underwear and socks along with a pair of black shorts I slipped on before tugging on a white t-shirt that had the red swirls on the arm with the Senju marking on the back. I was heading for my shoes when I heard a knock at the door.

    My mother spoke through the door. “Tsunade breakfast is on the table, get ready. We’re leaving in 30 minutes.” I had decent hearing but I hadn’t even heard her walking across the hallway. Damn ninja were truly silent when they wanted to be weren’t they.

    “Sure.” I would have to exercise when I got back. I was still a long way off from levelling up. I had only 1000 of the 25,000 exp I would need to do so. If it continued like this it would take 25 days for me to level up even once.

    It would be helpful If I had something that bothered to explain what I could and couldn’t do with this system. So far I had learned I didn’t get stat points for thinking up plans and exercising. What else was there I was missing that the person who sent me here obviously wanted me to figure out myself.
    I thought about it and if it was truly like a game, I would be able to gain exp by fighting people. And I was going to a school where we were training to be ninja, I’m sure I could goad someone into having a fight with me. Get that sweet juicy exp.

    I’d start with those at level 1 and work my way up.

    (Sometime later.)

    My mother had decided she would walk me to school. The voices of excited kids filled the road. The academy rose up quite high and was made entirely out of wood. Observe had told me that most civilians hung between level 1 to level 5. The ninja walking their children to school all had question marks next to their levels and so it was hard for me to know what benchmark to shoot for by the time I finished the academy.

    Stalls with food were set up near the academy. The smell of fried fruit caught my eye and I paused for a moment. Watching as the green eyed pale skinned woman deep fried some bananas in a caramel sauce. There was an open container that people could drop their money into. The fried bananas were skewered and placed on a massive grey tray that was open to the elements and could fit more than 10 fried bananas on it.

    It wasn’t so much the woman and her wares that caught my attention, no it was the pink haired man, that had appeared in front of the stall. I had heard the thump of his feet as he hit the ground. He’d been too fast for me to see otherwise. As I got closer and hit him with Observe, I heard the tail end of a conversation.

    Level 70
    Keichi Haruno
    Title: Chunin of Konoha
    Power Level: 141

    STR –1470(1837)
    END –1480(1850)

    DEX –1475(1843)

    INT – 770(962)

    WIS –780(975)

    CHA –792(990)
    Bio: Is looking for a decent woman so he can have a child to pass on his skills too. Is currently interested in Amara Kohana.

    “Pick me up at 8’oclock.”

    The pink haired man nodded. Putting the fried banana in his mouth and dropping his money in the container he jumped up onto a building and disappeared from sight.

    So that was a chunin. In the Naruto series they had been mostly fodder. And right now, I would currently get my ass kicked by what had been considered fodder. But this was my life now. At least I had a benchmark I intended to surpass by the time I graduated.

    I felt the hand of my mother on my shoulder. “Are you still hungry? Should I have made you more breakfast? “Uzaki whispered.

    “I’m just kind of curious what they taste like, you know.” I said back.

    “Alright.” Uzaki's face was set and she walked forward there was quite a line that had grown as they talked. The woman was quick at serving people. Sometimes money would just drop into the container and food would just vanish.

    “Rude.” A woman with brown hair said as she waited to be served. Her friend nodded beside her.

    “Why can’t they just wait in line like normal folk.” The woman holding the cart didn’t seem to care, just carried on like it was a normal thing.

    Uzaki seemed to hop in place from one foot to the other as she waited with a bright grin on her face. She was glancing at the other things on display. There were also breakfast burritos in an open container. From the smell they were filled with egg and potatoes. They seemed to vanish the most.
    Eventually they were at the front of the line. I hit the woman with an Observe and she seemed like a standard civilian. A part of me was a little annoyed that some civilians were currently stronger than me but my pride was soothed by the fact I would be much stronger once I levelled up some.

    Level 5
    Amara Kohana
    Title: Civilian of Konoha
    Power Level: 3.91

    Bio: Her passion is cooking. Has recently been crushing on Keichi Haruno. Didn’t expect the man to reciprocate her desires.

    The only stat above the norm seemed to be her charisma. Most civilians had a max of 50 in charisma that I had seen at least. The woman was fairly attractive, I guess. Maybe that had something to do with it.

    “Hello, what can I get you?” I stepped forward not tall enough to even see above the cart now that I was closer. She peered down at me. I flipped a coin. Heads and I would get the fried banana tails and I would get the burrito. I caught it on my hand. Looked. Heads. I nodded. “1 fried banana.” My mother who was beside me nodded and pointed to one of the breakfast burritos. “Add a breakfast burrito to the order.”

    She was quick with her hands easily handling the food. She slid it over on a small paper tray. “That will be 500 yen.” My mother nodded, handing her a 500 yen note. “Please come again and have a great day.”

    I nodded as I bit into the fried banana. Flavour exploded in my mouth and a part of me regretted that I couldn’t have been dropped into the food wars universe. Sure, I had the chance to become really strong, but food that seemed to make you orgasm from the flavour? Sign me the fuck up.

    A part of me hoped that could be my second world. But I also knew that it probably wouldn't be. Still one day I would go there and try that food. Definitely. I swallowed the banana in 4 bites. Making a mental note to truly pursue all of the food vendors. Who knows what things they would have for sale.
    Uzaki paused at the gate placing a hand on my shoulder. “Alright. This is it. Your path as a ninja starts here.”

    “I know mom, don't worry I got this.” I could feel the moment I was lifted by my exuberant mother as she hugged me so hard my back felt like it had cracked.

    “Aww my little girl is growing up. You’re going to be great, you know.” I could practically feel the stares
    of the civilians and other families. I was so embarrassed. I took a breath to tamp down the anger my childish body produced as my mother babbled on.

    “Put me down mom.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me, you just looked so cute. “She pinched my cheek before giving me a push towards the academy door. “Go on, you got this Tsunade-chan. Remember you’ll be in room 9.”

    I shook my head before strolling into the academy. Going up a flight of stairs until I reached the door with a carved number 9 on the top of the wooden door.

    Walking in I glanced around the room. The teacher wasn’t here yet but it was set up like a typical classroom would have been. Wooden chairs. Wooden desks. Hell, there was even a piece of chalk and a blackboard.

    A glance over in the corner introduced me to the current strongest person in the room who was not the teacher. The rest were level 1 or level 2.

    Orochimaru Kihebi
    Level 3
    Title: Last of the Kihebi Clan.
    Power Level: 3.85








    Bio: Dreams of learning every jutsu in the world.

    I had never heard of a kihebi clan. But it made sense I mean Konoha was massive there couldn’t have just been 8 total clans in Konoha it was too big for that. Still, I slid into the seat beside him. He looked up at me. Even now he still had a slight serpentine look. Pale skin. Golden eyes with a slit pupil. The fangs on his eyes were not yet there. This guy was supposed to be a once in a million genius.

    I gave him my cockiest grin. “You’re my rival now.”


    The way she stated it seemed as simple and easy as breathing. There was no fear from his appearance that had often scared the others. He put her in the acquaintance category; he wouldn’t take the risk of trusting her as a friend quite yet.

    He could sense her chakra and compared to his own and it seemed like it was about even. It was her name that clinched it for him. The teacher had done a roll call and he had been surprised at first but also pleased. Tsunade Senju. Granddaughter of Hashirama Senju. The first Hokage. God of Shinobi.
    If she had even half that man’s potential perhaps, she could push him. There was also the jutsu she would have access to as the heir of the Senju. She might not allow him to look at the scrolls himself but there was also the chance she would.

    To learn all the jutsu in the world he would do a lot. It was his dream after all. Something to keep his mind off. He…

    He pinched himself automatically redirecting his thoughts to the stinging sensation. Better than thinking about that.

    “So what made you seek me out as a rival.”

    “You feel the strongest. Why would I not make you my rival.” Tsunade leaned her head on the desk as she spoke to him. He raised an eyebrow. “How do you know?”

    “Call it a gut instinct. Plus you’re one of the only ones with comparable chakra to me.”

    “You’re a sensor.”

    “In a manner of speaking. It's rather bad though I can only judge their chakra if they’re really close to me. Like you are right now.”

    A piece of chalk smashed into Tsunade Senju’s face. Sending her toppling off her chair and onto the ground.

    “You will be silent as I am speaking. If you want to chat, do it on your own time. You’re here to learn how to be a ninja.”

    Tsunade got up, rubbing her face. She sat down but there was a glimmer of something in her eyes as she stared at Mr. Ohari.

    (Tsunade Senju)

    I was definitely going to get revenge on that teacher. Hit me with a piece of chalk. I'll slip a whoopie cushion under your chair. How about that?

    Lying to Orochimaru about being a shitty sensor was ok. I wasn’t about to tell anybody about the Gamer ability if I could help it. They might figure out I was reading something in the air if I wasn’t careful but eh I could come up with a reason. I was telling nobody until I was the most dominant force in the world. Or I unlocked the next world whichever came first.

    The first lesson was basic math. Which in a way I could understand the use for a ninja. But only in a generic way you know who used math in their daily life unless they were paying for shit or doing taxes.

    Now we were taken to a field outside and split off into pairs. A white-haired individual was paired up with me.

    “You were next to that freaky kid. Were his eyes really like a snake’s.” I turned to look at what could only be a 4-year-old Jiraiya. A quick Observe told me he was level 2 stronger than me, probably the strongest level 2 in the class at the moment.

    Level 2
    Title: Orphan of Konoha
    Power Level: 2.5

    STR –28(30)

    END –30(33)

    DEX –28(30)

    INT – 20(22)

    WIS –25(27)

    CHA –34(37)
    Bio: Wants to become a ninja to escape the orphanage and travel the world.

    I pondered how to respond. “Talking about others behind their back is what weak people do. Are you weak Jiraiya?”

    “Of course not. I was just stating what he looked like. He looks kinda freaky looking.” He nodded to himself before grinning at me. “So do you have the famed wood style of the First?”
    I shrugged. While there was an opportunity that I could get it somehow using the Gamer I didn’t really know, plus I was sure If I became good enough at healing, I could just graft samples of my grandfather onto me to get some form of mokuton if I wanted too.

    Still doing such a thing rubbed me the wrong way especially if you consider that they are family. I may not know them yet but taking advantage of family has always rubbed me the wrong way. That was unlikely to change.

    “No, I don’t think so. What do you think they’re going to have us do?”

    Jiraiya slammed his fist into his other one as he hopped about. “Probably going to take us through the academy style of taijutsu, get us settled into it then have us spar in a few weeks. At least that’s what I heard from others at the orphanage. The ones who are in a higher class than us.”

    That made sense in a way. As a person who had trained at a boxing gym the noobs were not often thrown into sparring first thing. At least not at the gym I went to; there weren’t any gyms out there where the hard knock lifestyle was a thing. Sink or swim as it was aptly put.

    Still throwing noobs against each other without the basics drilled into them was stupid. They would learn nothing like that.

    An hour of going through the motions of different stances. Different punches and blocks. I checked the clock as soon as we walked back in. Then we were taken back inside and I sat next to Orochimaru again.

    Hand seals were next. Constantly repeating the same motions. It was mind numbingly boring in a way I hadn’t expected it to be.

    I gained skills in both taijutsu and ninjutsu. Just a level but it had been more than I had a while ago. I did feel a little better about the lessons now.

    It was best to be prepared.

    (Sometime Later)

    The academy was over for the day around 3:00, going based on the clock. The curriculum had a few civilian topics. The standard maths and science were there as well as Japanese and history. But the rest of the lessons were about how to be a ninja.

    Still, everybody seemed happy to be leaving. Waiting at the gate for me was my mother Uzaki Uzumaki.

    “Did you have a good day, Squirt?” She was grinning widely as she spoke. Her red hair flapped in the wind.

    “I’m not a squirt.” I could feel my face shifting into a pout.

    “Sure, look at how short you are.” She was still grinning as she ruffled my hair.

    “I’m only 4. What did you expect?” I smacked her hand away and she had the gall to look wounded holding a hand to her heart.

    “Are you back talking to your mother? Oh, Amaterasu, where did my well behaved child go?” I raised an eyebrow as she seemed to slump onto the ground doodling in the road. Her finger carved through the cement like a hot knife through butter.

    “Oh, the pain, where did she go?” I walked up to her and bonked her on the head as hard as I could.

    She fell onto the floor and began sniffling.

    “You’re not getting any pity from me.” I shook my fist at her.

    “You little shit.” She jumped up and lunged for me. I barely got out of the way. She chased after me, arms outstretched as we ran through the streets. It was fun. She chased me all the way home and shook her fist at me promising revenge before strolling into the kitchen to make dinner.

    I went to my room. Thinking of the things that I knew canon Tsunade had been good at. Her medical knowledge was the greatest in the series from being able to replace people’s limbs to healing the entire village after it had been attacked by pain.

    The only problem I had with that was her healing skill. It shortened her lifespan and that wasn’t something I wished to do to myself. I would have to eventually figure out a new way to heal people like that.

    For that I would need chakra control. A notification popped up in my field of vision.

    (Daily Quest. Meditation.)

    To become a medic, you need to work on your control of your chakra. Meditation will grant you more self-awareness and with that increased self-awareness your spiritual body will become stronger and your chakra will flow easier.

    Objectives: Meditate 1 hour a day.

    Rewards: +1 stat points. 500 exp.+1 in chakra control skill till you get to Expert chakra control.

    Mystical Palm Technique. B-Rank Technique. Costs 15,000 cp to activate. Costs 10 cp per second after. The user applies their hand to the afflicted or wounded part of the body and sends chakra into it, accelerating the body's natural healing abilities. Heals 30,000 hp per minute.

    I stared. That was a lot of chakra but it was a B-Rank jutsu. I was probably way off from being able to use such a thing but having it in my back pocket would be helpful. I sat down and focused upon the candle and tried my best to sit still.

    This was my life and to fight in the wars that could occur while I was here, I would need to be strong.

    I decided to call it there. There will be a couple more chapters on her adventures at the academy and what she gets up to there.

    The stats in brackets denote what their passive chakra enhancement brings them too. At the end of the series it wouldn’t have been surprising that they all could have been using chakra to enhance their strikes. There are levels to this enhancement just like most things.

    Most chunin have adept chakra control.

    Most jounin have expert chakra control.

    All medical nin have expert chakra control.

    Cost of jutsu.

    E-Rank jutsu takes 2500 cp (Eg.Academy three. Henge. Clone. Body Replacement Jutsu.)

    D-Rank jutsu takes 5,000 cp. (Eg. Four legs technique. Hiding in the mist technique.)

    C-Rank Jutsu takes 15,000 cp. (eg. Fire release: Flame bullet. )

    B-Rank jutsu takes 50,000 cp.(Lightning Release: Chakra mode.)

    A-Rank jutsu takes 150,000 cp.(Eg. Rasengan. Chidori. Summoning Boss Animal Summon.)

    S-Rank Jutsu takes 450,000 cp. (Wind Release: Rasenshuriken.)

    Now what type of C-Rank do you wish to see first. A mystery that could affect the upcoming first shinobi world war. A normal bandit mission. Or perhaps something that shows that not all the missions the ninja does end well for all involved.
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    I like it so far. Inserting so far in the past of canon leaves you with a lot of room to be creative without having to worry about canon events you can't disrupt anyways. At the same time, being Tsunade gives access to a lot of useful stuff and known characters to interact with.

    Concerning the mission I'd like to tell you to go with what you think fits the tone of your story. That said, I'm partial to the last option, even if only to drive home that this isn't a game or easy. Being a ninja is hard, even with cheats.

    What I'd like is if you could work on you punctuation. I had to reread a few sentences because I missed the end or start.
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    Why did you put second chapter in index
  11. RagingCloud405

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    To multi mc. Ahh thats my bad. First story and I thought i put it the right way. Thanks for noticing.

    To roomster. Ill work on my punctuation. And yeah theirs a reason I picked this time. More creative freedom and I read a lot of Naruto stories that followed the same way. Bell test. Wave arc. Chunin exams. It just got old. I wanted to write something new.
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    Just remember the golden rule of inserting into Naruto in the past.

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    He's young at this point. Like in his 20's. Done none of the stuff that would deserve him being killed. Its a moot point anyway Tsunade's not strong enough to attack and kill him. And he's friends with hiruzen.
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    Decent start but I really hope you dont include magic. There is absolutely no point since they have chakra.

    Anyway I liked Tsunades interactions with her mum. Would like to see her meet her grandfather and Madara Uchiha soon.
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    I stood across from Jiraiya. It had been a week. Jiraiya was still wearing the threadbare shorts along with a mostly clean plain black t-Shirt. His shoes looked like they had seen better days and I had to wonder how well the orphanage that he lived at was being funded.

    I had been doing mostly the same thing. Go to the academy. Train when I get home. Help my mother cook. Day in and day out but now it was time to start sparring. I was stronger in every category that mattered. I had yet to level up and so before the sparring match I dumped all 21 stat points I had gained through my daily quest directly into strength.

    It jumped from 20 to 41. I could feel as though my muscles bulged. My novice chakra enhancement boosted it even further. To 45.1. I was the strongest person in the class. The only one who was close was Orochimaru himself.

    “Step into the ring with your partner for this week.”

    I strode into the ring, eyes locked on Jiraiya. A part of me felt bad but there was another part of me that refused to lose to a child. I couldn’t lose not when there was the chance this life could be taken from me and replaced with another if I wasn’t entertaining enough.

    “Good luck Tsunade may the best ninja win.” Jiraiya nodded towards me. I nodded back. His smile made me feel even worse.

    He jabbed at me with his fists. I caught them on my guard as I moved in. Hands up with my eyes peeking over my fists. I blocked all his strikes, but not as smoothly as I would have liked. It hurt but my strength allowed me to push past that. The moment I was close enough I grabbed him. I lifted him over my head and slammed him into the ground.


    I stepped back to let him go worried that I had hurt something unintentionally. Oh god what if I had broken his bones, he was only four. He was supposed to become Jiraiya of the sannin oh god what had I done.

    He struck me in the face with his foot and I fell on my back. He jumped at me landing with a thud on top of me as I laid there stunned. He headbutted me with a ridiculous grin on his face. I could hear the crack of my nose and suddenly all I could hear was the throbbing of the vein in my neck as I bared my teeth.

    I gripped him by the lapels of his collar smashing my head into his face with a vengeance. I did it again. And again. And one more time for good measure. I rolled him over and pulled my fist back only for the teacher to catch it. I was yanked bodily away by the teacher.

    “Winner. Tsunade Senju. Medic see to them.”

    A green glow covered my face and I could feel my nose pop back into place. I heaved over my hands, my heart pumping. The rage I had felt melted back into normalness as I took deep breaths.

    “Heh. Didn’t expect you to be that strong I'll beat you next time.”

    I looked up and there was Jiraiya grinning like a loon at her. His face had a mass of blood that was
    absolutely pouring from his nose. Seemingly unbothered by his quick defeat. The medic had moved over and was passing a glowing green hand over him. He had brown hair and blue eyes.

    “Hah. You can try.”

    A part of me still felt bad. Guilty. And I know it must seem stupid but this was a kid. Can you imagine that you’re an adult and picking on a child? I felt like a bully. You know the type. The ones who pick on people way smaller than them to feel tough. Now I may not be doing this to feel tough but Jiraiya was still a child and my normal morality disliked it. I hadn’t just lost my morality even if I was in a world that would most likely grind such things to dust eventually.

    It just felt wrong. So, I decided then and there to take Jiraiya to get some fried bananas both because they tasted nice and to soothe my guilty mind. I nodded.


    A white-haired child with fang -like markings on his face sat on the swing that was tied to the only tree in the park. He stared longingly at the kids going home with their parents as he swung on the swing.

    He wondered what it was like to have a parent. To have someone who loved you unconditionally. To go home and have a nice warm cooked meal. To be able to stay up and not have a curfew.

    It was not that he disliked the orphanage but it wasn’t the same as having a parent. He swore that when he grew up and was an awesome ninja, he would make his own family and give them all the things he had never had.

    He looked up just as Tsunade Senju popped into view walking through the underbrush like she wasn’t a girl. But he supposed she was a ninja and she couldn't be worried about getting mud on herself if she was going to be one of those.

    “Uh hey.” She sounded awkward like she had no idea what to do when talking to new people. Moving from one foot to the other as she spoke. She had made no friends in class but apparently that freaky dude who sat next to her most of the time.

    She opened her mouth and then closed it. Before she squared herself up. “We're going to get fried bananas. You’re my friend now.”

    “What if I don’t want to be friends. “He felt the need to point it out. Tsunade looked away for a moment.

    She shrugged. “Well, I’m not going to bother you if you don’t want to be friends.” She turned to begin walking away and it was the fact he had been unsure if he had made friends at the academy that had him reaching out to grab her by the arm.

    “It’s okay, I want to be friends.” Tsunade looked at him, her arm sliding around his shoulder. She began to steer him in a general direction. Towards where he had noticed the stalls had been in the morning.

    “Tsunade-Chan. Tsunade-Chan. Where are you Tsunade-Chan.”

    A red-haired woman walked around the corner giving them both a smile. “Oh, what’s this? Did you make a friend, Tsunade-Chan?”

    Tsunade nodded. Imperiously. “Yes. Now we're going to get fried bananas. Can I have some money to buy them please?”

    “Tsunade-Chan, the lady who works the stand only does so in the mornings. But I guess I could take you to one of the Akimichi sponsored BBQ shops if you wanted.”

    Tsunade turned towards him with a grin that lit up her face. “Well, you want to come too Jiraiya?”

    Jiraiya looked at Tsunade. Her smile was so bright. He didn’t want to be the one that made it dim even if he felt a little nervous. What if his friend's mom didn’t like him? “Umm. Ok.”

    (Sometime later.)

    There had been a line out front but they had been waved in and past others who had looked displeased. He guessed it was the perks of being related to the first Hokage. Inside a smoky smell assaulted his nose.

    People were grouped together around large tables. They were directed past them all to a small table fit for 4 people in the corner of the shop. It was a wooden table and had the symbol for the Senju upon it.

    Big chunks of rib were brought out rather quickly followed by a plate of pulled pork smothered in bbq sauce.

    They hadn’t even ordered. How were they so fast? Uzaki grinned at them. “I ordered for us while we were on our way. I had a clone do it.”

    He had never had food so good in his life. There was so much and he didn’t have to fight for seconds like normally happened. Although Tsunade had grabbed the plate of pulled pork over onto her side and had glared at her smiling mother while she took some.

    The spices. The succulent meat. Tsunade, who was next to him, dug in and made it all possible.

    “So how did you become friends?” Uzaki asked while placing her hands on the table. Her eyes were locked on him and Jiraiya looked down at his hands.

    “She just decided we were friends just before you walked around the corner. I don’t think she knows how to make friends properly.” Jiraiya tried to smile but it was more of a grimace.

    Tsunade blinked at him. She tilted her head to the side. A bit of BBQ sauce covered the left side of her face near her mouth. “There’s a proper way to make friends?"

    “Yeah, normally you talk to them. You can’t just decide to be friends with somebody.”

    “Why not?” She looked perplexed like he had just told her the sun was purple instead of yellow.

    “Because it just isn’t done. If it was that easy to make friends then I could have…”

    He trailed off, unable to say that he had been too shy to talk to others unless there was work involved.
    That he had been unsure that he even had friends.

    Tsunade smiled at him, clasping him on the shoulder. Pulling him in for a one-armed hug. “Don’t worry, you're my friend now.”

    He hoped that was true. And even if it wasn’t this was one of the best days he’d had in a long time. He would remember her for that even if she didn’t.

    “You got a little something on your face. Right there.”

    “Where’s the napkins?”

    “Here sweetie.” Uzaki tossed a napkin over the table and Tsunade caught it with a flourish before wiping her face.

    (Sometime Later)

    “You don’t have to walk me back. I can get home by myself.” Nobody knew that he was in the orphanage at the academy, it's not that he was ashamed of it, he just didn’t want to be picked on. He didn't want to be bullied for being different. Even Tsunade, as nice as she was, had a mother. Who was to say she wouldn’t pick on him like those others in the orphanage had mentioned? The thought bounced around his mind that Tsunade wouldn’t want to associate with him if she found out he was from the orphanage.

    “Nonsense we took you out and while we had no intention of harming you your mother is probably worried. Uh sorry. I was just excited that Tsunade had made a friend.” Uzaki rubbed the back of her head as she spoke.

    She seemed nice but everyone seemed nice until they found something that they disliked. He supposed it was easier to get it over with.

    “I’m from Senja orphanage. If you could just drop me off it would be appreciated, the matrons probably worried. I was supposed to be back 30 minutes ago.” He looked down unwilling to see whether their happiness turned to disgust.

    There was silence for a moment. Jiraiya kept his eyes locked on his feet as he walked.

    “Does it really bother you? Being from an orphanage?” He looked up to see Tsunade with a furrowed brow. It wasn’t the disgust that he had feared so bad. She looked genuinely confused.

    “Not if it doesn’t bother you, no.”

    “Why would it bother me?” The more she spoke the more confident he was that she would still be his friend.

    “You’re from a well-respected clan. You have a mother. We're two very different people.”

    “So we're both still human. Both are still people regardless of our differences. Plus we're all the people of Konoha.”

    “That’s a very wise way of thinking Tsunade-Chan. I'm proud of you.” Uzaki smiled as she placed a hand on Tsunade’s head to ruffle her hair.

    “Hahaha”. Tsunade rubbed the back of her neck as she walked. Her cheeks had turned red. Jiraiya felt a smile curl its way onto his lips. life seemed like it would be ok.

    (Uzaki Uzumaki)

    She watched the boy her daughter had befriended walk into the orphanage with his head higher than he had been at dinner. It had been obvious to her as a kunoichi that he had been very nervous but had enjoyed himself nevertheless.

    It pleased her to see her daughter wasn’t pretentious about her status. It gave her hope for the future that she would become a strong kunoichi. Those who didn’t have the ability to look beyond what they were granted at birth didn’t make it anywhere.

    No one had to believe in themselves and not blame others for their own failings. Always improve no matter what.

    “Come take my hand Tsunade. I’ll take us home faster and you can go do the meditation you always seem to do.”

    Tsunade blinked up at her. She held out her hand. “You know about that.”

    “But of course. I can feel your chakra and whenever you meditate it takes on a rather still, almost peaceful feeling. Normally it flows like water. Anyway, let’s go home.”

    She gripped it gently. Always gently. Her chakra rushed through her body and she accelerated a part of her chakra forming a small barrier around her daughter as she sped through the village covering the mile home in less than a second.

    She gently landed on the ground before the gates for the clan compound, releasing Tsunade as she went. The guard, a chunin who seemed to enjoy the job, waved at her.

    “Hey Ryu, how's your day been? Is the wife well?” She asked as she strolled past them.

    Ryu shrugged his shoulders. A small smile alight upon his lips. “You know how she is. What with the hormones.”

    “That I do. Well, this is my daughter Tsunade.” She turned to the side watching as her daughter seemed to read something only, she could see. It was kind of obvious with the way her eyes moved.

    Still, she trusted her to tell her when she was ready. Probably a bloodline that came about because of the differences of her clan heritage. Something new she couldn’t wait to see.

    Ryu smiled at Tsunade as she finally turned to look him in the eye. “You have pretty hair, can I feel it?”

    Ryu burst into laughter slamming his hand into the reinforced wood as he went. “This one’s a riot. I like her. No hesitating at all. Alright but only once.”

    Ryu bent down and allowed Tsunade to place her hand on his head. “Soft. I hope my hair will be like that someday.”

    “I’m sure it will be. Now off with you I have a job to do.”

    “Bye Ryu.”

    They passed through the gate the seals on the wood registering the blood that they possessed and letting them through without incident. An Uzumaki special.

    Kids were playing outside under the watchful eye of their mothers. The main house rose up bigger than the rest of the houses but not by much. Rumour had it that Tobirama had to bully his brother to make it bigger.

    Hey, Uzaki.” She turned watching as Hikari waved at her from a stand that was filled with all manner of odds and ends. Her brown hair tied up in a bun and her green eyes crinkled at the corners with a wide smile on her face. There was a kunai in her hands as she chiselled her way into the wood. There was a wooden bust that depicted her perfectly. It was intriguing. Not perfect but it was very close.

    “You like it? I’m trying to get better with the faces.” Tsunade gripped her kimono. Tugging slightly. “May I go to the house?”

    “Sure, your father will be in. Tell him it’s his turn to cook tonight. I’ll be catching up with Hikari.” She watched Tsunade for a few moments, before turning to Hikari.

    “How’s the off time suiting you, Hikari?” With a grin Hikari hands sped up blurring around the block of wood until it was chiselled into the rough shape of a pig. She placed it down on the stand before flicking her eyebrows up and down.

    “It took me a while but it’s really relaxing and easy once you get the hang of it. You should give it a go.”

    She raised her eyebrow thinking about it. Sure, it looked kind of fun. “Hand me a block of wood. Let’s see how I do.” Hikari flashed her a grin. Grabbing two pieces of wood and tossing one to her before looking at the one herself.

    (Tsunade Senju)

    It was fun. I pushed open the wooden door to the living room only to see, my father and Tobirama Senju. He wore a black kimono with the Senju fan on the back. His white hair stuck up in strange ways like it had been regularly struck by electricity.

    They were playing shogi. I knew this because the small pieces were covered in large kanji and they were using what looked like a chessboard.

    I slumped onto the sofa. It was a fluffy thing with white feathers sticking up. I turned towards my father who was in shorts. His upper torso was bare to the world. A large scar made its way from his left pectoral to below where I could see on his right side. Such an attack should have split him in two. There were other small scars but none as large as that one.

    “Mom wants me to let you know that it’s your turn to cook tonight. She’s catching up with Hikari.”

    Okaro Senju nodded his head. “Everything is prepped and the meat is slow cooking. Dinner will be ready in about an hour. Wanna stay watch your old man cream your granduncle.”

    “You wish. She’s just going to watch you get beat, boy.” Tobirama grinned and it was so strange to see a person who was supposed to be such a serious individual. But then we only saw him when he was reanimated with the rest of the Hokage in the midst of a war. Expecting him to be serious all the time, every second of every day. That would be the height of stupidity.

    I shook my head. “No thanks, I had a good day and I just want to get to meditating.”

    “You remind me of my brother, you know. He always takes the time out of his day to do at least an hour of meditation.” Tobirama leaned forward holding his hands, a slight wringing of his hand before he seemed to notice me looking and pulled them back to rub the back of his neck.

    “He did?” I asked leaning forward. Tobirama looked away and to the side.

    “Yeah. You know where training ground 44 is. He spent a lot of time meditating there. His chakra just seeped into the nature around him whenever he did it. Never saw anything like it. The way the plants would just bloom around him when he meditated.”

    “Sounds cool. It was good to see you but I have a routine. I'll see you later.” Tobirama nodded and I got up from the sofa turning to make my way up the stairs. My chakra control wasn’t going to work on itself now was it. Today was a good day.

    To those who read this. I’m going to post often once every two weeks. Sometimes I may get chapters out earlier; it depends on how much time I can devote to writing. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Stats for end of chapter 3

    Level:1 (11,500/25,000xp)
    Name: Tsunade Senju
    Class: Ninja +10 STR END DEX per level.
    Title: Heiress of the Senju Clan.
    HP:429 (HP10min = 42.9)
    CP:643.5 (CP10min= 64.35)
    Power Level: 2.2
    HP= ENDx10
    CP Recovery=WIS.
    Stat points: 0
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    Good chapter. I wanted more of Tobirama or how Hashirama died when nothing is clear or even the first and second war. The extermination of the Senju clan, the timeline of Hanzo and the destruction of Uzushio. I guess the battle with Hanzo They were 15-20 years old there I guess and S class already.

    I also wonder how you will portrait Hiruzen as his best or Danzou before his wounds. Maybe healing Danzou will not make him take the mindset of a warhawk.
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    I have ideas for all of these things. The senju extermination that occurs well i have loads of ideas for this one.
    Yeah. If hashirama was still alive I don't think the first shinobi world war would have lasted that long. So my headcanon is he died shortly after fighting with madara. And leaves Tobirama to start defend the village. And the second shinobi world war is supposed to take place 20 years after the first. Aswell as the fact that hashirama was supposed to be alive in Tsunade's childhood and she is in her early fifties in Naruto part 1.

    At minimum when the second war starts in canon she should be 26 maybe. 30's. She would have been 6 when the first world war was either going on or ending. Maybe.

    I'm probably going to throw her into war at age 6 or something.
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    I personally don’t think the senju got exterminated so much as the clan was reduced by members marrying out throughout the village , it explains why no name orphans like minato and jirayah are so talented plus justifies how someone with civilian background like the pink hair harpy can have such absurdly good chakra control
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    Yeah. I know in anime that those who get mentored often surpass their mentors but Sakura surpassing Tsunade with 3 years of training. When she didn't take it seriously in the beggining.
    Tsunade's base strength is monstrously strong. So if chakra enhancement multiplied that. Then well Tsunade would still be stronger. Her hurting kaguya seems like an outlier.

    And the Senju. Marrying inside the village. I don't think that would have happened. Or their would still be a senju clan.
    No what I think is that they were hunted down by people afraid of Hashirama's strength and it popping up again.
    I have a different idea of what happened for instory though.
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    that wouldn't happen if for no other reason than some Senju might be the type to never leave the village , like something like this requires a lot of plot armor to happen , first every single member of the clan would have to be active field shinobi just for the opportunity to kill them to arise since infiltrating the village on a large enough scale or enough times to wipe out an entire clan would be ridiculous , second the village would need have infosec like a leaky bucket because how else would who ever is killing off the Senju be able to tell when and were the Senju are deployed outside the safety of the village in order to kill them . my point is mass assassinating one of the most powerful shinobi clans in the world that happens to be backed by one of if not the strongest ninja villages in the world seems a bit much .

    also I would like to push a different theory that came up in a waring clans era fanfic , it goes that the Senju had a tradition that any member of the clan that doesn't take up the shinobi lifestyle doesn't get to keep the Senju name ,a tradition that likely came about to keep those members of the clan that couldn't or wouldn't take up the ninja lifestyle safe from the clans enemies by distancing them from the clan and its reputation, after all during the waring clans era telling someone your family name was so dangerous because if it turned out you were from an enemy clan it would be a blood bath then and there so it stands to reason that any Senju that decides to say for example became a farmer might be better off losing the name
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    Walking into the academy it was easy to spot where Jiraiya was all the way in the back. I noticed that nobody was sitting next to Jiraiya. There were quite a few empty seats. Orochimaru was already in his seat by the window.

    The classrooms were relatively large in my opinion. It was probably due to the mindset that it was better to have them and not need them than it was to need them but not have them kind of deal. There wasn’t a seating plan per-se people sat with friends and didn’t talk unless they wanted to get chalk thrown at their head by the chunin instructor.

    I was going to get my own back at him one of these days just you wait. Anyway, we were friends now and given I expected we would be on the same team, I was going to introduce Jiraiya to Orochimaru and that started with dragging Jiraiya to come sit next to me.


    He stared at his hands as he drummed them on the table. He had never really had a friend before. What did one do when they were in the same classroom? Was she expecting him to sit with her? It bothered him about what he should do. He saw her sit next to that freaky looking dude.

    He’d be picked on if he sat next to him. But was he also Tsunade’s friend? He looked up in time to see the people had become quiet around him. Everyone was staring at Tsunade who held her arms behind her back and just stared at him.

    “You’re joining me and Orochimaru.” She said it with such confidence that it sounded more like a command than anything else. “Come on.” She smiled at him. He nodded. It beat sitting by himself like he had been doing for the week.

    He wouldn’t need to speak to Orochimaru. It was all good.


    He tilted his head to the side as he observed his “friend”. She was dragging another table over to where they were sitting next to the window. A white-haired boy was looking down at his thumbs shifting from foot to foot as Tsunade finished dragging the table, slotting it next to her own, just as Mr. Sakehara walked into the room.

    “Orochi, this is Jiraiya. He will be sitting with us from now on.” He nodded his head. Whatever made her happy he guessed. Judging Jiraiya’s chakra he could see that the boy was close in chakra to him. All the other kids in the class were less than half of what he was, with the exception of some of the clan children. Even then he still had some of the biggest reserves of chakra.

    It was good that he wasn’t a weakling. If you were weak you died. He drummed his hands on the table as he waited for the lesson to end.


    They opened their eyes. They were unaware of how much time had passed. But they knew they were never supposed to wake up. Something the manacles and chains keeping them on this throne were supposed to keep them from doing.

    Now that they were finally awake they could feel it.They could feel the connection slip into place feeding them. It must have been what had awoken them.

    Being in this place.

    Stripped of their magnificent power.

    They hated it.

    Nobody would get in their way again.

    And anybody with even a shred of connection to That Man would be destroyed.

    (Tsunade Senju)

    “Alright now gather round children. It's time for some good old Taijutsu. Now you may be wondering why I made you stand with another person. Well we wanted you to be surprised, considering that if you were smart you were probably thinking about how you would beat your sparring partner next go around.”

    Mr Sakehara, the taijutsu instructor, slammed his palm into his notepad as he walked along the line of kids.

    “Well this is a lesson. A ninja won’t always get the chance to think about how to beat your opponent, sometimes you just have to do it.”

    He stopped in front of me. He pushed me towards the circle. “Tsunade your up. Your opponent today is Orochimaru. Good luck to both of you. “

    I tilted my head entering the circle waiting as Orochimaru looked at me before slipping into a taijutsu stance I hadn't seen yet. Was it his personal clan style maybe? It definitely wasn’t the style they had been taught in the academy.

    He looked noticeably more comfortable than Jiraiya had. Had he fought before coming to the academy?

    The gong sounded in my head. I began moving forward watching his eyes. Surely he would need to look where he was aiming.

    I stepped forward with a desire to get within grabbing range. He kicked me in the shin. I backed away before he hit the second one. Orochimaru followed after me with a small smile on his face.

    Trying to go forward would be a no go. But I needed to be in range to grab him if I wanted to use my superior strength.

    I stepped forward with a plan in mind. Orochimaru kicked out again and this time I grabbed his leg with both of my hands. I began to lift and he kicked me...

    I woke up on the floor with the same medic smiling at me.

    “What happened? Did I win?” Surely that couldn’t have been enough to knock me out. It was unbelievable and humiliating to lose to a child.

    The medic ruffled my hair. “Orochimaru kicked you in the face. You were out for a few seconds, but it's okay I patched you up.”

    I could feel myself as I broke out into a cold sweat. I tried to draw breath but found that my lungs didn’t seem to work properly.

    It was ok. Everything was going to be alright. Just because I lost didn’t mean the one who sent me here would decide to do away with me. They woul not replace me with some else. Right.

    I felt a hand on my back as the medic gently led me over to a chair. “Here, drink this. It will help relax you.”

    I grabbed onto the bottle of water they passed me like a life line. By the time I had finished the bottle the shaking had all but ceased.

    “It really worked. Whats in it?”

    The medic shrugged his shoulder, giving me a wink. “Just my special recipe. It will be our little secret. Now why don’t you just enjoy watching the other spars.”

    I nodded my head. Next up was Jiraiya against one of the Inuzuka Clan members. I was curious if he would win. They were about even physically but the Inuzuka’s were supposed to be a clan that focused on taijutsu kinda like a discount version of the Hyuga. Who, now that she thought about it, would be kinda terrifying to face in battle. Could they blow up your heart with a poke? I didn’t want to find out.

    I watched the fight progress. Jiraiya was more surefooted than he had been yesterday. Maiki Inuzuka was being overtly aggressive. He missed a heavy blow because he hadn’t taken the time to set it up.

    Jiraiya came in from the side and grabbed him in a bear hug. He flipped him over and smashed him into the ground. Maiki was dazed and unable to stop as Jiraiya hopped on and started hitting him.

    All he could do was curl up his hands to defend his face. But he made no effort aside from bucking his hips to try and get Jiraiya off.

    The teacher let it go for a few seconds more and when Maiko hadn’t fought back well enough he stepped in.

    “The winner is Jiraiya. Next.”

    Maiko clenched his fist as he stood up. He walked away ignoring Jiraiya as asking if he was okay.

    I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen later.

    (Later : Academy Courtyard)

    I was meditating in the shade of the large tree. If I did the meditation while at recess then that was less I would need to concern myself with when I got home.Orochimaru and Jiraiya were talking with one another. Well Orochimaru was reading a book on biology while Jiraiya spoke but at least he was being relatively friendly.

    The last person that spoke to him that wasn’t me or Jiraiya he had straight up ignored. Just stared at them till they had left.

    It was a bit creepy.

    Still there was a mob of kids making their way towards us. Leading the charge was Maiko Inuzuka and several of his clan mates who were in our class.

    “Hey Dweeb.”

    A stone was tossed colliding with Jiraiya’s head. He was knocked over and there was a little bit of blood from a cut that had opened up on his head trickling down. I stood up unsure of what to do for the moment.

    “Who said you could imitate the Inuzuka? What's with these markings you filthy orphan.” Maiko stepped forward looming over Jiraiya backed by 3 of his clan mates while everybody else seemed to hang back. They just watched the commotion like thirsty rats looking for their next dopamine hit.

    I could see where this was going. Maiko was spoiling for a fight. Perhaps in that way boys did at this age when they wanted to establish the pecking order. I could hang back and let Jiraiya handle it himself. And I probably would have done it if his clan mates weren’t here to obviously help him out.

    I walked over.

    I punched him in the face. Maiko reeled back raising his hands up. I socked him in the stomach. His friend landed a jumping punch on the side of my face. I stumbled back With my cheek flaring with pain.

    Jiraiya and Orochimaru engaged the other two. They wrestled them to the floor. That left me with two.

    The other inuzuka was a little chubby. He pulled his arm back and it was so badly telegraphed that dodging it was easy.

    I grabbed his arm and yanked him towards me ramming my head into his face as I aimed for his lips. He fell backwards with a howl with blood pouring from where I had given him the Glasgow Kiss. I stepped forward ducking to the side to avoid Maiko’s strike before I slapped him in the face.

    It cracked like thunder and a swirl of leaves appeared while everything was going on. It was Mr. Sakehara.

    Something pushed me and I fell to the ground. I turned to see everybody else in similar states as me . Mr. Sakehara loomed over us. His head seemed to grow twice the size.

    “Fighting amongst yourselves if it isn’t training is forbidden. You're learning to protect the village, not act like a bunch of thugs. Detention. All of you.”

    I groaned. Part of me was annoyed but another part of me was happy.

    “Thanks for the help.” Jiraiya whispered.

    Orochimaru nodded. “You're an idiot. But you're our idiot.

    (Itsu Kahira)

    He was just going to take a nap. He rubbed his sweaty brow as he set the mug of tea down on the counter.

    Being a carpenter was hard and he hardly ever got any respect. Why just last night Kira had laughed at him when he had asked her out.

    She didn’t know what a good catch he was. She was lucky that he had even noticed. If she hadn’t been attractive he would never have bothered.

    She would regret it when he struck it big and opened up his own business. He leaned against the counter and he rapidly nodded off.

    He found himself in a picture perfect copy of his house. Except there was a hole in space where the door should have been.

    He paused. He could feel a chill in the air. His heart thudded loudly in his ear.

    “Come closer.”

    It was a whisper. That was spoken directly into his ear. He could feel a hand on his back but when he looked behind him nobody was there.

    “Please, I need your help. I’m trapped.”

    He was a man right. What kind of man didn’t help the lady in distress? And it certainly sounded like a lady. He stepped through the hole coming out in a room that was illuminated by flickering torchlight.

    It was a dream he reasoned, what was the worst that could happen. Nerves soothed he followed the voice that was calling through the hallway until he came to a door that was chained.

    A pale woman with blue eyes and black hair appeared before the door. She looked breathtaking and he could feel his loins stirring. She was ghostly and pale. But she must have been one hell of a woman while she was alive.

    She pointed at the door. On which there was a piece of paper that seemed to be connected to the black chains it was in the middle of.

    Seemed simple enough. He ripped it off. The door swung open. A massive gust of cold wind smashed into him and he fell to his knees bracing himself on the floor as he heard something skittering past.

    He turned around and locked eyes with a rotting dog. The skin around the skull was hanging off and its eyes burned with a hellish light.

    “Back. Back I say.”

    Its tongue lolled out of its mouth as it walked away. He calmed his heart rate.

    “Come in. Please I need to get out of these chains.”

    His lady love was there waiting for him to rescue her like the knight in shining armour he was. He stepped into the room. The pale girl stood to the side of the throne looking at her body which lay slumped on a throne and in chains..

    He rushed forward. The door swung closed behind him. Flickering candle light was all that was left to light his way.

    “Quick the throne. You must remove the chains. Before he returns.”

    The manacles fell easily as he worked on them. In fact it was so easy that he was surprised that she hadn’t been able to do it herself.

    “I was asleep. Stripped of my power to interact with mortals.”

    The voice had gotten deeper. Colder. He broke out into a cold sweat.

    “Thanks for letting me into your soul by the way. I can now change it in any way I desire.”

    Itsu stepped back. Away from the throne and away from the black haired being with now red eyes and a fanged filled face. Half her skin was now rotting and worms seemed to extend curling around one of her eyes.

    “You. What are you?”

    She stepped forward off the throne. She was tall and he had to look up to her. She tilted her head from side to side as she giggled.

    “Jashin. You may call me Jashin.”

    His hand burned and it felt like a knife was taken to his palm. When he looked at it a symbol seemed to have been burned black into it.

    He woke up. His heart was hammering in his ears. He stood up breathing heavily from where he had been sitting but a moment ago.

    He could feel a twinge of pain in his hand. His eyes locked on the symbol of a sword inside a pentagram.

    He could hear laughter inside his head.

    “You're mine now little Itsu.”
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    (Uzaki Uzumaki)

    Uzaki had decided that when she got married she was going to stay at home to help raise the kids so her husband could continue going on missions. Considering what she had accomplished before she met him and the fact she had reached her dream of being a powerful kunoichi It wasn’t the hardship that most would make it out to be. If giving it up meant that at least one parent would be there to take care of her daughter should the worst happen, that was fine.

    Every morning she got up earlier than her Husband and daughter so she could make them breakfast. She would also prepare a packed lunch for them to take .

    She spun the knife around with ease and bobbed her head to the beat of the music she put on to listen to while cooking. The instrumental music was soothing to cook too.

    She reached into the fridge to pull out some bell peppers as well as all the other ingredients she would need for today’s dish.

    First she slid some parchment paper into each separate slot of the bento box. She sliced the bell peppers lengthways and added some cream cheese before sprinkling some Everything but the Bagel seasoning on top.

    She added two calorie bars and some roasted peanuts , which were always a good source of protein. Next she cut up some cucumber and carrots before adding them to their own part of the box. Then she added some ranch for dipping.

    Next was the main meal. She opened two cans of tuna and added them to a bowl filled with mayo, mustard, and some seasonings and sweet relish. She stirred vigorously until it was a smooth consistency.

    While she was doing this her clone was toasting 8 pieces of bread. She set the tuna salad to the side as she chopped up several tomatoes. The clone slid the toasted pieces of bread along the counter. She added 1 big piece of lettuce to start then added the tuna salad before covering it all with some tomatoes.

    She proceeded to cut them in half so they could fit into the box 4 sandwiches for both her hubby and her beautiful daughter. Toasting the bread would mean that the bread would not be soggy by lunchtime.

    Before packing it away she made sure she wrote a note to tell them both how much she loved them before sliding it into the box.

    And now that was done and a clone was cooking breakfast. She was going to have some more fun.

    This whittling her friend showed her was fun and she wanted to do better. The thought of her daughter's face when she gave her a wooden dragon as a gift spurred her on.


    She drummed her hand on the arm of her throne. Eyeing the room around her she flicked her wrist, thus adorning the walls with racks that would hold her weapons. They were just mere thought projections.

    As strong as she was here, her old body had been destroyed. And while she could take the body of the person she was currently connected to,

    The fact of the matter was trying to squish her soul into a sub-par form not meant to contain it would be a recipe for a disaster. She’d probably end up back here. Which was the point of what that man did she supposed.

    Even if she woke up and got free, she would still be stuck here until she was able to resurrect her body. Considering how long she had been dead there were probably not even bones left.

    Which stopped some of the simpler ways to get a body.

    She would need the help of the person she was connected to. Getting it would be simple really. If the hard way didn’t work she could just offer him power and riches. They always seemed to work the best when dealing with humans.

    Seeing somebody squirm after however long she had been sleeping for could be amusing. It was good to take enjoyment where she could. Also it was pretty smart if she did say so herself. After a point most people would say or do anything to get the pain to stop.

    And when she had broken him she could build him up as the leader of the cult that would be there to serve her every whim.

    She would need to wait a few years for the veil between the astral world and the human world to thin at the equinox. She would have the cult that she would create perform a ritual in the human world that would reconstruct her old body.

    She could wait after all, she was immortal after all and the man who sealed her was long dead.

    Still hopefully he had some descendants. She’d be looking forward to paying them back for what he did to her.

    (Hashirama Meditating in a self created clearing)

    A wide river passed through a clearing in the forest.. A rather large bear was pawing at the ground. A man clad in the robes of the Hokage was sat cross legged upon a rock. Black markings adorned his face.

    This was Hashirama Senju during his daily meditation. It was soothing. The activity of all the animals in the forest. The way the sun felt on his brow as it hovered in the sky.

    Even the rather large bear that lived near here. He opened his eyes in time to see the bear breathing rather huffily directly into his face.

    “What's gotten into you? You're normally more behaved.” The bear held up a paw upon which a pretty extensive gash was almost hidden by its dense fur. “Oh I see. Well give it here then.”

    Gathering some of his chakra, he transformed some into medical chakra. His hand began to glow as he held it out waiting for the bear to place it’s paw upon his hand.

    The bear’s furred paw dwarfed his hand by several orders of magnitude. He gently held it aware that if he didn’t he could break it extremely easily. He massaged the bear’s paw supercharging its cell regeneration rate.

    The wound which would have taken weeks to heal was healed within seconds. He pulled away and watched with amusement as the bear jumped at him.

    He fell over and grinned as he grabbed it in a hug. The bear licked at all the parts of his face it could manage and they playfully wrestled for a few moments. He then wiggled out from under the bear’s big bulk.

    “Take care, big guy. I’ll come visit tomorrow with some fish.”

    The bear seemed to whine but he hopped into the trees before he could second guess himself, else he might have just stayed so he could rub his face against the bear’s fur. Who knows how it could be so soft.

    Besides, his granddaughter should be finishing her first month at the academy today. Such an achievement deserved a reward. Not that he wouldn’t spoil her regardless but it would be harder to justify to Tobirama if he didn’t have a reason. The months were heavy since he had needed to kill his friend. It was best not to think of such things, he would just end up depressed.

    He would take Tsunade to Tanazuki Gai. There was a new casino that had just opened there. It was by some hot springs and they could make a day of it.

    Perhaps Tobirama had already come up with a cure for the fluctuations in chakra he had had since he had…

    He’d check when he got back to Konoha.

    (Tsunade is leaving the academy alongside Orochimaru and Jiraiya)

    I had levelled up once during the past month and I was close to doing so again. I had been right. I had quickly outstripped the civiliains that I regularly saw on my way to the academy with my mother.


    Level 2 (42,000/50,000)

    Class: Ninja. +10 STR END DEX per level

    Name: Tsunade Senju

    Title: Heiress of the Senju Clan
    HP: 986 (HP 10min = 98.6)
    CP:1,913 (CP 10min=191.3)
    Power Level: 5.6
    HP= ENDx10
    CP Recovery=WIS.
    Stat points: 63

    Even though I was a lower level than they were I had to assume that I probably had an innate advantage when you count the fact that I came from a lineage of excellent shinobi and they did not.

    There was also the fact I was The Gamer. But I had yet to decide if that was a good thing or not. While nothing strange had happened I wouldn’t put it past the being watching to mess with the world just to make my life interesting. This was supposed to be a reality show after all.

    I shivered as I had a vivid image of gray humans walking towards Konoha. A black haired figure was leading them.

    Jiraiya nudging me brought me out of my thoughts, to find that my friends had stopped. Why had we…

    “Tsuna-Chan.” The voice was bright and cheery but most important of all it was loud. Like did the man not have an indoor voice?

    “Come on, we're going to Tanazuki Gai. Aren’t you excited?” Hashirama seemed to all but bounce in place. His boisterous nature seemed to fill the street. It was sadly the reality of Hashirama. A super powerful yet emotional dude.

    I strolled towards him as he reached out, picking me up and placing me onto his head.

    (Itsu Kahira)

    Inside an abandoned farm, the man paced, his eyes darting from left to right as they held a large machete.

    It had been a long few weeks. Frequent night terrors had left him unable to sleep. Jashin seemed to delight in torturing him. He was afraid to go to sleep, lest he have a nightmare in which he was eaten slowly bit by bit by giant insects.

    He’d tried to scrub off the mark that she had left on him. Doing everything from viciously scrubbing at it with soap. To even some homebrew recipes he’d got from some of the boys at work.

    Nothing had worked.

    She had just laughed at him. Still there had to be a way out of this right? There was no way he was going to be tortured by that demon for the rest of his life. He didn’t know if he could take it.

    He could feel the mark burning. Like a red hot fire poker was being prodded directly into the skin on top of the mark. He glanced at it through watery eyes as he sank to his knees. Sweat poured down the back of his head. It was a bright red colour.

    “I’m a God. You will refer to me with respect. Lest I devour the rest of your life force. Now get to work. You want the night terrors to stop don’t you.”

    Yes. He did. He turned to John the town drunk. He lay upon the hay unconscious. Drugging his drink had been easy. Getting him here was even easier. But now that he was about to sacrifice this man he hesitated.

    Could he really do this? He whimpered as he felt the mark blistering again.

    “Come on, you want to please me, don’t you. Just think of all the things I could grant you. Power. Respect. Women. An end to the night terrors and pain. All I ask for in return is a few sacrifices.”

    He couldn’t really argue with that. He would much prefer to be able to sleep unimpeded. He stepped forward. He swung the machete. It sliced clean through John’s neck. It was a good thing too the moment he did he was wracked with a sick feeling in his stomach and threw up on the ground.

    “Oh come now. You didn’t even know the man that well.”

    Blood painted the ritual circle and it began to glow a dull red. He watched as the pentagon rapidly seemed to absorb all the blood in his body. John’s body rapidly seemed to age until only dust remained.

    Not even bones were left.

    “Well done. As a reward.”

    He felt the rush of power fill his body. An unimaginable sense of pleasure reverberated through his entire being. His mouth hung open as he arched his spine. A moan slipping out of his lips unimpeded.


    It was good. Seeing somebody die brought her a feeling like nothing else. The ritual circle crafted allowed her to feed on the power. It was a delicacy. It didn’t really make her stronger but it felt good to feed on the life force of others again.

    She let a tiny bit slip down her bond into her pet human. It should be enough to make him at least a little bit stronger. Rewards were good. It kept people loyal. She could just twist his mind. Sure. But corrupting somebody was always a fun thing to do.

    And having fun was what made life worth living when you were as old as she was.

    (Tanzaku Gai)

    We wandered into Tanzaku Gai when there was a festival going on. The aroma of sweet scented food seemed to fill the air. The voices of people hawking their wares was abundant. There were so many.

    “Come get the greatest Fried Aloo Tikki.. Nothing but the freshest produce is used to make it.”
    “Come one come all. Try our Banh Canh.”

    “Ceviche, get your ceviche here.”

    “Try our brand new Sake cocktails. Get your sake cocktails here.”

    I felt it as Hashirama turned. He towered over most people that were around here. Standing at what she could only assume was 6’3. I was sitting on his shoulder so I had a great view of everything.

    “You want a cocktail Tsunade. Seems like they have some new one’s since I last visited. Just one though.”

    “Won’t Mother be mad at you if you give me alcohol.”

    “Your training to be a ninja you need to learn to relax more or you might end up like Tobi was before his wife taught him to relax. And trust me you don’t want to end up like that.”

    “You're the boss. Which one tastes the best?”

    Hashirama moved one hand to his chin as he stroked it. “I got it. Since this is your first time. You should try a samurai rock. Meanwhile I will have a Banana Burst.”

    “Banana Burst?”

    “It's one of their new mixes. I assume Bananas make an appearance. Considering the name. Wish me luck.”

    We stepped to the front of the line. The one manning the stand was a rather pretty woman with blonde hair. She looked up at Hashirama with a slight blush.
    She leaned forward. “What can I get you sir.”

    Hashirama leaned forward. “Your button is undone. You might catch a cold.” Inwardly he fought the urge to crack a grin. It was always funny when people thought he was dense. If he was dense he probably wouldn’t have survived as long as he did. It also helped spare the feelings of women that were infatuated with him. He was a one woman guy.

    The woman seemed to slump onto the counter. But then she was up again and moving about energetically. She tossed various bottles up in the air and smoothly caught them on the way down before pouring.

    She slammed them on to the counter before pouring two different containers full of different things into the paper cups. She then smoothly pushed them towards them. The woman glanced at Hashirama raising her eyebrows rapidly before winking at him.

    “On the house. For such a handsome man.”

    “Oh I couldn’t.

    “No, I insist.

    “Ok I know when I’m beat, have a good day, miss…

    “Kalerona. My name is Kalerona. Come back to my stand soon, cutie.” Hashirama grinned, giving her a two fingered wave as he passed the drink to Tsunade who gripped it with both hands, careful to take small sips. A hint of lime in a drink that was dominated by the distinct taste of sake.

    She took another sip, before draining it.

    “Where are we going next Grandpa?“

    “Let’s hit the casino. I’m feeling lucky, what with having you with me. Perhaps I'll even win today. We’ll hit the massage parlor and then to finish we’ll visit the hot springs. Sound good?”

    Tsunade nodded her head and Hashirama cracked a grin.

    (Entering the Casino)

    There was a large muscular man at the door. His chest seemed to strain the suit he was squeezed into. Easily as tall as Hashirama himself, he took one look at me before pursing his lips. He seemed to sigh to himself, before waving us through.

    “Make sure to keep an eye on the little one Shinobi-San.”

    Hashirama let out a loud laugh patting the man on the shoulder as he passed. “Don’t worry, I’m not here to cause trouble. A friend owns the place.”

    The smell of smoke wafted itself through the air. Women in short skirts and small tops that left plenty of cleavage showing strolled around with platters of drinks and small bite sized foods. Bouncers in suits wearing sunglasses stood at the corners of the room. They were just as large as the one outside.

    A quick glance told me the men were around level 10. Twice the level of normal civilians. A power level of around 8. Another glance around and I could see what looked like a team of Konoha ninja. A genin team led by a jounin.

    Level 20

    Mei Kitsuga

    Power Level: 29

    Title: Gennin of Konoha

    Age: 10

    CP: 8714


    BIO: The weakest of her team. She is a civilian born shinobi that does not come from a talented line but thirsts to prove herself regardless.

    Level 25

    Kiri Hihi

    Power Level: 50

    Title: Gennin of Konoha.

    Age: 11



    Bio: Part of a minor clan that has migrated to Konoha due to the tense situation with the Hyayukuma clan. Hopes to ascend to S-Class status and become a legend. Was rookie of the year.

    Level 22

    Ryu Asoka

    Power level:43

    Title:Gennin of Konoha




    BIO: Part of the minor fire bloodline wielding Asoka clan. They are few in number and are a minor clan that came to konoha seeking a safe place to rebuild their numbers.

    It was surprising. That there was such a difference between us. At the moment their weakest member could probably beat me with ease. It was kinda humbling in a way. Still, what were they doing here? I couldn’t help but be curious.

    They were dressed in plain clothes and they looked like any normal guest. If I hadn't had Observe , I would have never noticed them.

    I turned my attention back to my grandpa. He strolled over to the roulette machines that dominated the ground floor.

    He strolled forward, head held high. He stopped at the largest roulette table. People in suits and sunglasses glanced up as he approached. His hand moved and he was laying down what had to be around 1 million yen.

    The dealer clad in a white flashy suit chewing on a stick. “What denomination do you want?”

    “10,000 yen chips please.”

    The dealer moved sharply. Rapidly piling up 100 silver chips, before pushing them Hashirama’s way.

    “Which one do we choose Tsuna-Chan.”

    “You're really going to allow your little girl to gamble for you. What happens if she loses.”

    Hashirama shrugged. “Money is no issue for me.”

    I enjoyed the day with Hashirama. But eventually the tiredness caught up with me and I drifted off into the deep unknown.

    Hahirama tilted his head, as he took in the snores. Grinning to himself he decided to cash out and leave the establishment.

    (Hashirama Gets back to Konoha.)

    He strolled through the gates of the village, a snoozing Tsunade on his back. Tobirama was leaning against the gates he had most likely sensed his approach. His chakra was always quite noticeable compared to everyone’s else's after all.

    “Where were you?” Tobirama questioned, arms folded and fingers tapping at his triceps.

    Hashirama tilted his head. “I took Tsuna-chan to Tanzaku Gai. We had a good day.”

    Tobirama sighed. He Planted a hand on his face before slowly dragging it down. “You spoil her.”

    “Of course I do, she's my grandchild.” He felt the shift in Tsunade’s breathing that meant she had woken up.She clambered onto his shoulder. Hands on her hips and her nose stuck into the air.

    “I’m on top of the world.” A bit of water snaked around her leg before dangling her upside down. The water brought her directly in front of Tobirama who did not look pleased to see her. She waved anyway.

    “Oh hey. Tobirama. How's it hanging? Get it Hanging.” Tobirama shook his head as he breathed deeply through his nose.

    “Your mother was worried. She doesn’t want you to pick up any of Hashirama’s bad habits.”

    “Oh don’t worry, he only let me gamble a few times. It was not as good as I thought it would be if I'm being honest.”

    “How can you say that Tsuna-Chan? You were the one who wanted to keep going so much you fell asleep at the table.”

    “Hahaha. Maybe I liked it a little.” Tsunade’s cheeks tinted red as she scratched lightly at her cheeks.

    Tobirama hung his head. “What am I going to do with you?” He stood tall, his hands locked behind his back.

    “The diplomats from the fire country court arrived while you were gallivanting around Tanzaku Gai. I had to put them up in the Haruno Hotel. You're supposed to be here for such things, you represent us on the global stage you fool.”

    Hashirama ran a hand through his hair but didn’t seem all that bothered truly. “Eh. It's just one of their yearly visits. It doesn’t matter that much.”

    “The daimyo funds the village. Do you want him to pull funding.”

    “He wouldn’t. Despite his strength he knows that if he alienates the village. His land will be free pickings for other shinobi villages. Not to mention what we might do ourselves to keep this peace.”

    Hashirama looked deadly serious and the air seemed to turn solemn. Before it brightened up again and Hashirama was all smiles. He planted his hand on Tsunade’s head before ruffling her blonde hair gently.

    “It's about time we got you home.


    Hashirama strolled into his house. He moved through the hallway easily able to sense his wife in the master bedroom.

    He strolled up the stairs passing several elaborately decorated vases. He’d remembered her giving him one when he first met her. Her skill and passion had attracted him to her. She did everything with such joy that he could not help but be smitten.

    He opened the door and there she was. Mito smirked at him. Naked as the day she was born her red hair fanned out behind her as she posed on the silk sheets.

    Hashirama’s eyes gleamed. “Dear, you forgot to get under the covers. You’ll catch a cold.”

    Mito huffed. Before prowling towards him. A chakra chain gripped him by his legs and tossed him onto the bed.

    “Shut up and kiss me.” So hot. Hashirama did so with glee.

    This was the life. The peace he had always desired in this war torn world and a smoking hot sexy wife. Who had no problem taking initiative on occasion.

    Author’s Note. I have decided to change the way Observe works. Others will no longer have a health stat as they do not have Gamers Body. I have made changes to reflect this. I have also made changes in the power levels referred to at the end of chapter one if you wish to know.
    On another note Tsunade will complete the first part of the rise of a goddess quest when she has a power level of 15,000 which is the god of shinobi threshold. That has also been changed from its original value.
    Keichi Haruno has been made to be stronger based on other changes I have made. Refer to chapter 2 if you wish to know his stats. He will be the average level of a chunin. His power level is now 141.
    These changes are perks that you get for reaching ranks of ninja.
    Gennin. Chunin. Jounin. S class. Kage. SS Class. God of shinobi and so on.
    That is all I hope you enjoy.
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    It had been almost a year. A lot has changed since then. I brushed my teeth before rolling the toothpaste around and spitting it out into the sink.

    I strolled out of the bathroom and into my room. Jiraiya was drooling into his pillow. Orochimaru had already left, probably to get dressed.

    They had their own rooms in the mansion, but they had been too excited to sleep last night and so had joined me in my room.

    Still, it was time to get up. I grabbed the cup of water that laid by my bedside and I poured it over Jiraiya and watched as he sat up wriggling.

    “That's not funny. Why do you keep doing that?”

    I pointed at the clock. It was half past 7 and we were supposed to be at the academy at 8. That was the reason I was giving him and I was going to stick to it. It wasn’t that I was a bit of dick, it couldn’t possibly be that.

    “Oh. Shit. Thanks Tsunade.” He gave me a grin before tossing his wet pillow at my face. I ducked away and watched as he ran into the bathroom before I heard the tell tale locking of the door.

    I banged on it slightly. “Don’t take too long. Mito’s going to be taking us to the academy today.”

    Strolling into the kitchen I was greeted with Mito, she was speaking quietly to Orochimaru who was listening with rapt attention as she drew some form of seal.

    Getting closer I could hear what was being said. “This is a simple gathering of moisture seals. It's often used by shinobi when they are out in the field to gather water. Still despite its mundane use in combat it is a very effective seal. Do you know why?

    Orochimaru nodded his head. “Because the human body is composed of at least 60% water. Having it all coming to a single spot would remove the water that comprises your internal organs and your very cells. It has a high chance of killing you if it is not removed.”

    Mito nodded. “Yes, the human body can not take the rapid gathering of all water to a single spot. Slapping it on your opponent's stomach is best when using this seal. As even if they somehow survive the process their stomach will blister before exploding, as the water rushes to gather at that spot.”

    I nodded my head. “Seals are scary.”

    Mito grinned at me. “Seals can do anything if you know enough about them, Tsunade.”


    It was my final day at the academy. It had been quite a journey. But today was going to be the day that I got my jounin sensei.

    At level 15 and having completed my meditation to such a degree that I had the chakra control of an expert. The thing that made me capable of performing the basic medical ninjutsu needed to classify myself as a medic. I had also already gotten a perk when I hit a power level of 25. The game practically classified me as a genin already. I was way beyond that and was chilling in the mid 30’s. Not bad considering the daily quests didn’t provide me with a lot of exp.

    I had the chakra control of a jounin and I would only get better. Although I had thought that I would also gain perks when my attributes had reached a certain level that had yet to happen.

    Still I had 1074 status points banked because I had no idea what to put them in. I had been thinking about it. A memory of my time watching the anime came to mind an image of Tsunade shattering the ground with her mere index finger. Of her being split in half by Madara and still managing to live. I was going to dump them all into strength and endurance. A tanky build that would be capable of both taking and dealing a boat load of damage.

    My muscles seemed to bulge in response before they went back to normal. I was just short on reaching a thousand on both of them. A thousand was normally a benchmark in most gamer stories after all. Could I get perks for specific attributes? I didn’t know it was beginning to look like that would be the case.

    A glance at my power level told me that I had jumped up into the high sixties’s. Such a jump was impressive but I was less than half the power of a chunin. It was kinda sobering especially when you consider they did basically nothing on the show, not really.

    I laid my head down on my hands. It was worrying. Would I still be placed with Tsunade’s original team? Did it really matter in the long run? Oh sure I had called Orochimaru my rival but I had passed him in power a while ago.

    “Team 1.”

    Mr Sakehara’s voice seemed to drone on forever,until finally.

    “Team 7 Will be Jiraiya, Orochimaru Kihebi, andTsunade Senju. Your jounin instructor will be Hiruzen Sarutobi.”

    At the moment he said his name Hiruzen pushed open the door. He looked young, but quite strong

    “Meet me at training ground 43.” He was gone moments later with a Shunshin.


    The hat felt heavy upon his brow. Could he really keep the peace his brother had worked so hard for. The thought had creeped up on him while he penned a note to the Raikage himself, with the rising tensions between the villages he didn’t know if he could do it, not when he had to worry about keeping the village safe.

    He wasn’t as optimistic as his brother was but he would try his best. Soon he expected he would be able to meet with the Raikage in person and hash out an alliance between them. It would hopefully stave off the other villages from looking at them like they were weaker.

    Even if they were compared to before. Hashirama’s death left a hole in their life. Still maybe the experiments would be a success if they could recreate more people with the mokuton then they would not have to fear the bijuu being turned against them.

    There was a knock on the door. He shifted himself slightly. Did he look suitably imposing and serious?

    “Come in.”

    In walked one of their heads at R&D. Shiku Nara. They had black hair and wore a lab coat over their jounin uniform.

    “The process of binding the cells of Hashirama to willing volunteers has not been going well. The binding of most of them has resulted in most of the volunteers being ripped to shreds by trees that grow from within them. All but one of them has died and the one who survived is currently in a coma. Although from the examination the subjects muscles seem stronger and their chakra has noticeably increased in capacity.”

    Tobirama rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Well at least one of them has survived. That has to be something. Still it's probably best if we stop experimenting with my brother's cells. If all else fails we should be able to bring him back at least temporarily with the Edo Tensei. Even at 30% of his once great power he would still be capable of fighting on par with all but the strongest of S rank Ninja.”

    “Can you not improve the jutsu anymore? Having the God of Shinobi back in his prime would guarantee our victory if war should break out.” There was a glimmer of hero worship in the man’s eyes. He understood it but it was still grating having failed to bring him back at his strongest.

    “I’ve tried Shiku. But it's like I’m missing something. No matter what I do I can not improve it beyond what I have already done. Still this jutsu will not be used unless Konoha is being attacked itself. I’d need to be close to Edo Hashirama and so other villages could circle around us and attack the village directly.”

    “Can you not teach jutsu to other people?”

    Tobirama shrugged his shoulders. “I did. The best they could do was bring the person back at 10% of their original power. It also took most of them almost all of their chakra reserves to do so. And at that point it's just not worth it.”

    “Well there goes the plan for an undead army. Anyway there's something that I noticed in the…

    (Training Ground 43)

    Training ground 43 was an open clearing with a small lake that looked like it had been man made.

    Hiruzen was kneeling on the ground, his adamantine staff held over his legs as he puffed on a cigarette.

    Seeing such a thing was kinda irritating. At least he wasn’t blowing smoke into my face. Jiraiya was bouncing on his heels.

    “You're our jounin. You don’t look that strong.”

    Hiruzen cracked a small grin as he looked at all of his. His gaze seemed to linger on me more than the others. It kinda made sense I was related to the two people who had trained the man.

    “Appearances can be deceiving. Now let's talk a little about ourselves. I am Hiruzen Sarutobi. I like mastering jutsu. I will not be telling you my dislikes. As for my dream...I have a few hobbies. Now you.”

    Orochimaru leaned forward. "I am Orochimaru Kihebi. I like to learn. I dislike those who judge others based on their appearance. As for my dream, I will learn every jutsu. I like to create different poisons in my spare time.”

    Jiraiya leaned forward next. "I am Jiraiya. No last name. I like to train. I dislike those who judge others based on a situation they have no control over. As for my dream, I don’t really have one apart from becoming a strong shinobi. I like to write.”

    Hiruzen turned to look at me and I leaned forward. "I am Tsunade Senju. I like food, both eating it and cooking it. I dislike those who use their family. As for my dream, I want to be the strongest ninja that has ever existed.”

    Hiruzen clapped his hands before he jumped to his feet. He whipped out two bells and for some reason I shuddered.

    “You have 3 hours to get these bells away from me. Those who can’t get a bell will be going back to the academy for remedial training. Start.”

    I stared at the man before gripping both of my teammates around the shoulders. Jiraiya turned towards me before flashing me a thumbs up. Orochimaru nodded his head and we stepped forward as one.

    I had told them what could happen yesterday and what the test could be. I was glad to see that it hadn’t changed. Now to get a bell.


    I hit the dirt and panted into the ground as I was held down. The man had barely had to move as we tried our best to work together to get a bell for however long we had been trying for.

    Jiraiya was on his back covered in much and Orochimaru was laying next to him. The foot holding me down was removed.

    “You passed.”

    I stood up confused at what he meant. “But we didn’t manage to get a bell.”

    “I didn’t expect you to. I just wanted to see if you would work together as a team. After that I just wanted to see where you all were so I could train you properly.”

    Jiraiya jumped into the air, while Orochimaru cracked a small grin. I couldn’t help but be disappointed that I couldn’t even threaten our teacher in the slightest.

    Hiruzen laid his hand upon my hair and proceeded to ruffle it. I felt a grin tugging at my face as we walked off.

    (Itsu Kahira: 10 months ago.)

    Jashin appeared happy with the 5 people he had sacrificed so far. After the 4th sacrifice people had begun to talk. It was a rather big town and while he had gone for the undesirables it had still been noticed when they didn’t show up in their usual spots. At least there had been a bunch of rumors the last time he checked with his neighbour.

    “Hey you.” Itsu turned around glancing at the red haired Kira. He pointed at himself feeling a pit opening up in his stomach. What was going on? “Yeah you. You were the last person to be seen with Jack so what did you do with him? Sicko.”

    He glanced around taking careful note of the two large men with her. While Jashin had allowed him a trickle of the life force of the people that he had sacrificed and he had noted the increase in his strength he wasn’t too sure he would be able to fight both of them at once.

    James was known as Kira’s boyfriend and was supposed to be the strongest in the town. While Jim was James brother. Kira flipped her hair. Like a signal other people stepped out of the shadows, both old and young, a veritable mob seemed to have gathered.

    “Hey guys. Isn’t this a bit much? I don’t know what happened to Jack. I’m as much in the dark as the rest of you are.”

    He could hear as people began to scream. His heart began to hammer in his chest and he fought the urge to tremble knowing that if he showed weakness it would mean the end. A rock was lobbed forward, colliding with his head and opening up a wound above his right eye.

    Kira stepped forward sneering down at him. Itsu stepped back in response as the mob seemed to follow Kira’s footsteps. “I’d believe you but you have the same symbol that was found with blood out at the barn upon your hand. Also I followed you. I saw what you did to that poor old lady. What dark things have you brought upon this village?”

    He clenched his right hand tightly into a fist as he fought the urge to grind his teeth. It was his worst nightmare. He glanced at the mob as he felt sweat beed the back of his neck and goosebumps erupted onto his skin. Could he take them? No. The only thing keeping him from running right now was the fact that if he did, they would most likely just run him down before probably beating him to

    Don’t worry. You are mine.” An electric feeling surged down his back and unbeknownst to him his eyes had begun to glow a dull red. “Nobody but I am allowed to harm you.”

    “Monster. Begone foul creature. In the name of the goddess leave this town and never return.” A rather old man waved a necklace that had the sun emblazoned upon its breast. He was the only one who was brave enough to step forward. The man stepped close enough before locking his hands around his top.

    “That was my wife you monster.” The sun emblazoned necklace began to blacken around the edges and the old man jerked his wrinkled hand back. The crowd murmured halting in their approach. The strange power seemed to frighten them. Instead they began hurling whatever they could get their hands on and he was forced to duck away. He took that opportunity to burst into a sprint.

    He could hear the thunderous footsteps of the mob as they followed him. Shouting and jeering. He didn’t know how close they were but he didn't dare to turn around lest he be caught.

    The gate at the arch was raised. Nobody dared to get within 10 metres of him as he ran past it. He heard the wooden gate come down with a thud.His heart seemed to calm down now that he was alone. His eyes had gone back to normal and he felt terribly drained. Like life had been sucked out of him.

    The next town was 5 miles away and it was pitch black. What was he going to do now? He was left with nothing but the clothes on his back.

    He wanted to do nothing but sit there on the dirt road. But he knew that he would need to seek out shelter or he would freeze to death.

    There was a cave that was close by from back when this land was supposed to be a paradise and not the snow filled mess that it had become.

    Iron country was terrible like that.


    He trudged into the mouth of a cave. It was dark but he could see a bunch of glowing eyes. Something lunged out of the darkness, it's White fur gleaming. He tossed himself backwards coming down as the polar bear swung a paw at him smashing him into the wall.

    He landed on his back and managed to roll away. The bear's paw smashed into the ground where he had just been. He punched it in the face. It barely blinked before latching onto his shoulder.

    He screamed as he scrambled at the beast's fur. Its teeth dug into his shoulder before with a yank it pulled away. A geyser of blood followed it. Smattering the icy floor. He was going to die. He was certain of it.

    His vision blurred as he struck the wall again. He laid there having all but given up. Really, are you incapable of doing anything without my help?”

    The voice of Jashin echoed in his mind. The feeling surged down his back again stronger than before. He heard the beast howl as he opened his eyes.

    It's jaw where it held his arm was smoking. It thrashed around. He stood to his feet recognizing the opportunity. He rushed across the ground, melting the ice as he passed before throwing himself onto the creature.

    It roared in rage and pain. He could feel its skin begin to sag as he held onto it. It tossed itself on the ground rolling over. He felt things snap but held on for dear life.

    The polar bear slowly began to slow down, while clumps of hair seemed to fall from its body. It huffed and it puffed before falling onto the floor. It breathed shallowly, with its skin sagging around its face.

    He sat up with difficulty and the polar bear did nothing in response. Rather its fur had rapidly fallen off and its bare skin was discoloured.

    The longer he stood on top of it the worse the state of the polar bear became until it was no longer even breathing.

    He could no longer feel the pain he should have. Rather everything felt numb. He walked over to his arm picking it up.

    Put it back on your shoulder.”

    He shrugged. Before doing so watching in shock as his arm regenerated instantly. He flexed the arm noting that he could feel everything just fine.

    “You are immortal as long as I am with you.”

    Chapter End.

    Status of Tsunade.

    Level 15 (375,000/400,000)

    Class: Ninja. +10 STR END DEX per level

    Name: Tsunade Senju

    Title: Heiress of the Senju Clan


    HP:31,570 (HP10min = 3157)
    CP: 49,680 (CP10min= 4968)

    Power Level: 68







    HP= ENDx10
    CP Recovery=WIS.

    Stat points: 0


    Expert Chakra control. You can mould chakra to your desires using hand seals. You are now capable of using medical ninjutsu. You are now capable of performing one handed hand seals.

    Expert Enhancement unlocked.

    Passively enhances all stats by 50%(x1.5)

    Henge. E rank Technique. Costs. 2500 CP. This ninjutsu can change a ninja’s physical appearance into that of another person animal or object.

    Clone Jutsu. E rank Technique. Costs 2500 CP. A ninjutsu that creates an intangible copy of ones own body without any substance.

    Body Replacement Technique. E rank Technique. Costs 2500 CP. This jutsu lets the user quickly switch places with things in their vicinity. To do this to a living being the users chakra must overpower theirs. Doing this will mean that you will switch places with an object of your choosing the moment an attack hits.

    Mystical Palm Technique. C-Rank Technique. Costs 15,000 cp to activate. Costs 10 cp per second after. The user applies their hand to the afflicted or wounded part of the body and sends chakra into it, accelerating the body's natural healing abilities. Heals 10,000 hp per minute.


    (Chakra: Human. You are descended from humans who had their chakra awakened by the Sage of Six Paths. Your chakra network permeates every inch of your body from your muscles and bones to your very cells themselves. Natural human stat limit removed. +5 to all stats. +20% to chakra pool. +20% to the health pool. +20% to your HP and chakra regeneration ability.)

    (Senju Heritage: You are descended from the mighty Senju clan. +50% to chakra pool. +5 to all stats per level up. Descended from Hashirama. +25% to Chakra pool. +25% to HP pool. +25% to Chakra and HP Regenerative ability.)

    (Uzumaki Lineage: Those of the Uzumaki lived long lives and were known for their vast reserves of chakra. +50% to your chakra and HP pool. +50% to your chakra and health regeneration ability. +5 to all stats per level up.)

    (Gennin. Unlocked by reaching the power level of 25. Gennin. +3 to all stats per level retroactively. +25% to chakra and health pool. + 25% to regeneration rate.

    Health Multi: 2.2

    Chakra Multi:2.7

    Authors note. Checked. The average stats of a kage. And changed the cost of jutsu as a result. A single S rank Jutsu will use 450,000+ CP. While a single A-Rank jutsu will use at least 150,000+ cp.

    Want those big jutsu to feel impactful. You know. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

    Also for the people saying you don’t get the stat numbers. Here’s the stat sheet of a rather weak S-Class.

    Level 400

    Name: Kakazu

    Title: The Immortal
    CP: 2,672,000 (CP5min=262,000)
    Power Level: 4174






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    Not a fan of this foreshadowing with Jashin. I mean, Naruto has a LOT of OP straight-up nonsense enemies. There is no need to pick any one of them, and then increase the amount of nonsense.
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    Yeah. And most of them are currently not alive. If it was canon naruto I could have my pick of enemies but its not. Its like 50 years in the past.

    Only like Madara and Black Zetsu are currently around and kicking. Maybe Hanzo the salamander as well.
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    1. It's a shame you didn't put Hashirama's death cause or imply at all. Maybe his battle against Madara left irreparable damage. Maybe Kurama left lasting damage. Maybe Zetsu assassinated him.

    2. Just announcing his death in the background feels cheap. He is one of the greatest Shinobi and his funeral would have been great to stablish the power and politics of Konoha high command. Also it could help in understanding the MC at how she feels about the death of loved ones and if she would leaves the other die like canon.

    3. For me it's stupid to not put points in Dex as Shinobi are made to evade, dodge and DODGE. It would end like she is using a hammer to kill a fly or making earthquakes to catch 1 Shinobi. Unless she leaves those roles to her teammates

    4. I love the reason of Tobirama of not haxing the Edo tensei. I would suggest adding a reason why they can't capture enemy bodies to revive and extract important information. Maybe a pact of the Uzumaki and shinigami of not using his power willy nilly?

    5. If you are going to kill Tobirama, I would suggest to show his dislike about the Uchiha or future repercussions.
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    Number 2 on that list of yours Petrox actually should have been something I probably did. Its honestly a good idea. I just didn't think of it.

    If I ever revise my story at some point in the future that will probably be put in.

    Number 4. The reviving of enemy bodies. And gathering important information. Another good idea.

    Your view point is interesting I hope you comment on my next chapter on things you notice that I could have done better.

    Have a good day.
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