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Story Idea: Multiversal Cartel - The Mecha Arc (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Versed in the lewd.
May 12, 2020
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Ken Illustrious Ikari (OC son of Shinji Ikari and Mari Illustrious Makanami from the Rebuild of Evangelion movies)'s home is broken into by people who introduce themselves as his Parallel Half-Siblings (Shinji and Asuka's OC son and Shinji and Rei's OC daughter) and he is taken on a dangerous trip in across multiple worlds order to evade an organization called the Multiversal Cartel, who is hunting him and his Parallel Half-Siblings for some reason.

Central Concepts:

Enscirbium - A substance produced through narrative conflict, Enscribium is what makes Multiversal Travel even possible, as it can be used to make Magic/Powers from wildly different worlds work together (for example, making Magic which is gained from study and occult knowledge work in a world where Magic comes only from having a 'Divine Bloodline' or where Powers have an explicitly 'scientific' cause like the 'Metahuman Gene').

Multiversal Cartel - An organization that harvests Enscribium in an unsafe manner by plunging universes into war and prolonging existing conflicts (a few of them are content with sustaining existing romantic drama by fostering misunderstandings and poor communication, though). Their ideal Multiverse is a setting in constant war and tragedy which produces huge amounts of Enscribium in order to power their indulgences.

New Multiverse Regulators - The ones opposing the Multiversal Cartel out of ethical reasons, and prefer to generate Enscribium through staging tournaments, sports competitions, and absorbing the ambient energy of the multiple narratives which occur naturally in regular life. However, even they are not immune to the temptation to keep stories going to extract the maximum Enscribium from them, and many of them are becoming corrupt.

Edit: So, is it okay to request feedback and a beta reader for this idea?
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