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The Meek Shall inherit the Universe! (Worm OC sequel)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Axle, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Threadmarks: Prologue

    Axle Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 6, 2016
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    Author's Note: Link to first story: https://forum.questionablequesting.com/threads/delinquents-worm-dramedy.4425/

    I'll try and write this in a way where you don't need to read the first. Also; Rebooted. Sorry for the chapter reshuffling (again), but I've changed the prologue and deleted the original first chapter. I'm planning out a lot better now, so hopefully this'll be a good thread to finally start/complete my Delinquents sequel on.

    Obligatory "rated M for mature" warning.


    A lampost shined over Taylor's head. "Should I take off my mask?"

    "That won't be needed, Buzzkill. Could you please describe the team as best you could?"

    "Describe them?"

    "As best you can."

    "I mean…" Taylor twiddled her thumbs, the enclosed room made it feel seem like she were a villain being interrogated. "Describe what aspect? Their competence? Their personalities? The morality chart? Their viewership stats?"

    "Wherever you'd like, Buzzkill. We need to know everything we can about this team."

    Taylor paused, and thought for a moment. "Well…"


    "They're delinquents. No matter how they portray themselves, they're nothing more than standard criminals that need to be treated as such."

    Assault & Battery:

    Assault said, "they're what happens when you put together every drug conceivable, and don't overdose."

    Battery stomped on her husband's foot. "They're adolescents," she hissed while her husband groaned in pain, "they're children in a game they couldn't begin to understand. The sooner we arrest them, the better."


    "Rush won't stop hugging me!" Missy stood up from the chair and raised her arms in fury, "I hate her! She's always treating me like a kid! I keep trying to make them take me seriously, but she never stops flying at me during battle just to hug me like I'm a frigging baby!"

    Miss Militia:

    "They're not so bad, as long as they don't hurt anyone I don't think we have to prioritize on them too much."

    The interrogator asked, "didn't your Ward team get in a paintball competition with them, where you used red, white, and blue paintball ammunition on them in the middle of E88 territory?"

    Miss Militia scrunched her lips.

    The interrogator added, "we have the youtube footage. They were wearing American flag t-shirts while playing the song 'Team America' through speaker drones."

    Miss Militia wanted to shrink in shame, "they started it…"

    Kid Win:

    Kid Win said, "I game with Leet."

    "Excuse me?"

    "I game with the tinker on their team. His gamertage is L33t. "

    There was a long pause, "why didn't you tell us?"

    "You never asked."

    Dauntless & Triumph:

    Dauntless sighed, "Uber makes me uncomfortable."

    Triumph rolled his eyes, "his fursuit turn you off bro?"

    "Never in my life did I think a cape career would involve fighting kink obsessed cosplayers."

    The interviewer asked, "but how do you think they impact the PRT image?"

    Triumph answered, "It's bad enough that they have no end goals in mind, its annoying that they make live streams of just them screwing around with all the teams in the city. Fighting them is like arguing with trolls, there's no winning no matter what."

    Dauntless shrugged, "way I see it, as long as they focus more on the villains, that's less problems for us."

    "That doesn't matter," Triumph argued, "they're overall bad for image. Spray painting dickbutts in E88 territory is fine, but what happens when they use their popularity to start humiliating the PRT? Its a blow to morale."

    Clobkblocker & Gallent:

    Clockblocker asked, "is it weird that Rush makes me feel uncomfortable?"

    Gallant commented, "he has a crush on Rush."

    Clockblocker said, "I can neither confirm or deny that."

    Gallent said, "he posts his own ship fanart on forums."

    Clockblocker said, "I can neither confirm or deny that."

    Shadow Stalker:

    “Fuck. All of them."

    Browbeat & Golem:

    Golem answered, "we've worked with them, yeah, it's not much of a secret anymore. Believe it or not, behind all the jokes, online videos, and ridiculous tinker tech, they're just as human as any other villain or hero. I'd rather work with the guys who took down the E88 than waste time arresting them for nazi pun graffiti."

    Browbeat said, "I still say their internet personas are just a ruse. Get people's guard down, get them to be underestimated, just to turn the tables at just the right moment. I'd say they're living proof that God either turns a blind eye at the absurd, or that he at least condones it."


    Taylor let out a deep sigh, "it goes a little beyond all the tricks and jokes you see on their online websites. On the surface, you'll see them messing around like they're trying to prove they aren't scary people to be around. In reality, they're aware of the threats they pose to the world, they're aware of the faults they have amongst themselves. And they do their best to compensate for that through carrying each other up like any other team would.

    I understand that the world tries to categorize them as either good or bad, but it really doesn't apply. Standard titles really can't work with them. If anything, they're grey. They're people caught in circumstances they never wanted to be a part of, and them messing around is just their way of making light of the situations they’re caught in."

    "Is that really how you'd describe them?"

    Taylor thought back to all the team members she's personally spoken with. "Yes, yes it is."


    Director Piggot paused the video footage and addressed the board of directors. "The Losers aren't just juveniles, they're criminals that specialize in wrecking the reputation of any opponent they hold up against. Their tinker is on the same class as Hero, and despite focusing on low end crime, their ratings are no doubt top tier within the city."

    The TV screen showed Clockblocker again, he said to the camera, "Light once made an energy beam in the shape of a dildo and slapped it at the things I froze."

    The interrogator said, "we asked if you think they're a threat."

    Clockblocker replied, "that's my answer."

    The footage paused again. Costa Brown said, "I'm seeing a pattern here."

    Piggot nodded, "they've set the bar so low that despite that, people never feel threatened by them."

    "That's quite an angle," Calvert commented.

    "This is why we need overwhelming force," Tagg said quickly, "Dragon has been mass producing armored dragon suits. Now's perfect time to test run Dragonflight on a group that won't cause long term consequences. We'll get a better understanding of the functionality of the suits, without causing a disturbance to the established dynamics of Brockton Bay."

    "No," Costa Brown said. "We're not about to impose martial law for a team that calls themselves Losers."

    "Do not underestimate them," Tagg emphasized.

    "Believe me, I won't. As far as we know, they could planning some elaborate heist or doomsday device as we speak."

    Somewhere in the Loser's fortress of inept Solitude:

    "Today," Rush stared at the webcam with a big smile on her face. "On the Loser Channel!"

    Rush had on her pajamas with her half broken mask covering the top half of her face. Her t-shirt and sweats were as casual as it could get. Uber was sitting next to her, wearing his own domino mask while he wore his own gym clothes that he also used as pajamas.

    "Friday night pizza night," Uber said, "please note, we neither endorse nor condemn Little Caesars for their shitty pizza."

    "Also on Fridays," Rush added clasping her hands together. "Strip night! Where the whole world gets the chance to watch two infamous supervillains strip as they play video games!"

    Rush walked towards the camera and adjusted the camera towards herself and Uber. Rush was slim, skinny body figure with tan skin, she was attractive by most accounts. She'd never cosplayed anything that exposed too skin, despite Uber and Leet both pushing her to do so.

    Uber was a muscular young adult. 21 and at the prime of his youth, Uber could turn a few heads for anyone who walked his way. This was a spectacular night for a lot of their fanbase, as they'd been recommending strip webcamming for months ever since their villain web series had begun.

    Uber said, "why do I get the feeling this isn't going to end up the way most people want it to?"

    "Rules," Rush said with a smile, "Uber and I are playing dark souls together. Everytime he dies, he strips. Everytime I die, I strip. The Loser with the least amount of clothes by the end of the night wins!"

    "Wait," Uber asked, "is the goal to strip or to win the game?"

    "Yes." Rush sat down and started up the game. "May the biggest Loser win!"

    Two Hours later.

    "And we're out of time," Rush looked at her wrist, pretending she had a watch. Rush didn't remove a single piece of clothes off herself, and even put on a panda pajama sweater after a draft of air passed by.

    Uber, obviously, was stripped down to his underwear. He had three layers of shirts and two pairs of socks on before they started. Uber was staring at the tv screen in a daze.

    "Congrats Uber," Rush said proudly, "looks like you win. Which means, the internet gets to flaunt your pink colored tits all over the internet."

    Rush smiled at the camera as Uber gritted his teeth. He threw the playstation remote away and yelled, "how the fuck are you good at Dark Souls!? Dark Souls!?"

    Rush yelled, "why are we yelling!? And why do I find you attractive when you yell!?"

    The livestream slowly faded to black, with an image of a stone faced Rush smiling at a red faced Uber screaming from the top of his lungs.
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  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Axle Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 6, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Theo was already disappointed in joining a team. He kind of thought friendships would come hand in hand with being a cape, but reality proved otherwise. Amir didn’t treat him any different than he had before. Heck, Theo even wondered if Amir was avoiding him even more than before.

    He still felt like the same chubby loser he was last week, and Amir didn’t do anything to make him think otherwise. Amir walked to Theo’s side. “Theo.”

    Theo shook his head, surprised Amir stepped next to him on his way from school. Amir said, “Mouse Protector wants us to patrol a Merchant’s warehouse. We’ve done a few ABB stakeouts, and she thinks we’re ready to stop drug operations instead of just calling the PRT to do the heavy work.”

    Right. Of course Amir only wanted to talk about cape business. Theo didn’t even seem like a friend to him. Despite being being part of a newly formed superhero team named "the Mouseketeers", lead by Mouse Protector herself, it wasn’t as glamorous as he’d hoped.

    Theo said, “make sense. You and Taylor are pretty much already athletes. We started off working in secret, now she wants us in the frontlines.”

    “Merchants aren’t vengeful like the E88, and Coil’s drug operations aren’t really worth hitting since his drug operations are disappearing.”

    Theo thought back to the Merchants, he remembered hearing about it from his father and Kayden speaking. They were living together now, which made Theo feel even more uncomfortable in his own home. “The Merchants have gotten big ever since they started selling tinker meth,” Theo parroted the words his father had said. “But they still can’t defend themselves as well. A lot of times when their guys get hit, they ignore the hit and move on with business like it never happened.”

    “I didn’t know that,” Amir said. “Where’d you hear that?”

    Theo blinked at him, “Uh, internet?”

    “Speculation then?”

    “Uh… Yeah.”

    Amir nodded, barely concerned with Theo’s source. But he did make a mental note that Theo didn’t want to dive into details. Amir said, “I guess that’s why Mouse Protector wants us to hit their dealers first, we’re more likely to get away with it.”

    Theo nodded. He patted his orb in his backpack, “glad we have tinker tech to help us.”

    “I threw mine away.”

    Theo blinked at him. Amir elaborated, “I don’t trust Leet. Even if it could help me I’d rather do things the hard way then let myself fall into a trap.”

    “You know… Taylor is going to visit them to create more mutant bugs.”

    Amir frowned, “I told her she shouldn’t go. If she doesn’t listen, that’s not my problem.”

    “Not your problem?” Theo glared, “she’s our teammate. It’s our job to watch out for her, if you’re not gonna be a team player, why the heck are you even in a team?”

    Amir’s mouth flat lined. Theo was surprised he even had to guts to tell him off. Amir always had this aura of certainty around him, something that was rarely contradicted.

    Theo didn’t know how offensive the comment was to Amir. He was a baseball player, getting accused of not caring about his own teammates was a personal insult. “Then what would you do?” Amir asked, “should we force her not to go? Yell at her? Call the PRT to make sure she doesn’t go to their base?”

    “Hell no,” Theo scoffed at the idea. He replied, “we need to go with her.”


    The Losers were a notoriously well known groups of parody capes in Brockton Bay. A few months ago they were treated a jokes, nobodies that jumped non-cape E88 members whenever they got the chance. But as their popularity quickly soared, it became obvious that Leet’s tinkering and the team’s capes were far more formidable than what they called themselves. Even off camera, the characters each of them played never strayed from their internet personalities.

    “Okay,” Leet said calmly. “We need to do this in the most professional, and science-reasonable way as possible. I’m gonna need everyone to put on their protective suits to protect against electromagnetic radiation.”

    The five members of the team put on black dyed cloaks that had red outlines at the sides. The room was dark, and only scented candles kept the room mildly lit.

    Uber, Leet, and Spitfire were Brockton Bay residents. Rush and Light, a sister and brother duo with gravity and energy manipulation powers, were often given credited for Uber and Leet’s rise to notoriously.

    Leet continued, “resurrecting robots are hard. Which is why I’ve uploaded this robot’s old memory into this hard drive.”

    His robot looked like a cube with a flashlight on its head and a unicycle for it to move around. It laid dead in the center of the room inside a funeral casket. The wires looked like they were viciously pried open with a crowbar.

    “This feels pretty morbid,” Spitfire said with some hesitation.

    “Relax yo,” Rush said, “robots are dead inside anyway.”

    “R-i-p Claptrap,” Uber said, “why oh why did you have to find your own off switch.”

    Light commented, “I know he always said living was agonizing, but he said it so happy I thought it was a metaphor.”

    “Focus guys,” Leet said. “Now, I’ve put Claptrap at the center of these five wifi points, perfectly perpendicular to give him the best transmission signals to bring him back to life.”

    The five wifi routers were around Claptrap’s dead body. On the ground, a pentagram star was drawn with its edges precisely connecting all the wifi modems. The star lines were marked on the ground with salt. Leet said, “These wifi points need to be perfectly perpendicular to each other for the robot revival to work.”

    Spitfire asked, “why did you have to draw the star with salt?”

    Light answered, “because salt is much easier to clean up than red paint.”

    Spitfire said, “but we didn’t even need to draw the star, it had nothing to do with the wifi points.”

    “Shh,” Uber said, “it made measuring easier.”

    Spitfire stared down at her sleeve. Underneath the robe she was given, the number ‘666’ was written on the inside. “Uber, where did you get these robes?”

    “Don’t ask, the lady at novelty store said it was dangerous to say her name.”

    Spitfire blinked at him, “what?”

    “Now,” Leet said trying to focus their attention, “we just have to turn on the wifi access points.”

    Leet ordered for everyone to turn on the wifi points at the same time. The motems shot up a red laser light at the air, a pentagram flashlight hit the ceiling wall and lit up the room with a dark red glow. Claptrap’s body slowly levitated several feet into the air. It floated morbidly, like a corpse possessed by some unnatural force.

    “I’m feeling uncomfortable with this,” Spitfire said.

    “Hush,” Aryana said, “I’ve always wanted to resurrect someone.”

    “Now, just like a regular program installation, we need to reverse install his programming since we’re bringing him back to life.” Leet handed an old cd player to Rush. “Rush, I need you to play that installation disc backwards.”

    Rush took the CD player, and set the disk player onto ‘backwards’. The speaker began repeating the disk’s reversed lyrics. “WORSHIP ME IN THE NAME OF THE DARK LORD SATAN.”

    Spitfire’s jaw dropped, “I go to catholic school…”

    “Oh cool,” Light said, “then just pretend we’re reenacting Jesus resurrection. Like Necromancy.”

    “I don’t think this compares to that…”

    “Uber,” Leet said, “I need you to get spare motherboard from my old computer.”

    Leet handed Ubert a hunting knife. An altar was made in honor of one of Leet’s older robots. It was a goat robot for a goat simulation test he was doing, but it laid dead at the top of the red carpeted alter. A framed picture of Lucifer coincidently laid in front of it.

    Uber walked over to the altar and jabbed the knife into the goat robot’s stomach. The robot goat simulated a robotic goat screech, and Uber ripped out the motherboard from the robot’s circuitry. Wires pulled out from its stomach as it kicked mechanically. Black oil oozed out of the goat’s stomach. Uber’s fist was covered in oil as he raised up the motherboard in triumph.

    Spitfire yelled, “You couldn’t think to get that motherboard before starting all this?”

    Leet shrugged, “guess I forgot. Now, Uber, place the motherboard into the wifi center.”

    Robert did as he was told, and slipped the motherboard into the wifi’s port. A hologram of claptraps body formed in the air. It swirled around the room moaning in agonizing pain like it didn’t want to be alive.

    “It’s working!” Leet said.

    “I wanna go home,” Spitfire commented.


    Taylor, Theo, and Amir walked up the stairs of the Loser’s apartment complex. They were impressed by what they saw so far. Not just by the complex size itself, but by the fact that it was kept so clean. The building had been shut down a few years ago due to some mold issues, they’d clearly taken care of the problem and made the whole building their home.

    “Thanks for coming with me,” Taylor said.

    Theo smiled. Amir, of course, ruined the moment. “I still don’t think we should be doing this. Light might’ve been nice to us, but I doubt the rest of his team feels the same way. At the end of the day, whether they’re joke villains or not, they’re still villains. We need to treat every one of them like they’re out to get us.”

    Theo rolled his eyes. Taylor nodded to him in agreement, “you’re right Amir. I thought a lot about that too, which is why I want to see what they have to offer, and see if I can take advantage of that before we have to arrest them someday.”

    Theo stared at Taylor for a moment as they walked upstairs. He was surprised to hear her say that, he mostly believed that she saw the Losers the same way as he did, a non-threat that could help them out.

    “This is it,” Taylor said stepping in front of the door number Light had given them. Taking a deep breathe, Taylor opened the door for her team to enter.


    The shaking trembling claptrap body dropped to the ground. After everything was finished, it laid there in silence. The Loser team members stared intensely at the robot body.

    After five seconds, the robot leaped in the air and raised it’s sticky hands into the air, “I’m AAALLLIIIIIIIIVE!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA”

    Leet yelled, “it worked! Hail Satan!”

    Light, Rush, and Uber yelled together, ‘Hail Satan!”

    Spitfire yelled, “I knew it!”

    Taylor, Theo, and Amir stared at the Loser members astonishment. They’d stepped in quietly at the height of their ritual. None of them knew what to make of the bizarre spectacle.

    Theo’s mouth widened at the sight of Spitfire’s unmasked face. “Emily?” Theo said with his mouth gaped open.

    The villain team stared over at the unmasked Mouseketeers. Emily’s face turned hot red. “T-Theo?”

    Amir scanned at the area. He paid particular attention to the pentagram and framed photo of Satan. “I can’t believe it.”

    “Wait,” Taylor said, “do you two know each other?”

    The Loser members stared at Emily/Spitfire. Emily asked, “Theo… Amir… What are you both-” Things clicked into place. She knew Light had invited the bug girl to pick up more mutant bugs from Leet’s spore machine. If that girl with glasses was ‘Buzzkill’, then the other two members had to be her Mouseketeer teammates. “You’re both…. capes?”

    Light blinked at her, “wait, you’re serious? You really know them both?”

    Emily swallowed. “We um… Go to school together.”

    Amir went to the pentagram drawn on the floor, slid his finger against the mark, and smelled/tasted it to confirm it was drawn from salt. Amir added, “she and I are also in the same bible study.”

    An long silence fell over both the teams, Rush coughed out, “God is dead.”

    Emily’s face turned hot red, and she ran out the room in shame.
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  3. RichardWhereat

    RichardWhereat The Dawn Will Cum

    Oct 1, 2016
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    Hail Satan!

    That was hilarious. Watched as fuck.
  4. Threadmarks: Chapter 2

    Axle Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 6, 2016
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    Taylor tapped at the computer keys in front of her. The glass cylinder in front of her morphed the pieces of flesh into the shape she digitized on screen. Every part of insect at critter was catalogued just so she could customize the bugs in whatever way she saw fit.

    “You’re a weirdo, you know that?”

    Taylor turned her head. Sabrina was leaning against the desk as she observed Taylor bug designing. She was red haired, with a noticeable ‘x’ scar across her face after she left the E88. It was symbolic, really. Her betrayal the E88 left her with a scar of ‘shame’, one she obviously maintained out of pride.

    Her arms were crossed, and she couldn’t help but pay close attention to Taylor and what she was doing. Sabrina said. “LIke, when Leet and Vivan use that thing, normally it’s just them screwing around and making dickbutt creatures all day. But you…. You actually know what you’re doing.”

    Sabrina stared at the bug Taylor was designing. A tarantula with wings and twice as many legs. It made Sabrina’s skin crawl at the thought of all the monstrosities Taylor could use. “I think I have to,” Taylor answered. “My power is bugs, I know it’s weak, but I have to know what I’m working with if I want to be a hero.”

    Sabrina stayed quiet. Taylor came off as too optimistic in Sabrina’s eyes, but she wasn’t going to ridicule her for it. The last thing Sabrina wanted to do was insult Vivan’s new friend. Sabrina said, “I think… You’re thinking too inside the box.”

    Sabrina walked up to Taylor’s keypad, and began designing her own bugs into the computer. “Like, you think you’re weak, but you’re not. You’re a frigging force of nature. Just because bugs are creepy, it doesn’t mean you have to keep the creepy look.”

    Sabrina designed butterflies. The wings had different patterns on them, and poisons were labelled according to color. She made sure to add sonar and other senses to the bugs, and took out any of the ‘scarier’ aspects that Taylor hadn’t considered as creepy.

    “Don’t live inside a box, Taylor,” Sabrina said. “You’re better than you know. These guys literally shiver whenever you walk by. If you keep thinking you’re not good, you’re gonna fall short. Believe me when I say your own thoughts can be wrong.”

    Taylor stared at her for awhile. Sabrina finished the rest of her bugs in silence, not really changing the functions Taylor had in mind, just changing the aesthetics. Out of nowhere, Taylor blurted out, “you’ve changed.”

    Sabrina pressed ‘enter’ on the machine, making the pod morph and create the insect eggs. Sabrina shrugged, “I guess so.”


    Taylor stepped out of the portal alone and headed into the kitchen. Theo and Amir sat facing Vivan.

    “And that’s what I don’t understand about Hooters.” Vivan said casually to the boys, “their chicken is overpriced, they always undercook, it has way too much fat to ever be healthy, and meals are too small to be considered a balanced diet. Its bad on four different counts, and why anyone buys food at Hooters is beyond me.”

    “Breasts.” Amir said stoically.

    Theo said, “how is it that Rush is your sister, yet you have the cleanest mind I’ve ever met?”

    Taylor let out a sigh, “guys, I got what I needed.”

    Vivan smiled at her, “you sure you don’t wanna stay for dinner? I made enough casseroles for all of us?”

    Amir asked, “you made casseroles?”

    “Wednesday is white day.”

    Theo said, “we prefer macaroni and cheese.”

    Vivan raised his hands, “hay-o!”

    Taylor’s face scrunched, “I’d like to, but I actually have to go meet with my dad.”

    “Kay, kay,” Vivan headed out the apartment doors. “I’ll walk you guys outside, you guys might um… Die, if you walk here by yourselves.”

    The trio glanced at each other, and followed closely as Vivan lead the way. “Be honest guys,” Vivan asked with his hands in his pocket, “how often did you watch our videos before becoming capes?”

    “I did it for research,” all three said at once.

    “Yes yes, that’s getting old fast.”

    “I’m serious,” Taylor insisted, “I literally keep a journal on how I could arrest you.”

    “Put a moth on my head, and make it chase me to the nearest PRT van.”

    “I hate how that probably isn’t a joke.”

    “Face it,” Vivan insisted, “you guys like the jokes.”

    Theo said, “You guys once wore hijabs and started making ghost-whoosh noises at the E88.”

    “And they never caught up with us!”

    Amir said, “That isn’t the point. Here’s my main problem; you guys make the villain life more glamorous than it really is. And I get the feeling that it's going to lead to a lot of misconceptions to what villains really stand for. Those misconceptions lead to mistakes, and those mistakes could get wannabe capes killed.”

    Vivan frowned while Amir continued. “You guys might be villains, but treating the caps rules more like a game instead of real life, it’ll only bite you back when your enemies figure out you aren’t the jokes you pretend to be.”

    Vivan stayed quiet as they lead them down the stairs. He anted to come up with some sort of witty rebuttal to lighten the mood, but that line of thinking didn’t sit well with Browbeat.

    After getting together his thoughts, Vivan said, “here’s the thing, when we started this team, this was always meant to be temporary. So we all just said, ‘might as well screw around while it lasts.’ But then it became a weapon. It gives this sense of confidence that we’re always in control. Like walking while chewing bubblegum, that we’re so expert in this, that cracking jokes can come hand in hand.

    Could you imagine if we actually showed how afraid we were at Lung? Or showed how much we hated the E88? At least with these jokes, we can show them that we’re not affected by what they do. That’s what power really is, showing that they have no control over us, our emotions, or our confidence.”

    Theo, Golem, and Amir stepped out of the double doors with nothing more to comment on that. Taylor let out a sigh, “I… Can understand that. I’d never do it, but I understand it. Is it alright if I stop by tomorrow?”

    Vivan nodded, “yeah, I’ll make cheese burritos.”

    She raised an eyebrow, “since you’re a villain, I feel like it's a trap.”

    “All burritos are traps.”

    “Ah, there we go,” Taylor waved goodbye as she and the rest walked away from him. They stayed quiet for awhile as they went down the broadwalk and into the city. After their base was out of sight, Theo asked Taylor, “wait, you’re still stopping by tomorrow?”

    Taylor glanced at her own backpack. She patted down her sleeves, pants, neck and shirt before saying anything else. Amir did the same thing. Both were suspicious that the Losers had planted them with some sort of unseeable tinker device.

    Theo asked again, “you already went there once, why are you going again?”

    “I told the them I wanted to practice with the bugs little by little.” Taylor’s bugs didn’t detect a device on herself, so she felt confident enough to speak. “I told them that my powers have limits, and that I need to practice with a species of bugs before I’m able to control them.”

    “Giving them reason to underestimate you,” Amir commented, “smart.”

    Taylor nodded with a smile.

    “But you’re going back?” Theo asked, “wouldn’t the less time you spend with them be better?”

    Taylor shook her head, “I still need to figure out how they work. Even just spending time with them will help me figure out their dynamics. My first mutant bug is a scout bug, one that lets me control more bugs over a longer range. They don't know I can hear through my bug's senses.”

    Theo whispered, “wait, are you spying on them right now?”

    Taylor nodded. “I’ll make more excuses to stop by, and I can figure out what they’re planning either through my bugs or just by visiting them. Either way, the more time I meet with them, the more information I can get before we arrest them.”

    Theo’s head cocked back in disbelief. Amir nodded in approval, “you’re sure you wanna do that? They’ll hate you for it.”

    “I know,” Taylor said quietly, “but at the end of the day, they’re just villains and we’re still heroes.”


    The five capes stood at the rooftop of an abandoned building complex towering above an ABB base of operations. They all stared off towards the building, waiting for the right time to strike. Uber, Leet, and Rush were behind, playing games on their tinker designed ‘gameboys’, Light, Lyft (Sabrina’s new cape name) and Spitfire were at the ledge of the rooftop, paying closer attention to the ABB crime ring as it unfolded in front of them in the night’s moonlight.

    Spitfire looked back at the present team, “your team has really grown.”

    Our team,” Rush emphasized, not gazing off the gameboy, “you’re part of this team too, my beautiful little virgin.”

    Lyft raised a hand. Her costume was similar to her previous mage design, but it had a much more checkered black and white pattern across the robe. "Not a member, technically. I’m just here because doing stakeouts beats masturbating to degenerate porn.”

    “I disagree,” Uber said, paying close attention to his pokemon game, “degenerate porn is best porn. Why else does Rush have a fursuit?”

    “Science,” Rush said seductively, “it’s always for science.

    Uber shivered at those words. “Speaking of which,” Spitfire said, “Rush, did you know there are online webcam models that cosplay you for cam shows? They look just like you, and they cosplay really really well.”

    “What’s their subscriber count?”

    “I think its… Double what you have.”

    “Fucking bullshit!” Rush flung her arms up, “big titted bitches show their tits, and everyone subscribes! But when an actual motherfucking artist exists, nobody gives a shit!”

    “That’s terrible,” Leet said pulling up a google webpage. “What are their profile names so that I can avoid those models?”

    “I’ll send you a link later,” Spitfire said. “Also, Light, there are actually some male lookalike male models that strip while cosplaying as you.”

    Rush made a gagging noise from her mouth. Light said, “I’d be flattered if I weren’t under age.”

    “That’s disgusting,” Lyft said, “Spitfire, send me a link after we’re done here.”

    “Oh my God,” Rush covered her face is in disgust.

    Lyft looked over at some of the teenage gang members on the ground level. She thought about the Loser’s alliance with the Merchant, and how they managed to make them stop recruiting teenagers. Lyft said, “I gotta ask, why don’t you guys make an alliance with the ABB? The E88 are your main enemies, couldn’t you just make an alliance with them like with the Merchants?”

    “They’d say no if we tried,” Leet said. “Guy like Lung wants control, not an alliance. They wouldn’t even do a temporary alliance with morons like us.”

    Light and Rush yelled, “hay-oh!”

    “See?” Leet said.

    Spitfire added, “none of us actually want the job of owning gang territory either. We talked about this, being a kingpin means being on our toes, asserting control, and constantly having to prove our strengths in the face of new enemies. None of us ever wanted that sort of responsibility.”

    Lyft glanced around, the whole team nodded in agreement. She looked down at the brothels, there was no telling how many of those prostitutes were teenagers or just forced to be there. “I think you’d be better with this territory than those guys.”

    “Nope,” Rush said. “The whole ‘benevolent gang leader’ gang is a myth. Anyone who leads a gang can’t maintain dominance without getting their hands dirty. And when I say dirty, I mean really really dirty. None of us have the stomach for that.”

    Lyft didn’t have much to say on that, she wanted to think being a ‘good gang leader’ was easy, but she knew better than assume things were so simple. “So… Can I ask a question?”

    “Of course,” All five said together.

    “Why don’t you guys hit the E88 like you do the ABB? You’ve got drones, lasers, money bombs, everything prepared against the ABB, but I’ve never see you guys going this far for any of the E88 businesses. The worst you guys have ever done was send boxes of dildos to all the members with notes saying ‘are your dicks big enough yet’.”

    “That was my idea,” Light said.

    Rush answered, “its a thought experiment. The E88 is held together by its ideology, so instead of hitting their businesses, we hit their ideology. I wanna see how long it takes before they collapse from the inside. They’re together strictly through pride, so how far can they go before that pride breaks? Ideological cults are always more fragile than people think. If it were the Fallen, we’d probably be doing Christian jokes all day while wearing lewd rabbi cosplays while kicking ass.”

    “Here’s the other thing,” Uber elaborated, “the E88 have been around for a generation. They have a foothold here like no other villain group does. Could we arrange for a massive stig to arrest all of their cape members? Sure, given a few months of planning. The problem is that that sort of upset all at once would be chaos. There would be a power vacuum in the city larger than if any of the other gangs disappeared, and Brockton Bay would be a boiling pot of out-of-city capes trying to fill that hole. We’d see a situation similar as the Boston Games. And as a guy who was there for that, trust me, it wasn’t pretty.”

    Rush turned her head to him, “hold up, you were at the Boston games?”

    “Yup,” Uber sighed, “ugh, so many mutants.”

    “Holy shit, I was at the Boston Games too.”

    “Damn, I must’ve missed you. What team were you on?”

    “Uh, I was kind of in the background, pulling strings in a few places. What was your cape name?”

    “Autodidact, you?”

    Rush cocked her head back, “what?”

    "My name was Autodidact. Means ‘self-taught person.’ Fitting for my power, but not my personality."

    Rush stared at him for a full minute, “I uh…. Forgot mine...”

    “You forgot yours?”


    Uber stared at her, “okay.”

    Lyft rolled her eyes. With a sigh she said, “I think it would be worth it. The E88 aren’t as safe as they sell themselves, they’re not worth having around.”

    The others fell quiet, none of them wanted to bother convincing her otherwise. Light didn’t want to argue either, but he was willing to explain how they could tolerate them. “The silver lining is that the E88 don’t stretch outside their own territory. They have an ideology, but that means their ideology limits their own recruitment. They don’t kidnap strangers like the ABB too, their crimes are limited to white ghettos, and they don’t do hazings in the daylight. Us focusing on the ABB kidnappings gives the PRT more leeway to stop the hate crimes, so it balances things out. It's more about controlling, reducing, and limiting the crime, than letting things get out of hand unpredictably. Because we’d rather let a gang that’s predictable go on, than let an out-of-hand gang take their turf.”

    “Wow,” Leet said, “and so he finally speaks rationally.”

    “Yesterday I delivered pokemon cards to all the ABB owned warehouses.”

    Uber said, “your racist subtlety is impeccable.”

    “Hey guys,” Rush said looking overhead at the warehouse. “I just noticed something, why aren’t they moving more people tonight? Like, normally we’d see some hostages by now, but all the minivans have been moving boxes so far.”

    Uber’s head glanced up at her, “boxes?”

    “Crates. Normally there would be a lot more prostitutes here, but this time… There are almost none.”

    Uber stepped over to Light and ‘borrowed’ his thermo binoculars. Looking through them, he scanned the area. “Something’s… Wrong here. Why are there spheres under the building?”

    Spitfire looked over at Leet’s backpack. The backpack could transform into ‘Clank,’ a limited AI robot that was also known as Leet’s handyman. She said to him, “Leet, your backpack’s antenna is turned off.”

    The team froze in place. They stared at Leet waiting for an explanation he didn’t have.

    Lyft looked over at the rest of them and asked, “why’d everyone go quiet?”

    A bomb went off. The building beneath their feet shook as the pillars collapsed under its own brittle weight. “Tinker!” The rest of the team yelled.

    Lyft and Rush immediately began picking up the team members using their levitation powers. Lyft carried Uber and Leet on rubble stone platforms, while Rush picked up Light and Spitfire using her gravity power.

    “Respawn to base!” Lyft yelled.

    “Not gonna work,” Uber said, “fucking tinkers always block Leet’s transmitter first.”

    “Motherfucking tinkers,” Leet yelled, “they always pull bullshit like this. We need to go, now!”

    A woman from the ABB warehouse left the front doors. She had on a metal suit, with a red cloak covering her body. With a gas mask covering her head and a grenade launcher at hand, she lifted up a megaphone and yelled, “you think a bunch of bitches like you can make a fool out of the ABB? You’re dead, all of you are motherfucking dead! If Lung doesn’t tear you apart, I will!”

    “What the fuck?” Rush yelled, “since when did they have a tinker?”

    “Is that a bazooka!?” Spitfire yelled helplessly.

    “It’s Bakuda, dumbasses! And you’re not gonna make a fool out of me!”

    Rush and Lyft flew everyone else away. The masked woman raised up her grenade launcher and tossed bombs in the team’s direction. As each bomb exploded around them, the bombs had a distinct color to each of them. A red bomb disintegrated the environment around it. Blue explosions froze obstacles, causing them to shatter like glass after getting hit. A few combustion blasts burned like regular grenades, but those were far and few in between.

    “Leet,” Spitfire called out, at the mercy of Rush’s dodging maneuvers, “what’s her specialty?”

    “The hell if I know,” Leet yelled, “Tinkers are fucking bullshit!”

    In that instance, a bomb hit directly at the platform Leet was being lifted from. It dispersed into a miniature sphere, and Leet’s body froze in place while the platform that Lyft carried fell. Lyft’s stone platform broke apart upon hitting the ground. Leet remained frozen in stasis, unfazed by the rubble bombs exploding around him.

    The team dreadfully continued their escape. Light began firing his beams in the air. One beam managed to hit one of the bombs midair, but that bomb dispersed into droplets of green slime, which burned and sizzled at all the surfaces it touched. It was clearly acidic, lethal even in just small doses.

    “Don’t shoot the bombs!” Uber yelled. None of the knew what they did, and forcing them to explode wasn’t helping. Light began firing ‘shield’s in the air. They were temporary, and would break like glass upon impact. But it provided small barriers as the whole team began to escape her range.

    Lyft and Rush tumbled the team back onto the ground. Exhausting their powers, they knew they had to run on foot now. Light stayed in the back of the group to keep dropping shields behind them all.

    “Vivan, get up front,” Rush ordered.

    Light didn’t listen. As another bomb went his way, he tossed a new energy shield up to block it. This bomb fazed through the shield like it was nonexistent. It dropped straight towards him.

    Uber sprinted back. His prototype suit expanded. It was a knock off from a prototype video game, but it provided agility and a weapon arsenal that only a tinker could provide. His prototype arm morphed into a tar-like whip, and he stepped in front of Light to try and lash the bomb out of the way. He had hoped it wouldn’t detonate, but the bomb disintegrated like glass.

    A blue energy enveloped Uber’s arm and covered the rest of his body. He held still, frozen in the same sate Leet had been left behind in.

    The team watched in horror as another member was lost in a matter of seconds. They sprinted forward, managing to escape Bakuda’s range as they ran into the alleyways. They ran in morbid silence; the team had just lost it’s two founding members.
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    QQ is typically my "beta" forums before deciding to post elsewhere. I hope Lyft is a good new name for Sabrina, I'm also deciding whether to turn Light's name into Nightlight instead, since I'm sure someone else had taken 'Light' before him. Either way, all suggestions will be much appreciated, and I'll be sure to announce updates here first before I decide to make any big changes again.
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    They looked down at the perpetrators harassing a group of teenagers. Light stood next to Lyft from the rooftop, watching and squinting menacingly. Their confederate designed capes floated against the wind. The lampost revealed their KKK styled robes underneath the nighttime moonlight. A camera drone hovered above them.

    "White Knight," Light said in a low raspy tone. "My White senses are tingling."

    Lyft tipped her clan cone hat towards him with a nod. "I too, see the perpetrators through my White sight." Lyft made exaggerated and dramatic gestures with her swastika stitched gloves. Light gave a salute , exposing the tan colored wrists beneath his KKK inspired attire.

    Light yelled, "Let us bring to them, white justice!"

    Lyft and Light fist bumped, and jumped down the rooftop with their powers. Light's body shifted into a white neon energy, and he transformed into a light to appear right between the E88 members and high schoolers.

    Lyft floated on a trash lid next to him. "White fiends!" Lyft yelled, "So long as the white trice are here, by night, the white trice will bring the might of the alt right!"

    Light's palms glowed in energy, "run! Lest you taste the might of white!"

    The three teenagers blinked at Light. They were ABB members, and they were outmatched by their six E88 opponents who had ambushed them. But with the Loser members there, they knew that they could inflict shame onto the E88 far better than any of their own gang members could. The leader of the ABB trio nodded, and ran off to leave the E88 to the Loser's whim.

    Light turned around and flashed a light to the gang member's eyes, "white flare!"

    Their eyes blurred, they dropped to their knees as blindness overtook them. Lyft took out a caulking gun, "face the wrath of my white slime!"

    Light yelled, "not to be confused with her other slime!"

    The E88 members couldn't see as Lyft's gun shot white glitter sparkling foam onto them all. The foam oozed over their bodies, and they soon became encompassed in sticky substance sticking them in place. The slime was vaguely similar to PRT foam, except it glowed in the dark and had swatsikas patterned across it as it encompassed them.

    Lyft raised an arm up, "the fiends have fallen! Long live the power of white!"

    "White power!" Light cheered in glee.

    Light smiled at Lyft. She'd changed. Whereas Vivan and Aryana had chosen to attack the E88 more for the irony and because they knew it would reel in more viewers, Lyft acted like she was her personal mission. Like she was under obligation to humiliate the E88 further after what they'd done to her.

    She never said it to anyone else, but she'd told Vivan that she really wanted to make them pay. That as a former member, she felt she could deal a harder hit to their reputation than anyone else on their team could.

    That's why he and her did these 'special' missions. It was always a concept idea Vivan had had. With Uber and Leet out of commission, they decided to create a "White Knight Adventures" web series to fill in the gap of their absence.

    "It appears, another night has been freed, by our white light!" Lyft said to the camera drone.

    "Indeed, Lyft. May we fight more, for the plight against white." Light placed a hand on her shoulder. He finally nodded at the camera drone, signalling it to finish recording.

    "I gotta say," Light spoke casually, "the costume makes me feel more powerful than I actually am."

    Lyft commented, "white people feel the same way."

    Before they could walk away from the thugs to leave them to the police, a figure entered from the alleyway.

    "Hey, Sabrina."

    Lyft turned her head, she gulped at the sight of him. "Hey... Theo..."

    Golem stepped towards them. He watched the 'white foam' cover the E88 member's bodies. "Can they hear me?"

    "No," Lyft answered. "The camera drone's off too."

    Golem nodded to her. They averted eye contact from each other. "Wait," Light asked, "do you both... Know each other?"

    Lyft scrunched her lips. Golem said, "yeah, a year ago we used to hang out for awhile."

    "Hang out," Light let the words hang.

    "I asked him out once," Lyft said bluntly.

    "I'm pretty sure it was because my dad is Kaiser," Golem said with a sigh.

    "Yeah," Lyft said guiltily, "that might've played... A big factor."

    "But you asked him out?" Light glanced up for a moment, "as in, asked him out, but never dated?"

    "Yeaaah," Golem said stretching the words, "she asked me out once, but then I told her, um... That I'm not racist."

    Light blinked at Golem. "What?"

    Lyft rubbed the templates of her forehead, "I'll spell it out for you. I lost interest in him, because I thought he was against nazis."

    Light blinked at her. "Oh..."

    Lyft murmured, "not one of my best moments..."

    Light then turned to Golem and pointed, "wait, did you stop talking to her because she's racist?"

    Golem blinked at him, "what?"

    "Wow," Light crossed his robe covered arms, "rejecting a girl for their political beliefs. That is so intolerant."

    "Jesus Christ Vivan," Lyft yelled.

    Light continued, "so disrespectful, I'm offended on behalf of racists everywhere."

    Golem said, "you're literally wearing a kkk costume."

    Light raised his hands up in pride, "white people represent!"

    Lyft yelled, "stop defending me!"

    Golem covered his face, "let's just drop this. Listen, I'm here for a reason. You both know Purity is my stepmom, and she wanted me to give you guys a message."

    "She could've talked to me in person," Light said, "I'm as harmless as a chocolate marshmallow once you get to know me."

    "Its true," Lyft said casually.

    "She can't be seen talking to you," Golem replied. "You know better than anyone how much reputation matters to the E88. If they know she negotiated a truce with you, she'd get dethroned."

    Light rolled her eyes, "we already said no."

    "Rush said no," Golem responded, "we all know Rush will listen to you if you say so."

    Light's eyes squinted, "how do you know that?"

    "Because its true. Rush might be leader now, but you're her brother. What you say matters most, and if anyone can make her follow a truce, its only if you say so."

    Light and Lyft glanced at each other. Lyft shook her head awkwardly, acknowledging the statement. Light said, "we've already talked about this. Fact of the matter is, a truce couldn't work with the E88. If the E88 stopped doing what nazis due, Purity would just get usurped by some other fanatical. And right now, at least Purity tries to be good."

    "Purity made a truce with Coil," Golem said. "Merchants aren't an issue since they only sell drugs and don't have turf beyond their warehouses. The only issue is the ABB, and their gang is only as strong as Lung."

    "They have a tinker now," Lyft mentioned.

    "Exactly," Golem said. "You guys do this truce, the E88 takes their attention off of hate crimes and you guys, and focus solely on the ABB. Purity doesn't want to risk ABB growth anymore. If Bakuda could take out Leet, she's a bigger threat to her gang, especially since your team has lost two members."

    "Why do people keep talking like that!" Light flung his arms in the air, "we literally live in a world where gay super heroes can bend lasers! Do people really think we can't unfreeze Uber and Leet? We've done crazier, it'll just take awhile because we procrastinate shit!"

    Golem sighed. He had heard Light and Rush reassuring their fans that their teammates would be saved, but not many people believed it. Golem said, "listen Light, I know you care more than you pretend to. If a truce could save a single person from an assault, wouldn't you do that? Don't you think that's worth it?"

    Light stayed quiet for a moment. He was trying to pretend not to care, to emulate his sister a littler. He replied, "Sabrina, you decide."

    Lyft cocked her head back, "what?"

    "You know E88 better than I do, you wanted us to do more against them. They hurt you more. What would you do?"

    "I'm... not really a member."

    "Doesn't matter. Aryana said that if I said so, she'd make a truce with them if I asked. I never said anything because I'm always freaked out another Boston Games will happen here. But Uber and Leet are... Out of commission. A break from the fourth Reich doesn't sound so bad. So you make the decision, truce or no truce?"

    Lyft stared for awhile. She raised up her hand to feel at her own scars. No more making them pay, she thought to herself. Then she remembered that those scars were minuscule compared to what the E88 did to countless others. She'd rather prevent someone's trauma than let the crimes continue for her own personal vendetta. "Yeah," she said confidently, "I think a truce is worth it."

    Light pointed to her, "there you go."

    "On one extra condition," Lyft said, "no more teenagers. Ever. Because its fucked up how your family treats kids like cannon fodder and zombies, making them believe that being a nazi is the best thing a poor white kid could ever amount to."

    Your family, those words hit Theo hard. Despite Theo doing his best to distance himself from his family, he knew that so long as the E88 survived, he would still be associated to them. "Alright," Theo said, "I'll let Purity know."

    At the corner of the alleyway, a tiny insect relayed the sounds of the alleyway to the insects flying high above. Those transmissions moved across hundreds of other bugs, before reaching its way to Taylor Hebert. She laid back in bad with a shocked silence, "Theo... Kaiser, is your dad?"


    Lisa, Coil, Trickster, and Purity sat at the table. "The Losers have finally agreed to a truce," Purity announced.

    "It won't go the way you think," Lisa said casually, "the E88 will be less united now. Their hate towards the Losers helped keep them behind you, without that or without anymore hate crimes, they're now a lot more likely to turn against you."

    "I'm confused," Purity growled, "are you condoning hate crimes, or not?"

    "Of course not," Lisa said waving her hand, "I'm just saying, you're the one getting the shortest end slick of that deal." Lisa smirked. She liked flaunting her intelligence whenever the chance arose. Her throwing out plausible predictions, even if they weren't always true, gave her the high of coming off as smart in case any of those predictions did turn out to be true.

    Trickster let out a sigh, not even willing to comment on the bickering between the two girls.

    Coil asked, "Tattletale, were you able to negotiate with Rush?"

    Lisa nodded, "they had already agreed to the heist before losing Uber and Leet, and Rush plans on keeping her word on that."

    "Good, will Uber and Leet's absence hinder their team?"

    "Yes and no. On one hand, they had plenty of contingency plans for if Leet had ever died beforehand, but its still a new dynamic that takes some time getting used to."

    Trickster asked, "so they're not really crippled? I’d think that losing their original members would at least be a blow their morale."

    Lisa smirked, "love bursting your bubble, but loss isn't new to the Losers. If anything, they're more prepared for failure than anyone else in the city. "

    Trickster rolled his eyes. Lisa's smug attitude was a constant thorn in everyone's side.

    Coil asked, "are they serious about trying to bring back Uber and Leet? If I could offer them a fix, would they fall into my command?"

    Lisa froze. Coil wanted to manipulate the Losers the same way he was doing with the Travelers. A carrot and stick tactic, dangling a false hope just to keep them running in the direction he wanted. "Not quite," Lisa said, stretching the truth. "They'll... take any chance they can get at saving them, yes. But keep in mind, if they think you're exploiting them they'll write you away like they would any other villain. Rush knows how manipulation works, she'd worked under Accord for years."

    Trickster cocked his head back, "wait, she's worked under Accord?"

    Lisa nodded, "she was a known as the 'White Rabbit' before."

    Trickster jolted from his chair. Coil asked, "is there a problem?"

    "White Rabbit..." Trickster adjusted back onto his chair. He put on a feeble smile, "you're telling me, that psychotic bitch that always stood next to Accord like a corpse doll, is Rush?" Trickster began laughing, "Jesus Christ, this world is so fucked."

    The others raised an eyebrow at him, but continued on. Coil said, "well, I won't make them any promises I can't guarantee. Trickster, you said you wanted to suggest a something?"

    Trickster mumbles, "I was going to, but not anymore. No way would my team follow through it."

    "What was it?"

    Trickster sighed, "I was going to say we should live in that complex with them. Take advantage of their tinker defenses, work alongside them as mercenaries. They could pay us for living with them in exchange for protection. But if Rush really is the White Rabbit... Well, Cody wouldn't like that."

    Lisa laughed, "wow, that would've been fucking spectacular."

    With Lisa's laugh, a lightbulb flickered over Purity's head. "Wait, why don't the Undersiders move in with them?"

    Lisa's froze, "what?"

    Purity continued, "Tattletale said she can figure them out the more she works alongside them, so why not live with them? We want access to all of Leet's inventions, Tattletale could easily collect intel if she lives them. And didn't you say before that the Undersiders needed a better base, what better option is there than a Tinker modified fortress?"

    Lisa yelled, "you're just saying this to fuck with me!"

    Purity raised her hands in defense, "believe me, I'm not. At the end of the day, I hate the Losers more than I hate you. If you can figure out their weaknesses, that works to my benefit."

    Lisa gritted her teeth. Coil said, "she has some good points, is there any real reason to object to that? Besides that you just don't like them?"

    Lisa blinked at him. Don't lie to him. "No..." she said feebly.

    "Ask your team," Coil said, "see if they'll agree to it, and then negotiate with the Losers if they agree."

    Lisa slouched in her seat. 'Requests' like that were more like demands than suggestions. She had to convince the Undersiders to go through with this, or else there would be serious long term consequences from Coil.

    "Okay," Lisa said quietly.

    Trickster held in his laughter, “wow, that's going to be a fucking riot."

    "Fuck you," she replied. With another murmur she said, "It'll still take awhile... For them to trust me that is."

    "I'm confident you'll gain access," Coil assured her.

    "You know," Purity tapped her chin, "you are their age. For Light, it should be easy for you to..." She dragged off her own words.

    Lisa raised an eyebrow, "to do what?"

    "You know," Purity bobbled her head, "browner people, generally... Find attraction in..." She let those words hang.

    Lisa triggered her powers;

    Suggesting she seduce Light

    Trickster bursted out laughing. "That subtle prejudice kills me inside!"

    Lisa yelled, "for fuck’s sake Purity, he isn't easy just because I'm blonde!"
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    They are really handling losing two members really well. How many more of them will die if they don't fight Bakuda to the fullest?
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    Dear Diary,

    The search for Leet's hidden cashe of robosex dolls have gone uncompleted. Instead, I found an underground VAT lab full of video game monsters he created. I'm going to the zombie section.

    Dear Diary 2,

    Okay, so I guess I wrongly assumed that those minions would listen to me like all of Leet's other creations would. Which would also explain why he never let me go into his lab alone. So uh... The Witch from left 4 dead zombie is hanging out in my room now, and I don't know if she's just as strong as she was in the game, or if she's a joke zombie that Leet created more as a gag than anything else.

    Dear Diary 3,

    I poked her with a stick. Bad idea. Turns out Leet knows his shit. Too fucking authentic. So now I'm hiding in the closet while this Witch bitch is trying to claw her way into my closet.


    Okay, so I got Clank to activate another minion to kill the Witch. Turns out, in a who would win contest between Left 4 Dead Witch and Pyramid Head from Silent hill, the Witch wins. So uh... She's calmed down now and I snuck away, but um.... I really miss my room.


    Emily walked alongside Taylor towards the Loser base. The two of them stayed in touch, and Emily was certain Taylor had ulterior motives to befriending her, but it was worth the risk. Emily wanted a connection to another superhero, Taylor wanted a connection within the Loser team. Despite them technically on opposing sides, the setup was strangely mutual.

    They walked side by side on the boardwalk. She was technically heading there to find new bugs, but Taylor wanted to spend time away from home just as much as she wanted to pinpoint weak points in their base. It was also a quiet walk. When two introverts were together, there often wasn’t too much either of them wanted to say. Taylor asked, “so were they your first choice?”

    She bit her lip. “The Undersiders were my first choice. Then the Losers. Then Faultline’s crew. I had thought of going solo if none of those teams worked out, but I never got that far by the time I joined them.”

    Taylor nodded. “It’s just, you always seemed a little out of place in their videos. Like you were there along for the ride but not really pushing the group forward.”

    “That’s actually what I’m going for. A lot of times I see myself more like the tether for the rest of them. Sometimes they might take things to go too far, and I want to make sure that someone is there to pull them back. It might paint me in a lesser light to them, but I think it's better for everyone that I do.”

    Taylor shook her head, “I think it's the right thing to do, and I’m glad you’re keeping tabs. Sometimes I wonder-”

    Emily's phone rang. "Spitfire," Marvin spoke over the line in a groaning tone. "Aryana found the Killzone lab."


    Dear Diary 22,

    Jesus fucking Christ. I'm glad Vivan is on his fucking date with Sabrina, because this building is going to shit once he gets back. Turns out the best monster to kill the Witch is a xenomorph from the alien movies. And it worked, it worked like a
    goddamn charm.

    Except now there are mutant witch zombie aliens making thousands of babies in my house, and I've gotta put the building on lockdown or else the whole goddamn planet is gonna get overrun by aliens. Fuck you Leet, next time you make monster minions in your lab, mind putting a warning label that says 'this shit isn't a toy, it will literally kill everyone.' Don't you fucking know I'll touch anything that wiggles!

    Now my house is fucked, zombie aliens are twice as hard to kill, I might be pregnant, and I might have to nuke my fucking house just to stop the whole goddamn planet from getting infested. Fuck you Leet, fuck you and your fucking bulshit tinkering!


    Emily tapped onto the keypad at the front entrance of the doors. The pass code didn’t turn on. Clank’s voice came through the keypad. “Hey Spitfire!” Claptrap said, “or should I say, hotfire like a sauce of malicious fury, haaaayooooh!”

    Emily rubbed at her face, she forgot Claptrap had access to the intercoms. “Claptrap, what’s happening in there?”

    “A kickass battle DEATH royale, that’s what! Rush found an zombie horde in Leet’s basement. Man am I glad Xenomorphs can’t suck my robot face to use as a corpse as a host alien baby hybrids! I’d be terrified if I were a human right now! And sorry if I sound happy, I’m actually traumatized from everything I saw today!”

    Claptrap’s tone was cheerful from beginning to end. Emily said, “but those Xenomorphs were experimental. She shouldn’t have… Wait, what did you mean by battle royale?”

    “Zing!” Claptrap cheered, “after the Witch killed the Pyramid head, Rush activated all the monsters and started live streaming! It's a massacre! A bloody merciless massacre! Mwahahahaha!”

    Emily’s face paled, “oh my God, all of them?”

    “Yes!” Claptrap cheered, “a battle of the ages! May all of the evil hordes from hell rise up! Riiiiiise up! Rise up and destroy the woooorld!!!! Hahahaha!”

    Emily stared at the intercom for a full minute. The monster Leet had in his lab were months of careful work and craftsmanship. Emily herself had lost track of how many monster in total they had down there. “Claptrap, you have to let me inside.”

    “No can doooo,” Claptrap said, followed by a rhythmic dubstep beat. “Rush overrode my programming to enforce this quarantine. I couldn’t let you in even if I tried. I’m actually pretty depressed about it. Rush called me worthless before taking away my free will. Hahahahaha, I’m laughing to hide my depression.”

    Emily rubbed at her nose temple. “Claptrap, I know you’re scared. But we’ll fix this soon. Tell me Claptrap, if God is omnipotent, could he create a sandwich so big that not even he could eat?”

    An electric shocking noise buzzed across the intercom, Claptrap’s voice yelled in front of them. “Oh man, is this death’s sweet and loving embrace!? Thank you, this sort of painful meaningless death is exactly what I’ve always wanted!”

    “You can’t even feel pain, you’re being melodramatic.”

    “Thaaaank, youuuuu,” his voice ended abruptly, and the door opened on its own.

    Taylor turned to Emily and asked, “what just happened?”

    “Override program.” Emily and Taylor headed through the front entrance and headed towards the immediate elevator. Despite there being something clearly wrong in the building, with sirens overhead and the lounge tv running the words ‘quarantine’, the first floor was clean and unscathed. Emily said, “Me and Leet came up with it. If you ask his AI a question that paradoxes the rationale for religion, they’ll short circuit long enough to get passed them.”

    The elevator was large and spacious. Despite the building once being abandoned, the renovations had made every part of the building seem luxurious. Taylor stared at the buttons to the side, there were nearly a hundreds of them out of order.

    “Something’s wrong,” Emily said. A few of the buttons were glowing with a pulsating red light. “Aryana’s section is in lockdown.”

    Taylor stared at the buttons, “just… How big is this place?”

    “The building isn’t just the floors it started out with. There are a dozen dimensions connected through stairway portals. Don't worry, I have a tracker on Aryana."

    Taylor raised an eyebrow at her, "you have a tracker on Aryana?"

    "It's for her own good."

    Emily pushed one of the red pulsating buttons. The elevator jumped up, and jolted toward the party room. The elevator almost rattled while it moved, Taylor and Emily stayed quiet as they reached the destination. “Emily,” Taylor said, “what should I expect?”

    Emily swallowed, “everything. Me and Leet spent weeks making video game monsters. ‘Killzone,’ was the project’s code name. It was supposed to be a contingency plan against the Slaughterhouse 9. To teleport them into a thunderdome world and to force them to face a horrifying army. I can’t believe Aryana released them here,” Emily clenched her fists. “Those things are dangerous, they shouldn’t be anywhere near this city.”

    The elevator door opened slowly to the arcade room. The room itself was lit, but the games weren't running. From Taylor’s perspective, it was a ridiculously cliche room. Full of retro arcade consoles that were more novelty than fun. Taylor could guess that it was mostly for the sake of collecting the 80s classics, but it made her wonder how much time and energy the Losers had to spend their resources on entertainment rooms such as this.

    The sound of steps were heard. They were slow, and gradually entered the room close to them. “Three things are coming in,” Taylor whispered. She put her hand on her own waist, ready to retract her baton.

    Emily stepped in front of Taylor. “What do they look like?”

    Taylor ‘felt’ through her bugs, “like… Mushroom heads with feet.”

    Emily thought for a moment. “Oh.”

    Three brown figures with cartoonish looking eyes and teeth entered their peripheral vision. They simply walked in column between the arcade machines, not attacking or saying anything. One eventually bumped into the arcade machine, and simply turned around to keep marching, with no particular destination in mind.

    “Is that…. From Super Mario?”

    Emily sighed in relief, “yeah.”

    “Wha…. Why?”

    Emily murmured in shame, “to fuck with people…”

    Emily and Taylor walked forward. They turned the towards the corridor and quickly came face to face with a Predator hissing at them. It was a towering tall with an exoskeleton bodysuit and mask. Taylor and Emily froze at the sight of it. It’s claw unsheathed and it hissed a low roar at them.

    “Oh shit,” Emily and Taylor both said.

    The Goombas turned the corner and casually walked around the Predator. The Predator knelt down, and stabbed the head of one of the Goombas. The Goomba’s eyes turned to ‘x’s, and its body deflated like it were a popped balloon. The Predator stabbed the other two, and raised their deflated bodies on his claw like he’d made a Goomba kabob.

    “Taylor,” Emily said quietly. “Don’t move, don’t attack. Follow my lead.”

    Emily fell slowly to her knees, and bowed her head to the Predator. Taylor did the same. The Predator hissed, and turned around. Taylor and Emily kept their heads bowed for awhile. When Taylor glanced up, she noticed a creature clinging on the ceiling staring down at all of them.

    It was another Predator, cloaked in invisibility that only her own bugs could notice. “There’s another Predator over us.”

    “Stay quiet Taylor,” Emily whispered. “Only run when I say so.”

    The second Predator uncloaked its shroud. It jumped onto the ground and stabbed the first Predator in the chest. Emily took Taylor from the arm and they sprinted toward the other exit. After slipping passed the arcade’s emergency exit, Emily spat fire behind them to cover their escape. They jogged forward, leaving the Predators blocked behind them.

    They jogged forward. The apartment halls were a labyrinth. Despite it being generally small, the layout was very clearly larger than it looked from the outside. Like the walls had been custom constructed, giving a white clean look which made the width and scope of the hallways more daunting than it was.

    “Why the hell do you guys need this space?” Taylor said running away to catch up with Emily.

    “Toy Box members used to come here a lot, a few of these halls are specifically for group tinker projects. Taylor, I’m going to need your help. Can you use your bugs to tell me where the most monsters are?”

    Taylor nodded as they ran, “two rights, and then a left.” Taylor and Emily turned the hallway. They ran for a few minutes, but stopped at the sight of three miniature minions huddled in the hallways.

    They were grunts. Spitting images from the Halo games, they were purple scaly creatures used as cannon fodder in the games. If Taylor had to describe them, it was like seeing shell-less turtles walking upright, four feet tall with metallic armor around their torsos.

    The three grunts all turned their heads at the sight of Emily. They pointed their guns at Emily. Taylor instantly raised her arms in surrender. Emily only rubbed at her temples. She said aloud, “Master Chief is on his way.”

    The grunts instantly dropped their guns. They scattered in a panicked fury. Screaming in a panicked cry, the grunts left the hallway without hesitation, paving a passage for Emily and Taylor to move forward.

    Taylor looked at Emily with a disgruntled look in her eyes. Emily answered, “every minion has an immediate weakness. Some are…. More obvious than others.”

    Before Taylor could comment, three red dots marked Emily’s forehead. “Watch out!” Taylor pounced at Emily, causing her to drop just before a plasma shot blasted over her head. Emily and Taylor got up quickly and sprinted away from the Predator behind them.

    “What’s the Predator’s weakness!?” Taylor asked. Taylor’s bugs delegated between trying to poison the monster to death and providing cover from the monster’s aim. Taylor quickly noticed the creature was poison proof. Clouds of insects blocked the Predator’s vision as it followed them without hesitation.

    “Not being a threat,” Emily answered, “which won’t work now since it knows we’re parahumans. Taylor, can your bugs lead us to Aryana?”

    “Yeah, we’re really close to her. She’s in the next hallway, and she’s fighting some sort of… Horse.”

    “Oh my God,” Emily facepalmed, “she better not-”

    Before finishing her sentence, Emily was kicked in the stomach. Her body flung backwards, and the predator from before uncloaked itself in front of her. It hissed at Emily’s face. Emily was ready to spit napalm fire, but the Predator quickly shot a white goop from its extended wrist. The goop covered Emily’s mouth, sealing her lips tight.

    The Predator walked slowly towards Emily, savoring its prey before going for the kill. After in extended its claw blade, Taylor pulled out her baton and taser and yelled. “Hey I’m a bigger threat than she is!”

    Emily shook her head, warning her not to get involved. The Predator turned and analyzed Taylor’s weapons. It pointed at her to let her know that it accepted Taylor’s challenge. It hissed and entered a crouching fighting position with its claws extended. The Predator mimicked a warrior, ready to kill whoever provided a challenge.

    Taylor swallowed, maybe this was a mistake.

    Taylor’s bugs amassed around her. It was small line of insects, not intimidating so that she could feign weakness. But a heavy blanket of insects hid above the monster’s head, ready to pounce at it from behind once it got too close.

    I wish I had my armor.

    The Predator charged itself towards. Taylor’s body tensed as it ran across the hall. Like a nightmare come to life. Taylor raised up her taser and the insects above her buzzed loudly.

    Before the Predator leaped at her, a white horse plowed into its side. The horse’s horn stabbed the Predator’s side. It pulled back and thrusted again, using it’s long swirled horn to stab the Predator into submission. The Predator screamed in agonizing pain.

    The unicorn damaged its body like it was nothing. Dismembering its insides like it were cattle. The Predator tried stabbing its claws in the horse’s sides, but the claws broke at the Unicorn’s diamond skin.

    “Onward, my majestic butt stallion!” Aryana followed the unicorn with her arms extended. “May the world be filled with your glitter grace and rainbow flavored butterflies!”

    Aryana laughed maniacally as the unicorn pummeled into the Predator. The Predator slowly lost its breathe before it became limp from the agonizing pain. The diamond stead heaved in victory, and stepped back from the Predator before rising upright to proclaim its ambience.

    Aryana walked towards Taylor and tapped her forehead. “Sup hoe.”

    “Rush… What the fuck is going on?”

    “Live Streaming. I’m calling this the who would win battle extravaganza.”

    Taylor stared blankly at her. She looked up at the diamond horse. “This is insane.”

    “Welcome to my world.” Rush walked over to Emily and crouched toward her. Emily had her back against the wall and was sitting on the ground murmuring mutely from the goop around her lips. “Emily, that’s not how you take white stuff to the face. Use your tongue last, silly girl.”

    Emily mumbled angrily while pointing at the goop. Aryana pulled out an shoe spray and sprayed it at her face. Emily screeched like it was pepper spray, and the white goop dissolved into nothing. As soon as Emily’s mouth cleared, she began coughing out.

    “Hey Emily, no offense, but I had the building under lockdown for a reason. This is very irresponsible of you.”

    Emily coughed, “are you *cough* *cough* out of *cough* your fucking mind?”

    “Are you really shocked at this point?”

    “Yes!” Emily yelled, “this is crazy, even for you!”

    There was a loud growling from the hallway Aryana had left from. Aryana sighed, and gestured for Emily to follow her. “Come come, there’s a panic room nearby.”
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    Emily yanked at her hair, “you frigging… Do you have any idea what you did?”

    The panic room was more like a lounge room. Complete with a personal library and Tron-styled lights and chairs. Taylor only gazed up at the room monitors in a complete awe. She didn’t feel nearly as safe as Aryana had assured her. She saw monsters from everywhere, monsters in different rooms being monitored.

    Big Daddy vs Deathclaw, Darkspawn vs Heartless. It was a like scenes from horror movies, except cliche monsters killing each other instead of people. Any perception she had that they were harmless was permanently shattered. Now she only wondered how she could turn them in while bypassing the absurd amount of tinker insurances with them.

    Aryana's arms were crossed, proud of the havoc she'd unleashed. "That's the beauty of tinker fuckery. Hate it when it's against you, love it when its with you."

    Taylor commented, "you nearly died today."


    Emily yelled, “The whole world could’ve been killed, what the hell made you think releasing this, in our home was a good idea!” Emily pointed to the screen, just in time to show an image of a wolf devouring a man-bat on one of the monitors.

    Aryana let out a sigh, “I’ll admit, this was sort of a ‘accident gone right’ situation since I’m getting some sweet livestreaming footage out of it. I only released the Witch by mistake. And I only released the rest of the monsters to try and figure out a way to kill her.”

    “That’s not how you fix a problem,” Emily yelled. “You literally threw gasoline in a fire.”

    “I know that now!” Aryana emphasized. “Things only got out of hand after the Xenomorph made babies with the witch. Turns out, the Predator clan was more than enough to kill all the aliens. And in retrospect, I should’ve woken up the Predators first, those black motherfuckers know how to get the job done.”

    “Of course they do,” Emily rubbed at her eyes, “the Predators were designed to kill Aliens, they’re not supposed be a part of some friggin live streaming gag!”

    "Listen, I’ll admit that I kind of panicked at first, which I also recorded, but things are under control now.” Aryana pointed her thumb at the monitors, “The building’s been on lockdown and it would take an act of God for any of them to get out. The Alien infestation is over, I’m not pregnant, and now I’m just waiting to see who comes out on top of this battle royale tournament I set up. It's all good, I just have to settle all those who would win forums that always filled up our website.”

    Emily tugged at her hair, “I can’t even… Are you frigging crazy?”

    Aryana curled her lips, knowing better to not answer that.

    Taylor asked with a raised eyebrow, “what do you mean you’re not pregnant?”

    The monitors in front of the room went dark. The lights flickered on and off, and Cortana’s small holographic body digitized over the panic room coffee table. “Rush, the Flood has taken control of the security cameras. We’re on emergency generators now.”

    “What?” Rush said, “how the hell could they do that? They’re gonna ruin my livestream.”

    Emily’s eyes, “you… Released the Flood?”

    Cortana’s holographic arms shivered, “also, is anyone else getting really bad deja vu today?”

    Aryana answered, “no, Cortana. You’re just weird. And Emily, the Flood was the first guys I activated after the Xenomorph aliens made zombie witch babies. There are so many Xenomorph vs Flood forums, I just wanted to settle that question first and foremost.”

    “Oh my God,” Emily ducked her head onto the wall, “this wasn’t supposed to happen.”

    Taylor asked, “why would Leet even create the flood? They eat technology, tinkers should hate that.”

    “That’s why he made it. The whole point of the flood was to take out a tinker that went insane. He never figured out a way to control it, so it was supposed to stay in stasis!”

    Aryana’s flung her arms up, “well how was I supposed to know that!”

    “We left a giant sign that said ‘Aryana, do not touch this!’”

    “Relax,” Aryana said with her hands raising and lowering, “I have a backup plan.”

    Emily said, “we never made an off switch!”

    “I know, but we still have a contingency plan.” Aryana pointed a thumb in Cortana’s direction.

    Cortana raised a finger up, and halo ring wrapped around her holographic finger, “should I reset the timer for the Halo ring?”

    “Not yet,” Aryana ordered, “I still wanna see who survives now.”

    Emily’s stomach churned, she sat down slowly on the floor, “you brought… You brought his prototype Halo Ring here…”

    “Yeah,” Aryana said, “Wikipedia says it’ll kill the flood. I brought it to our world as a contingency plan.”

    Emily was now pale. She always knew Aryana was a loose cannon, but she generally had control of whatever situation she put herself in. But with Leet’s arsenal? Tools so unpredictable that even Leet himself couldn’t understand? This was beyond her normal control.

    Aryana began patting Emily on the head as though she were a puppy. Taylor remembered something that Vivan had once told her, about how Aryana actually rarely played video games growing up. It was more like a ‘new’ hobby she picked up just for the sake of playing something with Vivan.

    “Aryana,” Taylor asked, “you’ve… Never played Halo, have you?”

    “Nah,” Aryana said smiling. “I just like to say I played the classics so that people think I’m a hot gamer girl.”

    “Of course you don’t,” Emily said covering her face. “You’re so frigging predictable.”

    “I take offense to that,”

    Taylor rubbed the bridge of her nose, “so I’m guessing… You don’t know what the Halo Ring does, do you?”

    “It kills the flood,” Aryana said, “wikipedia says so.”

    Emily gave off a weak laugh, “and of course Wikipedia never lies.”

    Taylor said, “Aryana, the Halo Ring is designed to wipe out all life in the galaxy.”

    Aryana blinked at her. “What?”

    “In the game,” Taylor recalled, “the only way to kill the flood, is to destroy all life in the galaxy.”

    Aryana’s face turned pale. She looked down at Emily who covered her face in shame. Emily gave off a feeble laugh as she contemplated her life decisions. Rush said, “that can’t be true, that’s like the shittiest plot device I’ve ever heard. Cortana, why didn’t you tell me?”

    Cortana placed her hands on her hips, “you’re the one who set the parental blocks on me. I don’t know anything about my own games thanks to you!”

    Aryana turned to Emily, “Emily, explain.”

    Emily shook her head in disgrace, “me and Leet made that ring so that if we had to, we could teleport an Endbringer in another dimension and then activate the ring somewhere safe... To see if an Endbringer could survive a destroyed planet.”

    Aryana’s eyes boldened, “but uh… Leet’s ring isn’t planet sized like in the game. His version is literally pocket sized, so it wouldn’t blow up the universe… Right?”

    Emily gave off a weak chuckle, “we tested it on a dead planet. It doesn’t wipe out the galaxy, but it does scorch a whole planet’s surface.”

    Aryana’s face tingled, “oh dear jesus.”

    Cortana looked at her wrist as though she had a holographic watch, “Aryana, we’re already passed the timer from earlier, can I abort the ring again?”

    “Abort,” all three of them said.

    “Aborted,” Cortana said saluting.

    Aryana commented, “haha, aborted just like my alien baby.”

    “What?” Taylor and Emily asked.

    “Long story, I’ll tell you later. But I’ve got another idea. You know Leet’s Cthulhu project?”

    “No!” Emily yelled. “You’re done, any shitty ideas you have from now on, I’m vetoing it! You’ve screwed up enough, I’m not letting you use any more of his projects from here on out!”


    “I’m Leet’s lab assistant, what I say goes!”

    Aryana’s lips curled. Emily covered her face in shame, “God, why did I think you were sane…”

    Taylor glanced between the both of them. The monitors were shut off, she couldn’t know for sure how long before their room became overrun. Taylor asked, “you guys have said Leet has to work around old ideas to make the same results, right? Like energy. Vivan explained to me that if he made a battery once, he’d have to use a plant battery the second time, and a hamster battery the third time.”

    “Yeah,” Emily said softly, “that’s how Leet told it to me.”

    “So, I have a question. Are there any inventions that don’t actually do what they say they do?”

    Emily thought for a moment, “teleportation is a one. It doesn’t actually teleport us, it destroys our molecules at recreates them somewhere else.”

    Aryana’s eyes bulged, “wait, what?”

    Taylor asked, “is there any chance Toy Box can activate or change one of his inventions from the outside?”

    “Dodge,” Emily snapped her fingers. “The cloaking device on our building, it doesn’t actually make the building invisible, it teleports the building between multiple dimensions, making it impossible to see us on radar.”

    Taylor asked, “Cortana, if we activated the cloaking on the building, could the flood escape it?”

    “No,” she answered. “Cloaking is equivalent to lockdown.”

    “Wait,” Aryana motioned, “if we teleport the building away to strand them, won’t that mean… We lose the house?”

    Emily yelled, “there will be a literal apocalypse if we don’t stop the flood!”

    “But still…”

    “No,” Emily jabbed in Aryana’s direction. “You don’t get say anymore. All of Leet’s inventions are in my jurisdiction now. Anything his, you don’t touch!”

    Aryana’s lips shrunk. Emily ordered to Cortana, “activate the cloaking.”

    The building tremmered. The lights in the panic room flickered on and off. A few of the other monsters screeched around the building before the building stabilized again. The girls stood backed up as the lights flashed back to normal again.

    “Building is cloaked,” Cortana said with her fingers doing air quotes as she said it. “The elevator is still functional and the portal to Bet is opened at the lobby. Me and Marvin will stay behind to make sure nothing escapes. You can all leave safely when you’re ready.”

    Aryana looked over and around the room. She liked this building, it was plainly obvious that she didn’t want to lose it. Taylor asked, “if you guys activated the ring in this stasis, would the explosion escape to our world?”

    “No,” Cortana answered. “The gravity field here is too strong, and energy can’t escape the entryway of the portals.”

    Aryana perked up, “so if we activated the ring here, and all the monsters got destroyed… Our home would stay intact if it came back?”

    Emily squinted at her. Cortana answered, “it’ll be worse for wear, but yes. The building should survive since the Ring only kills organic matter.”

    Aryana glanced at Emily for approval. She turned her head away and said, “fine.”

    Cortana gestured her hand. A loud humming stretched across the building. The ring charged as she smugged proudly with herself, “Done. I’ve set the timer for one hour from now. I’ll bring your home back after its confirmed safe.”

    Aryana pumped her fists out. “Mission accomplished!”

    “This is your fault,” Emily said.

    “Still, side quest accomplished.” Aryana walked toward the elevator. “Come on. I’d rather leave with time to spare than to wait last minute like a shitty hollywood movie.”

    Taylor stepped onto the elevator, taking a long glance at the dark monitor screens before deciding to leave. The whole day was absurd, she could hardly believe that the Losers had access to such dangerous weaponry. It scared her knowing this. Because she was torn between being glad to know they’d never do anything evil with it, and paranoid that such an irresponsible group of people had access to it. The sooner they were arrested the better.

    Emily stepped in front of the elevator and stared directly Aryana. “Aryana, I can’t be a part of your team anymore.”

    Aryana looked back at her, “okay.”

    The ride downstairs was an quiet one. They were silent even after reaching the floor. “You took things too far,” Emily said.

    “I know,” she replied.

    Taylor was physically uncomfortable around them. The contrasts between them were wakingly obvious. Emily wanted to address it, Aryana practically denied it.

    The lobby was calm. Untouched by the chaotic monsters from elsewhere. It was almost shocking how the scene had switched from bloody chaos to morbidly clean. The lobby had been locked away for escape purposes, showing some semblance of control Aryana had over the situation.

    They left the front doors to the grassy lawn in front of the disappeared building. Behind them, the apartment complex was vanished. A dirtline mark was on the ground where it had once been. But as far as they were concerned, it was safely tucked away far from Brockton Bay.

    Aryana laid back on the gross. She waited for her home to come back as Emily and Aryana walked along the boardwalk. The sun was calm, like nothing had changed since the livestream had begun. Despite how long it had taken, it was only midday by the time it was all over. In Aryana's mind, it was a success. No one was hurt, no one had died. She only let the breeze cool by her as she waited for her sense of normalcy to return to its place. Aryana whistled to herself.

    All in good fun for the game of cops and robbers.

    Emily walked ahead at the boardwalk with Taylor next to her. They were both silent. It was like watching the world rip itself apart and then pretending it never happened. Neither Taylor or Emily were equipped to talk about the situation.

    Emily bit her lip and said, "she’s whistling right now.."

    Taylor rubbed at her neck, "yeah, it's crazy how someone can be so nonchalant about almost dying."

    Emily's eyes furrowed, "she was whistling…"

    Emily clenched her fists, and marched back to Aryana. She ran forward to find Aryana still whistling in front of the apartment's grassfield, and looked down at Aryana as she looked back up. "Sup homie."

    Emily said to her, "this isn't because of the Simurgh."

    Aryana cocked her head back, "excuse me?"

    Emily pointed to the Simurgh tattoo on her hand, "you, doing this. You putting yourself in danger… That isn't because of the Simurgh, that's just you, and no one else's fault."

    Aryana stared at her for awhile. "Okay."

    Aryana didn't believe her, but she also didn't want to argue with her. So she simply accepted what Emily said without any rebuttal. Emily said, "and this isn't Accord's fault either. You worked for him, but he didn't make you. Everything you've done, out of spite for him, it's not his fault you're this way, it's your own fault."

    Aryana's eyes furrowed, "what the fuck, Emily?"

    "You have to hear this," Emily's voice raised. "You're not some chosen child of the Simurgh, and you're not some legacy from Accord. You've been your own person since you came to Brockton Bay, and everything that's happened to you has been your own fault, and no one else's."

    Aryana's mouth fell flat. Again, she did her best not to say something brashful to her. She rationalized that Emily was shaken, and was just saying things to vent her frustration.

    Emily said, "you're actually worse than both of them combined. You break things just to see how things break, and then you fix things just to see how in control you really are. You take the worst parts of both of them by trying to act against either. And they didn't make you that way, you made yourself that way."

    Aryana looked away from her, "Emily, I really don't need to hear this from you."

    "Then who are you going to hear this from? Vivan? He thinks you're a saint, and everyone except him knows its wrong. How long before your screw ups get him killed?"

    "Shut up Emily," Aryana yelled, "alright, I get it. I fucked up. Now leave me the fuck alone."

    Aryana's head faced the ground, not wanting to see her. Emily's eyes closed, her eyes were watery but she didn't want Aryana to see that. "The least you could do, is stop pretending everything's alright. It's sick, not funny. The least you can do is that."

    It was at that moment that they both knew what the real problem was: Aryana was in denial. She didn't want to believe Uber and Leet were gone, so she put on this facade like nothing had changed.

    Emily turned around and finally left her alone. Taylor was still ahead of her, watching the spectacle out of curiosity. When Emily returned next to Taylor, she said, "Taylor, I'm not going to be a part of this team anymore… Can you promise to check on them? Like the same way you did today?"

    Emily rubbed at her eyes. Taylor answered, "I'm not… Sure if I can. You saw what happened today, there are a lot of things outside of my control."

    Emily said. "Just… Be their tether, please. My team doesn't know its limits, and I've had to hold them back a lot of times. Since I can't do that anymore, can you promise me that you can keep them in line? Can you promise to make sure they never take things too far?"

    Taylor's bug listened to Aryana behind them. She was murmuring to herself, like there were voices in her head she was trying to suppress. Taylor answered, "yeah, I can at least promise that."
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    Aisha had a love hate relationship with her new friends at school. On one hand, she was glad to have a group of people that hang around with. On the other hand, she had nothing in common with them. Beyond liking the Loser live streams together, sometimes she felt like she was with them for the sake of pretending to have friends instead of them actually being friends.

    The graffitti she sprayed was finally complete. The nazi sign that had previously taken up the wall on the back of the alleyway was now redrawn to look like an Egyptian dancer with artistic integrity. She smiled, and took a selfie with her phone.

    It was a growing trend in town. Although the Losers didn't encourage it, they definitely started it. Students and adults alike were re-drawing swastikas into ironic doodles, just to troll at the E88. Aisha's group of friends made a game out of it, see how many selfies they could do of 'making swastikas look better.'

    Aisha pulled down her bandana. The Losers warned people early on that it was never safe do these sort of stunts with your faces actually shown. The E88 tried finding people who were caught doing these pranks, but they couldn't find the right targets when people were always masked. Rush and Light's half broken masks were a symbol of idocy that their fans often embraced.

    Aisha sent her picture to her circle of friends before a voice called out to her. "Who the fuck are you?"

    Aisha looked up from her phone. A group of five teenagers glared down at her, staring at her like she were an insect. Their heads were shaven, they had various celtic tattoos across their arms and necks. The one at the front of the group said, "what the fuck are you doing?"

    Aisha blinked at them, "holy crap, all white do people look the same."

    It was just an observation. This group of teenagers had clearly formed a clique, trying to look alike in order to portray a strength in numbers. The tallest, most muscular member of the group looked over at Aisha's drawing, and stared back at her. "You fucking do that?"

    Aisha put on a cracked smile, "nah man, it was like that when I got here."

    "Bullshit, we're the ones who drew that. It wasn't like that this morning."

    Aisha stayed quiet. She wanted to run, but on one side of the alley was a fence, and the other opening was blocked by the gang of nazi sympathizers. Aisha said, "well, it looked pretty shitty before I fixed it."

    She was feigning confidence. A part of her was imaging the Losers stepping in to save her.

    "Fix?" He pulled out a knife. "How about I fix your face, bitch."

    Aisha raised her arms in defense, "listen, hold on… It was just a joke, bro."

    One of the other members of the group put a hand on the tall one's shoulder. "Hold on, Purity says we can't hurt kids anymore."

    "Fuck Purity," he growled, eying at the picture. This 'make swastikas better' trend started the moment the Loser truce had begun. More kids began pulling these types of pranks, not realizing that the truce was keeping them safe. "If that bitch wants to protect shit heads, she can do it herself. No one comes to our territory and fucks with our gang for shits and giggles."

    Aisha's heart beated like a drum set. No one was coming to save her, there was no chance of escape, nothing she could do would save her from the mercy of those people. She closed her eyes, and in an instance, her world became black.


    Brian crossed his arms. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

    She looked back up at Brian, "oh, you know. Just… Hanging out."

    "You need to get off of them. Now."

    Sabrina sighed, and then stood up and stepped away from Bitch's dogs. She was inside one of Bitch's dog pins, it was filled with puppies that needed homes. The spot the teleportation device had brought her to was a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. Rather than get out of the dog pin as soon as she arrived, Sabrina laid back, and let the puppies lick at her before Brian finally approached her.

    Sabrina was wearing a white dress shirt with a colorful patterned skirt. It was a school uniform from Immaculata high, she pretended it was some sort of 'business attire' as she approached Brian. She said to him, "admit it, you've laid in that puppy pin too."

    "I haven't," Brian said stoically. "When you said you were coming, I thought you'd be here in thirty minutes, not two minutes. And since when could you do that? Lisa said you needed checkpoints to teleport to places."

    Sabrina shrugged. "It's not a secret then, right? We have teleporters everywhere. We just never use them until we actually need them."

    "You're just lucky Rachel isn't here. She'd have killed you if she found you playing with her dogs."

    "Puppies, Brian. Use the right term."

    Brian rolled his eyes, "so where's Vivan? You both supposed to be here for this."

    Sabrina shrugged, "the teleporter hasn't been perfect lately. We can teleport to the building, but not specifically where in the building. The delay should mean he'll be here in a few more minutes."

    Lisa had decided to take a shower before they visited. She had just left the bathroom with a towel on before going to try her hair. As she was about to dress into her daytime attire, Vivan materialized in front of her.

    They stared at each other, paralyzed in shock. Her powers explained his appearance:

    Faulty Tinker Teleportation; not his fault
    Not his fault, so I shouldn't be mad, Lisa thought to herself. Regardless, the most she could say was, "get out of my fucking room."​
    Vivan stiffly stepped out of her room. Sabrina and Brian watched as he slowly close the door behind him. He sat on the ground and covered his head in shame.

    "Wow," Sabrina said. "Leet's inventions... Really fucks with people."

    Vivan mumbled, "Tattletale, I swear I didn't see anything."

    She yelled back at him, "fucking drop it. I'll be out there soon."


    They waited another fifteen minutes for Lisa to dry her hair. She left her bedroom wearing a casual set of jeans and a t-shirt. She quietly sat down at the kitchen table next to Brian, with Vivan and Sabrina sitting across from them. Vivan starred in the other direction.

    "Forget it, Vivan."

    "I'm so sorry."

    "I said forget it," she ordered.

    "Shutting up now."

    Brian shook his head from the whole ordeal. In a harder tone he said, "so you have this place wired too?"

    "They have everything wired," Sabrina said pointing a thumb at Vivan, "seriously, their computers even made Dragon blush."

    Lisa raised an eyebrow to that. There was some truth to the comment, but she wasn't sure what it was.

    Brian sighed to himself, "alright, we've talked on the phone with Rush, and she says she'll let us move in after the casino heist."

    Lisa lifted a briefcase from her side, and placed it on the table. "Has she told you the amount we can pay?"

    They both shook their heads. Vivan said, "listen, about that… Aryana kind of changed her mind about the amount you guys have to pay."

    "So she wants more money?" Brian said with his arms crossed. "That'll change things. We're already paying the most we can afford. If you're asking for more, you'll have to throw in something like tinker weaponry to make this work."

    Sabrina shook her head, "yeah, that's not actually what she had in mind."

    Lisa stared at them for moment. "You want us to move in for free."

    Brian's cocked his head back. Vivan and Sabrina nodded their heads. Brian asked, "why?"

    Sabrina raised up her fingers, "two main reasons. One, we know you guys aren't exactly trustworthy. Which is fine, they've handled that before. And two, your boss's methods are… Grey? So we'd rather not take that sort of money right now."

    Vivan said, "I wanted to make a bonfire with your rent money, but Aryana really just wants just us to have mutual trust. And part of that trust means you guys living with us, rent free. Like the slaves."

    Brian glared at him. Sabrina yanked at Vivan's ear, "don't."

    "Shutting up again."

    Lisa stared at them in disbelief, "do...you know who our boss is?"

    Vivan answered, "we wouldn't be working with you if we didn't."

    Lisa couldn't believe it. In the short amount of time since they'd contacted them, the Losers found out who they'd been working. Once again, she had vastly underestimated what they were capable of. The only saving grace was that they were too moronic to put their talents to better use.

    "But there is one condition," Sabrina said. "There's gonna be a cosplay requirement."

    "No," they both said quickly.

    "No deal then," Vivan said more confidently. "We're throwing away thousands of dollars for you guys to live with us. If you can't follow that one condition, then no deal."

    Sabrina and Vivan both stared at Lisa. They knew. If Lisa couldn't get this deal to work, Coil would punish her. This was all for the sake of putting her on the spot. To pressure her into throwing away any pride she might still have.

    "Then no," Brian said more firmly. "We have a reputation to keep, and we're not throwing that away for a base we don't even need."

    Thank God. Lisa wanted to say. Coil couldn't blame her if Brian was the one who refused the offer. She smiled, and nodded at Brian's answer.

    Vivan shook his head, "no, you don't have to cosplay, but she does."

    Lisa cocked her head back, "what?"

    Sabrina said, "All the other Undersiders don't have to cosplay, but Tattletale does."

    Her powers dug deep into the both of them:

    Doing it to fuck with me
    Lisa's mouth gaped open, "you're just doing this to fuck with me!"

    "Yes," they both said together.

    Brian rubbed at his eyebrows, "This was Aryana's idea, wasn't it?"

    Sabrina and Vivan nodded. They remembered back to what Aryana had told them:

    Aryana yelled, "for the love of buddha almighty, that virginal blonde bitch has the cosplay potential of a repressed christian. If she doesn't cosplay with us, no effing deal!"

    "She said a lot of things," Vivan answered, "things that don't need to be repeated here."

    Sabrina pulled out a grocery list from her skirt pocket. "Aryana showed me some cosplay ideas if you need them. She says you'll have to pick from this list for each mission."

    Lisa leaned forward and snatched the note from her hand. It read:

    Bunny girl costume.

    Maid Outfit

    Track Suit

    School Girl Uniform


    One piece swimsuit

    Lisa's hands trembled as she read the words. Her mind spun as her powers gave her details about each of them. There were over forty costumes written there, carefully picked out for Lisa's humiliation. "You can't… Do that."

    Vivan raised his hands up in defense, "to be fair, I was against this. I would never tell another woman what to wear."

    Sabrina said, "Aryana was really clear about this. If Lisa doesn't do this, none of you are allowed to live with us."

    Lisa slowly looked over at Brian. A part of her wanted to whisper, 'help', but they both knew that it was no longer Brian's decision. With Coil holding a metaphorical gun to her head, and Brian aware that it was no longer his decision, Lisa shook her head.

    "No… I can't."

    Vivan clapped his hands and stepped up from the table. "Alright, then I guess we're done here." Lisa's mouth flatlined. She'd failed, and there would be consequences for it. Vivan noticed her unease and said, "you really do deserve better, you know that?"

    Lisa's chin lifted, "yeah, but like that could come from people like you."

    Vivan nodded in agreement, "kinda sucks how a bunch of losers are the only ones who still care about this city. Light, respawn to base."

    Vivan disappeared. Lisa rubbed her face. This was the biggest defeat she's had since she'd first joined Coil.

    Sabrina sighed, "you know they don't actually hate you, right?"

    "Like that frigging matters," Lisa grumbled, "just because you don't have any pride left, doesn't mean I shouldn't have any."

    "Yes it is," Lisa grumbled, "just because you got the pride beaten out of you, it doesn't mean I should get rid of mine,"

    Sabrina's eyes furrowed. She looked away, he mouth scowling like she was disgusted by the comment.

    Sees Lisa as a lost cause; was only kind for Vivnan's sake
    Sabrina replied, "nothing's set in stone, Lisa. The best thing they've taught me, is that its good to have people to fall back on even if you think you don't need it. And believe me when I say this, you need their backup more than you know."

    Sees Lisa as arrogant as herself in the E88
    "And Aryana and Vivan are going to offer that to you, if you can show that you can give up some pride to humble yourself."

    Offering a more mutual alliance; wants Lisa to leave Coil
    Lisa cocked her head back. Sabrina stepped up from her chair and said, "as weird as they are, we both know better than anyone that its just a play. But if you ever needed real allies, allies that will be with you in victory and defeat, these are your guys. Lyft, respawn to base."

    Lisa's eyes squinted. This wasn't their attempt to court the Undersiders, it was their attempt to court her. They saw her as someone who needed help, and wanted to provide a helping hand. Lisa wondered if she could use that to her own advantage.


    A coping mechanism Rush had learned early on was to lie to herself. Everything was a lie, so lie with the bestest lies to maintain a sense of stability. What Emily had said before really hurt her. Not because it was true, but because it came from Emily's voice. Normally Aryana could brush off any attacks coming from strangers, but it was a whole different ball game when your best friend did it.

    She looked around at the junkyard, reminiscing on when Emily had joined the team there, and when they'd recruited Sabrina even though she was very clearly a spy. Rush's costume today was a ninja suit. Specifically, a perfect knock off from an anime protagonist. She even wore a fake wig of spiky yellow hair.

    She adjusted her wig as she waited for the informant. It was her first time meeting with the Elite, and although she had reservations about working for them, she knew it was worth it if it gave her the chance of fixing Uber and Leet.

    A figure appeared from the around a tire stack, "R….Rush?

    Rush turned around. Her jaw dropped at the sight of Mouse Protector, "oh, fuck no."

    "You gotta be kidding me," Mouse Protector smacked her forehead, "you're the new associate?"

    Rush rubbed her cheeks, "you're the Elite agent? Fuuuuuuck."

    "Wait, no, I gotta call my boss," Mouse Protector took out her cell phone. She dialed before someone quickly answered her. "Hey, MP here. I think there's a mix up. Why the heck is Rush here instead?... Wait, what?... No…. nononono…. Of course we're not friends!... No we are not alike! Stop laughing, this isn't funny!"

    Mouse Protector hung up. The two girls stared at each other. "Fuck," Rush said as soon as Mouse Protector said, "Fudge."

    Rush slowly stepped into a rusty vehicle with her mouth contorted. She didn't want to say anything to her, but they both knew that they'd have to work together to get what they wanted. Mouse Protector took a seat next to Rush in the cadillac. The seats were mostly well intact, so there was no discomfort as they sat quietly inside the car.

    Rush spun the driver's wheel in her hand and waited.

    "I'm not happy about this either," Mouse Protector said..

    "I honestly don't even care at this point."

    They sat in silence. Mouse Protector almost considered taking a nap. Rush was so non-threatening, she wondered how she could have so many wins under her belt. The PRT were obsessed with capturing them, but there was almost no sign of competence when Rush was calm like this. Maybe she had the secret power getting people's guards down?

    "How's Theo?" Rush asked.

    "Really good, actually. He was always distant before he got his powers. He's really starting to open up."

    "I ship him and Taylor."

    Mouse Protector covered her face, "wow, you really are just like me."

    Rush didn't look in her direction, but she did smile at the comment. "I don't see it. I mean, you're more chocolate colored than I am. We're nothing alike."

    Mouse Protector rolled her eyes, "but you could still cosplay as me."

    Rush's eyes shot up. "Holy crap, why haven't I thought of that before? Cosplaying as enemies! Priceless!" Rush looked up with stars in her eyes, like she could imagine the livestreams from that.

    "You really are evil."

    "And I'll never deny it."

    Mouse Protector chuckled at that. The positivity from Rush was a refreshing, compared to most other capes she'd met with. "So how's Vivan? I'm sure he's taking the Uber and Leet thing pretty hard."

    "Not really," she said with a head shake, "I lied to him. Told him we can fix them no problem. As long as he really thinks that, he hasn't been upset at all."

    "You know that's wrong, Rush."

    "Is it?" Rush's voice peaked. "Like, I've lied a lot. I've lied to save lives. So what's wrong with lying if it's to keep someone stable enough for me to figure out a plan?"

    "Because it won't last. He needs to face the truth before it hits him at the worst possible time."

    Rush's eyes furrowed. Mouse protector said, "you know, whenever I see people your age as villains, I always think, 'what a waste of potential.'"

    Rush's body relaxed, her mouth fell to a frown. "That's really ironic, because I think the same way with capes my own age."

    They stayed quiet for awhile. The similarities were finally recognizable. Mouse Protector said, "Light and Lyft could join us you know."

    "I know. I don't know what's stopping them."

    "I think you are." Rush stayed quiet again. She couldn't formulate an answer. Mouse Protector asked, "Rush… Are you afraid of being alone?"

    Rush's eyes widened while staring forward. "You know, I used to be okay with being alone…. But not anymore. Having friends really sucks."

    Again, the similarities were there. A big reason why Mouse Protector was solo was to avoid the loss of a teammate. Taking in Taylor, Theo, and Amir was a risk she never imagined she'd take. "Relationships are always leaps of faith. You gain something, knowing you might lose something."


    Later, Rush explained to Mouse Protector what the casino heist plan was. They would work alongside the Undersiders in order to capture Bakuda. The plan was to force her to cure Uber and Leet. Then once she could do that, Bakuda could be handed over to the Elite if she agreed to work for them. If she refused, Mouse Protector could get custody of her, and turn her in to the PRT.

    The plan came down to making sure Lung wouldn't get involved. Rush and Tattletale arranged it for Purity to keep him distracted while the heist happened. Meaning, all the major players would be away from Bakuda to ensure that the plan would go undisturbed.

    Mouse Protector agreed to take the Mouseketeers to a training mission nearby. If there was an emergency during the heist, her team could serve as back up in case they were needed. Rush bidded her farewell, and teleported away.

    Mouse Protector raised up her communicator, "you get all of that?"

    Her walkie talkie spoke to her. "Yes. Thank you Katherine."

    Mouse Protector took of her mask and let out a sigh. "Listen, Dragon. Are you sure this is manageable? You've had a lot of things on your plate lately, I don't think the Losers are the kind of people you want to underestimate."

    "Believe me Katherine, I'll always be the last person to underestimate the Losers. And multitasking will never be an issue for me again."

    Katherine let out another sigh. Dragon asked, "unless, there's something else on your mind?"

    "Nothing, I mean… I just wish Rush were someone else."

    "Like, a hero?"

    "No, not really. Just… nevermind."

    Rush reminded Katherine too much of herself, and of a sidekick she'd once lost.

    Scurrying across Mouse Protector's feet, a line of ants crawled around her in a natural line formation that was hardly noticeable. The line of ants stretched around and outside the junkyard across the streets, sidewalk cracks, and undisclosed parts of the city.

    Eventually, the line of ants lead directly towards Taylor's room. Wide eyed and unable to sleep, Taylor said to herself, "Mouse Protector…. We're working for the Elite?"
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    One Hour before the heist

    The Undersiders and Losers met in front of the apartment building entrance. Brian, Alec, and Lisa were facing Aryana, Vivan, and Sabrina with a box sitting between them. A foldable picnic table was set up outside. The lawn chairs were stolen from a yard sale a half an hour before they arrived.

    Brian asked, “why aren’t we meeting inside?”

    “Pest control,” Aryana said. “There was a ‘cockroach’ in my room, now Marvin and Cortana are making sure the place is safe.” She made bunny ear hand gestures at the word cockroach, implying that it was something else.

    In truth, the Flood had destroyed most of Leet's defenses, but she didn't want the Undersiders to know that. Lisa blinked at her, “do I want to know what actually happened?”

    “You wouldn’t believe me,” Aryana placed her hand on the box. It was one of the last inventions they had leftover from Leet's lab. “So here’s the situation, Uber and Leet aren’t here but we still have leftovers of all of Leet’s weaponry. Leet specifically told me that this was a weapon was for us in case he died. Now, I’m sure he’s not dead yet, but I think we’re still allowed to use this for our next mission.”

    “What’s in the box?” Alec asked.

    “Good question,” she pushed the box towards the Undersiders. “That’s for you guys to find out.”

    They all raised an eyebrow. Aryana sighed aloud, “look, I’m a little paranoid about Leet’s inventions right now, so you guys have to open it.”

    Brian squinted at her, “so you’re putting us at risk instead?”

    “Yes,” the three of them said quickly.

    Brian and Lisa glanced at each other. “No,” Lisa said. “You’re literally putting us in danger because you’re afraid of what’s inside.”

    “Just open the box,” Aryana insisted. “I wanna know what’s inside.”

    Brian answered, “ we’re not opening the box.”

    “What’s in the box?” Vivan replied.

    “What’s in the box?” Sabrina repeated alongside him.

    Alec squinted at them, "I hate that I know this reference."

    Lisa looked down at the box and carefully pushed it toward Alec, “you open it.”

    “Fuck no,” Alec said backing away. “Did you see their battle royale livestream? Leet is fucked up. I’m not letting some alien mutant suck on my face off.”

    “To be fair,” Aryana said, “it was actually quite therapeutic minus the pregnancy.”

    Vivan said, “glad to know abortion fixed your problem.”

    “Abortion fixes everything,” Aryana nodded, “no people no problems.”

    Sabrina said, “how is it that I’m the one getting offended now?”

    Lisa yelled, “We’re not opening that box!” She stepped away from the picnic table. “We don’t know what’s in there, and we’re not going to be your test rats to try out Leet’s inventions.”

    Vivan said, “we were actually hoping you could read the box’s mind.”

    Sabrina reiterated, “we figured your clairvoyance could tell us if its safe.”

    “That’s not how my powers work,” Lisa emphasized. “I don’t know what’s in the box, and I’m not risking my life by opening it.”

    Aryana pointed at her, “you don’t get it, darling. If you don’t open this box, we’re not doing the casino heist. And if we don’t do the casino heist, you don’t get to work with us. So either you get low, or lay low. Because if you can’t tell us what’s in the box, then we’re all done with this alliance here.”

    Lisa didn’t budge. Vivan emphasized, “this comes with the job. We all knew we’d have to test out Leet’s weaponry if he was ever gone. If you guys wanna live with us, you’ll have to be a part of that too.”

    With a sigh, Brian pulled the box towards himself. “I’ll do it.”

    He lifted the box’s top open. He looked inside to see its contents. All the Losers backed away while Alec and Lisa stared curiously when Brian glanced inside. There was a white briefcase inside. It was a metal container meant to preserve its contents.

    Brian slowly unlocked the briefcase. Lisa and Alec looked over his shoulder. “Oh fuck no,” Lisa said.

    The Losers quickly stepped behind Brian to peak inside. “Oh fuck yes,” the Losers said with a grin.


    The Heist

    A hollowing roar rocketed across the ABB base. The gang members sprinted in a panicked frenzy to escape the monsters overrunning their base. “What the fuck is that!?” One of them yelled out in Chinese.

    “Exactly what it looks like, just run for your fucking life!” His friend answered in Japanese.

    Controlled fire spread across the floors and ceiling. It hailed the building as the casino tables became lit aflame. One of the gang members tripped over and fell on his back. He looked up at the monster staring down at him.

    The dragon growled. His orange salamander like skin and bat-shaped wings gave it life and powers that shouldn’t exist. Its tail was ablaze like a candlelight on a stick. The thin head hissed as it moved.

    “Charizard,” Light ordered, “ignore the small fry. Chase them towards the stairs.”

    Charizard huffed in annoyance. But it stalked itself upwards to obey his command.

    The ABB gang member, a teenager that was the same age as Light, looked at the him and said, “what the fuck is going on?”

    Light pointed directly at him. Lyft stepped to his side. They both dawned Team Rocket uniforms. “Well, if you must know”

    A drone hacked the intercom of the building. Theme music began blasting through the hallways. The ABB member’s eyes widened, “you have gotta be fucking with me…”

    “Yes,” Lyft answered.

    Light’s voice echoed through the intercom, “prepare for trouble.

    Make it double,” Lyft continued in verse.

    A purple ghost-like creature appeared behind them. It was only a spiked head with two menacingly large claws. It stalked around like a demon looking for prey. Some of the gang members tried shooting at the monster, only for bullets to phase through him.

    The Haunter stuck its tongue out. It comedically licked the shooting gang members. Their skin became pale and they dropped to the ground paralyzed from his venomous licks.

    “To protect the world from devastation.” Light and Lyft flail their arms outward, nearly dancing as they sang.

    “To unite all peoples within our nation.”

    Screams were heard upstairs. A panicked victim yelled, “when the fuck could Charizard shoot lightning!?”

    “To denounce the evils of truth and love.”

    “To extend our reach to the stars above.”

    Drones pointed lights in their direction to capture the pose. It created a thematic scene in front of the trembling, mortified ABB gang members.



    Haunter began hypnotizing some victims. Its swirling eyeballs induced horrific nightmares into the victims. They shrieked in agony before collapsing to the ground.

    “Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!”

    “Surrender now or prepare to fight!”

    The last gang member in front of them stayed quiet. “You guys… Are so fucked up.”

    “Haunter,” Lyft pointed to the young boy. “Kill.”

    He screamed before Haunter’s gaze fell into the helpless victim.


    Rush and the other Undersiders stepped off of Bitch’s dog. Grue and Regent wore their regular attires. Tattletale and Rush had their classic domino and half egg shell masks on, but they also wore classic grey colored Team Rocket uniforms. “Rachel." Rush said to Bitch, "these definitely count as Pokemon.”

    “Fuck off,” Bitch growled. An Eevee was grasped within her arms. She carried it like a mother would with their child.

    Grue addressed the group, “Bitch will cover the perimeter while the rest of us clear the floors downstairs. The schematics showed Bakuda’s lab is at the center floor of this building. So if Light and Lyft clear lower levels while going up, and we move downward from the rooftop, we should reach Bakuda’s lab at about the same time.”

    Rush whispered into Tattletale’s ear, “you can’t tell me he doesn’t turn you on right now.”

    “Will you stop!” Tattletale yelled back, “I hate how you’re not even joking!”

    The building complex was a tall one. It had long since been abandoned ever since the CEO of the business decided to move his headquarters away from Brockton Bay and to Boston instead. The ABB had since transformed the half completed structure into an illicit gambling operation. Gang members guarded several floors, brothels and hustling spots were spread out across the building. They’d have to clear the way to reach Bakuda’s lab.

    Rush shot her fist into the air, “alright lazy bitch ass super strike force, lets go!”

    “We are not calling ourselves that,” Grue glared at her.

    The pokeball to Regent’s side opened on its own. A large, purple skinned pokemon came out. She wore a read, heavy promiscuous cloak, with giant white gloves and silky blonde hair. Her lips were cartoonishly large. It tried to hug Regent out of blind lust.

    Regent yelled, “I wanna trade!”

    Rush yelled back, “we all picked random balls to keep it fair. Why Leet made a hooker Pokemon is beyond me, but you need to quit being a whiny little bitch and just deal with it.”

    “I want to trade with Brian’s!”

    Lucario stood at the edge of the rooftop. He stared outward like a nighttime vigilante, ready to hunt down its next pray. The blue canine-fox pokemon had his paws crossed, prepared to follow Brian’s command. Out of all of them, Brian lucked out it in getting the most stylish pokemon.

    Grue replied, "I would quit the team before getting caught with that pokemon."

    Jinx was lustfully staring at Regent. It had heart shaped eyes while making kissing noises as it sexually harassed Regent. Regent morphed it back in its pokeball, "this ain't even a real pokemon..."

    “Psy. Duck. Psy. Duck. Psy. Duck.”

    Tattletale glared down at it, “will you stay in your fucking pokeball!”

    The bipedel yellow duck stared at Tattletale for a moment. It tilted its head in confusion.

    Tattletale said, “did Leet make this batch just to fuck with people?”

    Rush shrugged, “only one way to find out. Undersiders, charge!”

    She unhooked her Magikarp from her back. She charged into the building while flailing the giant goldfish like it were a swordfish. She could be heard screaming ‘die bitches’, as she ran down the stairs slapping gang members with the giant mutated fish. Regent said, “these people are insane.”

    Grue said, “no shit.” The same time Tattletale said, “what gave it away this time?”
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    Author's note: Reshuffled some chapters. I've had a big issue with chapter 4 for the longest time, and I could never put my finger on it before. Now I know its because the second half felt too long. I needed it to be divided into two chapters, which I've done now. Latest chapter got posted right after the reshuffle.


    Haunter cleared another floor level for them. It’s darkness encompassed the floor, knocking out all the ABB members for Lyft and Light to cross safely. There were echoed screams within the darkness of the pokemon’s gas. The gang members dropped, suffocating for breathe as they fell around them.

    “Okay, so the Loser name,” Lyft asked casually as they walked. “Just… Why?”

    Charizard huffed fire toward unsuspecting members. They screamed in panic as they ran away from the unexplainable monsters heading towards them. Charizard huffed in Haunter’s direction, boasting his own powers.

    “It started off as a joke name, but now its just appropriate. I like to think of it as an ironic statement. Let people think we’re losers, when we’re actually badasses.”

    Haunter stretched his face out with its claws. The victim’s eyes widened, and then passed out from whatever magic Haunter had chanted onto him. Haunter then turned around to make the same face at Charizard, to which Charizard only huffed out in annoyance.

    “We’re using pokemon,” Lyft said, “it doesn’t feel ironic.”

    Light shrugged. “I kind of think of the name like a reminder, you know? As long as we remember to treat everything like a game, we can keep on being optimistic.”


    “Okay, if I’m being honest, we’re fucking fatalistic.” Rush and Tattletale stayed back while speaking.

    Grue’s Lucario worked well with him. Grue would engulf the area with darkness, and Lucario’s night vision saw through the shadow to shoot balls of energy towards the enemies.

    Rush continued, “it's a miracle I’m still alive right now, and I still half expect lightning to strike me the day God finally gets bored with me. The name ‘Losers’? Its an epitome of defeatism. Every one of us have low hopes for succeeding as capes, which is why we aren’t afraid to take insane risks when needed.”

    Regent’s pokemon kissed unsuspecting gang members that tried running away from their havoc. While Jinx sang and danced towards members, Regent forced them to trip, allowing for Jinx to poison the members unconscious through its venomous contact.

    Tattletale commented, “that’s a really optimistic way to put it, ironically enough.”

    Jinx turned to Regent’s direction, blowing seductive kisses in his direction. Regent said, “we gave you guys that name, I demand compensation.”

    Rush tossed a wad of hundreds at his feet. Regent’s stared down at the money, “are you serious?”

    “It's how I fix most of my problems,” Rush admitted. She turned back to Tattletale. “The nice thing about pessimism is that it staves off the fear of failure. We never expect to win, so it's easy for us to crank things up to ten without batting an eye. We can come off as reckless because there’s really not much for us to lose. And when you have that line of thinking with you, you can accomplish some pretty insane things.”

    “You’re borderline suicidal,” Tattletale said as though it were a question.

    A girl with a knife charged at Tattletale. Rush shifted her hand downward, pinning the woman to the floor with her power. Rush then unsheathed her Magikarp, and swung it on her back to knock her out.

    Rush smiled, “we’re blatantly suicidal. When it comes to edge, we take it in whatever way we can. Its an advantage that people underestimate us. We come off as jokes, but we’ll wreck shit up when we need to.”


    Their Charizard sniffed around looking for snacks. Its long salamander neck dipped into a bag of cocaine. He sniffed some of the drug, but he wasn’t affected by the highly potent substance.

    “Okay, fine, we’re joke villains.” Light admitted. “But I’d rather be a joke villain than a real villain. With all the garbage that happens in Brockton Bay, our style is the best I could’ve hoped for.”

    They skirted across the defeated goons as they searched the floor level looking for loot. Light found a few wads of cash from a poker game, Lyft stuffed her pockets with some high quality cigarettes. Lyft said to Light, “it sounds to me you’re waiting for a chance to go hero.”

    Haunter laughed in Charizard’s face as his snout was covered in white dust. Charizard huffed out fire out, only for the dust to quickly explode. Haunter laughed louder. “Haunter, stop bullying him,” Lyft ordered. Haunter fell silent, obeying his master’s command.

    Light said to her, “I think at one point I wanted to be a hero, but not anymore. I’ve seen how PR for the Wards work, it looks like hell. As villains, expectations are low. As joke villains, our expectations are lower. I’d rather have the world look down on me than look up to me, because the last thing I’d want is to be an example for other people.”

    Charizard huffed a flameball in Haunter’s direction, causing its ghostly spikey hair to turn aflame. It dropped and rolled its head on the ground in a panicked frenzy. Charizard laughed at its hysteria. “Charizard,” Light ordered, “no pokemon battles.” Charizard growled, but obeyed Light’s command.

    “You wouldn’t be that bad at it,” Lyft said shooting an extinguisher at Haunter. Haunter relaxed as foam covered its face and claws. “You care a lot about everyone, at least you’d be honest.”

    Light shrugged, “Heroes are supposed to inspire people to be better, I don’t think I have that in me.”

    “Why not?” Lyft asked glancing at him.

    Light stared at her scars, “I dunno.”


    Rush admitted, “We’re also narcissists. We revel in fame, whether good or bad. I’m a masochist, so bad publicity turns me on.” She made a moaning noise after she said it.

    Grue and Regent glanced in her direction, but then turned forward. Jinx blew gaseous giant waves of kisses towards the gang members around them. After the final kiss was delivered, the last gang member fell. Another floor had been cleared. To Regent’s disgust, Jinx winked in Regent’s direction to declare victory.

    Grue said, “but I doubt this image has done you guys any favors. No one wants to get caught working with you guys.”

    “It got you guys to ally with us, didn’t it?”

    Grue hummed beneath his helmet, “I think this is a different case. Us working with you was done in spite of your reputation, not because of it.”

    “But,” Rush’s voice piqued, “we only got our reputation as winners because we’ve kept up the reputation as Losers.”

    The Undersiders glanced at one another, not fully understanding what she meant.

    Rush elaborated, “so here’s the thing, the reputation we’ve gained actually helped us in the long run. The phrase, ‘its so bad it's good’ comes to mind. Instead of taking the name ‘Loser’ as a label for ourselves, it's more like an insult to them. We’ve got nothing to lose, but our enemies always do. If we lose in a battle, it's to be expected. But if we win, it just doubles the loss for our enemies thanks to our rep.”

    Tattletale mentioned, “okay, then you see it like a ‘failing upward’ mentality. If you can bring them down to your level, you win from them losing by default.”

    Rush nodded. Regent said, “I’m starting to feel bad for the E88.”

    “Me too,” Rush confessed.

    Grue mentioned, “I’m guessing it's also a pleasant surprise when the Losers actually win?”

    Rush nodded again, “Exactly. It's all in the name. Our bad publicity works better for us, not worse.”

    “That really is ironic,” Tattletale admitted.

    “Not a lot of people get that.”


    “But the name Loser is also like a humility thing. If you think too highly of yourself, you might get cocky and make a mistake, y’know?”

    Light rode Charizard like a dragon. He breathed fire across the next floor up. By now most of the ABB members were simply surrendering. They dropped their weapons and ran passed them towards the exits. Light and Lyft let them run, not really concerned about their escape.

    Lyft looked at Charizard, roaring like a monster from a horror film. “Arrogance. Believe me, I’ve been there.”

    Light stepped off of Charizard. “So, that’s how the name ‘Losers’ keep us in line. It's a reminder of what we’re not. A reminder that we’re not heroes, we’re not incredible, we’re not unbeatable, and that we’re not untouchable. None of us want to become pricks like Lung or Kaiser, so picking the dumbest name you can think of keeps you from being an asshole like half the people in Brockton Bay.”

    “I guess I can see that.”

    “The last thing I’d want is for people to have high expectations from us. A perk to being a villain is that we don’t have to live up to anyone else. No one expects us to be moral or smart, so there’s no fear of failure on our side of things.”


    “We don’t fail,” Rush said. “Never have, so you can expect plenty of wins through this cutesy alliance.”

    Psychtuck was hugging Tattletale’s leg. She ignored it as she said, “I wouldn’t call it cutesy.”

    “How about sexy?” Rush’s eyebrows squirmed in Tattletale’s direction.

    She glared back at her, “no.”

    “Fine. Let’s call it Game of Thrones alliance.” She nudged an elbow at her. Tattletale covered her face, a gesture she’d been doing a lot within Rush’s presence.

    A gang member tried running away. Rush unsheathed Magikarp like it were a shotgun, and shot water at the running gang member’s into the ground. He tumbled down the stairs in pain. Regent said, “I’m pretty sure Magikarp could never do that.”

    “Leet mixes his experiments when its convenient. Thank God for Tinker fuckery.”

    Lucario teleported back with a knocked out gang member in each palm. He dropped them to the floor in front of him, letting them know that another floor had been cleared. Grue admitted, “you sound on top of things here, but it feels like you’re making it up as you go. Did you even know it would be this easy?”

    Rush shrugged. “I actually planned on using Bitch’s dogs more, but I also had a dozen other toy box weapons at home we could’ve used. This turned out to work best.”

    Grue asked, “just how far do you plan these things? You talk like you know what you’re doing, but you literally came up with this pokemon theme an hour ago.”

    Rush nodded in agreement, “Our parody act? It's just an act. An act we all love, but one that isn’t stupid. Yes, we improvise a lot, but normally it's just to add flavor to the real plan that already works. Winning is the easy part, winning with a layer of fuckery is the fun part.”

    Regent said, “the lengths you guys go to fuck around is incredible.”

    “God I hope that never changes,” Rush said in a reminiscent voice. “We’ll set the house on fire, but it’ll only be the house of the people you hate.”

    “Like controlled chaos,” Grue said with a sigh.

    “Exactly.” Rush said. “I want people to think less of us. I want them to think we’re incompetent just so we can flip the table on them. We don’t game unless we’ve already won. We only gamble after cheating, and we never play until the deck is already stacked. That kind of planning is why we’ve got the reputation of being unstoppable idiots. It's also how we’ve maintained an ironic as hell winning streak. You’ll never really lose if you control each of your own battles.”

    “And you called me arrogant,” Tattletale commented.

    Rush winked at her, “I have more reason to be arrogant than you do.”


    Charizard was asleep on the ground. Haunter’s head laid at his stomach, relaxed at the final floor of the building. Bakuda’s lab was next, they would wait for Rush and the Undersiders to reach the floor above it to storm the level together. Lyft and Light played pokemon on their gameboys as they waited.

    “This also keeps heroes off our back. No one wants to be the guy who takes a group called ‘losers’ seriously.”

    Lyft asked, “I’m wondering if that’s why the Mousketeers like you guys.”

    Light shrugged. “People are quick to think we’re joke villains, so people naturally put their guard down around us. Mouseketeers are a special case.”

    Lyft asked, “did Uber and Leet want that name at first? You guys sort of just barged in on their thing, and they really just rolled with it.”

    Light chuckled, “we were all for the name at the start. As time went on, it just grew on us... Uber’s actually the one who told me this stuff, and why he likes the name so much.”

    Lyft let out a deep breathe, “do you really think we can get them back? No one’s ever gotten anyone out of a time bubble before. Do you think it's possible?”

    “Yes, I do. We just have to do everything we can.”


    “Probably not,” Rush answered instantly. The last floor was cleared, a steel bolted door was at the door to Bakuda’s lab. “They knew what they signed up for, dying young for capes is… Inevitable.”

    “There it is,” Tattletale said. “Defeatism mixed with blatant fatalism.”

    Rush shrugged, “no cape should expect to live long. That goes double for villains. I can’t miss them if I was already prepared for them dying.”

    Tattletale said, “wow, you’re a better liar than me.”

    “Takes one to know one.”

    Regent asked, “but if you don’t think we can save them, why the hell are you here? I’m not complaining, but did you really come here just to fuck with Bakuda?”

    Rush shook her head, “I came because Light would hate me if I didn’t exhaust every avenue to try and get them back. Might as well, because I sure as hell am not gonna retire anytime soon.”

    Tattletale said, “most people pick up a hobby when they’re bored.”

    “Do I look like most people?” She patted her Magikarp to emphasize the point.

    “So this is all to lie to Light?” Grue said. “You had me for awhile, but now you’re saying this is just to keep up an image with him? It sounds to me like you guys know exactly what you’re doing, but have zero priorities as an actual team.”

    Rush chuckled, “since we’re still reeling in from Leet’s money and inventions, we have the resources to keep trying. I don’t mind this, and Light still needs this. So I’ll deliver. As for priorities, you’re right, we don’t have any. Which is why an alliance might be good for us right now.”

    “You want direction,” Grue said.

    “I’m into dominatrix,” she touched her cheek as she said it.

    “I could totally see that,” Regent commented.

    Grue and Tattletale rolled their eyes. Grue spoke into his earpiece, “Light, Lyft, are you ready on your end?”

    Grue gestured at Lucario. He shot a ball of energy at the door, causing the steel plating to shrink, and then disappear from existence. Rush proceeded to command the team, “let’s go super sexy bitch face team!”


    Light and Lyft entered the stairway to Bakuda’s lab. They arrived just in time to see Rush and the Undersiders coming from the set of stairs at the other side of the room. The two portions of their teams met each other with a gaze. They held still.

    Six people laid at the floor of the lab. They were gagged and blindfolded, holding grenades in their hands. Bakuda stood at the center of them. She told them, “don’t move, or you’re all fucking dead."

    “Shit,” both teams said together.
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