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Feb 21, 2024 at 5:58 AM
Feb 21, 2014
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Feb 8, 1982 (Age: 42)


Just a Bit Ditzy, 42


Just existing Mar 25, 2021

ChandraMagic was last seen:
Feb 21, 2024 at 5:58 AM
    1. Etgd
      Your account must be confirmed before you can follow any members. how to confirm it?
      1. ChandraMagic
        You should get an email to confirm your forum membership. If it hasn't shown up in your inbox, check your spam folder. If it isn't there, you will need to contact an Aministrator for further help.
        Feb 16, 2024 at 5:14 PM
        Etgd likes this.
    2. Thomas Johnston
      Thomas Johnston
      Hi I tried to change my email address but I am not getting the confirmation email, would I be able to get assistance with this mattter?
      1. Etgd likes this.
      2. Thomas Johnston
        Thomas Johnston
        Please ignore this, the email got through finally, sorry about that!
        Jan 20, 2024
        Etgd likes this.
    3. AlexanderBishop
      Hello. I have a question. For the account upgrades, is PayPay the only payment method available?
    4. Lethalbhaal
      Hey I was wondering if I can get a confirmation email cause I haven’t gotten one yet and I can’t do anything without one
    5. Mattbro420
      Same problem need a confirmation to my account but didn’t get one could I get one sent when you get the chance and if you can’t just have them delete this account so I can try again, thank you.
    6. ShunGod
      Hi, it was suggested that if i want to change my name i contact a moderator, so here i am. I don't use ShunGod anymore, in fact i use ShadowJimbo. I was wondering if you or a fellow mod could change and/or help with this?
    7. Hay_seus
      Hi is there anyway to get another confirmation email I set up account a month ago but I did not know about the email so I finally clicked it today and it says I’m not confirmed so I’m not sure if I’m supposed to wait until it confirms by itself or what so if you can tell me please let me know
    8. Daydreamer12
      Do you know how to confirm my account? I have received no notifications whatsoever about it. Because of it I can’t read any NSFW content or even follow anyone.
    9. Vergil1989 Crossover King
      1. ChandraMagic
        Dundid, but in the future if you could just report the first post of the thread and ask us un the report to remove the poll, it is more likely to be caught by a moderator.
        Nov 20, 2023
      2. Vergil1989 Crossover King
        Vergil1989 Crossover King
        I will but thank you regardless. :D
        Nov 20, 2023
    10. Cimmerian
      Well, if you can't verify my account, would you please just delete it, so my information isn't just out there, waiting to be hacked? (I have no option to do this myself.) Please and thank you.
    11. Cimmerian
      Tried messaging the other mod. I'm trying to work through the verification; changed to my work email but am not sure if it is microsoft or not (have a .gov email, but microsoft may manage). Any help would be awesome. Nothing in my spam/junk filter.
    12. Lucafa31
      Hi. I am not receiving the confirmation email and I don't have the privileges to make a post in the introduction thread. Could you help me please?
    13. Orcinus
      Please remove the poll from Temporal Toolbox. Thank you!
    14. Delasorn
      Hello, could you guide me to how to confirm account? Signed up yesterday but appears there are ongoing issues sending emails.
    15. Orcinus
      I’d like to change my name from “Orca12” to just “Orca”, and I couldn’t find a UN change setting. If the name is available, I would appreciate it very much.
    16. w0f
      Hello what do you think about creating real life dating forum here on QQ . if yes can we make somesort of vote here?
    17. skylites
      Hi, I changed my email address but the confirmation email won't go through.
    18. Darth Cinagra
      Darth Cinagra
      1. Darth Cinagra
        Darth Cinagra
        Thanks for the help... Uh, assuming you were the one that helped? Idk, the story is visible now so thanks anyway :)
        Jul 27, 2023
    19. Cockus Blockamus
      Cockus Blockamus
      Hello I'd like to request a name change Cockus Blockamus please, thank you!
    20. Crab0StabO
      Hi, I'm in the middle of setting up a new phone, and when I went to login with my password, it said it was incorrect, so I went to reset it, but I'm a Microsoft addresses so the email won't come through, is the Microsoft problem temporary or do I need a new account.
    21. NezuNezU3109
      Hello, how can I confirm my account?
    22. Daytripper
    23. Darth Vanagis
      Darth Vanagis
      Hello, Here to request a name change to Darth Vanagis to stay consistent with my Patreon, Web novel, and FF please.
    24. XxxEternalDarknessxxX
      hello i'm here requesting a name change, can you change my name to XxxEternalDarknessxxX ? i'm trying to make sure my name stays consistent through different platforms please and thankyou.
    25. FrancoGamerxz
      Hello Moderator individual person being, hope you're good. I'm leaving a post here because I'd like to have my locked Marvel thread unlocked. Thanks.
    26. setsunatama3
      Hello, i've been a member(reader) for some time and I have been considering posting my own work. But for me to do that i'd need to use my pen name rather than what the auto filler script made my username. So how would i go about changing my profile name?
    27. Divine Smight
      Divine Smight
      Hi. How would I make a post to gain qualifications?
    28. BazDog25
      Hello. I want to close my account.
      1. Megaolix
        See Rule 6. Just log out and never return.
        Dec 21, 2022
    29. faruqi
      Hello,I'm having a problem with the whole account verification thing, how do I make a post when it says I dont have the privilege? also I didnt get the email confirmation thingy.
    30. Rosenkui
      Hey, I'm having a problem with the whole account verification thing. For some reason I'm not getting the email that would allow me to do so. Thanks in advance
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    Alp Me Quest: Where you're a poor guy who will Alp. Also, plot. (FINISHED!)
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