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Jun 25, 2018
Likes Received:
July 19


I trust you know where the happy button is?, Male

    1. jott
      Do you have a discord
    2. llat-2
      Did you make a New Years resolution?
    3. Jyrel
      I know dicks only post demanding-sounding questions on somebody else's profile, but I'm going to do that anyways. Is Power Corrupts ever going to drop on FF.net?
    4. anap1
      Yo I just wanted to let you know you wrote some great stuff and to tell you merry Christmas.
      1. Rekka and Ideas-Guy like this.
    5. Rekka
      Yo, I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and that ya don't let the Grinches get to ya.
    6. KenNM
      How can Harley even react fast enough to smack people out of Tarble's attacks? Or the fact that somehow Batgirl's hits are a blur even to him, power armor or no?

      How did he even hit The Flash if he's appearantly that slow?
      1. Rekka
        Really dude? There's a thread for this. Where I've seen you post about this exact subject multiple times. Posting the same question on the author's profile? At that point, it's just harassment.

        Tarble was holding back to keep from killing Boomerang, or Harley was given a Super Serum, etc. There are a number of possible explanations.

        This question really didn't need to be repeated over and over again.
        Dec 8, 2021
        Venyr4434, akiSa and Hypervane like this.
      2. KenNM
        True, it seems I let my curiosity get the better of me. My apologies
        Dec 9, 2021
        Venyr4434 and Rekka like this.
    7. llat-2
      Did you ever get to play Judgment and Lost Judgment? They were set in the Yakuza-verse with a detective as the protagonist.
      1. Human and Ghostcraft19 like this.
    8. anhrefn
    9. anhrefn
      1. Ron, kabs, ilay and 5 others like this.
    10. dbray98
      cant wait for fools world to be uploaded, i love nasuverse
      1. Sat7166 likes this.
    11. Venyr4434
      Hello. Regarding Castoff, your Berserk/Witcher fic, is it dropped?
    12. DragonBoyEx
      is A Hard Knock Life dropped?
      1. Johnjohn2195 and Pontus like this.
    13. Down2Clown
      In the last two chapters of Gone Native, every time you talk about the 501st(or whatever Tarble's unit was called) you're missing the digits. It always shows up as something like the following: "I spent time with the st". Not sure if that is intentional or not.
      1. Mandabar, KenNM, Venyr4434 and 3 others like this.
    14. llat-2
      What would Vergil and Ren think about each other if they saw how each other affected their worlds at the end of their respective journeys?
    15. ghulras
      For Chapter 58 for See No Evil on Subscribestar you seem to have accidentally linked to chapter 57 instead.

      Thanks for fixing it so quickly.
      1. llat-2 and Ideas-Guy like this.
    16. llat-2
      You posted 'The Game' in place of chapter 55 'The Play' on the Fanfiction dot net site.
      1. llat-2
        Thank you and See No Evil is my favorite fanfic. You even answered the question I was ready to ask in the thread.
        Sep 8, 2021
        Sat7166 likes this.
    17. Sonic4Ever
      Hi! I just want ask you this:

      It's possible ask in someway a story? Like a Patreon?
    18. anap1
      yo just in case you set the thread to ignore heres a recc for the issue you had were it felt like you were jerking tarble off
      well these documentaries are painting him in a good light, if thats a issue why dont you try having them watch one made by the people who hate him and see him as he is, a monster.

      its a copy an paste
      1. MechaNova and Sandsforever like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Rekka
        I'm not a fan of the idea of people cluttering IG's profile with idea's about his stories just because of the chance he might have put the thread where such things are appropriate on ignore.

        If he doesn't want to look at the thread, let him. Don't bring the thread into his profile. No matter how good of an idea you might have, that's not doing him a favor.
        Aug 17, 2021
      4. Rekka
        Trying to force or trick someone into looking at something they are trying to ignore is... well, I don't think I need to spell out that that's not a good thing, right?

        Edit: Sorry for the triple post, didn't realize there was a character limit.
        Aug 17, 2021
      5. anap1
        fair enough, ill keep that in mind then and keep it in the thread.
        Aug 17, 2021
        SullenMadMax and Rekka like this.
    19. Nihlus Cain
      Nihlus Cain
      hey just wanted to let you know some pictures for the female characters in the see no evil image tab arent loading. just thought you should know
    20. anap1
      btw when you post fools world i recc that you crosspost on royalroad, its a decent site to post og storys on.
      1. KickInator likes this.
    21. Sandsforever
      Sometimes you make me feel like a rabid dog frothing at the mouth for food(ie: content)

      Thanks for entertaining us plebs my dude
      1. Star chaser likes this.
    22. Sonic4Ever
      Just a little question:

      You have never think to made a Star VS The Forces Of Evil fanfiction? Maybe on with Mina Loveberry like protagonist?

      It's just...my curiosity XD

      P. S. Sorry for my English XD
    23. ApatheticPrince
      Just wanted to stop by and comment here, since I have a general rule about interacting with forums, ie: don't. But I wanted to hopefully give a bit of positive feedback to counteract the teeming mass of whining bitches your story became. So I'll just say that like always I'll be looking forward to your next story, and thanks to you (and your beta) for the free entertainment.
      1. anap1, Hypervane, einargs and 5 others like this.
    24. Carrot_Wizard
      Yo, Ideas-Guy. I wanna apologize on behalf of some of your readers. For those who this applies to, including me, shame on us. I'm sorry nobody spoke up for you while everybody was busy shitting on the KonoSuba Arc. I enjoyed it myself, and I'll keep an eye out for this kinda thing happening to authors
      1. Dyliokhan, Cool10007, einargs and 4 others like this.
    25. Noctis
      Whatever happened to your cyberpunk fic? I know you stopped uploading it but I never heard why. Did you decide to drop it?
    26. Hannibal
      Is there a word quota you follow Ideas-Guy? Like per hour or per day? And how do you edit? And what is your schedule man? Like what time of the day you write?

      I'm trying to write more, write often and write better, and figured why not ask the man who's been doing all of the three above. So what's the secret ingredient Ideas-Guy?

      P.S - you're not James Patterson in disguise, are you?
      1. Ideas-Guy
        For me, I try to get 5k words per day. It took me a while to work up to that point, though, so it would be better to start out at a more reasonable goal. See how many words you can write in a day, then try to aim a little higher until you can consistently hit that goal. Then move the goal post further.
        Jun 27, 2021
      2. Ideas-Guy
        The big secret is consistency. Give yourself a few hours a day and dedicate it to writing. Eventually, you'll form a habit and after that, the act of writing gets a lot easier. Try to keep to that time -- it helps with the creative process, and it prevents burnout.
        Jun 27, 2021
      3. Ideas-Guy
        Also, a bit of advice -- find a beta that's honest with you. No matter how good of a writer you are, you will make mistakes. A good beta can go back and forth with you to improve your work beyond just fixing grammar.

        Hopes this helps!
        Jun 27, 2021
    27. EVA-Saiyajin
      Sorry you have to deal with so much whining.
      1. Ideas-Guy
        It's all good. I tossed the Power corrupts thread on ignore a few weeks ago, and I haven't taken it off yet so people are kinda screaming into the void at the moment. They'll either get it out of their system or they'll drop the story -- either way, things will go back to normal soon enough.
        Jun 26, 2021
      2. Evilhippy
        I'm sorry, this is just so funny, I literally cracked an ear splitting grin.
        Jun 27, 2021
      3. EVA-Saiyajin
        For whatever it’s worth, I always enjoyed the story Power Corrupts. But I understand a need to move on. I hope future endeavors are less troublesome for you.
        Jul 10, 2021
        Ideas-Guy and Evilhippy like this.
    28. S T 0 |2 M
      S T 0 |2 M
      If anyone is confused as to why Ideas-guy isn’t posting anything, he is probably partying somewhere to celebrate the completion of Going Native. He’ll be back July 5th.
      1. Venyr4434, NickNock and Caelleh like this.
    29. anap1
      yo ideas bruh, would the scp universe be a interesting setting to write about? because i feel it would have a lot of potential
      1. SolTelos, Human, Ehbon and 1 other person like this.
    30. Chen Long
      Chen Long
      Dude, for the love of all things... Don't continue the Konosuba route on Power Corrupts! I'm cringing, breaking apart by reading it. The story had such a good roll onwards, but now I feel like you just made an Arc that is the same as most generic self-insert Konosuba stories. That is why I'm begging you, knowtowing on my knees, to reroll the world or reboot the Konosuba arc. I love your Power Corrupts story
      1. Regisnex likes this.
      2. Rekka
        You're a little.... actually, more than a little, you're massively late on that. There was a poll, the Konosuba arc continuing won by a landslide. Also, the story has a thread if you want to talk about it.(It being the story)
        Jun 12, 2021
        SolTelos, FTR2017, Azelember and 6 others like this.
      3. Sandsforever
        Oh no... the author continues to write and you get to read for free... whatever will you do
        Jun 14, 2021
        SolTelos, FTR2017, Phronesis and 7 others like this.
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