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May 17, 2013
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Experienced., from Texas

Running COSMOS Still Needs Energy Jul 4, 2023

    1. Sphere
      Hey Shaper, any plans on ever getting back into your cultivation setting?

      I recently got started reading InvertedHelix's take and found the original inspiration, and the whole setting seems really well put together mechanically
      1. inverted_helix likes this.
      2. ShaperV
        Possibly, but not until I either finish my current quest or get burned out on it.
        Aug 16, 2023
        ses and inverted_helix like this.
      3. ses
        I really really hope you dont burn out on COSMOS. I love that story so much and we're finally about to reach some real climactic battles.
        Sep 20, 2023
    2. Milksteak
      So stoked for the next Daniel Black. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to Jungles of Alabama—before I actually start reading it, though, are you planning on releasing an audiobook version? I still use my eyeballs, but I usually get audio if I can.
      1. Longtimelurker and ses like this.
      2. Longtimelurker
        I too am stoked for the next Daniel Black
        Sep 5, 2023
        Qwerty1234 likes this.
    3. ShaperV
      Running COSMOS Still Needs Energy
      1. ses, dragn982, macdjord and 1 other person like this.
    4. ShaperV
      Working on ideas for a successor to Cultivation Quest.
      1. eyythr, moon so bright, Enso and 7 others like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. A/N
        It could start out with a more established base, allowing the character to branch out more since the basics are already handled. Or, start from even less, needing to take more active measures to gain resources, and having less things to keep track of since the character doesn't have much. A nth son striking out for their chance?
        Jun 29, 2023
      4. NHO
        ANoYO is delight to play. Problem is, it's damn mess to reread after the fact. Finding evolved world-building is a compound chore, as usual I hate the fact that vote results are undiscoverable so I got no idea how we got there from where we started. Lewd scenes are nice.
        I think my main gripe could be summarized as "story is told in the thread holistically, not in threadmarked elements"
        Jun 29, 2023
        Parkodas likes this.
      5. inverted_helix
        It's a really deep and complex world that is hard to compress down into the threadmarked elements. That being said I'm not sure I agree that the story is spread through the thread. You won't necessarily understand the strategic choices without the thread, but I don't think there's really character elements outside the threadmarks or anything like that.
        Jun 29, 2023
    5. loki98065
      downloaded Jungles of Alabama off Amazon this afternoon. was a fun read. have to ask though how long till the next book is due ? lol

      great work with moon shot to. :)
      1. ShaperV
        Trying to schedule these things never seems to work for me. At the moment I'm working on the next Daniel Black book, but who knows how that will work out?
        Jun 22, 2023
        Watchful1, Valor, NHO and 4 others like this.
    6. ShaperV
      Working on Moon Shot
      1. dragn982, loki98065, OddFrog and 32 others like this.
      2. crazygrox
        How's that going? Personally all of my writing gets stuck with only partial chapters finished, or with serious plotting issues that make me reluctant to post the chapter or two I actually finish, so I can hardly complain when other people run into issues.
        May 14, 2023
      3. crazygrox
        Still curious as to what happened this time. Different fic caught your muse after an hour? Found a great video game? Ran into a plotting/research issue with the chapter that would necessitate changing something and didn't want to go back to do that?
        May 14, 2023
    7. Valmit
      Btw, the status message on your profile is currently "Probably not, since I just published the completed book on Amazon". Has been set by accident I guess.
    8. geolas94
      with moonshot getting updated, do you have any plans to continue "a nation of your own"?
    9. 48Tarantulas
      So happy to see you continuing Moon Shot. I just love it!
      1. Tutan0ss, Venyr4434 and Mandabar like this.
    10. Zimnij1986
      Are you considering makng a patreon page?
      1. Persimmon and 48Tarantulas like this.
      2. ShaperV
        I use SubscribeStar (at https://www.subscribestar.com/william-s-corner) instead, because they actually have clear guidelines about acceptable content and follow them. In contrast, Patreon has a crew of censors who routinely ban people for having opinions they don't like, or attracting the attention of social media hate mobs or internet trolls.
        Mar 5, 2023
    11. Bet Blood
      Bet Blood
      I know it's been years now, but what was going to be the plot of Moon Shot if you had decided to continue it??
      1. crazygrox
        I just reread that. And got thinking: Redoubt's powers aren't similar to the operation of any tinker seen operating during cannon, but they seem kind of similar to the pre-Mannequin Sphere. Food for worry.
        Mar 22, 2023
    12. ShaperV
      Probably not, since I just published the completed book on Amazon.
    13. geolas94
      ShaperV will you update Jungles of Alabama here on QQ?
      1. macdjord likes this.
    14. Bill C
      Bill C
      1. loki98065, Bolt97, Mandabar and 8 others like this.
      2. loki98065
        downloaded Jungles of Alabama off Amazon. was a fun read. have to ask though how long till the next book is due ?
        great work with moon shot to. :)
        Jun 21, 2023
    15. Ct613hulu
      Are you ever planning on publishing "Jungles of Alabama" on Amazon? I noticed that it was now marked as finished on Subscribe Star. I would be interested in purchasing it as a full book and I imagine quite a few people on this site would feel the same.
      1. inverted_helix, macdjord and Livianne like this.
      2. PlasticSoldier
    16. sllypper
      I love Perilous Waif and just found out about the Merciful Troubleshooter chapters you posted here. I'm very excited to read them and waiting patiently for the full release.
      It's been years since I last read Perilous Waif but I love the blueprints in Alice's memory and the encounter with the AI parts of the story. Cheers!
      1. macdjord likes this.
      2. sllypper
        I had no idea ShaperV was into Worm. Nice! I'm having fun reading your snippets
        Nov 22, 2022
        macdjord likes this.
    17. Ct613hulu
      Are you planning to ever resume posting the chapters of Merciful Troubleshooter or publish the full book on Amazon?
      1. Omega255, Livianne and macdjord like this.
    18. Longtimelurker
      Are you familiar with the game series Dominions? (the most recent is Dominions 5 and they essentially remake the same game with a better engine). As I listen to the audiobooks of Daniel Black that I just bought, it strikes me that Dominions is very similar to the world that you build to. I you haven't, it is a really cool game that you should try out.
    19. Milksteak
      Hey! Just hoping things are alright. Loved Perilous Waif and especially Daniel Black. While I hope inspiration eventually hits again, it's more important to do what is right for you. Even if you aren't able to continue Daniel's story, I'm happy to have been able to read the books you've already released—you should definitely be proud of the work you've done, regardless of whether it works out to continue them.
    20. Dravano
      Just finished reading Moon Shot and was wondering if you might be resuming it at some point.
    21. macdjord
      Will you be resuming updates of Merciful Troubleshooter any time soon?
      1. Omega255 and geolas94 like this.
    22. Persimmon
    23. kayangelus
      Hey, sorry to bother you.

      Some of us were having a debate on spacebattles about mechanics in the Daniel Black series. Specifically, for conjuration, does it just summon stuff that already exists somewhere in the world, or does it create it, say, from extra-dimensional void-stuff? Or is it something else?
      1. macdjord and Persimmon like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. ShaperV
        Yes, although no promises about answering everything. I may still write another book or three in that setting eventually, so I wouldn't want to give away any spoilers.
        Jun 12, 2022
      4. macdjord
        'May' write? I thought it was still ongoing and the next one would be coming out after Merciful Trouble-shooter?
        Jun 26, 2022
      5. ShaperV
        Between my health issues and inconsistent inspiration, I don't like to commit too firmly to anything about future releases. Things tend to move around in the queue, especially these last couple of years.
        Jun 27, 2022
        Celer, Ushiva, inverted_helix and 4 others like this.
    24. Aconitum
      Love you Story Moon shot^^
      1. Ushiva, Ruy, Nefal and 14 others like this.
    25. macdjord
      You okay? You haven't updated anything here in a while.
      1. Nerve, Nefal, Persimmon and 7 others like this.
      2. Evilhippy
        I know he still posts some stuff on Subscribestar, so he's still alive if nothing else.

        Prolly just working on his books.
        Apr 14, 2022
        macdjord and ExquisiteTopHat like this.
      3. macdjord
        Evilhippy Yeah, but he was posting the book here chapter by chapter for a while, specifically in order to get comments and criticism.
        Apr 15, 2022
        Nerve, Nefal, Tutan0ss and 2 others like this.
    26. AHerdOfLoLCats
      I just found out that Roland Emmerich directed a movie about the moon falling....gotta say it looks like hot garbage :P

      Curious if you've looked at it all and if you had any thoughts about it.
      1. Ruy likes this.
    27. Longtimelurker
      Great fan of your work!
      I hope that you are doing better.
    28. Nadassar
      I,ve read your Daniel Black Books and bought the eBooks. Are you Planning to publish dead-tree Versions? I'd definitely be interested
      1. Superiorshortness and Evilhippy like this.
      2. ShaperV
        Not unless the cost on Amazon's print-on-demand service comes down substantially. When I did that with Perilous Waif it ended up costing around $14US per book, and at that price only a few dozen people ever bought it.
        Mar 30, 2022
        Celer and Nadassar like this.
      3. Nadassar
        Would you mind if I printed my own version then? Epubli offers pretty good services even if you just want to print out one book. I did that for a few fanfictions I liked.
        Mar 30, 2022
      4. ShaperV
        If it's just for personal use then feel free.
        Mar 30, 2022
    29. kentter
      You okay Shaper? I haven't seen any activate from you in over a month on here and else on the internet was like mid last year.
      1. Evilhippy
        I know he has a Subscribestar account that usually updates stuff every month, several times a month.
        Jan 17, 2022
        Celer, DarkImpetus and macdjord like this.
    30. Qawsed
      Just wanted to say that I loved moon shot and hope you're still writing on it
      1. Tutan0ss, eyythr, Audhumbla and 36 others like this.
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