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Along a Fading Path (Naruto/SI)[Quest Story]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Leekz01, May 13, 2020.

  1. Index: Synopsis

    Leekz01 Experienced.

    Apr 17, 2016
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    Synopsis: My Life as a newly Reincarnated "Sasuke Uchiha"

    Story started out as a Personalized Quest that my buddy NotSoLostGhost commission for me. The story was originally in second person, but I edited it to be first person.

  2. Threadmarks: Year 1/Age 1- chapter One

    Leekz01 Experienced.

    Apr 17, 2016
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    Life, it's short, long, sweet, and bitter, paradoxical as that sounds. My previous life was good, but not the best. There was always someone better than me, but also those worse off. Others might not have seen it as anything special, but to me, it was. I loved my family and would do just about anything for them. It was good. It was mine. Sadly, all things come to an end, and my life wasn't any different.

    It was a day like any other, sunny and slightly chilly. Winter was here, or, was leaving, to be more exact. I was heading out, not sure where. Everything's fuzzy, twisted. I can't remember.

    Anyways, I was crossing the street, carefully looking out for any ice on the road. A loud honk drew my attention to a speeding truck barreling right for me. The driver was frantically trying to warn me and anyone else about his rocket-like speeds. As he drew closer, I leaped aside, narrowly avoiding having my guts splattered all over the pavement. my heart was racing like crazy, adrenaline rushing through my veins.

    That was amazing! I started running out of the road, hoping not to be hit by another passing car. Never have I felt such a rush before and I'm so happy to be aliv-

    My leg slides, slips, and rises. The world spins and I fall backwards.


    There's a loud crack and great pain assault the back of my head. The world swims and something coppery slithers into my mouth. Slowly, the world begins to fade.

    I-I can't feel anything below my neck.

    W-What's happening? T-This is scary. I don't want to die. N-No...

    Please, anyone.




    Darkness, the void, purgatory. These are just a few of the many names I've come up for this place. Did I really die? Maybe I'm blind, deaf, and in a hospital bed, waiting for the machines that keeping me alive to be turned off. I didn't feel anything. Or, maybe this is hell. A few more months of this and I'll probably be insane. At most, I'm presumably been here for a few hours, waiting for something, anything to happen. If this is life after death, then it's a terrifying existence, one I wish to exit as soon as possible.

    (Allocate Stats!)

    As I ponder what the hell to do, a ray of light pierces the darkness. There's no voice or words, simply a feeling. I had to make a few choices, but I didn't know what those choices meant. All it would take is a conscious decision and I could move on. So many questions rise to the surface of my mind. Is this god? Am I finally dying? Or... am I hallucinating?

    10(Base) + 10 (2nd Life) = 20 Points Available

    Strength (1) -/+
    *How hard you can hit things!
    *How much you can lift, carry!

    Dexterity (1) -/+
    *Lets you use complex weapons and improve your precision with those weapons!

    Agility (1) -/+
    *How fast and nimble you are!
    *Makes you harder to hit!

    Charisma (5) -/+
    *How charming you can be!
    *Let's you avoid most confrontations with words alone!
    *But, sometimes, fighting is the only choice!

    Cunning (5) -/+
    *How fast you can solve problems!

    Luck (3) -/+
    *How much the universe you live in likes you!

    Soul (4) -/+
    *How strong your SOUL is!
    *Determines your chakra reserves!]


    (Stats Allocated!)

    Well, there's nothing else to do, so to distract myself from the crippling fear and loneliness, I choose, uncertain of what I'm even deciding on.

    The strange feeling vanishes and the darkness surrounding me begins to fade away like smoke in the wind. Tiny motes of light start to flash into existence. I fall.

    A scream threatens to leave my lips, but I don't have a mouth. I pick up speed and the world only grows brighter and brighter the more I fall. Through my terrifying descent, I start to see strange crystals floating in the air. Menacing power pulses off them in waves. In the recesses of my mind, something urging me to reach out and grab one. They're so close!

    The Blue Crystal
    *It's as blue as the ocean and pierces deep into your very soul.

    The Red Crystal
    *It's crimson colour reminds you of blood and fire.

    The Green Crystal
    *A calming, relaxing wind emanates from it.

    The Gold Crystal
    *A regal feeling oozes out of it.

    The Obsidian Crystal
    *It's calm, almost as if there's nothing to it.

    With my choice made, I hurried and grabbed the desired crystal as I continue to fall. Within seconds, the world is so radiant that I couldn't see a thing. Nevertheless, I can feel a great, spiralling mass of energy in front of me. I'm being drawn to it. Unable to move or change course, I'm helplessly pulled in. The world spins, my consciousness is torn apart, and once more, darkness consumes my awareness.

    The pain lasts only a second, as does the darkness. For a third time, a dazzling light blinds me.






    There! I heard something!

    The light dims and I make out strange, blurry things in my field of vision. I could do nothing as they grab me and strike my... butt?

    Wait! I felt that! God, I've never been happier to feel pain!

    The hand strikes me again, prompting an angry hiss to leave my lips, only, it comes out as more of a cry than anything.

    One time was fine, but you can stop now, asshole!

    Thankfully, the strange creatures do stop, my tears don't, though. This is the happiest day of my life! But, wait, I'm not alive, or am I? Was my theory of being in a coma right?


    I have no idea, but the weird blobs pick me up and put me in what feels like a soft bed. Why am I so light?

    A yawn leaves my lips. I'm so tired. Why? Why am I so-

    My eyes close and don't open for some hours.


    When I next wake up, it's to a blurry, empty room. The lights are still very strong, hurting my eyes if I focus on any one spot for too long. Still, I can see things slightly better now!

    The first task I do is try to move. My limbs respond, but they are extremely weak. I can't even stand yet! This definitely adds more evidence to the coma theory. Atrophied limbs are part of that.

    But, that doesn't feel right. My limbs are shorter than before, incredibly so. Even with my horrible sight, I can make out my tiny hands.

    What the hell is going on?!

    A feeling of powerlessness overwhelms me. Where am I? What's going on? am I blind? Why couldn't I understand anyone?! There were so many questions and so few answers. It's terrifying.

    Fear gripped my soul, along with a familiar, awkward sensation. You needed to use the bathroom, but moving right now was almost an impossibility. Shamefully, I defecated right where I lay. The tears came easily enough, my mind being overwhelmed by the situation and stress.

    Screams tore free from my lungs. This is scary. Please, someone, anyone, help!! For minutes, I shouted for any form of aid, and thankfully, someone did come. A small blob stopped by my... bed? I could barely make out the blobs expression, but he looked worried, maybe?

    "Ggahgea!" He turned around and shouted something. A few moments later, a much taller, feminine looking blob entered the room.


    What the hell were they saying?! This was driving you insane!

    The woman picked me up, somehow. This was when I realize how small I truly was. I thought it was a trick of the light or perhaps a warped perspective due to exhaustion, but no, I'm positively tiny.

    What the hell? A-Are they giants?


    The woman rocks me, carefully moving me to another room and then removing my pants. No, not pants- a-are those diapers? I continue to cry, the situation having mixed my fears, anger, and sorrow into a mighty roar.

    I just want to go home. Why? Why is this happening to me?

    Once more, heavy drowsiness begins to press down on your mind, probably due to all my screaming.

    D-Damn it...


    It's been a good week or two since my 'birth.' I... I'm a baby. When my eyes finally adjusted, I was able to look in a nearby mirror and confirm my suspicions. The constant feedings, diaper changes, and 'walks' weren't enough to convince me.

    I really did die back then. So, what is this? I were reincarnated as a baby? Is this the afterlife? Again, I had so many questions, unfortunately, I really doubt I'll get the answer to any of those soon.

    Either way, with my week or so of existence, I managed to remain somewhat calm and examine the circumstances. It was either that or go insane, to be honest. Being a baby is boring, maddeningly so. I remember reading a few stories like these, where the main character used his early days to train and learned. How the hell am I supposed to do any of that when I can't even take my own shits? Honestly, it's frustrating enough staying sane! Anyone would get stir crazy by being in one spot for a long period of time! At least back home there were computers and stuff to keep me entertained, but here, my only form of entertainment is counting the tiles in my room!

    Oh, right, there's also my 'family.' Apparently, I have a brother, who's name I don't know. He seems like a quiet, reserved kid. He barely talks, and when he does, it all sounds really jumbled up. I think it's your ears, maybe they're not all that developed yet? Whatever.

    My mother is very affectionate, running to my side the second I even so much as cough. A part of me wonders if there's something to that. Normal people don't have hearing that fine. Hmm... maybe I'm just seeing things?

    Anyways, the last person in my family, my father, isn't a very present individual. I rarely see him, and when I do, he always has this serious look on his face. Maybe he has a really important job? Who knows.

    Hopefully, my childhood passes by quickly. All I want is the ability to walk and hold things! Is that too much to ask for?! This so god damn boring!


    It happened suddenly, without any warning. A malicious, thick feeling crashed into my tiny body. I couldn't beath. I couldn't move. Oh god, I were going to die! No. No.No!! Not aga-

    "Shh... gahenae." my mother cooed, gently rocking me in her hands. Only when I started to calm down, did I realize the strange sound in the background was my loud crying.

    Explosions could be heard from outside, and as my mother rushed out of the room with me in hand, a red hue could be seen through the window. There were fires, lots of them.

    What the hell was going on?!

    As I was quickly carried across the streets, I saw something that will be etched into my mind until the day I die. The haunting sight would never leave me.

    Right there, off in the distance, was a giant, red, fox-like monster. Just for a second, I stared into its crimson eyes. This thing would kill me. No matter how hard I tried, there was nothing I could do that would even scratch the monster.

    And so, I realized that wherever I was, it wasn't earth. Monsters, the men that fought them, and magic were for fairy tails.

    If that was the case, then it'd be best if I get used to it.

    After all, right now, I was living a fairytale.


    The months it took to finally learn the local language passed by at a snail-like pace. It was horrible and perhaps the greatest challenge in my life. Seriously, being unable to move and stuck in one place is worse than what people in prison get. Solitary confinement was a step below your situation, but not by much. Either way, due to my baby brain learning quickly, I eventually picked up on the language, if a bit slower than I'd like.

    With my new found abilities, everything came together. There was a strange suspicion in the back of my mind ever since I saw that giant fox. There wasn't any proof before, but now, having learned my name, there's no denying it.

    I am 'Uchiha Sasuke' of the Village Hidden In The Leaves. What. The. Fuck?!

    No! This is not ok! I've been reincarnated into a death world!! Sure, maybe once upon a time the very idea would have had me jumping for joy, but this place is terrifying. Even worse, since I'm not Sasuke, the original timeline is caput. What are the odds that everything will work out just fine now? All it would take is a single difference and everything could fall apart. Essentially, I'm screwed, and so is the world once Kaguya awakens.

    Fuck. What the hell are I supposed to do? Someone... please help.


    Time waits for no man, and I'm no exception. No matter how much my situation scared me, doing nothing wouldn't get me anywhere. I were still a baby, only 6 months old, but there were still things I wanted to do. Facing a world-ending apocalypse was not one of them, however, with the blood of the Uchiha running through my veins, I had an advantage.

    Being a ninja would not be easy, but if I went down that path, I would have one of the world's strongest weapons, the Sharingan.

    Yet, that wasn't my only choice. I didn't have to be a ninja. Maybe I could pick up baking? Was I really strong enough to beat Kaguya? What if I reincarnated again when she killed me? If so, why not just enjoy this life as much as I could before I died? What's the point of going through all that pain and suffering only to die a pitiful death?


    For now, I'll focus on something, anything. I needed a goal to keep me grounded.

    As I slowly crawled across the floor, so to did time continue at a sluggish pace. My day-to-day life didn't change, soon becoming another boring, monotonous part of existence. However, all of this gave me a lot of time to think. What I was in the past, what I'd do from now on; it all became very clear.

    I would be a ninja, if only to protect myself. My previous life wasn't anything too exciting and I never accomplished anything all that great. Still, I liked it. Here, in this world of wizards pretending to be ninja, I had a chance to try something new. I could stay a normal civilian, living out my life and eventually dying, but that just doesn't sit right with me. Worst of all, there's a nagging feeling in the back of my head. It's probably what's driving this desire in me to learn, grow, and become stronger.

    What if when I do die and wake up in another world. Most would be happy, but what if the said world is far worse than this? I could be born a slave, having only a life of hardships waiting for me. That's not something I want to do, so rather than accept a terrible fate, I'd rather use the time I have now to improve. Honestly, aside from the upcoming rebellion and massacre, I couldn't be in a better position to train! I'm the son of a clan head and he'd be more than happy to teach me the Uchicha clans secrets and techniques. In the end, while I look like a child, I'm not one. My resolve is stronger and I will stick through the training required. Compared to the insanity that I had to endure in those early months, this will be nothing! All I have to do is show determination!

    That said, I'm still a baby, so untill then, I'll enjoy this time of peace available to me. Thing's won't always be this simple.


    "Hey, little brother." Itachi Uchiha greeted, with an uncharacteristic smile on his face. By that, I'm referring to the show. It's actually very in character for him to do so in this life, as he smiles every time he comes to speak to me.

    His hands carefully ruffle my hair.

    My mother walks into the room, calling out to my brother.

    "Itachi, it's time for school."

    He turns, giving her a frown.

    As he gets ready to leave, I cried and cried, unwilling to be ignored. Above all, I didn't want to be alone. So I shouted out to the world, hoping to attract the attention of others. My new mother, my new brother, anyone. This little hobby of mines had an embarrassing side effect, namely, giving me the nickname of 'crybaby.'

    Whenever my brother stopped by, he'd poke my head and call me 'crybaby Sasuke.' It became a little joke between him and my mother. I could tell she enjoyed the bond me and Itachi shared, always giggling when she saw him poking my cheeks and nose. One time, she let him carry and feed me. It wasn't breast milk, but the bottle was fine as well. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole breastfeeding thing. She's my mom but also a stranger. It's just really awkward and you try to ignore it.


    My very early childhood was spent playing and basically trying to keep mself sane. Reading books was a no go and I couldn't even walk on my own. So, with so many restrictions, I turned to the easiest available source of entertainment.

    "Sasuke... please stop." I let out a laugh, pulling on Itachi's hair just a bit more. Somehow, I had convinced him to walk around the house. Mother had recently allowed him to take me whenever she wasn't looking after me. Suffice to say, I made great use of my older brother, bothering and making him take me to other places. Though, technically, wasn't I older than him? I should be the older brother.

    Either way, being a nice, kind person, Itachi put up with me. Aside from my mother, he was my only friend. It's no surprise I started to really like him, seeing him as something more than what my mind remembered. He wasn't the person that slaughtered his clan; he was just a small, caring boy.

    The time spent with Itachi didn't only affect me; the young prodigy began to open up more, giving tiny smiles here and there. When no one was around, he'd tell me about his day and the things he saw in class. It was... nice.

    My father's face was a rare sight, but he was around. Stress marred his eyes sometimes, but I could tell he really loved Itachi and my mother. There wasn't any hatred or dislike aimed at me, but neither was there love. I think he might still be forming a opinion of me, but on rare occasions, I did notice him giving me longing looks. Maybe he wanted to hold me?

    Curious, I tested out that theory, crying when he was the only person in the house. Surprisingly, it didn't take him all that long to make it to my room. The serious expression on his face made me hesitate for a second, but as he turned, happy that I shutted up, resolve flooded my mind. I wouldn't give up!

    More cries left my lips, causing the serious man to sigh and pick me up. He rocked me slowly, caringly.

    "Calm down, crybaby Sasuke."

    Those words were all it took. If even he could use that ridiculous nickname, then he couldn't be such a bad guy, right? I wanted to laugh but kept my mouth shut instead. He was a busy man, so maybe crying so much wasn't a good idea.

    With a pleased nod, my father turned around and headed back to his room. The thing was, he carried me off with him. And so, I fell asleep in his lap, watching him fill out some paperwork.

    Busy indeed.


    Time kept turning, and before I knew it, I was a year old. All through this year of life, there had been a small, blue square at the edge of my vision. It took a great deal of time, but I finally managed to figure out what it was. If I focused on it at just the right angle, the small screen would expand and cover my field of vision.

    It was a stat's screen, like one from a game.

    A myriad of questions assaulted my mind, but the most prominent one was why?!

    Life would certainly be a bit more... interesting from now on.

    +2 Agi! +3 Cha! +1 Cun! +1 Luck! +2 Soul!
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    Wasn't this a quest?

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    read original post
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  8. Threadmarks: Chapter 2 - Age 2/Year 2

    Leekz01 Experienced.

    Apr 17, 2016
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    Name: Sasuke Uchiha
    Age: 6~ Months

    (1) Strength
    (1) Dexterity
    (3) Agility
    (8) Charisma
    (6) Cunning
    (4) Luck
    (6) Soul

    ??? (Obsidian Crystal Gift): It's calm, almost as if there's nothing to it.

    What. The. Fuck.

    Is... is this a joke? I knew the small little thing in the corner of my eye was weird, but after spending months trying to learn more about it, all I got was a slight bit more understanding about how it worked!

    Still, the fact that I somehow have an RPG menu absolutely makes me simultaneously happy and terrified. The assumptions I made about the world and how it works had me shuddering in fear. Will I instantly die if I jumped from too high a ledge? What about water? Is it an instant death zone? So many frightening questions that I'd rather not answer with first-hand experience.

    After fiddling around with it, I found my 'status.' Aside from my STR and DEX being a 1, I'm not really sure if those other numbers are all that high.

    There's no EXP bar or the like, which I've honestly become so accustomed to that it's surprising not seeing one.

    A quick look reveals that I also don't have any skills, though, there is a skills tab. Carefully opening it up, I'm greeted with a simple menu.



    Overall, I found it to be a very weird interface, but its purpose was clear. Very carefully, I opened up each one and read the small description underneath. Essentially, these were 'major' skills that were apparently affected by your stats. Some use multiple, while others only used one. From these major skills, I could branch out and learn 'minor' skills, such as the use of katanas, bows, shuriken, and such.


    After careful consideration, I hover my index finger over the chakra button and press the small cross. A confirmation message appears, which I agreed to, hoping that the changes don't feel too weird or sudden. Well, I really shouldn't have expected that.

    The instant I accepted the changes, the world spun and I fell to one knee, pain flaring everywhere in my body. My lungs felt like we're on fire, my brain turning to mush, and my heart was about to explode! Thankfully, the extreme discomfort vanished a second later and I felt bigger. Not in a physical sense, but spiritually.

    Taking deep, calming breaths, I used my little hands to prompt myself up and sit down on my bum. Opening the menu back up, I found that my 'Soul' stat had gone up by 2 and there was now a new little tab.

    'Traits' it read.

    Opening it up, I read my newest addition and smiled, even as phantom pains still assaulted me. Whether I'd actually use this menu again was an issue i'll deal with when the time came, but for now, everything worked out quite well. Still, is it just levelling up Soul that hurt so badly? Would my muscles rip and then heal if I had chosen strength? What if I decided to learn a skill? Would I get horrible headaches as knowledge flooded into my mind?


    This strange game-like ability had its ups, but it also had its painful downs. All I hope is that it gets more convenient and less painful with every use.

    [Reward: Gained +2 Soul! | Gained Trait: Enduring Soul]


    "You're so cute, you know that?" my mother, Mikoto says with a smile. Her soft finger gently poke my nose, making me involuntarily giggle. Maybe it's because I'm a baby and my brain isn't developed, but I find that too be so funny!

    Letting out a small chuckle, Mikito picks me up. "Come one, let's go take a stroll around town. Maybe you'll feel better with some fresh air?" Finally, my wish was going to be granted! I've been stuck in the house for so long! Everything is making me super agitated! The stressful shits I've been taking because of it all have been really annoying. Still, if they did one good thing, it's the fact that they made my mom want to take me out.

    "Let me just grab a few things first." No! Don't go! Come back! Who knows what little thing will distract you enough to make you change your mind! Come back!

    And she left. Damn. Well, I'll just busy myself counting the tiles in my room for the 7th thousandth time. Honestly, if I don't turn out to be some crazed serial killer by the time I turn 6, I'll be beyond shocked!


    Please come back soon!


    Konoha or, 'The Village Hidden In The Leaves" was full of surprisingly adaptive individuals. Just a year ago, the whole village was almost destroyed by the nine-tailed fox. As a child, I only saw a small portion of it, most was still damaged, but the reconstruction efforts were clear as day. Everyone was working together, though, there seemed to be very few individuals that gave my mother warry looks. It wasn't anything major, just sidelong glances. Considering how the Kyuby was controlled by a Sharingan user, I'm not all that surprised. Maybe someone saw its eyes, but there's no evidence that anyone from 'my' clan did that. They would have to be stupid to attack the village, after all, it's not like the Uchiha compound was spared from its wrath. Losses were light, but quite a few people from the Uchiha were killed.

    Anyways, my walk around town was quite short. Mikoto took me around the compound, to the market, buying a few things for dinner. However, there was one specific place she stopped at.

    "Ok, little Sasuke, pick one out!" She told me, a brilliant smile on her face. "Any toy's fine."

    My tiny eyes looked over the merchant's goods. The large, friendly smile on his face had me smiling in return.

    "Quite a handsome boy you have there, mam." Winking, the man sent my mother a knowing look.

    Giving him a small nod, she took out her wallet and waited for me to look at the toy I wanted.

    I've never been one to really play with toys, but there's just something about the small little horse in my hand that's so fun! There's definitely something wrong with my head, and I'm sure it's the fact that I'm a baby. It's either that or I went insane from basically being unable to do anything!

    "You really like the little horsie, huh, Sasuke?" Mikoto says, gently rubbing my head. I want to correct her, but in the end, all I do is pout.

    "Such a cute little boy." She continues, picking me up and giving me a tight hug. "Don't worry... I'll make sure you grow up nice and strong."

    Her warm breath hits my cheek, filling me with a sense of comfort. As she holds me against her chest, a heavy drowsiness slams into me. Damn... this small body of mine gets tired so easily. Just with this, I already want to fall sleep.

    "Come on, little crybaby-Sauske. We'll put you in bed with your new toy."


    I hate living as a little kid. All I do every day is shit, eat, and sleep. Time, please go by quicker!


    Fugaku, my father, is a silent, serious man. However, underneath those stern and stonelike walls is a caring, loving father. He doesn't show it all that often, but there are times, like right now, where he does.

    "Sasuke, remember, never trust a salesman further than you can through him." He sighs, throwing the strange scroll in his hand away. I catch a glimpse of its contents, but the unusual characters are beyond my understanding. I have no idea how to read, and that sucks.

    Grumbling, he shakes his head, standing up and removing you from his lap.

    "I'll have to change you the normal way." He sighs and takes me to my room. It's not like I like him looking at your junk. It's honestly really disturbing, but there's nothing I can do about it. Mikoto isn't here, and neither is Itachi. So, it's either that or sit around covered in my own excrement. If he's willing to do this for me, then that just shows that he does care.

    "Fireball Jutsu!" He's even showing me some of the advanced techniques by burning my diaper! Fugaku is wise beyond his years.

    Stepping away from the lake, he motions for the clone holding me to walk closer.

    "See, Sasuke, that is our clan's signature move." Nodding seriously, he repeats the signs and motions required to perform the jutsu. Unfortunately, I forget them in a minute or two. Why is he showing me this now, when I could barely talk?

    Both Fugaku's stare at me, a distant, sage-like look in their eyes. On cue, those obsidian orbs shift to a scarlet colour, spinning round and round.

    "And this is the Sharingan." With eyes of blood, he picks me up form the clone. "One day, you'll have these eyes as well. I pray that you have no need for them."

    Turning around, he stares out toward the lake, longing expression on his face.

    "You must be strong, Sasuke. We all need to be strong and endure."

    With those foreboding words, he turns around and returns to his room, starting up some paperwork. The life of a clan head is full of timewasting activities, it seems. Obviously, I got bored. Eyes roving over the neat and organized space, I eventually find a few things of note.

    Curiosity gets the better of me, and before Fugaku can react, I squirm out of his grasp and pull out a certain book hidden under his table. While I couldn't read, I've still got a good set of working eyes.

    I hold back a laugh, staring at my 'father' with as smug of an expression as possible. His eyes narrow and his right brow twitches in annoyance. Still, my face must have looked more 'cute' than smug.

    "I suppose you're already on the way to being a proper ninja." He chuckles, taking the book from my hands. I stare at the large, colourful bear and them small, soft bunny on its cover. Fugaku picks me up and places me on his lap, a hesitant smile on his features. "But, Remember, Sasuke; Knowledge can be dangerous, so any good ninja knows when to turn away."

    With those ominous words, he opens the book and begins reading it to me. Honestly, it's probably the most boring story I've ever been told. Yet... I couldn't help but feel bad, not reacting in the slightest to my 'father's' nervous attempt to bond. Even if I've only known him for a short time, I'm not an asshole. In a way, it's like seeing an old grandpa trying to have fun with his spoiled grandson that ignores him.

    I begin to smile, giggle, and laugh as Fugaku reads the story, often reaching out and touching the pictures. It might all be fake, but it still makes him smile. This isn't about the book or the strange characters in it. This is a rare moment, one where Fugaku is actually trying his best to have some 'father-son' time. I won't be the one responsible for ruining it.


    Huh. Was he like this with Itachi, I wondered?


    It had been hard, but after so long, I finally started being able to control tongue tongue enough to actually speak. I practiced alone when no one was looking or listening. It was difficult, but the noises that left my lips slowly, but surely started to shape themselves into letters, then syllables, and finally words. Honestly, I think I was a bit slower than normal children when it came to speaking. To that, I'll say that normal toddlers didn't have to worry about going insane! I had more than enough to worry about already!

    In any case, with my new linguistic skills, I thought long and hard about what to do. There was an option to tell everyone the truth; it would take time, as even though I could talk, I wasn't the fastest speaker as a 1 and a half-year-old. There were advantages and disadvantages to doing that. If they believed me and then didn't instantly lock me up as a security risk, I'd probably be able to live a very cushy lifestyle. My knowledge of future events would be helpful, but with those events being so far off, it would take some time to actually prove my claims. Untill then, I'd basically be watched 24/7. After some deliberation, I decided not to do that. Aside from hurting my parents, it was far too big of a gamble. For all you knew, the Hokage might just have one of their mind ninjas dissect my brain. What were they called again, Yamanaka? It's only been a year and a half, but I'm already forgetting the little details. That's no good.

    Since I was obviously not going to reveal the truth, that left one other option, namely, saying something that would make my 'family' happier. If I said mom, dad, or brother, the one in question would be overjoyed. While, personally, I think babies are ugly, most people can't get enough of their cute and adorable faces. It might be a shrewd and opportunistic approach, but my first words are a tool that can easily manipulate others, giving them a memory they won't forget. Of crouse, all of this relies on the fact that they already care a lot about me.

    Decisions, decisions....


    No one is impervious to the flow of time, and soon enough, I found myself turning two years old. For the first time in your new life, I could walk around on my own. Freedom!


    "Ichi!" I shout, making sure to be as 'baby-like' as possible. My brother freezes in place, his eyes going wide and stared at me in shock.

    "W-What?" Her asks himself, unsure of what he just heard. His name was my first word, so it must come as a huge surprise.

    "Itachi!" I repeat his name, standing up on shaky feet and latching onto his leg. "Itachi!"

    Every time I said it, his lip raised slightly higher. An elated smile tugs on his usually neutral features.

    "Itachi! Itachi! Itachi!" I giggle and laugh, putting on the perfect act of a little brother.

    "I... Sasuke." He's at a loss for words, only being able to bend over and look me in the eye.

    "Itachi!" I reach up and wrapped my little hand around his neck, giving the best and most heartfelt hug I possibly can.

    Stoic as your brother is, his mask shatters and breaks. For the first time in my short life, I saw a truly emotional Itachi. He's strong and a prodigy, but at the same time, he's only about 5 years old. A single tear slides down his face and he strangles me with love. His hands pull me into his chest, and while he doesn't sob, I can feel the pure affection blossoming in his heart. He truly loves me like no other.

    "Sasuke..." He whispers my name, carefully breaking off the hug and standing up. Wiping away the tears in his eyes, he stared at me lovingly. "I'm glad you were born, cowardly little bother." He chuckles, reaching out and carefully pulling one of my ears. Hopefully, this doesn't become a common occurrence.

    Before I can say anything, Mikoto practically bursts into the room.

    "I head Sasuke say something!" Her eyes are wide, instantly locking onto me, then my brother. Like a tiger on the prowl, she barrages Itachi with questions.

    I grin, mouth opening wide.

    "Itachi!" It's so heartwarming that I felt my teeth start to rot. God... I'm so embarrassed.

    "His first word!" The trained ninja all but squeals, swiftly picking me up into her arms and showing off her humongous grin. "Can you say 'mama' now?" she's often reserved, but no longer. Right now, she's a woman on a mission.

    Just to humour her, and to stop saying the same thing over and over, I do just that.

    "Moma!" This time, she does squeal like a little girl.

    "You're so adorable!" Suffice to say, the rest of my day is spent being carried around by Mikoto. She constantly asks me to say different things, which I do. The most common word was definitely 'mom' though.

    When Fugaku returns, she shows off my impressive linguistic skills, and just to be fair, I call him 'papa' as well. His reaction consists of a small, proud smile and a nod.

    "Good job, Sasuke."

    Overall, everyone was really happy!


    I did my best to follow Itachi around, even going so far as to wait for him to get out of the bathroom. The plan was simple, keep following him untill he took me somewhere!

    It was pure genius, at least to my small, childish mind. Strangely enough, it actually worked! My big brother put me on his back, and after making sure no one was following the two of us, he scurried away! Of course, he left a note behind so they wouldn't think I'd been kidnaped.

    Anyways, with my brother a fair distance away, he let me down and proceded to walk me around town. Konoha, even after all the damage it sustained, was still a beautiful city.

    "Here, Sasuke." I smile, taking the frozen treat from my brother's hand. Honestly, his total disregard of our parent's rules is what really surprised me. He basically ignored what they told him and ran off to town with me. One thing was for certain, he'll be getting an earful when we return, so I'd best prepare the most adorable face I could!


    Are they going to strike my bum? God... that would be beyond embarrassing.

    "Sasuke... where do you want to go next?" Itachi looks down at me, waiting for my to point in a direction.

    When I said 'Hokage,' Itachi's eyes grew wide.

    "Where'd you hear that from?" He was unsure if it was our mother or father that taught me the word, but it wasn't that suspicious.

    A conflicted, hesitant look crossed his face. Already, I knew why he was feeling like that. Even if he's a prodigy, I'm sure it's going to be incredibly hard to meet with the leader of this military focused city. Actually... I still have no idea if it's a dictatorship or something like that here. Did Konoha have a council or something? My memory tells me yes, but who's to say the real world is like the story.

    "The Hokage, huh?" Again, Itachi hums to himself, thinking over my request. "Alright. The very least I can do is give it a shot, for you." His neutral expression shifts into a tiny smile, and before I knew it, he's picked me up and put me on his shoulders.

    "Let's go." I smiled, nodding and then start to use my new height to look around. No one cares about two children playing around, especially when they have more important things to do. Konoha is a beautiful city.


    "You... want to see the Hokage?" The secretary standing guard asks, brow raised questioningly. Honestly, she looks meek and unassuming, which is probably why she's secretly an assassin or something. Seriously, she's working for the one person with presumably absolute authority. As someone once read, look beneath the underneath... or something. Drat! What the hell was Kakashi's quote again?

    "Yes." Itachi replies, taking me off his shoulder and putting me on the ground. He looks to the secretary and then to me. "I know it's unlikely that he'll say yes, but my little brother would like to meet him."

    She hums, reaching for her clipboard and then proceeds to give it a look over. I'm ready to leave, because why would she say yes?! The equivalent would be Itachi bringing me to the White House and then asking to see the president. Anything but being kicked out would be incredibly suspicious.

    "Give me a second. He's actually free at the moment."

    Bullshit! Impossible! This has to be somekind of set up or Uchiha privilege!

    "Thank you." My brother replies, giving the young woman a small bow and pulling me over to a nearby seat. He takes out my toy and gives it to me to play around with.

    Actually, thinking about it, this might be a good move for PR reasons. It's no secret that a few people are wary of the Uchiha due to the recent Nine-Tailed Fox attack, so meeting with their children might help out both sides. It shows the Uchiha that he trusts them while also gives the impression that they are trustworthy.

    As I now expected, the secretary returns, giving the ok.

    "He's ready, so you can go in."

    The Hokage is a shrewd, calculating man indeed.


    "Welcome." The old man's face is wrinkled and soft, his eyes staring at the two of me like a grandfather would their nephews. I see absolutely no hint of deception in his kind demeanour, which is what puts me on edge. This man is supposedly a legend among his peers and no doubt has a great deal of experience in faking emotions. I'll have no idea if he's being genuine or masquerading behind a kind face. No leader gets to their position by 'being nice.'

    Why the hell did I want to see him again?

    "I've head good things, Itachi. You're doing Konoha proud." Taking a small puff from his pipe, he reaches out and gently rubs my bother's head. "I'm sure your mother and father as just as proud as I am."

    Itachi nods, not showing an eek of emotion. It seems I'm the only exception to that.

    "As for you, young Sasuke-" He bends down, smiling and staring into your eyes. "I hear you wanted to see me?"

    Calmly, I nod and look into his eyes.

    What's the best way to conquer your fears? Some might say slowly facing them and working your way up to bigger and bigger challenges. Honestly, that's something I'd like to do, but considering how hard it should be to meet up with the Hokage, I decide to go with the much faster method. Charging straight into my fear and kicking it in the face works just as good, even if I might piss myself in the process. Of course, I'm replacing the 'kicking' portion with something more comforting.

    The Hokage stills for a moment as my hands wrap around his neck and back, and for a second, I think he's going to attack me. It's only now, after I've done it, that I realized exactly what this looks like. Essentially, I reached for his neck. Considering he's a highly trained ninja, and being an assassin like that comes with insane levels of paranoia, I'm surprised he didn't see it as an attack.

    "My, my, you're certainly affectionate." Chuckling, he returns the hug without a hint of hesitation. If I didn't know he was trained to kill people since birth, I'd think he was just a friendly old man. Still, just because I couldn't see him getting ready to snap my neck at a moments notice doesn't mean he isn't doing so.

    "I'm sorry," Itachi says, bowing slightly and calling me over to his side. As I sheepishly walk back, the Hokage lets out a small laugh.

    "It's quite alright." His steely eyes pierce my own, and even though I see the warmth in his orbs, I know there's more to it than that. "I can see the will of fire burning deep within him."

    Right... that was a thing. It's supposed to be the desire to protect Konoha and its people, even when facing death, right? Honestly, it sounds more like some indoctrination thing to make people give their lives for a cause. Then again, being a ninja here is no different than being a soldier back in my previous world, so it's almost expected that people are going to die for the 'army' or 'village.'

    "Thank you for the compliment, sir." Itachi bows once more, and as the old man laughs again, he gives my head a small pat. "You'll make a good ninja. I can see it in your eyes."

    His words are slightly unnerving, and perhaps picking up on this, Itachi grabs me and starts to leave. He gives the Hokage a small nod and wishes him a good day. I, of course, give a small wave goodbye. As much as I'm scared of him, giving a bad impression is a bad idea.


    "Itachi! I cannot believe you would do something like this." To say our parents were pissed at my brother would be an understatement. I got off with only a slight bum lashing, but my brother isn't as lucky.

    "Did you think what could have happened to your brother?!"

    Itachi takes a small breath and tries to defend himself.

    "I thought myself reasonably competent to-"

    "You're seven years old, Itachi. Yes, you're older than him, but that doesn't change the fact that you are also a child."

    Unable to keep watching, especially since it was my idea to go meet the Hokage, I waddled on over and attach myself to Itachi's front.

    "No!" I shout with as much air as my little lungs can take. Our mother and father's expression's falter for a second. "Sasuke dear, please step aside. Your big brother did something bad, so he has to be punished."

    "No!" I shout again, turning my head even as my arms tighten around Itachi's body.

    Fugaku sighs and steps up.


    "No!" I shout again. If he's going to get punished, then so are I!

    Our parents look at one another, a complex series of emotions, but eventually relent.

    "Both of you are grounded," Fugaku says.

    "For a month." Mikoto nods and crosses her arms.

    "Just don't do something so foolish again." our father grumbles and starts to walk away, giving our mom a second to talk.

    "He's right. Please, try not to worry us so much." She leans down and gives both of us a small peck on the cheek. "If anything happened to the two of you, we'd be heartbroken."

    Itachi reaches out and gently grabs her cheek, an apologetic look on his face.

    "I'm sorry." He says.

    I couldn't help but speak my mind as well. Again, it's my fault that they're angry.

    "Sorry!" I shout, turning the closeness between the three of us into a warm hug.

    Suffice to say, the month that followed was very boring. Still, I had my brother to speak to and play with. He even showed me his training weapons and things from school. Now, I'm not a lover of knives, but there's a certain weight to a kunai that feel right in my hand. I'd be turning three years old soon, and then a year after that, I would start school. Already, I was getting better at talking, able to hold childish conversations with other people.

    Either way, one thing's for certain. With my improved communication ability, I could finally talk to people! Maybe I should try and convince my parents to let me get a pet? Dog's are supposedly very good companions.

    +1 Agi
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    It's a personal quest that I'm playing on sb. That's commissioned from my bud lostghost. It's in a conversation chat.
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    That's disappointing.
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    This is pretty adorable.
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    Good discovery indeed even with an overly explored character like Sasuke!
    Your SI is giving the ol' champ a new flavor to a point where even the interactions between family members feel fresh and unique,Sasuke getting the little wooden horse or Fugaku changing his diapers...

    Very slice of life moments specially including trained killers that are able to alternate their two faces while maintaining their sanity.

    Only regret about the story are the "mature" NSFW sections we will not get on the normal section of QQ but if it continues being this good no complaints on my part mate!
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    The Sharingan, my clan's signature and most powerful ability. With it, any Uchiha can read their opponent's moves, copy a jutsu with a glance, and under certain circumstances, warp reality with strange eye powers. Seriously, that last part is such a massive escalation in the eye's abilities that it makes me wonder why more people didn't have the Mango Echo Sharingan.


    It sounds dumb, but if I didn't link that weird ass hell name with something like that, you're going to forget.

    Anyways, with only a few years left before the massacre, I wanted to at least try and unlock my crazy eye powers. Though, that runs the risk of accidentally hurting myself.



    "The Sharingan?" I nodded, looking at Itachi with an innocent look on my face. It's gotten far easier to speak with others now, so he should understand my question.

    "The drain is proportional to your chakra reserves, but supposedly, it's higher as a child." I see his eyes narrow in suspicion. "Why are you asking, little brother?"

    A sheepish look crosses my face as I glance away.

    "I heard eat cool." Damn, I'm still messing up little things like that. Can anyone blame me, though? Whatever this language is, it's prety hard to get all the small nuances just right.

    "Hmm, it's certainly a powerful ability." Crossing his arms, my brother thought long and hard.

    "Supposedly, one awakens their Sharingan at a time of great stress or crisis," His eyes glance over my own. "Hopefully, you don't have anything like that any time soon." Chuckling, he gave my head a little pat.

    "Either way, come. Mother's made some delicious rice cakes for us."

    Those taste divine!



    With everyone asleep, I thought it'd be the perfect time to continue my practice of 'summoning' the Sharingan. This'd be another month of attempts, but something felt special about tonight! If all it took was a great deal of stress, and from what I remember, the death of a friend, then I had a small lead. Dying had to help, right?

    Thus, with that in mind, I once more thought about the moment of my death and all the fear I felt after my birth.

    Soul DC: 16
    Soul Roll (4d6): 20 PASS!

    The world slows to a crawl and a few moments later, I passed out, only to wake up in the hospital.

    Well... that worked.

    [Reward: Sharingan get!]


    Why am I doing this? Seriously! My arms are screaming in pain just lifting these small weights my brother uses. Trying to throw kunai or shuriken is even harder than that! Worst of all, this will be for nothing! Itachi's a very observant person, so even if I put everything back in its place, he's sure to notice eventually.

    Darn. I was hoping to make some progress instead of floundering around. Maybe if I-

    The door behind me slides open, and I came face to face with my father.

    "So, it was you, little Sasuke?"

    I gulped and quickly hid the kunai behind my back, accidentally nicking a finger and dropping the sharp weapon.

    "Ah!" I cover my mouth, making sure to muffle the small shout as much as possible. The last thing I needed now was my mother getting involved as well. She'd go ballistic if she saw me 'playing' with a knife.

    Fugaku's eyes pierced mines, their harsh, cold gaze striping me bare. He sighs and steps forward, picking up the kunai and then grabbing my hand.

    "You hold it like this." With those words, he goes on to show me the 'proper' way of using the deadly weapon. Suffice to say, I leave Itachi's room and go to your father's instead.

    "Tell me, son... what type of ninja do you want to be?"

    What type of ninja do I want to be? Honestly, that's a very difficult question to answer. The immediate thing that comes to mind is bathing the battlefield in flames from jutsu and such. Unfortunately, I see one big issue with that, specifically, people like Might-Guy. I still remember how easily he managed to wallop Madara in the show, though it did cost him his life. Considering how insane that feat is, right now, I'd probably be better off just learning the basics of close quarter's combat. It's highly doubtful that I'll learn anything about the eight-gates without speaking to him, but having a fit body is never a bad idea.

    "I want punch things!"

    Fugaku looks down at me with a small smile and chuckles.

    "Taijutsu, is it?"

    I nod vigorously, making sure he understands that yes, I wanted to learn.

    His hands reach down and patted my head.

    "Follow me, then. I'll show you something."

    A smile races across my face, and quick as lightning, I reach for his hand and follow behind. He stiffens but allows me to continue to hold his hand.


    "Do as I do." Fugaku says, taking a very basic stance in front of the large tree in our backyard. He waits, watching the serene leaves hanging from the tree's branches. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows through the yard and sends the green leaves flying.

    Quick as lightning, my father lashes out. One kick, two, three. Each kick hits a leaf, but his movements are fast enough that the small, green shard can't escape. After five kicks, he stomps his foot on the ground and then slowly lifts it up. Five leaves stare back at me.

    "This is a basic, but difficult and challenging routine to train one's kicks and precision." His calm eyes lock onto me. "I don't expect you to succeed in this, so don't be disheartened. First, we must build a strong foundation."

    He ushers me forward, so I step up and nervously look at the tree.

    "All you need to do is try and kick a single leaf. It'll be hard with your height, but If you succeed, I'll treat you to ice cream."

    My eyes widen at that and I catch the tiny smirk that spreads across his face. Darn these childish thoughts of mine! Ice cream is just so delicious! Maybe the cows in this world have tastier milk? I have no idea.

    Either way, with a reward on the line, I tried my best, but inevitably fail.

    "It's fine. We'll try again tomorrow." He told me, and so we did. Day after day, I trained, crawling an inch closer to the finish line after every failure. Through slow and diligent practice, I eventually do hit a leaf!

    My father was proud and happily gave me my just deserts. To make things more amusing, I asked him to eat some with me. He begrudgingly agreed and that's how I found out his favourite flavour was mint.

    I'm just happy to be growing stronger.

    [Reward: +1 STR! | +1 Skill Point!]


    Over the past year, I've been doing my best to get a 'feel' of my chakra. Honestly, it was incredibly difficult, sort of like trying to feel the blood flowing through your veins. Still, I didn't give up and kept at it through the year. It was honestly the most frustrating thing I've ever attempted in both my lives. I was essentially trying to use a hidden limb I never had before and had no idea how to use.


    It was a trial for sure.

    Soul DC: 10/15/25
    Soul Roll (4d6): 18 PASS!

    While I didn't manage to learn much of anything about my chakra, I did discover something equally as interesting.

    "Where the hell am I?" Those were my words as I stood in the ancient, dilapidated ruin. It looked like something straight out of Skyrim, creepiness factor and all. The winds moaned through the ancient walls, rustling the many cobwebs and blowing the weak flames decorating the old torches.

    Now, that sort of made sense in games, not so much here. Someone or something had to have lit these torches, and I don't want to stick around to figure out what it was. Picking a direction, I start walking and follow the claustrophobic hallways. Everything looks the same and I could imagine getting lost in here. I randomly put out a few torches and dropped them every now and then to mark the places I'd travelled. Eventually, after what felt like 30 minutes, I came to a large, open room. Directly on the other end were three different doors.

    One had the symbol of the moon.

    The second had a depiction of a sword.

    And the last seemed to be some sort of... leaf?


    After careful deliberation, I stepped forward and placed my palm's flat against the 'moon' door. It took a considerable amount of force, but I managed to just barely push it far enough to fit through. The instant I stepped through the small crack, the door shuts behind me and then vanishes. I'm essentially trapped.



    The new area I find yourself in is quite different from the last one. the ground is white and sandy, perhaps like that of a beach. The sky is surprisingly bright, considering I stepped through the 'moon' door.

    Shaking my head, I looked around, finding a small, faded path on the waterless beach. Following it, I see several hills and indentations. Looking at them closer, I realized that those 'indentations' are more like craters than anything else.

    As I walked, I grabbed a handful of the sand and swish it through my fingers. Now that I'm actually seeing it, it's less like sand and more like... powder? Honestly, it reminds me of powdered Cheetos.


    Definitely a weird comparison, but it fits. Though, it clearly doesn't taste like the orange snacks.



    The slow, winding path through the beech eventually leads me to what looks like an altar. From the distance, I can see three, glowing orbs floating atop the car-sized slab of stone. The closer I get, the more details I make out. First, the altar is not made from stone, but bone. It's a solid piece of bone and each of the orbs seems to be held within different skulls.

    The leftmost is situated in the skull of a giant... alligator? I'm not really the best at figuring what an animal's skeleton looks like. Seriously, only those that deliberately go out of their way to figure this stuff out actually know.

    The center orb is placed in a much easier to identify human skull. Unlike animals, everyone knows what people look like under their skins. Though, a part of me wonders if that'd be the case in all places. For all I knew, there might be a remote village that's never seen a skeleton before.

    Anyways, the last orb is floating just above what I could) )only assume to be the skull of a dog. They kind of looks similar, so that's what you're going with.

    As for the orbs, they're all black as night, but judging by the way they're acting, I can tell a bit about them.

    The leftmost one is somehow merged with the skull, almost as if that were just how it naturally grew.

    The center one seems to be making the human skull twitch every now and then.

    Finally, the rightmost orb is obviously floating in the air.

    Something about the one on the right. It calls out to me in a meek, hopeful voice. The other spheres have them as well, but they don't sound nearly as in need. Slowly, I step up and place my palm flat against the floating orb. It pulsates with unearthly energy, though, if I focused, it kinda feels like a heartbeat.

    Reaching out with my other hand, I hold the orb and gently pull it free from the altar. The world trembles and the very ground beneath my feet dances in anger! It takes all of my concentration to stay on my feet.

    With a loud and deafening blast, the altar explodes and sends hundreds of bone shards in every direction. One nicks my cheek, lightly spraying the ground in my blood. When everything clears, I'm still somehow on my feet with the orb in hand. My heart's like a drum that's threatening to rupture from overuse.

    Taking a deep and calming breath, I try and analyze the surrounding area. First, the altar is gone. In its place is a giant, smoking crater that doesn't have a single trace of the other strange orbs. Aside from that, everything else seems normal enough. Well, everything but the object in my hand. Looking at it now, I see that it's a perfectly spherical... ugh... sphere?


    Ok, maybe I'm not the best at descriptions, but that's not the point! Just looking at the thing makes my brain hurt. There's just something alien about how perfect it is. Even in nature, there's no such thing as a perfect shape, yet this sphere is exactly that.

    "What the hell are you..." The words leave my lips, and not a second later, the black ball in my hands twitches. I drop it out of reflex. Thankfully, my reflexes are fast enough to snatch it out of the air.

    The ball rumbles once again, this time much more violently. I fear that it's going to explode, similar to the altar, so I try and wind up a throw. Voice or no, I'm not going to let it kill me.

    "Fuck!" I shout as panic floods my mind. The ball is now stuck to my hand. No, melded would be a more accurate word. No matter what I do, it just won't get off!

    "Son of a-" A single crack runs up the side of the sphere, halting my curse in its tracks. Through the crack, a golden ray of light shoots out and irritates my eye.

    "No, no, no!" I grab the ball with my other arm, but it instantly fuses with my fingers and I find myself unable to move my hands.

    "Fucking seriously?!"

    A part of me wants to kick the stupid thing, but that'd probably have my foot fusing with it as well. Either way, it seems I'm out of time. A dozen more cracks appear on the ball. The rays are blinding, and before I could even scream, it explodes in a brilliant configuration of light and air. Your body is easily picked up by the explosion and thrown high into the sky. The world spins around me, and as I rise, I find an ocean of clouds just above me. Instead of ascending, I begin to fall, but upwards. I clear the clouds and have just enough time to see a big, blue marble that reminds me of the earth.

    An instant later, my world is bathed in flames; my eyes instantly evaporate from the heat. I burn up and die.


    With a loud, startled gasp, I open my eyes. Sweat drenches my body and has seeped into my small pyjamas. Taking deep, calming breaths, I try my best to figure out what the hell just happened!

    There was a strange maze, a beach, and a weird sphere. Was it all a dream?

    I lift up my hand and flex my fingers, finding them all to be perfectly fine and not burning stumps. The phantom pains of being burned alive haunts me, but clearly, it was all just a nightmare.

    "S-Sorry..." A meek, apologetic voice shatters the small shard of sanity that I have left.

    Cautiously, I turn my head toward the voice, making sure to have my body follow as well. All I knew was a single kick, but I've practiced it over 100 times!

    "I-I'm sorry." I faced not some hellish demon that prays on the dreams of children, but a small, winged, cute little... fairy? Her face is bandaged, showing that she is blind, either by choice or wound. All in all, this completely catches me off guard.

    "W-What are you?"

    The small fairy wilts under my gaze, but after a second of hesitation, she answers.

    "I-I'm the one you chose." She takes a breath and bows. "I-I will grant your wishes... but my powers are limited." There's a pause. "I don't have a n-name, but I am that which slept within the crystal inside your soul."

    A wish?

    "Are you like a genie?" Those definitely weren't a thing in Naruto, and considering I do remember grabbing some weird crystal thing when I died, it fits.

    She nods meekly.

    "S-Sort of. Umm, since you freed me, i-i'll be following you around." again, she apologizes and bows slightly. "U-Unless you want me to disappear untill I can grant a wish." The way she says that breaks my heart. Her voice is just so sad. Still, I can't just blindly believe her, so I asked about those 'wishes.'

    "I gain power passively as time goes by." She stops to word her explanation better. "I-I guess you could see it as me granting a wish every year."

    "Does that mean I have three wishes?" It's been 3 years since you were born, after all.

    She shakes her head solemnly.

    "N-No. S-Sorry. I can only grant a single wish now, but the more time passes, the fewer limits that are on the wish."


    "P-Please beleive me. G-Go ahead, wish for something."

    This is unbelievable... literally. A wish-granting fairy suddenly appearing in front of me and is giving me the option to wish for anything. Sure, she said there were limits, but that doesn't change how insane what she says sounds like.

    "You can grant any wish?"

    The little fairy stutters and blushes slightly, looking away in embarrassment. She's a meek little thing that reminds me of a small puppy.

    "A-As long as I-I have enough energy..."

    I still had so many questions, but maybe I should stick to the most important ones for now.

    "If you don't mind me asking, why are there bandages around your eyes?"

    The fairy goes still and her hand rises. Slowly and carefully, she presses her tiny hands up against the ragged bandages. Her lips fall into a sad, accepting frown.

    "I-It's just how I am. I can't see." As I thought, she's blind. Clearly, she had to have some other means of seeing the world, as she does seem to know where I am.

    Hmm, if that's the case, then I knew of a perfect way to test out if her wishes are real or not. Honestly, being blind is a horrible disability and one I'd rather not have someone that wants to help me be afflicted with. If she can really grant me wishes, and was willing to do it for free then healing her eyes is the least I could do. And in case her wishes are just a trick, like a monkeys paw or something, I'll find out now. Though, it's entirely possible that if it is a monkey paw-type situation, then her eyes might start shooting lasers at me.


    It's a risk I'm willing to take, as wishes are honestly too good to pass up.

    "Ok, I've thought of a wish." Her little head snaps up at me and the small frown quickly changes into a bright smile.

    "R-Really?!" She looks so happy. I haven't even told her my wish yet.

    "Why do you seem so excited?" It's not something I'd call creepy and it's more odd than anything else.

    Her little face lights up like a red Christmas tree. With lanky arms, she covered her mouth and flies a small distance away. The tiny wings on her back flap frantically, glowing just a tad brighter.

    "M-My purpose is to grant your wishes." Her hands fell, showing the thin smile underneath. It was something precious, something that made my own lip rise in retaliation.

    "When you make a wish, I feel happy." Her voice was firm and confident. For the first time, she hadn't stuttered or spoken nervously. It was then that I knew she wasn't a bad person. Alone in my room, surrounded by darkness as a small fairy, I made my wish.

    "Please, heal your eyes," I spoke, earnestly and softly. There were many other wishes in my thoughts, but this one rose above them all. "I want you to see the world."

    Though she lacked eyes, I knew she'd be opening them wide if she could. Her mouth did the opening instead, giving me a perfect view of her pearly whites.

    "B-But w-why would you-" The little fairy was dumbfounded. "Y-You could wish for anything else. Power. Wealth." Yeah, I could have, but I didn't. "My eyes aren't anything special, so, please reconsider! It'd be a waste!"

    My eyes grew softer and I leaned in. With one of my fingers, I carefully poked her nose.

    "It's not a waste," Foolish, maybe, but definitely not a waste. This is what I want. "There's nothing else I want."

    At a lost for words, the small fairy only nodded. She held out her hands and focused. Energy swirled around her fingers; destruction and creation mixed into something new. The display was breathtaking and soothing to my soul.

    "T-There." She spoke shakily as the wild conflagration of power slowly started to fade. Tendrils of darkness and light spun and rushed to the palm of her hand. The light died down, but I had to avert my gaze due to the strong winds. When all was said and done, I got to take a look at the fruits of her efforts. A single, obsidian scale sat on the palm of her hand.

    "A wish for a wish..." She whispered solemnly, picking up the scale carefully. "The world turns, like an unending pinwheel." With a small bit of force, the fairy crushes the scale. There's no bright light, brilliant display, or anything of that manner. I had no idea if my wish has been granted, at least not untill she reaches up and pulls the blindfold off.

    "Thank you." Two scarlet eyes stare back at me. They were as deep as the ocean, but also carried a warmth similar to the spring sun. Gazing at her dazzling jewels, I couldn't help but feel safe. Suddenly, she leaned in and kissed my nose, only to blush brightly and fly away a second later.

    My wish had been granted, and a few of my questions answered

    "What now?" I brought my hand down. She might be small, but hiding her would be very difficult, and that's not even taking into consideration food and other necessities.

    "Now... u-umm." The stutter returned, and her panicked face was a cute sight to see.

    "Do you, like, go back inside me? Can others see you? Do you need to eat?"

    Those seem like the most important questions.

    "Oh!" Her eyes widened and she nodded.

    "I-I could go back, but I want to see the world, i-if that's fine."

    I nod.

    "And, umm, only you can see and hear me." So she's basically an invisible spy? That's definitely a good advantage for me.

    "Also, I don't need food, but I can eat."

    In that case, there was only one more question on my mind.

    "What's your name?"

    She blinked and gives me a confused expression.

    "I don't have one."

    Well, that can't do.

    "Would you like one?"

    A blush rises to her cheeks, and with a meek, embarrassed look, she nods.

    "Then, from now on, you're Yue"

    With that out of the way, I laid back down in bed and prepared to sleep. It was well past my bedtime, and tomorrow would be annoying if I didn't get any sleep. As I closed my eyes, I noticed my fairy looking around nervously.

    Right... how could I forget.

    "Just take my other pillow." I say with a yawn and moved over. The last thing I saw before falling asleep was the face of a happy little fairy.

    This place is weird.

    Year Three End

    Name: Sasuke Uchiha
    Age: 3 Years~

    (2) Strength 1d6
    (1) Dexterity 3d6 + 2d6 (Sharingan T1)
    (4) Agility 4d6 + 2d6 (Sharingan T1)
    (8) Charisma 4d6
    (6) Cunning 3d6
    (4) Luck 2d6
    (8) Soul 4d6

    Skill Points: 1
    Wish Points: 1

    ??? Yue (Obsidian Crystal Gift): Supposedly, the fairy was born from your crystal?

    Enduring Soul: All soul related rolls gain an extra +2!
    Sharingan(1 Tomoe): You've dipped your foot in the Uchiha pool of power! Woo!
    +Dex/Agi rolls gain 2d6!

    Yue: Your wish-granting fairy. She seems... odd, but nice.
    Itachi: Your 'big' brother. He's prety cool.
    Fugaku: Your stern, but kind father.
    Mikoto: Your mom. Love with a face.
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    The text seems to be switching first and second person a lot. Also, why the fairy? Seems a bit Overpowered to me.
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    fun my friend
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    What a cute a little being the fairy is!
    Also good Sasuke for making that wish,Fugaku keeps being a cool dad.

    Getting the Sharingan is a feat on its own but considering the reincarnation it was on the way sooner or later, traumatic birth indeed.

    Only complaint is that I want to see more Mikoto at least before the timeline makes a turn for the worse!
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    "Big brother... how's school?" An Eight and a half-year-old Itachi turns around, carefully grabbing the small cat.

    "It's just like anything else, Sasuke." He smiles and jumps down from the tree.

    That's not very helpful, but Itachi's always been one to avoid overly long descriptions.

    "Do you have lots of friends?"

    He stiffens and gives me an odd, undecided look. It's as if he's not sure what to categorize the people he's thinking of as.

    "There's Shisui." He pauses, taking a second to measure his next few words. "I don't think you'd remember him."

    Really? Well, he's right. Maybe I saw him as a little kid, but didn't recognize him? To be fair I rarely get to leave the house, so it's kind of expected...

    "There's also my team..." A sad look grips his features. "Perhaps I should have brought them over before-"

    He sighs and shakes his head. Kneeling down, he smiles and grabs my shoulder.

    "Are you scared of school, Sasuke?"

    Scared? why would I-


    Oh, right, I'm starting that next year. I can see why my question might make him think that.

    "No. I just want to learn more about you, big brother." Thinking about it, I really only know the face he shows me at home. Itachi already graduated school and early at that. Maybe it's because I've grown so close to him over the past four years, but I want to be part of his other life as well.

    Chuckling, Itachi pulls my ear.

    "You're pretty brave, crybaby Sasuke." God, he's never going to forget that!

    Finding my pout amusing, he laughs and starts guiding me away from the tree, cat in hand.

    "Let's turn in this mission, ok?"

    I nod and look at 'Tora' the cat. He was surprisingly easy to catch, at least for my brother.


    "Here, Sasuke." my eyes widen as he hands me a small portion of his money.

    "But that's your reward."

    Itachi smiles and then shakes his head.

    "What's mine is yours, little brother." I really have the best brother in the world, don't I?

    "T-Thanks." Carefully, I count each coin and put it in my pocket. The numbers on them add up to 25.

    As I start walking back, Itachi asks me what I'd like to do next.


    "Oh, so this is your little brother?" The young Uchiha greeted me with a wide grin. With a free hand, he reached out and rubbed my head. Incredibly, the 12-year-old was probably more dangerous than any military man back in my old world. This was Shisui, Itachi's best friend.

    "Sasuke, meet Shisui." With a sigh, my brother introduced me to the energetic ninja. I exchanged pleasantries and began talking as I walked through the Uchiha compound.

    "Does big brother have a girlfriend?" It's my first question. I think he had one in the original timeline. What was her name again? Aya? Maya? Mizumi? God, Japanese-like names are so hard to remember!

    "I do not," Itachi answers perfectly. If it was just the two of us, I'd have been fooled. However, the restrained grin on Shisui's face gives it away.

    "No way! Who is she?!" Itachi's perfect facade cracks.

    "Wow! You're little brothers a bonafide sleuth." Shisui says with a laugh. "If he can see through you, then he'll definitely make a great ninja!"

    My brother grumbles and sends an annoyed look towards his best friend.

    "So you do have a girlfriend?!" I was just shouting nonsense to bait him out! Did the two of them actually hook up this early? Though, the love life of 9-year-olds is probably more along hand holding and playing games together.

    Itachi sighs and nods.

    "Please do not let mother or father know." Seriously? They're ninja. If anything, they've probably known for ages! It just goes to show that Itachi is as gullible as any other 9-year-old.

    "But yes, Sasuke, I have a friend that I'm decently close to."

    Shisui snickers and walks forward, wrapping an arm around my brother in the process.

    "Yeah, wish I had a friend like that."

    A silent tension rises around the two brothers in arms. Maybe coming here was a mistake.

    "Let's forget about that." Itachi hums and turns to me. He reaches into his pouch and pulls out a kunai. "Shisui, are you willing to help little Sasuke practice?"

    A small bead of sweat rolls down the Uchiha's face.

    "Not as target practice, right?"

    Itachi says nothing, choosing to look at him instead. His stern, determined gaze eventually breaks down Shisui's own determination.

    "Fine." He huffs and starts leading me to a nice training spot. "If it's for crybaby Sasuke, then I'll do it."

    Oh god... it's spreading!

    I give Itachi a betrayed look, but he shakes his head in surprise.

    If not him, then who?!

    Noticing my confusion, Shisui laughs out loud and pats my head.

    "I'll tell you if you can hit me~"

    That stupid name!!


    I tried my best to hit Shisui with one of the training Kunai, but sadly, he's way too quick for me. Besides, my throwing technique isn't the best. Itachi tries his best to teach me, but being honest, I'm not an actual prodigy when it comes to combat. The only reason my parents call me one is because I already have a lot of knowledge to call on from my past life. New things are just as hard to learn for me as they are for anyone else.

    "U-Umm, I think I can feel something." It was Yue's voice that pulled me out of my trance mid-session.

    "I-If you wish to hit him, I bet I could have it work." Well, that'd definitely surprise him.

    "B-But I think granting his wish m-might give me more power."

    That was another option.


    Hitting Shisui is most definitely an incredible challenge that I'll fail. Even if he were to hold back, my chances of success would be miniscule! Still, when am I ever going to get an opportunity like this again?

    "I'll hit you!" A bold declaration, but one I want to try and do. It'll be incredibly hard, but that doesn't mean I'll just back down. One step at a time, I'll climb the stairway of power. I only hope that I'm ready when the time comes. I'm but one person, and alone I probably won't be able to change much, but that doesn't mean I'll sit on my laurels.

    "That's the spirit!" Shisui says with a laugh. Giving me the training kunai, he moves back a bit and waves boisterously.

    "Come on! Hit me!"

    With keen eyes, I gripped the weapon and throw.

    DC: 17
    Roll(1d6): 4 FAIL!

    The kunai's trajectory swerves to the right and misses him. He didn't even move! I felt so embarrassed that tears start building in the corner of my eyes.

    Stupid kid brain! Why the hell would something like this make me cry?! Even with my Sharingan, I'd need the best of luck to hit him! Of course, I'd miss!

    "Sasuke... it's ok." A soft, comforting voice whispers into my ear. I felt Itachi's warm hand hold my shoulder tenderly.

    "Raise your hand and try again." There's no pity in his tone; Only a desire to help me improve reached my ears.

    Taking a deep breath, I raised my head and lock eyes with Shisui. He smiles and gives me a cheeky wink.

    "Come on! you can do it!"

    Closing my eyes, I contemplate using my Sharingan. It only takes a second for me to realize how stupid that is. I've kept it hidden so far, so why reveal it on something so insignificant?

    "I-I believe in you!" Yue's tiny form flutters beside me; she speaks with a sincerity that warms my heart.

    "Y-You can do it, master!" The sweet, kind little fairy does her absolute best to try and cheer me on. If she knew any dancing, I wouldn't be surprised to see her doing just that. She's my very own cheerleader.

    The tears pricking my eyes evaporate. That's right, why am I getting so worked up over this? Above all else, this is a learning experience! I won't let my little brain make me cry!

    "I'll get you!" A mighty shout leaves my lips. Bringing up the training kunai, I hurled them at Shisui with new confidence in myself.

    DC: 5
    Roll(1d6): 6 PASS!

    The first two kunai go wide, but the last manages to hit Shisui's right leg.

    "Oh no! You got me!" He shouts loudly enough for me to hear. Even though I knew he was going beyond easy on me, it still fills me with pride. It seems you can't escape these childish feelings of mine.

    "Y-You did it! G-Good job, master!" Yue flies to my side and grabs my cheek.

    "Congratulations, Sasuke." Nevertheless, Itachi's praises fill me with even more joy.

    It might have been a cheapened victory, but it was a victory nonetheless.

    "Now, we should probably head home before mother gets worried."

    I nod and quickly grabbed my practice kunai. With a small goodbye to Shisui, I head on home.

    From now on, I'll try and practice my throwing more.

    [Reward: 1 Skill Point!]


    "U-Umm, it's time to wake up!" Yue says, shaking me awake. Her little hands barely carry any strength, but she's doing it the way I taught her. I sneeze myself awake and Yue pulls her hands back from the sides of my nose.

    "S-Sorry!" She instantly apologizes and flies away into the 'shame' corner as I've started to call it. It's the top right corner of my room, and whenever she does something she thinks is wrong, she goes up there and faces away from me. Honestly, it's really cute.

    I chuckle and tell her that everything's alright.

    "I'm not angry, so come on down." Slowly, Yue turns around and meekly nods. As she flies onto my shoulder, I hear my mother giggle and step into the room.

    "Speaking to your imaginary friend again?" A crimson blush streaks across my face. Yeah, she somehow overheard me talking with Yue one time, thankfully, she quickly came to the 'imaginary friend' conclusion all by herself. Still, it's embarrassing! I'm a grown-


    No, I suppose I'm not. Every day that goes by is a day I get further and further away from my old self. It scares me, knowing that I'm becoming more and more immature. There's still that paranoia of mine, but the childish brain in my head has had a massive effect on my personality. I found fart jokes hilarious now and sweats things are like gold to me. Worst of all, thinking of naked women seems kinda gross! I hate to think this, but I hope puberty comes soon!

    "Y-Yeah." Smiling, I gently pick up Yue and place her on my lap.

    "She was feeling sad for waking me up." Yue moans in my lap, still ashamed from that.

    Mikoto giggles and steps forward, gently running her hand through my hair.

    "Well, are you ready to get your hair cut?"


    Oh, right, that was today.


    Mikoto smiles and picks me up. Quickly moving through the halls, she heads for the baths.

    Suffice to say, I get to see her naked, but rather than blush, I feel a bit disgusted? This was definitely a lot more awkward when I was a baby, and so was the breastfeeding!

    "T-The water's nice..." Yue mumbles as she floats nakedly in the bath. Unlike what I expected, she really doesn't care for modesty all that much. Her shy and bunny like demeanour only extended to speaking and such. In other words, she's perfectly fine getting naked in front of me, which is pretty funny in its own way.

    Anyways, after a quick wash, my mom gets me dressed and ready to go out on the town.

    "Oh! Is there anywhere you'd like to stop on the way back, sweaty?"


    Haircuts are surprisingly comfortable affairs. Maybe it's because of my new life, but I really enjoy sitting and having others groom me. It's relaxing, soothing, and just plain nice.

    "Such a handsome little man!" The kissing, cheek pinching, and suffocating hugs weren't nearly as fun, though. My mother was usually calm and collected around others, kind of like those traditional Japanese women, but around me, she might as well have been a little girl with a new puppy. She kissed my cheek and paraded me around town as if I was the biggest diamond in the world.

    Honestly, even though the constant attention kind of annoyed me... it felt nice. She loved me unconditionally, and that was more than many people in this world or the last could say.

    "So, the park?" I gave a small nod and looked to my right. Beyond the busy streets and people, the park was waiting.

    "Then let's go." Giving my hand a little squeeze, she started walking. Truthfully, I didn't want to go to play, but rather explore. Sure, I've been around the village a few times, but the places I actually know of were very limited in numbers. My world's basically made up of my house. By exploring more, I hoped to grow my horizon.


    Compared to most cities, Konoha's park wasn't all that different. There was a jungle gym, a slide, and a few seesaws. Kids of all ages and backgrounds were running around and playing with one another.

    "Go on, sweety. Go enjoy yourself." Surprisingly, Mikoto let go of my reins and urged me to explore. I was expecting her to be like a helicopter, but this was a pleasant surprise. Still, I could see how worried she was that something might go wrong. Being a parent was tough,

    Anyways, with a smile on my face, I went up to a group of kids and introduced yourself. there wasn't much trouble, and soon enough, I was playing with them. Of course, being quite a bit more mature than them, even with my mind being messed with, I found their games to be a bit boring.

    Thus, I introduced a new game and Freeze tag was born! No one had heard of it before, so almost all the kids joined in to play. Among their lot was a small, blond child with blue eyes. His face was soft, almost feminine in nature, but the whiskers gave him away. This was Naruto.

    "Can I play?"

    None of the kids seemed to mind, but already, I saw some of the parents stand up and start walking closer.

    I did not expect to meet Naruto of all people here and now. He was obviously around somewhere, but I didn't think I'd actually have a run in with him until school started up. Now that he's standing in front of me, I'm frozen stiff!

    Should I ignore him? If there wasn't attention on me before, there definitely will after I start playing with the Kyuubi Jinkuriki. Seriously, unless this is one of those retarded realities where they have no one trailing her from the shadows, I'm sure this whole place is being watched. Anything I do or say will no doubt be reported to the Hokage.

    Speaking of realities, I sure as shit hope this isn't one of those where he gets bullied so much that he dies, release the fox, or gets a murder boner for the entirety of the village. Oh god... I didn't even think of that. How likely is it that I'd end up in a timeline close enough to the canon one to not get myself killed?

    "U-Umm, i-it's ok if you don't want to..." Naruto pales under my absent glance. He shrinks away and starts turning around.

    Damn! My bad habit of overthinking things is making me look like a rude ass.

    "No! It's ok!" I say with a smile and grab his hand. He stiffens at the contact but doesn't run away.

    "R-Really?" The hopeful look on his face seems to lake any sort of desperation. Instead of an ostracized child that's hated by everyone, I see a small boy that is confused and not quite sure why others don't play with him. In other words, things haven't gotten so bad for him yet.

    "Yep! Everyone's fine playing with him, right?"

    Most of the kids nod at my question, but a few looks towards their parents with nervous expressions. Only a small amount of them actually leave.

    "Thanks!" Naruto says meekly and squeezes my hand. "S-So, what sort of game are you playing? It looks f-fun."

    I grin and start explaining the rules. A few minutes after, everyone's having fun and running around. Of course, good things don't last long. Perhaps finally seeing Naruto, the children's parents start slowly taking them away. The once huge crowd thins, and shortly after, only me and Naruto are left.

    Naruto, contrary to what the show taught me, is very perceptive. He slowly realizes what's happening and gets disheartened. All of it makes me furious, especially since I perfectly understand why they took their children away.

    Mothers and fathers would do anything to protect their kids. To them, Naruto is like a giant, cute tiger. Sure, everyone says it's trained and won't hurt their kids, but no parent is ever going to take the risk. It's a cruel reality, but one Naruto lives with every day.

    Anyways, my determined refusal to let the other's disappearances ruin my fun pays off. Naruto eventually starts enjoying himself, even if it's just the two of us.

    Off on the sidelines, my mother watches. I can tell that there's a conflicting whirlwind of emotion's on her face, yet she's remained silent.

    "T-Thanks! That was a lot of fun!" Cute, whiskered cheeks stare back at me with a bright smile.

    "I'm Naruko! It's nice to meet you!"

    "Sasuke." Wait... did you mishear?


    Yeah, that's probably it. I'm not trying to be rude, but Naruto's never been known for his vocabulary.

    "D-Do you want to be friends?"

    At this point, I see Mikoto stand up and start to making her way towards me.

    "Sasuke, It's time to go home sweety." She grabs my hand and slowly starts to pull me away.

    "Say goodbye to your... acquaintance."

    I grit my teeth and bite my tongue. Even after how rude she's being, I can't fault her.

    The Uchiha are already under a lot of scrutiny from the village. If I, clan leader's son makes friend with the village's Jinchuriki, then even more pressure will be put on the clan.

    Naruto stares at me, his eyes dropping low to the ground. This isn't anything new for him. Thing's will be fine. I can wait till school starts.


    But, is that really ok?

    It would be so simple to just ignore a lonely child's wish for companionship. Naruto's wish is minuscule in the grand scheme of things. I know he's strong, stronger than me or anyone else. He's small and weak now, but it's because of all the hardships he faced that he grew into the iron-willed ninja that never backed down. All I had to do to keep the future steady is to leave and not look back. I'll be joining school soon and there will be more chances to become friends then.

    "Is that your wish?" I stopped midstep and almost tumble forward. Thankfully, Mikoto catches me in time and lifts me back up. Her face is a mix of conflicting emotions.

    To think that one small little boy could hold so much sway over the actions of adults. I wouldn't be surprised if some people piss themselves at the thought of accidentally scratching a hair on his head.


    "Please, mom!" I turn around and look deep into her eyes. They were filled with surprise at my sudden bout of rebelliousness. "I want to hear his answer!"

    For once in my new, short life, I stood up to my parents. Her stance was understandable, but something in me found it wrong. Perhaps it was the countless hours I spent watching his journey, his battles, and all the pain he endured. Either way, something within me was stretching out a helping hand to the lonely boy. It was a selfish move, foolish even; if I became friends with Naruto, the clan would be in trouble. I was essentially putting him above everyone else, including my family. It was dumb and I was already hesitating.

    "I-" His words stole any chance I had at taking back what I said. Small, blue, teary eyes looked up at me. The sky was reflected in those azure mirrors, and for a second, I found myself in a trance. Childish innocence and hope pierced my very soul.

    "I wish we could be friends!"

    Soft-spoken, yet powerful words. To most, it might have been low and whispered, but to me, it was louder than the mightiest of roars.

    "That's..." Mikoto mumbled with a bitter, frustrated look on her face. She wasn't angry at Naruto, but the situation.

    "Yue, there's a wish for you. Please make the consequences as light as possible." I whisper, closing my eyes in resignation. There's no turning back now. The wheel of fate has been flipped on its side and I'm basically pissing on its smouldering form. Whatever happens now, I have no one to blame but myself. In the end, my greatest weakness was being unable to let a little boy suffer alone. Yet... it's not that bad of a weakness, I think.

    With a confirming nod, Yue floats between me and Naruto. She raises her hand, and in the blink of an eye, covers the area in bright, brilliant light.

    "I-It's done, Master."

    "From now on, we're friends," I say proudly, letting go of Mikoto's hand and gently grabbing Naruto's.

    "I'm Sasuke Uchiha and the two of us are now friends."

    His eyes widen and the whiskered cheeks on his face rise into a dazzling smile.

    "T-Thanks! I'm Naruko! Naruko Uzumaki!"

    The two of us just stare at one another, large smiles on our faces.

    "Do you mean Naruto?"

    He blinks and then shakes his head.

    "Um, no?"

    I suppose this is one of those timelines where he has his name changed?

    "Sasuke." Soft, loving arms wrap around me. Naruko lets go of my hand and moves away nervously; a small hint of fear flashes onto her face.

    "You're such a kind child, but this won't end well." She turns me around gently caresses my cheeks. "Do you really want this?"

    Determination blazes onto my face and I nod. The choice is made and I won't turn tail now.

    "My little crybaby looks so grown up." She says as she leans in and gives my forehead a quick peck. "I think I can be a little bit selfish."

    I blink in confusion.

    "What do you mean, mom?"

    She doesn't reply and instead stands back up.

    "Say goodbye to your little friend. You can see her later."

    Confused, I nod and wave goodbye to Naruko. The small boy seems extremely happy that my mom accepted our friendship.

    "B-Bye! L-Let's play again!"

    And so, giving her a goodbye hug, I followed my mother home. As we walked, a sudden, perplexing thought slips into my mind.

    Wait, she?

    All it takes is a single question to destroy any preconceptions I had about this being the canon timeline.

    "A boy? Sweety, your friend is a girl."


    Things were doomed from the start. I have no idea how this would change things. Honestly, befriending her might have been the best decision.


    To say my father was livid once he heard the news was an understatement. Away from prying eyes and ears, and believing me asleep, he had a rather loud shouting match with my mother. Both of them were incredibly angry, but one thing became apperantly clear. Things wouldn't be the same again. Surprisingly, no one ever stopped me from playing with 'Naruko,' but for a long time, there was a tense aura in my house. Thankfully, as the months rolled by, it began to lessen. But then, just like that, it was time to start school.

    [Reward: Naruko Friend Get! | History irrevocably changed! | Avoided ??? | +1 WP From Naruko! | +1 WP for the new year!]


    After all my troubles, I had managed to nab myself two skill points. It was a hard year, but my constant training paid off! Even better, I also managed to get another wish point. All I had to do now was spend those skill points!

    In the end, I wanted to train up my Taijutsu and my Sharingan. By making my body a weapon, I'd always be ready in case of an attack. The Sharingan as basically an overpowered ability only my clan had, so it was a no brainer if I wanted to live longer. Ninja's weren't about honour and fighting in the open, even though the 'ninjas' of this world were more like wizards.

    Reflected in the mirror, I saw my Sharingan blazing with three tiny little marks. Aside from that, there was also a fountain of knowledge that sprung up in my mind. I knew how to use the Hakkyokuken; or, at least, I knew the basics.

    Everything would be used to propel me to even greater heights!

    [Reward: Sharingan LVL Up! | Gained the Hakkyokuken| Gained The Taijutsu Skill!]

    Year Four End

    -1 SP: Sharingan (Tomoe)
    -1 SP: Taijustu (Hakkyokuken)

    Name: Sasuke Uchiha
    Age 4 Years~

    (2) Strength 1d6
    (1) Dexterity 4d6 + 3d6 (Sharingan T1)
    (4) Agility 5d6 + 3d6 (Sharingan T1)
    (8) Charisma 4d6
    (6) Cunning 3d6
    (4) Luck 2d6
    (8) Soul 4d6

    STR DMG: 3 = (STR (2) x Unnarmed DMG Mod (1.4)

    Skill Points: 1
    Wish Points: 2
    Money: 123 Ryo

    Yue (Obsidian Crystal Gift): Supposedly, the fairy was born from your crystal?
    Taijutsu [1/10]: The basic art of fighting with one's body. +2d6 to Combat rolls.
    +Hakkyokuken [1/10]: A particular fighting style that focuses on striking power. +.2 to Unarmed DMG Mod.
    Enduring Soul: All soul related rolls gain an extra +2!
    Sharingan(2 Tomoe):
    Slowly, but surely, you're getting better at using your Sharingan.
    +Tomoe [3/6]
    +Dex/Agi rolls gain 3d6!
    Yue: Your wish-granting fairy. She seems... odd, but nice.
    Itachi: Your 'big' brother. He's prety cool.
    Fugaku: Your stern, but kind father.
    Mikoto: Your mom. Love with a face.
    Naruko: Your friend? Why is she a girl?
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    Woot! Naruko!

    Though it feels like sasuke is possibly falling behind with his training? It is hard to judge beyond the failed and passed dice levels. Are they supposed to be that hard to pass so he is behind or is it just people giving him a rough time of it.
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    Am actually above in stats than canon sasuke in Soul, Cunning and Charisma. But yea I'm a bit behind in my physical stats at the beginning of academy. I pick up and surpass everyone later on near the end.

    I passed most of my rolls so far that shisui one was impossible to pass since well....its freaking shisui and I'm like 4 years old atm wouldn't be able to hit him till he gave me a handicap. :V

    Although I'll start labeling which stats are used for each rolls.
  22. Threadmarks: Chapter Five - Age 5/Year 5

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    To say that things were tense at my home would be an understatement. As the days turned to weeks, my father became more and more stressed. At times, he'd snap at the littlest of things. Even I wasn't safe from his grumpiness.

    "Try again!" I winced at his loud voice but nodded. My kunai swerved slightly to the left, but it struck the target nonetheless. No doubt I was already better than anyone else that'd be going to school, but it wasn't good enough.

    "No! Sasuke, try again." Fugaku loved to spend time with me Before. Watching me train would calm him down, but now all it did was stress him out.

    My family was drawing further away from one another, and it was my fault. Truthfully, I did have regrets about making Naruko my friend. It was worse than I thought, but at least it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Yue's wish had relieved most of the problems, but it was clear Fugaku and the Uchiha were now under scrutiny.

    "S-So you're going to be a ninja?" I nodded and turned to Naruko. She had a small smile, which was weird, to be honest. I was so used to seeing Naruto's humongous grin, so such a reserved expression looked alien.

    "Yeah. What about you?"

    She hesitated for a second before looking me in the eye.

    "M-Me too!"

    Still, even as my family was slowly pressured, I continued to be her friend. She wished for it and I wouldn't be taking it back.


    Eventually, after a few gruelling months of investigation, the Uchiha got a break. It became clear that no one was planning anything, but that didn't mean the pressure stopped. At the end of the day, this was a village of paranoid ninjas. They would keep an eye on me, whether they said they stopped or not. The only thing that went away were the constant arguments and discussions with my father and the clan.

    With this small reprieve, I wanted to try and help my family relax. What better way than a surprise party, right? Still, I was just a five year old, so anything I could do was limited. Convincing Itachi to help was easy, though I felt a bit guilty about using his time off. He had recently become a Chunin, so he was getting busier and busier too.

    "Of course I'll help, little brother." Squeezing my nose, he listened to my plan. Through some eavesdropping, which would have made my father proud, I learned that his and Mikoto's anniversary was coming up. It'd be an incredible undertaking to set up the decorations without them noticing, but I was ninja!


    Well, Itachi was.

    Anyways, all that was left was to get them a gift.

    A frame would be best. I'd use it to capture my family and every time I'd looked back, I'll know that I was loved. Of course, no one let me out of the house alone. Even here, in Konoha, I was never safe, at least not yet. Thus, I asked my brother for some help. Grabbing all the money I needed, I flew off into the village with Itachi. There were many, many stores to visit and so little time to do it.

    Eventually, after spending about an hour and a half going through stores, looking for the perfect frame, I found it. Itachi even managed to haggle it down to a price I could afford! All that was left was to start the party.


    "Surprise!" To say Mikoto and Fugaku were caught off guard would be an understatement. Perhaps the stress had been getting to them a bit too much. Suffice to say, I was almost kicked across the room by my father.

    Maybe I shouldn't have done it when he was walking with his eyes closed.

    Thankfully, I actually managed to avoid the blow, though I had to call on my sharingan for it. No one noticed, which was a blessing in itself. Seriously, that was crazy!

    After a quick apology, my father asked what was going on. I, of course, took centre stage and explained the situation.

    "It's a party for your anniversary!" I said, pulling out the hand wrapped gift. "Itachi and I went and got you a gift."

    Both of our parents widened their eyes in shock. It looked like they had forgotten what day it was.

    With a motherly smile, Mikoto pulled me and your brother into a tight hug.

    "Thank you, my little angels." She gave each of us a kiss and then stood up.

    Finally calming himself, Fugaku looked around at the room. The decorations and small cake must have really left an impression on him. He looked proud.

    "Did both of you set this up when we weren't looking?"

    "Yes, father." Itachi replied. "It was quite a difficult task, but we managed."

    For the first time in the last few months, Fugaku smile.

    "Dear, do you want to-"

    Fugaku raised a hand, stopping my mother in her tracks.

    "I think we should just sit down and enjoy the rest of the day."

    I smiled, knowing that my little plan had worked wonders. In the coming days, I saw my parents smile more.

    Things were slowly getting better and better.

    [Reward: Family Stress Down!]


    Our first teachers weren't Iruka or Mizuki. They were most likely teaching the older years or hadn't started yet.

    "I won't lie to you. The path of a ninja is an arduous, dangerous one. Only the strong will graduate." The teacher, an older ninja, said as he looked at the class.

    I saw familiar faces, or at least what I thought as familiar. It was honestly very hard to recognize everyone, as they looked like real people, rather than anime characters. Untill I learned everyone's names, I'd probably have a hard time figuring out who was who.

    "Nevertheless, I see a bright and courageous class in front of me. Work hard, don't give up, and all of you are sure to pass."

    His words were optimistic, but I already knew not everyone would graduate, let alone get past the first year. The class was massive, even though it was only one of many others. If the show was to be believed, then the numbers would drop soon enough. After all, there were civilians in our class as well. Unlike Naruto, they didn't have a giant fox demon in their belly or the Hokage's favouritism to keep them afloat.

    Speaking of Naruko, the instant she saw me in the class, she all but monopolized the seat next to my right. Thankfully, it was the first day of class and everyone was nervous. No one knew who I was or where I came from. No one aside from Naruko, that is.

    "Now, to help you get to know your peers a bit better, could everyone from groups of four?"

    I hated group projects. They always ended up the same. Either I did all the work and everyone did nothing, or someone else did all the work and didn't let anyone else touch it.

    Anyways, the group assignment was easy enough. I all had to come up with a simple way to steal a certain piece of information from a fortress.

    Suffice to say, Naruko instantly partnered up with me. The other two were ones I didn't knew from the show, but that was expected. The class was quite large and they were already in groups.

    As for the riddle,my answer was the obvious one, and honestly, I'm surprised anyone got it wrong! Seriously! we're all ninja! There's absolutely no excuse to say anything aside from stealth! God, knowing that some groups said 'rush in and kick their butts' makes me embarrassed to even be in the same room as them!

    I could tell the teacher wasn't surprised in the least, though. He must have seen this dozen of times, because all he did was nod and then move onto the next group. A saying came to mind.

    A person's genius has limits, but their stupidity had no bounds. It blew my mind! Honestly, I felt sorry for the old man.

    Anyways, the rest of the class went fine. Everyone walked up to the front and then introduced themselves, along with their dreams. I got to see the original cast and gawk at how different they looked like. Everyone had pudgy cheeks and lanky arms.

    Aside from introductions, everyone shared their dreams. As expected, most gave generic answers like 'becoming a good ninja' or 'be the strongest.'

    The only people that had more personalized goals were Shikamaru.

    "I want to be a ninja so my mom can stop nagging."


    "I'm going to be the best and become Hokage!"

    Finally, Hinata stuttered out her goal.

    "I-I want to be strong..."

    Seeing everyone so meek and different from what they'd become was a shock. Even Naruko was completely different. Gone was her dream of becoming Hokage.

    "I want to protect my precious people!" She shouted with a bright smile.

    Still, she wasn't too far off from what she'd become.

    As for me It was my time to go up to explain my dreams and goals. Putting my thoughts into words was surprisingly easy.

    CHA DC: 13
    Cha Roll (4d6): 14 PASS!

    "I have a simple dream." I paused, making sure to get everyone's attention before starting. "I want my life, and those of my friends to be long and successful." Maybe being a ninja wasn't the best career path for that, but hell, it's what you wanted,

    "I don't know much about the shinobi life, but I'm sure it's full of pain, loss, and much more." I'm a kid and so are they. Most of this stuff will probably just go over their head. "But most of all, ninjas are those who Endure!"

    I smiled and look at everyone.

    "As we grow, we'll develop our own code or ninja way. It might be but a seed, but my ninja way is to live life to the fullest and help my friends do what they want."

    The stary eyed civilians look at me with awe. Most of the clan children are still that, children. They too find warmth in my words.

    "I recently learned that we can find true strength by helping others. It was a scary choice, but one I made. I hope we can all be friends and help each other out."

    With that, I take a second to breathe and watch their reactions. Slowly, everyone starts to calm. It's obvious that like, 80% of the class had no idea what I just said, but the core message was still there.

    Let's be friends and help each other out.

    Those that droped out would be the lucky ones, but those that endured would need all the help they could get. I needed help. Together, perhaps the future wouldn't be so bleak?

    [Reward: Class Opinion Up!]


    To say Naruko was bad at the basics would be an understatement. When the teachers started showing everyone how to use Chakra, most clan children picked it up in a week or so. At least, those that didn't already know. Like them, Naruko had no foundation, so she was walking blind. When it came to chakra, I was among these, as my father and brother prioritized teaching me the basic skills of a shinobi before giving me access to superpowers. Anyways, it took me about 2 or 3 weeks to actually start being able to do anything significant with my chakra. It wasn't amazing, but I was still ahead of most of the other people in the class. The civilians had a really hard time pulling out their chakra, and some already dropped out when they learned that they had minuscule amounts.

    Naruko, however, was a different beast altogether. She had so much she could barely control it! The students were awed at her at first, but that soon changed when she couldn't do anything with it. As expected, the children scorned those that were different. They started making fun of her. Through all of this, I stood by her side and kept her spirits up. Whenever she'd make a mistake, she would laugh it off and try to make others laugh instead. It was her way of coping with failure.

    Eventually, her frustrations started to become apparent. She'd stay long after school ended and practice her control. No notable improvements were being made, however.

    "H-Huh? Shouldn't you be going home, Sasuke?"

    I smiled and shook my head.

    "No. I'm going to stay back and help you."

    A smile instantly sprouted onto her face.

    "Thanks! But you don't need to!"

    "I want to."

    And that was the crux of the matter. I couldn't just stand by and watch her stay back hours yet make no progress.

    Now, what would I help her with?

    Chakra was Naruko's greatest strength, so I decided to focus on that. It might not have been the smartest move, but I wasn't exactly a genius, was I? Sure, everyone called me that, but it was mostly thanks to my headstart on life. Eventually, I'd come to the point where everyone else would catch up to me. Hopefully, I'd be enough ahead by then that it wouldn't matter. Still, actual geniuses like Shikamaru outstripped me by insane margins. Seriously, how was he not the strongest ninja in the original story? His plans were insane!

    Anyways, I wanted to make Naruko's even stronger than she was. It took many, many days, but I did my best. After every class, I'd stay with her and practice the basic chakra control exercises. A side effect of this was that it also helped me improve.

    I wasn't the best at everything in the class. Shikamaru was smarter. Kiba was stronger. Hinata had better Chakra control. Still, I was the most well-rounded person in the class and that meant I was getting consistently good marks on all topics. Suffice to say, I was the best student in the class, which shouldn't have been all that surprising. I had a good 20 or more years on these kids. It would have been embarrassing if I wasn't #1!

    "Thanks for always helping me, Sasuke!"

    "No problem! Want to go get something to eat?"

    It had been a hard day, and while Naruko's control only increased a tiny bit, it was improvement nonetheless. After all these weeks, she could still barely control her Chakra, but I could see she was getting better at it.

    "Sure! Umm, is Ramen fine? I found this really nice place! The people are super nice!"

    Well, that sounded great. Truth be told, I rarely ever had the salty broth in my old life. It'd be something new to try out! Naruko seemed very excitedly at least!

    [Reward: Soul +1! Naruko control increased! | +1 WP]


    "Faster." I gulped and nod, sending another clumsy fist at my father. He easilly dodges, not even bothering to use his Sharingan.

    In a split second, his fist lashes out. I kept my eyes open, just like Fugaku taught me. His fist stops an inch from my face.

    "Good. At least you're not shutting your eyes." He steps back, a small, but proud smile on his face. "Still, you need to work on your form."

    I nod solemnly and take the unfamiliar stance.

    "Fighting your classmates will be easy, but even the greenest of ninja can spot the weaknesses in my form." He walks next to me and carefully raises my arms. He moves my legs slightly further apart and then rotates my elbows.

    "You lack the Sharingan, but the style must be engrained into your head nonetheless." I see him chuckle. "It's quite smart of you to ask for lessons this early."

    A sad, almost regretful look crosses his eyes.

    "I hope the day you unlock our Clan's bloodlimit is an easy one."

    Sighing, he returns to the lesson. I bob, weave, and try to hit him before he hits me. It's a simple, but an effective fighting style that's enhanced by the Sharingan. Essentially, I focused on predicting my opponent's attacks and strike before they do. The Sharingan's near precognitive abilities make it all that easier to execute, thus, it's a deadly combination. However, there are counters to it, and only the most experienced combatants can overcome them. Still, most people wouldn't specialize in countering the Uchiha clan's taijutsu. Sure, they might know some of the required techniques, but that's not enough to stop a strong person from just beating them.

    Anyways, I continued to train with my father for the remainder of the year. When sparing lessons finally start up in school, I'd go basically undefeated. The only one that even gives me a challenge is Hinata, but that's mostly due to her clan fighting style. Honestly, if she was just a bit more confident, I wouldn't at all be surprised if she could just crush me in melee. The saying about bringing a Hyuuga to a fist fight is no joke. All they need is a simple tap to burst blood vessels to cripple you. Of course, that hyper-specialization gives them a lot of weaknesses to exploit.

    In any case, it was a long, productive year.

    [Reward: Learned Intercepting Fist! | + 2 STR | +1 Dex!]


    "A-Are you s-sure this is safe?"

    I smiled and nod.

    "Yes. Come on, Yue. It's not like anyone can see you, right?"

    Blushing, the small fairy nods and floats on by. She keeps going higher and higher, and soon enough, I stopped being able to see her. Even my Sharingan loses track of the tiny fairy.

    I wait and wait. After about 15 minutes, she returns with a tired look on her face.

    "Y-Yeah... I could s-see a lot of things!"

    Yue goes on to explain how she flew up so high she could see the land around me for miles.

    "I-It was really prety."

    I smiled and gently patted her head.

    "Told you it was worth it." If I could fly, it'd be the first thing on my to-do list.

    "Y-Yeah. T-Thanks." Yue float by my cheek and gives it a tiny kiss.

    "Ok. Next up is swimming." She stiffens and starts to look down in shame.

    It's all part of the plan. I wanted her to experience a lot of things, even though she says they scare her. For her, the whole world is new and unexplored. I want to show her that not everything is out to get her.

    "B-But there could be s-sharks!"

    "It's only a small lake."

    "G-Giant frogs?"

    I chuckle.

    "Don't worry, I'll be right there with you."

    She trembles and looks away.

    Hmm, maybe I should try something else if it's really bothering her?


    Dancing is a delicate art, one that most people actually put stock into, even though it's not all that useful. Thankfully, I'm a decent dancer, at least by my standards. Swimming's more my forte, but Dancing is ok too.

    "L-Like this?" Yue asks as she glides forward, tripping on a small pebble. "Ah!"

    I reached out and grab the little fairy before she can hurt herself. Her soft wings press against my palm. A part of me wonders what they're made out of.

    "T-Thanks." I smile and right her little body.

    "No problem. Come on, you almost had it." The tiny fairy blushes and takes another step. Slowly, but surely, she starts dancing on the spot. I chose something really simple for her. The box step as it's called has her moving slightly to the left and to the right. If she had a partner, there would be some turning as well, but Yue is sadly way too small.

    "Here." That doesn't stop yme from trying to help, though. "Try and use my finger as a partner."

    She hesitantly grabs hold and gets to it. Each step is a bit clumsy at first, but she perseveres. Again and again, she stumbles but gets right back up. Within the hour, she's dancing like a pro. The sweet smile on her face warms my heart. I can't believe my little fairy could be this cute!

    "I-I did it!" Yue announces proudly. "D-Did you see?!"

    I nod and pull back my finger, gently taping her head.

    "Good job." Her little body surges with energy as she flies into the air and holds out her hand.

    "C-Can I try it up here?" I didn't expect that. Dancing kinda requires something to stand on for it to work. Then again, who am I to tell a magical fairy what can and can't be done?

    "Sure." Once more, I give her my finger. It quickly becomes apparent that the moved from before are not as good in the air, so she starts to adjust. Before long, she's guiding my finger through the sky. It's almost as if she were on an invisible staircase. Her moves are captivating, even though they're kinda clumsy.

    "T-There." Yue comes to a complete stop, slightly panting at her exhaustion. It's surprising, but it looks like her endurance is prety crap. "H-How did I do?"

    "I loved it." Her tired little face warps into a happy grin. Like a small child showing her father a drawing she worked really hard on, Yue tried to impress you with her dance moves. Aside from being sweet, it's also a bit amusing.

    Blushing like a cherry red tomato, she flutters her wings and slowly flies onto my shoulder. Her soft rump lands on it and she leans over, giving your cheek a small kiss.

    "Thanks, master."

    Even after all this time, the name "Sasuke" still feels odd. It's probably why I let her keep calling me that.

    "How about we work on swimming next?" Aside from being great exercise, it'll also help build up her stamina. So far her lack of it hasn't been a problem, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. When the time comes, it's best if she's fast enough to run away.

    "S-Swimming?" Yue gulps and nervously grabs onto my shoulder.

    "Yeah. Don't worry, I'll be in the water with you." Her tiny hands slacken just slightly. "If you get scared, you can just climb onto my head or back." There's absolutely no way she'll be hurt, not while I'm there with her. Though, I see why she would be. Her wings don't work in water and for someone that flies in the sky, being grounded must be scary. But it's ok; I'm there for her.

    "I- Ok, master." Yue takes a deep breath and stares at me with determination. Her eyes blaze with the will of someone about to attempt a challenging task.

    I smile and return the small kiss she gave me a second ago.


    Comically, she happened to lean into me at the same time, so she slides into my mouth; I almost ate her!

    Suffice to say, a nice dip in the water would efficiently help her clean up.


    I slowly trudge through the small lake. It wasn't hard to find this place, as Konoha has a lot of close bodies of water. Still, I try to be a bit sneaky. It'd suck if it turned out people weren't allowed to swim here.

    Anyways, because I didn't want to come back home with wet clothes, I basically went skinny dipping, which is why I had my Sharingan activated. Being found would be so embarrassing, so I wanted to at least get a heads up if anyone was coming. It'd also help to spot any mischievous pranksters that might have thought to steal my clothes. It could be funny to them, but you'd be prety pissed. Thankfully, no one stopped by during my quick dip.

    "I-Is this ok?" Yue asked. I wouldn't call what she was doing 'swimming' but she was at least staying afloat. There was nothing wrong with doggy paddling, after all.

    "Try and lift your legs. Put them flat against the water and kick off." Like me, my little friend cast her clothing aside. As before, she has no modesty and doesn't really care if anyone sees her tiny naked body. It's a fairy thing or something.

    "L-Like this?" She furrows her brow, raises her legs, and uselessly thrashes in place. her body starts to sink a second later, so I quickly reach out and pick her up.

    "Not quite. Try and 'crawl' forward with your hands while kicking." Yue coughs and nods, giving swimming another chance.

    Her determination pays off, and while she doesn't cover much distance, her little body does move forward. For added effect, she even tries to flutter her wings to speed herself up. It actually works, though the effects aren't that noticeable.

    In any case, the result is just what I was looking for. Yue takes the first step in conquering her fear of water. I'll have to come back here at least once a week or so to help her learn more.

    For someone so small, Yue has an incredibly strong will.

    With that, I leave the lake, get dressed, and then head home. My night is filled with sweet dreams.

    [Reward: 1 WP! | Yue learns to swim!]

    Year 5 Ends

    -1 Wish Points: Increase Dexterity by one!
    -1 Skill Points: [Bloodline] Sharingan unlock a (Tomoe) by one!

    Name: Sasuke Uchiha
    Age 5 Years~

    (4) Strength 2d6
    (3) Dexterity 5d6 + 4d6 (Sharingan T1)
    (4) Agility 6d6 + 4d6 (Sharingan T1)
    (8) Charisma 4d6
    (6) Cunning 3d6
    (4) Luck 2d6
    (9) Soul 4d6

    STR DMG: 3 = (STR (2) x Unnarmed DMG Mod (1.4)

    Skill Points: 1
    Wish Points: 4
    Money: 100 Ryo

    Yue (Obsidian Crystal Gift): Supposedly, the fairy was born from your crystal?
    Taijutsu [1/10]: The basic art of fighting with one's body. +2d6 to Combat rolls.
    +Hakkyokuken [1/10]: A particular fighting style that focuses on striking power. +.2 to Unarmed DMG Mod.
    +Intercepting Fist [1/10]: The Uchiha clan's fighting style. Excels when used with the Sharingan. +2d6 to combat rolls. Gains extra dice per 3 Tomoe. (Already included in total)

    Throwing [1/10]: The basic art of lobbing pointy bits into other's bodies. +1d6 to Combat rolls.
    Enduring Soul: All soul related rolls gain an extra +2!
    Sharingan(4 Tomoe):
    Slowly, but surely, you're getting better at using your Sharingan.
    +Tomoe [4/6]
    +Dex/Agi rolls gain 4d6!
    Yue: Your wish-granting fairy. She seems... odd, but nice.
    Itachi: Your 'big' brother. He's prety cool.
    Fugaku: Your stern, but kind father.
    Mikoto: Your mom. Love with a face.
    Naruko: Your friend? Why is she a girl?
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  23. Fellgar

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    Mar 18, 2013
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    You know the stat system doesn't make much sense to me. You have your physical skills at half of your soul or charisma stats and yet they roll higher dice.

    So the family party was nice. Getting naruko chakra control up so she can actually access her reserves is nicer.
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  24. Leekz01

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    Skills just add to the dice pool. Dexterity is hit rolls and agi is for Dodge rolls.

    If let's say I never learned to throw kunai, but ended up in a situation where I decided to throw one. Without training I'd be relying on my Dexterity alone to hit someone. But if I had training in said skill it'll add to the Dexterity dice pool.

    An other example would be, say I fought someone not trained in taijustu but they has around the same amount or more Dexterity than me. My train in taijustu events it.

    Skills just add to people stats.
  25. Fellgar

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    No I am talking about the actual stat system.
  26. Leekz01

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    Apr 17, 2016
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    What about them?
  27. Fellgar

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    The points don't match the dice.
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  28. Leekz01

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    Ah! Every 2 dice adds 1d6 dice, basically every even number adds to the dice pool.
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  29. Index: How wish points work

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    (Si)Sasuke gains a "Wish Points" every year. Yue essentially crystallized my hopes and dreams, forming them inside her body and then consumes said hopes and dreams.

    The things that mater for cost are "scale" and "weight"

    The more people it'll effect, the more it costs.

    The bigger changes to the "natural order" of the world, the more it costs.

    So something like changing my eye colour would be really cheap. Something like changing everyone's eye color would be more expensive.

    But changing my Sharingan so that no one notices it costs more than that, because "naturally" that's one of the Sharingan's weaknesses.

    Esentially, the further my wish goes from Canon, the more it costs.


    Change How Mangekyo is activated - (5-10~ points)
    Remove Mangekyo downsides (10~20) points
    Make myself a Genius (15-20~) points
    Change Hair Color (1 Point)
    Summon a Car! (7 Points)
    Grow wings! (6 Points)
    Become A Tailed Beast! (40-100 points?)
    Gain like a sage of 6 path mode or something? (40-100 Points)
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  30. Cago

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    Why does the Sharingan have a maximum of six tomoe I thought the max was three?
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