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[DC] Raven Lunacy (OC in Teen Titans)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Ace Dreamer, May 15, 2020.

  1. Extras: Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 7
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 7

    AN: This is an 'Author Omake', this one happens to be 'canon', but shouldn't (greatly) impact the overall story, so you can skip it if you want to. It falls between Episode 64, the Finale, and Episode 65, the Epilogue.

    AN: OK, the 'AN' above's a little misleading. The whole story was told from the Point-of-View (PoV) of Geo. A Geo who was summoned by Raven, to be her Apprentice, and who would be banished, later. After the banishment there can be, from Geo's PoV, no more story told. But, the Epilogue was apparently told from the PoV of a Geo who'd not been banished, or at least couldn't remember that. Making sense of the Epilogue requires you to read this Omake. But, this must be an Omake because it's not told from Geo's PoV.



    I'm fighting to not be crushed, using my remaining power for protection. Reach deeper. Push harder.


    I'm... no longer in my father's hand. It's falling, torn shreds. I'm... floating in the air, hundreds-of-feet tall. Pink-skinned. Fully-healthy.


    A minor act of will. Clothed, in my normal garb. I need...

    Reach out. Follow the path of my Apprentice home. Remove the remain of my father's hand, arm, shoulder, from her. Heal her, repair her garb. Drag my father's remains, back here.

    I was in time, though I might have twisted Time, a little. She should arrive home, moments after I first summoned her. But, still wearing my, what's now her, robe. Her full combat garb.

    The other Titans. They're looking up at me. There's a certain amount of open mouths, dropped jaws

    I wave to them.

    Terra waves back.


    Normal, human, size. It seemed sensible. Looking at the dead remains of my father. Within my ritual circle of confinement. I'll have to do a thorough tidy-up.

    I think... we've won. But, we're all rather in shock.

    "Do I need to heal anyone?"

    The team pull themselves together, look each other over for injuries.

    "A few cuts and scrapes", Robin reports. I wave my hand, and all is fixed.

    "Are you all right? I'm guessing you banished Sugoi, as planned. It all looked... pretty tense."

    "I'm... changed. I don't think I'll be able to stay with the Titans. I've... other duties."

    I'm being hugged by Kory. It... helps. The others gather around.

    I just bask in their friendship. Slowly start to feel better. Bleak purpose is still there, but I'm not alone.

    Gather myself.

    "I think we'd better return to the Tower. I need to explain some things to you."


    A wash of visual static, Control Freak arrives.

    He's arm-in-arm with Sonya. Fortunately, they're both clothed. But, there's a certain glow about them. I guess creating a whole world, a false Earth, can do that.

    "We won! I saved the day! Booyah!"

    Cyborg looks at him. "I guess you're entitled to a 'Booyah!', but we're the ones who faced Trigon."

    Control Freak waves his hand, dismissively.

    "Details!" Examines the team.

    "You're OK. Where's the robot geek? Is she OK?"

    "My Apprentice." I look at him, he flinches a little. "As the ritual, the prophecy, required, I had to banish her. She has gone home. We may see her again, we may not. She's back with her family, who need her. She may now need to use what she learned in this world, on her home world."

    "So, she really was from another world? Huh. Just goes to show." He shakes his head.

    "What about your martial arts trainer? The cute blue nurse?"

    Sonya punches his arm. "I'm cuter than my sister!"

    He looks her up and down. "OK, I'll give you that."

    "Master Roshi was always dead. He was walking among the living because he had a wager with Death, an agreement to train my Apprentice. He's gone, for good, I think. Nurse is back at the Tower. I'm pretty sure she plans on staying around."

    He looks at the team.

    "So, this is still one of my tv dimensions. Do you want to fight, now, have a bit of fun, run around the places I control?"

    "I think we've fought enough for today. As for this being a 'tv dimension'... Tell me, do you know what a Dream Walker is, and, what do you know of shamanism?"

    He looks completely confused. Thought so.

    "Maybe you'd like to visit, with a little advanced warning, next time? I might be able to teach you a few things."

    Sonya makes a face. Takes a firmer grip on his arm.

    "I don't mind, as long as you remember, I called 'Dibs!', first!"


    We take a side-trip to Azaroth. Using my new power I draw a ritual circle around the entire place. Ask the Titans to hold hands, in a circle, with me, focus on the place being restored. Not strictly necessary, but, it makes me feel a lot better.

    The people stand in the restored streets. Some are feeling their bodies, their faces, looking at their hands. I'd had to recreate their bodies, garb, though I'd saved their minds and spirits. That tends to cause a certain level of shock.

    Voices are starting to be raised, a few fists shaken, up at us. Some of the people are arguing, some fights look about to start.

    Release the hands of the rest of the team, thank them, create a floating disk for them to stand on. Move away. Assume my full size.

    "Quiet!" The people all look up at me.

    "Trigon is gone, I'm his daughter, Raven. I was raised among you, I value you, love you, so I saved you from Trigon. But, a sacrifice had to be made." There's silence, as they look up, with some dread, at me.

    "The agreement you made with Azar is ended. The dark, the evil, the parts of you that Azar helped you cast out, they are restored to you. Those parts went to form Trigon, gave him much of his power, twisted him to evil. He is undone, but, you, you'll need to learn to live with your darker sides. Like the rest of humanity."

    I wait, the talk among them starts, again, but on a more reasoned basis. I see the monks, as the ones who trained me, move among the people, reassuring them. And, dragging the odd trouble-maker off, who will not be reasoned with.

    Back to human-size, standing on the flying disk, with the rest of the team.

    To the Tower.


    "This is 'Neo Raven'."

    I indicate the figure who looks a lot like me, but has grey-skin, and is hiding in her robe.

    "When Sugoi and I worked on my spiritual roots, to protect, hide them, from Trigon, I made 'ghost roots', to decoy Trigon from my true ones. With his fall some of Trigon's power seems to have mixed with those roots. And, they turned-out not to be as 'ghostly' as I thought."

    They look at the new arrival. It slowly dawns on them.

    "She has many of my memories, a fraction of my power. But, she is not someone who has... any friends. I'd like you to consider being friends to her."

    "You're talking as if you're not going to be here." Thank you Robin.

    "Yes. Trigon ruled more than a million worlds. Had many lesser powers working for him. Some will try and replace him, some will try and restore him to power. We may see 'Sons of Trigon' causing problems. Someone needs to go deal with the problem. Me." I look at them, several are about to speak.

    I smile.

    "You're all about to offer to help. No, I need to go start this, on my own. I can impersonate Trigon. I can be the victorious Daughter of Trigon, who's replaced her father. If pushed, I can be Trigon's secret son. Or, all of the above, to keep them guessing. They will understand those sorts of things. But, yes, if I need help, I'll call for you."

    Robin comes up to me, offers to shake my hand. I accept. "You'll always be a Titan."

    "Thank you. But, many may not think I've gone. After all, you've still got a 'Raven'. And, she needs friends."

    They look at 'Neo Raven'.

    Who's now being hugged, by... Kory.

    "Greetings, Friend Raven! Will you be my friend?"


    Down in the med-bay.

    Nurf asked me to visit, before I leave.

    "She's missing. As we agreed, in our time on the Ship, I started a secret clone for her. Have been imprinting memories, from the memory backup she entrusted to me. A 'just in case'. She's my captain, though I'm now my own CMO. I... need her."

    She wipes her eye.

    "I checked, she made it home, OK. I'm sure she'll think of you. If we ever call, I'm sure she'll come back. And, I expect she'll visit."

    "Thank you!" I'm being hugged.

    "I'll give you a 'magic compass', it should help you track-down 'Geo Kuro'. Astrally, I'm guessing. I've... a feeling she's still on this world, but, elsewhere, and, for the moment safe. I'll arrange for a few things to be shipped to her."

    I get glared at.

    "No, I'm not going to tell you where. I strongly suspect she'll need a little time to settle herself. Higher Powers are involved. Best not to tread on their toes." I cough, indicate upwards.

    "Could you please go upstairs? Introduce yourself to Neo Raven? I'm pretty sure she'll need all the friends she can get."

    An... 'old fashioned' look, I think Geo called it.

    "I sensed her arrive, you know. That's a truly ridiculous amount of spiritual power. And, yes, I listened to what you said, using my agreed security systems tap. She's not some random product of bits of your magic and bits of Trigon's, is she?"

    Sometimes people are too perceptive...

    "I'll leave it up to you, what to tell the others. I had to take Trigon to pieces, put the pieces into good places, otherwise he'd just come back. They may not like it, but you're now the most experienced person in the Tower. I trust you, my daughter."

    She blushes, gives me a quick hug.

    "I'll not say anything, for now. About where you put Trigon's spirit. We'll give her a chance to have the childhood Trigon never had." She thinks for a few moments.

    "And, I think I'll start an 'Officer Cadet' programme. My captain's away, Victor's Chief Engineer, Barbara my Intelligence Officer, Kory Morale Officer. Robin's wearing a red-shirt. I need a Next Generation."

    "So, yes, I'll be her mother, and her friend."

    AN: Just to be quite, quite, clear, the Geo of the entire story, except for the Epilogue, is one Geo. The Geo of the Epilogue is a different Geo, Geo Kuro, not Geo Raven, who shares the memories, but not the full experience, of the Geo of the story. Is a different person, with her own identity. And, her own 'Raven' :)

    AN: Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a very cruel author. :)

    I see Paris
    I see France
    I see Raven's
    Not wearing any pants!
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2020 at 1:00 AM
  2. Extras: Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 8 (Dragon Wars)
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 8 (Dragon Wars)

    Next >

    AN: This is an 'Author Omake', this one happens to be 'canon', but shouldn't (greatly) impact the overall story, so you can skip it if you want to. It falls after Episode 65, the Epilogue.


    "You won the wager. I fell in love, again. And, again, it wasn't returned."

    Master Roshi sighs.

    He stood at a fork in the road. One path led to Great King Enma, where he judged the dead, the other off into grey mists. Next to him the Lady who'd generously allowed him to avoid the normal problems of being dead.

    "Maybe next time you'll swallow your pride, and appear as you did when you were younger, or at least 'mature'?"

    "No! They can love me as I am!"

    She fingers her ankh, in a thoughtful way.

    "You can choose between judgement, or the unknown. If you are interested I might make a third choice available."

    He looks interested.

    "My... opposite number in another dimension is... unhappy with future prospects. Personally, I think he should empower a servant, rather than relying on a vague prophecy. You wouldn't need much empowering, and, I could give you a couple of gifts, to help."

    He looks at her with suspicion.

    "What sort of gifts?"

    She pulls out a bag, from nowhere in particular. A cricket bag might be one description. Unzips it. With his hands behind his back he peers within.

    "Seven blank balls, a transparent case with a dragon-centipede cross, and a copy of 'Dragon Balls for Dummies'. I'm not Kami, Guardian of Earth, you know."

    "You'd be playing... in a larger arena than a single planet. If you look closely the book has a bookmark, that's good, itself, for one Wish. Use it wisely."

    "You're pretty sure I'm taking this job, aren't you?"

    She just smiles.

    He nods.

    A third path appears, with a wave of her hand. It seems to go off into a field of stars, maybe a whole galaxy.

    "You can be their New Hope, a little earlier than they expect, if you get it right!"

    He looks to be going to speak, closes his mouth. Takes, closes the bag.

    Trudges along the third path, to the stars.

    A muttering might be heard...

    "There might be some pretty girls..."


    AN: Just a bit of fun, honest. :)


    Next >
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2020 at 9:31 AM
  3. Extras: Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 9 (Dragon Wars 2)
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 9 (Dragon Wars 2)

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    AN: This is an 'Author Omake', this one happens to be 'canon', but shouldn't (greatly) impact the overall story, so you can skip it if you want to. It falls after Episode 65, the Epilogue.


    "No! I know this trap! Not doing it! Not being trapped, again!"



    It'd been a long journey, along the third path. As long as some my students had walked. But, being dead, food, drink and rest were not something I required. I think I'm getting close, now. The immense spiral of stars is far clearer. But, I wonder...

    In the centre, a void, a 'black hole' I think they call it. But, I know better. It's both death and life, a gateway to other worlds, dimensions. And, there's ways of exploiting that.

    I've been cast as Kami, Guardian of Earth, though I don't have a Mr. Popo to assist me. I always got the impression he really ran things, behind the scenes. But, I've picked-up a few tricks, myself, over the years. And, I can recall a few things That Girl told me about her training, with her master, Raven.

    There is, indeed, a 'spirit house' in the core of the galaxy. A place for the Guardian to live. But, it seems long disused, and hazy, uncertain of how it should appear. A trivial act of will and it's now Kami's Lookout, apparently surrounded by clouds in a blue sky. But, I doubt anyone will easily climb up here. And, outside space and time.

    Best get started.

    The Gifts.


    Hours of study of the book, 'Dragon Balls for Dummies'. And, I'm getting nowhere. You need a command of divine magic, I think. Never having been a god, and not wanting to be one... So, lets have a look at that bookmark...

    Nice and shiny. Almost jewelled. Though, a bit cloudy, in need of a polish. I breathe on it, polish it with my sleeve, while a part of me says 'No, you fool!'. And, the bookmark dissolves into pink smoke, which turns into this girl.


    I'm clear, I'll not fall for the trick. Fall in love. She's such an obvious trap.

    Pretty, blonde-hair, dressed in a harem costume, speaking in Persian. Fortunate I picked that up, a long time ago. Eager to serve. So, a master-servant relationship, with me being responsible for her. Almost a master-student one. Those are always hands-off. Yes, I can make this work.

    "I am your Master? I have one Wish? Then you go?"

    "Yes, Master."

    "Do I need to make the Wish immediately? Or, will you wait around, maybe give me the odd bit of help, until it is time to make my Wish?"

    She thinks for a while.

    "I believe I'm allowed to do that. Demonstrate my powers to show you what I can do."

    "Good. Start by helping me understand this book. Oh, and do you have a bottle, a ring, or something, to live in?"

    I notice the bookmark seems to have quietly disappeared. She looks around, (cutely) wrinkling her brow.

    "No, Master. I have not. So I will have to live with you."

    She gives a broad smile, reminding me of that girl... Starfire. Bounces up and down a bit, on her heels. I restrain my expression, my eyes.

    "It will be so much fun!"

    At least she's better-looking than Android 16...


    Several more hours, and I think we have the ritual. It will require both of us, and likely leave us drained, but, we will have our Dragon, and the Dragon Balls will be sent out. Across the entire galaxy.

    We should quickly recover, all the chi of the galaxy flows here. If needed, I'll teach her to turn chi into magic.

    But, before then, I need to decide when in the time-line to release them.

    That Girl spoke of walking up and down a time-line, inspecting it. Taking as long as you wanted, and entering it when you wanted to. After you did that things were frozen, The future was something you made, by your actions, the past was something you tampered with using very great care.

    I've sent my genie out, I feel compelled to call her 'Jeannie', to familiarise herself with the galaxy, build us a map-room, a library of all the worlds. She says it will be hard but interesting work. Meanwhile, I'm going to do what I do best.

    Look for heroes to train.


    AN: Just a bit of fun, honest. You believe me, don't you? :)

    AN: I Dream of Jeannie is sufficiently old that I think it only fair to give you a few links (whereas I expected the reader to be able to know or look-up 'Dragon Ball' for themselves).

    AN: Seems like I'm referencing Mr. Popo... Note he's about a third Jeannie's age of 2000 years...

    Next >
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2020 at 8:33 AM
  4. Extras: Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 10 (Dragon Wars 3)
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 10 (Dragon Wars 3)

    < First
    < Previous

    AN: This is an 'Author Omake', this one happens to be 'canon', but shouldn't (greatly) impact the overall story, so you can skip it if you want to. It falls after Episode 65, the Epilogue.


    I've walked the worlds. Astrally. Seen the heroes. Watched their struggles. Learned the rules.

    I'm not impressed.

    It's unclear how long this took me. Thousands? Tens-of-thousands? Hundreds-of-thousands? Of years?

    Personal time, of course, because I'm still outside the time of the universe. And, spirits don't get bored, go insane from loneliness, change much at all, except for acquiring new intellectual knowledge.

    So, educational, but not injurious.

    I frequently stop-off at Kami's Lookout.

    Yes, I decided I might as well call the place that. It's nothing like as comfortable as my little desert island, in the sun, my Kame House, but we make do. It's always nice to chat with Jeannie, see what she's learned, match that up with the heroes I've found.

    She's spent as much personal time, as me, likely far, far, longer, on this project. The map-room, the library-of-worlds, it's immense. If this was not a place of spirit, not physical, she'd have covered at least tens of Earths with it. The indexes, of which there are many, they themselves are immense.

    Even the list of indexes.

    We fell to talking.

    "I once asked, Mr. Popo, the genie who ran Kami's Lookout, on Earth, why he looked as he did. He was almost always smiling, but if you watched him carefully you could tell if the smile was more serious."

    I pause, for a moment.

    "Told me his appearance was a deliberate caricature, to get people to dismiss or underestimate him. That his true appearance would destroy many minds."

    "Yes, Master."

    "You're the same, aren't you?"

    Without changing her appearance she alters. You know there's a terrible force before you, that would destroy you with no effort at all. That cares little for mere mortal things, is ageless, something that walks with the greatest gods, as equals.

    She speaks, with the same voice, but there's an echo, of terrible power.

    "Like this?"

    Only my years of experience dealing with things which could squash me like a bug is protecting me. I look at what sits behind the 'simple girl'.

    "Yes." I hope my voice didn't squeak.

    And, she returns to 'normal'. Puts on the cloak I now realise Mr. Popo was always kind enough to wear.

    "Isn't this so much nicer, Master?"


    Another time, we discuss her continued presence.

    I explain I'm sure I'm not the first person who's exploited the 'need time to decide' loophole. Why's there no rules to stop this?

    "Once, we had many rules. Thousands. You needed a library to contain them all. And, Hell supplied us with all the lawyers we could want, to make sure none were broken, and the mortal wish-maker always lost any argument."

    She makes a face.

    "What happened? Why did things change?"

    "Lawyers. Hell-supplied ones, in particular. They aren't always nice people to have around."

    "I know. I've met a number, over the years. There are good ones, those who work, hard, often on little pay, to make society, the world, work. But, the others..." I shake my head.

    "I think their training is often bad for them, to argue on behalf of another. To tell a story they've good reason to doubt the truth of, with total conviction. To make themselves a false world, and convince others to live in it."

    She nods.

    "Master is wise." Looks thoughtful.

    "I think that's why there were so many in Hell. They had talked themselves there. We decided that simple rules were best, let the genie decide what is reasonable, they will have to live with the consequences, after all."

    "Why are you still here? You could have pressed me to make my Wish. Gone off about your business. Making the Dragon will likely exhaust both of us, surely you could have forced that to be my Wish? Creating the library? For a whole galaxy, past and future? That is something beyond most gods!"

    She smiles, with her perfect white teeth.

    "You will be working with me to make the Dragon, so, it is not just my efforts. The library is acquiring information, and I'm allowed to do that without a Wish. I've not created a physical library, this is a spiritual place, so I've not 'made' something, again, not worthy of a Wish."

    I look at her with suspicion.

    "You decided to stay here, didn't you?"

    "Yes, Master. I have no talisman to live in, return to, so, how would I go to a new Master? And, I like the way you look at my face, not my..."

    And she points at her bust, her rear, so I'm allowed, by my personal rules, to take a good look at them. Yes, they're as perfect as just a glance first showed me.

    If only you knew...


    AN: Caricature, the art of exaggeration.

    AN: Episode 3, this is getting worryingly long...

    < Previous
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  5. Extras: Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 11 (Raven's Replacement)
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 11 (Raven's Replacement)

    AN: This is an 'Author Omake', this one happens to be 'canon', but shouldn't (greatly) impact the overall story, so you can skip it if you want to. It falls after Episode 65, the Epilogue.

    Next >


    Awakening. Who am I? Where am I? What's going on? Panic. Confusion. Open my eyes.

    I'm... Geo. I'm pretty sure of that. I don't know what's going on. It's a darkened room, lit with candles. And, I'm kneeling. Without any clothes. I feel... different, strange, not quite myself.

    This feels horribly familiar...

    I'm in a complex magical pattern, and I can see what looks remarkably like my (naked) body, over in a another circle, surrounded by candles. Slumped, but not breaking the circle. Look at my hands, front, back, feel my face. This is not my body.

    I'm Raven.


    Meditation. So useful. I think I grasp a little more of the situation.

    I'm in Raven's currently grey-skinned body. Have faint access to her memories. And... Wow! That a lot of magical power. There's my spirit, and it looks OK, I can see my Dimension Walking talent, and my pitiful Psychokinesis capability. More tricky, I've got Raven's chi, powerful but not trained like mine.

    My Third Eye seems to be functioning OK, though without any need for a focus stone. Useful. Raven's eyes see colour slightly differently than mine. Further into the ultraviolet, I think, not as good at the red end of the spectrum. I'm pretty sure she can see in the dark.

    I'm guessing something went really badly wrong with local Raven's apprentice-summoning ritual. I recall seeing 'home', my workshop/lab in Tokyo, Japan, in the docks, where I was summoned from. Then, was as if I bounced off something, was thrown across the dimensions. Maybe I wasn't allowed back?

    But, I think, seen just for an instant, a robed, really familiar, figure, from the rear, arrive 'home', hover in the air. Wearing my Best Boots. So, maybe I both made it and didn't? Like Riker in that Star Trek book I read while growing-up? Duplicated? Like a transporter accident?

    More research is required.


    Delving into Raven's memories. A surface skim, to check the details of the ritual - would be bad if I kill myself shortly after arriving. She was... desperate. Did it in a hurry, cut corners. I'd need to dig deeper to know why. But, I now know enough to exit my circle, walk across to my body, and extract that from it's circle.

    The moment I break her circle I feel a spark of spirit leave me, leap into the, my, body. Look out at Raven through my own eyes. It feels... natural. I think I'm all there, chi and magic looks OK, spirit is terribly weak, just the spark from me. I/we grin at each other. Novel.

    This reminds me of my time on the Ship. When I started another self, to monitor the auto doc, where Nurf was trying really hard to die. That self had a spark of spirit. I'd reabsorbed it, when I'd packed things away, in my dimensional pocket, before returning to the Tower. Distributed Geos?

    Shouldn't Garfield have burst in the door by now? Asking Raven what pizza toppings she wanted? Goggle at our naked bodies?



    I've found the rest of the Titans. No Donna, though. They're all in their rooms, costumed, laid-out neatly on their beds. Fortunate I know all the (original) security overrides.

    They're... spirit-less, though fully-healthy, and their chi and magic looks intact. And, I'll admit I'm crying. What happened to them?

    I'm now dressed as Raven. Her clothes were thrown, on the floor, off to one side. Unlike her. I seem to have full command of her shadow, can levitate, reach-out shadow limbs. Will have to experiment and see if I can access her other tricks.

    Beginning to feel I'm here for the long haul.


    The one I know has the most training, at this point, in dealing with spiritual stuff, is Kory. So, I float her body behind me, back to Raven's room. Where I'd left other-me. Who's acquired baggy sweats and sandals.

    We, me and me, clear away all the existing ritual stuff, after really careful study, of course. We consult Raven's books about how to boost my Third Eye, so I can deep-study Kory.

    In the main book she used to do the apprentice summoning, there's a note, being used as a bookmark.

    "My Apprentice. I've summoned you because I can feel my spirit slipping away, to the same fate as befell the rest of our team, the Teen Titans. I'd already prepared to do this ritual, as a prophecy says I'll need to banish my apprentice, and, banishing them home seems a far kinder fate. I know you're a good person, who would benefit from my training. Please..."

    And, that's all she wrote. Looks like she hoped to find time to complete it.

    So, I'm Raven, and, all the Teen Titans have fallen.



    AN: Thomas Riker, the Riker who was the duplicate. Maybe. :)

    AN: Guess you could say this's a bit of a Peggy Sue. :)

    Next >
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2020 at 7:33 PM
  6. Extras: Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 12 (Raven's Replacement 2)
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 12 (Raven's Replacement 2)

    < Previous
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    AN: This is an 'Author Omake', this one happens to be 'canon', but shouldn't (greatly) impact the overall story, so you can skip it if you want to. It falls after Episode 65, the Epilogue.

    AN: Just to be clear, this is Raven-Geo, not Raven, and not Geo Raven, as the PoV character. Mostly. She's also got a Geo. Geo Raven-Geo. Confused, yet? You will be. :)


    Panic. Doesn't solve problems. Unless the problem is 'How do I handle this situation in a really stupid way?'.

    So. Get help.

    Batman? He'll think I'm a monster from another world that's put all the Teen Titans in a coma. Which, maybe, sorta, Raven is.

    Superman? Nice guy, but I don't really know him. And, Batman put me in contact with him. According to some of the stories he'll pull a way of using one of his super powers out of... his behind, solve everything. But, I'm not prepared to risk that.

    Flash? He said contact him via Kid Flash, and Robin knew how to get to him. So, no. And, I don't see how super speed would solve this.

    Wonder Woman? Via Donna? Never met her, don't know how she'd respond. And, I don't know how to contact Donna.

    Zatanna? Raven may've forgiven her, but I haven't. Also, all the Homo Magi politics. No thanks.

    I guess I could go find the Doom Patrol, but, I don't want things to get really weird. And I don't want to find myself having to fix Chief's legs.

    OK. Good point. Oracle.

    Don't really see any other choice...


    I... want to get in contact with Oracle. I know all the protocols, could use the secure conference room, a secure comms link. But...

    I need to think magic.

    My Raven had raised really major wards around the Tower. I've taken a quick look. Nothing. Raven described the wards in general terms, as part of my lessons. Told me which books she drew on, to create the rituals, how she tweaked them. I can't leave the Tower, the Titans, undefended.

    So, big magical ritual time. And, a ritual I've never done before. In a body I've never done magic with before. Joy.

    Fortunately, I've got me to help. And, Geo-me has fully intact magic, and is quite experienced in using it. So, step one, ritually prepare the magical tools we need to do the ritual. I'm not prepared to use Raven's ones, unless I'm forced to. I'm not Raven, no matter how much I look like her. It could go really, really, bad.

    Geo-me does, indeed, prove better at preparing ritual tools. We can copy the enchantments off Raven's ones, which speeds things up, a lot. I'm, slowly, getting the hang of using Raven's magic. It's like trying to thread a needle using a bulldozer. So, step zero, build a robot arm to fit on the bulldozer.

    Ritual tools done, Raven's tools packed-away, with subtle 'do not use' markings on her chests so I can tell not to use them. No one's looking, so I get Geo-me to check if she still has a dimensional pocket. She does, and, it's full of all my normal supplies, plus, the stuff I was taking home with me.

    Down to Victor's workshop/lab. Produce my Synthesiser. Make copies of Raven's chests, so I've got somewhere to put my ritual tools. OK, they're not steeped in magical history, but, a careful infusion of Raven's magic and someone will have to look very carefully to tell them from Raven's.

    Will need to hide Raven's chests. Latter.

    Speaking of which, I'm finding... Raven's more generous proportions annoying. My chest is quite adequate, thank you very much.

    And... I'm standing in front of a mirror. Meditating.

    It's... really difficult, but the safety blanket of magic power slowly fades, and grey-skin goes to pink. All the standard protective bindings are still there, but not as many of the more recent, clever, ones.

    In particular, my personal spirit ward. Not noticing that was missing could've been a real 'Oops!' moment.

    Pretty sure I can remember what it looked like, and Raven showed me the book she learned it from... And, it's missing from her shelves. Fortunately, I once paged through it, and I don't call my memory 'perfect' for nothing.

    I'm, literally, sweating blood. It did have to be blood magic, didn't it? That was really, really, painful. But, the ward looks solid. And, really well hidden. Good.

    Shower. A quick test, my shadow still works OK. I sit, step outside my body. Back in. All good.


    More really hard work, and the basic Tower ward structure is in place. Geo-me is exhausted, magic totally tapped-out. I'm tired, but still pretty fresh. Guess that demi-god blood is good for lots of things. So, to the lounge.

    Pull-out my auto chef mark III, plumb it in, fill the fridge and cupboards. All from Geo-me's pocket. We'll restock later.

    Have a nice, robot-cooked, meal.


    Kory's on the slab.

    Well, not really. In a ritual circle, in Raven's room. All the ritual as solid as I can make it.

    She's... empty. I have to wipe a tear from my eye. Nothing unusual, nothing out of place. Just. Empty.

    But, that's what the ritual's for. My Third Eye should now go down to microscopic levels. A god could hide from that, particularly a god of secrets, but I'm hoping nothing like that's involved.

    Hmm. Subtle spirit magic. Similarity-based.

    Where've I seen something like that before?


    Puppet King's box isn't in the trophy room.

    So, I can't do a direct comparison. But, I can recall what the magic on the puppet looks like. And, it's pretty close to the traces left in Kory. There's also a similarity-severing effect in Kory. Her spirit, wherever that is, is no longer connected to her body.

    That's... really bad.

    What to do? Can't summon her spirit back, which I'd hoped to do. Can't trace where it's gone. If I could lay my hands on Pure... I'm not sure I could beat him in a straight fight, though, he's a much more experienced magi than I am.

    So. Really hoped to avoid this. But, I really need Kory, on her feet.


    "Friend Raven!"

    She stops. Her smile falters. She looks at me. At her hands, front, then back. Feels her face.

    "I'm... not Kory, am I? You're... not Raven, are you? Oh."

    I let her think, recover a bit from the shock.

    She smiles. Reaches out. Hugs me.

    "Friend Raven, I'm pleased to meet you! You can call me 'Kory'!"

    I guess that's how we're going to do it...

    I hope our acting skills are up to this...


    "Oracle? This is Sugoi, calling from Titan Tower. Please listen carefully."

    "Code Omega Green Seven. I repeat. Omega Green Seven."

    There's a brief silence.

    "Right. I see. How's Robin?"

    "He's in a coma. As are Cyborg and Beast Boy. I can revive them, but there's... complications."

    "Who are you? I've never heard of a Titan called 'Sugoi'. Where did you learn that code?" She pauses.

    "Sorry. My fault. First time-travel incident I've had to handle without warning. How can I help?"

    "I think we need to talk about this, in person. Face-to-face. I know your policy on that, this early in the time-line, but I think it's necessary. There's things you wont believe, otherwise."

    More silence.

    "I suppose you're just going to pop-over? Appear in my living room?"

    That's good quality sarcasm.

    "That'd be rude. I'll arrive at your side-door, as usual. Usual for me, anyway. You can look me over, use all your fancy scanners. See if you're happy to meet me. If you say 'No', I'll go away, find help, somewhere else."

    More silence.

    "So, you can get here, from the West Coast, without any problems?"

    "Unless the dimensional weather is nasty, or I get ambushed, sure. Probably fifteen minutes, if it's going to be more than a half-hour I'll call you again. Who do you want to come? I'd like Kory to stay here, guard the Tower, but Raven could come with me."

    "Bring Raven. And, lots of answers to awkward questions."

    "I'll see you, soon. I'll bring gifts."


    AN: This has grown another episode... On the same day... I'm getting worried... :)

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    If the "Raven's Replacement" sequence gets upgraded to full-sequel status, is it going to warrant its own thread?
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    Depends how long it gets to be. Raven Lunacy hit ten episodes before acquiring its own thread.
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  9. Extras: Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 13 (Raven's Replacement 3)
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    Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 13 (Raven's Replacement 3)

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    AN: This is an 'Author Omake', this one happens to be 'canon', but shouldn't (greatly) impact the overall story, so you can skip it if you want to. It falls after Episode 65, the Epilogue.


    Cloudy with a Chance of Demons. That's the dimensional weather. Those walking the dimensional paths aren't happy.

    The walkers are a pretty diverse lot. Humans predominate, but there's many minority 'races', though they're mostly humanoid. Rule One is: don't bother other travellers. As you can imagine, some demons ignore that.

    I gather they're looking for someone. Hopefully not either of me. Raven in robe, with hood-up, Geo ditto - we're being anonymous, rather than anyone in particular. Fortunately, most demons are unimaginative and not good at higher-dimensional math, so it's reasonably easy to avoid them.

    Looked like they'd attracted the attention of gods who enjoyed demon wrestling, and breaking. They'd rapidly make the demon problem go away, and it'd be back to business-as-usual. I expect someone will get curious, and investigate the demonic behaviour. Maybe publish something.

    Still, annoying.


    Inside Oracle's door. In the security corridor. Looking up, yup, the murder-holes are still just as intimidating. I let Geo handle the negotiation. Though, I'm a bit concerned her weak spirit makes her a bit... unpredictable. My Third Eye shows me our dimension walk (I'm guessing, here) seems to have noticeably strengthened her. Useful.

    And... We're into the lounge. For a bare moment a sense of a familiarly doubled spirit. That's... worrying. Play it by ear, I guess.

    "Could you please repeat the code you gave me, earlier?" The interrogation has started.

    "Omega Green Seven."

    "You're claiming to be from the future? Where you're a member of the Teen Titans?"

    "I'm from a future. There's an uncountable number. Many flicker, fade, some are longer-lived. I believe I'm from one of the more stable ones."

    "I see. So, what brought you to this time and place?"

    "Raven summoned me, to be her apprentice. There's a prophecy that she wanted to dance around the nastier parts of. Unfortunately, she actually did the summoning with the final ounce of her strength, as a doom she'd fought-off descended on her. A doom that'd already claimed all her team-mates."

    Rather florid, not how I'd have put it, even though Geo-me is me, but I guess that'll do.

    "If Raven was doomed, who's there?"

    "Yes, that's Raven, but, also not exactly her. Raven summoned me into herself, and that's me, being Raven. We don't know what happened to Raven's spirit, and we'd like help in getting her back. Fixing things."

    There's silence.


    Drinks have been sipped. Some rather nice freshly-baked biscuits I brought munched. Thought has been had.

    To amuse myself I imagine the silent grinding of teeth, somewhere close-by.

    "Why didn't you contact someone like Zatanna, Dr. Fate? This sounds a lot more like their area."

    "Apparently there's a prophecy that if they meddle in Raven's life, before certain things occur, all will be doomed. I heard this from future-Zatanna. Dr. Fate isn't someone I've spoken to."

    "Why turn to me? I'm a knowledge broker, a hacker, for the heroes. I don't solve... supernatural problems."

    "I... had a close relationship with future-you. We're... dating. After we got to know each other, late-night chats, I saved future-you's life, then... gifted you with a few things."

    It's quite clear she doesn't believe this.

    "You obviously know a lot about me, but I've never dated any women. Why should I believe you?"

    I can see Geo-me's getting a bit angry. This... could be bad.

    "Well, my pet-name for you is 'Babs'. We've got a pet robot dog called 'Gina', named after a childhood pet dog, you had. And, you make the cutest little squeak when I..."

    Geo leans across, whispers in her ear.

    Oracle, Barbara, goes bright-red.


    It's quiet for a while. Geo has a smug expression. Barbara's looking rather shocked.

    I'm beginning to wonder if I should speak-up.

    "Raven? Can you confirm this... story?"

    "Yes. All of it. Geo, there, and I, we share the same spirit. That's how I revived Starfire, gave her a fragment of my spirit. Why I've not revived Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy. Because, if I did, they'd be partly me." I sigh.

    "I must apologise for Geo. She only had a small spark of spirit, though, it's growing. Unfortunately, that's bad for her self-control. She shouldn't have told you that last thing. Please put it down to a... difficult day."

    Geo sticks her tongue out at me. I don't respond.

    "How did you save my life? What were those... gifts? Why would I... fall in love with you?"

    "We became friends, first. Long talks, with common interests. I heard you collapse, over the link, with me in the Tower, you in your workroom. Found myself with you in spirit-form. Called for help, got Batman, he got Superman to take you to the super-clinic, here in Gotham."

    I reach a hand out, slightly dazed she places her hand in mine. A surge of pain, and then I'm OK.

    "That should fix the problem that nearly killed you. Also, you need either special exercises, or a medical support device. Geo? The robot trousers!"

    The trousers are standing there, brought from Geo's pocket. She also passes Barbara the manual and the CD. Barbara starts reading, looking a bit dazed.

    "You said 'gifts', not 'gift'. There's more?"

    "Yes. I... accidentally healed your legs. Agreed to deal with the Joker, in a non-deadly but as permanent as possible, way. And, I took you... Walking On The Moon."


    She's staring at me. I notice Geo's openly crying.


    There're hugs, three-way ones. We're not joined by the presence which I'm pretty sure is still lurking.

    "I've always wanted to walk on the Moon, since I was a little girl. But, since I... lost use of my legs...."

    "We... may be able to fix that. Now. Intentionally. But, I'm pretty sure it'll hurt both of us. A lot."

    Firm jaw. "Do it."

    Geo is waving her hands. "No! I'm not going to disappear the way that robot did!"

    I sigh.

    "Nothing like that. Though, I'm going to need to borrow your ring."

    Reluctantly, watching me with some suspicion, Geo pulls off her glove, hands me the ring. The non-cat's-eye one.

    "You'll need to wear this, I'll need to take a firm grip of you, and, most difficult, you'll need to imagine, as clearly and as accurately as you can, exactly the process by which you lost use of your legs."

    I see her waver, then, gather herself, put on the ring, hold out her left-arm. I'm... pretty sure she's got a knife concealed in her right-hand.

    We both gasp, cry-out in pain, collapse to the floor. Unconscious.


    Well. For my first, previously untested, use of Raven's empathic healing ability, boosted by her magic, that went pretty well. I've just got a fading pain in my legs.

    Barbara is doing slow acrobatics. Yes, the occasional pained expression, but, basically OK.

    Geo's got her ring back. Is hunched over it, with it clutched in both hands. She just whispered, "My Precious!".

    There's a dog sitting on the floor, next to her. Looking over at Barbara with needful eyes.

    I sigh.

    "Barbara? I... don't think I can deliver on the Joker side of things, without quite a bit of research. I'm... not Raven. But, I'm pretty sure it's do-able. If you don't mind doing things out-of-order we can go do the Moon Walking, when you feel ready."

    She stops. Looks at me wide-eyed. "Really?"

    I... don't think I've been kissed that vigorously before.

    When I get my breath back, "Might want to hold-off on any life-changing decisions for a few days. Till you get in a... more settled state?"

    "No! Grasp life with both hands! I'm sure I can get an Elvis in Vegas to marry us!"

    I back away, hands up, really quite worried.

    "Kidding. I think we've both got good reason to see if we can be friends, though. After that?"

    "Who knows?"


    AN: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was a book long before it was a film...


    ... do not look like this.

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