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[DC] Raven Lunacy (OC in Teen Titans)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Ace Dreamer, May 15, 2020.

  1. Malcanthet

    Malcanthet Shy Adorable Arachne

    May 12, 2017
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    I think the best part would be where they think his computer is only worth $50,000 ...
  2. Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Got to remember inflation...

    The Raspberry Pi (original version, not the eight-years on Raspberry Pi 4 which is 40x faster than that, for the same price) is as powerful as a older (US $2M) Cray super-computer, and if you paid for it in 1960s currency, inflation adjusted, would cost half a (1960s) US dollar.

    US $10,000 was (if I read the stats right) the annual salary of a University Professor... So, $50,000 is as good as five professors? :)

    Of course, given my poor math/stats skills, I may have this completely wrong. :)

    (Am I allowed to imagine the Bat Computer as a hollow shell, with flashing lights, and tape reels, and hidden, over by the power socket, is a Raspberry Pi, doing all the hard work? :) )
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2020
  3. Threadmarks: Red Team, Blue Team - Episode 60
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Raven Lunacy, Episode 60

    AN: This episode's complex, so it's split into (named) sub-episodes.

    Blue Team 1

    Council of war. Oracle, Victor and me. Only this time, Robin is 'Red Team'.

    Though we've not bothered telling him.

    I explained Robin had abused his access to the Tower security recordings, and then (according to Raven, who I'd talked through checking) erased his tracks. We're going to ensure that if he tries that again he'd have to work really, really, hard.

    OK, 'Blue Team' motto will be "No more Miss Trusting, now I'm mistrusting", with apologies to Victor. Who... He's rather distracted.

    Stopping, holding-up a hand, just gazing at it. Feeling the right-side of his face. Yes, he's in his living-skinned robot. I'd unlocked the repaired life-mover capabilities of the med-bay, just for him, after upgrading his robot with the new chips, and the latest anti-shock/vibration plus anti-daisy-daisy support infrastructure. Micro-PK and shrinking are super-powers...

    Repaired med-bay? Hadn't I mentioned that?


    I've been running-around since I got away from Batman - I might admit I was a little... miffed.

    First I'd worked with Raven, fought her tooth-and-nail, to stay in the robot. Her aim was to stuff me back in my living body, without damaging my spirit, or, preferably, the robot. I'd recalled all the 'stickiness' I'd felt when I tried to leave my living-fleshed robot, myself, tried to reproduce it.

    She'd said I'd given her an interesting fight, taught her a few new tricks. She was the fall-back, for Victor, in case there were issues with the med-bay life-mover. I felt he deserved that redundancy.

    Next, I'd taken a chance, done a zero-elapsed-time d-walk, to Max's robot shop, in Tokyo, Japan. Apologised I'd not got back to him sooner, said I'd discuss his progress with using the build cell, that I'd trained him with for robot repair, hopefully some time soon. Bought as wide a range of irreparable light-and-compact robot parts as he'd sell me. Into my backpack. Promised a full report on what I could learn from them.

    Back to the Tower. A brief but effective class from Raven on how to create and manage a dimensional pocket. I'd had a revelation, 'location is an object property', and my style of magic could manipulate object properties. So, with significant effort, a ritual, really, I could place things, including non-AGI robots, into the 'pocket', then retrieve them at will. Of course, to store them again needed the ritual.

    So, broken robot parts from Jump City junk-yards, the totally wrecked bits of the med-bay innards, and enough spare parts to create an advanced alch-tech workshop. In fact, all the requirements for maybe six-months of recycled living. All into the pocket. Because I'm a bit paranoid, I'm taking the Synthesiser and the mind interface. Oh. And, a load of R&R stuff based on my month of isolation recovering in the med-bay.

    Raven thought it an interesting 'graduation' project, but decided against joining me. Teen-aged Nurf came along, partly to keep an eye on the med-bay work, partly as an experiment on long-term separation from her core-self, partly to ensure I didn't go mad.

    Supplies for her? Into the pocket! We (briefly) discussed things, and I went off, using another zero-elapsed-time d-walk, to England, the one I'd visited before. Shopping. Made sure the pocket contained two-year's supplies for both of us, as a just-in-case.

    A Year on the Ship

    Took us a year, eventually, in what I'm now calling my 'workshop world', building stuff on the giant ship. The beacon I'd got from my tech-supply contact, worked beautifully, and we exchanged old-for-new, as agreed. I've got most of a med-bay I've assembled myself, on the ship, all hidden and secured, as well as the most advanced workshop I could build. And, a few things I'd built from scratch. Some of which I'd sold, through the tech-supplier, to pay for more high-tech parts.

    Nurf and I... got to know each other quite well in that year. We agreed, what happened on the ship, stayed on the ship. If nothing else, the power-relationships, back at the Tower, made things... problematic. But, reading drow-supplied romance novels (from my tech-source), only gets you so far.

    We'd worked hard to ensure 'command authority' hadn't messed things up, between us. And, Nurf'd done some long-reaching exploration, across many dimensions, via her astral projection abilities. Once she was sure I could keep her body safe. She'd also taken-up oil painting, so as to illustrate some of her astral experiences.

    We both are fully-literate in Elven, now. Will we ever use that?

    Courting Trouble

    Back at the Tower, she's resynchronising. I've repaired the med-bay, just about up to original specs. All before shuffling Victor. And, so far, only Raven knows we spent so long away.

    I talked it out with Nurf, who with her hundreds-of-years of life told me 'not to be a fool'. It was obvious I'd been falling in love with... Oracle, and it looked like she'd fallen for me, as well. Yes, I'll be telling her, in private, about my ship-life. Nurf was quite firm on that point, too.

    Blue Team 2

    Still. Here-and-now. Tower (information) security.

    Encrypt everything, keep stuff readable for as little time as possible. Also, encrypt the meta-data. Hide what the data and meta-data was as carefully as possible. Off-site (encrypted) backups. A couple-of-dozen of them, in the self-destruct servers, randomly-switching between which sets of servers were used each time. And, other 'dirty tricks', like padding with random values, rearranging stored data, (remote) data dictionaries.

    That protects the data, what about who can access it? All data (and meta-data) gets ownership meta-data, with only the owner being able to use it. The owner can 'publish' so others can use the newly-published data. Controlled lists of others. Access only allowed after access keys are fetched from off-site. All access logged off-site, encrypted, of course. All (meta) data treated as read-only, no update-in-place. Read-mostly data.

    As heavy-handed as we can make it. Some (encrypted) low-grade AI in there, as well, to handle owner recognition. Oracle is really impressed.

    We expect all that should, at the very least, slow 'red team', down.

    A Fortnight of Colourful Scouting

    A bit of time off. I grab Kory, and Garfield, drag them to Raven's world of many-coloured peoples. Resync'd Nurf decides not to go. We're... scouting. Yes, that's what it is. Making sure the place is safe. And, working on our swimming, and sun-bathing, staying in human form, relaxing. A fortnight.

    If Kory and Garfield have some... fun together, who am I to complain? Kory "Understands the contraception", even with someone as soaked in life-energy as Garfield. I... just need some time, on my own, among people, to recover from my ship-time.

    Terra-ble Training

    Again, back at the Tower. I spend the afternoon with Terra. I'm talking her through enemy psychology, reinforcing the previous lessons.

    And, as bait, I'm getting her to meditate on her power. Find its limits. See what sensory abilities she might be able to wring out of it.

    After all, 'we're all made of stardust'. And, astronomers call everything but the simplest gasses 'metals'. So, can she stretch what she can sense, affect?

    Can she 'do' concrete? Sand? You can do a lot with a few handfuls of abrasive sand...

    The manic grin has got larger.

    Yes, someone, somewhere, is in for a really bad time. Possibly including sand up the nostrils.

    But, I make it quite clear. Here, she's got friends.

    Robin the City

    Evening. I'm going out with Robin. He's... subdued. I tell him, yes, he's still my friend.

    But, why didn't he just come and ask me, if he wanted to know more about my background? All that'd cost him was me knowing he was interested. Surely he could've come-up with some logic why it would help everyone for him to know?

    I do make it quite clear, if he pulls something like that again, I'm going to tell the whole team.

    I'm pretty sure some of them wont be as willing to forgive as me. And, yes. Tonight in his dreams. I'll demonstrate why he needs to learn more 'spiritual flexibility'. All in the cause of good training, of course.

    We have a productive evening. Things go well. A lucky stumble across a bar where some of the demon-fighting mercenaries seem to meet. A good place for later surveillance.

    Then, Robin disappears.

    I'm in deserted city. There's no chi, no spirits, no active-tech. Nothing. And, something magical, and big, is coming my way.

    All goes black.


    A cellar, I think.

    I'm manacled to the wall. With really solid-looking chains. No cloak. No boots. No belts. In a magic binding, the symbols of which are beyond the reach of my legs. And... They look designed to bind my magical and psychic powers.

    Rude word.


    AN: Red Team, because you want people trying hard to test your stuff to breaking point.

    AN: If your brain's inorganic, you might be drawn to think of HAL 9000...

    AN: 'PK' is the abbrev...

    AN: AGI; just to remind you.

    AN: Could Geo be referencing What Happens In Vegas? Why? Could be to do with power...

    AN: Stardust. Don't forget.

    Last edited: Jul 27, 2020
  4. Extras: Author Notes 7 - Geo's 'done' (Geo's birth)
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Author Notes 7 - Geo's 'done' (Geo's birth)

    End of story game mechanics wrap-up.

    The game mechanics are one reason this story (started 4th May 2020) 'had' to end. Geo was a character in a pre-story tabletop role-playing game that's run since 2011 using the Hero System 5thEd rules. For further details of how she's changed during the course of the story, see Author Omake 1 and the previous Author Note.

    Why do game mechanics direct the story to end? Well, strictly, they don't. But, the other two main characters in the pre-story game have reached certain point totals during the course of the game, and Geo is not supposed to over-shadow them. The (arbitrary) point limit for Geo was 400 total points. Actually, 403pts, as she started the story with 3 experience points.


    The original character sheet for Geo, from 3rd June 2013, has her as a 20+25pt character, for a total of 45pts. For most Hero System games this would be considered pathetically weak, but she's a 'follower', for one of the main characters, her 'father', and cost him 4pts (20/5=4).

    Most of her points were spent on being a robot, as the base Hero System character is a 'standard' (fit, adult) human, and they don't tend to come with things like built-in radios. Her Characteristics (things like strength, 'STR') total was -5pts, as many of her primary ones had been bought-down, to show she was worse than a standard human.

    Worth noting is that her DEX (dexterity) and COM (comeliness) had been bought-up, to show her adequate reflexes and above-average good-looks. Ditto her SPD, PD and ED, combat-related secondary characteristics, to reduce her chance of accidentally dying around heroes. These increases were justified, in game-terms, by her design and construction.

    Her (initial) Disadvantages were 'Distinctive Looks: Non-human', 'No Rights As A Person' and 'Does not recover BODY', for a total of 25pts. The first was about having a latex skin and things like her eyes and tongue not looking quite right, as well as she didn't smell human. Robots don't have human rights; if they're lucky they are 'property'. The third one is about combat mechanics, humans (slowly) recover from injury, she needs to be repaired.

    Her 50pts (45+5=50; the extra 5pts are from Characteristics) are spent on (robot) 'Powers' and 'Skills'. Externally, her most obvious power is her pair of powerful (software) radios, which can cover a wide-range of frequencies. These are backed by her built-in cryptography capability, which means she can 'talk' to just about any kind of radio, including encrypted cell/mobile phone networks.

    The rest of her powers cover her good memory, math abilities and time-sense. As well as not needing to sleep, being immune to a lot of diseases which affect humans, and not being affected by many poisons or chemicals that harm humans. Again, note, humans are the baseline for character design. Also a 'power' is her built-in test routines (like her bicycle-riding circuit), as these are a hard-wired part of her; 'firmware'.

    As far as Skills go, she's worse than a human. A 'standard' human has Background/Everyman Skills based on the culture they were raised in (such as 20th/21stC Earth, UK/US, English). Humans get 'free' car-driving (or something like bicycle-riding), and can swim, in her 'native' (father's) culture; she can't do these.

    As a (advanced) robot, she adds the new background skills of 'Computer Programming' and 'Systems Operation', while losing 'Paramedics' - she can work with computers, and operate radios, but doesn't know how to look-after a human body, what to do to stop bleeding, for example.

    On the positive Skills side, she is more perceptive, spots things in her surroundings, better than her Characteristics would suggest, knows some of how humans behave, how her mind and body work, and has the ability to 'cram' a pair of (1pt) skills, without having to actually learn them. The last is about the (concealed) paired sockets on the back of her neck, where she can plug-in things like external skill chips.

    The above is not her full design, it's just the bits which're 'modelled' with character points. What you see if her skin is cut, like red-light coming from cut fibre-optics, or why she needs to breathe air, for cooling, are part of her Background write-up. Also, a more detailed explanation of her Powers, Skills and Disadvantages explains their logic.

    Also in the Background is her physical description, height, weight, build, skin, hair and eye colour. And, a bit more detail about how she varies from a human, her maintenance seam, what shows-up on X-rays, that her muscles are pneumatic. rather than servos.

    Another unusual bit is something on the nature of her mind, how it varies from a human one, and the variety of AI that she's using.

    Finally, there's her 'Wish List', which covers both ways she could develop, and after game-start where she's 'spent' experience points. For Geo this covers how her father might hope she would develop and how her player and referee thought things might go. Wish Lists are not a standard part of Hero System game-mechanics, but have been worked-out, over the years, by some gaming-groups.


    AN: Well! That was longer than I expected. And, more detailed, too. Looks like I'll need (at least) a second one of these, covering how Geo has changed during the story.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2020
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  5. MissileTeatime

    MissileTeatime By the power of Vaporware!

    Apr 21, 2017
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    Wait, so is this a "cliffhanger" ending, with Geo moving on to a different adventure but because she's not going to make it back to Teen Titans we're not going to be following her further? Or is this like, you've already written the last chapter but haven't published it yet?

    I'm going to be sad if this ends without us finding out how Geo gets out of this one, is all :(
  6. Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
    Likes Received:
    If you look at the previous thing in 'Extras', Author Notes 6, that explains when the story is planned to end; 31st July 2020. So, five more episodes to publish.

    Yes, this is a cliffhanger, and it will be resolved in this story. Next week. :)

    I've now got a buffer of three of the five final episodes, for new week, written. Just the Climax, and the Epilogue, to write. I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint anyone who hoped this would turn into a 'harem' story. :)

    If you look at the initial prompt, Geo has to be banished by Raven. And, will she get the girl? Who is the girl?

    Who promised, "I'll be back!". :)

    BTW, I was strongly tempted to spoiler some bits of next week... But, I won't. :)


    You may notice I've now got a 'story ideas' thread. Also, I've ideas for a follow-up story, but that doesn't feature Geo. If you want more Geo-story then you could look around this site, a bit...
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2020
  7. Extras: Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 6
    Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Raven Lunacy, Author Omake 6

    AN: This is an 'Author Omake', this one happens to be 'canon', but shouldn't (greatly) impact the overall story, so you can skip it if you want to. It falls during Episode 60.

    AN: Warning, social manipulation is described below.


    Nurf looked at Geo. Lightly-dressed on the other divan. Reading, as she was.

    Five-months down the line. Isolated, together, on the giant ship, in an apparently otherwise empty universe. She and Geo, who was both her captain and chief medical officer. Her ultimate 'command authority'. All wrapped-up in one (cute) package.

    Geo was... Starting to crack. The drow romance stories had been the final straw. The ones rather lacking in male characters. A brilliant idea on her part.


    She'd watched as Geo used her beacon, contacted her 'tech suppliers'. Exchanged wrecked bits of robots and her med-core for new parts, on a four-for-one basis. An... interesting way of doing business.

    Things had gone pretty smoothly.

    She'd followed Geo, across twisted dimensions, no idea how to get back to the med-bay, in the Tower, on her own. Yes, she had her own environment shield, just like Geo's, essential in crossing some of the more deadly worlds. But, dimension walking, she couldn't do that, had no idea how to learn.

    The ship'd been a surprise. Kilometre-long, scaled for giants five-times human-size. All of wood. And, so, so, empty.

    They'd worked hard, using supplies from Geo's dimensional pocket, set-up recycling, for food and water, even though they were floating in a sea of almost pure water. Then, studied the ship, which was still a mystery. Started the trade, old-for-new, as Geo set-up her alch-tech workshop. And she set-up 'house'.

    Plenty of work, things to do, after a while they relocated from the deck, the wheelhouse, into a rope-hole. Now nicely furnished. The lighting varied to give them an Earth-style day-night cycle. And, they could always go up on deck.

    There she worked with Geo to plan the trade, first priority all the spares for the med-bay. All now carefully packed, ritually stored, in Geo's 'pocket'. Then, later, Geo started to trade for parts to sketch her own med-bay, here.

    It had been fun.

    Until they started to run-out of things to do.

    Geo had suggested going home, she'd held out for more time here, to 'decompress'. Told Geo they both needed time away from the Tower, the big fights almost certain to soon arrive.

    Got Geo to teach her Tai Chi, round-out her meditation techniques. Explain more of Earth's culture.

    Start to persuade Geo that wearing all those clothes, when it was only the two of us, here, was...



    Getting her own 'account' with the tech-suppliers had been necessary.

    Then, with Geo off, testing the air and water, yet again, she'd talked to them.

    Explained that it was her med-core parts that'd been traded, by Geo. And, that she wanted... some control over the books that Geo'd been talking about ordering.

    First, a selection of general books, in Elven. Then, teach-yourself-Elven books. She was tiring of having to borrow Geo's translation talisman. Then, books on elven (drow) culture. Finally, fiction, with a heavy bias towards romance.

    She'd been (just) a helpful companion, for months.

    Now, the occasional 'accidental' brush, hand on arm, maybe leg. Warm glances, that she was slowly making hotter. Getting Geo to read the 'more difficult parts', to her, as she improved her Elven.

    She'd hundreds of years of practice. In seducing her captains. She wasn't allowed to initiate anything, but, she could drop hints. And, she'd got a human-sized body to work with, rather than a metre-tall servitor.

    Hopefully her blue-skin and blonde-hair wouldn't be a problem.

    Geo was... naive.

    Quite inexperienced, almost certainly had never been in a relationship. Was... a genuinely nice person. Much nicer than almost all her previous captains.

    If nothing else, Geo needed to understand the... torch she was carrying for Oracle. That she was in love, certainly on an intellectual level. That Oracle and Geo needed each other.

    Geo needed life-experience. An affair, a physical romance, would be a good start. And, Oracle wasn't here, so...

    Soon, Geo would be hers!

    AN: Nurf has certain... expectations of her captains...

    AN: Warning, social manipulation is described above.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2020
  8. NightmareWarden

    NightmareWarden I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Oct 14, 2015
    Likes Received:
    ...hmm. I’m a bit disappointed that this agenda comes from Nurf’s prior history rather than being a result of Nurf getting locked into an aged-up body courtesy of Raven. It isn’t wrong for a ship A.I. to have lusts, fetishes or a predilection for romantic encounters, but I’m still worried.

    Ha! Now I’m curious what those higher-order, classified-by-Geo-for-safety functions locked away in Nurf are really for. wink wink, nudge nudge. The team medic had quite a long eternity to speculate on deviant activities, eh?

    I really don’t understand what qualities Nurf has in mind with that “torch she was carrying” line; I get that the need for experience was a valid half-truth, but I don’t get what Nurf is assuming about Oracle.

    Moving on... I think I know what is going on, but I am having trouble connecting the dots between “Geo returns to Titan Tower after a year, her friends (and Robin) unchanged, opens up to Oracle, and completes business deals” and “Geo completes her apprenticeship with Raven and leaves the Titans’ dimension behind, likely returning to her home (for now...)” in this epilogue. Some sort of mission? Will Sugoi help Raven’s prophecy come to pass (assuming the raven-spirit dream spirit did not construct a loophole by saving the denizens of Azarath) in a controlled manner?
  9. Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Nurf's servitor bodies are adult, they are (just) metre-tall adults. Think (Blade Runner) Replicant, but pint-sized, and run by a mind that's had hundreds-of-years of development in an external (hormone-free) brain, Nurf's AI core, so the VK Test is useless.

    The servitors start as adults but only last seven-years, after decanting, unless you use serious biotech to keep them healthy, or upgrade them to a human-equivalent lifespan. Better biotech than Nurf's had available over most of her (AI core) lifespan. Yes, Raven's magic has given Nurf an unaging servitor that's human-sized. And, a template she may be able to copy.

    Nurf's mind is a bit of a mess. She doesn't really know why she does what she does because that's been hidden from her by those who designed the guts of her AI. Assuming they understood the long-term consequences of building minds that would further develop with such constraints, of course.

    Hold on there! That's sounding a bit NSFW to me! :)

    You're also assuming that Geo's installed safety-features in Nurf that Nurf's not allowed to know about. Do you think Geo's ethics would allow that?

    Sounds a bit of a complex situation, don't you think? Might be interesting to see how it develops? Pity, there'd likely be NSFW elements, and there's nowhere on this site you could publish a story like that, is there? :)

    Reading-between-the-lines you might suspect that one of the personality traits Geo and Nurf share are rather low values of self-worth. Some of this, for Nurf, might be designed-in...

    Oracle is a human-in-need, Nurf doesn't know, yet (in this Omake), about the physical side, but in Nurf's opinion, socially and emotionally. And Nurf is an AI.

    What do you think?

    (BTW, yes, I did have to go and re-read Episode 60, to make sure I had the time-line straight... Apology if the flashback, which includes more than an extra year, caused confusion.

    Actually... I confused myself, and a line of text seems to've disappeared, somehow. So, I had to re-read Episodes 57-62, twice, to check. I think it's all OK...)

    I think you're misunderstanding things. This Omake is set during Episode 60, which was published Friday, 24th July. Episode 60 is not the Epilogue. The Epilogue is Episode 65, due to be published end next week, Friday 31st July.

    So, there's four more episodes before the Epilogue, which is set after Raven sends Geo home. Episode 64 is the Climax, in which Geo gets sent home. So, three episodes to be published before that.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2020
  10. NightmareWarden

    NightmareWarden I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Oct 14, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Thank you for responding!

    So one of Nurf’s motives for educating Geo was to help Oracle’s emotional growth/recovery. Nurf decided to make sure Geo was equipped for the task by 1) building up her boss’s confidence (which would reduce reckless outbursts when tensions are high between the couple), 2) supporting Geo’s dimension-walks (so that she can swiftly return to Oracle unharmed), and 3) reassuring Geo that taking time to recuperate mentally is healthy, is valid, rather than selfish (doubly so with this time-bending trick).

    And yes, I understood that this Omake occurred during episode 60 and I assumed there might be more omakes immediately following it before the story jumps back to 61. Dunno why I used “epilogue” instead of omake, I guess I was thinking farther ahead.

    I guess Geo and Robin going missing in episode 60 at that bar might be a greater problem than I realized (one that could last multiple chapters). There was quite a bit of action in that chapter! I’m not really a writer, but if I could throw my two cents in- You could have broken up 60, inserted the omake’s content after the line “Shopping, Made sure the pocket contained two-year's supplies for both of us, as a just-in-case,” and then begin episode 61 with “Took us a year...” to summarize the events of the vacation.
    Why have a (one-sided) reunion in the same chapter your protagonist left on their vacation? I mean it is cool that the rules of the setting and powers made that possible, but it comes across as... unfocused to immediately jump to “more ideas for Terra” and “Robin and I made some inroads, then we ran into trouble.”

    Sorry. Maybe my difficulties are just mine, but I wanted to try to convey them.
  11. Ace Dreamer

    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

    Feb 15, 2019
    Likes Received:
    No problem. My pleasure.

    Those were some of her motives, yes. She's been keeping starship crews healthy, physically and mentally, for a very long time. Might've got in the habit of fostering romance, when she could. So difficult to find good authors, you know. :)

    I ration myself to one Omake a weekend, with the Episodes on weekdays. You've got to watch Omake carefully - give them a chance and they'll turn into a side-story! :)

    We only know Geo went missing, as she's the PoV character. Next episode will clarify.

    Your feedback is appreciated. Part of the issue is picking-up the pace. Geo has now (maybe) got the skills and powers to be a superhero. And, things are happening, thick-and-fast. It's supposed to be 'busy'.

    End-of-story problems coming out of the woodwork. Reacting to Geo going out into the city, dressed as a superhero, Sugoi. Part of the logic of this universe, the separation of superhero and secret id. You may have noted things only got started at the mall when Geo admitted to being Sugoi. That she was Jane Public until she tried to fly back from her bank visit.

    I know it's not as easy to read, but, I'm trying a writing experiment. Does it work? That's for you to decide.

    Your views are just as valid as mine. They've been interesting.

    Feedback is the meat-and-drink of most muses. Where new story ideas come from. 'Likes' are good, provide some writer motivation, but it's ideas coming from the readers, that may trigger ideas in return, that make the muse happy.

    And, the difference between you and a 'real' writer is whether you actually regularly write. Torture those poor electrons with your words. You get better at writing by doing it, trying stuff, finding what works, and doesn't. Training your unconscious mind with writing reflexes. Then, advanced reflexes that build on your existing ones.

    Think of it as learning to drive (a car/auto) - that's more difficult than tightrope walking!
  12. Threadmarks: Pure or Puree?
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    Ace Dreamer Questioning The Nature of our Realities

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    Raven Lunacy, Episode 61

    Trapped. Helpless. Stripped of cloak, boots, belts.

    I've had better days...

    There's always the appeal to Raven, 'Send me home', but it's not that bad. Yet.

    They've not been... completely thorough. I'm still wearing (thin) gloves. I'd decided to wear them, out-and-about with Robin. And, I'm still wearing those rings, underneath. The regeneration and the cat's eye one.

    Currently, I can't see in the dark. And the cat's eye ring should let me. So... Concentrate, reach deep, find my magic. Feed a little trickle of power. And, I can see!


    In the darkness, beyond the (faint) circle of light that I now realise I'm in is an... older man. He's in classic wizard robes, bare-head with a few wisps of hair, clean-shaven, and, I think, white skin. Hard to be certain, cat's don't do colour, well. I think.

    He's watching me, with half-hooded eyes, in... quite a creepy way. Is holding one of my boots in his hands, with my belt knife. The rest of my equipment piled on a small table, next to him.

    "Ah. I'm glad you've joined us. I was afraid the fetch had hit you too hard. Pity you're not Raven Trigon-daughter. You stink of her magic, so I'm sure you're her apprentice."

    He takes a big sniff, leaning over the table, apparently concentrating on my robe. Or is it a cloak? I can't be bothered! I know what it is! Yes, it's creepy.

    "I suppose I should introduce myself. You'd be 'Sugoi', I'm 'Pure'. I've been watching you, since you tripped my little trap, in that mall. My, you've grown since then! Your master's veils, yes they're subtle, but I've watched every move you've made outside her tower."

    Her tower? He means Titan's Tower? I... don't think he understands what's going on. But, I'm not going to stop him monologuing.

    "Your mercenaries, yes they've entertained my demons. Even killed a few. Your ally, the elder magi, she's avoided me, though her cunning binding around the city... Clever work, hiding it's nature so it looks like the god-daughter's, Raven."

    Ohhh... Kay... Fruitcake detected. I don't know what he's talking about.

    "The master. I may not be able to sense my previous master, Garlic, and, don't you think 'Pure' is a better name than 'Puree'? The master, Trigon, he led me to this world, pointed me to the weaknesses in the magic of this body."

    He taps his chest. He's possessing someone?

    "And, the master loaned me his servants. Told me I must... respect the dignity of his daughter. Which is why you're still dressed. I've just taken your outer clothing. For your... comfort, of course!"

    Master Roshi spoke of a 'Garlic', and a 'Garlic Jnr.', enemies of the defenders of his world. I'm guessing there's a connection...

    Why is he caressing my boot in that obscene fashion? Sniffing at it?

    "Ahhh! I can smell your love for this humble foot-covering. How you treasure it. So... I will not lay a finger on you, but..."

    He holds my knife, next to my boot. My Best Boot!

    "Your footwear, that may not fare so well..."


    My boot is injured, cut with my knife, I... might have let out the odd cry. But, I've not broken.

    "You can see I'm serious. Now. You will tell me all the secrets of your master, Raven. Let's start with the secret key, to the veils about her tower..."

    No. I won't do it. Even if he starts carving me, rather than my boot. Also, I don't know of any 'key'.

    What did Master Roshi say? What was that attack? The secret one he showed me?

    I move my stockinged feet, cup them, focus my chi, a pale-blue glow starts to seep out through my skin, my hair stirs in a breeze that's not there.


    Concentrate, focus. Build the power.

    "No! You're a Raven pawn! A magi! No one... No one..."


    "No one would be mad enough to train a magi in those arts!"


    The golden glow washes-out from my feet, gathers for a moment, punches through the magic circle. He raises a mage-shield, his bracelets glow, My golden glow builds-up before him. Then, bursts through his shield, throwing him against the far wall.

    It's... Lighter. I can smell... fish. Hear... the sounds of the night city.

    Focus. Reach within. Focus my chi. Rip the now-rusty chains from the crumbling wall. I think, with his defeat, I'm back from that unpeopled shadow dimension.


    Limp over to him. This is not a floor for stockinged feet. My chi is drained. Freeing myself took the last dregs. I doubt I can levitate.

    He's... rather singed, thoroughly unconscious. And... a mist rises from him, drifts off. In his place is an ancient-looking woman, dressed in a vaguely witch-y fashion. Also, thoroughly unconscious.

    My boot... My Best Boot. It will not walk, kick, stomp, again. Though, its fellow is intact. Probably a good job I've got another couple of pairs, back at the Tower. And, maybe, repair is possible.

    "Robin? I could do with some help here?"

    I pause to see if he'll answer my (encrypted) radio hail.

    "Where did you go? Are you OK?"

    "It's a bit of a story. Follow my locator beacon. For now. Out."


    Robin doesn't get to experience my spiritual training, this night. Pity.

    We appear to have captured someone called 'Mother Mae-Eye', who's a quite unpleasant witch. Allegedly a cannibal. Assuming she's human, that is.

    Raven says she'll take her off to... a sort of magical hospital, I think it is. In another world. One where she's wanted for various crimes. Like... Lets just say she needs to be loved by children. And, she's very fond of pies.

    At the moment she's suffering from long-term possession. And, she's old enough that her magic is what normally keeps her healthy, but that's at a very low ebb. She may not live. Pity.

    As for Pure, Raven got-out Puppet King, from his glass box, used his remains to dowse for him. Seems he's either not in this dimension, or hidden behind very strong defences. Or, something else. Hopefully, some time before he regains his strength.

    We can also hope that... Trigon's disappointed with him. No sign of Trigon's demons in the city. But, we couldn't locate them before.

    One enemy down?

    AN: Cat's Eyes; Geo is not an expert on cats, so, she's allowed to make mistakes! :)

    AN: Fetch, just so you know... The term's been abused, quite a bit, so Pure's probably misusing it.

    AN: 'Nutty as a fruitcake' is what Geo means by 'fruitcake'... She's normally more polite about people...

    AN: I think some would claim Geo's just fought a Mini-Boss...

    AN: 'Pure' is an OC, and is supposed to be a 'classic' Dragonball villain. You defeat one, then, later, your son has to fight his son, or his pupil, or his android penguin... (I made that last one up! :) I think...)
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    I received feedback to the effect that this episode was complex, and difficult to read, so...

    Now it's split into (named) sub-episodes.

    Enjoy! :)
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    No, now that you mention that, I agree it is confusing. I had to go back and re-read it, to remember what was going on there and to fit everything together in my head.

    The "splitting it up into named sub-chapters" does help, though.

    Oh, that's clever. I like that.
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    'Episodes', not 'chapters'! :)

    Glad it helped...

    I'm inclined to think they're not really long enough to be 'chapters', and maybe 3-4 would need to be put together to get the right length. But... I've not structured the episodes into chapters, so, I'm really in no position to complain.

    Also... 'Episode' because each is supposed to roughly correspond to an episode of the cartoon (no, they don't match-up), except when you need two.

    Yes, basically, it's a mess. :)
    She had to do that some time! :)

    Just to be clear, even though he's an OC 'Pure' is supposed to be a 'classic' Dragonball villain. You defeat one, then, later, your son has to fight his son, or his pupil, or his android penguin... (I made that last one up! :) I think...)


    Comment recycled as AN on Episode 61. If I can't steal from myself, who can I steal from? :)
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    No, no, that's if you defeat Misato Katsuragi! :V
  17. Ace Dreamer

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    I was thinking more like Red Ribbon Army androids... Pen Pen is more (probably) a genetics experiment, than a cyborg...

    But, nice catch!:)

    (BTW, I considered DBZ Android 18 as a character who might appear in this story, but she didn't sneak in.)
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  18. Threadmarks: Plane Sailing - Episode 62
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    Raven Lunacy, Episode 62

    Out in the city. Poking around. With the whole team. Which includes Terra.

    What has removing Pure from the scene changed?

    Cyborg suggested we fly over. Either in the Titan Copter or the Titan Plane. This interests me, because no one's ever mentioned these, in my hearing. Robin points-out they've been gathering dust for a long time. Might a bit of maintenance be a good idea before they're taken out?

    Cyborg grumbles a bit, but agrees. So, we're flying, or on foot.

    The fliers are: Terra on her rock, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy as a bird, and (slowest) me. On foot are: Cyborg, and Robin. Though, Robin's using a swing-line, where he can. And, I'm landing, running to catch-up, every so often. So, just Cyborg. Which is a bit sad.

    He's back in his original body, the one with all the metal. Raven didn't need to help, the med-bay life-mover did the job, neatly. He was, I think... disappointed. Had really enjoyed his time in his living-skinned robot. Mumbled something about using it, later, to check-out the club scene.

    We're, chatting, silently. Using encrypted radio comms. A private channel. I catch him moving his lips, once or twice, he's not as practised as me. But, I guess it's my 'native language'.

    The city is... pretty quiet. We get photographed, a few times. I think due to there being seven of us, not five. And, we seem to be looking for trouble.

    There's a bank robbery. In a similar, classic, style to the one I first saw in the city. A green elephant sitting on the get-away car upsets the driver. The robbers run out of the bank, look at us, drop their guns, put-up their hands. Smart, I think.

    The police promptly tidy-up. I think they've had a car, following us.


    A pale girl with purple hair, purple cat-eyes, pops-up. She's got a red-headed big guy, strange eyes, with her. 'Mammoth', I'm told later, and she's 'Jinx'. They... don't last long. I watch, along with Terra, as they efficiently get demolished. The police have a special unit that takes them away.

    A large bike gang drive-up, with a big impressive-looking leader. Stop. Talk quietly among themselves. I think I overhear the name 'Larry'. Drive-off. Cyborg and Beast Boy high-five each other.

    So, quiet day.


    As we're heading-back there's a call from the Tower.

    Nurf says the place was attacked, while we were away. A small horde of robots, and while those were being dealt with a short guy, with a jet-pack and various high tech, tried to get into Cyborg and my labs.

    We arrive back to find the robots in a broken-pile, with Nurf, sorry, 'Doctor Blue', and Master Roshi next to them.

    Doctor Blue, in her lab-coat, with googles, floats in the air, has her electro-rod, crackling with energy. Master Roshi is just standing there, a harmless old man, with his colourful shirt, shorts, sunglasses and bandy legs.

    Might be fun to salvage those robots... I'd prefer to think they weren't intelligent...

    Inside, we make our way up to the labs. The doors are a little blackened, but still sealed. A dark shadow with far too many teeth is carefully holding a... child? I think he's just rather short. 'Gizmo', I'm told.

    Raven looks a little smug. Mentions she put a guardian in the Tower, only active when none of us was present. Including Nurf and Master Roshi. Pats the shadow, tell it that it's a 'Good Boy'. It spits-out Gizmo.

    We decide to have lunch. A police boat takes away Gizmo, with all his gadgets in a separate bag.


    After lunch I get the bad news. Raven wants my robe. We agree, it's far past the time she should've checked it over. More than a year, in fact. It... doesn't want to leave me.

    We study the problem. Seems to be tied to my anti-possession amulet, and the weird focus-stone that I use for my Third Eye. Never did find out where that stone came from, Raven concentrates, focuses, then twists her hands in a strange, eye-hurting, way.

    There's a weird sound, then the Third Eye focus-stone disappears, with a pop. Raven's holding my robe, the amulet. Looking surprised.

    "Give me a moment." She disappears.

    Maybe thirty-seconds and she's back.

    "That stone just went back in time, to when you first needed it. I... think we'd better find a substitute. That sort of thing's not safe."

    I nod.

    "Oh, you might like these. 'Secret identity' glasses. I stole the idea from someone. They help you stay 'in character'."

    She grins. Puts them on. They've got heavy, black, rims, and totally change the look of her face.

    "Lets me see through them, from where-ever I am, with your permission, of course. Warn me if you're in danger. And, give you X-ray vision, the see-through clothes, and stuff, type, as though the thing looked at was normally illuminated. Blocked by lead." A... wink.

    "White. A fun little project of mine. No, Garfield does not get to 'try them out'. I may let you keep them, but, for now, have them while I have your robe." Hands them to me.

    That's... interesting. Yes, she is evil. Unless I figure-out how to add the X-ray capability to my Third Eye I can only use it in my secret identity. Sneaky.

    I wonder if she's been entertaining herself by peering through the dimensions again?

    Not at colourful-ponies, this time. I think...



    I don't mind paperwork, but this involves lawyers. The Bank of Mammon could do all the work, for me, but they recommended a local, trustworthy, firm. A lot cheaper. Apparently this is 'financially prudent', which they approve of. But, obviously, makes them less money.


    My flip cell-phone project is going well, sample batches have been sold in three cities, including Metropolis. Sold-out. Nationwide roll-out to follow. Bank account looking quite healthy, and I've major stock options.

    Someone has arranged for 'Robot Girl', the underground celebrity, to appear on a talk-show. A note from Oracle suggests I go along with this, as it might help repair my reputation. Including among hackers. Maybe even robot otaku. So, plans need to be made.

    There appears to be a bidding war between Lexcorp, Wayne Industries and Queen Industries. For my new line of robot dogs, with AI. Which I didn't know I had. Another note from Oracle says she knows nothing of this, but she has her suspicions. Suggests that I 'be careful'. I need to be intact for our weekend date. Joy.

    And... Just when I think the paperwork is finished... There's a Lexcorp regional sales rep, downstairs, wants to talk to me.

    Double Joy.


    Lexcorp. Pushy salesman. Hypno watch. Raven rescue.

    I think that's a reasonable summary.

    More interesting was the three-way shouting match, I found in the lobby, when the ambulance boat took the Lexcorp idiot away on a stretcher. He was wearing white underwear, by the way. Raven, Zatanna, and an older woman who somewhat resembles Zatanna.

    As I came in the older woman paused, looked at me, and shouted.



    Apparently, she's Zatanna's aunt.

    Local representative (West Coat) of the Homo Magi hard-liners, the ones that believe only they should be allowed to use magic. They really don't like people like Doctor Fate, like Raven even less, and... Apparently I'm a monster.

    Somehow, they've worked-out I started as a robot. By magic, I guess. Robots are really way down their popularity list, below even things like demons. Demons can be useful.

    Aunty's been hanging-around Jump City, for a while. Ready to... deal with me, once I do something particularly odious with magic.

    Zatanna... isn't happy with her aunt. Says she caught her helping-out an evil wizard called 'Pure'. I wonder who that is?

    Oh? Is my British sarcasm showing? How embarrassing!

    Aunty's been cleaning-up after the fights between Pure's demons and some mercenaries. Hoping this'd draw me out, so I could be 'tidied up'.

    I... don't understand the logic, there.


    Apparently she's here to apologise to Raven. Explain how she divined that helping her would cause disaster, and it wasn't even safe to explain that. Until, some prophecy was fulfilled. And... she looks at me, as she says that.


    So, not friends, but, maybe no longer enemies?

    And, the aunt, apparently there's Homo Magi politics to be done. She was really not supposed to get this close to Raven. Men will argue in smoke-filled rooms, while sipping spirits, and 'decisions' will be made.

    Not the quiet afternoon I might've been hoping for...

    And, my 'secret identity' glasses didn't work on Zatanna or her aunt...

    AN: Wot? No Author Notes? :)

    AN: OK, I lied. :)

    AN: Aunty (Zatanna's aunt) is an OC member of Homo Magi. And, the 'hard liners' are my creation. Mwa-ha-ha-ha! :)
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    ... o_O
    Is it just me, or has something gone wrong with Geo's memory, here?

    I could have sworn Pure was the creep who got taken out in the previous threadmark, and that the Titans were cleaning-up after earlier in this one. But in the second quote Geo doesn't seem to know who that is.
  20. Ace Dreamer

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    Thanks for catching this.

    I'd made a classic writing mistake. Which, strangely enough, is something which often bites people on the Internet. Made assumptions that the reader would 'hear' the emotional tone I expected them to hear, and that everyone shares the same cultural logic.

    So, I've got bitten by the 'culturals'. My writing instincts told me there was something wrong, there, but I just couldn't figure-out what it was. The paragraph's been re-written. Hopefully things make more sense, now.

    Again, thanks!


    I've just gone through, done another editing pass on the posted episode. It really needed another hour's edit time before posting, but I didn't have that. Hopefully it's closer to 'done', now.

    What did I change? The big one was the whole glasses bit was incomplete, what Raven was up to was unclear. Also, Superman/Clark Kent can see naked people whenever he wants; I think it was Larry Niven who commented that it isn't his fault people don't wear lead-impregnated clothes. :)
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    That bit makes perfect sense if it's sarcasm, that reading just didn't occur to me.

    I think we got a bit more detail on the glass in the edit; now I wonder if "white" is a privacy/censorship setting.
  22. Ace Dreamer

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    Might be referencing a certain scene, where a hero explains his powers to a reporter, in a certain film... 'White' makes more sense when you read the next episode...
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  23. Threadmarks: Live on TV - Episode 63
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    Raven Lunacy, Episode 63

    Turns out the attacking robots were Lexcorp covert ops ones. That'd been 'stolen' from a Lexcorp warehouse. Best guess is they were a diversion for Gizmo. Hope he got paid, up-front.

    The design is... Fascinating. Empty metal shells. Not wanting to take them further into the Tower I dolly the Synthesiser (quicker than using my dimensional pocket) down to the garage, do really careful detailed scans on each one. Clever work, I nearly miss it among the electrical and chi damage.

    Most just look burned on the inside, a few look to have been smashed, in just the right way. Those've incredibly-fine tracing on the insides, in patterns I recognise as holography. Holographic circuitry is seriously advanced alch-tech, I never expected to see it on this world. Parallel tech evolution?

    Looks like the circuits were supposed to self-erase if damaged. And, only luck preserved some. I'm... not skilled enough to figure them out, so I fudge-together a holographic camera, take as good images as I can.

    Reluctantly, after checking with Victor, decide to erase the remains of the circuits. He warns that if I don't, and they end-up in a junk yard, a rat might evolve into a tech-god, or something. Weirder things have happened...


    Another full-team patrol. Less photographs, this time. I think I spot two police cars and a 'special van' following us.

    We have the big punch-up with Slade. His mercenaries at the front, armed with their weird (sonic) weapons. Cyborg holding-up an elaborate high-tech sphere. And, all goes silent.

    'A sonic suppressor', he radio-telepaths to team members.

    The mercenaries throw their (sonic) grenades, shoot their (sonic) weapons, and nothing happens, except Cyborg's sphere glows brighter. Various Titans move forward (silently) grinning. As the mercenaries look towards Slade we all realise he's not here any more. But, neither is Terra.

    Surrendering occurs.


    Terra isn't answering her team radio. But, we've a strong suspicion what's going on. At the bar Robin and I found there's some off-duty mercenaries. They're remarkably cooperative, as Cyborg points-out there's no direct evidence they're with Slade, and, oh, isn't this a large cheque for 'services rendered'?

    They brief us, apparently originally Slade and Pure were allies, Pure provided the covert magical talisman Terra was carrying. But, Robin was supposed to be off-limits during Pure's possession-imp attack, and because he wasn't, war broke out between them. Also, we get directions to Slade's main base.

    Slade's base is in a old water tower, armoured within, force-fields, attack drones, the lot. We get to Terra, who's bolted to a wall, gagged. She's lacking her harness, belt and gloves - someone has turned her magical control-bracelets up to 'maximum suppression'.

    Slade taking lessons from Pure? Is Pure working with Slade again?

    Terra explains she chased Slade, lost him, found him again, attacked, and was then snipe'd, she thinks, with a tranq round. The 'Slade' she attacked was a body-double; he did get a bit 'sandy'.

    I apologise to Terra, give her the magic ring I made for her on the Ship. Briefly explain that while she's wearing it 'Earth magic' will keep her from actually dying, and she will (eventually) heal, from any injury. Only major fire and strong acid will kill her. Now she has the last bit of power that she lost. Oh, and it only works for her.

    She cheers-up, and if that grin was any wider her head would fall-off.

    The rest of the team give me a bit of a funny look. I shrug, and all seems to be accepted.

    Back to the Tower. To find Zatanna outside, with a tall, heavily-built elderly woman, wrapped in glowing bands. Who doubles as a 'can we call off the feud?' gift. And is a disguised Slade.

    She and Raven shake hands. Very carefully. Robin stands over Slade, watching him. Suddenly, Cyborg grabs at Slade, rips away something at his waistline.

    "I detected an energy build-up". he explains. And, crushes a small gadget. My tech-sight tells me it used to be a teleport focus/trigger. Would've been fun to study...

    Next to figure-out who to turn Slade over to. He's made a lot of enemies, few friends, over the years...

    Though Zatanna took me to one side, apologised for the behaviour of her aunt, asked me... why, last time we met, it felt like Raven's magic was trying to see through her clothes, whenever I looked at her...

    But, that's unimportant!

    Enemy number two, down?

    At least we have a quiet afternoon.



    My, live, tv talk-show appearance. Stayed-up a good part of the night preparing for this. I'm to be interviewed in the last slot, so there's previous C-list 'celebrities' in the other seats to reflect off. None of them robot experts, like I'd asked for. Really, really, not something I'm looking-forward to.

    I've made agreements with the show director, and support team. Get to wait, in the wings, within a dark cowl until it's my turn.

    I'm... not impressed by the show. Cheap laughs and low culture, though no direct insults. I'd rather be home, reading a book. Though, the band's not bad.

    My turn, shrug-off cowl, smile and wave as I walk out. Surprisingly, I get a cheer from part of the audience. Mostly young men, some look Japanese, though there's a few (mostly nerdy-looking) girls.

    They're also mostly wearing badges, which depict a number of different Japanese anime or manga robots. And I get cheered by a few older-looking men, mostly looking like engineers, there's some university professors, men and women. Very few of them're with robot badges.

    And, a grinning redhead wearing dark glasses. A seeing-eye guide-dog sitting next to her. Nice of her to attend.

    The usual inane questions.

    In answer to one I stand-up, do a standing forward tumble, land neatly on my feet. Phew! Wasn't sure I could pull that off. And, my glasses stayed in place!

    Bow to the audience. Get cheered. Take my seat again.

    The presenter... isn't happy. I'm beginning to suspect he wasn't fully briefed by the director.

    "So, Miss Terious, why do you think robots are valuable? Anything but a threat to society? Something we should have harsh laws against?"

    He leans forwards. Intent on my reaction.

    "I'm sure robots have great value to society. Can fill all sort of roles, work well alongside humans."

    "And, why are you so sure of that?"

    "Because, you've been staring at me, all evening, and..."

    I stand up, half-facing him, making sure audience and cameras get a good look. Roll-up my shirt, revealing a distinct lack of skin on my stomach.

    "I, am a robot." And I slump, arms dangling.


    There's shouting, cheers, the odd scream.

    I stand-up from where I'm sitting, apparently unnoticed, in the audience, wave the large, illuminated, keyboard, that I'd been concealing, on my lap, under an unseasonable coat. Push-up the goggles I'm wearing onto my forehead. Don my 'secret identity' glasses.

    Someone hands me a microphone, as I turn to face most of the audience. The front-row will have to do with my back. A spotlight hits me.

    "I was controlling the robot, which you'll see looks a lot like me, from the audience. Seeing through her eyes using these goggles. I've been working with the Teen Titans, their technical expert, Cyborg. Making robots we hope will help humanity. Go places too dangerous for humans, into fires, plagues, nuclear danger sites, disaster areas."

    I pause, it gets a little quieter. Notice a man with a headset, one of the support staff, grinning, giving me a thumbs-up.

    "The humans can hang-back, remote-control the robots, until they're sure it's safe enough. If robots are wrecked, it will cost money, but no human lives will be lost. A safer future. And, no, these robots are not suitable for military purposes. For... technical reasons."

    I notice my robot double's been moved-off the stage. There seems to be a shouting match going on, between the presenter and the director. Guess he wasn't warned. The director's waving a pink piece of paper, in an aggressive manner. I catch a snatch of it, "... replace me with a robot?".

    "We'll be having a press conference, soon. But, you heard it here, first!"

    Cheers! I hand the microphone back.

    Somehow Barbara gets me out of there, mostly intact. The show's director told me my 'fans' had roughly doubled the expected audience size. And, he'd be in contact, later.

    Escape. After we've both changed clothes, our old clothes carried-off, by a dog, in a backpack. A large, toothed, shadow, swallows some of the other props. Put my robot-self on the back of the R-Cycle, behind a helmeted Robin. Then, go.

    For the rest of our date.


    I've woken in the night, but not awoken. I'm standing, next to my sleeping body, full Sugoi garb. Something attracted my attention.

    Instinct lead me to the lounge. It's lit by a strange green light. Video games are being played, and there's a pale-blue ghost of Victor, holding a spectral controller, and an immense green thing, that keeps growing and losing bits.

    But, has human hands, holding the second, ghostly, controller.

    Victor looks like his living-robot self, no metal bits. Looks a bit embarrassed. The green monster... doesn't seem to be really conscious.

    Then, he grows a possession-imps's head, and I recall the crunching sound, we heard from his room, that night. Mention this.

    "You are what you eat?", Victor shrugs. "I thought I'd try sleeping in my robot, after I got back from a fun night clubbing. Found my spirit standing next to my sleeping robot. Weird. Did you build-in astral sleep-walking?"

    "I... didn't think so..."

    "Don't worry. Nice feature!"

    He gestures at the monster, which seems to be controlling... something in a simple video game. Not one I know.

    "He was wandering the corridors, sniffing at doors, moving on. I thought I'd see if some gaming would settle him down. OK?"

    And, he gestures at my clothes. "How come you're dressed, and we aren't?"

    "There's a trick to learn. I'll teach you."

    Get a thumbs-up.

    And, I've... not really got anything to say. But...


    AN: Dolly; guess which one. :)

    AN: You probably know more about celebrity culture than I do...

    AN: 'Pink slip' is apparently a US term...

    AN: I wish to inform anyone interested that this completing the roster of naked Teen Titans (you can assume there's been a naked Kory, at some point) is a total coincidence. Honest! :)
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    Given Tamaranean mores regarding sex and nudity, I think it's safe enough to assume that anyone who spends time living with any version of the Titans would end up seeing a very naked Kory at some point. :D
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    Geo did spend two-weeks living with a sun-bed using Kory in the med-bay... This ignores the swimming jaunt...

    I'll admit my mistake, though, 'naked' means 'unclothed and feeling vulnerable', so, I should've really said 'nude'. 'Naked' has more emphasis, though, so I cheated! :)
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  26. Threadmarks: Sacrifice Robin! - Episode 64
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    Raven Lunacy, Episode 64

    AN: This episode's complex, so it's split into (named) sub-episodes.

    Sisters Breakfast

    Someone new's joined us for breakfast, following Nurf in. A woman with bronze-skin and red-hair.

    "This is 'Sonya', my other self. I'm your medical technician, Sonya is my... wilder side."

    Sonya comes up to the table, kisses Raven on the cheek.

    There is silence.

    "I hope that was a daughterly kiss", is the response, "I've been thinking about how you arrived here", and Raven nods at Nurf, "come to the conclusion that, in some ways, you're my daughter. So, I expect proper respect!".

    Sonya looks at Nurf, who shrugs, "Better be nice to Mom, sister".

    Garfield's doing his silly jaw-drop trick. "When did you have a daughter? Two?".

    Raven... colours a bit. "Magic sometimes gets... complicated."

    End of breakfast, she takes me to one side. Asks me how I'm getting along with my 'secret identity' glasses.

    I colour a bit. She looks at me, a bit smugly.

    "Magic, it's important you learn when not to use it, as well as when to use it." She grins, widely.

    "With great power comes great responsibility."



    Training with Master Roshi. No Robin, today. I give an account of my fight with Pure, he nods several times during. Explain how my chi hasn't fully recovered. Yet.

    "Congratulations! You just graduated. You're no longer my student."

    He gives me a gap-toothed grin.


    "As you're no longer my student my agreement with Our Lady is finished. You might like to know she won our wager. I thought, 'She's just a flat-chested snot-nosed kid, no way will I fall in love with her', but, I was wrong." He sighs.


    "I still owe you a debt. I choose, now, to repay it."

    He reaches out, with a finger, bops me on the nose, straight through all the defences of my returned robe. I feel a surge of chi, fill me, replace what I lost, and more. I feel... more alive.

    And, he wavers on his feet, looks pained.

    "Now, a part of me will always be in you."

    And collapses, to leave just his clothes, with the sunglasses on top. No chi. Gone, totally gone.

    Nothing. Left. At. All.

    Nothing to shout at.

    Bleep him!


    I've checked. Really carefully. I'm not pregnant.

    He may've been dead, but I wouldn't put it past him. Given his command of chi.

    My basic life-force seems to be stronger, though.

    Sitting in the lounge. Having a quiet drink, a few English biscuits. Recovering. Sonya is there, quietly reading, and... I don't want to know what the book is.

    Garfield comes in. Sonya waggles her eyebrows at him. He blushes, and resolutely ignores her. I hear a whisper from her, "Seduction resistance training"; I'm not convinced.

    "Victor told me about last night. How I'm sleep-walking as a green monster spirit. It's... a bit weird."

    "Yes. I taught Victor a few tricks, like how to look like his waking body, and how to be clothed. Sorry, can't teach you anything till you get a lot better control."

    Big sigh. "More meditation... Say, can you teach me any tricks? You gave Terra that ring, I want a power-up!"

    "Lets go to the gym..."


    I walk back in, a while later. What's different is there's a green-skinned, green-haired, version of me, in Beast Boy's clothes, walking beside me.

    Sonya looks over, does a double-take, pauses, wipes her lower lip. I carefully don't hear her whisper "Twins!".

    "This is hard work!", remarks my double, in my voice. Then, she slumps, and Garfield stretches his limbs.

    I get a meaningful glance from Sonya.

    "He's 'Beast Boy'. Can take the shape of any animal. Humans are animals. I'm one example of human."

    Her eyes narrow.

    "Look. Super-powers. You try things, see what works. Might be useful, some day."

    Garfield gets a soda, opens it, sits down, a far-away look in his eyes.

    "I can amoeba, split in two, more. Each shift to different humans? Do I get their powers? The prank potential..."

    Divine Truth

    Donna comes in the room. She's not visited since not long after I arrived.

    "I've got a query from Wonder Woman, her... relatives want to know, why have you've got a god in your basement?"

    We look at each other, though I notice Sonya's mostly focused on Donna. Does she whisper "Booty..."? No...

    "She's... not really a god, goddess. She's had some funny experiences. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to be a god. But it's a work in progress." Did I sound too tentative?

    Sonya gets up, moving... smoothly, not a single wasted motion. Walks over to Donna, with... a certain sway in her hips.

    Donna watches her, with an uncertain expression. "There's some Amazons that move, walk, like that. You... need to be careful around them."

    Sonya smiles, her white teeth a good contrast against her darker lips. "I'm quite safe. I happen to know the 'goddess', quite well. I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you. Why don't we go down to the basement, so... you can make a full report?"

    I'm really surprised Sonya didn't lick her lips, or... do something to Donna as they leave. I hope Nurf will help protect Donna's virtue.

    Garfield looks at me.

    "Well. That happened."


    "I've... got the impression I'll need to go home, soon."

    I'm with Victor, in his lab. He's in Cyborg form. I'm in civilian clothes, though I've taken off my glasses. We've been discussing the separation of 'Geo' from 'Sugoi', in terms of how people will see the Tower.

    "I'll, we'll all, miss you. When are you planning on telling the rest of the team?"

    "Pretty sure Raven knows, she's been giving me little hints about 'graduation' for some time, now. Nurf told me she can 'feel something big coming'. The rest, it's probably best it's a surprise. If they haven't guessed. We might need them to act naturally."

    "You trust me to be a good enough actor?"

    I lean forwards, put my hand on his. "You're a good enough friend I couldn't just leave you hanging. The rest can cope."

    He looks embarrassed. I continue.

    "I'll really miss you. You're like the big brother I never had."

    Now, he looks really embarrassed.

    I hand him a small box.

    "Probably best to give this to you, now. It's a version of my communication collar, that gives me twin encrypted-radios, linked to my mind, both in human and living-skinned robot form. I've enchanted it so it doesn't have the comms issues of a real-world radio, it's keyed to just you. Your spirit." I pause.

    "You can wear it on your living-skinned robot, or your alternate fully-human form. If you ever get that sorted with Nurf."

    He reaches forward, takes my hand in both of his (metal) ones.

    "Thank you."

    "Also, go talk to Nurf, give her the pass-phrases, 'Live Long and Prosper' and 'Scottie'. Get yourself a life-magnet profile set-up, a clone started. You're a bit too fragile for my tastes. Then, if you die, and don't want to 'move on', come back to the Tower, Nurf will put you back on your feet."

    His eyes are wide. "How?"

    "Let's say... there's some features of the med-bay I've not told anyone else about."

    "Now." I pull back, clap my hands.

    "We've got all the force-field generators emplaced, and tested. Services umbilicals look good. And the power systems are solid, though I'd like more fusion cores in stock. I want to work-through the gravity control, and the atmosphere and space manoeuvring, systems of the Tower. I'll leave you to mull-over the FTL options. Just-in-case, things go really badly wrong."

    Pure Fantasy

    I'm in my room, privately meditating. Trying to settle my mind. But, regets, things undone, keep disturbing me.

    Raven 'knocks' on my door. I will it to open (via radio, you know).

    She has two boxes, and a wide grin.

    "I told you'd I'd raised trap-wards? That capture anyone entering or leaving the Tower by... unusual means?"


    "In this box", she raises the glass box with the remains of Puppet King, "is our trophy. In this box..", she raises a similar box, but made of what I've learned to be sensitive to, lead. Covered in magical bindings. Really, really, impressive ones.

    She waits for me to inspect it. "This has a near-identical puppet, with a possession-demon cunningly bound within it. I captured this puppet, when an attempt was made to do an exchange. And, now, as I guessed might happen, there's an extra spirit. One who found a 'hole in my defences'. One who thought he'd got a final, trump, card to play."

    The grin grows wider. "We've got a lot to do, later, but I thought we could spare a little time. Hold your ear near the box, listen carefully."

    I do. And, there's a faint voice I recognise.

    "Let me out of here! You fools, soon the Master, Trigon, will come, and he will free me!"

    There's also the sound of small, wooden, fists, hammering on a box.

    From the inside.

    Presents for Everyone!

    We're in Kory's room. Somewhere I've rarely been. Except astrally. Kuro-chan looks at me from the bed, from the middle of the soft-toy horde. I'm sure there's more than just a Raven-garbed teddy-bear there.

    Kory is curious, but waiting to see what I want to say.

    "You're better at astral projection than me. Have it under full control. That's because, for you, it's a psionic, not a psychic, power."

    She nods.

    "Your kiss-to-learn-a-language, that's a psionic power, touch-telepathy, highly specialised. Now, I understand you've met a 'Miss Martian', a skilled telepath. You might want to ask her for training, improve your mental defences, see if there's anything else psionic you can learn."

    I'm being hugged. Really hard. The robe is saving my ribs.

    "I'll miss you. Friend Geo."

    Virgin on the Ridiculous

    "We need a virgin sacrifice. It's the only way to be sure."

    "A willing one", Raven quickly adds.

    The team look at each other, Sonya snickers. She's here 'representing Nurf's interests'. Ha!

    Raven furrows her brow. "A male one, of course."

    Cyborg and Beast Boy shake their heads. Eyes turn to Robin. He swallows.

    "And, it'd help if the woman was... a lot older than the sacrifice."

    "Dibs!" Two voices ring out, nearly as one. Sonya just beat Terra.

    "I could pretend to be older? I'm a good actor?" A hopeful voice from Terra.

    Robin looks, in a concerned way, between the two of them.

    "Actually...", a thoughtful Raven, "There might be a far better prospect..." An image of an athletic man appears, in the air.

    "I called 'Dibs'", says Sonya, firmly.

    Terra wrinkles her nose. Looks over at Robin, looks him up and down, thoughtfully.

    He blushes.

    I hope he remembers Master Roshi's warning...


    It's just Raven and me. Hanging in the air. A dimension that looks like an off-the-air tv channel, all shifting static. A faint hiss of white noise, in the background.

    Before us Control Freak, in his element, a place that's his. The only way he'd agree to meet. Raven's delegated negotiation to me, after we'd wrung as much intelligence as we could, out of Cyborg and Beast Boy.

    "It's a chance for you to be a hero. To tell the story of your great deeds."

    Not a flicker. No interest.

    "The whole world will owe you a debt?" That got a raised eyebrow.

    Risk it.

    "Beautiful women will throw themselves at your feet! Or... other bits of your anatomy!" He blushes.

    Got him!

    "What... sort of beautiful women? I'd... like some examples. Make it... less theoretical."

    Raven generates an image. It (briefly) animates.

    He swallows. "You're on."

    Spirit of Friendship

    "We've not always been friends."

    Robin nods to me.

    "But I owe you a lot. I doubt I'd have survived without your training."

    He looks down. “I was only doing my duty, for the team".

    I reach out, use a finger, gently lift his chin up. A trick I learned from Nurf, in our year on the Ship.

    "It was more than that. You were my friend. But, you're a good enough detective to have figured-out I likely wont be here, at the end of this."


    “I... think there's a chance you're falling for Terra, and visa versa. Nothing wrong with that. But, remember what Master Roshi warned you. 'Love' is a big danger to you, unless you can fix your problems."

    Clenched jaw. Stone-face.

    "Your business. Your life. But, try and not wreck anyone else's while you live it. Do not forget the whole shaman/spirit bit."

    A reluctant nod.

    "Lets go and face the music."


    We look up. An immense figure. Waves of power flow-out, battering our resolve. We've no chance.

    First, we went to Azaroth. Too late. At first it looked beautiful, though deserted. Then that changed, we saw destroyed city, shadows burned on walls, only the central temple intact.

    There, Raven met her mother, spoke with her. I couldn't hear what was said. And, a dove flew away. No one left.

    Raven turns to us. "He'll be coming for Earth, next, We'll need to fight him."


    Millions have died, billions to follow, whole countries, continents, wrecked. Raven and I walk forward, to meet her father.

    "I was supposed to be your Key. Your route to Earth, mastery of it. But, I stood against you, resisted you. You had to force your way in here."

    A rumbling voice, like an earthquake that speaks.

    "Disloyal daughter. Yes, I will only gain a fraction, maybe a quarter, of what power I deserved, if you had followed the Purpose for which you were born. Now, I Am Here. Bow before me, and I may spare your friends."

    I swallow, raise my voice. "You cannot defeat us. We will stand against you to the end! Our friendship cannot be broken by you!"

    There's a blur, and Raven is held in his right hand, me in his left. He looks at me.

    "How will this 'friendship' protect you, while I hold you in my hand?" A volcano would have better breath.

    "You cannot hold me! With a word I can break your grip!"

    Bands of metal and magic bind his hands, holding Raven and I immobile. He grins in a particularly nasty way.

    "And would that word be 'Love'?"

    "No. Now!"

    Raven obviously gathers herself, her power swells, peaks, even as she's bound in his hand. He watches her with proud interest.

    "My Apprentice, You Are Banished."

    AN: Analogue/CRT tv noise/static; there's online videos of hours of this...

    AN: I guess you could call that a cliff-hanger...

    AN: How much power did Raven put into Geo's banishment? Have you heard the phrase, 'everything and the kitchen sink'? (In some versions the sink's left out.)

    AN: I will quite understand if some are upset about this being the 'Final Episode' (except for the Epilogue). Will point out, though, this story is about 'Raven's Apprentice', not, 'The Fall of Trigon'. And, yes, there's a 'method in my madness'. :)

    (Fireball XL5, launch sequence, 1962)

    Some people are (still) fans of Venus... Though, some prefer Steve. :)
    And, some are in love with the ship. :)
    We will not talk of those who prefer Robbie (the Robot).

    This is your grandparent's science fiction. :)
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  27. Extras: Final Warning - End of Story
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    Final Warning - End of Story

    This episode, 'Sacrifice Robin!', Episode 64, is the final episode of the story. The 'Finale'.

    All that's left is the 'Epilogue', Episode 65. There will be some Omake, which will hopefully make a few things clearer. But, yes, the story has finished.
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    Hm. This means that Raven and Geo's confrontation with Trigon centers on playing a trick on Trigon, which trick depends on banishing Geo. I feel like I ought to be speculating on what kind of trick or how it works.
  29. Ace Dreamer

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    Yup. There's actually more than one trick, and pulling-off the banishing trick at least partly depends on the larger trick working.

    Things get clearer when you read the Raven Omake I plan to publish tomorrow, Fri 31st July, just after the Epilogue. I'll drop a (large) hint - Trigon doesn't come with a dotted-line. :)

    There's a nice quote in Zelazny's The Changing Land (1981) where the (rescued, virgin) elven priestess(?) comments that she's "Still got a dotted line"...
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  30. Threadmarks: Epilogue - Episode 65
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    Raven Lunacy, Episode 65

    Awakening. I'm... a bit confused. I'm... not sure what happened. I'm... not sure who I am.

    I'm Geo. That I'm pretty sure about. I'm in my house, home, outskirts of Toyko. Japan. I... think something important happened.

    Wandering the empty house. Guess I'm pretty rich. Land in Tokyo is pretty expensive. Vaguely remember this is my family house, inherited, after... I don't know after what.

    The kitchen. Maybe some food and drink will help? Without looking I say, "Beef stew, with dumplings, side-dish of garden peas, for one. Chocolate pudding, with cream, to follow. Pot of Indian tea, with milk. Go.".

    Faint whirring behind me, I see a strange white box starting to prepare food, drink. It feels... familiar. But... distant.

    Sit on a stool. Watch the deft robot hands. Look at my hands, front, back, feel my face. A... man did that. I was... trying to save the life of a woman with blue skin. There was... a woman, with glasses, red-hair, I saved her life.

    I drift away for a while...

    'Ping' attracts my attention. Food, drink, yes it does help. Feed the body, feed the mind?



    I'm centred, more myself. Found my chi, a cool pool of blue in my belly. Feeling deeper, my magic, also blue, but, eager, in a different way. Deepest, my spirit, and I can sense my astral projection ability. But, I don't try and leave my body. It... doesn't seem safe.

    Standing, I stretch. I'm... badly unfit. Muscles flabby, stamina weak, reflexes poor. I need to train. There was an exercise room... For a moment I see an older-man, bald, bearded and moustached, in sunglasses. He's grinning, making a 'V for Victory' sign. He intensely annoys me.

    Wander to the study. See a mix of fiction, non-fiction, on the shelves. English, Japanese, some other languages. Technical manuals, science data books. I... was a student? Studying to be... a doctor? It all seems so far away.

    At the computer, login by reflex, check e-mail, the usual junk. Nothing new on... I feel a pang, the hacker sites. 'Robot Girl Watch', they've got a new video of the live-tv show she did, in San Francisco. Wait a minute, aren't I 'Robot Girl'?

    Robotically (ha!) I walk out the door, down through the house. Down the stairs into the clean, well-lit, basement. Workbench, tools, household maintenance stuff. The dumb-waiter. Go over to the door, open it, reach to the back, fiddle with something. The entire wall folds away, revealing a high-tech workshop/lab.



    The place is... new. There's lots of stuff still in boxes. A half-built robot, looking remarkably like me, suspended in a framework I want to call a 'build cell'. Much better computers than the one up in the study. A sophisticated comms network node, half-built.

    And, most worrying of all, a full-body suit, on a stand, vulnerable-bits armoured. But, no footwear. A note next to it, 'Get Better Boots!'.

    I want to call this place the 'Robot Cave'...

    No! Not playing that game!

    If I'm going to superhero I'm going to do it the smart way, not just going out and punching, or kicking, stuff. My resolve shapes me, yes, I'll help, but on my terms.

    Drift over to a bench, open a box, get out a small, blue, gem, I know's an azure. Over to a mat, meditate. Using the gem. Find myself floating a little off the floor.

    Feel a lot happier.


    Quiet night. I don't seem to need much sleep. There's a letter, on the mat. From the ministry. I'm... to get a medal. For... 'Special Service to Japan, and the World'. Private ceremony, with the Emperor. Oh.

    There's also a small, carefully wrapped, package. Containing a metal collar. Put it on, find myself scanning through signals, listening to radio, watching television, ignoring a trailer for 'Control Freak Saves The World'. All in my head.

    It... feels right. As if a hole in my mind's been filled.

    Breakfast. Can almost hear voices, but, not what they're saying. Male and female, mostly young, I think. Quickly it fades. A memory?

    Courier-delivered a larger package. Elaborate belt, with charger-unit, and manual. The style... seems familiar. Fits me, I feel protected from my surroundings, as if...

    A flash, Walking On The Moon, wearing this belt... then, it's gone.

    Underneath the belt a book of maps. They're... strange. Not normal maps. One hurts my eyes, until I can see how it works. They feel... something, mostly, for later. But, they make me happy.

    Underneath the book, an amulet, with a Buddhist prayer on it. A note, 'Please visit the Temple. And, Keep on Truckin'. A flash of an older, male (priestly?), face - this one annoys me, as well.

    There's a card in the box. A black ankh on one side, 'For services rendered' on the other, in a neat hand. It... fades, and is gone.

    Another package, later, special delivery. Papers, all filled-out. I'm been accepted at a medical university. Training to be a doctor. Crash-course, for 'special students'. Strange, I... don't remember applying. There's a brochure, place looks pretty nice.

    Looks like someone, or someones, has plans for my life...


    Sleeping... Ha, ha, ha! I'm... being tickled!

    Sit-up, see my sleeping body, still lying. I'm... in a hooded robe, with the hood down. A woman, blue-skinned, in medical whites. She's holding one of my boots (My Best Boots!), was tickling my foot.

    "Thought that would work! Pure had to accept de-feet!" She grins, widely.

    "So, this is where you ended-up. You did disappear, pretty suddenly. I think someone... shuffled things. Started... a new story. I'm... Nurf. I'd... like to be your friend. Also, rates for medical consultation are pretty cheap, for friends!" She grins.


    "Good. Settled. Once you learn, a bit, you can visit the Tower, meet the team. I think you'd find our... mecha enthusiast, Miss Daitokuji, who's also from Japan... interesting. But for now..." She steps to one side.

    "I'd like to introduce you to someone. Maybe you could be friends? She's named 'Neo Raven', but everyone calls her 'Raven'."

    I notice a figure in a dark robe, somewhat like mine. She's rather hiding in it. Grey-skin, which... suits her. A red gem on her forehead. She's... looking hopeful.

    "Hello? You... feel familiar. I... had an accident, my memory was affected. Chief Medical Office Nurf, here, said she might be able to find someone... similar. Maybe... we could help each other find out who we are? Tinker with magic? Be... Officer Cadets together?"

    I float-up, move over to the (younger?) girl. Offer to hug her. She hesitates, accepts. As we hug I see the grey bleed-out of her skin, leaving a pinker-colour. Hugging her... feels right.

    "Yes. I'd really like to do that, Raven."

    AN: Last episode, the 'Finale', I said 'I guess you could call that a cliff-hanger...'. This was intentionally misleading. It was not a 'cliff-hanger', it was the final episode. Want to know 'what was really going on'? You might have to read the next Omake. :)

    AN: That's your lot. The End.

    You want the girl with the long grey-blue hair. Who may be the daughter of Japan's Lex Luthor...

    As for the other two, maybe Kara and Babs?
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