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[Fate x Grand Order] To the Other Path

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by fallacies, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: BAD END : Another Eschatology : II

    fallacies Getting sticky.

    Feb 27, 2013
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    "Let us suppose that on festival day, a busker upon the street presents to you a jar filled with beads — a thousand in number; all of obsidian, save for one. Amongst them, he claims, there lies a single bead of glass, colored in ceruleum. Blindfolded, you may for a threepence draw from the jar a single bead; and if it happens that that withdrawn is of ceruleum, he'll offer forth a handsome prize. What think you of his proposition?"

    "Truthfully? Even that he were to place the ceruleum bead into the jar before my eyes, I would presuppose a contrivance of some manner to cleverly remove it from the lot; or that the prize he offers isn't to begin with worth the threepence paid."

    "Spoken from experience, I see. Nevertheless, say that I — the foremost wizard in all Britannia — were to guarantee to you that there isn't here any attempt at subterfuge; and that the prize is truly worth the wager. How do you evaluate your chances?"

    "As I'm nowhere near as credulous as cousin Bradamante, I'd suspect the inception of a confidence trick — and you, the busker's obvious accomplice. Don't think I've forgotten the mischief you visited upon me in Ethiopia."

    The magus chuckled.

    "Come. Let bygones be bygones, and humor me a bit."

    "Fine, then. Forthright, one chance in a thousand is a fool's wager; and absent a miracle, a threepence committed is likely a threepence lost. What exactly is the purpose of this exercise?"

    "I seek to explicate in summary the miracle of the Grail, of course."

    "How do you mean?"

    "You're by now aware that what is called a Grail is definitionally an engine of wish-granting. Put to application in the scenario aforementioned, the enforcement of a wish would let that every possible permutation of chance yields the drawing of the ceruleum bead."

    "I should think it a rather unworthy use of a Grail, if so applied. How qualifies this a miracle, though? Is it not merely cheating a game of chance?"

    "I concede that it would hardly seem a miracle, if not for the breadth of the action prosecuted."

    "The action prosecuted?"

    "The march of history is not as a line, but as a tree that branches at every permutation of chance. Certainly, it wouldn't be terribly miraculous that in a single branch, an outcome is enforced that you grasp to hand the ceruleum bead — but suppose instead that such an outcome were enforced across the entirety of the tree; to every last twig. What if it were the case that in ten thousand; a hundred thousand histories, the Grail Knight Aelfthrith were to draw forth the ceruleum bead? Would that not become a miracle in the truest sense?"

    "... is such a thing even possible?"

    "There isn't a rule that Grails are cast of equal quality; but with the expenditure of a chalice sufficiently potent, it is indeed possible. For the briefest moment, history would converge to a singular course — irrelevant the circumstances preceding."

    "But prior, you explained that myself aside, there doesn't exist in any history a single Aelfthrith who came to bear the One True Grail. How is it that in a hundred thousand histories, 'the Grail Knight Aelfthrith' could draw forth the ceruleum bead?"

    "Caught that, did you? Thought I might've slipped you by. To address your question, though — by the granting of the wish would a hundred thousand histories converge upon your manifestation. It's after all on account that the permutation of chance doesn't prohibit the existence of 'the Grail Knight Aelfthrith' that we can presently here converse. Even the One True Grail is ultimately bound to act within the limits of possibility."

    "I'm not certain I follow?"

    "A wish is a possibility enforced irrelevant the circumstances preceding. Thus, the you who here in Avalon arrived can linger as of histories that preclude outright your very derivation — enforced to manifestation owing that you bear upon your person the Mark of the Grail."

    "You speak as though I am myself some manner of wish ..."

    "That's precisely the case. You alone are the Knight of Miracles. Come of a possibility long consigned to the absence without history, you're in the parlance of the magi 'a Mobile Singularity' — a fantasy of no adjacence, brought to iteration by the One True Grail."

    The magus grinned.

    "Therefore, by the miracle of the Grail can you alone the future reclaim."
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  2. Threadmarks: BAD END : Another Eschatology : III

    fallacies Getting sticky.

    Feb 27, 2013
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    Stories above, level to the soil without the cathedral's masonry, her opponent crossed through the broken tracery of the rosace — surveying the glass-strewn floor below before stepping from the ledge. Like a stone through the stagnant air, she dropped — but irrelevant the hard soles of her laced leather boots, there was at landing hardly any noise.

    Silhouetted in the light that descended of the northern skies, the woman calmly approached.

    Hers, thought Aelfthrith, was a beauty most exotic. In bold contradiction, a complexion darker than the Saracens' juxtaposed a hair the color of winter in Norden — braided and severely pinned. It was a terrible shame she was so modestly attired; but even that alike to a lady's attendant, she'd clad herself in an apron and sable dress, the taut fabric little concealed her womanly shape.

    Though Aelfthrith would've liked to more intimately acquaint herself, so happy a consequence wasn't to be.

    Forth from the woman's hairline, there protruded a pair of horns alike to a Dragon's; the Crown what marked her amongst the Beasts of Calamity.

    The Maiden of White, she was called; the Sword of Logos — though beyond to postulate a relation to her hair, Aelfthrith couldn't place the rationale. Dubiously, Myrddin had proffered that the former appellation stemmed not of maegd in the tongue of the Saxons, but further afield.

    μέδω (médō), perhaps:
    — in the Greek of Antiquity, 'to protect' or 'to rule.' The name Medusa was of a related derivation.
    冥土 (meido), perhaps:
    — in a language of the distant Orient, 'the soil of the Underworld.'
    Certainly, hers was the Sword of the Ruler; the Giver of Law.
    Certainly, hers was to sever the Pilgrim's Progress; to let that he return as Dust to Dust.

    Myrddin had so named her his distant kin — alike to a half-blood Incubus a Demon incarnate; seizing the World not on account that it was the shared dream of Man, but per its fundamental nature as a Wish.

    If truly the Human Order were the sum of all Wishes, its consummation could come of nothing short a sovereign amongst Demon-kind — obligated unto three hundred million prayers; to the voices that in chorus pled deliverance from their earthly suffering.

    What was a Demon, after all, if not to Man his bosom friend?
    What was a Queen, if not to her subjects a loyal servant?

    So carried the weight in the Crown of the Beast — in the name of the Maiden; in her manner of dress.
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  3. Threadmarks: BAD END : Another Eschatology : IV

    fallacies Getting sticky.

    Feb 27, 2013
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    "Why is it needed that I bear the Mark of the Grail?"

    "As I said, the enforcement of a wish is irrelevant the circumstances preceding. Anchoring to manifestation the substance of your being, the Mark of the Grail affords you thus a certain boon — preempting that your history is unraveled of an assailment upon your past."

    "... what threat do I face that such a measure would be necessary?"

    "Perfect benevolence. Unlimited justice. The Earthly Paradise born anew."

    "You ask that I oppose the Salvation of Man? The Kingdom Come?"

    "Not so as the Church comprehends, but close enough approximate. Tell me — if you were to witness within your reach an obvious, unambiguous crime, would you intervene?"

    "That's a matter of course."

    "And if it entered into your means to remedy at some point in the distant past an unambiguous evil, would you accordingly act?"


    "And what if I were to tell you that every injustice could be set aright? That even if the sins upon the Earth exceeded the stars in the sky, they could be done away with if only you give the word. Would you assent?"

    "... how relates this to the question that I posed?"

    "If one defines the Salvation of Man as the righting of all wrongs, your opponent is no less than a Demon pledged to its ceaseless undertaking — not unalike a brùnaidh caring after a house in disarray. Born, however, as of a distant future in potentia, she should rightly assert no hold upon the present.
    "Man is by the rule of Nature strictly held to act within the span of his life alone; but at exception — per the aberration called the Mark of the Beast; as Independent Manifestation — hers is of the recognition of the World a lifetime bounded neither by birth nor death. Thereby does she freely have the run of the History of Man; that alike to the Harrowing of Hell, the Deliverance what is by her hand dealt can endlessly extend to the future and the past."

    "... the Mark of the Beast, as divulges itself in the End of Days? Per the name, is it in some manner alike to the Mark of the Grail?"

    "There exists a similarity, yes; but for our purposes, the likeness is of tenuous interest. If the mechanism underlying requires elucidation, it would be simplest to comprehend that rather than being of the 'Supernatural,' Curses belong of the System of Nature — in the strictest sense, an Aspect let to stand integral amidst the Order of the World. The Curse becometh your adversary is by the World so acknowledged a legitimate wielder to every sword that ever was, and let thereby to freely draw from absence the arsenal accorded to her right."

    "How equals this a capacity to swim against the flow of history?"

    "It follows from her right."


    "The Vulcano Caligorant is yours to bear, but does it to you belong by right?"

    "How should it not? It was I who from Caligorant liberated the dragnet of Vulcan; who to decrepit Weyland my gullet depraved, that he would forge for me a sword. If by payment rendered — barely endured — it isn't mine by right, then to whom does it belong?"

    "Doubtlessly, to you — but in functional practicality, the answer would accord to history as writ by the faith of Man to the Laws of the World; to the memories of the Star itself. Amidst these recollections — per the dictates of Law — you are assuredly not alone the one who acquired the sword."

    "That would imply that —"

    "It is the nature of your opponent's Curse to Trace the legends of the heroes of yore — confirming without restriction her license to swords long shattered; her existence to records past. Thereupon does every tragedy come within her reach, that the Banality of Evil is trivially felled."

    "She's able, then, to act without restriction? To write herself unto histories already determined? Is there not for such a feat some toll to be paid?"

    "A cost is indeed incurred — shouldered by the World at large; upon the consensus of Man. For where a Curse need subsist upon desires distilled, there prevails no desire so common; so resplendent as the yearning for Salvation — flowing forth without end from the cycle of tragedy. Nourished so, she refashions history in persistent repetition — at every heartbeat; with every breath."

    "What benefit gives the repetition? If it come to pass that every evil extant is remedied, is not the World already become an Earthly Paradise?"

    "The History of Man is wrought of sin, that every evil stricken from record yields anew a litany of tragedies unimagined. It isn't alone owed to idiosyncrasy that I labelled the history of your derivation absent of adjacence."

    "In that case, why so?"

    "Aside from histories alike your own — slated soon for culling, and spared therefore the process of revision — the course of the Human Order is sundered to a chaotic haze; ever-shifting to the permutations of chance."

    "Hold. I have a grasp of what you speak, I think — but clarify, if you please: How should it be that history is reduced to haze? I comprehend that by the allowance of the World does your monster amend the past. However, in the wake of such an act, should not a history yet remain?"

    "Every history traced to its root does at some point stem from an act of evil — some Original Sin. Strike from record any sin, and the events that follow are defined anew — branching inevitably to further evil. And if it be that evil is at instantiation stricken one and all, the reformulation of history becomes as ceaseless. There can arise no village; no city; no nation — no sphere of civilization; as not even the life of a single man can hold coherent.
    "It was inevitable, thus, that I patronize as a Champion of Man an exceptional entity of a history unadjacent — borne of the Mark of the Grail."

    "... you could to none other entrust the task, as only the 'exceptional' remain. Foolish of me to take the label as earnest praise, given your wretched character. The whole of history, sundered to disarray — and you expect that a simple knight could turn the tide?"

    "Your cynicism hurts so, dearest Aelfthrith. It's the honest truth that I entrust to you my only hope."

    "I think your hope misplaced, as I cannot begin to fathom a means to fell this beast. Pray tell, how should I even engage her in combat?"

    "I've already explained, have I not?"

    "Not as such."

    "Then, to reiterate: The enforcement of a wish is irrelevant the circumstances preceding.
    "If we seek her defeat, we'll need first to prepare a stage that she cannot overwrite."
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  4. Threadmarks: BAD END : Another Eschatology : V

    fallacies Getting sticky.

    Feb 27, 2013
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    "Your armor's compromised," the Maiden observed. "You certain you want to continue?"

    Lowering not her sword, Aelfthrith spared herself a downward glance. Above-ground, the torso-blow she'd last sustained had indeed her breast-piece fractured — exposing at the breach the pale skin of her valley and cleft.

    The question posed was not in threat, but rather in curiosity. Uncharitably read, it was a solicitation to surrender — offered not of superbia, but untroubled certainty in an outcome foreordained. Having in the bearing of Myrddin witnessed something alike, Aelfthrith presumed it an outcome that naturally followed of immortality — inevitably arrived upon in the acquisition of endless time.

    Had the Maiden pressed her attack, Aelfthrith would undoubtedly have died. Ergo, if yet she lived — if yet she held the means and the will to fight — it was on account that in the context of endless time, her defeat was an eventuality of no immediate necessity.

    It was a thought of no little aggravation.

    "I should think I do," replied Aelfthrith — effecting an impish grin. "In fact, I'll even let that you strike me unobstructed."

    If a breach in her armor let that the Maiden could slay her in a single stroke, the armor was no longer of use.

    Presented this dilemma, the solution that came to mind was exceedingly simple.

    Taken in her boyhood by the storied exploits of Spartacus the Great, Aelfthrith had from the outset favored the philosophy that the strength of a knight was proportional to the flesh he could afford to bare. Hence, it was not for want of protection that she had in Wessex sought her distant kin; to win by right of duel the fabled armor of Arthur of Camelot — the King of the Storm; of the Holy Lance.

    Per her mother's words, its shape was such that even a bosom as full as her own was easily concealed — allowing that on a cursory glance, she could cut the figure of a man.

    This of course wasn't ventured of any particular shame in her flesh; in the womanly contours that she'd gained of adolescence, contrary the prominent endowment of her masculinity. Shame required fundamentally an acknowledgment of sin; whereas, irrelevant that the pious would perhaps decry the androgyny of her flesh as an abomination of nature, she could think herself only as the Lord intended — no more or less a sinner than her fellow man.

    Rather, social expedience was the solitary object.

    The armor in whole afforded her the image of a boyish knight-errant — indispensable as to ward against the troubles that preyed upon a woman unattended; or in her duties as a free knight of the Frankish crown, the frequent propensity of country nobles to dismiss out of hand the word of a mere 'knightess.' If further she desired an evening's company, a lady's favor was en homme more easily won ...

    Purely in its capacity as raiment, though, the armor of the Pendragon did its remarkable slightness of weight notwithstanding ultimately hinder her freedom of movement. In form; in function; in meaning, therefore, it was in sum an expression of her voluntary restraint — inhibiting her facility out of an aversion to inconvenience.

    Here, at the End of the World, there was no need for such a thing.

    Grasping by its edge her breast-piece, she brought her strength to bear — committing to part the lodestones set within by a force of arm unusual amongst the fairer sex. With a bit of effort, the magnetism gave; and casting aside the plate, she made to detach the fore of her plackart just beneath, letting that its girdle would loose from about her ribs.

    Stainless alloy clattered to the tiles afoot. Divulged in the stark; in a slender muscularity perhaps unseemly in a damsel unwed, her torso remained adorned only by the Brand of the Grail below her navel — an elaborate stigmata reminiscent the leaf of a sacred fig. There aside, her upper extremities were armored solely yet by the vambraces that sheathed her gloves.

    "There can exist a 'top' only if one acknowledges her limitations," said Aelfthrith, smiling. "Allow that I bare to you the topless fortitude of the Knight of Miracles."
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  5. Threadmarks: BAD END : Another Eschatology : VI

    fallacies Getting sticky.

    Feb 27, 2013
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    "Certainly, she bears within her arsenal fabulous treasures that redundantly impart to her an imperiousness to harm; but bereft of these — irrelevant her apparent multiplicity; her substantiation to every era — any iteration of her being is her being in truth. Such is the nature of her vulnerability."

    "To rephrase, then — so to fight on even terms, I need only to annul her protections. But what is this 'stage' that speak of, that it would permit me engage her at all?"

    "Earlier, I attested that a Grail sufficiently potent could enforce to certainty singular course of history. If the set of histories were represented as a tree, how might this event express?"

    "I expect that the branches would conjoin as to form again a trunk —"

    "Correct. And unto the future, the branches would diverge anew. Supposing further that the events enforced closely resemble the history overpainted in its valence of righteousness and evil, the common man might notice nothing amiss. Your adversary, though — she would surely take issue."

    "Ergo, the evil enforced by the miracle of the Grail would seem to her a tumor, as it disregards the circumstances preceding?"

    "To her view, the obstruction the Grail poses to her self-sworn duty necessitates excision. Thusly, the Singularity by the Grail enforced becomes at once a lure to draw her close, and a stage to her defeat. As to advance, need be that she accept our invitation; to locate within the Singularity the Grail that anchors its enforcement. If it happens then that the Grail is envesseled within the soul of its chosen Champion —"

    "She hasn't a choice but to engage me in a duel. Fair, I suppose — but what precludes that she wield her multiplicity against me?"

    "Aside that it would expose to you her vulnerability in replicate? The World abhors the simultaneous recurrence of the same existence; and in general, permits to a given history no more than a lone iteration of any unique entity. If by the enforcement of a Grail does history converge, barring the leverage of some unusual faculty, your adversary would be let to manifest strictly in the singular."

    "... and is it likely that she could leverage such a faculty?"

    "Perhaps — as one amongst a plurality of such arrayed. But come the hour of need, you shan't be without your own advantages. I'll make certain of that."

    "I should certainly hope — as else, this seems a strategy of defeat. What merit do I carry, that I could even stand my ground?"

    "Are you familiar with the thaumaturgical principles of Similarity and Contagion?"

    "Mother's lectures a decade past are by now barely a memory, but something perhaps to do with items of similarity acting in mutual interference?"

    "Matters of association can more easily influence on another — and where likeness is a manner of association, injury is a manner of influence. In theory, then, you're by a striking similarity uniquely suited to your opponent's elimination."

    "At best, that seems a dubious claim, as by similarity alone, no advantage can in battle be gained. Furthermore, by what measure am I alike to this monster of yours?"

    "'Et creavit Deus hominem ad imaginem suam; ad imaginem Dei creavit illum, masculum et feminam creavit eos.'"

    "The Old Testament? Though, I'm not certain of the relevance ..."

    "In the the tradition of the Midrash, Adam was first created not as a man, but as male and female both — divided later to aspects feminine and masculine; a mated pair. In carnal frame, therefore, you bear in common to your adversary a likeness to first of Men."

    "... we're similarly endowed?"

    "Indeed. And while you are correct that in Similarity alone, an advantage in battle is not to be had — it's in correspondence to the writ of Law; to the faith of Man; to the memories in the World engraved that the swords drawn forth of your opponent's Curse obtain their standing. With sufficient Similarity, patterns come to reenactment — and per the prophecies of the Kabbalists, it is Adam triumphant that returns to Paradise in the End of Days; ultimately prevailing against his reflection sinister."

    "His reflection sinister?"

    "The Accuser; the Adversary; the Venom of God — the Archangel Samael, who is as below as Adam is above. And as Adam and Eve were once as one, so Samael was to Lilith his bride conjoined."

    "... you intend to reenact a prophecy not yet come to pass? Of a victory foreordained?"

    "By the faith of Man was this unto the World writ as Law; and the End of Days is already come. I reckon there isn't a better juncture to evoke a prophecy yet unconsummated. We need only to return you to the Eden of your youth."

    "... I cannot help but doubt that your strategy will smoothly proceed. Even that by the prophecy fulfilled, I'm somehow furnished with an edge, I haven't any weapon to equal an endless arsenal."

    "Provided a thorough harvest of the histories condemned to culling, your disposition as a collector of arms should serve us well, I think. Unlimited that your opponent's arsenal may well be, it is in the end just an imitation; the shadow of an original article."

    In the magus' grasp, there manifested a blade.

    "There isn't a rule that an imitation can exceed the original."
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  6. Threadmarks: BAD END : Another Eschatology : VII

    fallacies Getting sticky.

    Feb 27, 2013
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    The Maiden was called an Evil of Man — but evil she was not.

    Man yearned for Salvation — and so had come the Maiden to deliver in earnest, redressing with her every ounce of strength the Evils of the World. By her Curse did the World acknowledge her place amongst the legends of the past — and pushing this to its consequence did she write herself to every age, that she could intervene in every tragedy.

    Of a Love of Man did she cull the Evils that wrought the World, that History was itself sundered to ceaseless permutation.

    The Kingdom was come; the Earthly Paradise born anew.
    All sins were absolved. All suffering was ceased.

    In the Maiden's unending grace was Man himself come to dissolution. Such was the terminus reached in the tireless prosecution of Justice — never once faltering; never once withdrawing to retreat. Solitary did she therefore stand amidst a sea of swords — alone, a Beast of Calamity; a Stagnation of Man.

    Beast the First — the Beast of Compassion.
    The Maiden of the Purest White.

    This was the Adversary that Aelfthrith now confronted.

    Thirteen were the Grails she'd won since her departure from the Castle Adventurous — as of the Wars of every history that yet remained.
    Seven to confirm to histories writ the Eden of her youth.
    Six to bolster her fortitude, that she could equal in worth the heroes of yore.

    To her womb was seated the One True Grail — within which were six and seven brought to join.

    So arriving in the heart of Crowland was Aelfthrith come at last to the very beginning; to the bottom-most threshold met, that one might before a Beast of Calamity stand his ground alone.

    To ground, as such, she'd thrust her sword, as it would hereon be of little use. Against an opponent clairvoyant the wielding of any weapon, a segmented blade was nothing of surprise.

    In her left hand, she so readied an ancient tome, unhooked from her belt.
    In her right hand, she so clasped a golden key, drawn from the thin of air.

    The Maiden narrowed her eyes, apparently in recognition.

    "That's ..."

    "Casseur de Logistille — the Abolition Proclamation," Aelfthrith replied, "and Bab-Ilu — the Key of the King's Rule. Souveniers that I've collected of my travels, you see — borrowed temporarily, as to evidence the labors that I undertook.
    "You draw your weapons of an Otherworld, I've heard — an arsenal permissible to externalization without the bounds of your flesh; so steeping your environs in the color of your will, that any villains unworthy your mercy can be made as dust to dust by the passage of time in expedition.
    "By Logistille's undoer, thus, I deny to you the surfacing of your World. By my right as the holder of the Kingdom Key, I further match against your arms arrayed an arsenal of my own."

    Closing her eyes, the Maiden sighed — manifesting to her right hand an ornate golden sword; and to her left, a pair of scales.

    "You really are putting everything on the line, I see," she said. "But I'm not sure I understand what it is that you hope to achieve. Why do you oppose me, exactly? Even if you were to defeat me here and now, there's nothing to be gained but thousands of years of warfare and atrocities."

    Aelfthrith grinned — readying at her side her key.

    "I'm given to understand that long ago in the distant future, the two of us became the best of friends," she said. "As a friend, is it not my duty to admonish you for excess?"

    These words were spoken as a Prince to his equal; a King to a guest of his court.
    Perhaps this place was to not indeed the Crowland that Aelfthrith knew in youth — but to become as needs must, she would take it as her own.
    A hero was in his homeland summoned at the zenith of his might.

    "Did you know," she said, "that the 'Crow' in Crowland doesn't refer to the bird? It comes of 'cruw,' as to the crook in a river.
    "It is written that forth from the Island of Crowland, four streams coursed:

    Asendyk (Pishon) in the North;​
    Shepishee (Gihon) in the East;​
    Southee (Chidekel) in the South;​
    Nene (Phirat) in the West.​

    "As these waterways four comprised a turning point in the River Weolud, so too did Crowland mark the turning of my adolescence.
    "So too does the Singularity of Crowland now become a deviation from the stagnation of your reign!

    "'Haistulf the Thief' is my denigration, for though many are the brides I've bedded — the treasures that I've borrowed — I admit only the crime of being as an exemplar amongst Men.
    "The strength of Man is after all to borrow of our peers and forebears — ascending ever to greater heights upon the shoulders of giants.
    "Thirteen thousand years ago did we so assume the Primacy — birthed forth, it is said, as the Children of the Comet, which taketh and never returns.
    "Yet in this hour; in this place, the Paladin Aelfthrith pays his dues.
    "Here is recompensed all what which he owes, at interest!"
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  7. Threadmarks: BAD END : Another Eschatology : O

    fallacies Getting sticky.

    Feb 27, 2013
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    Long ago in the distant future, a wish was to a Grail entrusted:

    "Let that this be the first and last amongst the Wars of Fuyuki; that excepting for my Servant and myself, all memory and material record of the Wars past be stricken from the World, and the descent of the Three Houses accordingly excluded to oblivion."​

    In the culmination of a decade's undertaking was such a wish come to utterance — and of a haste borne of impatience, caution was at this final juncture by the victor of the Grail discarded. Therefore did he fail to glimpse the gestation of a Beast.

    Perhaps by love alone could the Maiden have been chained — dissuaded her rejection of every tragedy past. But slumbering alone in the forests of the night, there remained within her mind not a memory of the girl she once embraced.

    In the hour of her awakening did the End of Days begin.

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  8. Extras: RIDER : Aelfthrith

    fallacies Getting sticky.

    Feb 27, 2013
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    RIDER : Aelfthrith
    Androgyne : Chaotic Neutral : 188cm : 76kg

    STR C
    END D
    AGL B

    Mana EX
    Luck EX​

    :. Class Skills

    Thaumaturgical Resistance : A

    A resistance with regard to magecraft; a nullification of magecraft unto a certain Rank, and a mitigation of the effects of that which exceeds said Rank. If the Skill is suspended per the will of the Servant themselves, thaumaturgical effects of benefit may also be received. The effect of the Skill is inapplicable to physical attacks as rendered by implements rendered to Reinforcement by the use of magecraft, or implements fabricated by the use of magecraft.
    Whereas Aelfthrith would have originally held the Skill a Rank of D, per the perpetual activation of the Noble Phantasm 「Abolition Proclamation」, she expresses the Skill at a Rank of A. In practice, this renders a nullification of all modern magecraft. However, on account that effect of the Skill is ultimately just an aversion of a spell effect, in the circumstance that she is subject to a wide-area thaumaturgical attack, it is Aelfthrith alone that would stand unharmed.
    Riding : A+

    An ability as to skillfully maneuver a means of transport. Being that the Skill is in practice exercised against the Concept of 「a means of transportation」, existences that so qualify are subject to the Servant's stewardship, irrespective of animate or inanimate status. As of a Rank of A+, all manner of vehicles and beasts may freely utilized for transport — solely excepting creatures that belong of Dragon-kind.
    Independent Action : EX

    The ability of a Servant to persist in manifestation to the World at length, even in the circumstance that the ties that anchor them to a Master are severed; a Skill as to mitigate 「the compulsion from the World」 that obstructs the capacity as to linger as of manifest reality in the absence of an anchor and the provision of mana.
    Though as a Rank of EX, a Servant is capable of indefinitely persisting in the absence of a Master, in the circumstance that actions are pursued that alike to the exercise of Noble Phantasm demand a sizable expenditure of mana, a ready supply of energy and the support of a Master become as necessary.
    In Aelfthrith's circumstance, this Skill manifests at a Rank of EX on account of bearing「the Mark of the Grail」.

    :. Personal Skills

    A Countenance of Beauty : D

    Coupled with manner of attire, the endowment of an atmosphere of beauty that obstructs discrimination of gender.
    In Aelfthrith's circumstance, the Skill does at a Rank of D confer an upwards revision of checks in the pursuit of negotiations with females. Further — though as of a higher Rank, the Skill would permit that effects which target a particular gender are disregarded, Aelfthrith receives no such benefit, and is instead subject to gendered targeting in both categories.
    Monstrous Strength : B

    A disposition to offensive actions generally restricted to monsters. Confers at activation a single Rank of escalation in Strength, which persists for a duration dependent on the Rank of the Skill.
    Whereas Aelfthrith is distinctly not of monstrous descent, the Skill is obtained at special exception per an application of the limiter-release come of 「Evaporation of Rationality」 to the bearing of a 「Corpus of a Natural Constitution」. However, the demerit exists that damage is incurred against her body with every Turn that the Skill is active.
    Evaporation of Rationality : E

    Owing to an evaporation of rationality, an involuntary incapacity to preserve the secrecy of information held in confidence. At a Rank of E, the effect of the Skill is under normal circumstances seemingly slight — but if operating at lowered inhibition as per the effect of alcohol, Aelfthrith is prone to carelessly divulge at little prompting the True Names and weaknesses of allies; or to forget matters of importance and so forth.
    Per the demerits conferred, the Skill is already proximate to a Curse; but in application to combat, it expresses the effect of 「Instinct」 at an equivalent Rank, allowing that Aelfthrith grasps to a certain extent the optimal course of action in the pursuit of an opponent's defeat. Further, at a voluntary lowering of inhibitions, she is temporarily freed from the self-imposed limiters generally come of human rationality.
    This Skill is sealed in the event that the Servant is blackened by the Mud of the Grail.
    Golden Rule : EX

    Refers not to a golden proportion of the flesh, but as of the context of a lifetime, to a fate whereby wealth arrives at hand at whatever quantity necessary. Though this would appear to be a Skill absent of application in combat, it in fact serves a role in furnishing its bearer with armaments.
    Though subsequent her departure from a childhood as a royal scion, it cannot be said that Aelfthrith lived a life of fabulous wealth, the short-term acquisition of wealth was in her adulthood never a matter of difficulty — even that on account of her many vices, coin was oft to deplete as easily as it came.
    On the other hand, subsequent her claiming of 「the Key of the King's Rule」, she quickly lost count of the priceless treasures that entered to her possession ...
    Corpus of a Natural Constitution (Body) : A

    A Conceptual resemblance to the corpus borne by Adam Ha-Rishon. In the capacity of a living organism, an absoluteness of the flesh borne of birth — allowing that the Servant can apply at will a persistent enhancement of Strength up to a single Rank at escalation.
    Aside that even absent physical training, a notable muscularity of the flesh is acquired and maintained, a holder of the Skill shall not vary in physique regardless the volume of their caloric intake. Furthermore, whereas the Skill primarily denotes a feature of the corpus, it additionally expresses a function akin to a Skill of 「Enticement」 at a Rank of C.
    Though Aelfthrith deems her perfect metabolism rather convenient, owing to her personal preferences with regard to the female form, the muscularity that she acquired in adulthood is persistently a minor source of insecurity.
    Collector : EX

    A talent as to acquire items of superior quality; the accumulate and manage articles of value. Though the Skill expresses a Luck as even to acquire rare items at notable frequency, being as the effect holds application only to the Servant, it grants no benefit to their Master.
    Incidentally, though a Rank of EX would normally imply a standing without the normal parameters, it here comes of Aelfthrith's propensity to count as already being amongst her collection every treasure beneath the skies — applying a logic of 「what's yours is also mine」.
    Mark of the Grail : A+

    A Skill that expresses the love borne to Aelfthrith by the Grail of a certain era and locale — proximate a Curse unmatched in all the World. Per the existence of the Skill, her natural Luck — already at a Rank of EX — is unreasonably escalated to further heights; allowing even that opponents conditionally unassailable can be overcome absent of fulfilling the conditions that render them vulnerable.
    However, by this blessing bestowed does Aelfthrith mercilessly steal away the happiness of others.

    :. Noble Phantasms

    Phantasmal Horse Not Of This World : Hippogriff
    Rank B+ : Anti-Army

    Said to [bear] the forebody of a griffin and the hindbody of a horse, a Phantasmal Beast of an existence that was in the first place 「inconceivable」.
    Though he would be inferior in Rank to the beast of the Age of Gods that is the Griffin, the pulverizing attack come of his charge is comparable to a physical attack of a Rank of A.
    However, the true worth of this Phantasmal Beast does not lie there.
    Being that it came about as a half-breed between a horse and a griffin originally rendered as 「inconceivable」, his existence is extremely indefinite, and he is for just a moment capable of consigning himself to the interstice without the Worlds.
    In consequence, he is capable of phasing through all manner of attacks.
    Utilized by Aelfthrith to traverse assorted the histories.
    Hooked Dragnet of Fortuity : Vulcano Caligorant
    Rank B (EX) : Anti-Unit

    A net laid forth by the giant Caligorant, capable even of capturing a God.
    ... but be that as it may, by Aelfthrith's horn did Caligorant fall to a panic and take flight.
    In self-destruction [was he] captured within this net.
    Per various vicissitudes, the net was by the hand of the hermit Völundr reforged as a sword.
    Abolition Proclamation : Casseur de Logistille
    Rank EX : Anti-Unit (Self)

    A tome inherited from a distant relative, which records therein the procedures by which to shatter every thaumaturgy.
    Merely by the possession of such, it is possible to automatically cancel all thaumaturgy beneath a Rank of A.
    Though Reality Marbles or Grand Thaumaturgies asymptotic to such are without the boundaries of this [effect], if in such a circumstance, the True Name [of the Noble Phantasm] is released, by way of reading and comprehending the book, the possibility of the shattering of such may likewise be grasped.
    Key of the King's Rule : Bab-Ilu : Hero's Inventory
    Rank E→A++ : Anti-Unit

    A key-blade connected unto Babel the Great — the Golden City of Sin.
    By the joining of space can the tools within the Hero's Inventory be freely brought to bear — becoming as an attack that scales in potency to the wealth of the holder of the key.
    Irrelevant of distance, articles once consigned to Inventory are automatically reclaimed.
    As of the Age of the Gods, where once the Realm of Man was restricted yet, a certain King did all the treasures upon the Earth amass, constructing thereon a vault within which to store them. Such were the archetypes of the assorted treasures that came to be born of the World thereafter — a testament as to confirm the Knowledge of Man; the Wisdom of Man. This did the people praise as 「the Gate of the Gods」 — and it was well and truly so; for the 「vault」 to which the treasures were collected became itself a Mystery to exceed the treasures it contained.
    The key to the vault could be wielded only by the King alone; for ever incessantly did the cast of key reshape, and ever did the vault's inventory continue to proliferate — unto this very day. Should the limitless wisdom as to grasp its contents forthwith cease to be, it's said, the key shall not the vault bring to open.
    However, if it be that the rationality of Man cannot intuit the contents of the vault, one need only cast aside the shackles of rationality —​

    This profile is best understood if read in direct comparison to that of Astolfo Alter.
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  9. Extras: BEAST I : the Maiden of the Purest White

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    BEAST I : the Maiden of the Purest White : the Sword of Logos
    Androgyne : Lawful Good / Chaotic Evil : 165cm : 52kg

    STR B
    END C
    AGL A

    Mana EX
    Luck E​

    :. Class Skills

    Territory Creation : EX

    The ability to establish an 「atelier」 as a territory favorable to oneself in one's capacity as a magus. As of a Rank of A or higher, it becomes as possible to construct a 「temple」 that exceeds the functionality of an 「atelier」.
    In the circumstance of the Maiden, this Skill is obtained as of a Rank of EX not on account of qualification as a proper Caster, but per 「the False Inscription of the Ten Thousand Phenomena」 — an expression of her capacity to instantaneous deploy an Inherent Bounded Field.
    Item Creation (False) : EX

    The fabrication of items and instruments borne of thaumaturgical energy or capability. However, on account that the individual in question fails to properly qualify to the Caster Class, the Class Skill of 「Item Creation」 cannot be acquired. 「Item Creation (False)」 is thus a Skill obtained in the condition that abilities borne by the individual in life permit for the emulation of the Class Skill. In excess of a Rank of A, the fabrication of an Elixir of Quasi-Immortality becomes as possible.
    Though in the circumstance of the Maiden, an ability is borne as to instantaneously manufacture a vast array of highly potent thaumaturgical implements, said implements are one and all as replicas of existences legitimately extant within the records of the Human Order — Projected forth from 「the False Inscription of the Ten Thousand Phenomena」.
    Oblivion Correction : EX

    Whereas humans are inevitably beholden to oblivion, the Maiden shall certainly not forget. Even that she alone is able to recall, the beauty and the ugliness that once within the World existed are forevermore committed to memory.​

    :. Personal Skills

    Eye of the Mind (True) : —

    A perceptiveness cultivated of training and discipline. A principle of combat permitting that even in a difficult situation, an individual is able both to calmly grasp their circumstances and their opponent's capabilities; and to derive thereof whatever path to survival that remains. Even that there exists only a 1% probability of overturning a predicament, the chance is by the strategy so implemented drawn to hand.
    Long ago did the Maiden attain the beginnings of this Skill, but relevant progress was sealed with the acquisition of 「Nega-Klesha」.
    Deathwish : A

    A behavior of subsistence wherein the possibility of death is not eschewed. A pursuit of objectives in disregard of the limits of the corpus. Encompasses the features of 「the Comprehension of the Extinction of Poisons」.
    If it comes to pass that self-annihilation is confirmed as a matter of course, briefly — in just the final moments before her death — the Maiden attains a capacity to exchange blows with the 「○○○○」 on equal footing.
    Divine Core of the Goddess : EX

    Expressing the standing of a being as a perfected Goddess, a composite Skill inclusive of the status of 「Divinity」 — unconditionally asserting an absoluteness of the flesh and psyche. Interference of a psychic nature is in every variety so repelled, and the growth of the flesh is ceased — rendering regardless the volume of caloric intake an invariable physique.
    As in the bearing of 「Divinity」, a holder of the Skill is per a greater disposition or standing as a Divine Spirit accorded a proportional escalation in resilience of constitution. Further conferred is a proportional capacity to negate the defensive evaluation of 「Purge Resistance」 (粛清防禦, shukusei bougyo), and the ability to overcome the defensive effects of 「Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig」 and 「Protection of the Faith」.
    Though as a figure originated of modernity, the Maiden should rightly fail to qualify as a proper Goddess, she acquires 「Divinity」 on account that in the imaginary histories transiently extant as of the probabilistic haze of the Kingdom Come, there exists in common to every nation and era subsequent the unification of the Surface a worship of her person as a messianic savior. For this reason, her capabilities would seem to hold basis in concepts that derive of an assortment of cultural spheres.
    Being that as an 「Incarnated Demon」 obtained of flesh per the 3rd Magic, the Maiden isn't therefore manifest as a Pseudo-Servant or merely the bunrei of a Goddess, she obtains 「the Divine Core of the Goddess」 at its highest possible Rank.
    Note that in the particular circumstance of the Maiden, 「the Divine Core of the Goddess」 further incorporates her nature as an iteration of 「the Evil Dragon Phenomenon」 — consolidating within her being a spiritual structure alike in form and function to a 「Dragon's Core」, which as a mana reactor provides to her a functionally ceaseless supply of thaumaturgical energy.
    All the Evils of the Eternal World : EX

    A Skill that expresses the Maiden's standing as a Grail; as a Primordial Curse consigned to Incarnation by the Heaven's Feel. Encompasses the features of 「the Comprehension of the Empyrean Auricle」.
    Whereas Curses are as mortal existences generally sustained upon the ideations of Man, as in the case of a certain 「Mixed Blood」 Incubus, the Maiden would irrelevant her immortality redundantly derive of her Incarnation alone the capacity to indefinitely supply herself the ideations necessary to persist as a Curse.
    Further — being as Curses are fundamentally phenomena that render to reality the desires of Man — as a persistent reiteration of the entity held in Zoroastrianism as a hypostasis of the poisons of the mind; the unnecessary desires that plague the human condition, the Maiden inevitably becomes as a repository to all the wishes of Man — acquiring a nature akin to the Beast III/L's 「Constitution as Accepts the Ten Thousand Desires」.
    On this account does she embark to answer the cries for salvation come of every era — maturing in her capacity as a Sovereign amongst Demon-kind; as a Queen of Demons beholden to eight billion prayers.
    Nega-Klesha : EX

    「Malice Liner」; a composite of 「the Comprehension of the Hearts of Others」 and 「the Comprehension of the Empyrean Eye」.
    An omniscience of Klesha inherent the Beast what is as 「All the Evils of the Eternal World」 — allowing that she accurately forecast the actions that would consequently precipitate, and to derive thereon a countermeasure.
    Here, 「Klesha」 refers to the self-serving proclivities of ignorance, attachment, and aversion — the triviṣa, conceived of in Buddhism as the basis from which spring forth the array of negativities that poison the mind; that engender all the tragedies of the World.
    In practical function, 「Nega-Klesha」 is a composite Skill that encompasses the features of 「Thousand-League Eyes」, 「Discernment of the Poor」, and 「Boundless Arms Mastery」 — comprising thus a martial art; a method of combat built upon an intrinsic comprehension of an opponent's character and capabilities; a grasp of their present bearing and course of action, irrelevant of distance in time and space.
    Only those of acting in the absence of Klesha can escape the Maiden's sight.
    Independent Manifestation:A

    「The Mark of the Beast」; an expanded variant of 「the Comprehension of the Divine Foot」.
    A Skill as to autonomously iterate to manifest reality — entirely mitigating the requirement for an anchor or a supply of energy as to persist in materialization. A higher-order iteration of 「Independent Action」.
    Being that per this Skill, a manner of being such that a given entity is 「already extant irrelevant of position in space-time」 is expressed, an absolute nullification is bestowed with regard to offensive actions effected per temporal manipulation, paradox incurred by time travel, and the instantaneous rendition of death. Furthermore, a holder of this Skill is impermeable to the influence of large-scale redefinitions applied to the paradigm of the Human Order — permitted to iteration so long as certain conditions are met.
    Though particular to the Maiden, protection against temporal invalidation comes of her nature as a Grail — as a 「Mobile Singularity」 — 「Independent Manifestation」 is as a means of transport conferred per an extended application of 「the False Inscription of the Ten Thousand Phenomena」, which originally served in part as to falsify to confirmation her claim to Noble Phantasms per the records of the Human Order.
    However, if as of the acknowledgement of the World itself, she could the legends of yore legitimately lay claim, it logically followed that she could at redundancy inscribe herself to the past outright — even that every iteration so generated was herself in truth, and therefore another point of vulnerability.
    In any timeline, only a single iteration of the Maiden is able to manifest at any given point.
    Soil of the Underworld : Ruler of Man : A

    A Skill that expresses rendition in the faith of Man as an impartial judge of the dead; who dispenses unto the living the justice and the mercy of the Heavens.
    However, the Maiden was as of the imaginary histories of the Kingdom Come submitted to the shared unconscious of Man in the capacity of a proxy to the Gods that fell silent with the unification of the Surface — akin, perhaps, to a newly employed servitor acting in lieu of her absent mistress.
    「Fiat justitia ruat caelum」 (Let justice be done though the Heavens fall).
    Today as well does the Maiden take up her mistress' Sword and Scales.​

    :. Noble Phantasms

    The Proliferation of False Idols : Et Adinventio Illorum Corruptio Vitae Est (And Their Invention Was the Corruption of Life)
    Rank B : Anti-Unit (Self)

    Acting in imitation of 「the Phantasmal Horse Not Of This World」, the Maiden becomes herself an existence of Imaginary Numbers — optionally proliferating to a multiplicity of doppelgangers intangible to damage, yet capable nevertheless of offensive actions per the wielding of armaments Projected forth from 「the False Inscription of the Ten Thousand Phenomena」.
    Alternatively, at the cost of offensive capability, obscuration from all means of discernment can be effected.
    With the activation of the Noble Phantasm, there exists as of the local space-time only a single iteration of the Maiden in truth.
    Further, irrelevant the Maiden's visibility, use of the Noble Phantasm confers to her a capability to circumvent the majority of obstructions — physical or implemented of Mystery — excluding the boundaries of a World.
    The False Inscription of the Ten Thousand Phenomena : Verg Avesta
    Rank E→A++ : Anti-Unit

    Verg Avesta; a forgery of the scriptures of Zoroastrianism, the Avesta.
    Perhaps an Inherent Bounded Field, within which is committed to record a reflection of the World without.
    Perhaps a Primordial Curse, which to the Laws of the Human Order substantiates the Maiden's right of claim to all existences upon the unified Surface; to all the fruits born of the Wisdom of Man.
    Whatever the case, the treasures of every nation; every age are brought to array in a boundless Arsenal — letting that the Curse of the Maiden iterates to manifestation implements indistinguishable from articles writ as of the memories of the World itself.
    If the Maiden so wills it, the Arsenal may itself be brought to iteration — of a temporary basis, drawing subjects in the vicinity to a motionless sea of mud that unto the horizons extend; upon whose mirror-like surface the armaments of countless Heroes stand as graves beneath the light of a full Moon; beneath vast gears silently revolving.
    Within this realm can the Maiden reenact at will those processes by which forgeries are manufactured.​

    :. Standard Armaments

    Riding boots. A long dress of dark fabric. A white apron.
    The sword and scales of the Goddess of Justice.​
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  10. Extras: The Six Abhijñā

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    As a quick reference, the full list of the six Abhijñā (神通, jintsuu) previously mentioned in the explanation of Scandinavia Peperoncino's capabilities.
    • 天耳通 (Tenni-Tsuu) : the Comprehension of the Empyrean Auricle : Dibba-sota-ñāṇa
      Ears by which to inventory all the sounds and voices in the World; to comprehend and individually distinguish them.

    • 天眼通 (Tengen-Tsuu) : the Comprehension of the Empyrean Eye : Dibba-cakkhu-ñāṇa
      Eyes by which to grasp the paths laid forth by volitional karma, be it unto life or death; to observe the revolutions of the Saṃsāra.

    • 宿命通 (Shukumyou-Tsuu) : the Comprehension of Former Abodes : Pubbe-nivāsānussati-ñāṇa
      An intuition as to discern the prior incarnations of oneself and others.

    • 神足通 (Jinsoku-Tsuu) : the Comprehension of the Divine Foot : Iddhi-vidha-ñāṇa
      A supernatural motility, which can in some circumstances become tantamount to teleportation.

    • 他人通 (Tajin-Tsuu) : the Comprehension of the Hearts of Others : Ceto-pariya-ñāṇa
      An instantaneous reading of intent, even from inhuman existences.

    • 漏盡通 (Rojin-Tsuu) : the Comprehension of the Extinction of Poisons : Āsavakkhaya-ñāṇa
      An intimate comprehension of one's own state of being — of one's eventual annihilation; though, in Buddhist literature, it's rather described as "a complete freedom from preoccupations," attained upon arriving at Buddha-hood. Also, the capacity to remove oneself from the cycle of reincarnation.
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  11. Extras: Comparison between Mashiro & the Maiden

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    At a glance, a comparison of Mashiro's abilities with the Maiden of the Purest White, as of Chapter 12 in the story as it currently stands:
    • Territory Creation : EX
    • Item Creation (False) : EX
    • ×Oblivion Correction : EX
    • Eye of the Mind (True) : — → D
    • ×Deathwish : A
    • Divine Core of the Goddess : EX → C
    • All the Evils of the Eternal World : EX → A
    • ×Nega-Klesha : EX
    • Independent Manifestation:A →
    • ×Soil of the Underworld : Ruler of Man : A
    • The Proliferation of False Idols : [RUBY=And Their Invention Was the Corruption of Life ]Et Adinventio Illorum Corruptio Vitae Est[/RUBY] : B
    • The False Inscription of the Ten Thousand Phenomena : Verg Avesta : E→A++
    She may or may not possess other abilities unaccounted for in the Beast's build. Also, ability descriptions may vary.
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  12. Extras: Sheet comparison by number of abilities

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    In this fic:
    • Astolfo Alter : 2 Class Skills, 2 Personal Skills (1 defunct), 7 Noble Phantasms
      → 4 Skills + 7 NPs = 11 Total

    • Aelfthrith : 3 Class Skills, 7 Personal Skills, 4 Noble Phantasms
      → 10 Skills + 4 NPs = 14 Total

    • Maiden of the Purest White : 3 Class Skills, 7 Personal Skills (1 defunct), 2 Noble Phantasms
      → 10 Skills + 2 NPs = 12 Total

    • Mashiro (Current) : 2 Class Skills, 4 Personal Skills (1 defunct), 2 Noble Phantasms
      → 6 Skills + 2 NPs = 8 Total
    For comparison:
    • Tiamat : 3 Class Skills, 4 Personal Skills, 0 Noble Phantasms
      → 7 Skills Total

    • Goetia : 3 Class Skills, 6 Personal Skills (1 defunct), 3 Noble Phantasms (1 defunct)
      → 9 Skills + 3 NPs = 12 Total

    • III/R : 4 Class Skills, 9 Personal Skills, 2 Noble Phantasm
      → 13 Skills + 2 NPs = 15 Total

    • III/L : 4 Class Skills, 3 Personal Skills, 1 Noble Phantasm
      → 7 Skills + 1 NPs = 8 Total

    • Astolfo : 3 Class Skills, 3 Personal Skills, 3 Noble Phantasms
      → 6 Skills + 3 NPs = 9 Total

    • Astolfo (Saber) : (In-Game) 2 Class Skills, 3 Personal Skills, 2 Noble Phantasms
      → 5 Skills + 2 NPs = 7 Total

    • Elizabeth : 2 Class Skills, 2 Personal Skills, 1 Noble Phantasms
      → 4 Skills + 1 NPs = 5 Total

    • Elizabeth (Halloween) : 2 Class Skills, 3 Personal Skills, 1 Noble Phantasms
      → 5 Skills + 1 NPs = 6 Total

    • Elizabeth (Brave) : 3 Class Skills (1 defunct), 3 Personal Skills, 1 Noble Phantasms
      → 6 Skills + 1 NPs = 7 Total
    Kiara has the biggest sheet among those listed above.
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    With that, the story posts are concluded for the time being — though, some more informational posts should follow.
    If you'd like to maybe contribute a sidestory or something, please drop me a message.
    That besides, please feel free to comment or ask any questions that you might have. I'll try to respond as possible.
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    Astolfo Alter seems interesting... I'm actually curious as to HOW the Gate of Babylon's key ended up with them... as it sounds like it'd be a hilarious adventure was involved.
  15. fallacies

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    The scenario in my head was something like an Indiana Jones thing, but ultimately, she probably stole it off the hands of some evil organization / cult.
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    Watched, this seems interesting, though one of the tags on this fic immediately makes one think that the fic should be in the NSFW section.
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    I mean, it's perfectly within the bounds of worksafe? ^^;