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Forum colors


Feb 19, 2013
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I know it takes some work and I can't expect results immediately... but any chance to have alternate colors for the forums? A bit too dark as it is for me right now.
Re: Layout

Or at least brighter button text? ^_^;
What do you mean, too dark? The text area?

And yeah, it will take a while to create a lighter theme.
The theme itself is a tad dark.

Myself while on SB, I use the default xenforo theme... nice, bright background what is white-ish with black text.
Hmm. I will work on a light-gray/white based theme.

Don't expect it in an hour. :p
I should note that one of the things with colors on a forum or website, really, is contrasts. You want either a DARK background with BRIGHT (like white) text or the reverse with BRIGHT background and DARK (like black) text. Grey on grey... not so good an idea.

Ditto with the dark green for the recent post box and the buttons above it.

It looks stylish... but not so good for long term reading.

Also, if you use line breaks between posts... you might want to use it like black on white background or the reverse. Just to catch people's eyes.
I rather liked the green-brown scheme for the last one. Perhaps something like that, or a green-grey, would work?
I have installed a theme that's black text on white. You can change it through Profile>Modify Profile>Look and Layout then choose to change your theme to Vertex.

Note, this will remove the recent topics box from the banner area, as that is part of the Pulse theme.
Oh! This is nice.

Now to find the recent topic page ^_^

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