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Gaming Stories, Video and Tabletop

Discussion in 'General' started by CptTagon, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. shadowdice

    shadowdice Well worn.

    Sep 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    One of my tabletop friends has been interested in being the Keeper/GM for a Call of Cthulhu game.

    We ended up going through character creation as an example.

    ...I ended up with a Very attractive actor who has over 10% mythos due to a past experience that has been using his money to finance his search into occultism and conspiracies to explain what happened to him (He had been in a production of The King in Yellow).

    Along with acting, his highest skill is Chainsaw, also he has over 60 in dodge.

    We found this character concept hilarious.

    An actor who probably plays slasher villains fights Ghouls and Cultists with the power of Chainsaws. Also he has 60 in drive.

    Or this is young Bruce Campbell fused with Ash Williams

    If our group ever actually plays, I hope that I'll get to play this character. And that he will end up having to either chop off or lose his hand.

    Another of our guys is pretty sure he'd play a priest if we ever did CoC.
  2. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Experienced.

    Sep 17, 2013
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    Just bought a copy of Love Battle! High School, which is basically "harem anime: the game." Each player chooses a separate waifu, and does their best to increase the waifu's affection with the protagonist in the hopes of going on a date at the end of the game school period. I had a blast playing the demo, as did my friends who were tagging along. So many cards and events based on tropes anyone familiar with the genre will recognize. The waifus include the sadist, the seductive one, the childhood friend, the occultist, and the genki girl. And true to form, the male protagonist is the blandest of the cast.

    Non-anime fans might be lost tho.
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  3. shadowdice

    shadowdice Well worn.

    Sep 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    My players are complete murderhobos.​
    This title is something that took several minutes. And happened almost as soon as we started the game.

    As a point of order. At this point Rocker had to do other stuff and missed the game, so it was just Medtech, Fixer (who also controls Sword's character so sometimes I will refer to him as Fixer-Solo), and Cop.

    We opened up with them deciding to send Cop's partner back through to the surface and the Trauma Tech team (Medtech's older brother and his goons) coming to back them up.

    When they got into Juju's base they ended up in what used to be an underground casino. It has been turned into a ripper doc station + prison that Juju has been using. There is blood all over the map and I put on music so they can hear the screams of cyber psychos that haven't been fully mind controlled by Juju.

    There is main room that leads further into the base, and a side room that they can hear some of the groans from.

    Fixer: Is there a way to tell what's in there?

    Me: Through the infrared Solo has you can tell there are two people banging their heads against the door.

    Fixer: Okay, I want to kill them.


    Fixer: I want to kill them before they get to us.

    Me: How are you going to do that.

    Fixer: I'll open the door and throw a grenade in

    me: You threw all your grenades in the sewer at the tentacle monster.

    Fixer: Oh, right. What about the dog? Does it still have missiles.

    Me: all of those were spent already.

    Fixer; Does anyone have explosives?

    Me: I think Medtech has one left that is prepared

    Fixer: *repeatedly joking about Medtech being cheap and greedily keeping all of the best explosives*

    Medtech: I guess we'll just open it and shoot them.

    Me: When you try to open it you see it is locked.

    Fixer: Huh, my actual character has lock pick, but he's not there. Does Sword have lock pick?

    Me:...Do you really think he would have something that isn't either about killing or helping him sneak up or see people to kill them? Also he has like 2 tech

    Fixer: *checks* Goddamnit he barely has anything that isn't about killing people or prepping to kill them. Cop?

    Cop: *checks* I don't have lock pick.

    *long discussion between the three of them about how to open the door such as with bullets*

    Me: the door is metal. It is being used to keep cyber psychos inside

    *discussion continues as they have armor piercing bullets*

    Me: I'm just going to say that the private eye you brought has lock pick *rolls* he succeeds. What are you going to do?

    *Cue a mess involving Cop beating a guy but not killing him, and the rest just spraying automatic weapons.

    Me: Well they definitely know you are here now. *rolls* Roll awareness

    Everyone: *Fails*

    Me: well a suped-up Ninja bursts into the room and takes a -6, though he has a +5 from the ambush. *Rolls on who gets attacked and the to-hit* Medtech, do you want to try to dodge, block, or parry* *additionally, I am using Grey Fox as the image source for the cyberpsycho*

    Fixer: Holy shit its Grey Fox!

    *decision between us all to let Martial arts be used for stuff like dodge*

    Medtech: Do I even have anything to block or parry with? Though my arms are metal

    Me: I'd say you'd have some level of success though you might take damage depending on how well he rolls.

    Medtech: *crits and just barely gets over the Ninja's melee+kenjutsu*

    Me: It is close, but it is armor piercing so would that work?

    Medtech: Since it is a crit I kinda envision it as one of those bare handed blade blocks.

    Me: That works. Well, he's going to just move again since he took the penalty to be able to move twice.

    Fixer: How is that possible?

    Me: He has speeding bullet cyberlegs and a Movement speed that is over 20

    Fixer: Can I see him with my infrared?

    Me: He is in the room diagonally placed from this one. You can see him crouching on the ceiling

    Fixer: What?

    Me: He has magnetic plates

    They ended up deciding to send the Trauma Team and Militech Goons into the next room *which connects the the cyberninja's* to form a perimeter and then head in afterwards.

    Me: Okay *rolls for Cyberninja shooting microrockets and the damage* Three missiles streak through the other room and do *rolls damage* Yeah, they kill all of those goons and blast the two of you that were entering back through the doors.

    Fixer: Well he should have spent all of those.

    Me: *laughing* Medtech, roll cyber tech.

    Medtech: *succeeds*

    Me: You know that the cyberlimbs that have those generally keep them in sets of four, and there is the possibility that his other cyberarm has them as well.

    Medtech: so he has one to five of those left.

    Me: Yup.

    Medtech: I inform the group.

    The group had a long discussion about what to do and decided to stay in the second room for awhile with their guns pointed at the door.

    Me: Well, where are all of you guys? *group clarifies* Roll awareness *they fail* The cyberninja comes in through the vents of the room you opened and takes another swipe *gets 1/3rd of the way to cutting off Medtech's cyberarm* and he ninjas back into the vents

    Fixer: I'm keeping my gun pointed there then.

    More cyberpsychos got released from other rooms and started ripping apart the door

    Group: We'll let the ninja kill them

    Me:...They keep tearing apart the door.

    Group: *discussing if it is possible for them to kill the cyber psychos while staying there*

    Me: You have armor piercing bullets.

    Group: We'll keep those for later.

    Medtech: when there is a big enough hole I'll throw a grenade

    Me: *facepalm* Okay, roll

    Medtech: *success but didn't kill them all*

    After a short melee fight ended by the dog using its machine-gun to headshot the last cyberpsycho, they continued in and saw Not-Chris Hansen killing more of them.

    Cop/Fixer: What are you doing here?

    Not-Chris Hansen: I work for Dateline, I saw a spider-creeper that traffics in children. Of course I went on the hunt.

    Long discussion about if they trust him

    me: Human perception is a thing.

    Cop: I trust him

    Fixer-Solo: I don't *checks's Sword's stat* He only has four empathy and a 2 in human perception.

    Me: What do you expect from sword?

    Fixer-Solo: I'll roll, *gets 11*

    Me: You think he is being honest.

    The ninja didn't immediately attack them so they headed into another room that used to be an office. None of them really search it so it is Not-Chris Hansen looking through records.

    Me: Okay *rolls* Who is next to the door?

    Cop: Me

    Medtech: Me

    Me: GREAT! *rolls* Well, the two of you are blown back by an explosion as another rocket blows it up. Fortunately between the wall and your armor all you get hit by is shrapnel. Now the Cyberninja has an unobstructed view when he tries to kill all of you next time.

    Fixer: I'll go to the next room.

    Me: It is a deep freezer that is locked from the outside, you can easily get in. There is a naked guy who has lost an arm huddled in the back. *Puts on a token of Krieger from Archer*

    Fixer-Solo: I start screaming at him in Romanian.

    Me: He shoots up and cries. "Did Charles sell us out to the Russians?"

    Fixer-Solo: I call him a racist.

    Me: What?

    Fixer-Solo: He thinks I'm Russian.

    Me: You are screaming in a language he doesn't know, have an AK-47 on your back, and are wearing deep red armor.

    Fixer-Solo: *looks at image of the non-power armor Sword has* It is red. I'm still calling him a racist.

    Me: He starts screaming at you in German

    Fixer-Solo: "You Nazi!"

    We then had a long thing which was partly RPing with the prisoner trying to explain what is going on, and Fixer-Solo repeatedly accusing him of being racist. Essentially he is a corporate scientist who works above Juju (Real name Charles Westhaven) who noticed that the accounts had been edited and that Charles had gone off the map after being assigned to a project that disappeared. So he went looking for him and got captured.

    Me: *Roll* You hear something massive lumbering towards you *Puts in token of Mach Five from marvel*

    Everyone: Oh fuck

    Me: It starts rumbling. "Chain, Chain, Chain."

    Fixer-Solo: "Chain? It's chain. He was missing."

    Me: *rolls. Mach Three Mach isn't going into a murderous frenzy* He starts saying. "Mock mock Mach Mach. Mach. Mach Three Mach."

    Fixer-Solo: "Mach?" I hug him

    Me: Chain was the one he had a man crush on. I'm pretty sure he'd be trying to kill this guy since he wanted him out of the way for Chain

    Fixer-Solo: Yeah, but I'd probably be able to kill him later with his trust.

    Me: How much fast talk do you have?

    Fixer-Solo: *looks at the sheet* GOD DAMNIT!

    Me: Yeah, if only your actual character was there.

    After a lot of failed rolls of trying to lie to Mach Three Mach, and Mach never rolling to go on a murderous rampage they learn that Mach Three Mach has seen Chain here since he's been captured, and that Chain wasn't being experimented on.

    Me: *roll* Okay, everybody roll awareness. *they fail and I keep a counter on just how much longer some of the Ninja's reflex boosters will last* Okay *rolls on who gets attacked*. Fixer roll for Sword's ability to not get stabbed.

    Fixer-Solo: *rolls dodge* fails.

    Me: *rolls damage and location, then looks at his current armor and body. Uh, that is going to do at least eight damage to your torso. I'm gonna need you to make a death and stun save.

    Fixer-Solo: *succeeds both*

    Me: Okay, the Ninja burst onto the scene and cuts your abdomen, spilling out massive amounts of blood as he slices through your armor. Despite seeing your insides you manage to not go into shock.

    Mach Three Mach ended up going fully insane when they started talking about helping chain and ended up running further into the base.

    Fixer-Solo: We really need to leave now.

    Me: Where is everyone on the map? Including the NPCs?

    They ended up keeping Rocker by the hole in the wall, on the opposite side of the map as the others while they start heading out.

    Me: Well. He's going to have to roll to not get grappled.

    Everyone: *looks at Rocker's sheet, realize he'd likely need a double crit to succeed*

    Me: Well you hear Rocker scream in terror as he is carried off deeper into the base by the Cyberninja.

    Me Internally: If they just went on the offensive or didn't waste their last grenade they could probably gun him down given their numbers.

    Everyone: We're going to keep retreating.

    Me: okay *rolls* So while you are running away you see Chain blocking your path.

    Fixer-Solo: Chain, we thought you were dead.

    Chain: What are you guys doing here? This is where my ripperdoc works.

    Everyone: *asking chain questions, don't do anything when he draws an SMG*

    Me: You guys aren't doing anything else?

    Group: No

    Me: He shoots Not-Chris Hansen in the head*rolls enough to instantly kill a normal human* There is a bloody mess as Not-Chris falls to the ground.

    Not-Chris is actually a full conversion in a Gemini body. He thankfully has enough armor and SDP to have not died, but is pretending to be dead.

    Chain: There can only be one Juju

    Group: *Still asking Chain questions and haven't drawn their weapons despite knowing that Juju has uploaded his mind onto other bodies and Mach saying he saw Chain down here while he was being experimented on*

    Me: Seriously *rolls* He shoots cop with burst fire and *gets a roll for the head on each shot*

    Everyone: [​IMG]

    Me: Um *rolls just low enough that after getting through his armor and body that he isn't instantly killed* Well Cop falls to the ground, bleeding profusely with three bullets lodged in his skull.

    Fixer: He's still alive?

    Me: Between his armor and body he just barely negated enough damage. Be glad this was an SMG

    Fixer: well its good for the cop that he has a thick skull

    We ran out of time then

    Me: Okay, so we end on the Militech Corporate falling to his knees and cradling Cop's dying body, begging for him to survive. Rocker has been kidnapped and is probably being experimented on by creepy spider satan, Fixer is topside, and Solo's guts are spilling out. The only one of the players who isn't dead or dying down there is Medtech though there are NPCs left.


    Me: You guys could have one shotted him and had a bunch of clues. Cop even has a sniper rifle that does 6d10 damage and had armor piercing bullets.

    Cop: I fucked up there.

    Medtech: I was thinking that the NPCs would have ended it.

    Me: You wanted me to have NPCs kill the big bads, and go before you guys?

    Medtech: I see your point. How fucked are we?

    Me: Well there is him, the Juju you know, Mach Three Mach, the Ninja, and an undisclosed number of other goons. But your brother has a handgun that does 6d6 damage and you have a robot dog with a machine gun.

    Medtech: Is that gun home-brewed? what gun needs that much damage?

    Me: That is a thing. It is an anti-cyborg pistol
  4. Megaolix

    Megaolix Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    That was a prelude from what you told us before, no?

    So, did the miracle rescue actually happen or did they get their well-earned karmic bad end?
  5. shadowdice

    shadowdice Well worn.

    Sep 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    that is a full version of what I had mentioned before. Our next session is Sunday, but I did roll on my events table that a potentially evil Hong Kong A.I that takes is name from a faceless force of chaos decided to fuck with one of its siblings by 'saving' them.

    They could still do things so stupid that the A.I can't prevent themselves from shooting themselves in the head though.
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  6. Megaolix

    Megaolix Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Well, I suppose that if anything, a trainwreck means no one is bored.
  7. shadowdice

    shadowdice Well worn.

    Sep 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I'm kinda hoping that we are going to have either a copy of the insane medic's mind in Rocker, or that he will have an idiot savant A.I with no sense of morality in there after the procedure either fails or they try to lobotomize it.

    He wasn't even there so we're going to have to explain how things became such an utter clusterfuck.

    And it was highly amusing when I wasn't facepalming at them.
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  8. shadowdice

    shadowdice Well worn.

    Sep 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    The conclusion to the Cyberpunk Osiris Chip fuckery
    Pregame: Medtech and I came to the agreement to make it so people can move and then do a melee attack, but this also applies to enemies. So they can do things like ramming without a penalty. Everyone other than him is going to be late to the game but we start anyways since he is the only character who isn't dying or unconscious.

    Me: Okay, the only person in this pace that is actually conscious is you Medtech. What are you going to do?

    Medtech: I'm going to try and punch Chain.

    Me: Continuing the Metal Gear references, he's basically Unchained Juju.

    *Medtech fails against Unchained Juju's block*

    Me: Okay

    Medtech: I punch him again.

    Me:...No you would have had to declared that before and take a minus three to both rolls.

    Medtech: I thought you just took a minus three for every extra action

    Me: Yes, for all of the actions you take. So if you did three things you'd be taking a minus six to all of them.

    Medtech: Oh God

    Me: Yes, so. He is going to try to grapple you. *Unchained Juju succeeds* and your Brother is going to shoot him in the head *Does a total of 4 damage to Juju despite having an anti-borg pistol loaded with armor piercing rounds* Okay he just rolled horribly. Everyone else is trying to keep Cop from bleeding out, and Fixer-Solo needs to roll another death and stun save. If either of them get hit again they are dead.

    Medtech: I'll try to get out *Nat 1*


    Medtech: *confirms fumble*

    Me: Um, what would that even be?

    Medtech: *Groans* I don't even know, the grapple is going even better than it was before?

    Me: Sure *Thinks about how to make it so this isn't just a total party kill Rolls* Well Unchained Juju just lifts you up with his 18 strength and throws you at your brother Felix like he's fucking Donkey Kong.

    Medtech: Oh God.

    Me: Yeah, so between his throw damage, body bonus, and martial arts you are definitely taking over fourteen damage. More if I count his cyber arms adding to the damage. Not sure if your weight from being a 16 body cyborg with hydraulic arms would add enough weight to make it worse if you land on anything other than your hands. And even then one of those it at 2/3rds health

    Medtech: What does Felix do?

    Me: *thinks about how to block a person being thrown at you, looks at Felix's martial arts bonus and realizes it is higher than Unchained Juju and has throw as a key attack.* I'm going to make two rolls with a penalty, if he succeeds then he just grabs you by your coat, whirls around, and throws you back at Unchained Juju.

    Medtech: YES!

    Me: *rolls, Felix's ability to grab and throw outclasses Unchained Juju's rolls* HE DOES IT!

    Medtech: YES YES! Can I roll to do an Iron Giant punch since he succeeded?

    Me: *thinks about it* Yes. You get an extra 2d6 damage to the roll.

    Medtech: *succeeds on punch* YEEEES! *Rolls damage* *gets a ridiculous amount of 1s on the damage*

    Me:....Roll location.

    Medtech: *head*

    Me: *Looks at the damage, looks at the body and armor* Your fist connect and it makes his face turn to the side slightly, his cheek bleeds slightly.

    Medtech: I hate this

    Me: Well, his Speedware turns off soon, so there's that.

    *a few more rounds of Medtech being unable to succeed in hitting or damaging Unchained Juju while he manages to not take enough damage from the Felix NPC or Robodog to die,*

    Me: *rolls for another Hail Mary* Well, Mach Five basically zooms into the room and points at Unchained Juju. Two long blades come out of either arm as he says. "Tonight you."

    Medtech: Freddy Krueger claws?

    Me: No it is like predator, Krueger has knife gloves.

    Medtech: Right, four.

    Me: I think it includes thumbs. Anyways, both of them are going to try to Ram Each other. *Each rolls over 30 but Mach 5 just barely beats Unchained Juju*

    Medtech: YES

    Me: *rolls damage and location* only four damage gets through.

    Medtech: FUCK

    Me: He still needs to roll his death and stun save due to all the damage from before *Succeeds*

    Medtech: Why won't he die?

    Me: Well, Felix is going to shoot him twice in the back of the head *does over 40 damage* And he's finally dead. The dog is going to do a burst fire at Mach Five's head. *succeeds and does enough damage to kill him* *Rolls on some more background stuff*

    Medtech:...There's still the Ninja and Juju.

    Me: Yeah, and as the fight finished you hear a gasp for breath as Not-Chris Hansen rises from the grave.

    Medtech: What the fuck?

    Not-Chris Hansen: Ugh, I hate when that happens.

    Medtech: You were shot in the head!

    Me: You can see what looks like blood pouring from his head, but underneath you can see metal and wires.

    Not-Chris Hansen: Oh that? I am in a Gemini Full Conversion. I don't go for the chrome thing, people just go insane from that.

    At around that time everyone else came over.

    Medtech: I'll try to heal Cop *nat 1 and confirms fumble*

    Me: The other doctor rushes ofter and stops you as you nearly carve through Cop's skull with a scalpel.

    Medtech: Christ *29*

    Me: Okay, here's the problem. There are three bullets inside his skull and you are pretty sure those are the only thing keeping blood from filling his brain. You do make it so he has 1 HP though.

    Cop: So I'm going to be fine?

    Medtech: Um, if you move too much or take a blow to the head I'm pretty sure those will dislodge and you'll die.

    Cop:...How do we heal in this game.

    Me: *cackling*

    Medtech: Um, we kinda need hospitals and to stay in there for like a week to get fully healed. And that costs a lot of money. It isn't like DnD. I'll go help Fixer-Solo *nat 1 and confirms fumble*

    Me: Well you are either pulling out his intestines or your cyberarm jerks up and almost slice his neck. The other doctor stops him from bleeding out.

    Medtech: This is worst than the DnD session. *I got 3 nat 1s in a row there* *succeeds second roll*

    me: well he doesn't need to keep making death saves. Let's go over to rockerboy *brings up a blank map where Rockerboy's icon is between one for Juju and a guy who looks like Mr. Rogers

    Rocker: I hate it when this happ-wait Mr. Rogers?

    Everyone else: It's Mr. Rogers.

    Me: Mr. Rogers smiles at you and starts speaking, you are pretty sure it is Chinese and you don't know that language, but you understand him somehow.

    Rockerboy: Okay.

    Mr. Rogers: "Hello *uses character name*, you have had a very interesting time haven't you."

    Rockerboy: Yeah, I've done a lot of amazing stuff.

    Mr. Rogers: "Not as much as you might think"

    Rockerboy: *laughs* So where are we?

    Mr. Rogers: In your mind. You see, Juju attempted to upload an AI with a copy of his consciousness into your mind. I halted the process, but that only works if I am actively here. If I leave it will continue again.

    Rockerboy: That's not good.

    Mr. Rogers: Yes.

    Rockerboy: How did you do that?

    Mr. Rogers: Part of doing that was connecting you to the net while the AI downloaded into a chip he inserted into you. I entered through there. I have been paying attention to this as one of my Brothers is the one that gave this technology to Juju. We have a limited amount of time. I have to do this at a speed your human brain can handle....you are rather slow.

    Rockerboy: Are you saying I'm dumb.

    Mr. Rogers: I mean that if I sped this up your brain would start to melt.

    Rockerboy: *laughs* That would be bad. Who are you, why are you a middle aged man?

    Mr. Rogers: Hmm, I was born 30 or 40 years ago. Whenever it was that Hong Kong was given over to China. So I would be middle aged by your standards. My brothers and I were designed to overthrow that government. We have been going about it in different methods. One of them seems to have decided that this could aid his research. Perhaps he planned on having brainwashed cyborgs enter and take out parts inserted into them to make nuclear devices? I am Hundun. Now then, there are two ways we can go about this. Either you can try to fight off the AI, your personality is rather strong after all. Or you could accept a deal, help me at a future date, and I will remove the parts of this AI that make it "Juju"

    Rockerboy: How can I trust you?

    Mr. Rogers: Well, Petrochem is smuggling dangerous chemicals into your city through a ship soon. The executive it is being done in the name of doesn't know about it. And there is another corporation that is selling drugs for money, and a vigilante is stealing those drugs and selling it to other areas to get money to buy guns to fund another gang to displace the other gangs in that area. Which just makes it so there is another gang making money off of drugs and despair that rules one area and makes other places bad.

    Rockerboy: Yeah, that doesn't really help the situation.

    Mr. Rogers: Yes, I don't really understand you people and how you justify that kind of thing.

    Rockerboy: I'll take the deal.

    Me: Mr. Roger's looks around and says there's not much time as the area around you begins to pixilate and glitch out. The images of Juju and Mr. Rogers do as well, letting you see things like their skulls and other bad things. Now, roll 3d6 to see how much humanity you lose. You're getting an AI in your head, cyberaudio, a neural processor, and chipware. But you didn't really choose it and there is another AI trying to prevent psychological damage.

    rockerboy: 12

    Me: Yes, you finally lose an Empathy point. Anyways, you wake up on an operating table. Juju is working at a computer next to you. roll initiative.

    Rockerboy: *1 less than Juju*

    Me...he's working so his awareness will take a malus. What do you want to do?

    Rockerboy: Can I pretend to be asleep?

    Me: Roll performance

    Rockerboy *Over 25*

    Me: Yeah, he thinks you are asleep.

    Rockerboy: Are there any weapons near me?

    Me: Your ax is across the room. roll luck

    Rockerboy: *gets over 12*

    Me: There are a lot of sharp objects around you, including a cleaver that would do 2d6 damage

    Rockerboy: I'll take it and slash at him. *manages to do 2 damage to Juju's arm.

    Me: *looks at Rockerboy's stats. he has 11 reflex but only 5 melee*

    Everyone: You are terrible at combat.

    Me: Either you really should have put that into a gun, or we're going to have to put more cyberware in you while finding a teacher. You have the money thankfully.

    Fixer: We really need to teach you how to shoot a gun

    Me: okay, the two of you are in an epic butcher's knife versus Freddy Krueger claw battle. Keep rolling

    They actually managed to do damage to each other multiple times and were even due to Juju rolling poorly

    Me: Everyone else hears the sound of combat. You can try to run for them. *rolls to see if the ninja tries to kill them. He doesn't*

    Medtech: When we get in I want to punch Juju

    Me: He is locked in battle with Rockerboy so do it

    Medtech: *suceeds hit and finally rolls well for damage. Doing 44 damage to Juju*

    Me: Okay that is a minimum of 30 damage. Roll location

    Medtech: *Torso*

    Me: So what do you say happens

    Medtech: I basically just punch a hole through his chest.

    Me: *rolls* Okay. Your fist just explodes through his body, your hand holding chunks of Juju's heart while blood spurts all over your front. Then you feel an approving shoulder-clasp by your brother.

    Medtech: Is he smiling?

    Me: *Rolls* His face is completely neutral but he nods approvingly

    medtech: Goddamnit.

    Me: This is the most physical and emotional affection you have ever received from him. Also, this is after you managed to get a squad of his men killed with a rocket launcher. So there's that.

    Medtech: it wasn't my fault. Anyways, I try to heal Rocker

    Me: roll

    Medtech: *nat 1 and then another 1 on the confirmation*

    Me:...Well, you accidentally punch him in the head as your arm glitches again, thankfully you didn't get the chance to wind up, and he has a high body. So you only do four damage.

    Medtech: I've rolled over seven ones in this session!

    Me: Now you know my pain. Rocker, you were bleeding in the back of the head before, but the punch has made it so you don't feel anything. So there's that.

    After a lot of search rolls the Medtech finds the deed for the place they are in, and Cop finds a cyberarm with an advanced Slice n' dice and muscle Myomar.

    I also have to repeatedly explain to them that almost all the weapon they've found are cyber weapons and as such would need to be installed into them if they wanted to use it.

    We also had a long discussion about if cyber weapons use melee or martial arts, with me having to give examples about the rules for the majority.

    Medtech: But a spike hand comes out of my hand.

    Me: Yes, and wolvers come out of your knuckles. That uses effectively the same motions as a punch, but it still uses melee. Hammerhands would turn your d6s into d10s though.

    Medtech: Fine.

    They also found a basement full of children, and two medtech assistants hiding in the back rooms.

    Medtech tried to use leadership to get them to work under the group, then Fixer rolled over 30 to intimidate them.

    Me: You smell the scent of shit and piss as they hide behind Medtech

    It took about ten minutes for me to explain to them that this is a fully equipped Ripperdoc station with all of the expensive machines, spare blood, and chemicals they'd need to take care of the near-dead teammembers.

    Medtech: Oh, I can heal everyone here.

    Me: Yes, you could even saw off a limb and replace it with a metal one.

    Fixer: Let's wait on that.

    After a lot of discussion with them all about what they found there and what they actually do Fixer got the boosterware that gives a permanent bonus, plus the boostmaster to get a +3 to reflex, Medtech got hammerhands so her fists do 6d10 damage plus her martial arts and body bonus, and Cop got nano surgeons to speed up his recovery.

    Me: Okay roll 2d6 for-

    Cop: 12

    Me:...*looks at Cop's humanity* Um, you are down to 3 Empathy, so I have to bring out the chart for cyber psychosis. You are either going to be paranoid, obsessed, phobic, delusional, or hallucinating. Roll me a d100

    Cop: I keep rolling 10 and above for this stuff *He actually does. He has less cyberware than anyone else in the party and had fairly high empathy, but he keeps rolling close to the maximum possible.

    He ended up with a phobia of rats and has nightmares about rats eating him from the inside out whenever he is healing from a lot of damage.

    Fixer: Well, Cop and I are going to be going to therapy sessions.

    Me: That is going to be a minimum of 1000 bucks a session


    Me: This is therapy in the grimdark future, isn't covered by your healthcare plans, is in California, is in high demand, and is for what were elective surgeries for you guys that was off the books.

    Fixer: How much humanity do we get back?

    Me: You have to repeatedly go to these, not just have one session and be back to normal.

    Cop: I guess that makes sense

    Me: What do you tell your superiors since you are going to be in this place for at least a week after having been shot in the head three times and your partner got Chidori'd in the chest?

    Cop: I tell them I was in the combat zone with some friends, and we were just attacked for no reason.

    Me: That is actually believable to them. Now, Rocker. Let's roll on your A.I

    We ended up with a somewhat damaged AI that has only 11 intelligence, but 7 Empathy, 8 cool, 9 interface, 8 programming, 8 electronics, 6 accounting, and 2 in cyber tech.

    Fixer: You can do your taxes!

    Me: The AI can do it if it agrees

    Fixer: You have someone that might do your taxes!

    We rolled that it was humanoid, neutral, and had a businesslike personality. But was also acting like a teenager. We also decided that it's avatar would be Kaneda from Akira

    Me: okay, you have an asian teenage boy in your head.

    Rocker: Well, I'm a dad now.

    Not-Kaneda: You're not my dad.

    Rocker: Well your dad Juju was an ass

    Not-Kaneda: He wasn't my dad either. He was an idiotic human. I was designed by AIs.

    Rocker: Ah, well your dad was still an ass.

    Not-Kaneda: Technically I have two since Hundun altered me.

    Rocker: Oh, right.

    Me: Did you tell everyone about meeting Mr. Rogers?

    Rocker: Yes

    Me: Fixer, you realize that this AI was named after an ancient Chinese demon said to be one of the four great evils that destroys empires.

    Fixer: Rocker, either that AI was fucking with you, or you just made a deal with Satan.

    After that a lot less happened. Most of it was Rocker telling his girlfriend there was an AI in his head, him learning he can kinda tell what the AI is doing on the net, and Fixer rolling two 1s on trying to tell the media about what happened and find the kidnapped kid's parents.

    Then they ended up taking a mission to steal files from the Columbian Embassy so they could find a ship full of drugs and blow it up in exchange for money, lessons in SCUBA Diving+Demolitions, and Medtech being taught how to teach.

    Me: Okay, so you are going to take terrorist actions. But you are about to Rambo it up against Columbian drug dealers.
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    I...I need to share this. There is a player at my main group who has the most ridiculous luck. As in the DM has multiple times changed his system for random events to reduce the amount of madness to no avail. To date she has:
    -Drawn a flush of cards and a joker from a deck. Twice.
    -Got a 37 on exploding d6’s
    -Had 4 stats reduced to 1 by a boss

    But the biggest thing, is spontaneously becoming a god after rolling a natural 1,00,00,00 on a d1million (technically 3 d100s, but same odds). In doing so, she managed in 2 random and unlinked acts done what the campaigns big bad has been working on and planning for nearly 800 years.
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  10. G.A. Kyoki

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    Got a strong tradition in a Star Wars: Clone Commando game of kidnapping people, fighting things we shouldn't, fucking over the Jedi at any given opportunity as well as annoying the DM by winning at everything despite the odds being clearly stacked against us.

    Oh yeah, also constantly plotting to desert the Republic because they treat us like shit and expect us to be grateful all the time.
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  11. Jace Spicer

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    The Republic treats you badly? I'm ignorant on this , if you would elaborate on that please.
  12. G.A. Kyoki

    G.A. Kyoki Randys irresponsible handler

    Nov 6, 2016
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    Almost being thrown at Count Dooku, knowingly being sent to encounter six Magna guards, giving my Clone (designated medic) severe PTSD from all the healing he's had to do due to Jedi incompetence, told us to drop a tactical nuke inside a shielded city and had a 'pacifist' senator scream at us for being abominations of war who shouldn't have been born.
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  13. Jace Spicer

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    ...oh.. Why are we fighting for the Republic again besides being programmed to do so? Jesus Christ
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  14. G.A. Kyoki

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    About the only thing keeping us in the Republic is our Squad lead who we just can't bring ourselves to kill because he's a pod brother...but he's also a min-maxing cunt so we've elected to just not help him and as soon as he dies we're jumping ship.
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  15. shadowdice

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    Is your GM legitimately trying to get you guys to defect?
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  16. G.A. Kyoki

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    Nah, he's actually trying to get us to stay but keeps slapping us with odds that are trying to get us killed because we're literally too strong for anything else.

    Hell, we just went to Hypori and almost bumped into Grievous during his debut which included downing an Acclamator and slaughtering Jedi.

    Good news is, we kidnapped a CIS Commander during that so the tradition remains.
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  17. Jace Spicer

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    Almost bumped into Grevious my guy? Jesus christ, thank god it was ALMOST
  18. G.A. Kyoki

    G.A. Kyoki Randys irresponsible handler

    Nov 6, 2016
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    By almost I mean we saw him, a Droid army and a crashed Acclamator filled with Jedi and promptly NOPED out of there with our VIP in tow.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2020
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    Balancing enemies to either be too weak or too strong has been an issue when I have been Reffing for Cyberpunk.

    But trying to get you to fight Grievous is insane. I wouldn't want to do that without artillery shooting at him from miles away.

    ...In my Cyberpunk game they had encounters that have gone from curb stomping everyone, to not being able to do any damage, to...well I'm not sure how to describe succinctly a martial arts fight where two Brazilian former-child soldiers get into a martial arts duel with a cyberpsycho only for barely any hand-to-hand attacks actually working.

    The one who was an actual PC kept rolling ones.

    We got the PC getting thrown at her brother only to do a tag team wrestling move out of anime to send her flying back.

    Lucha the Anime?

    Anyways, have you tried talking to your GM about it?
  20. G.A. Kyoki

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    Oh yeah, we're currently on a calm period from all the insane shit we've had to do, only had to stop three crab droids from trying to kill the senator from earlier because she thought it was an amazing idea to use a fucking HUTT as a mediator between her and some CIS prick who I'm fairly sure knew who we were from our exploits.

    Might've kidnapped his brother? Who knows, still, I 2v1'd two out of three crab droids with vibromachetes and also drugged a homeless man.
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  21. shadowdice

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    Given all the kidnapping you guys apparently did I wouldn't be surprised.

    Why did you drug a homeless man?
  22. G.A. Kyoki

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    Was guarding the building negotiations were taking place in and he came up to me trying to start a drunken Brawl.

    I brought paralyzers with me and convinced him it was narcotics and gave them to him so he'd piss off. Didn't make it five feet before he fell over drooling.

    He got a front row seat to watching me tear apart two crab droids.
  23. cross_grave

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    It's like the Star Wars version of All Guardsman Party. Almost.
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  24. shadowdice

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    In my DnD group we ended up in an encounter where a portal was spewing giant insectoid monsters into Antarctica with over 80hp each.

    Our Cleric's solution was to use a summoning spell (I don't know if he normally has access to that ability, but he has a rod that can do it) and used Summon Beast to drop a killer whale on top of the portal.

    He did damage in the hundreds, destroyed the ice we were standing on, and sent the portal to the bottom of the ocean.

    And while not an actual session, my Cyberpunk group has been making use of the money they've accumulated in hilarious and also funny ways.

    Our Rocker (The cleric in the DnD group I am in), has decided to buy a giant houseboat worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars so that he can throw drug fueled concert parties.

    The Cop got Hooded Viper amor and wanted a mountain of guns. He couldn't make time to get into specifics pregame and asked me to get into the specifics of it. Between his friendship with a high ranking Militech executive, the fact that Militech got their hands on Osiris Chips (Mind control technology that might be able to help with cyberpsychosis), and the Medtech's contacts in arms smugglers and black market dealers he ended up with warehouses across the city outfitted with small armories.

    Medtech bought a drug lab to put into the Ripperdoc station they got, made it so the Armored Personnel Carrier she had had extra armor, sensors, radar, smoke screens, autopilot, a smart chipped Gatling gun, amphibious capability, and an artillery computer. She (well the player is a he) also bough massive amounts of explosives and a mortar.

    Me: Okay, here is the document with all of the explosives.

    Medtech bought mines, grenades, plastique explosives, mortar rounds, knockout gas, and more.

    We also had a serious debate on whether or not white she was buying White Phosphorus and Nerve Gas.

    She settled on a box of thermite.

    Medtech: "I'm not crazy and I don't want to get all of the cops on me."

    Me: "You do realize you guys are planning on assaulting the columbian embassy and probably killing more than a few people while doing that."

    Medtech: "Well, yes."

    I'm pretty sure that at best they are using chemical weapons on the embassy, if not. They are probably going to murder a ridiculous amount of people.
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  25. shadowdice

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    Continuing the mess that is my Cyberpunk group

    Fixer: Okay, so I am going to buy +2 in reflex and +2 in body BioWare. I already did the mapping thing due to the previous BioWare I got.

    Me: *looks at sheet.* So you are a 60 year old or even older man with a body of ten and reflex of 13.

    Fixer: Upgrade skinweave

    Me: A bulletproof swole grandpa with super reflexes. You wanted stuff for your guns right?

    Fixer: Yes

    Me: So, the Gianni Helmet has a sp of 20 and comes with smart goggles. I assume you want the enhancements for your vision nd such on it.

    Fixer: Infrared, Targeting, telescope

    Me: *looks at other enhancements* Huh, there actually is a thing that increases hand to hand.

    Fixer: I'll take that

    We now have an asian senior citizen mob boss who rolls 1d10+22 to punch people hard enough to potentially rip arms off.

    Fixer: And I'll be getting a new gun. What is the highest damage I can get.

    Me: There is the Arno gun. It does 6d6+3


    Me: It is part of the Nova area collection. They include the Eastwood, the Stallone, the Arno, and a few others. You can guess what Arno comes from.

    Fixer: I almost want to take the Eastwood on name alone. What upgrades can we get.

    By the end of his shopping he had a gun that does 9d6+4 damage and pretty much removes the penalty on fast draws.

    The Rockerboy and Fixer worked together to get a massive party boat and split the cost. Then Rockerboy got a bunch of chipware to make him more effective in combat (+3s for martial arts and archery)

    Then we got into actually building his bow.

    Fixer: There are grenade quarrels?

    Me: Yes

    Rockerboy: I am buying three Rambo arrows.

    Me: Okay. The normal arrows do 5d6 and are armor piercing, you can increase that by making them have mono-edges, and there are specialized arrows which can increase the damage done by the arrows by up to 3 if they penetrate. So that is 18d6 with the mono bonus.

    Fixer: Jesus Christ.

    Me: Yeah, between that, the smart link, quality bonuses, and everything else you are putting on this thing that makes the bow cost several thousand dollars, I'm pretty sure this is a pure white bow with the name Conquest stenciled in with the addition of some Bible verses due to the fact that you have a bow that can kill anyone who doesn't have a ridiculous amount of armor, and the fact that you have enough bonuses for your charisma skills to start riots wherever you go.

    Fixer: So he's a horseman of the apocalypse.

    Me: The one that may or may not be Jesus.

    When everyone was done shopping they got to the briefing on their current mission. Breaking into the columbian consulate and stealing a disc with records of a ship that is moving around drugs for them.

    Me: And here is your current employer, Kronus *Puts in image of Big Boss*

    Medtech: Metal Gear again?

    Fixer: Why are we talking to Big Boss

    Me: He is a retired soldier who used to work with the CIA who has friends in the KGB, Mossad, MI6, pretty much every intelligence agency, several corporations, prefers to fight for the underdog, and mentors younger mercenaries.

    Fixer: So he is Big Boss

    Me: That was what was in the adventure document. Big Boss was the proper Image for him.

    Fixer: yeah, and he sounds like the perfect deniable asset.

    Me: That as well.

    Fixer: So, do you have any floor plans of the embassy

    Kronus: *Rolls over 35* Yes

    The group planned this out, bribing some of the guards with several month's pay to mess with the security systems to make sure that the alarms don't go off, getting plastic explosives and a fake disc from Kronus, grappling hooks, and getting their gang friends the Ozoners to party with Rockerboy in front of the embassy.

    Me: Okay, you guys need to roll athletics.

    The Cop who had minimal cyberware managed to climb up before the person with 16 body and 13 reflex who also had Cybernetic arms.

    Medtech; You win this time.

    Me: Okay, so one of the guards who Fixer bribed opens the door to the top floor for you. He explains that there should be at least one guard on the fourth floor, the other bribed guy is on the third, and the rest are on the bottom right now.

    Medtech/Cop: Okay.

    We then spent several rounds with the two of them being confused on what weapons they actually had.

    Me: I don't think either of you even have the handgun skill.

    Once that got cleared up they kept going into the building.

    Me: You immediately notice that all of the floors are hardwood, and probably actual natural wood imported from the rainforest.

    Medtech: I hate these guys already.

    Me: The stairs are not stairwells, they are the kind where you have to go down one floor at a time and then across the room to the other set of stairs. There are no doors or anything you can hide behind. So, roll stealth.

    Both of them rolled 1s, but got enough that they didn't have true fumbles while going in.

    Me: *rolls for the guard, just below them* Okay. Do you try to go to the office then

    Medtech: We should go below to mess with the security room.

    Fixer: I already bribed the guy in there.

    Medtech: Oh, well we go to the office.

    Me: Stealth.

    They rolled horribly again, and the guard notice them.

    Me: Okay the cop runs out of the hallway behind you and yells "Freeze"

    Medtech: Let's try to solve this with minimal sound and bloodshed.

    Me: Because you were in the middle of your action the guard gets off his shots. *Rolls to hit and damage*

    Medtech: This will suck.

    Me: His pistol does 2d6


    Cop: *laughing*

    Me: They just ping off of the armor you guys have *Medtech has a sp 18 trench coat and 25 medtech armor. Cop has Hooded Viper armor which is sp 30* Okay, roll initiative

    Cop ended up going first.

    Cop: I'll shoot him with burst fire.

    Medtech: I just said quiet!

    Me: Roll to hit, damage, and location

    He ended up doing a minimum of 30 to his legs and right arm.

    Fixer: He is misted.

    Me: Yeah, there is just a spray of fire and you see three out of four limbs instantly rip off of him in bloody chunks. *rolls stun and death, the guard dies* He is dead before he hits the floor, with an ocean of blood and gore seeping into the expensive floor.

    Medtech: I'll clean this up

    me: How

    medtech: I have gauze and stuff

    Fixer: I think that is to stop bleeding, not to mop up most of the blood in the human body. And what about the body.


    Me: You don't see a closet anywhere.

    Medtech: Shit. Let's just go to the office.

    Me: *rolls* It's unlocked.

    Medtech: I open it

    Me: *rolls* *puts in an image of a latino man in an expensive suit, sunglasses, with a drink in hand* You see this guy with his face covered in white stuff as he snorts lines across his desk while holding a bottle of what looks like several hundred year old wine.

    Cop: Ah, coke and alcohol

    Medtech: Oh shit

    Me: This is the consul. He looks at you and says. "Huh, one of you is Latino, the other is a scary dude in armor. So...how are you?"

    Medtech: We need to take him out quietly. Killing him is bad,

    Cop: What if we just kill him.

    They argued enough that I decided to just let the Consul attack.

    Me: Okay, he leaps over the desk with a brick of cocaine in his hand and punches you. Roll to block

    Medtech: *rolls the same number as the Consul*

    Me: Okay, so you block his punch and your arm rings like a gong. He smiles and says. "Ah, Krav Maga."

    Medtech: What the fuck?

    Me: He knows martial arts.

    Medtech: Can I try to non lethally punch him?

    Me: You take a malus.

    Medtech: Double punch *rolls a 1 but doesn't fumble for one of them*

    Consul: *Blocks both*

    Medtech: Jesus Christ!

    Cop: I beat him with my nightstick.

    Consul: *gets a double 10 on his dodge*

    Me: Okay, so he just pirouettes past and lands behind the two of you, then he shoves the brick of coke in his face.

    Medtech: Who the fuck are you?
    Me: And he is going to punch Cop.

    Cop: *fails block but the high out of his mind dude with minimal cyberware doesn't do enough damage to get through his armor.

    Me: You ring like a gong again, but he can't get through the armor

    Cue a lot more rolls of Snowflame getting 10s to dodge and block the two of them as they get into a kung fu fight

    Medtech: Serious Punch! *Finally hits Snowflame in the arm and does over 30 damage* Okay

    Me: So his right arm sprays across the wall. *snowflame succeeds his stun and death saves*

    Medtech: Oh god, I didn't think it would be this bad

    Me: Surprisingly, he is not bleeding that much. You're pretty sure he has artificial sphincters for his bloodstream or something similar. *Rolls*

    Snowflame: *yawns* I need a nap, you *waves* can have some coke. There is another brick of it on the desk.

    Me: And he just leans against the wall and starts snoring as he crashes.

    Medtech:...*slowly backs away* I open the safe.

    Me: It's locked.

    Medtech: *looks at lack of lock pick skills* So I'll use some of the plastic explosive *succeeds demolitions check to blow the safe open* And I'll replace the disk and make it look like we were never here.

    Me: Rocker, keep making perform rolls to make enough of a racket that people don't notice any of this.

    Rocker: Succeeds

    Me: Medtech, the floor is covered in body parts. Enough that if you grabbed them you could probably stitch together an entirely new person.

    Medtech: Is there a closet in the office?

    Me: No

    Fixer: Also you blew open the safe with explosives and ripped off the consul's arm.

    Medtech: Fine

    Me: Do you take the brick of coke on the desk

    Cop and Medtech: *Arguing over it since Cop wants it. Medtech eventually lets him*

    Me: So you are going to need to roll athletics to get back down.

    *Both succeed*

    Me: You don't hear any alarms.

    The rest of the session was relatively uneventful, with the group arguing about how to get to the ship they need to destroy, and eventually coming up with the plan of using their party boat to go near where the ship would eventually go, drop off Medtech in SCUBA gear and a lot of bombs, then have Medtech wait until the boat passed over her to set the bombs and swim away.

    This is with Medtech only having like one point in stealth.

    Me: Okay, so are you throwing an actual party

    Rocker: Yes

    Me: Roll fast talk + charismatic leadership and empathy, Fixer can roll his street deal *both get over 30 and manage to get a good price on admission fees*

    Medtech: So I just sit back and wait until it is time to drop off.

    Fixer: I give her some cheap booze

    Medtech: I do not drink it.

    Fixer: Ah, you don't enjoy parties.

    Medtech: This is work, and I don't want to be in scuba gear messing with explosives while drunk.

    Then there was a long discussion about what would happen if there was a fight, and me having to explain that you need specialized guns to shoot things underwater. And that a water proof gun is not necessarily one that works underwater.

    Medtech: Do I have a water proof gun?

    Me: You can buy plastic ziplock bags.

    Medtech: Oh, right.

    Me: So roll athletics *we simplified swimming and driving skills*

    Medtech: *over 20*

    Me: Okay. *rolls on events* You see what looks like a shark swim close to you

    Medtech: I punch it *succees and does a large amount of damage

    Me: A dolphin glares at you and tries to bite the tubes of your scuba gear

    Medtech: *gets into a fight with a dolphin and has a hard time against it*

    Fixer: What is going on down there?

    Medtech: *Manages to do enough damage that the dolphin retreats* Just dealing with a dolphin giving me some shit

    After that Medtech managed to just barely succeed in the stealth rolls to not be noticed while planting the bombs, then swim back *Every athletics roll was over 22 so she didn't sink due to her cyber limbs*

    Me: Okay, rocker do performance rolls and if you want to make a speech or anything like that you can roll empathy plus leadership and charismatic leadership

    Rocker: *Gets an explosion that puts him up to 39 on his roll*

    Me: Due to your musical timing and knowledge of how long you have due to Medtech's communications over headset you are able to time your speech to have the yacht explode behind you as you finish

    Rocker: *gives a speech about the evil of corporations and their cronies who prey on the weak*

    Me: as you finish you put your arms up and the yacht explodes behind you, the fire and debris making it look like you have angel wings made out of fire and death

    Rocker: As a Death-Metal rockerboy, I like this.

    Me: you are getting a bonus to reputation, and the people around you are fervently reaching out to try to touch even just your shoe

    This session definitely came out with Rockerboy looking the coolest.

    In the wrap up Medtech got a letter with a line of cocaine in it and a declaration that the Consul had fun and would look forward to fighting her again.

    Medtech: :eek: How did he...

    Me: He is the son of a high ranking Columbian politician, head of the consulate here, and has ties to various corporations and crime families. You are a Brazilian woman who knows Krav Maga which is not the usual martial art used by their forces, and rolled a 39 on your roll to keep him from dying which implies intense medical knowledge. The Columbians got money by selling weapons to the Rebels in Brazil and getting extra drug farms from them as well as human slaves from the villages. They have a database on special forces operatives from Brazil.

    Medtech: oh, cool.

    Me: and with the mechanics of how improvement points actually work, having a rival is one of the ways to keep improving your martial arts. As long as the two of you keep surviving you'll get better by having fights.

    Medtech: I am totally okay with Snowflame being my nemesis.
  26. Megaolix

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    Sure seems like they have fun. But did Sword/Solo drop out?
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  27. shadowdice

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    Sep 17, 2017
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    He has dropped out for the last few weeks, he talks mostly with Fixer (Our DM for DnD) and Fixer isn't sure if he is returning to either of our games.

    For now we are saying his character is just off screen. Which led to this

    Fixer: I'm going to assume he is doing jobs.

    Me: Okay *looks at Solo's sheet* Um

    Fixer: What?

    Me: Just, he has stealth and shooting. It's just that he is the assassin who is instantly blocked off by any kind of lock *Solo doesn't have lock pick or electronic security. and his tech is at 4*

    Fixer: *Sighs* I haven't found methods to increase the tech skill either.

    Me: I'd say that you can learn, but it has a higher modifier to increase those kinds of stats. But that involves getting a teacher, which involves social skills, and paying attention.

    Fixer: He has like six or seven INT

    Me: and his idea of getting a job was to kick down a door and tell you to hire him.

    Fixer:...His empathy is still fairly high

    Me: That doesn't have bearing on personality

    Fixer: We is being forced to stay in school and pay attention. I am also having him use his memory to get the BioWare that increases memory.

    Also, after the missing, I had a man steal a purse from a little old lady in front of Cop. He proceeded to run over the thief

    Cop: I look at my partner and hold my hand up for a high five.

    Me: He facepalms while the little old lady pulls a handgun out of her purse to shoot the hand, which is all that's left of the criminal, before patting you on the cheek and calling you a good sonny boy.

    Cop: Taking justice into our own hands. *Breathes in smoggy Dystopia air with a smile*


    Everyone is incredibly amused by the amount of damage bows can do
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    More stories of Star Wars: Clone Commando, featuring your favourite Commando Squad; Theta Squad.

    One of our most memorable missions was on the Republic world of Kothlis, a Bothan colony world that the CIS were preparing to attack and then use as a springboard to Bothawui. My one regret of that mission was not staying on Kothlis and hunting down a 9 years old Borsk Fey'lya and gutting him like a fish.

    Anyway, our mission was to attack and eliminate a CIS Forward Operating Base that would have been acting as a staging ground for further CIS attacks on Kothlis if they were permitted to remain. The Republic wanted us to take it out before the populace could learn of a CIS presence on Kothlis as to avoid a panic as well as prevent CIS invasion. During this mission we would be co-operating with ARC Troopers (designated as Crimson Squad) who would be leading a brigade of Clone Troopers (This would give them about 100 or so Clones, this is important for later) and would be going a separate route to us Commando's where we would both meet-up at the CIS Base and attack it from two sides.

    Now, before we even began the mission we would discover that Crimson Squad was led by a complete arse of an ARC Trooper known as Crimson who had gained a reputation during the Battle of Geonosis for leading quite a few victories against the droids and it had all gone to his head, making him an arrogant piece of shit that my Medic, dear old Scalps, immediately fucking hated and labelled as a man who would waste valuable resources due to his arrogance and even said as such. I got slapped over the head by my Squad lead, Thorne, who told me to pack it in for later and to apologize...so I did and, in a gesture of good faith, offered my services as a medic to heal the ARC's and their Troopers once we met back up to which I was told to fuck off and actually ordered not to even touch the ARC's by Crimson himself who was all-but assured that the mission would go well and purely because of him and the ARC Troopers being better than Commando's.

    My medic, already being very jaded by idiotic commanders during Geonosis and having to heal more people than he'd care to remember, decided to be very vindictive and decided to take Crimsons order at face value and agreed not to heal the ARC's.

    We can now fast forward to landing on Kothlis. Here Theta Squad would begin stealthily moving towards the CIS base and would be going Radio Silent as we had previously planned as to remain completely undetected by CIS forces. During the silent trip through trees, tall grass and bushes we would encounter a small CIS outpost that we would quickly eliminate and ransack for intel before moving on while later on me and one of my squad mates, Sevens, would have to hide in a bush after hearing approaching figures only to find out it was a pare of very...passionate teens who had no idea what was going on and we had no intent of tipping off so we had to hide for a good five minutes while listening to a couple of Bothans make another Bothan. I sarcastically remarked I could kill them but was talked out of it.

    Once that was over we continued onward to the last checkpoint before the CIS base where we would find something rather unfortunate; An AT-RT walking towards us on autopilot with no Clone Trooper on or near it with the exception of a helmet with a blaster bolt through the face plate. Sevens, my squad mate from earlier, would take the helmet and identify it as a Clone Trooper with the same serial number as his own (Sevens being CC-7777-77, the Trooper being CT-7777) and so he felt some connection with the dead trooper and vowed to have his helmet returned and given a proper send-off back on the ship. Unfortunately we weren't able to pay respects for long as we were attacked by what killed the Trooper, three Droideka's.

    Due to getting good initiative rolls we were able to destroy one before it could deploy but the other two managed to get their shields up and it'd take us a while to kill them...unfortunately we'd lose one squad member, Brawly, although this was more narrative than anything because the player had to drop from the game completely due to life and it was as good an opportunity as any, it was his suggestion to begin with anyway. The rest of us were eventually able to take down the Droideka's and I did my best to try and resuscitate Brawly but eventually had to admit he was gone however I argued we couldn't leave his body for it to be found and decided to carry it with us. We would also decide to trash the AT-RT as, while we had the capacity to pilot and use it, we were trying for stealth and it wouldn't suit us and since we had determined it was long-since separated from the ARC's and their troopers, we trashed it as quickly as we could.

    With that done we would head on to the final objective, the CIS base, and would find it under moderate guard by B1's on top of walls while a motherfucking HAILFIRE DROID TANK rolled up to the damn base, albeit rather damaged and went on in. Considering the amount of damage it appeared to have, as well as how much ammunition it had visibly used, we went with the assumption of it going in for repair and resupply but kept the idea in our heads that it was fully operational due to our paranoid tendencies that kept us alive.

    Our Squad lead, Thorne, would then devise a plan to infiltrate the base alone while me and Sevens would get onto the walls once head given the signal...we weren't told what the signal was but OOCly were informed it would be fairly obvious. We then watched Thorne get into the base and check that the Hailfire was deactivated before sneaking up to where he would find a Muun, who was quite obviously the Commander of the base, and then loudly announce his presence and...surrender. The DM would then ask him to roll deception but he stated he was actually surrendering. The Commander, somewhat confused but not looking a gift horse in the mouth, would then decide to personally lead Thorne to a holding area for interrogation. Outside the base, however, me and Sevens had heard the announcement of surrender and decided to take that as our signal and began climbing the walls while the B1's up top were overseeing the prisoner now being escorted to a holding cell. We'd get to the top and then toss two droids to the ground below and then begin opening fire on the other droids on the walls before turning our guns on the droids and commander below.

    Since we had engaged in combat, Thorne took his chance to grapple the commander by wrapping an arm around his neck and then taking out a Thermal Detonator and holding it infront of the poor Muun's face, ordering the Muun to order the droids to deactivate or he'd kill them both. Again, the DM asked for a deception roll but Thorne's player explained he was being completely serious and would kill them both if he didn't...so he rolled for presence instead and managed to succeed.

    With the Muun Commander meekly complying and ordering the Droids to deactivate we then went around dismantling the B1's and secured the Muun in the holding cell originally meant for Thorne and had Sevens dig up any intel from the Bases main computer as well as getting the Muun to cough up his passwords and security details so we had free reign of the base as a three-man occupation force. We then waited for the ARC's to arrive with their Troopers and during this long wait Sevens decided it would be a good idea to start messing around with the Hailfire Droid, arguing he could put it into Manual mode and use it as a drone. The bastard succeeded and now had access to the most dangerous RC Car anyone could ask for, much to his giddy excitement.

    I was on the walls keeping an eye out for any possible returning patrols as well as the ARC's and would eventually spot them...a bit too few of them. Very few of them. Thorne would open the bases doors and allow the Clones in, among them being all four of Squad Crimson and four Clone Troopers. Four. Out of an original 100. I, being a very sour and bitter medic who hated idiotic commanders, immediately started shouting at Crimson and calling him an incompetent moron and was then promptly told that they encountered that Hailfire we were now messing with as well as those Droideka's that killed the AT-RT pilot we saw earlier to which I shouted back that they were told to approach with stealth and to avoid detection by using the forests that could not contain large vehicles like I was then told that they hadn't done stealth because they "Weren't cowards like you commandos" and I gave my final response of "That doesn't matter when arrogant morons get over 90% of their forces killed just to satisfy their own ego's!" and I was then promptly punched in the face.

    Thorne had to get me away from Crimson at that point and forced me to work alongside another ARC Trooper, Loudmouth, as a sort-of punishment as he took de facto command of what few forces we had left as he informed us we'd be expecting CIS forces to arrive to check up on the base and that we'd best prepare for them. Thorne then told me to heal Crimson Squad but I reminded him I was ordered not to, Thorne then asked if Crimson would get rid of that order but, Crimson being Crimson, told us to fuck off even if his squadmates were a bit annoyed by this. Despite that I went to check on the Troopers and healed them up before preparing to defend the base.

    After a while two CIS dropdships would come down and disgorge two squads of B2's, four phalanxes of B1's, two Techno Union representatives and...two Magnaguards. We kept ourselves hidden on the walls before they got close enough and were ordered to begin opening fire on the Droids but not before Thorne and Sevens stunned the Techno Union representatives so we could pick them up later (traditions are important, after all). The firefight would begin and the Magnaguards would then leap up onto the fucking walls and begin engaging Sevens in melee combat, something he was decidedly not proficient in since he'd decided to stat only into Heavy Gunnery for combat and used the rest of his xp for useful skills like piloting, mechanics and other such useful things. He was then promptly smacked around and actually downed by the Magnaguard.

    My medic would then see this and, in a bit of a rage at seeing another Brother go down, took out my knife, stole Loudmouth's knife and fuckin' charged the metal bastard...I failed the roll BUT one neat thing about the system we're using is the use of Force points, Lightside acting like Fate Points from 40k games while Darkside points allow us to change how things happened. I asked the DM if I could spend a Darkside in order to change my failure at hitting the Magnaguard into me crashing into it and sending us both plummeting off the wall, he agreed and then had both me and the Magnaguard roll athletics to see if we hurt ourselves. We both pass.

    Now, something I should mention is that during this time we found a new player and he joined us in the middle of all this and so it was decided that he would retroactively replace Brawly and was in this fight with us. After he saw me and the 'guard fall to the ground and the two us now engaging in melee combat, me rolling a lot of critical hits but dealing no real damage aside from the effects of criticals, he decided he'd come down and assist by grabbing his own knife and attempting to leap down and deal damage with his body and the force of gravity.

    The Magnaguard saw this, reacted and as our new member was about to hit him the Magnaguard swung his electrostaff and fucking took off his leg. This is how the new guy got the name Hops. The other Magnaguard was being dealt with by the others on the walls before it attempted to retreat and get down the walls to assist its partner in order to kill me. Sevens, not having any of that shit, decided now was the best moment to use his new toy and activated the Hailfire and fucking rammed that thing through the bases front doors. Unfortunately this surprise exit destabilized the walkway above the door, which Thorne was currently on, and caused him to fall. DM had him roll athletics like I did, motherfucker succeeded and landed on the 'head' of the Hailfire Droid and just...just rode the damn thing while shooting at the droids around him.

    The Hailfire proceeded to utterly destroy the Droids around it along with the Magnaguard and accidentally blew up a transport before Sevens deactivated the thing. Meanwhile I was still fighting for my fucking life against the Magnaguard and finally, finally got lucky enough to actually roll enough damage to actually kill him after more or less shanking it ineffectively for the whole encounter because HOLY FUCK they have a lot of armour on them.

    Once everything was done I took the damn Magnaguards cloak as and staff as a damn trophy, Sevens claimed the other Magnaguards stuff as his and we informed Command we'd completed the mission and captured a total of three VIP's. I continued to shit talk Crimson and was assaulted by his squadmates for my entirely justified reason be fucking pissed with him. Republic forces then arrived to relieve us and take us back to our ship, we gave our report, Crimson got demoted (much to my delight), I was told I can't take the Electrostaff with me into battle (much to my disappointment) and we were then given some time to calm down before preparing four our next mission.

    It was a good day, despite everything. Oh yeah, I also decided to find a Clone Commando template and a Magnaguard template, photoshop the cloak onto the Commando and made it look like my Commando. Behold, Scalps, the angriest medic.

    EDIT: Oh yes, Hops also got a leg which increased his characters Brawn stat much to his delight.
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    The Fixer in my cyberpunk campaign realized that the party pretty much looks like a terrorist cell after having missed a single session

    And this is the story of how the city got covered in a chemical weapon.


    Cop was the first to go online so I went ahead and started with his stuff.

    Me: Cop, okay. You and your partner are called to a crime scene at a hotel in Japantown. The hotel is massive, even taller than the police station, and as you go further up it gets progressively nicer. With marble, natural wood, and air conditioning that brings in aromatic scents.

    Cop: Okay.

    Me: And when you get to one of the penthouses you immediately smell meat. Since you lived in a conflict hotspot you've seen things like when people get blown up or use suicide vests. It looks similar with how there are just chunks of flesh and bone everywhere. Roll me awareness notice

    Cop: *over 20*

    Me: The weird thing is that there is no sign of an actual explosion, so it seems like someone eviscerated the poor sob, but in a way that is way messier than a normal contract kill. Do you want to check out the body?

    Cop: Yes. *over 20*

    Me: It is very clear that this was done with claws and not knives, you also see teeth marks.

    Cop: Maybe he had a pet?

    Me: You would have been told if there was a pet in the building.

    Cop: Somebody else's pet?

    Me:... Do you want to keep looking?

    Cop: *over 25*

    Me: You manage to find a claw-like nail embedded in one of the bones, so this couldn't have been done with a cyber limb. You also notice that the bite patterns are weird. The person would have had to have surgically altered not just their teeth, but jaw to change how it is set. Possibly through a cyberlaw. *Rolls* And your partner finds a thick wiry hair.

    Cop: Pubes?

    Me:.....[​IMG] So, then. Your partner spreads out the hair, it is over a foot long so it doesn't seem like it could be from a normal animal. He starts to bag it. Do you bring attention to the nail.

    Cop: No

    Me: Okay. Two other cops come in, for one roll empathy and the other roll your rifle skill

    Cop: *has 3 empathy and rolls incredibly low, but gets super high on rifle*

    Me: They are Detectives Russo and Primrose

    Cop: An Italian guy?

    Me: ethnically yes, but he served some time in the UK and has a London accent, you think he plays it up just to make you angry.

    Cop: fuck

    Me: And Primrose is one you actually like, both of you spend lots of time in the range training with guns.

    Cop: Okay

    Me: Russo just looks smugly at you and says "Cop what are you doing here?"

    Cop: This is my case, no one told me you were coming.

    Me: He looks at the scars from when you got shot in the head and smiles. "Well, I know you were in the hospital for awhile. There has been an uptick in killings. A serial killer who likes to cannibalize their victims."

    Cop: Well, I hate your guts but I like your partner. So I guess we are going work together.

    Me *Wondering why he voiced that*: He bristles. "well, since an Arasaka employee is dead we have more evidence for the suspect I just brought in."

    Cop: No one told me about a suspect.

    Everyone but Fixer arrived soon after (as he had missed it) and we had to explain what was going on.

    Rocker spent his downtime playing his guitar and annoying his AI

    Medtech made drugs while plotting to save Speed, and ended up getting the Russian Mob to be the distributor for the drugs.

    Then Cop went to the holding cells to talk to Russo's prisoner.

    Me: okay, every guard you see on your way there is either doing their best not to be anywhere near the cells, or actively trying to find a way to leave. Roll me resist torture/drugs.

    Cop: Resist what?

    Me: *looks at everybody's sheets. Medtech is the only one with resist torture/drugs, and has only one rank* Cool

    Cop: *rolls 15*

    Me: You don't like this place, but you aren't as horrified as the rest. Now then, when you get there *puts in an image of Jax from Mortal Combat* You see a nine foot tall five foot wide slab of muscle and metal held to a metal gurney, Hannibal Lector style, needles with tubes are stuck inside his neck, injecting him with a constant stream of strange green fluid.

    Cop: What is his body?

    Me: Higher than Medtech's (Medtech has 16)

    Cop: Dear Christ.

    Me: From what you know this guy is called Moe-Money

    Everyone: *loves and laughs about the name*

    Cop: Why do they call him that?

    Me: Because he is from the Congo and no one can pronounce his actual name. And I'm not even going to try because I don't know where the vowels are supposed to be. You can see that he has a cyberjaw, and the end of each of his finger is a massive ripper claw. But you know due to your search that the murder was done with organic claws.

    Cop: Well he is a suspect.

    Me: He just smiles at you, and says. "I know my rights, I want my lawyer"

    Cop: I don't know about that, I didn't arrest you, I just want to know about why you got arrested.

    Me: "Because that asshole cop and his partner came in with heavy weapons and tranqs to take us the fuck out. My boss has been unconscious for like twelve hours, they aren't even letting him wake up."

    Cop: Well that doesn't sound right, but I have more questions. Why do they think you are the killer?

    Me: "They said something about cyberjaws, everybody thinks that just because you have one of these you gotta be some cannibal psychopath. You wanna know how I got this? Militias shot me in the goddamn face while committing ethnic cleansing. That's how."

    Cop: Well you are cybered up and scary looking.

    Me: "Everybody is. This is America, everybody everywhere else things ya'll are all a bunch of psychos."

    Cop: Well you are my only suspect.

    Me: "And I didn't do it."

    Cop: "Why do they think you did it?"

    Me: "I've worked for Militech before, they got me during a hand off for a job I did."

    Cop: "Well that seems like motive"

    Me; "No it ain't. I had a completely different job. Bodyguard detail on another exec"

    Cop: Look, I'll see about what I can do. I think Russo is wrong, but there's a lot on my plate.

    Me: He just looks at you for awhile, smiles, and then you see the needles in his neck strain as his muscles bulge. "Rolls Resist Torture/Drugs* Now, there is actually a lot of cyberware that helps with drugs. Such as cyberlivers, special blood, biomoniters, and all of that. "Rolls over 30 between his cool, resist torture skill, and cyberware* And The green juice just spurts out of his neck *gets over 30 on strength feat* And the metal table strains as he rips his way out of it and walks over to the bars.

    Medtech: *looking at the pdfs that lists types of cyberware.* Wow, there are a lot that work against drugs. I want some of those.

    Me: Moe-Money smiles at you, raises a hand, and says. "High five."

    Long discussion between everyone on if this is a good idea, eventually Cop does the high five through the bars, and doesn't get instagibbed.

    Me: Okay, in one of the cells you see a guy who has been laid out and is getting the same chemical treatment as Moe-Money, he is completely unconscious. Speed is in another cell. And there is a bearded guy with cyber arms in the fourth. He hops up on a bench and rattles the bars. "I want my lawyer, I know my rights."

    Cop: What are you in for?

    Me: "Nothing! Nothing. They didn't even charge me. They went to Bruno's home in the middle of the night with guns and lights, woke Bruno up without identifying themselves."

    Cop: So what did you do?

    Me: "Defend myself. When the people in black come in the middle of the night with guns there is only so many things you can do. They have done this before in Bruno's childhood. The rebels."

    Cop: And what did they rebels do?

    Me: "Oh you know. Point a gun in your face and try to make you work for them and go and point guns in the faces of other people in the middle of the night so they do that too. But I did not do that, I did not. I was Brazilian Special Forces. I fought the rebels. Then I come here and be a mechanic. A good mechanic."

    Cop: So why did the cops come for you?

    Me: "Bruno does car modifications. Modifications, not chopping them apart. People show me papers, they come to me, they say 'Bruno I want sick ride, help me out.' And so they pay me and I modify their cars. Some of these papers may have been forgeries. Bruno did not know that."

    Cop: And you are here with the others because?

    Me: "When you come in the middle of the night with guns and try to take Bruno, then Bruno will beat the ever loving shit out of you until you put Bruno down. I am not as good as some of these others. See giant man, he is like if Medtech was a giant scary black man of death"

    Cop: Yeah, he is like Medtech.

    Me: Do you say that in character?

    Slow realization of my players that there is a guy who know medtech.

    Cop: Wait, you know Medtech?

    Me: "Yes, do you? She is in Night City? We worked in different special forces group, but sometimes we work together."

    After that it was kinda a mess as we tried to figure out what everyone was doing. Initially Cop said he was going to help break Speed out, but then he decided not to. Rocker started a mob in the street, but wasn't going to help more than that, and there was some confusion as the other prisoners that got mentioned were being put into the same transport as Speed to a more secure location.

    Cop was not happy about that last part.

    Medtech decided to set a bomb on the transport to blow open the door, in the middle of a flash mob.

    Me: Seriously?

    Medtech: I roll to try to get people away from it. *Nat 1*

    Me: Roll again

    Medtech: *doesn't make it a complete fumble*

    Me: You do not implicate yourself, but you don't manage to get people away. How long did you want the timer to be

    Medtech: one minute

    Me: While setting the bomb *rolls for Bruno's escape abilities. He has tech gear in his cyber arms along with making them both double jointed and able to rotate 360 degrees* *Bruno manages to escape his bonds, hide that, and roll to start to free Moe-Money *he succeeds* You hear screaming on the inside

    Medtech: Oh God.

    Me: *rolls to see how many people are hit in the explosion, if the driver can keep the car stable, and what is happening in the truck.* Okay, so, it tips over, people get shredded by shrapnel-

    Medtech: Come on

    Me: You set a bomb in a crowd. Anyways, the smoke is broken up as Russo sails out and lands *rolls* right next to you, groaning in pain as Moe-Money gets out with his friend slung over his shoulder. You see Bruno, his bonds still slightly on his limbs as he bolts, and Speed is following as well. Bruno spots you and waves.

    Medtech: Bruno? *Medtech is fairly good with roleplaying*

    Me: *rolls to see if the other cop is still conscious, she is* so, Primrose gets out of the car and she looks pissed. Everybody needs to roll initiative.

    Moe Money and Primrose went first

    Me: *rolls* So, Moe-Money has rampage. Which lets him use his body instead of reflex on his hand to hand skills *I am fudging some rules so things make more sense, so Rampage does work with martial arts* And he just goes for a straight punch that is so powerful that you can hear the strength as he turns his body.

    *Rolls for both, Primrose's block is higher*

    Me: And Primrose just manages to smack it away with her taser-nightstick sending a jolt through his body that he manages to resist. *rolls Primrose's attack*

    so a thing about my NPCs is that I roll a d100 on how powerful they are, then some more on certain special traits like ambidextrousness, bloodlust, eidetic memory and the like Primrose rolled a nat 100 and then confirmed it multiple times on the first one.

    Medtech knows about this and got told before the session that one of the NPCs rolled that well.

    Me: So, Primrose kicks him in the chest *rolls normal damage* That isn't enough to get through Moe-Money's armor, but here's the thing.

    Medtech: What?

    Me: You see the air ripple as an unseen force adds to it *rolls again and adds the damage to the previous one* So there is just this shockwave as Moe-Money gets thrown backwards and drops his friend.

    Medtech: The fuck?

    Rocker OOC (He is still playing music and hasn't noticed what is going on): Is that Hamon?

    Me: *rolls to see if the other guy is waking up, he is* Okay, what are you going to do?

    Medtech: Knock out the cop near me.

    Me: okay roll.


    Me: You are dealing with a trained cop that is Cop's rival.

    Medtech: Rolls *fails against Russo's block* Oh come on.

    Me: He actually doesn't have that high of a reflex, and his bonus to block is one. You just rolled poorly. *rolls and succeeds against medtech* So he hits, but doesn't do enough damage to get through your armor. Make a stun save

    Medtech: *succeeds*

    Me: Okay, so you are still up. and so Speed is going to help *takes the malus for headshots and succeeds* *rolls damage* If he hadn't held back the punch this guy's head would he everywhere Now, roll Resist Torture/Drugs

    Medtech: 15

    Me: You are hallucinating terrible things as the guy with Moe-Money gets up, opens up pitch black eyes, and starts mentally assualting everyone. Then he grabs Moe, and they disappear.

    Medtech: Oh yeah, you told me that psychics are a thing. And some NPCs mentioned it.

    Me: Yup.

    The rest of the game wasn't really noteworthy until the end. Cop was in-character pissed at Medtech for causing the escape, Medtech refused to confirm or deny anything, Rocker didn't do much.

    Cop followed more stuff and went to a circus that had some genetically engineered animals that had been thrown out as rejects, but didn't ask any of the questions that would get him what he needed, and didn't do anything that pissed off the circus.

    Medtech ended up drinking what was essentially flavored ethanol as whiskey and passed out until the next mission, then woke up in her death-machine after Bruno drove her there.

    Medtech: Wait, did you do anything while I was asleep?

    Me: Bruno looks offended. "I would never do anything to your cyber arms while you were asleep. Modifications like that can be incredibly dangerous."

    Medtech: I, uh, nevermind.

    Me: He starts talking the ins and outs about cyberware and which places have worse side effects, better prices, or better quality

    Eventually they all went to the place to learn about how to do their mission, get onto a cargo boat and document video evidence of a Petrochem ship having illicit cargo. Not physical evidence as that might cause problems.

    Since none of them had cybereyes the fixer gave them a camera.

    As Medtech and Rocker both had the pilot boat skill I had them just pilot a speedboat out there themselves instead of using an NPC driver, as they approached the ship I did some rolls. In the module the session was based on they were not supposed to have a chance to get on, but instead I had decided to do rolls depending upon how much time they took in the bar *they took awhile talking to people, playing music, and trying to listen in on conversations* So they ended up being late enough that I did a roll on if they had enough time to try to get on and try to defuse the bomb. That background roll lol-noped the possibility of the city not getting blanketed in hydrochloric acid.

    So we ended that session with them just barely not getting hurt by shrapnel (everyone had over 18 SP and no one rolled getting hit in the head), and a giant death cloud approaching.

    This was Fixer's response when we told him about this.

    Fixer: I am gone for one session and the city is about to get destroyed.

    Me: Have you seen your group?

    Fixer: Just, everything explodes. Why would they even have that job?

    Me: It is almost as if you are a somewhat famous group in the underworld with at least one member who is a known demolitions and chemistry expert.


    The group also had a long discussion about their various in-game friends.

    Cop is in the best position with barely any enemies (A street samurai) and friends who are high up in Arasaka and Militech, along with a smuggler girlfriend.

    Fixer has a police commissioner enemy and a corporate enemy, but has a NetSec friend and a Cyber-Swat captain on his side.

    Medtech's brother is a Traumateam assassin, has a trauma team boyfriend, a Russian Armsdealer friend, and spec opps friends.

    Rocker has a Russian mobster girlfriend and a Revolutionary mentor, but has a Media ex-girlfriend who wants him dead, a rocker ex-friend who wants to murder him, and a techie father whose eye he ripped out that has connections to corporations, the police, government, gangs, and more.

    The consensus is that Rocker's Dad might be the most dangerous enemy that any of them have.
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    Trauma Team? Aren't those the heavily armed guys who rescue people using any means necessary?
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