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Half-Blood Prince's Tale (Hp Si as Snape)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Tasty_humans, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 10

    Tasty_humans Making the rounds.

    Jan 17, 2020
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    Time passed more quickly than I had expected. Before I knew it, a year had passed since my ‘rebirth’.

    After the first few chaotic months, I had settled in well and fallen into a routine.

    I had also received my much awaited Hogwarts letter. It had arrived by owl-like in canon. It was a strange sight to see an owl carry a letter though.

    The contents were as follows:


    Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
    (Order of Merlin: First Class, Grand Sorc. ,Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards.)

    Dear Mr Prince,

    We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
    The term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Minerva McGonagall
    Deputy Headmistress.

    The letter was what I had expected but damn did Dumbledore have a lot of titles to his name. It gave me a clearer idea of his power and the influence he holds.

    Pity he didn’t use it to its full potential.

    Coming back to the letter, it came attached with a parchment listing the things I needed to buy if I decided to go to Hogwarts.

    The uniform required me to get a set of robes, a pair of protective gloves and for some reason a pointy hat…

    I think the last one was just for formalities sake because I don’t think anyone actually wore those.

    Next up were the books which I already had except for the DADA books which needed to be bought because they kept changing the teacher every year and each one preferred a different book.

    The rest of the books I had were Eileen’s books which I could still use. The curriculum at Hogwarts had not changed much over the years so her books could still be used.

    And last but not the least, I needed to get a wand. Eileen had promised to take me to Diagon alley for shopping soon. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about it.

    Over the years Eileen had continued working at the Three Broomsticks Inn and it was doing quite well.

    I had met Rosmerta too when she took me to Hogsmeade. Speaking of the magical village, it truly was a fascinating sight.

    The buildings were old fashioned and outdated like I had expected and the road was made of cobblestone. It reminded me of a medieval RPG village with all its shops and places.
    Anway after I learnt that Rosmerta was looking for suggestions for new drinks. I had an idea. I proposed to her that I would give her some suggestions for the drinks and other foodstuffs if I got a cut of it.

    She was sceptical at first but agreed to humour me. I had her introduce some popular muggle drinks that were popular in the era I was in. I changed the names of some that were not whacky enough and made some small changes to them.

    I also gave her the suggestion of a different type of Butterbeer. I am not sure if this was the one she made in canon but the one I gave the recipe for was the Butterbeer from the theme parks.

    I had gone there a few times in my previous life and had quite enjoyed it. As for how I knew the recipe, I had googled it when I was bored.

    Anyway, the butterbeer was sweeter than the other variants and the products used to make it were cheaper. Rosmerta liked it after tasting it so it should probably do well.

    I had many other ideas like introducing milkshakes, more cocktails and other stuff from canon that didn’t exist yet but I held them back. I didn’t want to give her all my ideas at once.

    I would instead release them slowly which would make her appreciate me more and thereby giving me better deals.

    The drinks I suggested worked within my expectations with some exceeding them too. Eileen was ecstatic and Rosmerta was happy too.

    Her business was booming with my drinks being the main selling point. I was sure the others would catch onto this soon but for now, I had a monopoly of these drinks which earned me a hefty profit.

    That and I wasn’t too worried about others copying me since the wizarding world had this weird tradition or more precisely mentality of sticking to one shop. Especially the purebloods who use the same shop for generations.

    I didn’t know why they were so hesitant to try other options.No wonders half the shops in Diagon alley lasted for centuries. They had built up such a high reputation that no competition stood a chance unless they did something unique and better.

    So being the pioneer of wizard drinks, I had a headstart compared to others. Well, I still couldn’t beat Ogden’s firewhiskey but it wouldn’t be long before I came up with something as whacky….

    The money I got from these drinks was actually pretty decent and I gave it to Eileen who bought potion supplies and began making potions.

    She sold them as a batch in the inn every weekend when the students visited. It was an idea I suggested and it worked well.

    There was a potion shop in Hogsmeade but the prices were way out of a common student’s budget. Eileen sold them in bulk at lower prices so students piled money and bought sets which they then shared amongst each other.

    This side business also bought in some good money. Honestly, at this rate, I felt that the vault wasn’t even needed but of course, I wanted the vault. You can never have too much money after all.

    I had many more ideas to make money like this in the magical world but I didn’t reveal them all. I couldn’t get too hasty since I didn’t want to attract too much attention.

    I decided to hold them off at least until Eileen opened her shop and I got my heir status.

    This would deter half the bad people since the laws for a pureblood and laws for a muggle-born were different, to say the least. Well I was a half-blood but being a heir, the laws of pureblood applied to me.

    Thus before I knew it, a year had passed and it was finally time for my Diagon alley visit.
    Eileen wanted to get Lily and her parents to go with us but they had received a letter through Mcgonagall who insisted that she be the one to show them around as it was tradition.

    Speaking of Mcgonagall, after learning that we lived in the same neighbourhood, she had come to visit us just to check upon us.

    She came to our house to thank Eileen for informing Lily and her parents. I had not expected her to do this as I was under the impression that she would not like what we had done.

    I then realized that I had been holding a bias against her and I felt stupid. Reading so many fanfics and theories had built this up in me and me comparing all canon characters to their book parts had made me biased.

    From that point, I decided to let go of all biases I had against any canon character and then judge them on my own.

    Of course, I would still be suspicious of some characters because of their actions in canon but I wouldn’t let that affect me too much. I would just take the ‘trust but verify approach.

    McGonagall also came to see how Eileen was after marrying Tobias. She had been quick to spot the signs that the marriage had not been a happy one.

    She was also sympathetic to me since she grew up in a household similar to mine. Of course, her father was not bad like Tobias had been but she understood how Eileen felt giving up her magic.

    Her mother too had married a muggle but hadn’t said that she was a witch. Eventually, she had to after her young self started manifesting magic. But the relationship between them was never the same again.

    She didn’t criticize Eileen for her poor decision either but even called her brave for leaving the wizarding world to marry a muggle. She found it regretful that Tobias turned out to be such a man.

    It was quite interesting to learn more about Minerva who I hadn’t known much about other than that she was a teacher.

    Overall I had a better impression of her than I did before.

    “Are you ready?” Eileen asked.

    I gave a nod as my answer.

    “Hmm..hold my hand now, we are going to apparate.” she gave a hand which I grabbed.
    Eileen nodded and with a loud crack, we apparated. Apparating was a weird experience and the next moment we were in the streets.

    Apparition felt like being folded and thrown around like a ragdoll. I felt nauseous but fortunately didn’t throw up.

    “Oh you did well on your first try Severus, most people puke on their first attempts,” Eileen said.

    “I can see why…” I retorted trying to fight nausea. I recalled a life hack I had seen long ago. I don’t know how I even remembered it but it helped. I pressed my thumb on the tendons between my fingers.

    It seemed to have done the trick as my nausea reduced significantly.

    “Are you alright? Want to take a rest somewhere?” Eileen asked, seeing me hunched over.
    “That's not necessary, just feeling a bit nauseous. I feel better now.”

    “Are you sure?”


    Eileen nodded and proceeded to walk as I followed her. We received a few stares for our attire but Eileen didn’t pay it any heed.

    I didn’t care either although inwardly I felt weird wearing the robes. I had just about gotten used to 70s fashion and now I was wearing something older.

    Soon we reached a street called Charring Cross and right in between a tiny bookshop and what seemed to be a record shop was a dingy inn with the sign ‘Leaky Cauldron’ that seemed out of place.

    When I said out of place, it really felt out of place like a hut in between two skyscrapers.The building if you call it that as it looked more like a shack seemed ancient. The people around didn’t notice it at all seemingly walking past it as though it didn’t exist.

    “This is the leaky cauldron huh?”

    “Yes...it's been here before the street was even planned,” Eileen answered.

    “So do they use muggle repelling charm to keep these people away?” I asked pointing at the oblivious people.

    “Yes ever since it was invented, the Ministry regularly strengthens it. They also have wards around it that power the spell. I did read that they used to use a fidelius before but it was too hard and expensive to maintain...Though they did put it under a fidelius again during the war with Grindelwald. Only those that could be trusted were allowed to know the key.”

    “Well then, now that we are here, shall we go in?” Eileen asked.

    I agreed and we went inside. Once inside, I was met with a bizarre sight. It felt like I had walked into a time capsule.

    The pub was filled with people wearing clothes from the medieval ages- robes, pointy hats and all the generic witch or wizard attire.

    The movie had portrayed this but it couldn’t have shown the awful smell and dirty filth everywhere.

    People were noisy and loud like most pubs had. They were spilling their drinks, gossiping and animals were running around. The empty chairs were arranging themselves.

    The tables cleaned themselves albeit inefficiently as they just made the floor dirtier instead.
    Some people were wearing some muggle attire may be trying to blend in but they were the ones who stood out the most because they were wearing clothes that went out of fashion years ago.

    Ignoring the smell, I followed Eileen who had walked up to the innkeeper, a man named Tom who nodded at her and led us to the backyard.

    “Severus, look at what I do care. It will be helpful for you if you ever come here on your own.” Eileen pulled her wand out of her holster and began tapping the bricked wall in a pattern.

    I did as she suggested and memorized it. I did have plans to come here after all.

    After she finished tapping the walls, they parted one by one to reveal a narrow pathway.

    Eileen beckoned me to follow and I trotted along beside her.

    “Is this the only entrance to the alley?” I asked. I knew that one could use floo powder like Harry did but I was curious to know if there were more.

    “Well, there are a few more ways to enter the alley. First is the one we just came in through. Second would be the floo powder by which we can appear directly inside but you need to get your house registered before you can floo in and the house must not be from some other country.”

    “Besides the floo doesn’t work for long distances so you can’t be too far. Portkeys are the best for long-distance travels.”

    “I see, what about apparition?”

    “Ah yes...I almost forgot you can apparate but not around Gringotts where they have set up a ward. I was not sure if they expanded it over the years so I apparated outside.”

    “The last one would be apparating to Knockturn alley but its not a good place to apparate too. The people found there are shady and might jump you if suddenly apparated there.”

    Hmm...Knockturn alley sounded like a grey black market of sorts. I might need to procure some hard to get things from there in the future so I put it on my places to visit.

    Of course, I wouldn’t step into it until I was sure I would not be completely defenceless. Only after I was confident in dealing with the threats there would I go in there.

    We soon reached the end of the path and we entered an open space. The cobblestoned path extended into forks and diagon alley was before my eyes.

    The name was a desperate attempt at a joke that I didn’t want to comment on. The place looked like a worse version of Hogsmeade. The shops were much older and when they wanted to expand it, they just built stuff on top without a care.

    Truly an architect’s nightmare. The building’s were probably only standing and had not collapsed because of magic. No wonder the weasleys had such a house, if this was the norm then I wouldn’t be surprised to see other buildings which followed minecraft logic.

    It almost looked like an npc town with all the weirdly dressed people walking about.

    The street was filled with people to the brim. It was Hogwarts season and I guessed everyone was here for the same purpose as me, to shop for supplies.

    There were a few signs indicating where the shops were.

    “So which place are we hitting first then?” I asked.

    “Gringotts. Its time to get the vault back from those goblins.” Eileen answered, annoyance in her voice.

    “Alright.” I was a bit excited and nervous about visiting Gringotts. I was eager to see what an actual goblin looked like but was also nervous as I wasn’t sure if I would pass the inheritance test.
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  2. Beburos

    Beburos Know what you're doing yet?

    Jul 19, 2019
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    Glad for the timeskip. I like world building but i was anxious to begin the hogwarts years.
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  3. Jonn Wolfe

    Jonn Wolfe (Verified Sarcastic) (Not a Wolf)

    Mar 23, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Nice bridge chapter. I rather enjoyed that.
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  4. AvidMiloReader27

    AvidMiloReader27 Getting out there.

    Aug 9, 2020
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  5. Leroidumonde

    Leroidumonde Getting sticky.

    Jun 3, 2020
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    It feels very cottage industry early 1700s and I like how Severus is interacting with people. It will be funny at hogwarts when all the horny teenage boys talk about the sexy women in the village and how much they want to "sex them up". Rosmerta "her drink pourers I want to put my mouth on" Eileen and "how I want to get into her cauldron". That should be something fun.
  6. Threadmarks: Chapter 11

    Tasty_humans Making the rounds.

    Jan 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    The Gringotts bank was an imposing building right in the middle of Diagon Alley. It was also the tallest building in sight. We climbed the white stairs which led us to a tall pair of silver doors manned by two goblin guards.

    I kept my expression neutral when I saw my first goblin. Well they weren't too weird. The goblin was wearing a uniform of gold and red colours or to be polite, he looked like a human midget with slightly sharper features and dome shaped heads.

    Pointy ears were the first sign that indicated that he was in fact not a human and the second one was that he had pointy ears.

    The goblin stared at me while I walked. The doors had words engraved on them that said:

    Enter, stranger, but take heed

    Of what awaits the sin of greed

    For those who take, but do not earn,

    Must pay most dearly in their turn.

    So if you seek beneath our floors

    A treasure that was never yours,

    Thief, you have been warned, beware

    Of finding more than treasure there.

    A grim poem that served as a warning. Though ironically enough I was more interested in the building itself than the treasures found in it. Its high security wards was something I was fascinated by.

    I had put warding on things I must learn as I would have a lab of my own some day for experiments of the nefarious kind and knowing good wards would be helpful.

    We reached the main hall after passing the silver doors. The hall had a high ceiling and it looked bigger on the inside.

    I found it ironic that the goblins of all creatures had such a large place to themselves while Hagrid, a literal giant lived in a house more suited to them.

    There were many rows in the hall with each one having goblins sitting on high tables doing their jobs.I saw many wizards and witches too who were waiting patiently in a line.

    Eileen approached a goblin and I followed behind her.

    "Excuse me." she said trying to grab the busy goblin's attention.

    The goblin looked up with clear annoyance having been interrupted.

    "What is it, witch?" he asked.

    "We are here to get him registered as heir." Eileen stated and pointed towards me.

    I had to look up to see the goblin over the tall table.

    "Right…what's the house name?" he asked.

    "Prince." Eileen answered.

    The goblin grunted and began looking through a thick book.

    "Lets see...Prince...ah yes the house doesn't have an heir."

    "So you want to have him try the heir verification?" he asked, looking at me.

    "Yes. He turned 11 a few months ago and will start Hogwarts soon so I want to restore his pureblood status." Eileen replied.

    "Very well, Adgrot !" he said and another goblin came running. This one looked more goblin like than the other ones. He had a pointier nose and longer ears.

    "You called master Burgock?" the goblin asked once he arrived.

    "Take these two the Prince vault and get a heir ring ready." the goblin, Burdock said.

    "Alright Master." Adgrot said and beckoned us to follow.

    He led us out of the hall to a doorway that descended into the ground. The door opened to reveal a cave. It painted a stark contrast to the white marble outside.The cave like mine extended into the darkness and it had some torches on the wall with tracks descending into the abyss.

    Adgrot didn't talk much and gestured to us to stop. He pulled a lantern hanging on the wall and lit it before clapping.A sound of screeching was heard as the sound what seemed like minutes, a cart came rushing up the tracks and stopped before us.

    "Come along wizards." Adgrot said and got on the cart.

    The next few minutes were thrilling and I had to hold myself back from screaming. The goblin minecart was perhaps the longest and the best roller coaster ride I had ever been on.

    Of course, it was dangerous too as there were no safety features but one would be relatively safe as long as they did not piss the goblin off.
    Once we got off the cart on a floor I couldn't tell, the goblin began leading us deeper into the cave.

    "So what number is our vault?" I asked Eileen.

    "Our family is not very old so we didn't get the higher security vaults that the older ones got. Ours should be...vault 545." she answered.

    I thought back to the history of my house. The Prince's had started off as a branch family of a pureblood house and they could be traced back to 800 years ago. The main family died out allowing the Prince family to become the main one.

    They specialised in making potions and were a relatively well known family back then and even had ties to the other craftsmen families like the Ollivanders.

    They had been at their peak somewhere in the middle of the 16th century but they suffered a heavy blow during the witch trials.Being a family specializing in potions, they were discovered more quickly and many were hunted down.

    From that point onwards, the Princes who were a family that used to belong to the 'light side' turned into a muggle hating house. After years of generational brainwashing, it didn't come as a surprise that Eileen's parents hated her for marrying a muggle.

    Well it didn't matter now. They had passed away and left their fortunes for me or so I hoped.

    They had been in decline when Eileen left and I don't think they did better after that. They had been caught up in the war between Grindelwald and Dumbledore and being a craftsmen family. They were targeted to stop supplies.

    Being on the losing side didn't help too. Coming back to the vaults, we had arrived in front of it.

    It was a cave-like hole with a metal door on it. Adgroft pulled a ring out of his pocket and handed it to me.

    Eileen nodded at me and I put it on. I was about to comment on its large size but it adjusted itself to fit my finger perfectly.

    "What should I do next?" I asked.

    Adgroft tapped the vault a few times and an arm sized hole appeared.

    "Put your hand in the hole, young wizard." he said with a nasty smile.

    "Go on Severus, don't be afraid. Worst case, it fails and we can't access it." Eileen said, trying to reassure me.

    "Wait….so there are no repercussions if I fail?" I had been under the impression that failing meant I would have to face some issues.

    "Of course not, only the dark families do that. Our family didn't put any curses on the vault. Failing means you won't be able to try it again. That's it, no curses or repercussions…"

    I felt all my nervousness disappear and without hesitation, I clenched my fist and inserted it into the hole.

    I felt a prick which I assumed was the drawing of blood. The wall glowed and then with a pop sound, it opened. I quickly removed my hand and the vault opened completely.

    It was a bit anticlimactic but I wasn't complaining. I saw coins littered around the vault and some potions rack and cauldrons at the corner.

    There were some other things like a cabinet filled with cutlery and a bookstand with some old books in them.

    "Severus you did it!" Eileen said and patted my head.

    "Congratulations….heir Prince." Adgroft commented.

    I inadvertently gave a smile and scooped up some coins.

    "How much do we have?" I asked Eileen.

    Eileen looked at Adgroft who pulled out a parchment and began reading it out.

    "Vault 545- Prince. Let's see….it has 10000 galleons, 18000 sickles and 80000 knuts."

    I had read about wizard currency and knew that galleons were the highest valued coins. 17 sickles made a galleon and 29 knuts made a sickle.

    I quickly calculated the amount to galleons and we had roughly around 12000 galleons. Quite a decent sum. It was on the poorer side when it came to pureblood houses but then again, the Prince family was in decline so it made sense.

    From what Eileen had told me, an average pureblood family had around 50000 galleons in the vault. Of course,this was not taking their assets from businesses into the picture so they probably had more.

    But still 12000 galleons was a huge amount for the average common household. The weasleys for one would be able to live lavishly for years with this amount and could probably support more kids.

    It seemed I had a long way to go before I became rich enough to buy whatever I want. I was sure I could reach that level if I played my cards well.
    I had made around 200 galleons this year courtesy of my suggestions to Rosmerta and Eileen had earned around 100 from working at the inn and selling potions bringing up our total as 300.

    But once Eileen opens her own shop,this amount could easily be doubled and maybe even more if my ideas did well.

    "How much do we need?" I asked Eileen.

    "Hmm...let's withdraw 3000 galleons first, 500 will be enough to cover two years of your term and with the rest, I will buy some place in Hogsmeade to set up the potion shop."

    So after registering me as the heir, we withdrew the money and left the bank.

    "So does this mean we get the house as well?" I asked Eileen.

    "Yes we will move there once your term starts. I will put our current house for sale once we get back."

    We had talked about this before and had decided to move back to the magical world once my term started. The Prince manor was in Godric's hollow and it was more convenient for Eileen too.

    I had not told this to Lily and there was a high chance she would get upset but I wouldn't change my mind for her. The chance to use magic freely and observe other people use it was too precious to give up.

    After coming out of Gringotts, Eileen decided to first get my uniform. We went to Madam Malkin's Robes for Occasions.

    Malkin was an annoying woman who fussed a lot. I just wanted to get the robes and leave quickly but she was taking far too long.

    I was glad I had the books already since Flourish and Blotts was filled to the brim and there was a long queue there.

    Moving on, I had to buy a new cauldron since Hogwarts didn't allow the one Eileen used or the ones we found in the vault.

    "So what do you want to get next Severus?"

    "A pet…." I replied. Though I was eager for the wand, I wanted to keep it for the last.

    "Alright then, lets go get one, which one do you want?"

    I thought about it for a few seconds and answered, "Cat."

    I always liked them and wouldn't mind having one so I chose a cat but then again, the other options were not appealing.The owl had practical uses but Eileen was already buying one for the house so that was out. A rat was useless and paying for it seemed like a stupid thing to do.

    The rats sold in the pet shop were not special too so there was no point in paying for it. You just had to look in dirty places and you would find one.

    As for frogs, I didn't find them appealing and didn't know how to take care of it. So the only option left was the cat.

    "Very well..let's get a cat."

    We walked around the street till we arrived in front of the pet shop- Magical Menagerie.

    We were greeted by a guy with cheeriness. "Welcome Madam to the Magical Menagerie, the best place for all magical pets."

    "Go on, tell him what you want Severus." Eileen said.

    "I would like to look at some cats." I answered.

    The man grinned and said. "Of course, Sir. We have all kinds of cats, which type would you prefer?"

    Before I could say anything, he started speaking, "We have the popular siamese breed, the persian, the shorthair, a few burmese and if you are looking for something magical, something exotic we have…."

    I just let him ramble. He had paused for dramatic effect but I wasn't gawking like he expected so he carried on surprisingly without much awkwardness.

    "We have a special cat, one which is half breed with the blood of a nundu running through it!"

    A nundu….one of the most dangerous magical creatures which needed 20 trained wizards to subdue. I was curious about it and at least wanted to have a look at this half breed cat.

    "Absolutely not ,young man" Eileen said. She seemed to have noticed the glint in my eyes.

    "It probably costs a fortune to buy and even more to maintain so we can't buy it. Moreover, it has Nundu blood running through it for Merlin's sake! It's clearly a dangerous creature."

    The man awkwardly smiled.

    I didn't let him start talking and quickly said, "Just show me some good regular cats Mister. Preferably young."

    "A regular cat?..." the man's enthusiasm took a hit. He had clearly mistaken us some wealthy purebloods.

    "Sure we have those too, come along." He gestured to me to follow.

    He took me to the back of the shop where there were various pets and brought to me a row filled with cats.I looked at them. There were many but I picked a small black one. A kitten judging by its size.

    "I will have this one." I pointed at the black one which was now sitting upright and cleaning its paws by licking them.

    "Hmm…" the man hummed and unlatched the cage to pick it up. He grabbed it roughly, startling it in the process and then handed it to me.

    I inspected its gender and found that it was female. I brought my palm under her chin and rubbed it gently, making her relax her guard and purr into me. I grabbed her by the nape and adjusted her on my arm.

    Once we were back in the front, Eileen paid for her and we left the store.

    "So what will you name..her?" Eileen asked.

    "How did you know that it's a her?"

    "Well...my mum had a few when I was young so I would tell what gender she was."

    I looked at the little kitten in my arm and pondered over the name.

    "Nyx" I uttered. After going through some odd names, nyx seemed the most normal sounding. It was better than some japanese names I had been considering at least.

    "Nyx..huh, that sounds apt for her." Eileen agreed on the name and thus it was decided that the cat would be called nyx.

    Nyx seemed sleepy so I put her back in the cage she came with. Eileen then decided to get an owl from the owl emporium but since it was on the other side of the alley, we decided to part ways.

    Eileen brought me to Ollivanders and then left to go get the owl. The shop looked ancient with a sign that read Ollivanders:Maker of Fine Wands since 382 B.C.

    I found it a little hard to believe that it survived for so long. This place was older than Diagon Alley itself.

    I was a little curious about wand lore. How did the wand choose a wizard? Was it affinity? Certain traits? If so how did the wand know?

    I was also curious about wand cores and the wood used. Why use phoenix feather, Unicorn hair or dragon heartstrings specifically? Why couldn't other parts be used?

    I put these questions to the back of mind and entered the shop.
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    [A/N: Two updates in a day!!!]

    The shop inside felt quiet. There was a pin drop silence which was broken by a voice next to me, “Good afternoon.”

    I didn’t get startled as I had seen Ollivander staking out by the window. The windows were tinted but not opaque so I had noticed him.

    So without flinching, I replied, “Good afternoon Sir.”

    “Ah...so you are the young Prince…” he said before coming out to the open.

    Ollivander more or less looked as described in canon. He had grey hair though not quite as much as he had in canon.

    “I remember your mother walking in here to get her wand you know….Maple and unicorn hair, nine a half inches, rigid.”

    “Cool…” I replied unsure of what to make of that.

    “Well then I assume you are here to get your wand?” he asked.


    “Right..let's get to it then.” he shuffled across the floor and began pulling out some boxes.

    “What's your wand arm boy?” he asked, placing the boxes on a short stool.

    “Um...right I guess.” I said.

    “Alright give me your hand.” he asked and I complied. He stared at it for a few seconds and then made his way to the back of the shop leaving me to my own devices.

    The silence was oddly uncomfortable so I began looking around the shop. The shop itself wasn’t massive and except the counter, the rest of it was disorganised with stacks of boxes everywhere.

    I spotted a table with some sketches on it and went to take a closer look. They seemed to be rough sketches of wands and some formulaic things were written that I couldn’t understand.

    I also saw some notes about wand cores with dates to use them. This made me wonder if Astronomy played a role in making things. I recalled that the animagus potion needed specific conditions to work so this seemed like a plausible idea.

    As I was pondering, I heard footsteps approaching from the back of the shop. I quickly made my way to my previous location just in time for Ollivander to arrive with a stack of boxes that reached over his head.

    Pulling out one box, he took a wand and handed it to me.

    “Ash, with unicorn hair, 11 inches stiff...give it a try.” he said.

    “Okay.” I gripped the wand and gave it a light flick. A small spark formed at the tip and whizzled within a few seconds.

    Before I could give it a try, he snatched it from my hand.

    “No that definitely won’t do.” he pulled another wand out. “Here try this, Ebony with an old Hungarian horntail core, 9 and a half inches, flexible.”
    I held it once again and this time the wand had a slight curve to it and had a rubbery feeling. I gave it a harder flick.

    A red light struck a vase in the direction I had pointed at and it exploded into pieces.

    “Sorry?” I quietly handed the wand back to him.

    “Ah no worries my boy, this happens sometimes. It seems you are a tricky customer.” he said with a smile.I felt that he was happy that I was a ‘tricky’ customer.

    “Hmm...have a try at this. Elm, with a ukranian ironbelly core, 10 inches rather bendy..” he flexed it in his arm and handed it to me.

    “Are you sure this will work?” I asked, not wanting to damage more things.

    “Maybe it will maybe it might but the more wands you use, the more I can sense what kind suits you...so give it a try. Don’t fret as I am sure we will find something for you. In all my life, I haven’t had a customer who was walked out of here without finding a wand suitable for them.”

    “Right here I go then.” I gave the wand a twirl this time and a strong gust of wind knocked some stacks of boxes over.

    “Oh dear, this won’t do either.” he took the wand away and went back again. He soon came back with a few more boxes muttering something about unusual combinations.

    “Right...I have a good feeling about this, here have a go.” he said and gave me another wand. This one looked like a typical wand with a black polished body but was the longest of all the others he had shown.

    “Hawthorn, with phoenix core, 13 inches, rigid.” he stated.

    I held the wand and immediately could tell that this was different from the other ones. It felt cool on my skin but I felt a warm feeling running up my arm.

    I clutched it tightly and gave it a gentle flick.

    I had pointed in the direction of the vase again and this time a zap hit the pile of broken glass and they all started floating to each other. Within a few seconds, they attached and the vase was restored.

    I raised an eyebrow and turned to look at Ollivander. He was sporting a curious expression.

    “Well it seems the wand has chosen the wizard...but I must say it's quite an interesting combination.”

    “How so?” I was curious to know about my wand.

    “You see...the feather of the phoenix used in the core was from a phoenix that gave it just before its burning day or in simple terms, its rebirth so to speak and as for the wood, it's a contradictory one.”

    “I don’t use hawkthorn much but my rival who has more experience with regard to hawkthorn described it accurately.”

    I listened with rapt attention. The word ‘rebirth’ had pulled me in.

    “He said that hawkthorn makes for a strange, contradictory wand, as full of paradoxes as the tree that gave it birth, whose leaves and blossoms heal, and yet whose cute branches smell of death. It is a curious wand to say the least but it as they say, it is the wand that chooses the wizard and the wizard that puts it to use.”

    “I see…” I replied absentmindedly. The wand was oddly ominous. From what I heard, I was positive that my ‘rebirth’ had made me get this wand and this was not Severus' wand in canon.

    “How much do I owe you , Sir?” I asked already knowing the amount but I wanted to make sure it remained the same.

    “7 galleons will do my boy. Nothing more nothing less.”

    “Oh..how much does a wand maintenance kit and a holster cost?”

    “1 galleon and 7 sickles.” he answered.

    I nodded and pulled out the required amount and handed it to him.

    After getting the things packed, I left the store and was back into the buzzing streets. It was a bit jarring after that short period of absolute silence.

    I was so dazed and deep in thought that I didn’t even notice Eileen until she was right in front of my face.

    “Did you get your wand Severus?” she asked, pulling a trolley behind her with a grey owl in a cage on top of it.

    “Ah..yes, I got it.” I said, showing her my wand.

    She examined it and handed it back to me. “What core is it?”

    “Phoenix, with a Hawkthorn body” I said, recalling Ollivander’s words.

    “Oh..phoenix eh, quite rare from what I heard..good wand Severus.” Eileen said.

    “Yes...so what did you name the owl?” I said pointing to the grey owl.

    “Diana is her name. Do you like it?”

    I shrugged, “Sure..sounds nice.”

    We walked around a bit and visited some other stores. I observed the shops in the alley and noticed that most were aimed at students as their main customers.

    We bought some supplies for me like a telescope, quills and other miscellaneous items.

    I saw many kids around my age and older roaming about dressed in robes and some even in muggle clothes.

    It was Hogwarts season so naturally it was crowded. The queue around Flourish and Blotts hadn’t reduced so Eileen suggested another bookstore which wouldn’t have all the books I wanted but would have at least some.

    I agreed to go there since I didn’t want to be in that long queue so I followed Eileen who led me to a small place called Obscurus books.

    She explained that Obscurus was a publishing company and had published many well acclaimed magical books.

    They only had books published by their company so I couldn’t get some of the books I wanted but managed to get my hands on a few.Newt scammander’s Fantastic Beasts and where to find them was a bestseller and still sold like cakes. I bought one to browse later on. The second book that I luckily managed to procure was a book about alchemy for beginners written by none other than the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore with afterword by Nicolas Flamel.

    That was about the last place we visited. We left Diagon Alley and since I hadn’t had my breakfast, we apparated to Hogsmeade.

    I had been visiting Hogsmeade for the past year so by now I was familiar with its shop and some of the locals even recognized me.

    It was a quiet village with less people and they all seemed relatively friendly or polite. I quite liked coming here. We headed to Rosmerta’s inn as we decided to have breakfast there.

    It was already midday so it was more of a brunch by this point. The inn had few people around and it was not as noisy as usual. The students and teachers were not present since it was holiday time for them.

    “Hey there...look who it is.” Rosmerta said coming up to us.

    “Done with your shopping?” she asked me.

    “Yep~ got everything ready. Set me up something to eat, I am starving.”

    She nodded and went to get me some food while Eileen went to one of the empty rooms above to keep all the things we bought.

    Rosmerta came back with some typical breakfast and even brought a saucer with milk for Nyx who I let out of the cage.

    “So...what are your plans? When are you going to move in?” Rosmerta asked.

    “Well mum said she would put the house in cokeworth for sale so once its sold,we move into the family manor.Oh..I nearly forgot, I am an heir now” I said smugly.

    “Heh...now I can brag that I know an heir to the folks around. Might get some customers too.”

    Seeing her business mind, I rolled my eyes. I was an heir of a pureblood house but it was one in shambles so I didn’t think it was a big deal.
    “So...got any new ideas?” she asked as I took a bite of the food.

    Well I did have some but since things were going so well, I didn’t give them away.

    “Well...I haven’t really had time to think of new ones but don’t worry if I got any, you will be the first one to know..”
    Rosmerta smiled, clearly happy with the preferential treatment.

    We kept talking for a while when a tall bearded man with grey stringy hair entered. He spotted Rosmerta and came over.
    “How are you doing lass, go get me some of that butterbeer.” he said.

    Rosmerta sighed as she got up, “You know….I usually don’t say this but you have been drinking too much of it. At this rate, I won’t have enough for the others.”

    “Hey...I pay for ‘em” he answered before his sight fell on me.

    “Whose this kid? He Eileen’s” he asked.

    “Yes…” Rosmerta replied turning to me, “Severus...meet Aberforth, he is the owner of the less...successful Hog’s Head Inn.”

    I wiped my mouth and greeted him, “Hello.”

    I was a bit surprised seeing him. Even though I visited Hogsmeade frequently, this was my first meeting with him. I had nearly forgotten he had existed. Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore’s brother.

    “Aye..nice to finally meet the business prodigy, the names Aberforth Dumbledore kid and yes...I am related to Dumbledore.”

    “Nice to meet you Sir, I am Severus Prince.” I greeted him back politely.

    “No need to be so polite with me, just call me Abe or uncle Abe if you feel the latter is weird.”

    “Sure...Uncle Abe.” I said testing the name out.

    “There ya go, I knew your mother and this lass when they went to Hogwarts.”

    “Really? How was mum like?” I asked.

    “Well she was a shy dainty lady who drank ale like it was tea.” I was glad I wasn’t drinking anything when he said that.

    I chuckled imagining a young Eileen drinking ale from a jar like it was tea.

    “What about her?” I said pointing at Rosmerta who was taking orders from another customer.

    “Ah...she was a vile temptress. She used to bring some upstuck noble kids, play with them and have some drinks with them then she would bolt leaving the boys to pay for her.”

    “She is still like that today...If I were you, I would be careful you know... She likes the younger ones from what I heard.”

    “I see…” I said awkwardly. I didn’t know what to do with this information.

    “So….if you have some good ideas, you can come to me…” he offered. Now I understood what he was trying to get at.

    “Oi...trying to steal him right under me eh?” Rosmerta who was coming upto us with a plate and butterbeer said.

    “..I was just showing him that there were other options besides you..” Abe said, flashing a smile at me.

    “Right..” she said, giving him the stink eye. “Severus, you don’t need to go to him. You can just come to me if you have new ideas.”

    I didn’t answer and just took a sip from my mug. Inwardly I was thinking about Abe’s offer. From what little I knew about him from canon, he was good at dueling and a strong wizard.

    If I could convince him to teach me some tricks, my strength would double at the very least.

    Once Rosmerta left, I turned to Abe, “I do have some ideas if you are interested….” I offered.

    “Hoh...go on tell me, if you want we could go up to my place.”

    “Well I can just write them down for you but I need some compensation. I can’t give them for free after all.”

    “Sure...I can pay you how much she pays or a bit more too if they work.”

    “I don’t need money right now so I want another form of compensation..”

    “What would that be?”

    “Simple..I want you to teach me magic or more specifically dueling.I heard you are good at it so I want to learn from you.”

    “I see….that's doable but I don’t have any experience teaching so it will be upto you to grasp what I show but first tell me your reason for wanting to learn. Be careful with your answer as if it doesn’t satisfy me, I won’t teach you.” Abe warned.

    I could sense that he wanted to test me so I thought about my answer. I didn’t think I would be able to lie to him and I didn’t want to give some dark answer and be marked as a potential threat.

    I thought about why I wanted to learn it, the answer was for power but that would make me seem like Riddle and might ring some warning bells in him.

    I thought harder about other reasons and I found one, that feeling of helplessness I had in the void made me want power but also I didn’t like being powerless.

    When Tobias was abusing Eileen, I had frozen. I didn’t know what to do. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to use my magic instinctively, she would have been at his mercy.

    I clenched my fists thinking about and answered, “I don't want to feel powerless….”

    Abe stared into my eyes. “You must know about my mother by now I assume?”

    “Yes...I heard from her” he said.

    “I hated not being able to do anything when he struck her...I don’t want to feel like that ever again. So will you teach me?”

    Abe stared harder. I didn’t know if he was proficient at legilimency as his brother but I could tell he was good at reading people.

    “Very well…” he sighed. “I shall teach you what you want. We can start from tomorrow if you want. I can understand your reason, I too couldn’t save a loved one….”

    His eyes went glazed as he seemed to reminisce about something, probably his sister I thought.

    “Alright, we can start from tomorrow.” I agreed. I had got my wand too so I was eager to try it out.

    [A/N:Might do a pov for Abe soon, I felt I couldn’t explain his thoughts much through Severus’ pov.]
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    Not bad for a day enough happened and it was all very satisfying and the exposition worked well. We know what has been happening without going through 365 chapters to get there. Also am not confused about what just happened enough talking that the time doesn't seem to of disappeared without reason.
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    Nice pair of chapters, and nothing too out there for oddness. Just goblins being goblins, and Ollivander being dramatic. Interesting wand choice. Do find it interesting that they're moving into Hoggsmead, if only for the fact that a huge flock of butterflies could come from that, not to mention Lily's summers likely being wildly different.

    And now I'm wondering if he's going to tick off Rosemerta from trading with Abe. What drinks could he be trading with him, I wonder? Abe's more about getting people drinking hard than feeding them, or dealing with students all that much.

    Nice double feature!
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    Niceee 2 updates in 1 go! How will lily react to severus moving out, how will meeting the marauders go, so many questions, please keep up the good work!!!
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    Surprised MC did not make a more concerted effort to get more rare or restricted books prior to hogwarts. No books on Meditation, Legillimency, Occlumency, Rituals, Blood Magic, Soul Magic, Sex Magic...
    Really hope MC makes wise investments. It is honestly shocking how many of these SI stories have MC's with foreknowledge that do not bother with investing. MC could get in on the ground-floor with Nintendo, Macintosh/Apple, Microsoft. Its still kinda affordable to get in on IBM, though they would be more difficult than others.
    MC could introduce Lily to the Knight Bus, so she can visit as much as usual...
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    Did you remove chapter I got an alert about a new chapter but it's not here.
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    Yes I did.I posted it unedited and I wanted make some changes in it.
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    how long do you think it will take to edit it?
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    [A/N: My exams are nearing so I won’t be able to update anytime soon.]

    I had wanted to get better at occlumency but I learnt that Eileen wasn’t very good at it. In fact, she just knew the bare basics of it.

    I guess it made sense, occlumency required mastering one’s emotions after all and Eileen didn’t master hers. She wouldn’t have fallen for Tobias if she was good at legilimency.

    She just knew how to put a barrier around her mind but her meagre skills had already regressed so much over the years of abuse that she couldn’t manage it now.

    So it was upto me to help myself. I had Eileen buy me a book about Occlumency which was hard to get commonly. Fortunately Flourish and Blotts took orders for books if you are a pureblood which I was now.

    I ordered a book about Occlumency written by a French author and it had been translated into English. Opening it up, I was not too disappointed by its contents. The book had ample information about the mind arts although it was more of a general knowledge book than an occlumency one.

    It stated that Legillimecy and Occlumency are classified as mind arts but mind arts as a whole fell under the Mind magic category.

    Basically it meant that the Mind arts were a subcategory within Mind magic. As for mind magic, it consisted of all magic that affected the mind. For example, the obliviate charm or the false memory charm fell under this. In fact even potions like the love potion were considered Mind magic.

    I was totally surprised by her revelation. It broadened my horizons completely and I felt stupid for not thinking of this earlier.

    Coming back to the mind arts, it seemed that while both legilimency and Occlumency were related, one didn’t have to be adept at both.

    Of course, I wanted to be a master at both but I didn’t have anyone to test legilimency on and I wasn’t even sure if I was any good at it.

    So I focused more on the occlumency part. Occlumency was the art of protecting one’s mind from magical penetration, the most common form being Legilimency.Those who practised this were called Occlumens.

    The most immediate functions of Occlumency were that it prevented anyone from accessing your thoughts, feelings, memories or even influencing them.

    The book briefly stated that it could enable the practitioner to resist the Imperius curse and even less briefly that it gave resistance to Veritaserum. Also Occlumency was classified into ‘levels’ based on the user’s skill.

    A novice level Occlumens could clear their head making it harder for a legilimens to read their thoughts. The legilimens would have to just spend a bit more time, this time depended on their skill level.

    Next was the intermediate Occlumens. In this stage, the occlumens could detect their mind being invaded and could push the intruder back. This wouldn’t deter a legilimens who could enter the mind undetected.

    Then there was the advanced level where the Occlumens could do what the intermediate could and could counterattack or trap the legilimens if the latter’s mind was weaker.

    And the last level was the Master level, same as the previous one, the occlumens could do what the other levels could and could also create fake memories. The legilimens might be fooled by it which may prove fatal.

    The book didn’t state that learning Occlumency gave any extra benefits so my theory of me being able to process things faster because of the void or reincarnation gained just a little more credibility.

    The other use I could think of for it though was that it also prevented one from being possessed.

    Seeing the explanation written in the book, I could understand why this branch of magic was difficult to learn. Part of the reason why it was so was because for it to work, a person must completely empty themselves of emotion.

    Humans are beings of emotions though so letting go of them was not an easy task. One also had to start early as it required dedication and a kid’s mind learned quicker. That and they have better imagination than adults which also helped.

    An occlumens needs to make their mind blank and empty. This was what Eileen had asked me to do a year ago but she had put it off since then.

    This was something I had already mastered in the void. I could clear my head within a matter of seconds. I just needed to reduce this time further and I would be set.

    More advanced users could suppress their thoughts,emotions and memories completely and then above that some could even change them to a degree.

    Again I could somewhat do half of that already. Suppressing thoughts and emotions were what kept me sane in the void after all. As for memories, I had two sets of them now and while I could look through them with relative ease, I couldn’t change them.

    The book then went on about the requirements which were willpower and a high degree of mental and emotional discipline.

    Then it also talked about legilimency. It defined it as the act of magically navigating through a person's mind in order to reveal their thoughts, feelings and memories, as well as correctly interpreting them. A witch or wizard that used this particular branch of magic was called a Legilimens.

    The process to learn legilimency was a slightly different one. It actually required the use of a spell to enter the target’s mind. Though skilled practitioners could do this wandlessly and chantlessly.

    The things a legilimens could do were many and it ranged from being able to detect lies to being able to access the target’s thoughts, emotions and memories. Of course, this was if the target was not adept at Occlumency.

    A highly skilled Legilimens could plant false memories and visions inside a person’s head and while eye contact made it easier to perform legilimency,it was not really necessary.

    This information gave me a broader understanding of the mind arts. It seemed Legilimency was more powerful than I had anticipated. I had thought that Voldemort sending Harry visions had been due to his bond with him but it turned out, he did it with legilimency.

    Legilimency was also classified like occlumency with novice legilimens being able to read surface thoughts only and required eye contact with the target to retain accuracy.

    An intermediate Legilimens could read surface thoughts and even look through memories but they didn’t have any attack power so any occlumens who were in the intermediate stage could push back. The only way the legilimens could stand a chance was to enter the mind undetected.

    As for advanced legilimens, they could not only read memories but also break the barriers around an occlumens mind.

    And lastly a master Legilimens could plant suggestions, visions and false memories inside their targets head.

    I closed the book after looking through it, although it didn’t teach me Occlumency, I had a better understanding of it than before.

    Over the few weeks, I tried making a mind palace. I didn’t know if it actually helped in Occlumency but since it was used for memory enhancement so I hoped it would prove useful in Occlumency as well since it dealt with memories and information associated with them.

    First, I visualized a complex place, I needed something I was comfortable with so I chose a large library. It was easy to visualize and then I added memories to the books.

    There were a lot of books in them, more than the memories I had at the very least so I filled them all in a random manner and kept the important ones hidden in secret places. I couldn’t make fake memories yet so I just kept a loop of my time in the void in some books.

    They wouldn’t do much but they were quite long so they should buy me some time.

    It was a rudimentary palace at best but for now it did the job. I could expand upon it as I progressed in my studies.

    I needed someone to use legilimens on me to actually make progress in my occlumency but I couldn’t think of anyone I would trust with my memories. Maybe they won’t see my previous life memories but I didn’t want to take the chance.

    The only other option I had was hoping that the Room of Requirements would be able to help me but I wasn’t sure if it would work that way.

    I asked Eileen if she knew a solution and she did have one. She suggested hiring a teacher to teach me under a contract binding them to never reveal what they saw in my head and a few other clauses.

    Apparently this was how the noble houses taught their children mind arts if they didn’t have anyone proficient in the house.

    But we couldn’t employ this idea for the foreseeable future because they charged a lot of money for their teachings. Eileen inquired and it came upto 2000 galleons a year and since most people didn’t learn it in one year with the average being 4-5 years this was an astronomical amount.

    No wonder only the Noble families attempted it. Though most didn’t need to as if the head of the houses had learnt it when they were young, they could just teach the heirs themselves.

    I realised that the money we were making was not enough. I decided to use more of my quick money making ideas. I also had to read up on wizarding law about importing Muggle things to sell and also see if there would be any repercussions if I was caught investing in the Muggle world.

    [Aberforth Pov]

    Aberforth Dumbledore was not sure about his decision to teach the boy. He didn’t really need the money as he made enough to get by but he had been stuck in the same place for a long time and he had a desire to travel. But travelling was expensive so he wanted to make some extra money.

    He could ask his brother of course who would be elated to give him money but he didn’t want to rely on him ever again.

    While he had agreed to teach the boy after seeing the look on his face, he wasn’t sure how he was going to teach him.

    After all it was not like he was a teacher with experience in teaching. As much his brother wanted him to continue his studies, he couldn’t bear to leave his sister unattended after the incident and thus he had dropped out.

    He had failed to protect her when she was attacked by those muggle boys in the village. The attack had damaged her permanently and his father had cursed those boys leading to his arrest.

    His father, a good man, was sentenced to azkaban because he didn’t want his daughter to be locked up at St.Mungo’s permanently.

    After seeing all this happen, he had been determined to protect his sister. He began training seriously and while he was pretty good at magic for his age, he couldn’t hold a candle to the brilliance of Albus, his genius brother.

    Still he suppressed his jealousy and kept working hard but tragedy struck again. In his seventh year just when his exams were nearing. He received the news that his sister had lost control of her magic and killed their mother.

    He couldn’t take it any longer and dropped out to take care of Arianna. He had trusted Albus to take care of her but he had become neglectful as he was lost in his pursuit for glory with that detestable friend of his,Grindelwald.

    When he heard of their delusional plans of enslaving muggles, he couldn’t sit by and watch any longer so he confronted Albus who came to his senses. This however enraged Grindelwald and a fight broke out in which his dear sister became a casualty.

    Regardless to say his relationship with Albus was strained.

    Coming back to the boy, he had heard all about him from his mother Eileen. He felt enraged when he heard she had suffered at the hands of her husband. He was also concerned about the boy but it seemed that boy had a stronger mind than he had anticipated.

    When he heard his reason for wanting to learn from him, he felt that it resonated within him. Whereas he had failed to protect his loved ones, the boy had succeeded.

    He didn’t want the boy to be in the same situation as him and so he agreed to teach him. While he wasn’t sure if the boy would even learn much from him, he would do his best to impart his skills which were not low after all even being in the shadow of Albus Dumbledore was no small feat either.

    [A/N: A short chapter. I had to edit it. Initially I had planned for Eileen to teach Severus Occlumency but it made her a bit too op so I removed that.]
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    hope MC borrows from Muggle idea's and fiction. Maybe have his mind palace be a galaxy or something, vast empty spaces that take too long to travel through, stars and worlds that have to be searched through for scraps of info. Or maybe a Vault like in Fallout, with knowledge safe in the computer, protected by coding and firewalls?
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    Hell, have his private memories locked in an iPhone that's sitting on a desk in the Library. One, they wouldn't know what it is, and Two, they wouldn't know how to navigate that thing even if they guessed the unlock code.
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    This is such a fun fic, thanks for sharing it with us! Wow canon went down the toilet already, just like I like it.
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    [A/N:Might feel a bit rough around the edges since I had to write this chapter in many parts because I didn’t have enough time to write in a sitting or two.]

    “Sev….will it really work?” Lily asked with a nervous expression on her face.

    “Don’t worry it will as long you utter the incantation perfectly.” I reassured her.

    “Okay...here goes.” she pulled her wand out and pointed it at a rock on the ground.

    She gave her wand a twirl and uttered the magic words, “Wingardium Leviosa.”

    The rock started floating in the air gently.

    “It worked Sev! I did it on my first try!” Lily said and waved her wand around and the rock moved along with it before dropping to the ground.

    “Yes...you did good.” I praised her.

    It seemed that Lily had some talent in charms just like canon. I wasn't gifted in all fields of magic so having Lily who was good at charms by my side would prove helpful in the future.

    I had gotten close to her these few months. It was a bit annoying to deal with her initially as I was still an adult inside a young body but over time I had relaxed a little and I could tolerate her.

    Things had settled down and I wasn’t under any pressure. I still have some nightmares about the void but Occlumency helped me get dreamless sleep.

    “How long did it take you to do this Sev?” she asked me. She had started calling me by this shortened name recently and I had gotten used to it.

    “Well...I started without a wand so I took far longer than you did. Maybe around a week or two?” I replied recalling the duration it took for Severus to learn this.

    It was only a few weeks ago that Lily had asked me if I could teach her and I had agreed.She was sad that I was going to move but after I showed her the floo powder, she was happy.

    Speaking of the floo powder, it was another mystery of the wizarding world. I tried looking for information about its composition but in the end, I found very little.

    The Floo powder was invented somewhere in the 13th century by a witch named Ignatia Wildsmith. Its manufacture to this date is regulated and the only licensed producer in Britain was the Floo-pow company.

    It was located in the Diagon Alley but no one ever answered the door. No shortage of Floo powder had ever been reported. No one even knows who makes it.

    The price has remained constant for the past two hundred years at 2 sickles a scoop. No wonder even the Weasleys used it.

    The main ingredient was Floo but the precise composition of it was unknown. Many had tried to make their own Floo but no one had succeeded yet.

    It would be a lie to say I wasn’t fascinated by this mystery. This was basically the coke of the wizarding world. I wanted to study it when I was older. Who knew what else it could do?

    Coming back to the networking of it, the Ministry regulated it again and made sure that no muggle fireplaces were joined up. They even had a department dedicated to it called the Floo Network Authority.

    Eileen registered our soon to be shop for the Floo network and even helped the Evans set up theirs. Since Lily was a witch, it made their muggle house eligible for the Floo.

    She got the hang of it after the first few uses. Their parents were a bit wary about me appearing in their fireplace but they got used to it and even kept it empty and clean.

    We used the head only transport to check on each other and if convenient, we would visit the house.

    I did meet Petunia a few times and she was unpleasant to say the least. I just did my best to ignore her and it infuriated her. I didn’t want to interact with her, she just seemed too annoying to deal with.

    She freaked out because of the Floo powder transport and complained to her parents but fortunately they didn’t listen to her. Rose didn’t listen at all as she had become quite close to Eileen and wanted to keep in touch with her.

    Eileen had gotten her some beauty potions and Rose taught her cooking. Rose had convinced Eileen to make these and after she learnt that we were gonna open a shop, she suggested selling Muggle cosmetics too and wanted to see if they could be modified to be better by magic.

    I was intrigued by this idea and decided to give it a try. There were not many shops that catered to this and most of the ones that did usually only sold magical potions and whatnot which took effect immediately but would wear off in a short time.

    Well there were permanent ones like the cure for boils which removed boils from one’s body but they don’t prevent more boils from popping up. Moreover potions were not so cheap that everyone could afford them so selling cheaper alternatives would sell well.

    So I discussed with Eileen about this and in the end decided to start a small cosmetics section where we would sell muggle cosmetics but in a different packaging and see how it went.

    Using the same packaging meant it was only a matter of time before some muggleborn noticed it and then it might turn messy and they might even try to copy us.

    That said I wanted to increase their potency with magic and see if they could be made more efficient and maybe even reduce the time they took to change the face. I could see those at a higher price by making them ‘premium’.

    I got more ideas of selling Muggle items in the wizarding world but first I would wait and see how these did and then if it was a success as I hoped, I could bring in more things.

    Like pencils for example, I could even add self sharpening charms with unbreakable lead. A pencil was something simple and was not electronic so charms would work easily on them.

    Not only pencil I could think of so many other things like it. I jotted them all down and made some plans on the charms and enchantments used on them.

    I felt giddy thinking about exploiting this empty market with no competition. Sure some people might catch onto it and try copying me but they won’t be able to as I could go get a patent and then have complete monopoly.

    It won’t be illegal as well since we are modifying it and not selling them raw and besides half the companies and stores that have stood for centuries all did the same.

    Diagon Alley is filled with such shops which enables them to have near monopoly in Britain.

    Muggleborns who get this idea in the future might despise me but they will be helpless to do anything about it. Maybe if Hermione became Minister again and made better laws for Muggleborns but with me here, canon is pretty much fucked.

    As for the ones who might have had this idea before me, they probably didn’t succeed as starting a business as muggleborn was hard. I hadn’t seen a single shop run by a muggleborn till now.

    The only jobs they got was either in the Ministry or they worked for other businesses.

    Lily’s dad Harold basically accepted me with open arms after I showed him a magic camera. He took a lot of pictures and seemed pleased with the magic equivalent of a gif.

    I did have some ideas about upgrading the outdated cameras the wizarding world used and even get teles in there but that would have to wait for a while since I had to figure out how to make it work with the electric parts or make it work without them.

    Coming back to Lily, she visited me a few times by Floo, she loved Hogsmeade and was fascinated by the magic village and people. In fact, she seemed reluctant to leave.

    I showed her around the place and I even took her out to some places to eat. I showed her the Hogwarts Castle and she became awed by it.

    She was much more eager to start her term there.

    Eileen and I lived in the potions shop now.Tobias’ house had been put up for sale and we had moved here. The shop itself was a small building with two storeys. The ground floor was where we displayed potions and other items we wanted to sell and the second floor was where we lived.

    Eileen got expansion charms cast on this floor. It was slightly expensive but the large space was worth it. We had space for two rooms there instead of the original one.

    The shop was ready to open but needed to get approved by the Potion’s Association.Fortunately they weren’t as slow as the Wizengamot so this should be done soon.

    There was also the Prince manor in Godric’s hollow that we could have moved into but Eileen didn’t want to live there yet as she needed to manage her shop and she would get lonely there when I went to Hogwarts. She did say we could move in there later when her shop settled down.
    Over these few months I had made some decent progress in my magic. After getting my wand,spells became much easier to cast. I could see why wands were so preferred. They basically did all the work while you had to only say the spell incantation and wave it.

    I tested out all the spells I could and they all worked well. The same spells that I could do wandless were now better when performed with a wand.

    Before long the wand which I had considered as a mere tool had become an extension of my arm. After studying the spells, I could finally cast some chantlessly and wandlessly.

    They were basically like my own magic now. I did have to make some gestures though like snapping my fingers or pointing in a direction but I felt that I could cast them without them too just that my accuracy would be reduced.

    The same gestures could be used to cast other spells too like by snapping my fingers, I could cast lumos and incendio.

    I couldn’t get all spells to this proficiency but I was satisfied with the ones I did get up to this level.

    My training with Aberforth was also coming along well, I hadn’t known what to expect when he had agreed to teach me. I just knew a little about him from canon and had known that he was strong so I had asked him to teach me.

    Well it turned out to be a good idea as he did teach me some useful things. At first, he checked what I could do. He was a bit surprised by my progress but wasn’t too phased after all he grew up with Dumbledore who must have been better than me. After that he made me do all spells by wand and then made me learn some other spells that were related to them.

    For example, the levitation charm was basically an improved version of the floating charm, the hove charm and to some extent the rocket charm.

    It could do all the things the other three could do. These spells were not in curriculum so Aberforth taught me the spells himself and eventually he made me learn similar versions of different spells.

    This played a big role in me mastering these spells thus being able to cast them chantlessly and wandlessly. Honestly mastering these spells was not that hard but it would only get harder from here on out as the other spells didn’t have as many variations or similar spells from which I could comprehend from.

    As for my part of the trade, I initially wanted to give Aberforth the recipe for Fire whiskey but after seeing his love for goats, I just gave him some ideas for goat milk based recipes. Fire whiskey would have done well but I was reluctant to part with it for just some basic training.

    He seemed pleased with the goat milk recipes though and they were doing moderately well. I didn't think they would do well in the muggle world but they did well in the wizarding world.

    Other than training my magic, I also helped Eileen out in brewing potions. I had finally begun brewing potions and it was coming along well.

    Eileen was not a potion’s master but she was not too far from it. Watching her brew potions was a valuable experience. I noted the important points and even began looking for ways to reduce production cost.

    I just had to find cheaper ingredients with similar properties and then by trial and error swap them out.

    I believed that Severus in canon also did something similar as he was able to improve the recipes of the potions. I also focused on learning chemistry and other muggle subjects albeit I was taking it slow as I didn’t enjoy it as much as magic.

    And lastly there was Occlumency. I did make some progress in it and my mind palace was a bit more refined now.

    I could also change memories but only Severus’ set of them. The book stated that doing it hastily might affect the user and they might fool themselves into believing the fake ones but since the memories were not mine to begin with,it didn’t affect me at all.

    I still couldn’t make big changes and I couldn’t change my memories yet but I was content for now. As for the mind palace, I made some other structures within it and changed the library layout as I felt it was too small and gathering all memories in one place felt dangerous so I made a maze based on a horror game from my previous life.

    The maze was basically a manor with lots of corridors and rooms with most rooms having hidden bookshelves within bookshelves with normal books which I had read. It took quite some time to print them based on suppressed memories and looking for them was hard too since to print a book word to word from memory was not easy.

    This would not only serve as a distraction,I could also come back and read them in here. Most books were just scribbles now as it took a lot of time to get one book “printed” but for now I made some copies of some books I reread.

    I could write and publish them but I didn’t have any plans on doing so until I was older.

    Coming back to the maze, its layout was ever shifting and only highly skilled legilimens would be able to sense it changing but even then they wouldn't be able to navigate it easily.

    All this was just a setup for more. Once I got better at Occlumency and reached Advanced level. I could place traps in the entire layout. For now the only ‘traps’ were getting locked in a room or running into a dead end with the wall closing around you.

    This didn’t harm the legilimens and would only delay them but if they couldn’t figure out a way to escape, they would be forced to leave.

    Overall I was quite pleased with it. It's a good thing that Occlumency didn’t have any age limit. While starting early was considered good, it wasn’t a requirement. Anybody could be skilled at it with the right mindset but after that it was a mixture of talent and dedication.

    Anyway I was currently in a good position and was waiting eagerly to start Hogwarts.

    [A/N: Phew...finished this quicker than expected. Just tossed in a few ideas for future development. Next chapter will finally have Hogwarts.

    The horror game mentioned is Dark Deception. I was playing that the other day and the second lvl gave me this idea.]

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    This is current Severus:
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    Found this looking through wiki lmao.
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    Wizards are strange. Like everyone who is different from me.
    Finally getting close to Hogwarts where there will be lots of forced interaction with children. We can also begin building our dream team. Severus team lead and captain as well as lord of the manor, tax collector and hunky dreamboat. Lily the most charming of all witches to ever fall head over heels and swear service to the all important Team Super Sev. Who shall we figure as the third member of our team.
    And most importantly of all this is QQ so shall they be in the Harem that we must have, for to not have a harem would be as morally repugnant as inserting into this fic where children may read "(handholding)". The lewdest of all things two people may do to one another.
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    Good chapter. Interesting how he's both protective of, yet blasé over Lily. Then again, he's an adult in his head, so that's understandable. His bringing things into the wizarding world might be construed as ambitious enough to get him into Slytherin.

    If I remember right, Bellatrix is a bit older and is supposed to be quite pretty. He could "flirt" by simply sitting there with wide eyes, staring at her. When she gets irate about it, I mean c'mon, it's Bellatrix, he can tell her the truth that she's simply gorgeous. Now since he's a firstie, that might make her blush for the blunt honesty. :)
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    Hmm Bellatrix is an interesting character.The entire Black family is very loyal to things they care about like Sirius to James , Bella to Voldie , Narcissa to Draco ,Andromeda to Tonk's dad with Regalus being the sole exception.

    So if sev gains her loyalty, it will last a lifetime or he could just make her not join Voldemort and just spread the truth that his mother was a squib and his dad was a muggle.

    Breaking her out of her brainwashing is gonna be hard though since her parents were prolly more harsh on her after Andromeda ran away with a muggle.I do want to introduce her but haven't decided how yet. The ages don't bother me much as I could just tweak it to my advantage.

    She will be older than him but I need more characters her age interacting with her. Maybe bring Lucius to her age and then I could have Patricia Rakepick from the game to be her rival or something. I used to play the game but that stupid energy restraint made me uninstall it. What do you think of adding the game lore to the fic? The cursed vaults do seem interesting.
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    Not so sure about MC trying an unbreakable charm on pencil lead... would probably just make a pencil that cannot write.
    Fingers crossed that once school starts his Occlumency skills skyrocket. Maybe have him read muggle books about the mind, or reference them. As that was the big thing, what with the MC being "beyond" Mastery with occlumency.(The Half-Blook Emperor finding out that everyone had been hamstringing themselves when learning it and that they were largely uneducated and their abilities weak in comparison. Since the MC in that story had a modern knowledge of psychology to back them up, something no one else had, not even dumbledore or Voldemort)

    Invest in muggle companies he KNOWS will hit it big in the future...

    Write books he remembers using a pseudonym, profiting off of them...

    Maybe learn other languages that will either be helpful, or will enhance his abilities. Maybe even learn Quenya...

    Could "borrow" some muggle idea's. Start a "Playwitch" magazine... Maybe try to introduce more modern clothing, at least more modern Lingerie...

    Dunno if MC remembers any gold/oil/etc mining locations. If he does, could claim/buy them...

    Unlikely, but maybe see if MC is close enough related to any muggle royalty... or if there is a way to get "into" it. Buying titles or something...

    Fingers crossed that MC will munchkin the RoR for all kinds of knowledge not usually taught. Wards, Alchemy, Rituals, Biomancy?, Sex Magic?, Soul Magic?, Enchanting, Blood Magic, Dark Arts, etc...

    Maybe even find out what exactly causes magic to damage muggle electronics. My money is on a Ward designed to do so. Makes no sense otherwise, what with so many MAJOR wizard locations in heavily congested muggle areas, like london.

    Would be cool if MC can make his own method of immortality. I refuse to believe that a wizard in the 1300's, with their then current understanding of Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Science, and magic, could make something that no one since could. Save for the fact that Wizards are gullible, and easily lied to. The Flamels look like death warmed over... MC should be able to do better. Maybe a single dose potion, instead of one you need repeated doses of. Maybe one that offers eternal youth, instead of extending the lifespan.

    Maybe after a sufficient amount of learning about soul-magic and Occlumency, MC could figure out a way to bind abilities to the soul, or even knowledge. So that even if he dies, he keeps his magic and his knowledge. Prepping him for possible future Transmigration/reincarnation.

    Fingers crossed that when MC advances to a certain point with his Occlumency/Legillimency he tries to branch beyond needing eye-contact. Turning it into proper telepathy. While also using it to "copy" knowledge/experience from people. Though it would be understandable if he sometimes needs to practice before the knowledge settles properly. Like with skills that require his actual attention. Maths/Sciences he should be fine, but working in a lab, exercising or fighting, things like that would require the body to know and be trained with the proper motions/care.

    Maybe rip-off OOC/fiction idea's for spells and such. In the future MC could try making some kind of shadow-clone ability. Or maybe a Structural-Analysis spell. things like that...

    MC shoudl absolutely try to figure out certain magical gifts. I'm of the opinion that Metamorphmagic, Parseltongue, Veela Allure, etc., all started as the result of rituals. So MC could maybe figure out the rituals to grant the gifts. Or, my personal favorite... cheat. Like by studying an existing copy of the gift, and then recreating/improving it for yourself. Maybe with a structural-analysis spell. Should just need some DNA(not necessarily blood) from someone whose family has the gift.

    Fingers crossed MC figures out that Marauders Map either before they do, or when they do. Then MC makes his own copy. Could even improve on it, if he can. Like a version for the entirety of britain or something. Depends how it is made, what the limitations are...

    That Vanishing Cabinet could already be in Borgin & Burkes...

    MC could introduce some entertainment he knows would be successful. Turn a profit both in the wizarding world and in the muggle one. Like, making Cards Against Humanity, then tailoring it to the times and society. Maybe the Wizarding version insults you or something.

    Unlikely as it may be, MC could try and "meet" certain celebrities either before they hit it off, or while they are young. Laying some groundwork for when they are older... depending on who they are and what they are famous for.

    Not sure when Ogden started Firewhiskey... but if MC is in on that before him, he should really be bankrolling it at least on some level. As it made the dude rich. Maybe get Aberforth to start brewing proper Mead. As it is both expensive, REALLY DELICIOUS, and popular. As well as something that died out of use until recently(the 2000's).

    Maybe when MC learns to apparate, figure out how to "pop". if you can...

    MC could try and "get in on the ground floor" with several VERY GOOD idea's that did not occur to anyone until recently. Like Memory-Foam/Latex mattresses/pillows. Which could be even further improved with charms/enchantments. Fitted Sheets, Waterbeds(probably not a thing in Wizarding society), Jacuzzi's...

    Unlikely, but if MC learns of a method (not a charm a potion), for hair growth, penis/breast growth, permanent hair removal, etc... MC would make a KILLING. especially if he can figure out ways to do it both permanently, and temporarily. One not-too-expensive, the other properly expensive. Even more so if he could figure it out without needing magic, then do so in the muggle world as well...

    Fingers crossed that MC buys his own Island getaway in the bahama's when he starts raking in money... I would.
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    I have things for these planned out...I wanted Severus to start a magazine later but more of research magazine in which wizards and witches all over the world share knowledge thereby making the wizarding world progress but a playwitch magazine sounds nice......

    Rituals will play a role later on in the story.

    As for the marauder's map, Mc will make his own.
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    These sound cool but they break the statute of secrecy. One mistake and he is thrown into azkaban with his wand snapped. Its not just Britain that would be after him but the entire world of magic. This is the reason Grindelwald was more dangerous than Voldemort. He wanted to break the secrecy and enslave muggles.

    Heck I am pushing it already with Severus trying to get Muggle items into wizarding world.....
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    Can't see investing in muggle businesses as breaking the statute. I never said anything about informing those celebirites about magic... Also, you can buy islands... They are filthy expensive. but you can.
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    Wasn’t 60s cosmetics poisonous with trace of arsenic and other metals? I hope he takes laboratory protocols for storage and potion making. Avoiding contamination, material degradation, cross contamination, exact measurements in metric system for efficiency and exact replication. Also for gods sake use protection like gloves and clothes
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    While I could already point towards minor ones here. I give you a lot of credit for seeming to be really trying. I despise it when authors use that as an excuse not to try, but I don't mind it when it's merely used to say: "Bear with me, I will strive to improve."

    Fck! Some of us still remember bits of those days. You're gonna depress people with that.